From: "Jamie Stafford/Wolf Feather" To: ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; Subject: CART FURY DRIVING GUIDE VER. 2.0 (PS2) Date: Thursday, July 26, 2001 11:55 PM CCCCC AAA RRRR TTTTT FFFFF U U RRRR Y Y C A A R R T F U U R R Y Y THE C AAAAA RRRR T FFFF U U RRRR Y DRIVING C A A R R T F U U R R Y GUIDE CCCCC A A R R T F UUUUU R R Y By: Jamie Stafford/Wolf Feather FEATHER7@IX.NETCOM.COM Version 2.0 Completed: July 26, 2001 ============================================================= UPDATE Version 2.0 is a significant update over prior versions of this CART Fury guide. New sections include Unlockables (Spoilers!!!!!) and SuperBoost Times. A few misstatements have been corrected, and generally more information has been added to many sections of this driving guide. Perhaps of most use to interested players is the Unlockables (Spoilers!!!!!) section, which details how to unlock various extras (cars, cheats, etc.) of CART Fury. As with the Shortcuts (Spoilers!!!!!) section, a wide expanse of blank lines separates this information from everything else, so that those who wish to discover these secrets on their own need not actually look at this section. I still have not made any progress with Simulation Mode. Unfortunately, with the release of Gran Turismo 3 and my suddenly-increased workload on a distance-learning project (I am available for hire!!!), I rather doubt that I will make any headway with Simulation Mode anytime soon. ============================================================= CONTENTS Spacing and Printing Permissions Introduction Courses Tips Player Stats SuperBoost Times Arcade Mode Simulation Mode Season Mode Sub-games Driving 101 Shortcuts (Spoilers!!!!!) Unlockables (Spoilers!!!!!) Wish List Thank You!!! Contact ======================================= SPACING AND PRINTING For optimum readability, this driving guide should be viewed/printed using a monowidth font, such as Courier. Check for appropriate font setting by making sure the numbers and letters below line up: 1234567890123456789012345678901234567890123456789012 ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz For those who wish to print out this file, you may wish to first save as text, then edit out the sections of blank lines in the Shortcuts (Spoilers!!!!!) and Unlockables (Spoilers!!!!!) sections. ======================================= PERMISSIONS Permission is hereby granted for a user to download and/or print out a copy of this driving guide for personal use. This driving guide may only be posted on: FeatherGuides,,,,,,,, The Cheat Empire, RedCoupe,, Gameguru,,,, and Please contact me for permission to post elsewhere on the Internet. Remember: Plagiarism is NOT tolerated!!!!! ======================================= INTRODUCTION I have certainly enjoyed watching CART races (even long before the CART/IRL split), so I figured I would like CART Fury. While I do enjoy the game, I like it more because it gets AWAY from pure racing simulation. The game boasts eighteen courses (not necessarily a lot, as F1 2000 and F1 Championship Season 2000 each contain seventeen courses, even in their PSX/PS1 versions), of which only seven are based on real-world CART courses. Even the real-world tracks are very arcade-ized; compare the same courses (such as Surfer's Paradise) from CART Fury and games such as Newman-Haas Racing, and the arcade-ization in CART Fury becomes strikingly apparent. One of the more interesting "features" of CART Fury is the dollar damage of the car. At the end of many modes, the information screen includes a line giving a dollar amount, supposedly what it would cost to fix the damage the car incurred during that race. I have once topped $600,000 worth of damages, and am actually hoping to break the $1,000,000 mark. Each of the circuits in CART Fury includes at least one shortcut, which can help to reduce lap times and gain track positions as each race progresses. However, not all shortcuts are actually "good:" Some shortcuts are paved and can help to (greatly) reduce lap times, while others include big-air jumps or poor surfaces to slow you down. Once you learn where a shortcut is, you will need to make a judgement call as to whether to use that shortcut (at least on a regular basis). The game also features more than just simply getting in a car and racing. The Sub-games section is especially interesting, including events such as Lock On (where the goal is to blow up all the other vehicles on the circuit) and Demolition (a great county fair pastime at over 200MPH). Driving 101 is a great place to begin, as it will help you learn how to handle the cars. Keeping player interest at its peak, the game has a number of unlockable features, including more tracks, more cars, and a number of videos in the Danny Sullivan Theater. However, unlockable features are not revealed in a given order; each game accomplishment unlocks a particular feature. One other notable point is the game's case. For those who travel with their games and/or PS2 console, the case of CART Fury includes a slot inside the case for a PS2 memory card. For some players, this may be an important point. A rare detraction to CART Fury is the alternative music selection, but this is a very subjective statement (I primarily listen to instrumentals and anime soundtracks). Also frustrating - but understandable - is the need to win each Simulation race to advance. One other potential drawback to the game is the group of sexy women seen throughout the game. Many screens contain a still image of a rather busty woman - who is supposedly a member of your crew - giving you information or tips. If you win a race (or the championship in Season Mode), your car is shown rotating on a raised platform while on a video screen behind the platform, the women are shown dancing, presenting the trophy, and otherwise being objectified. This is very likely to turn off a female audience. The rest of this driving guide will focus on various sections of the game in some detail. I will be adding to this driving guide as I progress through the game, so keep looking for updates. ======================================= COURSES The following lists the courses in CART Fury: Chicago Motor Speedway Rio de Janeiro Airport Raceway Frankfurt, Germany Houston Long Beach, California Toronto, Canada Chicago, Illinois Surfers Paradise (Australia) California Speedway The Skyway Road America Alpine Raceway Must be unlocked Big Dig: Boston Tunnel Must be unlocked Miami Must be unlocked The Moon Must be unlocked New York Must be unlocked ======================================= TIPS One tip which can be used in almost every aspect of the game: the "free" boost. Each race begins with a rolling start. Once the car crosses the Start/Finish Line, quickly tap the Acceleration button twice to receive a short boost which does not count against your Boost Meter. This can be great to pass cars immediately and to set up passing opportunities in the first corner of a circuit. In most modes of the game, reaching a checkpoint refills the boost to maximum. This occurs regardless of the amount of boost - if any - you have remaining. Therefore, you may as well use up any remaining boost just before reaching a checkpoint. Also relating to boost, there are times during several races when you will be airborne, due to sudden lifts or drops in course elevation. Using boost while airborne is absolutely useless; without any ground to use for traction, the wheels simply spin needlessly, using up your boost for absolutely no reason at all. Given that this is a driving game, keeping a good racing line is very important. Learning to time your use of boost with a smooth racing line through and exiting corners is important. The Follow the Line Sub-game will certainly help in this regard. In many modes and Sub-games of CART Fury, you can select the number of laps you wish to complete in that event. On the circuit selection screen, use the left and right direction buttons to get to the circuit on which you wish to compete. Then, use the L1 button to lower the number of laps, and R1 to raise the number of laps. This does not work in Arcade Mode. Some of the unlockable features include more cars; also, three cars (Future Car, Hot Rod, and Roadster) are initially available, but are hidden. To drive these alternate vehicles, when presented with the driver selection screen, press L1, then select the unlocked vehicle you wish to use (press the left and right directional buttons to choose from the available hidden/unlocked cars). To return to the standard driver selection screen, simply press the Triangle button. In many modes of CART Fury, there are two methods to determine if you have successfully cleared a particular circuit. On the circuit selection screen, look to the bottom-right of the large representative image of a course. If a checkered flag appears, that track has been successfully completed in that mode. Also, if you check your Player Stats and select a Sub-game, pressing the left and right directional buttons will cycle through a list of the circuits which have been completed; once all circuits in a mode or Sub-game has been completed, it is indicated by a red "X." The Low Gravity cheat (one of the unlockable features of the game) can be really cool - or a real pain in the @$$ - depending on the circuit and/or the game mode. With Low Gravity enabled, any time you are airborne will be greatly augmented, launching you higher into the air and giving you a much later landing point than with normal gravity. For example, try Big Dig: Boston Tunnel or The Moon with the Low Gravity cheat enabled and see just how far you can fly!!! Low Gravity is great to use in Time Trial (one of the Sub- games) since you're not actually racing anyone or trying to complete a given scenario, but is really counterproductive elsewhere in the game. It is EXTREMELY difficult to win on the unlockable circuits (Alpine Raceway, Big Dig: Boston Tunnel, Miami, The Moon, and New York). For this reason, it may be best to complete Last Man Standing (one of the Sub-games) BEFORE unlocking the five extra circuits. This is because for Last Man Standing, the CPU randomly chooses the circuit for each challenge, and the randomization function takes into account those circuits you have unlocked along with the standard circuits. ======================================= PLAYER STATS On the main menu screen, selecting Player Stats brings up a reference screen detailing which parts of the game have been completed. Items with a red "X" indicate that the given mode or Sub-game have been completed. By moving to a Sub-game and pressing the left and right directional buttons, you can quickly check to see which courses of that mode have been completed. The Player Stats screen also presents a simulated driver license card, with your current driving level indicated. You begin as a Rookie, but your level rises as you complete Driving 101 (a good training Sub-game) at progressively higher levels of difficulty. The bottom-left of the Player Stats screen also shows which features of the game were last unlocked. New courses, new cars, and new cheats are listed here. ======================================= SUPERBOOST TIMES In most modes of CART Fury, you can earn SuperBoost by completing a lap at or beneath a given time. The designated SuperBoost time is given on the bottom-right of the Start Your Engines! screen in some modes but not in others, so this section is here for handy reference. Chicago Motor Speedway 23.00 seconds Rio de Janeiro 23.00 seconds Airport Raceway 24.00 seconds Frankfurt, Germany 26.00 seconds Houston 33.00 seconds Long Beach, California 32.00 seconds Toronto, Canada 33.00 seconds Chicago, Illinois 32.00 seconds Surfers Paradise (Australia) 46.00 seconds California Speedway 38.00 seconds The Skyway 38.00 seconds Road America 45.00 seconds Alpine Raceway 52.00 seconds Big Dig: Boston Tunnel 1 minute 11.00 seconds Miami 53.00 seconds The Moon 1 minute 16.00 seconds New York 52.00 seconds ======================================= ARCADE MODE All circuits except Alpine Raceway, Big Dig: Boston Tunnel, Miami, The Moon, and New York are initially available. These latter five courses will be unlocked as you progress through the game. Arcade Mode is rather straightforward. Choose a circuit, choose a driver, and choose your driving style/difficulty. Note that if using Expert difficulty, only manual transmission is permitted; automatic transmission is the default for all other driving styles. On the "Start Your Engines" screen, note the lap time indicated in the bottom-left of the screen. If you can complete a lap time faster than the time shown, you will receive SuperBoost. When activated, SuperBoost causes flames to shoot out from your car, much as in the film Back to the Future. As the name implies, your car will also go faster than with standard boost. ======================================= SIMULATION MODE This is an area I have yet to really explore, largely because I have become rather addicted to the other facets of the game. More information will be added later. Gomen nasai!!! ======================================= SEASON MODE Season Mode uses the same courses that are initially available in Arcade Mode, but in a different order. The object is to have the most points at the end of the season, thus winning the championship. Count on approximately 40-45 minutes to complete Season Mode. It is certainly a good idea to save your progress after each race (or at most after every three races), just in case the electricity goes out, your little sister throws a water balloon at the console, etc. It is possible to win the season on Easy, but only if you win ALL of the first four or five races, thus gaining a major jump in points over your competitors. Season Mode assigns the following points per finish: PLACE POINTS PLACE POINTS 1 20 6 5 2 15 7 4 3 14 8 1 4 12 9-25 0 5 10 ======================================= SUB-GAMES Sub-games comprises five interesting contests, plus Time Trial. If first starting the game, it may be good to use Time Trial to simply explore the various courses in a non- racing situation, when you are the only one on the circuit; this will also allow you to find the various shortcuts. Last Man Standing Challenge and defeat a rival to advance. The trick here is to not worry about your overall place in the race; as long as you finish better than your rival, you will advance. While you can choose which rival to challenge, the circuit for the challenge is chosen randomly by the CPU, and it is possible the CPU will choose the same circuit multiple times as you advance. Also, the CPU chooses from amongst both standard circuits AND any of the circuits you have unlocked elsewhere in the game. TIP: If you know you are about to lose to your selected rival, press the Start button before you cross the Start/Finish line for the final time, select Restart, and confirm ("Yes") to start that race over again; otherwise, you will be forced to start Last Man Standing all over againä which can be extremely frustrating if you only have a few more rivals to beat. Unfortunately, once you lose, Last Man Standing comes to an immediate end, with no chance to retry without restarting this mode. TIP #2: Shortcuts can be invaluable here, especially in the final lap of a race. Demolition Exactly as it sounds: destroy your opponents (drones). The contest continues until only one car remains. Try to sideswipe the drones (with your sidepod against another car's front or rear tire), or force them into the walls. It is also possible to rear-end another car, but you will cause damage to your own four-wheeled weapon. Also, drones will knock each other out of competition - often directly in front of you - meaning that you will certainly need to deftly negotiate A LOT of debris. If you end up making multiple laps, any debris from earlier incidents will still be on the circuit - this includes everything from a tiny piece of a broken wing to an entire burning car. Block Your Opponent Try to keep in front of your opponent. Fortunately, you are the only ones on the circuit. Shortcuts can be invaluable here. Make sure to use boost judiciously. If you choose Difficult or Expert as your driving style, you will be facing multiple opponents simultaneously. Time Trial Improve your time on each circuit. This is also a great way to uncover the shortcut(s) on each circuit, as you are the only car on the circuit and thus you will not need to worry about competitors. Follow the Line This is a great way to learn the courses; specifically, this will help you to learn the best racing line for each circuit. The premise is simple: Follow the green line. The line turns yellow if you are off-line but somewhat close to it; the line turns red when you are too far away from the line. Keep on the green line to gain maximum points, and finish a lap under the indicated time to receive bonus points. Actually, this should be part of the Driving 101 training section of the game. Lock On What happens when 25 cars are equipped with bombs and unleashed on a given circuit? A special hint here is to slightly reconfigure the controller. The controller's default settings have the Circle button as the toggle for the Heads-up Display (HUD), and the L2 and R2 buttons handling the boost. In Lock On, any button(s) toggling the HUD are instead used to launch the bombs, so figure out which button (L2 or R2) feels more "natural" to you, and reconfigure that button so that it also activates the HUD. The notion of "natural" is important, as if you hold a bomb for too long, it will blow YOU up, so you need to get rid of bombs quickly. ======================================= DRIVING 101 Driving 101 is a very good place to start with CART Fury, as it will help you adjust to the handling parameters of the cars in all facets of the game except Simulation Mode. Essentially, Driving 101 presents various driving tests. This is certainly no Gran Turismo, but the tests are useful nonetheless. Each test consists of driving around a given track, with the driving line bounded by barrels on both sides. The amount of time to complete one lap varies depending on the course used for the test, but hitting more than five barrels results in failing the test. Driving outside the barrels also results in failing the test. Completing all four tests successfully unlocks items. The four tests are: Small Circle 20 seconds target time Small Oval 21 seconds target time Modified Oval 22 seconds target time Slalom Course 20 seconds target time Note that Slalom Course is not a straight-line slalom, as in some license tests of Gran Turismo 2. Slalom Course is a "modified oval," with several turns along what should be the "back stretch." Fortunately, the entire Slalom Course is wider than the other three test circuits, which will be important on the "back stretch." For each course, judicious use of boost - including the "free" boost at the beginning - is extremely important to successfully completing the given test. At higher levels of difficulty, early braking is also key for success. If you complete all four Driving 101 tests at progressively higher levels of difficulty, your rank on your license (viewable on the Player Stats screen) will rise: Amateur, Rookie, etc. ======================================= SHORTCUTS (SPOILERS!!!!!) I am including this near the very end of the driving guide, so that those who prefer to learn about the shortcuts on their own need not read this section as they look at other information. A long section of blank lines follows to protect this information from such persons. Chicago Motor Speedway: Break through the line of cones to the inside of Turn 2, just past the helicopter. The shortcut is gravel with a long jump, so you should use plenty of boost here. Actually, given the severe exit angle back onto the front straightaway, it would actually be best NOT to use the shortcut. Rio de Janeiro: In the short-chute between Turns 1 and 2, break through the cones on the left. The shortcut is a narrow concrete road with a slight left-hand dogleg about halfway along its length. Airport Raceway: Just before Turn 3, break through the cones on the left. The shortcut is also paved, and curves continually to the left. Beware the obstacles in the middle of the shortcut; while they are easily bumped aside, they will slow you just slightly. Frankfurt, Germany: The nighttime conditions of this race make this shortcut especially difficult to see. As you come around the second corner of the circuit, keep turning to the right and break through the line of cones. This shortcut is a wide paved road leading up to a bridge. As you approach the bridge, the pavement slopes upward, cresting at the bridge itself, so you will definitely find yourself airborne. However, approach the bridge from the right side of the road, as once you land, the road curves to the right (to rejoin the main course) with a nasty barrier on the left. Houston: As Turn 4 curves to the left, keep going straight ahead, through the line of cones. The curving shortcut is covered with gravel, which will slow you down, so make sure to use boost through this section. Long Beach, California: Just before Turn 4, break through the cones to the right, passing underneath a building. The shortcut here is paved, but stay off the walls as it curves. Toronto, Canada: As you exit Turn 5, move right and break through the cones. Be careful not to bump the walls along the curve of the shortcut. Chicago, Illinois: After coming out from underneath the "L" lines, safely navigate the left-hand corner ahead. Along the following straightaway, turn left as you pass underneath another "L" line; this will take you through a line of cones and along the shortcut. However, the pavement soon gives way to gravel, so save some boost so you won't slow too much here. Surfers Paradise (Australia): After the right-left dogleg on the back stretch, look for the tunnel on the left, and break through the line of cones. California Speedway: As you pass underneath the Bosch overhead advertisement, edge left and break through the line of cones. If you have a lot left in the boost, use it, as the shortcut empties out onto the main course just in front of a checkpoint; each checkpoint brings the boost back up to maximum in most modes of the game. The Skyway: While Turn 2 is a right-hand corner, keep going straight through the line of cones, but edge to the left. Follow the shortcut through the construction zone. If you have a lot of boost, use it here, as the shortcut rejoins the main course not far before a checkpoint. Road America: After passing the checkpoint halfway around the circuit is a right-hand turn. The next corner is to the left, but keep going straight, through the line of cones. This dirt/gravel road will slow you down, so make use of the boost here. Follow the shortcut THROUGH the barn, knocking down the doors on both ends. Beware the fence on the left just before the shortcut rejoins the main course. To minimize the time you're on the shortcut (and maximize any advantage over other cars on the main circuit), enter the shortcut from the far-left (beware the black barrier), break through the right-side doors on either end of the barn, and rejoin the main circuit just to the right of the fence on exit. Actually, this is somewhat similar to a circuit obstacle in Hot Wheels: Turbo Racing. Alpine Raceway (Must be unlocked): Near the end of a lap, when you approach the tunnel, get ready to suddenly veer left. As the main course continues ahead into the tunnel, you will suddenly be able to see a line of cones blocking a second tunnel on the left. If you do take this shortcut, try not to hit the large blocks of ice dotting the pavement. Big Dig: Boston Tunnel (Must be unlocked): After passing the checkpoint on the back stretch, the course turns to the right. Very quickly after this corner, turn left and break through the line of cones. This shortcut is paved and clear of obstacles, so only bumping the walls will slow you down. Note that the Big Dig circuit looks really great if playing with Thick Fog enabled. Miami (Must be unlocked): In the straightaway following Turn 4, break through the line of cones on the left. This shortcut is paved and rather wide, so there is no excuse for bumping walls or otherwise losing time here!!! The shortcut rejoins the main course directly in front of the checkpoint, so if you have boost remaining when entering the shortcut, use it!!! The Moon (Must be unlocked): I've unlocked this circuit, but I haven't yet found the shortcut. In fact, I strongly believe that there is NO shortcut for The Moon. Any tips would be greatly appreciated!!! New York (Must be unlocked): After passing the checkpoint halfway along the circuit, look for a line of cones to the left along the long straightaway. This is a very long, rather narrow shortcut, with many turns and bump-away obstacles. You will even need to jump and break through a garage-style door. ======================================= UNLOCKABLES (SPOILERS!!!!!) I am including this near the very end of the driving guide, so that those who prefer to unlock items on their own need not read this section as they look at other information. A long section of blank lines follows to protect this information from such persons. Note that you will often unlock multiple items, cheats, and/or circuits at once. Cars (at driver selection, press L1 to access) 70's Racer Win at Rio de Janeiro in Arcade Mode Alienmobile Win at Road America in Arcade Mode Ambulance Win at Houston in Arcade Mode Blackout Win at California Raceway in Arcade Mode Cigar Win at Frankfurt, Germany in Arcade Mode Cyclone Win at Chicago, Illinois in Arcade Mode Future Car Initially available Hot Rod Initially available Roadster Initially available Soapbox Win at Airport Raceway in Arcade Mode Spider Win at The Skyway in Arcade Mode Cheats (press START to turn on/off cheats during a race) No Timeout (aka Complete any 12 circuits in the Unlimited Time) Time Trial Sub-game Big Heads See page 22 of the CART Fury Instruction Manual, or win at Toronto, Canada in Arcade Mode Night Drive Complete any 12 circuits in the Lock On Sub-game Low Gravity Complete any 12 circuits in the Follow the Line Sub-game Rocket Wheels Complete any 12 circuits in the Block Your Opponent Sub-game Thick Fog See page 22 of the CART Fury Instruction Manual, or complete any 12 circuits in Demolition Jump Complete Last Man Standing Infinite Continues Complete Season Mode Circuits Alpine Raceway Complete Driving 101 at Easy or better Big Dig: Boston Tunnel Complete Season Mode Miami Complete any 12 circuits in Demolition The Moon Complete any 12 circuits in the Block Your Opponent Sub-game New York Win at California Raceway in Arcade Mode Danny Sullivan Theater Opening Cinema Initially available Racing Action Win at Long Beach, California in Arcade Mode CART Fury Girls Day at the Races Win at Chicago Motor Speedway in Arcade Mode Driver Interviews Win at Surfer's Paradise (Australia) in Arcade Mode CART Fury Arcade Team Complete any 12 circuits in the Lock On Sub-game (WARNING: Insanity ahead!!!) Driving 101 Complete Driving 101 at Easy or better License Upgrades Complete Driving 101 at at progressively-higher levels, and check Player Stats to see the new license level and image ======================================= WISH LIST There are really only three things I would like to see in any future incarnations of CART Fury: 1.) Faster loading times 2.) Make Simulation Mode a bit easier - it plays TOO MUCH like a simulation 3.) Add more real-world drivers ======================================= THANK YOU!!! First, greatest thanks to Sony for the PlayStation and especially the PlayStation2 - these are great consoles, and the power of the PS2 is truly droolworthy!!! Thanks also to Midway and Gratuitous Games for a rather unique take on CART racing. This is a good game overall with plenty of imagination. Finally, thanks to CART for allowing your vehicles to be truly used and abused, especially in such a fun manner!!!!! Perhaps you can teach FIA a thing or two concerning licensing to make games more fun and exciting!!! ======================================= CONTACT For rants, raves, etc., contact me at: FEATHER7@IX.NETCOM.COM To find the latest version of this and all my other PSX/PS2 game guides, visit FeatherGuides at ======================================= ======================================================================= Wolf Feather Jamie Stafford ======================================================================= Just as there are many parts needed to make a human a human, there's a remarkable number of things needed to make an individual what they are. - Major Kusinagi, _Ghost in the Shell_ =======================================================================</p>