____ / __ \ ___ ___________ ___________ | / \/ / _ \ / ___| ___ \ ___| ___ \ | | / /_\ \\ `--.| |_/ / |__ | |_/ / | | | _ | `--. \ __/| __|| / | \__/\| | | |/\__/ / | | |___| |\ \ \____/\_| |_/\____/\_| \____/\_| \_| ___ _ _ _ ___ _ _ / __|_ __(_)_ _(_) |_ | \(_)_ __ ___ _ _ __(_)___ _ _ ___ \__ \ '_ \ | '_| | _| | |) | | ' \/ -_) ' \(_-< / _ \ ' \(_-< |___/ .__/_|_| |_|\__| |___/|_|_|_|_\___|_||_/__/_\___/_||_/__/ |_| Author..................CV Version.................(1.0) Last Updated............October 6th, 2002 Platform................PS2 ASCII Art...............Courtesy of http://www.network-science.de/ascii/ ._____________________________________________________________________________. | | |_____________________________________________________________________________| Oh goodness. I can't believe some people will need a FAQ for this game... First off, you should only have this game if: 1. You are a child younger than 12 {OR} 2. You plan on buying every PS2 game in existence? Otherwise, you must be renting this, because this is definitely one of the PS2's more spectacular games. Definitely aimed at the younger crowd. And also, I am primarily writing this FAQ to: 1. Fulfill one of GameFAQ's Bounties 2. To help you get through this rental and turn it back in quickly. This FAQ is copyright © 2002 CV. You can not take it in whole or part and claim it as your own. If you own, manage, or participate-in a website and would like to post this FAQ, e-mail me at themafioso@hotmail.com and wait for my affirmation. Thank you. The following sites have permission to post my FAQ: -www.NEOSEEKER.com -www.GAMEFAQS.com ._____________________________________________________________________________. | | |_____________________________________________________________________________| UPDATE/REVISION RECORD Oct. 5th - Finished [3], pretty much done. Can't find anything to put in Miscellaneous yet... Sep. 26th - I've just begun. ._____________________________________________________________________________. | | |_____________________________________________________________________________| TABLE OF CONTENTS [1] Contact Information [2] The Basics [2.1] Basic Controls [2.2] The Screen [2.3] Items [2.4] Hints & Tips [3] The Quests [3.1] Knight's Home [3.1.1] Thieves' Wood [3.1.2] Snowy Town [3.1.3] Wizard Tower [3.1.4] Dragon's Cave [3.2] Vlad's Amusement Park [3.2.1] Big Top [3.2.2] Fun House [3.3] Monster Maker [3.3.1] Refinery [3.3.2] Doctor Deranged [3.4] The Spirit Dimension [3.4.1] Ghost Ship [3.4.2] Kibosh's Castle [3.4.3] Kibosh's Castle Interior [3.4.4] Kibosh's Lair [4] Miscellaneous ._____________________________________________________________________________. | [1] Contact Information | |_____________________________________________________________________________| Those of you wishing to post my FAQ: -E-mail me at themafioso@hotmail.com, stating your status at that site (i.e. member, moderator, webmaster...), your SN or nickname, the URL & name of the site. YOU MUST WAIT FOR ME TO E-MAIL YOU BACK with my confirmation. If I go to the site before replying to you and find my FAQ (or something that looks strikingly similar to it) already posted there, I will deny the site's permission to host my FAQ. Those of you with questions concerning the FAQ or game itself: -First off, if you have a question about the game (beating a mission, getting an item, etc.) DID YOU READ THE ENTIRE FAQ?! If it's already on my FAQ somewhere, I will ignore you. If you continue to e-mail me, I will block you. -If you have some CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM on my FAQ, or are submitting information that my FAQ is missing, or have a LEGITIMATE question, use my e-mail address above. Title the e-mail appropriately and be polite and I will be happy to help you. ._____________________________________________________________________________. | [2] The Basics | |_____________________________________________________________________________| .______________________________________________________________________. | [2.1] Basic Controls | |______________________________________________________________________| Left Analog Stick..........................Turning and Pitch Control Right Analog Stick.........................Move Forward/Back, Strafe Right Analog Stick + R3 Button.............Move Up/Down ><.........................................Confirm Menu Selection [].........................................Ethereal Shield /\.........................................Talk, Cancel Menu Selection/Return to Previous Menu L1.........................................Lock on to Target L2.........................................Casper Comet R1.........................................Quick Turn R2.........................................Spirit Blast D-Pad UP/DOWN..............................Cycle Pickup Forward/Back .______________________________________________________________________. | [2.2] The Screen | |______________________________________________________________________| The top left corner contains several gray spheres. These spheres display which of Casper's Spirit Blast variations he is currently using. Including Fire & Ice blasts, etc. Next to each symbol is the number of shots left. Check out the Items section to get a description of the symbols. You can cycle through the symbols to pick which Spirit Blast type to use. The top right corner displays the number of gems you have collected in that area. The lower left corner contains a little Capser outline. How much of Casper's body is filled up with color (blue to red) is how much life Casper has left. To Casper's left is the Casper Comet Meter which is how much energy Casper has to use his Casper Comet move. To his right are four green balls. These are Casper's Ghost Power Points. He can only hold four at a time, and both the Ethereal Shield and Super Spirit Blast moves use one point each. .______________________________________________________________________. | [2.3] Items | |______________________________________________________________________| Ghost Speed - Looks like a red triangle in a sphere - Fills the Casper Comet Meter Lifeforce - Looks like several small white balls in a sphere - Partially fills the life meter Ghost Power - Looks like a ball of green energy in a sphere - Gives Casper one Ghost Power Point Fire Enhancer - Looks like a ball of fire in a sphere - Grants Casper 5-20 Fire Blasts Ice Enhancer - Looks like a ball of icycles in a sphere - Grants Casper 5-20 Ice Blasts Homing Enhancer - Looks like a magnet in a sphere - Grants Casper 5-20 Homing Blasts Double Enhancer - Looks like two balls in a sphere - Grants Casper 10-20 Couble Blasts Bounce Enhancer - Looks like a ball of fire in a sphere - Grants Casper 20-40 Bounce Blasts .______________________________________________________________________. | [2.4] Hints & Tips | |______________________________________________________________________| * Pay attention when people are talking to Casper. Their statements may contain valuable clues. * The Ice Blast is particularly effective against flying enemys. who fall to the ground and shatter after one hit. * Keep moving in combat! Move Casper to the side, shoot a few times, then move back before enemy fire can find him. * Save your game often, especially after completing particularly difficult quests. ._____________________________________________________________________________. | [3] The Quests | |_____________________________________________________________________________| .______________________________________________________________________. | [3.1] Knight's Home | |______________________________________________________________________| From the start, move directly forward to talk to Sir Richard. He Needs you to find his 5 pieces of armor. One is above you, at the top of the platform Sir Richard is on. Another is under the bridge to your right. Go to the left towards the building with several windows. Use your Ethereal Shield to pass through the one with bars and find another piece. Now fly OVER the bridge and past the towers until you find an area with some gargoyles and an archer. Kill them, then pick up the weight where the archer was and drop in on the target on the opposite corner, on the ground. Pick up the piece back where the archer was. Then go through the little 'maze' type thing in that area and pick up the last piece on your way through (on a platform). The next challenge Sir Richard gives you from his place in the lone tower is to defeat 8 archers. They are different from the other archers in that they are GREEN. You'll need to use your ICE blast to destroy them. ._______________________________________________________________. | [3.1.1] Thieves' Wood | |_______________________________________________________________| Turning right, flying over the castle, then turning right again at the tower takes you to a red portal. This is the way to the Thieves' Wood. In this large wood head to the right a bit to find Jeremy the Jester outside his home. Apparently, the 10 stacks of gold have been stolen and scattered about the wood. Find them all to make Jeremy jolly again. 6 stacks can be found in the forest on tree stumps, on the platforms, and on the ground. And the last 4 are found in the houses that are guarded by the arrow-shooting thieves. When you get to the end of the forest, fly as fast as you can in the house area and turn right immediately. Get the Fire Enhancer. Now, forget about fighting the thieves, as soon as you kill one, another will come out of the house to take its place. Instead, fly around in circles, shooting the fire spirit blasts at the houses. After 6 shots, they will burn down. Collect the gold and get out of there. Now Jeremy is standing on a ledge in the woods, in front of a cave blockes by a large boulder. Talk to him and he will open the cave for you. Now you need to Kill the single enemy there and after that, Casper Comet charge the large boulder in the middle. Make sure your Comet Meter is completely filled up and you are at full speed when hitting the boulder. When all of the pieces are broken off, the sword is revealed, and you are done in here. ._______________________________________________________________. | [3.1.2] Snowy Town | |_______________________________________________________________| Instead of turning right at the tower, just fly around it and into the blue portal beneath the gargoyles' ledge. The King needs you to find the four keys to unlock him. The 3 thieves in the town each have one of the keys, then the last 1 is underground. Use your Ethereal shield to pass through a bar grate in the ground and kill the last thief in there. No second challenge here... ._______________________________________________________________. | [3.1.3] Wizards' Tower | |_______________________________________________________________| Behind the tower and on the ground is the last blue portal. Princess Gwendolyn has been turned into a frog! THe only way to change her back is to touch the Heart Gem in the middle of the Wizards' Tower. But first you must get through the maze! Watch out for the many wizards in here. They use different attacks. When you first enter, head to the right. Near the back-right area of the maze is a gold gem. And near that should be a wall with a few cracks in it. Casper Comet it to break through. Now watch out for the last wizard in the maze, and find the lava tunnel. Go through that to find the Wizard's Tower. RUN! Move side ways in a circle around the tower, while facing it at the same time. You have to shoot and break all of those blue orbs. If you are a really skilled flier, you can circle the tower and hit those orbs while moving. Don't stop for too long, and don't try to kill the wizards. Once all of the blue orbs are destroyed, shoot at the giant green gem at the very top. When that is destroyed, shoot the glass roof and head on down. Your not done with the wizards just yet! Get on the ground and behind the Heart Gem in the center, it will provide cover from the wizards' attacks. When you kill all of them, the Heart Gem is released. Touch it and Gwen is back to normal! No second challenge here, either... ._______________________________________________________________. | [3.1.4] Dragon's Cave | |_______________________________________________________________| Shouldn't be too hard to find it. It's the big double doors behind the fire-breathing dragon statues. With all your key pieces, you can enter it now. MOVE! Just like at the Wizards' Tower, you wanna be on the move all the time! The different color dragons are only succeptible to different power-ups. The Green dragon can be killed with just the normal Spirit Blasts. Use Ice Blasts to kill the Red dragon and Fire Blasts to kill the White dragon. The Blue dragon can be killed by Super Spirit Blasts only. The power-ups are every- where, including the Ghost Power ones (remember, Super Spirit Blasts use up the same energy balls the Ethereal shield uses). When attacking the dragons, their only weak spot is there open mouths, so charge them down, and shoot their open mouths RIGHT before they attack, so that you're safe, otherwise, RUN! And if you need a burst of speed, remember you can always use your Casper Comet! .______________________________________________________________________. | [3.2] Vlad's Amusement Park | |______________________________________________________________________| Head across the room in Casper's House to find Wendy at another portal door. Going through it takes you to Vlad's Amusement Park. Much more jovial than the creepy Knight's Home. Inside, turn right and head forward to the man in the Elephant suit. Marty the Elephant suggest you use find the cannon pieces to destroy that menacing Balloon in the sky. When you'r done talking, RUN! That Clown Plane is hard to hit, but it hits hard! The cannon pieces are in three Purplish-Blue tents guarded by Clowns. Shoot the tents down until they collapse and out poppes the piece. (The third tent is on the other side of the park, head through that big clown mouth to find it). Another piece is under the Big Top tent in the first area. Head to the back of it and there should be a blue cracked door you can Comet through. Then the last two pieces are achieved by completing the two carnival games in the second area. Just head up to the stands (Shooting Gallery and Milk Bottle Smash) to start the game, then shoot as many as you can, or all in whichever game you're playing. Then you'll be in the cannon perspective. Aim it at the big Balloon, and shoot as if you're using Spirit Blasts. ._______________________________________________________________. | [3.2.1] Big Top | |_______________________________________________________________| Shouldn't be too hard to find the entrance to that big, green Big Top tent... Inside, you'll find Vlad in the center ring. Marty might have seemed friendly, but apparently Vlad is not, and he's gonna work you hard for every prize you'll get from him. Basically, you'll be racing through the red rings for 3 laps each time. The first two wins you'll receive the prizes of Speed Health, or Power. I suggest you get Speed both time, you'll need it for this level. After the third race, he'll give up the ticket half that you need to get in the Fun House. ._______________________________________________________________. | [3.2.2] Fun House | |_______________________________________________________________| In the second area of the park, Marty the Elephant will be standing next to the entrance. Here you'll face the Jack-in-the-Box whose name I currently forgot. Anyways, you'll need to shoot down the Clown Tents and then shoot the crank box that is in each one. There are 4 on the top level, and 4 on the ground level. Hide behind the pillars on the top level and shoot the Tents from there, then run and use Casper Comet and Ethereal shield to avoid getting hit on your way to the next pillar. On the bottom level, just keep moving. Round and round in a big circle. DON'T stop to shoot. Once all of the Tents and cranks have been shot, shoot the 4 cannon wicks to finish off the big, evil Jack-in-the-Box. .______________________________________________________________________. | [3.3] Monster Maker | |______________________________________________________________________| Head upstairs and to the right to have Wendy direct you into the Monster Maker factory. Not 'open' like the other worlds, and has some kinda creepy music in some places. First go forward and left a bit to talk to Professer Neutron. You're gonna help him shut down the Monster Maker machine. Look to your right when you're done talking and memorize the color order of those light bulbs (if you've got a horrible memory, it's RED, GREEN, PURPLE, BLUE, and YELLOW). Then head down the corridor into the main room. Go into the pathway on the left. Inide the generator room are floating yellow arrows. Casper has to fly through them, passing THROUGH them to pick up speed and fill the yellow meter on the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. When it's all filled up, the red light on top of the door that is locked turns green. Then go through the passage on the right in the main room. Fly into the colored door tunnels in the order of those bulbs to unlock a new tunnel. Go into that one and shoot the red light to make it green. Now you can go into the locked door. (There is a large switch near the colored doors, DO NOT shoot it yet). Fly into the new room and you'll find those pesky wasps. Don't try to take 'em all on. Instead, destroy the five pipes that they come out of. After that, they'll all disappear. Now fly into the room that has the radiation symbol and shoot the switch in there. Prof. Neutron will award you with half of the key card needed to fight the boss. ._______________________________________________________________. | [3.3.1] Refinery | |_______________________________________________________________| Go back into the colored tunnel room and shoot that switch to unlock the Refinery portal above it. Go to your right a bit to talk to a fat little robot that is surprisingly similar-looking to C-3PO...He needs you to free his big brother George. So now you'll have to shoot all of those colored turrets to unlock the keys, then take the keys to George on the other side of the Refinery to unlock his body parts. This is my personal second-favorite puzzle/level. It may require a bit of moving around, but it's fun. I believe one of they keys does not have any protective turrets and is hiding in a tunnel in the right wall. Freeing George provides you with the second half of the key card. ._______________________________________________________________. | [3.3.2] Doctor Deranged | |_______________________________________________________________| Head back to the wasp room, but go down and turn around to find Prof. Neutron near the door to the secret room. He explains that Doctor Deranged is in there with a giant Evil Robot. Joy. Doctor Deranged may seem difficult at first glance, but he was pretty easy to defeat. Just shoot multiple times at his top half and when he stops and slumps over, shoot the red light in his chest. Lather, rinse, repeat. If he catches you in his tractor beam, turn around and use Casper Comet to try to escape. .______________________________________________________________________. | [3.4] The Spirit Dimension | |______________________________________________________________________| Head upstairs and to the left this time to find Wendy again. But before she can open the portal for you, Kibosh appears. Him and his evil flapping mouth curse you and then he takes Wendy away! But behold! Vanessa, the witch friend of Wendy comes to open the portal for you and guide you the rest of the way. ._______________________________________________________________. | [3.4.1] Ghost Ship | |_______________________________________________________________| In my opinion, the funnest level of them all. Who doesn't like a free-floating, cannon-totting armada of pirate ships? Go around the smaller ships and destroy the two cannons they each have, then go on their deck and find a barrel of TNT. You can only carry one barrel at a time, so head back to the large ship and pass over the big target to drop the barrel. Repeat for the other barrels on the small ships. Remember to take out all those cannons, and you may want to destroy the rear rudder and the helm of the Captain's ship. Once all of the TNTs are on the target (those which aren't all small ships should be found all over the big ship) shoot the target with a Fire power up. Head below deck and take out all of those skeleton pirates. They shouldn't be too hard: they're as fast as a dead snail. Then use the Fire power up to shoot the wall with the targets and then shoot the TNT barrels with it. Head below deck again and pass through the swinging hooks carefully. Shoot the TNT barrel to find Pegleg something-or-other... He won't help Casper, so he's got to go. Dodge his gun fire, but be prepared to Casper Comet the barrels he throws at you. Only when those fly back and hit him, will his health go down. ._______________________________________________________________. | [3.4.2] Kibosh's Castle | |_______________________________________________________________| This one is not so fun...Pick up Ice and Fire power-ups. You have to shoot 5 of each type of small square seals all over the castle wall and roof-top with the different types of blasts. ._______________________________________________________________. | [3.4.3] Kibosh's Castle Interior | |_______________________________________________________________| The Good Spirit lady is trapped and you gotta get her out! Go through the four doorways to pass the tests and destroy the magical generators that hold her. There's an obstacle course where you'll need to use Ethereal shield to pass through some bars. A fan room where you'll need to shoot 2 red switches on the first floor and 4 on the second one to get all the way through. An arch-way room which is simple enough. And then there is a room where you'll need to kill all of the spectres. Use the homing and double-shot power-ups to get all 24 of them. At the end of each one is a generator with a floating magical sphere. Shoot it until it crashes and burns! ._______________________________________________________________. | [3.4.4] Kibosh's Lair | |_______________________________________________________________| Now to face Kibosh. He's pretty easy at first. Pick up the Fire power-ups to harm him, and wait until he is in the center to get a bunch of good shots in. Then he'll crash into the center and blow up the castle. And as usual, the bad-guy grows to 10 times his size and is more power- ful than ever. RUN! His attacks hurt you A LOT. Pick up the Fire power-ups and hit him until blue spirits fly out. Grab those spirits to turn Casper blue, then shoot Kibosh in the face until the blue runs out. Sounds simple enough, but you'll be running and dodging more than you'll expect. When he goes to the Dark, you win. Wendy seems happy, Casper is sad cause Kibosh went away (what is wrong with that friendly ghost?) And Vanessa is impressed. Casper does that little dance of his and you win! Cue Credits. ._____________________________________________________________________________. | [4] Miscellaneous | |_____________________________________________________________________________| Don't know what I should put here, so I'll add something when I have it.</p>