GT2 Tour -- World Driver Championship -- GT2 Tour Contents - GT2 Teams - GT2 Cars - GT2 Events - Early Tracks GT2 Teams When you first start Championship Mode you are given offers by Kohr Racing and Speedcraft. The Rage from Kohr is a Porshe knock-off and the Stallion looks like a Ford Mustang. The Rage is easier to drive but the Stallion is a little bit faster. Both of these teams treat their drivers nicely and just want to win. Once you move up to rank 29 you will be given an offer by Viewpoint. Be reluctant to accept this offer as you will soon get one from Reeds. The Reeds Manta is a sharp looking car that is faster and easier to handle than the other cars before it. However, the owner of Reeds is big on commitment, so if you leave you can never get to their better cars. After this point you need to be ranked pretty high to get an offer from Eurosport. Eurosport boasts a Viper look-a-like called the Ram Venom. This car is very difficult to handle, but is the fastest and lightest car yet. If you do decide to race for Eurosprt you will not be given an offer by his rival Lassiter in the GT1 circuit. Eurosport's owner criticizes you if you lose races and doesn't say much if you win. I recomend waiting until you move up one more rank to get an offer from TotalSport. TotalSport's Furio is fast and easy to handle and looks good. The A-class is my personal favorite car. The owner treats his drivers great and allows his drivers to move up to his A-class car quicker if you stay loyal to him. The last team in GT2 is Elite. Their car is fast and light but is hard to control. GT2 Cars The Stallion -- This car is the hardest to handle of the first two. It is also the heaviest car in G2. The A-class is however an extremely easy A-class car to drive. The Rage -- This car looks sharp and hugs the road, especially the A-class. The B-class got me through a lot of races in the middle events. The Elan Swift -- This car is considered the easier of the two middle class cars to drive, however, I found the Manta quite a bit nicer. If you do ever leave Reeds, you'll probably have to depend on the Swift. The Manta -- I really like the way this car handled on the road, and I loved the way it looked compared to the Swift. The only thing I didn't like was the fact that I had to stay with Reeds to move up, so I left early. The Ram Venom -- One of the best looking cars in the game is also one of the hardest to drive. Another downfall is the fact that Lassiter won't offer you his cars for racing with him. If you can master the car you are in great shape, because the A-class is maybe the 2nd best car in GT2. The Furio -- This car is my personal favorite. I really like the 6 gears, and the wideness of the car. It has the same type of engine as the Reeds Manta, and handles in the same fasion too. And I believe the A-class is the best looking car in GT2. The Challener -- This car is fast and light and hard to control, but it is the best. I don't think that this car looks too sweet, so I think that I'll stick with my Furio. GT2 Events Novice Cup -- 2 laps -- Rome A, Hawaii A Spider Cup -- 2 laps --Hawaii C, Kyoto A Emperor Challenge -- 3 laps -- Rome B, Kyoto B, New Zealand C Seasons Cup -- 3 laps -- Rome B, Hawaii BR, Kyoto B Drivers Challenge -- 3 laps - Las Vegas A, New Zealand C, Lisbon C Orca Cup -- 3 laps -- New Zealand BR, Lisbon C, Black Forest A Endurance Cup -- 4 laps -- Las Vegas BR, New Zealand A, Rome BR Lisbon CR Ring of Fire Cup -- 5 laps -- Zurich A, Lisbon A, Rome C, Kyoto C Ultimatum Cup Invitational Cup -- 15 laps -- Lisbon BR Early Tracks In my opinion the easiest of the tracks is Rome. Both the A and B versions are quite simple, yet still give you a little bit of everything. From sharp hairpin turns surrounded by sand to long straight-a ways this track has it all. Hawaii is set just before sunrise so the lighting can be a problem. This track is primarily scenic, but narrow roads can cause problems. Kyoto is a track that can give problems at first, mainly because it is so dark. But once you get the hang of it it becomes a race that is easy to win because of the many sharp corners to cut. New Zealand is a bright track with a lot of sand and many turns. The begging can be tight with all eight cars, so lay off until you are past the first 4 or 5 turns. Las Vegas can give you trouble for the same reasons as Kyoto did, but once you learn where the turns are this track becomes fun because of all the places that you can take out your opponents vehicles. Lisbon is a great track set in a village or city. The biggest problem is that occasionally the sun gets in your eyes. Practice this one hard, because you need to complete 15 laps of it in reverse to get into G1. Thank you for reading this GameFAQ. I hope to publish more as I get further in the game. I you have any questions or comments email me at --copyright 1999 by Skrotie--</p>