:;. , ..;jfj; . ,G#fGE####EWW: :, .iWi :jE######EGfjt;,. L. ,;, .G#, tL#KLt, .W tjKf jELE. ,LLEL . . tWW jKtj t#:tKE. D:KWt..tjfL, LKL GW:tt#t. ,fKifDf##DEDGL;. :K#j ELj#GjK; ;DDEEK#D;: ;##t,DjL,#LiL. jt,##; ,K#;,. GE. jE, j#D ,#K: ,#, t#f L#, ;KW,Dj ,DWGG ..::..: :GEK :E#f,,:::,:,. ,KG ..:,::.:W. ..:. ..Wf,:. . ..:::.,: __ _ __ __ | \ | | ___ | \ / | ____ ___ ___ __ __ | \ \| |/ \ | \/ || || __)/ _)\ \/ / | |\ \ || | | | |\__/| || -- || | | / \ / | | \ || | | | | | || __|| | | \_ | | \_/ \_/\___/ \_/ \_/|____)|_| \___) |__| =========================================================================== Game: WWF No Mercy Format: Nintendo 64 Genre of game: Wrestling/Sports Document author: Stephen Taylor (smackdown@the-rock-fan.co.uk) Document version: 5.20 Document finished date*: 22.01.2001 *The date shown is UK style date and goes: Date.Month.Year. This FAQ is Copyright 2001 Stephen Taylor. The following sites may use this FAQ: 1. GameFAQs (http://www.gamefaqs.com/) 2. Game Winners (http://www.gamewinners.com/) 3. Cheat Code Central (http://www.cheatcc.com/) 4. X Cheater (http://www.xcheater.com/) 5. CheatPlanet (http://www.cheatplanet.com/) 6. Game Experts (http://www.gamexperts.com/) 7. Game-Strategies, my site! (http://www.game-strategies.com/) If you see any other sites using this FAQ, I probably haven't let them, so e-mail me at: smackdown@the-rock-fan.co.uk Thanks a lot! --------------------------------------------------------------------------- -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- SOME STUFF BEFORE WE GET STARTED: -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- I aim for everything in this document to be as accurate as possible at the time of writing... if you have any comments, suggestions, questions or something to contribute to this document (e.g. Created Wrestler or corrections)(you will be given full credit) feel free to e-mail me (smackdown@the-rock-fan.co.uk) and tell me! If you want to use any of the information in this FAQ for yourself then e-mail me (smackdown@the-rock-fan.co.uk) first and check that it's OK! If there's an abbreviation or word you don't understand, go to section 9, and if it's not there e-mail me! -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= VERSION HISTORY: -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= v1.00 First version, everything's new! v1.10 Replaced (DATE) with the date I posted the file, stated that the date was UK style, added another site to the ones which I am letting post this FAQ and changed Chaz's finisher from "Lo' Down (?)" to Reverse Death Valley Driver, credit to Marty Glassley and "Dom" who both pointed this out to me! v2.00 (big changes!) Added Big Vis seeing as he's gonna' be in the game, added an FAQ section for all your Frequently Asked Questions, updated Mark Henry, Ken Shamrock, Big Show and Funaki (thanks to "PSXSandman" for them, if you have any problems with anything he sent in, I'll ask him about it), added Kurt Angle (thanks to Andrew Corbett for pointing out that he wasn't there already), added a section for other documents I've done and added to the features section, added Albert's finisher (thanks to D. Frith), added Michinoku Driver as Taka's finisher (thanks to: "D. Frith", "Bogger6x6", "TheGeneralO1" and "EVANS2062" for reminding me, DUUH!), added a shoulder breaker as one of Goodfather's finisher (thanks to "TheGeneralO1"), added Buh Buh Cutter and a powerbomb for Dudleyz (thanks to "TheGeneralO1" and "D. Frith"), took out "How to get Steph" (was meant for my WM2K FAQ, thanks to TheGeneralO1), added Lou Thesz Press + Knuckle (thanks to D. Frith for assuring me it'll be in No Mercy), added Moolah (cause TheGeneralO1 told me to), some changes to the Features section (probably some other little things I've missed out). v2.01 Added some stuff to FAQ section. v5.00 Started it all again using info. I knew was in the game, now that it's out and I own it!!! Went from v2.01 to v5.00 to signify a complete re-start... a nice round number to start again on! v5.10 Added the Create-a-Wrestler + updated stuff and might've added some other new sections (it's hard keeping track of when I did what!) v5.20 A few minor corrections and added GameShark Codes section, updated and changed some stuff (i.e. tips, wrestler updates, etc.) added my Big Show (from the 2001 Royal Rumble) and Molly Holly creations. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- -=-=-=-=- CONTENTS: -=-=-=-=- 1) My Mini-Review 2) The Really Basic Stuff 3) Who's In The Game? 3.1) Men 3.2) Women 4) General Help & Tips 5) FAQ 6) Updated Costumes Ivory The Undertaker 7) Create-a-Wrestler Big Show (by me) Molly Holly (by me) Raven (by GameInformer) William Regal (by krayzie2k99, from Shawn Burk's CAW FAQ) Scott Hall (by XxSk8er69xX) 8) GameShark Codes (this is for ActionReplay, Equalizer and other cheat cartirdges as well) 9) Still to come 10) Thank You/s! 11) Other Stuff I've Done 12) Abbreviations I Use (and smilies, and some other stuff...) 13) Some Rubbish That Doesn't really Deserve A Section (I Was Bored) =========================================================================== -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= 1 MY MINI-REVIEW -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= WWF WrestleMania: Probably one of the greatest wrestling games EVER! WWF WWF No Mercy: The sequel... where can you go wrong?! It's got loads of new mode (for example: ladder, special referee, handicap and Iron Man), loads of new wrestlers (from Chris Benoit to Mae Young). The 'SmackDown Mall' where you can buy new kit, wrestlers, moves and more from money you earn playing the single-player modes. This game is well worth every penny/cent/ whatever you pay for it (unless you pay over £50). There are even some surprise hidden wrestlers...and even one come back from the dead! In summary: If you likes WrestleMania 2000 then buy this...if not, rent it, get to like, THEN buy it! --------------------------------------------------------------------------- -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= 2 THE REALLY BASIC STUFF -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Well you gotta' start somewhere, don't ya'? So, why not start at the basic stuff? This will probably just be a little section with stuff that you could find the manual for the game, but we'll see! We'll start off with some basic button controls for No Mercy: Directional/D Pad Select options in meuns Control character in ring Control/3D Stick Taunt (Use different directions for different taunts) Finishing moves (with Special on Attitude meter) Zoom + turn wrestlers (in wrestler select or create a wrestler) A Button Select/confirm options in menus Tie-up/grapple/perfrom grapple move with opponent (to perform a weak grapple tap A near standing opponent, and for a strong grapple hold the A button) B Button Cancel options/menus Striking moves (for weak attack tap A, for strong attack hold A, for different attacks press directional button and hold A or press A+B together) C-Up Button Climb in/out of ring/onto tables, etc. Grab weapon from the cronw/pick up weapon Drag opponent around on floor Tag partner into match (in Tag-Team matches) Randomly select wrestler (in wrestler select) Slide into ring (with direction of the edge of the ring) C-Down Button Run Climb tun buckle (when facing and near a turnbuckle) Hop over opponent (when opponent is laying down) Run Run and slide into ring (when outside) Randomly select wrestler (in wrestler select) C-Left Button Flip opponent over on floor Change outfit (in wrestler select) Preview entrance video/music (in create a wrestler) C-Right Button Focus on another opponent Change outfit (in wrestler select) L Button Reverse/avoid a grapple from an opponent Go from a front to a back/back to a front grapple (after you have grappled with an opponent) Pin opponent (when they are on the ground) Hold opponent from behind (when in a back grapple) Change stables (in wrestler select menu) R Button Block/counter striking attacks Release a grapple Pick up opponent (tap R to bring them half way up, hold to bring them to standing) Change stables (in wrestler select menu) Hold while getting up to go to crouching position. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= 3 WHO'S IN THE GAME? -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Right here's a big list of all of the characters in No Mercy (if I've missed anyone out e-mail me at: smackdown@the-rock-fan.co.uk): --------------------------------------------------------------------------- -=-=-=- 3.1 MEN -=-=-=- The Rock Finisher: The Rock Bottom (front special) Other moves: The People's Elbow (upper body, facing up, special), Spinebuster (Irish whip special grapple), Tilta A Whirl Driver (Irish whip, hold A) Info: The Rock, the people's champion! One of the top superstars in the WWF. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Stone Cold" Steve Austin Finisher: Stone Cold Stunner (front special) Other moves: Lou Thesz Press + Knuckle (Irish whip, hold A) Info: "The Rattlesnake" was away from the federation for a long time from injury, but returned at the 2000 Unforgiven and is now really back in the swing o' things! --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Triple H Finisher: Pedigree (front special) Other moves: Facebuster, a.k.a. Chin Breaker (running front grapple), Jumping Knee Attack (run with direction, then B) Info: "The true leader of DX!" "The Game" teamed up with X-Pac, Road Dogg and Billy Gunn to make the new Degeneration X after Shawn Michaels left. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Undertaker Finisher: Last ride (front special) Other moves: Chokeslam (Up+A strong front grapple) Info: Recently changed to a biker image. Now he is the American Bad Ass who is in No Mercy (he can't have Kid Rock's American Bad Ass as his theme tune because THQ couldn't really afford the licence to it)! --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Kane Finisher: Tombstone piledriver (front special) Other moves: Chokeslam (Up+A strong front grapple) Info: "The Big Red Machine", the Undertaker's "brother" and a complete psycho! 7'0", 328 lbs! --------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Y2J" Chris Jericho Finisher: Walls of Jericho (lower body submission, facing up, special) Other moves: Double powerbomb (front special) and Lionsault (rebound flying attack) Info: Came to the WWF from the WCW and is a great technical wrestler! --------------------------------------------------------------------------- X-Pac Finisher: X Factor (front special) Other moves: Bronco Buster (front special, turnbuckle grapple) Info: Also part of DX (which has kind o' split up), and also very technical. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Road Dogg" Jesse James Finisher: Shake Rattle and Roll (front special) Other moves: Pump handle drop (back special) Info: Another member of DX, who has won the tag-titles many times with Billy Gunn, but he now tags with X-Pac due to Billy's injury. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mankind Finisher: Mandible claw (front special) Other moves: Double Arm DDT (Left/Right+B strong front grapple) Info: His other personas are Cactus Jack and Dude Love. He has now stopped wrestling to become the commissioner of the WWF, Mick Foley! --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Steve Blackman Finisher: Abdominal stretch pin (back special) Info: A martial arts expert, and has been the WWF Hardcore champion. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hardcore Holly Finisher: Falcon arrow, a.k.a Hollycaust (front special) Info: Weighs in at allegedly well over 400lbs and has a 'cousin' called Crash, and another one called Molly. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Al Snow Finisher: Snowplow (front special) Info: A very strange man who carries a dummy's head around and thinks that they can communicate!? --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Faarooq Finisher: Dominator (front special) Info: Teams up with Bradshaw to make The Acolytes (or A.P.A [Acolyte Protection Agency]), a very powerful tag-team. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bradshaw Finisher: Clothesline from hell (front special) Other moves: Fallaway slam (Left/Right+A strong front grapple) Info: Teams with Faarooq to make The Acolytes, a very powerful tag-team ;) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Scotty Too Hotty Finisher: The Worm (special taunt [taunt while attitiude meter is flashing red]) Info: Used to be called Scott Taylor and tagged in team with Brian Christopher (a.k.a. Grandmaster Sexay) called Too Much. Now they are known as Too Cool and are helped out by Rikishi. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Grandmaster Sexay Finisher: Hip hop drop (flying attack, laying opponent) Info: Used to be called Brian Christopher and tagged in team with Scott Taylor (a.k.a. Scotty2Hotty) called Too Much. Now they are known as Too Cool and are helped out by Rikishi. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Edge Finisher: Spear (run with direction, then A+B) Other moves: Downward Spiral (front special) Info: The Canadian boy teams up with his "brother" Christian to make a hated tag-team! --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Christian Finisher: Impaler (back special) Info: The Canadian boy teams up with his "brother" Edge to make a hated tag-team! --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Matt Hardy Finisher: Twist of Fate (front special) Info: Teams up with his brother Jeff to make the high flying Hardy Boyz! Also, they come to the ring with the lovely Lita. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jeff Hardy Finisher: Swanton Bomb (special flying attack with laying opponent) Info: Teams up with his brother Matt to make the high flying Hardy Boyz! Also, they come to the ring with the lovely Lita. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- D'Lo Brown Finisher: Sky High (front special) Other moves: Low down (special flying attack with laying opponent) Info: A long time ago he teamed up "Sexual Chocolate" Mark Henry, but they split up, then he teamed with the Godfather they split up. Now he's tag teaming with Chaz in Low Down (Chaz is not in the game, dunno' why??) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Test Finisher: Diving powerbomb (Down+B, string front grapple) Other moves: Pump handle slam (back special) Info: Teams up with Prince Albert to make T&A, who come to the ring with Trish Stratus. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Albert Finisher: Double Chokelift Slam, or Albert Bomb (front special) Info: Teams up with Test to make T&A, who come to the ring with Trish Stratus. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Goodfather Finisher: Super Shoulder Breaker (front special) Info: He is in a group (with Steven Richards, Bull Buchanan and Val Venis) called Right To Censor. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Val Venis Finisher: Fisherman suplex (front special) Other moves: Blue thunder pin (back special) Info: He is in a group (with Steven Richards, Bull Buchanan and the Goodfather) called Right To Censor. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Steven Richards Finisher: The Morality Check, or Steven Kick (front special) Info: He is the leader of a group (with Val Venis, Bull Buchanan and the Goodfather) called Right To Censor. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bull Buchanan Finisher: Censor Kick (front special) Info: Originally team up with the Big Bossman, the joined Right to Censor with "The Goodfather", Steven Richards and Val Venis. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Sexual Chocolate" Mark Henry Finisher: Front Powerslam (front special) Info: Not really in WWF any more since Mae Young left... I hear that he is in OVW (Ohio Valley Wrestling) trying to lose 50 pounds so he can return to the WWF... and, apparently, he should be back soon! --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Big Bossman Finisher: Bossman side walk slam (Irish whip special grapple) Othre moves: Two Handed Chokeslam (front special) Info: Originally Vince McMahon's law enforcer, now just a bully! --------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Mr. Ass" Billy Gunn/"The One" Billy Gunn Finisher: FameAsser (front special) Info: Recently returned from injury, used to be known as Mr. Ass, but now known as The One. Used to tag with the Road Dogg, and they have been tag champions many times. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Dudley Boyz Finisher: 3D! (double team Irish whip grapple) Other moves: Buh-Buh: Buh Buh (Diamond) Cutter D-Von: A powerbomb (a name???) Info: A great tag-team, consisting of Buh-Buh Ray and D-Von Dudley, the "half brothers". --------------------------------------------------------------------------- British Bulldog Finisher: Running Powerslam (front special) Info: Keeps popping back and forth from and to the WWF every so often...? A truly British wrestler! --------------------------------------------------------------------------- "The Crippler" Chris Benoit Finisher: The Crippler Crossface (upper body submission, facing up, special) Other moves: Diving headbutt (special flying attack with laying opponent) and Multiple German Suplexes (back special). Info: Came to the WWF from the WCW as one of the 4 Radicals (who split up and have now re-joined). Benoit usually looks like a complete freak! --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Crash Holly Finisher: Jump Swinging DDT (front special) Info: Hardcore Holly's little cousin. I'd say he's more hardcore than Hardcore, but still... --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dean Malenko Finisher: Texas cloverleaf (lower body sunmission, facing up, special) Info: Came to the WWF from the WCW as one of the 4 Radicals (who split up and have now re-joined). He is "the man of a thousand holds". --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Eddie Guerrero Finisher: Frog splash (flying attack with laying opponent) Info: Came to the WWF from the WCW as one of the 4 Radicals (who split up and have now re-joined). --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Essa Rios Finisher: Rios Driver (front special) Other moves: Moonsault (flying attack with laying opponent) Info: Originally teamed up with Lita, but he abused her, so now she's with the Hardy Boyz! --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Kai-Entai Finishers: Michinoku Driver Info: The tag-team of Taka Michinoku and Funaki who make up an annoying duo! --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Perry Saturn Finisher: The Rings of Saturn (upper body submission, facing down, special) Info: Came to the WWF from the WCW as one of the 4 Radicals (who split up and have now re-joined). Is helped out by Terri Runnels. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rikishi Phatu Finisher: Stink Face (front special, turnbuckle grapple) Other moves: Rikishi driver (front special) and Banzai Drop (turnbuckle inside attack) Info: A very fat man! Helps/helped out Too Cool. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tazz Finisher: Tazzmission (back special) Other moves: Tazzplex (front special) Info: An evil guy who came to the WWF from the ECW. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Viscera Finisher: Big Splash (ground attack, facing up) Info: Teamed up with Mideon in the "Ministry", now has gone solo. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Kurt Angle Finisher: Olympic Slam (front special) Other moves: German Suplex Pin (B, strong back grapple) Info: The current WWF champion, an annoying little wimpy-boy! Won olympic gold in wrestling at the 1996 olympic games. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- -=-=-=-=- 3.2 WOMEN -=-=-=-=- Terri Runnels Info: At the moment she comes to the ring with Perry Saturn. "She's a horny little she-devil". --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ivory Info: Mark Henry and D'Lo brought Ivory to the federation, she's now the only woman in Right to Censor. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chyna Info: Originally part of DX, she's now gone solo. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley Info: The daughter of the owner of the WWF, Vince McMahon. She is now "married" to Triple H. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lita Finisher: Moonsault Other moves: Twist of Fate and Hurricanrana (off of the top rope) Info: A very technical girl (one of the few that actually has any skill, not to mention her looks). She helps out the Hardy Boyz! --------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Kat Info: An average WWF "diva" --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Trish Stratus Info: T&A's "manager", is hated by most fans! --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tori Info: Is out of action due to a serious injury, but is due back soon. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Debra Info: Carries the original "Puppies" in front of her ;) Came back at the 2000 Backlash. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jaqueline Info: Probably the one of the only two even slightly skilled women in the federation (along with Lita). --------------------------------------------------------------------------- -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- 4 GENERAL HELP & TIPS -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- These are some general tips for No Mercy: In the Championship mode, if you save after every match, then lose one and really wanted to have won, then just switch the N64 off then carry on from where you lost! --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Playing through Championship and Survival to unlock the hidden characters is a lot cheaper than buying them (except the Ho must be bought)! Also Survival matches really are 'get rich quick' matches and if you eliminate enough people you'll make loads o' cash! --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here's a tip for winning both Cage and (Single) Ladder Matches: 1) Beat up your opponent REALLY badly (I could end the tip there ;)! 2) Get you special (for the first time). 3) Use it on them as many times as you can in the small amount of time you have (for a quick Special, like The Stunner you can do about 3 times). 4) Get up your Special again, and as soon as you get it, weak-whip your opponent into the corner (weak grapple, then C-Down with a direction pointing to a corner). 5) Go over to your cornered opponent and perform a stong grapple, then put them in the 'Tree of Woe' (press the L button in a grapple). 6) Run over to the edge of the cage/the ladder and climb (C-Up). 7) Hold Up on the directional pad until 'Tap' appears on the screen, then Tap B as quick as you can! 8) You should win in no time, while your opponent is stuck upsidedown in the corner! --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Just in case you don't know, here is how to get to all the back-stage areas: Go to the isle (the bit outside the ring which people walk into the ring down). Whip you opponent down the isle, away from the ring. This will take you onto a stage (or more isle in some arenas). If you whip your opponent again, in the direction of the screen/the opposite direction to which you just came*, you should get to a room with 4 doors. Here is what is behind these doors: 1st on the left: Locker room area WITH TABLE!!! 1st on the right: The legendary 'Boiler Room'. 2nd on the left: Car park (with truck which you can wrestle in). 2nd on the right: Bar/Drinks roomy thing WITH SNOOKER/POOL TABLE (which you can put people through)! *This is different in the Armageddon arena. To get back-stage in the Armageddon arena, do the following: Go down by the helicopter and whip your opponent down the passage to the right of it. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you keep getting stuck on Championship mode, and your % of a belt won't increase try this guide: http://www.gamefaqs.com/console/n64/file/wwf_no_mercy_championship.txt --------------------------------------------------------------------------- This doesn't get you anything, but: if you listen through The Rock's music in the wrestler edit long enough, you'll hear "You can take your little CD, dust it off, turn it sideways...". This is not in his actual music, and only on the WWF Music 4 CD, showing where they got it from! --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Right, here's a tip from ____ that'll let you float in the air! Play as someone with a powerbomb as a ready move (e.g. Undertaker) against someone who does athletic reversals (e.g. Essa Rios). Do really badly as Undertaker (or the guy with the powerbomb) (REALLY badly, like have your Attitude meter in dark blue, and Essa's in orange). Take your opponent on to the announcer's table. Try to perform the powerbomb (while facing the ring) and your athletic opponent should counter it into a hurracanrana, throwing you off the table, and leaving you to float around! --------------------------------------------------------------------------- -=-=- 5 FAQ -=-=- This is where I answer all/some of your questions. Remember, if you any questions, send them to smackdown@the-rock-fan.co.uk and I'll reply to as many as possible. Q: What secret/hidden characters will appear in No Mercy? A: Oh, an easy question! Vince McMahon, Shane McMahon, Earl Hebner, Howard Finkel, Paul Bearer, Michael Cole, Jim Ross, Jerry "The King" Lawler, Pat Patterson, Gerald Brisco, Mae Young, Fabulous Moolah, Shawn Michaels, Cactus Jack, Ken Shamrock, Andre The Giant, Mick Foley, Linda McMahon and The Ho. Q: How do I unlock these hidden characters? A: Simple: You can get them all by playing the different paths in the championship mode or most of them can be unlocked by playing the Survival match then by eliminated any characters you didn't have they will be unlocked. The Ho can only be unlocked by buying her at the SmackDown Mall. Q: Is Big Show in No Mercy? A: No. The WWF are proud to have a roster of fit athletes...Big Show wasn't one! They also see it a privilege to appear in excellent video games, so he wasn't put in No Mercy because he's overweight, but he'll be back once he's lost enough. AND he's now in the Wrestler Creations section. Q: Is the Create-a-Belt option in the game? A: No. It was taken out to make room for loads of other great stuff! Q: Does The Kat have her bubble wrap costume she wore at the Miss Royal Rumble 2000 contest? A: Her third costume in No Mercy sort of looks like it, but if you don't count this, then, again, no. Sorry! Q: What's all this about the Transfer Pak options from the GameBoy version of No Mercy? A: Right, to clear all this up, there aren't any. There were plans to make it so you could unlock and gain stuff on the GameBoy No Mercy then transfer what you gained onto the N64 game. This was not to be because there will no longer be a GameBoy version of No Mercy. Oh, well! Q: You know all those faces in the Create a Wrestler? How do you get the people whose faces are there but aren't normally in the game? A: Yu make 'em... Gangrel, all of The Mean Street Posse, Mosh, Thrasher, Mideon, Dude Love, and the AKI Man and Woman are not in the game at all, as hidden characters or otherwise, but you can make pretty good likenesses. Q: I've heard there was a BIG bug in No Mercy, what's that all about? A: Yeah! The bug was/is that your cartridge doesn't save after a while AT ALL... no Create-a-Wrestler, no Championship progress, NOTHING! My cartridge has this bug! I was just playing through my tag carrer... the money added up (from around $13,000 to around $20,000)... the credits showed... I pressed start then when I went back to the SmackDown Mall I only had $13,000 again! I was very annoyed! I don't really know a sure- fire way to fix the bug but there is one solution: 1) Make sure you have the bug (anything you do doesn't save). 2) Make sure you/whoever bought the game has the receipt for it. 3) Either go to the shop you bought it from or get whoever bought it to go and, if they're a good shop (like Electronics Boutique), they'll probably know about the bug and just ask for another copy without the bug or get your money back (I'd get a non-bugged copy though, cause this is a REALLY good game). Q: How DO you do the 3D/Dudley Death Drop?! A: So many people ask me this I thought just to ease the ammount of e-mails I get sent I'd stick it in here: 1) It's easier if you play a mode with at least 3 players in (e.g. 3-way, tag, handicap, etc.) and with 2 human players (it's hard to do the 3D with the computer). Have player 1 + 2 as The Dudleyz, and anyone else for anyone else. 2) Have both Dudleyz quite close together. 3) Whip your opponent accross. 4) When he comes back at you and is pretty close to the Dudleyz have player 1 + 2 press A at pretty much the same time. 5) Your 3D should be performed! --------------------------------------------------------------------------- -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= 6 UPDATED COSTUMES -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Right to Censor Val Venis ----- -- ------ --- ----- Make the following changes to Val Venis: Profile/Music: Music=Richards Titantron=Richards Appearance: Ring Attire-Pants=Black Pants, shades 3 & 3 Upper Body-Sleeve S=Censored, shades 3 & 3 Knee Pad L & R=None --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Right to Censor Ivory ----- -- ------ ----- Make the following changes to Ivory: Profile/Music: Music=Richards Titantron=Richards Appearance: Hair=Middle 2 Ring Attire-Short=Skirt, shade: 1 (this skirt has to be bought from the SmackDown Mall, under costumes-Skirt) Upper Body-Sleeve S=Censored, shades: 1 and 1 Feet-Boots 1=Boots 01 And there you have a pretty good RTC Ivory. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Undertaker --- ---------- Appearance: Hats/Caps=Bandana 1 Upper Body-No Sleeve=Tanktop 1 This isn't anything to do with the costume, but I think the beginning of the Entrance Music 'Original 4' sounds sort o' like Kid Rock's American Bad Ass. Just thought I'd say that. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tazz ---- Small thing: His 4th costume, the shirt is yellow, it should be orange... --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chyna ----- Another pretty small one: Buy the Bazooka from the SmackDown mall and give it to her under Weapons/Props to get the Bazooka entrance. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lita ---- Yet ANOTHER very small change: you could give her the upper body Others-Fitness, because it's a top she sometimes wears. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- More costume updates to come as they are needed/available! --------------------------------------------------------------------------- -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- 7 CREATE-A-WRESTLER -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- If you've created any you want to see here send 'em in to: smackdown@the-rock-fan.co.uk and I'll probably put them up! Here are some wrestler-creations which you can whip up on your copy of No Mercy, and add to your roster (parts needed to be bought from the SmackDown Mall are _underlined_ while favourite moves are in CAPS): --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Molly Holly by me, Stephen Taylor ----- ----- -- --- ------- ------ A relative new girl to the WWF and Crash and Harcore's cousin Profile/Music ------------- Name: Molly Holly Short name: Molly Alias: None Picture: Edit 2 Height: ?? Weight: ?? Music: Hollys Titantron: Hollys Appearance ---------- Body-Female: Fit 1 colour 3 Head: Female 2 Face: Female 14 Hair-Hair: Long 5 Front Hair: Front hair 43 Colour: 3 Facial hair: N/A Masks/etc: None Hats/caps: None Ring attire-Pants: _Gi2_ colours 1 and 5 Upper body-No Sleeve: Tank Top F2 colour 5 Tattoo: None Gloves: None Wrist band: None Elbow pad-Elbow pad L: None Elbow pad R: None Knee pad-Knee pad L: None Knee pad R: None Feet: Boots 01 Entance attire: None Weapons/props: None Moves ----- As it'd take too long to do a full list, here are some key moves: Clone Crash's moves and set front special as Hurracanrana pin. Fighting Style -------- ----- Stance: Wrestling Ring entry: Normal Counter/reversals: Light-Heavy Speed: Fast Submission skills: Normal Irish whip evasion: Yes Recovery rate: Slow Bleeding: Normal Reacyion to blood: Panic Endurance: Normal Turnbuckle climbing: Climbing Jumping distance: Long Specific weapon: Random Parameter --------- Offensive strength-Head: 4 Body: 3 Arms: 3 Legs: 3 Flying: 4 Defensive strength-Head: 3 Body: 3 Arms: 2 Legs: 2 Flying: 3 Ally/Enemy ---------- Rival 1: Jacqeline Rival 2: Lita Rival 3: Steaphanie --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Big Show by: me, Stephen Taylor --- ---- --- --- ------- ------ He's back in the WWF (as of Royal Rumble 2001), and here's a pretty close creation of him from that event. Profile/Music ------------- Name: Big Show Short name: Big Show Alias: None Picture: Edit 1 Height: 7'4" Weight: 500lbs Music: Original 3 Titantron: None Appearance ---------- Body-Male: Thick 2 (colour 1) Head: Male 2 Face: Male 15 Hair-Hair: Short 2 Front Hair: Front hair 01 Colour: 6 Facial hair: 26 Masks/etc: None Hats/caps: none Ring attire-Short: Semi-short (colour 2) Upper body-No sleeve: Tanktop 3 Tattoo: Boss man Gloves: None Wrist band: None Elbow pad-Elbow pad L: Supporter Elbow pad R: None Knee pad-Knee pad L+R: Knee pad 2 Feet: Boots 01 Entance attire: None Weapons/props: None Moves ----- As it'd take too long to do a full list, here are some key moves: Front special: Huge chokeslam (or Showstopper), also give him lots of head butts, etc. You could just clone AndrÈ's moves (if you have unlocked him) onto him and set the front special as Huge Chokeslam. Also Special + Celebration Taunt should be Taunt 189, and Entry Way Taunt should be Taunt 009. Fighting Style -------- ----- Stance: Normal Ring entry: Over the top Counter/reversals: Heavy Speed: Slow Submission skills: Normal Irish whip evasion: Yes Recovery rate: Normal Bleeding: Rarely Reacyion to blood: Aggression Endurance: Strong Turnbuckle climbing: Climbing Jumping distance: Short Specific weapon: Random Parameter --------- Offensive strength-Head: 4 Body: 3 Arms: 3 Legs: 3 Flying: 2 Defensive strength-Head: 3 Body: 3 Arms: 3 Legs: 2 Flying: 4 Ally/Enemy ---------- Rival 1: Rock Rival 2: Undertaker Rival 3: Kane --------------------------------------------------------------------------- RAVEN (by Game Informer [edited a bit by me-Stephen Taylor), I found it in Kurushimi's CAW FAQ: http://www.gamefaqs.com/console/n64/file/wwf_no_mercy_caw.txt) PROFILE/MUSIC Short Name - Raven Alias - None Height - 6'1" Weight - 235lbs APPEARANCE Body - Medium 2, Shade 1 Head - Male 7 Face - Male 18 (this should be 97) Hair - Middle 3, Front Hair 07, Shade 4 Facial Hair - 09 Ring Attire - Cut Jeans 2, Default (or Cut Jeans 1, 1st colour: 2-Steve) Upper Body - Cut Sleeves, Default (or last colour) Tattoo - Tazz Wrist Band - Wrist Band 1, Default Elbow Pads - Pad, Default Knee Pads - Knee Pad 1, Default Feet - Boots 05, Default Entrance Attire - Biker/Flannel, Default MOVES Grapple Front Special Move - Flowing DDT (F) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- William Regal (Appearance by krayzie2k99, from Shawn Burks CAW FAQ, appearance modified by me, and I added everything that isn't the appearance) Profile/Music ------------- Name: William Regal Short Name: Regal Picture: Edit 1 Music: Angle Appearance ---------- body:thick 2 head:male 7 face:female 9(this is no mistake, this is right) (I think it should be Male 68 - Stephen) hair:short 1 front hair:3 rint attire:short tights(dark red) wrist bands:wristband 1(white) knee pad L:supporter 1(dark red) knee pad R:supporter 1(dark red) feet:boots 1(dark red) Key moves --------- Ground-Lower Body Submission-Facing Down(Special): Bow and Arrow Lock (Favourite) Taunt: Use Angle 3 a lot, because it's like the wavy thing he does. Fighting Style -------------- Stance: Normal Ring Entry: Normal Counters/Reversal: Heavy Speed: Normal Submission skills: Expert Irish whip evasion: Yes Recovery rate: Normal Bleeding: Normal Reaction to blodd: Normal Endurance: Normal Turnbuckle climbing: Climbing Jumping distance: Normal Specific weapon: Random Parameter --------- Offensive strength Head: 4 Body: 4 Arms: 3 Legs: 3 Flying: 2 Defensive strength Head: 3 Body: 3 Arms: 3 Legs: 2 Flying: 3 Ally/Enemy ---------- Rival 1: Rock Rival 2: Austin Rival 3: Random Accompanied by: None --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Scott Hall (by XxSk8er69xX) Profile/Music Name:Scott Hall Short Name: Hall Alias: (i didnt put anything for my game, but i guess you could use the outsider or the lone wolf) Picture: not sure, i used edit 3 Height: 6'6 Weight: 310lbs...?(my brother is a wrestling fanatic, so im asking him some of these questions) Music:DX(hey, if he was in WWF wouldnt u think he'd join with) Titantron:X-Pac(his best friend besides Kevin Nash) Appearance Body:Hairy 2/4th skin color Head:1 Face:06(u need 2 have HBK unlocked for that, but if u dont use 40, 34, or 16) Hair: Long 1/Black Facial Hair: 04 Masks/Etc: None Hats/Caps: none Ring Attire: Malenko/ Darkest Black, "Normal Red" Upper Body: none (but for his first outfit on second and fourth i put No Sleeve: Tazz/ Darkest Black, Darkest Red. That's the closest thing to a nWo wolfpac shirt) Tattoo: None Gloves: None Wrist Band: Wrist Band 1/ Default Color Elbow Pad: (on both sides) Pad/ darkest Red Knee Pad: Supporter 2, both sides, darkest red (u hafta unlock that, but Knee pad on both sides, also on darkest red works fine if u nothing is unlocked) Feet: Boots 20, red(yeah, this is unlocked also but u can put Boots 14 on the darkest red) Entrance Attire: None Weapons/Props: the mike should be there(its survey time!) (for outfits 2, 3, & 4, i gave him the same ring attire only changed it 2 normal blue, and/or that taz shirt) Moves Grappling: Front Weak: (does order really matter???) A Club to Neck, Elbow Strike, Headlock and Punch, Scoop Slam B Arm Wrench/Elbow Smash, Jawbreaker, Falling Suplex, Piledriver 1 Front Strong: A Fallaway Slam(that one with the delay), DDT01, Front Face Pancake, Rope Drop Clothesline B Running Knee Strike, Stalling Brainbust, Sidewalk Slam, Small Package Front Special: Insider Edge!!!(u hafta buy it) Back Weak: A Atomic Drop, Spinning Back Drop B Side Suplex, Surfboard Stretch Back Strong: A Neck Drop, Reverse Suplex B Sleeper Hold, Big Clothesline Back Special: Abdominal Stretch Reversals Weak-counter grapple Strong-groind kick (im running out of time, so everything im about 2 list is going 2 be in order) body punch elbow strike front kick 5 middle kick 01 Punch 05 Punch 07 Undertaker punch Low Blow arm breaker Front Special Grapple Manhattean Drop Counter Low blow counter 01 Back Special Grapple Godfather walk shoulder block Elbow Attack 01 Kitchen sink 01 clothesline 02 Neck Breaker Face Crusher 01 elbow drop 01 Stomp stomp stomp roll clutching punch sitting reverse armbar sleeper hold camel clutch none none groin knee drop knee stomp none none rock stomp rock stomp kick cocky kick downward elbow strike jumping clothesline avalanche forearm smash boot to face russian hook punch haymaker to body dropkick to knee eye rake on ropes 10 punch with DX pose superplex hard knee strikes Flipping Slam(hey, its kinda like a reverse outsiders edge) forearm smash forearm smash super back drop super back drop super back drop rack em up super back drop double ax handle double ax handle none back elbow drop back elbow drop none none triple H taunt 02 club to chest suplex 2 inside none suplex reverse to inside none none baseball slide baseball slide none none middle kick strong kick suplex to outside suplex to outside none suplex reverse to outside dropping elbow none none none none taunt 007 back elbow back toss 01 body press drop manhatten drop sleeper hold abdominal stretch taunt 110 taunt 90 taunt 35 taunt 15 taunt 04 taunt 39 taunt 021 i've havent seen scott hall do any double team moves ever, so thats up 2 the person creating him Fighting Style Stance: normal Ring Entry: normal counter/reversal's: heavy Speed: normal Submission Skills: normal Irish Whip evasion:yes Recovery rate: normal bleeding: normal reaction 2 blood: aggression Endurance: strong Turnbuckle climbimg: climbing jumping distance: normal Specific Weapon: random Parameters Offensive: head:1 body:4 arms:4 legs:3 flying:1 Defensive: Head:3 Body:4 Arms:4 Legs:3 Flying:3 Ally/Enemies No enemies, However, i know he was best friends is X-Pac(aka Syxx) and thats it --------------------------------------------------------------------------- -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- 8 GAMESHARK CODES -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- These are a few, little-known codes for GameShark Cheat cartridges (also known as Action Replay, Equalizer and other names in different countries), they don't help you win any easier, they're just for fun. Thanks a lot to No Mercy Revolution (http://www.megalee.com/nomercy) for letting me use their codes. Right, 1st off you HAVE to have the 'enable' code on. This tells the game how to read the cheat cartridge. So, as one of your No Mercy codes you _must_ have the following code and have it on at all times: F103E360 2400 Right now straight from that to some pretty advanced codes (if you want the basic cheat codes [like infinite money, etc] go here: http://www.megalee.com/nomercy). Change Background Music (pretty cool to get rid of the boring in-match music) by JeffHardy Rules of the K O K 811533F8 ???? (vaulues below the codes) Crowd/Annuncer Sound Effects by Specttremz D0064880 0020 81048366 00?? D0064881 0020 81048366 0051 Rock with Eyebrow (Replaces Face 98) by Rock Totally Beats Scissors 8104D3E0 1E66 (A little note about this code: if you set it on then go to Wrestler edit to set Rock's face as 98 the game might screw up, so: Start the game without any codes, edit The Rock's face to 98, save, turn the console off then on again, set the code on then The Rock should have his eyebrow raised in the next match) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Values for music Replace ???? with one of the following: 0000 - No Music 0001 - Original 1 0002 - Original 2 0003 - Original 3 0004 - World Tour Theme! 0005 - Original 4 0006 - Cool 1 0007 - Cool 2 0008 - Original 5 0009 - Cool 3 (Doesn't last long) 000A - Cool 4 (Doesn't last long) 000B - Beginning of Entrance Video's Music 000C - Another Part of the Entrance Video 000D - Another Part of the Entrance Video 000E - Part of Main Menu BG Music 000F - Another Part of Main Menu BG Music 0010 - Another Part of Main Menu BG Music 0011 - Another Part of Main Menu BG Music 0012 - Another Part of Main Menu BG Music 0013 - Part of CAW BG Music 0014 - Another Part of CAW BG Music 0015 - Another Part of CAW BG Music 0016 - No Music 0017 - Kane 0018 - No Music 0019 - NAO 001A - Shamrock 001B - Val Venis 001C - X-Pac 001D - No Music 001E - Al Snow 001F - Bossman 0020 - Blackman 0021 - No Music 0022 - No Chance 0023 - D'Lo 0024 - DX 0025 - Edge 0026 - Godfather 0027 - Mark Henry 0028 - RTC 0029 - Raw Is War 002A - Mr. Ass 002B - Hardy Boyz 002C - Hardcore Holly 002D - No Music 002E - Dudley Boyz 002F - British Bulldog 0030 - Viscera 0031 - Essa Rios 0032 - Chyna 0033 - No Music 0034 - Dean Malenko 0035 - No Music 0036 - Taka Michinoku 0037 - Tazz 0038 - Real American 0039 - Triple H 003A - "Stone Cold" Steve Austin 003B - The Rock 003C - Acolytes 003D - Mankind 003E - Too Cool 003F - Cactus Jack 0040 - Shawn Michaels 0041 - Chris Jericho (Countdown) 0042 - Chris Jericho 0043 - Kurt Angle 0044 - No Music 0045 - Chris Benoit 0046 - T & A 0047 - Eddie Guerrero 0048 - Perry Saturn 0049 - Original 1 004A - Original 2 004B - Original 3 004C - Original 4 004D - Original 5 004E - Original 6 004F - Beginning of Entrance Video's Music Values for Crowd/Annuncer Sound Effects Press Z or C-Up. For some of the noises, credit goes to Kane Tombstone. Replace ?? with one of the following: 4F - Asswhole Chant 95 - Glass Break 96 - Police Siren 98 - Jerry Lawler Voice 99 - JR Voice 9A - Rock Voice (If ya Smell) 9F - "Exhibition" A0 - "Pay Per View" A1 - "Guest Referee" A2 - "Ladder Match" A3 - "Iron Man Match" A4 - "Survival" A5 - "Championship" A6 - "Smackdown Mall" A7 - "Options" A8 - "Records" A9 - "Royal Rumble" AA - "King of the Ring" AB - Male Grunt AC - Male Grunt AD - Male Grunt AE - Male Grunt AF - Male Grunt B1 - Male Grunt B4 - Male Grunts B5 - Bell (Weapon) B6 - Bell (Match Starts) 9E - Mick Foley Voice (Thank you very Much) 00B7 Mat Sound 00B8 Mat Sound 00B9 Broken Bone (Submission) 00BA Broken Bone 00BB Ladder Falling 0001 Ring Bell (Start of Match) 0002 Beep 0003 Bounce off Ropes 0004 Beep 0006 Get Weapon From Crowd 0009 Short Beep 000B Ring Post Sound 0021 Submission Crack 0022 Low Blow 0023 Woman Submit 0026 Weapon Noise (When you Land on It) 002E Ladder Noise 0033 Table Breaking 0044 Crowd Noises 0058 "One" 006C "Fight" 006E "Break" 0070 "One" 0070 "Two" 0072 "Three" 0073 "Count Two" 0074 "Pin Fall" 0075 Ref Command 0080 Menu Command 008B Pyro 0094 Royal Rumble Buzzer --------------------------------------------------------------------------- -=-=-=-=-=-=-=- 9 STILL TO COME -=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Here are some things that I plan on putting in to this document but haven't, yet: More Wrestler Creations More updated costumes Any other stuff... --------------------------------------------------------------------------- -=-=-=-=-=-=-=- 10 THANK YOU/S! -=-=-=-=-=-=-=- I would like to thank the following people: Wrestling-Games.com & WrestlingGames.com for having loads of info. and sceenshots on No Mercy. GameInformer.com for the Raven Creation (which I found in a CAW FAQ by Kurushimi at: http://www.gamefaqs.com/console/n64/file/wwf_no_mercy_caw.txt) "PSXSandman" for sending me some info on Mark Henry, Ken Shamrock, Big Show and Funaki. Andrew Corbett for just helping generally. XxSk8er69xX for the Scott Hall creation Shawn Burk for letting me use Creations from his CAW FAQ (krayzie2k99 for some of the wrestlers from that FAQ). No Mercy Revolution (http://www.megalee.com/nomercy) for letting me use their GameShark codes. Anyone who sent me stuff for the original document. Any people who I let post this FAQ who did! I typed most/all of this document using Jan Goyvaerts' Edit pad (http://www.jgsoft.com) and Vedran Gaco's GWD Test Editor (http://www.gwdsoft.com) Anyone reading this! :-) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= 11 OTHER STUFF I'VE DONE -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Stuff....various sites...n' stuff...I started doing a WrestleMania 2000 FAQ, then the piece of excellence that is No Mercy came along and changed all that! OH...and I'm part of a Command and Conquer site called CnCDomination (http://cnc.project77.net). --------------------------------------------------------------------------- -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= 12 ABBREVIATIONS I USE -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= If I'm feeling lazy I tend to shorten things down, so here's a list of examples I might use to help you if you don't understand (I might not have used some of these yet, but I'm putting them in here so I can if I want to): NAMES NM=No Mercy WM2K/WM2000=WrestleMania 2000 WM=WrestleMania WWF=World Wrestling Federation SD=SmackDown SD2=SmackDown 2 KOTR=King of the Ring RR=Royal Rumble DX=D-Generation X WORD ABBREVIATIONS 2=I might use to mean two, to or too! a.k.a.=Also Known As FAQ=Frequently Asked Question/Questions w/o=Without @=At SMILIES :-) = Smiley face/Happy face :-( = Frowning face/Sad face :) = Smiley/Happy face (w/o the nose) :( = Frowning/Sad face (w/o the nose) ;) = Winking face (tongue-in-cheek/messing around) :P = Sticking tongue out/making fun/whatever. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= 13 SOME RUBBISH THAT DOESN'T DESERVE A SECTION -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Thanks a lot for reading all this, your support is greatly appreciated. I try to read, and reply to every I receive, but when I go on holiday, come back and I've got 73 e-mails it's a little tough! BUT if you've got anything to say about this FAQ e-mail it to: smackdown@the-rock-fan.co.uk and you should get a reply soon! Thanks again, this is Stephen Taylor...signing off. "Have a nice day", and have fun doing what ever it is your doing! _______________________________ === |If you smell-la-la-la-la-la....| |~ -| /What The Rock... | o|o_O|o|Is cooking | | = | ØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØ \_/ Sorry, I just thought that'd be sort o' funny to add at the end...my ASCII creation of The Rock... nice likeness, no? ;)</p>