PlayStation 2 PlanetPlayStation 2 PlanetXbox PlanetPC PlanetNintendo DS PlanetPlayStation Portable PlanetGameboy Advance PlanetGamecube PlanetPlaystation PlanetNintendo 64 PlanetDreamcast Planet Begin Document---------------------------------------------------- ======= Metal & Lace 2/ Ningyou 2 FAQ Version 1.0 ======= By Kheng Ang, aka Arkhane Copyright, 1997 email: #Note: Distribute free but please do not edit any of the text! ----> PLEASE DONT ASK ME FOR THIS GAME I DONT HAVE OR KNOW HOW TO GET AN INSTALLABLE VERSION!! <---- FAQ VERSION HISTORY -Sept 26- Last version!! Got all of Caviar's moves and the variant Daigo Super -Sept 18- Version 9.1, added Lucifer's moves -Sept 17- Introduction: Hello fellow gamers! I have just finished my first release for this FAQ after realising that Blue Dragon and Daigo each only have 2 super moves (at least I havent seen any others). Key: LP,HP: Light punch, heavy punch respectively LK,HK: Light kick, heavy kick respectively D,F,B,U: Down, Forward, Back, and Up respectively QCF: Quarter circle forward (D,F) QCB: Qaurter circle backwards (D,B) HCF: Half circle forward (B,D,F) HCB: Half circle back (F,D,B) +: Together (ex. HP+LP= hold both punches at same time) *Note: There are variations of some super moves, I have chosen the simplest and easiest to remember. I also made up all the "SUPER" names. Miscellaneous -Charging: You can charge your super meter by holding D+LP+HP Thanks to 3x3 Eyes (, for the info. -Dodging: Press LP+HP to dodge <><><><><><><><><><><><><><> Moves: <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> --MIMI-- Rising Knee Reppa: D,B, LK +Repeat Rising Knee: D,F,HK Leg Fireball: D,F,LK Double Fireball: F,D,F,D,HK Double Kick: B,F,HK, HK Thunder Crush: Jump,D,F,B, HP Spinning Throw: D,F,B,HP (close) SUPER, "Mega Combo": D,HCF,HP SUPER, "Electric Reppa": D,HCB,LK+HK SUPER, "Mega Fireball": B, HCF, LK+HK --MINGMING-- Knife: QCF, LP (you can do this in the air) Light Hand Reppa: F,QCF, LP Heavy Hand Reppa: F,QCF, HP Charge: B,F,HK Somersault Kick: QCB, HK SUPER, "Mystic Spear": HCF, LK+LP SUPER, "Dragon Breath": D, HCF, LP+HP SUPER, "Mega Hand Reppa": F, QCF, LP+HP --JACKMANTIS-- SkidFireball: QCF, LP Roll: QCF, any Kick (Heavy will go farther) Leg Throw: D,B,F HK SliceSpin: F,QCF, any punch (Heavy is stronger) Combo Jab: (QCB, HP) x 3 times SUPER, "SuperSpin": F, QCF, LP+HP SUPER, "Beam Uppercut": HCF, LP+HP SUPER, "Combo Jab": QCF, QCF, LP+HP --BLUEDRAGON-- Slash: HCF, HP Double Slash: D,F,B, HK Jump&Slash: F, QCF, LP M-Gun Punch: LP repeatedly Combo Punch: (QCB, HP) x 3 times Fireball: QCF, LK Double Fireball: QCF, QCF, HK SUPER, "Triple Slash": HCF, LP+HP SUPER, "Blaster": D, HCF, LK+HK --DAIGO-- Note: I am incomplete here on special moves Charge&Throw: D,B,F, HP Charge: B,F,HK Fling: HCF,HP (close) Leg Fling: QCB,LK (close) Giggle Run: QCF,LK, hold down F SUPER, "Super Dash": HCF, LK+HK SUPER, "Mega Fling": F, QCF, LP+HP SUPER, "Toss Fling": HCB, U (right before it finishes) source: "Takahashi" --LUCIFER-- (source: 3x3 eyes, ) Vanishing Fang: D,F, HP Raising Heaven: D,B, HP Go to Hell (while raising heaven): D,U, HP Mortal Punishment (counter): D,F, HK Diabolic Warp (transport): D,B,F, any Punch Angel Trap: B,F,D, HP Skull Crush Hammer (middle): B,F, HP Heart Crush Blow (throw): (B or F)+HP SUPER, "Hell Dimension": F,B,F, LK+HK SUPER, "Hell Dimension II" (while hell dimension): F,U,D,B,F,U,D,B SUPER, "Nightmare Genocyde": D,B,F, LK+HK SUPER, "Thousand Impact": D,B,F, HK -- CAVIAR? -- Vertical Bomb : D,B,F, HK Spin Uppercut : F,QCF, any Punch Shield : HCF, LK Rocket Punch : B,F, HP (you can use LP but its short) Spin Kick : D,B, any Kick SUPER, "Ballistic Uppercut" : F,D,F, LP+HP SUPER, "Missiles Storm" : F,D,F, LK+HK (# missiles is random) SUPER, "Mega Twirl": HCB, U, HP (you must be in air) *thanks to "Takahashi" for last SUPER <><><><><><><><><><><><><><> Moves: <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> Using Lucifer & Caviar: -To get to use Lucifer you must beat the game with all 5 robots -To get to use Caviar, you must beat game using Lucifer w/o continuing. Source: Parolibre, THESE WORK! Once you get these characters, you will always have them until you delete the game or mess around with the configuration. Notes: My favorite character is Caviar becuase shes cute and has a kickass combo: try it: rocket punch, spin uppercut, spin kick, spin uppercut, spin kick, vertical bomb. SPECIAL THANKS to Sakura ( By the way, don't ask him for the game either- he deleted it! Metal&Lace2 is copyright by Forest, this FAQ is not affiliated with the company in any way. This FAQ copyright 1997, Kheng Ang AGAIN PLEASE DO NOT EDIT THE CONTENT OF THIS FAQ</p>