Legends of Wrestling: Showdown PS2 Walkthrough By Shaneo632 Version 1.2 - 17th July 2004 E-mail: shaneo632@hotmail.com Note: This is my first FAQ, so things aren't perfect, but hey, that's life. I played through the game once in about an hour and a half within about an hour of having the game. Not the best idea, I know, but I realised there wasn't a guide for this game yet, so what the hey! Anyway, let's get started. Version 1.2 Updates ------------------- - Fixed Scott Hall CAL problem (thanks aba_deadman_inc@hotmail.com - Added more CALs - Added some glitches (thanks NCCAJUNSON@cs.com lee2ko3@yahoo.com fiendskull9@yahoo.com) - Added FAQ section - www.cheatplanet.com now have the FAQ on their site Index ----- 1 - Disclaimer 2 - Showdown Challenge Mode Walkthrough 2.1 - The super-easy way to finish Showdown mode in less than 90 minutes 2.2 - The 70s 2.3 - The 80s 2.4 - The 90s 2.5 - The "Unlockables" 3 - Game Modes 3.1 - Quick Play 3.2 - Match Play 3.3 - Create A Legend 4 - Roster 5 - Extras 6 - Finishers 7 - Glitches 8 - CALs 9 - FAQ 10 - Credits 1 - Disclaimer -------------- The following was all written by me, or submitted by those who intended for it to be used in this guide. The following sites are the only sites where it should be seen: -www.gamefaqs.com -www.cheatcc.com -www.cheatplanet.com If you wish for it to be on your site, please e-mail me first at shaneo632@hotmail.com. Cheers. Also, if you spot it on any other sites, please notify me at said address, thanks. 2 - Showdown Challenge Mode Walkthrough --------------------------------------- Well, what is this mode, you may ask? A quick tap of the X button reveals all (or the instructional manual). As a legend of your choice, you battle through three decades (the 70s, 80s and 90s) in the hope of supreme superstardom. I was quite surprised to see how short this game is in comparison with the first two games, which were insanely long to the point where I just couldn't be arsed anymore. Anyway, I was hoping Showdown would be long, but not too long. A shame that it is TOO short this time. I hope for Legends 4 that they find a healthy medium (given that Acclaim don't go out of business with their loss of $60m this year :\). Anyway, back to the guide, because that's why you all came here, right? I played Showdown with Sting first time around, and here's who I fought in each decade. You will notice that each decade culminates in a title match. Is it the US title? The World title? No, it's the title for that era. Quite odd, but hey, it works I guess. 2.1 - The super-easy way to finish Showdown mode in less than 90 minutes ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Yes, this is lame, but given how frustrating the other Legends games were, I didn't feel any guilt in doing it. I can almost guarantee that on any difficulty setting, this will complete the game for you in less than 90 minutes, if you follow these steps. - When the match starts, stay at the left side of the ropes - Wait for your opponent to get within arms reach of you - Press CIRCLE (grapple) and quickly press both the UP and LEFT buttons on the D-Pad. Then press TRIANGLE and your opponent, if you are close enough to the ropes, will go outside - When he flies out, follow him out and just continue to beat him down (throwing him into railings, whatever) and make sure that he gets counted out. - And finally, if he manages to get back into the ring, make sure you follow quickly, or you WILL get counted out (with my method, there's about a 3-4 second cushion for you to get back into the ring). - I used this method and the only time it didn't work was against Jake "The Snake" Roberts in the 90s, as it was a No DQ match. 2.2 - The 70s ------------- Match 1: Fritz Von Erich Match 2: "The Rock" Don Muraco Match 3: Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka Match 4: Ivan Putski Match 5 - 70s TITLE: The Shiek 2.3 - The 80s ------------- Match 1: George "The Animal" Steele (from this point on, I was the Red and Black "Wolfpac" Sting. Shame that they've overlooked the fact he didn't turn Black and Red until 1998...) Match 2: "The Model" Rick Martel (nice to see that he carried the bottle of "Arrogance" he had back in his WWF days.) Match 3: Nikita Koloff Match 4: /Ultimate Warrior vs Robert Gibson/Koko B Ware (why they didn't just let me fight the Rock N Roll Express, I have no idea.) Match 5 - 80s TITLE: Rick Rude 2.4 - The 90s ------------- Match 1: Jerry Sags (a nice picture and text before hand informed me that Sags had been attempting to flirt with my girlfriend during one of my matches. Well, I guess they've gotta be Nasty for a reason, right? :P) Match 2: /Brian Pillman vs Brian Knobbs/Scott Steiner (apparently, Knobbs Wanted to avenge his brother's defeat and thought he'd bring "Big Poppa Dump" with him, heh.) Match 3: Sid Vicious (or should it be "Justice"? :P) Match 4 - No Disqualifications: Jake "The Snake" Roberts (before this match, you're beaten up, and so have a limp for the match, which is quite annoying, especially as this is a No DQ match, so my techniques do not work :\) Match 5 - 90s TITLE: "Macho Man" Randy Savage (yes, you have a limp again. Isn't it funny how limps seem to last half a decade :0x) Match 6 - SHOWDOWN TITLE: Hulk Hogan (yep, this is the big one, the last match). 2.5 - The "Unlockables" ----------------------- Well, sorry if I mislead you, but there are ZILCH unlockables for this game - NOTHING, NADA, NOT A ZIP. I cleared it with Sting and expected some cool movie of Sting, some wrestler interviews, an arena or at least a new unlockable character, but nothing. Shame that a game that is better than its predecessors lacks the extras that they had. Thanks again, Acclaim :\ Actually, there is more "Classic" Matches to unlock, but who wants to unlock stuff you can make yourself in Quick Play? Regardless, go onto Classic Mode and you'll see what I mean - you unlock it in a tournament sort of mode: COMPLETE Hulk Hogan vs Iron Shiek COMPLETE "Macho Man" Randy Savage Ultimate Warrior UNLOCK: Dusty Rhodes vs Abdullah The Butcher COMPLETE Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat vs Randy Savage COMPLETE Owen Hart vs Bret Hart UNLOCK: Hulk Hogan vs The Ultimate Warrior COMPLETE Dusty Rhodes vs Abdullah The Butcher COMPLETE Hulk Hogan vs The Ultimate Warrior UNLOCK: The Road Warriors vs The Koloffs COMPLETE Sting vs DDP COMPLETE Bret Hart vs "Rowdy" Roddy Piper UNLOCK: Jake "The Snake" Roberts vs "Ravishing" Rick Rude COMPLETE Terry Funk vs Sabu COMPLETE "Macho Man" Randy Savage vs Hulk Hogan UNLOCK: Hulk Hogan vs King Kong Bundy COMPLETE Jake "The Snake" Roberts vs "Ravishing" Rick Rude COMPLETE Hulk Hogan vs King Kong Bundy UNLOCK: Andy Kaufman vs Jerry Lawler COMPLETE The Road Warriors vs The Koloffs COMPLETE Andy Kaufman vs Jerry Lawler UNLOCK: Hulk Hogan vs Andre The Giant COMPLETE Hulk Hogan vs Andre The Giant Unlock: Diddly-squat - just a "congratulations" screen :\ 3 - Game Modes -------------- Below are the other game modes, not counting Showdown Challenge, of course. 3.1 - Quick Play ---------------- Very simple - just pick two wrestlers and fight, really. 3.2 - Match Play ---------------- A decent mode in the game, allows a variety of different matches: Hardcore - A 1-on-1 match which allows the use of weapons. Ironman 30 - A match that lasts for 30 minutes and the person who gains the most decisions (pinfalls or DQs) in that time frame is the winner. Ironman 60 - The same as above but for an hour. First Blood - The first person to bleed is the loser. Best 2-out-of-3 Falls - The first person to gain 2 falls is the winner. Standard Tournament - Pick 4, 8 or 16 players for a 1-on-1 tourney. Tag Team Tournament - Pick 4 or 8 teams for a tag tourney. Classic Match - re-live some of the greatest matches of all time (a nice idea, but come on, we can do this ourselves) Tag Team - Just two teams duking it out for supremacy! 3-Way-Tag - Three teams (6 wrestlers) fighting. 4-Way-Tag - Four teams (8 wrestlers) fighting. 6-Man-Tag - Two teams (6 wrestlers) compete. A little like Survivor Series, but obviously not as good. 8-Man-Tag - Two teams (8 wrestlers) compete. This is what I'm talking about. Shame there isn't another guy on each team, to make it a TRUE Survivor Series match. VS - Standard 1-on-1 match, the same as "Quick Play", really. 3-Way-Dance - 3 wrestlers competing in an elimination-style match. Vastly improved from previous games, where it was a bloody Triple Threat, where one pinfall = winner 4-Way-Dance - The same as above, but with four guys. Battle Royale (should be without the E, but these guys need to read up on their wrestling) - Instead of the lame "4-man over the top rope" crap we had on previous games, this is a true Battle Royal (well, Royal Rumble technically, as not all 30 men start off in the ring at once), as there are 30 guys. I was very pleased to see this addition to the game, fantastic. Cage Match - Two men inside a 15-foot high steel cage. Ways to win are either climbing over and out of the cage, or simply asking the ref to unlock it and climb out through the door. I recommend the latter, as it saves so much time, as long as you call to the ref to unlock the door BEFORE the knock your opponent out. Ladder Match - a belt is suspended 20 feet above the ring and the only way to get to it is to get the ladder (which is at ringside), set it up in the middle of the ring, climb it and grab the belt. Could've been as good as cage, but spoilt by the horrible ladder physics and the unrealistic size of the ladder (they should look at SD: HCTP for ladder references, or how about this, SOME ACTUAL VIDEO FOOTAGE, guys) Table Match - Smash your opponent through a table. Simple as. 3.3 - Create A Legend --------------------- This allows you to create your own legend, customising all the parts you want. Nothing particularly decent here, and if you want some decent Wrestler-Creation tools, get Smackdown 5: Here Comes The Pain. It'll probably be Platinum soon, so there's no excuse really... 4 - Roster ---------- Abdullah The Butcher Andre The Giant Andy Kaufman Animal Bam Bam Bigelow Baron Von Raschke Big John Studd "Superstar" Billy Graham Bob Backlund Bobby "The Brain" Heenan Bret "The Hitman" Hart Bruno Sammartino "Cowboy" Bob Orton Brian Knobbs "The Loose Cannon" Brian Pillman Captain Lou Albano "Mr Perfect" Curt Hennig Diamond Dallas Page "The Rock" Don Muraco Dory Funk Jr. "The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes "Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert Eddie Guerrero Fritz Von Erich George "The Animal" Steele Greg "The Hammer" Valentine Hacksaw Jim Duggan "The King" Harley Race Hawk Hulk Hogan Ivan Koloff Ivan Putski Jake "The Snake" Roberts Jerry "The King" Lawler Jerry Sags "The Mouth Of The South" Jimmy Hart Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka Kerry Von Erich Kevin Von Erich Killer Kowalski King Kong Bundy Koko B Ware Mil Mascaras Mr. Fuji Nikita Koloff Nikolai Volkoff One Man Gang "The Rocket" Owen Hart "Mr. Wonderful" Paul Orndorff "The Macho Man" Randy Savage "The Model" Rick Martel "Ravishing" Rick Rude Rick Steiner Ricky Morton Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat Robert Gibson Rocky Johnson "Rowdy" Roddy Piper Sabu "Big Poppa Pump" Scott Steiner Sid Vicious "Dr. Death" Steve Williams Sting "The Million Dollar Man" Ted DeBiase Terry Frunk The British Bulldog The Dynamite Kid The Grand Wizard The Iron Sheik The Sheik The Ultimate Warrior Tito Santana "Mr. USA" Tony Atlas 5 - Extras ---------- I was hoping we'd get something cool like wrestler interviews (a la Legends 2), but it's all a bit crap really. Although they got Bret Hart to do the voiceovers for some tips videos, I'd rather hear him talk about the industry like a shoot interview. There's a memorial of dead wrestlers, but there should've been pictures for each one, not the CGI models. Still, nothing to cry over. 6 - Finishers ------------- All finishers are executed by wiggling the right analogue stick when your finisher bar has hit full. Your opponent will have to be dazed. Note: This is not complete, so if you know how to execute said move (because I really can't be arsed to go through all the wrestlers, get their meter up and actually see how to apply them), then please drop me an e-mail with as many as you know. Cheers. Abdullah The Butcher -------------------- Running Elbow Drop - Jumping Headbutt - Andre The Giant --------------- Running Elbow Drop - Samoan Drop - Andy Kaufman ------------ Fallback Piledriver - Facing your opponent Animal ------ Power Slam - Power Press Slam - Bam Bam Bigelow --------------- Ashbury Park - Baron Von Raschke ----------------- The Claw - Big John Studd -------------- Butterfly Suplex - Backbreaker - "Superstar" Billy Graham ------------------------ Bear Hug - Bob Backlund ------------ Crossface Chickenwing - Bobby "The Brain" Heenan ------------------------ Low Blow - "Cowboy" Bob Orton ------------------ Superplex - Ace Crusher - Bret "The Hitman" Hart ---------------------- Sharpshooter - At opponent's feet Brian Knobbs ------------ Avalanche - Back Breaker - "The Loose Cannon" Brian Pillman -------------------------------- Flying Lariat - Vertebreaker - Bruno Sammartino ---------------- Bear Hug - Captain Lou Albano ------------------ Seated Front Suplex - "Mr Perfect" Curt Hennig ------------------------ Perfect Plex - Diamond Dallas Page ------------------- Diamond Cutter - "The Rock" Don Muraco --------------------- Spinning Piledriver - Dory Funk Jr. ------------- Spinning Toe Hold - "The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes --------------------------------- Bionic Elbow - "Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert ------------------------- Cradle Piledriver - Eddie Guerrero -------------- 5 Star Frog Splash - Gory Special - Fritz Von Erich --------------- The Claw - George "The Animal" Steele -------------------------- Steele Slam - Greg "The Hammer" Valentine --------------------------- Figure Four - Hacksaw Jim Duggan ------------------ 3-Point Clothesline - "The King" Harley Race ---------------------- Fisherman Suplex - Hawk ---- Jumping Lariat - Power Press Slam - At opponent's feet Hulk Hogan ---------- Running Leg Drop - Gorilla Press Slam - Facing your opponent Ivan Koloff ----------- Bear Hug Slam - Ivan Putski ----------- Polish Hammer - Rear Chinlock - Jake "The Snake" Roberts ------------------------ DDT - At opponent's feet Jerry "The King" Lawler ----------------------- Sit Out Piledriver - Jerry Sags ---------- Leaping Elbow - Pumphandle Slam - "The Mouth Of The South" Jimmy Hart ----------------------------------- Russian Leg Sweep - Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka ---------------------- Superfly Leap - Surfboard - Kerry Von Erich --------------- Claw Of Death - Kevin Von Erich --------------- The Claw - Killer Kowalski --------------- The Claw - King Kong Bundy --------------- Avalanche - Bear Hug - Koko B Ware ----------- Hanging Brainbuster - Mil Mascaras ------------ Crossbody - Gory Special - Mr. Fuji -------- Running Senton - Cobra Twist - Nikita Koloff ------------- Hard Clothesline - Russian Backbreacker - Nikolai Volkoff --------------- Russian Backbreaker - One Man Gang ------------ Running Splash - One-Hand Chokeslam - "The Rocket" Owen Hart ---------------------- Sharpshooter - At opponent's feet "Mr. Wonderful" Paul Orndorff ----------------------------- Sit Out Piledriver - "The Macho Man" Randy Savage ---------------------------- Top Rope Elbow Drop - Inverted Piledriver - "The Model" Rick Martel ----------------------- Boston Crab - "Ravishing" Rick Rude --------------------- Neckbreaker - Rick Steiner ------------ Bulldog - Spinning Belly Belly - Ricky Morton ------------ Crossbody - Dropkick to face - Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat ---------------------------- Crossbody - Elevated Crusher - Robert Gibson ------------- Missile Dropkick - Rocker Dropper - Rocky Johnson ------------- Boston Crab - "Rowdy" Roddy Piper ------------------- Sleeper - Sabu ---- Flying Leg Drop - Camel Clutch - "Big Poppa Pump" Scott Steiner ------------------------------ Frankensteiner - Spinning Belly Belly - Sid Vicious ----------- Shoulder Powerbomb - "Dr. Death" Steve Williams -------------------------- Gutwrench Powerbomb - Elevated Powerbomb - Sting ----- Scorpian Deathlock - at opponent's feet "The Million Dollar Man" Ted DeBiase ------------------------------------ Million Dollar Dream - Terry Frunk ----------- Fallback Piledriver - Spinning Toe Hold - The British Bulldog ------------------- Running Powerslam - Power Press Slam - The Dynamite Kid ---------------- Kamizake Headbutt - Overhead Belly - The Grand Wizard ---------------- Low Blow - The Iron Sheik -------------- Camel Clutch - The Sheik --------- Camel Clutch - The Ultimate Warrior -------------------- Free Press - Tito Santana ------------ Flying Forearm - Figure Four Leglock - "Mr. USA" Tony Atlas -------------------- Gorilla Press Slam - 7 - Glitches ------------ Sadly, this game is full of glitches and it really brings what I thought was a very decent game down quite a bit. I mean, don't Acclaim employ testers for this stuff? It's as if they haven't even had a look at it. Within a minute of playing, I experienced a glitch, for Pete's sake. Anyway, here's a list of known glitches so far: - One of the most common is where you apply a move, but then the character you're applying it to is not connected with your character completely, so while they still feel the effects of the move, it doesn't "look" correct. An example is Sting's "Scorpian Death Lock" - I applied it and the player was a little bit across the ring as if an invisible man was applying it to him. - A variation of the above, in that your player is applying a move to thin air. An example is an armbar - I was applying one to Rick Rude, when he seemingly slipped out of it and was fine, while I was still armbarring thin air. Rude wasn't being injured by it, and I left it for a number of minutes whilst it still applied this move. A horrible, horrible glitch. - One that is immensely annoying is that I was half way through executing a move, when it swapped my move for the opponents and soon enough, I was the one being injured. Possible the worst glitch of the lot, but I've only experienced it once, thankfully. - This is a common one, but not too annoying. Quite a few times, for no reason at all, after a move has been executed, both wrestlers will "freeze up" for about 2 seconds before either can fight, regardless of how hard you smash the buttons. - Wrestlers sporadically moving from one area of the ring to another mid- move (molecular transferrance isn't possible yet, you fools! :|). - This has only happened once, but I was able to run through other wrestlers like I was Neo or something... - In the Battle Royale mode (which should be "Royal", this isn't the Kinji Fukasaku film!), Jerry Lawler entered and had a black line over his face. At first, I thought it was poorly animated hair, but upon his turning around, I discovered it wasn't, but another damn dirty glitch. - Very irritating is this one, if you perform a power move near the ropes, you made move in and or through the ropes, as if they weren't there, and you don't need a Science lesson to tell you that even if the ropes weren't there, you would fall over the edge of the ring and to the outside, yet they fail to do so. - Tying in with the above, using my "super-easy" technique, I was about to throw the guy out, but something messed up, and we both ended up outside the ring, but floating as if we were standing on an invisible apron, and the countdown timer still going. I won the match via countout (or disqualification, as all the damn games seem to call it), but I was damn confused. - I'm not 100% sure if this is a glitch, but I thought it was odd nonetheless - I was Sting, fighting some guy and I went to a Stinger Splash, but dived over the top rope and out of the ring. My wrestling knowledge tells me that - a) The Stinger Splash is a move done in the corner, and b) You don't dive out of the ring when your opponent is inside :\ - Again annoying, but it happens in many wrestling games, if you pick up the ladder and hit the opponent, it doesn't always register as a hit, even though it was a perfectly timed hit. This works the same way with stomping someone who is on the floor. Once their meter has filled up and they can recover, there is a 1 second period where they don't get up - surely stomping would still register? - You get grabbed by the head but they do nothing and the match just freezes. - In a Battle Royale, I was in a grapple and I suddenly "fell" under the ring as if it were invisible and I was eliminated. Quite irritating, as you can imagine. - Credit: NCCAJUNSON@cs.com - During a tag team match, the screen turns green and remains inactive for over 2 minutes allegedly before returning and strangely enough, in a pinfall position. - Credit: NCCAJUNSON@cs.com - Sometimes, wrestlers will tie-up and unlike a similar glitch earlier, be unable to escape, but still be able to move your wrestler. - Credit: lee2ko3@yahoo.com - I punched my opponent, but the damage appeared on my meter and I was the one hit, while my opponent was fine in both of those respects. - Credit: fiendskull9@yahoo.com - I was shaken from the cage, but flew high in the air and upon landing, was "engulfed" in the ring. Upon being grappled, I flew in the air. If you have any glitches to submit that are not of the above, please send them to shaneo632@hotmail.com - you will be given full credit. 8 - CALs -------- CALs are, in case you didn't know, Legends that can be made in Create A Legend mode. Just use these details in said mode for each wrestler. Credit to bruiserbrody from the GameFaqs forums for these CALs. Check out his site at http://showdown-low.tripod.com/ for more cool CALs: Arn Anderson ------------ Edit Dory Funk Jr. red trunks Head: 8 Height: 74 Weight: 240 Facial Hair: Beard small stache Wristbands: taped Shoes: Shiny Body Entrance Gear: Red Upper Body: 23-23-50-50-50-50 Lower Body: 50-50-50-50-50 Bobby Eaton ----------- Edit Ricky Morton 1 Head: 4 Height: 72 Weight: 267 Upper Body #s: 33-29-50-33-32-35 Lower Body #s: 65-66-57-48-40 Boots: Hacksaw (white) Tights: Mil Mascaras 2 Wrists: Taped Bruiser Brody ------------- Edit Randy Savage 1 Head: 5 Height: 81 Upper #s: 31-31-61-39-40-50 Lower #s: 76-76-62-59-66 Facial Hair: Full Beard: Black Knee Pads: turtle shells Shoes: Big John Studd 1 Body Entrance Gear: Chains Right Elbow Pad: Master Short shorts-Wrestling Buddy Jack Roberts ------------------ Edit Dusty Rhodes Head 9 Hair: Thick Back-White Height: 69 Weight: 230 Elbow Pads: Bandage Tights: Japan Knee Pads: Pastel Shoes: Bob Backlund Upper #s: 23-23-33-33-35-31 Lower #s: 38-63-50-50-50 Cactus Jack ----------- Edit: Lou Albano 1 Head: 9 Facial Hair: Shadow: Black Body: Height: 73 Weight: 354 (trust me) Upper: 15-13-29-18-21-23 Lower: 36-38-33-32-29 Wrist Bands: both taped Sleevless Shirt: Desert Shirt Pants and boots: SAME Chris Benoit ------------ Edit Dynamite Kid Head: 5 Facial Hair: Shadow (light Brown) Height: 70 Weight: 233 Tights: The Ayatollah 1 Shoes: Bob Backlund Upper #s: 20-17-32-34-35-33 Lower #s: 28-27-39-39-33 Chris Jericho ------------- Edit Greg Valentine 1 Head: 2 Facial Hair: W Beard (dark blonde) Weight: 246 Height: 72 Tights: Ayatollah 2 Boots: Blue Flame Right Elbow Pad: Master Wrist Bands: Jerry Lawler Upper Body #s: 17-17-28-34-35-35 Lower Body #s: 34-32-34-34-30 Entrance Body: Hogan 2 (Black sleevless shirt) Jimmy Garvin ------------ First -Jimmy Last- Garvin nickname- Jam(they wont say it but use it anyway) hometown- Atlanta, GA rep- villian music- Big John Studd head 8 hair male puffy cut(make darkest brown you can) facial hair- beard small stache(make dark brown, match hair) Gear: tights-andy kaufman 2 both shoes- hacksaw 2 both wrists- wrap both gloves- wrap head entrance- koko body entrance- white(jacket) height- 70 weight- 230 head-25 neck-36 chest-50 arms-60 forearms-26 hands-30 hips-88 butt-80 thighs-46 calves-36 feet-34 skin 3, with heavy male hair Here is the last of the Freebirds: Terry Bam Bam Gordy EDIT a Kerry Von Erich!! first name- Terry last name- gordy(not in , so you must type it) nickname- Bam Bam(its in there!) hometown- Atlanta ,GA rep- villian music- Big John Studd or Kerry Von Erich head- 4 hair- male puffy cut(make a light brown) body(go to customize) height- 78 weight-326 body: head -28 neck-32 chest-58 arms-32 forearms-10 hands- 44 hips-87 butt-100 thighs-50 calves-50 feet-67 Gear: both wrists-taped short shorts- wrestling(they are plain black) both knees(do this first before you do boots!)- shin both shoes- hacksaw 2 *If you want entrance use - the white jacket , like I did for Jimmy Garvin! Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart ------------------------ Edit Lou Albano (Black shorts and no shirt) Edit skin to last one on list (tan skin) His beard will turn the same color of the skin until you edit it. Hair: Stubble (dark reddish brown) Facial Hair: Small Vandyke: (Drak reddish brown) Light Body Hair Sleevless: Bret Hart (with hart on it) Elbow pads: Legends Wrists: taped Tights: Bret Hart 2 Knee Pads: Legends Boots: Bret Hart Entrance Gear Body: Bret Hart 2 Entrance Gear Head: Glasses 2 Junk Yard Dog ------------- Edit Tony Atals (Short trunks) Head: 1 Facial Hair: Peach Fuzz: Black Body Edits: Weight: 338 Height: 71 Upper: 23-18-30-20-20-20 Lower: 70-60-50-50-40-35 Gear: Tights: More Tights Both Shoes: Scott Steiner 2 Entrance Gear: Body: Chain Kamala ------ Edit Abdullah the butcher Head: 9 Skin: 6 Face Paint: Ugandan Nightmare Facial Hair: W Beard (Black) Tattoo: Torso: Ugandan Nightmare Gear: Short shorts: Snuka 1 Shoes: Scott Steiner (black) Gear: Entrance: Head: Tribal 3 Kane (first outfit) ------------------- Edit Bret Hart 4 Height- 84 Weight-329 Upper Body- 27-31-57-58-59-59 Lower Body- 61-63-58-58-58 Head: 9 GEAR: Mask: Claw Long Sleeve Shirt: Claw Tights- Claw Boots: Ted Dibiase Right Glove: Claw Kevin Nash ---------- Head: 3 Hair: Long (brown) Facial Hair: Stubble-Dark Brown Height: 81 Weight: 281 Upper #s: 27-18-34-23-23-35 Lower #s: 58-43-39-40-40 GEAR: Upper: Sleevless: Master Lower: Pants: Master Shoes: Rubber Lex Luger --------- Edit Big John Studd (Need to change the skin) Head: 5 Hair: Long light brown Height: 77 Weight: 285 Upper #s: 19-36-50-50-50-50 Lower #s: 50-50-50-50-50 Wrists: Taped Short Shorts: Wrestling Knee pads: Original 2 Boots: Hacksaw 2 (white) Magnum TA --------- Edit Kerry VonErich Head: 2 Facial Hair: Hogan Stache: Dark Blonde Hair: Long: Dark Blonde Height: 74 Weight: 244 Upper #s: 23-23-12-11-14-17 Lower #s: 28-27-32-33-35 Short Shorts: Wrestling Wrists: taped Boots: Hacksaw 2 (white) Knee Pads: Standard 2 Body Entrance: Black Michael "PS" Hayes ------------------ First name- Michael Last name-Haynes(there isnt a Hayes!) nickname- P(no PS either, but this sounds close enough) Hometown- Atlanta, GA Music- Big John Studd or one of your choosing Head- 5 Hair- long male hair(make a dirty blonde) facial hair- beard small stache(make very dark brown, dark as you can!) GEAR: tights- andy kaufman 2 both shoes- hacksaw 2 both wrists- wrap both gloves- wrap head entrance- koko skin 3 with medium male body hair Body: height- 70 inches wieght- 233 head- 31 neck- 43 chest- 59 upper arms-69 forearms= 26 hands- 50 hips-100 butt-78 thighs-50 calves-50 feet- 50 Be sure to use taunts like the double hand hair fix and the strut walk, maybe even the rick rude taunt! Ole Anderson ------------ Edit Dory Funk Jr. Head: 4 Facial Hair: Full Beard (light brown) Height: 74 Weight: 288 Upper #s: 46-37-51-34-33-39 Lower #s: 77-81-59-58-50 Wrists: Taped Boots: Bob Backlund Short-shorts: Wrestling Ric Flair --------- Edit: Paul Orndorff: Blue Trunks Head: 2 Hair: Mid Male Hair: White Body: The numbers are going to be WEIRD here but it is the ONLY way he isn't way too bulky and muscular looking for Flair! Height: 72 Weight: 239 Upper: 21-21-39-7-8-11 Lower: 72-72-49-34-24 Gear: Kneepads: Bulldog 3 Shoes: Scott Steiner 2 Short shorts: Philly Boxer Entrance Gear: Keep the same (Blue Robe) Rob Van Dam ----------- Edit Tito Santana El Matadore costume Change skin to #3 (this WILL make the hair turn the skin color, but the color is light brown so itís not too bad. Gear: Lower: Singlet: Whole Show Shoes: Super Cross Knee Pads: Shin Upper Gear: Gloves: Wrap Wrist bands: taped Keep measurements the same TAKE OFF ENTRANCE GEAR (Body) Scott Hall ---------- Edit Randy Savage 1 Head: 5 Facial Hair: Shadow: GREY Head Band: Half Rag Gear: Right Elbow Pad: Master Short Shorts: Drip Knee Pads: Drip Boots: Drip Entrance Gear: Head none Body: Hulk 1 Sgt. Slaughter -------------- Edit Jake Roberts - First thing, go to hair and ad any style at all and the back of Jakes hair will vanish. Then, go into edit and delete what ever style you added leaving Jake with short hair. -Head 9 Height 76 Weight: 304 Short Sleeve Shirt: Camo Both Elbow Pads: Open Cut Both Wrist Bands: Stud Tights: Mortician Tights Boots: Army Boot Head Entrance Gear: Glasses 1 Singlet: Dark Ages Upper #s: 40-39-83-45-50-50 Lower #s: 81-100-71-72-67 Shawn Michaels -------------- Edit Dynamite Kid Head: 7 Skin: Tattoo: Upper Right Arm: Broken Heart Body: Weight: 240 (Need to change this so he isn't all bulky) Height: 70 Upper: 17-13-17-11-11-11 Lower: 24-27-30-27-23 Gear: Lower: Tights: Rocker Shoes: Hacksaw 2 Gear Upper: Wrist bands: Stud Gloves: Ripped Entrance Gear: Body: White Vest Head: Small glasses Stan Hansen ----------- Edit Sid Vicious 1 Head: 4 Height: 75 Weight: 361 Hair: Full Head (Brown) Facial Hair: Large Curl Head Entrance: Bob Orton Upper body: 37-29-38-35-32-33 Lower body: 50-50-50-50-50 Stan Lane --------- Edit Roddy Piper: long hair Facial Hair: Stubble (grayish) Head: 2 Height: 74 Weight: 235 Upper Body #s: 30-29-50-50-50-50 Lower Body #s: 50-50-50-50-50 Boots: Hacksaw (white) Tights: Hulk Hogan (Yellow) Wrists: Both Taped Stone Cold Steve Austin ----------------------- ORIGINAL Head: 2 Height: 74 Weight: 253 Upper Body #s: 19-23-34-28-28-28 Lower Body #s: 33-33-38-38-39 Wrists: Taped Knee Pads: Braces Boots: Bob Backlund Short Shorts: Wrestling Vest: Stunner Vest Terry "Bam Bam" Gordy --------------------- Edit Brian Pillman Head: 4 Height: 78 Weight: 334 Short Shorts: Wrestling Knee Pads: Turtle Shells Shoes: Scott Steiner 2 Upper #s: 43-43-43-22-24-24 Lower #s: 54-65-61-59-50 The Big Boss Man ---------------- Edit Rick Rude (Short hair) Head: SAME Hair: SAME Facial Hair: Small Vandyke (black) Weight: 348 Height: 75 Upper #s: 42-34-100-37-50-50 Lower #s: 97-100-100-100-100 Short Sleve Shirt: Police Pants: Slacks Boots: Scott Steiner 2 (Black) The Undertaker (Old School) --------------------------- Edit Bret Hart 4 Head: 5 Facial Hair: Shadow (Dark Red) Height: 81 Weight: 322 Body sizes Upper 23-23-50-50-50-50 Lower: 50-50-50-50-50 GEAR: Mortician: Short Sleeve Shirt tights boots wrist wraps: studded Gloves: Dead man Triple H -------- Edit Randy Savage 1 Head: 3 Facial Hair: The Sheik: Dark brown Height: 78 Weight: 284 Short Shorts: Wrestling Elbow Pads: Basic Knee Pads: turtle shell Boots: Bob Backlund Upper #s: 23-23-50-50-50-50 Lower #s: 51-57-58-53-52 Tully Blanchard --------------- Edit Bob Orton: Red trunks Head: 6 Height: 73 Weight: 270 (trust me) Light Body Hair Shoes: Ted Dibiase Body Entrance: Red Upper Body: 23-23-34-30-30-30 Lower Body: 40-40-40-35-30 9 - FAQ ------- Here is where all questions I am asked, whether frequently or not, will be answered. Any questions? Send to shaneo632@hotmail.com. Questions such as "how do you do xxx move" will not be answered, because if I knew, they'd be in the Finisher section. Q - "Please tell me how to tag my partner - NOWHERE in the booklet gives you any instruction." A - Push the upper joystick towards your partner, when he gets next to him , press X. Keep trying until you get it. Q - "How do I get my tag team partner to not only tag, but get out of the ring?" A - This is not something I've experienved, so just use the above method to tag instead. Q - "How do you get wrestlers to revolve?" A - To my knowledge, you can't, I just assumed that it was part of the game's engine. If anyone knows different, please hit me with an e-mail. Cheers. Q - "What button do you mash repeatily to get your wrestler off the mat when he has been slammed?" A - Square. Q - "What do you mean by "wiggling" the right analog stick to execute a finisher?" A - Just move it from side to side. Part of this may be where you have the opponent positioned - if it's not in the right place, the move won't work. Q - "I can't do the Randy Savage elbow drop from the top rope. Is this another glitch?" A - No, there is a way to execute it, but I am yet to discover it (at time of writing, I've been away 3 days, but I shall check soon). Q - "You say there are no unlockables, but others say different." A - Despite the persistent rumors, it is to my knowledge that there are no unlockables in this game. Q - "How do tag-team manoeuvers work?" A - It's a matter of timing - it's all about both players tapping the button at the same time and of course, being in said position for the move. Q - "Do you know if they plan on releasing a PC version of this game?" A - It appears there was, but all sites have since pulled their data of the PC version, so I guess the release had been canned. Q - "Which version is better - PS2 or X-Box?" A - From what I've played, I'd say PS2 - it just looks slicker in my opinion. Bear in mind that I don't own an X-Box, so I'm biased to PS2. 10 - Credits ----------- Thanks to anyone who reads this (the buzz I've had is quite shocking) and my dad for buying it ;) If you have anything to add or have any questions you want answered (if there are a lot, I'll make an FAQ section to this...FAQ), please send to shaneo632@hotmail.com with the subject title "Showdown Walkthrough". Thanks! This walkthrough is copyrighted 2004, ask for permission to use it on your site.</p>