PlayStation 2 PlanetPlayStation 2 PlanetXbox PlanetPC PlanetNintendo DS PlanetPlayStation Portable PlanetGameboy Advance PlanetGamecube PlanetPlaystation PlanetNintendo 64 PlanetDreamcast Planet Begin Document---------------------------------------------------- Legend of Kyrandia II: The Hand of Fate CHAPTER 1: KYRANDIA SWAMPS Click on bottom of shelves Put bottle in inventory Click under carpet Put bottle in inventory Leave house Take blueberries Go right Look in stump Go up twice Take piece of gnarlybark coming out of the ground Take onion Go up Talk to ferryman Go left take feather from birds nest Go up Pour water on fireberry bush Take fireberries Go into shack Talk to Herb Take bag of fertelizer Take bottle Take stool Leave shack Go down Go left Push tree over Take skeleton key Go left Look in tree Use feather on alligator Click bottle on reptile tears Go left Take sulfur rock Fill one bottle with boiling water Make swampsnake potion (note: toadstool=frogstool, gnarlybark=windy woof, smell of eggs=sulfur rock) Go back to ferry Go right Talk to fisherman Go right Talk to Marco Go down Use blueberries on fireflies and write down sequence of colors Go up Go in cave Use swampsnake potion on rat Go right Click order of bug color combo on skull teeth Use skeleton key on treasure chest Get cheese and alchemists magnet Go back to fisherman Give fisherman the cheese Go to small dock in front of house Take anchor Go back to ferryman Talk to dragon Find letters at your house, fly tree, quicksand room, and sulphur springs Saving Marco is optional (to save him put fertilizer in plant mouth) Give letters to dragon Get ride out CHAPTER 2: FARMER GREENBERRY Click on bale of hay Get stalk of wheat Go down Talk to Farmer Greenberry Give him his letter Take vinegar Go left Pull stick out of gears Open valve Go right twice Water vegetables Take ONE head of lettuce and ONE radish Take alchemist magnet Go left Take bowl from dragon Go left Grind up radish in smashing machine Scoop up radish using dragon bowl Click vinegar on radish Go right Go up (and down) until ghost appears Click empty bottle on ghost Bring ghost-in-a-bottle to vegetable garden Click ghost on scarecrow Go left Go in cellar Take scissors Take one of each horseshoe Leave cellar Go up Click bottle on sheep Go back in cellar Pour milk in cheese machine Push on lever Take cheese Put lettuce, cheese, and mustard in cauldron Leave cellar Go left Grind wheat and collect Put wheat in cauldron Get one sandwitch potion Click horseshoes on you to find the on that says "Where are the horses?" Click that horseshoe on electric part of the machine Go right, up, and right Click bottle on yourself to get sanwitch out of bottle Pick bottle up Click sandwitch on ground Go inside village CHAPTER 3: THE VILLAGE Pull stick out of fountain Go up Use scissors on doors Go inside Click on barrel to get taffy Try to leave After the pirate, recite a poem Leave and come back in Click on the pirates until one of them loses a tooth Click the alchemist magnet on the tooth (turn it to lead) Pick up the lead tooth Leave Turn the tooth back in to gold Take out the horseshoe that is not a magnet and place it somewhere Gamble with the octopus Pick any shell (it will always be right) Do this twice to get 3 gold teeth Pick up your magnet Go back to strange machine near the Farmer Greenberry's house Put the teeth under the pounder to get 3 gold coins Give back the bowl to the dragon and take it back Collect the dragon tears Go back to the village Go right Pick up orange peel, bottle, and page of book Click book page on spell book Put taffy in bowl Put orange peel in bowl You have made sweet and sour sauce Go right Take some mud and click it on rabbit foot Flush cauldron Make skeptic serum Collect two flasks of skeptic serum Go up Click stick on rope Go right Put both skeptic serum's on Altar of Doubt Go left Click stick on rope Go left until you are at fountain Go inside travel center Give skeptic potion to man Buy ticket for three gold coins Leave Go right If you want to save Marco, read on: Get another skeptic serum and turn it into a skeptic potion Use magnet on shiney thing in water Pick magnet up Give skeptic potion to gaurd Go inside Use key on lock Get trapped Click on pillow until you unravel it Get hook from Marco Use string/hook on key Use string/hook on window Unlock yourself and Marco Leave Go down Give last skeptic potion to captain Give him your ticket (make sure you still have magnet with you) Get on ship Place magnet into ring of ropes by the steering wheel Get thrown off ship CHAPTER 4: VOLCANIA Go around island and collect 2 large rocks and 1 stick Find large air vent and jump in BE SURE TO PICK UP FOUR LARGE ROCKS ALONG THE WAY IN THE UNDERGROUND Pick up stick and alchemist magnet Go across bridge Click on palm tree to get fuzz Go up Pick up heart shaped lead (not heart shaped box) Click alchemist magnet on lead Now you have a heart of gold Click stick on dinosaur Click stick on dinosaur again (this time you will not throw it) Click cursor on air vent Now you have two black beads Make teddy bear potion Get teddy bear out of bottle (same as sandwitch) Go down Be sure you have teddy bear and stick Click on T-rex twice When you get off of T-rex go left Make sure triceratops is facing the anchor door Click red piece of cloth on triceratops Go inside anchor room After short scene, pick up page and put in book Now plug up the four small lava vents in the underground with the rocks They are in the anchor room, the triceratops room, the the bridge room, and the "dog dinosaur" room PLug them all up Go to triceratops room Stand on surfboard-like structure floating in boiling lava You will leave Volcania CHAPTER 5: THE ISLAND IN THE SKY After you fall, click in hole and get bottle Take nut from tree Go left Click on the mossy rock until it rolls away Take moss and rolling stone Pick up sticks lying by dead tree Go right Place sticks near large flint rock Click rolling stone on sticks Take the charcoal Go left Make regular snowman potion Click potion on armored gaurd Take bottle back Take nut hidden in miniature castle Go left Take nut next to statue You should have three nuts Click alchemists magnet on statue Take drum and jack out of treasure chest Put jack on ground in front of hopping foot Go right twice Place drum on small stump Go right Talk to squirrel Give him the three nuts Place rolling stone in rotating wheel Get in a cart Take feather duster Go inside cabin Take bottle off of shelf Take one cannon ball Click on moose head to get musk Leave Click alchemist magnet on cannon ball to make it gold Give gold cannon ball to lady Take the babies lolly pop Make abominable snowman potion Click potion on yourself Go back in cabin Let real abominable snowman take you Wake up Take feathers from pillow Take box of candy Click around in bottles on shelf until you find one for you Take cologne Go outside (up) Take ONE icesickle (for use as snow) Make abominable snowman potion but don't use it yet!!! Take two maore icesickles and click one on the side of the mountain Let abominable snowman take you again Go back outside When climbers are done clibming, click potion on them The abominable snowman with take them instead Now try to climb up again Go right Go inside of alchemists room Make potions in order of colors to put in small jars Make potions with colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and indigo Put these potions (in order) into the small jars It will form a rainbow leading outside Leave the alchemists room Take one of the icesickles hanging on the room Climb up to the rainbow Go right Fight the hand Go right again Use alchemists magnet on bowl reflecting the light Go inside Go up/right This part you must do on your own To open the locks, you must place each of the disks in each of the other holes One will contain a gear, and one will contain your stick YOU MUST OPEN BOTH!!!!! Go down Go up/left Go inside gear room Put gear on missing gear rod Push gear in using stick Now the hard part begins When the hand enters the scene, click the cursor on the machines to your left When he charges at you again, click on the broken stick Now click on the hand Then Marco will free himself and you will push the hand overboard Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have beaten The Hand of Fate!!!!!!!!!!!!! By, Gonzoe</p>