Kileak: The DNA Imperative - Hints Weapon Locations Wales Gun=Start with this in B1. Ammunition=Yellow Cartridge. Laser Gun=Find it in B2. Energy based weapon. Eritro Crion=Find it in B9. Ammunition=Red standing rockets. Zax=In B6, there's a hallway with two levers and a locked door. Face straight near a lever, pull the lever and strafe at the same time. Strafe immediately to the next lever and pull the second lever before the first lever you pulled resets. you must pull both levers to open the locked door that has the Zax. Ammunition=Orange Cartridge. Flamer=In B5, find the Record Card and go to the computer terminal and look carefully at the four colored stars. Write this down to remember it. Go to the room with four star colored levers. Pull these levers in order 1=Green Star 2=Blue Star 3=Yellow Star 4=Red Star. Open the door and get the Flamer. Energy based weapon. Gaia=Find it in B11. Energy based weapon. Erosion=In B2 find the four seperate lever switch rooms and look at each of how they're pulled. Next go to the room with the fake wall room and hit the levers just like you see in the four seperate rooms. For example, if the four seperate lever rooms was pulled 1=Down 2=Up 3=Up 4=Down you would do exactly the same thing in the fake wall room. The sequence varies when you enter B2 for the first time or if you resume your save in B2. Open the fake wall door and get the Erosion. Ammunition=Destroy the green star shaped mutant and pick up a green standing missile. Veda=Find it in B14. Ammunition=Green Cartridge. Helpful Hints Shoot your weapon when entering hallways so you don't have to be attacked first by a robot or mutant. Strafe often when you go against shooting mutant and robots. Save your Erosion, Eritro Crion, and Veda ammos for Dr. Kim. When your low on Energy, find an Energy Charger located in all stages. Save often after completing a stage. Find Armor ROMs to upgrade your Protect Armor's defense. I hope this information helps for Genki and Sony's developed and produced Robot First-Person Shooter. Submitted by Oliver Kong, *************************END of DOCUMENT****************************************************</p>