Star Wars Episode III Revenge of the Sith Author - Neil Stump Email - neil(dot)stump(at)gmail(dot)com Version - 1.0 Date - 1 July 2005 Please do not plagairize Websites with permission to post this: -Nbox Gamer ( -GameFaqs ( -Supercheats ( -Game Renegades (www.gamerenegadescom) -Cheat Code Central ( -Cheat Planet ( -Neoseeker ( -IGN ( -( Table of Contents 1 - Version History 2 - Controls 3 - Walkthrough 3.1) Rescue Over Coruscant 3.2) An Explosive Development 3.3) Peril in the Elevators 3.4) Settling the Score 3.5) It's Not Over Yet 3.6) The General's Right Hand 3.7) Investigating Utapau 3.8) The Cavalry Arrives 3.9) Showdown With Grievous 3.10) The Dark Side of the Force 3.11) The Hunt Begins 3.12) The Final Lesson 3.13) Attack of the Clones 3.14) Assassination on Mustafar 3.15) Aftermath In The Temple 3.16) A Friendship in Flames 3.17) Revenge of the Sith 4 - Unlockables 5 - Frequently Asked Questions 6 - Special Thanks ================== 1) Version History ================== Version 1.0 Guide Complete 1 July 2005 =========== 2) Controls =========== Left Thumbstick - Move/Navigate Menus Right Thumbstick - Force Target A Button - Jump X Button - Fast Attack Y Button - Strong Attack B Button - Critical Attack/Interact With Objects Left Trigger - Block/Strafe White Button - Saber Throw Right Tigger - Push/Grasp Black Button - Stun/Lightning Back Button - Not Used Start Button - Pause Directional Pad - Navigate Menus ============== 3) Walkthrough ============== ------------------------------------- 3.1) Mission 1: Rescue Over Coruscant ------------------------------------- Jedi: Anakin Location: Cruiser Anakin Skywalker returns from the Outer rim to thwart General Grievous' kidnapping plot, together with Obi-Wan Kenobi the two Jedi raid the Separatist Flagship to locate and retrieve Chancellor Palpatine. Objectives: -Escape The Cruiser Hangar. -Defeat Enemies While R2-D Extends Catwalk. -Use the Force to Clear the Wreckage. -Shutdown the Lock-Out Protocol. -Defeat Enemies While R2-D2 Disables Force Fields. The beginning is just an introduction to the game controls. Once R2-D2 goes over to the catwalk to move them you will have to cover him, you will be attacked by some Super Battle Droids. After covering R2-D2 he will extend the catwalk, cross it. Fight your way to the right, then use the force to clear the space ship to the left of the direction your character is facing. Go up the newly opened path after clearing the wreckage. Follow this path and it will take you to an already extended catwalk, go over it, R2-D2 will try to open the force field, but as you will see he can't. Anakin will jump down into a lower level to shutdown the Lock-out protocal. Destroy all the droids that come at you then run over to the console and interact with it. R2-D2 will give the door a try again, but get shot at by some droids, as you back away from the panel you will be attacked by some of the Super Battle Droids, destroy them and use the Force Jump to get back up to the top. Run over to another Force Jump point and destroy the snipers up top. Jump back down and help out R2-D2 and help out Obi-Wan. Give R2-D2 cover yet again as he disables he force fields. R2-D2 will get the door open and Mission over. ---------------------------------------- 3.2) Mission 2: An Explosive Development ---------------------------------------- Jedi: Obi-Wan Location: Cruiser As the battle rages above Coruscant, Obi-Wan continues the quest to find the Supreme Chancellor aboard the Separatist Cruiser with help from Anakin Skywalker, but the Jedi are unaware that their every move is being tracked on the ship's command bridge by the leader of the Droid Forces, General Grievous. Objectives: -Escape Cruiser Generation Chambers. -Disable Malfunctioning Power Node. -Shutdown Electrical Pylons. -Use the Force to Bridge the Gap. -Gain Access to Service Depot. -Disrupt Power to the Electric Pylons. As the mission starts you are in a fuel area with some Super Battle Droids destroy them. After a cutscene run to the right following Anakin. You will come to some Malfunctioning Power Nodes, use your lightsaber throw to disable them. Continue following this path to the right, when you reach the platform on the end interact with the computer, it will extend a bridge, go partly on to the bridge, and destroy the Electrical Pylons by using your lightsaber throw. Continu right and through the door as it slams behind you. Destroy the droids in here and follow the path. As you go through the next door run to the top area of the screen and up the wire floor. Once you get to the top use the Force to jump the gap. Follow the on-screen instructions to do the Saber Plunge on the locked door. Once in the next room destroy the power cunduit, it is glowing and next to the door on the opposite side. Once it is destroyed go through and Saber Plunge the next door. As you run forward the first part of the bridge will give, use the Force to jump back up, continue forward and destroy the generator using your saber throw, continue down the path, stand at the end and use the Force to open the door. Interact with the computer in the next room and exit by way of the other path. Run through the next area destroying all in your way, at the end activate the computer to extend the bridge. Use your saber throw to destroy the Electric Pylons in your way on the bridge. Mission over. -------------------------------------- 3.3) Mission 3: Peril in the Elevators -------------------------------------- Jedi: Anakin Location: Cruiser Anakin continues to Palpatine's location on the Cruiser's upper levels, assisted by Obi-Wan, determined to retrieve the Chancellor from Grievous' clutches continued pursuit from the ship's patrolling droids threatens the Jedi, while R2-D2 attempts to rid the Jedi in their ascent. Objectives: -Take Elevator to Cruiser Throne Room -Defeat Destroyer Droids -Enter Elevator -Reunite With Obi-Wan -Locate Controls and Disable Force Field This mission starts out with you fighting three destroyers, be smart, defend yourself, and attack fast, use your Force Stun to speed things up, it is the black button. Go to the elevator door and press B Button and move around the left thumbstick to cut into the door. Once in the elevator you will jump out onto the top of it and destroy all the enemies. You will jump over to another elevator, stay up there fighting the droids. Obi-Wan's elevator will be stopped, just continue fighting there is nothing you can do now. After killing all the enemies that attack you a cut scene will happen. When reunited with Obi-Wan, follow him and help him kill the Droideka's. Two force fields will block you in run to the front of this area and there is a door to the right, press B to break it. On the other side run towards the right and you will see a computer terminal on the upper wall, use it, it will shutdown the force fields. Head back to the elevators, and it just so happens the one you jump on is the wrong one. Destroy the droids that come at you. The Elevator will stop, and start going up, keep destroying the enemies, and afterwards you will see an ending cutscene. Mission over. ---------------------------------- 3.4) Mission 4: Settling the Score ---------------------------------- Jedi: Anakin Location: Cruiser With some help from R2-D2, Anakin leads Obi-Wan to their final destination and the Jedi are poised to liberate the Chancellor. The only thing blocking their path is a stately former Jedi named Count Dooku, who is now the Sith Lord known as Darth Tyranus. Objectives: -Defeat Count Dooku (Darth Tyrannus). -Rescue Chancellor Palpatine. From the Mission start you will be fighting Count Dooku. The fight will switch levels. The last level is when you are fighting in front of Palpatine. This is a short mission. Thats it, just use good fighting tactics. --------------------------------- 3.5) Mission 5: It's Not Over Yet --------------------------------- Jedi: Anakin Location: Cruiser There is a sinister mood as Palpatine witnesses Anakin's flirtation with the Dark Side while gettin revenge on Count Dooku. The young Jedi must now lead the Chancellor and Obi-Wan toward the Cruiser's Hangar. But the furious combat outside begins to take its toll on the Separatist Flagship and R2-D2 will again need to aid in the rescue. Objectives: -Reunite With Obi-Wan and Palpatine. -Escort R2-D2. -Defeat Enemies While R2-D2 Disables Force Fields. -Locate Controls and Disable Force Field. -Enter Gun Battery. -Use Cannon to Defeat Banking Clan Ship. As the mission starts you will already have been seperated from the others. Destroy all the droids then run to the Force Field opposite the one that locked you away from the others, it will blow and you can pass through. As you get to the end you will come to another Force Field, but there is a door near it, go in and slash the power cables. The Force Field will lower so you can pass through it now. Use the Lightsaber Cut move on the box next to the Force Field to the right, after getting the cover off just attack it to break it and the next Force Field will lower. After a short cutscene you will find yourself going the other way. Soon you will come to another panel box, cut it open and destroy it. Go through the next Force Field then to the area with the open door, use your Lightsaber Throw move to destoy the power cables. At the next Force Field defend R2-D2 as he lowers the Force Field. Follow Obi-Wan to the next area to the left of where you entered. Get in the Gun Turret, shoot exactly what lights up on your screen, it is simple. ---------------------------------------- 3.6) Mission 6: The General's Right Hand ---------------------------------------- Jedi: Anakin Location: Cruiser Their excape foiled, the Jedi and Palpatine ae brough before the dreaded General Grievous, who is flanked by his formidable droid bodyguards. Down but not out, Anakin and Obi-Wan still have a few tricks remaining in their rescue mission. Hopefully, the Separatist Cruiser will stay in orbit long enough for them to be used. Objectives: -Defeat Grievous Bodyguards. This battle begins as a free for all, just fight. This is basically just anothe Hack and slash level like 'Settling The Score' the ship will rotate a few times, but that will only happen in cutscenes all your focus is on is staying alive. ------------------------------------ 3.7) Mission 7: Investigating Utapau ------------------------------------ Jedi: Obi-Wan Location: Utapau Obi-Wan and Anakin get the Chancellor safely back to Coruscnt, ending the Separatist ploy with Dooku defeated, the Jedi Council doubles its efforst to bring General Grievous to justice. Tracking Grievous to the Utapau system, the council sends Obi-Wan after the Separatis Leader, this time without the aid of Anakin already frustrated by the council, Anakin is further dismayed to learn that Mace Windu suspects Chancellor Palpatine is behind the perpetuation of the Clone Wars. The conflicted young Jedi is now stuck on Coruscant, faced with the growing divide between his friend and mentor, the Chancellor, and the Jedi Order, without the guidance of Obi-Wan, who begins his daring mission on Utapau. Objectives: -Infiltrate Control Sphere. -Shutdown Heat Vents. -Operate Lift Controls. -Destroy Separatist Opposition. -Destroy Force Field Nodes. -Utalize Separatist Cannon. -Defeat Crab Droid. From mission start head forward, left, right, go straight and fight the new and improved larger battle droids, head through the door that opens up. Run forward, left, right, run to the opposite side and Force Jump up to a platform, use the computer to lower a piece of the floor next to you, follow it. You will soon see some heat vents, destroy them using your Lightsaber Throw. Continue across, follow the platform away from the building and you will come to a computer, use it. Right next to the computer Force Jump to the platform that just raised. These heat vents will fire in a pattern just watch the pattern and run through, but the last one always fires so cut the power by using your Lightsaber Throw at the power cables, continue through. Destroy the Turret then use your Lightsaber Plunge to break through the next door. Destroy the droids in this room then cut open the next door. Run from the turret, and just follow the path. At the far side Force Jump from the marked point up to the next level. Run from the turret here too and on the other side use the computer to extend a small platform to an empty turret, get in it. Destroy the two things on each side of the Force Field it will open, go in. You will be challenged by a Crab Droid, defeat it. Press the X and Y Buttons at the same time and you can jump up on the crabs back, it will bring in its legs as it gets ready to throw you off, when you see this, just jump off and repeat, the Crab Droid will be down in no time. ----------------------------------- 3.8) Mission 8: The Cavalry Arrives ----------------------------------- Jedi: Obi-Wan Location: Utapau After successfully navigating the Separatist Stronghold, Obi-Wan Kenobi locates Grievous and must apprehend the General to complete his mission however, in order to flush out Grievous, Obi-Wan must face not only his bodyguards, but also endless waves of droid forces without the help of his Clone Army. Objectives: -Capture General Grievous. -Defeat Grievous Bodyguards. -Assist Clone Invasion. -Disable Cannons Firing on Clone Gunships. -Locate Shield Controls for Control Sphere. -Defeat Crab Droid. From the start just attack, you will eventually jump to the top in a cutscene and find the Clone Army there to help you out. Stay in this area fighting and eventually another cutscene will begin. Use the two Force Jump areas to get up, use the computer to lower the Force Field and attack the wires next to the computer to disable the cannons, do this for both sides. This will trigger the next thing to do, disable the Ray Shields, the cutscene will take you to where you need to be, fend off the enemies. Cut the power cables on both sides and it will open a door stand on the area that shows you can use the force, use the Right Trigger to break it. Anothe Crab Droid will appear, use the same tactics as before. -------------------------------------- 3.9) Mission 9: Showdown With Grievous -------------------------------------- Jedi: Obi-Wan Location: Utapau In the chaos of the Separatist' defeat on Utapau, General Grievous attempts to escape, racing towards his hidden starship. With help from Commander Cody, Obi-Wan catches sight of the fleeing droid and mounts a pursuit on the back of the native lizard, Boga, chasing Grievous toward their final showdown. Objectives: -Defeat General Grievous Hack and slash your way through Grievous. This is another one of the multi-leveled battles. He normally fights with only two lightsabers, but be careful the last segment of the fight he uses four lightsabers. -------------------------------------------- 3.10) Mission 10: The Dark Side of the Force -------------------------------------------- Jedi: Anakin Location: Coruscant Meanwhile on Coruscant, Mace Windu gathers incriminating information against Palpatine and confronts the Chancellor in his quarters. It's there that Palpatine reveals his true identity as The Sith Lord that's controlling the Galactic Senate. Just as Mace is about to strike Palpatine down, a bewildered Anakin enters the room and sees his friend on the wrong end of what appears to be a Jedi assassination attempt. Objectives: -Defeat Mace Windu Yes it is just another hack and slash. It also spans multiple levels as the previous ones have. --------------------------------- 3.11) Mission 11: The Hunt Begins --------------------------------- Jedi: Anakin Location: Coruscant Having made his choice in striking at Mace Windu, Anakin places all of his trust with Palpatine, who goes to work on Anaking, playing on his fears and anxieties. The crafty Sith Lord manipulates Anakin into believing that the Jedi ordered betrayed the republic and him, and hat Obi-Wan is equally complicit. The Chancellor's words are powerful, and they way the young Jedi. Anakin swears his allegiance to Palpatine - and to the Dark Side of the Force. Seduced by his newfound power, the newly christened Darth Vader is sent to the Jedi Temple on a quest to send the traitorous Jedi to their doom. Objectives: -Exterminate Jedi. -Set Temple Beacon. -Disengage Library Force Fields. -Use the Force to Gain Access to Study Hall. -Shutdown Study Hall Force Fields. -Use Turret to Destroy Jedi Starfighters. Start fighting and soon after a cutscene will initiate where some Force Fields are engaged, use the Force Jump by some of the book cases to get to the second floor of the room, you will see a door with Force Field in it right next to it is a panel cover, cut off the cover, hack the interior, go through the now open Force Field and use the computer, this will disengage the main Force Fields. Jump back down to the lower level kill all the Jedi and cutscene will begin with you exiting. Run in the middle of this area and use the Force to pull over a statue and throw a piece at the door, don't worry its taken care for you in the cutscene. On the far wall to the left of the door with the Force Field is a closed door use your Lightsaber to open it. Kill the Jedi Brutes here and go through the door on the other side, use the computer to take down the Force Field. Go back to the previous door that had a Force Field, use your lightsaber to cut through it. Fight your way over the bridge and through the next door. Kill the Jedi Brutes along the way and in the next room fight your way over to the turret, get in and use it to destroy the Jedi Starfighters. ---------------------------------- 3.12) Mission 12: The Final Lesson ---------------------------------- Jedi: Anakin Location: Coruscant Despite Darth Vader's ferocity throughout the Temple, the Jedi refuse to go quietly. The harder the Jedi fight agains him, the more convinced of their corruption and treacher the young Sith Lord becomes, which only fuels his anger and furthers his descent into the Dark Side. Deep within the Jedi Temple, an incredibly skilled wordsman and Jedi Master named Cin Drallig prepares for Vader's coming. But before Cin can act, his most accomplished apprentice, Serra, confronts Vader on her own. With the fate of the Jedi order at stake, these two Jedi are the Temple's last hope. Objectives: -Defeat Jedi Apprentice Serra. -Defeat Jedi Trainer Cin Drallig. Hack her, slash her, do whatever to kill her, and yes this battle is in multiple areas. Once she is dea Cin Drallig will attack you, take him out also. Mission over. -------------------------------------- 3.13) Mission 13: Attack of the Clones -------------------------------------- Jedi: Obi-Wan Location: Utapau The Separatist armies on Utapau are beaten back, falling under themight of Obi-Wan Kenobie and his clone army. But Obi-Wan's victory is short lived as Clone Commander Cody receives a secret, coded message directly from Darth Sidious, implementing 'Order 66' - a pre-programmed directive commanding the clones to tun on their Jedi Leaders! Suddenly under fire and running for his life, Obi-Wan must evade his former allies and find a way back to Coruscant. Objectives: -Escape Clone Ambush. -Defeat Clone Walkers. -Use Force to Clear Debris. -Defeat Clone Gunship. -Disable Clone Juggernaut Defenses. From the beginning start fighting. Work your way over to the Force Field and use the console to open it. Partly down this hallway is a panel that can be cut, cut it open and destroy the inside of it, this will open the next door. In this room fight until some Clone Walkers break open the other door, destroy them. Continue forward, past the rubble and destroy the next Clone Walker. Also you will be attacked by some of the Clone Blaze Troopers. Use the Force to clear away the rubble. Destroy the Clone Walker on the other side then Force Jump up to the next area. Destroy the Clone Blaze Troopers that come up after you then cut through the door and go through. Run over to the next panel in the wall, cut it open, destroy the interior run back over to the area where the Force Field was lowered, interact with the computer, open the next door and follow it. Cut all four power cables on this wall and interact with the computer, go through the newly opened door. Use your lightsaber throw to destroy the gunship. Continue along the path, cut open the next door, cut open the control panel in this room and destroy the insides, go through the lowered Force Field. Destroy whats on the other side, you will jump onto a large moving machine, take out the enemies that attack you and destroy the gun on the front first, then move to the back and destroy that one, thats it, mission over. ------------------------------------------- 3.14) Mission 14: Assassination on Mustafar ------------------------------------------- Jedi: Anakin Location: Mustafar On Coruscant, the Jedi Order is broken and the Temple is in ruins. With no one left to oppose him, Darth Sisious is ready to declard the Clone Wars over and appoint himself emperor of the Galaxy. The only matter left to attend to is the remaining Separatist Leaders, who are hiding in the Mustafar system. Sidious dispatches Darth Vadar to the Volcanic world to end their lives with a final betrayal. Objectives: -Assassinate Spearatis Leaders. -Lift Magma Gun. -Disable Force Field. -Access Magma Lift Controls. -Use the Force to Move Magma Hover Platform. -Destroy Nute Gunray in Neimoidian Shuttle. From the start kill the enemies that run at you, continue past them and use the Force to move the platform that landed in front of you. Continue by it and cut through the door. In the next area kill the guards, at the end of the hallway use the computer panel to open the door. Kill the Brute in this area, follow the path, and use the Force Jump point to get to the other side. You will be attacked by a group of enemies, fend them off and run through the door they entered from, kill the enemies that attack you here and bust through the next door. Fight in this area then the large thing blocking the path to the left will raise up, go under it. In the next area Force Jump to the other side, go through the door, activate the computer panel, run back and use the Force Jump again to get back to the platform, run where the Magma Gun used to be. Force Jump to the other side once your path gets blocked and go left, Force Jump back down just past the Magma Gun blocking your way. Fight down the path and use the Force Jump to reach the next area. Go through the open door and cut through the closed one. Work your way to the right and kill the Brutes, then kill the next two that come out after you, after that go left and enter a room with some power cables, cut them and go through the door where the Force Field used to be. Fight all the way to the end and make a right, cut the power cables to lower the Force Field and open the door. Use the computer to open the next door, and in the next area, use the computer to extend a bridge to the platform. kill the enemies here, and throw your lightsaber and use it to cut the power cables on the other side, this will lower the metal barrier over the lift controls. Use the lift controls at the top kill all the enemies. A cutscene will begin, go down the hallway of this new area killing everyone in your way. You will cut open a door, in a cutscene, then in the next area kill all the guards. you will break open the door in a cutscene kill the men in this room and a cutscene will take you to the next area. Throw your lightsaber at the gunship or use the force to throw items at it. ----------------------------------------- 3.15) Mission 15: Aftermath In The Temple ----------------------------------------- Jedi: Obi-Wan Location: Coruscant After surviving Order 66, Obi-Wan Kenobi endeavors to prevent the Jedi Order's devastation. Reunited with Yoda aboard Senator Bail Organa's personal starship, the Jedi plan a return to Coruscant, hoping to find clues to their mysterious and dire situation within the Jedi Temple. Objectives: -Shutdown Temple Beacon. -Aid Yoda in Moving Debris. -Defeat Library Security Protocol. -Defeat Clone Gunships. -Use Clone Turret To Defeat Clone Gunships. Yeah you get to fight with Yoda at your side. Start out swinging as usual. Follow Yoda as he jumps up to the upper level, kill all the enemies that attack you here also. A pillar will get blown down, run across it to the other side kill all the enemies here and you will jump to a new area, from here fight forward, you will see a Force Jump point after defeating the enemies, use it to get to the next area. Here kill all the clones that come at you, after killing them Yoda will run over to a piece of debris, go over and help him move it. Continue down the path and cut through the door. Now in the Library fight all the enemies that come at you. Kill all the clones on the lower level and Force Jump up to the second level. Go left from where you jump up there and cut the panel off the wall and destroy its insides. Run to the right from here, now cut through the first door you come to on your right. Run down this path all the way to the end and get in the turret, use it to destroy the Clone Gunships. Defeat the Clone Assassins int his room, catch them off balance with a good lunge attack that will do some damage. Mission Over. ---------------------------------------- 3.16) Mission 16: A Friendship in Flames ---------------------------------------- Jedi: Obi-Wan Location: Mustafar Learning of Anakin's descent into darkness while inside the Jedi Temple, Obi-Wan travels to Mustafar for a final confrontation with his old friend and former padawan. Objectives: -Defeat Darth Vader. Fight your old friend. This battle spans multiple levels and unique areas. (This is technically the last mission since you see the ending credits after but the next mission is just the same mission except from Anakins view. -------------------------------------- 3.17) Missioin 17: Revenge of the Sith -------------------------------------- Jedi: Anakin Location: Mustafar With the Separatist Leaders on Mustafar now eliminated, Darth Vader prepares to return to Coruscant only to find his fomrer friend and master, Obi-Wan Kenobi, waiting for him. Accusations fly between the two, and it becomes clear to the young Sith Lord that alpatine was right Obi-Wan, too, has been tainted by the Jedi's corruption and must also be destroyed. Objectives: -Defeat Obi-Wan Kenobi Kill Obi-Wan and thats mission over. Same mission as before, just from Anakin's view instead of Obi-Wan's. But this offers a nice alternate ending. ============== 4) Unlockables ============== Mission 2: -5 Concept Art Images -Cruiser Cargo Hold Mission 3: -2 Concept Art Images Mission 4: -Count Dooku (Duelist) -Throne Room Main Chamber (Duel Arena) -Throne Room Upper Balcony (Duel Arena) Mission 5: -3 Concept Art Images Mission 6: -4 Concept Art Images -Cruiser Corridors (Challenge Mission) Mission 7: -3 Concept Art Images -Control Sphere Survival (Challenge Mission) Mission 8: -2 Concept Art Images -The General's Protectors (Challenge Mission) Mission 9: -1 Concept Art Image -General Grievous (Duelist) -Utapau Sinkhole Control Room (Duel Arena) -Utapau Sinkhole Landing Platform (Duel Arena) -Grievous on the Run (Challenge Mission) Mission 10: -2 Concept Art Images -Mace Windu (Duelist) -Palpatine's Office (Duel Arena) -Palpatine's Office Docking Bay (Duel Arena) Mission 11: -7 Concept Art Images -The Jedi Strike Back (Challenge Mission) Mission 12: -6 Concept Art Images -Cin Drallig (Duelist) -Serra Keto (Duelist) -Temple Control Room (Duel Arena) -Temple Outer Terrace (Duel Arena) Mission 13: -8 Concept Art Images Mission 14: -11 Concept Art Images -Mustafar Lava Challenge (Challenge Mission) Mission 15: -3 Concept Art Images -Size Matters Not (Challenge Mission) Mission 16: -Mustafar Control Room (Duel Arena) -Mustarar Balcony (Duel Arena) Mission 17: -Darth Vader (Duelist) -Ben Kenobi (Duelist) -Mustafar Control Arm (Duel Arena) -Mustafar Lava Platform (Duel Arena) -Episode IV Death Star (Duel Arena) -Episode IV Death Star (Challenge Mission) ============================= 5) Frequently Asked Questions ============================= (None as of now) ================= 6) Special Thanks ================= Microsoft XBox The Collective Lucas Arts</p>