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These numbers are | 4) Characters (4CRTS) | used only one time so copy them | 5) Walkthrough (5WLK) | press Crtl+F, paste the code in | 5.1) An Offer You Can't Refuse (5.1WLK) | the menu brought up press enter | 5.2) Taxi Driver (5.2WLK) | and get the information needed. | 5.3) The Running Man (5.3WLK) +~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~+ 5.4) Moltov Party (5.4WLK) 5.5) Oridnary Routine (5.5WLK) 5.6) Fairplay (5.6WLK) 5.7) Race Day (5.7WLK) 5.8) Sarah (5.8WLK) 5.9) Better Get Used To It (5.9WLK) 5.10) The Whore (5.10WLK) 5.11) A Trip To The Country (5.11WLK) 5.12) Omerta (5.12WLK) 5.13) Visiting Rich People (5.13WLK) 5.14) Great Deal! (5.14WLK) 5.15) Buon Appetite! (5.15WLK) 5.16) Happy Birthay! (5.16MAF) 5.17) You Lucky Bastard! (5.17MAF) 5.18) Creme De La Creme (5.18MAF) 5.19) Election Campaign (5.19WLK) 5.20) Just For Relaxation (5.20WLK) 5.21) Moonlighting (5.21WLK) 5.22) The Death of Art (5.22WLK) +-----------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | 1) Version History (1VHY) | +-----------------------------------------------------------------------------+ Version 1.0: The guide is complete. If people have trouble with missions I may go back through and re-write certain sections, if I get enough questions. 19 August 2005 +-----------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | 2) Controls (2CTRL) | +-----------------------------------------------------------------------------+ Default Controls (From Instruction Booklet) A button: Action / Accelerate B button: Handbrake (in car) B button + Left thumbstick Left / Right: Roll Y button: Enter or exit cars / Pick lock X button: Reload / Brake Right Trigger: Fire / Recover car (only in racing modes) / Sniper scope Left Trigger: Jump and climb Black button: Turn to next enemy (right) White button: Turn to next enemy (left) / Speed limiter (in car) Left thumbstick: Walk / Run / Steer Right thumbstick: Aim / Look left, right, back (in car) Press Left thumbstick: Crouch / Horn Press Right thumbstick: Center vies / Change camera (in car) Up directional pad: Next weapon Down directional pad: Previous weapon Left directional pad: Drop weapon Right directional pad: Holster / Empty hands Back button: Map Start button: Pause menu / Show objectives +-----------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | 3) Heads-Up Display (3H.U.D.) | +-----------------------------------------------------------------------------+ (From Instruction Booklet) On Foot: +------------------------------------------+ 1. Compass: Directs you to the | 1 | next mission location. | | | | 2. Weapon icon: Using the Up and | | Down directional buttons, the | | player can cycle through the | | weapons currently in Tommy's | 5 | possession. | 2 | | | 3. Health meters: Displays health | | levels for Tommy and anyone | | supporting him. | | | | 4. Ammo: Displays the rounds and | | ammunition available for the | | selected weapon. | 3 | | 4 | 5. Crosshair: to assist aiming. | | +------------------------------------------+ When Driving: +------------------------------------------+ 1. Compass: Directs you to the | 1 | next mission. | 3 | | 2 | 2. Radar: | | White Symbol: Civilian cars | | Yellow Symbol: Trains | | Red Symbol: Enemy vehicles | | | | 3. Stopwatch: Displays the time | | limit in which objectives must | | be completed. | 6 | | | 4. Action Symbol (!): Is displayed | | when Tommy can interact with | 5 | objects in the environment and/ | 4 | or enter and exit cars. | | +------------------------------------------+ 5. Speedometer: Displays the current speed. 6. Speed limiter: The yellow icon indicates that the speed limiter is on. +-----------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | 4) Characters (4CRTS) | +-----------------------------------------------------------------------------+ (From Instruction Booklet) +--------------------------------------+ +------------------------------------+ | Tommy Angelo: | | Don Salieri: | +--------------------------------------+ +------------------------------------+ | Tommy's the main character in the | | The boss of the family that Tommy | | game. Originally a cab driver, but | | works for. He's a guy who's lived | | due to a combination of unpleasant | | through a lot and doesn't get | | circumstances he is forced to join | | excited too easily. He's typical | | the Mafia. Tommy is all in all a | | of a Mafioso who hasn't built up | | nice guy, but a tough childhood and | | his position just for money and | | life in the 1930s have changed his | | doesn't always kill to get what he | | moral values a little. Thus, he's | | wants. He's friendly, but when he | | capable of doing things that a | | gets tough he can become | | normal person wouldn't understand, | | dangerous. Sometimes business is | | but his conscience sometimes haunts | | more important than friendship | | him. | | to him. | +--------------------------------------+ +------------------------------------+ +--------------------------------------+ +------------------------------------+ | Norman: | | Paulie: | +--------------------------------------+ +------------------------------------+ | Norman's the typical example of a | | Tommy's sidekick, and energetic | | detective brought up through the | | hot-tempered guy, who sometimes | | school of hard knocks. He's a | | behaves completely unexpectedly. | | scruffy, tough guy, who acts like he | | If he likes some-body he is the | | hates everybody around him. Tommy | | most loyal friend you could have, | | tells him his story, but doesn't get | | someone you can rely on; if he | | much sympathy. | | doesn't cause you problems that | | | | is. Tommy and him are the greatest | | | | of friends and often work and have | | | | fun together. | +--------------------------------------+ +------------------------------------+ +--------------------------------------+ +------------------------------------+ | Sam: | | Vincenzo: | +--------------------------------------+ +------------------------------------+ | Sam's another associate of Tommy's. | | He has worked for the family for a | | On first sight, he just looks like | | long time and it means everything | | an average guy with a friendly | | to him. It's strange that such a | | smile. He's big and sometimes | | good guy like Vincenzo found his | | clumsy. He's also shy and doesn't | | greatest love in guns, but that's | | talk a lot. He often works with | | why he takes care of Salieri's | | Tommy and Paulie and they are good | | arsenal of weapons and selects the | | friends. | | best equipment for a mission. | +--------------------------------------+ +------------------------------------+ +--------------------------------------+ +------------------------------------+ | Frank: | | Ralph: | +--------------------------------------+ +------------------------------------+ | Frank is don Salieri's best friend, | | Ralph is excellent when it comes | | associate and advisor. His main | | to dealing with vehicles. He can | | concern is family finance and the | | take apart, repair, improve and | | legal side of business. He is well | | then rebuild whatever he gets his | | suited to this. At first sight he | | hands on. His world revolves | | doesn't seem to belong among these | | around anything on four wheels, | | criminals, as he is a very quiet and | | and he knows little about anything | | inconspicuous nice guy. He does his | | else. That's why he'll only talk | | work mainly because of an | | about vehicles, though even | | attatchment to don Salieri, as well | | conversations about vehicles | | as their mutual past. They grew up | | aren't easy for him. | | together in a poor quarter and | | | | thanks to the Don he gained most of | | | | what he has, so he can't just turn | | | | his back on him. If he'd grown up in | | | | any other place he would certainly | | | | be be a successful lawyer or | | | | businessman. | | | +--------------------------------------+ +------------------------------------+ +--------------------------------------+ +------------------------------------+ | Morello: | | Lucas Berone: | +--------------------------------------+ +------------------------------------+ | Morello is Salieri's main adversary. | | Lucas is a pleasant Italian of | | Where Salieri opts for negotiona, | | middle age, a car mechanic for the | | Marello uses an army of men with | | rich. He is very big-hearted even | | Thompsons. Where Salieri punishes | | though, in view of the services he | | treachery, Marello indescriminaely | | provides to the Mafia, he is no | | shows his might. Because of this he | | saint. | | has a big influence in the city, | | NOTE: Although not part of the | | which he is trying to extend into | | Salieri family it's often worth | | Salieri family terrirory. He is | | visiting Lucan when you have spare | | greatly helped by his brother | | time as unlike Ralph, Lucas's work | | Sergio. However, he ultimately | | means that he has access to some | | destroys everything he's involved in | | of the more luxurious and exotic | | through his overly brutal behavior. | | cars in the city. | +--------------------------------------+ +------------------------------------+ +-----------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | 5) Walkthrough (5WLK) | +-----------------------------------------------------------------------------+ This Walkthrough covers the game from beginning to end, follow it from the start, or pick up later in the game, either way it will get you to the end. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | 5.1) An Offer You Can't Refuse (5.1WLK) | ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- After watching the credits, no the +---------------------------------------+ game is not already over it just | Main Objectives: | opens with the credits, and the scene | -Evade car chasing you. | to go along with it, you will see a | -Get to the Salieri Bar. | man out inspecting his cab, this is +---------------------------------------+ the main character the one you play, his name is Tommy. Two cars will be frantically speeding down the road, after a wreck, two men will come around the corner holding a gun at you to drive, so noticably it is best to do what they say. Follow the on screen instructions, or look at section 2 of this FAQ/Walkthrough for the default game controls. Avoid hitting anything, cars, poles, small children, just the basics. Right now there is not much known about the reason the two men jumped in your cab and need to get away quick, but all you need to do is loose the vehicle behind you (note: if this task is failed there is an automatic restart right at the beginning). Bring up the map by pressing the Back button. You start out near the Hoboken area, and after you loose the cars on your tail you need to go west to Little Italy. To save some time, go ahead and start to drive to the west, you will need to use the bridges connecting the different areas together. For now there are really no in-game rules that apply, such as speeding and wreckless driving, all of that will be covered later, for now just focus on loosing the guys on your tail and getting to the west. After losing the men on your tail your next objective is to get to the Salieri Bar. A timer will appear in the upper right of the screen, you must make it to the bar before that timer runs out. Use the map on the top left of the screen for directions, and use the full map (by pressing the Back button) to find the main roads there, on the map it is marked by a big X in Little Italy. If you started heading west while you were running from the men then you have more than ample time. Once you reach the bar you have made some new friends. When the man walks out with his hand in the coat he is getting ready to shoot you, shoot a bit of cash your way that is. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | 5.2) Taxi Driver (5.2WLK) | ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As a taxi driver you should take your +---------------------------------------+ passengers to their destination in a |Main Objectives: | safe and timely manner. This means | -Drive passengers to destinated | obeying the traffic laws, not running | locations quickly and safely. | red lights, speeding or causing an | -Take passenger to Church Downtown. | accident. The police flag you down | -Take passenger to New Ark Hospital. | to stop (ticket icon) and fine you if | -Take passenger to Central Island | you are spotted breaking the law, | theater. | repeated fines will result in you | -Take passenger to Bar Pompeii. | being arrested. (From introduction) | -Take Passenger to car lot in Little | | Italy. | The first passenger will want you to +---------------------------------------+ drive him to the church, which is to the east, once you get there drop him off in front of the steps, then pick up the next passenger. He wants to go to the Hospital in New Ark. The hospital is to the north. Drop him off in front of the main entrance. Next a lady will get in your cab, she wishes to go to the Theater on Central Island, she wants you to take the Giuliano Bridge, so from the hospital head south, it will be the first bridge you come to. Drop her off in front of the Theater. The next man will get in your taxi, he wants to go to the Bar Pompeii, head east, into Hoboken. Drop him off at the entrance in front of the bar. The next passenger will get in he wants to go to the department store car lot in Little Italy, go west, he wants to cross the Giuliano Bridge, then go through the tunnel. Drop him off at the car lot. The taxi driving section is now completed. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | 5.3) The Running Man (5.3WLK) | ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Start off by running, run down the +---------------------------------------+ alleyway that the green arrow is |Main Objectives: | pointing too, head to the end of this | -Escape to the Salieri Bar. | alleyway and run down the street that +---------------------------------------+ is slightly off to your left, you then see an arrow going right, go down the alleyway that the car pulls out of, go left, run up the stairs, go right, follow this alley as it goes back to the left, run down the set of steps you come to, go right down the next set of steps. As you exit this alleyway go left, you will see another green arrow facing into an alleyway, go down it. Run through the tunnel that is off to the right. Exit the tunnel, run left towards Salieri's Bar and you will then automatically enter. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | 5.4) Moltov Party (5.4WLK) | ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Paulie will take you to a nice gun +---------------------------------------+ shop. After picking up some Moltov |Main Objectives: | Cocktail's, and a baseball bat. Next | -Drive to Marello Bar, destroy cars. | you will meet Ralph, take him any car | -Return to Salieri's. | that you steal in the future and he +---------------------------------------+ will make it yours. Once in your car drive east, the Marello Bar is in New Ark. Hit the man standing in front of the gate, take his gun, and start to punch the cars, the men will come out from inside, shoot them with the gun. After damaging all 3 cars, get back in your car and drive back to Salieri's. Pull up to the gate you come to and select Complete Mission. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | 5.5) Oridnary Routine (5.5WLK) | ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Exit this room, then leave the bar. +---------------------------------------+ To leave exit through the back door. |Main Objectives: | Speak to Ralph, he is the man working | -Go see Vincenzo for weapon. | on the car, he will give you a car to | -Talk to Ralph. | use for this mission, it is the big | -Collect Protection Money. | brown one, get in it it and pull it | -Collect money on Central Island. | out of the main area. You will be | -Collect money in Hoboken. | blocked by the large gate though. | -Collect money outside of town. | Stop your car at the gate, get out, | -Save Sam. | then go up the steps to your left, | -Kill man who stole your money. | enter this building and speak to +---------------------------------------+ Vincenzo to get some weapons, he will give you a gun, be sure to get it off of the table. Exit the building, get back into your car and you can now leave, the gate is open (you will be stopped so Paulie and Sam can go with you.) Drive east to the Central Island, you will see the building you need, it has a green arrow pointing to it. Stop your car out front, someone will go inside, get the money and come back out. Continue east, your next destination is the Bar Pompeii in Hoboken. Stop out front, someone will go in and get the money. Go north to the motel outside of town. Once you get near it there will be a cut-scene. The front door will be locked, run around to the back and jump up the crates and enter the door up on the balcony. Open the door to your right, kill the man on the toilet, then immediately look behind you someone should be coming from there, shoot them, go into the first door on your right and pick up the large gun off the bed. There is also a medecine cabinet in this room, use it to restore 30 health. Exit this room, continue down the hallway, then down the steps, there are three men in this room, one has a submachine gun, he is behind the bar counter, the other two have pistols and are in the middle of the room taking cover. Once you take them out a large man in a white shirt will come out and start to kick you, kill him, then go through the door he used to enter your area, sam is in this area, a cut-scene will begin. That guy will then be back up and clock you in the face, load a clip into him, and a man will then steal your money. Run outside, get in your car and chase the man in the large clanky ragtop vehicle, once you reach a certain point on the road then you will be in chase mode. Use the on screen instructions to see what to do. Shoot his car enough and it will blow. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | 5.6) Fairplay (5.6WLK) | ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Exit the bar by way of the back door. +---------------------------------------+ Ralph is in the garage, down in the |Main Objectives: | pit, he will walk up when you come | -Talk to Ralph. | in. Speak to him, he will give you | -Find Bobby. | pointers on the mission, then follow | -Deliver the sports car to Lucas | him outside, and he will show you a | Bertone without damaging it. | new car, get in it. Pull the car out | -Take car back to track. | of the garage area and onto the main | -Return to Salieri's. | streets. Drive west, towards the mark +---------------------------------------+ on your map, you must make it there within the time limit. You will come to an area with no map, do not worry, just keep following the road and it will take you to where you need to go. Park outside the gate, Bobby will come out to greet you, and he will let you inside. Drive through the tunnel and follow the road, you will then come to a large blue flashing arrow, follow it to the garage bays. Park your car, run over to Bobby, and get in the car he shows to you. Drive it east back into town, drop it off at Bertone's Autoservice in New Ark, do not damage the car or be seen by the cops. Pull the car into Bertone's garage. After he 'fixes' the car, get back into it, and drive west back to the track. Remember, do not damage it, or bring notice upon yourself. Pull the car back into the garage and park it. Exit the garage, get back into the car that you started this mission in and take it back east to Salier's Bar, park at the gate and choose Complete Mission. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | 5.7) Race Day (5.7WLK) | ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- One the mission starts exit through +---------------------------------------+ the bar's back doors, get into one of |Main Objectives: | the three cars that are sitting out | -Drive to the track and find Frank. | there. Pull out of the garage area | -Drive to Lucas Bertone's. | and through the gate. A timer will | -Steal Lassiter. | appear on your screen, you must drive | -Return to Salieri's. | west, back to the race track before +---------------------------------------+ that timer runs out. Once at the track you will receive your race car. Drive smart and drive safe, if you are having trouble drop the difficulty level on this race. After the race you will be back at Salieri's bar, run around to the gate, choose Take A Car, get in one of your cars and drive back east to Lucas Bertone's shop. Once you are near a cut-scene will begin, Bertone, he will show you how to steal a Lassiter. Drive west to the Municipal Building, and you will see the car in the lot, park your car, get out of it, then steal that car, and take it back to Salieri's. Park the car by the gate to complete the mission. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | 5.8) Sarah (5.8WLK) | ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Walk out of the bar and follow Sarah +---------------------------------------+ on her way home. You will start to go |Main Objectives: | down an alleyway, some men will step | -Escort Sarah on her way home. | out at you to try to intimidate you. +---------------------------------------+ you will have to fight your way through here, take the enemies weapons as they go down. Follow the arrows as you work your way through the alleys. Once you are back at her apartment she will invite you inside, she will bandage your wounds. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | 5.9) Better Get Used To It (5.9WLK) | ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Exit the door in the meeting room and +---------------------------------------+ exit through the back door, run up to |Main Objectives: | Vincenzo's place, he will give you a | -Find Biff in Chinatown and ask him | baseball bat, and a gun, be sure to | where the hoodlums are located. | get it off of the desk. Go and get | -Drive to the old service station. | in one of your cars and pull out into | -Teach those bastards a lesson. | the main part of the city. Drive to +---------------------------------------+ the north and enter China Town, follow the map to the marked point Once you reach him get out of your vehicle and speak with him. he will tell you where they are, when he does get back into your car and drive east to the Old Service Station. Park just outside the gate, then go inside. Remember do not shoot your gun, use your baseball bat to cripple them. Go inside and you will come to a cut-scene, then the fight will start. Work your way though the back alleys. At the end there is a man just standing there, DO NOT bash his skull in. Just past him are some steps, go up them and follow then jump off of the other side. The guys here have guns, so use yours, fight through this area. Once you get to the end it will turn into a chase. Jump in your car and chase the gang leaders. Once you deal enough damage to their car, you will see a cut-scene. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | 5.10) The Whore (5.10WLK) | ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Once the mission starts begin by +---------------------------------------+ driving east to the Hotel Corleone. | Main Objectives: | It is in the downtown section of the | -Drive to the Corleone Hotel. | map. Once you reach the mark get out | -Kill the manager. | of your car and go inside. Walk | -Search hotel to find and kill the | through the set of doors in front of | prostitute Frank mentioned. | you, speak to the man behind the | -Steal the documents and set the | counter, he will tell you that the | explosives in the Director's | manager is having lunch in the | office. | resteraunt off to the left, do not +---------------------------------------+ draw your weapon until it is needed or else you will be shot at. Go off to the left and go to the back of the resteraunt, he is sitting down at the table, this place is going to go crazy once you draw a gun. Kill him, then run back to where you talked to the man behind the coutner, go behind the counter, into the small room and get the key off of the rack (it is noted by a green arrow). There is also a bit of health in the cabinet. Go up two flights of steps, run onto this floor and try the doors, one will lead to the prostitute you are looking for. After a compromise continue up the steps, you will come to the Directors Office, use the key to open the door, be careful there is a man with a pistol in here, kill him, grab the documents, then leave the office. Get ready for a big escape. -------------- | The Priest | -------------- Run across this buildings roof, off +---------------------------------------+ to the right you will see a ledge |Main Objectives: | leading over to a fire escape, find a | -Escape! | spot with cover and take out all of | -Return to Salieri's. | the police that attack you. After +---------------------------------------+ killing them run to the top of the first escape, off to the right you will find a door, go through it. There is a cabinet full of health on the wall, get them if you health is low, go up the steps, through the door at the top. Step up on the ledge to the left, then climb up to the top. Run to the right, at the end you will see a slightly large extension on the wall, just enough for you to comfortably stand on. Stand on the back side of it run, press the left trigger to jump the gap. Run to the far side, work your way down the staggered roofs to the next roof a few feet down. Off to the left drop down the staggered roofs and run down the set of steps you come to. Drop down the roofs you come to. Take out all of the Police here, there is a police that has a sniper rifle a roof over so when all of the ones on the ground are done, scan the rooftops for him, if is is clear, go. then cross the roof and go up the slanted part, climb up to the next roof. Look off to the left you will see another fire escape, run over to the side, a cutscene will begin where you place a ladder across a gap in construction to get continue along your path. You will see a board sticking up to the level you are on, run down it, then to your right is a set of wooden stairs, go down them. Right before the next set of stairs you come to there is a health refill, get it, then go down the steps. Walk to the door at the bottom and watch the cut-scene. A fight will begin to break out in the church. Once most of the lower area is cleared out some men will ambush you from the church's main doors, they have shotguns, kill them. Once everyone is dead, except you and the priest, watch the cut-scene. As you exit the church you will have a wanted level, so you need to get into the car, provided, and return to Salieri's as quickly as possible. Park your car back at Salieri's gate and mission over. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | 5.11) A Trip To The Country (5.11WLK) | ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Go into the garage and talk to Raplh, +---------------------------------------+ he will tell you about a new car, and |Main Objectives: | then take you to it. Get in the car | -Meet Paulie at the warehouse. | Get in the car he has just shown you | -Find out what happened to Salieri's | and exit the garage are. Once on the | men and the alcohol shipment. | main roads start to drive east, you | -Go back to Paulie. | will need to go a bit north of | -Save Sam. | Hoboken to the Salier's Warehouse. | -Visit Lucas Bartone. | Once at the warehouse pull up to the | -Warn Lucas's Friend. | front gate. You find out that the | -Return to Lucas Bertone's. | police have been paid off, so theres | -Steal the car in Oakwood. | no need to worry, your the passenger | -Return to Salieri's. | this time. Once you get to the drop +---------------------------------------+ point Sam will not be present, and well you get the joy of investigating. You are armed with a Shotgun and a pistol. Cross the wooden bridge in front of you and follow the muddy path with tire tracks in it. Just keep following the road, when the path splits, go to the right. The path will split again, follow it to the left, it will lead you to a parked truck and some buildings. Run over to the car, watch the scene, and ger ready to fight. Fight your way out of this area. Start to run to back to where Paulie is, you will come to a fairly open barn, there are men shooting at you from the upper levels. Clear out the barn and continue to run back to the car. Enemies will come out of the front doors of some of the buildings here. Once you get near the trucks you will see a fight going on and one of the trucks should explode. Speak to Paulie, and it is now time to save Sam. Run back into the farm area, you will see a large closed barn on the left go over to it and Paulie will force the door open. Shoot the guys inside. Go up the first set of stairs, at the top is a health cabinet. Clear off this floor and go up to the next one. Here you will find sam at the top, laying out on the floor, talk to him. Paulie will go back and get the truck. Soon after two car loads of enemies will come, go over to the opening of where the steps come up to the upper level, and wait on the side closest to Sam so that you can shoot the men in the back as they come up the steps. Once the men are dead go down and talk to Paulie. After watching the cut-scene you will be in the back of the truck with Sam laying down, your job is to fend off the cars that are chasing you, shoot them with your Thompson, do not let any past. You should be chased by five cars, take them all out and watch the cut-scene. Get into your car once you are back at the warehouse and drive west, visit Lucas Bertone and speak to him. He wants you to drive to Hoboken to warn one of his friends that the cops are coming, jump back in your car and drive east back into Hoboken, his friend is near the Bar Pompeii and is marked. Park your car out front and knock on the door. After this drive back west and return to Lucas Betone's and speak to him. Lucas has a reward for you, follow him, and he will show you how to steal a new car. Get back in your car and drive south to Oakwood. Steal the car when you get to it and then drive west back to Salieri's and complete the mission. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | 5.12) Omerta (5.12WLK) | ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Exit the bar through the back door, +---------------------------------------+ and speak to Ralph, he is working |Main Objectives: | under a car, he will take you to a | -Find Frank and acquire the account | new one he has. Get into that car | books, then kill him. | and go talk to Vincenzo and he will | -Follow the car carrying Frank. | give you a pistol, and a sawed off | -Get rid of the guards, acqure the | shotgun. Get the weapons off of his | account books from Frank and then | desk and exit this area. Get back in | liquidate him. | your car and drive to the main city | -Find Frank's Family. | streets. Drive north to China Town. | -Find and bring the plane tickets | Speak to Biff, the man noted by the | for Frank's wife and daughter. | green arrow. He will tell you that | -Collect the account books from the | he does not know anything, so drive | bank in Down Town. | southeast to the Central Island. | -Visit Lucas Bertone. | Speak to the man here, he is also | -Find Stan and teach him a lesson. | noted by a green arrow. Get back in | -Return to Lucas. | your car and drive northeast to | -Steal the Thor 810 parked in Oak | Bertone's Autoshop. The man you are | Hill. | looking for will be standing under | -Return to the Salieri Bar. | the bridge near Bertone's Autoshop. +---------------------------------------+ Speak to him, he wont say anything to you, just punch him a few times and he will tell you everything. Get back in your car and drive east to Oakwood. Once you pull into the correct area a cut-scene will begin. You will see Frank get into a Highway Patrol vehicle, follow the vehicle, it is armor plated so no need to shoot at it. Once you reach a certain point you will find yourself in a parking lot. A car will come flying at you so move out of the way quickly, enter the building that they ran into and kill anyone who fires at you. Kill the men inside, then Frank will run outside with an escort, kill them, chase Frank outside, kill the men in the brown coats with him, carefully work your way through hanger number one, there are enemies in here. You will see a large Blimp, run over towards it killing anyone getting in your way. Just off to the right of that is where Frank will be hiding, kill all the men guarding him, and go talk to him. Go off to the right, enter the building, go near where the phone is, you will see a woman and a child standing there, talk to them, that is Frank's Family. Exit the building, talk to Frank, and he will follow you back to his family. There will be a nice reunion. Now you need to search down some plane tickets. Grab the health from the cabinet that is in the same area as Frank's family, then exit this building. Head back to the building where this whole fight began, you will see the tickets on the desk. Take the tickets and take them back to Frank and his family (they will be standing outside of the building that they were previously in. Run back to the building where you got the tickets from and kill the police that are guarding the exit. Get in one of the cars and drive out. Once you are back in the town drive south to the Bank. Park in front of the bank, then go in, you will automatically get the brief case. From here drive west to Lucas Bertone's, go inside and talk to him. Get back in your car, drive east to Hoboken, park in front of the bar, the man standing outside is Stan, just punch him, do not shoot him. After fighting him return to Lucas's. Drive out to Oak Hill and steal the car you are looking for. After you have gotten the car go back west to Salieri's bar and mission complete. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | 5.13) Visiting Rich People (5.13WLK) | ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Exit Salieri's Bar through the back +---------------------------------------+ door. Get in one of your cars, drive |Main Objectives: | it to the gate, get out and get a gun | -Pick up Salvatore on the corner | Vincenzo. He will give you a bat and | next to the stadium in Hoboken. | a pistol. Take them off of his desk, | -Retrieve the evidence that would | get back in your car and leave. | implicate Salierei from the | Drive east to Hoboken. Pick up | Prosecutor's villa. | Salvatore and drive southeast to the | -You can give WAIT and FOLLOW ME | Prosecutors Villa. Once at the villa | orders to Salvatore by talking to | go up to the door in the gate, it is | him. | locked but Salvatore can open it. Go | -Take Salvatore back home on the | in the door and get ready. In this | corner next to the stadium in | area you must sneak or else the | Hoboken. | guards with the shotguns will shoot | -Return to the Salieri Bar. | you. Creep forward, to the four way +---------------------------------------+ intersection, look to the left, make sure that the guard is circling this area, follow behind him and you will reach a green arrow that is bouncing, go over to it, this will cut the lights. Follow the guard as he circles around this area, he will stop, get up behind him and knock him in the head with your baseball bat. Stay on this wall, but start to walk back to where you flipped out the lights, but do not go around the corner, stay so you are out of sight to anyone who runs down the path. A guard will run down the path to turn the lights back on, he is the one you need to stay out of sight of, it may take a few tries until you see what wall I am talking about. Once he flips the lights back on sneak up behind him and knock him in the head with your baseball bat. Sneak down the path to the left of the house. The shrubs will hide you from the guards to your right. You will come to a door on the side of the house, have Salvatore unlock it. Go up the staircase in front of you, open the door at the top. Go up the set of stairs you see here, run forward, through the door, cross through the central area of the house, open the door you come to, and make a left. Enter into the Prosecutors office, you will find his safe on the left side of the room. There will be a cut-scene, then its time to leave. Grab the package, get out your shotgun, run out the way you came. Once outside run back to the main gate and exit. You should be able to leave without being shot at. When I got back outside my car was gone, I do not know if that is because of where I parked, or what, either way, get a car and drive Salvatore back to his house. From here return to the Salieri Bar. Go up to the gate and complete the mission. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | 5.14) Great Deal! (5.14WLK) | ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Watch the starting cut-scenes in this +---------------------------------------+ mission. Once you get control of |Main Objectives: | Tommy go inside, make a right, then | -Find Bill and make the deal. | go up the steps you see. Once you | -Kill all of the bastards. | reach the top go off to the group of | -Drive the truck to Salieri's | men to the left. A cut-scene will | warehouse. | start, now here is when the fight | -Lose the tail! | begins. Two cars of men will come | -Drive the truck back to Salieri's | flying up behind you, once you regain | warehouse. | control of Tommy, take cover and take +---------------------------------------+ them out. Fight your way all the way down to the lower floor. At the bottom there is a health cabinet on the far wall, get it if you need it. Run back up the stairs, get in the truck and pull it out of the parking garage. You will have a car following you and you need to lose it. Once you lose the car that is following you drive the truck back to Salieri's warehouse, and mission over. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | 5.15) Buon Appetite! (5.15WLK) | ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Exit the bar with Salieri himself and +---------------------------------------+ get in the car with him. Drive east |Main Objectives: | to Pepe's Resteraunt over in New Ark. | -Drive Salieri to Pepe's Resteraunt | Once there a cut-scene will begin. | in New Ark for lunch. | After the cut-scene run backwards, go | -Drive to Carlo's house near the | through the back door. (Take note of | West Marshall Bridge and kill him. | the health cabinet on your left, you +---------------------------------------+ may need it later) Get out your gun, go out the door on your right, go up to the corner and peak around, there will be an enemy with a Tommy Gun, take him out. Go down this alley and to the right, go up to the end of the street and peek around the wall to your right, use your Tommy Gun to kill any enemies there. Search the area for remaining enemies, when they are all dead a cut-scene will begin. Get back in your car and drive west to Carlo's house. Once you get to his place get out of your car and run to the door, you will go inside, follow the Don to the top. Break down the door, run over to the window, go out, follow him down the fire escape and kill him. Some men will come out after you, kill them. After that you will see a cut-scene. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | 5.16) Happy Birthay! (5.16MAF) | ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- After the briefing exit Vincenzo's +---------------------------------------+ and go speak to Ralph, he will give |Main Objectives: | you a car for this mission, pull | -Infiltrate the paddle steamer and | out of the garage area and onto the | assassinate the councilor during | main road. Drive southeast to the | his speech. | marker. Pull your car down to the | -Find the weapon that Vincenzo hid | docks, park by all the people. Speak | in the men's room and kill the | to the man on the dock, then turn | councilor during his speech. | around and run into the door with the | -Escape! | green arrow pointing to it. Go into +---------------------------------------+ the door on the left and put on one of the sailor outfits, then go back to the dock and go onto the boat. Run down the dock and watch the cut-scene. The boat will set sail. Go up to the second floor, run to the back of the boat, go down the interior hallway and make a left. To the left of the set of steps you see read the sign on the door, it reads ''Skipper has key'' check the door, and since you are in your uniform, look to the left of that door, you will see a bucket in the far corner near the rail pick it up, run down to the lower level and find the man in the blue and white striped shirt, that is the skipper, speak with him two times and he will give you the key, run back to the bathroom, unlcok the door, and get the revolver to the left of the sink. Face the toilet and press A, this will clean it. Exit the bathroom, KEEP YOUR GUN HIDDEN, return the keys to the skipper, he will be where he was earlier, run around the boat until the councilor comes out of his room. Shoot the councilor during his speech, run down to the lower level and jump onto the boat waiting for you. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | 5.17) You Lucky Bastard! (5.17MAF) | ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Exit the bar through the back door, +---------------------------------------+ go to Vincenzo's, he will give you |Main Objectives: | your weapons, get your gun off the | -Drive to the Italian Garden | table and go speak to Ralph, he will | Resteraunt with Paulie and | give you a new car, get in and drive | assassinate Sergio Morello. | out into the town. Drive east to the | -Lose the tail! | resteraunt. Park your car, get out | -Return to Salieri's. | and go into the phone booth. A | -Drive to Morello's house and place | cut-scene will begin, run back to the | the bomb on his car. | car, get in it and lose the car that | -Drive to the Rainbow Garden | is chasing you. After losing the | Resteruant with Pauie and | tail return to Salieri's. After you | assassinate Sergio Morello. | hear the new plan, pick up the bomb | -Lose the tail! | off of the desk and exit Vincenzo's. | -Return to Salieri's. | Go get a car and drive out onto the | -Kill Sergio Morello. | main streets. Head east to Oakwood | -Return to the Salieri Bar. | and you will see Sergio's car. Wait +---------------------------------------+ in your car until the man standing directly behind it goes back inside. Once he goes in, get out of your car, go to the arrow and press A to place the bomb under his car, go back, get in your car and watch the cut-scene. After another failed attempt there will be yet another plan, get in the car out front, and drive east to the Rainbow Garden Resteraunt in Downtown. Pull into the parking lot and watch the cut-scene. Lose the car that is chasing you. Once you lose the car that is chasing you drive back to Salieri's. Watch the cut-scene, after yet another failed attempt, chase down his car. Keep on his tail, and a cut-scene will begin. You will be in the boat port, kill all the men in here. From the entrance go off to the left, continue this way following the wall, you will eventually come to some train cars with green arrows on them, flip the swith just in front of them, then send the first train going, it will crash into a wall, then go over to it to watch a cut-scene. Go into the door that was blown open, and fire like crazy, there are, after you've killed Sergio, get the health in the room behind him, get in a car and return to the Salieri Bar. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | 5.18) Creme De La Creme (5.18MAF) | ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Exit Salieri's bar through the back +---------------------------------------+ door. Go over to Vincenzo's he will |Main Objectives: | give Paulie and Sam Tommy Gun's and | -Drive to the Theater on Central | he will give you a sawn off shotgun. | Island with Paulie and Sam and | Get your gun off of his desk, and | assassinate Morello. | go get in one of your cars (note: | -Chase and kill Morello. | the car must be able to seat your | -Return to the Salieri bar. | party). Drive out of the garage area +---------------------------------------+ to the road and drive east to the theater. Once you get there Morello will be leaving, chase his silver limo. Keep on his tail and keep on shooting at his car. Once you kill him head back to Salieri's Bar. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | 5.19) Election Campaign (5.19WLK) | ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Exit Salieri's bar through the back +---------------------------------------+ door. Go to Vincenzo's, speak with |Main Objectives: | him and he will give you a rifle that | -Assassinate the politician from the | has a scope and a hand-gun, get them | tower on top of the Old Prison. | off of his desk, then go talk Ralph, | -Return to Salieri's. | he will give you a car for this +---------------------------------------+ mission. Pull out of the garage area and onto the main roads. Drive east to the Old Prison. Pull up to the marker, get out of your car and speak to the man standing there, he will say that they are working, but climb down anyways, run down the path and climb up the ladder at the opposite end. Run around the prison to the right, go in the door you see. Go through the gate to your left, and climb the stairs you see, at the top there are some men, kill them, cross this room and go through the gate by their fire. Go through the door in front of you and go up the steps to your left. Go in the open door you come to, kick open the next door, that will cause the man standing by it to drop his shotgun, take it and clear out this room. Go through the door on the other side. Continue to follow the general path, go up the set of steps you come to, go through the door at the top. This is your shooting point, get out the gun with the scope, the politician is the one with the green arrow over him. Once you kill run all the way down the steps, go outside, there will be some dogs here, sadly you have to kill them or else they will bite you, go over to your left, shoot the lock off of the blue door and go outside. Two men will immediately start shooting at you, run away, steal a car and drive back to Salieri's. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | 5.20) Just For Relaxation (5.20WLK) | ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Exit Salieri's bar through the back +---------------------------------------+ door, go speak with Vincenzo to get a |Main Objectives: | bat and a gun. Grab your stuff off | -Drive to the agreed meeting place | of the desk, then go back down the | in the Works Quarter. | steps and run to the gate, then run | -Steal the truck. | back and speak with Ralph, he will | -Steal the driver's documents. | give you a car to take for this | -Drive the truck back to the Port | mission. Get in it, drive it to the | and steal all of the ''Scorses | main roads and go west to the Works | import'' boxes. | Quarter. Once you reach the meeting | -Steal all ''Scorsese import'' boxes.| place park at the green arrow and | -Drive the truck to the agreed | watch the cut-scene. Drive back east | meeting place in the Works Quarter. | to the marker on your map, follow the | -Drive the truck to Salieri's | truck that pulls out. When he stops | warehouse. | and gets out of his car follow him +---------------------------------------+ into the open garage, knock him in the back of the head with the baseball bat, and take what he drops. Exit the garage, get into his truck and drive it to the Port. Drive forward, you will come to a row of garage doors to the left of the Dispatch Hall, back your truck up to the open garage door, get out of your car and do not go near the entrance, it will trigger a cut-scene which you do not want to occur yet. Go behind the building and follow the guard back here while he walks his path, when no one is looking crack him in the back of his head with your bat, take his Tommy Gun, but keep it hidden. Go off to the right and crack the other guard walking around near the large buildings, go back to where you parked your truck, the chief will ask you to move the crates while he goes to take a leak. Follow him until he stops and uses the bathroom on a tree, since you took out the two guards that would see you kill him you are safe to crack him in the back of the head with your bat, go back to where the cigars are and load them onto your truck. They are the Scorsese import/ export crates. Load them from right to left, two rows high, once they are all loaded get in the car, get in and leave the port. Drive the truck back west to the meeting place. Keep the damage to a minimum. Now you have to drive the truck east to Salieri's warehouse. Once you enter the warehouse, watch the cut-scene. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | 5.21) Moonlighting (5.21WLK) | ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Walk into the bank and talk to Paulie +---------------------------------------+ he will begin to tell you his master |Main Objectives: | plan on knocking off the bank. | -Follow Paulie to the Bank and | Follow him to the lobby and listen. | listen to his plan. | Exit the bank, and go to the east | -Collect the car and guns, then | you will come to a gunshop, go inside | drive back to Paulie's house | just follow the large green arrow. | and sound the car horn to pick | Once inside go to the right, down the | him up. | set of steps you see. Speak to the | -Go to Yellow Pete's Shop in the | man behind the counter, he will give | old Twister movie house in Hoboken | you 2 pistols, take them off of the | to pick up some weapons. | table. Exit the shop, then go west | -You can visit Lucas Bertone. | to Lucas Bertone's. Once you reach | -Honk your horn in front of Paulie's | Lucas Bertone's go inside and speak | apartment and pick him up. | with him. He will ask you to take a | -Take the package to Big Dick who's | package to Big Dick who is waiting | under the East Marshall Bridge. | under a bridge to your south, drop | -Return to Lucas. | off the package. Three men will come | -Steal the Trautenberg Model J which | down and attack you, kill them, one | is travelling from Oakwood Junior | has a shotgun, take it, then retun to | High School towards Central Island. | Lucas. Speak with him, he will tell | -Go to the Bank with Paulie. | you about a car, follow the marker on | -Break into the safe and steal the | your map, once he parks his car, take | money. | it. Drive west to Paulies. Park out | -Escape with Paulie and get to the | front and honk your horn. Drive east | Palermo Club in Hoboken. | to the bank. Park outside, then go +---------------------------------------+ in. Go through the door to the left once the guard opens it and shoots at you, run up the stairs, at the top of the steps go left, open the door and kill the guards here. At the intersection go right, then go through the first door on the left, this man has the keys to the safe, get them from him. Get the keys out of the cabinet next to the books. Exit the room, go right, then down the steps, stop on the middle floor, go through the door and get the green key off the wall, go back to the steps and continue downwards. Open the locked gate directly in front of you, follow this room, kill the two guards by the large safe, open the gate, then run up to the safe. Watch this cut-scene, and after you have cleared the place out, exit the safe, and run back up to the top meet Paulie and run out together. Get in your car and you must lose the cops, once you have lost the cops drive to the Palermo Club and pull into the point marked by the green arrow. Pull in park your car and get out, watch the cut-scene. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | 5.22) The Death of Art (5.22WLK) | ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- After watching the opening cut-scene +---------------------------------------+ steal the Police Car out front and |Main Objectives: | to drive east to Yellow Pete's Gun | -Meet Sam at the City's Art Gallery. | Shop. Knock on the side door and go | -You could visit Yellow Pete on the | inside. Speak with him to get a | way. | Pistol and a Thompson. Go back | -Kill all of the bastards. | outside and drive west to the Art +---------------------------------------+ Gallery. Park your car out front and go inside. Watch the cut-scene, kill everyone in here. You will come to a showdown wih Sam eventually hit him with whatever guns you have left, most your best bet is a Tommy Gun, if you don't have that use a pistol. Take as much cover as you can. Once you finish this mission sit back and relax, games over. You did a good job! +-----------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | 6) Thanks (6TNK) | +-----------------------------------------------------------------------------+ NBox Gamer Microsoft XBox Illusion softworks Gathering</p>