Shadowgate 64-Walkthru June 22, 1999 copyright 1999 No one can edit any part of this text or put it on any compilation cds without my written permission. This text can be freely distributed, but I must be given credit. This text was written with WordPad and saved in rich text format. If you don't like it, tough. Shadowgate 64 Walkthru Alrighty, people asked for it, so here it is. This is just going to be a basic walkthru of the game Shadowgate 64 for the N64. If I missed anything, feel free to e-mail at the address above. -THE CELL You start the game out in a prison cell after your caravan was attacked by a band of thieves. You play the role of some halfling, I think a mix between a human and an elf. First of all, talk to Agaar, the wizard in the cell next to yours. He start babbling on about some crap, and about halfway through, the guard will give you some food. After Agaar is done, go over to the food and eat it. Make sure you take the bone afterwards. Next, walk over to the pile of hay and examine it. The game will ask you if you want to move it aside, choose yes. You have to use the bone on the door in the floor to open it, so do it already. Jump down the hole and prepare for the sewers. -THE SEWERS Well, you're stuck in the sewers now eh? Why the hell did you ever jump down here, oh yeah, I told you too, hehe. Now is a good time to tell you to save often I guess. You can very easily die by just walking off the edge of a platform, so it's a good idea to save your progress. Anyway, you should be in the sewer now, there is a grate at one end, with a board and a bottle behind it. Ignore those, you never get them. At the deep end is a skeleton. Remember him, because you'll have to get Aristolin's treasure from him later in the game. He is Aristolin's humble servant. There is also three doorways, a hole in the wall, and a grate between two doors. The hole in the wall serves no purpose in the game, as do the boxes. Examine the grate though and get the iron bar. Now enter the first doorway, closest to the grate with the bottle behind it. Nothing much there, but a ghost who you'll be able to speak to later, and a map on the right side of the ledge you're on. Examine the ground right by where you enter to find it. If you walk into the water you'll drown, so don't. Go back to the sewers area, and enter the middle door. Use the bar on the pillar to knock it over, and cross. The skeleton on the ground is Lucas, you'll here about him later on, but he doesn't really serve a pupose, except to give you a little more story info. Pick up the journal and read it if you want, and proceed throught the broken wall. Take the pick-ax that's by the broken wall and head back to the area where you entered the sewers. Go through the last doorway now. Use the pick-ax to climb over the green wall, and then use the pick-ax to break through the ceiling and get ready to enter the Tower of Disciples. -THE TOWER OF DISCIPLES There's all sorts of books and notes in this tower, both on top and under desks, they mostly just provide information so read them if you want. Leave the room you start in and you'll be in a hallway. Enter the first door on the left, and take the spool of rope behind the pile of lumber. Leave this room and enter the room directly across from it. This is the home of Dorn and his granddaughter. Remember it's location because you'll have to return here a couple times. For now just take the fairy statue in the bookcase and leave. Now go back into the hallway and head for the stairs. Take the elf statue that is on the desk and remember the door with the dragon on it. You'll be back there before you enter the Tower of Flying Dragon. Head up the stairs, and start taking books and notes. Remember the window with the step-ladder leading up to it, that's your exit from this tower. Proceed through one of the three doors into the next room. There's just more books here, so proceed up the stairs when you're ready. And yes, the blank books are readable, once you have the ring of the dead. There should be three doors now, enter the one on the right first and take the bottle of liquid sunset then leave. Next enter the door across from the stairs, watch the bench tip over and take the coin and notes. Now you can enter the final door. Put the statues next to the statue of the man, fairy statue first, followed by the elf statue. Go through the secret doorway and take the pixie flute from the bookshelves in one of the rooms and some notes. Now you can head back to the window with the step-ladder leading up to it. Use the spool of rope on the window, and then the pixie flute to shrink down. Climb down the rope and use the pixe flute again to return to full size. This is the graveyard, you'll be able to talk to the dead people once you have the ring of the dead. -THE GRAVEYARD/CHURCH Walk through the graveyard and enter the courtyard. If you want you can check out the grave behind the wood, you'll have to return there later. Enter the church and take the vial of Dragon Tears from behind the statue. Go through the passage way to the right when you first enter the church. Take the crowbar and two keys. Ones on the hook and ones on the floor right by it. You can unlock the coffins right now, although you can't do anything with them yet. Go back into the church and climb the ladder. Use the crowbar on the nail in the wall, then climb down and retrieve the nail. Climb back up the ladder and go through the hole in the ceiling. Carefully make your way across the roof avoiding the holes and climb through the window. You've now entered the Tower of Lakmir. -THE TOWER OF LAKMIR This is one place you won't have to return to after you're done. The crazy old wizard talks about a narrow and wide path, he just means, if you continue you're taking the wide path, if you give up or try to escape you're taking the wide path. Anyway, proceed out into the hallway and enter the door on the right. Take the oil flask, and use the dragon tears on the barrel of water. Go back into the hallway and take the stairs. Proceed through this area, talk to Lakmir a bit, and then walk down the stairs. Enter the door under the stairs. There should be two doors now, enter the one on the right. Take the mug and the rusty key from behind the column. You can take the books if you want too. Leave and enter the door across the hall. You can find some books in here and the giant's hair, which you'll use minutes before the end of the game. Leave, go down the stairs and use the oil on the rusty door. Enter the door around the corner and take the crest off the metal door. You can now head back to the room where you put the dragon tears in the barrel of water. Use the mug on the barrel, then leave and enter the room across the hall. Use the mug on the purple fire and put the star crest where it belongs. Go back to the room where you got the star crest off of the metal door. Enter the door and you should be in a room with three knight statues. Touch the one on the left, then the right, then right back, right, and left. Walk up the stairs. There should be two doors, enter the one on the left first. The main thing in here is the machine which you use the nail on to make a key. You can take a book and the forest nectar too if you like, although all the forest nectar does is kill you. Now you can leave and enter the room across the hall. Take the night elixir from the shelves and the quill if you want, there's some books in here too. Walk up on the bed and use the night elixir and the liquid sunset on the dish. Next, climb up on the chair and use the crest key on the red spot in the ceiling. Now you can enter the door with the moon on it. There's three rings in here: a green one which kills you if you wear it, a blue one which only serves one purpose which I'll explain later on, and a red one, which is the ring of the dead. Listen to Lakmir and watch the cinema. It is a good idea to keep the ring of the dead on at all times, you never know when you'll come across a dead guy. Oh yes, you have to equip the ring, so make sure you go to the menu and do so. Now make your way out of the tower through the way you came, back into the church. -THE GRAVEYARD/CHURCH If you like, you can talk to the dead by the different gravestones now, although it isn't necessary. Head back to the room in the church with the coffins and talk to the dead woman. She'll tell you of here son Saul and his friend Lucas, and then give you her pendant and you can take her book. Now you can leave the room and walk down the short set of stairs and use the rusty key on the door there. This will lead you back into the caves. Walk down the long hall and use the rusty key on the door at the top of short set of stairs. Yay, you're back in the first tower. -THE TOWER OF DISCIPLES Nicely, they put you right by where you need to go. Walk through the room and enter the hallway. Turn to the left and enter the door on the left. Make sure you have the ring of the dead on, and talk to Dorn, by the big bed. He'll give you the cemetary key, open the way out of this tower, and tell you to find his granddaughter. You can also take the slipper off the table now. Leave the room, head up the stairs, and proceed through the door. You'll find that the large double doors are now unlocked. Go ahead and walk through them, I dare ya. -VILLAGE Now, I found 5 coins in the game, but the only one that seems to serve a real purpose is the ancient coin. You can use the plain coins to purchase some stuff at the shop, but I never found a use for any of it. Anyway, there should be one to the right when you enter the village. You can walk around the building and talk to the guard there. If you talk to him a couple times, you should be able to get a lot of information out of him. Remember, in order to talk to the living, you have to take off the ring of the dead. He's actually blocking the way back into the dungeon where you start the game. Your first priority though should be to head down the path to the left when you first enter the village. Now, in this area, there should be an inn, a shop, and two large doors. First of all, put on the pendant you got from the dead lady, and ready through her diary and try to remember the information there. Then enter the inn (the building with the swinging sign above the doorway). The innkeeper thinks you stole the pendant, so you have to answer some questions for him. Here's some questions I've come across: What's the name of Saul's friend? Answer: Lucas What was Saul hoping to find? Answer: Gold and Gems How long after he left did the poor woman die? Answer: A fortnight If there's more questions than that, feel free to send 'em in to me. Now that you can explore the inn, the first thing you should do is talk to the woman. It is because of her that you are still alive, she asks you to save her brother Agaar. He was the man in the prison cell next to yours at the start of the game. Take the orb and head up the stairs. Nothing much up here but some notes you might be interested in, once you're done, go back down the stairs and leave the inn. If you want, you can talk to the shopkeeper, although it isn't necessary yet. Many of the doors around here require the cemetary key, so use it when necessary. For now, head through the doors to the right of the shop. If you want, you can pick up the poisonous herb where the path turns, but it is useless. Enter the first door you come to and you'll be in the park, remember this area, because you'll be here a couple more times. Approach the statue of Lord Jair and you can listen to the ramblings of Lakmir once again. If you want, you can walk through the passageway to the right, and talk to the girl, although you don't have the slipper yet. When ready leave the park area and continue along the path towards the wooden doorway, there's a coin along the way if you want it. The blue house in this area is the control room, you'll find a different way in there later on. The house with the locked door is Agaar's home, you'll return here as well. For now, proceed through the one unlocked door. Turn to the right and enter the first door. You can talk to Rastolin, there's nothing important in here. You can head up the stairs and find another book, and a useless piece of art. Leave, and climb down the ladder into the pit. He's looking for coins, so give him what he wants (the ancient coin). Watch him run away and then retrieve the slipper from the pile of garbage he was blocking. Climb back up the ladder and walk through the small door. This is another excavation area, to your right is the reservoir, which you'll be back to soon, and to your right is the Tower of Flying Dragon, basically the last place in the game. Retrieve the coin if you like, and remember this location. Now, you leave the excavation area and proceed through the large open doorway, there's a stable guy you can talk to, and if you proceed through one of the large doors, you can talk to the guards. Eventually get through the small wooden door by the guards. You'll be back in the area where you started when you entered the village, go through the door on your right. There is three doors and a stair case. The doors on the left have nothing of use, and the door on the right is the dungeon keepers room. Go in there and check out his sheet music if you like, but don't walk past the second bookshelves, if you do, the dungeonkeeper will find you and kill you. When you're done, you can leave and go up the stairs. There's nothing of use in the room across from the stairs, the room you want is to your left. There's a book in here, along with Wil Goddard. Talk to him, and listen to all of his songs to receive the flower. Leave this building, turn to your right, and turn to the right again to go down the path. Use the cemtary key on the doors to the left of the shop and proceed through. Go through the door on your left, and put the flower on the grave farthest down. Put on the ring of the dead and talk to Aristolin to get him to tell you of his treasure. You can now head back into the village area from where you came and go through the other set of doors by the shop. Head back to the park area with the statue, go through doorway to the right, and free the girl. By the way, this water area is the location of the Tower of Trials you'll be soon entering. Go back towards the graveyard area, and enter the church. Go through the door by the room with the coffins to get back into the caves. -THE TOWER OF DISCIPLES Head through the broken wall to the left, and through the doorway. Stop to talk to Lucas and proceed across the pillar, through the doorways, back into the sewers. Go down to the deep end and talk to the skeleton. Dersius will now relinquish his treasure. Now, go back the way you came to where you entered this caves area from the church, and go down the long hallway to get back into the tower. Dorn's room should be on your left, so get your ass in there. Talk to the old man and get the stone of thirst. Now you can leave the tower, back through the church, and out into the courtyard. Go to the grave to the right of the church, and use dragon tears on it to cleanse the mans soul. He'll now tell you the magic words you need to use with the stone of thirst. Now you can enter the doors across from the church, and find yourself in the village area once again. -VILLAGE You should be right by the shop, enter it already. Show the man your treasure, and buy the chipped violin. Leave, and walk past the inn, down the path leading back to the gate keeper's room. Enter the large building, and go through the door on the right, right before the stairs. Go to the table and place violin on it, then walk around the bookshelf and hide by the fireplace. The guard will start playing, walk past him, take the key off the hook, and proceed down into the dungeons. Find the cell with Agaar in it, unlock it, and give him the orb. The guard will appear, but Agaar will use the orb to save you. Lock the cell with the cell key, then head back up the stairs and leave this building. Head right at the big brown doors, and enter the inn. Agaar will unlock his house, then disappear. Leave the inn and enter the doors to the right of the shop. Walk along the path, and go through the wooden doorway at the end. Turn down the right, then right again, and enter the house. There's a few things in here, but what you need is the fang from the bookcase to the right, the flints from the other set of shelves, and the lever, which doubles as a bed post by the headboard on one of the beds. Now you can leave and go through the doorway around the corner on the right. Enter the door on the left in this area. Climb down the left ladder, and enter the left entryway. Use the stone of thirst on the water. Climb down the ladder and climb up the ladder across from you. Find the valves and turn the left valve left, and the other two right. Use the lever on the end of the machine, and then listen to Lakmir. Pull the lever, listen some more, and then leave the way you came. Climb up out of the excavation area, and leave through the door to your right. Turn to the right, and go through the wooden door, go straight, and turn left into the dark pathway. Proceed forward, and enter the large double doors. Go through the doorway to the right of the statue, walk down the steps, and enter the Tower of Trials. -THE TOWER OF TRIALS Read the plaque and listen to Lakmir, then enter the door on the right wall just before the stairs. Take the book if you want it, make sure you have the ring of the dead on, and then enter the other door. Take the books and notes in here if you want 'em, and then proceed through the door. Nathor Dreslin speaks to you by the desk, and gives you clues for beating this tower. He has changed the trials to recognize him as the true king, not Lord Jair, keep that in mind as you proceed throughout the tower. Head back the way you came and go up the stairs in the room where you last spoke to Lord Jair. The plaque says "Pay homage to the king" which would normally be Lord Jair (the portrait closest to the stairs on the right wall), but if you enter that door you will find nothing. Instead you must find the portrait of Nathor Dreslin (last one on the left wall) and press the switch on the bottom. Take the puzzle pieces to your right, read the plaque if you want, and then proceed to the crest at the far end of the room. Examine the coat of arms, and you'll be faced with a puzzle. The pieces to use are: the castle with one window, the dragon farthest to the right, the left dragon, and the left sword. You will now be faced with a series of questions, here are the ones I've encountered: For what symbol is one given a sorcerous rank? Answer: The Ring of the Kingdom What was responsible for the banishment of the Evil One? Answer: The Staff of Ages By what name does the master of Dersius go? Answer: Aristolin Of what species was the last dragon? Answer: Gold Who is the rightful king of Kal Torlin? Answer: Nathor Dreslin If you've come across any questions other than these, then feel free to send them in to me. Now that you've passed the test, you can step forward and touch the armor. You will now be faced with a room where your control is backward, and there are spinning blades waiting to kill you at one misstep. First of all, equip the blue ring to regain normal control, and then read the plaque if you want. Avoid the blades and touch the first statue. Touch the next statue as you normally would. Now, avoid the statue right in front of you, and go around the corner and touch that statue instead. Now proceed through the door, and take off the blue ring. Avoid the full set of armor, if you touch it you'll be returned to the beginning of the tower. Read the plaques, then approach the candle. This maze is the second hardes part of the game, and I'll try my best to explain it, but bear with me here :) Anyway, light the candle with the flint, then take it off the holder and enter the double doors. You have to make it through the maze before the candle burns out, so here we go. Turn to your left, go around the corner, and proceed forward up the stairs. Go forward a step, turn to the right, and go forward. Go around the corner makinga U-turn. Hit the red switch, then turn around, and go back towards the stairs you just came up. Go through the doorway that just opened right before the stairs, and hit the switch. Turn around, and go back towards the first switch and enter the doorway on the right side. Go along the path, through the first door you come to, and climb up the ladder. Go along the path, and press the switch in the first alcove on the left, then continue along the path avoiding the armor, there and climb down the ladder that just opened up. Go through the right door, and then the next door. Turn to your right, and hit the switch. Then turn around and go through the right door, not the one you just came through. Then go through the next door as well, and climb up the ladder. Walk forward to the second alcove and hit the switch that you hit before. Turn around, go right, and head back down the ladder. Go straight, and turn right right before the door, and hit the switch. Turn around and go back up the ladder you just came from. Hit the switch in the alcove again, and then proceed down the ladder that just opened up. Go through the right door, through the next door, then turn to the right around the corner and up the stairs. Place the candle in the candle holder and go through the door. Now you can read the plaque if you want, and then head toward the mirror on the right. Walk through it backwards and you're almost done. Although, you can examine the mirst if you want to see what you look like. Take the ring of the kindom off the pedestal, equip it in the menu, and then walk onto the platform. You'll be brought back to the beginning where Lakmir awaits you, listen to him and then turn around and leave the tower. Only one tower left now! Yay -VILLAGE Walk through this park area, and out the double doors. Head to the right along the path through the gray doors, and then go left past the inn down the path, until you get to the next area, where you can go through the brown double doors. Make sure you have the ring of th kingdom on and go through the dragon door on the right. Take the dragon flute and get out of this tower the way you came. Go straight, through the brown door in the far wall, past the guards through the gray doors, through the stable, and on through the open doorway. Enter the door on the right wall, and walk along the path to the door by the dragon statues. Go right up to the door, use the dragon flute, and enter the final tower. -THE TOWER OF FLYING DRAGON Walk along the path, careful not to fall over the edge, and enter the door that comes up on your left. Take the book and then climb down the ladder. Take the dragon eye, and go back up the ladder and out the door. Continue along the path to the golden dragon, and place the fang in its mouth. Walk up the newly formed stairs and continue along around the platform until you get to the next area. Put on the ring of the dead and walk through the doorway on your right. Take the book off of the desk and then talk to D'Narth by the bed. Use the hair of giant on the musical instrument, find D'Narth and listen to him for a bit. You can now proceed through the doorway and get prepared for what I consider the hardest part of the game, although it shall be extremely simple for you. Consider these directions as if you had just walked through the door. Go to the back-left dragon and pull its right wing, followed by the back-right dragon where you pull its left wing. Then go to the front-left dragon and pull the left wing, and finish it off by pulling the right wing on the front-right dragon. 1 2 Back-Left Dragon's Feet Back-Right (Right Wing) (Left Wing) 3 4 Front-Left Front- Right (Left Wing) Door (Right Wing) If the above looks screwed up in whatever format you're viewing it, you should still be able to figure it out. You can now proceed up the now lowered stairs. Talk to Lakmir, then make sure you have the ring of the kingdom on and take the staff of ages from the dragon's head. If you ever touch the staff of ages without the ring of kingdom on, you'll die. -VILLAGE The dragon will drop you off right by the stable, and the guards are all looking for you, so all you can do is enter the stable. If you were paying attention to what people have said, you would know that this stable was once lit on fire, there are even scorch marks that you can find. So, go up the box of feed and use your flint on it. Now that the guards are distracted, you can go around the stable and go through the double doors. Give Belzar's assistant Jezibel's pendant and you will find that he is Saul, the murderer of Lucas, and the son of the woman in the coffin. He will cry for a bit, and then move aside. You may now enter the Chamber of Holding. -CHAMBER OF HOLDING If you want, you go along the left side of the platform and view Belzar standing in the room, but don't enter or he will kill you. He believes he has found the staff of ages, when in fact it is the uncontrollable staff of thunder. Place the dragon eye on the staff and watch the evil wizard die, and the re-birth of another. I really dig the chanting, I'll tell you that much. Leave through the hole in the back of the room, and prepare yourself for the final battle. Heh, right. -THE PARK Everything bu the four towers has been destroyed, and you but only one place to go. Go through the double doors and approach the statue. Remember to be wearing the ring of the kingdom, and place the staff of ages in the hands of Lord Jair, followed by the ring of the kingdom. Now sit back and watch what ending there is. -FINAL COMMENTS Well, I really liked this game, I loved the original NES version when it first came out, and so this one really brought back that feeling of nostalgia. It could have been longer I guess, it took me about 5 hours the three times I've played through it. It definitely feels longer than that though, while you're playing through it. -CREDITS I would just like to give special thanks to NiteSite for really pushing me to write this and pointing out that you can buy stuff with the coins. I would also like to thank the guy who told me where to find the rusty key, whoever he may be :) If anyone feels that I should add anything, feel free to write me at You should always be able to find the most up to date version of this, if there are any updates, at Copyright 1999, this document may be freely distributed, but it can not be sold for profit nor placed on any compilation cd of any sort. Nor may it be edited, and I must always be given credit. Thanks for reading!</p>