___ ___ ___ /__/\ / /\ / /\ \ \:\ / /:/_ / /:/ \__\:\ / /:/ /\ / /:/ ___ / /::\ / /:/ /:/_ / /::\ /__/\ /:/\:\/__/:/ /:/ /\ /__/:/\:\\ \:\/:/__\/\ \:\/:/ /:/ \__\/ \:\\ \::/ \ \::/ /:/ \ \:\\ \:\ \ \:\/:/ \__\/ \ \:\ \ \::/ \__\/ \__\/ ___ ___ ___ / /\ ___ /__/\ / /\ / /:/_ / /\ | |::\ / /:/_ / /:/ /\ / /:/ | |:|:\ / /:/ /\ / /:/ /::\ /__/::\ __|__|:|\:\ / /:/ /::\ /__/:/ /:/\:\\__\/\:\__ /__/::::| \:\/__/:/ /:/\:\ \ \:\/:/~/:/ \ \:\/\\ \:\~~\__\/\ \:\/:/~/:/ \ \::/ /:/ \__\::/ \ \:\ \ \::/ /:/ \__\/ /:/ /__/:/ \ \:\ \__\/ /:/ /__/:/ \__\/ \ \:\ /__/:/ \__\/ \__\/ \__\/ ___ ___ ___ _____ /__/\ / /\ ___ ___ /__/\ / /::\ \ \:\ / /:/_ / /\ / /\ \ \:\ / /:/\:\ \ \:\ / /:/ /\ / /:// /:/ \ \:\ / /:/~/::\ ___ \ \:\ / /:/ /::\ / /://__/::\ _____\__\:\ /__/:/ /:/\:|/__/\ \__\:\/__/:/ /:/\:\ / /::\\__\/\:\__ /__/::::::::\ \ \:\/:/~/:/\ \:\ / /:/\ \:\/:/~/://__/:/\:\ \ \:\/\\ \:\~~\~~\/ \ \::/ /:/ \ \:\ /:/ \ \::/ /:/ \__\/ \:\ \__\::/ \ \:\ ~~~ \ \:\/:/ \ \:\/:/ \__\/ /:/ \ \:\ /__/:/ \ \:\ \ \::/ \ \::/ /__/:/ \__\/ \__\/ \ \:\ \__\/ \__\/ \__\/ \__\/ ___ ___ / /\ /__/\ ___ / /::\ \ \:\ / /\ / /:/\:\ \ \:\ / /:/ / /:/ \:\ ___ \ \:\ / /:/ /__/:/ \__\:\/__/\ \__\:\ / /::\ \ \:\ / /:/\ \:\ / /://__/:/\:\ \ \:\ /:/ \ \:\ /:/ \__\/ \:\ \ \:\/:/ \ \:\/:/ \ \:\ \ \::/ \ \::/ \__\/ \__\/ \__\/ ASCII artwork done by Matt Garforth Thanks a bunch! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Guide by: Matt “Cheese” (This isn’t my real last name) Last Updated: 1/8/2004 You’re Reading: version 1.05 --------------------------------------------------------------------------- CONTENTS A. Intro B. Version History C. Missions and Houses I. Mom's House IIa. Dudley's Trailer IIb. Mimi's Place IIIa. Goth Manor IIIb. Studio 8 IIIc. Toane's Gym IV. Marriage IVa. Casa Caliente IVb. Club Rubb IVc. Shiny Things Labs Va. Tinsel Bluffs Vb. Pixel Acres Vc. The Octagon VI. Malcolm's Mansion §incomplete§ D. Career Paths (bust out mode) I. Counter Culture II. Fashion Victim III. Gangster IV. Jock V. Mad Scientist VI. Movie Star VII. Paramilitary E. Career Paths* (free play mode) I. Rock Star II. Slacker III. Artist IV. Computer Geek V. Swindler F. Complete Item List §incomplete§ G. Social Interactions §incomplete§ H. User Submitted Articles I. Credits J. Copyright Info K. Contribute *This section is Unfinished! --------------------------------------------------------------------------- A. INTRO Ok, this is short and sweet so we can save room for the actual guide. If you have anything to add or spot an error, e-mail me about it please at f22me@classicnet.net. Bear with me, I’m trying to get as much of this guide done as soon as possible without leaving to much out for now (if I leave anything out, it will be added back in later such as small details and so on). Thanks, Matt --------------------------------------------------------------------------- B. VERSION HISTORY v0.50 12-31-2003 first release! Happy New Year‘s Eve! v0.60 1-1-2004 The Casa Caliente, Club Rubb, and Shiny Things Labs walkthroughs are now complete! v0.60b 1-2-2004 I’ve fixed several spelling and grammatical errors. All Social interactions are now between parentheses. The Free Play jobs are now listed but I don’t have the data down for them yet! v0.65 1-2-2004 I got around to finishing up the Tinsel Bluffs walkthrough. I plan to have the Pixel Acres Walkthrough at least by tomorrow. v0.68 1-3-2004 I’m still trying to get around to completing Pixel Acres but I did complete The Octagon walkthrough. Please, check back later today if you’re looking for Pixel Acres! v0.75 1-6-2004 A few spelling errors have been corrected. The contribute and User submitted articles sections have now been added. Last, but not least, I finally finished the Pixel Acres section. I’m sorry it took so long but I had to finish up a report for school! I’m back to working on this now! v0.75b 1-7-2004 I have added a few corrections to the ‘How to Complete’ part of some goals! v0.75c 1-8-2004 I fixed a few things on here I was unsure of. Nothing major. v0.75d 1-8-2004 Yes, very fast updates I know! Ok,a new user submitted tip and new allowed site! Meet the friends at www.cheatplanet.com! That's about it for now, peace! v0.80 1-9-2004 Wow! I hope you like the new ASCII art! Thanks a ton Matt (I'm pretty sure this is what you want to go by. Tell me if different) v1.05 1-20-2004 I'm sorry about the huge delay but this is finally finished. School is very interfering with my gaming life so to complete this guide, I need volunteer health! I need people to submit anything unfinished to this guide! It will greatly be appreciated! Many new tips have been added as well! --------------------------------------------------------------------------- C. MISSIONS AND HOUSES Finally, the good stuff you want! Each house has everything you need to know to master each and every goal of the game! Before I cause any confusion, there is something next to every resident’s name (ex: Mom (Nag about House)). This is their special or signature social(It can be obtained by becoming friends with that person while you live with them)! -------------- I. Mom’s House -------------- Theme: Your ordinary house Resident: Mom (Nag about House) Promotions: All Careers, Level 1 Malcolm takes your scooter! §§ ACTIVATE DOUBLE SPEED How to complete: Tap or hold R1. Pretty easy! Prize: §50 §§ EAT ENOUGH FOOD TO FILL YOUR STOMACH How to complete: Wait until mom cooks a meal. Head over to the kitchen and grab some food. This goal will be finished shortly after you have started eating! Prize: §50 §§ USE A TOILET TO EMPTY YOUR BLADDER How to complete: Use the toilet in the bathroom! Prize: You can call for maidservice on the phone. §§ DO FUN STUFF TO RAISE YOUR FUN LEVEL How to complete: Easiest way is to watch TV for a while. Other ways such as dancing to the radio or reading a book will also work! Prize: §50 §§ USE THE NEWSPAPER TO FIND A JOB How to Complete: Click on the newspaper in the front yard and hit Find a Job. Prize: Super Scooter (Vehicle) Unlock: Dudley's Trailer - Move or Visit Mimi's Place - Move or Visit --------------------- IIa. Dudley’s Trailer --------------------- Theme: Your classic Doublewide Trailer! Resident: Dudley Landgrabb (Burp In Face) Promotions: Gangster-Jock-Mad Scientist-Paramilitary, Levels 2 & 3 Malcolm Takes the "What the Puck! Air Hockey Table” and Hologram video game system. §§ INTERACT WITH OTHER SIMS TO SATISFY YOUR SOCIAL NEEDS How to complete: Just talk to Dudley for a little while. Prize: §50 §§ GET TO KNOW DUDLEY BETTER How to complete: Pass the 35 mark on your relationship with Dudley. Prize: (Pull My Finger) social interaction §§ HAVE ONE SKILL POINT IN COOKING How to complete: ‘Study cooking’ at a bookcase. Prize: §200 §§ INVITE MOM OVER TO YOUR NEW PLACE How to complete: Call mom on the phone and invite her over. If she accepts, you’re done! (Make sure you don’t just talk to her because that won’t work) Prize: (Nag about House) Social interaction. §§ CLEAN UP THE MESS How to complete: Clean up all piles of trash mainly in the kitchen. Make sure you also get the plates and water puddles! Prize: DOT-55C Disposal Drum (Trash Can) §§ VISIT MIMI'S PLACE AND GET HER TO PULL YOUR FINGER How to complete: Complete the 'get to know Dudley better' goal to get the 'pull my finger' social. Visit Mimi's Place and use the social on Mimi. This goal is finished once she pulls your finger. Prize: BigMouth Chair (Chair) §§ Promotion Prizes GANGSTER - SHOPLIFTER Prize: NevaGess Secret Door (Door) Dude Buggy (Vehicle) Unlock: Club Rubb - Visit GANGSTER - BURGLAR Prize: (Serenade) social Unlock: Toane's Gym - Move or Visit JOCK - BALL COLLECTOR Prize: What the Puck! Air Hockey Table (Fun) Dude Buggy (Vehicle) JOCK - ROOKIE Prize: Neon Flamingo Sign (Lighting) Unlock: Toane's Gym - Move or Visit MAD SCIENTIST - POTION TESTER Prize: Torchemada Wall Torch (Light) Dude Buggy (Vehicle) Unlock: Shiny Things Labs - Visit MAD SCIENTIST - PYRO Prize: Experimental Lamp (Light) Unlock: Goth Manor - Move or Visit PARAMILITARY - BOOT POLISHER Prize: HellaGraphix 1024 "Diamond Edition" (Electronics) Dude Buggy (Vehicle) Unlock: The Octagon - Visit PARAMILITARY - DRILL INSTRUCTOR Prize: Portable Up-Light (Light) Unlock: Toane's Gym - Move or Visit ----------------- IIb. Mimi's Place ----------------- Theme: Party Crib Resident: Mimi Landgrabb (Brag about Money) Promotions: Counter Culture/Fashion Victim/Movie Star, Levels 2 & 3 Malcolm Takes the Beverage Bar and Gourmet Stove §§ INTERACT WITH OTHER SIMS TO SATISFY YOUR SOCIAL NEEDS How to complete: Talk to Mimi for a while. You'll get it in no time. Prize: §50 §§ GET TO KNOW MIMI BETTER How to complete: Get a 35 or more relationship with Mimi. Prize: (Sign Language) Social §§ HAVE ONE SKILL POINT IN COOKING How to complete: Study cooking at the nearest bookcase. Prize: §200 §§ INVITE MOM OVER TO YOUR NEW HOUSE! How to complete: Call mom on the phone and invite her over. If she accepts, you’re done! Prize: (Give Money) social §§ VISIT DUDLEY AND USE "SIGN LANGUAGE" ON HIM How to complete: First you have to complete 'get to know Mimi better' to obtain the ‘use Sign language’ Social interaction. Head to Dudley's place and (use “Sign Language”) On Dudley. Prize: Topiary Skull (Plant) §§ FIX ALL THE BROKEN THINGS How to complete: Fix the Espresso Machine. If you have my luck, you will also need to fix the dishwasher (it’s the cheap dishwasher). Basically, fix anything that’s broken (If you’re lucky, the Espresso Machine will be the only thing broken!) Prize: Repairman Service is now available on the phone under services. §§ Promotion Prizes COUNTER CULTURE - LEAFLET DISTRIBUTOR Prize: Epicurious Gourmet Stove (Cooking Skill Builder) Matsuura Imposter Type-S (Vehicle) Unlock: Pixel Acres - Visit COUNTER CULTURE - BASKET WEAVER Prize: Confucius Wall Lamp (Lighting) Unlock: Studio 8 - Move or Visit FASHION VICTIM - LINGERIE MODEL Prize: SlushRush Bar Counter (Cooking Skill Builder) Matsuura Imposter Type-S (Vehicle) FASHION VICTIM - BODY WAXER Prize: "VenuSpice" Dresser by Polly Vinyl (Dresser) Unlock: Studio 8 - Move or Visit MOVIE STAR - KIDDIE SHOW SIDEKICK Prize: (Gossip) social Matsuura Imposter Type-S (Vehicle) Unlock: Tinsel Bluffs - Visit MOVIE STAR - STUNT DOUBLE Prize: Exoticalistism Floor Lamp (Lighting) Unlock: Goth Manor - Move or Visit ---------------- IIIa. Goth Manor ---------------- Theme: Spooky House Residents: Mortimer Goth (Kiss Hand) Bella Goth (Nag about Friends) Promotions: Mad Scientist and Movie Star, Levels 4 & 5 Malcolm Takes the Seance Table and Skeleton Display Suggestions: Ok for this place, my advice is to buy something to do for fun as there really isn’t anything now (unless you can do with reading books). The yard has plenty of extra space so you may want to add something fun in the backyard or if you’re rich, you could add an extra room to put fun items in. You may want to upgrade the bed in the back but it’s not a major problem. Make sure you improve the kitchen too! §§ MAKE FRIENDS WITH BELLA OR MORTIMER How to Complete: Get your relationship with Bella or Mortimer to 50 or more to get the social interaction of the residents. I recommend you get both because it’s more fun to have more interactions right? Prize: The Social of the Resident of course! §§ CONTROL ANOTHER SIM BY PRESSING THE L2 OR R2 BUTTONS How to Complete: Press L2 or R2 (note: You only get control of one of the house members) Prize: (Tell Story) social interaction §§ BUY §1000 WORTH OF IMPROVEMENTS FOR THE GOTHS How to Complete: Get something fun to do and a new bed if you like. Spend some good money on the kitchen as well! Prize: Specter Detector Seance Table (Fun) §§ EXORCISE THE GHOSTS BY HOLDING A SEANCE How to complete: You need to finish the ‘$1000 worth of improvements’ goal before you can even think about completing this one! Next, take the Séance out and put it back where it used to be (or find a new home for it. Don’t forget a chair)! This can only be done at night so wait until nightfall and then ‘contact spirits’ with the option on the séance. Do this a few times and the completion box will pop up! Prize: Anatomical Skeleton Display (Decoration) §§ FIND THE FERN THAT WAS STOLEN FROM THE GOTHS How to complete: Visit your old friend Dudley. Go to the back of the backyard near the old abandoned car. There should be a fern growing right in front of it. Click on the fern and choose ‘Steal Fern’. You have now completed that goal! Prize: RGB Flashback (Vehicle) §§ Promotional Prizes MAD SCIENTIST - VIRUS BREEDER Prize: Gene Genie Incubator (Skill Building) MAD SCIENTIST - CHEMIST Prize: Boggs' Memorial Commode (Plumbing) Unlock: Shiny Things Lab - Move or Visit MOVIE STAR - HORROR MOVIE EXTRA Prize: TumulTech "Sim-Phony" Synthesizer (Skill Building) MOVIE STAR - SOAP OPERA STAR Prize: (Do Magic Trick) social interaction Unlock: Club Rubb - Move or Visit -------------- IIIb. Studio 8 -------------- Theme: Art Gallery Residents: Artie Fischl (Fake Out) Charity Grant (Tell Lies) Promotions: Counter Culture/Fashion Victim, Levels 4 & 5 Malcolm Takes the Artist's Block and Pottery Wheel Suggestions: Two Things you need here, comfort and fun. Reading a book will work if that’s what your sim likes. So you need to either buy a TV or stereo to raise your fun. The kitchen table needs some updated furniture as well if you wish to raise your fun level. §§ MAKE FRIENDS WITH ARTIE OR CHARITY How to complete: Get 50 or more in a relationship with Artie or Charity. Prize: Resident’s Special Social! §§ CONTROL ANOTHER SIM BY PRESSING THE L2 OR R2 BUTTONS How to complete: Hit L2 or R2.You will only be able to control one character in this level. The other will be a Non Playable Character (NPC). Prize: (Sissy Fight) Social interaction. §§ BUY §1000 WORTH OF IMPROVEMENTS FOR THE STUDIO How to complete: Your comfort and fun will be killed if you don’t spend money on these items! So, unless you want to suffer in this level, I suggest you buy some more comfortable chairs and fun stuff to do like a TV or Stereo! Prize: Beejaphone Guitar (Skill Building) §§ HAVE A GREAT ART OPENING BY REARRANGING THE ART How to complete: This is my easiest Strategy. Buy a Stereo and put it in the actual art gallery. Then, throw a party and go over to the stereo and dance. Get people to join you. If you get all or most of the people into the art gallery at the same time, you will have completed this goal (the actual goal here is to get all or most of the people in a room with a rating of 90 or more)! Prize: KraftKing Potter's Wheel (Creative Skill Building) §§ VISIT MIMI'S PLACE AND MAKE SURE MIMI IS OK How to complete: Ok, head over to Mimi’s house and you will find out she has left a big mess. You need to clean up everything on the ground. Once its all taken care of, you will have this goal completed. BEWARE this goal can be harder than it sounds! It was pretty easy goings for me though. Prize: Cruisette Leviathan (Vehicle) §§ Promotional Prizes COUNTER CULTURE - FLOWER CHILD Prize: Artist's Block (Creative Skill Building) COUNTER CULTURE - MASSAGE THERAPIST Prize: 8-Step "Love Yourself" Wall Lamp (Lighting) Unlock: Casa Caliente - Move or Visit FASHION VICTIM - FINGERNAIL PAINTER Prize: Floyd Co. Laser Light Show FASHION VICTIM - WIG DESIGNER Prize: (Air Kiss) Social interaction Unlock: Club Rubb - Move or Visit ----------------- IIIc. Toane’s Gym ----------------- Theme: Athletic Club Residents: Max Toane !Bear Hug! Goldie Toane !Noogie! Promotions: Gangster/Jock/Paramilitary, Levels 4 & 5 Malcolm Takes the Treadmill and Climbing Wall Suggestions: You will need to add a bedroom on the back, which there’s an empty room just for that purpose. Also add some skill building activities if your career track needs them! §§ MAKE FRIENDS WITH GOLDIE OR MAX How to complete: Get your relationship to 50 or more with either resident! Prize: Signature Social of resident. §§ CONTROL ANOTHER SIM BY PRESSING THE L2 OR R2 BUTTONS How to complete: Hit L2 or R2. One other resident here is available for control (either Goldie or Max depending on your sim’s gender). Prize: (Towel Snap) Social interaction §§ BUY §1000 WORTH OF IMPROVEMENTS FOR THE GYM How to complete: Spend it on the bedroom and skill building activities! Prize: Flush Force 5 XLT (Plumbing) §§ GET FOUR SIMS TO JOIN TOANE'S GYM AS MEMBERS How to complete: Ok you will need to be throwing a party and have several friends hopefully! Ok, as the guests arrive, ask them to join the gym (remember, they will only join if you are friends with them). You’ll need to get 4 people to become members and you can do it over time (Thank god it doesn’t have to be all done at once). If the person you are trying to get to join the gym is in a bad mood, you will need to get their mood up before they will join. Prize: Turntablitz DJ Booth (Skill Building) §§ GO TO DUDLEY'S TRAILER AND PARTY How to complete: Go visit Dudley and he will start a party when you get there. When guests arrive start talking to them. You will need to have at least a 5-point relationship with everyone at the party. This can be fairly simple if you socialize a lot and have many friends. If not, just talk to the people who arrive at the party. Keep talking to everyone (make sure everyone) until the goal alert pops up! Prize: Maximoto Tsunami X-TEQ (Vehicle) §§ Promotional Prizes GANGSTER - CAR THIEF Prize: High Dive (Pool Part) GANGSTER - MUGGER Prize: Sonic Shower (Plumbing) Unlock: Casa Caliente - Move or Visit JOCK - STARTER Prize: Life Rocks! Climbing Wall JOCK - ALL-STAR Prize: Aeromaster Whifferpuff "Gold" (Aroma Machine) Unlock: Club Rubb - Move or Visit PARAMILITARY - PARATROOPER Prize: (Show Off Muscles) Social interaction PARAMILITARY - CHOPPER PILOT Prize: Miss Memo Sleeper (Seating) Unlock: Shiny Things Labs - Move or Visit ------------------ IV. Marriage I have added this by great demand in emails. All levels from here on out have a Get married goal except for Malcolm’s Mansion. Once this goal is completed in one level, it will be marked in all of them! Ok, for starters, you can only marry a character that lives on 1,2, or 3 Free Street. The character must be above 70+ with you in a relationship and in a good mood. If they reject you, feed them and try and do something fun with them. Then, try and propose to them again. This could take a few minutes or a couple days. It’s somewhat luck and skill both. P.S. I will add a children section somewhere if enough people ask for it. Also, please email me if you need more help with this goal. ------------------ IVa. Casa Caliente ------------------ Theme: 70’s Love Shack Residents: Randy Hart (French Kiss) Paisley Rainbow (Booty Spank) Promotions: Counter Culture/Gangster, Levels 6 & 7 Malcolm takes the Love Bed and Love Tub Suggestions: You’ll need to get a new bed for sleeping so do that first. Second, there really isn’t much fun to do around here so I suggest you get a TV or something. If you just want to use the stereo that’s currently there, that works too! §§ BUY §1500 WORTH OF IMPROVEMENTS FOR CASA CALIENTE How to Complete: This one is going to be easy while you’re spending money on the bedroom and fun stuff right? Prize: Sham-Shag Polar Bear Rug (Decorative) §§ FALL IN LOVE / INVITE YOUR LOVER OVER How to Complete: If you are in love, call that person up on the phone and invite them over and you will have completed this goal. If you aren’t in love, fall in love by getting a 70 or higher relationship with someone. Then perform a romantic action with a person (ex: flirt, dance, hug, kiss, or other similar action). If a heart appears over your heads, then you have fallen in love a completed the goal! Prize: Hawaiian Fantasy Tiki Torch (Lighting) §§ SCORE WITH TWO SIMS AT THE SAME PARTY How to Complete: This goal can be tricky. First, you need to fall in love with two different people. Second, this can only be done at a party so get a party going! Take one of your lovers and go into a room away from your other lover. Use the (Try and Score) option on them. If you succeed 2 pluses will go above their heads. Then, (try and score) with your other lover. IF you succeed with both, you will get your reward! Prize: (Romantic Kiss) Social interaction (you will need this to complete the ‘find a neighbor who knows about candelabras’ goal). §§ GO TO STUDIO 8 AND HELP WITH THE "OUTSIDER ART" How to Complete: You will need a good creativity rating for this goal. Visit Studio 8 and paint a picture on the easel. If you succeed, a message will say you did. If you didn’t keep trying and you will soon get it! Prize: That 70s Window (Build Mode - Windows Tool) Unlock: Goth Manor - Visit §§ FIND A NEIGHBOR WHO KNOWS ABOUT CANDELABRAS How to Complete: To even think about trying this goal, you need to complete the ‘score with two Sims’ mission to get the Romantic Kiss. Get a Romantic Relationship going with either Bella or Mortimer. Head to Goth Manor and try the (romantic kiss) with the one you have a romantic relationship with. If it works, you will receive the Candelabra! Prize: Torchemada Candelabra (Lighting) §§ Promotional Prizes COUNTER CULTURE - YOGA INSTRUCTOR Prize: Vibromatic Heart Bed (Seating) COUNTER CULTURE - TRANSCENDENTALIST Prize: Sili-Camp Tent (Seating) Unlock: Pixel Acres - Move or Visit GANGSTER - BODY GUARD Prize: (Force To Slap Self) social interaction GANGSTER - ARSONIST Prize: Niagara Love Tub (Hot Tub) Unlock: Pixel Acres - Move or Visit -------------- IVb. Club Rubb -------------- Theme: Nightclub Residents: Bing Bling (Break Dance) Mona Lott (Dance Dirty) Promotions: Fashion Victim/Jock/Movie Star, Levels 6 & 7 Malcolm takes the Dance Floor and Beverage Bar Suggestions: You will need a new kitchen, beds, and either showers or bathtubs. The easiest thing to do is add an extra room on to the side and make that the bedroom and Kitchen. The bathroom oddly doesn’t contain any baths or showers so you will need to buy some of those. Make sure not to spend too much money over §1500 because you will need to buy the dance floor back after that goal. §§ BUY §1500 WORTH OF IMPROVEMENTS FOR THE CLUB How to Complete: Add Showers, build an extra room and fill it with beds and kitchen stuff. Prize: Bounce My Booty Dance Floor (Electronics) §§ FALL IN LOVE / INVITE YOUR LOVER OVER How to Complete: If you are in love, call that person up on the phone and invite them over and you will have completed this goal. If you aren’t in love, fall in love by getting a 70 or higher relationship with someone. Then perform a romantic action with a person (ex: flirt, dance, hug, kiss, or other similar action). If a heart appears over your heads, then you have fallen in love and completed the goal! Prize: KlassiKlean "More-saic" Tub (Big Bathtub) §§ THROW THE ULTIMATE DJ DANCE PARTY Method: Put the dance floor back in as soon as possible! Then, get someone (why not your sim) to preferably 8 or more in creativity (7 works too). Then, throw a party and start spinning on the DJ booth and try to get 5 or more people dancing on the dance floor at once. The message will pop up saying you’ve completed the goal! Reward: Q3 Recliner (Seating) §§ FIND OUT WHAT'S GOING ON AT TOANE'S GYM Method: Make sure you have Toane’s Gym unlocked. IF not, you will have to come back to this goal later. You will need a decent score of body points to this so be ready. Head over to Toane’s Gym and pull 3 Triple Flips in a row off the high dive. After the third time, you will get the completion message. Reward: Wicked Breeze Outdoor Shower (Plumbing) Unlock: Studio 8 - Visit §§ SHOW OFF SOME CLUB RUBB MOVES AT STUDIO 8 Method: Hopefully you have Studio 8 unlocked. You will need to become friends with Bing to get his social, (Break Dance) Go to Studio 8 and click on Artie or Charity and break dance for them. Not too hard is it? Reward: The Apoplectic Photoelectric (Lighting) Unlock: Toane's Gym - Visit §§ Promotional Prizes FASHION VICTIM - HAIR STYLIST Prizes: (Admire Body) Social interaction FASHION VICTIM - MAKEUP ARTIST Prize: (Slow Dance) Social interaction Unlock: Tinsel Bluffs - Move or Visit JOCK - MVP Prize: (Tell Dirty Joke) Social interaction JOCK - SUPER STAR Prize: (Wolf Whistle) Social interaction Unlock: Tinsel Bluffs - Move or Visit MOVIE STAR - GAME SHOW HOST Prize: (Booty Tease) social interaction MOVIE STAR - SITCOM STAR Prize: (moonwalk) social interaction Unlock: Tinsel Bluffs - Move or Visit ---------------------- IVc. Shiny Things Labs ---------------------- Theme: Science Lab Residents: Vaughn Braun (Coo Coo!) Makino Nada (Whine And Complain) Promotions: Mad Scientist/Paramilitary, Levels 6 & 7 Malcolm Takes the Tesla Coil and Telescope Suggestions: This place has nearly everything you need. An Extra bed may be needed (if married) and the kitchen should be upgraded. Everything else is pretty much in good shape. §§ BUY §1500 WORTH OF LAB EQUIPMENT How to Complete: Upgrade the kitchen and the possible extra bed is really the only thing needed here! Prize: KraftKing Inventor's Workshop (Skill Building) §§ FALL IN LOVE / INVITE YOUR LOVER OVER How to Complete: If you are in love, call that person up on the phone and invite them over and you will have completed this goal. If you aren’t in love, fall in love by getting a 70 or higher relationship with someone. Then perform a romantic action with a person (ex: flirt, dance, hug, kiss, or other similar action). If a heart appears over your heads, then you have fallen in love a completed the goal! Prize: Bird Of Paradise (Build Mode - Plants Tool) §§ SHOW OFF ROCKET GNOMES AT "LAUNCH PARTY" How to Complete: You will need a mechanical skill of 8 or more to complete this goal. Go to the inventor’s table and start making inventions, which are rocket gnomes if you have the mech skill you need(if you have less than 8 in mech it will only make normal gnomes!). Make 5 of those and put them close to each other anywhere Outside</b>! Throw a party and once the party has begun, launch all of the gnomes at near the same time(Warning, in case you didn’t know, launching a gnome inside will start a fire!). Prize: (Hypnotize) social interaction §§ FIND OUT WHERE THE CONTAMINATING SPORES ARE COMING FROM How to Complete: If you have the Goth Manor unlocked, head over there. Steal a fern from their front yard like you did at Dudley’s Trailer. Reward: Giant Fern (Build Mode - Plants Tool) Unlock: Studio 8 - Visit §§ GO TO STUDIO 8 AND CHANGE THEIR MINDS ABOUT SCIENTISTS How to Complete: You will need to complete the rocket gnome goal and have Studio 8 available to visit(if you don’t, complete the contaminating spores mission). Head over to Studio 8 and (Hypnotize) one of the residents. Pretty Easy. Prize: Pathmatic Sliding Door (Build Mode - Doors Tool) §§ Promotional Prizes MAD SCIENTIST - VIVISECTIONIST Prize: Tesla Coil 3.0 (Skill Building) MAD SCIENTIST - GENE SPLICER Prize: SLP Lamp (Lighting) Unlock: The Octagon - Move or Visit PARAMILITARY - COVERT OPS Prize: Horrorwitz "Star-Track" Telescope (Skill Building) PARAMILITARY - SECRET AGENT Prize: WarKraft Radar Dish (Decorative) Unlock: The Octagon - Move or Visit ------------------- Va. Tinsel Bluffs ------------------- Theme: Movie Star Mansion Residents: Humphrey Hawks (Imitate) Fannie Adore (Smooth Talk) Promotions: Fashion Victim, Jock, and Movie Star, Levels 8 & 9 Malcolm Takes the Microphone and Information Overlord TV Suggestions: I have to say this is by far one of the best houses in The Sims: Bustin’ Out as is. The only items you may need to get is some extra beds (2-3 if you have a wife and child), maybe a computer for fun, and maybe you might want to replace the TV. Otherwise, the house is in pretty good shape. §§ BUY $2000 WORTH OF IMPROVEMENTS FOR THE HOUSE How to Complete: 2 or 3 new beds and a new TV should do it. You may want to get the plasma and not a cheap TV or you may not get this goal. Don’t go cheap, you get your reimbursement at the end of the level anyway! Prize: Constructed Table (Surfaces) §§ GET MALCOLM TO PUT YOU IN HIS BIG MOVIE How to Complete: The easiest way to complete this is to become friends with Malcolm and have over a 90 relationship with him. Either this way or getting very mad at him (like a –100 relationship) and get into the red on your mood bar. Then (attack) him when it’s available. This can be very tricky so I recommend you do it the first way! Prize: §5000 §§ FIND OUT WHERE TO SCORE A RED POOL TABLE How to Complete: You will need a high body rating for this goal and maybe others as well (I don’t really know because I had full skills when I completed this). Go visit your old friend Bing Bling at Club Rubb. Go over to the pool table and begin a game. Get Bing to join you. The goal completion box will pop up if you have beaten Bing. Prize: Overlord Red Pool Table (Miscellaneous) Unlock: Shiny Things Labs - Visit §§ FIND A GOOD SCI-FI MOVIE SCRIPT How to Complete: You will need to have the Shiny Things lab available to visit to complete this. Now, head over there and find the weird “brain in a jar” which is in the main lab room where the Tesla Coil 3.0 used to be (unless you replaced it). Go over to the Brain and click on it and use the action (Steal Script). It does take a short while to get the goal completed but hey, you’ve done it! Prize: Cypress Tree (Plant) §§ MUSCLE THE MUSCLE AT THE GYM How to Complete: Well, since it has the word gym in it you can guess that you need to go to Toane’s Gym. Find either Goldie or Max and use the (attack) command on them (You don’t have to be enemies or in a bad mood to have the (attack) command in this goal). It doesn’t matter if you win or lose against them (most likely you lost but yes, it is possible to beat them). Once the fight is over, you will earn the prize! Prize: Frigidarium Colossicus (Huge Pool) §§ Promotional Prizes FASHION VICTIM - RUNWAY MODEL Prize: CYMK Floodlight (Lighting) FASHION VICTIM - CENTERFOLD Prize: Fontis Publicus (Plumbing) Unlock: Malcolm's Mansion - Move or Visit JOCK - HEAD COACH Prize: Information Overlord TV by Bu Butubu (Electronics) JOCK - HALL OF FAMER Prize: Autocrat by Emporium Imperium (Seating) Unlock: Malcolm's Mansion - Move or Visit MOVIE STAR - SEX SYMBOL Prize: NostalgiCo Microphone (Skill Building) MOVIE STAR - DIRECTOR Prize: Manila 1000 Marine Aquarium (Decorative) Unlock: Malcolm's Mansion - Move or Visit --------------- Vb. Pixel Acres --------------- Theme: A Nudist Colony Residents: Chase Skurtz (Tell Secrets) Ying Yangst (Feather Tickle) Promotions: Counter Culture/Gangster, Levels 8 & 9 Malcom Takes the Ping-Pong Table, Hot Spring, and Tetherball Suggestions: You get stuck with the worst of the worst here! You will need to buy stuff for fun though. Nearly anything will work EXCEPT radios and TVs. When trying to sleep, if the TV is on, your Sims will keep waking up and falling asleep since everything is outside. A kitchen upgrade may be in order because you get stuck with the gourmet stove and Barbecue. Make sure you clean up often or build a room for eating in, as all of the trash will affect your room score when going to work since the entire level is outside. §§ BUY $2000 WORTH OF IMPROVEMENTS FOR PIXEL ACRES How to Complete: Buying the kitchen upgrade and items for fun will easily clear this goal. Prize: Hot Spring Conversion Kit §§ FRAME MALCOLM AND GET HIM BUSTED FOR INDECENT EXPOSURE How to Complete: You can complete this in a few different ways. I will give the simplest here. A. Become friends with him and get him in a good mood. Then ask him to (get free) with that feature special to Pixel Acres. B. Finish the ghost problem goal and have a synthesizer. Play the Pixel booty song on the Synthesizer while Malcolm is over and it will force him to get naked. Then you will have completed this goal! Prize: $5000 §§ SEDUCE SOMEONE AT CASA CALIENTE How to Complete: Get into a love relationship with someone at Casa Caliente. Then, head over to the Bearskin Rug and (relax) while you’re over visiting. Find the person you have a romantic relationship with and ask them to (join) you. After a while, she will climb on top and start kissing. Once they are done kissing for the first or second time, the goal message will pop up! Prize: Varmenkozze Euro Fireplace (Build Mode - Fireplace Tool) Unlock: Shiny Things Labs - Visit §§ FIND SOMEONE INTERESTED IN CHASE'S SECRET FORMULA How to Complete: First, you must become friends with Chase to think about doing this goal to get his social (tell Secrets). Head over to the Shiny things labs (if you have it unlocked) and find either Vaughn or Makino and use the (tell secrets) interaction on them. IT will then say you have completed the goal! Prize: Boomtown Redwood Table Unlock: Goth Manor - Visit §§ FIND OUT WHAT "GHOST" OF A PROBLEM THE GOTHS ARE HAVING How to complete: You must have Goth Manor unlocked to complete this goal. Make sure you have a high creative rating (and I mean like 8-10. I’ve heard it has to be 9 or above. Please confirm this by emailing me). Go over to the Synthesizer and start playing it. If you have the rating you need, then the goal will be completed! Reward: RustyRedneck Stump Chair (Seating) §§ Promotional Prizes COUNTER CULTURE - LOVE GURU Prize: Tetherball COUNTER CULTURE - PSYCHIC ACTIVIST Prize: 'Barnyard Taunt' social interaction Unlock: Malcolm's Mansion - Move or Visit GANGSTER - EXTORTIONIST Prize: Table Tennis from Slammo GANGSTER - HIT MAN Prize: BroilBastard Stone Grill (Miscellaneous) Unlock: Malcolm's Mansion - Move or Visit ------------------ Vc. The Octagon ----------------- Theme: Spoof of the Pentagon Residents: General Payne (Snap Out Of It!) Maxine Powers (Karate Chop) Promotions: Mad Scientist and Paramilitary, Levels 8 & 9 Malcolm takes Miss Gyrotic and the Sentry security System Suggestions: You may want to upgrade your kitchen here as you notice there isn’t very good appliances. The beds are all spartan beds, which I don’t care for much so you may want to get some new beds and/or couches and chairs. §§ BUY $2000 WORTH OF EQUIPMENT FOR THE OCTAGON How to Complete: Try buy Miss Gyrotic as soon as possible (She can be used to complete a mission here). Upgrade the kitchen and beds are the only things needed. Prize: Atlantean Column (Decorative) §§ MISSION: ELIMINATE SENATOR LANDGRABB How to Complete: Your objective here is to get Malcolm as miserable as possible. The easiest way is to get a Miss Gyrotic and invite Malcolm over. Activate Miss Gyrotic and put her in “defense” mode once Malcolm gets there. Miss Gyrotic will attack Malcolm and give you your 5 grand. There is another way to do this but I do not want to steal ideas. Look at the other walkthrough if you would like to know how to use that way to finish this goal! Prize: $5000 §§ MISSION: FIND AND SHUT DOWN THE HACKERS How to Complete: Go to the Shiny Things Labs and find the computer right in the entryway there. Click on the computer and choose the option (steal computer). Prize: Spartan Special Desk Lamp (Lighting) Unlock: Club Rubb - Visit §§ MISSION: FIND AND SUPPRESS ANTIWAR PROTESTORS How to Complete: Before starting this goal, make sure you have a high body rating (preferably 7 or more). If not raise it up (well, you have the AbDominator, make good use of it)! Now head over to Club Rubb, if you don’t have it, complete the goal above to unlock it. Find Bing or Mona and (attack) them. If you win the fight, you will have completed this goal (don’t worry, you don’t have to be in a bad mood to earn the (attack) interaction for this mission). The party must have started as well for this to work! Prize: Toy Parrot by FauxFriend (Decorative) §§ MISSION: SEEK AND DESTROY BIO WEAPONS How to Complete: Go to Goth Manor if possible. Head to the back where the Greenhouse is and you’ll discover the Gene Genie Incubator. Click on it and choose (destroy Bio Weapon) or something like that. Once it’s destroyed, the goal is completed! Prize: GyroSport AbDominator (Skill Building) §§ Promotional Prizes MAD SCIENTIST - ROBOTICIAN Prize: Miss Gyrotic (Skill Building) MAD SCIENTIST - SPACE-TIME TINKERER Prize: RiteLite Spotlight (Lighting) Unlock: Malcolm's Mansion - Move or Visit PARAMILITARY - CODE BREAKER Prize: (Flip) social interaction PARAMILITARY - INTELLIGENCE DIRECTOR Prize: SimSentry CDXLVIII Motion Detector (Electronics) Unlock: Malcolm's Mansion - Move or Visit --------------------- VI. Malcolm's Mansion --------------------- Theme: Dream Home (Not Quite) Residents: Malcolm Landgrabb (no interaction) Promotions: All Careers, Level 10 Malcolm takes Nothing, he leaves, he's chased off by your scary mom! Suggestions: Ok this is short and sweet, Malcolm chases your mom off the estate land and is never seen again! THis is sorta cool because you get the crib to yourslef but also doesn't help much either. You will find this place has everything you need so good luck upgrading it! I also wanna mention the bills at this place are 6,000 plus so unless you're rich, get in, out, and on with life! §§ SHOW OFF YOUR FORTUNE AND UPGRADE THE MANSION How to Complete: SPend 20,000 on whatever. Skill building stuff will help the most. Buy a dance floor and DJ booth. That's expensive! Doesn't have to be done at once if you're short on cash, so just come back later if that's the case! Prize: Limo Ultimo (this is easily the coolest car in the game!) §§ SEND YOUR CHILD TO PREP SCHOOL WITH STRAIGHT A's How to Complete: Well, since it has the word child in it, you well need a kid to complete this goal! Just keep your kid going to school and have them study when they get home. YOu'll be there in no time! If they miss a day, say bye bye to a full letter grade! Keep them going to school and you won't have this problem! Prize: Sataniti "Diavolo" GT 1000 (SPorts Car) §§ Career Rewards COUNTER CULTURE - FULL TIME FREAK FASHION VICTIM - SUPER MODEL GANGSTER - MOB BOSS JOCK - LIVING LEGEND MAD SCIENTIST - DEATH RAY INVENTOR MOVIE STAR - MOVIE MOGUL PARAMILITARY - WAR MINISTER Prizes: Career Gnomes Each one is different and its a small gnome that can be seen in the temple outside your home! Kinda cool and stupid at the same time in my opinion! Reward: Temple of the Simoleon (Decorative) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- D. THE CAREER PATHS (Bust Out Mode) This Section will list all of the Career Paths Found in the Bust Out mode of the game! I’m trying to make this guide as easy to read as possible, so please, bear with me! Hours are in military time as I see no easier way to list them! If you have an idea for an easier setup of this section please email me ------------------ I. Counter Culture ------------------ Level JOB TITLE HOURS PAY Friends Cook Mech Create Body Logic Char ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Panhandler 10-14 § 110 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2. Leaflet Distributor 10-14 § 120 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 3. Basket Weaver 10-15 § 180 0 1 0 1 0 0 0 4. Flower Child 12-17 § 200 2 3 0 1 1 0 0 5. Massage Therapist 11-16 § 220 3 5 0 1 1 0 1 6. Yoga Instructor 10-17 § 300 4 6 1 2 1 0 2 7. Transcendentalist 12-17 § 350 6 7 2 2 2 0 2 8. Love Guru 12-17 § 450 6 8 2 2 3 0 4 9. Psychic Activist 14-19 § 550 7 9 3 3 4 0 6 10. Full Time Freak 10-14 §1000 8 10 3 4 5 0 8 ------------------ II. Fashion Victim ------------------ Level JOB TITLE HOURS PAY Friends Cook Mech Create Body Logic Char ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Hand Model 10-14 § 200 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2. Lingerie Model 10-14 § 225 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 3. Body Waxer 10-15 § 275 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 4. Fingernail Painter 10-15 § 315 1 0 0 4 1 0 0 5. Wig Designer 11-17 § 400 2 0 0 5 1 0 1 6. Hair Stylist 11-18 § 550 3 0 0 6 1 0 2 7. Make Up Artist 12-18 § 650 4 1 0 7 3 0 3 8. Runway Model 18-01 § 900 5 2 0 8 4 0 4 9. Centerfold 14-21 §1100 7 3 0 9 5 0 4 10. Super Model 10-16 §1200 9 4 0 10 8 0 5 ------------- III. Gangster ------------- Level JOB TITLE HOURS PAY Friends Cook Mech Create Body Logic Char ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Vandal 10-14 § 140 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2. Shoplifter 09-13 § 200 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 3. Burglar 23-05 § 275 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 4. Car Thief 09-15 § 350 2 0 1 4 0 0 0 5. Mugger 17-01 § 425 3 0 2 5 0 0 0 6. Body Guard 15-23 § 530 4 0 3 6 1 0 1 7. Arsonist 09-15 § 640 6 0 3 7 3 0 1 8. Extortionist 09-15 § 760 8 0 5 8 3 0 2 9. Hit Man 09-15 § 900 8 0 5 9 5 0 3 10. Mob Boss 18-00 §1100 8 0 5 10 7 0 4 -------- IV. Jock -------- Level JOB TITLE HOURS PAY Friends Cook Mech Create Body Logic Char ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1. Mascot 10-14 § 130 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2. Ball Collector 09-14 § 170 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 3. Rookie 10-15 § 230 0 0 0 0 2 0 0 4. Starter 10-15 § 300 0 0 0 0 4 0 0 5. All-Star 09-15 § 385 0 0 0 0 6 0 1 6. MVP 09-15 § 510 1 0 2 0 7 0 1 7. Superstar 09-16 § 680 2 1 2 0 8 0 2 8. Head Coach 08-14 § 850 3 2 2 0 9 0 3 9. Hall of Famer 09-15 § 1000 4 3 2 0 10 0 5 10. Living Legend 09-15 § 1200 6 4 2 0 10 0 5 ---------------- V. Mad Scientist ---------------- Level JOB TITLE HOURS PAY Friends Cook Mech Create Body Logic Char ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1. Lab Cleaner 10-14 § 155 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2. Potion Tester 11-15 § 230 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 3. Pyro 14-22 § 320 0 0 2 0 0 0 0 4. Virus Breeder 11-16 § 375 1 1 2 0 0 1 0 5. Chemist 10-17 § 450 2 1 2 1 0 2 1 6. Vivisectionist 10-19 § 540 2 1 2 2 0 4 1 7. Gene Splicer 11-15 § 640 3 1 4 2 0 4 2 8. Robotician 12-20 § 740 4 1 6 2 0 5 3 9. space-time Tinkerer 10-16 § 870 5 1 8 4 0 7 4 10.Death Ray Inventor 10-14 § 1000 6 2 10 5 0 8 5 -------------- VI. Movie Star -------------- Level JOB TITLE HOURS PAY Friends Cook Mech Create Body Logic Char ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1. Mall Clown 10-14 § 100 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2.Kiddie Show Sidekick 09-13 § 150 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 3. Stunt Double 09-15 § 200 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 4. Horror Movie Extra 07-15 § 275 2 0 0 0 1 0 2 5. Soap Opera Star 07-16 § 375 3 0 0 1 2 0 3 6. Game Show Host 10-18 § 500 4 0 0 2 2 0 4 7. Sit Com Star 10-18 § 650 6 0 0 2 3 0 6 8. Sex Symbol 17-01 § 900 6 0 0 2 3 0 7 9. Director 10-17 § 1100 8 0 0 5 4 0 8 10. Movie Mogul 10-15 § 1400 10 0 0 8 4 0 10 ----------------- VII. Paramilitary ----------------- Level JOB TITLE HOURS PAY Friends Cook Mech Create Body Logic Char ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1. Latrine Cleaner 10-14 § 250 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2. Boot Polisher 08-12 § 325 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 3. Drill Instructor 09-14 § 400 0 0 0 0 0 2 0 4. Paratrooper 06-12 § 450 0 0 0 0 2 4 0 5. Chopper Pilot 06-12 § 500 0 0 0 0 4 5 0 6. Covert Ops 09-15 § 550 1 0 1 0 4 6 2 7. Secret Agent 09-15 § 580 2 0 1 0 5 7 2 8. Code Breaker 09-15 § 600 5 0 4 0 5 8 2 9.Intelligence Director 09-15 § 700 6 0 7 0 8 9 2 10. War Minister 09-15 §1000 6 0 8 0 10 10 4 --------------------------------------------------------------------------- E. CAREER PATHS (Free Play mode) §incomplete§ ------------------ I. Rock Star ------------------ ------------------ II. Slacker ------------------ ------------------ III. Artist ------------------ ------------------ IV. Computer Geek ------------------ ------------------ V. Swindler ------------------ --------------------------------------------------------------------------- F. COMPLETE ITEM LIST §incomplete§ --------------------------------------------------------------------------- G. Social Interactions §incomplete§ --------------------------------------------------------------------------- H. User Submitted Articles Tesla Coil Error: “I've spotted a mistake in The Sims Bustin' Out! When you use the Tesla Coil (Skill Building), you can create balls of lightning. If you go to buy/build mode, you can sell these lightning balls for 50 simoleons! You can also move them around and place them somewhere else. And the mistake is that these "balls" have no name!” Submitted by Connor ******************** If you make a mutant plant and feed it enough trash,recycled newspapers or ashes it will grow and if your not careful it will eat you. Depending on which Sim it eats your game will be over...I learned the hard way :( Submitted by Kristy R ******************** After u complete moms house stay to build stats to 5 everything, then go to mimis place to earn more money so that u can go back to moms house and get the other 5 everything. It helps greatly Submitted by Harry A. ******************** You can't travel to different locations in free play mode Submitted by N.J.!!! ******************** I've discovered a very nifty trick for very easy gain in money. You simply create a Mutant Plant in the Gene Genie Incubator and feed it a lot of trash. Feed it enough trash (careful not to get eaten in the process) until its fully grown. Go into Buy mode and select it. Its worth §500. Submitted by Tammie F. ******************** GLITCH: I thought I might contribute to your walkthrough by telling you about a weird glitch in the game.I went to free street and created two girls for me and my brother to marry in the game. One of them that I married appeared in my brothers "free street" at the kitchen cooking. Then she would go in to my brothers bed and sleep. Then my brother saved it and quit then next time he played she was gone and then came back later. Its weird. The End. Submitted by Harkey's Honey (I think thats email name!) ******************** After getting married, the spouse normally doesn't have a particularly red-hot job. I found that by going back to Mimi's or Dudley's, they can be promoted through their career tracks in the same way you did yours. So for example, if you wanted Gangster for the spouse, you'd get 2 promotions at Dudley's, and then move yourself and your spouse to the Gym, and so on. I found this REALLY great for having that extra source of income. I just trained the spouse along the way, and then just went back for the promotions while I solved some of the missions I hadn't finished before. Submitted by Zach ****************** Glitches: i found a glitch in the game.... when you are at the octagon.... if you have enough lights in the place.. when you call for a repairman.... the lights keep going out enough that he never leaves so you dont have to pay him... the other one i dont know if its a glitch or not.. but i hired a repairman and i have one of the best tv systems you can have.. the one with the 9 screens... and he watched tv instead of leaving... this happens at the malcom's mansion Submitted by gishwashquay ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- I. CREDITS This guide has been made from me playing the Sims too much! People who have helped make this guide a success will be credited here. Credits list: 1. Mark (my brother) 2. Connor 3. gishwashquay 4. Matt Garforth 5. Harry A. 6. N.J.!!! 7. Tammie F. 8. HArkey's Honey 9. Zach --------------------------------------------------------------------------- J. COPYRIGHT INFO Copyright 2003-2004 Matt “Cheese” No reproductions of this walkthrough are permitted without my consent. If you have any questions or comments here’s my email below! If you are the owner of another popular gaming site, please, drop me an email if you would like to use any part of my guide! E-mail: f22me@classicnet.net AIM screen name: MatthewR23 Yahoo IM name: mreider23 Allowed Sites: 1. www.gamefaqs.com 2. www.tymaxx.net 3. www.cheatcc.com 4. www.neoseeker.com 5. www.cheatplanet.com 6. www.ign.com --------------------------------------------------------------------------- K. Contribute Anyone may contribute to my guide! Just send me an email if you find any spelling errors on my guide. Anyone may also send user submitted articles to me and I will post them. These can be any glitches, hidden secrets, helpful hints, or anything else. The only thing I WILL NOT accept is cheats. Look at the cheats page for anything of that kind of nature! My email address is listed above. I also need to get anybody to complete this guide please feel free to submit articles! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------</p>