GUNNERS HEAVEN FAQ By ? Gunners Heaven is a fun run-and-gun action game in the same style as Gunstar Heroes, but it get brutally tough from Stage 3 onwards. So hereÕs all the codes youll need to get through! These tricks all require you to watch the opening demo entirely. When the Title Screen comes up (with the title and PUSH START), press and hold L1, L2, R1 & R2 buttons on controller 1, then press SELECT. PUSH START will change to SECRET CODE with two letters behind it. The letter at the left is changed by pressing up or down. The letter at the right is changed by using the Triangle and X buttons. Stage select MA Stage 2 UT Stage 3 RH Stage 4 MK Stage 5 HT Stage 6 Special codes CM Makes character small (does not alter hit check size) QB Makes character huge (does not alter hit check size) MV Puts up smaller windows on the screen by pressing any button on controller 2s face. YI Start with nine bombs TY Axel/Ruka turn into one-hit wonders SS Weapon power-up time starts with 999 seconds Debug Mode Set secret code to MA, press SELECT, then change code to SV and press START. The following commands must be entered using controller 2. Up Boosts weapon power to max (10-second duration) Down Voice mode on/off Left Gunlock type change Right Skips Area (disengages invincibility) Triangle Invincibility on/off (falling will cause damage) Circle Increases number of bombs Square Switches selected weapon type from Axel Ruka. X Increases weapon power up time in 30-second increments. *************************END of DOCUMENT****************************************************</p>