_ _ _ __ __ | | | | __ _ _ ____ _____ ___| |_ | \/ | ___ ___ _ __ | |_| |/ _` | '__\ \ / / _ \/ __| __| | |\/| |/ _ \ / _ \| '_ \ | _ | (_| | | \ V / __/\__ \ |_ | | | | (_) | (_) | | | | |_| |_|\__,_|_| \_/ \___||___/\__| |_| |_|\___/ \___/|_| |_| __ __ _ _ __ __ _ _ | \/ | (_) | | | \/ | | | | | | \ / | __ _ __ _ _ ___ __ _| | | \ / | ___| | ___ __| |_ _ | |\/| |/ _` |/ _` | |/ __/ _` | | | |\/| |/ _ \ |/ _ \ / _` | | | | | | | | (_| | (_| | | (_| (_| | | | | | | __/ | (_) | (_| | |_| | |_| |_|\__,_|\__, |_|\___\__,_|_| |_| |_|\___|_|\___/ \__,_|\__, | __/ | __/ | |___/ |___/ Magical Note FAQ version 2.1 *----------------------------------------------------------------------* Table of Contents *----------------------------------------------------------------------* Part 0.0 - FAQ Introduction 0.1 - Game Information 0.2 - Finding Notes 0.3 - The Note Layout Part 1.0 - Row 1 Notes Part 2.0 - Row 2 Notes Part 3.0 - Row 3 Notes Part 4.0 - Row 4 Notes Part 5.0 - Row 5 Notes Part 6.0 - Row 6 Notes Part 7.0 - 50 Notes Collected 7.1 - 100 Notes Collected Part 8.0 - FAQ Update History *----------------------------------------------------------------------* 0.0 - FAQ Introduction *----------------------------------------------------------------------* This FAQ is available for use to players who are having difficulties finding all 100 Happiness Notes in Harvest Moon: Songs of Happiness. Author: Cherubae Email: cherubae@fogu.com Website: Ushi No Tane - http://www.fogu.com/hm (or www.unot.us) Update Date: May 22, 2005 This FAQ was a combined effort between Cher and 4 other people. Kyledove: webmaster of HM Evergreen - http://dhost.info/evergreen/index.php Lord Shitzu: Gamefaqs.com fan and author of the HMSoH Translation Guide Maverick Zero: Loving father and game player Arcy: Harvest Moon fan (c) copyright 2005 fogu.com - Please do not redistribute this text file without section 0.0 - Thank you This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright. *----------------------------------------------------------------------* 0.1 - Game Information *----------------------------------------------------------------------* Harvest Moon: Magical Melody was released in North America on March 29 2006. The game is a translation of Harvest Moon: Songs Of Happiness FOR WORLD, which is a re-release of the original Harvest Moon: Songs of Happiness. The bonus version of SoH was released in Japan on November 10 2005. Added into the new version was the ability to marry your rival farmer and adjustments to the amount of storage you could have in your house (cabinets, refridgerators, etc.). It was also advertised to be less expensive, about 2000 yen less, than the original. The new version also corrected many game bugs and glitches that plagued the first version, which was previously released in Japan on March 17 2005. Your goal in the game is to collect 100 Magical Notes, needed to awaken the stone-form Harvest Goddess. The Goddess turned herself into stone because she felt that everyone had forgotten how to be kind. The Sprites employ you to find the Notes for them. The game's rival farmer, Jamie, has little confidence that you can awaken the Goddess. *----------------------------------------------------------------------* 0.2 - Finding Notes *----------------------------------------------------------------------* You will find the Notes as you progress through the game. Some will only appear after events while others can be picked up just by doing normal activities. When you find a Note your Hero will say "Lucky!" and hold it above his or her head. You'll be told the name of the Note and what you did to receive it. Every time you collect 5 Notes you can visit the Goddess' Pond. The pond can be found if you walk up the higher elevated path north of Flower Bud Village. If you continue along the path to the west you'll find the Pond where the Stone Goddess sleeps. Each group of 5 Notes will turn into one of 9 musical instruments. 05 - Xylophone 10 - Drum 15 - Harp 20 - Piano 25 - Violin 30 - Cello and a Power Berry 35 - Flute 40 - Acoustic Guitar 45 - Trumpet 50 - All instruments begin to play Special events will occur after you collect 50 and 100 Notes. Please see section 7.0 and 7.1 if you want to read ahead about them. *----------------------------------------------------------------------* 0.3 - The Note Layout *----------------------------------------------------------------------* If you press the Y button on your Gamecube controller you will reach the game's summary pages. One of the pages is reserved for the Notes that you have discovered. There are 6 rows of Notes and each one has a special name. Notes you have received will appear colored and will hold a description on how to earned it. Undiscovered Notes will be gray shaded and you can only see the Note's name. Each Note is listed horizontally, starting from the left side of the Note list and moving to the right side. *----------------------------------------------------------------------* 1.0 - Row 1 Notes *----------------------------------------------------------------------* Note 01 - First Step You will receive this Note at the *very* beginning of the game. The Sprites will give you a Pedometer and your very first step will generate a Note. Note 02 - First Shipping Right after you put your first item in the Shipment Box you will receive this Note. Note 03 - 10,000 Steps Have 10,000 steps counted on your Pedometer. After you find the Note you can put the Pedometer in the Tool Box inside of your house if you want to. Note 04 - Cooking You will start out with a kitchen inside of your house but it only can hold 2 kitchen utensils. You can buy more utensils from Michael's store. You will need to buy a bigger kitchen from Woody if you want to put out more utensils. The first time you use your kitchen to cook something you'll receive a Note. An easy recipe is to use a fish with your cutting board to create Sashimi. Egg plus Frying Pan is easy as well. Note 05 - Island There is a wild Dolphin living at the edge of the boat dock, just south of Doug's Inn (if he's moved in). To wave to the Dolphin you just have to go to the end of the dock so the Dolphin will swim to you. When the Dolphin has 1 heart on its friendship meter (Press Y on your controller to see it) you can ride on its back to a special fishing island. Note 06 - Rock Climber In the far north east section of the world you'll find a cave opening. The opening takes you to the climbing mini game. If you reach the top you'll receive the Note. The mini game also will then become playable in the party-mode of the game. You can only climb the mountain when the weather is sunny or cloudy. Note 07 - Underground Lake During the Winter season the lake to the west will freeze over. You can walk across the ice to reach the Lake Cave. If you reach the 100th floor you'll receive a Note. (located by KyleDove) Note 08 - Night Owl You will need to stay up until the next morning to receive this Note. Bed time will come around at 5:00 am the next day. Since you didn't sleep to regain your stamina you won't be able to do much work until you eat. It's a good idea to try for this Note the day before a festival, since you don't need stamina to attend. (located by KyleDove) Note 09 - Rain There are several stay-out-X-hours Notes and this one is for standing out in the Rain. Stay outside for over 10 hours and this one will appear in your hands. You can't go into any houses, caves, or animal barns else the timer will reset. Note 10 - Sun This is just like Note 09, but it is with sunny weather instead. Don't go inside for at least 10 hours. (located by Lord Shitzu) Note 11 - Stationary Very, very easy Note to acquire. Just don't move your hero for 5 minutes. Leave the Gamecube controller alone and go make yourself a grilled cheese sandwich. Note 12 - Lone Wolf Keep yourself busy and don't talk to any of the game characters for an entire day. Don't give them gifts or interact with them. When you wake up in the morning you'll have the Note. Note 13 - Whistle The Left Shoulder button on your controller is your whistle. You can whistle to your dog, horse, and pig. The animal will come running to you. Whistle 50 times to acquire the Note. (located by KyleDove) Note 14 - Limitation When you use your tools you will use some Stamina. The bar in the lower right corner of your screen tells you how much Stamina you have left. If you pass out you'll wake up at Alex's clinic. The first time you zonk out you'll receive a Note. Note 15 - Hustle-and-Bustle As you play though the game you'll trigger events that allow for other villagers to move in. When you have 35 people move into Flower Bud Village you'll earn this Note. Just having them wandering in the homeless-area next to the Square does not count. They need to build their houses and move in permanently. *----------------------------------------------------------------------* 2.0 - Row 2 Notes *----------------------------------------------------------------------* Note 16 - Poor You'll need Gold (G) in the game to buy things. This Note can be a little tricky if you can't remember that you receive your previous day's profit the next day. You need to have less than 100 G when you wake up to get this Note. Make sure you don't ship anything the previous day so you can stay below 100 G in the morning. (located by KyleDove) Note 17 - Lucky As you use your Hoe on the ground you'll occasionally find money coins. If you find 1000 G worth of coins the Note will appear. An easy way to find this Note is to drop down to floor 100 of the Moonlight Cave, which is behind Jamie's farm. If you dig around on the east, north, and west areas you'll find a *lot* of coins. The southern wall of the floor 100 room doesn't seem to have any money hidden in the ground. Note 18 - High Spirit After Duke moves into your town the Bar will be available. You can buy alcohol at his store, which is only open from 6:00 pm until 5:00 am and closed on Tuesdays. If you buy 10 Sake drinks you'll receive this Note. You can buy them all at once if you want to since you will drink them at the Bar. Note 19 - Birth of Life When you build an animal barn you can buy potions to breed your animals from Hank's shop. The first animal that gives birth will net you a Note. (located by KyleDove) Note 20 - Owner of Mother Earth The game starts with just one plot of land for you to use. You can buy more land from Woody's shop. The land that is for sale is determined by your friendship with Mayor Theodore. When you own 10 plots of land you'll earn this Note. Theodore Birthday: Spring 04 Heart gifts: Potato Happy gifts: Gold Ore, Sp. Egg, Sp. Mayonnaise Note 21 - Snow Just like Notes 09 and 10. Stand outside in the snow for at least 10 hours. (located by Lord Shitzu) Note 22 - Fodder When you grow grass in your animal pasture you can harvest it with your sickle. Harvest 20 pieces of fodder to get this Note. The fodder will automatically transfer to the holding bin in your animal barn. (located by KyleDove) Note 23 - Brushing Buy the Brush from Hans and use it on your cows, sheep, and horses. It only takes 20 brushings to earn the Note. (located by KyleDove) Note 24 - Egg Ship 10 eggs. Converting an egg into mayonnaise does not count towards earning the Note. Note 25 - Milking Ship 10 bottles of milk. Cheese and butter do not count. (located by Lord Shitzu) Note 26 - Shearing Ship 10 balls of wool. Changing the wool into yarn will not count for the amount shipped. Since a sheep only produces wool every 7 days it will take you a few seasons to collect this Note. You could always buy another sheep to make the Note appear sooner. (located by KyleDove) Note 27 - Dyeing You have the opportunity to dye the yarn you produce from your sheep's wool. You can buy the Dye Pot at the Junk Shop for 500 G. Once you receive the urn from Michael you'll have to place it in your kitchen. From there you'll need to collect herbs and flowers to use as dying agents. When you are ready to dye, place a yarn and the 1 dye item into the urn. The listed results will appear as "!!!!!!!!". When you combine your first yarn with a dye ingredient you'll earn the Note. Different herbs and flowers result in different colored yarn. Green Herbs make green yarn, Bluemist Flowers make blue yarn, and so on. The other option is to wait for Lyla to move her "Hearty Lyla" shop into town. She sells colored wool that you can buy and ship, but they are expensive. Note 28 - Gem The Lake Cave is full of jewels for you to ship but you can also find some inside of the Moonlight Cave. Past floor 40 in the Moonlight Cave you can sometimes find the same jewels that appear in the Lake Cave. Shipping one of the Jewels will make a Note appear. Note 29 - Calling Animals When you use the Bell (from Hank) in your barn, the animals will gather together and go outside. To bring them back inside you just do the same thing when standing by the barn door. If you use the Bell 20 times you will receive this Note. If you wanted to, you could just stand inside your house and ding-a-ling away twenty times. (located by KyleDove and Lord Shitzu) Note 30 - Cultivation Till up 100 1x1 squares of land using your Hoe to earn this Note. One bag of seeds can cover a 3x3 square of land so it won't take you very long to fulfill the requirements. Note 31 - Big Eater To regain your Stamina you can eat things you pick up on the ground. Pick something up and then press the X button to eat it. If you eat 50 things you'll get a Note. Note 32 - Woodcutter Chop up 20 logs with your Axe. The lumber that is produced will instantly transport to the wood bin behind your house. *----------------------------------------------------------------------* 3.0 - Row 3 Notes *----------------------------------------------------------------------* Note 33 - Clouds Just like the other weather Notes, stand outside for at least 10 hours straight. (located by KyleDove) Note 34 - Garbage Can Scattered around the Village you'll find garbage cans. There's also one next to your house. You can put anything disposable into the can to throw it away. When you put 20 things onto the garbage can this Note will appear. (located by KyleDove) Note 35 - Weed There will be weeds all over the town. You can let them sit there or you can pull them up. The residents don't appear to mind all of the stray plants but you'll trip over them as you run by. If you pluck 100 weeds you will earn this Note. Note 36 - Gardening Liz and Nina's shop sells flower seeds for you to grow. If you grow 5 flowers this Note appears. You can do this just by planting one bag of flower seeds (which makes 9 flowers) or you can buy the random seeds Liz sells and hope one of them is a flower. (located by Lord Shitzu) Note 37 - Forest Liz also sells tree saplings to grow. She sells mora, orange, grape, apple, chestnut, and evergreen trees. The Mora-type of trees don't produce anything to sell among its branches, but you have a chance to find Truffles under its shade during the Fall. You'll earn a Note the first time you plant a tree. Note 38 - Destruction Take your Hammer and smash 20 rocks. That's all you have to do. Note 39 - Diary Another easy Note. The only thing you need to do is save your game 30 times. Note 40 - Cock-A-Doodle-Doo Win the Chicken festival that takes place Winter 7. You need a bird with eight or more hearts. Note 41 - Moo Win the Cow festival on Spring 28. (located by Lord Shitzu) Note 42 - Baa Win the Sheep festival on Summer 29. You can only enter sheep that have all of its wool. Shaved sheep are not permitted to enter into the contest. Note 43 - Horse Race / Hoosu Reesu Enter your adult horses in the Spring 17 or Fall 17 horse race. Depending on how many hearts your horse has it will be entered into one of four different races: D = Short course, 0 - 2 hearts C = Short course, 3 - 5 hearts B = Long course, 6 - 8 hearts A = Long course, 9 - 10 hearts To race your horse use the Left and Right shoulder buttons on your controller to pick the pace the horse should run. The horse's stamina bar will decrease quicker for fast speed than it would at normal speed. As you progress through the course you'll be able to "eat" veggies that pop up on the course. The veggies will appear as an X on the course layout map at the bottom of your screen. The short courses are over fairly quickly and your horse might not be exhausted at the end. The long courses are *very* tiring on your horse and everybody else's horse in the race. By the time you reach the finish line all the horses usually have the exhausted stars spinning around their heads. If you speed up and slow down at the right time and eat the veggies that appear on the course, you'll come out ahead of everyone else. The Stamina bar can be increased with training. If you ride your horse around town you will increase your horse's stamina training. You can see how much training your horse has by viewing it's profile. The number of stars you see on the screen lets you know how much stamina it has to use for the races. Winners of the B-rank race also win a Power Berry. Note 44 - Bow-Wow Ellen will come by the 1st day on your new farm and deliver a dog. When you have earned 3 hearts you will also earn this Note. Note 45 - Oink Oink After you build your animal barn, go inside of it to trigger and event between Gourmet and a pig. The pig becomes your pet and is suppose to help you find Truffles that are hidden in the ground. I never had any success with the pig's location snout, but you can find Truffles without the pig's help. You need to ship a Truffle to acquire this Note. Truffles can be found around the outside shade of the Mora trees. There are a lot of Mora trees already growing around the small pond on the west side of the village map. During the Fall you can use your Hoe around the trees to find these Truffles, which look like small balls of dirt. XXXXX These little fungi are a pain to dig up, but they sell for 1000 X---X gold each. What I ended up doing was dig around the Mora trees X-T-X (<- X = hoed ground) and then wait to see if the ground becomes X---X untilled the next day. If a square of ground had returned to XXXXX normal, dig the spot back up and you might find the Truffle. You can find Truffles where there is a close source of water. The pond to the west is a good spot. You might also find some near the river where Doug builds his Inn. There are a lot of Mora trees already growing in that location when you start the game. Note 46 - Fire Prevention You will receive a box of matches at the beginning of the game. To make a fire you have to equip the box and then press the Y button. The fire will burn for quite some time, so you can cook fish and chestnuts on it. If you leave the fire alone it will burn itself out, or you can use your watering can to douse the flame. You will receive a Note for putting out your fire. Note 47 - Lost Child This Note requires Tim and Meryl to be living in the Village. Tim will move in with grandpa Tai after you start shipping ore and jewels. Meryl moves in with grandpa Ronald after Ron has about 2 or 3 hearts worth of friendship. To get Ronald to move in you need to plant a Grape tree, then start shipping berries (blueberry, very berry, etc.). Ronald Birthday: Spring 11 Heart Gifts: Sp. Egg Happy Gifts: Grapes, Very Berry Jam, Cocoa Fruit, Orange Herb The event will trigger one night after Meryl and Tim are 2 hearts or higher. When you go into your house for the evening there will be a knock on the door. Theodore explains the children have gone missing and everyone is out looking for them. A cut scene will play (you don't need to do any interaction) and you will rescue the kids and return them to their guardians. You will then be rewarded with the Note. Meryl Birthday: Spring 06 Heart Gifts: Sp. Egg, Sp. Mayonnaise, Tomato Happy Gifts: Very Berry Jam, Honey Tim Birthday: Fall 12 Heart Gifts: Sp. Egg, Corn Happy Gifts: Copper ore, Silver ore, Gold ore, Rare Ore, Very Berry Jam, Sp. Mayonnaise Note 48 - Mole-Whacking One of the wild animals in town is the mole, who pops up from the ground and wanders about. You will usually hear the mole before you see it. The sound the mole makes is the same one that you hear when you're taking something out of your rucksack. If you're running through town and you hear the "wump wump" noise, you are close to where the mole is hiding. To get this Note you need to hit the mole on it's head with one of your tools 10 times. When you hit the mole it will screech away, but it always reappears later. One of your summary screens will tell you how many times you've been able to smack him. The mole likes to pop up east to Woody's house, behind Alex's clinic, and north of Theodore's house. Note 49 - Bluebird When you have raised your potential spouse up to 8 hearts, you own a wide bed, and you have at least 30 Notes, Theodore will stop by one morning and say he saw a blue bird on top of the mountain. You will then have to climb up the mountain (mini game) to collect a blue colored feather. Once you have the feather you'll also be given a Note. To propose to someone just give him/her the feather. (located by KyleDove) *----------------------------------------------------------------------* 4.0 - Row 4 Notes *----------------------------------------------------------------------* Note 50 - Wedding Day When the guy or girl you're after has 8 hearts or higher, you can give the Blue Feather to propose marriage. The person will take the feather and the two of you will be married the next day. (located by KyleDove) Note 51 - Stork Approximately 20 days after you married, the female will wake up very sick. A trip to Alex's clinic reveals that the two of you are going to be parents soon. (located by Maverick Zero) Note 52 - Baby Is Born After another 60 days has past since you received Note 51, the baby will be born. Woody will come visit you at the clinic and give you a baby crib that you can place anywhere in your house. Your child will stay in the crib all day, but you can pick him up and carry him around the village. Note 53 - You Can Walk About a month after the baby is born he will be out of bed and crawling around. If you continue to be nice to him every day and eventually you will reach 3 hearts on his friendship meter. One morning your spouse will be in a panic and the two of you will appear at Alex's clinic. Martha will be there and tells you everything is alright. At that point your baby takes his first step and you'll receive this Note. Note 54 - Spring Footsteps The New Years Day festival on Spring 1. You won't be able to participate on your first year (because you start on day 2 of Spring) but the next year you can join in. Note 55 - Egg Dish Egg Festival on Spring 8. You're suppose to put an egg in the blue ship box on the 7th in order to participate, but even if you didn't you will still receive this Note for the festival. Possible glitch? Note 56 - Spring Fragrance The Flower Festival is on Spring 23. Place a flower in the blue ship box at the Square on Spring 22. If you do so then you can join in the festival the next day. Lyla also makes her appearance at the festival. Note 57 - Blue Sea, White Clouds Beach festival on Summer 03. Meet the villagers at the western beach. You will have to play the swimming party game. If you win you'll receive a Power Berry for a prize. The swimming game requires you to tag the colored balls that float in the pool. Swim by tapping the A button on your controller. The waves can change direction to cause you problems, and whirlpools can suck you in. There is a Dolphin that also appears on the course that you can hitch a ride on, but there's no way to control where the Dolphin swims. Note 58 - Boat Sailing This is a date festival. The person with the highest affection will come by the morning of Summer 7 and ask if you would like to go with him or her. If you accept, meet the person in the Square. The two of you will send a little bamboo boat down the river. Note 59 - Firefly Flower You will need to drop a Moonstone in the blue ship box located in the Square on the 14th of Summer. On the 15th go to the western beach to watch the little candle boats float out to sea. Note 60 - Fireworks The western beach is where this one is located. Visit the beach at night to watch the fireworks. (located by KyleDove) Note 61 - Moon Viewing Date festival on Fall 09. The person will come by in the morning and ask if you would like to go moon watching that night. Head to the Square when you are ready and the two of you will go to the lookout point and watch the moon. If you have a high affection with that person you might get a kiss ;) Note 62 - Harvest On Fall 23 place something edible into the blue box in the Square. The item will be used as an ingredient for the pot luck, so you can't use cooked food. On the 24th visit the Square to attend. Note 63 - Pumpkin This festival is in the Square on Fall 30. On the 29th you'll need to place a pumpkin in the blue Square box. You can buy pumpkin seeds from Liz and grow the squash yourself. If you grow your pumpkin at the start of the season you can't leave it on the ground until the 30th because it will eventually rot. You can place the pumpkin in your refrigerator and store it until the 29th. Note 64 - Flame On the 18th of Winter place a log in the blue ship box in the Square. You can easily find logs by chopping up stumps or looking up in the mountain area. The log will be covered in snow but that doesn't matter. The next evening (19th) go to the western beach to warm yourself next to a fire. The marriageable-person with the highest affection will meet you there. If your highest person is Ann then she'll appear, and it doesn't matter if you're playing as the boy hero or girl hero. Note 65 - Popular This is a valentine/thanksgiving festival on Winter 19. It won't have the "FESTIVAL" icon displayed on your screen but you still can join in. Basically you just walk around receiving and giving slices of cake. To receive cake you'll need to talk to someone who has at least 3 hearts. You can then take the cake and give it to someone else, or just give it back to the same person who gave it to you. If you receive cake from 5 villagers you'll also receive this Note. Note 66 - Starlight Festival in the Square on Winter 24. The Sprites will come by in the morning if you are not married and allow you to select which person you want to view the stars with. If you're married the Sprites will still stop by, but they will just ask if you want to participate or not. *----------------------------------------------------------------------* 5.0 - Row 5 Notes *----------------------------------------------------------------------* Note 67 - New Year's Sunrise A date that occurs on Winter 30. Meet with your honey at the Square that night. The two of you will walk to the lookout point and you'll watch the sun rise on the new year. Note 68 - Full Bloom Flowers Ship all types of herbs and flowers. You can find a lot of them in the mountainous area above the village. The plants will grow in the Spring, Summer, and Fall seasons. You can use these same plants to dye your sheep's yarn (see Note 27). (located by KyleDove) Spring = Moondrop Flower, Green Herb, Purple Herb Summer = Pinkcat Flower, Red Herb Fall = Bluemist Flower, Orange Herb Note 69 - Treasure Hoard Ship all the ore you can find in the Moonlight Cave. You don't have to worry about the jewels you can find in the Lake Cave, just the ores from the cave behind Jamie's farm. In the cave you can find Junk Ore, Limestone, Copper, Silver, Gold, Moonstone, and Rare Ore. Note 70 - Animal Kingdom When you have your level 2 barn and fill all 8 stalls with animals, this Note will appear. (located by Maverick Zero) Note 71 - Book Maria's Library is open every day except Mondays (and festival days). In the library you'll find bookcases with a lot of information for you to assist you with the game. Some books are seasonal. If you read all of the books you'll receive this Note. The books also appear in your summary screen after you've read them so you can review them whenever you want. Note 72 - Super Chef When you buy cooking utensils from Michael you'll also receive cooking recipes. When you collect 100 recipes you'll earn this Note. Note 73 - Second House You will start the game with one house but you can build additional houses when you purchase plots of lands. Each house will have a shipping bin next to it, so theoretically you're building extra bins and not really anywhere you would live. You can have Woody's team build your extra houses on any area that you own. You can also furnish the house with anything you already own. Note 74 - Expert Angler Catch all types of fish in the game. Some fish are seasonal and some you can find year round. There are 4 one-shot fish that can be thought of as "Kings". Squid Prince = Sea island, south side, the day after rain or snow Huchen = Lake, sunny day Jamasquid = Floor 100 of the Lake Cave Right Boot = River The higher level your fishing pole is, the better chance you have of catching large fish like the Yellowtail and Tuna. Note 75 - Master Angler Catch 100 fish with your fishing pole. Note 76 - Rubber Boots Catch 10 rubber boots from fishing. The boots don't sell for anything so put them in your garbage can. Note 77 - Wild You will need to befriend one of the wild animals to receive this Note. To befriend an animal, pick it up when you see it and give it food as well. When the wild animal reaches 6 Hearts it will stop by your house in the morning and give you this musical Note. Note 78 - Art As you become friends with Henry you'll trigger events with him at the lake to the western part of town. The first event will be with Maria, who is impressed with his painting skills. The second will be with you. Henry Birthday: Spring 12 Heart Gifts: Carrots, colored Yarn Happy Gifts: Corn, Fish (above 10cm), Oranges, Pirikara Fruit, Tomato, Sweet Potato HATES: Very Berry Jam When Lyla moves in she will have several new pieces of furniture for sale. If you have Henry at 6 hearts or more you can also purchase one of his paintings. The painting has a Note hidden in it. Note 79 - Very Rich When you acquire 100,000 G you will receive this Note the next morning. It is not too difficult to earn this large amount of money if you are in the Winter season. The Lake Cave is full of jewels that sell for a lot of money. You can also find lots of a certain jewel hidden on a special floor of the Lake Cave. Amethyst = 220 G = Floor 15 Aquamarine = 230 G = Floor 20 Topaz = 240 G = Floor 25 Sapphire = 250 G = Floor 30 Emerald = 330 G = Floor 35 Ruby = 350 G = Floor 40 Diamond = 500 G = Floor 50 Floor 10 in the cave is a dead end (no jewels), and floor 5 holds only Moonlight Stone, which you can already find in the Moonlight Cave. The other floor not mentioned, floor 45, holds a lot of Limestone. Limestone doesn't sell for very much (20 G) but you need to ship a lot of it before Liz starts to sell fertilizer in her shop. The fertilizer allows you to "upgrade" the ground you're planting crops on in case you're planting on non-wet-soil. (cave info collected in part with Lord Shitzu) In the original release of the game the gems were twice as profitable. One single Diamond sold for 1000 G, so floor 50 was a money dream. When the game was released as the For World version (which is what Magical Melody is based off of), the profit earned from the jewels were cut in half. *----------------------------------------------------------------------* The next 20 Notes are given to you as gifts from the bachelors and bachelorettes in the game. Raise each person's heart level up to about 2-and-a-half hearts and the next morning he or she will stop by and give you a gift. It does not matter what your hero's gender is. You can put the gift in your shipping box or eat it. If you continue to give gifts, at 5 hearts you'll receive another visit but only from those whos gender you are woo-ing. *----------------------------------------------------------------------* Note 80 - Flower Girl When you raise Nina's heart level up to mid-two level, she will stop by the next morning and give you Honey as a gift. Birthday: Spring 20 Heart gifts: Strawberry Happy gifts: Flowers, Oranges, Corn, Tomato, Moonlight Stone, Sp. Egg, Sp. Mayonnaise, Very Berry Jam, Orange Herb Note 81 - Explosive Girl Ann's gift is a block of Clay. Birthday: Summer 18 Heart gifts: Rare Ore, Corn Happy gifts: Copper ore, Gold ore, Silver ore Note 82 - Apron Girl Ellen stops by this time and gives you Sashimi. (located by Lord Shitzu) Birthday: Fall 08 Heart gifts: Sp. Egg, Sp. Milk, Breadfruit, Cocoa fruit Happy gifts: Sp. Mayo, Strawberry, Flowers, Very Berry Jam, Sweet Potato Note 83 - Talented Girl In the morning Maria will give you Pickled Cabbage. (located by Lord Shitzu) Birthday: Winter 05 Heart gifts: Cabbage Happy gifts: Moonstone, Flowers *----------------------------------------------------------------------* 6.0 - Row 6 Notes *----------------------------------------------------------------------* Note 84 - Night Moon Eve's Note comes from the Very Berry Sake she gives you. (located by Lord Shitzu) Birthday: Winter 16 Heart gifts: Strawberry, sake Happy gifts: Honey, flowers Note 85 - Girl With Glasses In the morning Gina will stop by but I can't remember what she gives. (located by Arcy) Birthday: Winter 20 Heart gifts: Green Pepper Happy gifts: Green Herb, Sp. Egg, Coral, Pontata Root, Orange Herb Note 86 - Princess Getting Dia up to 2 hearts will net you a Blueberry. (located by Arcy) Birthday: Winter 09 Heart gifts: Blueberry Happy gifts: Coral Note 87 - Waitress Katie will visit and give you Yogurt. (located by Lord Shitzu) Birthday: Fall 29 Heart gifts: Breadfruit, Sp. Egg, Sp. Milk Happy gifts: Moonstone, Amethyst, Flowers, Cocoa fruit, Very Berry Jam Note 88 - Ponytail The blond Gwen will deliver a Cheese Omelet. (located by Maverick Zero) Birthday: Summer 08 Heart gifts: Very Berry Jam Happy gifts: Sp. Egg, Sp. Mayonnaise, Sp. Milk, Green Herb, Orange Herb, Eggplant Note 89 - Heartfelt Lyla will be by to drop off a Limestone. It doesn't matter if she's moved in or not. You can see her on good-weather weekends if you've triggered the Flower Festival (see Note 56). Birthday: Spring 27 Heart gifts: Pumpkin Happy gifts: Sp. Wool, Moonstone, Pincat Flower, Very Berry Jam, Bluemist Flower, Orange Herb Note 90 - Cowboy Getting Blue to 2 hearts will get you a container of Good Milk. Birthday: Winter 20 Heart gifts: Sp. Egg, Sp. Milk Happy gifts: Good Egg HATES: Honey, Very Berry Jam Note 91 - Social Craftsman Joe will come by and give you a Ukui fish. Birthday: Summer 10 Heart gifts: Turnip (?) Happy gifts: Sp. Egg, Moonstone, Logs, Corn HATES: Very Berry Jam Note 92 - Cool Craftsman This is from Kurt, who stops by to give you a Red Herb. Birthday: Winter 10 Heart gifts: Tomato Happy gifts: Moonstone, Logs, Green Herb, Oranges, Orange Herb Note 93 - Doctor Alex comes by and drops off another Herb. Birthday: Spring 30 Heart gifts: Turnips Happy gifts: Toadstool, Green Herb, Pontata Root, Sp. Milk, Orange Herb Note 94 - Patissier Pudding from Carl, most likely made at his Cafe. Birthday: Fall 16 Heart gifts: Sweet Potato, Sp. Egg, Sp. Milk Happy gifts: Honey, Green Herb, Strawberry, Oranges, Very Berry Jam, Orange Herb, Pumpkin Note 95 - Master Pick-Up Artist Dan will come by, twirl around, and give you some Apple Sake. Birthday: Summer 26 Heart gifts: Strawberry, Clams, Grapes Happy gifts: Gold Ore, Oranges, Very Berry Jam Note 96 - Fisherman An Amago fish gift from Ray. Birthday: Fall 27 Heart gifts: Sp. Egg, Corn Happy gifts: Mushroom, fish, Green Herb HATES: Very Berry Jam Note 97 - Traveler Basil will visit and give you another Herb. During the Winter season he won't be in the area so this event won't happen. He always returns when Spring arrives. Birthday: Spring 16 Heart gifts: Pontata Root, Strawberry Happy gifts: Flowers, Green Herb, Corn, Tomato, Very Berry Jam, Orange Herb HATES: Sp. Mayonnaise Note 98 - Male This Note comes from Louis who drops of a Silver Ore. Just like with Lyla, he doesn't have to be living in town for this to occur. Birthday: Fall 02 Heart gifts: Rare Ore, Sp. Egg, Sp. Mayonnaise, Moonstone Happy gifts: Gold ore, Copper ore, Silver ore, Honey, Green Herb Note 99 - Shy Guy The last bachelor Note comes from Bob, who will stop by and give you an Egg. (located by Arcy) Birthday: Summer 01 Heart gifts: Silver Ore, Sp. Egg Happy gifts: Very Berry Jam HATES: Eggplant Note 100 - Meek Heart To capture this Note you'll need to collect the other 99, then visit the Goddess' Pond. *----------------------------------------------------------------------* 7.0 - 50 Notes Collected *----------------------------------------------------------------------* As you collect Notes and turn them over to the Harvest Sprites, you'll eventually reach the point where you've handed over 50 of them. The long scene the plays will be accompanied by all the instruments you've unlocked and by singing Sprites. At the end of the song, the stone-form Goddess will unlock so you can talk to her. The game does not end once you've collected the 50 tones. The Goddess will thank you for your assistance and the two of you will suddenly become aware of Jamie's presence. Jamie has been watching you awaken the Goddess and is quite upset that he/she could not do it alone. After Jamie storms out of the Goddess' Pond, the Goddess requests that you continue to collect the remaining 50 Notes. She feels it will help Jamie open up his/her heart to kindness. *----------------------------------------------------------------------* 7.1 - 100 Notes Collected *----------------------------------------------------------------------* After you collect the first group of 50 you have to collect the rest of the Notes. There are only 49 that you have the ability to collect. After you take the remaining 49 back to the Goddess, she will have a talk with Jamie. It turns out Jamie has the last Note and returns it to the Goddess. That's about all that happens. There's no fancy cut scene, magical talking animals, or any "You are a Winner!" messages. The game continues on as normal so you can keep playing, but you no longer have the Note collecting responsibility. *----------------------------------------------------------------------* 8.0 - FAQ Update History *----------------------------------------------------------------------* 2.1, April 9, 2006 = Went through and changed some more of the Japanese names to their English counterparts (Ogihara = Saibara, Koko = Cocoa, and so on). 2.0, March 29, 2006 = Well the game has finally been released in English so all of the Tones have been converted into "notes", and their Japanese names removed and updated to their English titles. Also changed a few of the character's names (Azuma = Alex) and removed information about Japanese-game-only glitches. 1.3, May 22, 2005 = Unlocked all of the Notes and finished up a few likes and dislikes. The FAQ is finished until (if and when) the English version of SoH is released. That's all for now! ;) 1.2, May 09, 2005 = Birthdays and more Heart/Happy items added for Notes 80 through 99. Also added information about the characters involved in Note 20, Note 78, and Note 47. 1.1, April 30 2005 = Added information about Note 78. Also added some of the bachelor/bachelorettes likes and dislikes to make it easier to aquire Notes 80 through 99. 1.0, April 21 2005 = I had the Notes in a shabby looking list for a while now, so I decided to update it to look more FAQy. I am still not sure exactly what happens with Note 78 and Note 100.</p>