COOLBOARDERS BURRN! MINI-FAQ FOR DREAMCAST This faq V1 was finished the 31.08.1999 ? by lini from switzerland V1.02 made some ( final?) minor changes 14.09.99 HI COOLBOARDERS BURRN! FANS After two weeks I finally managed to finish every track in time, trick and total as nr.1. I wouldn't have thought that there may be even more hidden stuff ... but surprise!!! I just like tell you what special features are hidden in CBB and explain the basic controlling things for all those of you who aren't familiar with the coolboarder games or the japanese language . That's what I found out myself till now... I will make it as short as possible to provide you only whit the most importent infos... Please notify me if you still find out some other things!!! 1.HOW TO PLAY: 1.1THE BASICS: 1.2 ADVANCED 1.2.1 THE GRABS 1.2.2 SPINS, FLIPS, MISTYS 1.2.3 THE INDIVIDUAL CHARACTER SPECIAL MOVES 2. PLAYING THE GAME 2.1 FREE RIDE 2.2 SUPERPIPE 3. THE SECRETS 3.1 THE FREERIDE TRACKS 3.2 THE ENDING TRACK 3.3 SPECIAL TRACK 3.4 THE EXTRA SUPER PIPE 3.5 THE NEW BOARDS 3.6 THE 3RD COSTUMES 3.7 THE HIDDEN CHARACTERS 3.8 THE SPECIAL BOARD 4. STILL UNKNOWN 1.HOW TO PLAY: 1.1THE BASICS: A-button: 1. use this to quickly jump over obstacles 2. hold it down in order to make your boarder concentrate himself and keep going straight forwards and then hold a direction-button and release it again to perform spins, flips or mistys Note: while you hold down the A- button pressing the direction buttons won't change the direction where your boarder is going) B-button: 1. Use it while you are in the air in combination with the direction buttons to perform grabs 2. hold it down for some time while you are on the ground to perform a Ñmanual". You shift the weight to the tail of the board to pull up the nose out of the snow. X-button hold it down and press left or right to brake Y-button hold it down in order to destroy the obstacles in your way R-button Use it while you are in the air in combination with the direction buttons to perform more complex grabs L-button push it if you want to switch the positon of the nose to the back and the tail to the front in order to do a Ñfakie" (note if you use a alpine board it will slow you down if you drive fakie) The direction buttons: Press left in order to go to the left Press right in order to go right Press down to shift your weight to the tail of the board to gain speed Press up to shift your weight to the nose of the board in front of steep hills if you don't want to jump. So you will just slide down the slope without jumping of the ledge. 1.2 ADVANCED 1.2.1 THE GRABS Push the following buttons to perform grabs while you are in the air: B to perform a Ñindy" B + up to perform a Ñmute" B + down to perform a Ñtail grab" R to perform a Ñmethod" R + up to perform a Ñtweak" R + down to perform a Ñmelancholy" You perform the move as long you keep the button pressed. If you have enough time you can make all kind of combos with different grabs. In order to perform aÑindy to method to tweak" you have to push B, R, R + up Note: it takes less time to perform one of the grabs with the B-button then one the R-button grabs. 1.2.2 SPINS, FLIPS, MISTYS 1. Push and HOLD the A button. Now your boarder just moves on straight forward no matter which direction button you push. 2. Push and HOLD the one of the follwing direction buttons to perform special tricks: Press and HOLD up to do a Ñjohanflip" Press and HOLD down to do Ñbackflip" Press and HOLD left or right in order to do a Ñspin" or a Ñbackside spin" Press and HOLD one of the diagonal buttons to do a Ñmisty" Note : It really matters how long you hold down the directional buttons. The longer you hold it the quicker the turns of the spins, flips or mistys will be. If you hold down right for about 1 sec your boarder will perform a simple Ñ180∞". If you hold it down for about 5 sec your boarder will perform as marvelous spins like a Ñ1440∞" 3. If you reached the point you want to jump release the A- button. Note: If you release it to late, that means to close to the ledge, your jump won't be high and will be much shorter. 4. Now release the direction button. 5. Now perform the grab combo you want to do. 1.2.3 THE INDIVIDUAL CHARACTER SPECIAL MOVES each character has two individual special moves they are performed like the normal grabs: ACCELE: ÑJudo": indy to tweak: B, R + up ÑKarate": melancholy to method: R + down, R TIA: ÑStalefish": tail grab to melancholy: B + down, R + down ÑAquarius": mute to method: B + up, R DJ. KEN ÑMissile": B + Y + up ÑRocket dive": B + Y + down MONICA: ÑPuff she Puff": method to mute: R, B + up ÑBorn to Free": tail grab to melancholy tomethod: B + down, R + down, R RONNIE: ÑMethod V.T": tweak to method: R + up, R ÑJunk Split": tail grab to indy to melancholy: B + down, B, R + down BOB: ÑCarbine": mute to method: B + up, R ÑKing Step": tail grab to melancholy to tweak: B + down, R + down, R + up 2. PLAYING THE GAME There is no point in explaining every detail of the game itself. Just some points that aren't evident if you aren't familiar with japanese... 2.1 FREE RIDE Just beat all the records! In order to beat the time records use Tia, Bob or Accele with a Alpine boards. Just speed down and ignore the tricks and look for hidden paths!!!. To beat the trick records use Freestyle or All Round boards. Try to perform 360∞ Mistys tweak to melancholy in order to get more than 1000 points! 900∞ spins with 3 grab combos will also add a lot of points. To beat the total records use either a All Round or a Alpine board. It's important to be fast and to do a lot of good tricks too. Important note: It pays to do tricks at other places than the trick sections!!!! For every trick you perform while speeding down the track you get extra points. They are added to your extra time ( it's showed on the down-left side of the screen). If you pass a checkpoint the time will be added to your time account. A simple indy adds about 0.2 sec while a 1440∞ indy to tweak to method may add about 9.6 sec! This extra time is as well added to your extrapoint account which is showed at the end of the race. If you get 4000 points for the time, 4000 points for the tricks and 3000 extra it's really easy with some practice to beat all total scores. 2.2 SUPERPIPE Just try to perform a good program with various tricks, enough air, good landing and have fun! I didn't try out the pipes that much... so there's nothing I have to say about it. 3. THE SECRETS Just try to break every record you can to gain as much secrets as possible. This is what you get ( as far as I found out myself): 3.1 THE FREERIDE TRACKS Just finish each track after another to get a new track. There are five normal tracks: mountain review, emerald forest, urban striker, cave slider, dancing devils. 3.2 THE ENDING TRACK After you finished all the tracks once you get acces to the ending track. It just lookes like the former practice track from coolboarders 2 on psx. 3.3 SPECIAL TRACK There's a hidden special track called SECRET FORCE. Just figure out which famous area you're going to visit!!! I unlocked it by beating the trick score of dancing devils. I'm not sure if you have to achieve a certain numer of nr.1 records in the other tracks as well... 3.4 THE EXTRA SUPER PIPE Beat some records at the super pipe and you get the much longer extra super pipe. 3.5 THE NEW BOARDS For every board exists a differnt graphical version. So in the end you got 18 different boards. Just beat some records whith different characters in different freeride tracks. I won a lot of boards by finishing the ending track with other characters. 3.6 THE 3RD COSTUMES Each character seems to have a third costume. Just beat some records and you get them. But you have to play with the person you want the costume from! . I wasn't able to get some for the hidden characters by now. 3.7 THE HIDDEN CHARACTERS There seem to be 3 hidden characters: THE SNOWMAN: I got it by beating the total score of the ending track. GRAY: remember the alien from coolboarders 2? It's here as well! I got it by finishing the Secret Force track. ???: Who may this person be? Forget about james bond! This is Tightman!!! I got him by beating the total score of the Secret Force track. 3.8 THE SPECIAL BOARD This is the price for achieving 1st place in time, trick and total in all seven freeride tracks!!! This board doesn't only look amazing. No, it's just splendid! It has maximum speed and maximum stability! Respond isn't bad either! Really worth all the effort of keeping on practicing!!! 4. STILL UNKNOWN There are some things I'm not sure about. So I still haven't found out if there are more pipes to be won by getting some good scores at super pipe or extra super pipe. Maybe there is also a funpark hidden... just try... I'm not sure if there are 3rd costumes for the hidden characters, too. I wasn't able two find out if the hidden characters have also individual special moves. Maybe you will also have acces to a mirror mode. I still have to beat the nr.1 ranking in the extra super pipe... Is there something waiting for all those how really want to beat this game thoroughly??? NOW IT'S UP TO YOU GET OUT THERE AND BEAT THE SCORES!!! Please notify me if you find out some other things: This faq version nr.1.02 was finished the 14.09.1999 ? by lini This FAQ is for private and personal use only. It can only be reproduced electronically, and if placed on a web page or site, may be altered as long as this disclaimer and the above copyright notice appears in full. This FAQ is not to be used for profitable/promotional purposes; this includes being used by publishers of magazines, guides, books, etc. or being incorporated into magazines, etc. in ANY way. This FAQ was created and is owned by me, LINI, Please give credit where it is due.</p>