____ __ __ ___________ _________ ____ ___ /_,-~ \/ \/ / ____ ,-~ / ___ ,-~ / ,~///~ / ~~~~~~~~~/ / / _ / / / / / / ___/ /___ /_/~~~/ /~~ /_/ [_~ / ____ / / / / / / / /__ __ / ~// // / / / _~/ /~~~~ / ///// / / /\/ ~~~~/ / / / /// / /'| ,; / ~~/ / ,; / / /__/ / /`// / / / -=___/ _,~_/ -=___/ /______/ /_//__/ /_ _\ Getter Robot : The Big Battle! FAQ ============================================================================= Sony Playstation, 1999. Emotion, World of Technology : Tecno Soft. Version 1.1, September 20, 1999 by Handy Tanudjaja (thewindwalker@rocketmail.com) This FAQ is available at http://windwalker.webjump.com http://www.gamefaqs.com *** Copyright notice *** This FAQ is for private and personal use only. It can only be reproduced electronically, and if placed on a web page or site, may be altered as long as this disclaimer and the above copyright notice appears in full. Any information used from this document, quoted or no, should have this author's name somewhere as acknowledgement. This document may not be used as profitable purposes, however, may be distributed freely between others. All informations contained in this document (that includes the ASCII art) is copyright 1999 Handy Tanudjaja ============================================================================= Updates : ver 1.0 September 19, 1999 - Initial Release ver 1.1 September 20, 1999 - Updates, fixes, and junks. ============================================================================= Getter Robot : The Big Battle! Amazingly enough, this is the first time Getter Robot goes solo from their Super Robot Wars series. And more amazingly, it's not even Banpresto who made it. From my point of view, Getter Robot : The Big Battle is much better compared to their counterpart, Real Robot Battle Line, which actually disappoints me. Real Robot Battle Line got a somewhat sluggish 3D combat, and slow loading on combat sequence (which you can turn off, but definitely a turn off for expert Super Robot Wars gamers), compared to the lightning fast combat sequence of Getter Robot : The Big Battle! I think Banpresto ought to consider their 3D technology again (I'm looking forward to Super Robot Battle Line :). Or maybe, try to make Gaiking solo? This game's storyline is somewhat the same as the original Getter Robot anime, with some new additions, like our new pilots, Akira and Kei. Of course, the main pilots along with their beautiful back-up pilot Michiru are there. Ryou, Hayato and Musashi, Ryou (or Hyoma) pilots the Getter-1, Hayato in the Getter-2, along with the wacky Musashi in Getter-3. After stage 3, you'll also get Benkei, with the new Getter Dragon, Raiga and Poseidon, which is very nice. ============================================================================= Gameplay First of all, select a new game. Then you get to select your pilot. Male or Female? Their default names are Akira and Kei, as I prefer to use original name. After giving a name, comes a wide variety of skills, which I haven't figured out what for. Here's the list : Nashi Double move Self Destruct Ressurect Scan enemy Teleport Critical HP Regenerate EN Regenerate Self Destruct - Grants you the ability to destroy your own unit, and causes damage to any units nearby. Double Move - Grants you the ability to move again after you move. Ressurect - Haven't tested it yet. Scan Enemy - Detects the enemy unit's stats. Critical - Improves your critical hit rate. HP Regenerate - Regenerates HP each turn. EN Regenerate - Regenerates EN each turn. Start the game already! Buttons : T - Unit List S - Map C - Select X - Pulls up menu (or cancel) L1- Next Friendly Unit R1- Next Enemy Unit L2- Prev Friendly Unit R2- Prev Enemy Unit After pressing X, here's the menu that appears : - Unit List - Map - Your task (I think) - Save - Load - Game Options * Square On/Off (showing grids or not) * Vibration On/Off * Sound Stereo/Mono * Keys Config + Done + Default + Select + Cancel + Map + List + Next Friendly Unit + Next Enemy Unit + Prev Friendly Unit + Prev Enemy Unit - Turn End Menu during Intermission : - Save - Load - Records - Docking Test - Assemble Pilots - Game Options - Next Map (stage) Docking Test : You gotta love this one. This is how you'll feel when you're piloting a Getter Machine when they're trying to combine into Getter Robot! There are options to change your directional pad, whether you want to feel the original flying (up is down, down is up), or just the normal one. The default is at original flying. Button Square is to accelerate, while button X is to pull back. Try to dock within 10 seconds. :) The purpose of this docking thing? Well, aside of being fun, I don't know... yet. Unit Commands - Move - Attack - Change/Combine (available at certain times) - Docking (mother ship only) - Hangar (mother ship only) - Heal (Akira/Kei's robot) - Restore Energy (Michiru's aircraft) - Done - Information Informations : +---------------------------------+ | Name 83 | |+-----+ 144 | || | Lv.1 Exp 000 Attack 29 | ||Photo| Skill 79 | || | Skill Level 29 | |+-----+ | +---------------------------------+ ^ 1st Page | +---------+ +Unit Name---------------------------------+ |Pilot | | | |Info | | | +---------+ | | | | | | | | | A 3D Picture of the | | Unit | | | | | | | | | | | | | +------------------------------------------+ =========== 116 HP 112 =========== 29 Getter-Energy Maneuver 94 2nd page Unit Info 800 Armor 180 GE 70 112 Unit Type Air Land Sea /100% /100% Sea/100% Mountain/100% /100% /100% /100% Space/100% /100% That percentages seems to be the unit's capability over certain terrains. 3rd Page Weapons Weapon List Weapon Name <------------> Weapon Strength Getter Energy Consumption Chance to hit Ranges, I think. Terribly sorry, my Japanese isn't enough to figure out what all that words are... UNDER ATTACK COMMANDS Here's the command when you're under attack by the enemy's unit. - Proceed - Weapon list - Dodge (Try this with Getter Robots. :) - Block (You take half damage) ============================================================================= Tutorial for stage 1 Hyoma (Ryou) is introduced to the Getter Robot. He flies northward, and end up in the middle of the map. Then Professor Satome calls him, and told him to land. So Ryou goes to the left, and lands there . Hayato then shows up (ugh, Hayato is looking terrible here). After some talk, here comes the first enemy. Just stay still until the next round, then here comes backup. Professor Satome himself pilots the Getter-3 ship, along with your pilot, and Michiru. Note that Michiru can restore some energy (which costs her 50 Energy), and your pilot can restore some life (which costs 20 Energy). Just get your pilot, Michiru and any of Getter pilots to attack the enemy. After the enemy is destroyed, it's red alert. Four more enemies appears on the map, and if you're not careful, the first one might destroy one of your ships. Now, if you gather the three Getter ships close enough, you will have the option to combine next turn. Combine into Getter-1, and have Ryou use Getter Beam to annihilate the enemy nearest to you (or just use normal attacks), don't worry, your Energy will be restored slowly each turn. A big mega beam hits the ground, and if you're close enough to the blast, you'll take damage. Use your pilot to heal the Getter-1, and use Michiru (the girl in the white aircraft) to recharge the healer's energy. You should be able to take out all the enemies by that strategy. Okay. Good luck on the next stages :) Stage 2 Not much trouble here. Stage 3 - Getter vs. Getter Wow, Getter Dragon, Raiga and Poseidon shows up! Now be sure to attack the enemy's Getter-1 first, because it will attack the building on the corner. Ignore the others, as destroying the enemy's Getter Robots will gain you a victory. Stage 4 Use the general strategy here. Be careful of gunpods, as it fires heavy weapon, and has shields. Destroy the big blue blob thing in the middle of the city using the general strategy of attack,defend,submerge,escape, recharge, repeat. After the blob is destroyed, it will become huge! Use Getter-1 or Dragon to hold it in the centre. 4 turns is all it takes, but be careful, as each turn it will deliver damage to you. Have your healers ready nearby. And destroy the gunpods first, it will make your life easier. Stage 5 Well, the usual thing : low resources, too much enemy. We call this NORMAL. Some Female Getter Robot shows up. And the mother ship too. Remember that the mother ship's hangar can contain 3 units, and also capable of healing. To make ALL of your units back to full HP and EN, use Michiru's restore Energy skill to the mother ship, and then dock in the hangar. The rest should be a cinch. Hint : Try to lure the enemy around the boss one by one. General Strategy Getter-2 and Raiga and any of their compatibles are capable of submerging. Use this to escape and withdraw. Usually fighting them to the death is not a good idea. Basically, attack, defend, run away, repairs, fixes, recharges, and attack again with the most damaging weapon you got. Example : Attack by using Getter-1 or Getter Dragon's Getter Beam. Usually this weapon leaves you a tiny amount of energy left. Then, the enemy moves. Block or dodge any attack by the enemy, then change to Getter-2 or Raiga, submerge, and withdraw. Hayato's Double Move ability is very convenient for withdrawing. Emerge in a safe place, do some healing (repairs), and wait until your energy recharges. Then submerge, approach the enemy, emerge, change into Getter-1 or Dragon, do the Getter Beam again. Repeat. Of course, this only works if the enemy is on the land. Under sea combat is more difficult, since Getter Beam is weak underwater, and Getter-3 or Poseidon's weapons are usually close range. ============================================================================= Getter Robot Theme Song Gan Gan Gan Gan Wakai inochi ga makka ni oete GETTA SUPAAKU sora takaku Mitaka gattai GETTA ROBO da Gettsu Gettsu GETTA Gettsu Mitsu no kokoro ga hitotsu ni nareba Hitotsu no seii wa hyakuban PAWAA Aku wo yurusuna GETTA PANCHI Gett Gett GETTA GETTA ROBO Gan Gan Gan Gan Wakai hikari ga icchokusen ni GETTA CHIENGI buchi kamase Mitaka hengen GETTA ROBO da Gettsu Gettsu GETTA Gettsu Mitsu no kokoro ga hitotsu ni nareba Hitotsu no yuuki wa hyakuban PAWAA Aku wo tausuzo GETTA DORIRU Gett Gett GETTA GETTA ROBO Gan Gan Gan Gan Wakai kimo ga niji wo egaki GETTA FURAITO doko made mo Mitaka muteki no GETTA ROBO da Gettsu Gettsu GETTA Gettsu Mitsu no kokoro ga hitotsu ni nareba Hitotsu no riso wa hyakuban PAWAA Aku wo horobose GETTA BIIMU Gett Gett GETTA GETTA ROBO If you have seen the original Getter Robot anime (man, that's a long time ago) this is their main theme. It's also in the Super Robot Wars as their main theme. Unfortunately, it's not on this game. ============================================================================= Last Words Okay, so this isn't exactly a good FAQ afterall. But I hope this FAQ will encourage someone with better understanding of Japanese to create a better FAQ, and a strategy in which I can use :) So have that Playstation ready, and be ready to make your own FAQs. Chieengi Getter One, Switch On! And by the way, don't e-mail me about my crappy ASCII art :P ============================================================================= Credits John Culbert (tigeraid@geocities.com) Don't ask. He's got nothing to do with Getter Robot: The Big Battle!, but I used his Marvel vs. SF FAQ as a sample for my format. :) Well, sort of. Tecno Soft and Emotion Can't say how much I thank them, since Getter Robot's been my favorite in the anime and Super Robot Wars series. You did a good job making this marvelous game. Wanna try making Gaiking solo? Go Nagai I suppose Getter Robot is created by him. Without him, there will be no Getter Robot in Super Robot Wars, and there won't even be this game. :)</p>