Front Mission 2 Game Walkthrough By Nathan Stout From: The Front Mission Series Web Page: Visit us for: Walkthroughs of all Front Mission Games, Gameplay Information, Technical Data, Pictures, character descriptions, cheat codes, and more!!!! --------------------------------------------------------------------------- WE COVER FRONT MISSION GAMES AND FRONT MISSION GAMES ONLY!!! --------------------------------------------------------------------------- WALKTHROUGH --------------------------------------------------------------------------- The game begins at the OCU Limian Base deep inside Aroldesh, a member of the OCU Federation, with characters Griff, Ash, Joyce, and Eimia ending their shifts. Soon, four OCU trucks arrive with destroyed Aroldesh Vanzer mechas on them. They are admitted to the base, and then... too late! The supposed immobile mechas spring to life, as the outnumbered OCU soldiers flee, leaving Griff to hold down the fort. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mission 1 Enemy Units: 2 Attackers 4 Trucks 1 Fighter 2 Helocopters 1 Commander Notes: 1.) For getting the most experience on this level, destroy the 4 trucks first. They will take off after a few turns and get away. 2.) After all mechs are destroyed, some unexpected visitors arrive and Griff takes them on alone. He is killed and the mission ends. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- To the woods of Batari --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mission 2 Ash, Joyce and Eimia escape into the Batari Forest, where they learn of Aroldesh's newly declared independence from OCU. The Revolutionary Army has carried out a coup d'etat, dragging all of peaceful Aroldesh with them. Enemy Units: 4 Attackers 1 Commander 2 Fighters 2 Gunners 1 Repairman Notes: 1.) Thomas, Rocky, and Roswell are introduced in this mission and you get to use them right away. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- To the O.C.U. Ramanstion then Salibash's House --------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1.) Salibash is head of a major transportation power. He has sided with the OCU and he helps the group out. 2.) At Salibash's you can upgrade and practice fighting. Here you meet ACE he is not a player but he helps as a NPC in the next mission. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- To Downtown Dhaka --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mission 3 Ash has received word that an OCU sympathizer would help them there. While waiting for back-up, another battle erupts... Enemy Units: 9 Attackers 1 Commander 4 Gunners 1 Repairman 2 Fighters Notes: 1.) Pay attention to the beginning of this mission and follow the route that Thomas shows you. It leads to a warehouse where the sympathizer is located. There is a truck that will begin to move towards the warehouse in several turns. Make sure you get rid of all mechs in it's path. 2.) Towards the end of the mission bombers start dropping bombs on the city. Make sure the areas that they will drop (you will be shown) are free of any of your mechs. I also suggest that if you have a stereo TV that you turn it up when the bombers flyby and drop their bombs. Its sounds cool! --------------------------------------------------------------------------- To Daukandei --------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1.) You must go fight in the coliseum to proceed to the next mission. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- To the coast --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mission 4 You are to secure a helicopter landing site. Ven (the enemy commander) in his helicopter must be stopped. A chopper is leaving and 3 choppers will arrive soon. Enemy Units: 3 Attackers 1 Boss (Ven) 5 Gunners 2 Fighters Notes: 1.) Have 2 of your Wanzers attack the gunner tanks closest to your group. Send the rest to the helicopters. Keep all enemy units away from the heli pad. 2.) After several turns 3 helicopter show up. Make sure the enemy doesn't get to them. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- At O.C.U. Rimian M.F.B. 1.) You now are in the roles of two Wanzer pilots Lisa and Sayuri. They are at Rimian M.F.B. (where the very first battle took place). They are there scouting. 2.) They are ordered on a rescue job. They will cut off a helicopter convoy and rescue prisoners. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- To rescue point --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mission 5 Here you are to eliminate several enemy helicopters and free the prisoner from the blue helicopter. Be sure you don't attack the blue helicopter. There are 2 NPC helicopters and 2 NPC Wanzers there to help you. Enemy Units (Helicopters): 3 Gunners 3 Attackers 1 Commander 1 Transport Notes: 1.) Griff is in the transport helicopter! Be sure not to destroy it. 2.) Don't worry about letting the blue helicopter get away. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- To O.C.U. Front Base 1.) The Booth is actually the Shop. Go there to upgrade Wanzers. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Back to Daukandei 1.) Go to the bar and talk to Thomas. 2.) You must go to the Coliseum and use one of your characters to battle in a SOLO battle different opponents and win them all. Once you have one them all you will be asked to battle the Champion. Once you beat him, Cordy will join your team. Now you can go on to another level, but after you go back to the Hide. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- To P.O.W. camp --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mission 6 Lisa, Sayuri, Griff, and Cordy are going to break prisoners out of an enemy P.O.W. camp. But before they do some helicopters come along and blow it up a bit, making it a bit easier for the group. Enemy Units: 6 Gunners 2 Trucks 4 Attackers 1 Commander Notes: 1.) After the helicopters blow a hole in one of the buildings, you must end a Wanzer's turn on the square infront of the hole to rescue some prisoners. 2.) Next you will need to destroy all of the enemy vehicles except one of the green trucks, it has prisoners in it. It's HP bar is blue (for ally), not red (for enemy). --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Back to Daukandei 1.) There is now an on-line shop in the network that you can use, but the prices are higher. 2.) You must go to the coliseum and select battle. You will talk to an O.C.U. pilot before exiting. Now you can exit Daukandei. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Back to O.C.U. Font Base 1.) Go to the Headquarters and talk to man. 2.) Go to Tent and talk to Sayuri and choose Yes when prompted. Now you can go on to the next mission. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- To Central of Dhaka --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mission 7 Enemy Units: 2 Gunners 8 Attackers 1 Commander 3 Fighters Notes: 1.) This is the toughest level I have played so far. It took me 8 times to beat it! Be sure you have the BEST weapons, mechs, ect... Carry plenty of repair 3s and rebirth 2s with you. Have a hurtclub (or other fight weapon) in one hand and a machine type gun in the other. Be sure to carry rockets and missile launchers. 2.) Keep your group together. Surround the mechs that you battle. Go after the Commander with ALL your guys until you finish him off, he is tough! 3.) Don't dally, move to the capital as fast as you can and get rid of ALL enemy units! When Roswell, Thomas, and Rocky show up, have them go after the jets that show up later in the mission. 4.) Make sure that you keep close to the helicopter and destroy the enemy jet when it attacks the helicopter. 5.) If you are having trouble, I suggest saving-in-battle at a point where you are doing really well, that way if you fail the mission, you won't have to start all over again. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- To Suburbs of Dhaka --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mission 8 In this mission your group (now with Griff, Rocky, Lisa, Sayuri, Roswell, Thomas, and Cordy) is guarding a cargo plane. The enmy shows up and the plane takes off. It is up to you to get rid of the invaders which now have some BIG Wanzers in their group! Enemy Units: 7 Gunners 2 Repairmen 2 Attackers 1 Commander 2 Fighters Notes: 1.) Don't go straight for the enemy. Keep away from them and lure a couple of the Wanzers that are on the mountain closets to your group. After ganging up on those 2, split your group up into 2 groups. 2.) All the rest of the enemy units (except helicopters) will gather in a group between the mountains. Take one group and go up on one of the mountains and take the other group and do the same on the other mountain SURROUNDING the enemy. 3.) Stay up on the mountains (or on the slopes) and destroy the repairmen and the truck type gunners first. 4.) Take care of the other two regular Wanzers and then go for the large Wanzers. 5.) Stay on high ground the entire time (or on the slope). The big Wanzer's hit rate with their big cannons are really bad. Watch out when they use their machine guns though, they do some damage! --------------------------------------------------------------------------- On the way to Diaraba --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mission 9 Enemy Units: 3 Gunners 5 Attackers 1 Commander 2 Fighters 1 Driver 2 Repairmen To Ship LSHD-4 Mont 1.) Pike is introduced here and he joins your group. He is level 10 Missiler. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- To O.C.U. Fontbase --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mission 10 Enemy Units: 4 Gunners 4 Attackers 1 Boss (Ven) 2 Fighters 1 Captain Notes: 1.) Right before this mission begins, 3 unknown helicopters show up and provide a bit of a distraction and reduce the enemy's HP a bit before leaving. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- To Diaraba 1.) Go to the Coliseum and fight a SOLO battle against Roid (ahem). After you beat him, he will talk to you and Port will appear on the main menu. Go there, then go to Agit. 2.) Go to the Bar and you can now talk to Thomas. He, Rocky, and Roswell will now join Ash and his team. 3.) Now go back to Port and go to the Warehouse and talk to Salibash. Then go to Room and choose Yes. now you can exit Diaraba. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mission 11 Here the group must keep the enemy away from Salibash's cargo ship. It is a pretty easy level until you have to take on Ven and the Commander in their Super Tanks. The tanks shoot 9 times a turn! and each shot does about 69 points of damage! Watch out! Enemy Units: 2 Gunners 2 Repairmen 9 Attackers 1 Commander 5 Fighters 1 Boss (Ven) 1 Driver Notes: 1.) Stay right infront of the loading ramps to the ship. Let the enemy come to you. There are 4 NCP mechs that will take on several of the enemy tanks and reduce their HP a bit before they are destroyed. 2.) You should get rid of all the other enemy units before taking on the 2 super tanks. Then use all your Wanzers and surround and attack the tanks one at a time. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mission 12 While on Salibash's ship, it comes under attack. You must choose only 4 other mechs to help you get rid of all enemies. Be sure to take only mechs with guns (Short). Missiles wont work here, so get rid of them and get a gin in both hands. You must make sure that the enemy doesn't take out the ship's guns. If they do then the mission has failed. PROTECT the ship's guns. Enemy Units: 3 Gunners 4 Attackers 1 Commander Notes: 1.) Split up into 2 groups of 2 mechs. Take one group and head for the jets and helicopters that approaching. 2.) The helicopters are not very hard to take out. You have to watch out for the jets. They will attack from a distance. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- To Bornea 1.) Go to Hide and talk to Salibash. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- To P.O.W. Camp --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mission 13 It appears that Lisa, Sayuri, Cordy, and Griff were captured. Enemy Units: 8 Gunners 2 Repairmen 7 Attackers 2 Commander 2 Drivers Notes: 1.) Take as many multiple use weapons as you can. This is long battle and you will more than likely run out of ammo before it is over. 2.) Make sure you keep your Fighters in good HP status. They will be useful in the long battle ahead. 3.) Toward the end of the battle I was down to 4 enemy units left. I destroyed the last commander and the mission ended. I guess once the commanders are destroyed (no matter how many other units are left) the mission is over. 4.) There are several NCP mechs helping you out on this mission as well. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hidden mission: The first is right after recruited mercenary from coliseum. You would learn from the watchman at the shop of Salibash about some refugees buying Wanzers for smuggling. Then go to the bar to meet the leader of refugees. Joyce would help those refugees. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- To Bornea --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mission 14 In this impressive looking level it appears that Hordman as turned against you. Salibash and 2 other mechs are working with you as Ven (who doesn't do anything until you attack him) looks on. The point of this mission is to get to and defeat Ven. Hordman's units attack you as well as Ven's troops. Enemy Units: 6 Gunner 2 Repairmen 5 Attackers 1 Boss (Ven) Hordman's Units: 1 Gunner 6 Attackers 1 Commander (Hordman) Notes: 1.) Go for the enemy units (not Hordman's) nearest you first. The work your way over to Ven. Don't worry about Hordman's units. They will catch up to you soon enough. 2.) I didn't finish off Hordman. He ran away from the battle after awhile. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- To O.C.U. Deean A.F.B. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mission 15 Now we are back to Lisa, Sayuri, Griff, and Cordy. They are still prisoners. Strangely enough, Maylan, the commander seen along side Ven is defecting! He breaks Lisa and Co. out and lets you equip their Wanzers for free! Now they attempt to make a break for it. Enemy Units: 4 Gunners 2 Repairmen 8 Attackers 1 Commander 3 Fighters 3 Drivers Notes: 1.) You will notice that at the beginning of each enemy turn, the cursor goes to a tower in the upper part of the screen. At some point in the mission to break free, have Maylan attack the tower. There is a pretty cool bit of action there! 2.) My suggestion is to pretty much stay put and let them come to you. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- To Birraba 1.) Go to the Coliseum and fight Roid (ahem) in a SOLO match with Lisa. After you beat him, you can now go to Port (like right after mission 10). Now go to agit. Now you can exit. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- To Bornea 1.) You are stopped on the way by a group of nasty Wanzers. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Suburbs of Bornea It appears that your group will have to fight their way through. This mission is a major story arc (I just wish I knew more!) before you begin, you are stopped and we automatically pick up with Ash's group in Bornea. Get Ash's team ready to go and head out to take on the enemy! Equip lots of rebirth 2s and repair 2s and mabey a couple of chafu. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mission 16 Enemy Units: 12 Gunners 4 Repairmen 2 Attackers 1 Commander 2 Fighters 2 Driver 1 Veteran Notes: 1.) This is ONE TOUGH MISSION! I though for most of the mission that I was gonna loose. ALL the enemy Wanzers have high levels and their missiles do a lot of damage. 2.) After the first turn (Ash's team). Lisa's team shows up! FINALLY! after 16 missions they all come together! Keep Ash's team pretty much in the corner of the map. First go after the Veteran! He is tough and will really mess up your guys. 3.) Then go after the gunners. The fighters were unexpectedly easy. The gunners are hell. 4.) Have Lisa's group head straight for Ash's. Don't bother with the tanks that will follow you and attack you. Just get over to Ash's group ASAP! 5.) Once you are all together, it is a bit easier. Just stay away from the 3 big Wanzers. 6.) Once you do away with the tanks that followed Lisa's group, the big Wanzers will come after you. AVOID THE COMMANDER!!!!! 7.) The other 2 large Wanzers are not to difficult to get rid of. Just be sure to keep repairing damage. Once the other 2 big Wanzers are gone, have EVERYONE go after the commander. He is tough and he can easily destroy your Wanzers. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- To Bornea --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mission 17 Enemy Units: 10 Gunners 1 Repairmen 6 Attackers 1 Commander 5 Fighters 1 Driver 1 Veteran Notes: 1.) Tough mission. Keep everyone together. Stay in the middle of the big street you start out on. 2.) Try to get all enemy units out in the middle of the street and surround them. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mission 18 Apparently Daka has been destroyed. All that's left is a ruined city. Ven shows up with his boys to give you a good thrashing. Be sure you have a few good gunners (Short) in your group. Enemy Units: 10 Gunners 1 Veteran 11 attackers 2 Fighters 1 Boss (Ven) Notes: 1.) Stay right where you are and make a stand. Most of the units will meet you head to head right there on the street. 2.) When Ven shows up with in attacking range give it to him! don't' worry about his wingmen. When his HP gets low, he will chicken out and take off, with his wingmen!!!! 3.) Attack the Veteran with your gunners (Short). They do better than fighters. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- To Rimian Firing Range Here you are confronted with some fairly weak Wanzers. Mabey that's because they are split up. Anyway, the are some spotlight trucks along with the enemy Wanzers. I am not sure if they reduce your ability to evade, but take them all out anyway. Mission 19 Enemy Units: 6 Gunners 2 Repairmen 4 Attackers 1 Commander 2 Fighters 1 Boss (Ven) 8 Drivers 1 Veteran To Notun Comilla 1.) Go to the bar and talk to the Master. 2.) Go to Agit. Then go back to the bar. Now go to Maniple. 3.) Now go back to Agit and go to room D and go to sleep. 4.) Lastly, go to each room and talk to everyone. Now you can go on to the next mission. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- To Central of Dhaka You are automatically split up into 2 groups. One facing the main building (capital?), the other group behind the capital. The group behind the capital place shooters there (not JUST shooters though). Mission 20 Enemy Units: 11 Gunners 1 Veteran 9 Attackers 1 Commander 2 Fighters 1 Boss (Ven) Notes: 1.) Don't destroy all jets! Leave one until your other group destroys the big blue commander Wanzer. The enemy units will not attack you! (except the jets). 2.) Have your group facing the capital destroy all the enemy units they can. Have the group gather in the middle of the capital's courtyard (where the flag is). 3.) Once the Commander's Wanzer is destroyed Ven and 3 other mega tanks show up. 2 of the units will appear right near the group in at the capital. Surround them and take them out! 4.) You don't even have to destroy all the mega tanks. Just take out Ven's and the mission will be over. But the other tanks can give some good experience points. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- To Brarmaputra River In this mission a cargo plane drops off 2 crates into the Baramputra River. There is a convoy there to pick the crates up (If you know what's in the crates, please let me know). This area is marshy, so you won't be able to move much. This looks tough at first, but isn't all that hard. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mission 21 Enemy Units: 2 Gunners 4 Repairmen 7 Attackers 1 Commander 1 Fighters 1 Veteran 9 Drivers Notes: 1.) After the trucks deploy their Wanzers they will stick around for awhile. When things start getting hot, they will start to take off. Have your lower experience Wanzers go after them for easy experience. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- To Coast The group plans to make an assault on O.C.U. Deean A.F.B. A plane carrying some Wanzers will land and soon be assisted with other Wanzers from outside the compound. The plane will then blowup and destroy the super high tech fighter in the cargo bay. But before the mission can start, you have to capture a plane. Mission 22 Enemy Units: 8 Gunners 4 Repairmen 4 Attackers 1 Commander 4 Fighters 1 Veteran 5 Drivers Notes: 1.) When you first start this mission, head for the Wanzers infront of the plane. Have a couple of your Wanzers go after the tanks surrounding the plane. They will try to escape when most of the Wanzers are destroyed. 2.) The gunners are sometimes accurate and sometimes not. So its best to use a few chafu now and then. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- To Dhaka 1.) Go to agit and then to H.Q., you must split up your team into 3 groups (4 people on each team). You can go back and change out people on the teams so don't worry if you goof up. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- To O.C.U. Deean A.F.B. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mission 23 This is the mission that the team has been preparing for. Amia pilots the plane to a landing inside the air base. Amia and the other 3 Wanzers you choose will then disembark and keep the enemy units away from the plane for 5 turns so it can blow up and destroy the high tech fighter in the bay. After the fighter is destroyed, the second group will join the battle along with Salibash and a couple of other Burgteam Wanzers. Enemy Units: 15 Gunners 2 Attackers 2 Commanders 1 Veteran Notes: 1.) Right when the level begins, have 2 of your Wanzers go for the 2 tanks nearest the your plane and have the other 2 go for the gunner that's next to the commander. Don't worry about the commander yet, just go for the gunner. 2.) If the gunners get by you they will attack the plane. If it takes too much damage it will blow up and the mission will be over. 3.) Once the plane blows up the fighter, team 2 will join in the battle. At that time have team 1 head for team 2. Also, 2 big Wanzers will show up. They should be attacked last by all your Wanzers. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hidden Mission: After receiving the Raven, Rocky would receive a letter from his friend. Go to the bar to ask the mailman where the sender is. Then go to hospital to meet his friend knowing a gang using mines making heavy casualties. After gone to the bar to find the mailman again, Rocky, Thomas and Roswell would go after the gang before go to the subway. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- To O.C.U. Deean A.F.B. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mission 24 Ven and his commander are here at another part of Deean A.F.B. The third group (Ash's) attacks and soon finds out that they were expected. Enemy Units: 7 Gunners 4 Doors 5 Attackers 1 Commander 4 Fighters 1 Guwianda Notes: 1.) Soon you find out that Ash is in big trouble. Several Wanzers show up and surround Ash's group. 2.) Before all is lost, the rest of the group shows up! Head Ash's group toward them so that all keep together. 3.) Watch out for the Doors. They are traps. Don't head any of your Wanzers for Ven or Guwianda or the doors explode, damaging any nearby Wanzers. Wait until all enemy units are destroyed before going for Ven or Guwianda. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- To Dhaka 1.) Here or at Deean A.F.B. you can resupply your Wanzers. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- To Bornea --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mission 25 The group gets a ride to Bornea via subway. The party is crashed by some big Wanzers and the teams has to fight them off. Enemy Units: 6 Gunners 5 Attackers 1 Commander Notes: 1.) This is a good mission to get al those characters with low levels to raise a few levels. Be careful though. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- To Dhaka 1.) Here you can resupply your Wanzers for the next mission. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- To Old Factory Ven is here (when is he gonna learn?!) with his troops to stop you. I believe you are trying to prevent the launching of a missile (satellite) into space. The satellite will use other satellites (from other governments) to launch nuclear attacks all over the world. Mission 26 Enemy Units: 8 Gunners 3 Repairmen 9 Attackers 1 Boss (Ven) 4 Fighters 1 Veteran 1 Commander Notes: 1.) Keep your group together and try to raise you lower level characters. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- To Supply Camp 1.) You can buy new parts here or exit and go back to Dhaka before going on to the next mission. Be sure to load up on plenty of rebirths and repairs! --------------------------------------------------------------------------- To Weapon Accumulation --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mission 27 The enemy are building an ultra Wanzer. Salibash wants to capture it and use it and learn from it so he can make others. There are many Wanzers between you and the building where its located. Enemy Units: 16 Gunners 2 Repairmen 2 Attackers 1 Boss (Ven) 3 Fighters 1 Super Notes: 1.) The "super" Wanzer is not the one you are after. It is just a Wanzer with a pilot that is better than a Veteran. Destroy it like all the others. 2.) After you destroy about 3 or 4 enemy units, Ven comes out of the building with the Ultra Wanzer! This mother is BIG! 3.) Keep your Wanzers AWAY from him until you get rid of all the other enemy units. 4.) Once all the other enemy units are destroyed, you should go after Ven all at once. He will use missiles on your most damaged and lowest level guys. Use this to your advantage and surround him as much as possible. This one massive Wanzer! --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Forest of Riverside --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mission 28 The group confronted by a large group of enemy units. This is the first level where I lost more than a couple of characters in battle. It iS pretty tough. Just keep your team all together and let the enemy come to you. Enemy Units: 10 Gunners 1 Super 5 Attackers 2 Commanders 4 Fighters Notes: 1.) Keep your group together. 2.) watch out for the jets and helicopters. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- To Intergehen --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mission 29 The group is attacking an unknown base and there are plenty of enemy units to get rid of. Enemy Units: 15 Gunners 1 Unknown 3 Attackers 3 Commander 1 Fighter 2 Super Notes: 1.) This mission will take a while to complete. Just keep your group together. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Intergehen --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mission 30 This is the most complicated mission of all. In this complex the enemy scientist built the ultra Wanzers and launched the terrorist satellite. Your group must get rid of the last ultra Wanzer and try to destroy the enemy satellite before it launches the warheads and throws the world into mass confusion. Enemy Units: 7 Gunners 15 Attackers 1 Commander 2 Fighters Notes: 1.) You can go about this mission one way or another.... You can attack and destroy all other enemy units before attacking the ultra Wanzer. Or you can destroy the ultra Wanzer first. destroying all the other Wanzers first will take longer but you can also raise the levels of some of your guys if needed. It will also make the end of this level much easier. 2.) Which ever you choose, you must eventually attack the ultra Wanzer. This Wanzer is even harder than the one in mission 27! The only way you will be able to defeat this Wanzer is to make it run completely out of ammo first. Trying a full on assault will NOT WORK! Just take have your different Wanzers take damage, then repair them, and so on and so on until all the ultra Wanzer's weapons are depleted. Then you can attack. I lost a couple of Wanzers trying to get the ultra Wanzer to deplete it's ammo. 3.) Once the ultra Wanzer is destroyed sirens will go off. The satellite is about to activate and subvert the different government's satellites and cause mass destruction. You care given 40 turns to get to the computer housing (next to the rockets) and try to destroy the satellite. 4.) If you didn't destroy all the enemy units before destroying the ultra Wanzer, they will attempt to block you and even destroy the computer. Don't let this happen! If you destroyed all the enemy units before, it is MUCH EASIER! 5.) Once you get one of your units over the caution line right infront of the computer housing, their Wanzer will disappear and they will have gone inside to program a rocket. This will take several turns so keep this are guarded (if enemy units are still left). 6.) A rocket will fire after the character counts down. The satellite will detect the rocket and mark it as an unfriendly target. It blows up the rocket! Oh no! you thought the level was over didn't you? 7.) The character will have to program another rocket so the satellite will not shoot it down. This will take several more turns. Protect the computer housing! 8.) Another rocket is launched. This time the satellite doesn't recognize it as a threat. The rocket blows it up! World disaster is averted!!!!! --------------------------------------------------------------------------- LSHD-4 Mont --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mission 31 With major disaster averted, the team tries to relax. Look! Ash smiles for the FIRST time in the whole game! awwww. Ut oh, not quite time to relax, sirens go off! The carrier is under attack. Be sure to upgrade for the final battle! Enemy Units: 9 Gunners 1 Domingo 3 Attackers 2 Fighters Notes: 1.) Its Domingo! That traitor! He and a group of high level Wanzers are attacking and it looks like trouble! 2.) No big deal, to end the level (and the game), just destroy Domingo's Wanzer. Sit back and enjoy some excellent cutscenes! You deserve it! This was a long game!!!! --------------------------------------------------------------------------- My stats at the closing of the game: Time: 62 hours and 15 seconds (approx.) Character levels: Ash 30 (short) Amia 30 (short) Cordy 30 (fight) Pike 16 (long) Malan 30 (fight) Sayuri 23 (short) Thomas 30 (fight) Rocky 30 (fight) Roswell 30 (fight) Joyce 28 (short) Griff 29 (fight) Lisa 30 (short) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you have any comments, suggestions, or corrections mail them to: Visit the Front Mission Series Webpage at: Walkthroughs of all Front Mission Games, Gameplay Information, Technical Data, Pictures, character descriptions, cheat codes, and much more!!!! Nathan Stout updated: 8-20-98 *************************END of DOCUMENT****************************************************</p>