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Just press CTRL + F and enter the code to jump to that part immediately. ============================================================================== Table of Contents [GN.00.00] ============================================================================== * Table of Contents.................................................[GN.00.00] * History & Next Version............................................[GN.01.01] * Introduction......................................................[GN.02.01] * Walkthrough.......................................................[GN.03.01] * The Hunt........................................................[GN.03.02] * Steamboat Massacre..............................................[GN.03.03] * Honest Tom......................................................[GN.03.04] * The Red Hand Gang...............................................[GN.03.05] * Quick Killer....................................................[GN.03.06] * Whore Coach.....................................................[GN.03.07] * Law and Order...................................................[GN.03.08] * Escape the Jail.................................................[GN.03.09] * Ambush the Train................................................[GN.03.10] * Defend the Hideout..............................................[GN.03.11] * Take Down Hoodoo................................................[GN.03.12] * Save Soapy......................................................[GN.03.13] * Hollister's Fort................................................[GN.03.14] * Attack the Fort.................................................[GN.03.15] * Battle at the Steamboat.........................................[GN.03.16] * Across the Badlands.............................................[GN.03.16] * Escape the Ambush...............................................[GN.03.17] * Magruder's Mine.................................................[GN.03.18] * Side-Missions.....................................................[GN.04.01] * Bounties........................................................[GN.04.02] * Pony Express....................................................[GN.04.03] * Deputy..........................................................[GN.04.04] * Federal Marshall................................................[GN.04.05] * Ranch...........................................................[GN.04.06] * Indian Hunter...................................................[GN.04.07] * Poker Tournament................................................[GN.04.08] * Shops.............................................................[GN.05.01] * Dodge...........................................................[GN.05.02] * Empire..........................................................[GN.05.03] * Indian Trader...................................................[GN.05.04] * Gold Locations....................................................[GN.06.01] * Weapons...........................................................[GN.07.01] * Secrets...........................................................[GN.08.01] * Cannon Nock Gun.................................................[GN.08.02] * Reverend Reed's Horse...........................................[GN.08.03] * FAQ...............................................................[GN.09.01] * Conclusion........................................................[GN.10.01] ============================================================================== History & Next Version [GN.01.01] ============================================================================== Version 0.1 (11/11/05) - First version, everything is new. (25KB) Version 0.2 (11/12/05) - Walkthrough updated, side-missions chapter changed and updated with more stuff (bounties, pony express, deputy, federal Marshall and poker tournament done), updated the shops, added gold locations. (49,3KB) Version 1.0 (11/13/05) - Dates fixed in this section <.<, walkthrough finished, side-missions finished, shops finished, gold location updated, secrets added, weapons added. (60,1KB) Version 1.1 (12/04/05) - Just added some stuff. Meh. (64,0KB) Version 1.2 (12/18/05) - Added an ascii logo, added more questions in the FAQ, added some notes in the guide, added the final (I hope) 2 gold locations, fixed some mistakes, removed the location of posters in the bounty section, because they are random. (65,2KB) ============================================================================== Introduction [GN.02.01] ============================================================================== Taken from the official manual: "When life robs Colton White of all that matters, the only thing left he can trust is his GUN. From award-winning developer, Neversoft, and accomplished screenwriter, Randall Jahnson (The Mask of Zorro, The Doors), GUN follows Colton on his quest for discovery as he seeks to exact vengeful justice on those who have wronged him. GUN is a realistic epic action/adventure that lets gamers experience the brutality of the lawless West." After playing this game, I know all about bounties (pun intended). There is a bounty on this on GameFAQs, and I wanted to write a new guide anyway. Two birds with one stone, don't you think? ============================================================================== Walkthrough [GN.03.01] ============================================================================== The game starts with a movie showing an expedition. This doesn't end very well, because they get ambushed by natives. They even kill the priest. Poor guy :( ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The Hunt [GN.03.02] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Help Ned track down some animals for the steamboat. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Montana, 1880. My name is Colton White. My father and I hunt game for the steamboats traveling the Missouri. Not a bad living if you can stand your old men kicking you every morning at dawn..." Ned wakes you up, because it's time to hunt. This is the tutorial of the game, as you may have guessed. Use WASD to move, and follow Ned. He'll find an elk, and shoot it. But just an elk isn't enough for Ned. No, he wants you to shoot some quail while you're at it. Draw your weapon, and shoot them. After that, you need to use the quick-draw mode, and shoot some more. You'll get attacked by some wolves. A few shots will take care of them. Follow Ned again. He'll tell you to pull out your rifle, and shoot some elk. Once you shot them, more wolves will show up. Time to kill those too. Some unfriendly bear will show up, and knock Ned down. Grab his rifle, and kill the bear. When it charges at you, simply strife left or right to avoid it. Just keep shooting at it. Ned is fine, so that's a good thing. You take care of the bear, while the steamboat arrives. I love the main music of this game. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Steamboat Massacre [GN.03.03] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Something bad is going down. Stick with Ned, and hold off the attackers! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Ned goes talk to a woman about something secret. You'll get noticed by Reed, who claims to be a priest. You'll find out soon enough he's not. But I'm sure you already noticed something's just not right about the man. And that's right, just a moment later he'll kill the woman, when she doesn't want to tell him where "it" is (no pun intended). And if that's not enough, he'll also call his friends, and they'll ambush the boat. Shoot the attackers, while you follow Ned. The boat is slowing down, because the wheel at the other end is jammed. Get there, while killing the attackers, and get the log removed from there. Then walk back a little, and mount the cannon. Time to shoot at ships like there's no tomorrow. When that's done, they shoot the pilot, and the boat crashes. Head back to the other side of the boat, and head up. Find Ned, and help him keep off the attackers. The boat is going to be destroyed, and Ned gives you a token, and tells you he's not your father. The boat explodes, with everyone on it, except for you. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Honest Tom [GN.03.04] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ You just washed ashore, and are looking for a way to get to Dodge. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Reward: New pony express, bounty, poker mission available. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ You'll see how the priest who lead the ambush is heading to his boss, Magruder. He doesn't like that, and he kills the priest. So much for that. Some cheap scum is trying to take your token, because he thinks you're dead. Well, we're not, and Honest Tom even wants to help you. If you win his beds, he'll give you a horse. That's quite nice of him. Mount the horse, and follow his instructions to understand the ways of riding a horse. You'll learn how to sprint and jump for now. Tom wants to race you. Sure thing, Tommy. The key is to sprint, and hold the button. This will keep you at a fast speed, and Tom behind. Don't hold back on sprinting, you'll see a message when it's not good for your horse anymore. Basically, you need to do 3 laps. Each lap had 4 jumps; over a small river, over two trees and over another small river. Nothing hard, really. Once you beat Tom, he wants you to kill some buffalos. To do this, ride to one and trample or skid attack to kill them. Once you did that, return to Tommy. Now it's time to shoot bottles. Just go into quick-draw mode, and shoot more bottles than him. Nothing hard again. The last test is to kill the wolves. You shoot them, trample them or skid attack them. Whatever you want. Tommy gives you his horse... after a fight with his friends that is. Kill them, and the horse is yours. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The Red Hand Gang [GN.03.05] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Rude, Crude, and the rest of the Red Hand Gang are out for blood. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Reward: Schofield - Ned's old Schofield has break-apart action which allows for faster reloads. It also had good close-range stopping power. Reward: Shotgun Model 1887 - Rude's Winchester 1887 single barrel shotgun - it's slow to reload but great for ripping enemies to shreds in close quarters combat. Reward: Whiskey Bomb - Light enemies on fire and watch them burn. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Take the trail to Dodge. You'll find a river, and you'll need to cross it. The man can help you, and he doesn't even kill you or attack you ;) "Dodge City. Take the token to the Alhambra Saloon and ask for Jenny. That's what Ned said just he died." Head to the saloon, and talk to the bartender. He'll help you find Jenny. However, she's a whore, and some people want a go before you. Of course, this turns out to be one big fight. Get ready, and kill the rude men. Head up the stairs, and just follow the linear path until you saved Jenny. Jenny will show you some things about Ned, but it won't take long. The Red Hand Gang will attack with fire, and burn the saloon down. Save the saloon, and go down, killing the enemy. Once you're downstairs again, more and more will come in. Make sure to kill the enemies with torches first, so they can't burn the saloon down. Once the inside is saved, you still need to save the outside. Head outside, and mount the horse in front of you. Ignore Crude, and just take out the men with the torches. They'll first arrive to the north, then west, then east. Once they are killed, head back into the saloon. Crude wants to finish this, so head outside, mount a horse, and kill Crude and his gang. Crude has a shotgun, to stay away from him if possible. First go for the people with the torches, on the roofs. After that, finish Crude off. Denton, the sheriff needs your help with some Indians. But first Jenny wants to talk to you. Apparently the preacher is known already. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Quick Killer [GN.03.06] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Help the sheriff defend the bridge against Quick Killer and his renegade apaches while it's being repaired. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Reward: New deputy missions available. Reward: Quick Killer's Tomahawk - Quick Killer's Tomahawk has good range and does a lot of damage. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Reed. That son of a bitch is gonna pay. Just as soon as I get to Empire City." Talk to Denton to start this mission. You need to protect the bridge from some Indians. They'll start with shooting a few TNT barrels, and dare to attack you. Kill them, and move to the other side of the bridge, while shooting the Indians. At the other side, take the road down, and kill more enemies. Denton will move a transport your way. Use it to the move to the other side. You'll notice a lot of TNT, and Indians with torches. The best way to kill them, is with a knife. They'll come in pairs, trying to light the TNT-barrels, so the bridge gets destroyed. Pick up the barrels, and throw them into the water. Once you did this with all the barrels, the bridge is saved. Head back to Denton using the transport. Kill a few more enemies (quick-draw will do) and then take the road up. So now the bridge is safe, the Chinamen can start to work on it. But Indians are known to be stubborn (are they?), and they'll try to kill the workers. Switch to the rifle, and follow the Chinamen. The Indians will mainly come from the road on the other side, but watch your mini-map to be sure. They'll also come in rafts, so keep that in mind too. The bridge is finished, but the Indians will don't give up. Hide behind the TNT barrels. As soon as they start shooting with fire arrows, move to quick-draw and shoot the arrows down. They'll come with torches after a while, so take the Indians down when they even think about it. After a short while, all that's left is Quick Killer. Take the guy down, and the mission is done. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Whore Coach [GN.03.07] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Get Jenny to Empire. Renegade apaches aren't going to make it easy. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Reward: Health +25 Reward: New federal marshal, bounty, ranch hand, hunting missions available ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Talk to Jenny, and it's time to start this mission. You need to protect the coach, while you are on a horse. Just be sure you're ahead of the coach, so you can kill the apaches that will attack. After a short while, you'll reach a gate. You need to blow the thing up, before the coach can continue. Get off your horse, and walk past the barricade. Kill the apaches, and find a TNT barrel. Pick it up, and put it down the barricade. Walk back, shoot at it and voila - problem solved. Mount Epona (your horse... Zelda... Nevermind) and move on. After busting more Indian ass, the man with the shotgun gets shot with an arrow, falls down and by doing this, breaks the wheel of the coach. Jenny and you need to protect the coach, while Indians are attacking. You can mount the horse, and trample them if you like. After a few Indians, the coach is fixed. You'll climb up the coach. Shoot the TNT, so you can move on. Now you'll have to defend the coach without a horse, and it's much more fun. Just have some fun, it's not really hard. After a short ride you'll arrive at your destination. You'll meet the mayor, and he'll let you look around town a bit. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Law and Order [GN.03.08] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Help Hoodoo and his lawmen go after the resistance. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Reward: New federal marshal, pony express, ranch hand missions available Reward: Colt Double Barrel - Rudabaugh's Double-Barrel Colt Shotgun has twice the fire rate and amazing stopping power at close range. Reward: Volcanic 10 - Webb's Volcanic 10 has a quick reload and holds 10 bullets. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Talk with the man at the casino. He'll guide you to Hoodoo. You'll become part of the law, and get your first objective. Joy! Mount a horse, and follow the others to the casino. Inside, talk with the bartender. People don't like the law here, and they'll attack you. Shoot them all down. The man you're looking for will flee, so it's time to chase him. Mount a horse and follow him. You'll end up at the ranch, getting ambushed by horsemen. Leave the guy for what he is, and kill those men. After that you need to raid the ranch. Once those bandits are killed, you'll find... a preacher. They'll get shot anyway. Something just doesn't look right... They'll try to kill you. One guy is on a horse, the other on foot. Stay in the barn, and kill the one that's not on the horse first. Use quick-draw and keep aiming at his head. Once the guy is killed, find a horse. Mount it, and kill the other guy this way. Head back to find Hoodoo. Things aren't pretty. Jenny gets killed by the preacher, and you're going in jail. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Escape the Jail [GN.03.09] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hoodoo has turned against you and put you in jail. Break out! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Reward: Apache Bow - The silent but deadly Bow. Kill enemies silently from a distance. Reward: Health +25 Reward: New pony express, bounty, poker missions available. Reward: Dynamite - Can be lit and thrown for a timed explosion or doused and thrown and ten shot as a trap. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Talk with Port, and he'll suggest you grab the guard when he's close. You can do this, when he's teasing Soapy. You'll kill him, and grab his pin. Soapy will tell you how to free yourself, if you free him too. Sounds fair enough. Open the lock by picking it a few times. Grab your gear from the desk. You'll find a bow too, which comes in handy for the Indian hunter missions. And not just that, it'll also be your main weapon during the mission, since it can kill enemies without making a noise. Anyway, head outside. You'll need to bring 3 horses underneath the stone bridge. Just kill the enemies with arrows (so using your bow, yes) and grab a horse. Don't sprint with it, just keep it quiet. Once you brought 3 horses, all we need to do, is free Soapy. First head to the livery, and throw a whiskey bomb to blow the thing up. This will give you the time to find a powder keg, and put it near the wall where Soapy is. Blow it up, to free Soapy. Grab your horse, and follow your two jail friends. Just ignore the enemies. Soapy will leave you, and head to Dodge. That leaves you and Port. Remember Port has a hideout? Follow him there. You're welcome to join the Resistance. Yay! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Ambush the Train [GN.03.10] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ One of Hoodoo's favorite toys is on the train to Empire. Time to steal in! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Reward: New federal marshal, deputy missions available ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Follow Clay to where you need to be. Port is already there. You need to put some TNT barrels by some rocks, so you can blow it up later. Once you placed a few, someone will come and tell the other members are getting attacked. Mount a horse, and follow Clay to Dodge. Kill the bandits, and the train will start moving again. Quickly mount a horse (if you didn't already), and head back to the ambush-area with Clay. Put the final TNT barrel where it should be, and then move onto the ledge, aiming at the barrels. As soon as the train comes by, shoot one of the barrels to cause some fun. Now the train crashed into the rocks, it's time to kill the remaining bandits. It seems the train is full of Indian slaves. We'll save them, of course. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Defend the Hideout [GN.03.11] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hoodoo's men have round the resistance hideout. You have to stop them! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Reward: Sharps 1874 - The Sharps 1874 has great range and firepower - perfect for sniping enemies at a safe distance. Reward: New federal marshal, bounty, pony express missions available ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Head to the hideout, and talk with one of the guards. It's party time! Clay will tell you more about Ned, himself and the one-eyed-freak. However, you'll get attacked, and there isn't much more to do than defend yourself. Clay will give you his Sharps. Follow Chavez to the bridge, where you'll need to start sniping. When this is done, find Clay. He'll head out, and tells you to mount the gun. Snipe down the enemies. When this is done, Port wants to see you. He tells you they have a cannon, and at the moment he says that, you'll get attacked by it. Snipe down the one behind the canon, then take it over. Kill the upcoming enemies with it, and you're done ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Take Down Hoodoo [GN.03.12] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hoodoo's ruled long enough - time to bring the fight to him. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Reward: Health +25 Reward: New poker missions available Reward: Dual Peacemakers - The Revolver that rules the west. Hoodoo's decorative dual-Colt 45's are high-power, fast shooting and fast reloading. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Talk to Port to start this one. Grab a horse, and follow him. When you get near Empire, dismount your horse and follow him. He'll move the cannon, and you have to cover him. Once you get to the stone bridge, you'll need to mount the cannon and take them down that way. They'll send a cart with TNT your way, so take that one out from a safe distance. If that's done, head into the saloon and go find Clay. Inside you'll find a wooden door. Blow it up with some TNT (it's in a room near you, but you can also use the once you own) and continue. Save Clay, and then go after Hoodoo, who's upstairs. He'll flee higher and higher, but just follow him. You'll end up in his office. He'll give some nice answers. Give him a bullet to the head, to finish him off. He'll turn out to be a nice statue. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Save Soapy [GN.03.13] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Soapy is going to be hung, and only he can crack the safe from the steamboat. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Reward: Remington - The Remington-Creedmore Sharpshooter not only has fantastic range and firepower - it also has a faster reload rate. Reward: New ranch hand missions available ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Whatever's in that safe means more to Magruder than life itself. If I can get to it first, maybe I can finish what Ned started." Head to Dodge, and talk to Denton, who's on the bridge. Soapy is going to be hanged, so head to the water tower. Climb all the way up, and Denton will give you a sharpshooter. Use this to shoot the rope of Soapy. Soapy will sneak around, and you need to snipe the enemies down. If your run out of ammo, there's more on the tower. After a while of shooting, you need to flee with Soapy. Grab a horse, and ride with him to the river. Talk with the ferry operator to get to the other side. Just kneel down behind the boxes to protect yourself. When you're on the other side, more enemies will come your way. Take them down to finish it. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hollister's Fort [GN.03.14] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ You made it to the steamboat, but were taken prisoner by Hollister. Sneak out. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Reward: New pony express, bounty, poker missions available Reward: Blackfoot Fire Bow - With more damage than the standard Bow, the fire-bow can kill easily and also ignite explosives. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Magruder isn't happy with all of this. Good. Follow Soapy to the steamboat. You'll get busted. "Sergeant Hollister... The son of a bitch who commanded the steamboat massacre." Save the Indian that's getting beaten up. If you save his brothers, he'll help you escape. One is to the north if the fort, inside. Then head a bit east, and there's another one inside. Not very hard, was it? Now do what the Indian says. You need to kill some guards, and just follow him. Soapy will open a hatch, and you'll escape through a cave. On a rock is an Apache Bow, which you can use to... shoot arrows, yes. The guard ahead has all your weapons. Shoot him down, and grab them back. Now remove all the other guards, but don't switch to another weapon. Keep using your Bow. Once they are all killed, grab the ammo and then the horse. NOTE: If you don't grab your weapons now, you'll not be able to get them back! Move to the Indians. They'll meet you in there village, so ride on. Protect their village to finish this. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Attack the Fort [GN.03.15] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Join the Blackfeet in a devastating raid on Hollister's Fort. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Reward: New deputy, federal Marshall, ranch hand missions available ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Well that's different, isn't it? Follow the Indians to the canoes and enter it. The Indian will move, you just have to shoot the Indians. After a short while, you'll be in the cave again. Follow the path and head up, so you're inside the fort. Kill the enemies and find the first cannon. Use it to blow up the four bunkers. Move on to the second cannon, and destroy the boats with it. Once this is done, head to the third cannon. After a wave of enemies, you can use it to blow up the building in front of you (aim inside the building). So much for their ammo. Time to head for the final cannon. Follow the Indians again. You'll end up there. Equip the dynamite if you haven't, and destroy the cannon. It takes about 5 throws. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Battle at the Steamboat [GN.03.16] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hollister is trying to stop you from getting to use the steamboat and he's using Ned's Rifle - Time to take it back. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Reward: Ferguson - Ned's .69 Caliber Ferguson has excellent range, a fast reload rate, and unbelievable stopping power. Reward: Health +25 Reward: New bounty, power missions available Reward: Cavalry Sword - Stolen from the body of one of Magruder's Men, this has excellent range as well as damage potential. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Have a word with Fights at Dawn. He'll tell you Hollister escaped. Soon after that, he'll get killed by the man himself. Time to finish this. He'll throw dynamite at you, and when he throws dynamite... he can't shoot. Find him, and put some shots to his head. He'll hide behind a rock, and put dynamite all over himself. Find him, and run away when he comes towards you. He'll explode, and you'll get Ned's rifle. Time to head to the steamboat. There are riders around here, and they are pretty strong. Wipe one out, grab his horse and kill the rest. Once they are killed, it's time to find the safe. Let Soapy open the thing. Reeds will show up. Finish him off, just like you want to. Mounting the horse makes it all a bit easier. NOTE: There is no special trick to beat Reeds. He is able to heal himself, and his horse can't be killed. Keep that in mind and don't forget that practice makes perfect. Reeds is gone, and we have a part of the golden cross. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Across the Badlands [GN.03.17] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Many Wounds know where to take the cross. Follow him. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Reward: Loco Dynamite Bow - The Dynamite Bow is one of the most powerful weapons around. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "I've seen the other half of this cross. The Apache Chief has it. IF I can put the pieces together, then I can beat Magruder at his own game." Find Soapy and talk to him. Indians will capture you, and you'll understand who you really are; and Indian boy. It could be expected, but in cause you didn't, now you know ;) The cross is done, hooray. We won. Head down and mount your horse. Now follow Many Wounds. You'll end up at a field, with some Indians. Obviously, you'll get attacked. Once you took care of that, follow Soapy to the sight. You'll have to dismount your horse, and keep following him. You'll get attacked, and Soapy will be captured. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Escape the Ambush [GN.03.18] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Magruder's men are here to stop you from getting to Quivira - Kill them and escape! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Kill the men, and you'll see what's happening to Soapy. One finger off, and he tells Magruder the location. Thanks a lot. He'll escape though. Continue to go down, killing the men. Get to Soapy. Soapy will go to the Indians, and you'll have to fight Dutchie. He'll behind a gun, to first take care of the weaker soldiers. With a rifle and some movement this isn't hard. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Magruder's Mine [GN.03.19] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Magruder has taken the lives of your friends and family in his quest for Quivira - this is your chance for your revenge. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Reward: Nock Gun - Magruder Seven Barrel Siege Gun. Powerful, Fast and Extremely Deadly. Loaded into your Shotgun Slot. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Magruder's turned the mountain inside out looking for Quivira when all along the Lost City was right over his head. I've got to beat that bastard to it." You and Clay will board the train, and ride straight into the mine. Ha! Take that Magruder! Board the cannon, and take out every men, gunner, cannon, or whatever you're encountering. After a short while, you need to hit the junction-switch. Do that, and keep going. Another one is up ahead. Once you're inside the mine, be sure to shoot cannonballs at the shafts to make them collapse. This will save you from a lot of trouble. Keep going. You'll need to blow up barricades, take down guns, hit switches and whatnot. After a while you'll end up at a turntable. Use the switch, and protect your allies from the enemies. Then mount the cannon again. Blast through the barrier. Clay and his men will get back, while you go and hunt Magruder. Kill the men when you progress up. Plenty of TNT and stuff to heal back, trust me. After a while you'll meet the fat one-eyed bastard. Time to fight. It's not really hard, but you just need to know how. First, he'll run around shooting at you, and throwing dynamite. Use your dynamite bow, and keep your distance. Notice the blue/green-looking things on the floor? Time a dynamite arrow, so it'll explode when Magruder walks over it. Once you did this enough times, he'll get angry and move onto a platform. First pull out your sniper, and aim at his head. When you shot him there, he'll throw a big group of dynamite. Shoot that when it's in mid-air. You need to shoot it a few times in mid-air, to crush him under a big rock. When you run out of ammo for your sniper, move closed and use quick-draw to aim at his head. One shot in the head, and he'll throw the dynamite. Note that when you move too far away, some henchmen of Magruder will join the party, so avoid that. Watch the ending and credits, and pad yourself on the back. Another job well done. ============================================================================== Side-Missions [GN.04.01] ============================================================================== ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Bounties [GN.04.02] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ To capture someone alive, shoot him in the knee (or at least get him off-guard and make sure you don't kill him) and then grab him. Press the right mousebutton to subdue him. Description: Wanted dead or alive: George Mahonee Location Goal: In the saloon. Reward: $10 dead, $15 alive Description: Wanted dead or alive: Butch Mainard Location Goal: Outside the Empire, back towards Dodge. Reward: $10 dead, $15 alive Description: Wanted dead or alive: Johnny Greed Location Goal: Outside of Empire. Reward $10 dead, $15 alive Description: Wanted dead: Shifty Sholz. Return stolen horse. Location Goal: In the valley you crossed during the coach mission. Reward: $15 for return of stolen horse Description: Wanted dead or alive: Lee Hop Dong Location Goal: Near the hideout of the resistance. It's easy to subdue Lee Hop Dong, since he doesn't bother to attack. Reward: $10 dead, $20 alive Description: Wanted dead: Bloody Belle Location Goal: Go past the ranch, and you'll find them on an intersection of rails. Kill Bloody Belle first, then kill her gang. Reward: $15 Description: Wanted dead or alive: Toby 'the Torch' Location Goal: Dodge. Kill his gang, then kill/subdue him. Reward: Dead $15, Alive $20 Description: Wanted alive: Mad Dog Location Goal: Canyons Reward: $20 Description: Wanted dead or alive: Wayland Payne Location Goal: Indian camp you went during the "Hollister's Fort" mission. Reward: $20 dead, $30 alive Description: Wanted dead and alive: Bandit Brothers Location Goal: Follow your mini-map, they are moving. Reward: $20 Description: Wanted dead: Blackbird Boys Location Goal: Near the ranch Reward: $30 Description: Wanted alive: Bob 'the Blade' Location Goal: Canyons Reward: $30 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Pony Express [GN.04.03] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ You need to be fast for these missions. Don't hesitate to let your horse sprint till it's nearly dead. Location: Dodge How: Run to Tiny Tubbs, and talk to him. Mount the horse, and sprint to the shop. Then return back. Reward: $10 Location: Empire How: Talk to Johnny, pretty close to you. Mount the horse, and get her to the farrier. Reward: $10 Location: Empire How: Find Stumpy, and talk to him. Mount the horse, and leave town. Cross the bridge, and follow the path. You'll end up at a lake. Take the path right, follow the rail, and you'll end up there with plenty of time. Reward: $10 Location: Dodge How: Talk to the gunsmith to start this mission. You need to ride a horse to the ranch. Talk with the rancher, and head to piper lake. Talk with the doc, and head back to the rancher again. Reward: $10 Location: Dodge How: Talk to Cletus in Empire for this one. Head to some guy near the mines. He'll give you the tools back. Now bring those back to the rightful owner. Reward: $10 Location: Dodge How: Talk to Marcus to begin this one. Head to the ranch for a new horse. From there on, head to Empire. Reward: $10 Location: Dodge How: Talk to Jesse to start this one. Then head into the mine that's mentioned, get the package and horse, and then get to the guy. Reward: $10 Location: Empire How: Talk with Speedy Pete to start this one. You need to beat his time. Head to Magruder's Mine to get a new horse, then head to Dodge and talk to Speedy Pete again. Reward: $15 Location: Dodge How: Talk with the shopkeeper to start his one. Head into the canyon, and talk with the man. The Indians stole your horse. Get it back, then continue to deliver the medicine. Reward: $20 Location: Empire How: Talk with Councilman Webster to start this one. You need to go down the railroad, and hand down the plans. It's from Empire to Dodge, and it's fun. After you did that, get a drink. Reward: $20 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Deputy [GN.04.04] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ These missions all take place inside Dodge, and won't even go out there. Who could have guessed such a small town could cause so much trouble? 1. Kill the men at the end of the town. 2. Stop the poker-fight in the alley on the other side, near the bridge. 3. Kill the opium pusher. Talk with the bartender to find out where they are. Reward: $10 1. Save the whore, in the saloon. 2. Save the hostage. 3. Stop the hold-up in the alley. Reward: $10 1. Eliminate the Campfire gang. 2. Transport the black powder delivery, down by the docks. Pick up the barrel, drop it when you need to shoot, and just bring it to the sheriff. 3. Protect Dodge from the raiders. Reward: $10 1. Escort the wealthy citizen - Talk with her, and then follow her around. The trick is to keep ahead of her. 2. Stop the robbery at the Alhambra - Just head upstairs in the saloon and kill the men. 3. Stop the gangfight on the streets - You can do this from the balcony of the saloon. Reward: $10 1. Recover the two black powder kegs - Just find them, and bring them back. 2. Kill the bandits, save the family - Head to the end of town, and save the family. 3. Take back the water tower - Head there, and kill the enemies. Reward: $10 1. Rescue the hostages - You need to save three hostages. One is a set-up, and are just two bandits. Kill those both. 2. Protect the Snitch - Talk with the Snitch, and escort him. 3. Take down the Red Hand Gang - Again? Fine. Head upstairs, on the balcony and blow the window out. Take down the hookers. Reward: $20 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Federal Marshall [GN.04.05] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The missions always have something to do with saving people one way or another. They take all around the world. Head to the ambush area, and head up the stairs. Grab the TNT barrels, and throw them at the intersection. Reward: $10 Just head towards the roofs, and kill the bandits. Then grab the vaccine, and you're done. Reward: $10 If you did the third ranch mission, you've already been there. Anyway, head to the badlands, and find the mine. Enter it, and watch your steps. The mine is full of TNT, and if you shoot a barrel, you fail the mission. Kill the enemies, so they free the hostages. Reward: $10 Some coach didn't arrive yet, and you need to check it out. Head there (it's just outside of Dodge), and talk with the driver. He's a bandit, and has hostages. Kill the bandits, and then talk to the real driver. Find some TNT, and blow up the rock. Reward: $10 You need to protect some settlers. Head east, and follow the trail. You'll find the settlers near the ranch. Protect them from the bandits. Reward: $10 Head to the livery, and talk with Wachowski. He'll follow you. Walk him to jail. You'll get attacked. Kill the attackers, then grab Wachowski and drag him into jail. More of his friends will show up, so take care of them. Reward: $20 Head to Dodge, and help the settlers there. Kill the wolves first, then throw Whiskey Bombs at the hay bales. There's plenty of them. Reward: $20 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Ranch [GN.04.06] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ You'll find the Ranch when you travel west from Dodge. All you need to do, is scare some cows. Nothing hard, is it? Mount a horse from the barn, and scary the three cows into the pen. The farmer will explain how. After that, follow him to the other herd. Now you need to scare all the cows to Longhorn. They'll stop running when they are close enough. Follow the herd back, and bring any lost cows back. Reward: $10 Some horses have been stolen. Mount a horse, and find them. Break them free (trample the gate), and they'll run towards the farm. Herd them into the barn, and you're good. Rewards: $10 Move towards the badlands, and find the herd. Now kill the wolves, and that's it. Reward: $10 Head west of the ranch and find the camp. Kill the bandits and free the calves. Bring them back. Reward: $10 While the rancher moves the herd, you need to separate the calves into the pen. Reward: $10 First get the herd together. Once you head to Dodge, you'll get ambushed. Defeat them and continue. The bridge of Dodge is blocked, so destroy the crates using your horse. Finish the thing off. Reward: $10 Escort the rancher to Empire. You'll get attacked, but nothing serious. Reward: $20 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Indian Hunter [GN.04.07] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ You'll find the Indian hunter near the Indian trader. Look around Piker LK. He tells you to kill various creatures. You can use a bow, or just any weapon. Using the bow is recommended. Sneak towards the creature, wait till you get the "you are in firing range" message and shoot it between the eyes. You'll get between 5 to 20 dollar for killing these animals. Name: Gray Wolf Where: West of Dodge. Name: White Buffalo Where: South of the Ranch. Name: White Wolf Where: Near lakes and streams (Piker LK), Devil's Canyon. Name: Mountain Lion Where: Northern Rockies (southeast of the hunter) Name: Great Wolf Where: Plains (Badlands) Name: Grizzly Where: Near Empire ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Poker Tournament [GN.04.08] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ To start playing poker, head into the saloon in Dodge. You'll have to pay money to enter. This isn't poker as you know it most likely. You get 2 cards (actually 3, you can cheat). The opponents will only get 2. In the middle of the table are 5 cards. You can select a few options; Call - Reveal one or more cards from the middle for the number it shows. Raise - Raise the pot with that number. If others want to continue the round, they need to call with that number. All In - Put all your points into the round. Fold - Give up. Cheat - Switch cards. Exit - Stop. The following explanation is provided by Azarath. Thanks. "The basic aim is to make the best 5-card combination using your 2 cards, and the 5 cards on the table, as best you can. Seems simple, but each other person has the same chances. Each game starts with the 'blind bet' marker being passed clockwise. The only point of this is to make sure there's never an empty pot - the holder of the marker puts $10 in, and the person to the left puts $5. Then, the player next along has the option whether to call the $10, raise it if his/her hand looks to be really good (at this stage, no cards apart from the 2 starting ones are visible), or fold, only to be used if it's a really dismal hand. Each person gets the same option, until it gets back to the person who put the $5 in. Now, depending on what's been selected, a couple of things happen. If everyone has chosen to call, the first 3 cards on the table are revealed, but if someone has chosen to raise the bet, then the game carries on until everyone has decided to either fold or call. After that, the next player has the option to check, which is just like calling, but puts no money into the pot. This is only available if it's a new round of betting (as in just after a card has been revealed), and only if no one else has raised after the card has been revealed. This is useful if you aren't sure of your hand, as you may be able to see what the next card is, without losing money. After that, There's another 2 'rounds' of betting, where one card is revealed at a time. After all cards have been revealed, then if everyone decides to call, the remaining players show their cards and the highest scoring combination wins the pot. If at any time, there's only one player left due to people folding, then no cards are shown, and the game ends right there. This is the list of possible winning cards, in order of strength: Royal flush: 10,J,Q,K,A, all of the same suit (if you have this, you have won. It's impossible for 2 people to get a royal flush together) Straight flush: 5 cards in ascending order of the same suit (so, say, 3,4,5,6,7 all clubs) 4 of a kind: 4 cards, all of the same value Full house: a double, and a treble (so, say, 2 kings, and 3 jacks. If 2 people have this, then the highest treble wins. If the treble is the same, then the double is compared) Flush: Any 5 cards of the same suit Straight: 5 cards in ascending order, of any suit 3 of a kind: 3 cards of the same value 2 pairs: 2 sets of 2 cards (so say, 2 aces, and 2 6's. The larger double would win if 2 people had 2 pairs) 1 pair: 2 cards of the same value High card: If you haven't got any of the above, and you wish to risk bluffing a victory, then its simply your highest card. Risky however, since just a single double of 2's would beat you. Now, apart from a royal flush, there will be times when 2 people have the same winning hand combinations. The key to working out which is best is to first, look at the cards in the winning part, and the ones that contain the higher cards wins. If theore both the same however (eg both people have 2 jacks, and the table has 2 jacks), then the 5th card they are allowed comes in as the kicker, and the highest kicker wins. If even that is the same, (say, an ace was on the table), then its a draw and the pot is split. The main thing is though, when do you play a hand, and when not? Personally, I played most hands until the first 3 on the table are revealed. If I have nothing then, and they're fairly low, I fold. But most of the time, especially with the cheating aspect of the game, i have some sort of hand that's worth playing, and so I call/occasionally raise $20. When i have a really good hand (guaranteed Flush or higher), Ill usually start playing aggressively, and raise max. Going all in, especially if you have $150+, usually scares players away, but not reliably enough to use it to bluff with. A few other things: haven't done every single one, but the first few poker missions are free to enter, and the street isn't a winning bet, its the name given to the 4th and 5th cards to be turned over (Flop - first 3, 4th street - 4th card, 5th street - 5th card)" My golden tactic is to begin with "All In". If you lose, you can retry without additional costs, and it's a great way to get rid of one or even two other players. Note: After three matches the location will move to Empire. ============================================================================== Shops [GN.05.01] ============================================================================== The format of this list is "name, costs, description". ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Dodge [GN.05.02] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Pickaxe, 15, Allows digging for gold. Scalping Knife, 25, Allows scalping. Extra Health Slot, 25, One more gulp from your flask. 2nd Extra Health Slot, 50, Your flask will hold an extra gulp. Shotgun Speed Loader, 25, Reload your shotgun faster. Shotgun Speed Loader 2, 50, Reload your shotgun even faster. Pistol Speed Loader, 15, Reload your pistol faster. Pistol Speed Loader 2, 50, Reload your pistol even faster. Cylinder Boring Kit, 15, Increase pistol bullet power by 33%. Heavy Cylinder Boring Kit, 50, Increases pistol bullet power by 50%. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Empire [GN.05.03] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Extra Dynamite Slot, 35, Carry more dynamite. 2nd Extra Dynamite Slot, 55, Carry even more dynamite. Shotgun Ammo Belt, 30, Carry more shotgun shells. Rifle Ammo Belt, 25, Carry more rifle bullets. Rifle Speed Loader, 20, Reload your rifle faster. Rifle Speed Loader 2, 45, Reload your rifle even faster. Barrel Extension, 20, Increase rifle bullet damage by 33%. Long Barrel Extension, 50, Increase rifle damage by 50%. Quality Horseshoes, 30, Your horse will run faster. Premium Horse Chow, 40, More health for your horse. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Indian Trader [GN.05.04] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hatchet Sharpener, 40, Increase hatchet damage. Shotgun Barrel Choke, 30, Increase damage. Fire buckshot with more power. Shotgun Barrel Choke 2, 50, Increase damage. Fire buckshot with extreme power. Premium Arrow Fletching, 30, Fire arrows faster and farther. True Flight Bow Talisman, 50, Arrows will fly extremely fast and far. Quality Arrowheads, 30, Increase arrow damage by 33%. Obsidian Arrowheads, 50, Increase arrow damage by 50%. Mild Herbs, 30, Increase quick-draw duration by 25%. Powerful Medicine, 50, Increase quick-draw duration by 50%. Note: You can find this Indian trader north of Empire. ============================================================================== Gold Locations [GN.06.01] ============================================================================== To harvest gold, you need to buy a pickaxe in Dodge. Then stand next to gold and use it. Every gold-source is worth $10. There are 44 of these around the world, and have no influence whatsoever (they don't count for how much you completed the game). The format is easy; number of sources - where. I may refer to certain missions or locations. Check your map, or check back later. 3 - Outside Empire City 1 - Near Indian trader 2 - In a mine in the badlands (the one during the second federal Marshall mission in Empire) 1 - Outside of Empire. Follow the path underneath the stone bridge. 1 - During the train-ambush mission, near where you need to put TNT barrels (just on the upper level). 1 - Just outside of Dodge, near the bridge, to the south. 1 - Head to the ferry, and go down the beach. 1 - Follow the railroad to the west of Dodge. It'll be on your south a little out of Dodge. 1 - At the lake, on the northern side, next to a mountain. 1 - East of the outpost, near the bridge (upper level). 1 - Near the outpost is a river. Follow it to the west. 1 - At the map, a bit left of the upper part of the "C" of "Canyons" 1 - During the mission where you and Soapy head to the steamboat, it's on the path there, on your right. 1 - When you're back to the area where you met Tommy, then go around the lap you used to race. After the first tree, look on your left. 1 - On the same lap, before the first river, look around. 1 - During the "Attack the Fort" mission, after the canoe part, right in front of you. 1 - During the Blackbird Boys bounty, you'll end up in a small area. You'll find it there. 1 - Near the Apache camp, find a path up. Go all the way up, and drop down to another ledge. Find some gold here. 1 - Move east from the Empire, and follow the rails. It'll be on your left after an intersection. 1 - During a ranch mission you need to free some calves. Near the calves is gold. 1 - On the intersection of rails when you leave dodge, find the rail that goes into a tunnel. Near that tunnel is the gold, on a mountain. 3 - Under the bridge of Dodge, on the western side (one in a cave down the beach, the others plain in sight). 1 - On the southern part of Piker LK is a path that goes up. There is gold there. 1 - South of the Indian trader, on the gray rocks. 1 - At the Apache camp, head up the path. It's hidden there. 1 - During the "Across the Badlands" mission, you'll dismount your horse and follow Soapy up a path. There's some gold there. 1 - At the old canyon mine, find a building that drops sand (when you go there from the Badlands, it's in front of you). There's gold on the ledge near that building. 1 - When entering the canyons from the Badlands, head east. There's a ledge in front of you. There's some gold there. 1 - At the western end of the devil's canyon, there's a small river (near a tree). Follow it. 1 - Near the Indian hunter is a building. Around there (pretty well hidden) is some gold. 1 - In the river canyon, when you go towards the outpost, you get to the point where you had to defend yourself with a cannon and whatnot. There's a river here, leading to some gold. 1 - In the outpost is a waterfall. Drop down there to find gold. 1 - Head from Piker LK towards the Empire. On the path you'll find some gold. 1 - Head north from Empire, but stay in the area. On a few ledges is some gold. 1 - In Empire is a bridge with a rail on it. At the foot of this bridge is gold. 1 - At the planes, check the sides of the mountain. 1 - Leave Dodge, and head up the green hill with a horse. Follow the path and jump to the other side. 1 - At Piker lk, near the hut with a wanted poster. 1 - Behind the waterfall near the indian trader. ============================================================================== Weapons [GN.07.01] ============================================================================== Pistols ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Dual Peacemakers Damage: 6 Fire Rate: 9 Reload: 10 Colt Navy Revolver 1851 Damage: 3 Fire Rate: 4 Reload: 6 Schofield Damage: 4 Fire Rate: 5 Reload: 7 Volcanic 10 Damage: 6 Fire Rate: 7 Reload: 8 Rifles ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Winchester 1866 Damage: 6 Fire Rate: 2 Reload: 4 Ferguson Damage: 9 Fire Rate: 8 Reload: 6 Shotguns ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Colt Double Barrel Damage: 10 Fire Rate: 6 Reload: 4 Shotgun Model 1887 Damage: 8 Fire Rate: 5 Reload: 3 Nock Gun Damage: 10 Fire Rate: 6 Reload: 4 Cannon Nock Gun Damage: 10 Fire Rate: 6 Reload: 4 Sharpshooters ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Sharps 1874 Damage: 8 Fire Rate: 3 Reload: 6 Remington Damage: 9 Fire Rate: 5 Reload: 6 Melee ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Quick Killer's Tomahawk Damage: 6 Fire Rate: 10 Bowie Knife Damage: 5 Fire Rate: 10 Cavalry Sword Damage: 6 Fire Rate: 10 Thrown ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Whiskey Bomb Damage: 6 Fire Rate: 9 Dynamite Damage: 10 Fire Rate: 9 Bows ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Apache Bow Damage: 3 Fire Rate: 6 Reload: 6 Blackfoot Fire Bow Damage: 5 Fire Rate: 6 Reload: 8 Loco Dynamite Bow Damage: 10 Fire Rate: 6 Reload: 8 ============================================================================== Secrets [GN.08.01] ============================================================================== ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Cannon Nock Gun [GN.08.02] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Finish the whole game with 100% (so the story + side-missions) and you'll get the Cannon Nock Gun in your inventory. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Reverend Reed's Horse [GN.08.03] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Finish the whole game with 100% (so the story + side-missions) and Reverend Reed's horse will be waiting at the Magruder Mine. It'll always return here if you lose it afterwards. ============================================================================== FAQ [GN.09.01] ============================================================================== Q: What's the use of scalping? A: There is none, really. Q: I forgot to take my guns at the fort, now what? A: You're pretty much out of luck, I'm afraid. ============================================================================== Conclusion [GN.10.01] ============================================================================== I hope you enjoyed my guide, since I put a lot of work in it. If you encounter problems, feel free to mail me. Also suggestions, feedback, comment etc. are accepted, the mail addy is on top of this file. Thanks-list: Dhelvanen, Azarath, PirateoftheFAQs, Will, Ghostwalker And especially you, for reading this. For other guides, you can check this link: http://www.grawl.nl http://www.gamefaqs.com/features/recognition/13739.html ============================================================================== Copyright (c) 2005 by Grawl. All rights reserved.</p>