Begin Document---------------------------------------------------- From: (MR MICHAEL R BLANEY) Date sent: Sun, 23 Feb 1997 13:26:00, -0500 To: Subject: Mario Kart 64 FAQ Update CBlaney's WWW Pages MARIO KART 64 Written by Chris Blaney ( =========== QUICK START Just after the second light dims, but before the blue light flashes, hold A You'll speed off and leave everyone behind =========== TURBO BOOST During a powerslide, do the following Press the direction of your turn, then the opposite direction The E's will turn yellow Again press the direction of your turn, then the opposite direction The E's will turn red Let go of the R button and you'll get a turbo boost ============= COURSE GHOSTS Race the following tracks under the given time to race the corse ghost Luigi Raceway: 01'52"00 Mario Raceway: 01'30"00 Royal Raceway: 02'40"00 ============= MIRROR TRACKS Achieve a gold cup in every circiut in every class You'll have a new class to race, Extra The tracks will be mirrored What was once a left turn, is now right and vice versa ========== SHORT CUTS KOOPA TROOPA BEACH About half-way through the race, you'll encounter a series of ramps One of these ramps leads into a cave Hit the ramp with a mushroom boost or hit R on top of the ramp You'll come out through a waterfall with seconds shaved from your time If you can't do the above shortcut, try this one After the first ramp, steer to the right, towards the ocean There will be a narrow strip of land with crabs on it Watch out for the rising waters though On the final stretch to the finish line, stay to the right of the ramps Driving over the coast will save time Watch out for crabs and rising water D.K.'S JUNGLE PARKWAY When you are about to jump the river, aim to your left, but not too far You'll hit the booster and save time this way When you enter the cave near the finish line, you'll see a path Instead of following the path, head right up the cliff This saves time but don't try to cheat too much If you're too far to the left, you won't make the climb YOSHI VALLEY The fastest way to complete the maze is by going left Either turn right when you see the porcupines or Drive over the narrow section of the cliff Then follow the arrows to the finish line Take the left path of the maze Go through the porcupines or drive over the narrow edge When the fence guardrail ends, powerslide to the left If you have enough speed, you'll land on another part of the track This saves time but is difficult to land BANSHEE BOARDWALK When entering the ghost house, turn right Go straight and you'll see a wooden pole Stay to the left of the pole and jump the hole in the floor This saves a little time and avoids the first set of bats RAINBOW ROAD At the beginning of the track, there is a big hill Jump the hill just as it drops off This saves time and avoids anything that might be on the track Stay in the middle of the track though, it's a long fall When you first jump the hill, make a sharp left off the course If you have enough speed, you'll land on another part of the track Use your brakes so you don't bounce off the track This shortcut will save lots of time but is hard to perform *************************END of DOCUMENT****************************************************</p>