============================================================================== Fight Night Round 3 FAQ/Walkthrough(Version 1.2; May 1st '06) Written By: Aj_the_one ============================================================================== ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Table of Contents ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ A.Version History B.Introduction C.Controls D.Boxing Basics D1.Types of Punches E.Game Modes F.Career Mode Walkthrough F1.Amateur Belt F2.UnderArmour Trophy F3.Dodge Trophy F4.Burger King Trophy F5.EA Sports Trophy F6.Middleweight Belt F7.Everlast Trophy F8.Light Heavy Belt and Unified Belt F9.Heavyweight and Pound for Pound Belt G.Boxing Styles G1.Base Styles G2.Punch Styles G3.Block Styles G4.My Boxer Setup H.Training H1.Auto-Training H2.Combo Dummy H3.Heavybag H4.Weightlifting H5.Sparring I.Real-Life Boxers J.Fight Store Inventory J1.Trunks J2.Gloves J3.Shoes J4.Mouth Guards J5.Foul Protectors J6.Signature Punches J7.Taunts J8.Illegal Punches J9.Chest/Back Tattoos J10.Arm Tattoos J11.My Equipment Setup K.Unlockables K1.Base Styles K2.Punch Styles K3.Block Styles K4.Trunks K5.Gloves K6.Shoes L.Venues M.Additional Tips N.Skill Challenges O.Legal Stuff P.Credits ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ A. Version History ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Version 1.0- FAQ Completed Version 1.1- Added Venue Listing and My favorite Style combinations Version 1.2- Added Additional Tips for beating human opponents 7/12/07- Added a New Challenges Section for players who think they're really god and complain that the game is too easy!! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ B. Introduction ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hello again people!!! Since I had nothing to do and I have no new games to write a FAQ for, I decided to write a complete walkthrough on this game. Since I have 4 other FAQ's on the game and alot of the information that is in those FAQ's will be seen in this FAQ(Since it's so hard to come up with new info I haven't found in the game). I will include all the real boxers in the game and their ratings. Since this FAQ has to be complete I will also include all of the boxing gear in the game and the ratings boost in each one. Once again bear with me as most of the information in this guide you probably have seen in one of the other FAQ's. I want to make this the only guide you will have to use to get all the information you can get on Fight Night. Read on!! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C. Controls ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Keep in mind this is the controller setting that I play on which is setting 3. I don't know how to create arrows in notepad so the Description of the hooks will look weird(The game manual shows the exact motion). Left Analog- Move Boxer Right Analog- Total Punch control Left Straight- Square or Right Analog Up+Left Right Straight- Triangle or Right Analog Up+Right Left Hook- X or Right Analog Left then up Right Hook- Circle or Right Analog Right then up Block- R1 Lean/Body- L1 Switch Stance- L2 Signature Punch- R2 Clinch- D-Pad Up Taunt- D-Pad Left Illegal Punch- D-Pad Right Select- No Use Start- Pause Game ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ D.Boxing Basics ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ In this section I decided to lay out the basics of the game and some real life strategies that you can use to make the game easier. Punching- This is your main and only(legal)form of fighting in the ring. There is a good variety of punches that you can throw in the game. But the real skill comes in throwing punches behind each other or combos as they are called. If you want to win your fights the you will need to learn how to throw effective combos unless you are using a power style in which case you will need to rely on counterpunching(Look Below). Blocking- This is how you defend yourself from your opponents punches. There isn't a boxer on the planet who has won a fight without blocking or putting up some form of defense. The reason for this is everytime your opponent throws a punch you'll get hit, which will take away some of your life. This is just as important as punching because a good defense will give you alot of openings for a excellent offense. Leaning- As it's name implies you lean out of the way of the incoming punch. This is very important because of momentum. What I mean by this is if you lean out of the way a punch then throw your own and it connects, it will cause more damage because your opponent was 'coming' into the punch. This should be used while blocking so if you don't lean out of the way or you guess wrong and move into the punch you will block it and not take any damage. Counter-Punching- This is attacking after your opponent throws a punch. That's a simple explanation so let me clarify. You get a punch thrown at you and you parry or block that punch then you throw a punch of your own. That's a counter punch. These are extremely useful and you will have to use them if you want to win your fights. Counter-punches also do more damage than regular punches, which means they should be used often. Stick-n-Move- This is a very popular boxing technique in which you keep your opponent at arms reach by constantly using your jab and your straight or cross This technique is extremely useful when you are facing an opponent who is alot stronger than you(I'm pretty sure this has happened in the game to everybody and probably resulted in a loss). By using the jab and moving you never give your opponent a chance to set his feet and throw a good punch thus taking away his most obvious advantage:Power. Use this whenever you think you are being overpowered or when you want make your opponent look stupid(or when you need to go the distance to get a special contract). Pound-for-Pound- This is when you stay on top of your opponent and just throw punches. This is basically trading blows and is commonly referred to as street fighting. This is useful if your power rating is high and your punches do alot of damage because this will result in a knockdown pretty fast. On the other hand if you are weaker than your opponent that clinch him or get away from him as fast as you can. This is kind of like a double-edged sword because you can deal alot of damage but you will also take alot of damage(unless you are good at parrying). Also in this game I have noticed that the really aggressive boxers that you will face will calm down once you knock them around a little. So I recommend that you do this almost every fight unless you are overpowered in which case stick-n-move baby!! stick-n-move!! Active Defense- I'm pretty sure this has another name but I can't remember what it is so I will use that. This is one of my favorite techniques because I have spent alot of time learning how to block and parry and it really pays off with this technique. You simply walk up to your opponent and stay on top of him but don't throw any punches You wait for him to attack then block his punch or lean out of the way and let him have it!! If you parry alot of his punches you will have a good amount of time tear him apart. This is good because you can hurt him without using alot of stamina(by missing your target and have fun while doing it. I can't explain it but when you drain your opponents life bar by doing nothing but leaning and parrying, you will be happy, trust me!! D1.Types of Punches JABS This punch is fast and weak. Depending on the style you are using, the punch will be slower. Your boxer throws his lead hand out and brings it back fast. The main purpose of this punch is to throw your opponent of guard and more importantly to set you up for a straight or a combo. Strengths- This Punch is great for keeping your opponent at a distance and doing a little bit of damage until you find an opening to do a great amount of damage( With hooks, uppercuts or Haymakers). Also this punch has excellent recovery speed whether it is parried or not. Weaknesses- I will tell you again... This punch is weak. You will have to pay attention to the health meter to actually see damage. Fortunately I have noticed no other weaknesses in this is this punch. MY Opinion- If you are using a speed or balanced style, use this punch alot especially if you find yourself overpowered in a fight. Jab and move until you get an opening to tear into your opponent( This is called stick-and-move). If you like power styles, this punch loses a lot of it's effectiveness because it gets slower which means you can't use this to open up your opponent effectively. Best if used with a speed or balanced punch style. CROSSES This Punch is like the jab being that it's also kind of fast but it's more powerful. Your boxer throws his power hand straight ahead and brings it back fairly fast. This punch is designed to take advantage of the reach you have over your opponent(if any). This punch has the most reach of all the punches you can throw. Strengths- This punch does a okay amount of damage, certainly more than the jab. But even more than the damage done is the reach this punch has. When you throw this punch not only is fast but it will hit your opponent if he is a good distance from you. Also it has good recovery speed meaning if parried your opponent won't have alot of time to destroy you with a barrage of punches or even worse a haymaker. Weaknesses- It's Fast but it's not that fast. This is only real weakness that I spotted in this punch. My Opinion- Much like the jab if you like using a speed or balanced style, you will enjoy using this punch to keep your opponent at a distance and also to put it together with the jab for a jab/straight combo which is fast and does a nice amount of damage. For Power styles this punch will do a good amount of damage for the amount of time it will take for it to come out. Also no matter what style you use the reach is the same. Effective for all styles. HOOKS This is my favorite punch in the game and for good reason. With this punch your boxer throws his lead hand in a hook which aims for the right side of your opponent( assuming your boxer is right-handed). Strengths- For speed styles exellent combination of speed and power. With Power styles they aren't as fast but are stronger and will damage your opponent fast. Will also swell up your opponent's face pretty fast. Weaknesses- Really slow recovery if the punch is parried. If your opponent guesses right and parries this punch you will be defenseless for at least 2 or 3 seconds. Also don't miss with this punch because if it doesn't connect your boxer will finish the sweeping animation of the punch and you will be left wide open. My opinion- Based on the speed and power of this punch, I would suggest that you make this punch a big part of your arsenal no matter which style you are using. When throwing this punch you must be aware of how close your opponent is and also make sure that you are going to connect with the punch because if you don't hit your opponent you'll be wide open for about a second which is enough time to get a good shot in or start a combo. Best for hook master, good for all styles. UPPERCUTS Depending on how you throw your uppercut( with your lead hand or your Power hand and how extreme your movement of the right analog stick is) the damage will differ as will the stunning effect. If you throw the uppercut with your lead hand it won't be as powerful as one thrown with your power hand but it will still be strong( also it's not faster. This is the only punch in which the speed is equal regardless of which hand the punch is thrown with lead or power) but it won't knock them back unless you get a full motion with the right analog. An uppercut thrown with your power hand will knock your opponent back(depending on the motion you use) and will do alot of damage. Strengths- Power and the ability to knock your opponent off-balance. When you get a full range of motion on the analog and you throw a sweeping uppercut the damage on these things are ridiculous especially if you catch him with a counter punch. Weaknesses- Aside from the recovery time if this punch is parried, it really doesn't have a weakness. If you miss with the lead uppercut the recovery time isn't that bad and power uppercut has a recovery time slightly worse than the cross. My Opinion- If you are good with the right analog then throw these whenever you get the chance( especially if you need to slow down your opponent) because they will cause damage and will also knock him back and put him on the defensive. Just be caeful when you throw them. Best for Lethal Uppercuts, Power styles, good for all other styles. HAYMAKERS What more can I say but DAMN!!! The haymakers are back and believe me, they are just as deadly as they were in Round 2( though not as cheap). They also added two haymakers to the original:The stun punch and the Flash KO Punch. The Stun Punch puts you in first person mode and makes your punches stronger, making it easier to knock down your opponent. The Flash KO Punch drains your opponent's life to critical no matter how much they have. With the exception of the Flash KO Punch when you counter a punch with a haymaker you will get an adrenaline boost in which you can throw punches without losing stamina. Also new to the haymakers are their ability to turn a fight around. If you are about to be knocked down you can turn the tables by hitting your opponent with a haymaker. If you connect with a haymaker it send your opponent into the knockdown moment and gives you the chance to knock him down. Needless to say these things are strong as hell!! Strengths- Power!Power!Power! and more power. These punches will destroy your opponent when they connect. Also If you counter a punch with one of these you will get an adrenaline rush which allows you to throw as many punches as you want!! Come on it's just ridiculous how powerful and beneficial these punches are. Weaknesses- Now you know they couldn't have possibly made the haymakers perfect so the imperfection in this punch is the speed... on all levels. It's a long time to wind up and throw a haymaker and if it gets parried your opponent has about 4 or 5 seconds to do whatever they want( be it a 5-hit combo or a haymaker). My Opinion- Whenever you counter a big punch from your opponent make sure that you throw a haymaker because it will make your fight that much more easy. Most of the time if you hit him with a haymaker he will go into a defensive mode only countering and not throwing any punches. These punches will be the key to sucess in the hard fights that you will have. Also Joe Frazier's special punch is a haymaker(the announcer calls it) and it does damage. It's easy to throw to the body and I recommend the punch because it has good range to it. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ E.Game Modes ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ PLAY NOW- In this mode you pick your corner(Red or Blue), your control scheme( Config 1-6, I prefer 3 as with this setting you can use Total Punch Control and use the buttons to punch) and then you pick two of the real-life boxers in the game, pick the venue then it's on to the Fight!!! ESPN CLASSIC- In this mode you can re-live some of the greatest rivalries in history most notably my favorite:"The Thriller in Manilla" between Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier. In addition to being able to fight the fights, the game also gives you a brief synopsis of the rivalry. The available rivalries are: Jones Jr. vs. James Toney Hopkins vs. Taylor Jones Jr. vs. Hopkins Robinson vs. Lamotta Leonard vs. Duran Leonard vs. Hagler Duran vs. Hagler Gatti vs. Ward Barerra vs. Morales HARD HITS- This mode is the essentially the same as play now except the rules are different. Instead of it being a regular fight with 3 minutes per round, the fight follows hard hits rules which don't have a time limit per round but the round ends when a boxer is knocked down. TRAINING- I'm pretty sure alot of people have spent alot of time in this mode. This mode allows you to play the training mini-games as much as you want to get better or you can spar all you want. This mode is good if you want to see what styles are best for you. PLAY ONLINE- I really don't think I need to explain this but I will anyway. As it's name implies this is where you go if you want to play online. CREATE CHAMP- In this mode you can create your own boxer from the way he looks to his fighting style and ratings. The player that you create can be used in every mode except Career, Training and ESPN Classic. CAREER MODE- This is what keeps Fight Night from being an arcade boxing game. You can create your own boxer or you can choose one of the real-life boxers in the game and re-create his career. You start out as an amateur and you have to fight your way to the top of your weightclass to get the belt and then ultimately to become "The Greatest of All Time"! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ F.Career Mode Walkthrough ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Welcome to the start of your career mode. First you have to give your boxer a name, choose his hometown and give him a nickname. After this you have to chooses his boxing stance( Left or Right), His base stance( At first you can choose from Balanced, speed, power, mummy and wild. Then you have to choose his punch style( Choose from basic, fast, slugger and lethal uppercuts) and then his blocking style( Classic and Cross). The rest is cosmetics. You choose his skin tone and eye color and also his weight class and whether he is fat or has alot of muscle( Muscle is the top area of the grid). Next is the eyebrows and hair. After this you get to something thast is really important and that is building your ratings. You are given 200 points to put into your boxer's stats which are: Power- The power behind your punches Speed- The speed of your punches Agility- The speed of movement of leaning Stamina- The rate of energy loss and gain Chin- The shield against head punches Body- The shield against body punches Heart- The rate of health recovery and also how easy it is for you boxer to get up after a knockdown Cuts- Protection from cuts and swelling. Since you can't put a stat past 30% I recommend that you make all stats 25% because you should build a well-balanced boxer( at least this early anyway). IMPORTANT- For this guide I started out in the middleweight class F1.AMATEUR BELT IMPORTANT- The first thing you should do when you are an amateur is go into the fight store and buy the Warthog 1 Trunks(power 5%), and a pro guard foul protector( Body 5%). These 2 items are $1000 but it's well worth it because they will help a little bit. Also keep Joe Frazier's special punch because it does alot of damage and all you have to do it tap a button( alot easier than throwing a haymaker) and will get the same amount of damage that a haymaker will do. I like to aim this punch at my opponents body because it rarely gets blocked or parried and it does damage!!! There really isn't anything I can say about the amateur fights because they should be easy for everybody.I had the option to fight Winky Wright in the Amateur division. WINKY WRIGHT(Middleweight)- This early in the game he really isn't a challenge for you. Just make sure that you keep your guard up and take whatever openings he gives you( there will be alot). Rewards- Winky Wright Fight Store Package, UPRIGHT base style, HARD STRAGHTS punch style. The only other important fight you will have in this belt is when you fight the amateur champ. This person will become your rival throughout your career so get used to beating him down. I can't really give a strategy for beating your rival because their tactics and styles are randomly generated. One thing I can say is watch out for a headbutt because I have gotten hit with a headbutt everytime I have fought my rival. AMATEUR BELT- Once again this fight shouldn't be a problem as long as you keep you guard up and take your openings. Rewards- Amateur Belt, $5000 IMPORTANT- The fights will get harder now and how you train your boxer will be crucial. When I ran through the Middleweight division my training regimen was Three Weightlifting sessions then Two Combo Dummy sessions( I rarely used the Heavy Bag until Punches started to hurt more). The reason I recommend this regimen is because you will take damage but you will deal it faster than you take it. This strategy is for aggresive Boxers. If you don't like staying on the offensive, develop your defense an offense equally. F2.UNDERARMOUR TROPHY WE MUST PROTECT THIS HOUSE!!! Sorry I couldn't help myself. This series of fights is your first professional belt that you'll compete for and the difficulty won't be that much harder than the Amateur Belt. I fought Marvin Hagler then had one fight before getting the belt. MARVIN HAGLER(Middleweight)- Since he's a power fighter you should be a bit more cautious than normal. If you were using my training regimen and a speed style, you should tear into him easily. Otherwise Keep your guard up parry when you can and take the large number of opening he'll give you. Rewards- Hagler Fight Store Package I fought a created Boxer for the belt so I can't give a strategy but I will reveal what you win. UNDERARMOUR TROPHY Rewards- UnderArmour Trophy, UnderArmour Fight store package( Gloves and trunks), $20,000 IMPORTANT- At the end of this belt my stats were: Power- 62% Speed- 51% Agility- 38% Stamina- 62% Chin- 35% Body- 35% Heart- 44% Cuts- 44% Power is my main focus now and if your power is in the mid to high 50's your punches will take out chunks of your opponents life making your fights that much easier. Also continue to use Joe Fraizer's special punch!! I can't explain how useful this punch is throughout the game just throw it to the body and watch the life go. F3.DODGE TROPHY IMPORTANT- Now you should have some money in your bank and it's time for another equipment upgrade. Depending on how your fights have been so far you should buy different things. If you feel than you need some more defense then buy a Pro Guard 3 Foul Protector and a Pro Guard Mouthpiece for a 10% increase in your body and chin respectively. If you want to do more damage you should buy some newly unlocked UnderArmour gloves(Power 10% or Speed 10%) and a pair of trunks that give you a 10% increase in stamina.The difficulty starts to pick up a bit in this series because you have a higher chance of fighting real boxers in the game and they are harder than the created opponents. Also I fought Bernard Hoppkins in my first fight then I fought Jake Lamotta for the trophy( you will NOT always fight him for the Dodge trophy, it's random). BERNARD HOPKINS(Middleweight)- B-Hop really isn't that hard but you can expect him to try and outbox you. He will throw a lot of punches( compared to what you have fought thus far) and they shouldn't do that much damage. Keep your guard up( noticing a pattern here?) and attack him when he leaves himself open either after a missed punch or a parry. Rewards- Hopkins Fight Store package JAKE LAMOTTA- Powerful!! His punches will do damage but he is slow. This is what you must focus on when fighting him to win. Let him throw his power shots and make him miss or counter his punches will haymakers or whatever you feel like throwing. Rewards- 2007 Dodge Caliber Trophy, Dodge Fight Store Package, Lamotta Fight Store package, Madison Square Garden Venue After this winning this belt my stats were: Pwr- 72% Spd- 58% Agl- 48% Stm- 72% Chn- 40% Bod- 40% Hrt- 51% Cut- 51% Once Again Power was my main focus and if you followed this blueprint your upcoming fight should be easy because your punches will caue noticable damage and you will knock your opponent down fast. F4.BURGER KING TROPHY Once again the difficulty raises up but it still shouldn't be enough to where you should lose a fight. When I had to sign my first contract I had to choose between Jermaine Taylor and Sugar Ray Leonard. This should be an indicator into how many real boxers you might fight. I'm not sure how the game will do it but you should fight your rival in this trophy series( I fought mine in the Staples Center and unlocked that arena) and be given a chance to win the EA Sports trophy also( with a $50,000 purse). I fought Sugar Ray Robinson before I had to fight Rey Mo for the Burger King Trophy. JERMAINE TAYLOR(Middleweight)- I'm pretty sure this fight should have been harder than it was. I destroyed Jermaine Taylor in the first round mainly because my Frazier special punch was taking about a 1/7 of his life away with every hit. If your punches aren't hurting him that much you will be in for a long fight. He knows how to use the philly shell and will parry alot of your punches( if you make them predictable). I recommend that you don't give him a chance to do anything but block. Keep on him and he will go down. Rewards- Taylor Fight Store package, Philly Shell Block Style SUGAR RAY LEONARD- This fight will be the first in which you actually see how dangerous the fast punching style can be. Sugar is fast and will be very selective in how he throws his punches, mainly sticking and moving. This fight will be more annoying than difficult because you will have a hard time landing a punch flush. He leans alot and will counter a great deal of your punches. If you are using a power style wait until you parry one of his punches and let him have a power shot. If using a speed style reflect his fighting style and wait for him to make the first move then then counter punch him to the mat. Rewards- ESPN Wednesday Night Fights trophy( you won't always fight him for this trophy), Leonard Fight Store package, State Palace Theatre Venue. SUGAR RAY ROBINSON(Middleweight)- Just like Ray Leonard(same nickname)this guy will parry alot of punches and will dish out punishment. Depending on how you have been training this fight can be easy or hard. If you've been focusing on your power and stamina then the severe amount of damage your punches will do will make this fight easy because he won't be able to stand up from a barrage of punches. If you focused on your defense or speed then you will have to outbox him by using you jab effectively and countering his aggresive fighting style. Rewards- Robinson Fight Store package REY MO(Middleweight)- This guy is friggin huge!!! Especially when compared to your boxer! Don't let his power rating fool you( When I fought him it was 68%) Trying to take his punches will result in you getting knocked down really fast Use your jab and wait for him to throw his punches. Make him miss or parry and unleash a combo or a haymaker to get your adrenaline flowing. DO NOT I repeat DO NOT try to get into a slugfest with this guy because you'll lose. Be patient he'll give some openings to take advantage of and when he does tear into him with whatever has been working for you thus far. Rewards- Burger King Trophy, Burger King Fight Store package, $1,000,000 Now would be a good time to go into sparring mode or do some practice fights because you will have to gain some type of mastery with blocking and parrying. This is essential in the upcoming fight because the difficulty jumps a good bit and if you don't protect yourself you'll get knocked down( and possibly out) quite frequently. Ratings after trophy. Without Equipment With Equipment Pwr- 79% 79% Spd- 72% 82% Agl- 66% 66% Stm- 77% 87% Chn- 55% 65% Bod- 55% 65% Hrt- 58% 58% Cut- 54% 54% F5.EA SPORTS TROPHY EQUIPMENT CHANGE! Now that you have a million dollars to spend you should start by buying the EA Mid-Pros 3 for 15% bonus in power, a pair of trunks that give a 15% bonus in stamina, and a mouthpiece or foul protector with a 15% bonus. Also you can now use the king as a trainer and raise your heart rating. These things will make the upcoming fights a little easier. As usual you will fight about 3 or 4 real boxers in this trophy series and they are smarter than before. This also goes for the generated boxers also. By now you have fought almost all of the real middleweight boxers so don't expect to get any new styles or anything like that. You should however get into the habit of checking out your opponents weaknesses before you sign a contract. This can help you decide how you are going to fight that opponent and more importantly what his weak points are( Body, Chin, Spd ect.). WINKY WRIGHT(Middleweight)- Same as before except he's more agressive and also blocks a lot more. Stay on him and he will fold like origami. Rewards- None JAKE LAMOTTA(Middleweight)- A little bit more agressive than before and his punches do more damage also. He doesn't really guard himself that much and is easy to attack when he throws his slow punches. Rewards- ESPN Friday Night Fights Trophy( You won't always fight him to get this trophy). RIVAL- Both times that I have gotten this trophy I have had to fight my fight my rival to get it so I guess you will fight your rival also for this trophy. I don't have a specific strategy but just keep your guard up( I know it's getting repetitive) and take the openings that your rival will give you. Rewards- EA Sports Trophy( If you've won this already, you won't get anything) Ratings after fight: Without Equipment With Eqiupment Pwr- 89% 100% Spd- 80% 90% Agl- 74% 74% Stm- 84% 99% Chn- 54% 69% Bod- 54% 69% Hrt- 66% 66% Cut- 63% 63% Even though with the equipment my rating is 100 I don't stop training those areas because I don't know if your rating actually goes higher than 100 with the equipment on. If you start to take alo of damage though you can relax with your power and speed training and focus on your defense( only if you are having a problem winning fights or getting knocked down. F6.MIDDLEWEIGHT BELT Welcome to the Semi- Big time fight series. Depending on how good you've become in terms of offense and defense and who you fight, you will have your hands full winning a fight. Now I strongly advise you to look at your opponent before you sign a contract because pointing out weaknesses in their styles and ratings will prove critical in winning these fights. Also You should have enough money to use either a power or speed trainer. Use these wisely. I recommend that you choose the trainer opposite of what you will be working on that session( If you're doing weightlifting choose the speed trainer). The benefit in doing this is you won't lose points in the other ratings( stamina will be lost regardless because the trainer doesn't prevent stamina from falling, only power). You will probably face 2 or 3 real boxers in this trophy series(I only faced 1)and your rival for the Belt. OSCAR DE LA HOYA(Middleweight)- At this stage in the game,The Golden Boy was kind of hard only because his punches did a lot of damage( My chin and Body were 62 and 64% respectively). When he parries one of your punches he will throw a quick 3 or 4 punch flurry and it will hurt if you take all the punches which you probably will because you won't have a choice. If your power is near mine then swing away and turn this fight into a slugfest. Just make sure you parry his power shots because if you don't you will lose. Rewards- De La Hoya Fight Store Package, Textbook Base Style RIVAL- By now I am pretty sure that you have been dominating your rival and this fight won't be that much different from the previous ones. Of course your rival will do more damage with his punches but his tactics for the most part will remain the same( This was the case for me). Do whatever has been working for you thus far and you should handle him easily. Rewards- Middleweight Belt, $400,000(if you win by KO), ESPN Pay-Per-View Trophy Ratings after fight: Without equipment With Equipment Pwr-89% 100% Spd-85% 95% Agl-81% 81% Stm-81% 96% Chn-66% 81% Bod-70% 85% Hrt-70% 70% Cut-71% 70% F7.EVERLAST TROPHY EQUIPMENT CHANGE- You should now have enough money to buy a pair of Gloves which have a 20% bonus for any one stat or a pair of trunks with a 20% bonus for most stats. Congrats on being the middleweight champ but like Round 2 your career isn't over yet. You now have to win a couple of fights before you can jump to class that is above your current one. The fights get a bit more difficult but the change isn't as dramatic as it was for the last trophy series. I should also point out that your status will now be World Class. You don't have to but if you find yourself losing or coming close to losing you might want to consider changing your style combination. JAKE LAMOTTA- Same as before only his punches do more damage and he will be a little more patient. Watch his power punches and haymakers because they will hurt and you will only be able to take a couple of them before you go down. Rewards- None RIVAL- Same as before only stakes are higher and rival does more damage with his punches. Apply whatever tactics you used before to beat him and you'll do fine. Rewards- Everlast Trophy, Everlast Fight Store Package Ratings: Without Equipment With Equipment Pwr-92% 100% Spd-92% 100% Agl-89% 89% Stm-81% 96% Chn-74% 94% Bod-80% 100% Hrt-75% 75% Cut-78% 78% F8.LIGHT HEAVY and UNIFIED BELT First things first. Your status now will raise to Champion. Your first fight should be to defend your middleweight belt. These guys are really hungry for your belt and they will fight like it. After about 2 fights you should have the option to change your weightclass to LightHeavy. JAMES TONEY(Light-Heavy)- WATCH OUT for this guys haymaker because he will throw them alot and they will hurt I can promise you that. He will come out swinging and won't let off unless you cause a good amount of damage to him. That is the easiest way to win this fight, Watch his haymakers and counter them. If you can counter them frequently, he will be open to your attacks and you can give it to him. Rewards- Toney Fight store package, Slickster Base style RIVAL- How in the hell does this guy keep on getting the belt before you? In any event you should have to fight your rival for the Light Heavy Belt. Same strategy a before and you will walk away with a W. Rewards- Light Heavy Belt After winning the belt, the next fight you will be able to choose from will be a title defense. After your popularity goes up you will have to fight your real boxer rival( you have fought him several times already) for the unified title belt. JAKE LAMOTTA- Same tactics as before. He's a little stronger but that won't matter because by now you should be doing severe amounts of damage with your punches so if you keep on him this fight will end in a T.K.O Rewards- Unified Title Belt Ratings: Without Equipment With Equipment Pwr-97% 100% Spd-92% 100% Agl-90% 89% Stm-89% 100% Chn-76% 96% Bod-81% 100% Hrt-89% 89% Cut-88% 88% Since you will see minimal gains now in your power and speed ratings start working on your defense( this will male your fights even easier). The heavy bag while alternating trainers is the best way to do this. F9.HEAVYWEIGHT and POUND for POUND BELTS Your status now goes up to The Greatest and you only have to more belts to obtain. Now I rate this is as the hardest belt series because not only will you fight the Heavyweight greats(Ali and more importantly Roy Jones Jr.) the created opponents try to pose a threat also. If you have unlocked a pair of trunks that you like( with a 20% bonus in something) then buy them but other than this your money has no use anymore. Another important fact I should point out is that your boxer should be about 32 or 33. His ratings will start to decrease for every fight at about age 36 or 37. Now this is important because all the fights in this series have about 20 or 30 weeks before the fight so if your lucky you will get about 2 fights per year( I retired at 43 with a record of 70-1(70KO's). I lost the fight after my 70th win. MUHAMMAD ALI- Damn this guy is fast!!! Not only will he move around the ring fast his punches are quick and he is hard to hit because he leans just about all the time. His punches also do DAMAGE!! If you fight anything like I do(Use a speed style, throw alot of combos and don't let your opponent get a chance to even breathe) then you will not find this fight fun because Ali will do exactly this and will give you fits in the process. I have noticed a funny paradox in the game. There are two types of Ali that you can fight. They are the same person but they fight totally different. The first time I fought Ali I got the defensive Ali. He didn't throw that many punches but stayed on the defensive the whole fight parrying and blocking alot of my punches( trying to wear you out so in the later rounds you won't have any energy). If he doesn't move towards you aggressively when the fight begins then you will face his defensive style of boxing. If he starts the moving towards you then you have a problem. When he gets into a offensive state of mind he will fight much like you probably have: Forget the later rounds I want a KO now. This is a problem because his combos are really fast and they hurt. In addition to this you won't have room for error because he will parry and make you pay. If you fight him try your best to drop his energy however you can( Haymakers, counter punches). I always use my Frazier Haymaker( SMOKIN' special punch) to his body because this will take a good amount of his energy and slow him down. Whatever style he fights with will be difficult for you. Rewards- Ali Fight Store Package( The Greatest trunks finally!!), Smooth Base style, Judge Jab Punch Style EVANDER HOLYFIELD- As you might have noticed from his boxing style( Balanced, Basic, Classic) this guy fight straight from the textbook. Expect him to try and take you to the later round where he will try to take advantage of the amount of energy you have. I should point out that as usual his punches are strong and will do some damage( although I didn't let him throw that many. Rewards- Holyfield Fight Store Package RIVAL- You will fight one of your created rivals for the Heavyweight belt and as usual use whatever tactics worked the last time and you will be fine. He will be stronger but he shouldn't be any match for you now with your ratings approaching 100% and the equipment you should have on. Rewards- Heavyweight Belt, $1,200,000 MAIN RIVAL- The rival that you fought for Amatuer Belt will be standing in the way of your legendary greatness!! He really isn't as hard as you'd think he should but he should provide a miniscule challenge( if you haven't been breezing through your fights). Same tactics used before. Swing away and block when you have to or when you want to hit him with a haymaker. Easy Victory. Rewards- Pound for Pound Belt, $1,400,000 After you get the Pounf for Pound Belt you will be doing nothing but defending your titles and watching your boxer's ratings decline due to old age. You can retire now if you want or you can see how many wins you can get in your career. I will warn you. If you were mad because you didn't get a challenge getting the belts, try defending your title until your about 43 or 44. It's hard because your opponents will be 10 to 15% better than you are(in every rating) and will be relentless in how they approach you in the fight. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ G.Boxing Styles ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ This section is all about the very style that your boxer will have when you fight. Complete with my description and opinion on them. G1.Base Styles There are 11 Base styles to choose from in total. Each style dictates how fast your punches come out( small differences in speed and power from my experience), how your boxer moves around the ring, and how your boxer stands when he's not throwing a punch. Balanced, Speed and Power are available at the start. BALANCED- Your Boxer moves back and forth a little bit with both his hands at his chest. SPEED- Your Boxer hops back forth with his power hand right below his chin and and his lead hand at his waist. POWER- Much like Balanced style except your Boxer barely moves his feet or hands. SMOOTH- This is Muhammad Ali's Style in which your boxer keeps both his hands at his waist and moves back and forth. This style is fast and your boxer jogs around the ring when he moves. BULLY- Your Boxer moves back and forth a little and stands with his power hand at his chest and his lead hand at his stomach. SLICKSTER- Your Boxer leans back and forth a little with his power hand at his chest and his lead hand by his upper thigh. ELUSIVE- A variation of the speed style( and Roy Jones Jr.'s style) where your boxer's power hand is beside his cheek and his lead hand is moving a circle at his chest level. UPRIGHT- Your Boxer leans back a little and keeps his hands moving in a small circle at chest level. TEXTBOOK- Boxer leans forward and has both hands at chest level. Power hand is a little bit behind lead hand. About same movement as Balanced style. MUMMY- Looks exactly how it sounds. Boxer leans back a little more than upright style and barely moves his hands, just moves his body a tiny bit. WILD- Kind of a taunting style in part because your boxers hands are at his sides and he is leaning forward with a above average amount of body movement back and forth. Power Styles designed to more damage with less movement: Mummy, Power, Wild, Slickster, Bully Speed styles designed more for movement and combos with less power: Elusive, Speed, Smooth Well-Balanced styles( No tilt to movement or power): Balanced, Textbook, Upright My Summary: These styles do little in relation to how you throw your punches(From what I have seen). If you like to throw less punches and do more damage, use one of the power styles. If you like to look pretty by hitting your opponent with 4 or 5 hit combos, use a speed style and if you just feel like using them use a balanced style. It's all on your personal playing style. G2.Punch Styles Now here is where you see the customization really take effect in your boxer. Whereas the base styles basically dictate how your boxer stands, the punch styles dictate how he throws a punch be it fast or slow. There are 8 Punch styles each with different strengths and weaknesses and I will point out the ones I have noticed for each punch style. I will also give each a style a rating on a scale of 1 to 10 with being the best and what I recommend for the easiest time in career mode( Once again these are my opinions). Basic, Fast and slugger are available at start BASIC- This Punch style basically is the all-around punch style. Your punches aren't blazing fast but they aren't slow either. This Style has average power also. You won't rip you opponents face off but you will do considerable damage more than you would if you used a speed style. Once again the punches in this style have an average recovery speed. Strenghts- Good combination of speed and power. With this style your best punches would be your crosses and hooks. These will deliver a good amount of force and will come back fast enough so you won't be left open for long( If one of these is parried, it won't matter your a sitting duck). Weaknesses- None Rating= 8- This is a good overall style primarily because it has no weaknesses and is kind of fast. A 4-punch combo is pretty much the max with this style. FAST- This Punch style is where the fun is at( at least for me). The name of style pretty much tells you what you can expect. Extremely fast punches and probably the combo style in the game. Of course you know power is sacrificed for the speed so your punches won't really be hurting your opponent as much as they would be in a basic or power style. Strenghts- SPEED, SPEED, and more SPEED!! When I say your pucnhes come out fast I mean they come out fast!! If you parry a hook,a 5-punch combo is almost routine. To put the speed in perspective for you, a hook or cross from the fast is the same speed as a straight from the basic style. The recovery speed on these punches is also excellent assuming they aren't parried( speed doesn't matter in this case). Best punches are hooks and crosses. Also put jabs and straights in front of these and watch the hits pile up. Weaknesses- The only weakness I have come to notice in this style if the lack of power behind your punches. Of course this can be improved upon by raising your power rating and wearing equipment to bolster you power. Rating= 9.5- In my eyes the second best style in the game behind the sinister cross style. The loss of power is regrettable but when you see how fast your punches are coming and connecting you will quickly forget about the power. Also if you hit an opponent 300 times in about 4 or 5 rounds( if your aggresive)his face will either be cut or swollen beyond belief. Both of these could lead to a drawn out fight stoppage. Excellent choice for making the game easier. SLUGGER- This style will put your opponent in a world of hurt really quick. The devastating Hooks, crosses, and uppercuts that come from this style are disgusting because they are so strong. Parry a punch and land 3 hook/crosses or 2 hooks and uppercut and watch a 1/8 of that life bar go. Of course all of this power means nothing against a fast opponent because you won't be able to hit them. The powerful blows take a little time to come out and can be countered with a good placement of jabs which can add up little by little. Strengths- Damn are those punches strong!! If your opponent is unlucky enough to have one of his punches parried he will be on the mat real quick, guaranted. The speed of the punches can be countered by not swinging away and waiting for the right shot to rip his head off his shoulders. Weaknesses- Speed. The only weakness this style has. And if your punches are just blocked the recovery is slow because they are just devastating shots. Also the punches take up a little bit more energy than the styles above but when you think about the force behind them, do you really care? Rating= 9- You would think that the style wouldn't be balanced but it is. Not fast by any measurement but enough to catch your opponent sleeping. Also Haymakers in this style are also devastating. It you like to see your opponent cringe at your blows than the Slugger style is for you. The speed really isn't that big of issue but it can become one(Try Fighting Ali with Joe Frazier and you'll see what I am talking about). A Smart speed boxer will annihilate a slugger because they waste alot of energy throwing punches that are missing. HARD STRAIGHTS- As the name of the style says, this sytle will have you rely on those hard straights which are kind of hard. Unfortunately the rest of punches in this style are slow especially the hooks. Average recovery time means that you will be countered quite a little bit because your arm won't come up fast enough to stop the blow. Strengths- If you have advantage in reach over your opponent, this style would be good because the straight has good reach and you can tag your opponent from afar. Weaknesses- Maybe it's just me but I don't like slow combos or slow styles and this style is slow and you should wait for your shot because your not going to be able to get inside and start pounding away not fast enough. Also for the slowdown in the crosses and hooks the power is about the same in the basic mode so use this if you want slower punches and a small raise in power. Rating= 6- This style really doesn't work. You sacrifice some speed for a small boost in power. If possible stay away from this one it will give you a couple of losses in the futute. SINISTER CROSS- From what I have seen when I used this style,Your punches come out just as fast as the Fast punch style. The difference is When you throw your cross it does a little bit more damage( pay attention and you'll see the difference). Between this style and the fast style, they are essentially the same except for difference in power and when you hit your opponent with the cross most of the time they will lose their footing and stumble a little bit. That makes this style better and will make most of your fights really easy. Strengths- Same as the fast style except stronger crosses which make your opponent stumble back. Weaknesses- Also same as fast style though not so much because of the power increase in the cross. Rating= 10- Another fast style that makes the game easier if can counter effectively, protect yourself and keep your opponent off balance and at a distance. Also makes it alot easier to just come into the fight and swing away and actually win. LEATHAL UPPERCUTS- Just as the name implies the uppercuts in this style are lethal. The are big and sweeping uppercuts but when they hit they HIT!! Talk about damage. You won't be throwing a lot of jab/straight combos(because they are slow), your hooks are moderately fast but they do damage. If you love to throw uppercuts(this is one of my brothers favorite styles) then you will like this style simply for the damage it will do when you land a devastating uppercut. Strengths- Lethal Uppercuts!! This is the best part of this style. You can also throw the crosses and be happy with the powerful hits you will deliver. Weaknesses- Your jab and your straight are kind of slow but that is about the worst you are going to find in this style. Watch out when you throw your uppercuts though because they can be countered really easy with a quick jab or straight or any fast punch that lands before you connect with the punch. Rating= 9- Like I said before if you like to throw uppercuts you will get them off with a good amount of damage and will also enjoy throwing hooks. As long as you watch yourself when you throw your uppercuts and counter effectively you should eliminate your opponent brutally and easily. HOOK MASTER- As soon as you throw your hook you will see why the style has it's name. Your hook comes out slower than it normally would but the damage done is equivalent to a hook in the slugger style. Your jabs, straights, and crosses are all slower and the recovery time for your punches is fairly slow. Strengths- The Hook... Plain and simple. That is the only benefit in using this style. The Hooks are strong and if you love to cock it back and throw this punch, the damage done by one would make you smile. Weaknesses- Whereas the hook is the strong point of this style, all your other punches suffer in speed and recovery time as a result. As I said before all your other punches( except the Uppercut and haymakers) are slow and do a little more damage than they normally would. Rating= 7- While the hook is one of my favorite punches, I just can't recommend using this style because all your other punches are slow. As usual this is my opinion and if you like to throw slow, moderately damaging punches then you would like this style. JUDGE JAB- Another Fast style( You get from Ali). This is the same as the fast style except your jabs are stronger. All your other punches are just as fast as they were in the fast style and the recovery speed is also the same as the fast style. Strengths- If you love to throw your jab repeatedly the you'll love this style because the jab is a bit slower but it's stronger. Your other punches are still lightning fast and the recovery speed hasn't changed. Weaknesses- As usual with the fast punch styles the power your punches will do is the only disadvantage. With this style also the speed loss in the jab is a minor problem and will slow down you jab/straight combo a little bit. Rating= 9.5- You will rattle your opponent's head with the speed at which these punches will come out and the added power to the jab doesn't hurt either. Of course with the right equipment and training you can increase the amount of damage you do thus getting rid of the style's only weakness. My Summary: Choose wisely because these styles will determine how easy or hard your fights are. Of course the easiest way to win is to use the style that you are most comfortable with. Experiment to find out which style you like because chances are you won't agree with everything I have written in this FAQ. G3.Block Styles The Best offense is a good defense. It may be a cliche but man is it true. The good folks at EA decided to add a different block style to the classic block style and these are the Cross and the Philly Shell defensive styles. Each is different in how much damage you take when you block a punch and also how fast you counter. Below I will explain the strengths and weaknesses of each style and also how each looks. Classic is available from the start. CLASSIC- The basic blocking style in which your boxers gloves are covering his face. His left arm is in front of his left breast and his right arm is in front of his right breast. The middle of his stomach is unguarded. Strenghts- Well Balanced Blocking style. Will take little or no damage from blocking punches. Weaknesses- Has a slower counter speed but more often than not won't matter unless you parry alot of jabs. CROSS- One of the new blocking styles in Fight Night Round 3. This has your boxer covering the upper part of his chest and his face but his entire stomach is unguarded. Strengths- With this style you will take less damage from blocking your face. Weaknesses- You will take more damage from blows to your body an also your countering speed is a little faster than the classic style. PHILLY SHELL- The other new Blocking style and also the best looking. Your boxer's power hand is just above his left shoulder and his lead hand is covering the bottom of his stomach. Strengths- With this style you will be able to counter easily and strike off that counter just as fast. Weaknesses- You will take more damage from blocking punches in this style than you would if you were using the other two. G4. My Boxer Setup These are my two most commonly used setups. Base Style- Elusive Bully/Smooth(Depends on how I feel) Punch Style- Sinister Cross Lethal Uppercuts Block Style- Philly Shell Philly Shell Against boxers using a speed style I use my Elusive/Sinister Cross setup because I can match their speed and do more damage then I take. I also have alot of fun because I know how to parry so I usually end fights in the first round by TKO(Unless I have to go to the 4th round or go the distance for a special contract). Against Boxers using power styles I use the Bully,Smooth/Lethal Uppercuts combo because the punches are slower and easier to parry and counterpunch. Also I just love hitting my opponent with two big uppercuts and watching him stumble on each one. I should note however that I spent alot of time learning how to parry. If you don't know how to parry effectively then don't use this setup because just blocking the big punches won't give you a big opening(it'll be there for about a second). You must know how to parry to use this combo or any power style effectively because you can't just swing away and watch your opponent back up. If you do know how to parry then you will have alot of fun with this setup, I guarantee it. Also I would recommend the smooth base style because your boxer moves faster which makes it easier to move(not lean) out of the way and counter. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ H.Training ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Training is an important part of your career mode for several reasons, the most important being that it increases your boxer's ratings. There are three training mini-games that you can complete to raise your stats( You can only choose one per training session) and you can also do sparring which is like a free boxcing mode in which you can pratice your offense and defense. There are some differences from Fight Night Round 2 and the most notably is when you do one training mini-game(such as weightlifting) certain stats will increase( such as power and stamina) but others( such as speed and agility) will decrease by 1%. This forces you to balance out your training so your boxer becomes well-rounded and not one-dimensional(which will make the later fights much harder than they already are). Again you can hire power and speed trainers but this time they increase the rating gains for their specialties (Power will go up an additional 2% or speed will go up additional 2%) instead of just lowering the point totals. Also after winning the Burger King Trophy, You can hire the BK mascot( the king) as a trainer and he will increase the ratings gain for heart. Lastly the target mitts have been taken out of the game. The most amount of points you can gain from training( by reaching the point total for maximum benefit) starts at 8 points and goes down each time you do the training to a minimum of 1 point, while the most you can lose is 1 point. You can do the mini-games yourself or you can do auto-training. Read on to see the explaination for both. H1.Auto-Training I don't know why they added this feature in the game because chances you will almost never use this feature. All auto-training does is skip the mini-game and give you half the maximum amount of points. This isn't recommended at all becaue you won't get the most out of your training and your boxer will be weak if you use this all the time. The only benefit I can think of for auto-training is the time it will save you towards the end of your career when it won't make sense doing the mini-games because you will only get 1 point anyway. Overall don't use this method unless you are feeling lazy and really don't want to play the mini-game(although you will miss out on points). H2.Combo Dummy Ratings increased= Speed, Agility, Chin, Body Ratings Decreased= Power, Stamina, Heart, Cuts The concept of this game is pretty simple. In front of your boxer is a combo dummy with four different areas for you to hit( Left Face, Left Body, Right Face, Right Body). Sounds pretty simple right? Wrong. What makes this mini-game challenging is it's like playing simon says. The game will show you which zones on the dummy to hit and you must repeat the sequence. What makes this even harder is the more combos you get right the faster the game shows the sequences and this means less time for you to see and memorize the combo. If you have bad memory this will undoubtedly be the hardest mini-game for you to complete with the maximum benefit. Best Strategy: The Only meaningful advice I can give you is to pay close attention to the dummy and ONLY throw Jabs and Straights. DO NOT throw crosses hooks, uppercuts or haymakers because these punches take more time to execute and you will need all of the 60 seconds you are given in case you screw up and the sequence starts over again. H3.Heavy Bag Ratings Increased= Chin, Body, Heart, Cuts Ratings Decreased= Power, Speed, Agility, Stamina Really simple Mini-game and the easiest training game to complete. In front of you is the Heavy Bag just sitting there. You can either hit the High part of the bag or the low part of the bag. The game will tell you which area to throw your punches to by showing you a row of X'S. Just Throw your puches where the X's are and you get a easy increase for your ratings. Best Strategy: They only give you 60 seconds for mini-game but trust me, that is more than enough. If you want to rack up the most amount of points in the shortest time just use continuos Jab, Straight combos. This is the fastest combo in the game and will really rack up those points quick. If you don't like this method or you want it to mix it up, all puches will work(except haymakers, they are too slow) as long as they are thrown in a smooth and continuos motion. H4.Weightlifting Ratings Increased= Power, Stamina, Heart, Cuts Ratings Decreased= Speed, Agility, Chin, Body This Mini-game can be easy or hard, depending on how well you can control the analog sticks. Your Boxer stands in-between two weightlifting machines and the bell rings telling you to begin. The object of this game is to raise the weight(represented in blue) into the red zone. The mini-game gets harder because the better you do the smaller the red zone gets and the more precise you have to be in controlling the analog. Also you alternate lifting the weights with your hands( So it's Left weight, Right weight and so on). The farther you get not only does the red zone shrink, the weight becomes heavier to your boxer and he raises the weight more slowly making it even harder to get the blue bar inside the red. Best Strategy: Around about 6 total reps( L,R,L,R,L,R) you will notice your boxer lift the weight slower. At this time you have to be precise in letting go of the analog because although the starts out raising the weight slower it goes up faster which makes the target harder to get inside. Let go of the analog stick a little before you reach the target, because although you let go of the analog the meter will still raise a little before going back down (Damn Momentum). When you play the mini-game my tip will become clear( it's a little hard to simulate the meters and such using plain text) and getting those ratings boosts' will be easy!! H5.Sparring This is basically a practice mode for you try out all your and to get familiar with moving around the ring and working on your offense or defense. Of course you have a boxer in the ring with you but really dosen't do anything except throw a punch every like 3 seconds or so( You can change what you want him to do by pausing the game and cycling through the menu. You can also choose a training mini-game after you finish sparring. Best strategy: If you are going to mix up your fighting style alot during the course of you career, I suggest you come here first to learn the mechanics of the style you are using. For puching styles learn the weaknesses and strengths of each style( Which punches are fast or slow, or have good or bad recovery times). For Blocking styles learn how to utilize each style( or the style that you will be using) to it's fullest potential( Learning how to parry punches, seeing how much damage you will take from blocking). Overall you should use this training alot depending on if your going to change your fighting style frequently throughtout your career. Even if you don't, really useful for learning your most devastating combos(I know you don't want to experiment during a real fight, do you?) and becoming the best boxer you can possibly be. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I.Real-Life Boxers ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ This section is a index for all the real boxers in the game. Please keep in mind that these may not be perfect because I haven't fought all of them in my career mode and I had to fight with each of the boxers and watch the movement to determine what style they were using. Boxer Name Base Style Punch Style Block Style Muhammad Ali- Smooth Judge Jab Classic Joe Frazier- Bully Hook Master Cross Evander Holyfield- Balanced Basic Classic Roy Jones Jr.- Elusive Sinister Cross Classic James Toney- Slickster Slugger Philly Shell Clavin Brock- Upright Basic Classic Floyd Patterson- Power Slugger Cross Jeff Lacy- Bully Basic Classic Bernard Hopkins- Balanced Slugger Classic Jake Lamotta- Bully Basic Cross Ray Leonard- Speed Fast Classic Ray Robinson- Smooth Basic Philly Shell Jermaine Taylor- Balanced Fast Philly Shell Winky Wright- Upright Hard Straights Classic Oscar De La Hoya- Textbook Fast Classic Marvin Hagler- Bully Slugger Cross Roberto Duran- Balanced Lethal Uppercuts Cross Arturo Gatti- Textbook Basic Classic Ricky Hatton- Bully Slugger Classic Micky Ward- Bully Slugger Classic Diego Corrales- Upright Fast Classic Juan Lazcano- Power Slugger Classic Vincente Escobedo- Balanced Basic Classic Jesus Chavez- Textbook Basic Cross Manny Pacquiao- Power Fast Classic Erik Morales- Balanced Sinister Cross Classic Marco A. Barrera- Textbook Slugger Classic ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ J.Fight Store Inventory ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ This is the listing of all the items in the fight store. J1.Trunks Solid 1-7= No Ratings Boost Warthog 1= Power 5% Warthog 2= Heart 15% Warthog 3= Chin 10% Howitzer 1= Power 5% Howitzer 2= Heart 15% Howitzer 3= Chin 10% Broadsword 1= Power 5% Broadsword 2= Heart 15% Broadsword 3= Chin 10% Hornet 1= Power 5% Hornet 2= Heart 15% Hornet 3= Chin 10% Full Auto 1= Power 5% Full Auto 2= Heart 15% Full Auto 3= Chin 10% Mustang 1= Power 5% Mustang 2= Heart 15% Mustang 3= Chin 10% Double Edged 1= Power 10% Double Edged 2= Chin 15% Double Edged 3= Chin 10% Drawers 1= Power 10% Drawers 2= Chin 15% Drawers 3= Chin 10% Tiger 1= Chin 15% Tiger 2= Chin 15% Fancy Corner 1= Speed 5% Fancy Corner 2= Stamina 10% Fancy Corner 3= Heart 10% Get Lost 1= Speed 5% Get Lost 2= Stamina 10% Get Lost 3= Power 10% Powers of 3= Speed 5% Powers of 33= Stamina 10% Powers of 333= Power 10% Dingos 1= Stamina 10% Dingos 2= Power 10% Argyle Love 1= Stamina 5% Argyle Love 2= Stamina 10% Hey Cowboy 1= Stamina 5% Hey Cowboy 2= Stamina 10% Hey Cowboy 3= Power 15% All Stars 1= Speed 10% All Stars 2= Stamina 10% All Stars 3= Power 15% The Hurricane 1= Stamina 5% The Hurricane 2= Stamina 10% The Hurricnae 3= Power 15% Twisted 1= Stamina 5% Twisted 2= Stamina 10% Twisted 3= Power 10% Ghostly 1= Stamina 5% Ghostly 2= Stamina 10% Full Throttle= Power 10% Hawaiian Fun= Cuts 10% Flame Job 1= Power 10% Flame Job 2= Stamina 10% Flame Job 3= Cuts 10% Captain Camo 1= Stamina 5% Captain Camo 2= Stamina 10% Captain Camo 3= Cuts 10% Big Money= Cuts 5% Stars N Stripes= Cuts 5% Aloha 1= Cuts 5% Aloha 2= Speed 15% Aloha 3= Cuts 15% The Cheetah 1= Speed 5% The Cheetah 2= Speed 15% Holyman 1= Speed 5% Holyman 2= Speed 15% The Panther= Stamina 15% The Vandal= Stamina 15% Memphis Bell 1= Heart 5% Memphis Bell 2= Speed 15% Memphis Bell 3= Speed 15% Assassin= Chin 20% The Axe= Chin 20% Samurai= Chin 20% The Patriot= Chin 20% Harps= Cuts 10% Spitfire 1= Heart 5% Spitfire 2= Speed 10% Spitfire 3= Speed 15% Atomic Smash 1= Heart 5% Atomic Smash 2= Speed 10% Atomic Smash 3= Speed 10% Golden Eagle= Cuts 10% Pucker Up= Stamina 15% Headhunter 1= Heart 5% Headhunter 2= Speed 10% Headhunter 3= Stamina 15% King's Crown= Heart 5% The Dragon 1= Heart 5% The Dragon 2= Heart 10% Kid Lightning 1= Chin 5% Kid Lightning 2= Power 10% Kid Lightning 3= Stamina 15% Leone 1= Chin 5% Leone 2= Power 10% Pollo Diablo 1= Chin 5% Pollo Diablo 2= Speed 10% Pollo Diablo 3= Stamina 15% Emperor 1= Chin 5% Emperor 2= Chin 10% Emperor 3= Stamina 15% Big Boy Boa 1= Chin 5% Big Boy Boa 2= Speed 10% Big Boy Boa 3= Stamina 15% Bulldog 1= Heart 10% Bulldog 2= Speed 10% X-Treme= Cuts 15% Sleepy Time= Cuts 15% Ace 1= Heart 10% Ace 2= Heart 10% The Beast 1= Chin 15% The Beast 2= Heart 15% Zen 1= Chin 15% Zen 2= Heart 15% Zen 3= Cuts 15% Barrera= Heart 15% Beat Barrera in career mode The Bronx Bull= Power 15% Beat Lamotta in career mode Chico= Stamina 15% Beat Corrales in in career mode Destroyer= Stamina 15% Beat Pacquiao in career mode El Terrible= Stamina 15% Beat Morales in career mode Executioner= Stamina 20% Beat Hopkins in career mode The Greatest= Stamina 20% Beat Ali in career mode Hands of Stone= Speed 15% Beat Duran in career mode The Hitman= Stamina 20% Beat Hatton in career mode Irish= Stamina 20% Beat Ward in career mode Jones Jr.= Speed 15% Beat Jones Jr in career mode Lazcano= Heart 15% Beat Lazcano in career mode Left Hook= Stamina 20% Beat Lacy in career mode Leonard= Stamina 15% Beat Leonard in career mode Lights Out= Power 20% Beat Toney in career mode The Real Deal= Power 20% Beat Holyfield in career mode Robinson= Heart 20% Beat Robinson in career mode Smokin= Power 20% Beat Frazier in career mode Taylor= Power 20% Beat Taylor in career mode Thunder= Heart 20% Beat Gatti in career mode Winky= Stamina 20% Beat Wright in career mode Escobedo= Chin 10% Beat Escobedo in career mode Brock= Body 10% Beat Brock in career mode Golden Boy= Agility 10% Beat De La Hoya in career mode Marvelous= Speed 20% Beat Hagler in career mode Patterson= Power 5% Beat Patterson in career mode Chavez= Power 5% Beat Chavez in in career mode The King= Body 10% Beat Rey Mo in career mode Goliath= Body 5% Big E= Body 10% Dodge 1= Cuts 15% Win Dodge Trophy Dodge 2= Cuts 15% Win Dodge Trophy Dodge 3= Body 15% Win Dodge Trophy EA Sports 1= Cuts 10% Win EA Sports Package EA Sports 2= Cuts 10% Win EA Sports Package EA Sports 3= Cuts 10% Win EA Sports Package Everlast= Cuts 10% Win Everlast Trophy Everlast 2= Cuts 10% Win Everlast Trophy Everlast 3= Cuts 10% Win Everlast Trophy Under Armour 1= Cuts 20% Win Under Armour Trophy Under Armour 2= Cuts 20% Win Under Armour Trophy Under Armour 3= Cuts 20% Win Under Armour Trophy J2.Gloves Basic Gloves(Red, Blue)= No ratings boost Pro Gloves 1= Agility 5% Pro Gloves 2= Body 10% Pro Gloves 3= Speed 20% Pro Gloves 4= Agility 10% Pro Gloves 5= Power 15% Pro Gloves 6= Body 15% Pro Gloves 7= Agility 15% Pro Gloves 8= Agility 15% Pro Gloves 9= Agility 20% Pro Gloves 10= Agility 20% V Gloves 1= Agility 15% V Gloves 2= Body 15% V Gloves 3= Agility 15% V Gloves 4= Agility 20% Dodge 1= Heart 10% Win Dodge Trophy Dodge 2= Cuts 15% Win Dodge Trophy Dodge 3= Speed 20% Win Dodge Trophy Under Armour 1= Power 10% Win Under Armour Trophy Under Armour 2= Power 10% Win Under Armour Trophy Under Armour 3= Speed 10% Win Under Armour Trophy J3.Shoes Lo-Tops 1-6= No ratings boost Lo-Pros 1= Agility 5% Lo-Pros 2= Heart 10% Lo-Pros 3= Speed 20% Lo-Pros 4= Speed 20% Lo-Pros 5= Speed 20% EA Lo-Pros 1= Agility 10% Win EA Sports Trophy EA Lo-Pros 2= Agility 10% Win EA Sports Trophy EA Lo-Pros 3= Agility 10% Win EA Sports Trophy EA Lo-Pros 4= Agility 10% Win EA Sports Trophy EA Lo-Pros 5= Body 20% Win EA Sports Trophy EA Lo-Top= Speed 10% Win EA Sports Trophy Everlast Lo-Top= Agility 15% Win Everlast Trophy Dodge Lo-Top 1= Body 10% Win Dodge Trophy Under Armour Lo-Top 1= Heart 10% Win Under Armour Trophy Mid- Tops 1= No ratings boost Mid- Tops 2= No ratings boost Mid- Tops 3= No ratings boost Mid- Tops 4= No ratings boost Mid- Tops 5= No ratings boost Mid-Pros 1= Heart 10% Mid-Pros 2= Agility 5% Mid-Pros 3= Power 15% Mid-Pros 4= Cuts 15% Mid-Pros 5= Agility 10% EA Mid-Top= Power 10% Win EA Sports Trophy Everlast Mid-Top= Heart 10% Win Everlast Trophy Dodge Mid-Top 1= Cuts 15% Win Dodge Trophy Under Armour Mid-Top 1= Chin 10% Win Under Armour Trophy Hi-Tops 1= No ratings boost Hi-Tops 2= No ratings boost Hi-Tops 3= No ratings boost Hi-Tops 4= No ratings boost Hi-Tops 5= No ratings boost Hi-Pros 1= Agility 5% Hi-Pros 2= Agility 5% Hi-Pros 3= Heart 10% Hi-Pros 4= Heart 10% Hi-Pros 5= Agility 15% EA Hi-Pros 1= Agility 10% Win EA Sports Trophy EA Hi-Pros 2= Power 15% Win EA Sports Trophy EA Hi-Pros 3= Power 15% Win EA Sports Trophy EA Hi-Pros 4= Agility 15 Win EA Sports Trophy EA Hi-Pros 5= Agility 15% Win EA Sports Trophy EA Hi-Pros 6= Agility 20% Win EA Sports Trophy EA Hi-Top 1= Power 10% Win EA Sports Trophy Everlast Hi-Top 1= Cuts 5% Win Everlast Trophy Dodge Hi-Top 1= Body 10% Win Dodge Trophy Under Armour Hi-Top 1= Agility 5% Win Under Armour Trophy J4.Mouthguards Mouthguard= No ratings boost Single Guard= Chin 15% Pro Guard= Chin 10% Double Guard= Chin 15% Deluxe Guard= Chin 20% J5.Foul Protectors Basic Guard 1-4= No ratings boost Pro Guard 1= Body 5% Pro Guard 2= Body 5% Pro Guard 3= Body 10% Pro Guard 4= Body 10% Pro Guard 5= Body 10% Pro Guard 6= Body 15% Pro Guard 7= Body 15% Pro Guard 8= Body 20% J6.Signature Moves Smokin= A hook Haymaker which makes your fights alot easier(Frazier) The Greatest= A hard straight(Ali) Junior= A hard hook with a initial delay(Jones Jr.) Lights Out= A winding haymaker(Toney) Winky= A slow, hard straight(Wright) Golden Boy= A straight with a delay meant to confuse(De La Hoya) Leonard= A round-the-world straight(Leonard) Bad Intentions- A taunt followed by a straight to the face(Taylor) Irish= A slow but very nasty uppercut(Ward) The Destroyer= A really hard straight to the face(Pacquiao) J7.Taunts Right Here= Tap your jaw to make sure your opponent knows his target Beat Chest= Beat your chest with both hands. Is your opponent a wimp Ali Shuffle= Do the Shuffle Just like the greatest(Favorite) Cmon!= Wave your opponent towards you- Bring it on! Tap Gloves= Pound your hands together-Here cpomes the punishment! Wind Up= Show him that your arm is loaded and ready to go! Chicken= Stick your hands under your arms and call your opponent "Chicken!" I'm Scared= Sarcastically show that your opponent has you scared. Shake= Get right in your opponents face and shake your moneymakers. Decisions= Pause to decide how you'll KO your opponent. J8.Illegal Punches Skull Cracker= A quick headbutt which will drain your opponents life quick. Elbow Shot= Use your elbow to smash your opponent in the face. Low Blow= It starts out like an uppercut but doesn't make it above the waist. The Knee= Give your opponent a quick and powerful knee in the nuts. J9.Chest/Back Tattoos CHEST TATTOOS Linda-Put the name of your favorite girl Linda on your chest Dragon-A powerful symbol dating back 6000 years. Laetitia-Put the name of your favorite girl Laetitia on your chest Celtic Tree- The tree of life it's roots are deep in the earth Nicole-Put the name of your favorite girl Nicole on your chest Alpha/Omega-These symbols represent the beginning and the end, First and Last Shanice-Put the name of your favorite girl Shanice on your chest Eagle and Snake-This symbol shows a mexican eagle in a battle pose Barcode-The ultimate symbol of wealth -your own barcode- across your chest Nicole's Face-Put a portrait and the name of your favorite girl-Nicole. Chi-Rho-Also called the labarum,this symbol is known as the "cross of light" Who's Next-A tattoo calling out who's next with the skull of your last victim Glove on Fire!-Pound your message home with a spectacular fame job image Prayer-For when you need extra inspiration. Hands in Prayer holding rosaries Jesus-Wear the ultimate symbol of peace and love on your chest-Jesus Lucifer-The archangel cast from heaven is a symbol for a wild, spirit. Skull-A skull with a snake going through it Tiger Head-The tiger is seen as a protector and symbol of good luck. Celtic Lion-This ferocious lion is a medieval symbol sacred to the celts Virgin Mary-The symbol of ultimate purity,she repesents existence without sin BACK TATTOOS Michelle-Put the name of your favorite girl Michelle on your back Ouroboros-The tail-devourer is a symbol for completion,perfection,and totality East Coast-Show your east coast pride with the ink across your back West Coast-Show your love for the west coast with this across your back Angela-Put the name of your favorite girl Angela on your back Desiree-Put the name of your favorite girl Desiree on your back Jessica-Put a heart and the name of your favorite girl Jessica on your back The Real Deal-Let your opponent know that you're no fly-by-night champ Barcode-The ultimate symbol of wealth -your own barcode- across your back Skull-A skull with a snake going through it Eagle and Snake-This symbol shows a mexican eagle in a battle pose Spider-A common prison tattoo, the spider signifies wisdom,labor,and prudence Everlast-Wear the logo of the company synonymous with boxing on your back Wolf Face-The wolf is symbolic of a leader and a true teacher Crossed Axes-These crossed battle axes are a symbol of courage and honor Grim Reaper-Intimidate your opponent by wearing the spirit of death Who's Next-A tattoo calling out "who next" with the skull of your last victim J10.Arm Tattoos Celtic Cross-The circle around this cross is symbolic of eternity Family Crest-The family crest of a mysterious asain fighting tribe Trident-A symbol of strength and purity,wear the emblem of an enforcer Ichthys-This acrostic is the greek word for irish and represents enlightenment Shauna-Put the name of your favorite girl Shauna on your arm Thorns-This tribal thorn and spike pattern is the perfect armband Undefeated-Tell your opponent that he's going down with this undefeated tattoo Celtic Lion-This ferocious lion is a medieval symbol sacred to the celts Triquetra-This symbolizes the three forces of nature:Earth,Air and Water Eye of Horus-The left eye of Horus represents the moon Aum-This symbolizes the absolute, the source of all existence, the universe Jesus-Wear the ultimate symbol of peace and love on your arm-Jesus Caduceus-Hermes staff used to separate snakes who entwined themselves in peace Viring Mary-The symbol of ultimate purity, representing existence without sin Eagle-Decorate your arm with a proud eage casting a piercing stare Eye of Ra-The eye of Ra, the right eye, symbolizes the sun J11.My Equipment Setup Trunks- The Greatest/20% Stamina Boost Gloves- Dodge 3/20% Speed Boost Shoes- Mid-Pros 3/15% Power Boost Mouthguard- Deluxe Guard/20% Chin Boost Foul Protector- Pro Guard 8/20% Body Boost Signature Move- Smokin' Taunt- Chicken Illegal Punch- Skull Cracker, The Knee Chest/Back Tattoos- Tiger Head/Grim Reaper Arm Tattoos- Caduceus/Celtic Lion I chose this setup because it gives you a boost in the most important areas which will make your fights alot easier. The reason for the signature move is simple: It is destructive, deceptive and fast. Also it is a lunging punch and when it's thrown to the body it will do alot of damage. Everything else is cosmetic and I just chose what looks the best. *None of the tattos,taunts,illegal blows and signature punches improve your ratings. They are purely cosmetic. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ K.Unlockables ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ This is section that all new people to the game will come first, i'm sure of it. Everything that I have unlocked in my time playing the game can be found in this section. K1.Base Styles SMOOTH- Beat Muhammad Ali in career mode or ESPN Classics BULLY- Beat Joe Frazier in career mode or in ESPN Classics SLICKSTER- Beat James Toney in career mode or in ESPN classics ELUSIVE- Beat Roy Jones Jr in career mode or in ESPN Classics UPRIGHT- Beat Winky Wright in career mode or in ESPN Classics TEXTBOOK-Beat Oscar De La Hoya in career mode or in ESPN Classics K2.Punch Styles JUDGE JAB- Beat Muhammad Ali in career mode or ESPN Classics HOOK MASTER- Beat Joe Frazier in career mode or ESPN Classics HARD STRAIGHTS- Beat Winky Wright in career mode or ESPN Classics SINISTER CROSS- Beat Roy Jones Jr in career mode or ESPN Classics K3.Block Styles PHILLY SHELL- Beat Jermaine Taylor in career mode or in ESPN Classics K4.Trunks Barrera= Heart 15% Beat Barrera in career mode The Bronx Bull= Power 15% Beat Lamotta in career mode Chico= Stamina 15% Beat Corrales in in career mode Destroyer= Stamina 15% Beat Pacquiao in career mode El Terrible= Stamina 15% Beat Morales in career mode Executioner= Stamina 20% Beat Hopkins in career mode The Greatest= Stamina 20% Beat Ali in career mode Hands of Stone= Speed 15% Beat Duran in career mode The Hitman= Stamina 20% Beat Hatton in career mode Irish= Stamina 20% Beat Ward in career mode Jones Jr.= Speed 15% Beat Jones Jr in career mode Lazcano= Heart 15% Beat Lazcano in career mode Left Hook= Stamina 20% Beat Lacy in career mode Leonard= Stamina 15% Beat Leonard in career mode Lights Out= Power 20% Beat Toney in career mode The Real Deal= Power 20% Beat Holyfield in career mode Robinson= Heart 20% Beat Robinson in career mode Smokin= Power 20% Beat Frazier in career mode Taylor= Power 20% Beat Taylor in career mode Thunder= Heart 20% Beat Gatti in career mode Winky= Stamina 20% Beat Wright in career mode Escobedo= Chin 10% Beat Escobedo in career mode Brock= Body 10% Beat Brock in career mode Golden Boy= Agility 10% Beat De La Hoya in career mode Marvelous= Speed 20% Beat Hagler in career mode Patterson= Power 5% Beat Patterson in career mode Chavez= Power 5% Beat Chavez in in career mode The King= Body 10% Beat Rey Mo in career mode Dodge 1= Cuts 15% Win Dodge Trophy Dodge 2= Cuts 15% Win Dodge Trophy Dodge 3= Body 15% Win Dodge Trophy EA Sports 1= Cuts 10% Win EA Sports Package EA Sports 2= Cuts 10% Win EA Sports Package EA Sports 3= Cuts 10% Win EA Sports Package Everlast= Cuts 10% Win Everlast Trophy Everlast 2= Cuts 10% Win Everlast Trophy Everlast 3= Cuts 10% Win Everlast Trophy Under Armour 1= Cuts 20% Win Under Armour Trophy Under Armour 2= Cuts 20% Win Under Armour Trophy Under Armour 3= Cuts 20% Win Under Armour Trophy K5.Gloves Dodge 1= Heart 10% Win Dodge Trophy Dodge 2= Cuts 15% Win Dodge Trophy Dodge 3= Speed 20% Win Dodge Trophy Under Armour 1= Power 10% Win Under Armour Trophy Under Armour 2= Power 10% Win Under Armour Trophy Under Armour 3= Speed 10% Win Under Armour Trophy K6.Shoes EA Lo-Pros 1= Agility 10% Win EA Sports Trophy EA Lo-Pros 2= Agility 10% Win EA Sports Trophy EA Lo-Pros 3= Agility 10% Win EA Sports Trophy EA Lo-Pros 4= Agility 10% Win EA Sports Trophy EA Lo-Pros 5= Body 20% Win EA Sports Trophy EA Lo-Top= Speed 10% Win EA Sports Trophy Everlast Lo-Top= Agility 15% Win Everlast Trophy Dodge Lo-Top 1= Body 10% Win Dodge Trophy Under Armour Lo-Top 1= Heart 10% Win Under Armour Trophy EA Mid-Top= Power 10% Win EA Sports Trophy Everlast Mid-Top= Heart 10% Win Everlast Trophy Dodge Mid-Top 1= Cuts 15% Win Dodge Trophy Under Armour Mid-Top 1= Chin 10% Win Under Armour Trophy EA Hi-Pros 1= Agility 10% Win EA Sports Trophy EA Hi-Pros 2= Power 15% Win EA Sports Trophy EA Hi-Pros 3= Power 15% Win EA Sports Trophy EA Hi-Pros 4= Agility 15 Win EA Sports Trophy EA Hi-Pros 5= Agility 15% Win EA Sports Trophy EA Hi-Pros 6= Agility 20% Win EA Sports Trophy EA Hi-Top 1= Power 10% Win EA Sports Trophy Everlast Hi-Top 1= Cuts 5% Win Everlast Trophy Dodge Hi-Top 1= Body 10% Win Dodge Trophy Under Armour Hi-Top 1= Agility 5% Win Under Armour Trophy ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ L.Venues ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ This is the listing of all the venues that I have gotten through playing the game and winning about 200 fights across all the weightclasses(Because of this I think I have all the venues but I may be wrong) WINDY CITY BOXING GYM- Location: Chicago,Illinois ARAGON BALLROOM- Location: Chicago, Illinois THE WAREHOUSE- Location: Vancouver, Canada STATE PALACE THEATRE- Location: New Orleans, Louisiana MADISON SQUARE GARDEN- Location: New York, New York STAPLES CENTER- Location: Los Angeles, California ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ M. Additional Tips ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Ever since I put out my first FAQ for this game I have gotten a ton of e-mails from people asking me what they should do to beat their friends. I've spent some time putting together strategies and style combinations that should help everyone beat that one friend who always kicks their ass then laughs. Enjoy!! Defense and more importantly BLOCKING I can't stress enough how important this is to actually beating a human opponent. It's important against the computer but it's really important against a human. Blocking and parrying effectively is the start of any winning strategy. If you can parry and block your opponents incoming punches you won't take any damage and you will be able to deal more damage using counter shots. I recommend doing whatever ESPN classics match that you like. Instead of throwing punches just try to block and parry the entire fight. I did this 5 times straight and it helped me dramatically. This little exercise will help you learn how to block and parry effectively so when you fight your friend you will be able to watch their movement and parry effectively. Use a SPEED style The reason I say this is because regardless of your skill level a speed style will work effectively. It will allow you throw a barrage of punches and not give your opponent any time to think or react. Also since your punches are so fast you won't have to worry about getting destroyed if you miss a punch(As long as it's a haymaker). Against a power style boxer this will be your best bet because it will allow you to work a fast jab consistently and not let him get his feet set to throw a power punch. CASE your opponent What I mean when I say this is watch how your opponent fights. If you're having a tournament sit out a couple of fights and watch eveybody. I know from personal experience that everybody fights a certain way. The most common style that I have seen is people who come out swinging. Normally this is done with a speed style. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ N.Skill Challenges ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Since my last update to this FAQ I have rarely played Fight Night(been focused on MLB 07:The Show). I decided to play the game again and noticed that the difficulty still hasn't changed. Looking for a way to update my FAQ I chose to see how good most of you really are. Below sre some challenges that I have put together to make the game considerably harder(for those who find this game to be way too easy) and to challenge your boxing skills. Enjoy!!! Challenge 1 Start a career(any weightclass this really isn't important) and start your ascent to the top. This challenge lies in keeping your PWR, SPD, AGL and STM at 50% for your career(55% should be the max). At first this won't seem like much of a challenge but once your opponents start to get noticebly stronger the game becomes much harder and will test you boxing mettle and skills. Also DON'T BUY ANY EQUIPMENT!!!(This will increase your ratings and defeat the purpose of this challenge) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ O.Legal Stuff ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ My FAQ may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal or private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web site except for www.gamefaqs.com and www.ign.com or as part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright. Copyright 2006 Armand Sellers ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ P.Credits ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ - My Girlfriend who encourgaged me to write this FAQ - The good people at EA Sports for making the best boxing game ever - The good folks at gamefaqs for building this sitr and posting my FAQ - Most importantly the readers for using this FAQ and finding it useful If you have any question or comments about this FAQ please E-mail me at: Koolkid11434@yahoo.com</p>