______ __ ___ ___ _____ | __ \.-----.| |--.-----.--------.-----.-----. | | | \ | __/| _ || <| -__| | _ | | |- -| -- | |___| |_____||__|__|_____|__|__|__|_____|__|__| |___|___|_____/ Gale of Darkness Walkthrough Version 1.00. Copyright 2005 Marriland / Devin Peltier-Robson ____________________________________________________________________________ | | TABLE OF CONTENTS |______________________________________________________| | | | | 1. Introduction | | 2. Version History | | 3. Legal Stuff | | 4. Walkthrough | | | |===) 4.1. Up to Lovrina | |===)---- 4.1.1. Pokemon HQ Lab | |===)---- 4.1.2. Kaminko's House | |===)---- 4.1.3. Pokemon HQ Lab | |===)---- 4.1.4. Gateon Port | |===)---- 4.1.5. Kaminko's House | |===)---- 4.1.6. Pokemon HQ Lab | |===)---- 4.1.7. Agate Village | |===)---- 4.1.8. Mt. Battle | |===)---- 4.1.9. Cipher Lab | | | |===) 4.2. Up to Snattle | |===)---- 4.2.1. Pokemon HQ Lab | |===)---- 4.2.2. Pyrite Town | |===)---- 4.2.3. Rock Poke Spot | |===)---- 4.2.4. Oasis Poke Spot | |===)---- 4.2.5. Cave Poke Spot | |===)---- 4.2.6. Pyrite Town | |===)---- 4.2.7. Phenac City | |===)---- 4.2.8. Realgam Tower | |===)---- 4.2.9. Phenac City | | | |===) 4.3. Up to Gorigan | |===)---- 4.3.1. S.S. Libra | |===)---- 4.3.2. Pyrite Town | |===)---- 4.3.3. Gateon Port | |===)---- 4.3.4. Kaminko's House | |===)---- 4.3.5. S.S. Libra | |===)---- 4.3.6. Cipher Key Lair | |===)---- 4.3.7. Pyrite Town | |===)---- 4.3.8. Outskirt Stand | |===)---- 4.3.9. Snagem Hideout | |===)---- 4.3.10. Cipher Key Lair | | | |===) 4.4. Citadark Isle | |===)---- 4.4.1. Gateon Port | |===)---- 4.4.2. Pokemon HQ Lab | |===)---- 4.4.3. Citadark Isle | | | |===) 4.5. After Victory | |===)---- 4.5.X. Coming soon! | | | | 5. Mt. Battle | | 6. Colosseums | | | |===) 6.1. Pyrite Colosseum | |===) 6.2. Realgam Colosseum | |===) 6.3. Orre Colosseum | | | | 7. Realgam Tower | | | |===) 7.1. Battle Bingo | |===) 7.2. Battle CDs | | | | 8. Shadow Pokemon Locations | | 9. Purify Chamber | | 10. Pokemon Compendium | | 11. Moves | | 12. Abilities | | 13. Items | | 14. Type Advantage Chart | | 15. Contact Info | | 16. End Credits | |__________________________________________________________________________ |____________________________________________________________________________| | Hint: To jump to a section, select the section number (4.1.2., for example)| | and press CTRL + C, then CTRL + F, and then type "s" and press | | CTRL + V, then hit the enter key and you'll be taken to the section! | '____________________________________________________________________________' ____________________________________________________________________________ |.| s1. INTRODUCTION |.......................................................| ':'::::::::::::::::::':::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::' Hello! This is the first FAQ that I've decided to submit to GameFAQs. I started writing this walkthrough the day Pokemon XD came out, for use on my website, although in seeing the lack of Walkthroughs available on GameFAQs, I figured that it would be a good idea to submit it to GameFAQs so it would be more widely available for the public viewing. After all, in my humble opinion GameFAQs is the BEST site for Walkthroughs, FAQs, and large pools of data from games out there! Now, the Walkthrough's popularity has grown, and it can now be featured on several sites. Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness is the newest Pokemon game to be released for the Nintendo Gamecube! Set 5 years after the events of Pokemon Colosseum's Story Mode, Pokemon XD features the return of the evil Cipher Organization and their plans to use Shadow Pokemon for dark purposes. The strange disappearance of a cargo ship along with sightings of a very strange looking Lugia leave plenty of questions unanswered. With over 80 Pokemon to Snag and a total of over 160 Pokemon available in the game, Pokemon XD definitely is a solid Pokemon title, and may be the answer to the disappointment from Pokemon Colosseum. This walkthrough WILL have some minor spoilers in it! It's a walkthrough, duh. Please, read at your own risk. ____________________________________________________________________________ |.| s2. VERSION HISTORY |....................................................| ':':::::::::::::::::::::'::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::' Version 1.00 (10/12/05 - 233KB) - Finished the walkthrough! It now covers everything from the start to the end of the game! It doesn't cover anything else you can do after beating the final boss, though, but it is officially complete! - Sections 4.3.10 through 4.4.3 (the end) added another 9,400 words to the walkthrough. 64,000 characters... No wonder it took three days to write! - Updated the list of authorized sites that can use this Walkthrough, and also added an alternate page to view the list. - Updated the Shadow Pokemon list, now covering all 83 Shadow Pokemon! - Super small update in Mt. Battle, adding the rewards for the Areas 4-5. - Fixed two minor errors in the walkthrough. Let me know if you find any more, because I'm a perfectionist geek that dislikes errors in his work. Version 0.70 (10/8/05 - 163KB) - Added sections 4.3.1 through 4.3.9 (wow!) to the walkthrough, almost topping off the Gorigan "chapter". - Added the first 30 Trainers and a description to the Mt. Battle section. - Added the 4th Round for the Phenac Colosseum. - Updated the list of authorized sites that can use this Walkthrough. - Skipped directly to version 0.70 since I'm roughly 65%-70% done with the main walkthrough now, according to my estimations. Version 0.40 (10/6/05 - 123KB) - Added sections 4.2.8 and 4.2.9 to the walkthrough, covering all the way up to the Battle against Snattle. - Added the complete list of Abilities since I had that information easily accessable. - Added www.neoseekers.com to the list of sites that can use this Walkthrough. - Updated the Shadow Pokemon list, adding Snorunt through Lunatone. Version 0.30 (10/5/05 - 77KB) - The Walkthrough's Debut on GameFAQs. - Added section 4.2.7 (Phenac City), and started working on 4.2.8 (Realgam Tower). - Roughly 35% through the game according to my estimate. Version 0.20 (10/4/05) - Added sections 4.2.1 (Pokemon HQ Lab) through 4.2.6 (Pyrite Town). Version 0.15 (10/4/05) - Added sections 4.1.8 (Mt. Battle) and 4.1.9 (Cipher Lab and the Battle against Lovrina). Version 0.10 (10/3/05) - Initial release of the Walkthrough. - Covered sections 4.1.1 (Pokemon HQ Lab) through 4.1.7 (Agate Village). ____________________________________________________________________________ |.| s3. LEGAL STUFF |........................................................| ':':::::::::::::::::'::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::' This walkthrough and all of its contents may not be reproduced, republished, or redistributed under any circumstances, with the exception of personal, private use. This walkthrough and all of its contents may not be used on any website (with the exception of the listed websites below) or other publicly viewable resource without my permission. Use of this walkthrough and any of its contents on any other website (with the exception of the listed websites below) or any publicly viewable resource is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright. I am in no way affiliated or associated with Nintendo, Pokemon, Game Freak, or any other parties involved in the creation of this game. I am in no way affiliated or associated with GameFAQs or any other site using this walkthrough (excluding http://www.marriland.com and http://pokemon.marriland.com), with the exception of allowing them to use this walkthrough. This walkthrough and all of its contents are Copyright 2005 Devin Peltier-Robson / Marriland. Pokemon and all related properties are Copyright their respective owners. To write it in my own words, don't copy this walkthrough without my permission. This means don't copy any parts of it, and certainly don't copy the whole thing! If you would like to use this walkthrough on your website, please, let me know, because I will almost certainly let you IF YOU ASK FOR PERMISSION FIRST! You can contact me by using my contact form, which is located here: http://pokemon.marriland.com/contact.php You can also e-mail me at: marriland+faqs ATT gmail DOTT com (replace "ATT" with "@" and "DOTT" with "." ... sorry, I'm a spamophobe!) Please include the word "Walkthrough" or "FAQ" in your subject line, and in your message, provide a link to the page or website you wish to use my walkthrough on. Then, I'll get back to you as soon as possible with my answer. Really, it's all about respect, so please respect my wishes, and don't steal this walkthrough. Remember, you aren't stealing if someone gives you permission to use something and you follow their terms! And, if you want to print this guide out, go for it! It's your paper, not mine. If you want take that printed copy over to a friend's house so he or she can read it, feel free to do that, too. If you want to submit this walkthrough to another FAQ or Walkthrough site using your name, well, prepare to have that walkthrough promptly pulled from whichever site you submit it to, because that is most certainly NOT allowed! Here are a list of all of the websites that may use this walkthrough: - http://www.marriland.com - http://pokemon.marriland.com - http://www.gamefaqs.com - http://www.neoseeker.com - http://www.cheatcc.com - http://www.game-revolution.com - http://www.gamerhelp.com - http://www.pokemonpalace.net If you see a site using this walkthrough that isn't listed above, please let me know by using my contact form (http://pokemon.marriland.com/contact.php), and I'll look into it. Thanks! You can also find the most current list at: - http://pokemon.marriland.com/xd.php?page=sites The list above will always be updated with the most current version, so just in case I add a few sites to the list and some older versions of this walkthrough are still up somewhere, I will still be able to update who can use this walkthrough and you will be able to check it. ____________________________________________________________________________ |.| s4. WALKTHROUGH |......................,.................................| ':':::::::::::::::::'::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::' Before you get started reading the Walkthrough, please familliarize yourself with how I format things. First off, the Walkthrough is broken up into 5 chapters, based on 3 of the Cipher Admins you have to face, the final dungeon, and any post-victory events you can do. Each of these chapters are broken up again, this time for each location you have to visit, in order. This is to keep things simple and straight-forward, making it so you won't have to retrace your steps much while reading the guide. If there are Items to be found in a location, you'll see this box: .-------._________________ | ITEMS | Potion x3 | '-------| Antidote x2 | '-----------------' It will list out all of the Items you can find. It will not list their location, however, so unless I describe where it's located in the Walkthrough, you'll have to find it on your own. Fortunately, most items are pretty easy to spot, although some may take a lot of looking around! Trainer battles are shown like this: __________ / TRAINERS \_________________,------. | Kaminko Aide Chobin ( $ 150 | '---.------------------------>-----< | Sunkern | GRS | L5 | '------------'-----------'------' It's pretty easy to read, in my opinion. It shows the Trainer's name, how many Poke Dollars ($) you get when you beat the Trainer, and a list of all of the Trainers Pokemon along with their types and Level. GRS? What the heck is that, you say? Calm down, to keep things nice and tidy, I'm using abbreviated types inside of the Trainer box. What are all of the abbreviations? Here's a list: ______________________________________________________ /================= TYPE ABBREVIATIONS =================\ /: NRM = Normal FTG = Fighting RCK = Rock :\ |: FIR = Fire PSN = Poison GHO = Ghost :| |: WTR = Water GRD = Ground DRG = Dragon :| |: ELC = Electric FLY = Flying DRK = Dark :| \: GRS = Grass PSY = Psychic STL = Steel :/ \______________________________________________________/ Lastly, if there is a Shadow Pokemon on a Trainers team, you'll be able to recognize it by the "@@@" sign before it's name, and the "+" next to it's Level. Here's an example: __________ / TRAINERS \_________________,------. | Spy Naps ( $ 165 | '---.------------------------>-----< @@@| Teddiursa | NRM | L11+ | '------------'-----------'------' Well, that's all you'll need to know! Now, on to the walkthrough! ____________________________________________________________________________ | | s4.1. Up to Lovrina | | '-'---------------------'----------------------------------------------------' ____________________________________________________________________________ [_| s4.1.1. Pokemon HQ Lab |_________________________________________________] .-------._________________ | ITEMS | Potion x3 | '-------| Antidote x2 | '-----------------' When the game begins, you'll be presented with a scene showing a very ominous looking Pokemon abduct the S.S. Libra, apparently under the influence of some evil-looking organization. But, that has nothing to do with you... now. You'll start off in control of a battle, facing a Level 50 Metagross with your Level 50 Salamence. This may seem intimidating, having two powerful Pokemon fight like this, but don't worry, this battle is a piece of cake. Just have Salamence use Earthquake twice and you'll finish the Metagross. Then, you come out of the Battle Simulator, which was made to test different battle situations. Now you have control over your character. Also, you don't really have a Level 50 Salamence. Instead, you have a Level 10 Eevee. Take some time to explore the Lab, and get familliar with where everything is. The room to the west is where you need to go to meet Professor Krane and his assistant, Lily, who happens to be your mother. Lily asks you if you can find your sister, Jovi. Agree, and you'll need to start looking for her. Do some more exploring, talking to the various people of the building. When you're ready, go to your room (which is located on the western side of the building on the ground floor), and pick up the P*DA and 3 Potions. After you have the P*DA, talk to Adon who is hiding under a desk in an upstairs room and you'll learn that Jovi is in Dr. Kaminko's Manor to the southeast of the lab. Well, now you know where she is, so it's time to go and get Jovi! Exit the building, and then continue south until you leave the area. (Hint: 2 Antidotes are hidden behind the west side of the building!) ____________________________________________________________________________ [_| s4.1.2. Kaminko's House |________________________________________________] __________ / TRAINERS \_________________,------. | Kaminko Aide Chobin ( $ 150 | '---.------------------------>-----< | Sunkern | GRS | L5 | '------------'-----------'------' Welcome to Kaminko's House, a very spooky looking Manor. Appropriate for an equally spooky looking stereo-typical mad doctor, Dr. Kaminko. Walk up to the house, and you will be attacked by Chobin, Dr. Kaminko's assistant. He only has a Sunkern, which can be taken out in 2 hits with Eevee's Bite attack. Piece of cake! After you beat Chobin, Jovi will emerge from the house and say that she goes here all the time. Chobin will invite you in to meet Dr. Kaminko, and will show you a video tape of one of Dr. Kaminko's rather strange inventions. When you're done watching the VCR, go into the other room and talk to Jovi and since you got so lost, she'll volunteer to take you home. Isn't that nice of her? Yeah right... ____________________________________________________________________________ [_| s4.1.3. Pokemon HQ Lab |_________________________________________________] .-------._________________ | ITEMS | Poke Ball x5 | '-------'-----------------' __________ / TRAINERS \_________________,------. | Spy Naps ( $ 165 | '---.------------------------>-----< @@@| Teddiursa | NRM | L11+ | '------------'-----------'------' When you return to the Lab, Lily will be relieved to have Jovi back, and she will tell you to go see Professor Krane. Find Professor Krane, and he'll give you the Snag Machine, which is a device that will let you steal other Trainers Pokemon. Sweet! Too bad the Snag Machine can only be used on Shadow Pokemon... Professor Krane's assistant, Aidan, will give you 5 Poke Balls to use as well. Just as Professor Krane is about to lead you to the Battle Sim to test out your new toy, he's ambushed and taken away by some guys in wierd suits! Run outside, and you'll find that they plan on taking him away so he can help with their research or something. Being the good person you are, you fight Naps, one of the ambushers. He has a Teddiursa, although your Aura Reader (part of the Snag Machine) detects that it isn't any ordinary Teddiursa, but it's a Shadow Teddiursa! You know what that means, right? Throw a Poke Ball at it, and it will be yours! Keep in mind that, in most fights, you will have to weaken a Pokemon before you can catch it. The spies make a break for it, taking the Professor with. Lily and Aidan believe that there may be more Shadow Pokemon out there, but without Professor Krane, they won't be able to finish the Purify Chamber to help Purify the Shadow Pokemon. Lily then says that they'll have to get it done without the Professor's help, and asks you to get a Machine Part from Gateon Port. Jovi, of course, volunteers you to be her assistant in getting it, and will show you the way there. ____________________________________________________________________________ [_| s4.1.4. Gateon Port |____________________________________________________] .-------._________________ | ITEMS | Super Potion | '-------| Poke Ball x3 | | Awakening | | Parlyz Heal | | Potion | '-----------------' __________ / TRAINERS \_________________,------. | Chaser Laken ( $ 120 | '---.------------------------>-----< | Swablu | NRM / FLY | L6 | | Feebas | WTR | L6 | .---'------------'-----------'------' | Navigator Berk ( $ 120 | '---.------------------------>-----< | Wingull | WTR / FLY | L6 | | Lotad | WTR / GRS | L6 | .---'------------'-----------'------' | Sailor Bost ( $ 96 | '---.------------------------>-----< | Marill | WTR | L6 | | Whismur | NRM | L6 | .---'------------'-----------'------' | Casual Guy Cyle ( $ 330 | '---.------------------------>-----< | Taillow | NRM / FLY | L6 | @@@| Ledyba | BUG / FLY | L10+ | .---'------------'-----------'------' | Bodybuilder Kilen ( $ 330 | '---.------------------------>-----< | Zubat | PSN / FLY | L6 | @@@| Poochyena | DRK | L10+ | '------------'-----------'------' When you arrive, Jovi will run into a thug named Zook. Just when things look ugly and he's about to attack you with a Shadow Zangoose, Verich appears and one of his bodyguards, Mystery Man Ardos, volunteers to fight Zook. Ardos rips the Zangoose apart with his Alakazam's Psychic attack, knocking it out in one hit. Your first destination after witnessing the fight should be toward the west, where Jovi's friend, Emili, along with her mother, will greet you. Afterward, go into the nearby shop and ask around. Important! You will now have a chance to decide which evolution of Eevee you want! Talk to the man in the northeast corner of the shop, and agree to listen to his story. After listening, he will give you a choice of one of the following items: a Water Stone, a Fire Stone, a Thunderstone, a Sun Shard, and a Moon Shard. You can use these items to evolve your Eevee. If you choose one of the Stones, you can evolve your Eevee into the respective evolution; however, if you choose one of the Shards, you will have to wait awhile longer. You'll need to raise your Eevee's happiness while possessing one of the Shards in order to evolve it into Espeon or Umbreon. Go outside and onto the dock and Perr will appear. Go back to the shop you were just at and talk to him again to get the Machine Part you need back at the HQ. While you're in Gateon Port, you'll be able to find some items scattered throughout the place. Quite a few of them can be found in the Lighthouse, which is accessable by using the moving bridges. There are also a few Trainers to battle, two of which have Shadow Pokemon for you to Snag in their roster! Cyle can be found in the northeastern area by using the moving bridges, and Kilen can be found on top of the Lighthouse. You can Snag a Ledyba and a Poochyena from them. When you're all done with the battles, you should stop by Dr. Kaminko's Manor to check on Perr's father who happens to be visiting. Don't worry, it's not that much out of your way. ____________________________________________________________________________ [_| s4.1.5. Kaminko's House |________________________________________________] __________ / TRAINERS \_________________,------. | Kaminko Aide Chobin ( $ 360 | '---.------------------------>-----< | Sunkern | GRS | L6 | | Magikarp | WTR | L6 | '------------'-----------'------' Chobin will stop you from entering yet again, thinking that you're a burglar. Obvious Chobin doesn't have a very good memory, otherwise he would have remembered how badly you beat him last time. Chobin still has the Sunkern, but now holds a Magikarp in his team. Dispose of the Sunkern first, as the Magikarp is even worse. Inside, talk to Makan (Perr's father) and you'll explain everything that's happened. That's about all there is to do here for now, so set your next destination to the Pokemon HQ Lab! ____________________________________________________________________________ [_| s4.1.6. Pokemon HQ Lab |_________________________________________________] Track down Lily on the second floor and give her the Machine Part. She'll be greatful, and after some conversation and after Jovi leaves, Lily will ask that you go and visit Agate Village. Say yes, and then be on your way to Agate Village! ____________________________________________________________________________ [_| s4.1.7. Agate Village |__________________________________________________] .-------._________________ | ITEMS | Poke Ball x2 | '-------| Potion x3 | | Super Potion | | Ether | | Burn Heal x2 | '-----------------' __________ / TRAINERS \_________________,------. | Fun Old Man Clerr ( $ 224 | '---.------------------------>-----< | Oddish | GRS / PSN | L7 | | Machop | FTG | L7 | .---'------------'-----------'------' | Matron Belish ( $ 224 | '---.------------------------>-----< | Poochyena | DRK | L7 | | Nincada | BUG / GRD | L7 | .---'------------'-----------'------' | Cooltrainer Cida ( $ 210 | '---.------------------------>-----< | Azurill | NRM | L7 | | Igglybuff | NRM | L7 | | Togepi | NRM | L7 | .---'------------'-----------'------' | Bodybuilder Dosk ( $ 192 | '---.------------------------>-----< | Tyrogue | FTG | L7 | | Grimer | PSN | L8 | | Zubat | PSN / FLY | L8 | .---'------------'-----------'------' | Cooltrainer Gorps ( $ 240 | '---.------------------------>-----< | Zigzagoon | NRM | L8 | | Numel | FIR | L8 | .---'------------'-----------'------' | Supertrainer Jols ( $ 800 | '---.------------------------>-----< | Snubbull | NRM | L8 | | Corphish | WTR | L8 | | Lotad | WTR / GRS | L8 | .---'------------'-----------'------' | Matron Ladi ( $ 256 | '---.------------------------>-----< | Cacnea | GRS / DRK | L8 | | Slugma | FIR | L8 | .---'------------'-----------'------' | Fun Old Man Cron ( $ 288 | '---.------------------------>-----< | Horsea | WTR | L9 | | Abra | PSY | L9 | | Shroomish | GRS | L9 | .---'------------'-----------'------' | Myth Trainer Eagun ( $1200 | '---.------------------------>-----< | Pikachu | ELC | L12 | '------------'-----------'------' Agate Village is the first familliar place you'll recognize if you've played Pokemon Colosseum. A few things have changed, but nothing drastic. If you're looking for some EXP and Poke Dollars, be sure to talk to a lot of the town's citizens! Quite a few of them are eager to battle, and your Pokemon can always use the extra EXP. It will also help restore the Heart Gauge of your Shadow Pokemon, and you'll want to restore them as much as possible, because you're just a few battles away from being able to Purify your Shadow Pokemon completely! Behind the Poke Mart, you can find a cave with a Poke Ball and a Super Potion in it, as well as an old woman that will teach your Pokemon either Thunder Wave, Seismic Toss, or Mimic. Not all Pokemon will be able to learn these moves, but for the Pokemon that can, you might consider teaching it one of the moves. Seismic Toss and Mimic aren't really too great, but Thunder Wave is an excellent move. Keep in mind that she will only teach each move only once, so be sure to teach the moves to Pokemon that you plan on using a lot, otherwise it's a waste! Climb to the higher reaches of Agate Village and enter the house in a tree to find Beluh. Talk with her, and she'll say that Eagun has been expecting you. In the middle of your conversation, Eagun will barge in and introduce himself to you, then ask for you to follow him to the Relic Stone. The Relic Stone can be found in the back of a cave in the lower parts of Agate Village. From the entrance of town, head east, cross the bridge by the Pokemon Center, and then there's a ramp leading to the bottom area of Agate Village there. The entrance to the cave is right across the river. Inside of the cave, you'll be able to fight several Trainers. Their Pokemon aren't too strong - only Level 8 and 9 - so you won't have much difficulty with them, and the opportunity to restore your Shadow Pokemon's Heart Gauges make it worth it! Cron, the last trainer you'll have to fight inside of the cave, will give you a Cologne Case after you beat him. Now you can buy Colognes to massage your Shadow Pokemon with to speed the recovery rate of it's Heart Gauge. All Colognes can be bought in the Poke Mart in Agate Village and nowhere else! You aren't going to need them right now, but when you start catching harder-to-purify Pokemon, you'll definitely want to invest in some Colognes. After making your way through the cave, you'll have to engage Eagun in a battle. He has a Level 12 Pikachu that knows Thunderbolt, a very powerful Electric-type attack. Pikachu should faint in one or two hits, but it's Thunderbolt may inflict severe damage before it falls. After beating Eagun, you'll be able to use the Relic Stone to Purify your Pokemon! Step up to it, and if you have a Pokemon that's Heart Gauge is all white, you will be able to Purify it here, allowing it to learn new moves and gain EXP from fights! Eagun will then ask that you go to Mt. Battle and talk with Vander, a friend of his, about the Cipher organization. Vander knows a lot more about Cipher, so of course you'll want to stop by Mt. Battle! ____________________________________________________________________________ [_| s4.1.8. Mt. Battle |_____________________________________________________] .-------._________________ | ITEMS | Full Heal x1 | '-------'-----------------' __________ / TRAINERS \_________________,------. | Beauty Miru ( $ 180 | '---.------------------------>-----< | Wurmple | BUG | L9 | | Wingull | WTR / FLY | L9 | .---'------------'-----------'------' | Casual Dude Cridel ( $ 200 | '---.------------------------>-----< | Corphish | WTR | L9 | | Swablu | NRM / FLY | L10 | .---'------------'-----------'------' | Cooltrainer Bardo ( $ 300 | '---.------------------------>-----< | Doduo | NRM / FLY | L10 | | Spoink | PSY | L10 | '------------'-----------'------' When you arrive at Mt. Battle, the man in red that you saw with Verich earlier will greet you, and tell you that he did a lot of training here. What an odd one he is. It would've been nice if he gave you his name, but oh well. You'll see him later, don't worry. Now, there are a few points of interest at Mt. Battle. There's the old man on a bench called the Move Deleter, that will let you delete one of your Pokemon's Moves. There aren't too many reasons you'll want to do this, but just in case you feel the need, be sure to talk to him about it. He'll delete Moves free of charge. Below him you'll find the Move Teacher, who will let your Pokemon relearn any Move that your Pokemon forgot. The Move Teacher is useful if you accidently got rid of an important Move on one of your Pokemon. He charges 1,000 Poke Coupons for his services, and at this point of the game, you won't have any, so just let him be for now and keep him in mind for later use. Talk to the lady near the door, and she'll tell you that Vander is currently in a training session with some new trainers, teaching them the ropes. She'll let you go through to find him. You'll have to battle through two trainers before you'll see Vander, though. Neither of them are very difficult, fortunately. When you arrive on Zone 3, Vander will greet you, and ask that you fight a trainer that he's currently teaching. After you beat him, Vander will tell you about a Lab Facility to the south that was used by Cipher a long time ago during the previous Shadow Pokemon incident, and that he's seen suspicious activity around there recently. Sounds like a good place to check out! As you leave Mt. Battle, you'll receive an e-mail telling you that you'll be able to buy Poke Balls from the Agate Village Poke Mart. Now would be a good time to spend some of your Poke Dollars, and buy about 20 or so Poke Balls. There are almost a dozen Shadow Pokemon to Snag at the upcoming Lab, so you'll want to have plenty at your disposal. 2 or 3 Antidotes and Parlyz Heals may also come in handy, and buying a few Super Potions would be a good move as well. ____________________________________________________________________________ [_| s4.1.9. Cipher Lab |_____________________________________________________] .-------._________________ | ITEMS | Revive | '-------| Great Ball | | Full Heal | | Leaf Stone | '-----------------' ____________________ / TRAINERS (Outside) \_______,------. | Cipher Peon Resix ( $ 680 | '---.------------------------>-----< | Slugma | FIR | L14 | @@@| Houndour | FIR / DRK | L17+ | .---'------------'-----------'------' | Cipher Peon Blusix ( $ 680 | '---.------------------------>-----< | Horsea | WTR | L11 | | Goldeen | WTR | L12 | @@@| Spheal | WTR / ICE | L17+ | .---'------------'-----------'------' | Cipher Peon Browsix ( $ 560 | '---.------------------------>-----< | Hoothoot | NRM / FLY | L14 | @@@| Baltoy | GRD / PSY | L17+ | .---'------------'-----------'------' | Cipher Peon Yellosix ( $ 680 | '---.------------------------>-----< | Electrike | ELC | L12 | | Chinchou | WTR / ELC | L11 | @@@| Mareep | ELC | L17+ | .---'------------'-----------'------' | Cipher Peon Purpsix ( $ 680 | '---.------------------------>-----< | Koffing | PSN | L10 | | Grimer | PSN | L11 | | Tentacool | WTR / PSN | L10 | @@@| Gulpin | PSN | L17+ | .---'------------'-----------'------' | Cipher Peon Greesix ( $ 680 | '---.------------------------>-----< | Oddish | GRS / PSN | L9 | | Cacnea | GRS / DRK | L9 | | Shroomish | GRS | L9 | | Lotad | WTR / GRS | L8 | | Pineco | BUG | L9 | @@@| Seedot | GRS | L17+ | '------------'-----------'------' ____________________ / TRAINERS (Floor 1) \_______,------. | Cipher Peon Corla ( $ 560 | '---.------------------------>-----< | Duskull | GHO | L14 | | Skitty | NRM | L14 | '------------'-----------'------' _________________________ / TRAINERS (Basement 1 A) \__,------. | Cipher R&D Tekot ( $ 750 | '---.------------------------>-----< | Clamperl | WTR | L13 | | Corphish | WTR | L14 | | Zubat | PSN / FLY | L15 | .---'------------'-----------'------' | Cipher Peon Javion ( $ 560 | '---.------------------------>-----< | Doduo | NRM / FLY | L13 | | Taillow | NRM / FLY | L14 | '------------'-----------'------' ______________________ / TRAINERS (Basement 2)\_____,------. | Cipher R&D Mesak ( $ 650 | '---.------------------------>-----< | Anorith | BUG / RCK | L13 | | Lileep | GRS / RCK | L13 | .---'------------'-----------'------' | Cipher Peon Nexir ( $ 680 | '---.------------------------>-----< | Swinub | ICE / GRD | L14 | | Shuppet | GHO | L13 | @@@| Spinarak | BUG / PSN | L14+ | .---'------------'-----------'------' | Cipher Peon Crink ( $ 560 | '---.------------------------>-----< | Snorunt | ICE | L14 | | Barboach | WTR / GRD | L14 | .---'------------'-----------'------' | Cipher Peon Meda ( $ 640 | '---.------------------------>-----< | Natu | PSY / FLY | L16 | | Nincada | BUG / GRD | L14 | | Wailmer | WTR | L15 | .---'------------'-----------'------' | Cipher R&D Elrok ( $ 850 | '---.------------------------>-----< | Swablu | NRM / FLY | L17 | | Wynaut | PSY | L16 | | Corsola | WTR / RCK | L15 | .---'------------'-----------'------' | Cipher R&D Coffy ( $ 850 | '---.------------------------>-----< | Dustox | BUG / PSN | L14 | | Wingull | WTR / FLY | L17 | | Pineco | BUG | L16 | | Qwilfish | WTR / PSN | L15 | '------------'-----------'------' _________________________ / TRAINERS (Basement 1 B) \__,------. | Cipher Peon Solox ( $ 680 | '---.------------------------>-----< | Ralts | PSY | L15 | | Voltorb | ELC | L16 | | Bagon | DRG | L16 | @@@| Numel | FIR / GRD | L14+ | .---'------------'-----------'------' | Cipher Peon Cabol ( $ 720 | '---.------------------------>-----< @@@| Carvanha | WTR / DRK | L15+ | | Magnemite | ELC / STL | L15 | | Psyduck | WTR | L15 | | Remoraid | WTR | L16 | .---'------------'-----------'------' | Cipher Peon Nopia ( $ 680 | '---.------------------------>-----< | Jigglypuff | NRM | L15 | | Chimecho | PSY | L17 | | Dunsparce | NRM | L16 | .---'------------'-----------'------' | Cipher R&D Klots ( $ 900 | '---.------------------------>-----< | Snubbull | NRM | L16 | | Kecleon | NRM | L16 | @@@| Shroomish | GRS | L15+ | '------------'-----------'------' Well, it seems pretty obvious that this is where Professor Krane must be, seeing as the vehicle that was used to kidnap him is parked right outisde. When you approach the building, 6 colorful Cipher Peons that call themselves the Hexagon Brothers will emerge from the door. Their speeches are very comical, and you'll be sure to laugh at them. Comic relief is a good thing! Anyway, you'll have to fight one of them in order to enter the building, although since all 6 have a powerful Shadow Pokemon for you to snag, it's recommended that you fight all 6 of them. If you miss Snagging their Shadow Pokemon, don't worry, because they will challenge you for a rematch after you've done some exploring in the depths of the Lab. (If you need to heal between fights, just step right inside of the door to find a Healing Machine and PC.) When you're done with the Hexagon Brothers, it's time to enter the Cipher Lab! Go inside of the door to find a Healing Machine and PC that you can use. Be sure to remember to come back here often, and try to remember the way to get back, because it's important to heal your Pokemon after every few fights to make sure they don't get Knocked Out! The Cipher Peons and R&Ds use Pokemon from Level 13 to Level 17, some of which will be able to inflict a good amount of damage on you. To get through the Lab with as little side-tracking as possible, follow these directions: From the entrance, head up to the elevator and go down a floor. Head east, go through the door, and then go down the elevator to the second basement. Fight against the Cipher Peon and R&D down here (you can Snag a Spinarak from the Peon), then go up the stairs. Go through the gate, and you'll see Professor Krane and Lovrina talking about her XD001, and asking for information on Shadow Pokemon and Purifying them. Continue heading south, Snagging a Numel from one of the Peons along the way, then take the elevator to go back to the second basement. Note: From here, if you're getting weakened, take the elevator on the right to find another Healing Machine. Head west, then south, then west again until you find another elevator. Take it, and then follow the path, heading north whenever possible, and Snagging the Carvanha from a Peon. Inside the lounge, you'll have to fight another Cipher R&D. He has a Shadow Shroomish that you can Snag if you want. After beating him, he'll drop the ID Card. Walk through the one-way door to the north, and you'll be close to where you started. Now's a good time to take the northern elevator to return to the first Healing Machine. When you're ready, head west and go down the previously locked elevator. Take the stairs to the east, and you'll finally find Professor Krane and his captor, Naps! ___________ / MINI-BOSS \________________,------. | Cipher Peon Naps ( $ 720 | '---.------------------------>-----< | Murkrow | DRK / FLY | L18 | | Rhyhorn | RCK / GRD | L18 | | Slakoth | NRM | L18 | | Beldum | PSY / STL | L18 | '------------'-----------'------' Naps has some fairly powerful Pokemon this time around. Don't use Thundershock or any Electric-type attacks on the Murkrow until you Knock Out the Rhyhorn first, because it has Lightningrod which will cancel out any Electric-type attacks. Spheal's Aurora Beam works nicely against Murkrow if Spheal can use the attack, and any Water-type or Grass-type attack will bring Rhyhorn down in an instant. Slakoth is just a pushover, but it can Yawn to put your Pokemon to sleep. Beldum can be difficult to hit, although any Fire-type attacks will take it down with little trouble. If you don't have any Fire-type attacks at your disposal, your Eevee's (or whatever it is now) Bite attack will get around Beldum's heavy Resistances. After beating Naps, you'll have to escort the Professor out of the building. Make your way back to the entrance, although make sure that your Pokemon are in good condition, because you'll have a tough fight ahead! If you need to use a Healing Machine to heal your Pokemon, don't count on using the one at the entrance, because you'll get ambushed before you reach there. Right before the first elevator in the building, you'll be attacked by the Cipher Admin Lovrina! She insists that the Professor stays and helps her with XD001. She also says that XD001 is just the first of the new Shadow Pokemon that can't become Purified. _____________ / BOSS BATTLE \______________,------. | Cipher Admin Lovrina ( $2100 | '---.------------------------>-----< | Luvdisc | WTR | L20 | | Beautifly | BUG / FLY | L19 | | Roselia | GRS / PSN | L19 | @@@| Delcatty | NRM | L18+ | '------------'-----------'------' Lovrina has a very interesting mix of Pokemon in her arsenal. The first two you'll have to fight are Luvdisc and Beautifly. Luvdisc will go down after 1 or 2 hits from Mareep's Thundershock, and Beautifly is weak to Spheal's Aurora Beam, any Fire-type Pokemon's Ember attack, or even Mareep's Thundershock. The next Pokemon she sends out, Roselia, is weak to Fire and Ice, or even Baltoy's Psybeam attack. Try not to hit it with any direct attacks (Bite, Tackle, Shadow Blitz, etc), because otherwise Roselia's Poison Point Ability might Poison the Pokemon. Her last Pokemon can easily be her most deadly: a Shadow Delcatty! The Shadow Delcatty has Shadow Rush, which is a powerful Shadow attack, and Shadow Wave, which hits both of your Pokemon. Try to Paralyze it if you can, and weaken it to under 40% of it's HP before trying to Snag it if you want a chance at it. Be sure to use Super Potions and Antidotes when you need to! After beating Lovrina, she'll run off, and you'll be able to take the Professor back to the HQ. ____________________________________________________________________________ | | s4.2. Up to Snattle | | '-'---------------------'----------------------------------------------------' ____________________________________________________________________________ [_| s4.2.1. Pokemon HQ Lab |_________________________________________________] When you return to the Lab, Lily and the rest will have completed the Purify Chamber, which was a project that Professor Krane and your father were working on 5 years ago. The Purify Chamber is incredibly useful for purifying your Pokemon if you know how to use it properly. Basically, you can put a Shadow Pokemon in the middle of a "Set". Then, you can place normal Pokemon around the Pokemon. If you place them in the right order, the Shadow Pokemon will be purified much faster. Ideally, you want to have it so, going clockwise, each Pokemon's type (if it has two, just one of them) beats the following Pokemon's type. Like, if you have a Treecko on the top (12 'o clock), a Mudkip to the right (4 o' clock), and a Torchic to the left (8 o' clock), there would be good Tempo because Treecko's Grass-type beats Mudkip's Water-type, Mudkip's Water-type beats Torchic's Fire-type, and Torchic's Fire-type beats Treecko's Grass-type. It's synergies like that which you're looking for! Also, the Shadow Pokemon's type matters a lot. If you can, try to have it so it's type beats the Pokemon's type it's facing. Let's say you had the three Pokemon I previously mentioned in the Set. If you needed to purify a Pikachu, you would want it facing the Mudkip. (You can turn the direction the Pokemon is facing by selecting Rotate.) There's a bit more to it than that, but those are the basics. You can have only 1 Shadow Pokemon in the middle of the Set, and up to 4 Pokemon surrounding it. You also have 9 Sets to work with, so you can really get a lot of purifying done! When you're done messing around with the Purify Chamber, Lily will tell you that Datan was checking out the Data Rom you picked up earlier, and asks that you go see how it's coming along. Lily tells you that he's upstairs, in the room next to Professor Krane's office. Jovi immediately beats you to the punch, and darts off looking for him. Head upstairs to where Lily told you, and you'll find Jovi there, who will tell you that Datan wasn't there. Go talk to Adon, and he'll say that he say Datan go downstairs. Proceed to go down the stairs, and talk with the lady outside of your room, and she'll say that she saw him go outside. Silly Datan... Head outside, and talk to the researcher out there who will tell you that he saw him walk away from the Lab. Go down the steps, and then go right until you find Datan. Datan, at first mistaking you for the Professor, tells you that he couldn't decipher it, and it would take someone much more talented to decipher it. Professor Krane walks up and knows just who can do it. He asks you to deliver the Data Rom to Nett at the ONBS in Pyrite Town. Nett is the right-hand man to Secc, ONBS's leader, and will be able to decipher it. Krane gives you the location of Pyrite Town. Now, it's time to embark to Pyrite Town! ____________________________________________________________________________ [_| s4.2.2. Pyrite Town |____________________________________________________] .-------._________________ | ITEMS | Hyper Potion | '-------| Parlyz Heal | | Focus Band | | Great Ball x4 | '-----------------' __________ / TRAINERS \_________________,------. | Rogue Cail ( $ 480 | '---.------------------------>-----< | Ralts | PSY | L16 | | Snubbull | NRM | L16 | | Seedot | GRS | L16 | | Houndour | FIR / DRK | L16 | .---'------------'-----------'------' | Worker Dobit ( $ 320 | '---.------------------------>-----< | Spoink | PSY | L16 | | Magnemite | ELC / STL | L16 | | Numel | FIR / GRD | L16 | .---'------------'-----------'------' | Chaser Finol ( $ 340 | '---.------------------------>-----< | Shuppet | GHO | L16 | | Ledyba | BUG / FLY | L16 | | Remoraid | WTR | L16 | | Togepi | NRM | L17 | .---'------------'-----------'------' | Hunter Raling ( $ 272 | '---.------------------------>-----< | Zigzagoon | NRM | L17 | | Whismur | NRM | L17 | | Aipom | NRM | L17 | | Dunsparce | NRM | L17 | .---'------------'-----------'------' | Rider Dert ( $ 160 | '---.------------------------>-----< | Slugma | FIR | L16 | | Natu | PSY / FLY | L16 | | Oddish | GRS / PSN | L16 | .---'------------'-----------'------' | Chaser Labet ( $ 340 | '---.------------------------>-----< | Swinub | GRD / ICE | L17 | | Bagon | DRG | L17 | | Murkrow | DRK / FLY | L17 | | Clamperl | WTR | L17 | .---'------------'-----------'------' | Bodybuilder ( $ 408 | '---.------------------------>-----< | Machop | FTG | L17 | | Tentacool | WTR / PSN | L17 | '------------'-----------'------' When you first arrive in Pyrite Town, you'll see a girl named Marcia running away from a person with a video camera. Odd, but you don't need to pay it much mind now. As you move through the town, you'll eventually see an officer stop two shifty-looking characters called Trudly and Folly. Sound familliar? I wonder why... He tells them to stay out of trouble and to keep away from here, and then they run off, of course. First off, there are plenty of Trainers to fight in the town, and better yet, you can fight them over and over to raise your Pokemon's levels and purify them fast! If you've been having some trouble with the recent Trainers, you'll definitely want to fight the Trainers around here until you can handle them with ease. Chances are, you'll be able to handle them without much trouble anyway. Second, you can pick up some really good items in the Hotel! A Hyper Potion, Parlyz Heal, and most importantly, the Focus Band, can all be yours after browsing around in the Hotel. You'll definitely want to equip the Focus Band on one of your Pokemon just in case. Chances are you don't have anything better to equip on it anyway, so having a chance to stay alive after a fatal hit is always a good thing. Don't rely on it, but know you might get lucky every now and then. Third, if the Duel Square Trainers are no match for you, enter in the Pyrite Colosseum! All of the Pokemon in there are at Level 20, which should be right around your Level if you've been raising your Pokemon properly, and give great EXP when you beat them! Not only that, but if you win a four-in-a-row Tournament, you'll receive some Poke Dollars and a TM for your victory. Awesome! I strongly recommend winning at least the first two tournaments to help raise your Pokemon's levels. Even if you don't wish to participate, be sure to make use of the Healing Machine and PC here since there isn't a Pokemon Center in town. When you're ready, enter the large blueish building that's right to the east of the bridge crossing over to the Colosseum. This is ONBS, which is your destination. Take the elevators up to the second floor. Enter the first room you see to meet with Secc. Secc will tell you that you need to tell Nett about the Data Rom right away. While you're on the second floor, enter the southwestern most room to watch a TV broadcast. You'll need to do this before you see Nett. You can also pick up a Soothe Bell item by bringing Kandee, the girl in the room adjacent to the recording room, to her mother on the third floor. After reuniting them, talk to Kandee's mother again to receive the Soothe Bell as a reward. Climb the stairs up to the roof of the building, and then enter the penthouse to meet with Nett. You'll give Nett the Data Rom, but he'll say it'll take some time to decipher it, so you should go and visit Duking who is in the Rock Poke Spot, taking an interview on catching wild Pokemon. Nett will mark the location on your map. Now's a good time to check it out! Before you exit Pyrite Town, stock up on Lemonades in the Vending Machine right outside of the ONBS building. They're incredibly cost-effective and great healing items. One Lemonade heals 80HP to a Pokemon for the cost of only 350 Poke Dollars. Super Potions only heal 50HP and cost double that! You can also buy other drinks, such as Fresh Water (50HP for 200), Soda Pop (60HP for 250), and Moomoo Milk (100HP for 500), all of which are very good deals, although your best bet at this point is Lemonade. ____________________________________________________________________________ [_| s4.2.3. Rock Poke Spot |_________________________________________________] You'll be just in time to see Betty... I mean... Pofty, a news reporter, interview Duking about the most exciting news to hit Pyrite - the existance of wild Pokemon! Duking will notice you, and then ask that you help him demonstrate how to wild Pokemon catching works in Poke Spots. Walk inbetween Duking and Pofty, and he will explain how Poke Spots in general work. He will give you 10 Poke Snacks to place down on the center of the Poke Spot to help attract wild Pokemon to the area. He'll also give you the Spot Monitor for your P*DA to let you know when a wild Pokemon is in the Poke Spot. When you receive an alert, you'll need to check your P*DA to see which Poke Spot the wild Pokemon is at (there are 3 different Poke Spots). Duking will then mark the location of another Poke Spot, the Oasis Poke Spot, on your map, and then leaves. ____________________________________________________________________________ [_| s4.2.4. Oasis Poke Spot |________________________________________________] After the Rock Poke Spot, head to the Oasis Poke Spot. Duking will be there waiting for you. Duking will be thrilled that you're enthusiastic about catching wild Pokemon, and will ask you a favor: if you ever catch a Trapinch, Surskit, or Wooper, you'll trade it to him. Duking will the mark the third Poke Spot - the Cave Poke Spot - on your map. ____________________________________________________________________________ [_| s4.2.5. Cave Poke Spot |_________________________________________________] When you arrive, you'll see Folly and Trudly bumbling around in there. Then Miror B. will show up - stylish in his view, ridiculous in ours. He'll check you out, and then ask if you want to join him and his posse to possess all of the Pokemon in the world. Say no, and he'll have no choice but to fight you. _____________ / BOSS BATTLE \______________,------. | Wanderer Miror B. ( $ 440 | '---.------------------------>-----< | Lombre | WTR / GRS | L17 | | Lombre | WTR / GRS | L17 | | Lombre | WTR / GRS | L17 | @@@| Voltorb | ELC | L19+ | '------------'-----------'------' Miror B. has a team of three Lombres and a Shadow Voltorb. The Lombres are Water/Grass-type, making them neutral to Fire-, Ice- and Electric-type attacks. You won't have a type advantage on them unless you use Poison-, Flying-, or Bug-type attacks, all of which are very limited at this point. Shadow attacks will, of course, inflict a lot of damage on them, so be sure to utilize your Shadow Pokemon in this fight! For your normal Pokemon, just have them use their strongest attacks, and focus on taking the Lombres out one at a time, because they can use Absorb to inflict damage and heal their HP. After taking down two of the Lombres, you'll spy a Shadow Voltorb on Miror B.'s team. Be careful, because Voltorb has dangerously high Speed, causing it to strike first against nearly anything! It also has Shadow Rush, which is more powerful than the standard Shadow Blitz, so be extra careful when dealing with Voltorb. If you can, Paralyze it. Even if you can, just lower it's HP with weak attacks and throw Poke Balls at it until you Snag it. Miror B.'s dance will finally break, and you'll be the one doing a victory jig! After his defeat, Miror B. will flee along with his posse, leaving the Miror Radar behind. The Miror Radar is an item that will let you know when Miror B. is in Orre by an on-screen alert. You can then check where he is by using the Miror Radar from your Key Items page. Track him down, and fight him to have a chance at Snagging any Shadow Pokemon that you've missed. As you leave the cave, Nett will e-mail you telling you that he's discovered something about Cipher's plan, and needs you to get back to Pyrite Town on the double to talk about it in person. ____________________________________________________________________________ [_| s4.2.6. Pyrite Town |____________________________________________________] .-------._________________ | ITEMS | Ether | '-------| Revive | | HP Up | '-----------------' __________ / TRAINERS \_________________,------. | Cipher Peon Rett ( $ 720 | '---.------------------------>-----< | Carvanha | WTR / DRK | L18 | | Barboach | WTR / GRD | L17 | .---'------------'-----------'------' | Cipher Peon Mocor ( $ 720 | '---.------------------------>-----< | Corphish | WTR | L18 | | Electrike | ELC | L17 | | Grimer | PSN | L18 | .---'------------'-----------'------' | Cipher Peon Torkin ( $ 840 | '---.------------------------>-----< | Kecleon | NRM | L19 | | Surskit | WTR / BUG | L21 | @@@| Makuhita | FTG | L18+ | .---'------------'-----------'------' | Cipher Peon Elox ( $ 800 | '---.------------------------>-----< | Doduo | NRM / FLY | L20 | | Tentacool | WTR / PSN | L18 | | Chimecho | PSY | L20 | .---'------------'-----------'------' | Cipher Peon Rixor ( $ 800 | '---.------------------------>-----< | Qwilfish | WTR / PSN | L19 | | Rhyhorn | RCK / GRD | L20 | | Chinchou | WTR / ELC | L20 | | Koffing | PSN | L19 | .---'------------'-----------'------' | Cipher Peon Mesin ( $ 840 | '---.------------------------>-----< | Spinarak | BUG / PSN | L20 | | Beautifly | BUG / FLY | L19 | | Dustox | BUG / PSN | L20 | @@@| Vulpix | FIR | L18+ | .---'------------'-----------'------' | Cipher Peon Dilly ( $ 840 | '---.------------------------>-----< | Gulpin | PSN | L19 | | Mareep | ELC | L19 | | Luvdisc | WTR | L20 | | Bellossom | GRS | L21 | .---'------------'-----------'------' | Cipher Peon Edlos ( $ 840 | '---.------------------------>-----< | Furret | NRM | L19 | | Zigzagoon | NRM | L20 | | Togetic | NRM / FLY | L19 | | Delibird | ICE / FLY | L21 | .---'------------'-----------'------' | Cipher Peon Lobar ( $ 880 | '---.------------------------>-----< | Sneasel | ICE / DRK | L20 | | Yanma | BUG / FLY | L19 | | Misdreavus | GHO | L20 | @@@| Duskull | GHO | L19+ | .---'------------'-----------'------' | Cipher Peon Feldas ( $ 920 | '---.------------------------>-----< | Kadabra | PSY | L22 | | Flaaffy | ELC | L22 | | Vigoroth | NRM | L21 | @@@| Ralts | PSY | L20+ | '------------'-----------'------' When you reach the ONBS station, you may notice something different. The security guard isn't outside! Head indoors and you'll find that Megg - the receptionist - has been taken hostage and is on the roof! Make your way up the elevators, fighting the Cipher Peons as you ascend. You can pick up some Item Chests that you weren't previously able to access, so be sure to do some searching around. You can Snag a Makuhita, Vulpix, and Duskull from some of the Cipher Peons in the building. On the third floor, there's a Healing Machine that you'll want to use before reaching the roof. Save and heal, then fight Cipher Peon Feldas on the roof. His lineup is well-rounded, so watch out! Bite takes care of Kadabra, and Shadow attacks are good to use against Flaaffy. Vigoroth is all bark and no bite, and although it may take a few hits, it should go down without too much trouble. Ralts isn't very powerful, although it's Shadow Wave attack will hit both of your Pokemon at once. Weaken it, inflict a status condition if you can, and then throw some Poke Balls at it. Ralts - more like Kirlia, as Ralts will evolve in just one level - will make a formidable Psychic-type addition to your team. Run back downstairs and heal, save, then enter the penthouse to find Exol. Exol will give Megg back if Nett gives him the Data Rom. Nett reluctantly agrees, and gives Exol the Data Rom. Nett's clever plan is ruined when a Cipher Peon appears on the TV screen and informs Exol that the ONBS's servers have been wiped clean of data, so Nett's backup of the Data Rom is gone for good. You, of course, walk in just in time to try and stop Exol. _____________ / BOSS BATTLE \______________,------. | Cipher Cmdr Exol ( $1840 | '---.------------------------>-----< | Loudred | NRM | L23 | | Girafarig | NRM / PSY | L23 | @@@| Mawile | STL | L22+ | | Raichu | ELC | L23 | '------------'-----------'------' Exol has a very interesting mix of Pokemon. Be sure to utilize your Shadow Pokemon in this fight, because Exol's Pokemon have very little weaknesses. Girafarig should go down in two or three hits, and so should Loudred. Bite works well against Girafarig. Mawile may or may not reduce the Attack of both of your Pokemon depending on if it has the Intimidate Ability or not. Either way, hit it with a few attacks, then try to inflict a status condition on it before you attempt to Snag it. Mawile is a invaluable Pokemon to have on your roster. It's Steel-type makes it resistant against a large variety of Types. Lastly, Exol's Raichu has the Static Ability, so kep that in mind before you use direct attacks against it, otherwise your Pokemon may become Paralyzed. Raichu is surprisingly durable, although even it will fall after a few hits. After beating Exol, he will leave, taking the Data Rom with him. Nett will tell you that Cipher was behind the disappearance of the S.S. Libra, and that Cipher is planning to attack Phenac City. Marcia, Nett's younger sister, ran off to Phenac City awhile ago to see why the communication systems there are down. Nett then requests that you inform the mayor of Phenac City about Cipher's plan, and gives you the location of Phenac City. ____________________________________________________________________________ [_| s4.2.7. Phenac City |____________________________________________________] When you arrive in Phenac City, a lady will tell you that you're the one millionth visitor to Phenac and will give you a Disc Case, along with some Battle CDs. (CDs 01, 07, and 20.) She'll then tell you that you should take it to Realgam Tower to the northwest. You won't be able to enter Phenac City until you go to Realgam Tower, so you might as well stop by there! ____________________________________________________________________________ [_| s4.2.8. Realgam Tower |__________________________________________________] .-------._________________ | ITEMS | Protein | '-------| Carbos | | Ultra Ball | '-----------------' Ah, the glorious Realgam Tower. Originally constructed five years ago, Realgam Tower still stands as one of the best Pokemon Colosseums in the Orre Region. Now, however, there games to play as well as a Colosseum to participate in. (Well, you won't be able to participate in the Colosseum yet.) When you arrive, you'll see Trudly and Folly talking about Battle CDs. Appropriate, seeing as you just got a Disc Case. They're rather disappointed, though, since you don't actually get to keep the rare Pokemon contained on them. The Battle CDs are for the Battle Simulators only, and the only place to find Battle Simulators is Realgam Tower (and the Battle Sim at the Pokemon HQ Lab). Trudly and Folly want to throw their discs away now, so be on the lookout for Battle CDs scattered around Orre from now on! From the entrance, go through the door and take the path into the building. Inside, there are four paths you can take: one is back to the entrance, obviously; the left door will take you to a Poke Mart containing some nice TMs; the right door will take you to a Pokemon Center; and the door ahead of you will take you into the main area of Realgam Tower. You might want to consider buying some of the TMs if you have extra money. TM14, Blizzard, is a good TM to teach Pokemon like Vaporeon, Spheal, Carvanha, or Delcatty. TM38, Fire Blast, would be good on Flareon, Houndoom, Numel, or Vulpix. TM25, Thunder, is an inaccurate, yet powerful Electric-type move that would be good on Jolteon, Flaaffy, Delcatty, or Voltorb. TM15, Hyper Beam, also works well with Flareon or Hariyama due to their high Attack stat. Inside the main area of the tower, you can find the main events. To the left, you have Battle Bingo, which is a very interesting game that tests your knowledge on type-matchups and planning skills. You can win some items and Poke Coupons (which can be redeemed at Mt. Battle) by winning lining up completed tiles on Battle Bingo. You can find more in the Battle Bingo section. To the right are the Battle Sims, which will play your Battle CDs to test your knowledge in battle by giving you a preset scenario battle that you need to win, usually in a certain number of turns. The Battle Sims will put your wits to the test by providing a challenging Battle for you to solve with each Battle CD you own, and since there are a total of 50 Battle CDs throughout the game, you'll definitely have your hands full! Whenever you're done at Realgam Tower, head back to Phenac City. ____________________________________________________________________________ [_| s4.2.9. Phenac City |____________________________________________________] .-------._________________ | ITEMS | Ultra Ball x3 | '-------| Hyper Potion x2 | | Water Stone | | PP Up | | TM13 (Ice Beam) | '-----------------' __________ / TRAINERS \_________________,------. | Cipher Peon Exinn ( $ 920 | '---.------------------------>-----< | Seviper | 20 | Lpsn | @@@| Snorunt | ICE | L20+ | | Golbat | PSN / FLY | L22 | | Mightyena | DRK | L21 | .---'------------'-----------'------' | Cipher Peon Gonrag ( $ 920 | '---.------------------------>-----< | Murkrow | DRK / FLY | L22 | @@@| Pineco | BUG | L20+ | | Ariados | BUG / PSN | L22 | .---'------------'-----------'------' | Cipher Peon Ertlig ( $ 880 | '---.------------------------>-----< | Poochyena | DRK | L22 | | Magnemite | ELC / STL | L21 | | Staryu | WTR | L21 | | Absol | DRK | L21 | .---'------------'-----------'------' | Cipher Peon Forgs ( $ 840 | '---.------------------------>-----< | Duskull | GHO | L21 | | Corphish | WTR | L20 | | Qwilfish | WTR / PSN | L21 | .---'------------'-----------'------' | Cipher Peon Ezoor ( $ 840 | '---.------------------------>-----< | Shuppet | GHO | L21 | | Teddiursa | NRM | L21 | | Corsola | WTR / RCK | L21 | .---'------------'-----------'------' | Cipher Peon Pellim ( $ 840 | '---.------------------------>-----< | Sudowoodo | RCK | L20 | | Clamperl | WTR | L21 | .---'------------'-----------'------' | Cipher Peon Kapen ( $ 880 | '---.------------------------>-----< | Volbeat | BUG | L20 | | Spoink | PSY | L21 | | Illumise | BUG | L20 | | Seviper | PSN | L21 | | Wailmer | WTR | L22 | .---'------------'-----------'------' | Cipher Peon Fenton ( $ 840 | '---.------------------------>-----< | Goldeen | WTR | L21 | | Carvanha | WTR / DRK | L21 | | Koffing | PSN | L21 | | Mightyena | DRK | L21 | .---'------------'-----------'------' | Cipher Peon Greesix ( $ 800 | '---.------------------------>-----< | Oddish | GRS / PSN | L18 | | Cacnea | GRS | L18 | | Shroomish | GRS | L19 | | Lotad | WTR / GRS | L19 | | Pineco | BUG | L20 | .---'------------'-----------'------' | Cipher Peon Purpsix ( $ 800 | '---.------------------------>-----< | Koffing | PSN | L20 | | Grimer | PSN | L20 | | Tentacool | WTR / PSN | L20 | | Zubat | PSN / FLY | L20 | .---'------------'-----------'------' | Cipher Peon Resix ( $ 800 | '---.------------------------>-----< | Slugma | FIR | L20 | | Numel | FIR / GRD | L20 | .---'------------'-----------'------' | Cipher Peon Blusix ( $ 920 | '---.------------------------>-----< | Horsea | WTR | L20 | | Goldeen | WTR | L20 | | Beldum | PSY / STL | L19 | '------------'-----------'------' You do remember why you came to Phenac City, right? Don't tell me that your visit to Realgam Tower made you forget... You need to inform the Mayor of Phenac City about Cipher's attack before it's too late! So, first thing's first, locate the Mayor's House! The Mayor's House is located in the northwestern section of town, to the left of the Pre Gym (the big round building up the first flight of steps). Go inside, and you'll see the Mayor's secretary. She'll tell you that the Mayor is out on business. She also wishes that she had some music to listen to or something. You won't be able to go upstairs until you're able to find some music. Music... How can you think of finding music at a time like this? Oh well, you can find the music in the house to the east, past the Pre Gym. Inside, talk to the man and he'll let you have some crazy sounding CD that only secretary ladies would like. Take it from his table. Also, please take note of this place, because since the Pokemon Nurse at the Pokemon Center is, well, missing, you can use the man's beds to heal your Pokemon just like a Pokemon Center, only quicker, and more comfy! Take the Music Disc back to the Mayor's House and give it to the secretary. She'll turn the music on, and will be too occupied by it to notice you slip upstairs. Upstairs, you'll find a note on the floor by the bed. It's from the Mayor to Justy. It appears that part of Cipher's plans are to take the place of "prominent members" of the community. Uh oh, that doesn't sound good. Not to mention that the letter seems to have ended abruptly. All of a sudden, the secretary will come upstairs and find you reading the note. Then, she will reveal herself to be a Cipher Peon in disguise! Cipher Peon Exinn, the secretary imposter, has a Shadow Snorunt that you can Snag. Take her out, and then head downstairs only to be attacked by another Cipher Peon. Snag Cipher Peon Gonrag's Pineco if you want, otherwise just knock it out. When you're done with these fakes, head outside. When you go outside, you'll see Justy walk out of the Pre Gym... six times?! Apparently there are six Justys, claiming themselves to be the "Justy Gang". What's going on? Well, after a rather familliar sound-off (which finally is correct!), you should get the idea of exactly who these six Justys are. Right now, there are a ton of Cipher Peons in disguise lurking all around town. If you want some extra cash and EXP, talk to everyone in sight, and most of them will reveal themselves to be Cipher Peons. None of them have any Shadow Pokemon to Snag, but like I said, they do give around 800 Poke Dollars each, not to mention some nice EXP. Track down all of the Justy imposters, who will reveal themselves as the Hexagon Brothers. You can find Greesix right outside of the Mayor's House, and he will drop Battle CD 28 when you beat him. Purpsix is guarding the Pre Gym, and after beating him, you can pick up Battle CD 08. Resix is right outside of the house you picked up the Music Disc from (with the comfy beds) on the east side of town, and after you beat him, he'll leave behind Battle CD 19. Lastly, Blusix can be found near the entrance, and beating him will net you Battle CD 16. If you missed out on any of their Shadow Pokemon that they had back in the Cipher Lab, you'll have another opportunity to Snag them here. They'll still be at Level 17, although the rest of their Pokemon have grown in Level since your last encounter with them. _________ / PRE GYM \__________________,------. | Cipher Peon Eloin ( $1000 | '---.------------------------>-----< | Kirlia | PSY | L22 | | Linoone | NRM | L20 | @@@| Natu | PSY / FLY | L22+ | .---'------------'-----------'------' | Cipher Peon Fasin ( $1000 | '---.------------------------>-----< | Remoraid | WTR | L22 | | Golbat | PSN / FLY | L22 | @@@| Roselia | GRS / PSN | L22+ | .---'------------'-----------'------' | Cipher Peon Fostin ( $1000 | '---.------------------------>-----< | Kadabra | PSY | L22 | | Sneasel | ICE / DRK | L22 | | Misdreavus | GHO | L22 | @@@| Meowth | NRM | L22+ | '------------'-----------'------' After hunting down all of the fake Justys, enter the Pre Gym. When you enter, you'll be attacked by Cipher Peon Eloin with a Shadow Natu. Snag it, then continue toward the center ring. You'll have to fight Cipher Peon Fasin and Cipher Peon Fostin, who have a Shadow Roselia and Shadow Meowth respectively. After beating Fostin, he'll tell you that the townsfolk - including the Mayor and the real Justy - are locked away in the Pre Gym's Basement, and you need the Elevator Key in order to unlock the elevator going down there. Fostin doesn't have the key, so you'll have to do a bit more looking around. ________________ / PHENAC STADIUM \___________,------. | Cipher Peon Greck ( $1000 | '---.------------------------>-----< | Torkoal | FIR | L22 | | Nuzleaf | GRS / DRK | L23 | @@@| Swinub | ICE / GRD | L22+ | .---'------------'-----------'------' | Cipher Peon Ezin ( $1000 | '---.------------------------>-----< | Pelipper | WTR / FLY | L23 | | Electrike | ELC | L23 | @@@| Spearow | NRM / FLY | L22+ | .---'------------'-----------'------' | Cipher Peon Faltly ( $1040 | '---.------------------------>-----< | Chimecho | PSY | L23 | | Stantler | NRM | L23 | @@@| Grimer | PSN | L23+ | .---'------------'-----------'------' | Cipher Peon Egrog ( $1080 | '---.------------------------>-----< | Hoothoot | NRM / FLY | L25 | | Graveler | RCK / GRD | L26 | | Gulpin | PSN | L26 | @@@| Seel | WTR | L23+ | '------------'-----------'------' Go back outside and talk to the kid to find out that another Justy imposter ran towards the Phenac Stadium to the north. Head toward the Phenac Stadium. You'll have to fight yet another imposter who reveals himself as Cipher Peon Greck along the way. He has a Shadow Swinub, which is an interesting Pokemon you'll want to Snag for sure. Enter the Stadium, and then take one of the doors on the side. If you take the left door, you'll win a new car. If you take the right door, you'll win a boat. Actually, it doesn't matter, because either door takes you to the same place. Be ready for a fight, though! Immediately upon going through the door, you will be attacked by two Cipher Peons in a row, each with a Shadow Pokemon to Snag. Snag the Spearow and Grimer from Ezin and Faltly, run back to the comfy beds to heal, and then return to the Stadium. Before approaching the center of the Stadium, walk along the rim of the battlefield to find a Water Stone, PP Up, and TM13 (Ice Beam). When you're ready, head towards the middle to encounter Snattle with Marcia (the girl you saw earlier). Well, it looks like Marcia wasn't being chased by the paparazzi back in Pyrite Town after all. Cameran, the guy chasing her, was just her camera man. Anyway, Snattle is demanding that she hand over the video footage she took of his plans and the imposters, as it would ruin his chances of becoming a good Governor of Orre. Master Greevil promised Snattle that he could become Orre's Governor when his plans are successful. Then, Snattle notices you, and tells his minion to attack you. Egrog has some fairly powerful Pokemon at Levels 25 and 26, along with a Shadow Seel at Level 23. Take Egrog down, making sure to keep your Pokemon from fainting and Snagging the Seel during your fight. After beating Egrog, you'll have to fight against the second Cipher Admin, Snattle! _____________ / BOSS BATTLE \______________,------. | Cipher Admin Snattle ( $2800 | '---.------------------------>-----< | Lanturn | WTR / ELC | L26 | | Quagsire | WTR / GRD | L26 | @@@| Lunatone | PSY / RCK | L25+ | | Castform | NRM | L27 | | Metang | PSY / STL | L28 | '------------'-----------'------' Snattle's Pokemon are of rather diverse types, and because of that, your purified Pokemon may run into some problems. He'll start with Lanturn and Quagsire, so be sure to keep your Fire-, Ground-, and Rock-type Pokemon away, otherwise they'll take heavy damage. One good Grass-type attack will take down either of these two Pokemon with very little difficulty. Otherwise, use your strongest attacks and utilize your Shadow Pokemon to inflict good damage on those two. His Shadow Lunatone will be brought out after taking down one of his Pokemon. Lunatone has the following attacks: Shadow Wave, which can hit both of your Pokemon; Shadow Mist, which negates Reflect, Light Screen, and Safeguard on your Pokemon; and Shadow Sky, which will damage any non-Shadow Pokemon lightly between turns for 5 turns. Nothing overly great. You'll want to see Lunatone use Shadow Sky, because it looks really cool! Having your evolution of Eevee use Bite (provided it still has it) should be enough to get it's HP in Snagging range as long as it's at Level 30 or below. Be careful using Bite with Espeon or Jolteon, though, because they have higher Special Attack and may knock it out accidently, although it's not likely. Snag it when you get the opportunity, using the Ultra Balls you picked up earlier. Snattle's Castform isn't too tricky. Most of the time it will use Weather Ball, although I've also seen it use Water Pulse to deliver good damage and inflict confusion 30% of the time. It should go down without anything special, so just slam it with your strongest attacks. Lastly, Snattle has a Metang, which can be taken down in one good hit from a Fire-type attack. If you don't have a Fire-type attack, use Shadow Pokemon or your Eevee evolution's Bite to inflict good damage on it. Eventually, Snattle will fall, and you'll be the one governing his defeat! After Snattle loses, he'll be upset, but he's satisfied knowing that he's bought Gorigan enough time to hopefully finish a recovery operation. Then, he'll run off. Marcia will then introduce herself to you, and tells you that your heroic battle was caught on tape. Thankful to you, they run off back to Pyrite Town. You'll then see something glistening on the floor. It's the Elevator Key! Pick it up, and then head back to the Pre Gym. Examine the control panel on the right-side of the room to unlock the elevator. Then, take the elevator down to the basement, where you will find the citizens of Phenac City. The Mayor will greet you, and you will explain everything that's recently happened to him. He encourages you to stop by his house sometime. On the main floor, Justy will ask you for your P*DA number, and will tell you that he's been seeing some shady characters visit a spot in the desert. He marks the spot on your maps, and suggests asking the townsfolk for details about it. As you leave, the Day Care Lady and her granddaughter will thank you for saving them, and will tell you that they're heading back to Agate Village to reopen the Day Care. Before you leave town, stop by the Mayor's House to pick up two more Battle CDs on the floor (CDs 27 and 32), and talk to the Mayor to receive the coveted EXP. Share item as a token of his gratitude! ____________________________________________________________________________ | | s4.3. Up to Gorigan | | '-'---------------------'----------------------------------------------------' ____________________________________________________________________________ [_| s4.3.1. S.S. Libra |_____________________________________________________] As you head for the location that Justy told you about, your Scooter's tires will become stuck in the sand, forcing you to turn back to Phenac City. In Phenac City, the lady near the entrance will approach you and tell you that the northern desert's sand is deep, and that an ordinary scooter couldn't possibly make it through. You'll need something better, like a tank or dune buggy or something. But, in Orre, neither of those are easily accessable, especially to the likes of a kid. Immediately after talking with the lady, Nett will e-mail you, informing you that he was asked the help locate a missing Pokemon on the S.S. Libra, and asks you to return to Pyrite Town. Well, you have nothing better to do since you can't pass the thick sand, so head on back to Pyrite Town! ____________________________________________________________________________ [_| s4.3.2. Pyrite Town |____________________________________________________] Head to the top of the ONBS building and into the penthouse. Bitt will have heard about what happened in Phenac City from Marcia, and will be shocked that they actually managed to hold Justy hostage. Nett will introduce you to the old man and his granddaughter. Talk to the old man, and he'll tell you that his granddaughter's Pokemon was on board the S.S Libra, and she's worried about it's whereabouts. He found the Pokemon while tending to his bonsai garden, and believes it to be a new species of Pokemon. He'll ask if you'll find it for his granddaughter, and being the good person you are, you should accept. Talk to his granddaughter to see a picture of the Pokemon, and will reveal it's name to be Bonsly. Bonsly, hmmm, now that one doesn't sound familliar, does it? Nett will notice that you're covered with sand. You'll tell him what happened to you out in the desert, and then Bitt will suggest asking Perr in Gateon Port about it. Makan, Perr's grandfather, is a friend of theirs, so he may be able to help your scooter situation. He says he'll contact him right away, so you'd better get moving to Gateon Port! ____________________________________________________________________________ [_| s4.3.3. Gateon Port |____________________________________________________] Make your way straight to the Parts Shop and talk to Perr. He'll tell you that you need a conversion kit for your scooter, and tell you that Makan went out again. Then, the TV will turn on, and Secc will be holding a special news bulletin showing footage of your fight against Snattle. He'll explain what Cipher did to Phenac City, and will urge everyone to remain on high alert for Cipher's attacks. Perr will be rather amazed at your feats, and will then tell you that Makan is over at Dr. Kaminko's manor again. On your way out, you'll run into Verich, the short guy with the two bodyguards you saw during your last visit. He heard about what you did in Phenac City, and says your work there was impressive. Verich and his bodyguards will then leave without saying anything else. Strange... Oh well, don't pay it any mind for now, and head over to Kaminko's House! ____________________________________________________________________________ [_| s4.3.4. Kaminko's House |________________________________________________] .-------._________________ | ITEMS | Rare Candy | '-------'-----------------' As you approach the door, someone will stop you. Take a wild guess of who it might be. It's Chobin, of course. He'll confuse you for a burglar again, and fight you as Dr. Kaminko's number-one (out of one) assistant. ___________ / MINI-BOSS \________________,------. | Kaminko Aide Chobin ( $1560 | '---.------------------------>-----< | Sunkern | GRS | L26 | | Gyarados | WTR / FLY | L26 | '------------'-----------'------' Chobin's Pokemon have gotten significantly stronger from your last fight against him, although then again, so have yours. Sunkern is a piece of cake. One hit from most any attack should take it down. Gyarados is a bit more resilient, and if you don't have an Electric-type attack to throw at it, it may take a few hits to take down. If you do have any Electric-type attacks, use them to take down Gyarados in one strike due to it's double-weakness to Electric! After the fight, Dr. Kaminko will emerge from the door and demand Chobin tell him why he is shouting. Chobin will tell him that's it's because of the burglar (that's you!). Dr. Kaminko will examine you, and then tell Chobin to get "It" to deal with you. Chobin will then go inside to retrieve "It". If you need to heal, now's a good time to do so. Talk to Dr. Kaminko, and he'll give you the option to flee. Well, you can just flee like that, so say no, and then he'll summon forth his newest creation, under control of Chobin - the Robo Groudon! ___________ / MINI-BOSS \________________,------. | Robo Groudon Chobin ( $1820 | '---.------------------------>-----< | Sunflora | GRS | L26 | | Gyarados | WTR / FLY | L26 | | Hoppip | GRS / FLY | L26 | | Tropius | GRS / FLY | L26 | '------------'-----------'------' Chobin's Sunkern has magically evolved into a Sunflora while he was in the basement. Now it has more defenses, so it'll be harder to take down. It should still go down after a good hit or two from a Fire-, Flying-, or Ice-type attack, though. Gyarados is exactly the same, so use the same strategy you used against it last time. Chobin's Hoppip is extremely easy, and can easily be taken out with nearly any attack. Tropius, on the other hand, is rather beefy, and will take some time to bring down. A Fire- or Ice-type Pokemon will do well in this fight as long as you can handle the Gyarados. After the fight, Chobin recognizes you from earlier. Kaminko will be dissatisfied with the Robo Groudon and it's miserable failure in battle, and will say that his plans to finish the half-built Robo Kyogre aren't looking to appealing now. Kaminko then orders Chobin to disband the Robo Pokemon project. Chobin asks if he can keep the Robo Groudon, and since Kaminko doesn't care what happens to his disbanded projects, he lets Chobin keep it. Chobin will the ask you for your P*DA number, and you'll "teach it to him". ("HERO taught CHOBIN the P*DA number." struck me funny!) Enter the manor, and then go into Kaminko's room. He'll be busy trying to figure out the Robo Groudon's weakness. So where's Makan at? Makan's in the basement, of course. Try to go into the other door in Kaminko's room, and Kaminko will stop you, saying that his R&D room is down there... although he doesn't really care anymore, so he'll let you go through as long as you don't disturb Makan, who is currently down there. Take a ride on the elevator, and then talk to Makan (after picking up the Rare Candy in the Item Chest!). You'll tell everything that happened to him. Makan will agree to upgrade your Scooter, and will tell you to meet him at his shop after he arranges to get the Robo Kyogre moved there to improve on in his spare time. You'll instantly be taken to Gateon Port, and Makan will give you the upgraded Scooter, complete with anti-gravity hover-capability! That should be able to pass the thick sand in the desert, so why don't you go give it a try? Head back to the unknown spot in the desert! ____________________________________________________________________________ [_| s4.3.5. S.S. Libra |_____________________________________________________] .-------._________________ | ITEMS | Iron | '-------| Fire Stone | | PP Up x2 | | Max Ether | | Yellow Flute | | TM35 | | (Flamethrower)| | Leftovers | '-----------------' When you arrive at the location Justy told you about, you'll find something amazing... the remains of the S.S. Libra! What's a big ship like this doing in the middle of a desert? How bizarre! You can enter through the big gaping hole in the side of the ship. Upon entering, you'll receive an e-mail from Justy letting you know that he re-opened the Pre Gym. You might want to stop by there if you're Pokemon are in need to some EXP. Be warned, though, because you'll have to fight through four Trainers before you can take on Justy, and all of them use and abuse accuracy and evasion, making the fights rather frustrating if you don't have attacks like Shock Wave or Swift. Anyway, inside the ship, you'll see a crate of Poke Food that can be pushed around. Push the crate once to the north to fill the gap in the path. Climb the steps, and then follow the path up to the stairs. (Near the stairs, you can jump down to the ledge where the Item Chest is to receive Iron!) Climb up another flight of stairs to reach the ship's deck, where you'll see Gorigan and his cronies talking about catching a rare Pokemon on the ship. Then they'll spot you. Uh-oh! Gorigan has to get going back to the lair, though, so he commands his minions to fight you for him. After arguing over which of them should fight you, using a large number of statistics, that Smarton is left behind to fight you while the other Peon goes after Gorigan. Remember kids, 43% of all statistics are made up on the spot! Really! ___________ / MINI-BOSS \________________,------. | Cipher Peon Smarton ( $1080 | '---.------------------------>-----< | Huntail | WTR | L27 | | Cacnea | GRS / DRK | L27 | | Teddiursa | NRM | L27 | | Koffing | PSN | L27 | '------------'-----------'------' Nothing too problematic. Huntail is a bit of an odd one, though. Try to take it out first so you don't have to worry about it, then just double team (not the attack) his Pokemon until they faint. After Smarton flees, a strange man will walk out from the ship's wheelhouse, telling you that he's made the abandoned ship his home. There's plenty of food on board, that's for sure! (Of course, don't you think most of it would have gone bad? Oh well, better not tell him that.) He'll tell you that you can stay at his place if your Pokemon are wounded, and will then ask you to investigate some strange sounds coming from the ship's hull. Agree to figure out what the noise is, and then head downstairs. Downstairs, pick up the Battle CD 18 lying on the ground. Finders keepers, right? Then, go down the staircase in the upper-left area of the room. You'll find another crate of Poke Food on the next floor, although you don't have to move it to proceed to the stairs. Only move it if you want items. If you want the items, you'll have to go in the gap between the upper-level ledge and the item, so drop down there, and then push the crate either north or south depending on where you landed and which item you want to get. You can get them both, so don't worry. On the next floor (geez, a lot of floors here), you'll find yet another movable crate. If you want the Max Ether, jump behind the box (to the north of it), and then push it south three times, walk around it, and push it north twice. Then you can get the Max Ether. Then, just push the crate north until it fills the gap in the path, and continue to the other room. In the other room, you'll find two crates - one on the left side, and one on the right. If you don't want the Yellow Flute (why wouldn't you?!), push the right crate north twice and walk across and climbing the stairs (picking up TM35, Flamethrower, as you go). If you do want it, which you really should because it heals Confusion in battle and has unlimited uses, push the right crate north four times, until it lines up with the Item Chest. Then, push the left crate north once. Walk all the way around the lower-level area until you're to the west of the left crate. Push the left crate right three times, then turn around and push it north once and you'll be able to reach the Yellow Flute. Ta-da! Upstairs, you'll spy Bonsly! It seems to be taking a rest. Approach it, and it will run off. Try to approach it again, and it will run off again. The thing sure wants to rest, that's for sure. What's the problem, then? You're running at it, that's what! This time, approach it slowly by only lightly tilting the control stick toward Bonsly, making sure you don't apply too much pressure to make you run. Right when you're about to catch it, you'll receive an e-mail from Acri in Gateon Port wishing to interview you. Bonsly immediately runs away after being startled by the sound coming from your P*DA. Great... As you leave the room, be absolutely sure to pick up the Leftovers left behind on the ground, because they're a wonderful Held Item for your Pokemon, restoring some of their HP inbetween each turn! Make your way back upstairs, to the room where you found the Battle CD, and you'll find the man. You'll describe the Pokemon that you saw, and he'll be relieved knowing that it was just a Pokemon, and not, well, something else... like... well, not a Pokemon. He'll say that it probably ran off somewhere more suitable for wild Pokemon. (Can anyone say Poke Spot?) On your way out of the ship, you'll be ambushed by Wakin and his fellow Team Snagem thugs. Wakim decides that fighting you would be pointless, and issues his Gloom to use Sleep Powder on... you! Sleep Powder is successful in disabling you, and Team Snagem runs off with your Snag Machine! Uh oh, that can't be good! When you wake up, you'll find yourself in the S.S. Libra, without your Snag Machine. The man will ask why on earth they wanted to pick a fight with you, and you tell him everything that's been happening. He'll then point you to where they were headed on your map. It's to the north of Eclo Canyon. ____________________________________________________________________________ [_| s4.3.6. Cipher Key Lair |________________________________________________] When you arrive, you'll some some Team Snagem thugs and a familliar face... an ugly mug, really. Zook, the thug you encountered way back in Gateon Port, is here, working for Cipher. Team Snagem finally managed to track down where Cipher is, and Zook won't let 'em through. Biden and Zook will fight, and Zook's Shadow Zangoose will knock out Biden's Oddish is one hit. The Team Snagem group will then run off, and Zook will notice that you didn't run off with them. Then, he'll recognize you as the brat he fought earlier in Gateon Port, and will battle you. ___________ / MINI-BOSS \________________,------. | Thug Zook ( $ 620 | '---.------------------------>-----< @@@| Zangoose | NRM | L28+ | | Doduo | NRM / FLY | L26 | | Carvanha | WTR / DRK | L26 | | Seviper | PSN | L26 | | Relicanth | WTR / RCK | L26 | '------------'-----------'------' You'll get to fight his Shadow Zangoose this time, although remember, you don't have your Snag Machine, so you won't be able to catch it! Make the Zangoose the target of all of your attacks, because it can inflict a lot of damage very fast and is the biggest threat on his team. A few good hits should do it. Then, take the rest of his Pokemon down as you see fit. There's nothing to really worry about once the Zangoose is out of the picture. After the fight, Zook will blame his loss on your luck. He'll also mention that he was scolded for showing off his Shadow Pokemon against you when he shouldn't have, although is confused as to how Cipher learned that he did... Hmmm... Anyway, Zook will refuse to challenge you again to make sure he doesn't ruin his reputation. There are two guards blocking the entrance into the lair, so you'll have to leave for now. On your way out, you'll receive an e-mail from Secc in Pyrite Town telling you that something's come up and you should visit him. Since there's nothing more to do here, set your next destination to Pyrite Town! ____________________________________________________________________________ [_| s4.3.7. Pyrite Town |____________________________________________________] You should be familliar with the ONBS building by now. Head up to the second floor of the ONBS building and talk with Secc (he's in the first room from the elevator). He'll notice that your Snag Machine isn't on your arm, and you'll explain to him what happened to it. Secc will give you some backstory on Team Snagem, telling oyu that Team Snagem and Cipher were partners until five years ago, when Team Snagem lost their Snag Machine. Cipher then gave up on them, because they were just dead weight without it. Team Snagem must have noticed your Snag Machine somewhere, so they tracked you down for it. (Can anyone say the ONBS TV report? Thank you, Secc!) Secc will tell you that he'll start investigating Team Snagem to see if he can find anything out about them, like where they're located and what they're up to. He'll also remember the reason he asked you here. He says he received an e-mail from someone claiming to have fled from Cipher's base, and asks you if you could investigate it. You'll need to track down Hordel at the Outskirt Stand. Secc gives you the location of the Outskirt Stand, and then you should head there. Be sure to heal, save, and buy some Lemonade or Moomoo Milk from the Vending Machine outside the ONBS building if you're running low. ____________________________________________________________________________ [_| s4.3.8. Outskirt Stand |_________________________________________________] As soon as you arrive, your Miror Radar will alert you that Miror B. is in Orre again. If you check it, you'll find out that Miror B. is at... Outskirt Stand! As you approach the door, you'll see Trudly and Folly leaving after eating a big meal. After pondering if what they're doing is right, Miror B. will walk out when he hears his name in the conversation. He'll then notice you, and demand that you battle him! ___________ / MINI-BOSS \________________,------. | Wanderer Miror B. ( $ 580 | '---.------------------------>-----< | Lombre | WTR / GRS | L26 | | Lombre | WTR / GRS | L26 | | Lombre | WTR / GRS | L26 | @@@| Nosepass | RCK | L26+ | | Ludicolo | WTR / GRS | L26 | '------------'-----------'------' Miror B. is still using his team of Lombres, although one of them has evolved into a Ludicolo. He also has a Shadow Nosepass, but since you don't have your Snag Machine, you won't be able to do anything about it. Take out his Lombres by using your strongest attacks, or by using Shadow Pokemon's attacks, and they should go down. If one of them uses Rain Dance, watch out, because it'll either boost their Speed if they have the Swift Swim Ability, or it'll let them restore HP between turns if they have the Rain Dish Ability. Miror B.'s Nosepass isn't too tough to beat, and isn't overly threatening, although since it's a Shadow Pokemon, you'll want to dispose of it as quickly as possible to prevent it from becoming a nuisance. Use Water- or Grass-type attacks against it to put it in it's place. Any Special-oriented attack should do the trick. His Ludicolo can be a hassle to take down, but as long as you focus all of your attacks on it, it should fall after two or three turns of being double teamed. After beating Miror B., he'll escape. Surprised? Anyway, enter the Outskirt Stand, and you'll be greeted by a news report on TV reporting that the S.S. Libra has been located in the desert north of Phenac, and that's it's disappearence is believed to be caused by Cipher. How the ship got there and why it was taken are still a mystery at this point, though, and there are no signs of any of the Pokemon that were aboard the ship. Talk to the man to the left of the entrance to find that he's Hordel, and that he was working for Cipher, but escaped when he learned that they were plotting to mass-produce Shadow Pokemon from the Cipher Key Lair, which is a factory for doing just that - mass-production of Shadow Pokemon. When he found out that they were doing that to Pokemon, he was horrified, so he fled the factory, bringing along the only one Shadow Pokemon he could, knowing that there were more there, and fearing that many, many more have been produced since he fled. Talk to him again and he'll tell you that while he was with Cipher, he heard rumors of a boy that snags Shadow Pokemon and purifies them, then asks you if you would purify the Shadow Togepi that he took from there. (You'll need to make room in your Party before you can take the Togepi, so come back here when you have an empty space in your inventory to pick up the Togepi.) (After purifying the Togepi, return to Hordel to trade it for an Elekid with Fire Punch, Ice Punch, Thunderpunch, and Cross Chop. Neat!) On your way out, you'll receive another e-mail from Secc, telling you that he's found the location of Team Snagem. They've been operating out of their old hideout to the north of Outskirt Stand. Unfortunately, he doesn't have any other details on Team Snagem, so he urges you to be careful going in there. Hordel will overhear the message, and will give you the location of Team Snagem's Hideout on your map. As you go outside, Willie will walk out and ask you for a battle. He's not too tough, only having a team of 2 Zigzagoons and 2 Linoones, so you might as well accept. ________________ / TRAINER BATTLE \___________,------. | Rider Willie ( $ 260 | '---.------------------------>-----< | Zigzagoon | NRM | L24 | | Zigzagoon | NRM | L24 | | Linoone | NRM | L26 | | Linoone | NRM | L26 | '------------'-----------'------' When you're done here, heal up, and then make your way to the Snagem Hideout! ____________________________________________________________________________ [_| s4.3.9. Snagem Hideout |_________________________________________________] .-------._________________ | ITEMS | Ultra Ball x3 | '-------| Hyper Potion x2 | | TM29 (Psychic | | Rare Candy | | Revive x2 | | PP Up | | TM30 | | (Shadow Ball) | '-----------------' __________ / TRAINERS \_________________,------. | Team Snagem Agrev ( $ 540 | '---.------------------------>-----< | Murkrow | DRK / FLY | L26 | | Oddish | GRS / PSN | L26 | | Golbat | PSN / FLY | L26 | | Absol | DRK | L27 | .---'------------'-----------'------' | Team Snagem Jedo ( $ 520 | '---.------------------------>-----< | Koffing | PSN | L26 | | Oddish | GRS / PSN | L26 | | Dustox | BUG / PSN | L26 | | Qwilfish | WTR / PSN | L25 | .---'------------'-----------'------' | Team Snagem Golit ( $ 640 | '---.------------------------>-----< | Remoraid | WTR | L25 | | Octillery | WTR | L26 | | Sandslash | GRD | L27 | | Loudred | NRM | L26 | | Crawdaunt | WTR / DRK | L32 | .---'------------'-----------'------' | Team Snagem Hobble ( $ 560 | '---.------------------------>-----< | Girafarig | NRM / PSY | L26 | | Smeargle | NRM | L27 | | Pelipper | WTR / FLY | L25 | | Machoke | FTG | L28 | .---'------------'-----------'------' | Team Snagem Jinok ( $ 520 | '---.------------------------>-----< | Kecleon | NRM | L25 | | Aipom | NRM | L26 | | Volbeat | BUG | L25 | | Yanma | BUG / FLY | L25 | .---'------------'-----------'------' | Team Snagem Gaply ( $ 560 | '---.------------------------>-----< | Ariados | BUG / PSN | L26 | | Beautifly | BUG / FLY | L28 | | Sneasel | ICE / DRK | L28 | | Delibird | ICE / FLY | L28 | | Xatu | PSY / FLY | L27 | .---'------------'-----------'------' | Team Snagem Fudlo ( $ 560 | '---.------------------------>-----< | Graveler | RCK / GRD | L25 | | Rhyhorn | RCK / GRD | L26 | | Stantler | NRM | L28 | | Misdreavus | GHO | L28 | | Tropius | GRS / FLY | L27 | .---'------------'-----------'------' | Team Snagem Biden ( $ 540 | '---.------------------------>-----< | Oddish | GRS / PSN | L27 | | Crobat | PSN / FLY | L26 | | Torkoal | FIR | L26 | | Bellossom | GRS | L26 | .---'------------'-----------'------' | Team Snagem Wakin ( $ 640 | '---.------------------------>-----< | Gloom | GRS / PSN | L28 | | Gloom | GRS / PSN | L28 | | Mantine | WTR / FLY | L28 | | Forretress | BUG / STL | L31 | | Grumpig | PSY | L32 | '------------'-----------'------' Upon your arrival, you'll receive an e-mail from Trest telling you that the Realgam Colosseum is now open. Your Pokemon aren't likely to be able to stand up to the Level 40 Pokemon you'll have to face inside of the Colosseum, but since you won't lose anything if you lose, you might still want to check it out to earn valuable EXP for knocking out the high-level Pokemon in there. Inside, note the Healing Machine in the first room to the right. You'll want to stop back here after every few battles to make sure that your Pokemon are in tip-top shape for any new challenges. Now, there are plenty of items scattered around the Hideout, so you'll need to do some exploring if you want to find them all, fighting plenty of Team Snagem members along the way. However, if you want the most direct route to Gonzap, just follow these directions: from the entrance, head north and climb up the stairs. Head south, and then swing a right, go through the door, and then continue right until you reach the set of stairs. Go down the set of stairs, and then head south until you find another set of stairs leading back up. Save before climbing up the stairs, because that's where Gonzap is. After making your way to Gonzap, you'll walk on him complaining that the Snag Machine is too small for him, and that it was a waste of time getting it. He'll then notice you, and Gonzap will order Wakin to attack you. Wakin starts with two Glooms, so counter with Fire-, Ice-, or even Psychic-type attacks to dispose of them quickly before they inflict nasty status ailments on your Pokemon. Wakin also has a Mantine, Forretress, and Grumpig. Use Electric-type attacks to bring down the Mantine in one shot, and unleash strong Fire-type attacks on Forretress. Grumpig has a lot of Special Defense, so it may take a few hits from Bite or another Dark-type move to bring it down, but it will fall eventually. Gonzap will then be impressed with your battling skills, and will offer you to join Team Snagem. He says if they can snag all of the Shadow Pokemon from Cipher, they'll collapse. Of course, you can't actually work for Team Snagem (that was already done, sort of, in Pokemon Colosseum), so decline his offer, and Gonzap will tell you that you can have the Snag Machine back... but only if you can beat him in battle! _____________ / BOSS BATTLE \______________,------. | Snagem Head Gonzap ( $3200 | '---.------------------------>-----< | Electrode | ELC | L30 | | Nuzleaf | GRS / DRK | L32 | | Vileplume | GRS / PSN | L30 | | Whiscash | WTR / GRD | L31 | | Skarmory | STL / FLY | L32 | '------------'-----------'------' Gonzap has a wide-array of different Pokemon with no particular weakness. His Nuzleaf, Vileplume, and Skarmory are all weak to Fire-type attacks, so if you have any, use them. Electrode isn't a major threat, only using Sonicboom from what I faced, so you may consider double teaming (again, not the attack) his other Pokemon until there's just the Electrode left, then disposing of it. Sonicboom will be hitting you for 20 damage a turn, but that's managable. Skarmory is weak to Fire- and Electric-type attacks, so use either of them to put it in it's place. Be warned, though, because Skarmory knows Hyper Beam, which can inflict a very large amount of damage on your Pokemon! After beating Gonzap, he'll give you back the Snag Machine, as promised. He comes to the realization that the two of you aren't that different - both of you want to bring down Cipher. Figuring that you must stand a better chance against Cipher than Team Snagem does, he'll just step in after Cipher is defeated so you can deal with him then. Oh yeah, and the thing didn't fit Gonzap's arm anyway. He'll also give you Gonzap's Key, which can be used to open the locked Item Chest on the ground floor that you might have run across earlier. It contains TM30, Shadow Ball, so it's highly recommended that you go an get that, because it's a very useful TM! Now that you have your Snag Machine back, heal up, and return to the Cipher Key Lair! ____________________________________________________________________________ [_| s4.3.10. Cipher Key Lair |_______________________________________________] .-------._________________ | ITEMS | - Basement - | '-------| TM24 | | (Thunderbolt) | >---------------< | - First Floor - | | Revive x2 | | Hyper Potion x3 | >---------------< | -Second Floor - | | Full Restore | | Elixir | | PP Up | >---------------< | - Third Floor - | | Max Revive | | Full Heal x3 | >---------------< | -Fourth Floor - | | Hyper Potion x2 | | HP Up | >---------------< | - Rooftop - | | TM26 | | (Earthquake) | '-----------------' _________ / OUTSIDE \__________________,------. | Thug Zook ( $ 520 | '---.------------------------>-----< @@@| Zangoose | NRM | L28+ | | Doduo | NRM / FLY | L26 | | Carvanha | WTR / DRK | L26 | | Seviper | PSN | L26 | | Relicanth | WTR / RCK | L26 | '------------'-----------'------' __________ / BASEMENT \_________________,------. | Cipher Peon Kollo ( $1280 | '---.------------------------>-----< | Clamperl | WTR | L31 | | Octillery | WTR | L31 | | Lanturn | WTR / ELC | L31 | | Relicanth | WTR / RCK | L32 | '------------'-----------'------' _____________ / FIRST FLOOR \______________,------. | Cipher Peon Grezle ( $1240 | '---.------------------------>-----< | Minun | ELC | L30 | | Beautifly | BUG / FLY | L30 | | Ledian | BUG / FLY | L28 | | Illumise | BUG | L31 | .---'------------'-----------'------' | Cipher Peon Humah ( $1240 | '---.------------------------>-----< | Seviper | PSN | L29 | | Murkrow | DRK / FLY | L29 | @@@| Paras | BUG / GRS | L28+ | @@@| Growlithe | FIR | L28+ | .---'------------'-----------'------' | Cipher Peon Ibsol ( $1240 | '---.------------------------>-----< | Plusle | ELC | L30 | | Dustox | BUG / PSN | L30 | | Xatu | PSY / FLY | L31 | | Volbeat | BUG | L30 | '------------'-----------'------' ______________ / SECOND FLOOR \_____________,------. | Cipher Peon Gorog ( $1200 | '---.------------------------>-----< @@@| Shellder | WTR | L29+ | | Rhyhorn | RCK / GRD | L29 | | Swalot | PSN | L29 | | Golbat | PSN / FLY | L29 | | Sharpedo | WTR / DRK | L30 | '------------'-----------'------' _____________ / THIRD FLOOR \______________,------. | Cipher Peon Lok ( $1320 | '---.------------------------>-----< @@@| Beedrill | BUG / PSN | L30+ | | Furret | NRM | L30 | | Togetic | NRM / FLY | L31 | @@@| Pidgeotto | NRM / FLY | L30+ | '------------'-----------'------' ______________ / FOURTH FLOOR \_____________,------. | Cipher Peon Kleto ( $1240 | '---.------------------------>-----< | Absol | DRK | L30 | | Smeargle | NRM | L31 | | Donphan | GRD | L30 | | Ampharos | ELC | L31 | | Tentacruel | WTR / PSN | L31 | .---'------------'-----------'------' | Cipher Peon Flipis ( $1240 | '---.------------------------>-----< | Chimecho | PSY | L31 | | Kecleon | NRM | L30 | | Noctowl | NRM / FLY | L30 | | Mightyena | DRK | L29 | .---'------------'-----------'------' | Cipher Peon Targ ( $1320 | '---.------------------------>-----< | Ninetales | FIR | L30 | | Jumpluff | GRS / FLY | L30 | | Azumarill | WTR | L32 | @@@| Tangela | GRS | L30+ | @@@| Butterfree | BUG / FLY | L30+ | .---'------------'-----------'------' | Cipher R&D Hospel ( $1550 | '---.------------------------>-----< | Ariados | BUG / PSN | L30 | | Girafarig | PSY / NRM | L29 | | Vileplume | GRS / PSN | L31 | | Stantler | NRM | L31 | | Granbull | NRM | L31 | .---'------------'-----------'------' | Cipher Peon Snidle ( $1400 | '---.------------------------>-----< | Shedinja | BUG / GHO | L31 | | Wobbuffet | PSY | L30 | | Vibrava | GRD / DRG | L35 | @@@| Magneton | ELC / STL | L30+ | '------------'-----------'------' _________ / ROOFTOP \__________________,------. | Cipher Peon Fudler ( $1280 | '---.------------------------>-----< | Machoke | FTG | L31 | | Golem | RCK / GRD | L31 | | Forretress | BUG / STL | L31 | | Mantine | WTR / FLY | L32 | | Crobat | PSN / FLY | L31 | .---'------------'-----------'------' | Cipher Peon Angic ( $1400 | '---.------------------------>-----< | Golduck | WTR | L33 | | Hitmontop | FTG | L33 | | Hariyama | FTG | L34 | @@@| Venomoth | BUG / PSN | L32+ | @@@| Weepinbell | GRS / PSN | L32+ | .---'------------'-----------'------' | Cipher R&D Acrod ( $1700 | '---.------------------------>-----< | Grumpig | PSY | L34 | | Seadra | WTR | L34 | | Camerupt | FIR / GRD | L35 | | Seaking | WTR | L34 | | Piloswine | ICE / GRD | L34 | .---'------------'-----------'------' | Cipher Peon Smarton ( $1440 | '---.------------------------>-----< | Huntail | WTR | L36 | | Cacturne | GRS / DRK | L35 | | Weezing | PSN | L35 | | Ursaring | NRM | L35 | @@@| Arbok | PSN | L33+ | '------------'-----------'------' When you return to the Cipher Key Lair, Zook will decide that he's ready for a rematch, and will notice the goofy-looking thing on your arm. Zook will have the same Pokemon that he had before, although this time you'll have a chance to Snag his Shadow Zangoose. Zangoose is a pretty decent Pokemon in my opinion, so I'd definitely try your best to Snag it now. His Pokemon shouldn't be too difficult this time, since you've undoubtedly gained a few levels in your recent trip to Snagem Hideout. Once you've taken Zook down again, he'll decide that he's had enough with Cipher and doesn't want to be involved anymore, so he just walks away. Make your way to the unguarded steps, and, of course, two guards will come running out to stop you. Great, now what? Can't you just battle them like any other guard? Nope. Try to sneak past them, and they'll notice the Snag Machine on your arm. He'll ask if you've ever been on TV, and if you say yes, he'll recognize you as the kid fighting against Cipher, threatening to knock you out so he can become a Cipher Admin. Don't worry though, just when things are looking rough, a new ally will come to your assistance - Team Snagem! Gonzap and Wakin arrive just in time! Gonzap tells you that they'll take care of the thugs out here while you do your thing in the building. Wakin then issues Gloom to use Sleep Powder on the guards, knocking them out and allowing you entrance. Enter the gigantic pyramid, but make sure you have plenty of Great Balls or Ultra Balls first, because there are plenty of Shadow Pokemon in the area! As soon as you enter, you'll be attacked by Cipher Peon Grezle, who has a team of Pokemon in the low-30s. They're not too rough though, so beat Grezle, and continue investigating the lab. You can go into the door with workers in it to pick up 3 Hyper Potions. Don't worry, the workers won't attack you, so it's all good. Take the western path if you want to pick up some items. You'll have to fight a few Cipher Peons, but none are too rough, and the items are pretty good. TM24, which contains Thunderbolt, is in the basement, and you can find the stairs to the basement in the northwestern corner of the pyramid. After you've gotten all of the items or have decided you'll get them later, make your way to the northeastern corner of the lair. On your way, you'll have to fight Cipher Peon Humah, who has not one, but two Shadow Pokemon! Snag them both (Paras can be useful once it's purified with it's Spore attack to put Pokemon to sleep), then proceed to climb the flight of stairs. On the second floor, you'll have some movable crates, just like in the S.S. Libra. They're arranged differently, but the concept is pretty much the same, although you won't be using them as bridges, but moving them to clear your path instead. There's also a Healing Machine right near the stairs, so be sure to come back here whenever your Pokemon need healing (which will be after every few battles, just to be on the safe side). Ignore the crate to the west, because it won't get you anywhere. Instead, push the crate to the south, and then head west, fighting Cipher Peon Gorog and his Shadow Shellder, which you can Snag. Grab the PP Up, then climb up the stairs to the third floor. (After reaching the third floor, immediately return to the second floor to push the crate east, allowing you to go down the other set of stairs to get a Rare Candy and 3 Ultra Balls!) Up here, there are still crates to deal with, although there are also sealed doors and tiles on the floor. You'll need to push the crates onto the patterned tiles in order to open the door with the same pattern. To start, you'll need to open the Moon door, so take the eastern exit, then go around the bottom of the room with the stairs (you'll pass the Sun tile along the way), and then push the crate you find there north, right onto the Moon tile. This will open up the door just to the north of it. Head back to the stairs, except this time take the north exit out of the room, and then go through the opened door. Head east, picking up the Max Revive and 3 Full Heals in the corridor, and then push the crate you find south onto the Sun tile. This will open up the door to the stairs leading up. So, head west, going through the stair room until you can see the crate on top of the Moon tile, and then head south, into the room with the stairs leading up. Fight Cipher Peon Lok, who has both a Shadow Beedrill and a Shadow Pidgeotto, and then climb the stairs to the fourth floor. No major puzzles you have to worry about here. Head east if you want to pick up 2 Hyper Potions (why not?), then make your way west, opening the doors until you reach the northwest corner of the floor. As you move east, you'll have to fight two Cipher Peons, one of which has a Shadow Tangela and a Shadow Butterfree is their arsenal. Make your way to the stairs, but don't climb them just yet. Open the door to the immediate south first, and then fight the Cipher R&D Hospel and Cipher Peon Snidle to pick up the System Lever, which you'll need very soon. There's a 100% chance that Snidle will have a Shadow Magneton in his roster, and a 94% chance that you will be able to beat him. His statistics are also wrong about 67% of the time. Yes, Snidle is one of the Cipher Peons you saw earlier on the S.S. Libra who was running all of the statistics. Be careful, though, because he opens up with Shedinja (totally immune to any damaging attacks except for Fire-, Flying-, Rock-, Ghost-, and Dark-type attacks, which will take it out in one hit) and Wobbuffet (prevents you from switching Pokemon). If you don't have any attacks with the types I just listed on your current two Pokemon, you'll have to knock out Wobbuffet first. If you absolutely do not have any of those type attacks in your team and don't have any Poison-inflicting moves, there is hope! Wait for him to bring out Magneton, and then wait for it to use Shadow Sky, which will destroy Shedinja inbetween turns. Snag his Magneton, beat him, and then take the System Lever. Now, climb up to the rooftop, and fight some of the Cipher Peons in the area. Head to the southwest corner of the roof, and then climb up the stairs. You'll have to get through Cipher Peon Angic - who has a Shadow Venomoth and Shadow Weepinbell - first. Up top, you'll have to fight Cipher R&D Acrod, with some pretty tough Level 34 and Level 35 Pokemon. When they're out of the picture, examine the generator and raise the voltage to cause the thing to start short circuiting or something. It'll be a shaky walk down the stairs. When you make it down, the generator will stop shaking and flashing, and the power will be lost. Smarton, the Cipher Peon you fought earlier on the S.S. Libra, will walk out of the office, and wonder what just happened, telling you that the production of Shadow Pokemon just stopped. He'll then fight you. Smarton has mostly the same Pokemon that he had earlier, although at higher levels and evolved. He also has a Shadow Arbok, which he'll bring out last. If you want to Snag the Shadow Arbok, be very careful, because it knows Shadow Half, a move that halves the HP of all Pokemon on the field! So when it's brought out, whatever you do, don't attack it with anything except for a weaker Shadow move, because it will have half HP soon, so you don't want to risk knocking it out on accident. After using Shadow Half, it'll have to wait a turn before it can attack again, so use that opportunity to hit it with something weak. After beating Smarton, you can enter the office, where Gorigan is. Before doing so, if you haven't already, be sure to run down to the Healing Machine on the second floor, because Gorigan has a team of four tough Level 36 Pokemon and two Level 34 Shadow Pokemon that are also pretty powerful. When you're ready, enter the office, and approach Gorigan. He'll wonder what the heck happened to his crew, thinking that you wiped all of them out, and will then decide to take care of you himself. _____________ / BOSS BATTLE \______________,------. | Cipher Admin Gorigan ( $3700 | '---.------------------------>-----< | Lairon | RCK / STL | L36 | | Sealeo | WTR / ICE | L36 | | Slowking | WTR / PSY | L36 | | Ursaring | NRM | L36 | @@@| Primeape | FTG | L34+ | @@@| Hypno | PSY | L34+ | '------------'-----------'------' Gorigan's Lairon knows both Protect and Earthquake. You'll want to take the Lairon out quickly, because Earthquake can be very deadly, although if it uses Protect, you'll end up wasting a turn on it. Have one of your Pokemon use a Water-, Fire-, or Ground-type attack against Lairon while the other uses a Fighting- or Electric-type attack against his Sealeo. Lairon will likely use Protect, but you can take care of it next turn. Slowking is pretty slow, but it has decent defensive stats. Still, one good hit from a Thunderbolt or another strong Electric- or Grass-type attack will bring Slowking down. Ursaring is next, and it knows Brick Break and Slash, so be careful. His two Shadow Pokemon, Primeape and Hypno, can be a bit tricky. Try to catch the Primeape as soon as possible, beacuse Hypno can use Shadow Down to lower both of your Pokemon's Defense by a lot, making Primeape do tremendous damage to them. Status-inflicting attacks can be your best friend against them to slow them down and give you more time to Snag 'em. After the fight, Gorigan will be frustrated that he lost and will tell you that you won't get away with this, threatening to blow up the factory - with you in it! Suddenly, the video screen in the background turns on and Master Greevil will be shown on it. Greevil will tell Gorigan to accept his loss, and then asks you if you remember him. He then tells you that he's actually... Well, I'm not going to spoil that, but he will introduce himself as the Grand Master of Cipher. Although you destroyed the factory, his original plan is still alright. XD001's final tuning is complete, and Greevil currently possesses it. XD001 is the ultimate Shadow Pokemon that's completely resistant to purification, and can never be purified. Before he leaves, Greevil tells you that he's on Citadark Isle off the coast of Gateon Port. Gorigan will then blab that XD001 dropped the S.S. Libra in the middle of the desert, and if it weren't for the fact that XD001 dropped it off so far away, Cipher would have produced so many more Shadow Pokemon. He then leaves. Pick up the Shadow Pokemon List on the Gorigan's table, and it will be downloaded onto your P*DA. Now you'll be able to see a list of all of the Shadow Pokemon! Cool! Well, your mission is done here. Return to the first floor, and on your way out, you'll hear someone scream "We've been robbed!" You'll find out that it was a worker, and he'll tell you that two weird guys took off with a Shadow Pokemon - one had a mohawk, and the other had hair like a ball. In talking with the worker in the other room, you'll learn that it was a Shadow Dragonite that was taken. Aww... Too bad. Well, make your next destination Gateon Port. After all, you need to get to Citadark Isle somehow, right? ____________________________________________________________________________ | | s4.4. Citadark Isle | | '-'---------------------'----------------------------------------------------' ____________________________________________________________________________ [_| s4.4.1. Gateon Port |____________________________________________________] So, you need to get to Citadark Isle. It's protected by strong currents and a raging storm. How on earth are you going to get there? Well, that might not be clear now, but someone nearby should be able to help... Return to the Parts Shop, and Perr will greet you, telling you that he has big news. Makan finished the Robo Kyogre that he took home a bit ago! Talk to Makan, and tell him what's been happening. Makan then tells you that getting to Citadark Isle should be no problem with the help of the Robo Kyogre! As you leave the building, you'll receive an e-mail from Professor Krane urging you to come to the Lab when you get a chance. I would strongly recommend going there before embarking to Citadark Isle, so be sure to make the Lab your next stop, before boarding the Robo Kyogre. As you reach the area near the pier, Makan will introduce you to the finished Robo Kyogre, telling you that you can board it and leave whenever you'd like. It'll get you to Citadark Isle without any problems. But, you have someone you need to see first, right? Head back to the Pokemon HQ Lab before embarking to Citadark Isle. ____________________________________________________________________________ [_| s4.4.2. Pokemon HQ Lab |_________________________________________________] .-------._________________ | ITEMS | Master Ball | '-------'-----------------' Take this chance to purify any Pokemon that are still in the Purify Chamber, and then go talk with Professor Krane in the western room of the main building (in the same area as the Purify Chamber). He'll ask you to come closer because he has sometihng he wants to give you, and will then open up a secret staircase and head down the stairs. Whoa, sweet hidden staircase, Professor! Follow him down the stairs, and he'll direct you towards an Item Chest, saying that its contents will help against your fight against Cipher. Open up the Item Chest to find... a Master Ball! Holy toledo, Batman, it's a real honest-to-goodness Master Ball! Krane will tell you the obvious - it has a 100% catch-ratio, and it will capture any Pokemon without fail. No matter what, do not use this Master Ball on any ordinary Pokemon! Save it until near the end of the game, when you'll really need it. Alright, with your Master Ball now in tow, there's nothing stopping you from going to Citadark Isle now! Be sure to stock up on Moomoo Milks at Pyrite Town (the vending machine outside of the ONBS building), and Ultra Balls from any Poke Mart. Full Heals and Revives are also very important. You'll want about 30 to 50 Ultra Balls, 10 to 15 Moomoo Milks, and 10 Revives and Full Heals. If you don't have enough money for all of it, don't worry. You can either fight in Colosseums to earn some cash (and EXP!), or just buy a little less. Your Pokemon should be around Level 40 to Level 45 right about now. If they are below Level 40, go to Mt. Battle and fight in Areas 4 and 5 until they reach Level 40 or higher. When you're ready, return to Gateon Port, and board the Robo Kyogre to go to Citadark Isle! ____________________________________________________________________________ [_| s4.4.3. Citadark Isle |__________________________________________________] .-------._________________ | ITEMS | - Entrance - | '-------| Max Elixir | >---------------< |-Whirlpool Room -| | Ultra Ball x5 | | Hyper Potion x3 | >---------------< |- Lower Volcano -| | Revive x2 | | White Herb x2 | >---------------< |- Upper Volcano -| | Hyper Potion x2 | | Elixir | | Full Restore x2 | >---------------< |-Volcano Inside -| | PP Up | | Max Potion x2 | >---------------< | - Cave - | | Rare Candy x3 | >---------------< |- Volcano Ledge -| | PP Max | >---------------< | - Crane Room - | | Timer Ball x3 | | Max Revive | | Revive x2 | >---------------< |-Upper Crane Room| | Max Ether x3 | | Full Heal x4 | >---------------< |- Control Room - | | Max Revive | '-----------------' _________ / OUTSIDE \__________________,------. | Navigator Abson ( $ 720 | '---.------------------------>-----< | Crawdaunt | WTR / DRK | L33 | | Pelipper | WTR / FLY | L33 | | Mantine | WTR / FLY | L33 | @@@| Golduck | WTR | L33+ | @@@| Sableye | GHO / DRK | L33+ | .---'------------'-----------'------' | Cipher Peon Kleef ( $1760 | <-- Later '---.------------------------>-----< | Shuckle | BUG / RCK | L44 | | Blissey | NRM | L42 | | Weezing | PSN | L41 | '------------'-----------'------' When you first arrive, you'll be attacked by Navigator Abson. He has a lot of Water-type Pokemon, but none of them are too difficult. He does have a Shadow Golduck and a Shadow Sableye you can Snag, though. After beating him, he'll run off, saying he has to report your arrival. Don't worry, the alarms aren't going to go off or anything. Just keep going, crossing the bridge over the lava and entering the door. Ignore the elevator you see to the left for now. You'll come back to that later. __________ / ENTRANCE \_________________,------. | Cipher Peon Haben ( $1320 | '---.------------------------>-----< | Masquerain | BUG / FLY | L33 | | Dunsparce | NRM | L33 | | Roselia | GRS / PSN | L33 | | Spinda | NRM | L33 | .---'------------'-----------'------' | Chaser Furgy ( $ 740 | '---.------------------------>-----< | Xatu | PSY / FLY | L34 | @@@| Dodrio | NRM / FLY | L34+ | | Whiscash | WTR / GRD | L33 | @@@| Raticate | NRM | L34+ | .---'------------'-----------'------' | Sailor Golos ( $ 592 | '---.------------------------>-----< | Aron | RCK / STL | L34 | | Corsola | WTR / RCK | L34 | | Pupitar | RCK / GRD | L37 | .---'------------'-----------'------' | Hunter Jestal ( $ 544 | '---.------------------------>-----< | Sneasel | ICE / DRK | L34 | | Girafarig | PSY / NRM | L33 | | Golbat | PSN / FLY | L33 | | Seaking | WTR | L34 | '------------'-----------'------' Inside, you'll find a Healing Machine and a PC. You'll be taking a few trips back here, so be sure you remember where it is. Don't bother taking the door to the left unless you want to beat up a Cipher Peon. Take the door to the right, and you'll have to fight against Chaser Furgy. Furgy has a Shadow Dodrio and Shadow Raticate, so be sure to Snag them. Both are pretty fast and have decent Attack, so be careful. In the next room, pick up the Max Elixir in the corner, then continue through the next door. Keep going through the doors, fighting several Trainers along you way, until you reach the door right outside of the room where the elevator is. Go back to the Healing Machine to heal your Pokemon, then save, because you're so about to have a cross rematch with like such a familliar face! When you reach the elevator, Lovrina will come out of it, blaming you for making Master Greevil angry and everyone else miserable. She'll brag about XD001 and never being able to purify it, and will claim herself to be a genius. Then, of course, she'll fight you. _____________ / BOSS BATTLE \______________,------. | Cipher Admin Lovrina ( $3900 | '---.------------------------>-----< | Gardevoir | PSY | L36 | | Gorebyss | WTR | L36 | | Roselia | GRS / PSN | L37 | @@@| Farfetch'd | NRM / FLY | L36+ | @@@| Altaria | DRG / FLY | L36+ | '------------'-----------'------' Lovrina so uses attacks that will like frustrate you. She can Poison, Confuse, and Attract you with her various assortment of attacks, so be sure to issue Full Heals to anyone afflicted. Knocking out her Pokemon before she can inflict the status problems on you is also a good idea. Dark- or Ghost-type attacks work great against Gardevoir, and a shot of an Electric-type attack will bring Gorebyss down in a flash. Roselia can use Leech Seed, so try and burn it with Fire-type attacks, or use Psychic-, Ice-, or Flying-type attacks to stop it cold. Farfetch'd and Altaria are her two Shadow Pokemon, and they can be a bit annoying. Altaria has pretty high Defense and Special Defense, so it won't be likely to faint after a hit from even your strongest attack. It's part Dragon-type, so Fire- and Grass-type attacks won't be very effective against it. Ice-type attacks will bring it down quicker than you can say "Freeze!", so be sure not to use any. Farfetch'd can also use Shadow Panic to Confuse both of your Pokemon, so watch out for that and use the Yellow Flute you picked up earlier on any Confused Pokemon to rid them of their ailment. After beating her, she'll be like so mad and totally run off. Crybaby. Anyway, heal up, then go down the elevator! ________________ / WHIRLPOOL ROOM \___________,------. | Cipher Peon Bastil ( $1400 | '---.------------------------>-----< | Crobat | PSN / FLY | L35 | | Seviper | PSN | L35 | | Chimecho | PSY | L34 | | Masquerain | BUG / FLY | L34 | .---'------------'-----------'------' | Cipher Peon Litnar ( $1560 | '---.------------------------>-----< | Electrode | ELC | L34 | | Misdreavus | GHO | L34 | | Claydol | PSY / GRD | L36 | @@@| Kangaskhan | NRM | L35+ | @@@| Banette | GHO | L37+ | '------------'-----------'------' There's a lot fewer Trainers down here, so you'll have some room to breathe. You'll only have to fight two. Talk to some of the researchers down here to find out that they were involved in creating the currents and whirlpools preventing anyone from reaching Citadark Isle. Brilliant idea, I'd say, but it still didn't stop you from getting here, so obviously their plan was flawed. Near the elevator, you'll have to fight Cipher Peon Litnar, who has a Shadow Kangaskhan and Shadow Banette. Both have a pretty high Attack stat, and Kangaskhan has a lot of Speed, so be cautious. Litnar also opens up with Electrode, who commonly uses Light Screen to reduce the damage done by your Special-based attacks. This can be a pain, but live with it, and try to use Physical-based attacks instead. When you're done, head up the elevator. _______________ / LOWER VOLCANO \____________,------. | Cipher Peon Grupel ( $1560 | '---.------------------------>-----< | Houndoom | FIR / DRK | L37 | | Ninetales | FIR | L37 | | Vileplume | GRS / PSN | L34 | @@@| Magmar | FIR | L36+ | @@@| Pinsir | BUG | L35+ | '------------'-----------'------' You'll now be around the bottom area of the volcano, with plenty of lava all around you. But, before you can do anything, you'll receive an e-mail from Eagun. The subject line is "Donw with CIPHET!", and there's no message. Huh? Eagun, you really need to learn how to spell... Immediately afterward, you'll receive another e-mail from Eagun, apologizing for his misspellings. The message will get cut off, though, so you won't really understand the point of his message. Now, in order to reach items and other paths here, you'll need to shove those big blocks into the lava to cut off the flow, cooling the lava so you can walk on it. After all, lava cools the moment it's not in contact with other lava, and it won't be hot at all, right? Right? So, start by pushing the block right in front of you into the lava, allowing you access to the 2 Revives. Take the ramp to the right down, and pick up the Revives, then head southwest and push the block in to the lava. What? It didn't stop the flow? So much for that theory. No, wait, there's another block that you need to push in, so head back to the area you got the 2 Revives but go southeast this time. Ah-ha! There's a block! Push it into the lava, and then it will cause that little pool of lava to cool, letting you cross it over to the other side. So, do just that, and then hug the side of the lava heading east and eventually north until you can climb some steps up to another block you can push. Push the block up there down, and you'll form a path over to the door, as well as cool the lava leading to an Item Chest. Retrace your steps back there, pick up the two White Herbs in the Item Chest, and then cross the block over to the door. Oops! Cipher Peon Grupel will appear and attack you before you can leave! Grupel has a Shadow Magmar and Shadow Pinsir. The Pinsir has very high Attack, so it's Shadow Break can inflict a lot of damage on your Pokemon! Try to Snag it or put it to Sleep or something. The rest of his Pokemon shouldn't be too much of a problem, although his Ninetales does know Dig, not that it will really do that much damage. In the next room, continue forward, and then go behind the waterfall of lava (lavafall?) over to the Healing Machine. I know that you'll be thankful for this right about now, so heal up, save, and make your way into the next room. _________ / PC ROOM \__________________,------. | Cipher Peon Kimly ( $1480 | '---.------------------------>-----< | Mightyena | DRK | L35 | | Stantler | NRM | L34 | | Zangoose | NRM | L37 | | Sharpedo | WTR / DRK | L35 | | Sunflora | GRS | L34 | '------------'-----------'------' You'll have to fight Cipher Peon Kimly in the next room, and she'll start by sending out two Pokemon with Intimidate to drastically lower your Attack. If you're using Special-based attacks, you shouldn't have any problem, but if you're using Physical-based attacks, you'll want to switch them out for other Pokemon. Watch out for her Zangoose, because it has a nice Attack stat. After she's out of your way, you'll be able to use the PC here. Swap out some of your Pokemon for some of your new Shadow Pokemon. Your new Magmar and Pinsir (you did catch them, right?) are both pretty good, and Altaria is pretty nice for resisting some attacks. Swap your team around as you like, and then make your way up the elevator. _______________ / UPPER VOLCANO \____________,------. | Hunter Ibran ( $ 592 | '---.------------------------>-----< | Weezing | PSN | L35 | | Forretress | BUG / STL | L35 | | Wobbuffet | PSY | L36 | | Dodrio | NRM / FLY | L37 | | Skarmory | STL / FLY | L34 | .---'------------'-----------'------' | Chaser Nalix ( $ 720 | '---.------------------------>-----< | Dustox | BUG / PSN | L35 | | Beautifly | BUG / FLY | L36 | | Sunflora | GRS | L34 | | Illumise | BUG | L36 | | Volbeat | BUG | L36 | .---'------------'-----------'------' | Rider Kulig ( $ 360 | '---.------------------------>-----< | Azumarill | WTR | L34 | | Pelipper | WTR / FLY | L36 | | Ariados | BUG / PSN | L35 | | Octillery | WTR | L36 | | Qwilfish | WTR / PSN | L36 | .---'------------'-----------'------' | Cipher Peon Jargo ( $1480 | '---.------------------------>-----< | Delibird | ICE / FLY | L36 | | Grumpig | PSY | L36 | | Swalot | PSN | L35 | | Relicanth | WTR / RCK | L35 | | Golduck | WTR | L37 | | Quagsire | WTR / GRD | L35 | .---'------------'-----------'------' | Cipher Peon Kolest ( $1640 | '---.------------------------>-----< | Camerupt | FIR / GRD | L37 | | Weezing | PSN | L37 | | Muk | PSN | L38 | @@@| Rapidash | FIR | L40+ | @@@| Magcargo | FIR / RCK | L38+ | .---'------------'-----------'------' | Cipher Peon Kolin ( $1480 | '---.------------------------>-----< | Cacturne | GRS / DRK | L37 | | Ninetales | FIR | L37 | | Torkoal | FIR | L37 | | Mantine | WTR / FLY | L37 | | Tropius | GRS / FLY | L35 | '------------'-----------'------' On the next floor, you'll receive yet another e-mail from Eagun. This time, he wrote you a haiku poem: "If TEAM SNAGEM goons, Cause Trouble in the desert, Go and sandbag'em!" I like the way he thinks, but he really needs to be taken to E-mail Etiquette 101, because he's really becoming quite the spammer, and at the worst possible time, too. Anyway, continue along the edge of the lava until you see a bridge. You can either go north and follow the path (branching to the left to pick up the 2 Full Restores first) to pick up a PP Up and Elixir after fighting your way through a horde of Trainers, or you can just cross the bridge and follow the path north on that side of the lava to the door. You'll have to fight Cipher Peon Kolest, who has a Shadow Rapidash and a Shadow Magcargo, and then Cipher Peon Kolin shortly afterward (with no Shadow Pokemon, though). After you've taken care of them, make your way to the entrance in the side of the volcano. ________________________ / UPPER VOLCANO (INSIDE) \___,------. | Cipher Peon Karbon ( $1640 | '---.------------------------>-----< | Medicham | PSY / FTG | L38 | | Golem | RCK / GRD | L38 | | Xatu | PSY / FLY | L38 | @@@| Hitmonchan | FTG | L38+ | .---'------------'-----------'------' | Cipher Peon Petro ( $1640 | '---.------------------------>-----< | Grumpig | PSY | L39 | | Skarmory | STL / FLY | L39 | | Metang | PSY / STL | L39 | | Hariyama | FTG | L39 | @@@| Hitmonlee | FTG | L38+ | '------------'-----------'------' Inside, Karbon and Petro will be standing guard at the elevator, and you'll have to fight both of them. Karbon has a Shadow Hitmonchan, although his most threatening Pokemon is his Golem that knows Explosion. Take the Golem out on the first turn, otherwise it'll inflict some critical damage to both of your active combatants. Any Water-, Grass-, or Ice-type attack will bring it down in one shot. Of course, if you're using a Ghost-type Pokemon, you won't even have to think twice about it. Petro has a Shadow Hitmonlee in his roster, and fortuntately doesn't have any Pokemon with Explosion. His Hitmonlee can be a real pain because it knows Shadow Half. Avoid attacking it on the turn it comes out just in case it uses Shadow Half, otherwise you might knock it out on accident! Try to catch Hitmonlee, because it's Shadow Half will be useful for the next few fights for catching some Shadow Pokemon. It's also fast and has decent stats, so putting it on your roster wouldn't be a bad idea at all. After you've finished those two off, take the elevator up to the next area. ______ / CAVE \_____________________,------. | Cipher Peon Jaymi ( $1600 | '---.------------------------>-----< | Yanma | BUG / FLY | L39 | | Roselia | GRS / PSN | L37 | | Smeargle | NRM | L39 | | Vileplume | GRS / PSN | L37 | | Altaria | DRG / FLY | L40 | .---'------------'-----------'------' | Cipher Peon Gromlet ( $1760 | '---.------------------------>-----< | Banette | GHO | L40 | | Sableye | GHO / DRK | L40 | | Dusclops | GHO | L40 | | Crobat | PSN / FLY | L44 | | Wailord | WTR | L44 | '------------'-----------'------' Now you'll be in a cavern, with no lava in sight. The theme of this room is moving platforms which float around. Step on a platform, and wait for it to move. Be sure to get off of the platform once it's moved, otherwise you'll go back. The platforms are all timed, though. Step on the platform to the right and then wait until the platform adjacent to it appears and cross over on it. It will take you down to the previous room to a concealed area containing 2 Max Potions. The platform to the left of the elevator will take you down to a lower area of the cavern. Follow the path. You'll see an Item Chest in the middle of a swirly path. The Item Chest contains 3 Rare Candies, so you'll definitely want to get those! Be warned, though, because after picking them up, you'll have to fight a tough Cipher Peon, Gromlet, with Level 40 and Level 44 Pokemon a plenty. Gromlet has 3 Ghost-type Pokemon on his team, so using Dark-type attacks are definitely what you'll want to do. Make your way south, and head outside onto the ledge. Pick up the PP Max there, and then take the other entrance back into the cave. Head over to the moving platforms, and then cross them over to the elevator. Take the elevator up, and you'll be in a room that I like to call the crane room. Why's that? Because there are cranes all over the place, and you'll need to ride them in order to get to the other side. As soon as you leave the elevator, you'll receive another e-mail from - guess who - Eagun! It's just more of his spam, and him saying that his partner tells you "Bigga bigga!" Honestly, what kind of Pikachu cry is that? At least their rooting for you, although it would be nice if they didn't disturb you so dang often. Anyway, in the crane room, you can ride a crane by stepping up to a colored crane symbol that has a crane above it, and then pressing A. So, start with taking the Yellow crane across to the other platform. You won't be able to take the other cranes right now, because the cranes aren't above the symbols, so just move on to the Pink crane and take it over to the northwestern platform. Pick up the three Timer Balls, and then take the Red crane over to the area where the elevator is. You can take the Purple crane back to the elevator you came from, but there's no need to do that right now, so keep going until you reach the elevator. Take the elevator up to the next floor. ____________________ / CRANE ROOM (UPPER) \_______,------. | Cipher Peon Geftal ( $1640 | '---.------------------------>-----< | Lanturn | WTR / ELC | L41 | | Magneton | ELC / STL | L41 | @@@| Lickitung | NRM | L38+ | .---'------------'-----------'------' | Cipher Peon Leden ( $1680 | '---.------------------------>-----< | Stantler | NRM | L41 | | Exploud | NRM | L41 | @@@| Scyther | BUG / FLY | L40+ | @@@| Chansey | NRM | L39+ | '------------'-----------'------' Now you'll be above the crane room. As you leave the elevator, you'll be attacked by a Cipher Peon with a Shadow Lickitung. It knows Shadow Panic, which can be a bit of a nuisance. Snag it if you wish, although it isn't really that great. See those glowing blue areas in the floor? If you step on one of them it'll vanish and turn into a hole, dropping you down to the previous floor. You can fall through the north-central hole and the southeastern hole to reach the previously unaccessable Max Revive and 2 Revives on the previous floor. Any others will just take you to already-accessable areas of the previous floor. Grab the 3 Max Ethers and 4 Full Heals, and then when you approach the elevator, fight against Cipher Peon Leden. Leden has a Shadow Scyther and a Shadow Chansey. Scyther is very fast and has high Attack, so it's Shadow Rush attack can inflict a lot on your Pokemon. Chansey also has extremely high HP (around 250!), and a lot of Special Defense to boot, so use Physical-based attacks against it to inflict the most damage, although be very careful because even a weak Physical-based attack may bring it close to being knocked out! The Chansey can also be a bit bothersome to Snag, as it doesn't like to stay in the Poke Ball. After beating Leden, I recommend retracing your steps back to the Healing Machine or using restorative items, because you'll have a difficult fight up ahead! Heal, save, and then take the elevator up. Walk toward the bridge, and then Snattle will emerge from the elevator to the left. He'll come over to you and boast about how perfect his plan was, and how the other Admins and you ruined it. Snattle still has this freaky obsession with being Orre's Governor, and believes that he can become it after beating you, as well as pleasing Master Greevil. Yeah right, that's sure not going to happen! _____________ / BOSS BATTLE \______________,------. | Cipher Admin Snattle ( $4400 | '---.------------------------>-----< | Metang | PSY / STL | L42 | | Quagsire | WTR / GRD | L42 | | Scizor | BUG / STL | L42 | @@@| Solrock | RCK / PSY | L41+ | | Castform | NRM | L42 | @@@| Starmie | WTR / PSY | L41+ | '------------'-----------'------' Snattle's Pokemon have little weakness. If your Pokemon have their weakness, then you'll be in good shape; otherwise, you'll be in trouble. Metang can be taken down with a Fire-type attack, although if you don't have one available, Water- and Electric-type attacks will be a good option as well. Quagsire will go down in one hit from nearly any Grass-type attack, but if you don't have a Grass-type attack, just hit it with whatever you've got. Just not Electric, because it's Ground-type will completely nullify it. Take down his Scizor in the same way you did the Metang. Then, he'll bring out his Shadow Solrock, which knows Shadow Panic, Shadow Sky, and Shadow Rave. Shadow Rave shouldn't hit too hard, but Shadow Panic is always annoying. Solrock isn't too much of a problem, so weaken it until you can Snag it. Castform has Weather Ball and Thunderbolt (probably other moves as well), and doesn't really pose a major threat except to Water- and Flying-type Pokemon. His Shadow Starmie has high Speed and Special Attack, not to mention is has Shadow Break and Shadow Rave (Shadow Rave hits both of your Pokemon). Try to Paralyze it or put it to Sleep, then try Snag it. Also, your new Hitmonlee's Shadow Half attack can be helpful for lowering the Shadow Pokemon's HP by a lot. Use it once or twice and you should be able to Snag most any Shadow Pokemon (although be sure to keep your HP up!). Afterward, Snattle will run off. You can now use the other elevator to go back to the entrance of Citadark Isle. I highly recommend doing this, because you're about to go through another difficult fight. Be warned, though, you'll have to fight Cipher Peon Kleef at the bottom of the elevator. Kleef starts out with Blissey and Shuckle - a very defensive team. Hit Shuckle with your strongest attacks (it has extremely high Defense and Special Defense), and hit Blissey with any Physical-based attack to take it out in a turn or two. Cross the bridge, and then you will meet another familliar face. It's Ardos, the Mystery Man you saw thrash Zook near the beginning of the game! He tells you that he wasn't trying to help you back then, and he was just teaching Zook a lesson for using a Shadow Pokemon in public. Ardos has to dispose of you, so get ready for a tough fight! Cross the bridge, and meet up with a familliar face... Ardos! He asks if you remember him, and reminds you of when he helped you in Gateon Port. He wasn't really helping you then; he was just teaching Zook a lesson for using Shadow Pokemon in public. _____________ / BOSS BATTLE \______________,------. | Cipher Admin Ardos ( $4600 | '---.------------------------>-----< @@@| Swellow | NRM / FLY | L43+ | | Alakazam | PSY | L44 | | Kingdra | WTR / DRG | L44 | | Heracross | BUG / FTG | L44 | @@@| Electabuzz | ELC | L43+ | @@@| Snorlax | NRM | L43+ | '------------'-----------'------' NOTE: If you want to have a huge edge against the final battle, be absolutely certain to Snag his Shadow Electabuzz! Ardos can be very difficult, with Pokemon in the low-mid 40's. All of them, except his Shadow Snorlax, are fast, too! Not only that, but they're very strong and can inflict some serious damage to your Pokemon. He'll start out with a Shadow Swellow and an Alakazam. Alakazam has high Speed and Special Attack - even more than Snattle's Starmie - so you may have to endure a hit. Use Ghost- or Dark-type attacks to knock it out, although if you don't have any, use Physical-based attacks against it since it's Defense is very low. Ardos' Swellow knows Shadow Half, and since it's lightning-fast, it will likely strike before you, so whatever you do, don't attack Swellow with a mid-to-strong attack on the first turn, or you may knock it out! Kingdra only has a weakness to Dragon, and chances are you don't have any Dragon-type moves at your disposal, so just launch your strongest attacks at it. Kingdra is equally as resistant to Physical-based attacks as it is Special-based attacks, so just hit it with the strongest attacks you've got and try to have both of your Pokemon attack it to bring it down. It may take two or three turns of both of your Pokemon hitting it before it's knocked out. Heracross has deadly Attack, and pretty powerful attacks, but it's really weak to Flying-type moves, and any Fire-type move will take it out fast. Ardos' Electabuzz is a Shadow Pokemon that you really need to catch. It's Shadow Half will come in handy later on, although for this fight, it will be annoying. Don't try to focus your attacks on it at first, because it may use Shadow Half. Instead, try to disable it with Sleep or Paralysis, and then start weakening it so you can Snag it. It also knows Shadow Storm, a very powerful Shadow attack that hits both of your Pokemon, and Shadow Break, a very powerful Shadow attack that hits one of your Pokemon. Lastly, he has his Snorlax. Snorlax is the first Pokemon you've come up against with the most devastating Shadow Move in the game - Shadow End! If Snorlax hits you with it, it's almost guarenteed that the recipient of the attack will be knocked out. However, if it hits, Snorlax will lose half of it's current HP as recoil. This is also important to keep in mind, because you don't want to accidentally knock it out! It has very high Special Defense and HP, so it will take some time to weaken, although it's a great Shadow Pokemon to add to your arsenal. After beating Ardos, he will blame himself for not taking you out earlier, and then decides to leave it to Greevil. Ardos then walks off, leaving the entrance to control room open. Don't bother running back to the Healing Machine, and instead just walk inside. Haha, you see, there's a Healing Machine and PC right inside! Heal your Pokemon and switch around your party with the PC (consider putting Electabuzz on your team), then approach Greevil and Eldes. Greevil will be surprised that you beat Ardos, and will tell you that he hasn't been this excited in awhile. He appreciates strong fighters, but he doesn't want you to interfere with his plans anymore, so he puts up a wall of glass, seperating you from him. Drat! That was absolutely devious! A wall of glass, oh man... So, since there's a wall of glass up in front of you, return outside (after healing and saving, of course), and get ready for another tough battle! When you go outside, head south, and you'll be stopped by Gorigan who emerges from the previously-sealed elevator to the west. He's seen you so many times that he's beginning to like it (yeah, that line freaked me out too), but he has to beat you in order to redeem himself in Master Greevil's eyes. You're not going to let him do that, are you? _____________ / BOSS BATTLE \______________,------. | Cipher Admin Gorigan ( $4500 | '---.------------------------>-----< | Slowking | WTR / PSY | L42 | | Ursaring | NRM | L43 | | Aggron | RCK / STL | L43 | | Walrein | WTR / ICE | L44 | @@@| Poliwrath | WTR / FTG | L42+ | @@@| Mr. Mime | PSY | L42+ | '------------'-----------'------' Four of Gorigan's Pokemon (all but his Shadow Pokemon) know both Protect and Earthquake, so you have to be very careful! Try to focus on hitting both of his Pokemon, otherwise you may get unlucky and he'll use Protect on the target of your attacks while the other Pokemon uses Earthquake. An excellent strategy against Gorigan is to put his Pokemon to Sleep using Spore or Sleep Powder, and then focus on the Pokemon that isn't sleeping. Putting Slowking to Sleep would be best, because if it uses Earthquake, it won't hit quite as hard due to it's fairly low Attack. If you don't have a Pokemon with Sleep, just try your best to keep safe from Earthquake and focus on taking his Pokemon out. Flying-type Pokemon have a huge edge against Gorigan with their immunity to Earthquake, so employ them if you need something resistant to his onslaught. Both of his Shadow Pokemon know Shadow Storm, and Poliwrath has very high Attack, so focus on catching it first. Mr. Mime is faster than the rest of Gorigan's Pokemon, but it's not really that fast. Snag them both, or just knock them out if you're not interested in them. Gorigan will be a sore loser, and then wishes there were a tree he could climb to get away from it all. He then runs off. What an oddball, although there's something about him that almost makes him seem not so bad. Maybe it's just me. Oh well, go back inside to heal your Pokemon and save, and then go down the western elevator. _________ / WALKWAY \__________________,------. | Cipher Peon Kolax ( $1760 | '---.------------------------>-----< | Glalie | ICE | L41 | | Ampharos | ELC | L44 | | Breloom | GRS / FTG | L42 | | Donphan | GRD | L44 | @@@| Dugtrio | GRD | L40+ | '------------'-----------'------' If you can't get through a glass wall, you can always go around a glass wall! Always! So, the elevator will take you down to a walkway connecting you to a side entrance into the control room. Along the way, you'll have to fight one last Cipher Peon - Kolax - who has a Shadow Dugtrio at his disposal. Run back and heal when you're done, because up the elevator lies another very difficult fight. Up the elevator, approach Greevil and Eldes, and then Greevil will command Eldes to take care of you. Eldes will then tell you that if you battle him, it will only be unfulfilling and without meaning, asking if you still want to battle him. What? Why'd Greevil hire a pacifist like this? Say yes to him, and get ready to fight. _____________ / BOSS BATTLE \______________,------. | Cipher Admin Eldes ( $4700 | '---.------------------------>-----< | Ninjask | BUG / FLY | L45 | @@@| Manectric | ELC | L44+ | @@@| Salamence | DRG / FLY | L50+ | | Flygon | GRD / DRG | L45 | @@@| Marowak | GRD | L44+ | @@@| Lapras | WTR / ICE | L44+ | '------------'-----------'------' NOTE: If you want to stand a great chance against the final boss, be absolutely sure to Snag the Salamence! Eldes has an astonishing four Shadow Pokemon on his team. Not only that, but Manectric, Salamence, and Marowak all know the destructive Shadow End attack! Using Shadow Pokemon of your own against Eldes is a good idea, but only if they have some non-Shadow attacks so you can efficiently damage his Shadow Pokemon. A good strategy is to put the Ninjask to Sleep, and then focus on catching Eldes' Shadow Pokemon one at a time. That way you won't have to deal with two Shadow Pokemon simultaneously. However, Ninjask is fast and knows both Protect and Dig, so disabling it can sometimes be a chore. (You could always just let it be, because it's not really particularly deadly.) Manectric, the other Pokemon Eldes starts with, is also very fast, and it may Shadow End one of your key Pokemon, so be careful. His Salamence is very high-leveled, and has extremely high Attack. Shadow End will almost certainly take down any of your Pokemon, except your Shadow Pokemon. Snag it as quickly as possible, and whatever you do, don't knock it out! Marowak is slow, but powerful. It's Thick Bone doubles its Attack, and if you combine that with Shadow End, Marowak is extremely deadly! Disable it and then Snag it to make sure it doesn't get to you. His last Pokemon, Lapras, isn't too rough, although it has high HP and knows Shadow Storm. Other than that, it isn't too bad, although still proceed carefully around it. Electabuzz and it's Shadow Half move can be very helpful if you're having a difficult time with this fight! After winning, Eldes tells you to keep going if you want to stop Greevil, warning you that Greevil's power is probably greater than you can imagine. He'll then just leave, removing the magical glass wall that previously blocked you. Magic! Get the Max Revive in the corner of the room, and then head back to the Healing Machine and PC. You're definitely going to want to add your new Salamence to your party! EXTREMELY IMPORTANT! Leave an empty space in your party! You're about to acquire an extremely strong Shadow Pokemon in the next fight, and it's extremely effective against the final boss of the game! Don't worry about leaving one of your regular team members behind, because Shadow Pokemon really are most effective against the final two fights. Electabuzz and Salamence are both highly recommended Shadow Pokemon to have in your party, so choose 3 other Pokemon to put on your team (again, Shadow Pokemon are preferable), and leave one empty space in your party. The final two fights of the game will be fought back-to-back, giving you no opportunity to save or heal inbetween, so make absolutely sure that your team is ready, and they are healed. You will also want around 30 Ultra Balls, 20 Hyper Potions or Moomoo Milks, 5-10 Full Heals, and 10-15 Revives and/or Max Revives. Trust me, you'll likely need all of this stuff. Timer Balls are also effective if you have patience or are using the Cheap and Boring tactic (scroll down a bit). If you don't have this stuff, go back and get it now, because you won't have another chance. When you're ready, take the elevator in the southwest part of the room to chase after Greevil. (Also, I would recommend having Salamence in the first slot of your party, and Electabuzz in the second slot. It makes things a bit easier, just trust me.) Greevil will be inside of a large dome. Angered that you've foiled all of Cipher's plans - kidnapping Professor Krane, retrieving the Data Roms, and shutting down the Lair - he will tell you that the true glory of his Shadow Pokemon plan is about to begin. He intends to create Shadow Pokemon that will completely resist purification, and plans on creating an army of Shadow Pokemon that will do his bidding so he won't have to rely on the likes of clumsy Admins. Then, Greevil summons forth XD001 - a Shadow Lugia! Claiming that Shadow Lugia is the first Shadow Pokemon unable to be purified, he orders it to attack you! _______ / XD001 \____________________,------. | Grand Master Greevil ( $5300 | '---.------------------------>-----< @@@| Lugia | PSY / FLY | L50+ | '------------'-----------'------' I sure hope that you didn't use your Master Ball, because if you did, Lugia will be an absolute pain to catch! If you have your Master Ball, Lugia is the perfect Pokemon to use it on. Toss it now! Otherwise, you'll have to slowly weaken it, and survive it's onslaught of brutal Shadow attacks. Shadow Lugia has monstrous Defense and Special Defense, so it will take a very long time to weaken it to a point where you can catch it. Inflicting Paralysis on it is a good idea, or put it to Sleep if you can. Expect to use no less than 10 or 15 Ultra Balls against it, even when it's under 10% HP and afflicted with a status ailment. After catching the Shadow Lugia (aka XD001), Greevil will be angered that you Snagged (or knocked out) his Shadow Lugia, and will vow to see to the destruction of your Pokemon! ____________ / FINAL BOSS \_______________,------. | Grand Master Greevil ( $5000 | '---.------------------------>-----< @@@| Rhydon | RCK / GRD | L46+ | @@@| Moltres | FIR / FLY | L50+ | @@@| Exeggutor | GRS / PSY | L46+ | @@@| Tauros | NRM | L46+ | @@@| Articuno | ICE / FLY | L50+ | @@@| Zapdos | ELC / FLY | L50+ | '------------'-----------'------' All of Greevil's Pokemon are Shadow Pokemon, which makes this fight very difficult and extremely challenging to catch all 6 of his Shadow Pokemon. There are several different strategies to catch all of his Pokemon, and I'll list a few different ones. The Normal way: Greevil's Pokemon are very strong and difficult to catch. Not only that, but they use Shadow Hold a lot, preventing you from switching. From the start, switch Salamence for Lugia before he uses Shadow Hold on you. Then, have Lugia and Electabuzz attack, gradually lowering the Pokemon's HP. Don't focus on Moltres right now, and focus on getting Rhydon first. You should be able to successfully Snag it at around 25% health or so. Then, he'll bring out Exeggutor. Weaken Exeggutor to the point where you can Snag it (around 25% HP), and then lob Ultra Balls at it. After you've caught Exeggutor, he'll send out his Tauros. Now start focus on weakening the Moltres because Tauros' attacks aren't that strong in comparison. Afflict it with a status ailment like Sleep or Paralysis and then lob Ultra Balls at it until you catch it. Next comes Articuno. Use a similar strategy against Articuno that you did Moltres, just be careful not to knock it out! After you've caught Articuno, Greevil will send out Zapdos. Now, focus on Snagging the Tauros so it won't be bothering you every turn. It's a lot easier to catch than the any of the legendary birds, so you should be able to Snag it without a problem. Then, focus on weakening and Snagging Zapdos, and you'll be set! Super effective way: At the beginning of the battle, switch Salamence for Lugia and have Electabuzz use Shadow Half. You need to do this first, otherwise Rhydon might use Shadow Hold to lock your Pokemon. On the second turn, have Lugia use a Lemonade or Moo-Moo Milk on Electabuzz to restore its HP. It's extremely important that you keep Electabuzz alive. On the third turn, either heal Lugia or throw a Ball at the Rhydon (catching it is important due to its annoying moves), and have Electabuzz use Shadow Half again. Next, have Lugia use a healing item on Electabuzz, unless it has under 30 HP. On the next turn, Moltres should be at 25% HP and Exeggutor at 50%. Have Lugia use a Moo-Moo Milk or Hyper Potion on itself, and Electabuzz use Shadow Half again. If Exeggutor uses Shadow End to knock out Electabuzz or Lugia, just send out Salamence and use a Revive on it, then switch out for it next turn. Once Exeggutor has around 15-30% HP, use an Ultra Ball to catch it. This should be around Turn 5 or 6. Have Electabuzz use Shadow Half when you throw the Ball, so you'll half the next Pokemon's HP. Once the Tauros comes out, you'll be in good shape. Lugia will likely be weak around now, so use a Hyper Potion on it to bring it back to health while you wait for Electabuzz to recharge. Next turn, Moltres will be under 10% HP, and Tauros will be at 50%. Have Lugia use a Lemonade on Electabuzz, and Electabuzz use Shadow Half. Tauros should be at 25% HP, and Moltres should be very weak (under 7%). Tauros' only attack move is Shadow Rush, so you don't have to worry about it too much. At this point, throw an Ultra Ball at Moltres and hope to catch it. If it's under 5% HP, chances are you're going to catch it on your first Ultra Ball. If you don't catch it, have Electabuzz throw Ultra Balls at it instead of use Shadow Half while Lugia heals. When the Articuno comes out, start using Shadow Half again. Don't worry about Tauros, although be ready to administer Ice Heals or Full Heals in case Articuno's Shadow Chill freezes you. Electabuzz may be knocked out again. This happens. Just remember to send out Salamence, and have Lugia use a Revive or Max Revive on Electabuzz while Salamence switches for it, otherwise Shadow Hold may get you. Use the Shadow Half + Heal tactic to get Articuno down to 12.5% HP, and then start throwing Ultra Balls at it on Electabuzz's turn. If at 12.5% HP Articuno doesn't stay in the Ultra Ball, use Shadow Half again to almost ensure it being caught. Once Articuno has been caught, you only have to worry about Zapdos. Before you use Shadow Half to start hitting Zapdos, throw an Ultra Ball to catch the Tauros while you have Electabuzz use Shadow Half. Tauros should have less than 5% HP left and should be caught with one Ultra Ball. With Tauros out of the picture, you only have to worry about one attack per turn, and that's Zapdos. Unfortunately Zapdos has very high Special Attack, causing Shadow Bolt to do a lot of damage, but still less than Shadow Chill + Shadow Rush combined. Shadow Half + Heal until Zapdos is at 6.25% HP, and then start lobbing Ultra Balls at it. If Zapdos hits Lugia on the turn Electabuzz uses Shadow Half, you can toss an Ultra Ball at it on the next turn to hope to get lucky if you want, because it will take two non-critical hits for Zapdos to knock out Electabuzz at half HP. Once Zapdos is at 6.25% HP (after 4 uses of Shadow Half), if you have a Pokemon that can inflict Sleep or Paralysis on Zapdos, stop healing Electabuzz and wait until it faints so you can send that Pokemon out. Continue using Shadow Half, but have Lugia throw Ultra Balls at Zapdos instead of healing Electabuzz. Eventually, Zapdos will stay in the Ball, and you will have caught all 6 Shadow Pokemon in one battle! Cheap and Boring way: Switch the Electabuzz for Lugia, and then just stall for about 40 turns. Use healing items to restore your Pokemon's health, and keep track of how many turns have passed. After 40 turns have passed, weaken all of Greevil's Pokemon with your Shadow attacks and then throw Timer Balls when they're at about 50% HP. You should be able to catch all of them with about 10-15 Timer Balls, although bring 25-30 just in case. After beating Greevil... well, I'm not going to spoil the ending. For a Pokemon game, it's actually pretty good, and has some interesting twists. After the ending, you'll be prompted to save the game. Be sure to say yes, and then enjoy the credits! ____________________________________________________________________________ |.| s5. MT. BATTLE |.........................................................| ':'::::::::::::::::':::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::' Shortly into the game, you'll reach Mt. Battle. After speaking with Vander there, you'll be able to take the Mt. Battle Challenge whenever you please. The Mt. Battle Challenge is a 100-Trainer challenge that will have you fighting 100 Trainers as you climb your way to the top of the mountain. The Trainers get progressively harder as you ascend to the peak, and clearing Mt. Battle is a very difficult task! Each Battle takes place on a floating platform called a Zone, and as you would expect, there are 100 Zones. There are also 10 Areas which divide the 100 Zones into groups of 10. The 10th Zone of each Area (10, 20, 30, etc) will contain the Area Leader, who is typically more powerful and strategic than the other Trainers in the Area. After clearing an Area (that's 10 Zones), you'll receive Poke Coupons as a prize (and an item if it's your first time clearing the Area). Your Pokemon will be fully restored between each fight, so there's no need to worry about your Pokemon getting too weak to take on the next Trainer. You can also quit the challenge at any time by walking backwards. After you've cleared an Area, you'll be able to skip directly to that Area without having to go through the previous ones. So, let's say you beat Zones 1-30. You'll be able to start at either Area 1 (Zones 1-10), Area 2 (Zones 11-20), or Area 3 (Zones 21-30). Oh yeah, and did I mention that you'll get EXP just like normal fights? That fact alone makes Mt. Battle a wonderful spot to accumulate massive amounts of EXP! You can redeem your Poke Coupons by talking to the prize exchange lady at the desk to the right. She will exchange your Poke Coupons for the following items: ________ __________________ Coupons | Item | --------+------------------' 3,500 | TM29 4,000 | TM13 4,000 | TM24 4,000 | TM35 4,500 | TM30 6,000 | Mental Herb 6,000 | White Herb 8,000 | Focus Band 8,000 | Brightpowder 8,000 | King's Rock 8,000 | Scope Lens 8,000 | Choice Band 8,000 | Shell Bell 15,000 | Ganlon Berry (DF+) 15,000 | Salac Berry (SP+) 15,000 | Petaya Berry (SA+) 15,000 | Apicot Berry (SD+) --------'------------------- Here is a list of the prizes you'll receive after beating each Area: _____ _________ _______________________ Area | Coupons | Item (for 1st victory)| -----+---------+-----------------------' 1 | 200 | Macho Brace 2 | 300 | TM03 (Water Pulse) 3 | 600 | TM34 (Shock Wave) 4 | 700 | TM42 (Facade) 5 | 1000 | TM39 (Rock Tomb) 6 | ??? | ????????????????? 7 | ??? | ????????????????? 8 | ??? | ????????????????? 9 | ??? | ????????????????? 10 | ??? | ????????????????? -----'---------'------------------------ You'll only get the item during your first victory in that Area. In any subsequent victories, you'll just get the Poke Coupons. Finally, here is a list of all of the Trainers in Mt. Battle: (An "M" next to the Pokemon's level indicates it's a Male Pokemon, and a "F" next to the Pokemon's level indicates it's a Female Pokemon. Useful if you plan on using Attract or Cute Charm.) ____________________ / AREA 1, ZONES 1-10 \_______,------. | ZONE 1: Beauty Miru | '---.------------------------------< | Wurmple | BUG / PSN | L9M | | Wingull | WTR / FLY | L9M | .---'------------'-----------'------' | ZONE 2: Casual Dude Cridel | '---.------------------------------< | Corphish | WTR | L9M | | Swablu | NRM / FLY | L10F | .---'------------'-----------'------' | ZONE 3: Cooltrainer Bardo | '---.------------------------------< | Doduo | NRM / FLY | L10M | | Spoink | PSY | L10M | .---'------------'-----------'------' | ZONE 4: Navigator Robell | '---.------------------------------< | Hoothoot | NRM / FLY | L11F | .---'------------'-----------'------' | ZONE 5: Fun Old Man Kabin | '---.------------------------------< | Shroomish | GRS | L11F | .---'------------'-----------'------' | ZONE 6: Matron Ezella | '---.------------------------------< | Sunkern | GRS | L11F | | Poochyena | DRK | L11M | .---'------------'-----------'------' | ZONE 7: Casual Dude Horbit | '---.------------------------------< | Taillow | NRM / FLY | L12F | | Spinarak | BUG / PSN | L11M | .---'------------'-----------'------' | ZONE 8: Beauty Eloff | '---.------------------------------< | Surskit | WTR / BUG | L11F | | Nincada | BUG / GRD | L11F | | Pineco | BUG | L12M | .---'------------'-----------'------' | ZONE 9: Cooltrainer Dibsin | '---.------------------------------< | Skitty | NRM | L11F | | Baltoy | GRD / PSY | L11 | | Chikorita | GRS | L12F | .---'------------'-----------'------' | ZONE 10: Area Leader Vander | '---.------------------------------< | Zigzagoon | NRM | L12F | | Whismur | NRM | L12M | | Machop | FTG | L13M | '------------'-----------'------' ===================================== _____________________ / AREA 2, ZONES 11-20 \______,------. | ZONE 11: Chaser Dabil | '---.------------------------------< | Cyndaquil | FIR | L12F | .---'------------'-----------'------' | ZONE 12: Chaser Cidlor | '---.------------------------------< | Natu | PSY / FLY | L12F | | Wooper | WTR / GRD | L13M | .---'------------'-----------'------' | ZONE 13: Sailor Gratin | '---.------------------------------< | Wynaut | PSY | L14M | | Shuckle | BUG / RCK | L13F | .---'------------'-----------'------' | ZONE 14: Researcher Hardig | '---.------------------------------< | Seedot | GRS | L14M | | Ledyba | BUG / FLY | L13M | .---'------------'-----------'------' | ZONE 15: Hunter Goling | '---.------------------------------< | Feebas | WTR | L14F | | Totodile | WTR | L12M | | Snubbull | NRM | L14F | .---'------------'-----------'------' | ZONE 16: Chaser Jeol | '---.------------------------------< | Torchic | FIR | L14F | | Mareep | ELC | L14F | .---'------------'-----------'------' | ZONE 17: Rider Echart | '---.------------------------------< | Ralts | PSY | L15M | .---'------------'-----------'------' | ZONE 18: Bodybuilder Delf | '---.------------------------------< | Slugma | FIR | L15F | | Silcoon | BUG | L10F | .---'------------'-----------'------' | ZONE 19: Bodybuilder Dolam | '---.------------------------------< | Larvitar | RCK / GRD | L11F | | Wurmple | BUG | L13M | | Togepi | NRM | L11F | .---'------------'-----------'------' | ZONE 20: Area Leader Eldof | '---.------------------------------< | Mudkip | WTR | L15F | | Wingull | WTR / FLY | L12F | | Lotad | WTR / GRS | L15F | '------------'-----------'------' ===================================== _____________________ / AREA 3, ZONES 21-30 \______,------. | ZONE 21: Sailor Grestly | '---.------------------------------< | Raichu | ELC | L27F | .---'------------'-----------'------' | ZONE 22: Navigator Folop | '---.------------------------------< | Togetic | NRM / FLY | L28M | | Goldeen | WTR | L29M | .---'------------'-----------'------' | ZONE 23: Casual Dude Kwane | '---.------------------------------< | Koffing | PSN | L28M | | Phanpy | GRD | L27 | | Flaaffy | ELC | L27F | .---'------------'-----------'------' | ZONE 24: Casual Guy Napol | '---.------------------------------< | Mightyena | DRK | L27M | | Nosepass | RCK | L28M | .---'------------'-----------'------' | ZONE 25: Chaser Koiyt | '---.------------------------------< | Lileep | RCK / GRS | L27F | .---'------------'-----------'------' | ZONE 26: Rider Atill | '---.------------------------------< | Teddiursa | NRM | L28F | | Forretress | BUG / STL | L28F | .---'------------'-----------'------' | ZONE 27: Curmudgeon Metson | '---.------------------------------< | Houndour | FIR / DRK | L28M | | Corsola | WTR / RCK | L28M | | Linoone | NRM | L28F | .---'------------'-----------'------' | ZONE 28: Bodybuilder Jespon | '---.------------------------------< | Corphish | WTR | L28M | | Masquerain | BUG / FLY | L28F | .---'------------'-----------'------' | ZONE 29: Cooltrainer Mopar | '---.------------------------------< | Quagsire | WTR / GRD | L28F | | Sealeo | WTR / ICE | L28F | .---'------------'-----------'------' | ZONE 30: Area Leader Taria | '---.------------------------------< | Furret | NRM | L28F | | Spinda | NRM | L28M | | Electrike | ELC | L29F | '------------'-----------'------' ===================================== (Areas 4-10 coming soon!) ____________________________________________________________________________ |.| s6. COLOSSEUMS |.........................................................| ':'::::::::::::::::':::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::' In Pokemon XD, there are 3 Colosseums you can visit throughout your journey. The first you'll run across is the Pyrite Colosseum, located in Pyrite Town. The second is in Realgam Tower, and it's called the Realgam Colosseum. Lastly, there's the Orre Colosseum, although finding it's whereabouts may be rather tricky. The first two Colosseums are pretty much like normal battles, except your Pokemon are healed between battles and you have to fight four Trainers in a row (without taking any breaks). After beating all four Trainers, you'll win a cash prize, and a TM (provided you haven't already won that TM in the Colosseum yet). ____________________________________________________________________________ | | s6.1. Pyrite Colosseum | | '-'------------------------'-------------------------------------------------' You can find Pyrite Colosseum located in Pyrite Town. It's the farthest building from the entrance, and you have to cross a wooden bridge in order to get to it. _________ / ROUND 1 \__________________,------. | Chaser Resila | '---.------------------------------< | Smoochum | PSY / ICE | L20 | | Pichu | ELC | L20 | | Pichu | ELC | L20 | | Teddiursa | NRM | L20 | .---'------------'-----------'------' | Sailor Monar | '---.------------------------------< | Totodile | WTR | L20 | | Cyndaquil | FIR | L20 | | Chikorita | GRS | L20 | .---'------------'-----------'------' | Chaser Rafert | '---.------------------------------< | Taillow | NRM / FLY | L20 | | Duskull | GHO | L20 | | Poochyena | DRK | L20 | | Ralts | PSY | L20 | .---'------------'-----------'------' | Chaser Jupex | '---.------------------------------< | Snubbull | NRM | L20 | | Minun | ELC | L20 | | Plusle | ELC | L20 | '------------'-----------'------' After beating Round 1, you'll receive $3040 Poke Dollars, and, if you haven't won it yet, TM31 (Brick Break). _________ / ROUND 2 \__________________,------. | Hunter Haxer | '---.------------------------------< | Mareep | ELC | L20 | | Wooper | WTR / GRD | L20 | | Ledyba | BUG / FLY | L20 | .---'------------'-----------'------' | Chaser Mestil | '---.------------------------------< | Togepi | NRM | L20 | | Pichu | ELC | L20 | | Cleffa | NRM | L20 | | Smoochum | PSY / ICE | L20 | .---'------------'-----------'------' | Chaser Novil | '---.------------------------------< | Castform | NRM | L20 | | Lotad | WTR / GRS | L20 | | Seedot | GRS | L20 | .---'------------'-----------'------' | Researcher | '---.------------------------------< | Meditite | FTG / PSY | L20 | | Magnemite | ELC / STL | L20 | | Makuhita | FTG | L20 | '------------'-----------'------' After beating Round 2, you'll receive $3040 Poke Dollars, and, if you haven't won it yet, TM12 (Taunt). _________ / ROUND 3 \__________________,------. | Hunter Nostal | '---.------------------------------< | Roselia | GRS / PSN | L20 | | Rhyhorn | RCK / GRD | L20 | | Wingull | WTR / FLY | L20 | .---'------------'-----------'------' | Chaser Ostix | '---.------------------------------< | Skitty | NRM | L20 | | Sentret | NRM | L20 | | Smeargle | NRM | L20 | .---'------------'-----------'------' | Chaser Novil | '---.------------------------------< | Trapinch | GRD | L20 | | Spinda | NRM | L20 | | Spoink | PSY | L20 | .---'------------'-----------'------' | Sailor Tebu | '---.------------------------------< | Hitmontop | FTG | L20 | | Snubbull | NRM | L20 | | Stantler | NRM | L20 | '------------'-----------'------' After beating Round 3, you'll receive $2880 Poke Dollars, and, if you haven't won it yet, TM41 (Torment). _________ / ROUND 4 \__________________,------. | Chaser Sellis | '---.------------------------------< | Swablu | NRM / FLY | L20 | | Taillow | NRM / FLY | L20 | | Natu | PSY / FLY | L20 | | Torchic | FIR | L20 | .---'------------'-----------'------' | Sailor Mifis | '---.------------------------------< | Jigglypuff | NRM | L20 | | Spheal | WTR / ICE | L20 | | Marill | WTR | L20 | .---'------------'-----------'------' | Hunter Tiruk | '---.------------------------------< | Aipom | NRM | L20 | | Gulpin | PSN | L20 | | Doduo | NRM / FLY | L20 | | Corsola | WTR / RCK | L20 | .---'------------'-----------'------' | Researcher Foss | '---.------------------------------< | Carvanha | WTR / DRK | L20 | | Bagon | DRG | L20 | | Larvitar | RCK / GRD | L20 | | Snubbull | NRM | L20 | '------------'-----------'------' After beating Round 4, you'll receive $2880 Poke Dollars, and, if you haven't won it yet, TM05 (Roar). ____________________________________________________________________________ | | s6.2. Realgam Colosseum | | '-'-------------------------'------------------------------------------------' Coming soon! ____________________________________________________________________________ | | s6.3. Orre Colosseum | | '-'----------------------'---------------------------------------------------' Coming soon! ____________________________________________________________________________ |.| s7. REALGAM TOWER |......................................................| ':':::::::::::::::::::'::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::' ____________________________________________________________________________ | | s7.1. Battle Bingo | | '-'--------------------'-----------------------------------------------------' Coming soon! ____________________________________________________________________________ | | s7.2. Battle CDs | | '-'------------------'-------------------------------------------------------' Coming soon! ____________________________________________________________________________ |.| s8. SHADOW POKEMON LOCATIONS |...........................................| ':'::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::':::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::' Here is a list of all of the Shadow Pokemon that you can Snag in the game, what level they are, and where you can find them: .------------._______________________________________________________________ | Pokemon | Types |Lv| Location \ >-----------+-------+--+---------------------------------------------------< | Teddiursa | NRM |11| Spy Naps at the Pokemon HQ Lab. | | Ledyba |BUG/FLY|10| Casual Guy Cyle in Port Gateon. You need to take | | | | | the moving bridges in order to reach him. He's on | | | | | the eastern side of the moving bridges. | | Poochyena | DRK |10| Bodybuilder Kilen in Port Gateon, on the roof of | | | | | the Lighthouse. | | Houndour |FIR/DRK|17| Cipher Peon Resix in Cipher Lab. If you miss it | | | | | there, you can try again in Phenac City later. | | Spheal |WTR/ICE|17| Cipher Peon Blusix in Cipher Lab. If you miss it | | | | | there, you can try again in Phenac City later. | | Baltoy |GRD/PSY|17| Cipher Peon Browsix in Cipher Lab. If you miss it | | | | | there, you can try again in Phenac City later. | | Mareep | ELC |17| Cipher Peon Yellosix in Cipher Lab. If you miss it | | | | | there, you can try again in Phenac City later. | | Gulpin | PSN |17| Cipher Peon Purpsix in Cipher Lab. If you miss it | | | | | there, you can try again in Phenac City later. | | Seedot | GRS |17| Cipher Peon Greesix in Cipher Lab. If you miss it | | | | | there, you can try again in Phenac City later. | | Spinarak |BUG/PSN|14| Cipher Peon Nexir in Cipher Lab Basement 2. | | Numel |FIR/GRD|14| Cipher Peon Solox in Cipher Lab Basement 1. | | Carvanha |WTR/DRK|15| Cipher Peon Cabol in Cipher Lab Basement 1. | | Shroomish | GRS |15| Cipher R&D Klots in Cipher Lab Basement 1. | | Delcatty | NRM |18| Cipher Admin Lovrina in Cipher Lab Basement 1. | | Makuhita | FTG |18| Cipher Peon Torkin in Pyrite Town, in the ONBS | | | | | Buidling during the Cipher invasion. | | Vulpix | FIR |18| Cipher Peon Mesin in Pyrite Town, in the ONBS | | | | | Buidling during the Cipher invasion. | | Duskull | GHO |19| Cipher Peon Labor in Pyrite Town, in the ONBS | | | | | Buidling during the Cipher invasion. | | Ralts | PSY |20| Cipher Peon Feldas in Pyrite Town, in the ONBS | | | | | Buidling during the Cipher invasion. | | Mawile | STL |22| Cipher Cmdr Exol in Pyrite Town, in the ONBS | | | | | Buidling during the Cipher invasion. | | Voltorb | ELC |19| Wanderer Miror B. in the Cave Poke Spot. | | Snorunt | ICE |20| Cipher Peon Exinn in Phenac City. | | Pineco | BUG |20| Cipher Peon Gonrag in Phenac City. | | Natu |PSY/FLY|22| Cipher Peon Eloin in Phenac City (Pre Gym). | | Roselia |GRS/PSN|22| Cipher Peon Fasin in Phenac City (Pre Gym). | | Meowth | NRM |22| Cipher Peon Fostin in Phenac City (Pre Gym). | | Swinub |ICE/GRD|22| Cipher Peon Grack in Phenac City (Outside Stadium).| | Spearow |NRM/FLY|22| Cipher Peon Ezin in Phenac City (Phenac Stadium). | | Grimer | PSN |23| Cipher Peon Falty in Phenac City (Phenac Stadium). | | Seel | WTR |23| Cipher Peon Egrog in Phenac City (Phenac Stadium). | | Lunatone |PSY/RCK|25| Cipher Admin Snattle in Phenac City (Phenac | | | | | Stadium). | | Zangoose | NRM |28| Thug Zook outside of Cipher Key Lair. | | Nosepass | RCK |26| Wanderer Miror B. after reclaiming the Snag Machine| | Togepi | NRM |25| Talk to Hordel in the Outskirt Stand to receive | | | | | Togepi. | | Paras |BUG/GRS|28| Cipher Peon Humah in Cipher Key Lair First Floor. | | Growlithe | FIR |28| Cipher Peon Humah in Cipher Key Lair First Floor. | | Shellder | WTR |29| Cipher Peon Gorog in Cipher Key Lair Second Floor. | | Beedrill |BUG/PSN|30| Cipher Peon Lok in Cipher Key Lair Third Floor. | | Pidgeotto |NRM/FLY|30| Cipher Peon Lok in Cipher Key Lair Third Floor. | | Tangela | GRS |30| Cipher Peon Targ in Cipher Key Lair Fourth Floor. | | Butterfree |BUG/FLY|30| Cipher Peon Targ in Cipher Key Lair Fourth Floor. | | Magneton |ELC/STL|30| Cipher Peon Snidle in Cipher Key Lair Fourth Floor.| | Venomoth |BUG/PSN|32| Cipher Peon Angic in Cipher Key Lair Rooftop. | | Weepinbell |GRS/PSN|32| Cipher Peon Angic in Cipher Key Lair Rooftop. | | Arbok | PSN |33| Cipher Peon Smarton in Cipher Key Lair Rooftop. | | Primeape | FTG |34| Cipher Admin Gorigan in Cipher Key Lair Office. | | Hypno | PSY |34| Cipher Admin Gorigan in Cipher Key Lair Office. | | Golduck | WTR |33| Navigator Abson in Citadark Isle (Outside). | | Sableye |GHO/DRK|33| Navigator Abson in Citadark Isle (Outside). | | Dodrio |NRM/FLY|34| Chaser Furgy in Citadark Isle (Entrance). | | Raticate | NRM |34| Chaser Furgy in Citadark Isle (Entrance). | | Farfetch'd |NRM/FLY|36| Cipher Admin Lovrina in Citadark Isle (Entrance). | | Altaria |DRG/FLY|36| Cipher Admin Lovrina in Citadark Isle (Entrance). | | Kangaskhan | NRM |35| Cipher Peon Litnar in Citadark Isle (Whirlpool). | | Banette | GHO |37| Cipher Peon Litnar in Citadark Isle (Whirlpool). | | Magmar | FIR |36| Cipher Peon Grupel in Citadark Isle (Lower Volcano)| | Pinsir | BUG |35| Cipher Peon Grupel in Citadark Isle (Lower Volcano)| | Rapidash | FIR |40| Cipher Peon Kolest in Citadark Isle (Upper Volcano)| | Magcargo |FIR/RCK|38| Cipher Peon Kolest in Citadark Isle (Upper Volcano)| | Hitmonchan | FTG |38| Cipher Peon Karbon in Citadark Isle (Inner Volcano)| | Hitmonlee | FTG |38| Cipher Peon Karbon in Citadark Isle (Inner Volcano)| | Lickitung | NRM |38| Cipher Peon Geftal in Citadark Isle (Crane Room). | | Scyther |BUG/FLY|40| Cipher Peon Leden in Citadark Isle (Crane Room). | | Chansey | NRM |39| Cipher Peon Leden in Citadark Isle (Crane Room). | | Solrock |RCK/PSY|41| Cipher Admin Snattle in Citadark Isle (Bridge). | | Starmie |WTR/PSY|41| Cipher Admin Snattle in Citadark Isle (Bridge). | | Electabuzz | ELC |43| Cipher Admin Ardos in Citadark Isle (Bridge). | | Swellow |NRM/FLY|43| Cipher Admin Ardos in Citadark Isle (Bridge). | | Snorlax | NRM |43| Cipher Admin Ardos in Citadark Isle (Bridge). | | Poliwrath |WTR/FTG|42| Cipher Admin Gorigan in Citadark Isle (Bridge). | | Mr. Mime | PSY |42| Cipher Admin Gorigan in Citadark Isle (Bridge). | | Dugtrio | GRD |40| Cipher Peon Kolax in Citadark Isle (Walkway). | | Manectric | ELC |44| Cipher Admin Eldes in Citadark Isle (Control Room).| | Salamence |DRG/FLY|50| Cipher Admin Eldes in Citadark Isle (Control Room).| | Marowak | GRD |44| Cipher Admin Eldes in Citadark Isle (Control Room).| | Lapras |WTR/ICE|44| Cipher Admin Eldes in Citadark Isle (Control Room).| | Lugia |PSY/FLY|50| Grand Master Greevil in Citadark Isle (Final Area).| | Rhydon |RCK/GRD|46| Grand Master Greevil in Citadark Isle (Final Area).| | Moltres |FIR/FLY|50| Grand Master Greevil in Citadark Isle (Final Area).| | Exeggutor |GRS/PSY|46| Grand Master Greevil in Citadark Isle (Final Area).| | Tauros | NRM |46| Grand Master Greevil in Citadark Isle (Final Area).| | Articuno |ICE/FLY|50| Grand Master Greevil in Citadark Isle (Final Area).| | Zapdos |ELC/FLY|50| Grand Master Greevil in Citadark Isle (Final Area).| | Dragonite |DRG/FLY|55| Wanderer Miror B. in Gateon Port (Lighthouse) | | | | | after Snagging the other 82 Shadow Pokemon. | '------------'-------'--'-----------------------------------.________________| If you accidentally knock out a Shadow Pokemon, don't worry, because all is not lost! Miror B. will include a random missed Shadow Pokemon in his battle lineup whenever you fight him, so you'll have another chance then! ____________________________________________________________________________ |.| s9. PURIFY CHAMBER |.....................................................| ':'::::::::::::::::::::':::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::' Coming soon! ____________________________________________________________________________ |.| s10. POKEMON DATA |......................................................| ':':::::::::::::::::::'::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::' Coming soon! ____________________________________________________________________________ |.| s11. MOVES |.............................................................| ':'::::::::::::':::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::' Coming soon! ____________________________________________________________________________ |.| s12. ABILITIES |.........................................................| ':'::::::::::::::::':::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::' Each Pokemon in the game has a special characteristic called an "Ability". Abilities usually affect certain aspects of battle, and Abilities differ based on the species of Pokemon. Each species of Pokemon has either one or two Abilities, and these Abilities can not be changed except through evolution or the move Skill Swap (which is only temporary). Abilities can do a wide variety of things, such as provide immunity against certain status ailments (Poison, Sleep, Confusion, etc.). Others may prevent the opponent from doing something. They really can do a lot of different things, and are an important aspect of Pokemon. Not only is it important to learn each Pokemon's types, but learning their Abilities too is very important. Below is a list of all of the Abilities that Pokemon can have. This list does not show you which Pokemon have the Ability, but instead provides a description of what each Ability does. .----------. | AIR LOCK |_________________________________________________________________ '-----. | | This Pokemon isn't affected by anything that the weather condition | | alters | .-----'------._______________________________________________________________| | ARENA TRAP |_______________________________________________________________ '-----. | | The enemy can't switch their Pokemon or retreat, unless they're | | Flying-type or have Levitate | .-----'--------._____________________________________________________________| | BATTLE ARMOR |_____________________________________________________________ '-----. | | Reduces the chances of the enemy hitting with a critical hit | .-----'-.____________________________________________________________________| | BLAZE |____________________________________________________________________ '-----. | | This Pokemon's Fire-type attacks do 1.5x as much damage when it's | | under 33% of its max HP | .-----'-------.______________________________________________________________| | CHLOROPHYLL |______________________________________________________________ '-----. | | Doubles this Pokemon's Speed when it's sunny | .-----'------._______________________________________________________________| | CLEAR BODY |_______________________________________________________________ '-----. | | Your opponent's moves or Abilities can't lower this Pokemon's stats | .-----'------._______________________________________________________________| | CLOUD NINE |_______________________________________________________________ '-----. | | All Pokemon aren't affected by weather conditions or anything the | | weather condition alters while this Pokemon is out | .-----'--------._____________________________________________________________| | COLOR CHANGE |_____________________________________________________________ '-----. | | After being hit with an attack, this Pokemon's type changes to the | | type of attack just used against it | .-----'--------._____________________________________________________________| | COMPOUNDEYES |_____________________________________________________________ '-----. | | All of this Pokemon's moves are 30% more accurate | .-----'------._______________________________________________________________| | CUTE CHARM |_______________________________________________________________ '-----. | | 30% chance of inflicting Attract on the enemy when the enemy does | | damage to this Pokemon (and are of the opposite Gender) | .-----'._____________________________________________________________________| | DAMP |_____________________________________________________________________ '-----. | | All Pokemon can't use Selfdestruct or Explosion while this Pokemon | | is out | .-----'---.__________________________________________________________________| | DRIZZLE |__________________________________________________________________ '-----. | | Changes the weather to rainy | .-----'---.__________________________________________________________________| | DROUGHT |__________________________________________________________________ '-----. | | Changes the weather to sunny | .-----'------._______________________________________________________________| | EARLY BIRD |_______________________________________________________________ '-----. | | This Pokemon stays Asleep for less time | .-----'--------._____________________________________________________________| | EFFECT SPORE |_____________________________________________________________ '-----. | | If your opponent uses a direct attack against this Pokemon, there's | | a 10% chance of afflicting the enemy with Poison, Paralyze, or Sleep | .-----'------._______________________________________________________________| | FLAME BODY |_______________________________________________________________ '-----. | | If your opponent uses a direct attack against this Pokemon, there's | | a 30% chance of afflicting the enemy with Burn | .-----'------._______________________________________________________________| | FLASH FIRE |_______________________________________________________________ '-----. | | Prevents all damage and effects of Fire-type attacks, and causes | | this Pokemon's Fire-type attacks to do more damage | .-----'----._________________________________________________________________| | FORECAST |_________________________________________________________________ '-----. | | Changes this Pokemon's type based on the weather condition (rainy = | | Water-type; sunny = Fire-type; hailing = Ice-type) | .-----'._____________________________________________________________________| | GUTS |_____________________________________________________________________ '-----. | | This Pokemon's attacks do 1.5x as much damage while this Pokemon is | | afflicted with a Status Condtion | .-----'------._______________________________________________________________| | HUGE POWER |_______________________________________________________________ '-----. | | This Pokemon's attacks do more damage than usual as long as this | | Ability hasn't been copied | .-----'--.___________________________________________________________________| | HUSTLE |___________________________________________________________________ '-----. | | This Pokemon's attacks do 1.5x as much damage, but accuracy for all | | moves is reduced by 1/5 | .-----'--------._____________________________________________________________| | HYPER CUTTER |_____________________________________________________________ '-----. | | This Pokemon's Attack can't be lowered by any moves or Abilities | .-----'------._______________________________________________________________| | ILLUMINATE |_______________________________________________________________ '-----. | | While this Pokemon is your first Pokemon, you will encounter less | | wild Pokemon | .-----'----._________________________________________________________________| | IMMUNITY |_________________________________________________________________ '-----. | | This Pokemon can't become afflicted with Poison | .-----'-------.______________________________________________________________| | INNER FOCUS |______________________________________________________________ '-----. | | This Pokemon doesn't Flinch | .-----'----._________________________________________________________________| | INSOMNIA |_________________________________________________________________ '-----. | | This Pokemon can't become afflicted with Sleep (Rest does nothing) | .-----'------._______________________________________________________________| | INTIMIDATE |_______________________________________________________________ '-----. | | When this Pokemon is sent out, it lowers both enemies Attack by 1 | | stage | .-----'----._________________________________________________________________| | KEEN EYE |_________________________________________________________________ '-----. | | This Pokemon's Accuracy can't be lowered by any moves or Abilities | .-----'----._________________________________________________________________| | LEVITATE |_________________________________________________________________ '-----. | | Prevents all damage and effects of Ground-type attacks | .-----'--------._____________________________________________________________| | LIGHTNINGROD |_____________________________________________________________ '-----. | | Any Electric-type attacks that would target your other Pokemon | | target this Pokemon instead | .-----'--.___________________________________________________________________| | LIMBER |___________________________________________________________________ '-----. | | This Pokemon can't become afflicted with Paralysis | .-----'-------.______________________________________________________________| | LIQUID OOZE |______________________________________________________________ '-----. | | If this Pokemon's HP is being drained by Leech Seed, Absorb, Mega | | Drain, etc, it does damage to the attacking Pokemon | .-----'-------.______________________________________________________________| | MAGMA ARMOR |______________________________________________________________ '-----. | | This Pokemon can't become afflicted with Freeze | .-----'-------.______________________________________________________________| | MAGNET PULL |______________________________________________________________ '-----. | | Steel-type Pokemon can't switch or retreat while this Pokemon is out | .-----'--------._____________________________________________________________| | MARVEL SCALE |_____________________________________________________________ '-----. | | This Pokemon's Defense is 1.5x while it has a Status Condition | .-----'-.____________________________________________________________________| | MINUS |____________________________________________________________________ '-----. | | If a Pokemon with Plus is on the field, this Pokemon's attacks do | | 1.5x as much damage | .-----'--------._____________________________________________________________| | NATURAL CURE |_____________________________________________________________ '-----. | | When this Pokemon is switched out, it is cured of any Status | | Conditions | .-----'-----.________________________________________________________________| | OBLIVIOUS |________________________________________________________________ '-----. | | This Pokemon can't become Attracted | .-----'----._________________________________________________________________| | OVERGROW |_________________________________________________________________ '-----. | | This Pokemon's Grass-type attacks do 1.5x as much damage when it's | | under 33% of its max HP | .-----'-----.________________________________________________________________| | OWN TEMPO |________________________________________________________________ '-----. | | This Pokemon can't become Confused | .-----'--.___________________________________________________________________| | PICKUP |___________________________________________________________________ '-----. | | After winning a battle, there's a chance that this Pokemon might | | pick up an item if it wasn't already carrying one | .-----'._____________________________________________________________________| | PLUS |_____________________________________________________________________ '-----. | | If a Pokemon with Minus is on the field, this Pokemon's attacks do | | 1.5x as much damage | .-----'--------._____________________________________________________________| | POISON POINT |_____________________________________________________________ '-----. | | If your opponent uses a direct attack against this Pokemon, there's | | a 30% chance of afflicting the enemy with Poison | .-----'----._________________________________________________________________| | PRESSURE |_________________________________________________________________ '-----. | | Whenever this Pokemon is damaged by an attack, it lowers the | | attacking Pokemon's PP of the used move by 2 | .-----'------._______________________________________________________________| | PURE POWER |_______________________________________________________________ '-----. | | This Pokemon's attacks do more damage than usual as long as this | | Ability hasn't been copied | .-----'-----.________________________________________________________________| | RAIN DISH |________________________________________________________________ '-----. | | If the weather is rainy, this Pokemon regains a small amount of HP | | inbetween turns | .-----'-----.________________________________________________________________| | ROCK HEAD |________________________________________________________________ '-----. | | Any move that does damage to the user as well as the enemy (except | | for Selfdestruct and Explosion) only does damage to the enemy | .-----'------._______________________________________________________________| | ROUGH SKIN |_______________________________________________________________ '-----. | | Whenever a Pokemon does direct damage to this Pokemon, it receives a | | small amount of damage | .-----'----._________________________________________________________________| | RUN AWAY |_________________________________________________________________ '-----. | | Increases the chances of successfully running away in battle | .-----'-------.______________________________________________________________| | SAND STREAM |______________________________________________________________ '-----. | | Chances the weather to sandstorm | .-----'-----.________________________________________________________________| | SAND VEIL |________________________________________________________________ '-----. | | Raises this Pokemon's Evasion while the weather is sandstorm | .-----'--------._____________________________________________________________| | SERENE GRACE |_____________________________________________________________ '-----. | | Any move that has a % of an effect happening has it's % doubled | | (example, Water Pulse has a 30% chance of inflicting Confusion; with | | Serene Grace, it's now a 60% chance) | .-----'------._______________________________________________________________| | SHADOW TAG |_______________________________________________________________ '-----. | | The enemy can't switch Pokemon or run | .-----'-----.________________________________________________________________| | SHED SKIN |________________________________________________________________ '-----. | | This Pokemon has a 30% chance of recovering from any Status | | Condition between turns | .-----'-------.______________________________________________________________| | SHELL ARMOR |______________________________________________________________ '-----. | | Any Pokemon can't hit this Pokemon with a critical hit | .-----'-------.______________________________________________________________| | SHIELD DUST |______________________________________________________________ '-----. | | This Pokemon isn't affected by any additional effects of attacks | | other than damage | .-----'------._______________________________________________________________| | SOUNDPROOF |_______________________________________________________________ '-----. | | This Pokemon isn't affected by any of the following moves: | | Grasswhistle, Growl, Heal Bell, Hyper Voice, Metal Sound, Perish | | Song, Roar, Screech, Sing, Snore, Supersonic, and Uproar | .-----'-------.______________________________________________________________| | SPEED BOOST |______________________________________________________________ '-----. | | Inbetween turns, this Pokemon's Speed is raised by 1 stage | .-----'--.___________________________________________________________________| | STATIC |___________________________________________________________________ '-----. | | If your opponent uses a direct attack against this Pokemon, there's | | a 30% chance of afflicting the enemy with Paralysis | .-----'--.___________________________________________________________________| | STENCH |___________________________________________________________________ '-----. | | While this Pokemon is your first Pokemon, you will encounter more | | wild Pokemon | .-----'-------.______________________________________________________________| | STICKY HOLD |______________________________________________________________ '-----. | | Prevents anything from happening to this Pokemon's held item | .-----'--.___________________________________________________________________| | STURDY |___________________________________________________________________ '-----. | | One-hit KO moves have no effect on this Pokemon | .-----'--------._____________________________________________________________| | SUCTION CUPS |_____________________________________________________________ '-----. | | This Pokemon can't be swapped out by your opponent's moves | .-----'-.____________________________________________________________________| | SWARM |____________________________________________________________________ '-----. | | This Pokemon's Bug-type attacks do 1.5x as much damage when it's | | under 33% of its max HP | .-----'------._______________________________________________________________| | SWIFT SWIM |_______________________________________________________________ '-----. | | If the weather is rainy, this Pokemon's Speed is doubled | .-----'-------.______________________________________________________________| | SYNCHRONIZE |______________________________________________________________ '-----. | | If this Pokemon becomes afflicted with Poison, Paralysis, or Burn, | | the enemy receives the same Status Condition | .-----'-----.________________________________________________________________| | THICK FAT |________________________________________________________________ '-----. | | Reduces Fire-type and Ice-type attacks damage by half | .-----'---.__________________________________________________________________| | TORRENT |__________________________________________________________________ '-----. | | This Pokemon's Water-type attacks do 1.5x as much damage when it's | | under 33% of its max HP | .-----'-.____________________________________________________________________| | TRACE |____________________________________________________________________ '-----. | | Copies the enemy's Ability | .-----'--.___________________________________________________________________| | TRUANT |___________________________________________________________________ '-----. | | This Pokemon loafs around every other turn | .-----'--------._____________________________________________________________| | VITAL SPIRIT |_____________________________________________________________ '-----. | | This Pokemon can't become afflicted with Sleep (Rest does nothing) | .-----'-------.______________________________________________________________| | VOLT ABSORB |______________________________________________________________ '-----. | | Prevents all damage from Electric-type attacks, and restores some HP | | when hit with an Electric-type attack | .-----'--------._____________________________________________________________| | WATER ABSORB |_____________________________________________________________ '-----. | | Prevents all damage from Water-type attacks, and restores some HP | | when hit with an Electric-type attack | .-----'------._______________________________________________________________| | WATER VEIL |_______________________________________________________________ '-----. | | This Pokemon can't become Burned | .-----'-------.______________________________________________________________| | WHITE SMOKE |______________________________________________________________ '-----. | | All Pokemon's moves can't lower any Pokemon's stats | .-----'--------._____________________________________________________________| | WONDER GUARD |_____________________________________________________________ '-----. | | Prevents all damage from moves with a type that isn't Super | | Effective (200% or 400% damage) to this Pokemon | |______________________________________________________________________| ____________________________________________________________________________ |.| s13. ITEMS |.............................................................| ':'::::::::::::':::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::' Coming soon! ____________________________________________________________________________ |.| s14. TYPE ADVANTAGE CHART |..............................................| ':':::::::::::::::::::::::::::'::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::' This chart here shows all of the different type matchups in Pokemon. Each attack has a Type associated with it, and depending on the Type of your opponent's Pokemon, your attacks will do more or less damage based on how the attack's Type does against the opponent's Type. Mastering the type chart is the trick to becoming an expert at the game. Once you have it down, you'll have an extreme edge against whatever is thrown against you. On the chart below, you'll see a table. The rows (rows go downward, folks) are the Type associated with the attack. Thundershock, for instance, is an Electric-type (ELC for short), so you would find the row (remember, that's going downward!) that says "ELC", and then you'll see what Thundershock is effective against by looking at the columns (going left-to-right). An O means that the attack will do double the damage against a Pokemon of that type. An X means that the attack will only half the damage against a Pokemon of that type. A # sign means that the attack will do no damage at all! If a Pokemon has two types, you'll have to combine the columns in your head. For instance, if you used Thundershock against a Pokemon that is both Water- and Flying-types, it would do four times the usual damage! Ouch! Let's take an example. You're using a Flaaffy (Electric-type [ELC]) with the moves Thunderbolt (Electric-type [ELC]) and Body Slam (Normal-type [NRM]). You're up against a Croconaw (Water-type [WTR]). If you use Body Slam against the Croconaw, you'll do regular damage. However, if you use Thunderbolt against it, the Croconaw will take double the amount of damage due to Water's weakness to Electric-type moves. Here is also a list of all of the abbreviations used for each type: ______________________________________________________ /================= TYPE ABBREVIATIONS =================\ /: NRM = Normal FTG = Fighting RCK = Rock :\ |: FIR = Fire PSN = Poison GHO = Ghost :| |: WTR = Water GRD = Ground DRG = Dragon :| |: ELC = Electric FLY = Flying DRK = Dark :| \: GRS = Grass PSY = Psychic STL = Steel :/ \______________________________________________________/ Opponent's Type ------------------> .-----.___________________________________________________________________ A | | N | F | W | E | G | I | F | P | G | F | P | B | R | G | D | D | S | t | | R | I | T | L | R | C | T | S | R | L | S | U | C | H | R | R | T | t | | M | R | R | C | S | E | G | N | D | Y | Y | G | K | O | G | K | L | a >----+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+--< c | NRM | | | | | | | | | | | | | X | # | | | X | k >----+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+--< | FIR | | X | X | | O | O | | | | | | O | X | | X | | O | T >----+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+--< y | WTR | | O | X | | X | | | | | | | | O | | X | | | p >----+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+--< e | ELC | | | O | X | X | | | | # | O | | | | | X | | | >----+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+--< | | GRS | | X | O | | X | | | X | O | X | | X | O | | X | | X | | >----+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+--< | | ICE | | X | X | | O | X | | | O | O | | | | | O | | X | | >----+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+--< | | FTG | O | | | | | O | | X | | X | X | X | O | # | | O | O | | >----+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+--< V | PSN | | | | | O | | | X | X | | | | X | X | | | # | >----+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+--< | GRD | | O | | O | X | | | O | | # | | X | O | | | | O | >----+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+--< | FLY | | | | X | O | | O | | | | | O | X | | | | X | >----+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+--< | PSY | | | | | | | O | O | | | X | | | | | # | X | >----+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+--< | BUG | | X | | | O | | X | X | | X | O | | | X | | O | X | >----+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+--< | RCK | | O | | | | O | X | | X | O | | O | | | | | X | >----+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+--< | GHO | # | | | | | | | | | | O | | | O | | X | X | >----+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+--< | DRG | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | O | | X | >----+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+--< | DRK | | | | | | | X | | | | O | | | | O | | X | >----+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+--< | STL | | X | X | X | | O | | | | | | | O | | | | X | >----+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+--< | | N | F | W | E | G | I | F | P | G | F | P | B | R | G | D | D | S | | | R | I | T | L | R | C | T | S | R | L | S | U | C | H | R | R | T | | | M | R | R | C | S | E | G | N | D | Y | Y | G | K | O | G | K | L | |_____'---'---'---'---'---'---'---'---'---'---'---'---'---'---'---'---'---' ____________________________________________________________________________ |.| s15. CONTACT INFO |......................................................| ':'::::::::::::::::::':::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::' Found a mistake in my walkthrough? Interested in contributing any information or strategies to it? Just want to say "Hey, good job!"? Well, you can use my contact form (http://pokemon.marriland.com/contact.php) to let me know, or you can e-mail me directly at marriland+faqs ATT gmail DOTT com. (Replace the "ATT" with "@" and "DOTT" with "."... I'm a spamophobe, sorry.) You can also contact me on the following Instant Messaging programs: AIM: Marriland MSN: marriland AT hotmail.com YIM: Marriland I don't usually go on YIM, though. ____________________________________________________________________________ |.| s16. END CREDITS |.......................................................| ':'::::::::::::::::::':::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::' So you made it all the way down here now, did you? Excellent! Now you get to see just what you wanted to see: credits! I would like to give credits to the following people and/or entities (whichever you prefer to call them): - Credits to the creators of Pokemon XD for making an enjoyable Pokemon game for the Gamecube! - Credits to the Pokemon XD Official Nintendo Player's Guide for being a good reference and helping me catch any details I might have forgotten. - Credits to my websites, http://www.marriland.com and http://pokemon.marriland.com, and all of their visitors, because without either of them, I certainly wouldn't have had the inspiration to write a FAQ like this! Check them out sometime, will 'ya? *shameless plug* - Credits to Kimochi for pointing out two mistakes in the Walkthrough.</p>