/==========================\ Rugrats Royal Ransom Guide \==========================/ By Umit_Davala - Email umit@vicaragewalk.karoo.co.uk - Feel free to Mail many any comments/contributions that you can thankyou. Version 0.1 Last Updated: Friday, September 5th, 2003 ================== Why Buy This Game? ================== I am not sure, i made this my first faq because my girlfriend bought it as a simple game to play in her free time and i found it to be great fun despite much of the contents of it being annoying and childish. The multiplayer can especially be fun and while the RPG main aspect of the game is a bit dull the levels contain a lot of different kind of vehicles and things to ride/play with. For example there are levels with planes, dinosaurs submarines etc and this provides a lot of variation. ========================================= Why Bother Making An FAQ For A Kids Game? ========================================= While i do enjoy a lot of games i wanted to start making FAQS and i thought this was the best place to start as it is a simple game, and also i found the game was excellent fun despite it being a KIDS GAME. So i wanted more people to find out about it + on top of that those young KIDS who are stuck on this game will hopefully find this useful. ======== Controls ======== The controls for this game are VERY BASIC, to jump you press A on your pad, and your action button is assigned to B (though they can be changed quite easily in the options menus). B will be used from things such as firing pies from your plane, throwing snowballs and various other important functions. Most things will pick themselves up including money, coins and key items to help you complete the current level. The only extra control you need to know is that if you press A while you are in the air you will jump again (double jump), this excludes when you are sledding, flying etc as it is obviously impossible to do so. Also there is a bum bash/roll. To roll press X while running (if your not running you will crawl) and to bum bash jump ONCE with A then press your X button, try on certain blocks/boxes. ================== Contents of Guide: ================== 1. Game Overview/Characters 2. Level Overview/Susies Rules 3. Single/Multiplayer Bonus Games 4. Money Locations 5. Copyright /=========================\ 1.GAME OVERVIEW/CHARACTERS \=========================/ As you would expect the main enemy of this game is ANGELICA, constantly throughout the game she will plague you to the point off massive annoyance with nasty comments that almost warrant a good old fashioned pad smashing (please don't though :-)). SUSIE is your best friend throughout this game and before each and every level so you should basically know what to do straightaway. The other MAIN characters are: Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, LIl and Kimi/Kimmy. These are all equally as good as eachother and you can choose which one you prefer by look or by knowing the cartoon itself (i personally prefer chuckie because his comments are funny).Try experementing with other characters to hear all of the sound bites ;). Other CHARACTERS are available but are harder to unlock and are ONLY AVAILABLE in the multiplayer game you unlocked them for - e.g grandpa in river boat race . /==============================\ 2. Level Overview/Susies Rules \==============================/ Here i will document the levels available and what they contain - note i started this guide after finishing it and am not willing to restart a new game yet so i do not exacltly know how much money is available in each level SORRY. Also note most of this information is available in game but i have put it here to make it easier especially since i added batteries available and will later add money plus extra advice. FLOOR 1 SNOW WORLD Ready, Set, SNOW Small Batteries Available = 3 You get to race against two snowmen in this level with sleds hoorah. Watch out for money on the left on turns especially (particularly hidden purple money so take corners tightly).Avoid the icicles and snow patches and jump the logs with A. Mr. Snowtato Head Small Batteries Available = 3 Find all of noodles parts using the radar, this is simple enough no enemies, money is hidden in the far reaches of the level so make sure you explore. Walk into the shiny balls for help, simply follow them to the items. The only trouble you will have is with the scarf, to get to where it is, jump on the small crate and then the big barrel. Snowplace To Hide Small Batteries Available = 3 In snowplace to hide you have to find the key, again there are many shiny balls to follow and aslong as you stick close to them. Throw snowballs at the snowmen to destroy them and also you can jump on top of the ice blocks to get out of them. You should not have trouble with this mission. JUNGLE WORLD River Fun Run Small Batteries Available = 2 This is the fun mission in this set as the other two can actually give you a spot of rage especially for a kids game! Okay but as it is this is easy look for money hidden around tight corners and make sure you hit the jumps perfectly to shortcut corners, though this can be hard to do - for adults/teenagers though it should be simple enough. The rest of you keep at it!! Also look for the white crates to renew your health a little bit. Though you shouldnt lose too much. Punting Papayas Small Batteries Available = 3 This is disturbingly annoying. On easy you will finish it pretty quickly though some things are hard. Make sure you jump quickly sometimes the platforms will move. Dont worry about falling in the water you will restart safe and sound with the papaya. Make sure you use the shiny balls again as they will help you a lot in this level. Monkey Business Small Batteries Available = 3 You will enjoy this a lot :), chasing monkeys, to throw bannanas at them press B and walk up to them then simply carry them back to crates (both marked on the radar thankfully). Look for hidden moneys :) FLOOR 2 UNDERSEA WORLD Sub a Dub Dub Small Batteries Available = 3 This one requires a lot of exploration if you are to find all of the money and batteries. But completing the main mission is simple, the green dots on the radar highlight treasure chests. Watch out for the giant electric eel. Money and batteries on this level are hidden under piles of rocks, use your B to blow them open in no time and discover secrets within ;). Hot Cod Racer Small Batteries Available = 2 Racing level extreme! this level is so much fun, and the speed is quite impressive, navagating the level is easy but watch out towards half way through a lap as there is a ship you can pass under that is a BIG shortcut. ARABIAN WORLD Rugrat Rug Race Small Batteries Available = 3 NOTE - you cannot turn around on this race so dont even try, the idea here is to collect all of the jewels that you see as you go around, also you can jump on your carpet to get things both just above you and to jump big platforms. Watch out for purple money particularly in the main hall where money looks like it is lying everywhere! LOTS OF MONEY TO BE HAD Temple Of The Lamp Small Batteries Available = 3 Collect all of the GEMS! To get everything in this level you must have free time. NOTE - when jumping on trampoline type items you can hold A to bounce higher or try and time it right but holding it is so much easier, no tips here just wander around. BUT MAKE SURE YOU BUM BASH all of the jars for extras. Meanie Genie Small Batteries Available = 4 This level is broken up into different sections (well 2) the first you ride a camel and fire its spit at creatures, make sure you dont use all of your spit early on or the monsters will get you. The second section is just a quick run through so don't worry about any tips. CIRCUS WORLD Cone Caper Small Batteries Available = 4 MAKE SURE YOU KEEP YOUR SHINY BALL NEARBY, if you feel like wandering off for money then keep an eye on the radar. THE BOSS - YES INDEED THE BOSS in this level is easy, you have three little clowns to nail with snowcones and then hit the target on the big one. The little clowns throughout the level leave you a nice little coin every time you beat one! Acrobatty Dash Small Batteries Available = 3 Make your way from one end to the other. DO NOT LOSE YOUR BALL if you do the ending will not appear again bouncy items will bounce you higher while holding A, you will have to time your jumps onto the swings. NOTE - there are alternate routes that you can spot bellow you. WHEN FALLING make sure you land on the dark pillows to stop you from getting a *cringes* BOO BOO. Cream Pie Flyer Small Batteries Available = 4 FUN - here you have to be careful, extra pies are available at the top of the level attatched to balloons. To beat the clowns pie the trucks and then the clowns that get out. NOTE there is a nice 200 note at the top (its red) its attatched to one of the banners! FLOOR 3 - HOORAY NEARLY THERE TO BEAT THAT EVIL GIRL ANGELICA DINO WORLD - Possibly the most fun world of the game Fly High Egg Hunt Small Batteries Available = 4 When you start you will see eggs and balls, get any egg and the ball near it, on the radar there is a red dot. GO TO THE RED DOT AS IT IS THE NEST YOU NEED FOR THAT EGG. Money is everywhere in this level AND the main mountain has 300 dollars in it :-O!!!! BONUS FOR YOU - and easy enough to get as i did it by accident. This level is fun, just explore if you get bored. Rex Riding Small Batteries Available = 4 Rex riding is nearly as fun as fly high egg hunt. Jump on the dinosaurs (slowly and from behind) because if one sees you it runs away. The green dots on the radar are bones and you collect them to put in the bone piles. The dino's jump extremly far/high so use them to jump lava and find hidden money. BUT IF YOU RUN INTO A WALL YOU WILL COP IT - or for a better term pass out. MOON WORLD - ICK!!! Moon Buggy Madness Small Batteries Available = 4 COMING SOON! Cheesy Chase Small Batteries Available = 4 COMING SOON! Rise of Anjellyuns Small Batteries Available = 5 Find the parts that are marked by green dots on the radar. Use your bombs to defeat anjellyuns. MEDIEVAL WORLD - COMING SOON FLOOR 4 - STORMIN' THE CASTLE This is an excellent final mission. LOOK FOR THE SHIELDS, these you push, and blow up everything with your new charge B but dont shoot angelica. In the fourth and final area, there is a ditch, go to the end and break the bars and you can then go through fast and get the key, which is nice. Then go back to final area up the ramps and there is a secret (hard to navigate area with) LOADS of money. More coming soon on this ACE LEVEL. ONCE YOU BEAT ANGEILLICA, you have beaten the game, MAKE SURE YOU SAVE THOUGH ;). /================================\ 3. SINGLE/MULTIPLAYER BONUS GAMES \================================/ HERE IS A LIST OF THE UNLOCKABLES THAT ARE AVAILABLE IN THE PLAY SILLY STUFF SECTION YOU BUY THESE AT THE ATM ON THE FIRST FLOOR (STAND ON $ SIGN AND PRESS A) MAKE SURE YOU SAVE UP AS THESE GAMES ARE VERY EXPENSIVE - MORE INFO COMING SOON ON WHAT EACH GAME IS. NOTE CHARACTERS ONLY PLAYABLE IN THE GAME THEY ARE BELOW 1 - Carrot Catchin' - COST $500 2 - Ring Roller Coaster - COST $600 3 - Target Bash - COST $600 4 - Snow K Corral - COST $900 2 Player Snowball fight (Like the Snow place 2 hide level) - Angelica - COST $400 - Susie - COST $400 5 - RIVER RACE - COST $900 2 player river race (Like River Boat Race with crocs) - Granpa - COST $500 6 - Double Subble Trouble - COST $1200 - 2 Player Sub Game 7 - Loopy Hoop Race - COST $1500 - 2 Player Plane Race 8 - Loopy Hoop Race 2 - COST $1500 - 2 PLayer Plane Race 9 - Target Time - COST $2000 10 - Chuck and DUck - COST $2500 11 - Get the Sled Out - COST $1500 - Dil - COST $200 - Angelica - COST $200 12 - Double Scoop Cone Zone - COST $1000 Also you can get secret funny money and silly sounds. BOTH GREAT FUN. /==================\ 4. MONEY LOCATIONS \==================/ COMING SOON /======================\ 5. COPYRIGHTS N THANKS \======================/ I did use the control section from the manual - and that is all so i will say so now.. though it is not literally derived from it and neither is any other section. This is copyright to me - the wonderful UMIT DAVALA. This didnt take too long to do thanks. I Will add to it. Thanks to nickelodeon/klasky CSUPOS INC for the great rugrats characters and THQ for making this wonderfully surprising game. Thanks to my friend FLIPENDO - for playing the game while i watched to figure out the jist of the levels and how many batteries were available. Thanks to you for reading this. You can use this on your site but e-mail me first (i know it won't happen but i can dream eh ;)). Copyright UMIT DAVALA - i guess.</p>