A FAQ to Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 v1.0, r1 Author: Steven Towle E-Mail: dipstick@superkawaii.com Last edited: September 21st, 2000 Disclaimer: This guide is for the use of people who play Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 by Activision. The author of this guide (and all contributors) can in no way be responsible for anything you do after reading this guide. This guide guarantees *nothing* at all. All of the information in this guide could be complete crap. You decide. Copyright: This document Copyright 2000 Steven Towle All trademarks (shown and not shown) are acknowledged. Copyright: This document Copyright 1999 Steven Towle. All rights reserved. You are granted the following rights: I. To make copies of this FAQ in original form, as long as (a) the copies are complete and are unaltered by anyone other than Steven Towle (b) the copies are in electronic form (c) they give credit to the author, Steve Towle. II. 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Screw up, it is your fault. Error? Mail me. Play nice. Eat your veggies. Watch more anime. All yaya reserved. And damnit, stay away from the tentacles! Contents: [1] Introduction [2] Basic Controls [3] Scoring [4] Hidden Areas [5] Step-by-Step Walkthroughs [6] Secrets [7] Transfer Listing (later) [8] Errata --------------------------- Section One: Introduction --------------------------- This is a document on various things in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2. This document is written mainly for people who are familiar with either this game or the previous one. It does contain a lot of information for people completely new to the game, but there is an assumption that you can control yourself at the very least. This guide is mostly useless for more advanced players, unless they're stuck on one specific objective. This document does not go into strageties that will let you score into the millions of points. Not yet, anyway. I've been between playing this game and writing all day. Pathetic, I know. If there seem to be an unacceptable level of typos, that's why. This document was written with the PSX version in mind. This document will suffice for the Dreamcast, PC, and Nintendo 64 (? - was it cancelled?) versions with little, if any, modification. This document is NOT appropiate for the Gameboy Color version of the game, since that has nothing in common with the other versions. Contact information: E-mail dipstick@superkawaii.com. Be prudent with what you mail me. You may or may not get a response, depending on how dense the actual message was and how much is warrents a response. Do send corrections, additions, annotations, valid critisims, and pictures of cute Japanese women in schoolgirl uniforms without hesitation, though. ----------------------------- Section Two: Basic Controls ----------------------------- These controls are for the PSX version: X jumps. Hold it down to go faster and jump higher. Square (generally) and a direction does a flip trick. Circle (generally) and a direction does a grab tricks Why generally? Because you can change what each controller motion does, silly. Triangle and a direction do grind tricks. You don't have to hold a direction to grind. You have to hold the direction and the grind button until the grind starts. Down slows your skater down. Hitting up once before letting go of jump does a No Comply. Hitting up twice before letting go of jump does a Boneless, giving you more height. Holding up when on a quarterpipe will take you over the lip. L1 and R1 rotate you in the air. L2 and R2 in the air will turn you around 180 degrees. R2 on the ground in the PSX version switches your position. This is important, since you score more points but perform worse switched up. L2 on the ground puts you into nollie/fakie position. Probably a good thing to do just before jumping, just in case you blow the No Comply/Boneless. Up, Down or Down, Up on the ground will perform a manual. You can also do this before landing from anything other than a jump off of a quarter/halfpipe. You can jump OVER the lip of the pipe and do this, however. When you do this to land, the combo is still going. Hit up and down to balance yourself. You even get a neat little meter. Balance yourself on rails by hitting the opposite direction that you are leaning. Falling invalidates a combo. Don't laugh, it took me a while to figure this out in the first one. Try to land in the direction that you are facing. Landing sideways will put you on the ground quick. ------------------------------ Section Three: Scoring Notes ------------------------------ The multiplier is computed differently, changing the scoring dynamics of the game. Each stunt adds 1 to the meter, up to 7. Once you reach 7, each one adds 1/2 of a point. Unlike the first game (and the PSX demo), which stopped the multiplier at 19, the multiplier goes up to 28.5 in the PSX version. There IS a cap, contrary to what some people thought. There are some exceptions to this. Spins have almost the same effect: You get a half-point for the first two 180s and another point for each 180 degree turn thereafter. The difference is that the multiplier directly affects the base score now, NOT the multiplier. A 720 fastplant + impossible would have been worth 500 * 5, but now it would be worth 2000 * 2. This makes vert jumps worth more and grind combos worth less -- now doing a 180 kickflip adds 1 point to the multiplier and adds a 50 percent bonus to the kickflip and adds that to the base. In the first one, it would add either 1.5 or 2 points to the multiplier and add the kickflip to the base. When you have a combo with a base of 10k, the difference between adding 50 points and .5 to the multiplier and adding 35 points and 2 to the multiplier is a LOT. Also, switch moves actually mean something now! They add a 20% bonus to the base value of the trick, and also count as completely different moves, being unaffected by the abuse of the same move in a normal stance. Now the game will also add perfect or sloppy ratings to stunts. They're pretty consistent with vert moves and other jump tricks -- if you land pointing straight ahead, you get a perfect rating. If you barely land the stunt, you get a sloppy rating. I've also gotten perfect bonuses at the start and end of grinds, but I don't know how I did that yet. Perfects add a 50% bonus to that one jump, and sloppy ratings extract a 33% pentaly. Manuals now let you continue combos while skating on the ground. You lose a lot of speed while doing this, and you can still bail, and going over and edge ends the manual. Still, they're pretty neat and very useful, expecially if you have a ton of speed. And if anyone cares, you can now grind the same object more than three times now. ---------------------------- Section Four: Secret Areas ---------------------------- These are listed seperately from the step-by-step walkthrough mainly because of readability reasons. Descriptions on how to get there are listed in the walkthrough, but it is convulted. The Hangar -- There are two hidden areas here. The first one you get by grinding the propeller blade that sits at the end of the halfpipe on the wall. 4 bills await inside. Also, grinding the propeller blades on the helicopter causes that to take off, opening the door leading outside and dropping various parts to trick off. The hidden tape awaits outside. The School II -- There is one hidden area here. Trick off the quarterpipe where the K, and keep going. Follow the skidmarks at the end of the platform, go down the wooden ramp, and jump off the planter onto the roof. From there, jump off the roof to either the flagpole or the other roof proper. The hidden tape is between the gap where the two roofs lie, and 2 bills await in the area after the second roof. Marseille -- There is one hidden area here, and I don't know how the hell anyone would find this on their own. There is one light post sitting on grass. On the back of the light post is a small wooden support at the base of it. Run into it, and the light post will fall, uncovering a hidden cave. Fall in to be taken there. New York City -- There are two hidden areas, and one of them is relatively large. There are several ways to get to the first one. If you head straight from the start, you will run into a low wall. You can wallride that wall and jump on top of it and go to the other side. Sometimes, there is a downed pole you can grind up to get you to the top of the wall, but I don't know how that gets there. If you can get on the train tracks, you can just ride the train tracks over the wall. The subway station with the tracks is the other secret. To get there, you have to get all five tokens first. Then just head straight from the start until you pass a large support on your right, then turn around. Venice Beach -- None to speak of. Skate Street -- There are two secret areas. You open the first one up by grinding a bar that hangs above an area near the big wave. To get there, go straight from the start and grind the top of the wave to your left. Once at the end, jump and grind that rail. That will open a door to your right where a 250 dollar bill awaits high above a transfer between two quarterpipes. The other secret area is opened by grinding the bar that is connected to both sides of the halfpipe. Turn left from the start to see it. This opens a door that is to the right of the start area, and has a 100 dollar bill inside. Philadelphia -- There are two secret areas here. The first one is a skatepark that is originally fenced off. To break the fence, you have to grind the phone wire connected to the ledge that you jump from to get the T. Grind up and beyond the 50 dollar bill, and the line will snap and the telephones will come crashing down, taking the fences with them. The other one is available once you drain the fountain, but it's so small it isn't worth mentioning beyond this point. If you want to get here, read the area on draining the fountain in the Philadelphia part of the walkthrough. The Bullring -- None to speak of. ------------------------------------------- Section Five -- Step-by-Step Walkthroughs ------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------ Welcome to The Hanger in Mullet Falls, MT Need $1,000 to advance ($2,500 available here) ------------------------------------------------ High Score at 10,000 -- $100 Pro Score at 25,000 -- $200 SICK Score at 75,000 -- $500 For vert skaters, keep tricking back and forth on the halfpipe to make these scores. Not much for street skaters, although if you jump over the small plane and then do a manual, that counts as two transfers. Try doing this a couple of times in a combo. Collect S-K-A-T-E -- $150 The S is over the halfpipe, right in front of where you start. The K is above a quarterpipe, a little to the left of the S (facing from the start). The A is above the small plane, in the main part of the hanger. The T is above a quarterpipe, right next to the huge window The E is above a quarterpipe facing the helicopter. Barrel Hunt -- $150 There are some barrels in the halfpipe. There are more barrels to the left of the start. There are barrels in front of the start, on the other side of the halfpipe. There are barrels on the other side of the window, on the side near the start. The last stack of barrels are sitting on top of the quarterpipe across from the helicopter. Collect 5 Pilot Wings -- $250 One wing is over the gap between the quarterpipes right at the start. Jump one and give yourself a high angle. Another wing is at the very end of the halfpipe. Grind on the properller blade to get to it. This also opens up a secret room. The third wing is on the rail between the small plane and the window. A fourth wing is on the other side the window, on the side opposite the entrance. The fifth wing is on a small quarterpipe facing the helicopter (NOT the one with the barrels on it). Nosegrind over the Pipe -- $150 This is self explanatory. Just go straight from the start, and hit Up+Grind to do a nosegrind on the things going over the halfpipe, and ride it all the way. Hit 3 Hangtime Gaps -- $150 Jump over the halfpipe. Jump over/off of the small plane. Jump over the helicopter. Easy enough. Find the Secret Tape -- $150 Grind the helicopter blades to get it to take off. The easiest way to grind the helicopter wings is to go off the middle of the jump (without jumping) and just grind the wings all the way across. The door behind the quarterpipe facing the helicopter will now open. It is on the quarterpipe outside that door. 100% goals and cash -- $200 ($500 in loose change to pick up) 50 bucks: To the left of the K, and a little bit higher. Get some speed and jump for it. 50 bucks: The helicopter leaves behind 50 bucks when it takes off. Pick it up. 50 bucks: On the left side of the far quarterpipe in the secret room. Open it by grinding on the propeller on the end of the halfpipe against the wall. 50 bucks: On the right side of the far quarterpipe in the secret room. See above. 50 bucks: Between the near quarterpipes in the secret room. You'll have to launch from one to the other. 50 bucks: Right above where the E is, it sits on the bar above it. 100 bucks: Launch off the middle of the small quarterpipe facing the helicopter, and land on the light rail. Grind this all the way for 100 dollars. 100 bucks: In the middle of the far quarterpipe in the secret room. See the third 50 dollar pickup listed. ------------------------------------------------ Welcome to The School II in San Diego, CA Need $3,000 to advance ($5,000 available here) ------------------------------------------------ High Score at 15,000 -- $200 Pro Score at 40,000 -- $350 SICK Score at 100,000 -- $500 Collect S-K-A-T-E -- $400 The S is on the rail in a hall to the right of the start. The K is above a quarterpipe on a large ledge in the area just outside of that hall that the S resides. The A is on the Opunsuzzume Rail. Go straight and lean left from the K to get it. The T is above a rail all the way in the back of the place. The E is above a quarterpipe against the gym, near a couple of freestanding buildings. Wallride 5 Bells -- $500 The first bell is just to the right of the start, before the hallway with the S in it. The second bell is to the right of the picnic tables propped up as jumps. The third bell is in the far corner of the lot beyond the gym, above a trashbin. The forth bell is in the other far corner of the end lot, right after the bike racks. The fifth bell is outside of the area where the K resides, in a corner. Collect 5 Hall Passes -- $400 First one is right in front of you. Just go down that hall. The second one is at the end of the picnic tables. Just ollie for it. The third one is between two rails next to the gym. Again, just jump for it. The forth one is above the far quarterpipe against the gym. The final one is across from the fourth one, on the other side, on a planter. Kickflip TCs Roof Gap -- $400 TCs roof gap is the space between the two small buildings next to the gym. You can easily get up there by taking one of the ramps and jumping up. Jump from one building to the other and do a kickflip (left+kick) while in the air. Grind 3 Roll Call Rails -- $500 The first one is straight ahead from the start. Just grind down the rail that goes with the stairs, and go the entire way. The second one is the rail after the two quarterpipes against the gym. Jump up the steps, turn around, and grind that all the way down. The last one is the rail the A sits on. Grind that from top to bottom. Find the Secret Tape -- $500 Jump up and land on the quarterpipe the K is above. Now go straight to the other end of the platform. You should see some skidmarks, a board, and a planter. Skate torward the skidmarks, over the boards, and launch off the planter torward the roof. Once on the roof, you should see the tape in mid-air. Jump for it. Launch off the vent to land on another roof which leads to a secret area. 100% goals and cash -- $500 ($750 in loose change to pick up) 50 bucks: Go over the stairs at the start, turn right, and you'll see 50 bucks hang over a quarterpipe. 50 bucks: The door at the beginning (to the left of the start area) has quarterpipes on each side. Go up the one further away. 50 bucks: All the way to the left of where the stairs are, over the railing, is a ledge. On this ledge is a jump. Take this jump to the 50. 50 bucks: Jump from the planter to the roof where you jump to get the secret tape. See how to get the secret tape on info to get here. 50 bucks: Over a rail in the secret area, on the upper level. See above. 50 bucks: Wallride the bell near the start, jump, and grind the ledge up there. 50 bucks is on it. 50 bucks: After coming off the pole with the 100 on it, you will jump over a gap to another building with vents on it. Go to the left of these vents, and you should see a 50 hang in mid-air. Grab it. 50 bucks: In the area where the K is, there should be a 50 sitting on an anwing. Between the blue anwings are planters. Launch off of one and jump onto the awing with the 50 on it. 50 bucks: In the men's bathroom, just sitting there. The bathrooms are located in the same area the K is. 100 bucks: From the ledge near the start with the 50 is a window that you jump through to get to a building. Land on that building, and launch off the ramp that leads to a raised part. Land on a pole that sits between two buildings. A 100 sits on it. 100 bucks: Over a quarterpipe in the secret area, in the lower level. See above. 100 bucks: The brown anwing opposite the blue one with a 50 on it has a 100 on it. Near the exits to these areas on that side are raised ledges. Jump up onto them, and then jump onto the brown anwing from there. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Welcome to Marseille, somewhere in France Need to place third or better to advance ($7,500 available here) ------------------------------------------------------------------ You have to get all of the cash in the level and win the event to complete 100% of the goals. Not at the same time, though. 500 dollars in loose change available: 50 bucks: To your left at the start, on top of the wall. Jump off of the box, ride the wall, and jump again to get it, 50 bucks: On the rail at the start of the secret area. To get to the secret area, you have to take out this tiny little wooden support on the back of the lamppost in the grass. The light will fall, the fence will break, and there will be a hole in the ground. Fall in. 50 bucks: To the left of the fountain in the secret area. See above. 50 bucks: To the right of the fountain in the secret area. See above. 50 bucks: Behind the fountain in the secret area. See above. 50 bucks: At the exit to the secret area. See above. 100 bucks: Hanging over the crossbar in the middle of the park. Launch off a quarterpipe and grind the crossbar to get it. 100 bucks: Hanging over the fountain. See the second 50 dollar entry. -------------------------------------------------- Welcome to New York City, NY Need $15,000 to advance ($10,000 available here) -------------------------------------------------- High Score at 20,000 -- $750 Pro Score at 50,000 -- $1000 SICK Score at 150,000 -- $1250 Keep tricking off of the very large quarterpipe in the park to get these scores. You get a transfer bonus if you launch high enough. Collect S-K-A-T-E -- $800 The S hangs above the park entrance near the start. Grind the wall from the start area and jump at the end to get it. The K is over a huuuuuuge quarterpipeish thing in the park. The A is to the right of the statue in the park. You'll either have to jump just right or jump off the small riser to the statue to get it. The T is near the edge of the park facing the water, on a rail keeping you from falling in. The E hangs over a quarterpipeish thing at the base of a building, right in front of the T. Ollie 3 Fire Hydrants -- $700 There is a fire hydrant near one of thte "Road Closed" signs to the right of the start. This one is near the start. There is another fire hydrant near one of thte "Road Closed" signs to the right of the start. This one is on the other road, far from the start. The third one is down the road from the second. Just turn around and get on the other sidewalk. The hit detection on the hydrants is somewhat tricky. You have to barely jump over them, so it seems. Collect 5 Subway Tokens -- $800 Turn around from the start, take a right into the park, and jump off the big rock for the first one. The second one is on the bridge in the park. The third one is on a park bench near the exit to the park at the end of the level. The fourth one is over a quarterpipe that is across from the exit near the end of the map. The final one is hanging in midair in the park. Use the jump across from the quarterpipe near the edge of the map to get to it. 50-50 Joey's Sclupture -- $900 Go straight from the start, going to the right of the bridge support. You should see an odd-looking blue rail. Grind that by hitting grind close to it, and ride it down. Grind the Subway Rails -- $1100 You need to collect 5 subway tokens before doing this. Once you do that, head straight from the start until you go under a bridge. Once past that, turn around and you should see an esclator. Go up it. Now grind the subway rail the other way and keep going until you get a transfer bonus for it, then jump and land on the rail. Find the Secret Tape -- $1200 Go straight from the start until you come to a low wall. To the right of it should be a bar that runs to the top of it. Grind up that into the secret area. Once in the area, turn right and go up the ramp. At the end of the ramp are two bars. Grind the left one (they're both on the right), and jump for the bar that the 50 is on. The tape is at the end of this bar. 100% goals and cash -- $500 ($1000 in loose change to pick up) 50 bucks: There's a 50 sitting at the base of the esclator to the subway train. Pick it up. 50 bucks: There's another 50 sitting on the subway tracks. Pick that up too. Try not to die, though. 50 bucks: There's a 50 just laying there in the park in front of some stand. 50 bucks: On your way up to the secret tape, it hangs over the thing you ride up. It's more difficult to grab than it seems. Try grinding either side and jump for it. The right side is easier, since it's higher up. 50 bucks: At the start of the rail that has the secret tape. Somewhat hard to miss if you are going for the secret tape. 50 bucks: Right where the rail with the secret tape starts, on the ground, turn left. There is a 50 dollar bill hanging over a quarterpipe that is in the dark. 50 bucks: Go up the esclator, keep going straight, and jump over the wall. You'll land on a anwing. A 50 should be on the edge of it in the middle. 100 bucks: At the start, turn right, head down the road to the end of it, and go up a little ramp leading to a quarterpipe. The 100 sits above it. 100 bucks: There are two quarterpipes that sit across from Joey's Place, in the lower area near the start. There is a 100 sitting far above the one further out. Use the quarterpipe closer to Joey's to get speed. 100 bucks: Riding down the subway rail, there sits a 100 sitting high over a wall. Jump for it. You'll also jump into a secret area. 100 bucks: At the very end of the secret area, there is a fence to your left and a quarterpipe to your right. Use the quarterpipe to gain speed and jump on top of the fence. Grind the top of the fence, and go torward the 100. 250 bucks: Go up and down the center of teh huuuuuge quarterpipe in the park, and then launch off the tiny little bump to sail over the statue. It's very hard to time right. If you are getting no air, you're jumping too late usually. -------------------------------------------------- Welcome to Venice Beach in Venice, CA Need $25,000 to advance ($15,000 available here) -------------------------------------------------- High Score at 40,000 -- $1500 Pro Score at 100,000 -- $1750 SICK Score at 200,000 -- $2000 Turn left and trick off the almost complete bowl there to get these scores. Collect S-K-A-T-E -- $1250 The S is on top of the roof that you can get to by grinding the fence at the start. The K is hanging between a gap on the roof. Turn right from the S and keep going to get there. The A is on another roof. Launch off the quarterpipe in the back of the area with all of the tables to get there easily. The T is on the highest roof. Launch off the vent near the A with some speed to get there. The E is behind the tallest roof. Jump off it to a lower roof, and the letter is on the otherside. Just jump normally to get it. Ollie over the Bum 5 Times -- $1500 The bums have to be jumped IN ORDER. Head staight from the start, all the way across the table area. There should be a little side area, and that's where the first one is. Come out of there, and follow the wall past the quarterpipe until you get to a set of stairs going down. Go down. The second bum is here. Now fall in the sand and go back to the start. Now follow the sidewalk near the fence closest to the tables, and the 3rd bum is over there. Keep going until you can turn left, and there should be a small area to your left where a flag hangs. The 4th bum is back there. Now go back to the start, and the final bum is right behind the start point. Collect 5 Spray Cans -- $1250 Take a left at the start, and the first spray can sits in the 3/4ths bowl there. Now turn around and go all the way across the level. The second spray can sits above this quarterpipe. Now turn left, and near the end here is the third spraycan, and you'll have to transfer between two quarterpipes to pick it up. The forth one is on the brown ledge next to the fence near the start. The last one is above the quarterpipe near where the second bum sleeps. Tailslide Venice Ledge -- $1000 To get to the Venice Ledge, launch off the quarterpipe near where the second bum sleeps. The ledge that has the 100 on is is Venice Ledge. If you already picked it up, it's the ledge on the left side of the stairs, facing from the top of the stairs. Do a tailslide down it, which is right + grind. Hit 4 VB Transfers -- $1500 Turn right and head all the way down. Transfer from that quarterpipe, over the tiny one, and onto the other one. That's transfer number one. Transfer number two is left of this, beyond where the banner and the 4th bum are. Take the quarterpipe closest to the first VB transfer and transfer torward the table area. The third one is from the quarterpipe near the bum to the little enclosed halfpipe area next to it. It is a very small transfer, be careful. The forth one near Venice Ledge. There are two quarterpipes there. Transfer from one to the other. Find the Hidden Tape -- $1250 Remember where the T was? You can see the tape from here. Use a quarterpipe to build speed, launch off the vent closest to it, and see if you make it. 100% goals and cash -- $500 ($1400 in loose change) 50 bucks: On a fence bordering the sand, on the wall next to the start. This is the near one. 50 bucks: On a fence bordering the sand, on the wall next to the start. This is the far one. 50 bucks: On a fence bordering the sand, on the wall next to the start. This is the one near the funbox, banner, and 3 quarterpipes. 100 bucks: On the rail next to the stairs leading to the second bum. 100 bucks: Over the second VB transfer (the VB Pit transfer). If you're on the roof, you can just jump to pick it up. 100 bucks: Over the banner near the 4th bum. 100 bucks: Transfer from the other quarterpipe near the first bum into the enclosed area. A bigger version of the VB Skinny Transfer. 100 bucks: There is a 100 sitting on Venice Ledge. 250 bucks: On top of a statue near the brown ledge near the start. Get on the roof, use the vent to launch up, and go big. 250 bucks: Go up the quaterpipe next to the first bum and try transfering torward the bum. It's suicidal, but you'll pick up 250 bucks. Actually, if you get a lot of air, you'll end up landing properly on a vent. 250 bucks: Sitting on an intricate setup of poles. Get on the highest roof, and look torward the roof next to it. Jump off of a vent onto one of the poles, and jump on the pole with the money on it. If you start grinding on the pole with the money the wrong way, wait. You should end up turning around. ------------------------------------------------------------------- Welcome to Skate Street in Ventura, CA Need to place third or better to advance ($20,000 available here) ------------------------------------------------------------------- You have to get all of the cash in the level and win the event to complete 100% of the goals. Not at the same time, though. Just get in the halfpipe. It's behind the start area. $1000 in loose change to pick up: 50 bucks: A pipe extends out of the halfpipe, connecting both sides. Grind it. This also opens up the van secret area. 50 bucks: At the corner of the upper lounge area next to the halfpipe. You can also jump off a quarterpipe near there to grab it. 100 bucks: Go straight from the start. You'll see a 100 floating to the right of the wave. 100 bucks: On top of the wave, on the end, to your left (from the start). Jump here and grind on the pipe that you'll run into to open a secret area. 100 bucks: On top of the van in the van secret area. 100 bucks: Exit the halfpipe on the side away from the bowl. You shold see a 100 hanging in midair. Jump over the rail and grab it. 250 bucks: In the rail secret area, between the two quarterpipes. Transfer between them while getting big air. 250 bucks: Near the entrance to the van secret area, there is a 250 hanging below a speaker. Use the bump near it to launch up and grab it. -------------------------------------------------- Welcome to Philadelphia, PA Need $60,000 to advance ($25,000 available here) -------------------------------------------------- High Score at 50,000 -- $2500 Pro Score at 125,000 -- $3000 SICK Score at 250,000 -- $4000 Use the halfpipe in the skatepark to get these scores. Collect S-K-A-T-E -- $2000 The S you can get from jumping off the big ledge near the fountain. The K is on the anwing, use the bumps near there to launch up high to get there. The A is on a ledge near a jump over the fountain. Extremely easy to get. The K is in the air. You get it by going up a ramp after the stair set near the A, go further, and turn around. Jump over the rail in front of you to get it. The E is also in midair. Get a lot of speed and jump off the planter to get it. This is near the skatepark fence. Drain the Fountain -- $2500 From the start, do a boneless into a quick kick move into a grind onto the object. Jump, do another quick kick move and grind again until the end. Use the speed gained here to launch over the World's Most Obvious and Second Most Obvious gaps. You have to grind the rail to get the second one, so do so. Now just do a boneless off of the planter and sail over the balcony onto the ledge, and you should land right on the valve. If not, it is up there. Collect 5 Bells -- $2000 There is a bell over the World's Most Obvious Gap. It is right in front of the start. Another bell is available down the stairs and to your left. Either wallride or jump really carefully for it. If you try to just jump for it, you won't be able to get it if it is at the top of it's bob cycle. A third bell is near the anwing and the letter K. Jump on the humps to get to it. A fourth bell is On the ledge to the left of the stairs. You're right in front of the ledge at the start. It's very close to the edge. This bell is right next to the wire that the secret tape resides on. The final bell is behind the fourth bell, in the walkway. Bluntside the Anwing -- $2000 The K sits on the anwing. Jump off the bumps to the anwing. If you are getting no air, you are jumping too late. Bluntsides are done by hitting down, down+grind or up, up+grind. Liptrick 4 Skatepark Lips -- $2500 Liptrick the bowl closest to the road, the one furthest away from the bowl, the one with a 250 flying over it, and the halfpipe. Getting in the skatepark is trickier. On the ramp that you go up to get the T, grind the rail and the subsequent wire. Keep going up the wire until it snaps. Remember, you can do multiple tricks to build a little speed. Find the Secret Tape -- $2000 Remember the wire near the 4th bell? Grind -up- that. You will need a LOT of speed. The planter near that is considered concrete (odd), and you can do multiple grinds to build some speed. 100% goals and cash -- $500 ($2000 in loose change to pick up) 50 bucks: It is hanging on the wire that you grind to take down the telephone poles so you can get to the skatepark. 50 bucks: From the ledge where the wire that has the secret tape starts, jump torward the deck in front of you. The T is close to it. 50 bucks: In the drained fountain. 50 bucks: Also in the drained fountain. 100 bucks: From the ledge where you drain the fountain (facing everything else), turn left and jump torward the bill. 100 bucks: Over a pillar in the back of the skatepark. Just get some air off the quarterpipeish thing attached to the pillar. 100 bucks: There is a ramp at the base of the fountain. Jump off of it and try to jump into the center of the fountain. 250 bucks: Jump to the deck where you drain the fountain form. 250 bucks: Over the halfpipe, in the middle, on the side away from the rest of the skatepark. 250 bucks: Transfer from the halfpipe to the skatepark. It hangs in between. 250 bucks: This bill hangs over the mid bowl in the skatepark. Jump big and hard to reach it. 250 bucks: Grind a bit beyond the secret tape. It is on the same wire. 250 bucks: Grind from the barrier on the ledge with the valve to the telephone wire. The bill sits on the phone line. --------------------------------------------------------------- Welcome to The Bullring, somewhere in Mexico Need to place third or better to win ($65,000 available here) --------------------------------------------------------------- You have to get all of the cash in the level and win the event to complete 100% of the goals. Not at the same time, though. Just get in the halfpipe. It's right in front of you. $2,500 in loose change to pick up: 250 bucks: In green bullcrap. No, really. In the outer edge of the bullring, where the bull runs around, is a lot of poop. Four of these droppings are greenish in color. They have 250 dollars in them. They're laid out evenly across the ring, one around each gate. What does this bull eat? 250 bucks: Another piece of poo. See above. 250 bucks: More green eggs and crap. See above. 250 bucks: One last time turddiving. See above. 250 bucks: On the highwires up above the bullring. Take a right to the start, jump on the ledge next to the stands, go up the quarterpipe, come back down, jump off the jump and grind that rail alllll the way. 250 bucks: Same rail as the last one, just further down. 250 bucks: Same concept as the last two, just use the jump that's in straight ahead from the start. You'll have to launch over the halfpipe. 250 bucks: Same rail, just further down. 250 bucks: Turn left from the start, jump on the small quarterpipe next to the gate there, and try to grind to your left on the long banner up there. A 250 dollar bill should be up there. 250 bucks: Same concept as the last one, but jump right of the gate in front of the start and grind that banner down instead. ---------------------- Section Six: Secrets ---------------------- If anyone cares, $150,000 constitutes all clear in Career Mode. Exceptions are Tony Hawk, Spider-Main, and Officer Dick, because you get a specific secret for beating the game with those characters, not the next secret in line. To earn the bails video: Earn a medal in each competition with any character. To earn your skater's video: Earn golds in all three competitions for that character. To earn 80's Hawk (Tony Hawk's Style C): Earn $150,000 in Career Mode with Tony Hawk. To earn 80's Hawk video: Win a tournament with Tony Hawk in Style C. To earn Officer Dick: Earn $150,000 with any character (sans exceptions). To earn Spider-Man: Earn $150,000 with any 2 characters (sans exceptions). To earn Moon Gravity: Earn $150,000 with Officer Dick. To earn Flip Level: Earn $150,000 with Spider-Man. Earn the rest by playing with other people. I'll get there as I play. --------------------------------- Section Seven: Transfer Listing --------------------------------- Uh, I haven't found them all yet. And I'm too tired to do the ones I have now. Help me with the ones I -don't- have. The Hanger: (0/21) ------------------ None missing. :p The School II: (14/43) ---------------------- Air Transfers: 3 Points!!! Suicidal Roof Gap Are You Serious?!! Grind Transfers: Stage Rail 2 Rail Backboard Dance Manual Transfers: Planter on Edge Ledge on Edge Bendy's Flat Lip Transfers: Starting Blocks Extrnsion!!! Lil' Guppy Extension! Mid Squid Extension!! High Dive Extension!!! Errata: Okay, where's the gym? Marseille: (1/33) ----------------- Other Transfers: Wall Crawler New York: (25/41) ----------------- Air Transfers: Awning Air Take It To The Bridge Ramp to Statue Shorty Gap Over The Road Big Air Out Of The Banks Pillar Air Grind Transfers: Bench-Hoppin Left Side Pit Rail Stomp Parking Meter Gap You're Next In Line The Easy Way Right Side Pit Rail Stomp Jamie's Steps Banks Road Gap Across The Pit Grab A Snack And Sit Down Buuurp! Now Go Skate. The Hard Way Path Less Traveled Slam Dunk sidewalk Bomb Manual Transfers: The Bridge Going Down? Lip Transfers: Waaaay Up There Other Transfers: Banks Barrier Wallride Venice Beach: (12/41) --------------------- Air Transfers: Big Double S Set Roof 2 Ramp Ramp 2 Roof Uphill Canyon Jump Massive 20 Set! Huge Roof 2 Ramp Grind Transfers: 10 Point Landing! 'Round The Horn!!! Manual Transfers: He Could Go... All The Way... Candy Cane Manual Touchdown!!! Skatestreet: (12/36) -------------------- Air Transfers: Railing Hop over The Bridge Over The Deck Sodee Pop Gap Cut The Corner Stairset High Jumper Grind Transfers: Nail The Rail HP to Railbox Skatin On The Dock Of The Bay Lip Transfers: Gully Lip Mr. Small Lips Philadelphia: (15/41) --------------------- Air Transfers: THPS Fountain Gap Grind Transfers: Hobo Grind Pillar Hop Planter Double Pillar Gap Just Visiting Funbox Transfer Fly By Wire Death From Above Train Hard Fountain Ping! Grind Of Faith Manual Transfers: Funbox Wheelie Flatlands Techin Manual Stimulation Rockin' The Stairs The Bullring: (15/31) --------------------- Air Transfers: Launching The Pipe Air Toro Big Enchilada Mama Jumpin Da Humps Grind Transfers: Lil Wee Wussy Gap Grindin The Pipe Ramp Rail To Banana Box To Rail Ramp Rail To Rail Rail Flat Gap Box To Banana Launch To Banana Finesse Test Launch To Rail other Transfers: Threading The Needle ----------------------- Section Eight: Errata ----------------------- This is the section where all of the stuff that couldn't go elsewhere goes. Too bad I don't have anything like that yet. E-Mail dipstick@superkawaii.com with odd stuff.</p>