Suchie Pai Adventure Doki Doki Nightmare (The Throbbing Nightmare) Playstation Version by Jaleco FAQ v 1.0 by hq9 April 15,1999 Up to Date versions can be found at and my website Suchie Pai is (c)1999 Jaleco Unpublished work Copyright 1999 hq9 All contents are fan made for informational purposes only. It may be distributed and reproduced only if this disclaimer remains intact. This FAQ may not be altered in any way without my permission. This FAQ is written and owned by me, hq9. Please follow proper 'netiquette' and give credit where it is due. TABLE OF CONTENTS I. WELCOME II. MAIN MENU OPTIONS A. Disk 1 B. Disk 2 III. STORY IV. GAMEPLAY V. VERSUS SUCHIE CAPTAIN FLAGG VI. CHARACTER PROFILES AND WALKTHROUGHS A. Yuki Mizuno B. Shiho Katagiri C. Arisu Shinohara (Alice) D. Sanae Makieda E. Tsukasa Ichimonji F. Kyouko Misaki G. Miruku H. Mai Amano I. Katori Ninomiya J. Seshiru Deringyaa (Cecile Dillinger) K. Miyuri Sakurai L. Sayuri Kawamoto M. Rumi Sasaki N. Lilim (Ririmu) VII. HOME MADE GAMESHARK/PAR, OTHER SECRETS & CHEATS VIII. VERSION HISTORY IX. CREDITS & THANKS I. WELCOME Welcome to my Suchie Pai Adventure Doki Doki Nightmare FAQ! I have always enjoyed the Strip Mahjong series, but this time around, Jaleco incorporated thier colorful cast of characters into a dating simulation, I was in gaming Utopia. This game came out Spring 1998 for the Playstation and Saturn. THIS FAQ IS BASED ONLY ON THE PLAYSTATION VERSION. I only own the Playstation version, but for a Playstation game, I was a bit surprised with the adult themes in the second dating disk. The Saturn version however, has racier pictures and a Mahjong game available according to the Fan Book I own. Due to the lack of information on this game both English and Japanese I have decided to make this FAQ. II. MAIN MENU OPTIONS A. Disk 1 The game is divided into 2 disks 1- the game disk and 2-the date disk. ON Disk 1 the Interface options are as follows HAJIME KARA= Start a new game TSUZUKI KARA=Continue a game KAISO MODE= view the game pictures and movie galleries The movie Gallery is further divided into- -TOUJOU (initial) scenes, these scenes are the first meeting-very cute! -EVENT scenes, shows scenes which indicate good gaming progress, timing is critical here -OSOWARERU(attack) shows Ririmu's nightly ambush of the girls -OP ETC shows transformation scenes. OMAKE/ LOAD= Play the game vs Suchie Captain Flagg, and data load B. Disk 2 DATE MODE -only open if your finish the 1st disk with a certain character, The colored pictures indicated girls that are available to date KAISO MODE=view the game pictures and movie galleries SOUND MODE=opens up all the vocals "Hoshi dori ni Wake up! ~Nemu cchya dame yo!", "Are to, kore to, sore to, DEETO!", "Ai ni naritai", "Hey, Mr Tired! mada mada yo!", "Usagi destudy", "Nante irundakke", and last, "Kin ga no imaguu." The second part of the Sound mode consists of the BGM music. The sound mode alone would make an excellent soundtrack, the vocals are incredible. OMAKE/LOAD=Play the omake games and load data. III. STORY You play yourself, the new kid in the town of Kami Youga (Youga). Kyouko, the attendant at the "GameStage You & Me" Game Center, shows you around town and introduces you to everyone. You meet many different girls, and as you become familiar with them, something wierd happens, the ones you meet fall into a deep, unwakeable sleep. On the outside, they appear to be having nightmares. One frightful night when you are watching over your potential girlfriend, Lilim (her name in katakana is Ririmu) a mischievous dream- demon spirit manifests! Lilim, is the culprit behind all this nocturnal madness! With one sweet kiss from her lips, Lilim, leaves your female companions in a deep slumber. Have no Fear! Lemon Pai, Cherry Pai, Peach Pai, Milky Pai, Suchie Pai, and Suchie Yuki are your allies in this war! Will you be able to stop this evil being from casting another sleep spell? Who will you be dating in the second disk? The enevitable lies ahead! IV. GAME PLAY Suchie Pai Doki Doki Nightmare takes place only one week days from Monday through Sunday. Everyday, you can go where ever you want, throughout the town. However, some rooms may not be available at certain dates and times. Every time you enter a room and talk to someone time will progress and it gets from morning to afternoon to sunset to night. Depending who you see and what you say to them, the girl will become friendlier, or angrier, hence, the CG Galleries and Movie Events ticker will go higher. Ultimately, you must protect the girl you are after, Tuesday through Thursday Night by answering a series of quiz questions asked by Lilim (Lilim-chan no naza naza de quiz kapi), and on Friday have a showdown against Lilim along with any Suchie Soldiers that remained awake. If you win, you will be prompted to pick the girl you want to date on Saturday, and if the girl found you charming enough, you are rewared with a date in disk 2 which takes place on Sunday. By default, you can win a date easily with Kotori. The others will require a little more effort, each disk 1 game should last about 20 - 30 minutes and is pretty straight forward. If you pick the wrong answer you always get a chance to correct yourself, and the girl doesn't get pissed. This isn't as complicated as Pia Carrot or Renai Hodousei ~Starlight Scramble~. V. VERSUS SUCHIE CAPTAIN FLAGG! This mini-game is mandatory to play when starting a new session. It is not necessary to score well but beating Captain Flagg and getting the high Score will get you a more enthusiastic Kyouko initial scene. Lilim says 32 different things and each saying corresponds to a different keystroke. FYI Vital Nihon go: Akai is red, Shiroi is white, agemasu (ageru) means to raise, sagarimasu (sagari) means to go down. "Nai" particle is negative. When Lilim says X nai or X naide don't press anything. As your score goes up Lilim will speak faster and faster, increasing the challenge. RED Saying Action aka ageru = UP aka agete = UP aka sageru = DOWN aka sagete = DOWN aka agenai = Nothing aka agenaide = Nothing aka sagenai = Nothing aka sagenaide = Nothing WHITE shiro agete = TRIANGLE shiro ageru = TRIANGLE shiro sagete = X BUTTON shiro sageru = X BUTTON shiro agenai = Nothing shiro agenaide = Nothing shiro sagenai = Nothing shiro sagenaide= Nothing VI. CHARACTER PROFILES & WALKTHROUGHS Each one of these characters are wonderfully creative. Since this game is pretty easy, I will only list important events, (FMV) means at that encounter the FMV sequence will appear. In order to protect the girl you desire, during the night from Tuesday - Thursday you must go to her room and wait for Lilim to appear and answer 2 of her questions. If you sucessfully answer 2 questions Lilim will leave the girl you are protecting alone and "attack" another girl you met, rewarding you with some very interesting FMV animations (trust me they are totemo omoshiroi!) On the final showdown on Friday you have to answer 6 questions, but if you have The Idol Jansi by your side they answer some questions for you. This may be good or bad. The Idol Jansi usually are 50/50 on answering questions. In order to win, just follow the basic steps for this simple game. (Getsu) Monday-Don't meet the girl you are after because Lilim will put her to sleep. Rumi requires that you not Mai and let her fall asleep. (Ka)Tuesday-Meet the girl you are targeting, (FMV initial) Pick 2 additional girls to let time progress. At night pick her house to protect her on the first night Lilim appears (Sui)Wednesday- Meet the girl you want again, a special event FMV could happen on Wed or Thurs, pick 2 other girls to meet to let time progress Protect the girl you are after at night (Moku)Thursday-Meet the girl you want again, pick 2 other girls to meet to let time progress Protect your target. (Kin)Friday-Go against Lilim and answer 6 questions correctly pick the girl you like the best. *NOTE* Kotori requires that you just pick "AA, chikaierutomo" on Friday (Dou)Saturday AM pick the girl you wish to date (Nichi)Sunday- Disk 2 have a date *NOTE* Seshiru & Rumi will require special instructions A. Yuki Mizuno The Dreaming Pretty Soldier of Truth - Suchie Yuki! Age: 18 Blood type: O 3 Size: B78 W53 H81 Height: 152 Birth Date: February 9 Place to be found: AM in front of Yoga High School PM at Yuki's House Hobby: Collecting Penguin goods Description: Yuki is a very imaginative girl. She desires a romantic life, but has no boyfriend. You will see her split personality. She's definitely my favorite character. Monday - Don't Talk to Yuki Tuesday - AM Talk to Yuki (FMV), PM pick Yuki's House, PM protect Yuki Wednesday-AM Talk to Yuki (She sings you songs) :), PM protect Yuki Thursday-AM Talk to Yuki (FMV), protect Yuki Friday-Do whatever (FMV)-transformation scene, Saturday- pick Yuki, Happy Ending Sunday- Date! B. Shiho Katagiri The wealthy girl who loves her horses. Age: 21 Blood type: O 3 Size: B82 W56 H83 Height: 150 cm Birthdate: September 20 Hobby: Violin, Horseback riding, Mahjong Place to be Found: Shiho's Estate Description: Shiho is the rich girl in town. She lives like a princess and is a bit tipsy when under the influence... Monday: Don't see Shiho Tuesday: AM (FMV) see Shiho, PM Pick Shiho's House & protect her Wednesday: AM see Shiho, PM Protect Shiho Thursday: AM see Shiho, PM see Shiho (FMV) Friday: Do Whatever showdown Saturday: Am - pick Shiho Sunday: Date C. Alice (Arisu) Shinohara (Peach Pai) Magical Princess Peach-Pai! Age: 16 Blood type: O 3 Size: B72 W53 H80 / B87 W56 H85 (PEACH) Height: 140 cm/ 154 cm (PEACH) Birthdate: January 28 Can be found at: Arisu's office Hobby: Anime, Manga, Singing Description: Alice is an aspiring idol singer. She's pretty timid and very cute! Monday-Don't see Alice Tuesday- AM See Alice(FMV), PM pick Alice's office, PM see Alice (FMV) protect her Wednesday - AM see Alice, PM protect Thursday-AM see Alice, PM protect Friday- Whatever, FMV (transformation scene) Saturday- Pick Alice Sunday-Date D. Sanae Makieda (Cherry Pai) The Dark Warrior Cherry Pai! Age: 23 Blood type: AB negative 3 Size: B92 W58 H87 Height: 169 cm Birthdate: June 25 Hobby: Looking for 4 leaf clovers Can be found at: Reika's House Description: Sanae is Reika's maid. She appears to be very quiet, gentle, and proper. However, her alter ego Cherry Pai is an extreme opposite. A domineering mistress wielding a whip! Monday- Don't Meet Sanae Tuesday-AM meet Sanae (FMV), PM pick Reika's House, enter Reika's House, go to Sanae's room, protect Wednesday-AM see Sanae, PM protect Thursday-AM see Sanae, PM visit her room (FMV), protect Friday-AM whatever PM (FMV)Transformation Saturday- AM pick Sanae Sunday-date E. Tsukasa Ichimonji (Lemon Pai) The Armed Mobile Suit Lemon-Pai Age: 21 Blood type: B 3 Size: B83 W60 H85 Height: 166 cm Birthdate: December 16 Hobby: Motorcycles Description: Tsukasa is a member of the Eastern Defense army which protects the town. She is no-nonsense and very strong mentally and physically. Monday: Pick anyone except Tsukasa Tuesday: AM Go see Tsukasa at the school (FMV) Afternoon-pick any 2 girls to let time progress. PM pick Tsukasa's place go in, protect her Wednesday: Am Go see Tsukasa, meet any 2 girls to let time progress. PM Protect Tsukasa Thursday: Go to the abandoned armory (FMV) afterwards meet any 2 girls to let time progress PM protect Tsukasa Friday: Go anywhere to let time progress, go to the park and meet the awake girls, pick Tsukasa's room (FMV) Answer questions against Lilim Saturday: pick Tsukasa Happy Ending! Sunday: Disk 2 date F. Kyouko Misaki (Suchie Pai) The Gambling Idol of Love and Justice Suchie Pai! Age: 18 Blood type: A 3 Size: B88 H55 W86 Height: 162 cm Birthdate: November 24 Can be Found at: You & Me game center Hobby: Mahjong & watching customers play in the arcade. Description: Kyouko is the very friendly, overly beautiful attendant at the Game Center. When I first played Suchie Pai I noticed she had an uncanny resemblence to my fave anime gal Nene Romanova, little did I know at the time that Kenichi Sonada designed both great characters. She's very outgoing and opens the game by introducing you to all the girls in the town, she pretends she isn't intrested in you but hey... Monday: Play Captain Flagg, beat Captain Flagg 80 pts+ (FMV good), Low Score = (FMV other) See Mai and dis her to score some more points with Kyouko. Tuesday: See Kyouko all the time morning and night...pick other girls to progress time. Wednesday: See Kyouko pick anyone Thursday: See Kyouko pick anyone Friday: AM meet Kyouko (FMV) Saturday: Pick Kyouko Sunday: Date G. Milk (Miruku)/Milky Pai The Lovely Bunny Milky-Pai! Age: ?? Blood type: ?? 3 Size: B83 W52 H83 Height: 30 cm (Bunny Version) 148 cm (Milky) Birthdate: ?? Can be Found at: Hospital and Convention Center Hobby: Earth Culture and Uniforms Description: Miruku is a space alien. She is currently the pet of Rumi. However Miruku can transform into a Bunny Girl who steals Sailor suits from the girls in town. Milky is an amusing girl/alien..whatever Monday: Pick anyone except Milk Tuesdday: Meet Milky, PM protect Wednesday: Meet Milky (FMV) transform, see a show (FMV) protect Thursday: Protect Friday: Any Satuday: AM pick Milky Sunday: Date H. Mai Amano Awful sense of taste bakery Age: 18 Blood type: AB 3 Size: B87 W58 H84 Height: 158 cm Birthdate: October 13 Can be Found at: AM: Ann Pies Shop PM Mai's Apartment Hobby: Making new Pies Description: Mai works at Ann Pies where she is always thinking up new recipes. She is very friendly and offers you some samples. Monday: Don't see Mai Tuesday: Go to Ann Pies and see Mai PM go to her apartment and protect her. Wednesday: Go to Mai eat the Pie (do anything afterwards, Mai isn't available to protect) Thursday: Go see Mai, at night visit her apartment (FMV) Protect Mai Friday: Do anything to advance time, go to Mai's apartment Saturday: Am pick Mai Sunday: I. Kotori Ninomiya Some kind of dangerous girl in Love... Age: 16 Blood type: A 3 Size: B79 W51 H82 Height: 152 cm Birthdate: November 14 Can be Found at: Kotori's House, Church, Park Behind you...lots of places Hobby: Collecting good luck charms Description: Kotori is a shy introverted school girl. She bumps into you accidentily and starts to like you, therefore she follows you around town. Monday: Bump into Kotori (FMV), PM say Tuesday: Do anything (Kotori will follow you around throughout) Wednesday: PM go to Kotori's House (FMV) Thursday: Do anything Friday: Go to Kotori's House, pick "AA..." Saturday: Nothing Sunday : Date! J. Seshiru Deringyaa (Cecile Dillinger) Bewitching Demon Sister Age: ?? Blood Type: ?? 3 Size: B90 W55 H88 Height: 167 cm Birthdate: ?? Can be Found at: Church Hobby: Secrecy Description: Seshiru is nun. She looks normal but has an evil side that manifests at night. She is very secretive and not much is known about her. Monday: Anything Tuesday: Meet Seshiru (FMV) Wednesday: Go to the church PM go to the church choose "Iya..." then choose "Ririmu" Transformation (FMV), Battle (FMV) Thurs: Anything Friday: Showdown, pick Seshiru at end Sunday: Date??? K. Miyuri Sakurai The girl one step behind release from the hospital...struggling against an illness... Age: 9 Blood type: B 3 Size: B70 W52 H76 Height: 139 cm Birthdate: June 27 Can be Found at: Hospital, Park Hobby: Reading Description: Miyuri is the poor little sick girl in the hospital. Your goal here is to make her feel better so she will have a quick recovery, cause guys she's umm 9 years old :P. Monday: Don't pick Miyuri or Rumi Tuesday: Meet Rumi, then Meet Miyuri (room next to Rumi on second floor) FMV -initial FMV story PM Protect Miyuri Wednesday: Check up on Miyuri PM Protect Thursday: Afternoon see Miyuri in the park with Kotori (Protect) Friday: Anything Saturday: Pick Miyuri Sunday: Date L. Sayuri Kawamoto Gluttonous Bunny Lady Age: 21 Blood type: B 3 Size: B86 W57 H87 Height: 166 cm Birthdate: July 29 Can be Found at: Usagi House Hobby: Eating, Playing, and Sleeping Description: Sayuri is a student by day, but at night is a hostess at the Usagi House. She is really a good converstionalist and has a likeable personality. Monday: Pick anyone except Sayuri Tuesday: AM anything, at Late afternoon meet Sayuri (FMV) protect Wednesday: AM anything, at Late afternoon meet Sayuri, protect Thursday: AM anything, at Late afternoon meet Sayuri (FMV) protect Friday: Anything, Usagi House should be open Saturday: AM pick Sayuri Sunday: Date M. Rumi Sasaki Humorous Nurse Age: 20 Blood type: 0 3 Size: B88 W56 H85 Height: 162 cm Birthdate: September 10 Can be Found at: Hospital Hobby: Karaoke Description: A kindhearted girl. She works at the hospital and takes care of the Miyuri and little Miruku. A girl like this should be taken home to mommy. She is definitely the hardest character to win with. Monday: Don't pick Mai or Rumi, Def pick Milk Tuesday: Meet Mai, Rumi(FMV) and Miyuri. Protect Rumi- Miyuri MUST fall asleep Wednesday: Talk to Mai and eat the Pie! (FMV) After waking up go check on Miyuri. PM talk to Shiho and anyone. PM go to Shiho and lose intentionally (Rumi doesn't sleep cause she's concerned with Miyuri) Thursday: Talk to Rumi check up on Miyuri Pick anyone to advance time. PM go to Mai's apartment and intentionally lose to Lilim. Friday: Talk to Rumi, hospital should be open Saturday: Miyuri awakens, AM pick Rumi Sunday: Date! Finally get to see why the 3rd floor of the hospital is open :) N. Lilim (Ririmu) Jocular Nightmare Age: ??? Blood type: ??? 3 Size: B85 W51 H82 Height: 152 cm Birthdate: ??? Can be Found at: During the Night at any girl's location Hobby: Poking fun at Humans Description: Lilim is a demon spirit who enjoys playing tricks on humans. She can appear and disappear at will. She may have a weakness during the daytime as she does not manifest in the light. VII. HOME MADE GAMESHARK/PAR CODES & CHEATS This game can be pretty annoying for the Japanese illiterate or the aspiring student (my case) Lilim's questions are rather weird...for example she asks you "How many people can probably fit on an island?" Answer=10, like where did that come from? There are even wierder ones that play on Kana and Kanji onomatopoeias! The good part is that Lilim always tells you the correct choice and a short explanation if you get it wrong. I guess they are common Japanese sayings and proverbs that I never heard of. To combat this cultural gap I used my limited hacking skills and came up with some useful Gameshark codes. These only work for the Playstation version, as I only own the Playstation version. Since these are homemade, I ask that I get some kind of credit if you use them on your website etc. Thanks! 800848CE 0100 = Gives you infinite time to choose when Lilim asks you questions-woo time to whip out the kanji dictionary! 800848D0 0000 = Gives you always 1x so you can infinitely answer questions wrong - really helpful to protect the girls and see the attack FMV scenes. *NOTE* Both of the above codes need to be turned ON only during Lilim's quiz sessions and turned OFF during the rest of the game, including load up. Otherwise it makes the FMV sequences skip. Versus Suchie Captain Flagg Help... 80095E40 0300 = Gives you infinite flags during the minigame, a good way to practice *NOTE* Must turn off the Gameshark to continue and no points are allocated. For the easy version of Captain Flag, on the screen where the game rules are displayed, after the "Now Loading" sign disappears, hold down the SELECT button then press Triangle, X, Square, X, Square, Circle, Circle, X (let go of SELECT) and press Circle. A sound should indicate it being activated and now the game will show both the Saying and Reading of either shiro ageru etc. Play Panel Match vs Lilim... If you keep all six of the Idol Jansi awake on Friday, instead of playing Lilim's Quiz game, you will play a good old fashioned game of Panel Matching.! Special Ending... After winning dates with each of the 13 girls, a new song and ending ensues. New FMV for Kyouko and Lilimu also follow. VIII. Version History 1.0 April 10, created XI. Special Thanks & Credits All information taken & translated from the Suchie Pai Adventure Fan Book, and my own personal gaming experience. Please visit my website at for my Suchie Pai website and other interesting video game news :) 1999 hq9 unpublished work</p>