GAUNTLET LEGENDS WALKTHROUGH BY ADK : WELCOME in my walkthrough for this game. Gauntlet Legend is a great action game for the Dreamcast. it's a game for 1 to 4 players. In this walkthrough you 'll find informations about the game, secrets i have find and that no one knows. I want also to say that Gauntlet (the ancestor) was one of my favorite games in years past because it was less expensive to play with it and the game was incredibly long and difficult (100 levels if i remember correctly). So refind all this world in 3D like world is a great emotion for me. I would like to say more but it's time to learn all what i know about this one. If you find something i haven't find please e mail me at Here is the program of the next three days you need to complete this game : 1 review of Gauntlet Legends 2 My personnal choice of character and what you can expect from the other. 3 Boss 4 Multiplayers tips 5 Secrets 6 walkthrough 7 credits 1 REVIEW : When i see it in Arcade i was surprised. Atari make the impossible. Another editor can create a dungeon and dragons world in 3D and it's an action game. The story is relly simple. Garm wants to overcome his brother Summer supremacy and wants to rule the tower. He summons a demon, Skorne to help him but made a little mistake. The demon escapes and rise a super army to destroy Summer and take the control of the world of Gauntlet. We learn what happened to Garm at the end of the game. Even if Gauntlet has the story of a classical action game (there is a crazy one who think he can conquer the world) the research in the game and the adventure are really various. Also i'll hurt a lot of people but if you want to play with the best Gauntlet Legend on Dreamcast you must buy the European version of the game. Why ? i buy the Gauntlet in "US" and it's optimized for a cinch. Usually i like the cinch more than the RGB, but the american switch is not the same as japanese cinch (i'm quite afraid for Eternal Arkadia). The color are runny, i search the high resolution but i found only a more colored version of the N64 one. In the european version it's totally different. The RGB bring the high resolution. Graphics and especially magic effects are better here and more thin. There's absolutely NO pixel on the character. All is perfect. You are free to not believe me but i know what i see. I must admit that some time i found the game a little slower than the US one but it's not sure. Well in term of presentation Gauntlet has some videos but they are short, too short to be appreciate. I don't know why the end was cut, or it's probably because of the Gauntlet Dark Legacy. It's too bad. I have nothing against a second strike, even if it's on Play 2, but it's not a reason to cut an end like that. The worst is that it's clear and there's no TO BE CONTINUED... . Graphically in RGB the game is wonderful, especially in yellow world and in the orange one. The color are numerous and the ennemies very various. The magic effect even if they are more thin, are not equal. The fire and the light are the best. The boss in the game are impressive and they require a special technique. The animation is excellent in a 4 players game and in a one player mode it depends on the character. Anyway you can increase the speed of your hero and the difference is real. The boss are not so mobile but in fact it's better like that. The only problem is to find three friends to play with you. The sound is incredible. The music are excellent with a special atmosphear in each world. There is one music per stage and there's 26 stages so imagine a game that use the atmosphear of Dungeon and dragon (SAT), Exhumed (SAT/PLAY) and even a techno atmosphear. Too bad there's no sound test. The voice in the US version are the same as the Arcade, but (another great advantage) in the european version the voice take the nationality of my Dreamcast. And in French it's completely different. The translation of the voice are funny and however it is best than the US voice. You must hear it and speak french to understand this fact but it's true. The maniability is perfect, the character strike rapidl, the battle is fun and not so difficult, when you play a multiplayers game the ennemies double or triple some time. You can choose the difficulty (easy to hard). I appreciate the RPG phase when in a shop you must choose what to increase (force, armor, speed and magic). The animal that can help you is also a nice feature of this game. Yes you have buy one of the best action game in the world. The game is full of items to serach, false wall, super weapon, combos and multiplayers combos and even you can play basket ball in one of the stage, so what are you waiting, buy this game and enter the legend. PRESENTATION : 14/20 GRAPHICS : 17/20 (US = 15/20) ANIMATION : 16/20 (18/20 IN A MULTIPLAYER MODE) SOUND : 18/20 (US = 17/20) MANIABILITY : 18/20 INTEREST : 18/20 FINAL NOTE : 95% 2 MY CHARACTER : Well you must know that the game is cool with all character, you'll have an adaptation time due to the skill of each one but it' just a question of time. I choose the Green Warrior due to his style and his force. The maximum capacity are STR : 999 ARM : 600 SPEED : 700 MAGIC : 500 In terms of HP at level 65 ( my final level) i had 7300 if i remember correctly. It's sufficient to end up the game in easy. The level are here to increase your HP but not really for your Stat because you can buy the skill in a shop. The warrior is excellent for a melee and have a correct magic effect range when he his overcome by the situation. I play the game with a magician but it's more difficult because he has less power but a better magic. The valkyrie is speed but have less power than the warrior. Anyway the game is fun especially when she growth. The archer is excellent in long range and top speed but not in close combat. I don't play a complete adventure with him but with the warrior i have 90% of melee. I use his shot only for the boss, so people who plays a single player with an archer have my respect because their skill are different from mine. I haven't play with the Jester because i don't like this fantasy but someone says it has an explosive personna (if you surf on gamefaqs you know who he is) and i think he is right because all he says about the other was true. Personnaly it wasn't in my attention to make a profil of other character than mine, so if you find it light refer to the other faq. HOWEVER if you have increase to the max your character's skill e mail me so i can add it in my walkthrough. I'm more interested by a comparison of each one when they have the power of a god. The contest is open. 3 BOSS : The monsters are too numerous to be describe (or so i think) but for the boss it's different. GREAT DRAGON : this giant beast can be kill by using the ICE AXE OF UNTAR. Stay far away from him, shoot and avoid his fireball. CHIMAERA : (i give this name because it has a better style, CHIMERA is the exact one) With the SCIMITAR OF DECAPITATION you cut the head that spit fireball. It's the more powerful. Again shoot but don't move if you have enough HP. DJINN : He fears THE MAGIC LAMP but he stays most difficult boss of the game. ARACHNA QUEEN : There's no word to describe how ridiculous she is. Use the TOXIC BELOWS on her. SKORN : Use the soul savior. In the first fight you can it him with the magic. No need to move, shoot only. In the second fight he don't fear magic so simply shoot and have 6000 points minimum. 4 Multiplayers tips : In a single player mode play the Valley of Fire to heal yourself. It gives 450 to 500 points per session. At the end of the game the monsters can't hurt you. In a two or more player mode, read your manual to abuse of the Combo attack. You must learn also the turbo attack. If you play with someone who has a great character, all the other player can load the same so you will be all invincible. Of course it creates a little confusion but it's a good way to explore teh game. I can't imagine four players replay again and again valley of fire before a boss fight. When you choose different character, choose the complementary and not a Dopple ganger like Dwarf and Warrior. If you work like a team you can count on your friend(s). 5 Secrets : I doubt there is more in the game but it's not impossible. There is one bonus stage the MAUSOLEUM, which is easy to find (read the walkthrough). There are five bonus level yes five and not four like the other one said where you can collect gold and coins. The game is logical and when you find one in a stage the other is in the symetrical stage except for MAUSOLEUM. There are five weapons for five boss. But it makes a cross, IE : in red world you find the weapon for blue boss and in blue world you find weapon for the red boss. Except for the Soul Savior. The alter egos are in the game but only for four characters. I don't see the interest of their presence because they have just a diferent appearence. Again for tips refer to the other faq. They have find it and not me after all. You can play Basket ball with your potion in Stage 5.3.1 fortress 1. There's the atmosphear. I don't know if it gives a secret. not because throwing potion is difficult (A + X). There are 9 obelisks and 13 Rune stone. The only way i see to have a different end is to increase the character to the max in hard mode and with the maximum level (if there's one). Then kill again Skorn but there's absolutely nothing sure. It's not important after all. 6 WALKTHROUGH : Well enough talk, let's finish it. Euh, if i say follow the way some time it's because ,there's nothing else to do. This game is more an action game than a RPG and it's up to you to explore at 100% an area. Imagine my walkthrough if i must describe all the possible way... RED WORLD : MOUNTAIN : VALLEY OF FIRE : To obtain your first Rune stone, pass the bridge at the beginning of the stage. Climb the stair and break the door. Use the switch and go down near the bridge to collect it. If you follow the way (it's begin) you will see the first obelisk. Use the switch near to open the jail and illuminate the thing. Then you can find a Familiar near the end of this stage. Last exit. DAGGER PEAK : You will encounter a great golem here. Kill him and look carefully in your screen. Search a gray rock and break it. Activate the switch and you will reach the second obelisk. There's nothing else here and no secret wall, so follow the way to the exit. CLIFF : At the beginning of the stage go south and activate the switch. it will open a new road with the second rune stone. Visit all this part then take the road of the stone. Then you will block by a barrier and you see a chest. Open it if you can and then search a suspicious looking green wall near. It hides a switch and it opens the barrier. If you go straight the way to the exit fall so go down and use the switch. Then go south and search a yellow wall to activate a switch. then you can go to the exit. LOST CAVE : Go right and you will find a third obelisk. Break the gray rock, kill the monster in this path. at the entrance you see a small gray rock, break it to use a switch and reach the obelisk. You can find the SCIMITAR here. SEARCH a switch that exchange two plateforms, follow the new way provided and search a dead end with the sword and the thunder shield. Then you can exit of here. VOLCANIC CAVERN : At the beginning of the stage, near a barrel, break a suspicious wall to desactivate the force field around the third rune stone. After you kill a golem you find a switch and you can take the rune. Then after a short battle you'll reach a giant clock. Use it to discover new path. Find the exit but don't take it. Search a breakable wall and activate the switch. Now use the plateform near the exit, it goes down and you see a wooden door, the bonus level 1. Then you can exit. DRAGON'S LAIR : You need a level 16 if you want to fight him now, without the axe. Stay far and shoot. You can use the rock to protect but it won't be a good shield each time. When the dragon strike the ground, run and you will not fall. BLUE WORLD : VALKYRIE CASTLE : POISONNED FIELD : A bridge leads yu to a switch which activate the mill. Then the water goes up and you can take a new way. When you are block by a door, search the blue wall on the left of the hero to use a switch. There is another blue wall you must break. Just after a blue circle on the ground go to the left of the hero to activate the switch that give the Rune stone. Later a gray rock hide a switch which allows you to lower a bridge. Just after that bridge, destroy the gray rock to activate the swicth which open the way to the obelisk but avoid the death. Then you can exit. CASTLE YARD : Destroy evrything here and look at the gate, it closes. Take the bridge and follow the way. You cannot miss the obelisk, i add it's impossible. Then you will arrive near a short serie of teleport warp. Then you must find three switchs (two easy behind a false wall near the stair) and then you can reach the third protected by an beast arm. Last after another wooden path you will reach the exit. ARSENAL OF THE CASTLE : Here the monsters are weak, or my fighter is really strong. The first trap is a ground that appears with a switch. Search around to find a path. Then climb the stair. You arrive in a room with a cauldron. Use the other stair and go left to find an elevator. Use all of them to reach a switch. Then go down to the room with the cauldron and search another switch. Then a wall disappear and you can find the fifth rune stone. Then you will explore the stage until you find a stair with the death. Go right of this stair and break a wall. Enter the room and destroy the false wall on the left. Use the switch. Now you can use the stair with the death and reach the end of the stage. Hep not so fast. Under the stair is a thunder hammer and the wooden door of Bonus level 2. Then climb this final stair and exit. TREASURE OF THE CASTLE : This stage is fairly simple. Follow the way and use all switch. At the end of the stage you will discover the sixth rune stone. South of the exit is the obelisk and left of the obelisk is the entrance to the Mausoleum behind a false wall. MAUSOLEUM : The secret is to use all the switch, especially at the end of the stage. when you can't use a switch, continue the way and search other switch. Later you will come to it automaticaly and use it. The last switch is under the left foot of a statue. Then you can exit. After that complete the Treasure of the castle and exit. TOWER OF TORMENT : Follow the ways by using wooden bridge. You will notice an inaccessible switch. Locate the exit. Down of the last stair is a false wall. Break it and activate the switch. A plateform will go up, full of rat. activate the inaccessible switch to go up with a plateform. Destroy the wall on your left and activate the new switch. The ICE AXE will appear. when you take it, the acid will cover all the level. Use the plateform to reach rapidly the exit. You will lose 15 to 20 HP. Then you can exit. DUNGEON OF CHIMERA : Use the Scimitar to cut the fire head, then don't move and cut the other head by shooting. YELLOW WORLD : DESERT : RUIN OF THE CITY : Follow the way and kill everyone. The obelisk is on the road and again you can't miss it. When you are blocked after activate a switch, wait a little and by miracle a stair will appear from nowhere. If you see monster it's that you are on the good way. RUNE STONE 7 : you see one switchs and another one behind a false wall. Activate this one first. Then the other. Then you will see a third. Pass the door. Destroy the rock immediatly on the left. Then collect the stone. Now exit. MAGIC SHRINE : This stage is simple. First break the ground by using the switch, then go down the new path, open the barrier to arrive near the rune stone.To obtain the rune stone here, activate the first pillar by walking on it. Then search in the waterfall a switch for the second pillar. Walk on the pillar and take the stone. Then continue to serach a switch to open the access to the path under you, explore that pass and you arrive on the other side of the great fissure. Go up to use a switch then down in the path it opens and after playing with mountain(up and down when you walk on it) exit. MYSTICAL PYRAMID : In this level you need again to play with the switch. Search all the secret wall. You will eventually encounter a switch that rise a plateform and lower it. Go down with the plateform, you will reach a false wall. Then after 2 switchs you must take the path that leads you south. A weird switch rotate a wall, run in the wall during the rotation to reach the good path. The obelisk is near a switch which can make appears and disappears a bridge. When you will see a break bridge on your way, walk on the left (it's not so evident to see). Just near the end is the wooden door to bonus level 3. Last you can exit. TOMB OF THE UNDEAD : With the anti death power, kill the death. Then use a switch, pass the barrier.Then you'll play with other switch and a plateform will go up. Take the plateform and use the switch. It opens the path to the obelisk. Then you will open a path to a pool with pic inside. The switch is behind you and not in this path. Climb upstairs and activate another switch. Then go down to the path i mention and take plateform which goes up. Befor you pass a closed door use the other way and kill everyone until you use a switch. It adds a bridge on your way. Then pass the door and use the new way. Activate 2 switch go down and between two walls you will find the TOXIC BELLOWS. Go right and serach a false wall to find Rune stone 9. Then take the good path and search a switch that illuminate a circle on the ground on the left of the golem (you must destroy it). Then the ground move. 2 more switch will activate a new path and the final switch is behind a false wall (the one that looks like a monster). The wall goes up when you are near it. Then you can exit. GREEN WORLD : ARCHER'S FOREST : ACID SWAMP : The main way has a lot of sub way. Complete them in order of appearance. Follow the way until you are completely block. Then find a stair and play with the switch of the acide swamp. Then the way will be unlock. Play with the switch again until a stair appears. Go again in the swamp and destroy the false wall, climb the other stair and exit. BENT ROOT : Follow the way.When you will have to choose between 2 elevators go straight first, activate a switch then come back and use the left elevator. You will see the rune stone but you cannot take it. To obtain the next rune stone you must follow the normal way and use all the switch. There is a swicth hidden in a trunk near the rune stone. Then on the bridge, take the elevator. Then you will see some plateforms, use a switch which goes up a trunk full of arachna and go on it. There is a switch there (false wall), activate it. Then you will come in the path you know. Go to the rune stone and collect it. Now go again to the fork of elevator. Go again straight and then down to a new path. Activate the switch and then go north and exit. OLD TRENT : Here you will have frequently to make return journey. Keep this in mind. The 11th rune stone is far in this stage. She is near a place with switch on trunk. You will see a lot of trunk with switch. You must use them all. Then go to the path up and take the stone. Later you will see a wall of creeper, break it but don't touch the switch now. Use the switch of the normal way then come back to this one. You will go up. When you will walk on the trunk the first switch will unlock bonus level 4. Then go to the normal path and search switch that open the barrier. Last you will exit. MUDDY ROOT : The way here is very complicated to explain. so sorry. You must know that the lamp is not hidden. It awaits you on a leaf south of a crossroad. The last rune stone of this world is just behind a big green leaf near the exit. Then you can exit. BOSS FIGHT : DJINN SHRINE : Now you can use the lamp to kill him (i was at level 46). Run when he shots and shot when he search you. QUEEN ARACHNA : shoot her from a distance. (i was at level 48). Then search in the tower of Sumner the teleport gate near him. SKORN'S TEMPLE : First destroy the generator by following the way. When youy must stop, you can use the switch to see their effect. Switch them on in the ordre of appearence. Then you will come in a square room. Then you will meet a room where the ground fall. Go left and break the wall to collect the soul savior. Then go right to the exit. SKORN'S ALTAR : Boss fight. Shoot him and don't move. If you have enough HP he will die. ORANGE WORLD : THE BATTLEFIELD : TRENCH OF BATTLE 1 : Go down in the trench. You must find 2 switch. Then look for a plateform on the right which leads to a third switch. Explore the area and go again in new trench. You must find one switch. In the last part go up by using plateform and switch then go down by the same way. LAST use another plateform to go up and activate the last switch. Now you can exit. TRENCH OF BATTLE 2 : There's absolutely nothing special here, follow the ways porvided by the switch. FORTIFIED TOWER 1 : The rule is simple here. Follow the path, activate a switch, when you are block search a breakable wall. It works perfectly. FORTIFIED TOWER 2 : The rule is the same, no need to explain, just run as fast as you can. FORTRESS 1 : Here you will find the last rune stone at the end of the stage. But before that you can play basket ball with your potion, believe me it's ultra hard. For the stone, you will activate a switch that go up the plateform with stone. Then continue the way and activate two more switch to lower the plateform of the stone. Ouf. Now you must exit to the next stage. FORTRESS 2 : Here is the fifth bonus level. You will find a place in this stage with 3 iron plate full of tack. Use the way to go on the other side and break a wall in front of you. There's a switch. Use it and a path to the bonus level 5 open. Then by playing with more switch you will exit of here.To open the exit walk on the plateform down and it will go up and open the mouth. Believe me there's nothing else to say about this round. NOW save your game. Heal yourself and collect 2700 gold, 9 potions and 9 key. HELL : (i was at level 65 when i win). In hell there's no gold and no secret. There's no secret wall. The path is ultra clear. It's a super melee fight with all the strongest creatures of the game. After a long fight you will arrive in front of a door guarded by a golem, avoid the golem and use all the switch. THen pass the door and exit. IN THE SHOP BUY A THREE WAY SHOT AND 2 GROWTH POWER. SKORN'S THRONE : Final boss. It's a question of HP here. Shoot until he dies. If you failed you will find yourself in the tower of Sumner with all the experience points and HP you had before this major fight. So try again and again until you win. I do this two times only. WELL, the end is cut like i said and i don't know if there's an alternate ending. It seems not because of Gauntlet Dark Legacy. Thank you ATARI for this stupid end. I don't understand why Gauntlet Dark Legacy was not release for the Dreamcast but i think it's really stupid to cut the story in two on two different machines. If i except that and the healing technic in valley of fire all was perfect. There's a last possibility to change the end, play the hell in a four players mode after you obtain four gods in hard mode and maybe ,but there's nothing official, you will see a true end. 6 Credits : All this walkthrough is copyright. Thanks to MIDWAY for the european version of the game. Thanks to the guy who create the other faq, i find the Ice axe with his help. Thanks to Napalm who check this walkthrough. Don't hesitate to e mail me for the contest i have open. I'll add the best stat per character and even for the alter egos if you want. I'll update my faq when i receive a stat for all the character. Again my e mail is You can also send me your commentary and suggestion, be sure i'll give the credit to you. ADK. It's to close this story.</p>