X-Men Walkthrough (Arcade Version) By: Rick L Version: 1.0 Contact: lickichu@yahoo.com This FAQ is © 2002 by me. You will not use this on your site unless I give you permission. I don't know why people can't just ask first instead of being stupid people. The only sites that can use this are Game Genie Code Oddities and GameFAQs. This FAQ is designed to help you beat the sweetest arcade game I've ever played: X-Men! I'll give you the skinny on various things you need to know to go through this game! Just make sure you have enough quarters! General strategies and all will be described in their respective sections. Table of Contents 1. Level 1: The City 2. Level 2: The Factory 3. Level 3: The Jungle 4. Level 4: The Cave 5. Level 5: Outside the Cave 6. Level 6: The Trap 7. Level 7: Magneto's Base 8. Credits 1. Level 1: The City The city is a rather small level, and fairly easy. The place to learn about everything, and you may as well learn quickly, because if you don't, you're going to get punished in the levels to come. Know your enemies, too. It'll help a bundle. First off, there's the regular robots, which simply come at you and try to punch you. They're not much of a threat, usually. Then there's the gun-toting guys. The red and easter-green guys will shoot rockets at you, while the mostly red guys will fire straight shots at you. Approach these guys from above or below. Never come straight at them. Now, to start the level, you get a few of the lackeys described above thrown at you. Simply pound them and move on to the next screen. The first major place you'll come up to is when the regular robots float down with big pieces of rock. What you want to do is get in their line of sight for about a second, then dodge it by moving up or down. Get the rocks out of their hands quickly, they know how to throw those suckers. Beat them and continue on, destroying more robots and you'll come to the second major point in the level. There will be purple and green clad robots who will shoot their fists at you from the right side of the level. As soon as you see them, go straight to the bottom of the screen as far as you can go. Once you get close to them, they'll stop and start attacking normally. Beware, as they'll still throw their fists at you if they're far away. Beat them, and you don't have far to go to reach the boss... The Boss: Pyro Do NOT under any circumstances get close to the middle of the wall at the end of the level, unless you want your X-Man to be roasted. Pyro will come out, and taunt you. He jumps around a lot, though. What you do is you come at him from above or below, nail him with a couple of combo shots, then get out of Dodge City before he shoots fire at you. Once he's done that, go in and pummel him again. Wash, rinse, and repeat! It's pretty simple to douse his fire. Well, onto the next level, X-Men! 2. Level 2: The Factory Ah, yes. This is the factory where these darned robots are being made! Well, I guess it'd be time to investigate this place further. Starting off, some guys will come out from doors, and what-not. Beat them around until you get to the first elevator in the level. You'll go down the elevator. Watch out for any of the yellow machines on the line. They'll fire lasers at you with no remorse, but one hit sends them to the scrapyard. Around the end of the second section, you'll start dealing with what flames spewing out of some squares in the ground. They'll hurt your attackers, but they don't do much damage, nor do they actually hit frequently, so don't rely on them to defeat your enemies for you. Continue on until you get to your next major point. Remember the yellow laser things that were around earlier in the level? Well, they're back...only they're metal green, roam freely, and take more hits. These things are a royal pain in the ass, as they can easily and cheaply hit you with a laser, knocking off two bars of health. Soon after beating these guys, you'll encounter a ton of missile-spewing machines on the wall of the next elevator. My best tip is to get to the very bottom, and jump-kick toward the turret at the very bottom. If you miss, punch it once or twice and you'll knock it out. Now, just sit in the spot where you blew up the turret. No missiles will spew forth. You'll go up the elevator now. Pretty soon, you'll get to a door, and what is behind it? A few gunmen and two more of the metal-green turrets. Kill them all, and then move on to the boss. Boss: The Blob Don't go into the upper-right corner until the lightning stops. Hey, who's that? It's Blob! And he's saying "Nothing moves The Blob!". Oh, yeah. He's got a big-ass spiked ball on a stick. Well, if nothing MOVES The Blob, then I guess something can knock him down. Use your Mutant Power for the first time, and knock him down on his flabby ass. Now, get up close and perform a few combos on him. When he falls down, get away from him. Repeat this about three or four times and he's history. If you get low on life, try to hit him and run, but he's tough to do that with, as he either hits you or throws you before you can escape, and he can do some good amounts of damage to you. 3. Level 3: The Jungle OK, so we have to go to the Island. Alrighty Professor X, we'll do it! Well, we have to anyway. The island isn't exactly a peaceful place, as you should expect. It's mainly a big pain. This is most likely the first point in the game you'll be having trouble with. The main thing to know in this level is that the gunmen have been replaced with these alligator/human hybrid things. They'll jump at you and whip you with their tails, causing a fair amount of damage. To avoid this, NEVER get in a direct line with these enemies. Always come at them from above or below. Now that that's been said, there isn't really a whole lot to this level, really. The first major point in this level are the plants that attack you. They're the only ones in the game, and they're easily beaten if you get up there and beat them down before they get the chance to attack you. The second major point is the midboss. The skull's mouth will open up, and you'll get a bunch of bees, along with the queen bee. What you want to try and do is try to get close to the bee and pummel it. The little bees are a major annoyance, but sadly, you can't do anything about them. Occasionally the queen will shoot laser blasts from her stinger. They come suddenly, so it's hard to dodge. After the queen is dead, the little bees will go bye-bye as well. Continue on until you beat all the enemies near the cliff. Don't worry, you won't fall off this cliff....That is, until Magneto makes a surprise visit and blows it up. You'll fall onto a place where some "mud men" (As I call them) will attack. About three or four hits each will take them out. Now, here comes the big bad dude.... Boss: Windigo (A.K.A. "The Ice Beast") The Ice Beast is simply what I've always called him, until I realized he was yelling "WINDIGO!" instead of a bunch of random roaring and unintelligable shiznit. Well, this guy you should treat just like The Blob, but keep in mind that this guy doesn't fall on his butt and leave himself open. Like Blob, never play a hit and run game. You can hit, but he'll hit you before you get a chance to do anything to run. Just use your mutant power a bunch of time to beat him. It's not worth is most of the time to start a slugfest with him. 4. Level 4: The Cave Professor X says: "Go and rescue Kitty from the cave!". Evil cave! Bad! The X-Men will destroy you! ^_^ Anyway, this cave isn't a friendly one. It just gets more difficult from here. Don't expect much of a break. The gunmen guys are back for another round in this level. Close to the beginning of the level, they'll be grey alligator men with green suits. They'll give you another reason not to be in their line of fire, as they will spew fire from their mouths. Pretty much kill them and move on. About a little more than midway through the level, you'll be attacked by the miniboss, a giant bat with little bats around it. If you treat it like you did the bee, you'll do fine. You can use up some of your life or reserve mutant ability move if you want to kill it quick, but I don't recommend it, especially if you have less than four units of life left (Unless you're on your last life). Soon after, you'll be assaulted by tanks. Keep to the bottom half of the screen to avoid being run over. Pretty soon after this, you'll be assaulted by the wave of fist-throwing bots you saw in the first level. Just try to get close to one group, then the other. Then mount your attack from there. About at the end of the level, you'll go up an elevator. Kill all the lackeys, and then just keep going over a little ways until you see kitty....and that big dude guarding her... Boss: "Iron Sentinel" Well, that's what always pops into my head when I see him. This guy can either be sort-of simple, or a pain in the neck. This guy has a couple of long range moves, so that's not good. However, you can't really hit and run him either, as he'll throw you away. Your best bet would be to try to get in close and pound him, since he doesn't seem to throw you all the time, and may let you knock him down. If it gets too troublesome, let your Mutant Power do your dirty work for you. Eventually, he'll explode into nothingness in a cool way. Kitty is free! Now, time to find Magneto again! 5. Level 5: Outside the Cave Well, that's good. We're outside the cave now! Now the real battle begins...and so doesn't that cool background music that's stuck in my head! A word of warning: About this time, the regular enemies are able to now throw energy shots at you. Just be careful when you're far away from them. Right away, you'll be treated to a cliff, and a couple gunmen. Whatever I told you about gunmen, when they're on cliffs, throw everything I told you about them out the window and come right at them and pound them. Trust me, you don't want to move up or down very much. In fact, if you go all the way to the back of the screen, you'll fall as well! Be wary of this. However, don't get too close to the end of the bridge, as flamethrowers will roast your X-Man if he gets close. Once you've cleared out all the enemies, wait for a pause in the flamethrower, then jump-kick it and move on. After this, you'll go down an elevator and fight the mini-boss. I have no idea what her name is, but all she does is throw laser points at you with her hands, and laugh. Get in close and pummer her, but be aware that she'll throw those things at close distance too. It shouldn't take much pummeling to defeat her. Soon after this, you'll have the last appearance of those strange dirt creatures that spit water at you. Kill them and you won't ever see 'em again! Somewhere around 2/3 into the level, a Magneto robot or something will appear, and out of it's mouth come these tank robots. They don't take much to kill, however, they are always moving around, and don't stop at all. Try to hit from head on, just watch out when they try to nail you with their guns. Beat that wave, and continue on, trouncing all your enemies until you get to the boss. (These levels are getting really exciting, yes, I know...) Boss: Juggernaut "Juggernaut will flatten you!" He taunts, as you get close. Now, what you wanna do is you want to lure this guy over to you, about the left part of the screen. Now, once he gets there, get in close and pummel him. Move up or down, and when he gets up, do it again. This guy has two long-range attacks, yet he only has a simple punch that he uses as a close-range attack. He shouldn't counter attack too much, and you should have an easy victory on your hands. Once again, do NOT try to get away from him. He'll either shoot you or charge at you. 6. Level 6: The Trap Well, well. Mystique lured you into the trap! You'll keep falling, and falling, and falling. This first part will have you dealing with a lot of machinery traps. Right square at the beginning, destroy the guns and the laser beam. Just destroy every piece of machinery you can. Then you'll get right to the cliff again. Repeat what you did in the last level, just watch out for those flamethrowers again! Around the middle of the level, we get treated to Pyro again! Not one Pyro, not two, not three, but FOUR Pyros all at once! Don't even bother dealing with them one at a time, just use your mutant power and kill off one or two, then use the strategy you used on him in level 1 to finish any stragglers. After that, go ahead and beat down any robots that come your way. Now comes the really hard part.... Boss: Stone Statues These guys are just tough, and there's THREE of them, which really makes it even harder. The first two come at you as a team, and all they do is swing their scythes at you. It's really hard just to get in close to them. Jump-kick them if you can, and use your mutant power if possible. Once you get those two dead, and blown up in all their stone glory, the third one attacks. The only difference in this guy is that he can shoot a short-range eye beam. If you can attack from a distance, this battle is yours! Any character with a long-range mutant attack (Like Wolverine) helps tremendously. Level 7: Magneto's Base A very short and straightforward level. This place pulls no punches at all. It starts off with a few robot lackeys, then gets back into those cruel metal-green machines from level 2. Then along come another wave of the tank guys. After going a ways....oh no...you won't like this upcoming part much... Yep..."Nothing moves The Blob!"...hooray, just what we needed, the big tub-o'-lard. As soon as you see him, DO NOT MAKE THE SCREEN SCROLL! At least, don't make it scroll much until you beat Blob, or get him down to low energy. If you scroll it too much, you get to fight Windigo along with Blob. Those two aren't much for a big party, so you'll just have to rely on the strategies I gave you earlier. After this, you get to fight the "Iron Sentinel". Again, don't make the screen scroll too much, or you'll have to fight the laser-spear woman again too. She can be a real ass pain when you're fighting these guys. Then you get to fight Juggernaut again. This gets easy, as you can simply repeat the same trick you used on him a couple of levels ago. After you've slowly beaten the bosses, you have another obstacle in front of you.... Boss: Mystique Yes, that's Mystique posing as Magneto. Don't be tricked. She'll only try to punch or kick you. Just get in from a vertical angle and pound her, just watch out for the kick. Once you've defeated her, Professor X points out the extreme obvious. Yes, we know that the real Magneto is elsewhere! And that's where you're going next... Final Boss: Magneto Now this is where it gets really, really tough. Stay away from Magneto when he's doing his "I am Magneto!" rambling. Now, you'll just want to basically wear this guy out with your mutant power. Get close, and he'll kick you three times for three units of damage. Whatever you do, AVOID HIM when he gets into that magnetic bubble thing. He'll shoot lasers at you, which are easily dodged by paying attention. Just kill this guy with your mutant powers, and finally, after saying "You are dead!" or just "Dead!" sometimes, he'll be kissing the floor himself. Good job, X-Man! You've saved the world! Now you get to do it all over again from the beginning, as you get to repeat the whole game again! Nothing changes, so do what you want from here. 8. Credits I want to thank Konami for making a REALLY awesome arcade game that I've been playing off and on for years. At the same time, I'd like to give them the thumbs down for never realasing this game to consoles! Bad Konami! I'd like to also thank the new Mini-Golf place in my town, for having this game, GameFAQs for putting up this FAQ and all my good FAQs and Reviews that I've sent in to the site. That's all for now, now go play! Visit my Website: http://www.angelfire.com/mb2/ggco</p>