WWF: In Your House By Acclaim Faq written by _Riddler_ and Sydra The Game -------- WWF In Your House is a wrestling game that is a mixture of MK style fighting and goold old fashioned wresting. It uses a similar engine as WWF Wrestlemania, but expands on the concept. For instance, each wrestler has their own trademark "area" where they wrestle. (inside a ring of course). Shawn's is a nightclub, Owen's is a house of cards, etc. Also, each wrestler has their own "fatality" type pins. Now many of you who have played WWF Wrestlemania, will remember that the Undertaker had a fatality. The original plan was for all 8 wrestlers to have finishing moves, but once the WWF got wind of it, they ordered Midway to not put anymore in. In WWF IYH, one fatality I have seen is Shawn Micheals Heartbreak Hotel fatality. Now true wrestling fans will remember that Shawn hosted an interview segment entitled "Heartbreak Hotel" and in his fatality, the Heatbreak Hotel sign falls on the opponent. Very cool. So far, no tricks or fatalities have been uncovered. Hopefully a pallete or color select is included in the game like WWF Wrestlemania's arcade counterpart. Dont get me started as to why the home versions didnt have this cool trick. Another interesting addition to this fine game are the endings. Now we all remember the lame endings of WWF Wrestlemania. "Congratulations you are the new champion, blah blah, " and fireworks and that was it. They didnt even include the arcade's personalized endings for each wrestler! Anyway, each wrestler has about 5-10 seconds of full motion video which also plays the wrestlers theme song. No midi-crap here folks, its all digitized and sounds great. The video shows the wrestler performing moves (usually their finishers) and also managers etc. I wont spoil the video for you, but trust me, its very cool. Any updates, additions, tricks, etc mail me at: nookie@netexpress.net Legend ------ P = Punch K = Kick SP = Super Punch SK = Super Kick BLK = Block U = Up D = Down T = Towards A = Away R = Run Shawn Micheals -------------- Real Name - Micheal Hickenbottom Stats - 6'1 227 lbs From - San Antonio TX Location - Nightclub Favorite Move - Superkick Favorite Quote - "Kickin' it with the kliq!" Spinning Forearm - Charge P Flex Aura - D-DT-T-P Hat Attack - T-T-P Crucifix - T-T-SK Rolling Seoul Butt - T-T-K Russian Leg Sweep(headlock) - D-D-SP DDT(headlock) - A-A-SP Reversal - A-A-SP Combo 1 (headlock) - T-T-K then tap P then tap SP then tap BLK+SP then SK Super Pin - D-U-P-SK-SK-P Goldust ------- Real Name - Dustin Rhodes Stats - 6'6 260 lbs From - Hollywood, CA Location - Movie Theatre Favorite Move - Curtain call Favorite Quote - "Remember the name, Goldust" Blinding Dust - Charge P Kiss of Death - D-T-P Clapper - T-T-P Belly-to-Belly Suplex - T-T-SP Suplex - A-A-P Powerslam - A-T-P Curtain Call(headlock) - D-D-SK Jaw Breaker(headlock) - A-A-P Reversal - A-A-P Combo 1(headlock) - T-T-K then tap SK then tap P Combo 2(headlock) - T-T-SK then tap K then tap SP then P Vader ----- Real Name - Leon White Stats - 6'5 458 lbs From - The Rocky Mountains Location - Looks like some sort of mine in the Rocky Mountains Favorite Move - Vaderbomb Favorite Quote - "Its Vadertime!" Bull Charge - Charge P Massive Roar - D-A-SK Mask Attack - T-T-P Choke Slam - U-U-SP Power Slam - A-A-P German Suplex - A-T-P Belly-to-Belly Suplex - A-A-K (also in headlock) Power Bomb(headlock) - T-T-SP Vaderbomb (top rope) P Moonsault (top rope) K Combo 1(headlock) - T-T-K then tap P then tap SP, BLK+SP, SK Combo 2(headlock) - T-T-SK then tap SP then P Super Pin - D-U-K-K-K-K Hunter Hearst Helmsley ---------------------- Stats - 6'4 246 lbs From - Greenwhich, CT Location - A Mansion Favorite move - The Pedigree Favorite qoute - "Arrogance is truth" Cane Swing - T-T-K Cane Block - A-A-BLK Armbreaker - U-D-P Suplex - A-A-K Hiptoss - A-A-P Bulldog - T-T-P Butterfly Suplex(headlock) - A-A-SP Pedigree(headlock) - T-T-SP Reversal - A-A-SP Reversal 2 - D-D-K Combo 1(headlock) - T-T-SK then tap K then tap SK Combo 2(headlock) - T-T-P then tap SP then SK Super Pin - D-U-SP-SP-SP-SP Owen Hart --------- Real Name - Owen Hart Stats - 5'11 227 lbs From - Calgery, Alberta, Candada Location - House of cards (notice Owen's slammy in the background) Favorite Move - Spinning wheel kick Favorite Quote - "I am the King of Harts!" Sceptor Smash - Charge P Multi-card Attack - D-T-K Giant Card Attack - T-T-SK Northern Lights Suplex - A-T-SP Suplex(headlock) - D-D-K Double Hook Suplex(headlock) - D-D-P Sharpshooter(opp on ground) - A-SK Reversal - D-D-K Elbow Drop - (top rope) P Top Rope Drop Kick - (top rope) SK Combo 1(headlock) - T-T-SP then tap SK then tap K then SK(22) Combo 2(headlock) - T-T-K then tap SK then tap SP Super Pin - D-U-P-P-K-K Ahmed Johnson ------------- Stats - 6'2 305 lbs From - Pearl River, MS Location - Gym Favorite Move - Pearl River Plunge Favorite Quote - "Be proud of who you are" Jawbreaker - Charge P Giant Attack - U-U-SK Dragon Suplex - D-D-P (Also in Headlock) Ground Hit - D-D-SP Brain Buster - T-T-SK (Also in Headlock) Powerslam - A-A-P Powerslam 2(headlock) - D-D-K Sidewalk Slam(headlock) - U-D-K Pearl River Plunge(headlock) - A-A-SK Spine Buster Combo(headlock) - T-T-P then tap SP then tap K then tap SK, K(24) Combo 2(headlock) - T-T-K then tap P then SP Super Pin - D-U-P-SP-SK-K Bret Hart --------- Real Name - Bret Hart Stats - 6'1 234 lbs From - Calgary, Alberta, Canada Location - It could either be a training center or Stu Hart's Dungeon, also notice the Owen Hart punching bag and Bret Hart posters in the background. Favorite Move - Sharpshooter Favorite Quote - "I am the best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be!" Glasses Flash - Charge SK Eye Gouge - Charge P Belt Hit - D-T-P Powerslam - D-T-SP Atomic Drop(headlock) - T-T-SP Crucifix(headlock) - D-D-SK Sharpshooter(opp on ground) T-A-SK Combo 1(headlock) - T-T-SK then tap SP then K Combo 2(headlock) - T-T-P then tap SP then SK Super Pin - D-U-SP-D-U-SP British Bulldog --------------- Real Name - Dave Smith Stats - 6'0 259 lbs From - Manchester, England Location - In front of Buckingham Palace Favorite Move - Powerslam Favorite Quote - "Its U.K. U.K. not U.S.A U.S.A." Union Jack Attack - D-A-SP Choke Chain - A-A-SK Belly-to-Back Suplex - T-T-K Atomic Drop - A-A-K Back Drop - T-A-K Running Powerslam - T-T-SK Arm Drag - A-A-P Arm Drag 2(headlock) - D-D-K Vertical Suplex(headlock) - D-D-SK Double Hook Suplex(headlock) - T-T-SP Reversal - D-D-K Running Powerslam Combo(headlock) - T-T-P then tap K, then P(18) Super Pin - D-U-P-SK-SP-K The Undertaker -------------- Real Name - Mark Calloway Stats - 6'10 328 lbs From - Death Valley, CA Location - Some sort of haunted house Favorite Move - Tombstone Favorite Quote - "Rest in piece" Urn Smash - Charge P Sliding Choke Slam - D-T-P Bat Attack - D-A-SK Spirit Stun - D-A-K Spirit Pull - D-T-SK Tombstone Smash - T-T-SK Back Suplex - A-T-SP Top Rope Legdrop - (top rope) K Arm Drag(headlock) - D-D-K Tombstone(headlock) - D-D-SK Reversal - D-D-K Choke Slam Combo(headlock) - T-T-SK then tap K then tap P then SP Tombstone Combo (headlock) - T-T-K then tap SK then tap SP Ultimate Warrior ---------------- Real Name - Jim Hellwig Stats - 6'2 280 lbs From - Parts Unknown Location - A Desert (I assume where Jim Hellwig now lives) Favorite Move - Flying shoulder block, big splash combination Favorite Quote - "Always believe" Short Arm Clothesline - Charge P Flip Slam - T-T-SK Power Slam - A-A-P Tassle Whip - U-D-SP Scoop Slam(headlock) - D-D-K Overhead Press(headlock) - D-D-P Combo 1(headlock) - T-T-SP then tap SK then tap K then P *************************END of DOCUMENT****************************************************</p>