Kane and Lynch 2 FAQ/Walkthrough 1.0 Invisible Assassin Welcome to Shanghai ------------------- This is the tutorial level, so the controls are given to you as you go along. Follow Kane forwards and then go up the stairs. The door right at the top is your destination. After the little scene, chase him through the hallways, and take cover along the way. Eventually he closes a gate on you. Go through the door to the left of it to get around the gate by going through some other rooms. Once you come out, shoot the two thugs and keep chasing your mark through the buildings, across the rooftops and through the alleys. Chase him down the stairs and through the marketplace. Kill the thugs on the way (and be sure to grab the Uzi). There will be a ton of these guys in the marketplace so go cover to cover. Once you emerge outside, a van will drive up. Kill whoever gets out and keep moving after your target. Kane will teach you the finer points of gas canisters along the way. Two cars will do the same as the van did. Your modus operendi should remain the same. Kill and chase the mark to the end of the hallway to finish the mission. The Details ----------- Move up, get behind cover and take out all threats. The easiest way to begin this level is to run to the far side of the white van, right of where you start, and take out as many enemies as you can. Move up from cover to cover and make ample use of blindfire. Glazer's car will move up as you progress but take care not to let his car take too many hits. As you go down the ramp, take out the two cyclists who come up. When you get to the bottom of the ramp, a truck will flip Glazer's car. Pull him out and then protect him from the thugs and cops that come out. There will be a lot of them from all around so make sure to keep moving between cover. Try your best to grab one of those police shotguns as soon as you can. They are very powerful and accurate at a decent range, moreso than any gun you've gotten yet. When they are all cleared out, take Glazer down into the garage. Go through to the other side of the garage and keep moving up the levels. Just follow the roads. If you think you've strayed off the path, just watch your AI buddies since they seem to know where to go. On the second level, you'll run into cops. Take them out and try to grab their weapons. Their submachine guns and revolvers are surprisingly powerful and accurate at long ranges. Once they are all clear, go into the room where the cops were coming from and lift the sliding door. Go up the stairs and through the hallway. Kick down the door and go down this stairwell. You can kick the door on the way but you can't go out that way. Just keep going down until you come out at ground level. Find cover and start shooting. Kill all the cops and get to the building on the other side. Kill the cops inside and then run up the stairs for a better vantage point to kill the enemies outside. Make a stand and once your van arrives, make a beeline for it. You only have to reach it, you don't have to escort Glazer all the way there. Blood, Sweat & Tears -------------------- Follow Tommy through the sweatshop until he gets gunned down. Take out the thug and anyone who comes in and make your way to the rooms to the left of the window one thug decides to jump through. All the rooms eventually lead to this place so don't worry about getting lost. Kane and Lynch converse a bit more as you head on the right path. As they start, going into a room on the left and head up the stairs. Go through this path until you head down. Take an enemy as a human shield. Kill all the enemies here and in the rooms upstairs. Proceed along the hallways, killing everyone in your way. You'll meet up with your reinforcements along the way. One of them should be taken out early in the ensuing firefight. Grab his assault rifle and go to town on the enemies in the courtyard and the balconies. Once they're gone, go through the door on the other side of the courtyard and then open the sliding door. Follow the AI upstairs and through the doors they break down. An enemy will open a door soon after. Kill him and go through the rooms behind him, around those balconies you killed enemies on earlier. There will be even more thugs in here so be sure to get rid of them. Your goal is to open a blue door in the room with the bead curtain. Open it and go through and then open the sliding door down the stairs. Go into the next building and then open the door on the elevation to get a nice little scene. Uh oh. After that's done, go right and up the stairs. Shoot at the enemies. When the getaway van arrives, blow it up. It will take about 3 clips of your assault rifle to the engine to get it. Once that's clear, run through the hallways and, if you're fast enough, you'll get the drop on a hallway full of cops. They're all lined up nicely for your assault rifle so drop them and run through the door behind them. Go down the stairs and then through the alleyways, killing all the cops on the way until you have to jump over a wall to end the mission. Laying Low ---------- Kill the SWAT members all around you. Be sure to grab one of their neato surpressed SMGs. Also, be careful of those wooden walls all around. They're breakable. Not good cover at all. Take out the second wave of SWAT, then go through the EXIT door. Kill the cop on the way forward and open the sliding door. Go up the stairs and through the alleys. It's a long, empty path. When Kane says he hears something, go up the stairs on the left and get the drop on a group of cops. This is a good spot to snipe out every enemy with that silenced SMG you picked up. Once that's done, go through the shed on the left and open the sliding door. Once you're out on the street, run right and take out the two cops in the car. Keep going on and take out the dozen or so cops further on. Once they're done, go through the kitchen into the next area and climb over the wall. Run through the alleys and then up the stairs. Drop down into the gigantic compound and run straight under the structure to hide from the helicopter. When it goes away, run through the pipe on the left to get into the next area where there will be a lot of SWAT waiting for you. Use the acetylene tank to take out the ones nearest to you and then try to snipe out the rest. When you move up, more will come down the stairs. If you had time to grab one of the SWATs' silenced weapons, you can take them out easily. Once they're gone, head up those stairs and kill the sniper. Drop down the hole next to him and go into the next area. There will be a lot of SWAT here and despite what Kane says, no real way to sneak by. Try and stick to the left side of the area, get the drop on as many as you can. There are also two snipers to worry about. As long as you have one of those SWAT SMG's, you should be fine from a decent range. Once everyone is cleared out, go into the building on the other side of this area. Kill the SWAT in this place and then climb the fence at the far end. Coming Home ----------- Sneak up on these guys on the left side until you reach the gas canister. Just throw it near them and blow it up to get most, if not all, of them. Then go through the gate. Run through the hallways and take out the guys on Kane's side and then the three on yours. Keep heading upstairs. On the third floor, there are even more guys on both sides. Take them out and pick up the assault rifle. Meet up with Kane and go through the door. When you're upstairs, pick off the guys behind cover with the assault rifle. When you move up, more guys will appear on your right on the next floor up. Pick them off with your assault rifle (one hit kill headshots should be easy) and then jump over cover and enter the apartment. Once the scene is done, pick off the thugs on the other side and the ones that burst through the wall. Go through to the next apartment for a scene. Go out to the balcony and pick off everyone that comes after Xiu with the assault rifle. Once they're gone, go through the door to the left on the balcony. Go through the apartments and then jump onto the roofs. Kill the guys in the building to the right and ahead of you on the rooftops. Drop down to the next set of rooftops and fight your way onwards until the scene. A Thousand Cuts --------------- Go into the building ahead and then through the bike room on the left. Keep going until you get the drop on Hsing. After the scene, go out the way you came and go through the sliding door at the end of the hallway. Go through the alley and up the stairs. Go down the scaffolding in the next area. Now, you'll have to sneak through this bus depot. Hide behind the first bus on the left. Move to the second and the guy here will move away. Wait until he's gone past the third bus before you move to it. Continue on through behind these buses and then behind the scaffolding on the left. Wait until none of the guards are looking before going towards the centre and then left to the exit. If you get close enough to a guard, you can take him as a shield and use their weapons to take them out if you don't feel like going the stealthy route. Whatever your way, go into the alley and then through the alcove on the left. Open the sliding door at the end. Kill the cops up here and then fight through the streets, killing the thugs. In the next area, kill the cops and grab their SMG, then go into the print shop. Go through the mall and the sliding door at the end for a scene. Fight through the mall and then through the cafe. When you get near the exit, jump behind the server counter as soon as you can to get the drop on SWAT. There are a LOT of them. Once they're gone, run down the street to finish the mission. The Deal -------- Get behind cover ASAP and start picking off enemies. There are a lot of them so take every oppotunity you get to pick them off. Pick up whatever assault rifles you find to help. Once that's all done, go up the stairs, then to the right and open up the door at the end. Run down this long hallway until you see the end. Two guys pop out at the top but the gas can to their right should make quick work of them. Kill the rest and go up the stairs. Kill the guys in the dark hallway and open the door at the end. Kill the thug to the left and go past him into the hallways. Kill the two guards in here and keep moving on for a scene. Kill the two soldiers (and grab their guns!), then go through the path to their left. Kill the soliders up on these catwalks (grab their shotguns too!) and then kill the dozen or so that come up on the lower floor. When they're done, go through to where they came from. There will be even more but just cut a swath through them and head where ever they come from. In the last area, your best bet is to fight your way up to the scaffolding on the right and clear the side of the hangar you're on. Then go back down and fight your way forwards to the exit door. Out of Shanghai --------------- Go forward down the path and then open the sliding door. There are multiple paths to take here but the easiest is to go to the other warehouse straight across from you and then move right until you run into enemies. This way, you funnel them through one way. Going the other ways seems to make them surround you. Pick them off and then go into the warehouse they came from. Go into the area on the right of the entrance. There will be two machinegunners you will have to take out along with a bunch of soldiers. Take them out and then run outside. Kill the three soldiers here with the fuel tank lying in front of them, and then go into the alleyway by them. Follow Kane all the way to the sliding door. Kill the police in this hangar and then move on to the next through the opposite corner. Kill the soldiers in the next area as they move in single file. You should be able to get most of them this way. Up next is a sniper on the crane. A few well placed shots should take care of him. Or Kane. He just runs in and takes him out sometimes. Go beneath the crane and take out all the soldiers between the trains. Open the sliding door on one of the trains on the rear (Kane stands in front of it). In the next area, kill the soldier on top of the trains and then go alongside them. Kill the three guards that come and then go through a car on your right. Kill as many soldiers as you can quickly and then run all the way to the train on the other end of the yard. Airstrike --------- Start by shooting the cops in the building. Try not to stay out of cover too much. On your second pass, there will be RPG soldiers and MG soldiers. Try to take them out quickly while shooting the cops. On your third pass, you'll have to shoot down a helicopter. Nothing to do but spam bullets at it when it's not spamming you. On the fourth pass, you'll have to kill a bunch of soldiers and another helicopter. Spam the rotor and you'll take it down quickly. Resurrection ------------ Go up the stairs onto the helipad. A sniper will be pointed out. Sneak your way over to him and take him hostage. Get rid of him and start picking off the cops and soldiers. Two soldiers will come up the stairs you came up so be careful. Once they're gone, open the sliding door from the area where reinforcements came in. Go down into this industrial room and kill all the cops. Run into the next area behind them. In this area, run up the catwalk and take out all the soldiers that show up on the other side. Once they're disposed of, go through the door they came through and go into the elevator. Run down the hallway and kill the two cops in between the cubicles. Soldiers will start pouring in from the other side and a helicopter will shoot at you through the window. Keep behind cover and fight your way through the cubicles. Try to keep along the back walls (from the helicopter) and dispatch enemies quickly with the shotgun. Once you kill all the soldiers in the three rooms, pick up the MG and start blasting away at the helicopter until it's destroyed. Then go through the door in the last room. Kill all the enemies in this room (remember to use the server room on the right for an advantage) and then go through the only open door on the left side. Go through the collapsing hallways and into the kitchen area. Go through here and when you reach the area with the crashed helicopter, take out the guards on the ground, and then the ones on the second floor. Then go up the broken pathway next to the helicopter and go along the catwalk. Fight the soldiers up here and then go through the open door and up the stairs and then through the door. Go through the rooms and fight off the SWAT. A bunch rappel in through the windows so be careful. Once they're gone, fight through the hallway into the next area. Kill all the SWAT in this aquarium place and then go through the doors on the other side of the room. One Way Ticket -------------- Huh. This is a change. And a silenced pistol. Go forward and try and get the drop on the three guards on the other side of the field. Once they're taken care of, go through the maintenance tunnel on the other side of the building. Once you come out, there are a lot of guards. I wasn't sure how to sneak around them but I did not have a hard time just killing them all. After all, I had a whole GAME to practice it. Once you're done, go through the next maintenance tunnel. Kill the guards while following the bright green signs until you have to climb up. Go through the first hangar and into the second. Kill the dozen or so enemies here and then go through the sliding door on the other corner of the hangar. Go through the pathway into the next hangar and then through one of the doors marked with the green sign. Proceed along the catwalks to the green doors on the other side. Now you're in the baggage sorting room. Take out the guards and then go through the sliding door in the middle. Go along the path and grab the shotgun from the SWAT that falls from the roof. Kill all the enemies along the path and head towards the door with the green light. Two SWAT burst through that door so be ready with your shotgun. Once you're done, keep moving on. In the next room are a ton of SWAT all over the place. Take cover all the way on the left side of the room and pick them off. When you're done, go through the door marked with the green sign. On the runway, make a mad dash for the plan through all the cargo boxes. There are only a couple of security guards so it shouldn't be much of a problem. Once you get there, congrats. You've beaten the game. Legal ----- This guide is Copyright (2010) to Invisible Assassin You have permission to print this guide as long as credit is given to me. Do not plagiarize please. I have worked hard on this guide and I would not Like it to be passed off as somebody else's.</p>