Wild Arms Secrets and FAQ V 1.80 ******************************************************** Some of these secrets may only work on the japanese version of Wild Arms..if you find secrets that don't work in the american release,email me and let me know. also some names might be diffrent.ignore these slight changes in the names.One of these secrets that won't work unless you are really lucky is the golem barbados. dont try it unless you have alot of spare time. ******************************************************** BabyRyoga@aol.com Sephirosu7@aol.com Places where people get stuck commonly Q:what do I do in the curan abby? A:Talk to everyone,then a person on the left side will say something about switches on the statues.push the switches and re-arange the statues to face each other. then use the tear drop in between. Q:what is the password at the memory temple? A:the name of the Elw elder in the holographic image. Q:where is the rune festival? A:go to the center of aldehyde then walk east. Q:how do i get out of aldehyde castle? A:talk to the cooks in the kitchen. Q:what are all the rocks by baskar for? A:later in the game when you rebuild aldehyde,use the wand on the dog belonging to the leader of baskar village.then talk to everyone in aldehyde and you will get an item.see the later section of this faq to find out what to do with the item and the rocks. Q:where are the first 2 duplicators? A:in port timley and saint centour. Q:if i use my duplicators do i havta start over? A:if you already got past the Elw pyrimid with the 2 magic doors,then no.there are an unlimited number of duplicators later in the game.if you did use the 2 duplicators somehow before the elw pyrimid,then you must start over. Q:what do i do at the pleasing guarden? A:-in the first part go in the right door and out the left. -in the part with the windows,go in one of the windows to the right of the rooms enterance. -in the room with the cross path,go left first,then go back and go down,then go left again. -in the room with the mantis,bomb his head,then after you beat him,throw his head at the switch. Q:how do i get the 3 blue chests on the ghost ship? A:they will wash up on the beach of ship graveyard after the ship sinks. Q:how do i enter the volcanon trap? First goto rosetta town and get the herbs with the elw girl. Q:who goes where in the tripillar? A:rudy=right.cecilia=middle.jack=left. Q:what do i do after i folow luceid in the ephitaph ocean? A:use hanpan on a mouse hole. Q:what is the password in ephitaph ocean? A:Metal Bird. Q:what do i do after the dog turns into a monster in the sacred shrine by court siem? A:use hanpan on the kid that hates rats then talk to the sister.now you can get past the guy guarding the door. Q:What is the password to the door in the demon's lab? A:Demon Gate. Q:where is the ocarina? A:sail around by court siem to find the place where it is. Q:how do i do the statues in the dead santuary? A:put the blue on the right,red on the left,and put the golden one space below the middle.then put the light green on the middle and make sure the gold id touching it.push the x button in front of the gold. Q:how do i pass the knowledge is treasure section of the book,De La Metalica? A:open the 3rd and 4th treasure chest. Q:where is the second gemini circut? A:on the beaches of the ship graveyard after the sweet candy shinks. Q:should i fight the demon prophet with only rudy? A:hell no. Q:in ka dingel what do i do in the room with 3 doors, and 3 switchs over head? A:open the first 2 doors,jump down,then pull the switch on the left. Q:in Ka dingel what do i do in the room with 8 switches? A:pull each one one time and they will all be facing the oposite direction they started in. Q:which is the real eye of malduke? A:the one of the left side of the one thats furthest to the right. Q:where is the wing of Malduke? A:in a chest behind the altar in the cemetary of Maldukes resedential area.use the radar if you can't find it Q:how do i beat the final 2 bosses? A:bring nectars,magic carrots,ambrosia,and cast Hi-Reflect spells every round.sleep and confusion is annyoing. i wont say who awaits at the end,but be prepaired for a surpirse.keep some hi revives along too. **************************************************************** Too learn more about the end bosses,go all the way to the Bottom of this FAQ.if you dont wanna know,then stay back. **************************************************************** 1-Rudy's Arms hand cannon:start with this.1 monster. prism laser:this is in the Cage Tower.1 group. rocket launcher:this is in the Volcanon Trap.1 group. Twin Orbs:this is in the photosphere.1 monster. bazooka:this is in the demon's lab.1 group. phazer:this is in the gemini corpse.1 monster. wild punch:this is in Arctica Caslte.1 monster. arch smash:this is in malduke.all monsters. 2-Runes water:this is in the forbiden library. earth,fire,wind:these are in the guardian shrine. summit:this is on moutain zenom. holy:this is in saint centour. death:this is in the desert maze. lightening:this is on the sweet candy. stare roe:this is in the pleasing garden.use the 3 warps near the end in the right order. star:this is in photosphere,after destruction of mother. lucardia:this is in the dragon's shrine. life:this is in the forest prison. illusion:this is in De La Metalica. love:this is in pahim's lab. sword:this is in a small area in the moutains north of the giants cradle. courage:this is in arctica castle. hope:this is in buskar village. defense:this is in repaired aldehyde.give the guy the construction item.search fixed statue. snow:this is on an island north east of arctica. other holy:this is on an island south of snow guardian. Time:this is at the stonehenge structure by buskar. 3-tools Rudy bombs:this is in surf village. radar:this is in eastern house in milima village.use wand on dog. glove:this is in the gemini corpse. skates:this is in the epitah ocean. Jack hanpan:start with him. lighter:this is in the moutain pass. grapple:this is in the pleasing gardens. gitaur:this is in malduke. Cecillia tear drop:start with this.reatain in photosphere. watch:this is in the curan abby. wand:this is on the sweet candy. pot:this is in the dragon's shrine. 4-golems lolitha:lolitha tomb/photosphere. diablo:demon's lab. leviathan:inner ocean.must have second ship.repair aldehyde.talk to ship guy in north east. barbados:Northwest part of the great desert strip south of pandemonium. seto,lucifer,berial:mulduke.use the gituar in any area where you see a circle. WARNING:lucifer can do about 3000 damage to your whole party and seto can do 2000.be careful and on about level 43 for seto and even higher for lucifer. 5-fast draw hints sonic buster:moutain pass. meteor dive:zenom moutains. trickster:port tinemy.break box at north end of town. heal blade:sand ocean. divide shot:tripillar. blaster:epitaph ocean. slash rave:sacred shrine by court siem.need duplicator. soul breaker:guy next to magic guild in aldehyde.need to give him a secret sign. blade guity:first fight with lady harken. shadow bind:dead santuary. magnum fang:second fight with lady harken. phazer zap:De La Metalica. infinity nova:gemini corpse. cross demension:chair in arctica castle. trump card:malduke. 6-4th force attacks Rudy:furyshot:pashim's lab.talk to him as rudy. jack:double attack:after 3rd battle with lady harken. Cecilia:dual cast:heaven's coridor.use tear drop between 2 trees near the end. 7-Mega Exp and gella acid bunnys-come in groups of 3.20000 exp each.find them at the most southern part of the great desert strip south of pandemodium. hakoyo(the name is wrong)-these are on islands south east of the hidden arena.come in pairs of 2. 20000 exp and 15000 gella each.every strong.be on about level 35 to fight.they sometimes will drop duplicators too.they use antimater bombs, powerattacks(around 800 dmg)true vision(status change and damage)and human experimeantation. Cyclopes:found in pipe area of malduke.not very hard and they give over 10000 exp. Bellow Bunny:found in the resedental area of malduke. these give 10000 EXP and 10 gella. humpty and dumpty:together,these 2 will give over 10000 exp.kill dumpty so it doesn't use hi-shield and hi-heal. Be sure to use lucky cards on bosses in the pandimonium and beyond.they give alot.especally geta. 8-misc secret stuff rune festival & aldehyde secrets 1:buy 99 small flowers. 2:get strong items from the gopher booth. 11 moles=full revive. 12 moles=hard apple. 13 moles=agile apple. 14 moles=mystic apple. 15 moles=power apple. 3:save alot of people during the attack. repair aldehyde:donate money,leave,repeat. shipmaker:gives you second ship in north east corner after repaired good. black market:get the pass from gemini.use this in front of the shelf in the weapon tools shop's bookcase.cool stuff here. black market goods Sword radius=18000 lunitic wand=17800 battle cloak=17300 dawn poncho=23400 Ganet coat=13900 Potion Berry=500 Goat doll=1500 missanga=300 fake mariage:answer all the questions right for a reward. the death of Zed:goto saint centour near the end of the game and search around to fight him.get powerful equipment from him. Abyss:punch the warp in the elw pyrimid near baskar village.dont light any lanterns here.use gitaur in the circular area to fight Raguu Raguya. Powerful equipments here...bring a duplicator secret arena:break the glass in the back via glove.have 5 duplicators and find the secret boss. boomerand/luceid:after the ka gingel fight,take his boomerang and fight a bunch of fights at the arena to find him.he has powerful equipment. time rune:use the item you get from the pub of fixed aldehyde on the rocks by baskar village in this order:NW,SW,SE,NE,W,S,E,N. 9-power equipment *=name might be diffrent in the USA version. sheriff star*:in the abyss. buribur vest:golems in malduke.seto. deadheat*:in the abyss. jugernaut*:boss of arena in back of the glass window. tiara of terrace*:in the abyss. ?:laviathan golem. divine sword*:4th battle with boomerang and luceid.at the secret arena after ka gringel battle. texas number*:in the abyss. dist dlimus*:from the golem in the desert south of pandimodium.fight golem in the northwest. Necronomicon*:the necrinom books is De La Metalica might drop this when you beat them. shadewiller*:one of the golems in malduke.lucifer. also look around the abyss and malduke for other cool items,weapons,and armors.there are some ambrosias and nectarsin ka gringel. 10-arena winings(more coming soon) 1rst battle=medea 2500 EXP 900 gella 10 heal berries goat doll lucky card 2nd battle=Badnews 5000 EXP 1000 gella 5 potion berries 1 of each stat increasing apple 3rd battle=JavaWalk 10000 EXP 15000 Gella 3 Secret Signs 10 magic carrots ambrosia 11-enemy attacks dark qusar:does over 1000 damage to part. object 666:brings everyone to within 10 HP of death. human emperimentation:damage and random status change. direct voice:500 damage and ststus changes photon ray:about 1500 damage to one. alhazad symphony:about 1200 damage to all. armagedon:about 2000 damage to all. Cut down:500 damage to all or 1300 damage to all ""will be hit by"":about 1500 damage to one. brutal attack:1 and 1/2 times normal atack damage powerful blow/zero armor attack:2 times normal attack dmg. cold sleep:500 damage and random sleep. absolute 0:about 800 damage to all. black hole bullet:about 1200 to one. inferno:about 500 to all. star dust:about 500 to all. forbiden spell?:up to 2000 damage to all. anti matter bomb:1000 or more damage to all. light sabre:about 2000 damage to all. Glullzamber:about 1200 damage to one. cresent moon:about 500 damage to one. black fang:about 500 damage to one. large moon:about 1300 damage to one. boomerang dynamic:about 800 damage to one. double boomerang dynamic:about 1500 to one. fatal blow:attempt at 1 hit kill. gas cloud:damage and random status changes. magnum falcon,gulity blade:same as jacks fast draws. harken tempest:about 700 damage to all. armor:no damage from pyshical attacks. Proton beam:2500-3200 damage to one. Phalhama's miracle:500 damage and dispel magic effects. Als Magna:0-10 damage and random status change. dark ray:about 600 damage,or about 1500 damage. Genocide Flare:about 1300 damage to all. Blade lance:about 600-900 damage to one. nagative rainbow:about 1000 damage to all. Zeik impulse:400-1000 damage to one. Gola Crash:about 700 damage to all. 12-duplicators saint centour. port tinmey. jars in the ocean. pot at pahim's lab. pot in the door after the duplicator in the sacred shrine. enemies on the islands by the arena drop them. can be won sometimes at arena. ******************************************************** WANTED-List of items stolen from monsters with the fast draw trickster.email me with any findings. ******************************************************** WARNING IF YOU GO FURTHER THE LAST BOSSES MIGHT BE SPOILED.FOR HINTS IF YOU ALREADY GOT TO THE LAST BOSSES, REFER TO LOWER SECTION.OR IF YOU JUST WANNA KNOW WHAT YOU WILL BE UP AGAINST IN THE END. WARNING IF YOU GO FURTHER THE LAST BOSSES MIGHT BE SPOILED.FOR HINTS IF YOU ALREADY GOT TO THE LAST BOSSES, REFER TO LOWER SECTION.OR IF YOU JUST WANNA KNOW WHAT YOU WILL BE UP AGAINST IN THE END. WARNING IF YOU GO FURTHER THE LAST BOSSES MIGHT BE SPOILED.FOR HINTS IF YOU ALREADY GOT TO THE LAST BOSSES, REFER TO LOWER SECTION.OR IF YOU JUST WANNA KNOW WHAT YOU WILL BE UP AGAINST IN THE END. 1-MotherFried attacks:inferno,confusion,sleep,dark ray,als magna,and phalhama's miricle.see enemy attack section Hints:keep all members in hi HP and able to fight.if they sleep use awake,ambrosia,or a nectar to cure. keep a hi-wall up up all the time.when i got here MotherFried killed herself with an inferno spell from the walls. 2-Zeik Turvi attacks:proton beam,sleep,confusion,HI HEAL!!,fatal blow. Hints:keep a reflect up always.he is slow so all your party should get their turn in before his.if cecillia dies,use a full revive fast!if rudy or jack die, cast hi-revive with cecillia.you are out of luck if he casts hi-heal late in the battle.i only saw him cast it once though,out of about 20-40 turns.it's great to have more than 3000 HP here so the proton beam wont always kill you. *************************END of DOCUMENT****************************************************</p>