////////////\\\\\\\\\\\\\///////\\\\/////\\\\\\\///////////\\\\\\\\\////////////////\\\\\\\\\\\//////////////////\\\\\\\\\\ | SOUTH PARK : CHEFS LUV SHACK | version 1.0 /////////////////\\\\\\\///////////\\\\\\\\\\///////////\\\\\\\\/////////\\\\\\\\\\\/////////////\\\\\\\\\\/////////\\\\\\\ by james wardle e mail : james@planter.karoo.co.uk 1/6/00 I would like to tell all of you that this is my very first faq and I hope to make it good. Not many of you like this game so I have no doubt you’ll be the only one to ready this. This is the second south park game and it’s the best , it maybe rated lowly in magazines but here it’s a pot of gold. The questions are mainly American questions so out of every 10 I might get 3 right by guessing. Some questions come up regular so guess the answer , if you get it right , you should get more points in the future , if you get it wrong , well that means you have another 25% of guessing the answer. Section ( 1 ) disclaimer Section ( 2 ) version points Section ( 3 ) getting started Section ( 4 ) = the characters Section ( 5 ) = the mini games Section ( 6 ) = bonus rounds Section ( 7 ) = secrets Section ( 8 ) = cheats Section ( 9 ) = game shark codes Section ( 10 ) = your questions Section ( 11) = credits \\\\\\\\\\///////////\\\\\\\\\\\///////////\\\\\\\\\\//////// SECTION 1 DISCLAIMER \\\\\\\\\/////////\\\\\\\\////////\\\\\\\\\/////////\\\\\\\// first of all I’d like to say this is copywrite , please: 1) don’t make any money from this 2) don’t take any credit unless your name is in the credits section , to get in there , e mail me telling me something about the game or the faq ////////\\\\\\\\\\//////////////\\\\\\\\\////////////\\\\\ SECTION 2 VERSION POINTS \\\\\\\/////////\\\\\\\\\///////////\\\\\\\\\/////////\\\\\\//// VERSION 1.0 : this is my faq , no updates just yet , keep e mailing me your questions and hints. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\//////////////\\\\\\\\\\//////////////\\\\\\\\\\\\\ |SECTION 3 GETTING STARTED | ////////////////////////\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\//////////////////\\\\\\\\\ first turn the power on ( if you can’t do this , consider yourself cack at games ) and put south park in . watch the introduction and press A on the control pads which your gonna play on then you geta screen with the chacters names and pictures are ( check section 2 ) \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\/////////////////\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\////////////// | SECTION 4 THE CHARACTERS \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\//////////////////\\\\\\\\\\\\\\/////////////\\\\\ the characters don’t really have different odds. I suggest cartman cos he can play more mini-games. If you have a 2 player game , choose cartman and Kenny because stan and kyle will swear at you. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\///////////////////////\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\//////////////////// SECTION 5 THE MINI-GAMES \\\\\\\\\\///////////\\\\\\\\\\\\\//////////////\\\\\\\\\\////////\\\\\\\ here I am going to tell you about the mini games , I am going to tell you how many players its for , the tactics , the points etc , hmmm which one shall I start with PIZZA PATROL PLAYERS: 1 POINTS PER PIZZA : 40 POINTS PER SPLATTERD PIZZA : -40 POINTS FOR DELIVERING ALL THE PIZZAS : I don’t know , please e mail me if you know AIM : the aim of this game is too deliver all 20 pizzas to the residents of south park , press A ( x ) to throw the pizza to the people , beware , some window people close they window when the pizza is coming towards them , I recommend just giving them to the door people. The funniest moment is when you deliver the last few pizzas to a woman and she shouts , “ 30 MINUTES MY *** “ Beware , theres a cop car , make sure you don’t hit that. This is a fab one player game THIS GAME RESEMBLES : paperboy SPANK THE MONKEY WITH MR.MACKY PLAYERS : 1 POINTS PER SPANK : 25 points POINTS PER ROUND : varies AIM: this is one fab game , its funny. , mr.macky spanks the fore ***** monkey several times in a order , you have to repeat it , your target is at least level 3 because after that , its difficult . THIS GAME RESEMBLES : any memory games . AVALANCH PLAYERS :1-4 POINTS PER CHEESY POOF : 25 POINTS FOR FINISHING : 1000 FORFIT FOR CRASHING : death FORFIT FOR FALLING DOWN A HOLE : death FORFIT FOR GETTING CAUGHT : death AIM : bad news if you picked Kenny , you need to ski down away from the snow , down go right at the bottem , go in the middle so you know whats coming , pick up cheesypoffs, avoid holes and jump other the animals. ( how come jimbo don’t get caught ) THIS GAME RESEMBLES : that ski-ing game on windows 95 SODA SHAKE POINTS PER WIN : 1000 POINTS PER LOOSE: -500 AIM : chef wants a can of soda , so he shakes one , he muddles them up very very slow so you have a 90% chance of winning . good luck. THIS GAME RESEMBLES : any memory game STAMPEDE PLAYERS: 1-4 POINTS PER WIN : varies on how much distence traveled AIM : jimbo shoots again releasing lots of cows ready to make Kenny pancake , run like the clappers by pressing the action repeatedly and press jump when you come to trees. THIS GAME RESEMBLES : a platform game or that parina pursuit mini game on Mario party TUG-O-WAR PLAYERS : 2-4 POINTS PER WIN: over 1000 POINTS PER LOOSE : -1000 AIM: just hope you have 4 players ( or 3 ) and press action button repeatedly to bring the others into the water , if no-one gets in the water , the person whos been the most aggressive wins . THIS GAME RESEMBLE : well duh BEEFCAKE: PLAYER NEEDED : cartman PLAYERS : 1 POINTS PER GREEN CAN : 40 POINTS PER GOLD CAN : 100 POINTS PER RED CAN :- 40 AIM: beefcake bloke chucks cans at you , when you got some lard on ya , bounce the cans on your stomach and then on ya head , get green and yellow cans and avoid red cans. THIS GAME RESEMBLES: er , I don’t know , e mail me on this one please GO-KARTS PLAYERS: 1-4 POINTS PER CHEESY POOF : 100 POINTS FOR COMING FIRST: 1500 POINTS FOR COMING SECOND : 1000 POINTS FOR COMING THIRD : 500 POINTS FOR COMING LAST : none AIM : I am the king of karts , my sister is’nt , its looks awkward to do but its on the easy side , theres 2 corses to keep you busy and use the zoom panels and collect cheesy THIS GAME RESEMBLES: that steering wheel game at the arcades ASSES IN SPACE PLAYERS : 1-2 POINTS PER ASS SHOT : varies on the size AIM: this is one funny game , with the tune to star wars episode one you control terence and phillip and shoot the ass-troids , this is hilerios . THIS GAME RESEMBLES : asteroids BAD KITTY PLAYERS : 1 POINTS PER CHEESY POOF : I don’t know , please e mail me if you know POINTS FOR FINISHING : I don’t know , please e mail me if you know AIM: control erics cat and make it get to eric , collect cheesy poofs and chilly . THIS GAME RESEMBLES : donkey kong CHICKEN LOVER PLAYERS : 1 POINTS FOR FINISHING : over 1000 POINTS FOR LOOSING : AIM : this is just like soda shack but faster , get it right and the lover will die , get it wrong and something very very very very very funny happens. THIS GAME RESEMBLES : any memory game BEES AT THE PICNIC PLAYERS : 1-4 POINTS PER INCECT : varies AIM: exterminate the wasps with your spray , watch out for the stings though , if they hit you , your done for. THIS GAME RESEMBLES : space invaders EAT THIS PLAYERS : 1-4 POINTS PER PIE : 25 AIM: press the action and jump button and then eat the pies , when the words PUSH comes up press right and you’ll get another pie , my tip is to press the 2 buttons together repeatedly . THIS GAME RESEMBLES: a button presser game RODEO CHARACTER NEEDED : cartman PLAYERS : 1 AIM : Kenny starts the rodeo bull and on its stand is an arrow , either press up down left or right so it matches the arrow in a time limit THIS GAME RESEMBLES : parraper the rapper FROG TOSS PLAYERS : 1-4 POINTS PER LILYPAD : varies POINTS PER BOUNUS LOLYPAD : 500 AIM : you have to toss frogs into they lilypads , heres my tip , press action repeatedly and you have more chance of winning THIS GAME RESEMBLES : frog toss at fun fairs PARACUTE PLAYERS : 1-4 POINTS PER CHEESY POOFS : 100 POINTS FOR WINNING : over 1000 AIM : you need to land on a bullseye at the end of the corse , you have to stay in the air by pressing action repeatedly , I suggest staying high above the skys ( where you can’t see the paracute ) and let you fingure go when you want to get cheesypoofs , when a parrot comes high in the sky quickly duck and stay ing the air . make sure your in the centre of the screen . duck then the bird comes . THIS GAME RESEMBLES : paracute ( the old gameboy game ) SCUZZLEBUTT PLAYERS : 1-4 POINTS PER WATER BOMB : 40 I think POINTS PER BOWLING BALL : -40 AIM: save scuzzlebutt from the fire by catching water bombs and throwing them at the tree , avoid bowling balls. THIS GAME RESEMBLES : hmmm I don’t know , can someone e mail me on this one???? SNOW FORTS PLAYERS : 1-4 POINTS PER CHEESYPOOF/SNACKY CAKES: varies POINTS PER MR.HANKEY : - 50 AIM:fire the ball into the other persons , it’s a funny game , you have to hit the other players snowman 5 times. To grip the ball press the action button. THIS GAME RESEMBLES: I don’t know , please e mail me on this one. ROUND UP PLAYERS : 1-4 POINTS PER EGG : 50 AIM: the aim of this game is to collect the eggs and throw them into your coop , I have a tactic , throw an egg at the other players to stun them then stand in the middle and face your coop, and repeatedly press action , you should have over 25 eggs at the end of the game. THIS GAME RESEMBLES : I don’t know , please e mail me if you do. WHAK A ZOMBIE PLAYERS: 1 POINTS PER ZOMBIE : 40 POINTS PER LIVING CREATURE : -40 AIM: either press up , down , left or right , hit the zomie pets but don’t hit the living animals THIS GAME RESEMBLES ; whack-attack //////////////\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\/////////////////////\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ SECTION 6 : BONUS ROUNDS /////////////\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\///////////////////\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Theres 3 bonus rounds in south park , here they are DOUBLE-DOWN Double your money in this game , choose from 500 points to 6000 beware , if you loose , you loose that amount of money WHEEL OF FORTUNISNUS This is just like wheel of fortune . Theres different odds here + 1000 = an added 1000 points go on your score -1000 = 1000 points is took away from your score a star with a circle round it = goto jail , you can’t answer questions a sand time = I never had this one before , if you know what it is , please e mail me . nothing = you really wanna know what this does . game = you get to play a game by your self PRESSURE ROUND This puts pressure on eric , flik through the answers and press the action button when you see a green answer to get points , if you loose eric will get and anal probe as well but you loose a lot lot lot of points. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\////////////////\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\////////////// SECTION 7 : SECRETS ///////////\\\\\\\\\\\\\//////////\\\\\\\\\\////////////\\\\\\\ I don’t know any secrets at the moment , as far as I am concerned , there is’nt any so far. \\\\\\\\\\\//////////////\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\//////////////// SECTION 8 : CHEATS \\\\\\\\\\\\\\/////////\\\\\\\\\\\\\////////////\\\\\\\\ again , there are no cheats at the moment /////////////\\\\\\\\\\\\\\////////////////////\\\\\\\\\\\\ SECTION 9 : GAME SHARK CODES \\\\\\\\\\\//////////////\\\\\\\\\\\\////////////\\\\\\\\\\ here are some cheats for the game but they only work with a gameshark ( a special cartrige for consoles ) here are some these are for the Nintendo 64 version (4 codes total) cheat ( what does it do ) the code 1) 1 player max points 8110477 FFFF 2) 2 player max points 81104776 FFFF 3 ) 3 player max points 8110477A FFFF 4 ) 4 player max points 8110477E FFFF they are’nt any pc , psx and dreamcast codes at the moment , watch this space. ////////\\\\\\\\\\\\\///////////////\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\/////////////\\\\\\\\ SECTION 10 : YOUR QUESTIONS \\\\\\\\\////////////\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\/////////////////\\\\\\\\\\\\\///// 1 ) how much does this game cost then it sould cost £30 pound for psx and dc , £ 40 for n64 and £20 for pc 2) how many mini-games are they theres about 18 3) whos the best character I think cartman is That’s all the questions I got I’m afraid , if you have any questions e mail me /////////////\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\//////////////////\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\///////////// SECTION 11 : CREDITS ///////////\\\\\\\\\\///////////\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\//////////////////\\\\\\\\\\\\\ sony microsoft , sega and nintendp >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>.. for making the console acclaim >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>. For making this game james wardle >>>>>>>>>>>>>> for making this faq gamefaqs >>>>>>>>>>> for sumbiting this faq and for linking me to gamesages game sages >>>>>>>>>>>>> for supplying me with the gameshark codes peter wardle >>>>>>>>>>>>> asking me some questions ( see section 10 )</p>