~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ SHADOW MADNESS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Title : Shadow Madness By : Kenny E-mail : toshihiko@Bigfoot.com This is my third FAQ, and this FAQ is my own FAQ. So don't try to COPY IT and submit this FAQ at another game link and give it YOUR NAME on it. My FAQ is personality use. Oh yeah, don't forget if I'm Indonesian, so please let me know if there are a wrong letters, ask me if you don't know my meaning in this FAQ, after that I will answer you at your E-mail address, and I'm sorry for my bad English. If you want to use this FAQ as your own walkthrough, don't try to go out of my path at this FAQ. Now, you can read my first FAQ with T.R.A.G is the title and also my second FAQ with Soul of the Samurai as its title ================================ T A B L E O F C O N T E N T S ================================ I Version II Basic Control III What is "crouch" for ?? IV Walkthrough disc one V Walkthrough disc two VI Game Shark codes for Shadow Madness VII Special thanks ______________________________________________________________________ This Document is Copyright 1999 Kenny ############# V E R S I O N ############# Version 1.0: Contains a little walkthrough. I make this walkthrough at : 4:26 PM 7/11/99 ######################## B A S I C C O N T R O L ######################## Directional Pad : Move your character Square : Use Item Circle : Cast spell (not on battle) X : Pick item, select option Triangle : Equip your character R1 : Run L1 : Show map (on world map) L2 : None R2 : None L2 + R2 : Crouch Select : Option Start : Pause Press Start to skip the FMV #################################### W H A T I S C R O U C H F O R ?? #################################### Crouch is for evade from enemy. You won't encounter enemy if you crouch when hear a roar. Nb: If you can, try to fight all enemies you meet (to gaining up your level) Nb: If you want Stinger to Lv 2, try to Stinger kill all enemy while his friends evade enemy. ##################################### W A L K T H R O U G H D I S C O N E ##################################### | Port Lochane | First of all, you'll face a monster. Now, it's how to face it: Press L2, press X on engage. Now, press X again before your sword hit it (this trick cause double damage on it). And if it isn't die, press L1, press X on normal, and press X again before your sword hit it. First, go upper left. Take Kii Nuts 1. Then, Go bottom left, you'll see an event. Talk to the man, and see the FMV. Now, go to the right, take Gold 100. Go right again, take Nails 5. Go right again and take Deathcheat 1. Go right again and take Fyrn Tonic 2. Next, go right. Go up (where you see sun light). You'll see a human run across from left to right. Follow her. And Windleaf will join your party. Now, go left and go to the sun light. Now, go to the Mountain Pass (it's on upper right of the map). | Mountain Pass | There, will be an event (quiet long event ^o^). Now, Harv-5 will join your party. Take item on the right, go out. Go down, take items. Now go left then up until you see a shiny item. Take it. Go up again and you see a house. There, you will face lockpick level 1. This, I can't explain because it is random. It's easy (but you need Practice). Inside, there is an event. After the event, take the items at the bottom left corner. Now, talk to the Brink again and sleep if you need. Next, exit; go up and take items. Go back to Brink's house to sleep (if you need). From Brink's house, go right, the down a little and then go right. You'll go down. Go on till you see a cave. Enter it. Now, check the corpse two times and take the items at upper left corner. Now, exit the cave. Go right and you see a road right? Press X. Now go to the left, and press X again. DON"T ENTER THE CAVE NOW (because your level is to low. If you fight Red Tom, you'll defeated in five or ten minutes ^_^). Continue to the right. Now, you see a man right? Just go up and he will run away. Continue go up. Nah! This place is for collect Ep for gaining level. After your party is Level 4, back to the cave which I tell you not to enter it before. First intersection go left. Second intersection go left, third intersection go up, follow the path, forth intersection go up, follow the path until you reach Red Tom's Cave. | Red Tom's Cave | Go straight, fight with Red Tom. Fight : Red Tom Red Tom : Hp about 100 (may be) Strategy : Stinger and Harv-5 : Attack with double damage Windleaf : Magic attack (anything) My level : Stinger, Harv-5, Windleaf 4 Go to the next room, take all items (it's no enemy here). Now, It's up to you. You can go to anywhere, actually Rockra. Explore the island and don't forget to take all items. Your point is go to the Southeast (Barleygrove) | Barleygrove | There, give Kii nuts to the man. Next, take all items (I can't remember all), and talk to all people (You can go up 2 views to meet all people) Now, you can go to Rockra. Before go there, go to Mountain Pass first to sleep. Now, after you ready, go to Rockra and fight boss. | Rockra | Before fight boss, take 2 shiny items, go to world map, equip them, save, fight Rockra. Fight : Rockra Rockra : Hp about 500 Strategy : Stinger and Harv-5 : Attack with double damage Windleaf : Cast Beeswarm If Stinger can't attack Rockra, it's okay. Attack small Rockra (Beeswarm can attack all) Now, go to the Catman (North East from Rockra) | Catman | Take shiny item, talk to cat man, check beside entrance (catman's house), then leave Catman. Go to Karillon. | Karillon | I only give you important place : Lower Karillon: Inn : In front of entrance. Now, you pay 100 gold. Next time for free. --- (forgot the name) : Next to Inn. You can buy items one time. Then, you can buy this shop (I buy this shop for 5000 gold, but every I came here, there's no profit. So, it's up to you, you can buy it or not. It's not change the story). Graveyard : Next to Thugs Liam's house : Next to graveyard Thugs : It's on the farthest house to the left. This place is to collect Level and money. Blacksmith : Next to Liam's house. Karl's house : The farthest house to the right and up. You need back here later. Middle Karillon: Armor Master : In front of entrance. Sell best armor (for now ^!^) Acc. Office : From entrance: go right, up, left, go up the stairs, enter the door. You can get money from here later. Hall of Wisdom : Next to Acc. office. Fine Weapon : From entrance: go right, up, enter the door on your right. Sell weapon. Captain Willis : From Acc. Office: Go right straight ahead. How to the Upper Karillon?? Talk to the man (From Acc. Office: Go right straight ahead, go up). Say yes. FMV Upper Karillon: High Council : The farthest building Diva's house : from entrance: Go left, go up ahead, there is a house on the corner left of many houses. Now, go to the Captain Willis' place (before that, you can collect Level and money for buy great equipment, or you can do it later). Go to Diva's house, talk to her and accept her job for you. Now go to Karl's house. After that, back to Diva's house again for the money. Go to High Council. Captain Willis is waiting you there. Event. Now, go to the house beside Captain Willis' house. Talk to him, you'll receive money and you'll back here again later. Go to Acc. Office, talk to him, you'll receive money. You'll back here later. Go to Hall of Wisdom (to see event. And you can read many books here), then go to Blacksmith. Windleaf learn new magic. Go to High Council. After little chit chat, you'll receive Council Massage. Back to world map. Then go to the east --> Gogarin Keep. Before you enter, save your game first, 'cause you'll face two bosses inside. | Gogarin Keep | Go to the left, take Knight Dagger and some gold Keep toward, and see the event; Then fight Gogarin Knights Gogarin Knights : Hp about 300 Strategy : Stinger and Harv-5 : Attack with double damage Windleaf : Cure party My Level : Stinger, Harv-5, Windleaf 8 Now, take skeleton Key Lv 1 at the upper right corner. Now, go to the bottom left corner. | Dining Room | Now, there are 2 doors (one on the left and one on the top). Enter the door on the left. There's nothing in top room. Go to the left of the gate and press X on the lock. Now, there is lockpick lv 1 again. It's easy (You don't have to do this if you have Skeleton Key lv1). Go on, and see event. Go up the stairs, go right, enter the door. Take Skeleton key Lv 3, go up. BECAREFUL!! The floor will collapse if you step it. So walk to left till corner then goes up. | The Reading Room | Enter the door on the north, take Skeleton Key Lv 4. Take Gold (1500), Gogarin Armor, Knight Helm, and the others. Now, go left (green light). Enter the door on the bottom. | The Throne Room | After you open this lockpick, you fight the boss. There is Lockpick Lv 3 on your right. It's difficult or you can use Skeleton Key Lv 3. Fight : Grimsmeer Grimsmeer : Hp about 500 Strategy : Stinger and Harv-5 : Attack with double damage Windleaf : Cure party My level : Stinger 9, Harv-5 8, Windleaf 8 Back to the place you fight knight. Enter the door on your left. | Picture Room | Use Skeleton key Lv4. Turn !@#$ (may be wheel) to open the secret door. Enter the secret door and take : Gold 2500 Venom Dagger 5 Cologne 1 Caviar 1 Wine 1 Deathcheat 1 Fyrn tonic 3 Knightsword 1 Now, back to the place you fight knight. Enter the door in front of entrance. There, enter the door on your right (hard to see). Take : lard 1 beans 1 nuts 1 apple 1 berk jerky 3 Nb: I don't take those useless items ^_^ Continue your path until you out to world map. Go to Anglerville (it's on SouthEast) | Anglerville | Follow the path, take gold 50, fyrn tonic 2, aether drop 1, stank moss 1. Go on until you see first intersection. Go right, enter first house (The Pub). There, see the event. Here (in Anglerville), you must clean the zombie Go out go to next house, take: Steel gauntlet Steel helm Enter the house that farthest from you. Take: Flame arrow 20 Back to the intersection, go down. Enter first house (The Inn), take: plate mail helm 1 goat milk 1 ave 1 gold 150 gems 5 1 Go out, take: gold 200 fyrn salve 2 cerebral jold 1 bamf pill 1 Enter the house next to inn. It's shop for items. Enter the warehouse, take : Helm of Emmens 1 Barleyfiz 2 Kii nuts 1 Beer 1 After you kill all zombies, then go to the Inn. Give the helm of Emmens to the old woman and she will ask you if you want something for the rewards.(Its up to you, You can take the money from her or you didn't take the money). Now you can sleep for free. Now you can go to the world map, But before you out of town, Stinger will remember that they haven't take their salary from the Pub. So you will be automatically go to the pub and take your rewards for kill all the zombies. Now your business in this town finish, you can go out to the world map. Go to the Jynx (From Anglerville: Go left, then down) | Jynx | Say yes. Now, go to the Mayor's house (first house). Talk to William. Go out, event. Go to the Town Hall (NorthWest). Walk up the stairs, talk to the man. Now, back to the Karillon. | Karillon | Go to the grave on the left (beside you gaining level). You get : Rangers (all are Rangers .....), Reaver Scythe. Go to the Magic Academy | Magic Academy | Go on, enter the room; Event then FMV. Okey........ I can't explain you where I get those items. So, just go down and enter all doors. Items to get : Aether Wafer 1 Gold 250 Order Arrow 10 Ullk Oil 1 Gold 50 Aether Drop 3 Now, enter the room before you meet elders. Go left, go up the lader, you'll be on the world map. Go to Old Gulbrath. | Old Gulbrath | Take : Basket, buttons, needle, thread Assembly of Keerg : Candle, Aether Drop, Deathcheat House : Soap Northeast : Green cod, Armortrout You don't need to do anything, only take those items. Now, go to Gulbrath Woods | Gulbrath Woods | This place is many branches, so I only write left (it mean upper left). Understand !!?? he... he... just kidding ^_^ First, go to the left and take Gold 1000 (it's behind tree). Go on straight, go upper right, take the item (it's at center). Go on left, right, take item at center. Go to the right, take the item (at right), go up. It's end here. And you will be kidnap by strangers. Then, you must fight Shaman. Fight : Shaman and 2 soldiers Shaman : About 700 or 500 Strategy : Just attack them My Level : Stinger and Harv-5 10, Xero 5 Go down the stairs, fight with 2 Cultists. Take the items (on left and right). Go down, take 2 items (on left). Fight 3 Cultists. Go to the nearest camp and take the item. Go out, go right to the world map. Go to Gamathel's Tower. | Gamathels Tower | Event. After a long event, go left at first intersection. Take the items at the corpse. Go back to first intersection, go up. Then go left, take items. Go up to The Grand Dinning Room. | The Grand Dinning Room | Take 2 items. Now there are 4 rooms (bottom left, upper left, bottom right, upper right). Bottom left : nothing Upper left : nothing (you can read many books here) Upper right : Your decicion. Take shiny items (Natagor Codex & another). Bottom right : Take blue shiny item. Go back to Chunnel. You must go through the wood again. Here's the path how to pass the wood : Pick item. Always go bottom left. Go back to Chunnel. Event. Your party will split up to two groups. First, you must decide what quest do you want to do first (I choose Xero and Harv-5 first). After that you must split up your items too (it will be wise if you split it half. Example : Your Deathcheat are 10. Split it 5 - 5). !!! Xero & Harv-5 's Quest !!! Go to Bene Brokul (It's at NorthWest from Magic Academy) | Bene Brokul | Go to left, take items at corpse (if you choose right, there's nothing here). Continue your jurney, until you reach a bridge. Event. Cross the bridge. Take the left path, check the blue gem and Ice Twice Attack will unlock. (If you take right path, you don't know Ice Twice Attack) I don't really understand this massage. Continue up, go down (If you take right path just now, you came from up). Continue up until you reach the frozen corpse of a man. Event. Fight with Arkose Thug's. Arkose Thug : Hp about 500 each enemy. Strategy : Harv-5 evade enemy, Xero kill all enemy My level : Harv-5 11, Xero 3 Go on quickly. You are at Bene Brokul now. If you want info, kill all zombies in town. It's easy + the main creature will appear if you've killed them. Now go right, take all scettered items. After you kill all zombies, there is a real zombie at graveyard (perhaps SHE is mother of zombie ^o^ he... he...) Zombie : Hp about 600 Strategy : Keep attacking, don't bother the damage. But, let Xero defeat her. My level : Harv-5 12, Xero 3 Now, you can talk to people, enter houses, take all items in houses. You can buy items too. If you are ready, go to South part of town. Go inside the cave. Go left, go down the rock ladder, and then event. Continued with FMV (It's cool FMV. You fly by a... bee! no, a... fly! Bah! Who cares. But it's still cool FMV). | Uhndrashi Plateaus | NOTE : * = place you must remember. Go left, take the item. Go right, right again, take the item. Back to first intersection, go down, take the left path, take left path again, take the items. Go back to last intersection, take right path. Go on. *, go up, take right path, back to *. Go right, event. Go east, take the right path. Take the item, back to intersection, go up. Don't go down, go on right. There is intersection up and right. Take right, then go down. you will be on world map. Go to the NorthEast --> Nomad Camp. The Nomad Camp will switch its location rapidly from one oasis to another. There are only four locations, but it's a pain when you keep going the wrong one. | Nomad Camp | Long event. Go to the white tent. It's on the left. Talk to the old man, and you will receive Tempel Crystal. You can explore the camp. Try to talk to everyone. You can rest in Sleeping Tent. It's white tent. Go to the old man again, and you automaticly sleep again, and you will automaticly go to Moon temple. | Sun & Moon temple | Continue go North, and you'll be enter the moon temple. Enter the door on the right. Go North. In this room there are 4 rooms. Enter the door on the North. The other door is nothing except center door. It's lock. Enter the north door and go to the left, and watch event. You will receive the moon key. Then go out from that temple and then the sun will shining. Back to the Nomad Camp if you have low HP, you can sleep there. Now go to the Ziggurat. Continue north and Event. Enter it, Event. Go to the left door, take the up door. There are many doors here, three door on the east (north east, east, and south east). Enter the south east door for items, for the east door you need two keys. Enter the north east door for the items behind the wall (you can't see it). Go up to the north door, and then enter the right door, Event. You will get the sun key. Now, after you get 2 keies, you can go to the door which is need two key. But, go out and save first, or you can sleep first. After that, enter that door. IMPORTANT : You can't go back after you enter this tomb. Go down the stairs, event. Now you will fight two khytynnies. Its an easy fight (don't worry). Go down, go right (be careful with the trap), go up then enter the door on the right. Don't enter Moon Room (room on your right) now, enter it after you save your game. Go up, go left, *, enter the up door. Then enter the door on your left. There, you'll meet Clemett and fight four little khytynnies. Go back, enter the door on the right (you can read books here). Change the pointman to Clemett so you can fix the switch. Go back to * . Fix the switch; Now, enter the room on the left (the crypt). Here, you can rest, save here also change quest to Stinger and Windleaf at the stone. Now, you can enter Moon Room or Sun Room. How to know the answer : When you got here, Magic Mouth will give you three question. You just have one chance to answer (if you choose wrong answer, you can't go in). Now, choose any answer (the right one or the wrong one). If you choose the wrong one, reset the game. If you choose the right one, write it on the papper. First I got here, I don't know if there is save point here. If anyone know the answer, please tell me. Now, there is a room under the Sun Room. Enter that room and take all items there (those 2 are scattred, 1 is in the box). Go back to *. Now, walk around the place 180 degrees. Here, fix 2 switches. Go down and enter the room on your left to Debris Room. | Debris Room | In there, Clemett get new magic gun. Go out; Don't enter the door on your right now. But give it * here. Go down, don't go to right. But go left. Fight three khytynni warriors. Take all items in three boxes (one at the left, two at the top). Now, go back to *, enter the door on your right to Dining hall. | Dining Hall | There you will fight three khytynni warriors. Event, You'll eat cook's meal. Your Hp is full again (therefore I told you not to enter this room just now) Go out; Then continue South East enter the room, Event. Go out from that room, event. Enter the room again then go up the stairs to the Vault. | Vault | Event, continue north (there is no enemies here), take the items that lying on the floor. Go on and the floor will collapse. Now, there are 2 stairs (one on the north, one on the south. These through the same way). Go on; Go up to the bigger floor and it'll collapse again. Go up the stairs after the event is end. Now, there are three doors and one big switch. HOW IS IT WORK: If you turn the switch once, the floor leeding to left room is going down and the floor leeding to center room will go up and let you cross it, and enter the center room. First, don't turn the lever, just enter the room on the left. There, turn the big lever then go back; Turn the lever, go enter the center room, turn the big lever then go back; Turn the lever again, go enter the right room, turn the big lever then go right room. Enter the right room, take all items; Go back, continue the path to the north. First intersection go left. Enter the door on your left. Take all items there. Don't enter the door on your right. It's back to 3 doors, but it from the left. Back to the intersection, go up. See event, than fight Vault Guardian. Vault Guardian : Hp about 1000 Strategy : Just keep attack him My level : Harv-5 15, Xero 11, Clemett 7 Go back. Now the floor that collapsed just now is back to normal again (This is strange, isn't it ? ^_^). After you go back to Grand khytynni, you'll fight him. Just keep attack him. After that, you must escape from here for 6 minutes (that's too much. He he) There are enemies. In battle, the time isn't stop. It's continue counting. If you're in battle, just ... FLEE!!!!!!!! Go to Uhndrashi Plateaus (which many intersection). | Uhndrashi Plateaus | Go up in the first intersection. Continue walk until you reach Artelier. Before enter, you must fight Earthstalker Earthstalker : Hp about 900 Strategy : Keep attacking don't bother damage My level : Same | Artelier | Event. Enter the large green door which magically locked before. Now, go to Dobietown. It's South from Artelier. | Dobietown | Event. Fight to Whipmaster 2, Arkose thug 2 (keep attacking. My level are same). Now, you just enter every houses and kill all bandits here. After kill all bandits in first view, go left & right till your view is change 1 time for kill more bandits. After you kill all bandits, you get 2000 gold. But, if you return it, you get useful thing : Matador Helm, Matador Gauntlets, Matador Armor At Inn, you can change to Stinger. Go out, and go to New Gubrath (South East from Dobietown). | New Gubrath | You must go to the Inn of gubrath to know what happen in that city. And you can sleep for free too, so don't waste this chance to refresh your party. The inn is on the corner of the street. Check all the house in the city. Now its time to go to the cell, you must let your friend go. And now go to your friends house one by one. You will get two items from your friends. Now go to the gubrath mercantile. Go up the stair, and you will meet Mrs Flamme. Talk to her and you will get regulator. Now go to the clemmet house, you can open it now. Enter the house. Once you enter the house go to the straight lift, so you can go to another room. Now you will see the teleport, use it. You will be sent to another room. Take the item, go down through the secret lift (hehehe...). The lift is on the corner of the room (press X to operate it). Event, then you will fight Clemett's friends. Its just an easy fight, just use nightmare (if you already have it). Now Clemmet will push the switch, so that you will be able go through the Bog gate. Now go out from the house, continue to the Bog gate (on the west side of town). You will be able to go through now. Enter it, Event. On the first intersection choose right path, the second intersection choose down path. Now, your view is change, right? Now, I give * to this place. Now just walk straight, although there are many intersections but there is only one right path (don't worry the wrong path is a dead end). Just continue until the scenery become darker. Pass the third intersection. Continue left. Change pointman to Clemett. Turn the whell one time. Go back to *. Now, you can go through that the path broken before. Go left, take the item, turn the wheel; Back to first intersection, go up, follow the path, turn the wheel. Back to third intersection; Go up, follow the path until you meet dead end (actually that's not dead end). Event. After event, you'll automaticly go to world map. Go back to Chunnel, and pass Gulbrad Wood first (if you want the path, look above). | Chunnel | Event. Now, your quest with Xero and Harv-5 is end. Then you'll automaticly change to Stinger and Windleaf. !!! Stinger & Windleaf 's Quest !!! | Magic Academy | After event, leave Magic Academy and go pass Gogarin Keep to go to Karillon. | Karillon | Event. After event, go to High Council (before that, you can go to your shop if you buy that shop 5000 gold (there is no profit). You can rest in Inn for free. Go to Acc. office for 1000 gold). Event. They're trying to ring the bell but isn't working. Stinger and Windleaf must look the bell. Go down a little, go right, go up. That's the tower. | Bell Tower | Go up the stairs, event and fight with Deathknoller. Deathknoller : Hp about 600 - 700 Strategy : Stinger attack with double damage, Windleaf attack My level : Stinger 12, Windleaf 10 Back to High Council. Go to beside Captain Willis' house for 250 gold. After that go to Hall of Wisdom in the Middle Karillon. Event, get Clockworks Codex. Now, go to Liam's house. Back to Bell Tower (WWHHEEWW..., I'm tired). There, see event. The bell is repaired and they ring the bell. I don't really know what do we do now. I think you must go Central Park first, then go to upper left at Upper Karillon (that's what I think). FMV, then event. | Eyre | Event. Take those 2 items here, then explore Eyre (enter every room, talk to all people, and take all items you meet). If you want to sleep, play mini game, buy weapon, shield or anything else, go down till you have option, then choose recreation. There, go left to sleep and head down for mini game. If you ready to leave Karillon, go to habitat, continue up, talk to one of the man there. FMV. Go to Recreation; Then go to equipment deck. FMV. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~END OF DISC ONE, PLEASE INSERT DISC TWO~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ##################################### W A L K T H R O U G H D I S C T W O ##################################### | Eyre | Take notice to the controler of submarine. Then start MINI GAME!!!!!! (NOTE : I can't translate this path. I think just trust your instink. If you die, you can retry. Blue bar on bottom left is your amunision. The red bar is your live). Good Luck ! May God bless you. |! Under World !| | Diaglo's Dock | Remember! money here is not gold, but hexite. Event, after that, go out from Diaglo's house, event. Enter the house again (Diaglo's Dwellings). You can save and rest in here (Diaglo's Dwellings). After that, there is level 3 lock. The items are great there. And take items (bottom left. In box). Go out of here, go to world map (go south east to go to world map) Go to far East (Pays' Hom) | Pays' Hom | There, you'll get new friend (Jirina). Then you'll fight with 5 enemies (easy). Now, after long chat with Jirina, take the item, then go north east, cross the bridge. There is intersection. Choose north path. Enter the house, fight with guard. Then, take item. Go out, continue north, fight again. Intersection, chose down. Now, talk to Thiem-al. Now back to intersection, choose up. Go on, enter the house, go on, there is inter section again. Go left. Continue, event. Then, take items (2 shiny items and box). Back to intersection choose right. Event, take shiny item (right). Back to intersection, choose up. Follow till intersection, then choose left, follow the path, ignore the ladder for now. Event. Go out, enter the other house, event. Go out, go up the ladder 2 times, enter the house. This house is Jirina's house. You can rest and here for free. Go out, ignore the intersection to north east. Enter the house on south east. Event. Go back to intersection that I told you to ignore just now. Ignore the first and second house (it's nothing there), go on, fight the guard again. Enter Guardhouse, fight guard. Take the item. Go out, go on up. Finally, you arrive at the mine. Event. Go North West, event. Go up, * , go cross the bridge, go on, event, fight guard. Event, get Bronze key. Go back to *, go up, use Bronze Key. Enter, event, *. Free the miners inside left jail. Continue go up (don't enter the door now), go left, go down, release the worker. Go enter north east room (you can look this room from right jail) Take item on the right. Go back. Go left one view, there are 2 rooms. Enter the right room. Fight 3 guards. Then take items (corner). Go back, enter the door on the left. Fight 2 guards. Go back to *, enter the room at north, fight 4 guard. Go out, go left. There are 2 rooms. Enter the nearest room. HALT! Don't move now. Now, go left, take the item. Go back, enter the other room. Fight 2 guards. Go up the ladder (Level Bronze Two). | Level Bronze Two | Go right. Now, the place is dark (like Red Tom's Cave). If you go up, you'll need key. So go down. First intersection go right, continue until you see the intersection again. Go left and enter the vault. Take the item. Go back to the intersection, now go right and pass the intersection, enter the vault. Take the item. Go back to the third intersection which you passed just now. Go up, and continue yntil you see the cave door on your right, enter it (you will fight 1 guard there). Event. go out from that room, and then go up to the upper cave door (Petit vault). Event, enter the door on the left. continue north until you see the door on your right. Enter it and then you will fight 2 guards. event, go out from that place. go up and you will see an intersection, go left and the second intersection go down and go left until you see yhe door. Enter it (There is nothing here just an event). continue left and take down path on the intersection, go left on the second intersection and you will find petit vault. Take the Item and go back. Now you must walk on the way to the last room which you entered just now. But on the intersection don't go right but left. Next you will see intersection again. *, Take the upper path and then right, so you will see the door. Enter it, in there you can heal your party and save the game and take the item. Go out, back to *, go left, go up, enter cave on your right (here, you just save kids). Now go back, choose upper path, till you see intersection again. Go left. Enter the cave (Bronze One Access Point). Go down the ladder in black hole (I mean hard to see, or upper left corner). | Level Bronze One | Event. Enter the door. Go enter the door (south east and hard to see). Fight one guard, then event. Enter the room (north west), fight four guards. Go to north east, enter the door. Enter the upper door, you can rest here. Enter the southern door(there's nothing here) Go to south west, go enter the room. Fight one captain and three guard. Easy fight. Strategy : hit them. Now, the floor is collapse. Go on, then go up the first ladder. First intersection go left. Second intersection go on. Third intersection go on, then take Icespike 10. Go to third intersection go down. Continue until you see intersection go left, continue till you see intersection * go down, continue till you see intersection go left, continue till you see intersection go down take Aether Wafer 1, and Lifedew 1. Go back to *, go up, go left. Continue till you see intersection go left. Continue till you see intersection go up {enter cave (nothing here, just event)}. Exit this cave, go left till you enter cave again (Silver Two Access Point) There, go up the ladder (hard to see. It's at upper left). Go down. Continue the path, till you see cave, enter, take item. Go down, continue go right till you see first intersection (The top one you need gold key, the bottom one you need silver key). Go on, till you enter the cave. Event. Now, go down, follow the path enter the cave. Fight three guard. Go to bottom left corner. Go on till you see first cave. There, see event and you can rest and save there. After that, take all items there. Go out, enter the other cave (Guard Post). Fight three guard. Go out (cause there are items in the other cave), enter the other cave. Event. Take item. Go back, go on till you enter cave, take the item (it's useful item). Now go back to guard post. There, go on enter the door on your right, go down the ladder. Event. Go down. First intersection go left. Follow the path till you see second intersection go left. Enter the room (treasure room). Here, you can refresh your party and save your game. Go back to second intersection go up. Follow the path till you see third intersection, go up. Follow the path till you see forth intersection go up. Take item. Go back, continue to right. Follow the path till you see fifth intersection go right. Follow the path till you see sixth intersection go up enter the cave. Fight one captain and three guard. After you defeat them all, there is an event that Windleaf find Silver Key. Take Item, go back to sixth intersection. Go right. Follow the path till you see seventh intersection go up. Follow the path till you see next intersection * go up enter the cave (treasure room). Take Hexite. Go back to * go right. Next intersection go down. Next intersection go right. Enter cave (treasure room). Take item. Go back to, go down. Next intersection go up. You'll be back again. Go up the ladder, exit the cave. Now, go back to the Guard Post. Exit this room through the other door. Continue up till you reach the other guard post. Exit to the right. Go to Work Area. Go up, exit this cave. Next, you'll see four path * (up (need gold key), down (need silver key), right, left). Enter bottom door. First intersection go left, next intersection go down, next intersection go up (if you want refresh your party and save the game). Now, back to *. Go left, enter the second cave. Go down the ladder, exit to the south. First intersection go right. Next intersection go up. Next intersection go down. Next intersection go right. Next intersection go up. Next intersection go right. Next intersection go right. Next intersection go up, enter the door. Go down the ladder. Continue right, go up the ladder. Event. Go left. | Gold Level One | Event. Go left. Use Silver Key to open the door. First intersection go right; enter the door, event. Go back, continue left. Next intersection go left. Next intersection * go right. Next intersection go up, enter the cave. Fight two Darg Org. After that, you can rest and save here. Take the item. Go back to *, go down, enter the cave, event. Take item. Go up the ladder. | Level Gold Two | Take item, go north west. * go down, enter the cave. Event. Exit, continue to the right. Next intersection go up. Enter the cave on the left. Event. Fight with two Darg Org. Pick item (south east, in box). Exit, continue go up. Take item (Boltspike and Imperials). Go back to last intersection go right. Next intersection go right. Next intersection go right. Enter the cave. Event. Go up till your view change one time. Fight one Darg Org. Event. Fight two Darg Org Scientist. Event. You get gold key. Back to Level Gold One. Go left to exit this cave. First intersection go up or go left if you want to sleep. Next intersection go up, use gold key. Next intersection go Left. Enter the cave, event, fight four Darg Org. Event. NOTE: After this, you are fight Minelord (boss fight). So, if you want to rest and save first. Before you enter the pipe. Go enter the pipes on the east (far east and hard to see. Its colour is blue) Fight : Minelord Minelord : Hp about 600 - 750 Strategy : Stinger and Jirina : Double damage. Windleaf : Hit and heal party (if need) My level : Stinger 15, Jirina 7, Windleaf 12 Event. You all will faint cause poison gas and Daigo'll find you and take you to The Old One's Adobe. Go out from this house. And go out from this city. Before you go out, you'll have event. Now go to world map. There, go far to North (Garrison). Or you can go to Michi Village first (you go to Michi Village later, but it's ok you go there now) Save before go to Garrison. You'll fight three Darg Org. | Garrison | Event, fight three Darg Org, after that event. Don't go to left camp, right camp (there's nothin' there). But go to upper left camp (barracks). After little chit chat, take the item (bottom left, in box). Go back, enter the center building take the left path. Its a war room, event. Go back, and go to the right. Its a mess, event. Go back and now its time to go up. Go to the first left. You can play minigame here. Just check the computer and you will play the minigame. The minigame is about 3D shooting like doom or duke nukem. Go back, and go to the first right, its officer room, event. Don't forget to take the items (bottom left and bottom right) Now go to the upper left. Event, You will meet Cerina and Taluna. Go to southeast for kill the commander. Event, you'll automaticly asleep (the gas is from Pogras). Then, there are two friends in the cell. They'll help you and you'll help them too. Go out, fight two guards. Then, go out from this building. You'll fight Pogras. Pogras : Hp about 500 - 700 Strategy : Attack all My level : Stinger 15, Jirina 8, Windleaf 12 Event, FMV. (NOTE : IF ME, I CHANGE MY DISC TO DISC ONE AGAIN). After that, there is a long event. After that, your party will automaticly go to Magic Academy. There, your party will split to two again. But now, the first party are : Stinger, Windleaf, and Harv-5. The second party are : Xero, Clemett, Jirina. Under Construction ################################################################ G A M E S H A R K C O D E S F O R S H A D O W M A D N E S S ################################################################ For Stinger : --------------------------------------------------------------- | NO | NAME | CODE | =============================================================== |1 | Max Ep | 8010B58E FFFF | |2 | Max Attack | 3010B57E 007F | |3 | Max Defense | 3010B57F 007F | |4 | Max Agility | 3010B580 007F | |5 | Max Prowess | 3010B581 007F | |6 | Max Speed | 3010B583 007F | |7 | Max Level Special Skill | 3010B584 007F | |8 | Condition Is Always Fine | 8010B594 0000 | |9 | Enables Access to Cast Spell Screen | 8010B596 0001 | |10 | Infinite HP | 8010B586 03E7 | |11 | Max HP | 8010B588 03E7 | |12 | Infinite MP | 8010B58A 03E7 | |13 | Max MP | 8010B58C 03E7 | --------------------------------------------------------------- For Windleaf : --------------------------------------------------------------- | NO | NAME | CODE | =============================================================== |1 | Max Ep | 8010B4D4 FFFF | |2 | Max Attack | 3010B4C4 007F | |3 | Max Defense | 3010B4C5 007F | |4 | Max Agility | 3010B4C6 007F | |5 | Max Prowess | 3010B4C7 007F | |6 | Max Speed | 3010B4C9 007F | |7 | Max Level Special Skill | 3010B4CA 007F | |8 | Condition Is Always Fine | 8010B4DA 0000 | |9 | Enables Access to Cast Spell Screen | 8010B4DC 0001 | |10 | Infinite HP | 8010B4CC 03E7 | |11 | Max HP | 8010B4CE 03E7 | |12 | Infinite MP | 8010B4D0 03E7 | |13 | Max MP | 8010B4D2 03E7 | --------------------------------------------------------------- For Harv-5 : --------------------------------------------------------------- | NO | NAME | CODE | =============================================================== |1 | Max Ep | 8010B5CC FFFF | |2 | Max Attack | 3010B5BC 007F | |3 | Max Defense | 3010B5BD 007F | |4 | Max Agility | 3010B5BE 007F | |5 | Max Prowess | 3010B5BF 007F | |6 | Max Speed | 3010B5C1 007F | |7 | Max Level Special Skill | 3010B5C2 007F | |8 | Condition Is Always Fine | 8010B5D2 0000 | |9 | Enables Access to Cast Spell Screen | 8010B5D4 0001 | |10 | Infinite HP | 8010B5C4 03E7 | |11 | Max HP | 8010B5C6 03E7 | |12 | Infinite MP | 8010B5C8 03E7 | |13 | Max MP | 8010B5CA 03E7 | --------------------------------------------------------------- For Xero : --------------------------------------------------------------- | NO | NAME | CODE | =============================================================== |1 | Max Ep | 8010B550 FFFF | |2 | Max Attack | 3010B540 007F | |3 | Max Defense | 3010B541 007F | |4 | Max Agility | 3010B542 007F | |5 | Max Prowess | 3010B543 007F | |6 | Max Speed | 3010B545 007F | |7 | Max Level Special Skill | 3010B546 007F | |8 | Condition Is Always Fine | 8010B556 0000 | |9 | Enables Access to Cast Spell Screen | 8010B558 0001 | |10 | Infinite HP | 8010B548 03E7 | |11 | Max HP | 8010B54A 03E7 | |12 | Infinite MP | 8010B54C 03E7 | |13 | Max MP | 8010B54E 03E7 | --------------------------------------------------------------- For Clemett : --------------------------------------------------------------- | NO | NAME | CODE | =============================================================== |1 | Max Ep | 8010B60A FFFF | |2 | Max Attack | 3010B5FA 007F | |3 | Max Defense | 3010B5FB 007F | |4 | Max Agility | 3010B5FC 007F | |5 | Max Prowess | 3010B5FD 007F | |6 | Max Speed | 3010B5FF 007F | |7 | Max Level Special Skill | 3010B600 007F | |8 | Condition Is Always Fine | 8010B610 0000 | |9 | Enables Access to Cast Spell Screen | 8010B612 0001 | |10 | Infinite HP | 8010B602 03E7 | |11 | Max HP | 8010B604 03E7 | |12 | Infinite MP | 8010B606 03E7 | |13 | Max MP | 8010B608 03E7 | --------------------------------------------------------------- For Jirina : --------------------------------------------------------------- | NO | NAME | CODE | =============================================================== |1 | Max Ep | 8010B512 FFFF | |2 | Max Attack | 3010B502 007F | |3 | Max Defense | 3010B503 007F | |4 | Max Agility | 3010B504 007F | |5 | Max Prowess | 3010B505 007F | |6 | Max Speed | 3010B507 007F | |7 | Max Level Special Skill | 3010B508 007F | |8 | Condition Is Always Fine | 8010B518 0000 | |9 | Enables Access to Cast Spell Screen | 8010B51A 0001 | |10 | Infinite HP | 8010B50A 03E7 | |11 | Max HP | 8010B50C 03E7 | |12 | Infinite MP | 8010B50E 03E7 | |13 | Max MP | 8010B510 03E7 | --------------------------------------------------------------- Misc. Code : --------------------------------------------------------------- | NO | NAME | CODE | =============================================================== |1 | Infinite Gold | 800AFB74 FFFF | |2 | Max Gold | 800AFB74 967F | | | | 800AFB76 0098 | |3 | Infinite Hexite | 800AFB78 FFFF | |4 | Max Hexite | 800AFB78 967F | | | | 800AFB7A 0098 | |5 | No Random Battles | 8009F932 0273 | --------------------------------------------------------------- NB : I don't have a Game Shark. So, I can't try it, and I hope these codes is working. Now, I ask for you whom have a Game Shark v3.0 to try it and please tell me if these codes working or not. ########################## S P E C I A L T H A N K S ########################## 1. Thanks to God for everything 2. Thanks to Game Shark Codes Creator Club for Game Shark Codes Tell me if there is an error, please... Thanks for read my Walkthrough</p>