The Genso Suikoden II Stars FAQ v1.0 By Nick "Rox" Des Barres Hello and welcome to this FAQ. You'll notice it doesn't have any fancy ASCII art or anything... hope you don't mind! ^_^ What you'll find here is the location of all 108 Stars in Genso Suikoden II, including alternate characters. What you won't find, however, is actual game strategy. This FAQ assumes you have a working knowledge of Japanese, and at the VERY least can read katakana. (You'll have a very hard time with this game if you don't have at least some proficiency in Japanese. There are just too many dialogue choices to be made that can affect the entire game... sometimes for the worst, if you choose the wrong ones.) The characters are listed in the order they appear on Luc's stone slab, from left to right, and not in the order you get them in the game. You will need a Japanese text program of some sort to view the characters' and items' Japanese names, by the way. Also, be warned: Though I've tried to keep spoliers to a minimum, some are contained within, so take heed! Of course, finding out who all the characters are that join you is spoiler enough, so I don't recommend reading this FAQ until you've finished Genso Suikoden II at least once. -#1 HERO / Žå�lŒö It's fairly hard to miss this character! -#2 RIDLEY / ƒŠƒhƒŠ�[ Automatically joins after events in Tworiver. -#3 SHU / ƒVƒ…ƒE Automatically joins after much begging from Apple in Radat. -#4 LUC / ƒ‹ƒbƒN Automatically joins when you get your castle. -#5 HUMPHREY / ƒnƒ"ƒtƒŠ�[ Can be found in the roadside village in the Rockaxe area, in the inn. Talk to him and Futch a few times to get them to join your party. Head due north from the town, enter the mountain, and complete the dungeon there. Humphrey and Futch will now join your army. -#6 HAUSER / ƒnƒEƒU�[ Automatically joins after events in Tint. -#7 KIBA / ƒLƒo He and his son Claus automatically join after being defeated. Don't behead them! -#8 PESMERGA / ƒyƒVƒ…ƒ�ƒ‹ƒK Yuber's eternal rival can be found in the last room of the Cave of Wind due south from your castle, but only after you've collected over 100 other characters. -#9 CIERRA / ƒVƒGƒ‰ This pale vampiress automatically joins your party after events in Tint. -#10 TERRAISE / ƒeƒŒ�[ƒY The Mayor of Greenhill automatically joins you, along with her bodyguard Shin, after events in Greenhill. -#11 NINA / ƒjƒi The Flik-infatuated Nina automatically joins at the same time as Terraise. She's way too cute in battle scenes... be sure to use her extensively. -#12 FEATHER or SIGFRIED or ABIZBOAH / ƒtƒFƒU�[ or ƒW�[ƒNƒtƒŠ�[ƒh or ƒAƒrƒYƒ{ƒA This is the first Star that can be occupied by one of two or three characters, or, in this case, animals. If you get Feather before Sigfried or Abizboah, it will occupy the twelfth Star slot, and Sigfried or Abizboah will occupy #25. If you get Sigfried or Abizboah before Feather, Feather will be bumped down to #25. To get Feather, the Griffon (along with Ada), go to Forest Village after receiving the "Hearing Ear Runes" from Badeau. Head up to the top of the village and an event will occur with Ada and Feather. Beat off the other Griffons and use a Hearing Ear Rune to get Feather. To get the unicorn Sigfried, journey to the end of the forest that can be entered via Kobold Village with a young girl in your party (Nanami, Tengaar, Wakaba, etc.) and one of the Hearing Ear Runes. Search the tree, choose to use the Hearing Ear Rune, and Sigfried's yours. If you decide that a unicorn's just not your style, you can opt for a kraken. To get Abizboah, do NOT get Sigfried, then enter the mine east of Crom. You'll meet Abizboah, and using a Hearing Ear Rune will get it to join your party. Choosing Abizboah over Sigfried brings another advantage: The opportunity to get two OTHER krakens, L'Roladia and Chucachara. These two krakens are not counted among the 108 Stars, however. See below, "Non-Star Characters," for more info. -#13 VIKTOR / ƒrƒNƒg�[ƒ‹ Automatically joins you permanently when you reach South Windu. -#14 VALERIA or TOMO / ƒoƒŒƒŠƒA or ƒgƒ‚ The second Star that can be occupied by one of two characters. When you reach the Republic of Tolan, the location of the first Suikoden, you get to choose between Valeria or Kasumi. (And no, you don't get to have them both, ever.) The merits and demerits of each choice are as follows: Valeria - Cool combination attack with Anita. However, you won't be able to enter Rokkaku until very late in the game, thus barring you from getting Sasuke and Mondo early. Kasumi - You get to enter Rokkaku whenever you want, thus getting Sasuke and Mondo hours early. Plus, you get a cool fan event when you bring her back to Gregminster, but only if you loaded your original Suikoden 1 save data. If you choose Kasumi, Tomo will take this star slot. To get Tomo, Tsai's daughter, simply put Tsai in your party and bring him back to his home in the forest that can be entered via Ryube Village. If nothing happens, try back a bit later. -#15 FITCHER / ƒtƒBƒbƒ`ƒƒ�[ Automatically joins around the time you first get your castle. -#16 CLIVE / ƒNƒ‰ƒCƒu He can be found in the northwest part of South Windu, but only if you've seen the event in Muse where Elza gives you a package to hold. Once you get your boat and have been to Lakewest, talk to him, tell him you'll take him to Lakewest, and he'll join. By the way, your playtime affects upcoming events involving Elza, the next of which is at the inn in Lakewest. Bring Clive in your party and talk to the man at the left side of the counter. If your playtime is low enough, under 11 hours, you'll get a letter informing you Elza can be found in Forest Village. If not, the man will tell you how many days you were late. Each day seems to be equal to seven or eight minutes of playtime. The subsequent Elza events, in order, are at the north part of Forest Village, then at the bar in Rockaxe, then in Radat's bar, then at the top of Muse, and, finally, in Sajah Village. Be careful, though, the events are timed! If you're too late, you'll never be able to meet Elza again. Act quickly! Note that if you miss Elza, all you miss is optional storyline. You get to keep Clive no matter what. -#17 FLIK / ƒtƒŠƒbƒN Automatically joins permanently when you arrive in South Windu. -#18 TSAI / ƒcƒ@ƒC Automatically joins for the first army battle; he can be found at his house in the forest of Ryube Village. -#19 JESS / ƒWƒFƒX Automatically joins after events in Tint. -#20 STALLION / ƒXƒ^ƒŠƒIƒ" He can be found running around Radat. After running away from 50 or more battles, race him and you'll win. He'll then join you. -#21 GEORG PRIME / ƒQƒIƒ‹ƒO�Eƒvƒ‰ƒCƒ€ This back-story character from the original Suikoden can be found on the cliff in the mountain path between Dragonmouth and Tigermouth Villages, but only after defeating the boss in Tint. -#22 HANNAH / ƒnƒ"ƒi She can be found wandering around the burned-out husk of Toto Village. -#23 KILLEY / ƒLƒŠƒB He will show up in South Windu in the latter half of the game. Talk to him and tell him about Alex. Then, go to Alex's item shop in your castle. After this event, go back to South Windu and ask him to join you a few times. He'll eventually accept. -#24 ANITA / ƒAƒjƒ^ Valeria's rival, apparently. She can be found at the bar in Muse. Keep talking to her, and eventually you'll be able to ask her to join you. If she asks for a glass of wine, get one for her from Leona. Leaving the bar and coming back seems to change what she has to say, by the way. If you miss her here, you can apparently get her in Banner later. -#25 FEATHER or SIGFRIED or ABIZBOAH / ƒtƒFƒU�[ or ƒW�[ƒNƒtƒŠ�[ƒh or ƒAƒrƒYƒ{ƒA See #12 above. -#26 NANAMI / ƒiƒiƒ~ Your stepsister joins you in Caro. -#27 LINA / ƒŠƒBƒi She automatically joins you along with Irie and Borgan as soon as you get your castle. -#28 TAI HO / ƒ^ƒC�Eƒz�[ He can be found on the docks in Couscous after you get your castle. Win 5000 Potchi from him at Chinchirorin (the dice game), and he'll join. -#29 IRIE / ƒAƒCƒŠ She joins automatically with Lina and Borgan. -#30 YAM KOO / ƒ„ƒ€�EƒN�[ He joins with his brother Tai Ho. -#31 BORGAN / ƒ{ƒ‹ƒKƒ" Automatically joins with Lina and Irie. -#32 HIX / ƒqƒbƒNƒX Hix and Tengaar show up at the inn in Lakewest after you get Chaco, right before you head for Greenhill. (Note that they won't yet be at the inn on the return trip to your castle after getting Chaco; you need to enter the war room at your castle first, wake up in your bed, then go back to Lakewest.) Talk to them at the inn (bring Viktor and Flik along for a fun event), and they'll leave for Kobold Village. Follow them, then complete the various wacky tasks you're given: First get the Blue Stone at the item shop in South Windu, bring it back to Kobold Village, then get the Red Flower at the Cave of Wind south of your castle, bring THAT back, and finally enter the sewers beneath the Winghorde section of Tworiver to get the Green Bell. Return to Kobold Village, complete the forest dungeon, and Tengaar's "curse" will be "broken." Hix and Tengaar will now join you. -#33 TENGAAR / ƒeƒ"ƒKƒA�[ƒ‹ She joins at the same time as Hix. -#34 FRIED Y. / ƒtƒŠ�[ƒh�EY Automatically joins in South Windu. -#35 YOSHINO / ƒˆƒVƒm After you get your castle, put Fried Y. in your party and enter the yard in the southeast part of Radat. Yoshino, Fried's wife, will join. -#36 CHACO / ƒ`ƒƒƒR Automatically joins after events in Tworiver. -#37 CLAUS / ƒNƒ‰ƒEƒX Joins after being defeated, along with his father Kiba. -#38 GILBERT / ƒMƒ‹ƒo�[ƒg Joins during the first army battle event. Make SURE he doesn't die during this battle, because if he does, you'll be missing one of the 108 Stars forever! -#39 TETSU / ƒeƒc Tetsu is a man who respects only those who enjoy baths, those who are "hokahoka," or "steamy." How can one become "steamy" without a bath? Strangely enough, by eating a Fried Taco (Takosu Furai / ƒ^ƒRƒXƒtƒ‰ƒC)! This item will make you "hokahoka" about 1 in 3 times you eat it. They're sold in the Tworiver Kobold Village shop and in your own castle; buy some and keep using them on the hero until he puffs with steam, then talk to Tetsu at his house in Lakewest. -#40 JEANE / ƒW�[ƒ" Jeane initially shows up in Greenhill as a teacher, but you can't get her yet. Wait until after saving Terraise, then go to the rune shop in Tworiver. Talk to her and ask her to join. -#41 WAKABA / ƒ�ƒJƒo Talk to Wakaba in Forest Village and demonstrate your strength. She will join. She's cute in a very Sakura (Street Fighter Alpha/Zero series)-like way. -#42 MAXIMILLIAN / ƒ}ƒNƒVƒ~ƒŠƒAƒ" Enter South Windu during the latter half of the game, and this venerable knight will automatically join. Where's Sancho? ^_^ -#43 GENSHU / ƒQƒ"ƒVƒ…ƒE Genshu can be found standing on the docks in Corone. You have to have over 100 other members for him to even give you the time of day. Once you do, sharpen your weapon to Level 15 (Tessai and the Silver Hammer are required for this; see #88 for Tessai, and get the Silver Hammer from one of Judo's students in Greenhill), then talk to him. Show him your weapon, and he'll join. -#44 CAMUS / ƒJƒ~ƒ…�[ The former captain of the Mathildan Red Knights joins automatically after events in Rockaxe. -#45 MIKLOTOV / ƒ}ƒCƒNƒ�ƒgƒt The former captain of the Mathildan Blue Knights joins automatically after events in Rockaxe. -#46 JUDO / ƒWƒ…ƒh Judo can be found in the main school building at Greenhill. Note that you cannot get him the first time you meet him. Come back later in the game and he'll ask for some clay; return to Forest Village and talk to the middle-aged man standing in the east part of the town and get some clay from him. Return to Judo and he'll join. -#47 LEBRANTE / ƒŒƒuƒ‰ƒ"ƒg LeBrante, located at the appraisal shop in Radat, is searching for the one- hundredth Porcelain Vase (Seiji no Tsubo / ‚¹‚¢‚‚̂‚Ú) to round out his collection. Some enemies drop them, or you can purchase one at a trade center. By the time LeBrante asks for it, though, you'll probably already have found one. Note that he won't join you the first time you meet him, come back later. -#48 LORELAI / ƒ��[ƒŒƒ‰ƒC Lorelai can be found in the northwest part of Gregminster. Talk to her and ask her to join. -#49 TONY / ƒgƒj�[ Tony's in the Forest Village elder's house. Talk to him a couple of times, and he'll join. Note that he won't join you the first time you meet him, come back later. -#50 GIJIMU / ƒMƒWƒ€ Gijimu automatically joins along with Koyu and Roen after events in Tint. -#51 RIKIMARU / ƒŠƒLƒ}ƒ‹ A starving Rikimaru can be found at the entrance to Ryube village. Talk to him and offer to feed him (it'll cost a few thousand Potchi) and he'll join. Apparently if you miss him in Ryube he'll show up later in Corone. -#52 GANTETSU / ƒKƒ"ƒeƒc Gantetsu can be found standing in the middle of South Windu. He won't join until very late in the game, however. Talk to him around the time Killey shows up in town, then accept his challenge of strength, and he'll join. -#53 SIMONE VERDRICCI / ƒVƒ‚�[ƒk�Eƒxƒ‹ƒhƒŠƒbƒ` Simone shows up on the southwest bank of the Radat bridge area about midway through the game. Apparently he lost the Rose Pin (Bara no Munekazari / ƒoƒ‰‚Ì‹¹�üƒŠ) that his best friend gave him. This item shows up randomly in the Bargains (‚ق肾‚µ‚à‚Ì) section of the Banner Village item shop. Buy it and bring it to him, and he'll join. -#54 CORNELL / ƒR�[ƒlƒ‹ Cornell is in the back of a house near the entrance to Forest Village. Bring a Sound Set (Oto Setto / ‰¹ƒZƒbƒg) with you and talk to him, and he'll join. Note that he won't join you the first time you meet him, come back later. -#55 HANS / ƒnƒ"ƒX Talk to him at the inn in Tworiver, offer him the chance to open a shop at your castle, and he'll join. -#56 HOAN / ƒzƒEƒAƒ" Automatically joins when you get your castle. -#57 TOTA / ƒgƒEƒ^ Talk to him on the streets of Muse to get him to join permanently. -#58 FUTCH / ƒtƒbƒ` Joins with Humphrey. See #5 above. -#59 KASUMI or TOMO / ƒJƒXƒ~ or ƒgƒ‚ See #14 above. If you choose Kasumi when you teach the Republic of Tolan, she'll occupy this slot and Tomo will occupy slot #14. If you choose Valeria, Tomo will occupy this slot. -#60 BADEAU / ƒoƒh Badeau has respect for the "voices of the forest," so bring an animal to meet him... namely, Kinnison's wolf, White (Actually Shiro / ƒVƒ�, but I'm calling him White in this FAQ to avoid confusion with the human character named Shiro.) Badeau will join you and give you two Hearing Ear Runes, with which you can get two animal characters (see above.) Note that he won't join you the first time you meet him, come back later. -#61 MAZUS / ƒ�ƒCƒU�[ƒX Mazus, master wizard and rival of the cave-dwelling Crowley of Suikoden 1, can be found in the mine east of Crom. Don't worry, he's in plain sight, unlike Crowley. However, he won't join until you have over 100 other members - something like 105 or 106 are required. You'd probably do best to get him last. -#62 MONDO / ƒ‚ƒ"ƒh If you chose Kasumi over Valeria, simply put her in your party and enter Rokkaku, the secret Ninja hideout mentioned in Suikoden 1. Mondo and Sasuke will automatically join. Where's Rokkaku? It's hidden fairly trickily: In the forest north of Banner Village (the one that leads to Tolan), you have to walk south through a patch of trees that appear solid. The exact spot is in the middle of a left-to-right passage after the area with ladders and before the area with the save point. If you chose Valeria, you'll have to wait until you have over 100 other members, then enter Rokkaku. -#63 SASUKE / ƒTƒXƒP Sasuke, boy ninja, joins at the same time as Mondo. -#64 LEONA / ƒŒƒIƒi Leona automatically joins when you get your castle. -#65 ADARY / ƒAƒ_ƒŠ�[ Adary can be found at a house in central South Windu. When you get your castle, come back and speak to him. He'll ask you for an item, such as a Wooden Shield (Ki no Tate / -؂Ì�‚), Wind Rune (Kaze no Fuuinkyuu / -‚Ì ˆó‹…), or the automatic-resurrection item, the Self-Replacement Jizo (Mikawari Jizou / �g'ã‚è'n' .) When you get the option, choose not to give him the item, but to THROW it at him. It's the second choice down. Surprisingly, he'll then join you and build an elevator in your castle! -#66 RAURA / ƒ‰ƒEƒ‰ The eternally-lost Raura (think Ryoga from Ranma 1/2) can be found wandering around Tint. Just talk to her and tell her about Jeane, her friend, and she'll join. Of course, you've got to already have Jeane as a member. -#67 SHEENA / ƒV�[ƒi Automatically joins under orders from his father, Lepant, the President of Tolan. -#68 KINNISON / ƒLƒjƒXƒ" While on your way to meet Tsai, you'll find a bird's nest on the forest floor. Choose to return it to it's proper place, and on the way back through the forest you'll meet Kinnison and his wolf. Ask them to join and they're yours. -#69 WHITE (SHIRO) / ƒVƒ� I'm referring to Kinnison's wolf as White in this FAQ, to avoid confusion with the human character named Shiro. He joins at the same time as his master. -#70 AMADA / ƒAƒ}ƒ_ When you need a boat to go to Tworiver, talk to Amada on the bridge at Radat. Beat him at a duel and he'll join. -#71 AMELIA / ƒGƒ~ƒŠƒA Amelia automatically joins after events in Greenhill. -#72 ZAMZA / ƒUƒ€ƒU The self-obsessed Zamza can be found at the inn in Toto. Talk to him with Nanami in your party and he'll join. If you miss him here, you can apparently find him later in South Windu. -#73 KAREN / ƒJƒŒƒ" Karen will show up on the stage at the inn in Couscous about midway through the game. Talk to her and accept her dancing challenge, win, and she's yours. And no, Toe Shoes don't do anything this time around ^_^ -#74 ROEN / ƒ�ƒEƒGƒ" Roen automatically joins after events in Tint. -#75 TENKO / ƒeƒ"ƒRƒE Tenko can be found at his home in Crom. Bring a Window Set (Mado Setto / '‹ƒZƒbƒg) and he'll join. -#76 KARAKURI-MARU / ‚©‚ç‚­‚è‚Ü‚é Karakuri-maru, a clockwork robot made by Suikoden 1's Juppo to protect his niece Meg, can be found along with Meg at the Greenhill / Muse Checkpoint if you enter it from the Greenhill side. -#77 ANNELY / ƒAƒ"ƒlƒŠ�[ Enter the inn at South Windu about halfway through the game (the same time Killey shows up in town) and you'll witness a scene with Annely begging for a place to stay. Once she's turned away, she'll show up in the north-east corner of town. Talk to her, ask her to sing, tell her you'd like to hear more of her singing, and she'll join. -#78 VIKI / ƒrƒbƒL�[ Viki, the mysterious and scatter-brained mistress of teleportation, will join automatically after she suddenly appears in front of you on your way to Rockaxe for the first time. -#79 KOYU / ƒRƒEƒ†ƒE Automatically joins after he appears at your castle asking for help. -#80 VINCENT DE BOULE / ƒ"ƒ@ƒ"ƒTƒ"�Eƒh�Eƒu�[ƒ‹ Everyone's favorite narcissist can be found at the same place Simone was standing, in Radat, if you return with Simone in your party. Note that Vincent may not appear right away... simply come back a bit later in the game if he's not around. Talk to Monsieur De Boule, and after a disturbing scene with Simone, he'll join you. -#81 MEG / ƒ�ƒO Joins along with Karakuri-maru, see #76 above. -#82 MUKUMUKU / ƒ€ƒNƒ€ƒN Possibly the hardest character to get in the entire game, Mukumuku the flying squirrel can be found wandering the plains between Greenhill and the Greenhill / Muse checkpoint. To get him (it?), remove everyone from your party and wander alone back and forth along the road between Greenhill and the Greenhill / Muse checkpoint. Eventually, Mukumuku will show up as the second member of your party at the start of a battle. Win the battle, and Mukumuku is yours. There is, apparently, another way to get Mukumuku, though I haven't tested it yet. On your first trip to Caro, when you're alone, search the giant tree behind the hero's house three times and Mukumuku will appear. Mukumuku has four other friends who can also join you, though they aren't part of the 108 Stars. See below, "Non- Star Characters," for more information. -#83 MARLOWE / ƒ}ƒ‹ƒ� Marlowe automatically joins after events in Tint. -#84 RICHMOND / ƒŠƒbƒ`ƒ‚ƒ"ƒh Richmond, a self-described "hard-boiled dandy," can be found at the south end of Radat. If you ask him to join, you'll have to play the old heads-or-tails game, which you'll always lose. After you've done this a couple of times, enter the bar in Radat and talk to the patron sitting at the bottom of the screen. He's wise to Richmond's tricks, and he'll give you a coin. Talk to Richmond again, ask him to use your coin, and he'll join. -#85 APPLE / ƒAƒbƒvƒ‹ Joins automatically after events in Toto. -#86 LONG CHAN-CHAN / ƒ�ƒ"ƒ`ƒƒƒ"ƒ`ƒƒƒ" Wakaba's martial arts master, Long Chan-Chan can first be found at the inn in Rockaxe. If you come back with Wakaba, however, he'll be mysteriously absent. Instead, wait until you meet him again in Crom and talk to him with Wakaba in your party. After a bit of wackiness he'll join. -#87 MILLIE / ƒ~ƒŠ�[ Millie can be found wandering around Ryube Village, searching for her lost pet Bonaparte. Talk to her, offer to find her pet, then enter the Ryube forest. Find Bonaparte and defeat it to get Millie. Note that she won't ask you for help the first time you meet her. -#88 TESSAI / ƒeƒbƒTƒC Tessai will appear at the blacksmith shop in Couscous during the latter half of the game. Talk to him with Viktor in your party and he'll join. -#89 TAKI / ƒ^ƒL Talk to Taki a few times at her house in Lakewest and she'll join. -#90 GENGEN / ƒQƒ"ƒQƒ" Gengen automatically joins near the start of the game. -#91 GABOCHA / ƒKƒ{ƒ`ƒƒ Gabocha can be found at a house in the Kobold section of Tworiver. Bring Gengen with you and he'll join. -#92 YUZU / ƒ†ƒY Yuzu shows up in Kobold Village mid-way though the game. Offer to help her find her sheep, and she'll join. -#93 HAI YO / ƒnƒC�Eƒˆ�[ Hai Yo appears in your castle shortly after you get it. Talk to him and he'll open a restaurant. Prepare for some vicious culinary showdowns with rival cooks! -#94 KARN / ƒJ�[ƒ" Karn joins your party briefly right before you get your castle, but he won't join your army until you reach Tint many hours later. When he does, it's automatic. -#95 BARBARA / ƒo�[ƒoƒ‰ Automatically joins when you get your castle. -#96 SID / ƒVƒh Sid, the eerie Winghorde lad, can be found in the sewers under the Winghorde section of Tworiver. Bring Chaco along, enter Sid's cave, and he'll join. The cave isn't particularly well-hidden; the entrance to the corridor leading to his hideout is next to the waterfall. -#97 SHIN / ƒVƒ" Automatically joins after events in Greenhill. -#98 OHRAN / ƒIƒEƒ‰ƒ" Enter Couscous with an all-female party and you'll be attacked. Ohran the female bodyguard will save you, and she's yours. -#99 SHIRO / ƒVƒ�ƒE Not to be confused with Kinnison's wolf, the human Shiro can be found at the inn in Lakewest. Win a few thousand Potchi from him at Chinchirorin, the dice game, and he'll join. Note that he won't join you the first time you meet him, come back later. -#100 ALEX / ƒAƒŒƒbƒNƒX You meet Alex and his wife Hilda much earlier in the game, but they won't join you until they show up at the inn in South Windu. Talk to him there and they'll both join. -#101 HILDA / ƒqƒ‹ƒ_ Joins at the same time as Alex. -#102 BOB / ƒ{ƒu Bob the rastafarian werewolf wanders around the Kobold section of Tworiver, though he won't join you until late in the game. Keep checking back and eventually he'll join - you need something like 90-100 other members before he'll even consider it. -#103 ADA / ƒGƒCƒ_ Ada shows up with Feather in Forest Village after you get the Hearing Ear Runes from Badeau. See #12 above for more information. -#104 PICO / ƒsƒR Pico used to be part of a band with Annely and Albert. Once you get Annely, he'll appear at the inn in Greenhill; tell him about Annely and he'll join. -#105 ALBERT / ƒAƒ‹ƒo�[ƒg Albert appears at the armor shop in Tint. After you get both Annely and Pico, he'll join you. -#106 TEMPLETON / ƒeƒ"ƒvƒ‹ƒgƒ" Find Templeton at the burned-out remains of Viktor's fortress. After he leaves, he'll appear in the east part of Toto Village. Talk to him there and he'll join. -#107 HOY / ƒzƒC Hoy, who makes a living out of impersonating the hero, appears midway through the game at the bar in Radat. Save him from the crowd and he'll join. -#108 GORDON / ƒR�[ƒhƒ" Gordon can be found at the trade center in Gregminster. Ask him to join, and he'll give you the task of making 50,000 Potchi by trading alone... easier said than done. If you don't mind waiting several hours before getting Gordon, you can make 50,000 in one fell swoop by going to Rokkaku's trade center and buying two Gold Nuggets (Kin Kai / ‹à‚©‚¢), then selling them for big bucks in Mathilda's roadside village. That's all it takes... two Gold Nuggets. If you're very lucky, it may take only one. By the way, if Rokkaku only has one Gold Nugget to offer, come back a bit later and they'll have another. -NON-STAR CHARACTERS There are several characters in Genso Suikoden II that will join your army and are swappable into and out of your party at any time, but are not counted among the 108 Stars: GENSO SUIKODEN 1's MAIN CHARACTER / 'O�ì‚ÌŽå�lŒö Apparently, you can only get this character to join you if you loaded your old Suikoden 1 save data with all 108 stars and Gremio resurrected. I don't know for sure, since I haven't played Suikoden 2 without loading old data. Return to Banner Village about midway though the game and talk to Ko, the little boy who idolizes and dresses like you. Then go to the far right of the village, talk to Gremio, then talk to Ko again. He'll create a diversion, and you can now talk to Genso Suikoden 1's main character. (If you bring any character from the original game along, they'll make a comment at this point.) You'll now go on a mini-quest to save Ko. When you reach the end of the mini-quest you'll get a cool fan event if you brought Kasumi along, by the way. Once this is over, you can get Genso Suikoden 1's main character to join you again at any time by returning to Gregminster and simply asking him to fight with you. However, at any point in the game when your party is automatically disbanded, which happens after many events, you'll have to go all the way back to Gregminster to get him again. It's worth it, though - the two heroes' combined attack is very useful, and the Soul Eater spells are ultra-powerful. MAKUMAKU / ƒ}ƒNƒ}ƒN The second flying squirrel can be found only after getting Mukumuku. Use the exact same method to get him as Mukumuku, explained above in #82, but replace the area you wander through with the road between Tworiver and Greenhill. MIKUMIKU / ƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒN The third flying squirrel can be found only after getting Mukumuku and Makumaku. Use the exact same method to get her as Mukumuku, explained above in #82, but replace the area you wander through with the road between Forest Village and Greenhill. MEKUMEKU / ƒ�ƒNƒ�ƒN The fourth flying squirrel can be found only after getting Mukumuku, Makumaku and Mikumiku. Use the exact same method to get him as Mukumuku, explained above in #82, but replace the area you wander through with the road between the Mathilda / Greenhill checkpoint and Greenhill. MOKUMOKU / ƒ‚ƒNƒ‚ƒN I haven't actually found the fifth flying squirrel, but it's apparently wandering somewhere "around Forest Village," according to Richmond. I've spent at least an hour wandering around there, and it's never appeared in my party. I know it's possible to get, however. I'll update this FAQ as soon as I find out exactly how. L'ROLADIA / ƒ‹ƒ�ƒ‰ƒfƒBƒA The second giant kraken will only join if you chose Abizboah over Sigfried (see #12.) I haven't actually confirmed this yet, but apparently you just have to re- enter the mine east of Crom with Abizboah in your party to get L'Roladia. CHUCACHARA / ƒ`ƒ…ƒJƒ`ƒƒƒ‰ The third kraken, this one a baby, will only join if you chose Abizboah over Sigfried (see #12.) I haven't actually confirmed this yet, but apparently you get Chucachara the same time you get L'Roladia. And that's that! Thanks for reading, and I hope this FAQ helps. I'll update it in a little while to clarify some points. A final word: Make SURE you have all 108 Stars BEFORE the assault on Rockaxe Castle. (This is long after your first visit to Rockaxe, so don't worry if you just got there.) Why? Well... remember the whole Gremio deal at the end of Suikoden 1? Let's just say it's something along those lines. Remember... all 108 Stars before the assault on Rockaxe. Nick Des Barres (I can't answer any general gameplay questions on this game, by the way. Sorry.) *************************END of DOCUMENT****************************************************</p>