/ / / No More Heroes 2 / ------------------------------------ / "I've taken the shackles of revenge, Desperate Struggle /------------------------------------------ / and I'm throwing them back on you." / / ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- //Game Specs ---------------------------------------- Platform: Wii Developer: Grasshopper Manufacture, Ubisoft (2010) Genre: Sword Fighter, Action Rating: M (Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Partial Nudity, Sexual Themes, Strong Language, put the kids to bed already) //Walkthrough Specs ---------------------------------------- Author: Georgi Samaras E-mail: SophiaLee04@yahoo.com Version: 1.00 Last Updated: February 1, 2010 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- //Contents ---------------------------------------- Introduction........................... [int] Controls .............................. [con] The HUD and Menu ...................... [hud] Santa Destroy ......................... [san] Battle Mechanics ...................... [bat] Beam Katanas .......................... [bek] Ecstasy and the Darkside .............. [slo] Tips and Tricks ....................... [tip] Walkthrough Revenge for Helter Skelter .......... [rhs] Rank 50: The Hip-Hop Priest ......... [r50] Rank 25: Cheerleaders are Evil ...... [r25] The Fangirl ......................... [fng] Rank 24: The Pyro in the Akashic .... [r24] Rank 23: The Poison Witch ........... [r23] Rank 10: Two-fold Revenge ........... [r10] Rank 09: The Money Grubber .......... [r09] Rank 08: Here We Go Again ........... [r08] Rank 07: Cheap Dragon ............... [r07] Sir Henry's Nightmare ............... [hnm] Rank 04: The Goddess of Death ....... [r04] Rank 03: The Lost Spaceman .......... [r03] Rank 02: An Assassin Named... ....... [r02] Rank 01: Revenge .................... [r01] Exercising Jeanne ..................... [eje] Bizarre Jelly 5 ....................... [bj5] Side Jobs ............................. [sjb] Revenge Missions ...................... [rvg] New Game + and Deathmatch ............. [ngp] Miscellaneous ......................... [mis] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- //Introduction [int] ---------------------------------------- Back in my guide for the first No More Heroes, in answering a question about a possible sequel, I wrote something along the lines of "Sylvia already told us that that's not likely." Well, my old guide can shove it because here we are playing No More Heroes 2 and dammit, it feels GREAT. For those of you who've played the first, take heart in the fact that this game honors its predecessor's spirit with flying colors. For those of you joining Travis for the first time, where have you been? Better late than never. Now get in here and let's slice some heads. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- //Controls [con] ---------------------------------------- The game box spoils it already, so I don't feel bad coming out and saying that you get to control other people besides Travis. Henry and Shinobu, to be precise. The controls for them are similar to Travis' with the exception of the B button and their lack of things like Darkside mode. The game will clue you in on their specific controls when the time comes. Nunchuk ------- control stick: move your player character C button: center camera behind you Z button: hold to lock on to an enemy shake nunchuk: Step-In Slice (must be earned) Wii-mote -------- directional pad: emergency evade A button: slash, charged slash (hold A), long range attack for Shinobu and Henry (hold A) B button: melee attack, initiate a wrestling move (when enemy is dizzy), pick up an enemy that has been knocked down, jump (Shinobu), dash (Henry) minus (-) button: activate Darkside Mode plus (+) button: open menu, pause game, skip cutscenes (press twice) 1 button: enter charge mode 2 button: switch beam katanas (use the control stick to toggle between weapons), toggle between targets (when locked on) shake Wii-mote: get up after being knocked down, charge your beam katana (after pressing 1), perform a running slash *in battle, you will also be prompted to wave the Wii-mote and nunchuk according to on-screen arrows *on the loading screen, hit B repeatedly to spin the loading star ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- //The HUD and Menu [hud] ---------------------------------------- This section goes over what all that pixelated stuff is on your heads-up- display, as well as what is in the menu. Battle HUD ---------- • Your health gauge is the heart in the upper left. • The Darkside Mode meter is the tiger in the lower right. • The cartoonish penis with a smiley face in the upper right is your katana's energy meter. • The mini-map, which shows paths, items of interest, and enemy positions is in the lower left. • The slots appear in the bottom middle of the screen after a death blow or wrestling move. • When targeting an enemy, you will see their life gauge displayed as a reticule around them. When not targeting them, their life gauges appear as colored bars above their heads. Menu Options ------------ In the Status menu: • current UAA rank • how much health you have • your beam katana's charge • how full your ecstasy gauge is • the name of the weapon you are currently wielding • the level of your stamina and muscle In the Data menu: • percentage of costumes you've bought • how many gifts you have collected • how far you've progressed in the revenge missions • your high scores for each side job In the Config menu: • all the obligatory game customization options that you should be familiar with already ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- //Santa Destroy [san] ---------------------------------------- Those of you that hated the pseudo-sandbox Santa Destroy can finally quit your whining: they removed it. You now navigate the city via a menu and simply select where you want to go. This section will go over the locations in blue: the different businesses in Santa Destroy that should be relevant to your interests. You can also get to your ranking fights, side jobs, and revenge missions from the map menu, but they all have their own sections in this walkthrough, so go elsewhere for that info. Motel ----- Motel "No More Heroes" is still Travis' base of operations even though he owns a mansion now. In here we've got: • the bedroom closet, where you store all the clothes you've bought at Airport 51. • Jeane, who has turned into a colossal fatass since the last game. • the shelf in the living room, where you can read wrestling magazines to learn new moves (these are restocked as you progress in the game). • the TV, where you can watch videos and play Bizarre Jelly 5. • the toilet, the best save point to come out of recent gaming history. Airport 51 ---------- Santa Destroy's newest one-stop clothing shop, built after the old AREA 51 was totaled. If you're looking to fill Travis' closet, this is the place to go. New clothes are added to the store as you progress in the game. Naomi's Lab ----------- Naomi the sexy scientist is here showing off the game's new breast physics. She also sells beam katanas. She doesn't seem to sell accessories anymore, just different swords. On the surface, there is not much difference between her katanas besides their designs. Play around with them a little and you will notice the difference. A rundown of each katana is available elsewhere in the walkthrough. Ryan's Gym ---------- Ryan is here showing off the breast physics as well. (Cannot unsee.) Go train in his gym to raise Travis' strength and max health. Strength exercises require you spar with Ryan by using A to punch, B to kick, and the control stick to duck under his lustful advances. The game consists of him throwing weights at you and you needing to hit them back. Generally you want to hit the weights right before they hit Travis; don't punch or kick too early thinking his arms and legs are long enough to hit the weights. Every now and then, Ryan will throw a spinning weight that will either go high or low; these can be tricky, so don't jump the gun. Duck under his kisses and that's all there is to it. Things will get faster as the games progress, and the last level is insane. Stamina exercises consist of running on a treadmill. You must quickly hit B and Z alternately to keep Travis running. You must also keep the control stick tilted in the opposite direction the treadmill is going. Look at the arrows on the bottom of the treadmill; they indicate its direction. I used to think this game was hard, but now I realize this is only because it's a pain in the fingers. I don't recommend doing this after you've been playing for a while. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- //Battle Mechanics [bat] ---------------------------------------- No More Heroes 2 actually did very little to change the combat mechanics from the first game. So that means it's "copypasta from the first guide" time! Slashes ------- To slash with your katana, simply press A. Slashes can be both high and low; slash high when enemies guard low and slash low when they guard high. Press the A button repeatedly to start a slash combo, and hold A down to do a charged attack. Charged slashes are unblockable, but you are extremely vulnerable and lose your charge when you take damage. Charges also use up a lot of battery power the higher the charge. Beat Attacks and Wrestling Moves -------------------------------- To stun an enemy and break their guard, press B to melee them. Beat attacks can be both high and low; beat high when enemies are guarding high and vice versa. When stunned, enemies will be dizzied, as indicated by them seeing stars, Looney Tunes style. Press B when near them to grab them and perform a wrestling move, which will have you flick both the Wii-mote and nunchuk according to on-screen arrows. Wrestling moves will be insta-kills on all non-boss enemies. Weapon Clash ------------ When your attack meets that of an enemy, you will lock swords. The remote will appear on the screen in a circle. Rapidly turn circles with your remote to deflect their attack and execute a death blow. If you don't, your enemy gets a free shot at you. Lock On and Guard ----------------- Press the Z button to lock on to an enemy. Pressing the 2 button will change which enemy you lock onto. When locked on, Travis will only focus on that one enemy and will run circles around him/her as well. Locking on also lets Travis deflect enemy attacks if he's not swinging his katana. Charge Mode ----------- Since the beam katana runs on batteries, the power will eventually run out and they will have to recharge. Attacking enemies, using it to open chests, and blocking attacks all use some of the katana's power. When your charge meter in the upper right of the HUD is red and outlined in white, you are fully charged. When it goes completely limp and your remote starts beeping, you need to charge. Press the 1 button to enter charge mode. The game would have you wave the remote from side to side to recharge, but it's much more fun to mimic Travis and pump the remote up and down. Travis is very vulnerable to attack during charge mode. Death Blows ----------- Depleting an enemy's health with basic slashes allows you to execute a death blow. This simply requires you swing the Wii-mote in the direction of the arrow on the screen. As the name suggests, they are almost always lethal on lesser foes and take large chunks of fatter enemies and bosses' health meters. Dodging ------- Press any of the four directional buttons on the d-pad to dodge. Travis is invulnerable during a dodge. He also no longer needs to be locked on to an enemy in order to dodge. While in an area where you will have to fight, you'll see chests, items, and icons appear on the field. Things you will find in chests include Pizza ----- Your lone source of nourishment: slices restore small portions of health, while whole pizzas get you up to 100%. Enemies will also drop pizza. Batteries --------- Recharge your beam katana quickly with these guys. Batteries that look like AAs will give you a small amount of charge. The ones that look like 9-volts completely get it up. The charge, I mean. Enemies drop these, too. Magazines --------- These fill your ecstasy gauge to the max. Gifts ----- Nicely wrapped presents for Travis can be picked up in the heat of battle. These add decorative touches to your living space. Exclamation Points ------------------ These mark your destination. To activate them, you must meet a certain requirement, most likely killing all enemies in the immediate area. S - These mark save points (i.e. - toilets). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- //Beam Katanas [bek] ---------------------------------------- Travis' weapon of choice is a beam katana and has been ever since he won his first in an internet auction. This section will list the katanas he can add to his weapons cache, as well as what makes them unique. Each katana has small quirks, and all of them get a special power boost when the ecstasy gauge is red (doesn't have to be full). To switch between any of these katanas, press the 2 button while not locked on, hold it, and use the control stick to cycle between all the katanas on Travis' belt. You are 100% immune to attack during the "switch beam katanas" animation, which is drawn out enough to make it a nice way to cheat some enemies out of a hit. But that's cheap. Blood Berry ----------- The original flavor and the most balanced katana. Not too powerful but perfect for beginners. No real bells and whistles. Short battery life, too. When your ecstasy gauge is red and you can chain longer combos, you will find that the Blood Berry's combo will knock enemies away from you and to the ground. Camellia MK-III --------------- This katana is available at Naomi's lab for LB$50,000 from the start of the game. It looks exactly like the Tsubaki Mk-III she made for Travis in the last game, and it handles about the same as well. It just isn't as kickass. It seems to be slightly faster than the Blood Berry but not noticeably more powerful. Like the first Tsubaki model, this one seems to render enemies dizzy more often without having to use beat attacks, so use this if you like to wrestle. Ecstasy-powered combos with Camellia MK-III make enemies airborne and land them on the ground. Peony ----- This katana is yours for a whopping LB$300,000 after you beat the 25th ranking match. A true light saber, this beam sword is the strongest katana you can swing, but it is s o s l o w, even in ecstasy Darkside Mode. Use with caution around quick enemies and be careful of your combos. Take only one or two swings at a time unless you are sure of your safety. The battery is pretty durable. The Peony's ecstasy combo is long and drawn out, but it is very handy against the bigger enemies. The Peony's blade also gets freakishly long when the ecstasy gauge is red. (Insert over-compensation joke here.) Rose Nasty ---------- This is the dual-wielding set you've been waiting for. Shinobu will leave this in your motel room after she tells you her story. Nowhere near as powerful as the Peony, but it has a wide damage radius and is pretty fast. It has some of the more impressive combo strings that get even better when the tiger turns red. I've been able to consistently kill normal enemies at full health using just one of Rose Nasty's combos. Battery life is equally impressive; normal slash combos barely drain it, and only excessive blocking or charge attacks seem to put a real dent in the battery. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- //Ecstasy and the Darkside [slo] ---------------------------------------- New to the game is the ecstasy gauge: the tiger in the lower right. As Travis lands hits on foes, the gauge goes up. When the tiger is red and outlined in white, a special Darkside Mode is ready. Hitting the minus button gives Travis a super speed boost and the ability to slash enemies to ribbons. Just keep hitting A and all will end well. For you, at least. The fun ends when the tiger stops breathing fire. You can trigger this Darkside Mode during boss fights. Another way to enter Darkside Mode is the slots. Slots spin when you do a death blow or finish off an enemy with a wrestling move. Line up three icons to enter one of four Darkside modes. The slots will not appear during boss fights. Strawberry on the Shortcake ---------------------------- Three cherries give Travis a small speed boost while making it look as though regular enemies are moving extra slowly. Think of it as a tame version of the ecstasy special above. Blueberry Cheese Brownie ------------------------ Line up three bells and Travis gains the ability to shoot fire directly in front of him. Unfortunately, it's not homing or spread fire. Try to get enemies in your line of sight and press A. You don't need to be close to them to damage them. Cranberry Chocolate Sundae -------------------------- The old cranberry chocolate sundae was my favorite Darkside Mode. At least they replaced it with something equally as badass. Line up three bars and Travis turns into a GODDAMN TIGER. One press of the A button is enough to kill anything in this form, and all enemies will run away from you in terror, so all you need to do is lock on and track them down. Gooseberry Sugar Donut ---------------------- A lucky 777 gives Travis the power to send out a shockwave, obliterating everyone in the current area. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- //Tips and Tricks [tip] ---------------------------------------- Back in my first guide, this section was only made possible thanks to contributions from nice people that thought to send me stuff. I was pleasantly surprised to see some of it retain its usefulness in the sequel. I'm going to add as much as I can to this new version. Surprise Slide -------------- That's what I called it, but the better and less lame-sounding name for it is "darkstepping." What this move is is a quick dodge that puts you behind an enemy, leaving them open for tons of free damage. To perform it, let the enemy enter a slash combo. Now run into it while guarding. During their combo, continuously double tab or simply press and hold left or right on the c-stick. If you're successful, you'll hear a sound as the screen turns dark, and Travis will slide along the ground to get in striking position. Now mash A. This works well against some enemies and even bosses, but doesn't seem to be as important to master as it was in the last game. Charged Death Blow ------------------ Charged death blows are extra powerful and have a wider damage radius. To perform one, shake the Wii-mote when performing a death blow. White rectangles will appear around your sword and target, indicating the extra power. Extremely useful when you have enemies near each other: you can kill nearby enemies at full health with a charged death blow. When the ecstasy gauge is red, all death blows are automatically charged. You cannot charge a death blow that takes place after a weapons clash. Pro-Wrestling Power ------------------- Travis' real strength lies in his wrestling moves. These will instantly kill all normal enemies and do a good number on some bosses, so get in the habit of slipping the B button in your A combo. You can also combo solely with B if you want. This is a nice option if the battery on your katana is out and you cannot recharge. Change It Up ------------ You are not limited to one katana per fight anymore. Change mid-fight if you need to. Got a quick enemy running rings around you and your Peony? Change to the Blood Berry. Not making a dent on that fatty with Camellia MK-III? Get the Peony back out. Want to look like a total badass? Rose Nasty, baby. You can also change katanas if the one you are using is low on charge and you cannot recharge for some reason. The Map: Use It --------------- The walkthrough is going to be referring to the map a lot, and you should too, if only because it tells you everything you need to know. The most important things here are chests (orange squares), normal enemies (blue squares), and the guys with guns (blue dots). There's a reason the map makes a point to tell you who has a gun and who doesn't: gunfire blows. Kick 'Em While They're Down --------------------------- When an enemy is on the ground, you can do several things. One is press the B button when standing over them to kick them. This causes them to spit out money, so that's a plus. Travis will also sometimes pick them up and stand them up, leaving them dizzied and open for a wrestling move. If their health is low enough and you hit A over them, Travis will simply stab downward and kill them. If you are swamped and need breathing room, leave knocked down enemies where they lie. It takes a while for them to get back up, meaning you are free to focus on the guys still standing. You know, the ones that actually pose a threat. Destructible Items ------------------ You can destroy more than people in this game; you can also damage property! The benefit to tearing up the environment? Item drops. You might just find some pizza in a box or an ecstasy magazine in a table, and you might just need it. Endless Combos -------------- You can change your stance in the middle of a combo, from low to high or vice versa. This basically "resets" Travis' combo animation. If he was in the middle of a low combo and you switch to high, his next move will be the first slash animation of a high combo. You can change your stance any number of times during one combo. This basically means that as long as you don't button mash A so hard that Travis ends his combo or if he is not interrupted by enemies, you can chain combos continuously, all by tilting your remote back and forth. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- //Walkthrough ---------------------------------------- All the above stuff is good to know to fight. Fightin' is all Travis is about, so I think it's time to start the action now. More stuff like side jobs and missions will be available later, so refer to the info that comes after the walkthrough for that should you need it. All strategies herein were written playing Mild mode, but I've gone back through while playing Bitter and made notes on how each boss changes, if at all. These notes also apply to Deathmatch mode, which is unlocked after beating the game. Revenge for Helter Skelter [rhs] ---------------------------------------- Helter Skelter was Travis' first kill, essentially the one who got the first game rolling. This right here is his brother who's been suffering ever since because of it. The opening of this game is a pretty ingenious move on his part. It's too bad he looks like Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy 7. Skelter Helter -------------- This is our tutorial fight, so read what the game has to say and then try it out on Skelter. If you keep your distance, he won't do much, so use that to help get your bearings and practice. Just know that he won't take it lying down and can give you a good smack. When the cutscene intervenes, the real fight will start. There are some good things Skelter can help you learn, not just about your attacks but enemy attacks as well. One is charge attacks. When you hear a sound and a read glow is around him, he's preparing a charged attack. All enemies use these and they are unblockable. Learn to dodge them. Another is gunfire. Travis can block it, but it will stop him in his tracks and deplete his charge really quickly. Lock on to him with Z and stay locked on because he will show you just how big a pain in the ass gunfire is. As long as Z is held down, Travis will block his bullets. If you need to recharge, do NOT do it out in the open because that is the perfect chance for Skelter to shoot you. There is a structure on the north side of the roof according to your map. Run back there and charge up if need be. There are also two chests here, one with a BATTERY and one with a PIZZA. Chests like these will appear in all ranking fights; use your map to find them. Skelter's attacks consist of sword slashes, gunfire, a roundhouse kick that will knock you back, and charged sword attacks. He will mix and match these in combos to try and throw you off. Beating him is as simple as staying locked on and staying close to him, since most of his attacks (except for the kick) can be dodged or blocked. I would get more into the habit of dodging; it'll come in handy a lot in the future. A good method of attack is to lock on, run up to him, and do a running slash (shake the Wii-mote while running) to close the gap. This should stun him and leave him open for a combo or two, possibly ending with him on the floor. It should be fairly easy to find a routine that works for you. There are no gimmicks in this fight. Just don't forget to keep an eye on your charge and health. Another thing this guy teaches you: you get to personally give the finishing blow via Wii-mote after each boss fight. Bitter mode tips: Skelter Helter is going to fire his gun a lot more often this time, and he combos faster too. Combos still leave him as open as ever, so bait him into attacking by running up to him and dodging backwards as soon as he makes a move. This will put you out of his reach and in position to start a combo. Afterwards, you get a series of disturbing scenes that put the rest of the game in motion. We're not just fighting for sex this time. Sylvia will ask you to meet her at the Burger Suplex, but explore your motel room a bit beforehand. Jeane is fat and Travis' closet is pretty empty, but you can read WEEKLY BACKDROPS 02 on the shelf in the living room to learn a new wrestling move. You can also sit in front of the TV and play video games, but screw that. Our best friend was just murdered. To the burger joint! You will want to hit up the side jobs and the gym before heading for your first ranking fight though. Maybe stop by Naomi's too. ---------------------------------------- Rank 50: The Hip-Hop Priest [r50] ---------------------------------------- The motel lobby is swarming with enemies. They are all pushovers considering one running slash takes almost 3/4 of their health off. However, do not go slashing everyone in such a way. Get used to battle by practicing things like charged slashes, combos, darkstepping, and watching your map to track multiple enemies. You also want to finish off lots of enemies with death blows to get the slots going. The slots are a crap shoot but are insanely fun when you get a ringer. If you're lucky, they will be activated once or twice before you hit the boss. The ecstasy gauge is now active as well. Keep an eye on the tiger in the lower right. When it's red, roaring, and outlined in white, press the minus button. Don't worry about saving this power for the boss. One hit will deplete the ecstasy gauge enough to take away your chance to use it, and there will be plenty of opportunities to build it up. Besides, the ecstasy gauge resets for boss fights. Make sure you collect the two chests in the lobby before proceeding when given the all-clear. One should contain an ECSTASY MAGAZINE and the other is full of CASH. Up the stairs in this next hallway, a guy will jump you out of nowhere and then a helicopter will appear outside the windows and begin shooting at you. Run to the left (we'll come back for that chest) and dodge the fire until you reach the large area ahead of you. The helicopter will then back off and you are free to go back down the hallway for the chest (should contain some PIZZA) and to get rid of that guy with the gun. In the big hall, the two chests to your left contain CASH and your first gift, a GUITAR. Advance south down the hall and enemies will begin pouring out of the elevators. The helicopter will return and more guys will pile out of it. Same deal. The number one rule here should be "kill all gun wielders first". Gunfire is extremely disruptive to a sword fighting environment. Clean up shop, get the last two chests (a BATTERY and UAA KILLER COLLECTION NO.51), and ride the elevator. The chest in this circular room holds an ECSTASY MAGAZINE. Grab it because in the next room are some new, bigger enemies. These bigger guys fight with their fists and can grab and restrain Travis. Shake free if they do. That seems to be their only gimmick. The two chests here are how you know you're at a boss fight. Well, that and the red exclamation point. A full PIZZA and BATTERY charge await, as well as a toilet so you can save. Nathan Copeland --------------- Our second boss fight is also our first with a gimmick. This does not bode well. The first thing you need to make note of is the area on the east side of the room. There are two folding walls forming an entrance to this little side room. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. Not only are your two health/recharge chests here, but the folding walls create cover for when you need to recharge and take a breather. As for Nathan's attacks, when he has his boom box on his shoulder and yells, "Blast him!" two rockets are going to launch right at you, one at a time. Try to dodge under them while running towards Nathan to start a combo. He will only do this when you are far away, so to neutralize this attack, just stay close. Travis can block the rockets, but it takes a huge amount of power from the katana. When you do manage to get close to Nathan, his boom box will transform into his mechanical arms and he will start melee combosor he will try to grab you. I didn't have too much luck blocking these moves, so I recommend going with the dodging approach. He will also prep charge attacks; you definitely want to dodge those. They will jettison Travis back quite a bit and knock him down. That's about it for his attacks. Pretty simple, and this is where the gimmicks come in. When a short cutscene of Nathan dancing takes over, a new environmental hazard will be brought into play. The first is a falling chandelier in the center of the room. Easy to avoid. The second are lasers mounted on the pillars in the room. They will scan the room and try to target Travis' location. You can block these with your katana but, again, keeping up the charge will be a problem. Dodging when you see the telltale lines of red also helps. The third gimmick is the exploding vases around the room. You will hear a little riff and see Nathan dance a bit when they explode. Just try to avoid the pottery and all will be well. (Note that there are some vases in the side room, so he can potentially get you with them when you're taking a breather.) The last gimmick is the moving floor panels. The yellow and red strips in the floor will move towards the center, putting you in a position to get smeckled by the chandelier. The vases are also sitting on this moving track, so it's more likely you'll hit one of them, but I still say the lasers are the most dangerous. Your strategy should revolve around staying in his face to combo and using the side room when you need a break. Keep your charge up at all times. Never let it get so low that your remote beeps. You'll need to keep your guard up when you retreat to the side room. Wait for him to fire his two rockets before going back out. Lock on ASAP and get ready to dodge under two more before you can get close to him again. Be careful when activating ecstasy Darkside Mode. If Nathan does the "gimmick" dance, it completely cancels it out, meaning you just got the shaft big time. It is also possible to get Nathan in the side room and fight in there. This will ensure a gimmick free fight, but he will probably not stay there long since he teleports to the main room to do his "gimmick" dance. I say the side room is too important as cover to make it the battlefield. I'd stick with the "fight in the main room, retreat to the side room" strategy. One last note, Nathan can be hurt by his own gimmicks. The chandelier is the one I saw him fall victim to the most, so if you can try and keep him in the center of the room, it will knock him flat on his back. It's even easier to get him with it when the floor panels start moving. Bitter mode tips: I didn't notice any real changes to Nathan's routine in Bitter mode. He did seem to go from boom box to robot arms faster than usual, and he was a little more proficient at detonating the vases that were closest to Travis. Ah, it's like the good old days again. Assassinating is apparently like riding a bicycle. Once you taste blood, it all comes back to you. Yeah, exactly the same. Afterwards, play with Jeane and hit the gym or go shopping. Naomi has nothing new. Two new side jobs are also available: Coconut Grabber and Pizza with a Vengeance. Go see Sylvia and the head for the next fight. ---------------------------------------- Rank 25: Cheerleaders are Evil [r25] ---------------------------------------- Clear the area in front of the gate. Nothing new except a big guy with an axe right by the gate. He's slow and swings his axe slowly (take note that he likes to do *two* wide swings). These axe guys will also block your combos by holding up their weapons. When this happens, switch your stance (high or low). Business as usual otherwise. In the main courtyard, there's more of the same. The lone chest in the area to the right contains PIZZA and the two to the north hold CASH and UAA KILLER COLLECTION NO.50. Clear the area to the northeast and open the chests here for an ECSTASY MAGAZINE and a BATTERY. Kill the two enemies in the locker room and nab the PIZZA in the chest. The exercise room would be a great place to use your ecstasy gauge that should be full by now. Focus on the three big guys first and then the rest when the meter runs out. Side note: remember how I said you should always kill enemies with death blows for a chance at the slots? Case in point, my last kill in ecstasy mode here landed me a 777, clearing the entire room. Slots all the way, I'm telling you. If you didn't have ecstasy mode available, the chest to the north holds an ECSTASY MAGAZINE. The one to the south has a SANDBAG. Save and get ready for probably the most amusing fight this game has to offer. Charlie MacDonald ----------------- A giant robot fight against a football player and his cheerleaders. May look challenging at first, but when you get the hang of the Glastonberry's controls and how it moves, this fight is a cake walk. The A button is your sword attack, B is jump, and Z is guard. You can attack in mid-air as well, which is what we're going to do. C is your special attack button; attack Charlie to fill your ecstasy gauge and press it when full. Santa Death Parade basically has two attacks: Death Parade Punch and Death Parade Beam. Like a good anime robot, it will announce when it uses each attack. The punch is a simple two-hit combo. A couple steps or a jump backwards will put you out of harm's way, but keep Z held just in case. The beam is the one to watch for. He announces it by yelling its name or "Eat it!" or sometimes not at all. (Watch for its left arm to gather energy if this is the case.) This can be fired in a forward blast or upward. It will only fire upward if it catches you in a jump. If you are caught in the beam, it may knock you down. It takes a good while for the Glastonberry to get up due to its size, but at least Charlie cannot attack you when you're down. Instead, he'll probably fire another beam as soon as you get up. Do not let Charlie get too many hits in, or else his special attack meter will fill and you'll be on the receiving end. To defeat Charlie, you need to be on the defensive and wait for him to make his move. The best time to attack is when he announces the Death Parade Beam. As soon as he starts to yell it, jump forward and use either A or B to attack him. You will jump clear over the beam and disrupt his attack. You can get two or three slashes in as well before he regains composure. Back away, rinse, repeat, use your special attack when it's ready. For Charlie's finishing blow, be sure to hold A, B, C, and Z all at once. Bitter mode tips: No real changes here except Charlie might seem more aggressive. You can really only get one slash in before he counters. We jumped pretty far up the ranks; all those cheerleaders were certified killers. Now we have evidence that cheerleaders are evil. Back at the motel, play with Jeane and read WEEKLY BACKDROPS 03 and 04 on the shelf. Man the Meat and Tile in Style are both available side jobs now. Naomi has the Peony for sale for a huge sum. If you like power over speed, it just might be the katana for you. Hit the gym and then return to the motel to see a fax on your machine about Kimmy Howell and the men who killed Bishop. The Revenge Missions will now be available from the map. There's a section devoted to this later in the walkthrough. This walkthrough is assuming you got this fax because no matter where you are in the ranking fights, your next opponent will be Kimmy Howell should you read it. If you didn't get the fax, skip the next section and come back when you do. ---------------------------------------- The Fangirl [fng] ---------------------------------------- Things are quiet at the university. Our bigass robot fight destroyed the northeast area, so now we are headed to the western part of campus. The first chest you see on your right holds a BIZARRE JELLY FIVE POSTER. The next one (still on the right) has UAA KILLER COLLECTION THE CHALLENGER. Keep the Z button held down as you continue west and you'll notice Travis start to block projectiles from nowhere. Hm. The third chest (on your left) holds some CASH. Be prepared for an ambush as you go past the car. These three enemies are pretty quick, so I recommend keeping Z down and practicing your darkstepping. The last three chests in this area contain CASH, PIZZA, and a BATTERY. Kimmy Howell ------------ Kimmy doesn't have that many attacks. She'll do a fancy little spinning slash combo ending with a charge attack, a fully charged version of that combo, and then she'll blow bubbles at you through her recorder. These knock you on your ass, but they only flow in the direction she's facing when she blows them, so just run around her to avoid them. You can darkstep around Kimmy, but you need to do it early in her slash combo or else the hard blow at the end will get you. Your attacks don't interrupt her combo, so she may hurt you even while darkstepping. She doesn't give you a warning when she's doing her fully charged combo either, so darkstepping might not be a good idea. The normal one is usually preceded by "Show me what you're made of!" Kimmy is fast with her combos but slow everywhere else, so even though there is no real cover here, you can just run away from her and get distance if you need to recharge. To damage Kimmy, keep your distance and wait for her to finish a combo before going in with one of your own. She occasionally takes time out to do a little giggly dance or show off for Travis. That's usually the best time to slash her in the face. She leaves herself very open at times, but she can also go from a prissy stance to a slash combo in seconds flat. The best thing to do is not button mash A and watch for the telltale signs she's going to attack: this is usually when she starts to get angry and shake her fists and stomp her feet. Despite Kimmy's speed with a weapon, I had some success using Naomi's Peony against her because of Kimmy's giggly breaks in combat. However, that katana is so slow that she would frequently catch me mid-combo. Only death blows seem to phase this little girl; she's pretty tough. That's the second school girl Travis has let go. The last time that happened, it lead to repercussions, but in a good way, as we have and will see. Even though Kimmy wasn't a ranking fight, you can exercise Jeane when you're done. Nothing new has been added to the map though, so go to the next match. If you haven't bought the Peony from Naomi yet, now is a good time. ---------------------------------------- Rank 24: The Pyro in the Akashic [r24] ---------------------------------------- Slash the boards blocking your way and you'll hear the sounds of a chainsaw ahead. These chainsaw-wielding freaks are some of the toughest enemies, but the Peony tears them a new one easily. It will even disrupt their charge attacks. Sweet! They will block your combos so just change your stance. The chest just past the first chainsaw guy holds a DOOR CURTAIN. More enemies will appear on the bridge, including more big guys and some smaller ones, but the Peony will still work wonders here. The next area contains tons of the big guys. Peony, Peony, Peony! You can also go get the chest in the southeastern part of the map for the ECSTASY MAGAZINE it holds. The other two chests contain CASH. Across the bridge, grab the PIZZA in the chest and follow the path. There isn't much room to maneuver in this path, but if you lock on to the guy in front of the pack funneling towards you then your combos will actually hit the others. Also, if you can keep the tiger in the red, the Peony's blade will be long enough to slice through several foes at once. In the next area, boulders will fall on you as you cross the bridge. Just use your directional buttons to dodge roll forward and the invincibility dodges grant will see you through. The chest off the little path to your right has an ECSTASY MAGAZINE. Fighting in the next area (an uphill cemetery) might be a little tough. Try not to get stuck by a gravestone or something else that will impede your combos. There's smaller enemies mixed in with the big guys. Use up your ecstasy gauge and finish off the rest. The four chests here contain CASH, PIZZA, a BATTERY, and UAA KILLER COLLECTION NO.25-49. Save in the outhouse. Matt Helms ---------- Oh good lord. What is on his head. You're fighting in a run down shack, so all the crap littered around is going to be a problem. Some of it is destructible, some of it isn't. You can't go upstairs; you're restricted to the main floor. Matt likes to swing that axe around for a single swipe. If Travis tries to block these, the force of the blow will cause him to lose balance. Dodge these instead. His real deal is turning his flamethrower on you. Travis can catch fire and your health will drain. I cannot see a way to put him out besides running it off. Matt will also throw little Molotov cocktails that sit on the floor waiting for Travis to walk on them. These will not set him alight but will hurt. Clear the junk in front of the room to the south as soon as possible. If you need pizza or a recharge badly, you can't afford to mess with clearing it later. Stay close to Matt and do slash combos consisting of two or three swipes. Dodge Matt's attack, and then go in for more. Staying close should keep him from using the fire. Even if he does break out the flamethrower, if you are close to him, it won't hurt you since you are past the tip of the axe. I wouldn't use the Peony in this fight. It's too slow. Not gonna lie, the camera is NOT your friend for this one. So many times I would get caught in a corner where all I could see was Matt's ugly face. If he tries to get you in a tight spot; coax him out. Well, that was strange. Back home, do the usual. Help Jeane exercise, get WEEKLY BACKDROPS 05 from the shelf, hit the gym, and try out the new side job: Getting Trashed. ---------------------------------------- Rank 23: The Poison Witch [r23] ---------------------------------------- Infiltrate prison island? A stealth mission? We're Travis f'ing Touchdown. We crash our motorcycle into people's houses and murder their security while flying twenty feet in the air and shouting obscenities. We don't do stealth! If you want to play by Kojima rules, you should notice that your radar has now gone Metal Gear Solid on you, showing you the guards' lines of sight. Avoid them and the searchlights and try to work your way to the entrance undetected. Use your map for best results. I honestly never made it far doing this. For those of us that want to play No More Heroes, just go right up to the first guard you see and Travis will get out the beam katana. One running slash will kill a guard outright. Always keep Z pressed because the guards all carry guns. They will most likely deplete your charge but remember, you don't need a beam katana to suplex a guy. Use beat attacks if you can't recharge. There are no chests in this area; just work on murdering all security and making it to the exclamation point on your map. If you should happen to fill your ecstasy gauge, don't use it. Get the PIZZA in this new area and walk through the gate. An alarm will ring and all the prisoners will be set free and attack you. You have 180 seconds to kill everybody. Don't worry about the chests here until everyone is dead. You're going to get a mix of guys with bludgeons, big guys fighting with their fists, and at least two guys with guns towards the end. Use ecstasy mode ASAP when you get it, and always try to aim for the slots. My first death blow netted me a 777, and I've also gotten triple bars for Tiger Travis here before. Slots are where it's at, I'm telling you! Get the ECSTASY MAGAZINE, the BATTERY, and the SANTA DEATH PARADE from the chests before moving on. The chest on the landing contains UAA KILLER COLLECTION NO.24. There's also one underneath the stairs that contains the GLASTONBURY model. You'll get several waves of enemies in this next area. No big guys; just normal dudes with bats, guns, and knives. I would keep a low stance when slashing the guys with knives since they guard high. Wrestling moves work well on all these enemies. Just remember that you should focus on those with guns first. Get the last two chests that have PIZZA and a BATTERY and save. Ew ew ew, gross prison bathrooms. Cloe Walsh ---------- When you see the "charge attack glow," run away because she's going to scream, use her creepy laser vision type attack, spew poison, or summon black ... things to crawl along the ground and attack you. The first two have short range, but the poison will actually hang in the air and completely incapacitate Travis should he run into it. Cloe will come after you when this happens. You need to perform the weapon clash motion when she catches up with you to avoid injury. You can also press A as soon as she's about to catch you because this will make Travis stumble forward and fall completely under her grasp. You are in danger of attack from the black things she summons no matter where you are on the field. Lastly, she has a short melee combo for when you get close. Keep your distance until she does one of her charge moves. If it's the scream, just run away. If it's the laser eyes, try and get behind her to start a combo. (I don't even know what this attack does; she's only used it once on me, and I forgot to have Travis run into it to test it.) If it's the poison, get behind her and combo ASAP because the poison seems to dissipate faster if she's interrupted. If it's the black squirmy things, try to get between them as best you can. If they knock you down, don't get up until they stop coming, or they'll just knock you over again. Using the above strategy, I stuck with the Peony and noticed that it was so powerful and she was so frail, that one slash sent her reeling. If using the Peony, don't do a full combo. One slash at a time or a running slash instead. This fight is Easy mode using this katana, to be quite honest. Sylvia is so mean. :C Back home, I was able to get Jeane down to 10.5 pounds at this point in the game, earning the Step-In Slice move, which you perform by shaking the nunchuk. If you don't have it yet, don't worry; you still have plenty of time to get it. The Stings So Good side job is available; it's your last one. Hit the gym, avenge your friend, see Sylvia, do whatever you must to prepare for what happens next. It is awesome. ---------------------------------------- Rank 10: Two-fold Revenge [r10] ---------------------------------------- The look of joy on my face when I first saw the next opponent was hysterical. If the intro to this fight confuses you, play the first game please. Leeeeeet'sss dooo thiiiiiissssss! Dr. Letz Shake -------------- Funny, I thought Letz Shake was the dude with the guitar's name, not the brain. Oh well. He has three attacks and can kill you in a mere two hits. "How do this be?" you ask? That attack where the ground starts shaking, shoots up, and stuns Travis? That takes off half of your health no matter how many times you ran on that treadmill. Another attack of his to watch is a laser beam he fires at you. Easily dodged. The last is close range: he pounds the ground with his four "legs" when you are right under him. Back away to avoid it. Focus on the earthquakes, man! It all starts with "Activating main engine!" and then a countdown. You have until the count of three to take cover. (If the countdown sounds higher-pitched than normal, you have less time because he counts faster. Alternately, if it's a lower pitch, you have more time to run.) Take cover where? There are places in the arena that are not affected by this earthquake move. Those would be the spots where the ground does not move when he preps the attack. The most prominent ones are in the middle of the area, wherever the doctor currently is, and where the chests are. He will move around the arena after an attack or two. Don't be too hasty in chasing him. Wait and see what he'll do first. If he fires the laser, that is the perfect time to run for him. If you are stuck on the outside of the arena, use the middle ground as cover until you are ready to make a break for his position. All you need to do to damage him is be on the same safe spot he is when he's performing one of his moves. Slash like crazy while you've got him. When he retreats, either stay in place or make a break for either the middle or the doctor's next position depending on the circumstances. I would go with the Peony on this one to maximize damage since speed is not a factor when it comes to combos. Power is. Simple in theory, but two screw ups with the earthquake move will cost you the match. If you ever have the chance to activate the ecstasy Darkside Mode, do so quickly because that completely nullifies the earthquake attack. The ground will shake, but it will never shoot up and hurt you. Otherwise, be patient. Don't rush. Kick his giant metal ass. Bitter mode tips: The doctor is going to move around a lot more, and it might be hard to keep up. His earthquake move now takes off three-fourths of your health meter, so don't get caught in it or else all he'd need to do is hit you with a laser or one of his "feet" to finish you off. Take cover above all else and run after him only when you know it's safe, which would be when he fires a laser at you or if you hear the slow-mo countdown. The next cutscene is a No More Heroes reunion, leading into our first character swap. ---------------------------------------- Rank 09: The Money Grubber [r09] ---------------------------------------- It's Shinobu's turn to shine. Her controls are similar to Travis' except she can jump with the B button and perform mid-air attacks. This is her strength, so you will need to use it a lot to keep the upper hand, especially in the boss fights coming up. This also means that you get multi-tier stages, so always look for places to jump up or over to get chests and such. Shinobu can perform one wrestling move when enemies are dizzy. She cannot do running slashes. She also likes to pose and taunt at the end of combos, which leaves her wide open. This is her one glaring weakness. Showoff. She does have several long range attacks that will prove mucho useful. Try them out on the enemies here. Shinobu cannot collect things like ecstasy magazines and gifts for Travis' room, so all chests will either contain cash, pizza, or batteries. There are six in this main room, all of which contain CASH. Up the escalator, the two cases on the walkways behind you contain PIZZA and CASH. Go left, kill the two gun guys and then the three baddies down below by going down the stairs. The door upstairs on the opposite side of the room will open. Defeat the new enemies and head up the elevator. If you walk into the lasers here, an alarm will sound. I'm not really sure what this does, to be honest; I've run into them on purpose and successfully cleared them and couldn't tell a difference. Clean up the riff raff and get the PIZZA in the chest in the next hallway. More lasers to run through. In the room with the chainsaw guys (try using your mid-air slashes and long range attacks to get the best of them), there are five switches you need to hit to open the door. One is straight ahead from the entrance on the western wall. Another is on the wall in the southeastern corner, and another one is actually right next to it on the southern wall. The two chests on the bottom floor here contain CASH. Climb up on the piles of gold in the northwestern corner. The chest here has CASH. Jump down a level and use the stack of gold here to jump over to the green piles of cash. Look to the north and you'll see a switch on the wall. Jump and slash in mid-air to get it. Get back on that stack of cash and climb up the next highest level on the eastern wall to get another switch. Get the CASH in the chest directly across from you to the west, jump up and get the switch above the chest, and then the one to the south. Get the PIZZA and BATTERY in the chests by the boss door and then save. Million Gunman -------------- Multi-level boss fight area, don't say you didn't see it coming. This guy is pushover material if you work him right. It's essentially a game of cat and mouse. He'll stay in the open and fire some shots at you, and then he'll disappear through a door in his vault and reappear elsewhere in the area. Your map only displays the level you are on, so if you don't see his skull icon, move up or down. Don't think he can't hit you if you can't see him. His shots will ricochet against the gold in the vault. Either always keep Z pressed or dodge. When you do find him, all you need to so is lock on and wait for him to raise his gun (usually accompanied by a cry of "Fuck you!"). That's your cue to jump over him and start a slash combo in mid-air. Only do a few slashes at a time. A full combo will probably end with Shinobu doing her "end of the combo taunt + pose" and will earn her bullets in the face. That's essentially it. Your power ups are on the highest tier if you need them. A friend of Bishop's will give Shinobu a present for Travis. It is a hell of a present, too. But we still have one more fight before we can give it to him. ---------------------------------------- Rank 08: Here We Go Again [r08] ---------------------------------------- Despite the look of the map for this area, the path is still pretty linear. Most of the enemies here will be coming at you in cars. Note that they can hit you with their cars, and it will hurt. You'll be fighting a lot of big fist fighters and samurai sword wielders. Guys with guns, too. The "jump over them and start a slash combo in mid-air" strategy from the last boss fight works wonders on them, especially as a way to dodge their charge attacks. You can also kill the smaller guys with one combo this way. The first chest you see on your right has some PIZZA in it. You'll see lots of enemies drop pizza and batteries, so you shouldn't be hurting for it too much. There's also PIZZA in a chest to your left after you jump the trailer to get to the northeast area with the fencing. Get the CASH in the chest ahead and climb the nearby boxes. Work your way along the metal rooftops and kill the big guy up here. Consider jumping down in the big area in the middle to get the eight chests down here: two with PIZZA, one with a BATTERY, and the rest with CASH. Now get back up to the roof using the trailer and boxes near where you found the three chests clustered together, watching for gunfire. Make your way along the rooftops now. I like to use Shinobu's long range attacks to "snipe" the enemies on different rooftops because they are apparently not smart enough to cross over to yours. There's PIZZA in a chest for you if you drop from the fourth rooftop. Three CASH chests await you at the end of the rooftop run. Two more groups of enemies stand in your way before you read the pre-boss save point. Grab the BATTERY, PIZZA, and CASH before entering the warehouse to find New Destroyman -------------- No. No! NO! ;___; The one other boss they had to bring back from the first game is Mr. "I Can Shoot Lasers from My Crotch"?! And there's TWO OF HIM? I thought the main side effect of being cut in half was death. Shows what I know. Anywho, yes there are two of him. One of them is going to be in your face on the ground floor; we'll call him Destroyman #1. The other - Destroyman #2 - is going to fly around the rafters and shoot lasers at you. Probably from his crotch. Like when he was whole, Destroyman yells the name of his attack before he unleashes it. Stuff you need to watch out for from #1: Destroy Spark, a blast of electricity that will stun you; basic melee combos; and charge attacks. Stuff to watch from #2: Destroy Beam, the crotch laser; Destroy Cannon, a glowing blue ball that homes in on you and can actually hurt the Destroyman on the ground as well. Stuff to watch from both: Destroy Buster: this is whenever both Destroymen start focusing their energy into a large mass in the middle of the area, try your best to run away as it will try and pull you in. There is something very important you need to do in this fight. You must make sure Destroyman #1 is killed in the rafters. You'll see why. For the start of the fight, lead #1 behind the wall in the southern part of the map. Fight with him here and it should keep you shielded from #2. This will also protect you from the Destroy Buster. When he's almost dead, climb to the rafters and try to get in the middle one with the chests. Kill him here if you can. No, you must. Here's why: when one is dead, the other will try to revive him. When #1 is dead, #2 will begin flying around the rafters, shooting at you with the Destroy Beam, his easiest attack to dodge (not to mention if he shoots from the ground, the rafters block it for you). The middle rafter is the best place to stand your ground. He will eventually come back to try and revive his buddy, but if he died on the middle rafter, all you have to do is stand over his body and use it as bait. He will not counter your attacks, and now the fight is easy peasy, since all you have to do is stand over #1. I imagine you could duplicate this strategy on the ground; I just found it easier to stay in the rafters since that's where #2 liked to hang out. Plus, if he's in the opposite rafter, you can fire long range attacks at him. Also, you don't have to deal with boxes and junk on the ground. To recap: hide out behind the southern wall and fight Destroyman #1 there. Move to middle rafters when he has one bead of health left. Kill him there. Stand over Destroyman #1 and always keep a long range attack charged. Fire at Destroyman #2 when he is in the other rafter and when he lands on the middle rafter. Combo him when he runs over to Destroyman #1. He follows a strict pattern; it's easy to read his moves. It might take a while to kill the second Destroyman since he's all about the running away, but I like to play it safe, and I never want to see two of him alive at the same time ever again. Ever. Thank you, Travis. My thoughts exactly. Since Travis ruined his chances with Shinobu, say goodbye since that's the last we'll see of her for a while. Stand over Henry and laugh at him for a bit and then move into the living room to get your present from Bishop's friend, the Rose Nasty katana set. Dual wielding action, baby, yeah! Read WEEKLY BACKDROP 06 on the shelf and do what you gotta do to get ready for the next fight. ---------------------------------------- Rank 07: Cheap Dragon [r07] ---------------------------------------- This fight is not one of my favorites because it's a cocktease and a little overwhelming compared to what we've faced so far. There's no foreplay; the fight starts right in the thick of it. Ryuji ----- You start on your bike, the Schpeltiger. A is accelerate, B is brake, and Z is your nitro. You and Ryuji are going to play chicken, trying to knock each other off the cliff. Sounds awesome until you experience how loose the Schpeltiger's controls are and how hard it is to turn tight circles and get Ryuji in prime position to get knocked off. He has much better control over his bike, whereas you might end up knocking yourself off the cliff just trying to turn. Ryuji can burn out and gain extra speed. The Schpeltiger used to be able to burn out, but it doesn't seem like it can anymore, so you are at a disadvantage already. I knocked him off by hanging out at the northern end of the area and waiting for him to stop and rev up across from me. (If I needed to get him over there, I'd run a lap around the cliff and he'd usually follow me out.) I then held A and Z and just kept ramming him. Eventually he'd get dizzy and then a couple more shoves would do it. If he started revving again before I could push him off, I'd have to retreat to the north again. I wish it were more exciting than that. The real fight starts when he climbs back up and gets out his spear. Ryuji's moves include a charge attack that thrusts him forward (he'll yell "See you!" and his spear will glow purple before doing it); a quick succession of jabs when his spear glows yellow, ending with a charge attack; a couple close-range swipes with his spear; and a really cheap gimmick. But more on that later. I originally tried darkstepping around Ryuji's attacks. The problem with this is that most of his combos end with charged attacks, and you are not invulnerable while darkstepping. Then I tried dodging around his attacks to try and counter, and I just couldn't keep up. While running away from him to buy time, I noticed he would continually do the "See you!" forward thrust attack to try and chase after me. Then I saw how open he was after this move. The strategy that emerged is this: continually run away from Ryuji and force him to do the forward thrust. Dodge it or stay out of range and then move in an combo him when he's open. This is the safest way to avoid damage for those of us that simply cannot keep up with him. It seems unfair, but so is Ryuji's gimmick. After your first death blow, Ryuji will start to summon a giant electric purple dragon. (He will be surrounded by an electrical charge and say "Come out, dragon.") This dragon is the cheapest move ever. First off, a shockwave surrounds Ryuji when it's summoned, so if you are close to him you're already on the dirt at this point. The thing homes in on your position and will sometimes attack you in a way that is impossible to dodge. It will also dive underground and emerge below you. To make matters worse, Ryuji will be attacking you as well while the dragon is flying around trying to ruin your shit. The best thing to do to counter this dragon is run. Don't stay unnecessarily close to Ryuji in case he starts to summon it. If you are, instantly start dodge-rolling away. The dragon is at its most dangerous when it's first summoned, so you will need to watch for its head and dodge at least twice and then start running around the perimeter of the arena. This should keep you ahead of the dragon and you shouldn't need to dodge anymore. Just keep running. When you see the sky brighten up again, the dragon has receded. Ryuji doesn't ever let up; he's a fast fighter, and baiting him is the best way to go about dealing damage. Preserving health is key because of that damn dragon. This fight would be so much better without the gimmick, but it is what it is. Take what you have and make the most of it. Some final notes: don't bother with the ecstasy Darkside Mode if you can get it. Ryuji will dodge every slash. As for katanas, this is a great opportunity to try Rose Nasty. Its low slash combo works especially well against Ryuji. The scene afterwards may or may not bother you, depending on what you thought about the fight. Even though I hate Ryuji... it bothered me. After you save, go out and- wait. Could it be? IT IS! ---------------------------------------- Sir Henry's Nightmare [hnm] ---------------------------------------- I don't know about you guys, but I have been dying to play as Sir Henry Motherfucker for quite some time. Here we go! Mimmy ----- Like Shinobu, Henry controls much like Travis except his B move is a dash. That will come in handy in this fight like you wouldn't believe. Mimmy is going to teleport and dash around the field like crazy. She will only sit still when she's unleashing an attack. Her moves include freakishly enlarging her robot hands and spinning around while moving towards you, detaching her hands and hurling them at you, flying into the air and then slamming her fists on the ground, enlarging a single hand and swiping at you with it, flying in the air while counting down before she fires her fists at you, and resting both of her gigantic hands on the ground and firing a laser. Henry's long range attack is impressive, and if you charge it up and wait until she sits still long enough to start an attack before you release it, then it will disrupt her and do some really great damage. To get close enough to slash her, you need to wait until she starts an attack like the laser or the arm swipe, something easily dodged at close range. Then get behind her and start a combo. You won't get too many swipes before she teleports away. You can try combining the long range attack strategy with the slash combo by using Henry's dash. Try unleashing a long range attack as soon as Mimmy starts one of her own. Immediately start dashing up to her and you should be able to reach her in time to start a slash combo. If you're having problems keeping up with Mimmy, then you are not using Henry's B move correctly. If you rapidly tap B, he will *fly* all over the field and give Mimmy a run for her money. Just don't get so dash- crazy that you end up dashing right into an attack of hers. Henry is so badass, he got me through this fight without taking a single hit from this anime nightmare. I can't believe I ever hated this guy. Oh, right. Now I remember. He's a damn snatcher, and he has just robbed us all of the chance to play through three ranked fights Shinobu-style with him because "the game's stuffed full as it is". He's not only taunting Travis with those pictures, he's taunting you. What an asshole! (This is actually a good move on Suda51's part since this is so amazingly in- character for Henry: he's a gigantic troll. Still, one more fight would have been nice.) Grab WEEKLY BACKDROPS 07 from the shelf and head out. ---------------------------------------- Rank 04: The Goddess of Death [r04] ---------------------------------------- This parking lot is a free-for-all. If you wanted to practice certain moves or try out different katanas, this is the place to do it. Cars will continually pile in and enemies will come pouring out. You'll get a little bit of everything here, enemy type-wise. You need to kill everyone to progress, and it might take a while because they never seem to stop coming. They will eventually though, so just keep slashing. Remember to go for death blows for many of your kills to get the slots to spin. In a fight this long, you are almost guaranteed a ringer or two or three. The chests contain BATTERIES, ECSTASY MAGAZINES, UAA KILLER COLLECTION NO.23, UAA KILLER COLLECTION NO.10, and UAA KILLER COLLECTION NO.9. Inside, there's PIZZA in the chest to your right if you need it. Fighting enemies in the aisles here might be tricky, especially in groups. Remember to use Peony for the bigger guys and your flavor of choice for the others. The chests in the aisles contain UAA KILLER COLLECTION NO.8, CASH, and UAA KILLER COLLECTION NO.7. The one farther up by the exit and the gang of big guys holds a SCHPELTIGER PLASTIC MODEL. Save up and head to the roof, getting the PIZZA and BATTERY on the way. Margaret -------- One of my favorite intros and stages; who doesn't love fighting by a full moon? Margaret is going to start up high on the billboard and aim her rifle at you. When it focuses on Travis' head, that's the time to dodge. She will stay up there until you run along the roof underneath the billboard, at which point she will fly up and come crashing down to your level. Keep a lock on her and dodge when she glows purple. At this point, you want to move the fight to the large western area. When you are close to her, Margaret will do some slash combos and flip kicks. None of which are anything you can't handle or haven't seen at this point. It's definitely recommended you keep as close as possible. Problem with this is that she can teleport and jump away and will begin firing her weapon at you. She'll yell "Here I come!" and will fire when she glows purple. That purple glow is your cue to dodge as well. Travis can block these shots, but it drains the battery something awful. Keep a lock on Margaret and dodge-roll forward under her shots to get close. She will dance around some of your combos, but she can't dodge 'em all. She can't dodge around Travis in ecstasy mode, I can tell you that much. See the area on the map to the north with the two chests? That's your safety area for when you need to recharge. Margaret will keep her distance so she can keep firing at you, so just be sure to dodge her shots as you retreat and come back. You can hide behind the generator- looking things on the roof, but those are destructible. That's actually a good thing because someone stuffed pizza and extra batteries in there. When she's almost dead, she will teleport back up to the billboard. Just like at the start, you need to walk back over to the eastern part of the roof underneath her to get her to come back down. Don't forget to watch for the laser sight and dodge while getting there. After this, she should be done in just a few more slash combos. If you've been keeping up with the Revenge Missions and the gym and such, there might not be much left for you to do in Santa Destroy besides earning money and then blowing it all at Airport 51. Hit the highway when ready. ---------------------------------------- Rank 03: The Lost Spaceman [r03] ---------------------------------------- Bike controls are the same as when you fought Ryuji. Just burn the nitro and follow the road. Try and hit as much junk as you can because that refills your nitro gauge. Captain Vladimir ---------------- Vladimir has a shield in front of him at all times and can teleport from one side of the field to another at will. His attacks are very limited. When you are far away from him, he will pick up rocks and hurl them at you. Stay back and dodge each one because even if you get up to him, he will still hit you with them without damaging himself, miraculously enough. When you are close, he fires a single laser in front of him. Another threat is when several lasers will fire from space and focus on points around the battlefield. These are easy enough to dodge; watch for small light spots on the ground and run away. When he flies in the air, he's either going to fire those little lasers or a really big one that expands outward. Run away! His single laser attack is perfect for you to get behind him and his shield and start a slash combo. In fact, his attack pattern is so easy to figure out and this attack is so easy to dodge, that you should have no problem whatsoever building your ecstasy gauge. DON'T use it yet if you do! When Vladimir's shield is down (when he's down to around 1/4 of his health), he gains a new attack. This one is a super-charged laser that will knock you on your ass and deplete most of your charge should you be blocking when it hits. He glows bright blue and spins right before firing it. He turns faster than with the other laser, too, raising his chances of hitting you with it. THIS is when you want to use ecstasy Darkside Mode. If all goes well, you should be able to finish him with it. If not, you just have to dodge around this big laser to get close enough to do a slash combo. Of all his attacks, the laser remains the easiest to get around. Get WEEKLY BACKDROPS 08 from the shelf back home. We're almost there. ---------------------------------------- Rank 02: An Assassin Named... [r02] ---------------------------------------- This location unnerved me the first time I played here, but the larger than- life image on the building at the end of the first section intrigued me more than anything. Seeing as how this place is in an Akashic point, it could be anywhere or when, and the supernatural may be involved. This and the music (or lack thereof in some places) just really helped build excitement for the fight. There's really not that much I can type to help on your trek through the city. It's nothing you haven't seen before and, like the parking lot free-for-all, is a good way to practice using any moves or katanas you want. I use it to get more acquainted with Rose Nasty and how awesome it is. In this first section of the city, there are chests that contain CASH and UAA KILLER COLLECTION DREAM ASSASSIN. UAA KILLER COLLECTION NO.4 is in the only chest in the next section, the parking lot. Right ahead of you in the building is UAA KILLER COLLECTION NO.3. I'd switch to the Peony inside because you've got a lot of big guys crowding the halls. There's PIZZA in the next section of the building. I'd save it since you have to face quite a few guys in here, culminating in three chainsaw dudes at once. Back outside, a mellow track takes over. You can find PIZZA in the chest here. Not much else until you get to the playground. Save and head up to the roof. Alice ----- For being ranked second, Alice can be pretty easy. When she is reared up on her mechanical limbs like at the start of the fight, she's going to toss light sabers at you. She'll do this twice each time and won't stop until you get close to her, at which point she'll glow yellow and fall forward. Dodge backward from this and start slashing when she falls, as this leaves her extremely open. When on the ground, she's going to do a series of slash combos, all of which can be blocked. When she glows yellow, dodge instead of block since that's a little tougher to handle. Alice is quick, but you can read all of her moves. It's just a matter of catching her at the end of a combo. The Step-In Slice that Jeane taught you does wonders here when she's on the ground, especially with Rose Nasty. It helps you close the gap while dealing damage to her, and it also disrupts most of her moves, leaving her open for more. Don't bother with Darkside Mode; Alice is too quick and will dodge every blow. If you find her ground combos hard to handle, back away and force Alice to rear up and start throwing things at you. Dodge under them, get close, bait her to the ground, and combo. The one problem with her projectiles is that you risk getting stuck. If one hits you, Travis kisses the dirt. When you try to get back up, Alice will have already started throwing more, causing Travis to most likely get hit again. And again. And again. And again. Time your recovery so you get up between throws and have enough time to dodge away. Keeping a charge is important here. Luckily, you have tons of places to take cover, and Alice will not chase you around. She'd rather throw things. There are no gimmicks in this fight; it's pretty fair except for the fact that she has more weapons than you. After several important victories, read WEEKLY BACKDROPS 09 and 10 on the shelf and do whatever you need to do. This is the last time you'll get to prance around Santa Destroy before having to reload a save file, so make the most of it. ---------------------------------------- Rank 01: Revenge [r01] ---------------------------------------- The prelude to our big fight is very much like those before the Margaret and Alice fights. I'm pretty sure you can handle all these guys by now. In case you've forgotten, the basic rules are 1) kill guys with guns first, 2) use the Peony against the bigger guys with katanas, axes, fists, swords, and chainsaws, 3) use ecstasy mode when surrounded, and 4) go for the slots whenever possible. The chests in this first area contain an ECSTASY MAGAZINE, a BATTERY, and a SURFBOARD. Up the escalator, you'll get waves of enemies coming from the elevators. The chest to your right has an ... ASS WARMER (or washer, I don't know, this font is hard to read, you guys). The two chests on the side of the metal bars have PIZZA and a BATTERY. The chest on the other side of the area has a MOTEL CARPET. Our room is going to look interesting when we get back. Up the escalator, more enemies will pile out of the elevators here. Work your way around the area to a chest with UAA KILLER COLLECTION NO.2. Kill everyone and pop in the elevator. This next stretch is the last. There's CASH and PIZZA in this first room. In the room after the exclamation point on the map here, you are going to get bum rushed by waves of enemies. There's PIZZA and a BATTERY in here to help. There's also some more just outside the door to help with the enemies coming at you in the hall. More powerups are in the next hall as well. The last room before the save point is the last onslaught with a bunch of the more annoying enemies. You haven't see the half of it, unfortunately. The chest here is your last gift, UAA KILLER COLLECTION NO.1. You should be at 100%. Before you enter the boss room, get out your dictionary of common obscenities and open it to FFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUU This cutscene is horrible. Jasper Batt Jr. --------------- I'm gonna save you the hatred you'll feel later and tell you now that there are three stages to this fight. THREE. The first one should be your first hint: it's pretty damn simple. Jasper will fly his little car just out of your range, from one corner of the room to the other. Two different kinds of laser attacks will fire from his little bat friends. One is a bunch of tiny lasers zipping across the room. The other is a more concentrated, powerful laser from the middle of the room. His driving animation from one corner to another also counts as an attack, and that will come in handy later. What you need to do is hang out under Jasper in whatever corner he's in. When the concentrated laser homes in on you, it will hit Jasper instead and knock him to the floor. Slash, slash, slash. After a while, you'll notice that Jasper will no longer lose health even when you slash him repeatedly after using the laser on him. This is when you need to confront him when he drives across the room. Try and slash him from the side or head on and you should get in a weapons clash and lose. Never fear! The Amazing Flying Irishman is here! I'm so happy to see him, I almost forgot why I hated him. Henry will now keep the bats occupied in the corner of the room. Jasper's only attack now is to throw explosives at you and zip from corner to corner. All you need to do is weapon clash with him like you did to bring in Henry. Win, and Jasper will be thrown off and you can slash him. If you ever fill the ecstasy gauge, save it. If you got his health down as low as possible with the lasers, you might only have to clash once. I got to do three death blows in a row on him and that was the match. Pizza Batt Man -------------- This next stage is the equivalent of a kick to the face. Or the balls, if you're a guy, since that hurts more I guess. First off, Henry is a dick. He will stand in the corner with his arms crossed, watching you fight and most likely die. I've gone over to him and tried to get Travis to beg for his help, but no dice. The guy is a bona fide ass, and I hate him. If anyone knows if it's possible to bring him into this fight, let me know please. I can't believe he'd just sit back and watch when we all know he wants to kill Travis himself. What a douche. Back to the monstrosity in front of us. The first thing you should do is use your ecstasy gauge if you filled it in the last fight. Okay, as for attacks, he can grab you for a wrestling move; he can summon bats to attack you; he can do some punch combos; he can do a huge forward punch; and he can teleport. Oh, can he ever teleport. More on that later. For the first stage, focus on staying close to him and wait until he finishes an attack to go in and start a combo. The grabbing attack? It uses the "charge attack" sound and effects, so just run away when you see it. The combos? Block them and then dodge away because the third blow is charged. The bats? Dodge forward under them and start comboing Batt Man when you're close. The best thing you can do here is not be hasty. You need to preserve your health in any way possible. Always wait for an opening. For those of you who want to be the one to hit first, try using the Step-In Slice. I used this with Rose Nasty and noticed a pattern. When Batt Man was prancing around, taunting me, I rushed in and Step-In Sliced his face. This phased him a little and then he immediately went for a charge attack. Those are easy to avoid, so all it took was an evade move to the side and we were back to square one. So give this a shot. After your first death blow, Batt Man gets a new attack. He'll start rapidly teleporting right in Travis' face and will do three charged punches. It is insanely hard to dodge these because it's hard to see the attack coming. He will also use this attack SEVERAL TIMES IN A ROW. My advice is to start dodge rolling as soon as you lose your lock on him or hear the teleporting noise. If you get hit, don't get up right away in case he starts spamming the move. After your second death blow, the next totally unfair attack of his comes into play. Remember the forward punch charge attack he used to do? Now it's a teleporting move similar to the last one mentioned, except this one shoots gusts of air that all convene on your position. It's hard to dodge this one, to be honest, but it can be done. Make absolutely sure you are NEVER standing in front of the windows of this room. Batt Man can knock you clean out of them. Bam. Dead. Even at full health. You want to know the funny thing? He did that to me right after I typed it. I was at full health. He only had one hit left to die, too. brb crying now Okay, I'm good. Don't let that happen to you, whatever you do. The best way to damage Batt Man hands down is with wrestling moves. The move you learned from your last trip to the motel, the Giant Swing, is particularly awesome. I do not know a surefire way to dizzy him, but I do know that I got to use it on him two or three times by low-slashing him with Rose Nasty. If you ever hear the "dizzy" noise, drop what you are doing immediately and wrestle. It makes a huge difference, and you don't even have to swing the Wii-mote to perform the Giant Swing (lol MadWorld reference, sorry I had to sneak it in). Pizza Batt Mascot ----------------- wat Okay, there's not much you can do here beside get in the thing's face (er, belly, whatever) and slice away. It's going to reach down and try to swipe or pound you, but it's so slow you should see this coming a mile away and should be able to dodge. There are also times during the fight where he will float away and fire a laser at you. This isn't the first laser attack you've had to deal with. You should be able to dodge these in your sleep by now. You can even weapon clash with these and fire them back at him. The camera is going to be working against you for most of this fight. It might be hard to see at times, but it's not impossible to work out the visual cues to dodge. If you can fill the ecstasy gauge, go for it. Not all of your hits will land, but you can't pass up invincibility at a time like this. This fight should be over fairly quickly. Congrats! Bishop is avenged! Enjoy the ending credits! You really earned them this time. Be sure to save, too. All the benefits of this are outlined later in the walkthrough. There's still fun to be had. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- //Exercising Jeane [eje] ---------------------------------------- Jeane has grown into a fat, lazy lump of fur. She weighs a whopping 24 pounds now. You need to get her back into shape. Since dieting puts her in a foul mood, you need to get her spirits up before you exercise her. Each exercise will decrease her mood meter, but snacks put it right back up. The key to getting the most out of this is to feed her a snack and fill up four or all five mood markers, and then work her by playing, stretching, etc. You can't do any exercise or feeding more than once per session, but you should do all of them each time. Remember, Jeane is a cat. Cats are fickle. There is no one surefire pattern to follow when getting her to lose weight. In fact, you shouldn't follow a specific pattern at all. If you do the same routine each time, it will bore Jeane and she will not lose much weight. Switch it up. Play ---- Use foxtails to get Jeane to pounce. The control stick will let you wiggle it back and forth. I've gotten Jeane to lose some good weight playing when her mood was low, so you might want to save this exercise for when she's feeling down. Jump ---- Use a mouse on a string to get Jeane to jump. Hold A and release it immediately when prompted so Jeane just misses the mouse. I've had Jeane lose almost a whole pound playing this game. Definitely worth it if done right. Stretch ------- This is more of a workout for Travis or you than Jeane. Mash A and Travis will help her stretch. Do not use your thumb but your index finger. Either Travis' strength or Jeane's weight impacts this exercise; in any case, it's harder the earlier in the game you do it, but you lose a good amount of weight. Massage ------- Give Jeane a good rub. Nestle the control stick in your palm and follow the motions on the screen. Even when Jeane is in a bad mood, you can get her to lose some good weight here. Feed ---- Use the food to raise Jeane's spirits before you drain them with exercise. I've fed Jeane a lot of food and never noticed her gain any weight from it, so these must be diet cat snacks. The more expensive, the higher the mood. I recommend feeding Jeane a snack to get her mood up and then either play with her or get her to jump for you as those seem to take off the most pounds. You can then do the other options until you run out; I usually save stretching or massaging for last. Do this every chance you get, meaning after every ranking fight. The goal here is to get Jeane down to about 10 pounds. She will then be fit enough to flip through the air, inspiring Travis to learn a new move: the Step-In Slice attack, which you perform by shaking the nunchuk. This sends Travis flying through the air towards opponents, spinning his katana and damaging anyone near him. Is it worth it to spend time with Jeane to learn this? Absolutely. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- //Bizarre Jelly 5 [bj5] ---------------------------------------- Bizarre Jelly is Travis' favorite anime, and he always keeps a copy of their video game on hand. You can play it by selecting the TV in the motel. It's basically a top-down, bullet hell-style shooter. You have five characters to choose from, all with their own stats and shooting styles. There's also three difficulty choices. Let the title screen sit a while to see your high scores. Controls: A button: fire control stick: move plus button: pause If you've played shooters or bullet hell games, you know what you're getting into. I don't really know what to say tip-wise. Keep A held at all times and just focus on evading the fire. Pretty simple, even on Hard. Personally, I liked Pure White Glastonberry in the first game better. It required more strategy (if you could call it that) by using special attacks along with shooting, and it had much less loli. For playing the game just once, you get the Pure White Lover Bizarre Jerry 5 video. Oh, Japan. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- //Side Jobs [sjb] ---------------------------------------- The basic way to earn money in Santa Destroy is in odd jobs. There are eight in all and you unlock them by finishing ranked matches. All side jobs except one are done classic 8-bit style, which is awesome. Travis even blows into a cartridge before playing the game, which is even awesomer. (If you don't understand why then you are too young to be playing this game.) Side jobs are in green on your main map. Bug Out ------- Santa Destroy is overrun with bugs! It's hurting business, so Pizza Bat's offering you the job of a lifetime: Hardcore Exterminator! Chicks love bug killers, even more than doctors and pro-athletes. It's a little known fact. Exterminate all the bugs in the stage within the time limit. You can suck in blocks if you power up enough. Giant scorpions cannot be sucked in unless you are at full power. Controls: A button: suck in B button: use insecticide control stick: move Items: • green tanks of insecticide • yellow tanks that power up your vacuum • red tanks that give you an extra life • purple pills that cure poison • yellow blocks you can suck up and spit out by releasing A Enemies: • Crickets pay Travis no mind and are actually most likely to kill you since they change direction sporadically. • Mice actually run away from Travis, so try to trap them in a corner. • Hornets or bees try to sting Travis; if you get stung, find a purple pill. • Small red scorpions, I swear they actively seek out Travis since they always seem to be right there, following him. • Big black scorpions should be knocked out with blocks or insecticide before you go after them. When they start to glow and spit out a purple glob, run because that is poison even a purple pill won't cure. Tips: Items do not carry over between stages, so use what you can while you have it. Try to position yourself in a doorway or opening where you know nothing will sneak up on you. Hold down A and anything that walks in your path will get sucked up. Once you get the hang of it, the game is a piece of cake and is easily one of the best ways to earn some cash. Lay the Pipe ------------ Our cheap pizza and televised assassin fights have made Santa Destroy the fastest growing city in the world! But more people means more sewage, and our pipes are overflowing. Do some plumbing, and we'll pay you handsomely. Definitely worth your time, if you don't mind that fecal smell. Connect the exit to the entrance using pipes within the time limit. Blue pipes can be moved, but not green pipes. The more pipes you connect, the more money you collect. Controls: A button: lift up/down B button: turn control stick: move Tips: Green pipe is always worth more than blue, so the more green, the better. After playing this game awhile, I think I can safely say that the layouts are not random, so the same solutions will work for each time you play this game. I may try and get screenshots of the best solutions and add them to this guide, but for now I'll keep playing Bug Out to get my easy money. My advice is to find a way to just get the water to the exit; you lose all your cash should you screw up a level, and the money is better than repeatedly losing trying to get a perfect score. For those of you having problems, make sure you work with the flow rather than from the exit out. The water is continually flowing, so you need to keep it in the pipes above all else, even if it means scrambling for pieces. Look for sections of green close together, use the blue to connect them, and then take a step back and look at the rest of the map to find the exit and the best way to get there. Can be challenging, but time is usually on your side. Coconut Grabber --------------- Kids in the city have forgotten our rich heritage. They're not collecting coconuts! It's a disaster! Tradition says you're not a real man until you've grabbed your first big, fuzzy coconut. You've got to be a role model for these kids. You'll do it, right? Kick the coconut trees to make the coconuts fall. Gather as many coconuts as you can, and carry them to the goal within the time limit. Controls: A button: jump B button: kick control stick: move Z button: dash Tips: You'll quickly see that coconuts do not always fall straight down from the tree. For some, you will need to use the dash or dash and jump to catch up to the coconuts. Once they hit the ground, they are no longer able to be picked up. If they hit Travis in the head, he will be stunned and the coconut is as good as lost. As the levels progress, scorpions and bees will hang around the trees to stun Travis. They also make it progressively harder to navigate the level. Just remember that you can kick in midair, and each level has trees whose coconuts always fall down straight into your basket, so you should always be guaranteed at least four or five coconuts. Don't be so preoccupied with catching them that you run out of time. Pizza with a Vengeance ---------------------- Santa Destroy needs YOU! Pizza Bat's putting all the family pizzerias out of business. The most beloved of them all, Pizza Suplex, has been a fixture of this town for generations, but now it's about to go bankrupt! They need top-notch delivery men to turn things around! Deliver the pizzas to all the customers within the time limit. Controls: A button: accelerate B button: brake Z button: change gear control stick: steer Items: • small containers of nitro Tips: A racing game! Everyone has played one of these in their lifetime or they haven't lived. That said, I don't know what else to say. Avoid cars and oil spills and don't die. Just like in real driving. It's a little hard to steer when going around corners and using the nitro, so don't be afraid to pass up the speed boost it gives. Don't forget to shift either. Stay in low gear until you hit 130, and then shift into high gear. You need to go back to low if you crash as well. Also know you can go off-road in the desert (watch for cacti) but not in the city. Man the Meat ------------ Santa Destroy's being monopolized! Everywhere you look it's Pizza Bat, Pizza Bat, Pizza Bat! Soon there'll be nowhere to get a juicy T-Bone! And now my lead cook got Mad Cow Disease, and butchered my entire kitchen staff! Can you help? Continue holding the button to cook the steak. Cook the steaks the way the customers want them. Controls: A button: fry Tips: Simply hold A until the steak on the grill matches the color the person wants it. Medium is going to be the hardest, since hitting that middle ground is hard. Just try and get as close you can. A "delicious" compliment is great, but "nice" is better than having a fork in your eye, and you need to fill the satisfaction meter at the top of the screen to get your pay. Stage 2 is going to kick it up a notch by giving you a short glimpse of what the customer wants, so try to memorize the color as best you can. I've noticed in overcooking the medium steaks that you will hear a tone like something burning when you've gone over. I don't know how that's supposed to help you, since there's nothing you can do. Stage 3 will give you an even shorter glimpse at the preferred color. Tile in Style ------------- New construction in Santa Destroy is a lucrative business. But my best tile-layer accidentally fell into a vat of artisan concrete! You want to take over as my tile guy? It could become your lifelong passion. Place all the tiles neatly within the time limit. Controls: A button: tile select B button: rotate control stick: move Tips: Holy crap, I hate this game. There is only one stage, and you have plenty of time to experiment with the tile, but some of these are really hard. Or I'm just slow, which is entirely possible. The tiles are randomized each time you play, so keep coming back and you might just get a layout that is easier for you. FYI, if you pick up a piece of tile and want to put it back, try and place it over a piece you've already placed and it will go back to the bottom of the screen. Getting Trashed --------------- We cleaned our streets by rocketing all of our garbage into outer space. It worked like a charm, but now the trash could fall back to Earth and kill us all. We didn't really think this through. Will you go into space and collect the floating junk? Recover all the debris floating in space and store it in your space shuttle. They'll dump it in the ocean or something later. Use your air jet boosters to control your position. It takes some skills. If you get close to earth's atmosphere, you'll be pulled in by gravity. So be careful, because that would suck. Controls: A button: turn on air jet booster B button: release control stick: control boost direction Tips: The only really difficult thing about this game is steering Travis. You have to move the control stick in the opposite direction you want to go because it controls the boosters, not you. Asteroids will be added to later levels to help impede your progress; they won't kill you, just knock you off course. Don't overuse your boosters and use the fact that Travis floats to help get yourself around. Too much boost makes you lose control in a bad way and will cause major trouble around stages 3 and 4 when the asteroids get out of control. The asteroids may even knock you into some trash or your shuttle, so just go with the flow. Stings So Good -------------- It's this damn assassin craze! All the tough guys in this city are decapitating each other so they can be on TV. Now we're running out of men to do the real work-- like extermination. Scorpions are everywhere! But you look strong enough-- Will you save us from those stinging bastards? Exterminate the scorpions. The amount you're paid depends on the total weight of the scorpions you've caught. If stung by a scorpion, get a first aid kit to detoxify yourself before the poison spreads through your body. Controls: A button: pick up a scorpion wave the Wii-mote: put the scorpion in your pack control stick: move d-pad: control the camera Tips: This is old school in the No More Heroes sense. The old scorpion game wasn't bad, but this one is brutal. Angle the camera down so you can see the ground. Try to get near a scorpion, hit A when prompted, and flick the Wii-mote to put it away. Go to the little first aid stands to heal if poisoned. I only see three stands, so it's three strikes and you're dead, apparently. There are five types of scorpions: black, blue, red, green, and white with monetary values ascending in that order. I say you're lucky to get a couple and come out alive. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- //Revenge Missions [rvg] ---------------------------------------- Remember the five guys that killed Bishop? Your job is to hunt them down while you continue your climb to number one. Revenge missions cycle between "kill all enemies within the time limit" and "kill a specific target within the time limit". There are 10 in all, and you can wait and do them or start as soon as they're available. Beef up at the gym or get a different katana and come back if you have trouble. Be aware that there are chests scattered around the areas you fight in, and some contain gifts. If you're going for 100% gift completion, make sure to scout the area before finishing. Once you finish a revenge mission, you cannot redo it. Successfully avenge Bishop and you win the "No Jacket" option for Travis' outfits. I don't know why, but for those of you that always wanted Travis in just a t-shirt and jeans, there you go. Revenge Mission 01 ------------------ Objective: Kill all enemies within the time limit. Time: 3 minutes There is one chest in this mission: it's in the northwest corner of the area and it contains a BATTERY. The enemies here are like what you fought at the university before Charlie. They will come in waves, so always keep an eye on your map to see where each wave spawns. If you are running short on time, remember that a running slash will kill the smaller enemies outright and leave the bigger ones hurting badly. You should also be good enough at fighting by now to stay hurt-free long enough to build up ecstasy mode. Revenge Mission 02 ------------------ Objective: Kill the target within the time limit. Time: 5 minutes Your target is the dude in the suit with the mean stare and the gun back by the bar. The fact that he has a gun means you should take him out ASAP. Find him easily by looking at your map; he will be indicated by the skull icon. There are three chests, all along the northern side of the area: PIZZA, a BATTERY, and the STRAWBERRY GOODS gift. I actually went for them first and this caused the lackeys (mostly big guys) to follow me while the target stayed back. This made it easy to pick him out and bum rush with little interference. Block his bullets and use running slashes to take huge chunks of his life off. I used Camellia MK-III and finished him off with a wrestling move. Revenge Mission 03 ------------------ Objective: Kill all enemies within the time limit. Time: 3 minutes Check your map: lots of enemies here and two chests to the north: PIZZA and a BATTERY. There will be two or three guys in this mess with machine guns. Try to target them first if you can. Use running slashes to take out the small guys with knives. I noticed while doing this mission that the slots are inactive, but ecstasy mode works just fine. Boy, does it ever. Revenge Mission 04 ------------------ Objective: Kill the target within the time limit. Time: 5 minutes Our target is that bald guy in a suit back by a chest. The two chests to your right are a PIZZA and a BATTERY. Forget the guys here and run to the east side of the area for the NUT & BERRY GOODS and our target. All of those guys will catch up with you. Try to stay locked on to your target as best you can and use all the tricks. You can darkstep around bullets, so use that if he starts shooting and you're close enough. I stuck on him enough with Camellia MK-III to finish with a wrestling move once again. If you feel you have time and don't like the idea of being surrounded, use the Peony to slice through the big guys. Revenge Mission 05 ------------------ Objective: Kill all enemies within the time limit. Time: 3 minutes Just a PIZZA and BATTERY in those chests in the last room. This one might actually be a little too hectic because that last office room has some strong enemies in it: guys with samurai swords and bigger dudes with beam katanas. I wouldn't recommend fighting between the desks. Try and get them out in more open space. They love to use charge attacks, but if you've been going to the gym, your health should be able to keep up with the onslaught. Revenge Mission 06 ------------------ Objective: Kill the target within the time limit. Time: 5 minutes Our target looks like the one from our second mission. He looks like a zombie, damn. He's in the back of the area by all the junk. There is one chest hidden in the very western corner that contains CRANBERRY GOODS. Focus on as many guys with guns as you can since they are a huge pain in the ass on this one. You should have enough time to take them all out, no problem. Revenge Mission 07 ------------------ Objective: Kill all enemies within the time limit. Time: 3 minutes The enemies here are all fatties with chainsaws and axes. Peony is all you need. Their charge attacks mean nothing with this katana. Revenge Mission 08 ------------------ Objective: Kill the target within the time limit. Time: 5 minutes Our target is the snazzy dresser by the back holding a ... cleaver? There are three chests, one has a BATTERY, the other has PIZZA, and the one behind the junk to the west holds GOOSEBERRY GOODS. The real threat in this mission are the guys with guns. Take them out and then focus on Mr. Fights with Kitchenware. It's actually really easy when the guns are gone. Revenge Mission 09 ------------------ Objective: Kill all enemies within the time limit. Time: 3 minutes Hey, look, it's like they copy/pasted the enemies from mission number 7. That's code for "break out the Peony". The two chests here are nothing but PIZZA and a BATTERY. Revenge Mission 10 ------------------ Objective: Kill the target within the time limit. Time: 5 minutes This punk ass was the only one of the group to speak to Bishop, and he's the last one standing. The four chests contain PIZZA, a BATTERY, an ECSTASY MAGAZINE, and BLUEBERRY GOODS. I highly recommend killing everyone before tackling the target. There's too many guys and a couple strong ones in the last room. Rose Nasty is fantastic here; the low stance combo tore through the first couple enemies like nothing, filling the ecstasy gauge enough for the bigger guys. When it came to the target, one low stance combo swept him off his feet, and I was able to impale him when he still had 3/4 of his health left. Bishop's friend is a genius. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- //New Game + and Deathmatch [ngp] ---------------------------------------- Ah, the New Game +. Like the first game, loading a completed save file gives you the option of choosing a difficulty level (including a new Hard mode, Bitter) and then puts you right back at the beginning. However, you start the game with all your equipped items, weapons, techniques, stats, clothes, and even all your money from your previous file. All of your old stuff carries over no matter what difficulty level you choose. You'll find the E3 trailer for the game on the TV in a New Game +. Deathmatch mode is also added to the main menu. This is basically Boss Only mode, with all opponents on Bitter mode strength. Unfortunately, you can't do things like fight New Destroyman as Travis or use Henry to slaughter everyone, but this is because boss fights are tailored to specific player characters. It's still enjoyable nonetheless. There are no chests or powerups in any of these fights (just like in Bitter mode), but you can still use the Ecstasy Darkside Mode. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- //Miscellaneous [mis] ---------------------------------------- If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, revisions, and all that, e-mail me at SophiaLee04 at yahoo dot com, but be sure to put No More Heroes 2 in the subject line somewhere. I may not be very responsive at times, but I do read all my mail. Version History --------------- 1.00 - 02/01/10: Walkthrough submitted, but I am not done yet. Up next is to tackle Bitter mode and Deathmatch. I'll also undoubtedly tweak things here and there as I play again. If there's anything you guys want to see added, like a list of all the gifts and their locations or the top ten reasons why Henry is an asshole, let me know and I'll add them. 0.00 - 01/28/10: Walkthrough started. 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