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MMMMMMMMMOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODMMMMMMMMMMOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO87IIIIIII MMMMMMMMMMOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO8888888888887IIIIIIII MMMMMMMMMMNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMM8888888888888888888888888D$IIIIIIIII MMMMMMMMMMMMOOOOOOOO88888888888OMMMMMMMMMMD888888888888888888888888O7IIIIIIIIII MMMMMMMMMMMMM8888888888888888888MMMMMMMMMM888888888888888888888888Z7IIIIIIIIIII MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM8888888888888888DMMMMMMMMMM8888888888888888888888D7IIIIIIIIIIIII MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMD88888888888888MMMMMMMMMMM88888888888888888888DZ7IIIIIIIIIIIIII MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMN888888888888MMMMMMMMMMM888888888888888888DZ7IIIIIIIIIIIIIIII MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMN8888888888MMMMMMMMMMN8888888888888888DZ7IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMN8888888MMMMMMMMMMD8888888888888DZ77IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMD88DMMMMMMMMMM8DDDDDDDDDD8Z7IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMDDD8DNNZ$77IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMOII7777IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMOII7777IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM8II777777777IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII Team Fortress 2 FAQ/Strategy Guide For the PC By Raining Metal Version 1.65 =================== >Table of Contents< =================== 1.0 Introduction 1.1 Version History 2.00 Basics 2.10 Controls 2.11 Heads Up Display 2.20 Class Info 2.21 Scout 2.22 Soldier 2.23 Pyro 2.24 Demoman 2.25 Heavy Weapons Guy 2.26 Engineer 2.27 Medic 2.28 Sniper 2.29 Spy 2.30 Voice Commands 2.40 Differences between PC and Console Versions 2.50 The Loadout 2.51 Hats & Accessories 2.52 Crafting 3.0 Multiplayer 3.1 Modes 3.2 Maps 3.3 Achievements 3.4 Taunts 3.5 Item Pickups 3.6 The Scoreboard 3.7 Glossary 3.8 Machinima and Videos 4.00 Strategies 4.10 Class Tips 4.11 Scout Tips 4.12 Soldier Tips 4.13 Pyro Tips 4.14 Demoman Tips 4.15 Heavy Tips 4.16 Engineer Tips 4.17 Medic Tips 4.18 Sniper Tips 4.19 Spy Tips 4.20 Map Tips 4.21 CTF Tips 4.22 CP (Push) Tips 4.23 CP (Assault) Tips 4.24 Payload Tips 4.25 Payload Race Tips 4.26 Arena Tips 4.27 King of the Hill Tips 4.30 Other Tips 4.31 Spy-Checking 4.32 Using Sentries 4.33 Using Dispensers 4.34 Using Teleporters 4.35 The Ubercharge and Kritzkrieg 4.36 Miscellaneous 5.1 And The Rest! 5.1 F.A.Q 5.2 Email Guide 5.3 Website List 5.4 Credits 5.5 Legal Disclaimer To search for the section wanted in this Guide, Highlight the Number beside the subject (Such as 1.0) and press Ctrl + C, then F, and then V. This will activate a search system to look for the text put in (in this case, a number with a decimal) and simply click “Next”. ================== 1.0 >Introduction< ================== It's been a long while since I made my last guide, but I've made a comeback! Team Fortress Classic, an unforgettable explosive multiplayer action game, was a smash hit, and people have waited around a decade for its sequel! Also, I made this guide because the PC version of the game (and the Orange Box) only came with a pamphlet going over the controls as its instructions manual. Hopefully, this guide will act as a good substitute for a manual. Well, here it is folks, and enjoy my guide! --------------------- 1.1 >Version History< --------------------- Verison 1.65 Made adjustments according to the latest patch. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Version 1.64 Added more and more tips! When will it end?! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Version 1.63 Made a few adjustments according to the latest patch. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Version 1.62 Added even more tips to the guide. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Version 1.61 Made a few adjustments to the guide. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Version 1.60 Added the content included in the War Update (Soldier vs Demoman). Added Crafting and other new additions to this guide. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Version 1.57 Added new ASCII art to the title. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Version 1.56 Produced the Hats & Accessories section. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Version 1.55 Added the extra content from the "Halloween Haunt" pack. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Version 1.52 Made various adjustments in accordance with the latest patch. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Version 1.51 Added various notes on the sins of idling (too bad I was also a sinner due to the ignorance of the GameFAQs community). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Version 1.50 Added the content included with the Classless pack (King of the Hill, more Hats, etc). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Version 1.46 Made a few edits regarding the latest patch. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Version 1.45 Added the Heads Up Display and Scoreboard sections. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Version 1.44 Made a few more adjustments to the new weapons, added more tips, and put the reintroduced milestone system into consideration (much to everyone's relief). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Version 1.43 Added the content included with the Assassin's pack (Payload Race, the new weapons, hats, and the new unlock system, etc). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Version 1.33 Added the Item Pickups section, made adjustments to the Disguises section, and made a few other notes on the latest patch. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Verison 1.32 Made a few more minor edits to various parts to this guide. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Version 1.31 Added the Scout Unlockable Weapons, Achievements, and the Egypt, Junction, and Watchtower Maps. Made a few other adjustments to this guide. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Version 1.29 Made a few more minor adjustments. The next version of this guide will cover up the Scout update. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Version 1.28 Made a few adjustments regarding the latest patch. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Verison 1.27 Added the Differences between PC and Console Versions section. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Version 1.26 Added the Tutorial Videos for each Class. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Version 1.25 Added a few tips for Achievements. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Version 1.24 Made a few more corrections as a minor update. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Version 1.23 Added the rest of the Tips section, and made a correction regarding Teleporters. Added the Machinima and Videos section, and much more! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Version 1.20 Made a HUGE makeover to this guide. Accurate Weapon Damage, corrections, and other missing information (such as the fact that Sticky Bombs are best against Sentries) have been added, along with a separate Tips section! Expect to see more updates to this guide in the future. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Version 1.09 Added the extra information on the Engineer's Structures, and made extra notes regarding the latest patch. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Version 1.08 Added more class and map tips. Could use some map tips on Turbine and Fastlane. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Version 1.07 Removed the Backburner health details. Added spelling corrections on "Akubra". ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Version 1.06 Added the Heavy Unlockable Weapons, Achievements, Arena Maps, Steel Map, and added the Modes section. Removed the "Broken" Medic Taunt. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Version 1.04 Added the Pyro Unlockable Weapons, Achievements, and the Turbine and Fastlane Maps. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Version 1.03 Added the Medic Unlockable Weapons, Achievements, and the Goldrush Map. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Version 1.02 Added some bits by Thomas Page and Michael "EN4CER420" Bilberry. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Version 1.01 Changed the Guide Status. Added the Suggested amount of Players status for each Class, as well as more tips and more key commands. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Version 1.00 Initial Release ============= 2.00 >Basics< ============= These will provide some of the basic tips and know-hows to own some noobs in this game. --------------- 2.10 >Controls< --------------- These are the default controls for Team Fortress 2. Note that the controls can be changed via the Options menu. Mouse: Look around. W: Move Forward. A: Move Left. S: Move Backward. D: Move Right. Primary Mouse Button: Fire. Secondary Mouse Button: Special Ability. Space Bar: Jump. Ctrl: Crouch (Hold). E: Call for Medic. R: Reload. Q: Switch to previous weapon (Quickswitch). G: Taunt. L: Drop Intelligence. T: Draw Spray. Y: Talk to all. U: Talk with team. M: Change Class Weapon sets. B: Quick Redisguise, Apply weapon to Disguise (Spy only). Z,X,C: Voice Commands. 1-5: Weapons. ,: Change Class. .: Change Team. TAB: Toggle Scoreboard Esc: Pause menu. F5: Take a Screenshot. The crosshairs can also be changed in the options menu. By default, the crosshairs changes depending on what weapon is being used. Custom crosshairs will not change regardless of which weapon is being used, and can also be coloured differently. There are different shapes for each crosshair available. ----------------------- 2.11 >Heads Up Display< ----------------------- This is a brief description of the Heads Up Display, which is visible throughout any adventure in the world of Team Fortress 2. The following are displayed in the HUD: -Current Health (bottom-left) -Current Class (bottom-left) -Location & Status of Intelligence/Status of Control Points/Status of Payload Carts (bottom-center) -Current Ammo (bottom-right) -Weapon (bottom-right) -Crosshair (dead center) -Time left in the round (top-center) -Recent kills and events (top-right) -Currently used voice-cheat (right) -Special Ability Bar (left of Ammo, certain Classes only) -Current Sticky Bombs planted (left of Ammo, Demoman only) -Trajectory of current Sticky Bomb launch (under Ammo, Demoman only) -Status of Structures (top-left, Engineer only) -Current metal (left of Ammo, Engineer only) -Ubercharge meter (bottom-right, Medic only) -Any Medic calls (all over the place, Medic only) -Sniper Rifle charge (dead center, Sniper only) -Huntsman charge (under Ammo, Sniper only) -Current Diguise (right of Current Class, Spy only) -Sapper status (top-left, Spy only) For the Special Ability Bar, the HUD will beep once it is full. Very useful for Buff Banners, Jarate, and Sandman Balls. ----------------- 2.20 >Class Info< ----------------- Now onto the big parts of this guide, the list of characters! When choosing, try to pick a Class no one else on the team is using. Please not that all damage for each weapon is recorded for each bullet, swing, bomb, particle, etc., and that all Speeds apply when moving FORWARD. Reloading can be cancelled by firing. Offense Classes include the Scout, Soldier, and Pyro. Their primary strengths are to create chaos and destruction, as well as rattle the enemy's cages. They are also quite mobile, making them prime candidates for seizing objectives. Defensive Classes include the Demoman, Heavy, and Engineer. These classes often stay put or hardly move, and can deal a lot of damage at once. They are also ideal for defending objectives. Support Classes include the Medic, Sniper, and Spy. Support Classes can turn tide of the battle in seconds, whether it be providing health and invulnerability, or assassinating certain targets. ------------ 2.21 >Scout< ------------ The Scout, a teenage punk from the east USA, likes to torment his opponents and ridicule n00bs. He also scoffs at slow characters like the Heavy, who he also enjoys to tease (though he also loathes the rest of his enemies). In TFC, the Scout was made for Capturing the Flag, Getting the Flag to the Control Point, and little else! In TF2, he can do much more than that. Thanks to his newer and more useful weaponry, he's deadly at close range. Those who like to rush their victims and getting up close will enjoy playing as the perky vandal. In addition, he can double-jump, and while doing so, can change directions. Last, but not least, he can Capture Control Points twice as fast. His set of unlockable weapons are capable of enhancing the Scout's mobility, or imparing the mobility of his enemies. Maximum Health: 125 (110 with Sandman equipped). Maximum Overheal: 185 (165 with Sandman equipped). Speed: 133% (78% after drinking the Punch). Suggested Players: 1-2. Tutorial Video: Weapons: ************ *Scattergun* ************ Clip Size: 6. Carrying Capacity: 32. Power: -Close Range: 85-105. -Medium Range: 10-40. -Long Range: 3-10. -Mini Crit: 8/pellet. -Critical Hit: 18/pellet. Accuracy: Low. Rate of Fire: Semi (slow). Range: Very Short. Reload Speed: Varies. Weapon Slot: 1. Alt-Fire: None. The Scattergun, as explained above, is what makes the Scout deadly up close. Like all "Shotgun Reloading" weapons, don't be afraid to press R whenever possible. The Scattergun is better up close than the regular Shotgun. It also doesn't need to pump. ******** *Pistol* ******** Clip Size: 12. Carrying Capacity: 36. Power: -Close Range: 20-22. -Medium Range: 10-15. -Long Range: 8-9. -Mini Crit: 20. -Critical Hit: 45. Accuracy: Medium. Rate of Fire: Semi (fast). Range: Medium. Reload Speed: Fast. Weapon Slot: 2. Alt-Fire: None. The Scout's Secondary Weapon. This is useful when shooting bad guys from afar, or when the Scattergun is empty. It reloads much faster than the Scattergun as well. It can also be used when on the run. ************** *Baseball Bat* ************** Clip Size: N/A. Carrying Capacity: N/A. Power: -Close Range: 24-46. -Mini-Crit: 47. -Critical Hit: 105. Accuracy: N/A. Rate of Fire: Swing (fast). Range: Melee. Reload Speed: None. Weapon Slot: 3. Alt-Fire: None. Because of the Scout's Speed, his melee weapon is more important to him than melee weapons would be to other classes. Even though this has the least amount of damage output, the Scout's speed takes care of that. Also, the Baseball Bat swings faster than any other melee weapon. Playball! **************** *Force-A-Nature* **************** Clip Size: 2. Carrying Capacity: 32. Power: -Close Range: 82-101. -Medium Range: 10-39. -Long Range: 3-10. -Mini Crit: 7/pellet. -Critical Hit: 16/pellet. Accuracy: Low. Rate of Fire: Semi (fast). Range: Very Short. Reload Speed: Medium. Weapon Slot: 1. Alt-Fire: None. Can be unlocked with: 10 Scout Achievements. Replaces: Scattergun. The Force-A-Nature is the more ruthless cousin of the Scattergun. While it can only hold two shells at a time, and that it takes a long time to reload this shotgun, the Force-A-Nature is capable is blowing away its targets (that is, anyone hit by the Force-A-Nature will be blown backward, literally). With the extra knockback feature, the Force-A-Nature can act as a third jump for the Scout (on top of his Double-Jump ability, as long as he is in midair). The triple jump is only possible when the Scout is already in midair. The Force-A-Nature shots are more concentrated than the Scattergun's shots (and the gun itself fires faster), so the Force-A-Nature is even more effective up close than the Scattergun! When reloading, the Force-A-Nature automatically reloads both of its shells, so if there's a shell in the gun when the Scout reloads, it will be discarded. FaN shots cannot juggle targets, and the distance the target is launched is determined by how much damage the target took. ******************** *Bonk! Atomic Punch* ******************** Purpose: Provides temporary damage immunity. Weapon Slot: 2. Alt-Fire: None. Can be unlocked with: 22 Scout Achievements. Replaces: Pistol. When the Scout takes a drink from this new juice can, the Scout is invulnerable for six seconds. When he is in this condition, however, the Scout cannot attack or pick up any Intelligence. He must also control himself in Third Person Mode. After the effects of the Punch wear off, the Scout can only walk at 56% of his normal speed (78% of normal speed). The Scout cannot drink the Punch when he is carrying the Intelligence Case. The Punch does not make the Scout immune to the Sentry Gun's Knockback effect or any burning effects caused by fire. Punch Cans are in unlimited supply, but the Scout cannot drink again until the negative effects of his drink wears off. ************* *The Sandman* ************* Clip Size: 1 (Baseball). Carrying Capacity: N/A. Power: -Close Range (Bat): 24-46. -Mini Crit (Bat): 47. -Critical Hit (Bat): 105. -Ball: 5. -Mini Crit (Ball): 5. -Critical Hit (Ball): 15. Accuracy: N/A. Rate of Fire: Swing (fast). Range: Melee. Reload Speed: N/A. Weapon Slot: 3. Alt-Fire: Launch Ball. Can be unlocked with: 16 Scout Achievements. Replaces: Baseball Bat. The Sandman is a wooden Baseball Bat that throws a Baseball at a target whenever he wants to (right-click to launch a Ball). The Baseball is capable of stunning its victim for a second. Scouts with Sandman Bats have their maximum health reduced to 110. The farther the Ball is thrown at the victim, the longer the victim is stunned. Usually, stunned players will not be able to attack. If the Ball is thrown far enough, the player cannot move either. The Scout gets a new Baseball after ten seconds of throwing his previous one. Baseballs can also be picked up from the ground, or can be given to the Scout when he visits a Resupply Cabinet. Baseballs are not found in Ammo Packs or on dropped weapons. -------------- 2.22 >Soldier< -------------- The Soldier just wishes to be in the Second World War, just look at his uniform! He always likes to boss people around, courtesy to the inspiration he got from his instructor. The Soldier hasn't changed much from TFC. Since he's got the second most health, he's a good buddy for the Medic if a Heavy Weapons Guy isn't around. As well as besieging enemy bases, he's also capable of defending one in a jiffy. The Soldier also has an ability known as Rocket Jumping. Aim at the ground (with the Rocket Launcher), and while firing, crouch and jump. This costs health though. All of the Soldier's unlockable weapons can enhance his performance (and the performance of his allies) on the battlefield. Maximum Health: 200. Maximum Overheal: 300. Speed: 80% (80%-128% with Equalizer equipped). Suggested Players: 2-3. Tutorial Video: Weapons: ***************** *Rocket Launcher* ***************** Clip Size: 4. Carrying Capacity: 20. Power: -Close Range: 105-112. -Medium Range: 50-90. -Long Range: 45-60. -Direct Contact: 112. -Splash Damage: 48. -Mini Crit: 122. -Critical Hit: 270. -Rocket-Jumping: 27-46. Accuracy: High. Rate of Fire: Semi (medium). Range: Short. Reload Speed: Varies. Weapon Slot: 1. Alt-Fire: None. The Soldier's Primary Weapon. Since the Rocket is a tad bit slow, the Rocket Launcher is only effective at closer ranges and in tight corners. But since the Rocket Launcher packs a punch, it's an effective way to take out Heavies when outgunned. The Rocket Launcher has a much shorter clip size than any other "Shotgun Reloading" weapon (along with the Grenade Launcher), so reload frequently! It's also an excellent way to take out Sentry Guns if a Spy or Demoman aren't present, along with other slower-moving targets. ********* *Shotgun* ********* Clip Size: 6. Carrying Capacity: 32. Power: -Short Range: 80-90. -Medium Range: 10-30. -Long Range: 3-10. -Mini Crit: 8/pellet. -Critical Hit: 18/pellet. Accuracy: Low. Rate of Fire: Pump. Range: Short. Reload Speed: Varies. Weapon Slot: 2. Alt-Fire: None. The Shotgun is the Secondary Weapon of the Soldier. If the Rocket Launcher is out of ammo, use the Shotgun when up close. The Soldier can also use this if he doesn't want to hurt himself in the process of taking out his target. There's not much else to say about the Shotgun. ******* *Spade* ******* Clip Size: N/A. Carrying Capacity: N/A. Power: -Short Range: 43-87. -Mini Crit: 88. -Critical Hit: 195. Accuracy: N/A. Rate of Fire: Swing (medium). Range: Melee. Reload Speed: None. Weapon Slot: 3. Alt-Fire: None. The Spade is the Soldier's fighting weapon (up close), and has pretty much the same capabilities of most other Melee Weapons. Disclaimer: The Soldier's Spade is not intended for digging, and cannot be used to find treasure. ************ *Direct Hit* ************ Clip Size: 4. Carrying Capacity: 20. Power: -Close Range: 131-140. -Medium Range: 63-113. -Long Range: 56-75. -Direct Contact: 140. -Splash Damage: 57. -Mini Crit: 153. -Critical Hit: 338. -Rocket-Jumping: 27-46. Accuracy: Very High. Rate of Fire: Semi (medium). Range: Medium/Long. Reload Speed: Varies Weapon Slot: 1. Alt-Fire: None. Can be unlocked with: 11 Soldier Achievements. Replaces: Rocket Launcher. Nothing makes a Soldier feel better than when his Rockets hit the stomachs of weaklings. Now he can enjoy it more with the Direct Hit! With its faster Rocket velocities, the Direct Hit Rocket Launcher can really deal damage against targets! Of course, since it must travel faster, it must sacrifice its splash radius. Bonus points for hitting targets launched in mid-air by explosions (and that's not just for bragging rights!). ************* *Buff Banner* ************* Purpose: Enables Mini-Crits for all teammates within area. Weapon Slot: 2. Alt-Fire: None. Can be unlocked with: 17 Soldier Achievements. Replaces: Shotgun. Want everybody to feel the rush of adrenaline? Want to bring on the hurt on the enemy? Buy a Buff Banner today! The sound of the bugle and the raising of the colours is all that's needed to enable Mini Crits to the Soldier's comrades. Of course, he really needs to get into the mood to shout, so he'll have to kill some people and hurt some others in order to be able to motivate his team. Once the Soldier's Rage meter has been completely filled, he can initiate the benefits of his Buff Banner. He'll be able to shoot again after he's blown his horn. ********** *Gunboats* ********** Purpose: Decreases Rocket-Jumping damage by 75%. Weapon Slot: N/A. Alt-Fire: None. Can be unlocked with: N/A. Replaces: Shotgun. What the description says. The Soldier and the Demoman were fighting over this weapon, and the Soldier won. Gunboats can only be obtained randomly or through Crafting. *********** *Equalizer* *********** Clip Size: N/A. Carrying Capacity: N/A. Power: -Short Range: 33. -Below 150 HP: 65. -Below 100 HP: 98. -Below 58 HP: 125. -Below 50 HP: 130. -Below 20 HP: 150. -1 HP: 162. -Mini Crit: 46-219. -Critical Hit: 99-450. Accuracy: N/A. Rate of Fire: Swing (medium-fast). Range: Melee. Reload Speed: N/A. Weapon Slot: 3. Alt-Fire: None. Can be unlocked with: 5 Soldier Achievements. Replaces: Spade. Anyone trying to smack down a Soldier using an Equalizer better be careful; when the Soldier's Health goes down, the strength AND swinging speed of the Equalizer begins to increase! The running speed of the Soldier also increases. The effects of the running speed are only applied if the Soldier has it in his hand, and he cannot be healed by Medics while carrying it. ----------- 2.23 >Pyro< ----------- The Pyro is an enigma. Nobody knows who he is, what the colour of his skin is, or even if he's a guy! The only thing we know about this person is that he/she's obsessed with fire. The Pyro is a deadly up-close fighter. One moment in front of a hostile Pyro's face and then prepare to have a plan to find some water! Since the Pyro is deadly up close, the maniac dislikes being out in the open. Because the Pyro plays with fire, the Pyro's effectiveness is decreased in the water. The Pyro can use the Compression Blast to reflect explosive projectiles away, making the Pyro more effective against Soldiers and Demomen these days. The Air Blast can also be used against enemy Ubercharges and other Pyros, and can be used to extinguish fires on teammates. The Pyro's unlockable weapons enhance the Pyro's fighting skills in extremely close or far ranges. Maximum Health: 175. Maximum Overheal: 260. Speed: 100%. Suggested Players: 1-3. Tutorial Video: Weapons: ************** *Flamethrower* ************** Clip Size: None. Carrying Capacity: 200. Power (per particle): -Short Range: 6.8. -Mini Crit: 10. -Critical Hit: 20.4. -Burn Damage: 5-6 per second. Accuracy: High. Rate of Fire: Automatic (very fast). Range: Very Short. Reload Speed: None. Weapon Slot: 1. Alt-Fire: Air Blast. The Flamethrower is pretty much self explanatory. The lethal insturment of destruction lights its victims on fire, and makes them lose damage over time. In TFC, it only lit people on fire. In TF2, using the Flamethrower on a person already on fire not only prolongs their period of insanity, but also gives them incredible damage! This weapon is also useful for Spy-Checking. A Flamethrower combined with Critical Hits is very effective. Whenever the Fires from the Flamethrower hit an enemy, it will make a sizzling sound. Additionally, the Flamethrower features the Compression Blast, which uses up 25 Flamethrower cells. The Compression Blast can also blow other players away, without doing damage, as well as explosive projectiles and Ubercharged players. Whenever someone is on fire, they also glow as their colour on their team. This also applies to Disguised Spies, so be sure to Spy-Check whenever possible to reveal any traitors' true colours! ********* *Shotgun* ********* Clip Size: 6. Carrying Capacity: 32. Power: -Short Range: 80-90. -Medium Range: 10-30. -Long Range: 3-10. -Mini Crit: 8/pellet. -Critical Hit: 18/pellet. Accuracy: Low. Rate of Fire: Pump. Range: Short. Reload Speed: Varies. Weapon Slot: 2. Alt-Fire: None. The Secondary Weapon for the Pyro. The Shotgun is the Pyro's only chance of fighting at ranges. It also allows the Pyro to finish of his/her victims when they are on fire. If the Pyro has to fight in bodies of water, use this Weapon. ***** *Axe* ***** Clip Size: N/A. Carrying Capacity: N/A. Power: -Short Range: 43-87. -Mini Crit: 88. -Critical Hit: 195. Accuracy: N/A. Rate of Fire: Swing (medium). Range: Melee. Reload Speed: None. Weapon Slot: 3. Alt-Fire: None. This is pretty much a simple fireman's tool to chop down doors (but not the ones in battlefields), as well as hostile foes. ************ *Backburner* ************ Clip Size: None. Carrying Capacity: 200. Power (per particle): -Short Range: 6.8. -Mini Crit: 10. -Critical Hit: 20.4. -Burn Damage: 5-6 per second. Accuracy: High. Rate of Fire: Automatic (very fast). Range: Very Short. Reload Speed: None. Weapon Slot: 1. Alt-Fire: None. Can be unlocked with: 16 Pyro Achievements. Replaces: Flamethrower. The Backburner removes the Compression Blast ability, but will always fire Critical Hits when using this weapon on a victim's back. With the Backburner, the Pyro must think more like a Spy. Also, the Backburner is NOT designed for any suicidal charges. *********** *Flare Gun* *********** Clip Size: N/A. Carrying Capacity: 16. Power: -Base: 30. -Mini Crit: 41. -Critical Hit: 90. -Burn Damage: 5-6 per second Accuracy: High. Rate of Fire: Single (slow). Range: Long. Reload Speed: Long. Weapon Slot: 2. Alt-Fire: None. Can be unlocked with: 10 Pyro Achievements. Replaces: Shotgun. The Flare Gun gives Pyros a better chance of survival in the open. The Flare Gun causes enemies to get lit on fire even if the Pyro isn't up close and personal. The Flare Gun deals more damage to those who are already on fire. ************** *Axtinguisher* ************** Clip Size: N/A. Carrying Capacity: N/A. Power: -Short Range: 23-43. -Mini Crit: 45. -Critical Hit: 195. Accuracy: N/A. Rate of Fire: Swing (medium). Range: Melee. Reload Speed: N/A. Weapon Slot: 3. Alt-Fire: None. Can be unlocked with: 22 Pyro Achievements. Replaces: Axe. This special Axe only does half the damage the regular Axe does, but will always have Critical Hits on firey targets. Use this for ambushing. -------------- 2.24 >Demoman< -------------- A Black, Scottish, Cyclops warrior, the Demoman is always jealous of many of his opponents, often because they have two eyes! He may be drunk, but he also knows where to "Set up them the Bomb", being drunk or sober! The Demoman excells at making traps. Planting Sticky Bombs on the right places can turn the tide of the battle! Regular Grenades can also hold the enemy off for a while, as well as making certain Engineers angry. Like the Soldier, the Demoman can jump to amazing heights with his Sticky Bombs, and is quite durable. The Demoman is also one of the prime candidates for destroying enemy Sentry Guns, thanks to his Sticky Bombs. Arguably, the Demoman proves to be one of the most versitale Classes in the game. With his new unlockable gear, the Demoman can either choose to be a direct warrior, or a sneaky trapster. Maximum Health: 175 (150-210 with Eyelander equipped). Maximum Overheal: 260 (225-315 with Eyelander equipped). Speed: 93% (93%-123% with Eyelander equipped). Suggested Players: 1-3. Tutorial Video: Weapons: ****************** *Grenade Launcher* ****************** Clip Size: 4. Carrying Capacity: 16. Power: -Direct Hit: 81-111. -After Bouncing: 22-64. -Mini Crit Direct: -Mini Crit After Bouncing: -Critical Direct Hit: 280-300. -Critical Hit After Bouncing: 190. Accuracy: N/A. Rate of Fire: Semi (medium). Range: Short. Reload Speed: Varies. Weapon Slot: 1. Alt-Fire: Detonate Sticky Bombs. The Grenade Launcher is the Demoman's Basic Weapon. If he ever needs to fight a foe directly, he should use this. This is good for attacking heavily-armoured bad guys, as well as Sentry Guns. It's also possible to fire above certain boundaries of the map and into an area where the enemy could be present. The grenades will explode in a few seconds or when it hits a target. If the grenade does not hit a target during launch, the grenade simply rolls and explodes eventually. ********************** *Sticky Bomb Launcher* ********************** Clip Size: 8. Carrying Capacity: 24. Power: -Close to Bomb: 47-90. -Very close to Bomb: 60-124. -Directly on top of Bomb: 74-153. -Mini Crit: 162. -Critical Close to Bomb: 180. -Critical Very close to Bomb: 261. -Critical Directly on top of Bomb: 353. Accuracy: N/A. Rate of Fire: Semi (medium). Range: Varies. Reload Speed: Varies. Weapon Slot: 2. Alt-Fire: Detonate Sticky Bombs. The Demoman can also plant some explosives on key areas. The Demoman can place up to Eight bombs in the whole map. Hold the trigger to fire the Bomb farther. Simply use Alt-Fire to detonate the Sticky Bombs. In TFC, the two weapons were the same weapon, and had to be reloaded at the same time. In TF2, the weapons and ammunition are separate, and now the Demoman can defend himself, even if he's recently planted a trap. The Demoman can reach insanely tall heights like the Soldier. To do this, plant a single Sticky Bomb on the ground, then detonate it when on top of it (whilist jumping). The Sticky Launcher is an excellent weapon for taking out enemy Sentries as well. Highly skilled Demomen are capable of using Sticky Bombs against almost every target by planting Sticky Bombs under or near their targets. Be warned as Sticky Bombs can be destroyed by bullets and Scottish Resistance Bombs. They can also be scattered by the Air Blast and explosions. Sticky Bombs also disappear if the Demoman who planted them gets killed. ******** *Bottle* ******** Clip Size: N/A. Carrying Capacity: N/A. Power: -Short Range: 43-87. -Mini Crit: 88. -Critical Hit: 195. Accuracy: N/A. Rate of Fire: Swing (medium). Range: Melee. Reload Speed: N/A. Weapon Slot: 3. Alt-Fire: Detonate Sticky Bombs. The Bottle is the only weapon that the Demoman has that isn't explosive, and has instant contact. Other than that, the Bottle isn't that special other than breaking during critical hits. **************** *Chargin' Targe* **************** Purpose: Grants the Demoman 50% Fire resistance and 50% Explosion resistance. Alternate Fire causes the Demoman to charge in a line. Weapon Slot: N/A. Alt-Fire: Targe Charge. Can be unlocked with: 5 Demoman Achievements. Replaces: Sticky Bomb Launcher. The Chargin' Targe is akward to use, but it does give the Demoman substantial benefits towards Soldiers, Demomen, and Pyros. He can also charge in a straight line (not unlike Left 4 Dead 2's Charger), which can deal a bit of damage on its own. Charging is best done with a Melee Weapon, as charging causes Melee Weapons to become more powerful moments after charging (that is, if the Demoman charged far enough). Charge wisely... ********************* *Scottish Resistance* ********************* Clip Size: 8. Carrying Capacity: 36. Power: -Close to Bomb: 47-90. -Very close to Bomb: 60-124. -Directly on top of Bomb: 74-153. -Mini Crit: 162. -Critical Close to Bomb: 180. -Critical Very close to Bomb: 261. -Critical Directly on top of Bomb: 353. Accuracy: N/A. Rate of Fire: Semi (medium). Range: Varies. Reload Speed: Varies Weapon Slot: 2. Alt-Fire: Detonate Sticky Bombs. Can be unlocked with: 17 Demoman Achievements. Replaces: Sticky Bomb Launcher. Demoman not defensive enough? Try using the ol' Scottish Resistance! The Demoman can plant up to 14 Sticky Bombs with this toy, and he can also pick which ones to detonate by simply looking at them! Of course, it takes a bit longer to prime these Bombs, but hopefully the Demoman is able to keep a good eye on each of the Sticky Bombs traps he planted! Stickies underneath the Demoman will also detonate. Additionally, the more powerful Scottish Resistance Bombs can detonate other enemy Sticky Bombs! *********** *Eyelander* *********** Clip Size: N/A. Carrying Capacity: N/A. Power: -Short Range: 65. -Mini Crit: 88. -Critical Hit: 195. Accuracy: N/A. Rate of Fire: Swing (medium). Range: Melee. Reload Speed: N/A. Weapon Slot: 3. Alt-Fire: Detonate Sticky Bombs. Can be unlocked with: 11 Demoman Achievements. Replaces: Bottle. Nothing beats a magical sword for chopping off people's heads! In addition to decapitating enemies, the Eyelander grants the Demoman increased maximum Health and Speed with every victim killed with the Eyelander (up to four heads). However, it does force the Demoman to sacrifice some of his armour in return for the mass of this weapon, and it is unable to have Critical Hits without the aid of the Chargin' Targe. When souls are devoured, the Demoman's eye will begin to glow... ------------------------ 2.25 >Heavy Weapons Guy< ------------------------ A huge, jolly Russian, the Heavy likes his Minigun, and he likes to go on crazy killing sprees. He even named his guns "Sasha" and "Natascha" and will pummel anybody who dares to touch them. The Heavy is a "Point and Kill" Class. In tight areas, he's deadly, and in the open, he can block an entry point. Being the Class with the most Health, biggest size, and slow speed, he's a good friend with the Medic. Because of his simple deeds, he's a good character for beginners to learn the basics of TF2. The Heavy's unlockable equipment will make him more or less reliant on teammates, or force him to think quickly. Maximum Health: 300. Maximum Overheal: 450. Speed: 77% (27% with Minigun Spinning). Suggested Players: 1-2. Tutorial Video: Weapons: ******************* *Sasha the Minigun* ******************* Clip Size: None. Carrying Capacity: 200. Power: -Short Range: 50-54. -Medium Range: 5-30. -Long Range: 5-10. -Mini Crit: 15-58. -Critical Hit: 27-108. Accuracy: Low. Rate of Fire: Automatic (fast). Range: Medium. Reload Speed: None. Weapon Slot: 1. Alt-Fire: Spin Minigun. Sasha is a Machine Gun. Self-Explanatory, this weapon consumes its ammunition at an alarming rate. To keep the gun spinning, hold right-click. This allows the Heavy to react more quickly to enemeis without having to revolve Sasha again. When spinning the Minigun, the Heavy's speed decreases dramatically. ********* *Shotgun* ********* Clip Size: 6. Carrying Capacity: 32. Power: -Short Range: 80-90. -Medium Range: 10-30. -Long Range: 3-10. -Mini Crit: 8/pellet. -Critical Hit: 18/pellet. Accuracy: Low. Rate of Fire: Pump. Range: Short. Reload Speed: Varies. Weapon Slot: 2. Alt-Fire: None. If the Heavy doesn't want to risk his speed, or doesn't have time to charge up his Minigun, he can use this instead. In TFC, the Minigun used Shell Ammo as well as the Shotgun. In TF2, the Ammunition types are separate, so if he ever runs out of Minigun ammo, he can also resort to his smaller Weapon. The Shotgun is also effective at longer ranges than the Minigun. ******* *Fists* ******* Clip Size: N/A. Carrying Capacity: N/A. Power: -Short Range: 43-87. -Mini Crit: 88. -Critical Hit: 195. Accuracy: N/A. Rate of Fire: Swing (medium). Range: Melee. Reload Speed: None. Weapon Slot: 3. Alt-Fire: Use right fist. The Heavy is tough enough that he can use his own fists for melee brawls. The other two of his Weapons are far better though. An interesting note is that the left mouse button controls his left fist, and the same applies to the right button and his right fist. The only exception is during Critical Hits, where he performs a right-handed upper-cut. If a Heavy is killed while using his Fists, he will simply drop a Minigun. ********************** *Natascha the Minigun* ********************** Clip Size: None. Carrying Capacity: 200. Power: -Short Range: 32-36. -Medium Range: 3-20. -Long Range: 3-6. -Mini Crit: 10-48. -Critical Hit: 18-72. Accuracy: Low. Rate of Fire: Automatic (fast). Range: Medium. Reload Speed: None. Weapon Slot: 1. Alt-Fire: Spin Minigun. Can be unlocked with: 16 Heavy Achievements. Replaces: Sasha. Natascha is Sasha's archenemy, and is the alternate Minigun for the Heavy. Natascha deals less damage than Sasha, but it can slow down enemies, making it useful against Scouts, Medics, and retreating enemies. It is also effective for getting Assists (since it slows down enemies, it makes it easier for others to pick them off). The effects of Natascha can stack on enemy targets. ********** *Sandvich* ********** Purpose: Replenishes 120 HP (300 HP by Taunting). Weapon Slot: 2. Alt-Fire: Throw Sandvich. Can be unlocked with: 10 Heavy Achievements. Replaces: Shotgun. Yes, a snack replaces a weapon. If there are no Medics or Dispensers around, the Heavy can always rely on eating a Sandvich. It takes 4 seconds to eat, so be well protected when eating. The Heavy can also drop the Sandvich for others to eat. To regain the Sandvich, the Heavy must use a Health Kit when he is already at full health, or return to a Resupply Locker. A dropped Sandvich is capable of giving the receiver 50% of his maximum health. *********** *The K.G.B* *********** Clip Size: N/A. Carrying Capacity: N/A. Power: -Short Range: 43-87. -Mini Crit: 88. -Critical Hit: 195. Accuracy: N/A. Rate of Fire: Swing (slow). Range: Melee. Reload Speed: None. Weapon Slot: 3. Alt-Fire: Use right fist. Can be unlocked with: 22 Heavy Achievements. Replaces: Fists. The Heavy now has Boxing Gloves, named "The Killing Gloves of Boxing" to honour the agency he previously worked with. It has a slower firing rate, but it will grant the Heavy 5 seconds of guaranteed Critical Hits if he manages to kill someone with this weapon! Like the Fists, the Heavy will drop his Minigun when he gets killed. --------------- 2.26 >Engineer< --------------- Hailing from the west, the Engineer likes to sing folk songs while his Sentry Guns protect him. He often dislikes vandals (especially Spies) that destroy his machines. His answer to anything? Use a gun. Engineers truly define Defense (although they shouldn't be forsaken on Offense either). He can set up a Mini-Base far from his main spawn points, as well as keeping the enemy busy with his Sentry Guns. He can also give his troops infinite rations of Ammunition with his Dispensers. The bane of the Engineer is, of course, explosives and Spies. Engineers can also be used on offense, as his Teleporters and Dispensers can prevent most trips to and from the resupply area, and their Sentries can pin down any Defenders. Maximum Health: 125. Maximum Overheal: 185. Speed: 100%. Suggested Numbers: 2-3. Tutorial Video: Weapons: ********* *Shotgun* ********* Clip Size: 6. Carrying Capacity: 32. Power: -Short Range: 80-90. -Medium Range: 10-30. -Long Range: 3-10. -Mini Crit: 8/pellet. -Critical Hit: 18/pellet. Accuracy: Low. Rate of Fire: Pump. Range: Short. Reload Speed: Varies. Weapon Slot: 1. Alt-Fire: None. Unlike most Classes, the Shotgun is the Engineer's Primary Weapon. He may need to use this when he catches a Spy "Sappin' his Sentry/Dispenser/Teleporter". He can also use this to give support to fellow teammates. Most of the time, though, he uses this for self-defense. ******** *Pistol* ******** Clip Size: 12. Carrying Capacity: 200. Power: -Close Range: 20-22. -Medium Range: 10-15. -Long Range: 8-9. -Mini Crit: 20. -Critical Hit: 45. Accuracy: Medium. Rate of Fire: Semi (fast). Range: Medium. Reload Speed: Fast. Weapon Slot: 2. Alt-Fire: None. Like the Scout, this weapon is better for the Engineer at far ranges. Unlike Scout, however, he can carry much more ammunition. Occurances where he runs out of Ammo for this Weapon are extremely rare. ******** *Wrench* ******** Clip Size: N/A. Carrying Capacity: 200 units of Metal. Power: -Short Range: 43-87. -Mini Crit: 88. -Critical Hit: 195. Accuracy: N/A. Rate of Fire: Swing (medium). Range: Melee. Reload Speed: None. Weapon Slot: 3. Alt-Fire: None. The Wrench is the most important Melee Weapon, the other being the Spy's Knife. It can repair, re-equip, and upgrade existing Structures. Metal can be obtained by collecting Ammunition, using Dispensers, and salvaging Weapons from casualties. Whacking a machine during construction speeds up its process as well. Remember to maintain structures; a careless Engineer is a worthless Engineer! ****************** *Construction PDA* ****************** Purpose: Builds Sentry Guns, Dispensers, and Teleporter Entrances/Exits. Weapon Slot: 4. Alt-Fire: Rotate Structure. To select certain projects, 1 is for the Sentry Gun, 2 is for the Dispenser, 3 is for the Entrance, and 4 is for the Exit. After doing so, place the building where desired, and wait for 10/20 seconds. Be sure to protect it during construction! Sentries, Dispensers, and Teleporters can be Upgraded to up to three levels. Upgrading a Sentry increases its firepower, Upgrading a Dispenser allows it to donate more Health, Ammo, and Metal to other nearby Teammates, and Upgrading a Teleporter decreases its charge time. The Teleporter can be Upgraded through either the Entrance or the Exit, and upgrading one of them will upgrade the other. ***************** *Destruction PDA* ***************** Purpose: Destroys existing Sentry Guns, Dispensers, and Teleporter Entrances/ Exits. Weapon Slot: 5. Alt-Fire: None. Like the Construction PDA, the keys are the same. Detonate the structure when out of usable sight. ------------ 2.27 >Medic< ------------ A German Doctor, the Medic always likes to stick with his teammates. Because he sticks around his buddies, he's pretty much to blame for many kills. He's also a bit crazy, so refuse any of his offers for free injections. His best friend is the Heavy Weapons Guy. The Medic is a dedicated Support Class. With his Healing Power, he can prolong the lives of his mates, and when the moment arrives, he can team up with a tough player to advance through the most lethal obstacles. In TFC, he was able to poison enemies as well as heal teammates, but he had to get up close. This hampered his healing ability and made him little more than a heavy Scout. In TF2, he's now a dedicated healer, and is not meant for fighting. The Medic can also perform what's called an "Ubercharge", which makes him and his Healing target invulnerable for some time. Another unique trait to the Medic is that he can heal over time when not in combat (very slowly). The best teams always have a Medic. The Medic's unlockable gear enhances his fighting ability, and can also enhance the firepower of his teammates (in exchange for their invulnerability). Maximum Health: 150. Maximum Overheal: 225. Speed: 107%. Suggested Numbers: 1-3. Tutorial Video: Weapons: ************* *Syringe Gun* ************* Clip Size: 40. Carrying Capacity: 150. Power: -Short Range: 10-15. -Medium Range: 5-10. -Long Range: 5-6. -Mini Crit: 14. -Critical Hit: 30. Accuracy: Medium. Rate of Fire: Automatic (medium). Range: Short. Reload Speed: Medium. Weapon Slot: 1. Alt-Fire: None. The Medic's Primary means of defending himself. The projectiles fly in an arced trajectory, so aim a little higher at longer ranges. The gun is weak, so stick around teammates for self-defense. ********* *Medigun* ********* Purpose: Heals other friendly Players, as well as activating Invulnerable Ubercharge at 100%. Heals at 24 HP/sec. Weapon Slot: 2. Alt-Fire: Activate Ubercharge. The Medigun is what the Medic is all about. As well as Healing a target at a fast rate, Healing targets can also gather Energy for Ubercharge, an ability that makes the Medic and his Healing target invulnerable for a valuable ten seconds! During the process of Healing, the Medic can also boost his target's Health to 50% more than what that class usually has at maximum. By default, the Medic must hold the trigger to keep healing people with the Medigun. An option in the options menu allows the Medic to choose his target, and simply click once to heal constantly. To stop healing, switch weapons or get out of range of the healing target. ********* *Bonesaw* ********* Clip Size: N/A. Carrying Capacity: N/A. Power: -Short Range: 43-87. -Mini Crit: 88. -Critical Hit: 195. Accuracy: N/A. Rate of Fire: Swing (medium). Range: Melee. Reload Speed: None. Weapon Slot: 3. Alt-Fire: None. The Bonesaw is another average Melee Weapon. However, the Bonesaw is a much better choice for the Medic to fend off bad guys, Spies in particular, up close. ************ *Blutsauger* ************ Clip Size: 40. Carrying Capacity: 150. Power: -Short Range: 10-15. -Medium Range: 5-10. -Long Range: 5-6. -Mini Crit: 14. -Critical Hit: 30. Accuracy: Medium. Rate of Fire: Automatic (medium). Range: Short. Reload Speed: Medium. Weapon Slot: 1. Alt-Fire: None. Can be unlocked with: 10 Medic Achievements. Replaces: Syringe Gun. The Blutsauger is the first of the Medic's unlockable weapons. In exchange for decreasing the Medic's default self-healing rate, it will give the Medic health if the projectiles manage to hit an enemy (3 health per shot). Because of this, it is useful for keeping the Medic alive when in combat (but makes the Medic unable to patch up as quickly when out of combat). ************ *Kritzkrieg* ************ Purpose: Heals other friendly Players, as well as activating Full-Crit Ubercharge at 100%. Weapon Slot: 2. Alt-Fire: Activate Ubercharge. Can be unlocked with: 16 Medic Achievements. Replaces: Medigun. The Kritkrieg, when fully charged, allows the Medic to give his (friendly) target fully Critical Shots (every shot he fires will be Critical) for ten seconds. However, it does NOT provide invulnerability to players. The Kritzkrieg's Ubercharge will gain power 25% faster than the Medigun. Taunting with this weapon will replenish 10 points of Health for the Medic. ********* *Ubersaw* ********* Clip Size: N/A. Carrying Capacity: N/A. Power: -Short Range: 43-87. -Mini Crit: 88. -Critical Hit: 195. Accuracy: N/A. Rate of Fire: Swing (slow). Range: Melee. Reload Speed: None. Weapon Slot: 3. Alt-Fire: None. Can be unlocked with: 22 Medic Achievements. Replaces: Bonesaw. The Ubersaw, when hitting an enemy, will charge the Medic's Medigun/Kritzkrieg by 25%. It swings slower than the Bonesaw, but the Medic's speed can make up for this loss. ------------- 2.28 >Sniper< ------------- The Australian Rifleman enjoys fighting from large distances, and has a knack for looking at people's heads. The Crocodile Hunter wannabe wears his trusty Akubra, and has an adventurous attitude. The Sniper, of course, is a Long-Range destroyer. Unlike most Snipers in games, he needs to charge up his Rifle for maximum firepower. He also has a few other Weapons if anybody tries to attack him from up close. In TFC, he had to hold the trigger to charge his shots. In TF2, he simply needs to use his scope, resulting in less sore index fingers for the Commonwealth Marksman. The Sniper's alternate set of equipment allow him to fare better at shorter (but still relatively long) ranges, and even provides him a way to help out his teammates. Maximum Health: 125. Maximum Overheal: 185. Speed: 100% (27% with Rifle zoomed in, 45% with the Huntsman drawn). Suggested Numbers: 1-2. Tutorial Video: Weapons: ************** *Sniper Rifle* ************** Clip Size: None. Carrying Capacity: 25. Power: -100% Charged Body Shot: 99-201. -1% to 99% Charged Body Shot: 34-66. -100% Charged Headshot: 450. -1% to 99% Charged Headshot: 150. -Mini Crit: 68-203. -Critical Hit: 150. Accuracy: Very High. Rate of Fire: Single (slow). Range: Long. Reload Speed: None. Weapon Slot: 1. Alt-Fire: Scope. The Sniper Rifle is the ultimate weapon for the Sniper. Aiming for the head is critical to dispatching enemies from a distance. Use the Scope to charge the shots for extra firepower. Charging takes time. The density of the Dot seen through the Scope and the amount of units in the meter indicates the shot's power. Headshots are always considered Critical Hits, so ALWAYS try to aim for the head! A fully charged Headshot will kill even the toughest of all targets. **************** *Submachine Gun* **************** Clip Size: 25. Carrying Capacity: 75. Power: -Short Range: 8-12. -Medium Range: 4-6. -Long Range: 4-5. -Mini Crit: 11. -Critical Hit: 24. Accuracy: Medium. Rate of Fire: Automatic (medium). Range: Medium. Reload Speed: Fast. Weapon Slot: 2. Alt-Fire: None. The Sniper's Secondary Weapon. If the Sniper ever needs to fight in close areas, he should use this Weapon. He can also use the Submachine Gun on the move, or to finish off opponents that have been impaled with arrows. ******* *Kukri* ******* Clip Size: N/A. Carrying Capacity: N/A. Power: -Short Range: 43-87. -Mini Crit: 88. -Critical Hit: 195. Accuracy: N/A. Rate of Fire: Swing (medium). Range: Melee. Reload Speed: None. Weapon Slot: 3. Alt-Fire: None. This is the Sniper's Melee Weapon. The Sniper can use this as his up close weapon with his SMG, or he can use this against Spies who try to cut his back. ****************** *The Huntsman Bow* ****************** Clip Size: 1. Carrying Capacity: 12. Power: -100% Charged Body Shot: 108-132. -1% to 99% Charged Body Shot: 50-60. -100% Charged Headshot: 360 . -1% to 99% Charged Headshot: 165. Accuracy: High. Rate of Fire: Single (medium). Range: Medium-Long. Reload Speed: Medium. Weapon Slot: 1. Alt-Fire: Cancel Bow shot. Can be unlocked with: 5 Sniper Achievements. Replaces: Sniper Rifle. The Huntsman is a bow that charges faster than the Sniper Rifle, and works better at shorter ranges than the Sniper Rifle. The Sniper also moves faster when charging his shot for the Huntsman than charging with the Sniper Rifle, and the Huntsman does not emit a laser that can compromise the Sniper's presence. Huntsman Arrows can also be lit by friendly Pyros, allowing the Sniper to light his targets on fire. The Sniper can only keep charging the Huntsman for so long until his aim becomes unsteady and inaccurate. To charge with the Huntsman, simply hold fire (Left-Click) and release to fire. To cancel a shot, Right-Click. ******** *Jarate* ******** Purpose: Can be splashed on enemies to make them 35% more vulnerable to damage for a period of time. Jarate can also extinguish fires on the Sniper or on his teammates. Weapon Slot: 2. Alt-Fire: None. Can be unlocked with: 11 Sniper Achievements. Replaces: Submachine Gun. First conceived as a joke, the Jarate program gave the Sniper some jars of urine. Jarate can be used against enemies in order to make them more vulnerable to damage. Jarate can also be used to extinguish fires, whether it be on the Sniper or on his friends. The effects of Jarate can be quickly removed by jumping into water. Jarate also obscures the vision of the target. Much like Sandman Balls, Jarate can be regained by either heading back to a Resupply Cabinet, or it will regenerate on its own. Anyone hit by Jarate will be dripping with pee, including Spies attempting to cloak (causing them to be clearly visible). *************** *The Razorback* *************** Purpose: Shocks any Spies that try to Backstab the Sniper, preventing them from using their Knife and from switching weapons for a short period of time. The Razorback breaks upon any Backstab. Weapon Slot: N/A. Alt-Fire: None. Can be unlocked with: 17 Sniper Achievements. Replaces: Submachine Gun. The Razorback is a bit of cheap insurance for the Sniper against enemy Spies. The Razorback can only counter one Backstab, as it will be destroyed thereafter. To regain the Razorback, head back to the Resupply Cabinet (the other way is to die and respawn). ---------- 2.29 >Spy< ---------- The French Master of Espionage and suave tactics makes his debut in TF2. He may not be the legendary 007 Agent, but he's pretty damn close. Known to practically shapeshift as other people, he's a master of disguise, and vandalism. Sometimes it's not wise to trust him. The Spy is the master of disguise. Get into some clothing, and he'll start acting accordingly. With only a Revolver and a Knife for self defense, he's not very good at direct combat, with his low Health only making the job worse. He's more professional at infiltration and causing trouble within enemy territory. He's also got a new trick up his sleeve: The Cloak. The Spy's newest gadgets allow the Spy to use different tactics getting in or out of combat, as well as another way to pick off his targets. Maximum Health: 125. Maximum Overheal: 185. Speed: 100%. Suggested Numbers: 1-2. Tutorial Video: Weapons: ********** *Revolver* ********** Clip Size: 6. Carrying Capacity: 24. Power: -Short Range: 55-60. -Medium Range: 35-45. -Long Range: 20-25. -Mini Crit: 54. -Critical Hit: 120. Accuracy: High. Rate of Fire: Semi (medium). Range: Medium. Reload Speed: Medium. Weapon Slot: 1. Alt-Fire: None. The Revolver is the Spy's Primary and only ranged Weapon. The Revolver is quite powerful and versatile, but for the Spy, it just isn't meant for Wild West shootouts. Whenever the Spy loses his cover though, he can use this. The Revolver is also fairly accurate, which can kill enemies at long ranges. ******** *Sapper* ******** Purpose: Saps an Engineer's Structure. The Spy does not lose his disguise while placing a Sapper, and can place more than one. Weapon Slot: 2. Alt-Fire: None. As explained above, the Sapper is what usually angers Engineers. The Sapper, when planted, prevents the structure affected by the Sapper from doing its normal task and receives damage over time. A Sapper can only be removed by two whacks by the Engineer's Wrench. Sappers need to be placed up close. Engineers will be alerted when a Sapper is placed. Sappers placed on Teleporters will affect the Entrance and Exit simultaneously. Similarily, the Engineer can remove Sappers on both ends by removing a Sapper on one side. The Sapper destroys Dispensers, Teleporters, and Level 1 Sentries in 7 seconds, while it destroyed Level 2 and Level 3 Sentries in 8 and 10 seconds, respectively (assuming the structures are at full health). ******* *Knife* ******* Clip Size: N/A. Carrying Capacity: N/A. Power: -Short Range: 28-54 -Mini Crit: 54. -Critical Hit: 120. -Backstab: 450. Accuracy: N/A. Rate of Fire: Swing (medium). Range: Melee. Reload Speed: None. Weapon Slot: 3. Alt-Fire: None. The Knife is, like the Engineer's Wrench, one of the two most important Melee Weapons in the game. When facing the back or at the back parts of the side of a victim, the Spy Backstabs his target and recieves an instant kill. Try not to use the Knife from the front. ****************** *Spytron 3000 Kit* ****************** Purpose: To Select Disguises, as either part of the enemy or of the friendly teams. Weapon Slot: 4. Alt-Fire: None. The Spytron 3000 (or Disguise Kit) is another vital part of the Spy's arsenal. After selecting the Kit, the Numbers 1-9 indicate the Classes to Select. Press the "-" key to switch from Hostile or Friendly uniforms. Spy cannot Capture Control Points or carry Intelligence when he is Disguised or Cloaked, and the Spy loses his Disguise whenever he uses his Revolver or Knife. A friendly Disguised Spy appears as a Spy with a mask over his face. The Spy is engulfed in a cloud of smoke when he puts on a Disguise. When the Spy puts on his Disguise, the weapon his Disguise will be holding will always start as the primary weapon for that Disguise (A Sniper Rifle for the Sniper Disguise, etc). To change the weapon the Disguise is holding, simply change weapons, and press "Redisguise" (the "B" key by default). The weapon the Disguise is holding is indicated below the type of Disguise the Spy is using. These are the available fake weapons for each weapon the Spy is holding: Revolver: Scattergun/Force-A-Nature, Rocket Launcher/Direct Hit, Flamethrower/ Backburner, Grenade Launcher, Sasha/Natascha the Minigun, Shotgun, Syringe Gun/Blutsauger, Sniper Rifle/Huntsman, Revolver/Ambassador. Sapper: Pistol/Bonk Punch, Shotgun/Flare Gun/Sandvich, Sticky Bomb Launcher/ Scottish Resistance, Medigun/Kritzkrieg, SMG/Jarate. Knife: Bat/Sandman, Spade/Equalizer, Axe/Axtinguisher, Bottle/Eyelander, Fists/The KGB, Wrench, Bonesaw/Ubersaw, Kukri, Knife. In short, the Spy can wield any fake weapons as their according class except for the Construction/Destruction PDAs, the Sapper, and the Disguise Kit. The weapon the Spy is using in Disguise is displayed in the bottom-left corner of the screen, along with the name he is using. *************** *Spytech Watch* *************** Purpose: Renders the Spy invisible. Weapon Slot: N/A. Alt-Fire: Activate Cloak. One of the most well-known contraptions Spytech Industries has built, the Watch allows the Spy to sneak past his foes in enemy territory. Simply use the Special Ability command (Right-Click) to activate the Cloak. The Watch recharges overtime, but can also be recharged even faster by picking up Ammunition or using Dispensers. The Spy cannot reload his Revolver when Cloaked, nor can he attack nor place Sappers. Beware! The Cloak does not allow Spies to pass through walls or enemies, so try not to bump into anyone! The Cloak also begins to lose effect when bumping into enemies, or when being fired at. The Spy must also wait for around half a second for the Cloak to fully activate upon use. Cloaks are essentially useless for Spies that are on fire/dripping with pee. **************** *The Ambassador* **************** Clip Size: 6. Carrying Capacity: 24. Power: -Short Range: 46-56. -Medium Range: 31-37. -Long Range: 15-19. -Mini Crit: 46. -Headshot: 102. Accuracy: Very High/Low. Rate of Fire: Semi (slow). Range: Medium/Long. Reload Speed: Medium. Weapon Slot: 1. Alt-Fire: None. Can be unlocked with: 5 Spy Achievements. Replaces: Revolver. The Ambassador is a silver variant of the Revolver. The Ambassador also has more accuracy than the Revolver on its first shot (comparable to that of the Sniper Rifle), but will become much poorer during the short period after shooting. Also like the Sniper Rifle, the Ambassador also benefits from Headshots. The Ambassador, by default, has a slower firing rate than the regular Revolver, and can only benefit from the Headshot bonus if the gun's accuracy is stable (the crosshair is about halfway shrunk). ********************** *Cloak & Dagger Watch* ********************** Purpose: Renders the Spy invisible. Weapon Slot: N/A. Alt-Fire: Activate Cloak. Can be unlocked with: 11 Spy Achievements. Replaces: Spytech Watch. The Cloak & Dagger Watch only uses its battery power when the Spy moves, allowing the Spy to remain invisible forever as long as he stays perfectly still. The amount of power drained depends on how fast the Spy moves, making it suitable for ambushes and monitoring. ******************* *Dead Ringer Watch* ******************* Purpose: Renders the Spy invisible when shot at with Watch out. Weapon Slot: N/A. Alt-Fire: Bring out Watch. Can be unlocked with: 17 Spy Achievements. Replaces: Spytech Watch. The Dead Ringer Pocket Watch allows the Spy to feign his death upon getting hit, and automatically Cloaks the Spy for up to 7 seconds (as long as he is using the watch like the Spytech Watch upon being hit), as long as the Spy has it out upon being hit. The hit will only do 10% of its normal damage. After being hit, the Spy cannot use the Dead Ringer again until its batteries are 100% charged once more. The Spy cannot use the Dead Ringer to cloak manually; it will only cloak the Spy once he gets hit. Emerging from a Dead Ringer Cloak will consume a bit of the watch's power. Much like the Spytech Watch, the Dead Ringer recharges overtime, or can be recharged through Ammunition (but less so than the Spytech Watch). If the Dead Ringer is deactivated before its batteries are completely drained, the deactivation process only takes up 40% of the entire battery capacity. --------------------- 2.30 >Voice Commands< --------------------- Voice Commands are a quick and effective way with communicating with teammates. Some voice commands show up on the dialogue box while others don't. Voice Commands with the * on them show on the dialogue box. Voice Commands with the # on them will display a symbol on that person's head. Voice Menu 1 (Z): 1 - Medic! *# 2 - Thanks! * 3 - Go go go! * 4 - Move Up! * 5 - Flank Left * 6 - Flank Right * 7 - Yes * 8 - No * Voice Menu 2 (X): 1 - Incoming! *# 2 - Spy! * 3 - Sentry Ahead! * 4 - Need a Teleporter here 5 - Need a Dispenser here 6 - Need a Sentry here 7 - Activate Charge! * 8 - Ubercharge Ready (Medic Only) Voice Menu 3 (C): 1 - Help! *# 2 - Battle Cry 3 - Cheers 4 - Jeers 5 - Positive 6 - Negative 7 - Nice Shot 8 - Good Job The "Medic!" Command can also be used with E. If someone calls for help when they are on a Control Point, they will ask for help for either Defending or Capturing the Point. A player that points to another player while using the "Spy!" Command will say that the player is a spy rather than that a Cloaked Spy is around. Press 9 in any of the menus to exit the voice menu. Characters will also say other things upon doing certain actions, such as getting their Revenge, or upon Capturing a Control Point, etc. Some classes have more lines than others, such as the Scout, who likes to act like Vince Offer when he's having a good time. -------------------------------------------------- 2.40 >Differences between PC and Console Versions< -------------------------------------------------- Yes, TF2 also happens to be on other Console systems. However, since Valve is primarily a PC Game developer, many of the features in the PC version are not available in the Console Versions. Here are the details that make Console Versions different: -There are NO Class Unlockables, Hats, nor Achievements. -The only Voice Commands are "Medic" and Taunts. -Taunts cannot kill. -Custom Maps are unavailable. -The only official maps available on the Console Versions are 2Fort, Well, Granary, Gravelpit, Dustbowl, and Hydro (the maps the PC version was initially stuck with). Basically, Valve "heavily dislikes" consoles. ------------------ 2.50 >The Loadout< ------------------ The Loadout contains all the information on one's stats and inventory in TF2. The Loadout tab provides the details of all the weapons currently armed for each Class, and how many obtainable Items they have available. It also contains the Backpack, which is a storage area for all Items collected. The Backpack has two pages of room available. Unneeded Items can be deleted in the Backpack. The Stats page shows one's stats in one's total gameplay. From most Kills in one life to most amount of time spent alive, these stats can tell one's favourite classes. In order to safely record stats, it's recommended to disconnect from the server and then quit the game (be sure NOT to quit the game without disconnecting!). Also, it is said that one should die before disconnecting and quitting. ------------------------- 2.51 >Hats & Accessories< ------------------------- This is the Hat list for each class. All Class-specific Hats can only be randomly obtained during gameplay (3% of all drops are Hats!), while the Generic Hats can only be obtained through certain Achievements or events, and can never be obtained through the random drop system. ****** *Hats* ****** Scout: -Batter's Cap -Bonk Punch Helm -Ye Olde Baker Boy -Sports Shine Soldier: -Helmet Stash attachment -Tyrant's Barbarian Helm -Stainless Cooking Pot -Gentle Manne's Medal Pyro: -Propeller Beanie -Firefighter Brigade Helmet -Respectless Rubber Glove Demoman: -Afro Shine -Glengarry Bonnet -Scottsman's Stove Pipe Hat Heavy: -Football Helmet -Comrade Officer's Ushanka -Tough Guy's Tuque Engineer: -Mining Light attatchment -Texas Ten Gallon -Train Engineer's Cap -Dome Shine Medic: -Pickelhaube Helmet -Vintage Tyrolean -Otolaryngologist's Mirror Sniper: -Tooth Trophy Belt attatchment -Professional's Panama -Jarate Yellow Belt -Hair Fixative Shine Spy: -Detective's Fedora -Backbiter's Billycock Generic: -Cheater's Lament -Ghastly Gibus -Mildly Disturbing Halloween Mask -Bill's Beret ************* *Accessories* ************* Soldier: -Gentle Manne's Medal Spy: -Camera Beard The Gentle Manne's Medal was given to the first 11,111 people who visited a hidden page in the Team Fortress website. They're fresh out now. During the Steamstats era, some people wanted Hats so badly that they used third-party programs to obtain Hats. Months later, Valve punished those who used such programs by removing any items obtained through these programs and gave the Cheater's Lament to anyone who refused to use them. In the Halloween Haunt, the Ghastly Gibus and the Mildly Disturbing Halloween Mask were available through two Achievements. The Ghastly Gibus was also given out much like the Gentle Manne's Medal to allow the Gibus fad to spread. The Mask is only wearable during the Halloween Haunt. Before the Infection in Left 4 Dead, Bill had to warn the past of the upcoming virus that would strike humanity. However, he could only donate his spare Beret. He sent it into some sort of time machine and had the Mann Co duplicate the Hat. The Hat would be given as a warning of the upcoming Infection to both RED and BLU members who pre-ordered Left 4 Dead 2. They'd best prepare for the zombie hordes! --------------- 2.52 >Crafting< --------------- Remember how all those duplicate items found during battles were nothing but excuses for annoying notices and pointless collecting? Now in the Crafting age, that's only a bad memory! Introducing Crafting, the best way to put all those extra items to use! ************ *Blueprints* ************ Metal Creation: -Smelt Identical Weapons: 3 Identical Weapons/Items = 1 Unit of Scrap Metal. -Smelt Class Weapons: 3 Class Weapons = 1 Unit of Scrap Metal. Metal Refining: -Combine Scrap Metal: 3 Units of Scrap Metal = 1 Unit of Reclaimed Metal. -Combine Reclaimed Metal: 3 Units of Reclaimed Metal = 1 Unit of Refined Metal. Token Creation: -Create Class Token: 4 Class Weapons = 1 Class Token. -Create Slot Token: 4 Slot Weapons = 1 Slot Token. -Change Class Token: Class Token and 1 different Class Weapon = 1 different Class Token. -Change Slot Token: Slot Token and 1 different Slot Weapon = 1 different Slot Token. Hat Making: -Fabricate Hat: 3 Units of Refined Metal = 1 Random Hat. -Fabricate Specific Hat: 4 Units of Refined Metal and a Class Token = 1 Class Hat. -Change Hat: 2 Hats = 1 different Hat. Weapon Making: -Fabricate Weapon: A Class Token, a Slot Token, and 1 Unit of Scrap Metal = 1 Class Slot Weapon. The results of what type of Token is being made all depend on what's being used to Craft them. The results of what type of Hat or Weapon all depend on what Tokens are being used to Craft them (unless Changing Hats or making a Random Hat). ********************** *What's best to Craft* ********************** This goes pretty much without saying, but: -Weapons with odd levels in them (it's easier to select different Weapons in the Loadout, trust me). -Weapons for disliked Classes. -Duplicate Weapons. -Crappy Weapons (Backburners and Razorbacks). ================= 3.0 >Multiplayer< ================= Here's some more Strategies when actually being in the Battlefiels of TF2. ----------- 3.1 >Modes< ----------- Here are the styles of gameplay in TF2. ---------------------- Capture the Flag (CTF) ---------------------- This mode contains two Intelligence Boxes that must be captured by the opposing teams and brought back to their base. The team that captures the enemy Intelligence enough times wins the round. Should the Intelligence be captured, the team who captured it will be granted with ten seconds of critical shots! Maps: -2Fort -Well -Turbine -Sawmill -Doublecross ----------------------- Control Point Push (CP) ----------------------- There are often five Control Points, two already belonging to the REDs and the BLUs. The objective is to control all five Control Points. Time is added whenever a Control Point switches sides. Control Points at the frontlines will be capturable by the opposing team, while Control Points near the spawn points will be locked until the Control Point in front of it is captured. Maps: -Well -Granary -Badlands -Fastlane -Yukon -------------------------- Control Point Assault (CP) -------------------------- In this Control Point mode, the BLU team must attack RED's base by capturing the Control Points. Time is added whenever BLU siezes a CP from RED. When time runs out, RED wins. Control Points captured by BLU cannot be taken back by RED. Some Control Points can only be captured when BLU has captured other certain Control Points (in most cases, the Control Points must be captured consecutively). Maps: -Dustbowl -Gravelpit -Steel -Egypt -Junction -Gorge ------------------------ Territorial Control (TC) ------------------------ The map in this mode consists of multiple areas where RED and BLU duke it out. Each phase has two CPs, and the team that manages to take the enemy CP and hold their own wins the round. Then that area becomes theirs. Victory is achieved by controlling all areas on the map. Maps: -Hydro ------------ Payload (PL) ------------ In these maps, the BLU team must escort a cart full of explosives along a track towards the RED HQ. The cart acts like a mobile dispenser, and the map is separated into 3 phases. The cart must be escorted to different checkpoints in order for BLU to gain more time before it runs out. The cart moves faster if there are more BLU players next to it, and it will stop if there's a RED player next to it. If BLU doesn't get to the cart before the time indicated on the cart runs out, the cart will begin to move backwards slowly. Maps: -Goldrush -Badwater Basin -Hoodoo ------------------ Payload Race (PLR) ------------------ Like Payload, this alternative involves the advance of a Cart towards the enemy base to gain victory. However, both teams must push their respective Cart to the enemy base while preventing the enemy team from getting their Cart to the base (which means there are two separate sets of tracks). Although neither Cart will automatically move backwards when its according team members do not try to push it soon enough, the Carts will fall down ramps rather quickly if not pushed. Winning in one round allows the Cart to have a head start over the other at the start of the next round. Maps: -Pipeline ------------- Arena (Arena) ------------- Arena mode is much like Counter-Strike; the round ends when one team runs out of its players, and the other team wins. Unlike Counter-Strike, there's a lone Capture Point in the middle of the map that is activated when enough time has passed. If a team manages to control that point, they win. The player who kills another player gets a bonus known as "First Blood". First Blood allows the player who received the first kill to have 100% Critical Shots for a brief period. Maps: -Well -Badlands -Granary -Lumberyard -Ravine -Watchtower -Sawmill -Nucleus -Offblast ----------------------- King of the Hill (KOTH) ----------------------- The objective of King of the Hill is to hold out a certain area for three minutes. The Control Point starts out neutral, so it's up for the taking of both teams! Each team has a timer that they need to tick by holding the Point. Should the Control Point fall under the control of a different team, that team's timer will start ticking and the other team's will freeze. When the Control Point becomes contested near the end of the round, the Announcer may become so excited that she'll keep saying "Overtime!". Maps: -Viaduct -Nucleus -Sawmill -Harvest ---------- 3.2 >Maps< ---------- This is the (always incomplete) list of maps for TF2. --------------- >Official Maps< --------------- ----- 2Fort ----- One of the most popular Maps in the Team Fortress Series, the 2Forts have made some drastic changes in TF2. There are two identical bases, separated by a pool and a bridge with a roof. There are also underground entrances to both bases, which are no longer full of water, but instead, shallow entrances with a good place to construct a Mini-Base within. There is a Sniper's ledge on the bases, and the vital Intelligence boxes are located in the underground Lobby. There's three restoration rooms, and many corridors that can be baited with traps. -------- Dustbowl -------- Another popular Map from TFC, this one is about Assault. There are three stages that the Reliable Excavation & Demolition (RED) Faction must defend from the takeover of the Builder's League United (BLU) Organization. For every stage, there are two Capture Points that RED must defend against BLU. When the first is Captured, the Defenders must defend the second Control point. Each stage has lots of action, so be prepared for a violent gunfight! ---- Well ---- This Map, by far, has the most changes from its TFC counterpart. While the basic layout is slightly similar, its size is not. In the Control Point Mode, the two Teams must take over all of the Control Points, meaning that the Teams have to assault each others' base! The action starts at the central Control Point, which is inside a Train Tunnel. Noobs must be aware of the train lights. In the CTF version, the Intelligence Case is located in each of the bases. ------- Granary ------- The first of the new Maps, the open fields is another equally balanced CP Map. There's many buildings for cover, and many bridges and catwalks for Snipers. There's nothing much else to say about this map. --------- Gravelpit --------- There are three Control Points that RED must protect against BLU. Two are available for grabs against BLU, but the third cannot be taken over until both of the first two Control Points have been Captured. One of the first ones overlook a cliff while the other one is in the center of a field. The third is a tall tower which is difficult to defend and besiege. It's going to be a difficult battle for RED! ----- Hydro ----- In this Hydroelectric Map, the two Teams must secure the entire Map, which is divided into four sectors. On each round, two opposing sectors are controlled by each of the Teams, and the goal is to control the enemy sector. No two battles are ever the same! Victory occurs when a Team captures the final Control Point from the other Team. This is the only official, and perhaps just the only Territorial Control map to date. -------- Badlands -------- In this map, the action takes place in the Arizona. Two bases oppose each other, with a capturable spire outside. The only thing standing between these two Bases is a lone Bridge. Like Well, the majority of layout in this map has changed drastically from its predecessor in TFC. -------- Goldrush -------- The first Payload map, the areas around the tracks are very linear. Like Dustbowl, this map consists of three phases. It's a difficult assault for BLU! -------------- Badwater Basin -------------- Like Goldrush, Badwater Basin is another Payload map, except this map only has one phase, and is more open than Goldrush. With its many turns, who will win this fight? -------- Fastlane -------- A custom map turned into an official map, this is a wide push CP map with many hills, twists, turns, and pathways. ------- Turbine ------- Another custom map turned official, this CTF Map takes place completley indoors, and has many vents, and tight spots. ----- Steel ----- Another custom map that's now official. It is an assault map with 5 Control Points. While the BLU Team must capture the central CP from RED, they can also capture the other surrounding CPs in order to be able to capture the central point faster. It's an evil genius' base come true! ------ Ravine ------ A dry Arena map, has a tower and two tight areas. ---------- Lumberyard ---------- A forest with three cabins, this place is anything but cozy! ----- Egypt ----- Set in the ancient desert, RED must defend an ancient tomb from the BLU grave robbers. Much like Dustbowl, Egypt is divided into three sections, each with two Control Points. BLU must capture the forward Control Point before the second Control Point in each phase of the mission. A mix of tight corners, dark hallways, and open sunny areas make this place a level of both ambushing and direct combat. Egypt also has a lot of vertical action, giving Soldiers, Demomen, and Scouts an advantage. Now an official map as of the Scout Update. -------- Junction -------- An indoor facility with three Control Points. Much like Gravelpit's layout, BLU must Capture the first two Control Points before assaulting RED's final Control Point. Another custom map with the Valve seal of quality. ---------- Watchtower ---------- A fan-made Arena map in the mountains. This crater includes a tower and lots of pipes, with lots of vertical action. Snipers, Scouts, Soldiers, and Demomen will have the edge here. -------- Pipeline -------- The first Paylaod Race map. Dark and gloomy, the Pipeline railroad is divided into three sections. The first two involve the Carts moving in opposite directions. The last phase involve both Carts moving up a steep ramp up to the final destination. ------- Sawmill ------- A sawmill on a stormy mountain, there's also a secret underground base, (along with two leaky underground rooms in CTF). Watch out for the sawblades! ------- Nucleus ------- A base with a doomsday device, and a bottomless pit below. The Arena's Control Point is located beneath the core of the device. This truly defines Arena and King of the Hill mode! ------ Hoodoo ------ First as a homemade custom Payload map, the BLU team must move the Cart though some formerly fertile farmland, through buildings, all the way to the RED HQ, a garage. Hoodoo has its share of twists, turns, and the usual gore and violence. -------- Offblast -------- Another former community-made map, Offblast is located at the peak of a mountain. A secret compound is located within the mountain, and there's no getting back up the edges of the cliffs! ------- Viaduct ------- A snowy hill with a base on top, each team must rush to the hill and seize it from the enemy! Try not to freeze to death! ----- Yukon ----- Time to fight, eh? Set in an abandoned coal mine, this Push map contains plenty of tunnels, logs, and the like! Recently awarded with the "Valve certificate of excellence". ------- Harvest ------- Boo! Ghosts, Pumpkins, and a creepy sense doesn't stop RED and BLU from fighting in this farmland! Sometimes, during the night hours of this map, the ghost of Zepheniah Mann may appear throughout the area to scare a few RED and BLU members! It is also a popular place to steal Gibus Hats and obtaining Halloween masks. Beware of those explosive pumpkins! ----- Gorge ----- A short and simple map in the middle of the forest. The BLU team must take this small outpost from RED by seizing its two Control Points. ----------- Doublecross ----------- The bridge is the only thing standing between RED and BLU in this CTF map. There are multiple entrances to the insides of both bases, and there's more than one way to actually reach the bases. ----------------- >Unofficial Maps< ----------------- ------ Convoy ------ This map consists of two large vehicles (trains, maybe?) driving quickly across a desert. The intel is located inside the driving terminal area, while the spawn points are in the middle of the vehicles. Only a few catwalks and bridges connect the two trucks together. -------- Orange X -------- A push map that has only Orange textures, this map is a Sniper's dream. There's a tower in the middle of the battlefield, which is often difficult to Capture. There are many versions of this map. ------ Mach_4 ------ Another exciting CTF map that includes two huge bases. There are many twists and turns in each of the bunkers, as well as a defunct sewer system and many Sniper ports. -------------- Melee Mountain -------------- A pointless but still fun melee-only map that consists of a mountain with Boxing rings on it. ---- Wolf ---- The BLU team tries to take the RED radar station in this map. There are three CPs (like in Gravelpit), and there are many alternative paths to take. ---------- Black Mesa ---------- Much like the infamous research labratory in Half-Life, this map features white rooms, experimental dormitories, offices, and a wide arena that has catwalks and a deadly pit (a nearly bottomless floor or a pool of radioactive waste). There are many versions of this map. -------- Frontier -------- A Payload Map that takes place in the woods in the mountains, BLU must escort a locomotive through the forest to the RED headquarters. There are tons of buildings to the sides of the rails. At the end, the locomotive will simply fall into the pit below the tracks and into the RED base. ------------------ 3.3 >Achievements< ------------------ This is the list of all of the rewards in TF2 when completing a certain task. General: -Dynasty: Win 20 Games. -Flamethrower: Set five enemies on fire in 30 seconds. -Grey Matter: Get 25 Headshots as a Sniper. -Hardcore: Get a total of 1000 kills. -Hard to Kill: Get five kills in a row without dying. -Head of the Class: Play a complete round with every Class. -Impenetrable Defense: Defend Dustbowl without giving up a Capture. -Impossible Defense: Defend Gravelpit without giving up a Capture. -Lightning Offense: Win Well in less than 5 Minutes. -Master of Disguise: Trick an opposing Medic into Healing a Spy. -Nemesis: Get Five Revenge Kills. -Powerhouse Offense: Win 2Fort with a Shutout. -Relentless Offense: Win Hydro without giving up a Capture. -Sentry Gunner: Kill 10 people with a single Sentry Gun. -Team Doctor: Accumulate 25000 Heal Points as a Medic. -With Friends Like these...: Play with 8 Friends on the Friends List in one server. -World Traveler: Play a complete Game on every Map. Scarechievements: -Attack o' Lantern: Cause the deaths of 5 players by exploding nearby pumpkin bombs. -Candy Coroner: Collect 20 Halloween pumpkins from dead players to unlock the Mildly Disturbing Halloween Mask. -Costume Contest: Kill a Spy disguised as your current class. -Ghastly Gibus Grab: Dominate a player wearing the Ghastly Gibus to earn your own. -Scared Stiff: Kill a player scared by the ghost haunting Harvest. Scout: -A Year to Remember: Get 2004 lifetime kills as a Scout. -Artful Dodger: Dodge 1000 damage in a single life using Bonk! Atomic Punch. -Batter Up: Perform 1000 double jumps. -Batting the Doctor: Kill a Medic that is ready to deploy an UberCharge. -Beanball: Stun a scout with their own ball. -Belittled Beleauger: Kill an opposing player that has your Intelligence while holding theirs. -Block the Plate: Block 50 point Captures. -Brushback: Stun 50 enemies while they are capturing a point or pushing the Cart. -Caught Napping: Kill 50 enemies from behind with the Force-A-Nature. -Closer: Destroy 3 Teleporter Entrances -Doctoring the Ball: Kill 3 enemies while under the effects of a Medic's UberCharge as a Scout. -Dodgers 1, Giants 0: Kill an enemy Heavy and take his Sandvich as a Scout. -Fall Classic: Cause an environmental death or suicide using the Force-A- Nature's knockback. -First Blood: Get the first kill in an Arena match as a Scout. -First Blood, Part 2: Kill 5 enemies with the First Blood crit buff as a Scout. -Foul Territory: Cause an environmental death by stunning an enemy. -Gun Down: Destroy an active sentry gun using your pistol. -If You Build It: Destroy 3 enemy buildings while they are still under construction as a Scout. -I'm Bat Man: Survive 500 units of damage in one life as a Scout. -Moon Shot: Stun an enemy for the maximum possible duration by hitting them with a long-range ball. -No Hitter: Steal and then capture the enemy intelligence without firing a shot. -Out of the Park: Bat an enemy 25 meters (Kill an enemy with the Sandman Taunt). -Pop Fly: Kill 20 players while Double-Jumping. -Quick Hook: Kill a player in Well before the round starts. -Race for the Pennant: Run 25 kilometers as a Scout. -Retire the Runner: Kill a Scout while they are snared by the post-dodge slowdown effect. -Round Tripper: Capture the enemy Intelligence 25 times. -Set the Table: Initiate 10 point captures that ultimately succeed. -Side Retired: Capture the last point in a CP map. -Stealing Home: Start capping a capture point within a second of it becoming available. -Strike Zone: Kill 50 enemies while they are stunned. -The Big Hurt: Stun 2 Medics ready to deploy an Ubercharge. -The Cycle: In a single life, kill an enemy while you are on the ground, in the air, and in the water. -Triple Play: Capture three Capture Points in a row in one life. -Triple Steal: Capture the enemy Intelligence 3 times in a single CTF round. Soldier: -Ain't Got Time to Bleed: Kill 3 players with the Equalizer in a single life without being healed. -Backdraft Dodger: Kill a Pyro who has Airblasted one of your Rockets in the last 10 seconds. -Banner of Brothers: Buff 5 Steam Friends at once with the Buff Banner. -Bomb Squaddie: Destroy 10 Sticky Bombs with the Shotgun in a single life. -Brothers in Harms: Kill 10 enemies while assisting or being assisted by another Soldier. -Crockets Are Such B.S: Shoot two non-boosted Crit Rockets in a row. -Death from Above: Rocket Jump and kill 2 enemies before landing. -Death From Below: Kill 10 opponents who are airborne with the Direct Hit. -Dominator: Get 3 Dominations in a single life. -Duty Bound: While Rocket Jumping kill an enemy with the Equalizer before landing. -Engineer to Eternity: Kill an Engineer as he repairs his Sentry Gun while it's under enemy fire. -For Whom the Shell Trolls: Bounce an opponent into the air with a Rocket and then kill them with the Shotgun before they land. -Frags of our Fathers: Gib 1000 people. -Geneva Contravention: Kill 5 defenseless players after a single match has ended. -Gore-a! Gore-a! Gore-a!: Provide the enemy with a freezecam of you Taunting over 3 of their body parts. -Guns of the Navar0wned: Destroy 5 Engineer Sentries while standing outside of their range. -Hamburger Hill: Defend a Control Point 30 times. -Medals of Honor: Finish a round as an MVP on a team of 6 or more players 10 times. -Mutually Assured Destruction: Kill an enemy Sniper with a Rocket getting killed by him. -Near Death Experience: Kill 20 enemies with the Equalizer while having less than 25 health. -Out, Damned Scot!: Kill 500 enemy Demomen. -Ride of the Valkartie: Ride the cart for 30 seconds. -Screamin' Eagle: Kill 20 enemies from above. -Semper Fry: Kill 20 enemies while on fire. -S*M*A*S*H: Assist a Medic in exploding 5 enemies with a single Ubercharge. -Spray of Defeat: Kill an enemy with the Equalizer Taunt. -The Boostie Boys: Buff 15 teammates with the Buff Banner in a single life. -The Longest Daze: Kill 5 Stunned players. -Trench Warfare: Kill a Nemesis with the Spade. -Tri-Splatteral Damage: Kill 3 enemies with a single Critical Rocket. -War Crime and Punishment: In a single life, kill 3 enemies who have damaged a Medic that is healing you. -War Crime Spybunal: Kill a Spy who just Backstabbed a teammate. -Where Eagles Dare: Get the highest possible Rocket Jump using jump and crouch. -Wings of Glory: Kill an enemy Soldier while both you and the Soldier are airborne. -Worth a Thousand Words: Provide the enemy with a freezecam of your 21 gun salute. Pyro: -Arsonist: Destroy 50 Engineer buildings. -Attention Getter: Ignite 100 enemies with the Flare Gun. -Baptism by Fire: Force 10 burning enemies to jump into water. -BarbeQueQ: Cause a dominated player to leave the server. -Burn Ward: Ignite 3 medics that are ready to deploy an Uber-charge. -Camp Fire: Kill 3 enemies in a row, all within the same area. -Clearcutter: Kill 6 people with the Axe in one life. -Combined Fire: Use the Shotgun to kill any enemies that have been lit on fire. -Controlled Burn: Ignite 50 enemies Capturing a friendly Control Point. -Cooking the Books: Ignite 5 enemies carrying your Intelligence. -Dance Dance Immolation: Kill 3 enemies while they're Taunting. -Dead Heat: Kill an enemy in the same second that he kills you. -Firefighter: Kill 500 enemies as a Pyro. -Firewall: Ignite 5 Spies who have a sapper on a friendly building. -Firewatch: Ignite 10 snipers while they are zoomed in. -Fire and Forget: Kill 15 players while you're dead. -Fire Chief: Kill 1000 enemies as a Pyro. -Freezer Burn: Provide enemies with freezecam shots of all three Taunts. -Got A Light?: Ignite an enemy Spy while he's flicking a cigarette. -Hotshot: Kill a Soldier with a Reflected Critical Rocket. -Hot on your heels: Kill 50 enemies from behind. -Hot Potato: Reflect 100 projectiles. -I Fry: Ignite 10 disguised Spies. -Lumberjack: Kill 3 people with the Axe in one life. -Makin' Bacon: Kill 50 Heavies with the Flamethrower. -Next of Kindling: Ignite an enemy, and the Medic healing him. -OMGWTFBBQ: Kill an enemy with the Shotgun/Flare Gun Taunt. -Pilot Light: Ignite a rocket-jumping Soldier while he's in midair. -Plan B: Kill 10 enemies while you're both underwater. -Pyrotechnics: Kill 3 enemies in a single uber-charge. -Pyromancer: Do 1 million points of total fire damage. -Second Degree Burn: Kill a burning enemy who was ignited by another Pyro. -Spontaneous Combustion: Ignite 10 Cloaked Spies. -Trailblazer: Ignite 10 enemies that have recently used a Teleporter. -Weenie Roast: Have 2 enemy Scouts on fire at the same time. Demoman: -Beat Me Up, Scotty: Use a full charge Critical swing with the Eyelander to kill 5 enemy players. -Blind Fire: Destroy an EngineerBuilding that you can't see with a direct hit from your Grenade Launcher. -Bloody Merry: Provide an enemy player with a freeze cam of your smiley face. -Brainspotting: Decapitate 50 enemy players. -Bravehurt: Kill 200 players defending a Control Point or Cart. -Caber Toss: Bounce an enemy into the air and kill them before they land. -Cry Some Moor!: Destroy 50 Engineer Buildings. -Double Mauled Scotch: Kill 2 people in a single Sticky jump. -Glasg0wned: Kill 25 Scouts and Pyros with the Grenade Launcher. -He Who Celt It: Use the Sticky Launcher to kill an enemy player via environmental damage. -Highland Fling: Sticky jump a really long way... -Kilt in Action: Kill 500 enemy Soldiers. -Laddy Macdeth: Kill 50 enemies with direct hits from the Grenade Launcher. -Left 4 Heads: Decapitate 4 players with only 10 seconds between each kill. -Loch Ness Bombster: Kill an enemy player with Sticky Bombs within 5 seconds of them teleporting. -PipebaggerA: Kill at least three players with a single detonation of Sticky Bombs. -Robbed Royal: Destroy 100 Sticky Bombs with the Scottish Resistance. -Scotch Guard: Kill 3 enemies capping or pushing a Cart in a single Stickybomb detonation 3 separate times. -Scotch Tap: Kill an enemy with the Eyelander Taunt. -Second Eye: Provide an enemy player with a freeze cam of you shaking your rump. -Shorn Connery Decapitate a Cloaked Spy. -Slammy Slayvis Woundya: Decapitate an enemy Soldier who is brandishing the Equalizer. -Something Stickied This Way Comes: Kill 30 players with air burst Sticky Bombs. -Spynal Tap: Kill 20 Spies within 5 seconds of them sapping a friendly Building. -Sticky Thump: Using the Scottish Resistance, kill 3 players in separate explosions without placing new Sticky Bombs. -Tam O'Shatter: Destroy 5 enemy Engineer Buildings during a single UberCharge from a Medic. -Tartan Spartan: Do 1 million points of total blast damage. -The Argyle Sap: Blow up an Engineer, his Sentry Gun, and his Dispenser with a single Sticky Bomb detonation. -The High Road: Sticky jump onto a Control Point and capture it. -There Can Be Only One: Decapitate your Nemesis. -The Scottish Play: Get a melee kill while Sticky Jumping. -The Targe Charge: Charge and kill someone with a shield bash. -The Stickening: Kill 5 Heavies from full health with a single Sticky Bomb detonation. -Three Times a Laddy: Dominate three Engineers. -Well Plaid!: Kill 10 enemies while assisting or being assisted by another Demoman. Heavy: -0wn the Means of Production: Remove 20 Sticky Bombs by killing the Demomen who produced them. -Borscht Belt: Kill 10 Heavies with the K.G.B. -Class Struggle: Work with a friendly Medic to kill an enemy Heavy & Medic pair. -Communist Mani-Fisto: Kill an enemy with a Critical Punch. -Crime and Punishment: Kill 10 enemies carrying the Intelligence. -Crock Block: Survive a direct hit from a Critical Rocket. -Division of Labor: Kill 10 enemies with a Medic nearby without getting killed or losing the Medic. -Don't Touch Sandvich: Kill 50 Scouts using Natascha. -Factory Worker: Kill 20 enemies while being recharged by a Dispenser. -Five Second Plan: Kill an enemy in the first 5 seconds after exiting a Teleporter. -Gorky Parked: Kill 25 enemies while standing on a friendly Control Point. -Heavy Industry: Fire $200,000 worth of minigun rounds in a single life (1000 rounds). -Icing on the Cake: Get 20 kills on dominated players. -Iron Kurtain: Take 1000 points of damage in a single life. -Kollectivization: Get 1000 assists. -Konspicuous Konsumption: Eat 100 Sandviches. -Krazy Ivan: Kill 100 enemies while underwater. -Lenin A Hand: Help 5 teammates get Revenge on their Nemeses. -Marxman: Kill 10 enemies in mid-air with the Minigun. -Spyalectical Materialism: Kill or assist in killing 10 cloaked Spies. -Party Loyalty: Kill 50 enemies within 3 seconds of them attacking the Heavy's Medic. -Permanent Revolution: Kill 5 enemies without spinning down the gun. -Photostroika: Provide an enemy with a freezecam shot of a Taunt while invulnerable. -Purge: Kill 15 enemies capturing a friendly Control Point. -Pushkin the Kart: Get 50 caps on Payload maps. -Rasputin: In a single life, get shot, burned, bludgeoned, and receive explosive damage. -Rationing: Kill an enemy with the Shotgun while out of Minigun Ammo. -Redistribution of Health: Heal 1000 damage with med-kits in a single life. -Red Oktoberfest: Earn a domination for a Medic. -Show Trial: Kill an enemy with the Fists Taunt. -Soviet Block: While invulnerable and on defense, block an invulnerable enemy Heavy's movement. -Soviet Union: Get 25 enemy kills while either assisting or being assisted by another Heavy. -Stalin the Kart: Block the enemy from moving the Payload Cart 25 times. -Supreme Soviet: Get Ubered 50 times. -Vanguard Party: Be the first one on the team to start capturing a Control Point in a round. Medic: -Autoclave: Assist in burning five enemies with a single Ubercharge on a Pyro. -Autopsy Report: Provide an enemy with a freezecam shot of you taunting above their corpse. -Bedside Manner: Be healing a teammate as he achieves an Achievement of his own. -Big Pharma: Assist a Heavy in killing 10 enemies without dying or losing the Demoman. -Blast Assist: Assist in exploding five enemies with a single Ubercharge on a Soldier. -Blunt Trauma: Assist in punching two enemies with a single Ubercharge on a Heavy. -Chief of Staff: Accumulate one million total health points. -Consultation: Assist a fellow Medic in killing five enemies in a single life. -Doctor Assisted Homicide: Assist in killing twenty Nemeses. -Does It Hurt When I Do This?: Kill fifty Scouts with the Syringe Gun. -Double Blind Trial: Deploy an Ubercharge within eight seconds of a nearby enemy Medic deploying his. -Family Practice: Ubercharge ten Steam Community Friends. -First Do No Harm: Play a full round without killing any enemies and score the highest on a team of six or more players. -FYI I am a Medic: Use the Bonesaw to kill five enemy Spies who have been calling for Medic. -Grand Rounds: Heal 200 teammates after they have called for Medic. -Group Health: Work with two other Medics to deploy three simultaneous Ubercharges. -House Call: Join a game with a Steam friend and then deploy an UberCharge on him. -Hypocritical Oath: Kill an enemy Spy that was being healed. -Infernal Medicine: Extinguish one hundred burning teammates. -Intern: Accumulate seven thousand heal points in a single life. -Medical Breakthrough: Assist in destroying five enemy Engineer Buildings with a single Ubercharge on a Demoman. -Medical Intervention: Save a falling teammate from dying on impact. -Midwife Crisis: Heal an Engineer as he repairs his Sentry Gun while it's under enemy fire . -Peer Review: Kill fifty Medics with the Bonesaw. -Sawbones: Hit enemies with the Bonesaw five times in a row without dying or missing. -Placebo Effect: Kill five enemies in a single life, while having an Ubercharge ready but undeployed. -Play Doctor: In a team with no Medics, be first to switch to Medic after a teammate calls Medic and heal 500 health. -Preventative Medicine: Block the enemy from Capturing a Control Point with an Ubercharged teammate. -Quadruple Bypass: Heal a teammate who is taking fire form four enemies at once. -Second Opinion: Ubercharge two teammates at once (Note that this means simultaneously, which can be achieved by changing rapidly between two targets with Ubercharge in effect). -Specialist: Accumulate ten thousand heal points in a single life. -Surgical Prep: Have an Ubercharge ready before the set up phase ends. -Trauma Queen: Deploy three Ubercharges in less than five minutes and assist in five kills during that time. -Triage: Deploy an Ubercharge on a teammate less than a second before they are hit by a Critical explosive. -Ubi Concordia, Ibi Victoria: Assist in defending a Control Point 3 times in a single life. -You'll Feel a Little Prick: Assist in killing 3 enemies with a single Ubercharge on a Scout. Sniper: -Australian Rules: Dominate an enemy Sniper. -Be Efficient: Get 3 kills with the Sniper Rifle without missing a shot. -Be Polite: Provide an enemy with a freezecam shot of you doffing your hat. -Beaux and Arrows: Kill a Heavy & Medic pair with the bow. -Consolation Prize: Get Backstabbed 50 times. -Dead Reckoning: Kill an enemy with an arrow while you're dead. -De-sentry-lized: Destroy 3 enemy Sentry Guns. -Dropped Dead: Kill a Scout in midair with the Sniper Rifle or the Huntsman. -Enemy at the Gate: Kill an opponent within the first second of a round. -Friendship is Golden: Extinguish a burning teammate with your Jarate. -Have a Plan: Capture the flag in CTF. -Jarate Chop: Jarate and then kill 3 enemies with your Kukri. -Jarring Transition: Use Jarate to reveal a cloaked Spy. -Jumper Stumper: Kill a Rocket or Grenade-jumping enemy in midair with your Sniper Rifle or the Huntsman. -Kill Everyone You Meet: Kill 1000 enemies. -Kook the Spook: Kill 10 Spies with the Kukri. -My Brilliant Career: Top the scoreboard 10 times on teams of 6 or more players. -Not a Crazed Gunman, Dad: In a single life, kill 3 enemies while they are achieving an objective. -Number One Assistant: Score 5 assists with the Jarate in a single round. -Parting Shot: Headshot an enemy player the moment his invulnerability wears off. -Pincushion: Hit an enemy with 3 arrows, without killing them. -Rain on Their Parade: Jarate an enemy and the Medic healing him. -Robbin’ Hood: Take down an intelligence carrier with a single arrow. -Rode Hard, Put Away Wet: Jarate an enemy that you're dominating. -Saturation Bombing: Jarate 4 enemy players with a single throw. -Self-destruct Sequence: Headshot 10 enemy Snipers. -Shafted: Stab an enemy with an arrow (Kill an enemy with the Huntsman Taunt). -Shock Treatment: Kill a spy whose backstab attempt was blocked by your Razorback. -Shoot the Breeze: Kill a fully invisible Spy in a single hit. -Socket to Him: Headshot an enemy Demoman. -The Last Wave: Provide an enemy with a freezecam shot of you waving to them. -Triple Prey: In a single round, kill the same enemy with 3 different weapons. -Trust Your Feelings: Get 5 kills with the Sniper Rifle without your scope. -Uberectomy: Kill a Medic that is ready to deploy an UberCharge. -William Tell Overkill: Pin an enemy Heavy to the wall via his head. Spy: -A Cut Above: Kill a gun-wielding Spy with your knife. -Agent Provocateur: Backstab your Steam Community friends 10 times. -Burn Notice: Survive 30 seconds after being ignited while cloaked. -Come in From the Cold: Get a Revenge kill with a backstab. -Constructus Interruptus: Kill an Engineer who is working on a sentry. -Counter Espionage: Backstab a disguised Spy. -Deep Undercover: While using the Cloak and Dagger, kill the same enemy 3 times, all within the same area in a single life. -Die Another Way: Kill a Sniper after your backstab breaks his Razorback. -Diplomacy: Kill 50 enemies with the Ambassador. -Dr. Nooooo: Backstab a Medic that is ready to deploy an UberCharge. -For Your Eyes Only: Provide an enemy with a freezecam shot of you flicking a cigarette onto their corpse. -FYI I am a Spy: Backstab a Medic who has healed you in the last 5 seconds. -High Value Target: Backstab an enemy who is Dominating 3 or more of your teammates. -Identity Theft: Backstab the enemy that you're currently disguised as. -Insurance Fraud: Kill an enemy while you're being healed by an enemy Medic. -Is It Safe?: Backstab 50 enemies who are capturing control points. -Joint Operation: Sap an enemy sentry within 3 seconds of a teammate sapping another. -May I Cut In?: Backstab an enemy and the Medic healing him within 10 seconds of each other. -On Her Majesty's Secret Surface: Start capping a capture point within a second of it becoming available. -Point Breaker: Kill 15 enemies who are standing on a Control Point they own. -Sap Auteur: Destroy 1000 Engineer buildings with sappers. -Sapsucker: Sap an enemy building, then backstab the Engineer who built it within 5 seconds. -Skullpluggery: Headshot 20 Snipers with the Ambassador. -Slash and Burn: Backstab an enemy, who then switches to Pyro before they respawn. -Sleeper Agent: Kill an enemy who triggered your feign death in the last 20 seconds. -Spies Like Us: While cloaked, bump into an enemy cloaked Spy. -Spymaster: Backstab 1000 enemies. -The Man from P.U.N.C.T.U.R.E.: Stab an enemy while fencing (Kill an enemy with the Knife Taunt). -The Man with the Broken Guns: Backstab an Engineer, then sap 3 of his Buildings within 10 seconds. -The Melbourne Supremacy: Dominate a Sniper. -Triplecrossed: Backstab 3 Snipers in a single life. -Wetwork: Stab an enemy to death while under the influence of Jarate. -Who’s Your Daddy?: Headshot 3 Scouts with the Ambassador. -You Only Shiv Thrice: Backstab 3 enemies within 10 seconds. ------------ 3.4 >Taunts< ------------ Here are the available Taunts, and Taunt Quotes for each Class and Weapon. Note that it's possible to be able to use a Taunt for a certain Weapon, but be arming another. Use Quickswitch (Q) to swtich Weapons just before Taunting. ******** *Taunts* ******** Regular Taunts. ----- Scout ----- Scattergun/Force-A-Nature: Slaps his thigh like he's riding a horse. -"WOOO!" -"WHOO HOO HOO!" -"That's what I'm talking about!" Pistol: Puts his Pistol away and runs on the spot, checking his pulse and his imaginary watch. -"Alright, I feel good!" -"I'm running circles around ya!" -"I'm not even winded!" Bat: Leans Backward, stretches his arms, and then points down. -"Yeah, why don't you come over and say that to my face tough guy! BONK!" -"Hey Knucklehead, I'm talking to you! BONK!" -"Hey, is someone keeping track of my heads batted in? BOINK!" -"Who wants some-a this? BONK!" -"BONK!" -"BOINK!" ------- Soldier ------- Rocket Launcher: Stands up straight and does a Loser Sign with his hand in a mock salute. -"Leeeft-HUT!" -"Maggots!" -"Cuh-Rit!" Direct Hit: Thumps his chest with his fists in a Tarzan-esque fashion. -"Aaarrgh!" Shotgun: Shoots up in the air in the 21 gun salute fashion. -"Booyah!" Buff Banner: Puts his horn away, then juggles his Rocket and Grenade Ammo. -"Ahha ha ha ha hah!" -"Screamin' Eagles!' Spade: Screams with his war cry and bangs himself on the helmet (varies between his critical death screams). ---- Pyro ---- Flamethrower/Backburner: Thrusts his Flamethrower in the air and laughs. -"Mhmph Mhmph Mphmph Mphm!" -"Mmmmph Mphm!" -"Mmmph Mmmmmmmmmmph!" Axe/Axtinguisher: Plays air guitar with his Axe. -"Mppm... mphm!" ------- Demoman ------- Grenade Launcher: Lifts his groin armour, showing a taped smiley face. -"KA-BOOM!" Sticky Grenade Launcher: Spins around, thumps his chest twice, and does the Victory sign. Scottish Resistance: Turns around and shakes his rump. Bottle: Takes a drink from the Bottle, then burps. -"Cheers, Mate! BUUUURRP!" -"Cheers, Mate! Burp!" ----------------- Heavy Weapons Guy ----------------- Sasha/Natascha: Hugs his Minigun. -"We make good Team!" -"You did well!" -"Kiss me!" Shotgun: Spins his Shotgun and does the cutthroat gesture. -"You, yes you! You are dead!" -"All of you are dead!" The KGB: Two bells are heard and does two uppercuts in the air. -------- Engineer -------- Shotgun: Performs a hoedown dance. -"He hee! YEEE HAW!" -"Heeeeee Yaw!" -"WOO HOO!" -"Yippee ki yaa he yay kyaaah kayo!" Pistol: Twirls his gun in his hand and laughs quietley. Wrench: Laughs evilly and manically. -"Heheheheh... Hahahahah... MUHAHAHAHAH!!" ----- Medic ----- Syringe Gun/Blutsauger: Pulls his rubber glove and snaps. -"Another sucessful proceedure!" -"Whoops! That was not medicine!" -"That, was doctor-assisted homocide!" -"Did that sting? Sorry!" Medigun: Puts his Medigun away and bows. -"Danke, Dummkopfs!" Bonesaw: Plays a Violin tune on his Bonesaw. -Plays various Tunes. ------ Sniper ------ Sniper Rifle: Waves and smiles. -"Thanks for staying still, Wanker!" -"Beauty!" -"Wave goodbye to your head, Wanker!" -"There you go!" -"G'Day!" SMG: Kicks his heels, then punches in the air. -"God save the Queen!" -"YEAH!" Kukri: Takes off his Akubra and holds it across his chest with a solemn expression. -"You got blood on my knife, mate." -"You'd best keep lying down." -"That funeral 'ain't going to be open casket." --- Spy --- Revolver/Ambassador: Brushes his suit and adjusts his tie. -"Well, this was a disappointment!" -"You got blood on my suit!" -"Oh dear, I've made quite a mess." -"Ahem." -"I never really was on your side." Disguise Kit: Flicks his cigarette and gets a new one from the case (or crouches, and clicks his fingers and Kit like pincers). -"Cheers." -"Oh Please!" -"Fine Job!" -"Hahhahah!" -"Huhuhuh!" **************** *Special Taunts* **************** These Taunts, unlike the others, actually have a purpose other than to showboat and ridicule. Most of them kill. ----- Scout ----- Bonk! Atomic Punch: Takes a sip from the Punch (same effects as firing). Time for effect: 1 second. -"I'm a freakin' blur here!" -"Un-Freakin'-Touchable!" -"You can't hit what ain't there!" -"Wanananana..." The Sandman (Bonk!): Points to the sky, winds up, and swings the Sandman (kills directly in front of Scout). Time for effect: 5 seconds. ------- Soldier ------- Equalizer (Grenade): Pulls out a grenade and lets it explode in its hand (kills everyone within range, including the Soldier). Time for effect: 4 seconds. ---- Pyro ---- Shotgun/Flare Gun (Hadouken): Performs a Hadouken (kills directly in front of Pyro). Time for effect: 3 seconds. -"Mphmph, mpmmm mm!" ------- Demoman ------- Eyelander (Decapitation): Stylishly brings the Eyelander up, then swings it in front of him (kills directly in front of Demoman). Time for effect: 4 seconds. ----- Heavy ----- Sandvich: Eats the Sandvich (replenishes the Heavy's health by 300). Time for effect: 1 second, 1 second, 1 second. -"Nom nom nom, Om nom." -"Ahh, so filling! Hahaha!" -"Moist and delicious! Hehaha!" -"Sandvich make me strong!" -"I am full of Sandvich, and I am coming for you!" -"Sandvich and I are coming for you!" -"Don't run! It's just ham!" -"Baloney is perfect fuel for killing tiny cowards!" -[Singing] "Saww-ndvich, sandwich!" -[Singing] "Me and my... sandwich." -"What was that sandvich? 'Kill them all'? Good idea! Hahaha!" -"Look at you tiny-itty-bitty men running from Sandvich!" -"You are a loose cannon Sandvich, but you are a damn good cop!" -[singing] "Sandvich and me going to beat your ass!" -"Kill them all! Hahaha!" -"Run from the sandwich!" -"Baloney! Hahahaha!" -"That was delicious!" Fists (Showdown): Performs Showdown (kills in front of Heavy). Time for effect: 3 seconds. -"Pow! Ha ha!" ----- Medic ----- Kritzkrieg (Oktoberfest): Points the Kritzkrieg at his face, sniffs, relaxes, then focuses (replenishes the Medic's Health by 10). Time for effect: 2 seconds. Ubersaw (Mad Scientist): Bends his knees, waits, then stabs his Ubersaw in front of him fiercely (kills in front of Medic and charges Medigun by 50%). Time for effect: 3 seconds. ------ Sniper ------ The Huntsman (Arrowed): Chucks an arrow out of his bow, catches it and stabs forward fiercely (Stuns directly in front of Sniper, retraction kills). Time for effect: 1 second, 1 second. --- Spy --- Knife (Fencing): Puts the Knife in his left hand and fences (does damage and then kills directly in front of Spy). Time for effect: 1 second, 1 second, 1 second. -"I'm going to gut you like a cornish game hen!" -"Just put your weapons down and walk away." ------------------ 3.5 >Item Pickups< ------------------ There are various pickups in Team Fortress 2 that provide Ammo, Metal, Health, and sometimes all of the above. ---------------- Ammunition Boxes ---------------- Ammunition Boxes provide ammo, along with Metal for Engineers. Small boxes provide 20% of ammo capacity worth of ammunition and 41 units of Metal. Medium boxes provide 50% of ammo and 100 units of Metal, and Large boxes completley refills ammo capacity and 200 Metal. --------------- Dropped Weapons --------------- Like Ammo Boxes, weapons dropped by dead players provide 50% ammo and 100 Metal. ------------ Health Packs ------------ Health Packs will restore lost health. Small Health Packs restore 20% of maximum Health, Medium Health Packs restore 50%, and Large Health Packs heals whoever picked it up completley. Health Packs cannot used to increase the duration of Overheal effects. Health Packs instantly extinguish fires upon use. ----------------- Resupply Cabinets ----------------- Resupply Cabinets are often located in respawn areas. They completley replenish Ammo, Metal, and Health, so don't be afraid to use them! They are often located in Resupply Rooms. ------------------ Pumpkin Candy Pack ------------------ Occasionally, these packs will drop off of dead players. Picking them up grants a few seconds of Critical Hits, and it also counts towards the Candy Coroner Achievement. -------------------- 3.6 >The Scoreboard< -------------------- Here's all the information about the Scoreboard. The Scoreboard can be accessed by pressing and holding TAB (the Scoreboard overlaps most of the screen, but it is still possible to see through it). The following are displayed on the Scoreboard for the Server: -Server name -Team score (points are obtained by Capturing Control Points, moving the Cart to checkpoints, and winning rounds) -Time remaining before a server reboot -Current Map playing -Current Game Mode playing The following are displayed on the Scoreboard for each player: -Name (the name is determined through the Steam name) -Picture (the picture is determined through the Steam photo) -Current Class (this is only visible for teammates) -Ping/Latency (lower latencies equals better gameplay!) -Amount of people dominated in their current life -If that player is a Nemesis The following are displayed on the Scoreboard for the player observing the Scoreboard: -Name -Class -Points -Kills -Deaths -Assists -Destruction -Captures -Defenses -Dominations -Revenges -Invulnerables -Headshots -Teleports -Healing -Backstabs -------------- 3.7 >Glossary< -------------- There are many terms in Team Fortress 2 that are quite important, and will prominently be mentioned during gameplay or in this guide. Air Blast: The Pyro's Compression Blast. Arrowed: The Sniper's Huntsman Taunt. Assault Maps: Maps where BLU must attack RED's base by Capturing their Control Points. Assist: If a player damages a player and another player manages to kill the victim player, both players get credit (more so to the finishing player). Backstab: A Melee attack caused by a Spy's Knife from behind. Bonk: The Scout's Sandman Taunt/The Scout's Atomic Punch. Briefcase: Intelligence. Buff: See Overheal. Also applies to effects of the Buff Banner. Capture: Gain control of an enemy Control Point. Cart: What BLU must push in Payload maps. Civilian: An endangered and unarmed class that has no notable motions when moving. Cloak: The Spy's gadget for stealth operations. C&D/CnD: Cloak & Dagger Watch. CP: Capture/Control Point. Crab Spy: The Spy's amusing trick by crouching and looking upward with his Disguise Kit out. Critical Hit: A shot (or burst of shots) where the projectile does 3 times as much damage than usual. A Sniper's Headshot is always a Critical Hit. Critical Hits occur at random, or during certain events. Crit: See Critical Hit. Crit Boost: Special events that grant a player or team a certain amount of time of Critical Hits. The Kritzkrieg, First Blood, Humilitation, and capturing the enemy Intelligence all cause Crit Boosts to a player or team. During a Crit Boost, the weapons of the affected players will glow. CTF: Capture the Flag. Decapitation: Kills with the Eyelander/The Demoman's Eyelander Taunt. Defend: Prevent the enemy from capturing a friendly Control Point. Doctor: Medic. Domination: If a player kills another certain player three times without being killed by that player, the target player is being dominated by the other player. Domination ends when the target player kills the Dominating player. DR: Dead Ringer Watch. Engineer Base: See Mini-Base. FAN: Force-A-Nature. Fatty: Heavy Weapons Guy. Fencing: The Spy's Knife Taunt. Gate: A gate that impairs access to certain areas. Some are found during the setup phase in Assault Maps, which then open permanently when the Setup phase ends. Others are present elsewhere in maps, which open up in only one way of the gate. Grenade: Projectiles launched from the Grenade Launcher/The Soldier's Equalizer Taunt. Guard Dog: A failed program that RED and BLU attempted for extra canine recruits. Hadouken: The Pyro's Shotgun/Flare Gun Taunt. Hat: A hat that does nothing more than alter the Class' appearance. Headshot: A Headshot caused by the Sniper Rifle, Huntsman, or Ambassador. Humiliation: The peroid of time where a Team wins and they get to kill the losing Team with all Critical Hits and Stuns all losing players. Humping Sniper: Pedophile Snipers who crouch, look up, and look in and out of their scopes repeatedly. Intelligence: The "Flag" in CTF Maps. Juggle: Using Knockback to send enemies into the air, rendering them vulnerable. Kill Cam: When a player is killed, he/she sees the person who killed him/her. Knock Back: Force created by strong projectiles that push back targets or makes them fly. Explosives, The Force-A-Nature, Air Blasts, and Sentries are examples of Knock Back weapons. Limbo Demoman: Half Demomen, half chiropractors who crouch and look up with their Bottles, moving slowly. Mann Co: A Company that was founded by the deceased Zephaniah Mann, now owned by the famous Saxton Hale. Medic Buddy: A teammate that often accompanies a friendly Medic. Metal: Another type of ammunition collected by Engineers to build their Structures. Mini-Base: Location where a Sentry Gun, Dispenser, and Teleporter Exit are in the same general location. Mini-Crit: A lesser Critical Hit. Does 35% more damage than usual. Mini-Crits are enabled during certain events. Nemesis: The opposite of domination, it will appear when a player is being killed by another player for at least three times without getting killed by the player. When Domination occurs, the target player sees the Dominating player as their Nemesis (see Revenge). Oktoberfest: The Medic's Kritzkrieg Taunt. OP: Overpowered. Often describes the Blutsauger, Equalizer, and Ubersaw. Overheal: When a Medic heals a player long enough, their health points surpass their normal limit. The health of an Overhealed player goes down over time until his/her health has reached the default maximum health of that class. Overhealed health can go up to 150% of that class' default maximum health. Overtime: A peroid of time where the Game is extended and ends whenever the person attempting to Capture a Point is killed or suceeds in the Capture. Payload Maps: Maps where BLU must push a cart full of explosives to RED's base on a rail. PL: Payload. PLR: Payload Race. Push Maps: Maps where each team must Capture something from the enemy while defending their own. Resupply Room: A room that allows only one team to enter it (they often contain Resupply Cabinets, and they are often the places where players respawn). Revenge: The occurance where the Dominated player kills the Dominating player. A Revenge Kill will score the Dominated player double points (as well as giving satisfaction). Revenge, Nemesis, and Domination events occur even with assists. Sap: What the Spy does to damage and destroy Engineer buildings. Saxon Hale: The famous CEO of Mann Co. SG: Sentry Gun. Showdown: The Heavy's Fist Taunt. Solly: Soldier. Spawn areas: Respawn areas that players appear after they get killed. Spy-Checking: The process of checking for enemy Spies within a team. Pyros excell at this. Steam Friend: Steam friends can invite each other to be friends. The Steam program will tell a player if one of his/her friends are playing on a Steam game (including TF2). Some achievements can only be fullfilled through getting many Steam Friends. Strafe: Side-stepping, running around, etc. Structures: Engineer Buildings (Sentries, Dispensers, and Teleporters). Stunned: Cannot attack. Sudden Death: The point where time runs out on a CTF/Symetrical CP Map. Nobody respawns here! TC: Territorial Control. Telefrag: A death caused by a Teleporter Exit (due to obstruction). TF2: Team Fortress 2. TFC: The crappier predecessor to TF2, Team Fortress Classic. Ubercharge: The Special Ability for Medics and his target to become Invulnerable or have 100% Critical Shots for 10 seconds. An Invulnerable and Kritzkrieg Uber can be put on a single person at the same time. UP: Underpowered. Often describes the Backburner and Razorback. Vince Offer: A salesperson the Scout admires. W + M1 Pyros: Degenerate Pyros who charge in with their Flamethrowers (dumber ones use Backburners) in hopes of burning people by simply running at them. -------------------------- 3.8 >Machinima and Videos< -------------------------- There's a wealth of Machinima videos related to Team Fortress 2, both made by Valve and fans of the game. "Meet The Class" Series: Valve has interviewed each (or almost every) Class via video, and each Class has something to say about their lives, and how it's like fighting for RED. So far, Valve has interviewed the Scout, Soldier, Demoman, Heavy, Engineer, Sniper, and Spy. Valve has also made a "Special Documentary" about the Sandvich. "Team Fortress 2 Western": Presented by Xanatos, a village of fairly incompetent TF2 players are constantly being harassed by "1337" Marvin and his gang of bandits. With the help of the legendary figure "Bondy", will the villagers be able to stop Marvin for good? "Ignis Solus": A lonely Pyro takes a stroll around 2Fort. An emotional tale. "The Dark Fortress": Batman has a new rival; The Spy, and he's quite the joker. "FYI, I am a Spy": A Spy pulls a prank on a poor Medic. "101 uses for a Dispenser": Many diverse ways of using a Dispenser. ================= 4.00 >Strategies< ================= Here are some important tips and strategies for each class, and for each map. ----------------- 4.10 >Class Tips< ----------------- Each Class has its own different way of playing correctly and efficiently. ----------------- 4.11 >Scout Tips< ----------------- In General: -Don't stop moving! Take full advantage of the Scout's agility in every situation! -Try to Double-Jump to places most other Classes can't get to quickly. -Attack from the back rather than the front, and up close. -Strafe frequently while firing, and in general. -Use the Double-Jump to prevent fall damage. -Avoid attacking head on. Choosing Weapons: -While the Pistol is a good long range weapon for the Scout, the Bonk! Punch is useful for distracting Sentries and enemies, as well as getting past obstacles. -The Sandman is best used for imparing enemy mobility rather than improving the Scout's durability. Should the Scout plan on using long-range attacks, he should use the Sandman. Getting Achievements: -During setup time, keep Double-Jumping for "Batter Up" and keep running for "Race for the Pennant". -A narrow corner or an abandoned (but working) enemy Teleporter are the best places to get "Out of the Park". -Steel is an ideal map for getting "Fall Classic" and "Side Retired". -To get "No Hitter", at the beginning of the round, try to take the Intelligence and return back to base before the enemy defenses are set up (and try not to fire!). -Drinking the Bonk! Punch makes it much easier to get "Out of the Park". Yes, the Scout can Taunt even after he drinks the Punch. -Ideal areas for getting "Moon Shot" are the high points in Egypt and in the open areas of 2Fort. -"No Hitter", "Side Retired", "Triple Play", and "Triple Steal" can be obtained alone in private or homemade servers. -Sentry Guns are by far the best source of damage for aquiring "Artful Dodger". Also try drinking the Punch again and again. -Keep picking up Balls for "Beanball" in hopes of Stunning a Scout. -Smaller games are suitable for getting "Belittled Beleauger". -Hop on the Control Point to intercept a Capture for "Block the Plate". -Seek Maps with environmental hazards for "Fall Classic". Using the Scattergun: -At long ranges, the Scattergun isn't too useful. However, up close, it's very deadly. -Get up as close as possible and fire. Using the Pistol: -Use this weapon at long ranges. -This weapon reloads much more quickly than the Scattergun. -The Pistol is also effective while strafing. Using the Bat: -ALWAYS strafe while swinging the Bat. -Use this weapon when out of ammo, or when the opportunity arises. Using the Force-A-Nature: -Aim true with the Force-A-Nature. It only holds 2 Shells, and it takes quite a while to reload. The results of the shots from this weapon however, are well worth the trouble. -The Force-A-Nature can also push enemies into friendly Sentry nests, Sticky Bomb fields, death pits, etc. Using the Bonk! Atomic Punch: -The Atomic Punch is a good utility for getting past Sentries. -After drinking the Punch, be sure to run to a safe location until the negative effects of the Punch wears off. -The Atomic Punch is also very effective at distracting enemy Sentries (to draw fire away from an Ubercharge) in order to help teammates destroy them with little trouble. -The Atomic Punch can also serve as a distraction for unaware enemies (such as surprising an enemy Demoman and forcing him to detonate his Sticky Bombs in shock). -The Scout can Taunt when he is under the influence of the Punch. Using the Sandman: -The Sandman can use Baseballs launched by enemy Scouts. -Use the Sandman as a bombardment weapon. -Find a key target to Stun, like Medics. Facing against Scouts: -Bullets are, by far, the most effective weapons against Scouts. -Same goes for fire. -Scouts often go for Control Points and Intelligence Cases. Teamwork: -Protect Scouts as they Capture Points and Intelligence. They are easily the best candidates for doing these. -Use the Sandman to help out allies take out difficult targets. -Bonk! Punch can draw Sentry fire. -Report any presence of enemies in certain areas. During Setup Time: -Take a look at all entrances, and try to see what the enemy is trying to do. Consider covering the flanks. -When trying to enter enemy territory, the Bonk! Punch can help the Scout survive as he is taking a peek at the enemy batallions. On Defense: -While many regard the usefulness of Scouts on defense as limited, they can prove to be very useful on non-linear maps such as Gravelpit. They can also prevent any enemies from Capturing one of their Control Points in a hurry, and can roughen up any enemy forward bases built by Engineers. -The Force-A-Nature can knock enemies off of Control Points whenever they are attempting to Defend/Capture it. On Offense: -As the Scout counts as two people when it comes to Capturing Control Points or moving the Payload, focus on doing those two actions when the Control Point or Payload is unguarded. Against Scouts: -Threat: Medium. -Priority: Medium. -Ambush him whenever posssible. -Don't try to retreat from another Scout unless necessary. Against Soldiers: -Threat: High. -Priority: Medium. -Soldiers have the advantage. -Strafe to avoid his Rockets. -Kill him from behind. -NEVER jump upon seeing a Soldier armed with a Direct Hit. -If a Soldier is attempting to go crazy with the Equalizer, blast him away with the Scattergun/Force-A-Nature! Against Pyros: -Threat: High. -Priority: Low. -Pyros should be avoided. -Retreat into open space. -The Sandman can prevent the Pyro from pursuing the Scout. -The FaN can be used to keep the Pyro away. Against Demomen: -Threat: Medium. -Priority: High. -Scouts can evade Demoman grenades. -Avoid his Sticky Bombs. -If he doesn't have his Sticky Bombs out yet, attack him now! -The Sandman can prevent the Demoman from detonating his Sticky Bombs. -Don't go near him when he charges with the Targe. Against Heavies: -Threat: High. -Priority: Medium. -Circle Strafe Heavies whenever engaging them. -Strike him whenever he doesn't have his Minigun spinning. -The Sandman is effective against Heavies. Against Engineers: -Threat: Low/High. -Priority: Low. -Engineers alone are not much of a threat. -Engineers with Sentries are lethal to Scouts. -Avoid Sentries at all costs. -Use the Bonk! Atomic Punch to get past Sentries if need be. -The Sandman can stun Engineers, allowing Spies to Sap their Structures with an edge. Against Medics: -Threat: Low. -Priority: High. -Medics are nearly defenseless by themselves. -Avoid their Bonesaws and Circle-Strafe them. -Avoid their Medic Buddies. -Feel free to stun them with the Sandman. Against Snipers: -Threat: Low/High. -Priority: Medium. -A single Headshot can kill a Scout. -Constantly Strafe and run when a Sniper is in sight to prevent getting shot. -Sneak up on him from behind and up close. -The Force-A-Nature can blow him off his nest. -Try to fire the Pistol at Snipers to distort their accuracy. Against Spies: -Threat: Low. -Priority: Medium. -The Scout's speed makes him less likely to be Backstabbed. -The Scattergun and the Bat are effective weapons against Spies. -Intentionally run into teammates as a form of Spy-Checking. ------------------- 4.12 >Soldier Tips< ------------------- In General: -Reload often, since all of the Soldier's Weapons reload gradually. -Try to use cover. Fire and head back to cover often. Choosing Weapons: -Picking between the Rocket Launcher and the Direct Hit depends mostly on the types of enemy to face. Lots of lone enemies calls for the Direct Hit, while Sentry nests demand the Rocket Launcher. -If the Soldier wants to fight with his allies, try using the Buff Banner. When going solo, grab the Shotgun. -Picking the Equalizer gives the Soldier a fighting chance even if he's weak, unlike the Spade. -Buff Banners go well with Rocket Launchers. Getting Achievements: -"Crockets Are Such B.S.", "Ride of the Valkartie", and "Where Eagles Dare" can be obtained alone in private or homemade servers. -A narrow corner is the best place to get "Spray of Defeat". -Try picking on enemy Spies going for Engineer Structures constantly for "Ain't got Time to Bleed". -"Backdraft Dodger" doesn't require the Pyro to be killed by another Rocket, or be killed while Air Blasting the Rocket. -Hunt down unattended Sentries for "Guns of the Navar0wned". Using the Rocket Launcher: -Aim at people's feet. -If there's any enemies on the ground while Rocket-Jumping, fire on the ground to flush them out. -At long ranges, fire at the enemy, and then fire at the location they would most likely retreat to (if possible). -Try juggling enemies. Using the Shotgun: -Use this weapon when out of Rocket Launcher Ammo, or at long ranges. -Use this weapon up close. -Use the Shotgun to finish off any weaker enemies. Using the Spade: -Whack any enemies from behind with the Spade if possible to conserve ammo. Using the Direct Hit: -Aim for the big targets, like Heavies. Also, don't hesitate to shoot people in mid-air. It's what Soldiers do. Using the Buff Banner: -Try not to die. -Gather up as many allies as possible and then charge! -Use the Buff Banner in conjunction with Ubercharges for maximum efficiency. -The Rage Meter will glow red when he kills enough people. -The Buff Banner lasts for 10 seconds. Using the Equalizer: -Feeling low on Health? Bring out the Equalizer to speed things up. -Arming the Equalizer can be useful in seeking Dispensers or Health Packs. -Remember that Medics cannot heal those who have Equalizers in their hands. Facing against Soldiers: -They are fairly slow, yet bulky targets. -Shoot them first before they shoot. -Kill Soldiers with Buff Banners first. -Try to gun down Soldiers going mad with Equalizers. Teamwork: -Protect Soldiers with Buff Banners. -Consider juggling enemies around friendly Soldiers with Direct Hits. During Setup Time: -Ask Medics for a Health boost and then try Rocket-Jumping to high areas to get the jump on enemies. -Unfortunately, there's nothing Soldiers can do to increase Rage. On Defense: -Rocket-Jump onto any Control Points that are otherwise inaccessible whenever they are under attack. -Rockets can flush out any enemies trying to Capture Control Points quite easily. On Offense: -The Soldier is one of the best Classes suited for taking out enemy Sentries (along with the Demoman and the Spy). Take them out at long ranges or when Ubercharged. Against Scouts: -Threat: Medium. -Priority: Low. -Scouts are weak against Rockets. -Don't let him circle-strafe. -Try to Juggle the Scout. -Avoid melee combat. -Direct Hits aren't as effective against Scouts. Against Soldiers: -Threat: High. -Priority: Medium. -Try to Juggle him before he does the same. -Medics, Sentries, and extra backup helps a lot. -Use the Shotgun whenever the Rocket Launcher's clip is out to finish him off. -Take a cheap shot at him when he has to reload. Against Pyros: -Threat: Low/Medium. -Priority: Medium. -Like Scouts, Juggle the Pyro to prevent him from being able to use his Flamethrower. -Flamethrower Pyros can deflect Rockets, so use the Shotgun as well. -Backburner Pyros cannot deflect Rockets, making them vulnerable to being Juggled. -NEVER go into melee combat. -For Direct Hits, shoot them in the body. Against Demomen: -Threat: High. -Priority: High. -Demomen are faster than Soldiers. -Use the Shotgun against Strafing Demomen. -Use the Rocket Launcher or Shotgun to take care of his Stickies. Against Heavies: -Threat: High. -Priority: High. -Heavies can shred Soldiers to bits up close. -Heavies are vulnerable to Rocket barages because of their speed (especially the ones with their Miniguns spinning). -Try not to take him in Melee Combat, not even with the Equalizer. Against Engineers: -Threat: High. -Priority: High. -Soldiers are good at taking down enemy Sentries. -Take out Sentries from afar. -When Ubercharged, use this opportunity to take out that pesky Sentry. -Be sure to have a full clip when facing Sentries. -Engineers themselves are not much of a threat. -Rocket Launchers are more effective against Structures than Direct Hits. Against Medics: -Threat: Low/High. -Priority: High. -Medics alone are weak against Rockets. -Medics with their buddies are deadlier. -Focus on killing the Medic rather than his buddy. Against Snipers: -Threat: Low/High. -Priority: Medium. -Fire Rockets at his position to force him to take cover. -Blow up him at close range. -Keep an eye out for Sniper Dots. -When low on Health, use the Equalizer for speed to avoid Sniper fire. Against Spies: -Threat: Low/High. -Priority: High. -Spies can Backstab Soldiers with ease if they're undetected. -Use the Rocket Launcher to kill any Spies quickly. -Whack him with the Spade if he attempts to Backstab. ---------------- 4.13 >Pyro Tips< ---------------- In General: -Avoid fighting near water. -Try to fight indoors, or in tight areas. -Use the element of suprise. -Avoid attacking head on. Choosing Weapons: -If the Axtinguisher is available, there's no reason to use the Backburner anymore! -Equip the Shotgun or Axe when planning to fight in the water, or against other Pyros. -Equip the Flare Gun when planning to fight in open areas. -Use the Backburner or Axtinguisher when planning to fight in close quarters. -No seriously, please pick the Flamethrower over the Backburner! Getting Achievements: -The Axtinguisher may be useful in getting the "Lumberjack" and "Clearcutter" Achievements. -Keep a Flare Gun in hand for "Attention Getter". -Always keep the Flamethrower handy for "Hot Potato". -A narrow corner or an abandoned (but working) enemy Teleporter are the best places to get "OMGWTFBBQ". Using the Flamethrower: -The Flamethrower can be used to light enemies on fire and send them retreating. -Always try to reflect Rockets and Grenades whenever possible. -The Air Blast also affects Sticky Bombs, Jarate, Sandman Balls, and Arrows. -Without the Shotgun, the Air Blast can be used to keep enemy Pyros away. -Always try to Air Blast any enemy Ubercharges. Using the Shotgun: -Use this on other Pyros, or at enemies at long range, or when underwater. -The Shotgun can finish off any enemies that are on fire. Using the Axe: -Don't expect to use this weapon too often. -If the Pyro happens to be in water with the Flare Gun equipped, use the Axe. Using the Backburner: -Pyros using the Backburner REALLY have to rely on ambushing to kill. -Never attack head on with the Backburner. -Don't use the Backburner with the Axtinguisher in hand. Using the Flare Gun: -The Flare Gun is best used in open areas. Use this to supress enemy Snipers. Using the Axtinguisher: -The Axtinguisher is best used in conjunction with the Flamethrower. -From behind, light up the enemy, then use the Axtinguisher for the kill! Facing against Pyros: -Water is one's best friend. Fight near it. -Air Blasts, Jarate, and Health-increasing items can put out Fires. -Some Pyros are stupid to believe in the "W + M1" strategy. Take supreme advantage of this. -Eyes out for the snouts of their Flamethrowers. Teamwork: -ALWAYS use the Air Blast to extinguish teammates if they're on fire. -Light as many people on fire to make them even more vulnerable to allies. -Kill off any Spies trying to attack allies. During Setup Time: -Identify enemy Spies, then try to light them up as soon as the round starts. -Try to Air Blast any Stickies near the Gates. On Defense: -Pyros are good for helping Engineers protect their Structures against Spies. -Use the Flamethrower next to friendly Dispensers to create a "Firewall". The Pyro doesn't have to reload, so he can keep shooting forever! -Pyros can also rush the attackers near their respawn area to buy the defenders some time. On Offense: -An Ubered Pyro can lay waste to an enemy Sentry if he gets close enough. He can also wreck havoc on the Defenders in this state. -Pyros are able to take out Sentries from a corner, or if they are in construction. -Defenders all cramped up? Burn them! Against Scouts: -Threat: Low. -Priority: Medium. -Scouts rely on close combat, as do Pyros. -Scouts may resort to attacking from long range, or circle-strafing. -Light him on fire whenver possible to send him in retreat, or to make his attacks less efficient. Against Soldiers: -Threat: High. -Priority: Medium. -Rockets can be deadly to Pyros. -Use the Air Blast to avoid being Juggled. -Fry up any Equalizer-happy Soldiers. Against Pyros: -Threat: Medium. -Priority: Low. -Enemy Pyros are flame-retardant. -Pyros are best dealt with other Classes. -Use the Shotgun or Axe when attacking this Class. -Never use the Flare Gun or Axtinguisher against other Pyros. -Use the Air Blast to prevent the Pyro from doing much damage, as well as letting other classes deal with him more efficiently. -The Pyro is also able to extinguish fires, so try not to fight them directly. Against Demomen: -Threat: High. -Priority: Medium. -Use the Air Blast to reflect his Grenades and Sticky Bombs. -Try not to chase him, as he will plant Stickies on the ground and detonate them, killing the Pyro. -Use Shotguns or Axes against Demomen with Targes. -Try Air Blasting Eyelander Demomen. Against Heavies: -Threat: High. -Priority: Medium. -NEVER attack from the front. Instead, attack from behind. -The Backburner and Axtinguisher work well on Heavies. -Circle-Strafe to avoid his gunfire. -The Air Blast can stall Heavies when on the run. Against Engineers: -Threat: Medium. -Priority: Medium. -Avoid Sentries. -Take down lonely Engineers whenever possible. -Sentries can be circle-strafed at (this is a risky tactic). Against Medics: -Threat: Low/High. -Priority: High. -The Air Blast can be used to push Ubered players back. -Light the Medic on fire. Medics cannot heal themselves, and are vulnerable when lit on fire. Against Snipers: -Threat: Low/High. -Priority: Medium. -Snipers may have trouble killing Pyros from afar, but are still threatening. -Snipers are nearly helpless up close. -The Flare Gun can supress Snipers. Against Spies: -Threat: Low. -Priority: High. -Pyros were born to Spy-Check. -Use the Flamethrower to "Mark" an enemy Spy. -Finish him off with the Axe, Axtinguisher, Shotgun, or Flare Gun. -Spy-Check everyone within range. ------------------- 4.14 >Demoman Tips< ------------------- In General: -The Demoman's weapons can be used for multiple purposes, such as protecting important objectives, or smashing apart enemies and Sentries. -Try to secure as many choke-points as possible. -Reload often. -Take advantage of the fact that the Demoman's weapons are indirect (the Demoman doesn't have to see the enemy to kill him). -The Demoman can use his Sticky Launcher to propel himself into the air, much like Rocket-Jumping. Choosing Weapons: -On Defense, the Scottish Resistance is insanely effective in the right hands. -On Offense, try picking the Sticky Bomb Launcher when there are lots of enemy Sentries about. -When playing for fun, the Eyelander and Targe are fun to use. -Observe what the other friendly Demomen have. Getting Achievements: -"Highland Fling" and "The High Road" can be obtained alone in private or homemade servers. -A narrow corner or an abandoned (but working) enemy Teleporter are the best places to get "Scotch Tap". -Take advantage of an Ubercharge to get "The Argyle Sap". -When trying to get "Blind Fire", the Demoman doesn't have to not see the Sentry Gun at all before trying to take it out, just not seeing it upon firing at and destroying it. -Teach W + M1 Pyros a lesson when getting "Glassg0wned" and "Laddy Macdeth". -Feel free to camp at abandoned enemy Teleporters for "Loch Ness Bombster". -"Beat me up Scotty" is accumulative. It requires Kritzkriegs or the Chargin' Targe though. -Steel is an excellent Map to get "He who Celt it". -Ubercharges can help for "Left 4 Heads". Using the Grenade Launcher: -Use the Grenades stragetically. The Grenades can bounce off walls and ceilings, so use them against enemy Sentry Guns. -Grenades explode on contact, or within a few seconds. Using the Sticky Launcher: -Setting up Sticky Bombs when out of the public's eye is better than setting up Bombs in an easy to notice area. -While on the run, plant Stickies on the places the enemy may pursue. -Sticky Bombs may also be used to destroy Sentries, as they can be launched, then detonated all at once! -Sticky Bombs can be launched further by holding the mouse button (holding fire). Stickies can be used to barrage enemies from a great distance. Using the Bottle: -Swing the Bottle against close enemies. Using the Chargin' Targe: -Try Charging with a Melee Weapon equipped. -The Charge itself can do damage against weak enemies. Using the Scottish Resistance: -Find some key points to plant Sticky Bombs. Stay close to these points in order to successfully detonate them. -Keep an eye on these Bombs. They will only detonate when the Demoman looks at them. Using the Eyelander: -Almost always use this with the Targe. When putting away the Targe, the Eyelander goes too. -Feel free to go mad on a weak enemy to gain some more power. Facing against Demomen: -Use bullet-based weapons or explosives against Sticky Bombs. -Avoid going into Sticky traps. -If he doesn't have any Sticky Bombs set up, charge against him! Teamwork: -Try leading enemies to Sticky Bomb traps. -Use Sticky Bombs to deflect enemy Sticky Bombs near Engineer Structures. During Setup Time: -Plant Sticky Bombs near objectives, or near the Gate. On Defense: -Use the Sticky Bombs as traps to protect Control Points, Intelligence, etc., or use them on choke-points (such as hallways). -Use the Capture Point/Cart icons as the cue to detonate Sticky Bombs. -The Scottish Resistance enhances the Demoman's defensive ability. On Offense: -As with the Soldier and Spy, the Demoman's weapons are key to destroying enemy Sentry Guns. Use the Grenade Launchers (both kinds) on the Sentries while out of the Sentry's range (such as launching them from below). -The Sticky Launcher is VERY deadly against Engineer bases. -An Ubered Demoman is capable of destroying any Engineer Structures and any Defenders guarding a Control Point. Against Scouts: -Threat: High. -Priority: High. -Scouts can dodge Demoman Grenades. -Demomen can kill Scouts by planting Stickies on the objectives (Scouts usually go for these). -Avoid direct combat with Scouts. Against Soldiers: -Threat: Medium/High. -Priority: Medium. -In combat, Soldiers and Demomen will likely strafe like crazy. -Demomen favour indirect combat, while Soldiers like direct combat. Against Pyros: -Threat: Medium. -Priority: Medium. -Pyros with Flamethrowers can scatter Stickies. -If the Pyro follows the Demoman in retreat, the Demoman can plant a Sticky on the floor and detonate it, damaging the Pyro. -The Chargin' Targe gives Demomen a bit more resistance to flames. Against Demomen: -Threat: Medium. -Priority: Medium. -Use Stickies to scatter the other Demoman's Sticky traps. -Hit them with Grenades before they do the same. -Try to use the Scottish Resistance on enemy Sticky Bombs. -Try using the Charging Targe on Demomen with Sticky Bomb Launchers. Against Heavies: -Threat: High. -Priority: Medium. -Heavies can be killed quickly, but can kill Demoman quickly too. -Plant Stickies next to him. The Heavy is slow, so he will likely get killed by the surrounding Stickies. -Like the Soldier, use indirect combat versus Heavies. -Heavies are much more dangerous when using the Chargin' Targe. Against Engineers: -Threat: Medium. -Priority: Very High. -Use the Grenades or Sticky Bombs to flush out Engineers and their Sentries. -When Ubered, try to take on the Sentry head on. The Stickies should be able to annihilate the turret. -Demomen and Spies can work together to take out Sentries. Against Medics: -Threat: Medium. -Priority: Medium. -Though Medics aren't too easy to kill, they don't pose much of a threat to Demomen either when alone. -Stickies are able to kill both the Medic and his buddy when they approach them close enough. Against Snipers: -Threat: Low/High. -Priority: Medium. -Snipers can dominate Demomen at long range. -Demomen can flush out Snipers from below, or from corners. -Stickies can be launched from a great distance onto Sniper nests. -Feel unlucky? Charge through an open area to avoid Sniper fire. Against Spies: -Threat: Medium. -Priority: Medium. -Spies usually go for Medics, Heavies, Engineers, and Snipers. -Spies often don't hesitate to backstab Demomen either. -Spies can sneak past Sticky Fields when Cloaked. -Use the Bottle to kill Spies up close. -Structures can be used as bait to blow up any Spies. -Be wary of the Dead Ringer. -Spies are delicious victims for the Eyelander. ----------------- 4.15 >Heavy Tips< ----------------- In General: -Try to refill on ammunition often. -Upon locating a Medic, stay close together. -Avoid open and wide areas. -Use the element of surprise whenever possible. -Don't run into battle recklessly just because the Heavy has a lot of health. -Try to use Teleporters whenever possible. Choosing Weapons: -Choose the Sandvich over the Shotgun if there's only one Medic in the team. -The KGB taunt is unable to kill. Getting Achievements: -During setup period, keep eating Sandviches for "Konspicious Konsumption". -Natascha is a suitable weapon for getting "Kollectivization", "Lenin a Hand", and "Crime and Punishment". -A narrow corner or an abandoned (but working) enemy Teleporter are the best places to get "Show Trial". -Assault maps are the perfect places to get "Factory Worker". -Try sticking with Medics when aiming for "Supreme Soviet" and "Division of Labor". -Pick on those little Spies by punching them for "Communist Mani-Fisto". -"Heavy Industry", "Pushkin the Kart", and "Vanguard Party" can be obtained alone in private or homemade servers. -Get in the way of an Ubered Heavy while Ubered for "Soviet Block". Hell, it might help a Spy take them out or something! Using Sasha: -Miniguns, including Sasha, are best used up close. -Keep Sasha spinning before heading into hostile territory. -The Minigun can be fired without stopping when the Heavy is sitting next to a Dispenser. Using the Shotgun: -When on the move, keep the Shotgun out in case of an emergency. -Use the Shotgun for long-range targets. -If the Minigun is out of ammo, use the Shotgun. Using the Fists: -Only use this as a last resort, as the Minigun is much more effective up close. Using Natascha: -Natascha's better against Scouts, Medics, and retreating targets. -Try not to run into a Sasha-wielding Heavy. Using the Sandvich: -Only eat the Sandvich when hiding behind cover, or in friendly territory (like next to a friendly Sentry). -The Sandvich can extinguish fires affecting the Heavy. -The Sandvich cannot be used underwater. -Feel free to donate a Sandvich to a weak teammate (make sure he isn't a Spy though!). Using the KGB: -The KGB swings slower than the Fists, so swing carefully. -The KGB is best used on weak enemies, and used best from behind. -Each kill rewards the Heavy with 5 seconds of Critical Hits. Killing more people with this weapon makes the duration of shooting Critical Hits longer. -Try not to use this in head-on combat. Facing against Heavies: -Assassins are effective against Heavies, thanks to their instant-kill weaponry. -Use cover to avoid gunfire. -Take advantage of the moments where he's not paying attention. Teamwork: -Kill assassin Classes first. -If he's eating a Sandvich, protect him. -Feel free to give a Sandvich to a dying teammate. During Setup Time: -The Heavy is usually the chosen candidate for an early Ubercharge. -Be sure to be spinning that Minigun when the round starts! On Defense: -Stick near important choke-points to ambush the Attackers. -Keep firing the Minigun when next to a Dispenser to keep the area clear of enemy Spies. On Offense: -Ubercharged Heavies can clear out clusters of Defenders and close Sentries. Against Scouts: -Threat: Medium. -Priority: Medium. -Take them down before they try to overwhelm the Heavy. -Sasha and Natascha can kill Scouts easily. -Fists can work well from behind. Against Soldiers: -Threat: High. -Priority: Medium. -Soldiers can barrage Heavies. -Dodging rockets is difficult as a Heavy. -Try to use the Shotgun rather than the Minigun. -Engage Soldiers up close, and kill him fast. -A Medic can change the tide of the battle in the Heavy's favour. -AVOID Critical Rockets! -Natascha dominates Equalizer Soldiers. Against Pyros: -Threat: Low/High. -Priority: Medium. -Heavies can massacre Pyros head on. -Pyros can kill Heavies from behind, especially with the Backburner. -Don't let the Pyro get up too close. -Use the Sandvich to heal any Fire Damage. -When paired up with a Medic, protect him against Pyros. Take all the fire damage away from the Medic. Against Demomen: -Threat: High/Medium. -Priority: High. -Avoid Sticky Traps. -Shoot Stickies to scatter or destroy them. -If a Demoman has his Stickies set up elsewhere, take him down! -Force the Demoman to change position, and when he does, kill him! -Demomen without their Stickies set up before engagement are more vulnerable than Demomen that do have their Stickies ready. -Chargin' Targe Demomen are much less dangerous, especially when using Natascha. Against Heavies: -Threat: High. -Priority: Medium. -Sasha Heavies are stronger than Natascha Heavies. -Avoid Heavy-Medic pairs when alone. -Try to ambush the Heavy and fire first before he follows suit. -Health, Medics, and Ammo are common factors that determine the outcome of Heavy to Heavy combat. Against Engineers: -Threat: Medium. -Priority: Medium. -Try to avoid Sentries. -Don't try to take a Sentry Gun head on, even with a Medic. -An Ubercharged Heavy can kill Sentries. In this state, try to kill the Engineer first. -Low-level Sentries without Engineers are not too hard to destroy. -Engineers alone are hardly a threat at all. Against Medics: -Threat: Low. -Priority: High. -Medics can be mowed down by Heavies. -Beware of his buddy. Target the Medic first. -Natascha is effective against cowardly Medics. -The Medic's Blutsauger is dangerous to a Heavy. -Avoid the Medic if he's with a Heavy or a Soldier. -Try not to get hit by the Ubersaw. Against Snipers: -Threat: Very High. -Priority: Low. -Upon spotting an enemy Sniper, take cover! -Avoid Snipers from a distance at all costs. -Don't hesitate to fight Snipers up close. -Use the Shotgun to suppress Snipers when finding cover. Against Spies: -Threat: Very High. -Priority: High. -Keep an eye out for Spies. -Spies can easily Backstab Heavies due to their slow speeds. -Always Spy-Check for personal safety. -Spies go down quickly when busted! -Never let a Spy get away! -Stay near Sentries to lure in enemy Spies for an easy kill. -------------------- 4.16 >Engineer Tips< -------------------- In General: -Build the Sentry Gun, Dispenser, and Teleporter Exit close to each other. -Build the Teleporter Entrance near a Spawn Point. -Engineers should stick with their Structures to ensure their safetey. -Try to get Metal through destroyed Structures and Dispensers rather than Ammo boxes. -Try to help other Engineers with developing their Structures. -Sentries may be used Offensively or Defensively. -Dispensers can prevent allies from having to walk back to the Spawn Point for extra Ammo and Health. -When building Structures, press Right-Click to rotate the Equipment. -Teleporter Exits also have a "front", which points players into the direction displayed on the blueprints when they Teleport. Using the Shotgun: -This is the Engineer's primary defense against marauding enemies and Spies. -Best used in medium ranges. Using the Pistol: -The Engineer has LOTS of Pistol Ammo. -The Pistol reloads faster than the Shotgun. -The Pistol is best used for long ranges. Using the Wrench: -This can be used instead of the Shotgun up close. -The Wrench can remove enemy Sappers. Two hits should do it. -The Wrench is the best weapon against enemy Spies. -Be sure to Upgrade all Structures. Facing against Engineers: -Ubers are key to destroying Sentries. -Take out Engineers before they can build. -Destroy Engineers before taking on their Structures. -Consider camping outside unguarded working Teleporter Exits for some cheap kills! Teamwork: -Anyone trying to destroy any Engineer Structures? Annihilate them! -If a Spy is causing trouble, kill the Spy while the Engineer repairs his Structures. -When there's friendly allies around, build Teleporters or Dispensers first. Otherwise, establish a Sentry. -Never hesitate to help other Engineers with their Structures. During Setup Time: -Hoo boy, where to begin? Set up Sentries, Dispensers, and Teleporters in their respective locations. -Naturally, build the Teleporter Entrance near the spawn point. -If there's Ammo nearby, set up the Sentry next. -Otherwise, build a Dispenser! -Get a Teleporter Exit up and running when the rest have been built. -Help out other Engineers build their equipment. On Defense: -The Sentry is the Engineer's trump card. Use it to defend Objectives or choke- points. -Teleporters can be used to transport allies to the front lines (if there's lots of walking to do from the Spawn point to the objective). -A Dispenser next to a Sentry can decrease the chances of the Engineer having to scrounge around for extra Metal for his Structures. On Offense: -Contrary to the myth that Engineers are a Defensive class, they can be used Offensively. -Teleporters are the Engineer's best utility on Offense. -Upon Capturing a Control Point on Offense (in Assault and Payload maps), Engineers are valuable for their Teleporters. -Sentries can be placed to prevent the Defenders from attempting to push the Attackers back. -Sentries can also pin down Defenders at choke-points. Against Scouts: -Threat: Low/High. -Priority: Low. -Scouts can be shredded by Sentries. -Scouts are difficult to kill alone. -Scouts are best avoided. Against Soldiers: -Threat: High. -Priority: Medium. -Soldiers can smash Structures from a distance. -Soldiers are only able to attack Sentries safely from a distance. -Put Sentries and Structures into some good cover to prevent Soldier attacks. -Watch out for Buff Banners and Equalizers! Against Pyros: -Threat: Medium. -Priority: Medium. -Pyros can destroy Structures rather quickly if unguarded. -Sentries can kill Pyros easily when ready. -Try not to catch on fire. -Dispensers can extinguish flames. Against Demomen: -Threat: Very High. -Priority: Very High. -Along with the Spy, Demomen are the WORST enemies to come across. -Demomen can bombard Engineer Bases without their Sentries being able to see them. -Upon locating a Demoman, kill him ASAP. -In case of enemy Stickies, shoot them to scatter them. -Alone, simply dodge his Grenades and feed him some buckshot. -Don't fall to the Eyelander! Against Heavies: -Threat: High. -Priority: Medium. -Heavies and Sentries are very deadly weapons. -A Sentry can kill a Heavy as long as there's an Engineer to supervise it. -Heavies can shred up Structures with ease. -Avoid Heavies when alone. Against Engineers: -Threat: Low. -Priority: Low. -Engineer versus Engineer combat is very rare. -Try to outgun him when this happens. -Use Pistols on abandoned enemy Structures from afar. Against Medics: -Threat: High. -Priority: High. -The Medic's Ubercharge spells bad news for an Engineer. -The Sentry may be able to stall an Ubercharge long enough to prevent them from advancing. -If there's an Ubercharge intending to kill a Sentry, keep repairing the Sentry until the threat is eliminated. -Alone, avoid their Bonesaw (and Ubersaw) along with their Syringes, and shoot them. Don't hesitate to kill any Medics when the need arises. Against Snipers: -Threat: High. -Priority: Medium. -Snipers can kill Engineers with ease. -Snipers can also shoot down Sentries without much harm at long ranges. -Avoid the open, and like facing a Soldier, keep the Structures in good cover. -If up close, try to shoot him down! Against Spies: -Threat: Very High. -Priority: Very High. -Spies (with Demomen) are the bane of the Engineer. -When a Spy is spotted, kill him first before repairing any Sapped Structures. -Strafing while upgrading or repairing Structures may help prevent a Spy from getting a sucessful Backstab. -The Wrench works well against Spies. -ALWAYS Spy-Check. -If the Spy loses his Disguise while Sapping a Sentry, repair the Sentry so that it can destroy the Spy for good. -Keep an eye on Teleporters for the sneakier Spies. -Careful of the Dead Ringer... ----------------- 4.17 >Medic Tips< ----------------- In General: -Look for Heavies or Soldiers to stick around, along with other teammates. -Move around often and use as much cover as possible. -Try not to stop moving to avoid any gunfire. -Let the Medic Buddy do most of the dirty work. -Teammates calling for a Medic will notify any Medics (how it does is hard to explain, but is very obvious). Healing Priorities: 1. Teammates on Fire. 2. Teammates with critical health. 3. Teammates under attack. 4. Anyone that's not overhealed. 5. Teammates near Dispensers. 6. Teammates that are overhealed. 7. Heavies eating Sandviches. Choosing Weapons: -The Blutsauger is good for Medics who often get into combat. The Syringe Gun is superior for Medics who are adept at avoiding combat. -Only use the Kritzkrieg over the Medigun when there's other Medics with the Medigun on the team. -The Kritzkrieg is also effective over the Medigun on Defense. -ALWAYS choose the Ubersaw over the Bonesaw, as the Ubersaw can speed up the proccess of getting an Ubercharge. -The Kritzkrieg is usually more effective in Arena mode, and, to an extent, King of the Hill mode. Getting Achievements: -"House Call" only works when using the join game option from the friends window in the Steam Community Program. Joining the game using other methods will not work. -For doing "First do no Harm", try to score the highest in the team, then switch at the end of the round to a Medic at the beginning of the next round. Heal a good player that can get lots of kills to get this Achievement. -"You'll Feel a Little Prick", "Autoclave", "Big Pharma", "Blast Assist", and "Medical Breakthrough" all have corresponding Achievements in their respective Class packs. Take advantage of cooperative teammates to get these. -"Specialist" and "Intern" are best performed in Assault/Defend maps. -"Family Practice" requires the Ubercharging of 10 SEPARATE Steam Friends. -Teammate Nemesises and the Medic's own Nemesises apply to "Doctor Assisted Homicide". -Setup Time is the best time to try to get "Group Health". -Heal an enemy Spy then chop his head off for "Hypocritical Oath". -For "Second Opinion", keep switching between two patients during an Ubercharge. Using the Syringe Gun: -The Syringe Gun always fires in an arc, so aim upward when using this weapon at long ranges. Using the Medigun: -The Healing range of the Medigun can bend, use this to find cover. -Follow the Healing Priorities list above. -Don't stop healing, and heal as many people as possible! -When ready, activate the Ubercharge! Using the Bonesaw: -Use this weapon in melee combat. The Medic's speed is faster than most of the other Classes, so take advantage of this in melee combat. Using the Blutsauger: -Same strategy as the Syringe Gun. -Use this weapon when the Medic's health is running low. Using the Kritzkrieg: -The Kritzkrieg's Ubercharge charges 25% faster than the Medigun. -A Kritzkrieg ally should provide suppressive fire, and should not charge in. -Don't hesitate to Taunt in order to restore Health (especially in Arena mode). Using the Ubersaw: -Whenever there's an opportunity to stab someone with this weapon from behind, take it. -Use this weapon for self-defense. -Charge in, swing, then run back. Facing against Medics: -Medics are like military officers; SHOOT THEM FIRST. -Never let a Medic use his Ubercharge! -Keep an eye out for his Healing trail. Teamwork: -Like military officers, defend them at all costs! -If a Medic is constantly healing someone, it is likely that he is planning to Ubercharge him. -After an Ubercharge, try to retreat if things are getting too messy. The Medic must not perish! -See Ubercharges. During Setup Time: -Get an Ubercharge ready! Focus on Healing one person, as the charging process is hastened during this time. -When the Ubercharge is full, Heal everyone else to give them a better fighting chance. -Try not to be too exposed to the Gate! On Defense: -Healing Engineers that are under attack will let them be able to repair and maintain their Sentries. -An Ubercharge can send the Attackers backwards, buying more time for the Defenders. -The Kritzkrieg can be deadly against the Attackers. -An Ubercharged Pyro can cause havoc against clustered Attackers (especially in Dustbowl). On Offense: -Medics and their Ubercharges are vital to breaking through Defenders that are dug in deep, or that have Sentries. Demomen, Soldiers, and Heavies do wonders when they're Ubercharged. Against Scouts: -Threat: High. -Priority: High. -Scouts will often target Medics. -Stay near any allies and let them take the Scout down. Against Soldiers: -Threat: High. -Priority: High. -Like Scouts, let any teammates take him down while healing them. -Avoid their Rockets. Medics are fast, so dodge them and take cover. Against Pyros: -Threat: Medium/High. -Priority: High. -Let the Medic Buddy kill the Pyro (the flames can be put out with the Medigun). -Medics can outrun Pyros as long as they keep running forward (don't run backwards). -The Blutsauger can heal any Fire Damage affecting the Medic. -The Kritzkrieg can also heal the Medic to buy himself some time against the fire. Against Demomen: -Threat: High. -Priority: Medium. -Dodge his Grenades. Since Medics are faster than most classes, they will have an easier time doing this than the other Classes. -Avoid Sticky Traps and Sticky Grenades. Against Heavies: -Threat: High. -Priority: High. -Heavies can give out a lot of health when using the Blutsauger. -NEVER engage a Heavy alone, unless he is weak. Against Engineers: -Threat: Medium. -Priority: High. -Try not to get spotted by any Sentries. -Use the Ubercharge on Soldiers or Demomen to take out any Sentry nests nearby. Against Medics: -Threat: Medium. -Priority: High. -Stick with a teammate, and let him kill the Medic (as usual). -One on one, use the Bonesaw/Ubersaw to kill the Medic. Against Snipers: -Threat: High. -Priority: High. -Keep strafing to upset the Sniper's aim. -Stay in cover, and have the Medic Buddy provide suppressive fire on the Sniper. Against Spies: -Threat: High. -Priority: High. -Spies often target Medics. -While Healing anyone, Spy-Check to prevent giving him any extra health. -Use the Bonesaw/Ubersaw against enemy Spies. ------------------ 4.18 >Sniper Tips< ------------------ In General: -Be aware of Spies and nearby Scouts and Pyros. -Avoid Soldier Rockets and Demoman Grenades. -Try to stay near a wall or a corner. -Relocate often. -Keep an eye out on the HUD in case of any Backstabs. Also, listen carefully to the noises nearby... Choosing Weapons: -In large, open areas, use the Sniper Rifle. In tighter areas, use the Huntsman. -Jarate can help out other teammates, while the Submachine Gun gives the Sniper some extra protection up close. -Pick Jarate over the Submachine Gun if there are many enemy Pyros and Spies. -The Razorback is the ideal tool for the camping Sniper (just be sure to act quick against gun-toting Spies). Getting Achievements: -Turbine is the best map for getting "Robbin' Hood". -A narrow corner or an abandoned (but working) enemy Teleporter are the best places to get "Shafted". Try doing this against enemies with their backs turned. -Spies that use the Cloak and Dagger watch are suitable targets for "Shoot the Breeze". -"Jarate Chop" will be obtained by fighting enemies up close (fighting Spies in particular). The kills don't have to be affected by a single Jar; it just needs to be done in a single life. -"Have a Plan" can be obtained in a private or homemade server. -In Assault Maps, take aim and choose a target near the gate for "Enemy at the Gate". -Try using the Sniper Rifle rather than the Huntsman for "Parting Shot". -Heavies are, by far, the best victim for "Pincushion". Using the Sniper Rifle: -Charge up shots against the bulkier targets. -A fully charged shot can instantly kill any lightly-armoured target anywhere on the body (as long as the target isn't overhealed). Never underestimate charging shots. -Don't be afraid to abandon a fully charged Sniper Shot when the action is occuring up close. -Crouch when Sniping for better cover. -Hide the Sniper Dot in somewhere that the enemy can't see. -AIM FOR THE HEAD. Using the Submachine Gun: -Use this weapon as a close-combat resort, or when on the move. Using the Kukri: -Use the Kukri against enemy Spies. Using the Huntsman: -Act quick when using the Huntsman. It charges much faster than the Sniper Rifle, and it cannot be charged for too long for accurate shots. -Stay near Pyros for extra firepower and protection. Using Jarate: -If a Spy is trying to escape, wash some Jarate on him! -Extinguish fires whenever the opportunity arises. -Throw a Jar at a cluster of enemies. Works well when with a Heavy or Pyro. Using the Razorback: -Whenever a Spy "Backstabs" the Sniper, pull out the Kukri and slice him to death! Facing against Snipers: -AVOID. THE. OPEN. -Try to stick to tight areas. -Find other ways around Sniper nests. Teamwork: -Try to stick around Sentries while sniping. In doing so, keep an eye out for Spies. -Take out the key targets, like Medics and Heavies. -Anyone making things hard for the team? Kill off those hefty targets! During Setup Time: -Take a good look at the Gate, and pick a target near the Gate to kill first. -Watch for enemy Snipers attempting to do the same! -Be sure to take cover after the Gates open! On Defense: -Snipers should target Medics first to prevent any enemy Ubercharges. -Kill off any Demomen to help out friendly Engineers. -Jarate can mark enemy Spies. On Offense: -Target Engineers so that they cannot repair their Structures. Snipe their Structures next as well. -Sniping Demomen will remove their Sticky Traps. Against Scouts: -Threat: Medium/High. -Priority: Low. -Avoid Scouts whenever possible. -If the Scout is staying still, don't hesitate to shoot him through the head. Against Soldiers: -Threat: Medium. -Priority: Medium. -Soldiers are slower and easier targets. -Soldiers can fire Rockets at the Sniper, so beware. -Shoot him first before he can fire. -Watch out for nasty Direct Hits and Equalizers! -Kill off Soldiers with Buff Banners first. Against Pyros: -Threat: Medium. -Priority: Low. -Pyros aren't really a threat to a Sniper from a distance, unless they're carrying the Flare Gun. -Pyros are fairly easy to shoot down. -Avoid close-combat with a Pyro. -Use Jarate to extinguish Flames, or to make the Pyro vulnerable. Against Demomen: -Threat: Medium. -Priority: High. -Demomen are weak at long ranges, but are deadlier at corners or at close range. -If a Demoman is taken out, his Sticky Bombs will be removed. -Try to shoot enemy Stickies, one at a time. Against Heavies: -Threat: Low. -Priority: High. -Heavies are VERY slow, and their heads are big. -Headshots on Heavies is easy. -Don't fight up close. -Try to kill him before he notices the Sniper. -Heavies eating Sandviches are free game. Against Engineers: -Threat: Low/Medium. -Priority: Medium/High. -Engineers often stay still when repairing their Structures. -They are often best taken out at long ranges. -Snipers can prevent Sentry Repairs by killing Engineers, giving a chance to Sap them for a friendly Spy. -At closer ranges, use the Submachine Gun and avoid the Engineer's Shotgun. -Sentries can be taken out with a Sniper Rifle without the supervision of an Engineer. Against Medics: -Threat: Low. -Priority: Very High. -Medics are the highest-priority targets, next to the Heavies and Snipers. -Medics are nearly helpless against Snipers at long ranges. -Enemies will be vulnerable with the Medic dead. -Try to go for the Medics before his Buddy. -A Headshot on a Medic can prevent an enemy Ubercharge. -Deal with the Medic like any other enemy when up close. Against Snipers: -Threat: Very High. -Priority: Very High. -Sniper to Sniper combat is often referred to as "Sniper Wars". -Try to take out the enemy Sniper before he follows suit. -Avoid enemy Snipers if they're superior. -Killing an enemy Sniper can provide some safety in wide areas for other teammates (such as Heavies). -Try to relocate upon being spotted by an enemy Sniper. Beat him at his own game! Against Spies: -Threat: Very High. -Priority: High. -Keep an eye on the HUD for Backstabs. -Snipe near a Sentry Gun so that when a Spy goes to that location, he'll have to Sap the Sentry first. This will allow the Sniper to react to the Spy's presence. -Use the Kukri to slice the Spy. -Company helps against detecting Spies. -Jarate is useful for exposing a Disguised Spy, or a Cloaked Spy. -Never hesitate to snipe a Spy to prevent him from firing his Ambassador. --------------- 4.19 >Spy Tips< --------------- In General: -The Disguise is only a temporary safety measure for the Spy. The best stealth utility the Spy has is the Cloak. -Diguise as a Class the enemy has. A Spy disguised as a Pyro, where, say, the enemy team does not have any Pyros, will always get busted! -A distraction caused by teammates is an excellent time to strike! -Feel free to steal any Health Packs on the ground in enemy territory. -When busted, it's best to simply retreat to friendly territory. -If busted, the Spy can lure his pursuers into a trap! -Fire can blow the Spy's cover rather quickly. Choosing Weapons: -The Ambassador is a great weapon for Spies that like to help out their teammates in direct combat, or for killing off enemies from a distance. -The regular Revolver is best for Spies that simply want to use it on the run, or for Spies that like to use Dispensers and steal ammunition. -The Cloak and Dagger watch is effective on defense, as the Spy can wait for the attackers to move by. -The Dead Ringer watch proves to be effective insurance for Spies that often get killed in firefights. Getting Achievements: -When lit on fire, retreat and head to safety to get "Burn Notice". -Upon being introduced to a Nemesis, become a Spy and Backstab him for vengeance and "Come in from the Cold". -Defensive Spies can obtain "Counter Espionage" easily. -"Deep Undercover" can be achieved with less difficulty on Defense. -For "For your Eyes Only", the Spy's cigarette must land on his victim's corpse. -Team up and work together with another friendly Spy in order to get "Joint Operation". This may happen incidentally. -A narrow corner or an abandoned (but working) enemy Teleporter are the best places to get "The man from PUNCTURE". The taunt consists of three hits, so try taunting against a weak opponent in a tight area. Using the Revolver: -The Revolver is a very accurate weapon, so use it as a long-range weapon when not behind enemy lines. -Use the Revolver when the Spy's cover is blown. Walk backwards and fire the weapon on pursuing enemies. -The Spy cannot reload his Revolver when he is Cloaked. -When reloading, the Spy also "fake reloads". Using the Sapper: -The Sapper is used on Engineer Structures. -If there's unguarded Structures, Sap it! -The Sapper doesn't cause the Spy to lose his disguise, but his cover is pretty much blown unless the area is crowded. -If nobody is around, feel free to shoot Sapped Structures to destroy them faster. Using the Knife (and Backstab): -If there's a line of enemies, Backstab starting with the guy in the back, not the front. -After Backstabbing a victim, Disguise as the victim's Class. -Press "B" after Backstabbing for a quick redisguising. -Never use the Knife from the front. -The Backstab range is 90 degrees, so a Spy doesn't have to be directly behind his victim for a sucessful Backstab. -Backstabs also work from above (usually). Disguises: -For all Disguises, consider each costume's Hit Box design, Speed compatibility, believability, and size. -Try to Cloak BEFORE Disguising to avoid emitting smoke. -Try to use a different Disguise every time when Redisguising. Enemies may get into the habit of predicting the actions of enemy Spies. -Act in character when not using the Cloak while Disguised. Enemy Disguises: -For all enemy Disguises, the Spy can see the names and Health of his enemies. Take advantage of this and try to focus on Backstabbing the stronger baddies whilist picking off the weaklings afterwards with the Revolver if need be. -The Scout Disguise is a double-edged sword. Obviously the Spy will not run as fast as a Scout, but the Scout does have a reason to be in any place. The hitbox of the Scout also differs from that of a Spy. The Scout Disguise is also the smallest, and is the hardest to break character. -The Soldier Disguise is convincing, but it slows the Spy down, making Backstabbing difficult. Try to avoid wielding the Spade when impersonating a Soldier. The Soldier Disguise is also hard to break character. -The Pyro Disguise is convincing, but not if the Spy is on fire. The only weapon the fake Pyro should be holding is the Flamethrower. Never go near water when Disguised as the Pyro. -The Demoman Disguise works well when near objectives, unless the enemy realises that there's no Sticky Bombs around. When behind enemy lines, the Spy should pretend to hold a Sticky Bomb Launcher. When in the frontlines, the regular Grenade Launcher will also work. NEVER pretend to hold the Bottle or Eyelander. To stay in character, stay near objectives. -The Heavy Disguise only works when tricking a Medic into Ubercharging the Spy (which is rare), although not many suspect the Heavy of being a Spy. Like the Soldier Disguise, the Heavy Disguise makes Backstabbing difficult. The Minigun and Shotgun work well when Disguised. Stick with Medics to prevent breaking character. -The Engineer Disguise is the best Disguise for Sapping Engineer Structures, although Engineers will find this obvious. Any of the Engineer's weapons will do when Disguised. Stay near objectives to maintain character. -The Medic Disguise is not very effective, even though the Spy NOW displays an Ubercharge meter in his disguise info. If the Spy ever Disguises as the Medic, he should always be holding the Medigun. -The Sniper Disguise is good on the front lines or in Sniper nests, but doesn't work when Sapping Structures or in close areas. The Sniper Rifle and the SMG are low profile fake weapons for the Spy. Stay in Sniper nests or at high or open areas to maintain character. -The Spy Disguise automatically gives the Spy another mask for him to use in order to fool his enemies (to make them think he has a different disguise on). Try holding the Knife when undercover. It's good when in friendly territory. -The Spy will also be assigned a random amount of Health. Friendly Disguises: -All Friendly Disguises can prevent enemies (particularily Snipers and Spies) from being alerted to the presence of a Spy (rather than Disguising as the enemy or not Disguising at all). -The Friendly Scout Disguise is good against Snipers (as mentioned before). -The Friendly Pyro Disguise is good for scaring off enemy Spies. -The Friendly Engineer Disguise is good for killing enemy Spies near Friendly Structures. -The Friendly Sniper Disguise can grab the attention of enemy Snipers (a strategy for the selfless Spies, really). -The Friendly Heavy Disguise can be used to help out a Medic bluff his way to survival. Using the Spytech Watch: -Be sure to Cloak, then run to and then Uncloak at the enemy's blind spots. -Pick up Ammunition on the ground to refill the Cloak. -When Cloaked, avoid picking up Ammunition and Health (unless necessary) when retreating from enemies. -Try to Uncloak in the shadows, or at corners (the ones that bend around, not inward). Using the Ambassador: -Aim true with this weapon in hand. -The Ambassador deals its share of damage regardless of the range of the target for Headshots. -If an enemy is retreating, use the Ambassador to pick them off. -Snipers with their backs turned are easy targets for the Ambassador. Using the Cloak and Dagger Watch: -The Cloak and Dagger allows the Spy to remain perfectly still, allowing him to move at the right moment. -The C&D is effective on Defense. Using the Dead Ringer Watch: -The Spy can survive a barrage of 16 Sticky Bombs, lethal Taunts, any kind of Headshot, or a Backstab with the Dead Ringer in hand. -The Dead Ringer is best used with friendly Disguises. -The Dead Ringer also serves as handy insurance for death. Facing against Spies: -See Spy-Checking. -Melee Weapons can slice up Spies in seconds. Teamwork: -Work with Demomen to destroy Sentry Nests. Same with Ubercharges. -Spies can easily monitor friendly Control Points, Intelligence, or Engineer Structures with the Cloak & Dagger. -Give out any info regarding the enemy to the rest of the team. During Setup Time: -Examine the enemies beyond the Gates. Disguise as one of them and hope to get past them! -Things tend to be hot once the Gates open. Consider waiting for the storm to calm down. On Defense: -Spies can roughen up Engineer Bases on the Attacking Team to buy some time for the other Defenders. -Spies can kill groups of enemies (especially Medics) within enemy territory. On Offense: -Spies can also roughen up Sentry Bases on the Defending Team. -Spies, in conjunction with Ubercharged Demomen, can really make quick work of a Sentry! -If the Defenders are off in the frontlines, a Spy can sneak past the frontlines and Capture the next Control Point without much resistance (this works only if the Attackers Capture the first Control Point)! Against Scouts: -Threat: High. -Priority: Low. -Never attempt to Backstab a Scout (unless he's stationary). He's too fast. -A Scout can either blast or bludgeon a Spy to death rather quickly. -Scouts are best avoided. -Never hesitate to shoot a weak Scout. Against Soldiers: -Threat: Medium. -Priority: Medium. -Soldiers are slower than most Classes, which makes it easier to Backstab him. -If the Spy is caught, Soldiers are best avoided due to their Rockets. -Don't even think about face-stabbing that Equalizer Soldier! Against Pyros: -Threat: Very High. -Priority: Low. -Avoid Pyros like the plague. -Pyros can light Spies on fire, revealing their true colours. Against Demomen: -Threat: Medium. -Priority: High. -Demomen are a straightforward, but rewarding target. -Avoid their Sticky Traps. It's best to avoid the traps than to Cloak and sneak over them. -Like killing a Demoman with a Headshot, Backstabbing the Demoman will remove his Sticky Traps. -Stay away from angry Eyelander Demomen! Against Heavies: -Threat: Low/Medium. -Priority: High. -Heavies often get in the way of direct attacks. -Heavies are slow, and easy to Backstab. -When caught by a Heavy, avoid his gunfire and retreat! Against Engineers: -Threat: Medium. -Priority: Very High. -Spies and their Sappers were meant to cause trouble to the Engineer. -When engaging an Engineer and his Sentry, sap all Sentries in the area first, then Backstab the Engineer before he can repair the Sentry or kill the Spy! -Demomen and Spies can work together to anger the Engineer. -Upon locating an enemy Teleporter Entrance, Sap it, or feel free to use it and see where it leads to (likely an Engineer base). Against Medics: -Threat: Medium. -Priority: Very High. -As an assassin, it's up to Spies (with Snipers) to kill enemy Medics. -Beware of their Bonesaws, especially Ubersaws. -Try not to fight a Medic when Cover is blown. Against Snipers: -Threat: Low/Medium. -Priority: Medium. -Snipers are easy Backstab targets, as they are usually stationary. -Snipers aren't easy to kill head on. -Try not to get caught when in their scope. -Avoid Jarate. Run away! -Avoid Backstabbing Snipers wearing the Razorback, and use the Ambassador or Revolver instead (maybe even Fence them if necessary). Against Spies: -Threat: Low/Medium. -Priority: Medium. -Spy to Spy combat is rare. -If an enemy Spy is harassing teammates, and there's a chance to kill him, take it. -The last thing an enemy Spy will expect is being Backstabbed by another Spy. -Dodge his Revolver bullets during shootouts. -Engineer Structures are a good lures for Backstabbing other Spies. -If a Spy is out of reach of a Backstab, try shooting his head off with the Ambassador if he is staying still, or shoot him to death with the Revolver. -Try not to use the Knife from the front, as usual. =============== 4.20 >Map Tips< =============== Every map is different, and thus, has a different strategy for each. Each group of maps however, has similar tips and strategies. --------------- 4.21 >CTF Tips< --------------- CTF Maps include 2Fort, Well, Turbine, Sawmill, and Doublecross. -Be sure to plant Sticky Bombs on the Intelligence or a Sentry near the Intelligence on Defense. -For carrying the enemy Intelligence, Scouts are the best Class to carry it. -Spies can penetrate enemy Defenses and take a grab at the Intelligence to alert the enemy. -Teleporters can transfer teammates behind enemy lines, or to the Intelligence in case of an emergency. The 2Fort sewers are a great place to plant Teleporters. --------------------- 4.22 >CP (Push) Tips< --------------------- CP Maps include Well, Granary, Badlands, and Fastlane. Territorial Control Maps like Hydro also follow similar strategies. -Engineers should place their Sentries, Dispensers, and Teleporters on the frontlines, or near their frontline control point. This will not only help defend the Control Point, but it will also allow teammates to teleport themselves to the battlefield, and will heal and replenish wounded and exhausted teammates. Every time a Control Point has been captured/lost change the location of the Teleporter Entrance accordingly. -Scouts are capable of Capturing unguarded Control Points easily, so use them once the Control Point's defenses have been neutralized. -Spies can Capture Control Points after Control Points that have been recently Captured. -The Demoman's Sticky Bombs are one of the most effective weapons for defending a Control Point, as well as for flushing out other players on other Control Points. -Watch out for Spies lurking near Spawn Points. -For Territorial Control Maps, if the enemy is putting all of their resources and players on attacking the Control Point, send in a Spy to Capture THEIR Control Point with ease! ------------------------ 4.23 >CP (Assault) Tips< ------------------------ Assault Maps include Dustbowl, Gravel Pit, Steel, Egypt, Junction, and Gorge. -Defenders will prominently use Engineers, Snipers, and Pyros. Attackers will want to use Soldiers and Spies more often. Medics, Demomen, and Heavies are also important Classes to have on both teams. -In non-linear Assault Maps, Scouts can also become very useful (they are next to useless in linear ones like Dustbowl). -Demomen can dominate Assault Maps due to the versitality of their Sticky Bombs. They are effective for both defending Points and removing fortified garrisons. -The Ubercharge is also a VERY important tool. Defenders can use the Ubercharge to push the Attackers back, while Attackers use the Ubercharge to smash up enemy Sentries. Buff Banners are equally important. -Upon Capturing a Control Point, Attackers may want to have an Engineer build up a forward Base at that Point (and perhaps even closer to the next point!). -For non-linear maps such as Gravel Pit and Steel, if the enemy's too dug in at one Control Point, try to flank to another (such as A to B in Gravel Pit, or to E instead of the next Control Point in Steel). -As the Defenders, try not to let the enemy capture the next Control Point after capturing the previous one (watch out for Scouts and Spies!). ------------------- 4.24 >Payload Tips< ------------------- Payload Maps include Goldrush, Badwater Basin, and Hoodoo. -Like Assault, Engineers and Demomen play heavy roles in these maps. Medics are a MUST have as well. -Sticky Bombs are effective against protecting the Payload as the Defenders. -The Payload will advance faster if there's more Attackers escorting it. -The Payload will slowly move backward if the Attackers don't try to escort it soon enough. -Sticky Bombs can also be placed on the tracks for a nasty surprise! -Teleporters, whether on Defense or Offense, are very important. -The Payload acts like a moving Dispenser. -Any crowds hanging around the Cart? Use explosives, Fire, or even Jarate to bring on the pain! ------------------------ 4.25 >Payload Race Tips< ------------------------ Payload Race Maps include Pipeline. -During the first two rounds, treat the setup phase like the setup phase during assault maps. -Be sure to keep an eye on the enemy Cart while pushing your own. -If the enemy is pushing too close, try to sneak around and infiltrate their base. -There's often plenty of room to build an Engineer Base near enemy territory. ----------------- 4.26 >Arena Tips< ----------------- Arena Maps include Lumberyard, Ravine, Watchtower, Sawmill, Nucleus, and Offblast, as well as adjusted versions of Well, Badlands, and Granary. -Much like Counter-Strike, players will not respawn until the next round. This makes Medics, Dispensers, and the Sandvich vital to survival. -Kill the enemy team to win the round. -The Control Point in the middle of the map will be activated after a few moments in each round. Capture it to win the round (if the enemy's hiding). -Engineers have considerable trouble getting their Structures up, but once they have a Dispenser ready, it's worth it! Protect them. -Assassin Classes (Snipers and Spies) can help beat back the enemy with ease. -The one who gets the first kill in the round gets First Blood. Take advantage of this perk whenever possible. ---------------------------- 4.27 >King of the Hill Tips< ---------------------------- King of the Hill Maps include Viaduct, Nucleus, and Sawmill. -The Control Point isn't available for grabs for the first few seconds of the round, so be patient. -Engineers can hold the Control Point for a considerable amount of time (although they cannot actually build anything on the Point). -Upon capturing the Control Point, try to hold it until it seems safe to advance to the enemy spawn point. -There are numerous ways to get into the point. Don't try going in the same way if it's heavily defended. -Snipers can easily monitor the Point (although Spies can equally easily kill them). ================= 4.30 >Other Tips< ================= Here are some other Tips that don't fit in with the other Tips. ------------------- 4.31 >Spy-Checking< ------------------- Spy Checking is a VERY important action to avoid being Backstabbed or getting Structures Sapped. Detecting a Cloaked Spy: -Bumping into him, briefly glowing his team's colour. -Shooting at him, briefly glowing his team's colour. -Lighting him on fire, completely compromising his position. -Splashing him with Jarate, completely compromising his position. Signs that indicate a Disguised Spy: -A Scout running slowly. -Having the same name as yours. -Having the name of another player that's dead or that's actually somewhere else. -A Pyro on fire. -Being ignored by enemy players or by enemy Sentries. -Sapping Engineer Structures. -Not being able to get run through (normal teammates can run through each other). -Being Disguised as a Class that isn't on the team. -Standing on other teammates. -A teammate that's standing on a Sentry or a Dispenser, or an Engineer standing on another Engineer's Sentry or Dispenser (that isn't his own). -Not being able to go through Engineer Buildings (other than Teleporters). -Being lit on fire and glowing as the colour of the enemy. -Backstabbing victims. -Not affecting the status of Control Points or the Payload when standing near or on them. -A Medic with an Ubercharge over 100%. -Being stunned by Sandman Balls. -Dripping from pee caused by Jarate that's been thrown by a friendly Sniper. -A non-Spy being healed by enemy Medics and Dispensers. -A teammate on the other side of a gate during the Setup Phase. -A Demoman who holds his Eyelander like a Bottle. -A Soldier who can be healed while holding the Equalizer. Signs that suggest a Disguised Spy: -A Pyro in water. -A Sniper in close areas with his Sniper Rifle out. -Heading towards Structures. -Strafing in tight corridors. -Avoiding other teammates when face-to-face. -Approaching other teammates when their backs are turned. -Avoiding friendly Pyros. -Being chased by actual teammates. -Any other activities deemed "Suspicious". -Reacting to friendly fire. Signs that the player is NOT a Spy: -A friendly Spy without his Disguise on. -A Sniper holding his Rifle to his eye. -A Heavy spinning his Minigun. -Entering friendly Resupply areas. -Firing. -Passing through another teammate. -Carrying the enemy Intelligence. -Taunting. -Using the Microphone (when this happens, an exclamation mark appears over the player's head). -A Scout Double-Jumping. -A Medic healing. -An Engineer with his PDA or Toolbox out. -A (friendly) Spy with his Sapper or Disguise Kit out. -Reloading multiple times. -Capturing/Blocking captures. -Not being able to pass through enemy players. -Being attacked by enemy players and enemy Sentries. Signs that indicate a feigned death: -The Spy, upon death, dies and cries in a fashion his disguise out normally cry (the Spy only truly dies when he cries out of character). -The Spy still appears nearby, albeit cloaked. -Hearing the decloaking sound of the Dead Ringer Watch. -Heading in aimlessly (which a normal Spy wouldn't usually do). Other notes regarding Spy-Checking: -Friendly Spies are still vaguely visible when they're Cloaked (they are only transparent when cloaked to their teammates). Enemy Spies are completley invisible when they're Cloaked. -When Spies Cloak, their Cloaks are Red or Blue when they emerge, depending on the team they're really fighting for. -Keep an eye out for Voice Commands. -When Spies Disguise, they change form in a cloud of smoke when uncloaked. -If Spies are shot when Cloaked, their invisibility is no longer 100% for a moment. -When Spies are hurt when Disguised, they don't grunt or anything. -If a Spy managed to escape, shoot in areas they would likely retreat to. -Even after killing a Spy, keep an eye out for him, as he may be carrying the Dead Ringer Watch. Class-Specific notes: -Scouts often don't need to worry about Spies due to their speed, but they can stun Spies with their Sandman, then blow them away with the Scattergun/Force-A- Nature! -Soldiers are more vulnerable to Spies and their Backstabs. Fire Rockets at the floor and use the Spade/Equalizer to fight them off. -Pyros are very deadly against Spies, and it's their duty to make sure that enemy Spies must be destroyed. -Demomen are usually straightforward targets for Spies, so don't hesitate to use the Bottle or Grenades against them! Eyelanders can also be used against Spies. -Heavies are extremely vulnerable to Spies. Be sure to grind them up before they can make their move (Spies are fair game for KGB kills)! -Engineers MUST Spy-Check! Otherwise, the Spy may be able to Sap their Structures first. If a Spy manages to blow his cover by attempting to kill the Engineer, restore the Sentry Gun in order to kill him easily. -Medics are as equally prime targets for Backstabs as Heavies. Use the Bonesaw/ Ubersaw to chop them into bits. -Snipers are just as vulnerable to the Backstab as the Heavy and Medic, so use the SMG, Jarate, or Razorback against the Spies. Up close, cut him up with the Kukri. The Huntsman may also prove to be useful against Spies. -Spies are not usually sought by other Spies, but they have been proven to be very effective against one another. Upon detecting an enemy Spy, take the chance to Backstab him. Alternatively, shoot him to death with the Revolver or Ambassador. --------------------- 4.32 >Using Sentries< --------------------- The Sentry Gun is the Engineer's best weapon. Although it has considerable firepower, it cannot move, nor can it attack Disguised Spies or enemies at longer ranges, so lots of maintenance is needed to keep a Sentry running. Placing a Sentry: -Sentries are best placed near Dispensers and Teleporter Exits, or near Control Points or choke points. -Try not to place the Sentry in too much of a crowded area, as Demomen can flush it out very easily. Maintaining and using a Sentry: -Keep whacking a Sentry with the Wrench to Upgrade it. This costs Metal, so be sure to have a constant source of Metal in order to Upgrade it. -Whacking a Sentry with a Wrench will also repair a Sentry, and will also refill its ammo levels. -Level 1 Sentries have a small turret. Level 2 Sentries have dual machine guns. Level 3 Sentries have dual machine guns and a Rocket Launcher (deadlier than the Soldier's). -As an Engineer, don't get in the way of the Sentry when it's firing! ----------------------- 4.33 >Using Dispensers< ----------------------- The Dispenser is an excellent source of Health and Ammunition. It even gives out Metal! Placing a Dispenser: -Dispensers deployed next to Sentries allows an Engineer to constantly repair his Sentry without having to move too much around. -Dispensers are best placed in a location where teammates will notice it. -Dispensers can also be used as obstacles for enemies, or for baiting enemy Spies. -Avoid placing a Dispenser in front of a Sentry, or in a place where the Sentry must monitor. -Engineers can step on their own Dispenser. Imagine the possibilities! Maintaining and using a Dispenser: -Like Sentries, Dispensers can be upgraded at the cost of Metal. -Level 1 Dispensers produce 40 Units of Metal each moment, and heals at 10 HP/sec. -Level 2 Dispensers produce 50 Units of Metal each moment, and heals at 15 HP/sec. -Level 3 Dispensers produce 60 Units of Metal each moment, and heals at 20 HP/sec. -Dispensers can also be used as steps to get to elevated areas (Engineers can jump onto their own Dispensers, but other teammates can't). -Try to get Metal from Dispensers first before seeking Ammo Boxes or weapons. -As other classes, try to get ammo from the Dispensers to provide Engineers with more Metal from the Ammo Boxes. ------------------------ 4.34 >Using Teleporters< ------------------------ The Teleporter can prevent any long walks for the Engineer and his teammates. This gadget is a lifesaver when it comes to getting to the frontlines. Be aware that upon using the Teleporter, people will glow their team's colour for a bit. Placing a Teleporter: -Teleporter Entrances are best erected near friendly spawn points. -Teleporter Exits are best placed near the frontlines, behind enemy lines, or at Engineer Bases. -Want that Teleporter to charge faster, but don't want to play as another Engineer? Play as an Engineer and upgrade that Teleporter Entrance to Level 3 and then switch back! Maintaining a Teleporter: -Like Sentries, Teleporters can be upgraded at the cost of Metal. -Level 1 Teleporters recharge in 10 seconds. -Level 2 Teleporters recharge in 5 seconds. -Level 3 Teleporters recharge in 3 seconds. -If either the Entrance or Exit is destroyed, the Teleporter needs to be Upgraded again. -If a Sapper is placed on either the Entrance or Exit, remove the Sapper from either of them, and both Sappers will be destroyed! -Entrances and Exits can be repaired by repairing either the Entrance or Exit alone. Teleportation Priorities: -High Priority: Heavies, Soldiers, Medics, and Engineers. -Medium Priority: Demomen, Pyros, and Snipers. -Low Priority: Spies and Scouts. -Heavies and Soldiers NEED Teleporters, as they are much slower than the other Classes. Soldiers can also build up Rage for their Buff Banners. -Medics and Engineers also have considerable Teleporter rights, since their jobs are to Heal teammates and repair Structures, respectively. -Demomen, Pyros, and Snipers can take the Teleporter when the other Classes are at the frontlines. The order of which Class in this tip depends on the situation. Demomen with Targes fall lower in line, while Snipers with Huntsmen go up in line. -Spies will have the Teleportation glow, so they won't be able to safely infiltrate enemy lines safely (unless they Cloak or are Disguised upon being Teleported first). -Scouts are fast, and never need Teleporters unless in rare situations. ------------------------------------ 4.35 >The Ubercharge and Kritzkrieg< ------------------------------------ The Medic is one of the most valuable Classes in the game, since he can activate the Ubercharge. This either makes him and his pal invulnerable, or it grants them 100% Critical Shots. As the Medic: -Tell the Charge target when it's time to charge to get him prepared. -Follow the Charge target when the Charge is occuring. DO NOT cease healing him! -Don't be afraid to activate the Ubercharge if the Medic's about to get killed. -The Medic MUST be healing his target for the Ubercharge to take effect. Using the Ubercharge: -Ubercharging a Heavy or a Pyro is an effective way to flush out clusters of bad guys nearby. It's also a good way to attract the attention of Sentries. -Ubercharging a Soldier or a Demoman is the best strategy in taking down a Sentry Gun. Soldiers with Direct Hits and Demomen with Chargin' Targes are less effective. Demomen with Eyelanders are good against crowds of enemies. -In a rare strategy, Ubercharging a Medic with his Ubersaw out is a good way to make constant Ubercharges (when he manages to stab four people, he can activate his own Ubercharge ont he other Medic, and so forth). It works on roughening up the enemy when they're vulnerable to melee combat. -It's not advisable to Ubercharge a Scout, Engineer, Sniper, or a Spy. Only Ubercharge them as a last resort. -When Ubercharging, try to go in first to distract any enemy Sentries, keeping the knockback away from the one who really is dealing the damage. Using the Kritzkrieg: -The best Classes for Kritzkrieg are the Soldier, Demoman, and Heavy. -Never give the Kritzkrieg to a Pyro, as he must get in close to kill. -Try not to Kritzkrieg a Scout, Engineer, Sniper, Medic, or Spy unless necessary. -When using the Kritzkrieg, stay in cover as if the Medic was still healing. -Ubercharging AND Kritzkrieging the same target should end up with some nasty fireworks! Being Ubercharged: -Don't hesitate to rush in, Leeroy Jenkins style. The Ubercharge makes people invulnerable, so take this chance to rush in and deal as much damage as possible! -Try to target Sentries and Pyros first (except for Backburner Pyros). Avoid or shoot Sticky Bombs! Being Kritzkrieged: -Although all shots will be Critical shots, try not to rush in too hastily. Keep a fair distance away and fire like a crazed gunman. -Be sure to have a full clip when firing! -Watch out for Spies and Snipers planning to spoil the party. Defense against Ubercharges and Kritzkriegs: -The Sentry, Air Blast, and Sticky Bombs all have knockback damage, so use them against an enemy Ubercharge to stall the Medic and his friend. -Otherwise, it's best to simply run away! -When feeling selfless, get in the way of the Ubercharged pair to buy some time for teammates. -Try to separate the Medic from his healing pal. -When Ubercharged when facing against an enemy Ubercharge, try to get in the way of the Ubercharged pair to buy some time. -In the case of a Kritzkrieg, Snipers and Spies should take the chance to Backstab/Headshot the Medic. Witnessing a friendly Ubercharge: -Don't just stand there! Rush in with the Ubercharged guys and provide some extra firepower! -The Ubercharged target will likely attract the attention of Sentries, so use this chance to kill the Sentry while it's occupied! -While the Ubercharged people cannot Capture Control Points, their teammates can. Use this opportunity to take the nearby Control Point! -For Spies, an Ubercharge is the perfect distraction to pull of many Backstabs and sabotage! -Soldiers can use Buff Banners to further enhance an Ubercharge. -Scouts with Bonk! Punch can distract Sentires to keep the knockback off of Ubercharges. -------------------- 4.36 >Miscellaneous< -------------------- Here are some other Tips that don't fit anywhere else in the guide. -Try to play as a Class that the team doesn't have, such as playing a Medic when the team has no Medics. -Want to switch to another Class, but can't afford to risk the penalty of death? Head back to the nearest Resupply Room and switch classes (this also works in Sudden Death)! -Avoid attacking head on. Scouts, Pyros, and Spies in particular must rely on surprise attacks. -Having trouble with Achievements? Some of them can be performed in an empty server (create one)! -Use Voice Commands whenever necessary. -If there's a computer Microphone available, use it. With it, enemy Spies can be identified more easily, and the positions of enemies, Sticky Bombs, and Sentries can bec determined. Additionally, it makes planning an Ubercharge a bit easier, and it proves that person is not a Spy. -The Microphone is a much faster and more accurate way of conveying information than typing or through Voice Commands. -If there's no Microphone available, type out any useful information when in a safe spot (such as near a friendly Dispenser or in a corner). -Try not to type in a vulnerable spot like in the open, as Snipers and Spies can get a cheap shot. -Players that get lost in the maps can look at the signs for extra guidance. The signs will often point to where certain control points are. -The introduction video for each map can provide instructions on what to do in the map. -Diagrams in the spawn areas can also help confused players. -The Kill Cam can reveal the locations of enemy Snipers and Spies, among other things. -For entering new Maps, try to create a server and explore the Map. =================== 5.0 >And the Rest!< =================== All of this will cover up the rest of the guide. =========== 5.1 >F.A.Q< =========== Q: What are some good custom-made maps? A: CP_Wolf and PL_Frontier are some good maps. Google search for some more. Q: How do I unlock weapons? A: They can be unlocked by obtaining Achievements. Weapons also randomly drop during gameplay (a message will appear in the text area for notification), and can be used after death. Hats randomly drop (3% of all drops are Hats!). Q: How come I can't get any Unlockable Weapons? I play the console versions. A: The Unlockables and the Class Achievements are for PC users only. Sorry! Q: How do I change my name? A: Through the Steam Community section of the Steam Window (go to the Community page and then click on "Edit Steam ID" in order to change names). Q: Where can I get more tips and information about Team Fortress 2? A: TF2 Wiki is an excellent source of strategies and information on Team Fortress 2. Q: What is 4chan? A: A society that should be avoided. Q: In what order were the "Meet the Team" videos released? A: The Heavy's video was out first. At that time, the video was an experimental testing clip for the game's facial expression capabilities. The Soldier was the second to have his video, and then the Engineer, which was released during the beta stages of the game. The Demoman's was released later, at the time of the official release of the game. The Scout's was released along with the Medic pack, and the Sniper's was released with the Pyro pack. The Sandvich video was taken during the Heavy's update, and the Spy footage was leaked during the development of the Assassin update, and was released a day after. The Medic and Pyro videos have yet to be seen by the public. Q: Does the "Mute Players" option also work on player text? A: I believe it does. Q: Some of the unlockable weapons suck! A: Yes, some of the unlockable weapons are much less effective than their regular counterparts (like the Backburner and Razorback). Some are more effective in different situations though, so don't always underestimate those weapons! Q: Does it matter which level the weapon is? A: Nope. Q: What was your first Hat? A: The Otolaryngologist's Mirror. As of today, it is my only Class-Specific Hat obtained. Q: I've been playing for over a year! How come I don't have a hat? A: The drop system is completely random (and thus, flawed), but don't fret! There's always hope for you, you, or even YOU to get a hat! Q: How do I obtain the Scarechievements? A: Most of them can be obtained on the Harvest map (be sure to enter the nighttime Harvest event!). Q: Can I wear the Generic Hats (Halo, Gibus, and Mask) on several Classes at once in my loadout? A: Yes. Q: What the hell is Garry's Mod? A: It's a sandbox mod where players can practically do anything, from making comics to flying around the world. While it uses models from TF2, it has nothing to do with the game itself. Q: What's your Steam account name? A: My Steam nickname is Newman (RM). Extra points for finding out what the RM stands for. Q: I only want to get a certain part of this guide! What can I do? A: Select what's necessary and then right click and click on copy (or select and then press control C). Then go to some other word document, right click, and paste (or press control V). Print away! Q: I want to contribute to this guide by writing some information for it! A: Go right ahead. E-mail me at boocatcher5(@)hotmail(.)com (omit the brackets). Be free to e-mail me some more questions. Rules for it are explained below. ================= 5.2 >Email Guide< ================= Here are some ground rules for sending me e-mails. 1. Spell correctly with good grammar. 2. Don’t ask something that’s already inside this guide. 3. Try to make your strategy neat, because I will directly take your strategy from your E-mail. Also, pressing enter at the end of each line would help. 4. Don’t forget about the subject (Team Fortress 2)! Then I will know what the topic is about. 5. Don't ever try to contact me through a messenger program. Ever. 6. If there's an error or a vital note for the guide missing, please inform me of it immediatley. 7. If you're going to criticize my guide, please leave some constructive criticism. 8. Don't forget to leave your nickname so that I can put it on the credits! Just give me these things if you want to contact me about the guide. 1. Strategies on incomplete stuff. 2. Additional FAQs. 3. Other stuff to make this guide interesting. Here's a list of things not to send me (I will block whoever sends me the following): -Spam -Death Threats -Invitations to Facebook, Myspace, any kind of blogging websites (because I never use them) ------------------ 5.3 >Website List< ------------------ This is a list of the Websites that this guide is available to: -GameFAQs. -GameSpot. -Neoseeker. ============= 5.4 >Credits< ============= -Me, the Author. -Thomas Page and EN4CER420 for additional info. -The guys at TF2 Wiki for Weapon damages and lots of other tips (thanks!). -Daedalus, Nophysicalbody, medeepblue, RandomEngy, Rodriquez124, and Kojaimea for the Tutorial Videos. -Glass Giant for the ASCII art program. -Valve for the game itself. -GameFAQs for uploading this guide. ---------------------- 5.5 >Legal Disclaimer< ---------------------- Copyright 2010 Brett Sim This may be not rewritten under any circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without permission before so. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly, indisputably prohibited, and a violation of copyright. Failure to comply with the above terms can result in a lawsuit. All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders. If you wish to get some information from this guide, they must be confirmed and chosen by the author, Raining Metal. If you do not agree with the terms here, you should not use this guide any further. Thank You.</p>