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Introduction -- Press CTRL + F along with the roman numeral -- II. Basics -- of a section to gain --- IIa. Controls ---- quick access to it. -_-_-_-_-_-_--_--_--_--_ -- III. Walkthrough -- ---- IIIa. Aboda Village ---- ---- IIIb. Castle Town ---- ---- IIIc. Tunnel of Spirits ---- ---- IIId. Tower of Spirits ---- ---- IIIe. Whittleton ---- ---- IIIf. Forest Sanctuary ---- ---- IIIg. Forest Temple ---- ---- IIIh. Tower of Spirits (Visit II) ---- ---- IIIi. Errands ---- ---- IIIj. Rabbitland Rescue ---- ---- IIIk. Anouki Village ---- ---- IIIl. Snow Sanctuary ---- ---- IIIm. Wellspring Station ---- ---- IIIn. Snow Temple ---- ---- IIIo. Errands II ---- ---- IIIp. Tower of Spirits (Visit III) ---- ---- IIIr. Trading Post ---- ---- IIIs. Ocean Sanctuary ---- ---- IIIt. Ocean Temple ---- ---- IIIu. Errands III ---- ---- IIIv. Tower of Spirits (Visit IV) ---- ---- IIIw. Goron Village ---- ---- IIIx. Fire Sanctuary ---- ---- IIIy. Fire Temple ---- ---- IIIz. Temple of Spirits [Visit V] ---- -- IV. Collections -- ---- IVa. Swords & Shields ---- ---- IVb. Weapons ---- ---- IVc. Songs ---- ---- IVd. Stamp Collection ---- ---- IVe. Rabbit Collection ---- ---- IVf. Heart Containers ---- ---- IVg. Force Shards ---- -- V. Mini-Games -- ---- Va. Take 'Em All Out ---- ---- Vb. Training Game ---- ---- Vc. Whip Race ---- -- VI. Closings -- --> If you'd like to skip to a certain section quickly, hit CTRL + F on your keyboard, or if you're on a Mac, Apple + F. This will bring up the FIND menu. Input the roman numeral code AND the dot after the roman numeral. Then press Enter/Return to bring yourself to the desired section. -----> ---------> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ Introduction / \ /_________\ /_________\ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ I. / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ /_______\/________\ /_______\/________\ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Although I dislike writing guides near release, but I honestly just decided 'why not, nothing better to do'. So I cracked open NotePad and just started writing - I really did not expect myself to get so carried away and write so much. But nevertheless, welcome to my guide for The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks. I'm Rob, and I guess you can call me your 'tour-guide' or 'expert' on the game, so feel free to contact me! But of course, I know you don't want to hear me ramble on about my life, so a few simple things. If you like this guide, please press 'Recommend' at the top of this page. And if you need to contact me for help with the guide or game, my information is located at the top and bottom of this guide. Thanks for your help, and remember, a guide isn't made up of it's author, but rather than by it's viewers! - Robert 'Trixter800' Aleman +----------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | TIP | |----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | When I guide you, I'll use a few specific terms. Note that I use the | | American flooring (ie, for those who use the British, the ground floor is | | equal to the first floor, your first floor is our second floor). I also | | use the Compass directions (north, east, south, west) rather than left, | | right, etc. | +----------------------------------------------------------------------------+ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ Basics / \ /_________\ /_________\ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ II. / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ /_______\/________\ /_______\/________\ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ If you have played The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass, then you'll notice the game plays similar to that game - whether it be simply the menus or controls. However, there are some fairly new features that I'll go over in this section. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ /\ /\ /__\ Controls /__\ /_\/_\ IIa. /_\/_\ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The controls, also, are fairly simple to grasp ahold of if you have played Phantom Hourglass, however, they may take a little while to get accustom to if you haven't played the title. The game utilizes the touch screen rather heavily, and the actual Nintendo DS buttons are rarely used outside of shortcuts -+-_-_--_--_--_--+_---_ X V -+-_-_--_--_--_--+_---_ The game is, for the most part, held in an isometrical gaming view. So, to move, simply touch the direction you'd like to move towards. For example, if you'd like to move downwards, touch the lower part of the screen below the main character. Hold the stylus on it, do not let go, and Link will run in that direction. Another part of the game is rolling - tap twice while running to do a roll. Be careful not to do too many consecutive rolls, however, you'll get dizzy and be momentarily frozen. However, the occasional roll can help increase your movement speed if you learn to do it correctly. // / / -+-_-_--_--_--_--+_---_ / / |Swordplay | /_ _/ -+-_-_--_--_--_--+_---_ /_/ Swordplay is near identical to how it was in The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass. Once you have your sword, tap to release a basic sword slice. Draw a vertical line to do a sidestep slice. Draw a quick circle around yourself to perform a spin attack. You can also do a jump attack by targeting a far-away enemy. -+-_-_--_--_--_--+_---_ | | |Trains | | | -+-_-_--_--_--_--+_---_ | New to the Zelda series are trains. If you're in one, the train moves automatically. You can shift it's speed between Very Fast, Fast, Stop, and Reverse by using the gearbox on the right side of the screen. Also, you can pull the whistle by sliding the stylus on the whistle graphic at the top right of the screen. If you come across an intersection, a box will appear at the bottom of the screen where you can choose your direction. You can map out the direction you want to go beforehand, but if you can change it mid-course by pressing the Map button at the bottom left. Later in the game you will obtain a cannon. Tap an enemy to attack it with your cannon. You can also destroy boxes and barrels with your cannon! \ -+-_-_--_--_--_--+_---_ __/_ |Weapons | / \ -+-_-_--_--_--_--+_---_ \____/ Along the way you'll come across several weapons - classics like the Boomerang and Bombs, along with newcomers such as the Whirlwind. You can find how to use each specific weapon in the Weapons section, but you can activate each weapon by pressing the icon on the lower-right corner of the screen, or by pressing 'L' or 'R', the shoulder buttons. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ Walkthrough / \ /_________\ /_________\ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ III. / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ /_______\/________\ /_______\/________\ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ah, here we go. The game opens up with a neat little beginning cutscene. You may have the option between two dialogue choices in the cutscene, what you say really doesn't matter. After a while, you gain control of the main character, Link. If you've read one of my guides, you'd know I'll be bugging you about searching for rupees, but there's nothing of interest in this house besides a pot with a heart in it or two. Head south out of the little hut. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ /\ /\ /__\ Aboda Village /__\ /_\/_\ IIIa. /_\/_\ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ If you go up a little bit, you'll notice a kid with a blue cap on. Talk to him, and he'll start taunting you. Do a roll into the tree beside him, and the bees will come down. If you haven't figured it out, angry bees are never good in a videogame - they'll persue you and damage you. Though the boy will mention water, don't go towards it as it doesn't scare the bees off. Just run and roll around in circles to outrun the bees until they get tired. Once the bees run away, talk to the same boy in the north-easten part of the village, and he'll give you a [Collection Item]. The item that you recieved was random, by the way, and varies from game to game. In your frantic running around, you may have noticed a red-headed girl calling you. Go up to talk to her, and she'll request that you get rid of the rocks in front of her house. Tap them, then toss them at the nearest wall. One of them may contain some rupees, but the main reason that I requested you talk to her was because if you talk to her after destroying the rocks, she'll give you a [Red Rupee]. If you're new to the Zelda series, that's equal to twenty green rupees. A little money is always a good start for a game. When you're done collecting some extra cash, head to the stairs in the north-east area to initiate a quick little cut-scene involving a train. When you're ready, talk to Alfonzo and select the 'Yeah!' dialogue option to begin. He'll give you a quick briefing, which after you finish listening to it, you select the 'Yes!' option to continue. - Congratulations, you are now on your first train-ride! The train controls may seem a bit ackward at first, but it shouldn't take long to adjust. The train moves automatically, and you can change the speed and/or direction by using the gearbox on the right side of the screen. On the top right is a whistle, you can use it by 'pulling on it', or putting your stylus on it and dragging down. Though it's mostly just a cool noise, you'll find some use for it around halfway after your first turn on the tracks - you'll see a cow lounging around on it. Use your whistle to make it move, and you can continue properly. That is, until you come across an area where you have to choose between two directions. You can go either left or right. As there is a train heading from the left, drag the gear that appears at the bottom of the screen to your left. There will be a few more interesections to, and the trains coming may vary depending on what speed you were traveling at. Just make the appropriate turns based on what trains are coming, and you should be fine. After a few turns later, you'll get a small cut-scene pointing you out to Castle Town. Once you're in front of hit, stop the train using the gearbox, and you'll finish your first train-ride. You'll then arrive in Castle Town! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ /\ /\ /__\ Castle Town /__\ /_\/_\ IIIb. /_\/_\ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ As you arrive to Castle Town, you can check out the town before you head up to your graduation ceremony. There's not too much of particular interest, just a few friendly townsfolk, but make sure to smash all the pots you find in the town - I was able to pick up a second collection item in one of the sets of pots, as well as around ten or fifteen rupees total. There is also a shop at the northern part of town, but most, if not all of the items there are too expensive for you at the moment. If you go up to the northern-most part of town, the mailman will arrive with your first letter! You can read it by going to your collection screen in the menu, but it's mostly just the postmaster welcoming you to his postal service. Head north to the Hyrule Castle area to advance, when you're done exploring town. - Once you're in the castle area, you can look around for some boulders and pots for some rupees, but not much else of interest. Just head north and talk to the guards. Respond with 'Yes, sir' to gain entrance into the actual castle. On the first floor, the two side hallways are blocked by guards who you can talk with if you so desire. Go north and into the left and right wings for some pots that you can break, but talk to the man when you're done. At first, he won't let you go, but a strange looking, red-haired man convinces the guard to let you through. You'll then enter a cut-scene where you can finally get to your ceremony. During the cut-scene, you'll recieve an engineer's certificate (you are now a full-fledged engineer, congratulations!) and strangely, a letter. When the cut-scene is over, access the letter in your collection menu. It seems like Princess Zelda wants to see you in her quarters. She's drawn a secret path and attatched to it to her letter. Press the 'Map' button at the bottom of the screen while viewing the letter, and you can put her drawn map on to your own map. Head downstairs, and you may have noticed that the two hallways that the guards had blocked are now open. The only points of interest are some scattered pots throughout. But to continue on, go down the right hallway on the first floor, and head south, then head up the stairs. You'll enter the area where Zelda has marked on her map! Just go north, north through the small ledge, then hop down into the building to access the second floor. Careful not to fall off, it would be a pain to get back up. Continue heading up through the second floor, and go through the right door, far north, to enter Zelda's room. A short little cut-scene, and you'll be given Link's classic clothes! Accept her request to escort her, and leave her room. You'll have to guide her out - as a bunch of guards have suddenly appeared on the second floor. What would be a cel-shaded Zelda game without a stealth sequence? This room is pretty simple - just wait until the two guards aren't looking, and head towards the exit to the outside near the middle-eastern area. In the outside area, you need to get past three guards. For the first, he's stationary, so you can't just wait until he looks back on his own. Keep Zelda put, then take Link and talk to him from behind. He'll turn around, and engage in conversation with you. When he's talking, switch to Zelda by pressing the Zelda button, and have her sneak behind the bush. Link then go meet up with Zelda. The second guard is similar - have Link talk to the guard from behind, and while he's distracted, direct Zelda behind the long, skinny bush. You'll then be up to the final guard - but if you try to talk to him and distract him, it won't work. You need something bigger to distract him. Take a boulder, and toss it from behind the northern most bush. He'll go investiagate, so quickly switch to Zelda and have her dash to the front entrance. Have Link go meet up with her, and you're done with this room! Head outside, and you'll be presented with a pretty heavy, plot initiating cut-scene. You'll then end up back in Hyrule Castle. Wake up and talk to the old man, what you say to him doesn't really matter too much. When you're done talking, leave the room to see a really short cut-scene involving the spirit of Zelda having some troubles. Head out the left side of the building, and into the center - head up to the center stairway. You'll encounter another quick cut-scene with Zelda, follow her and go through the right door, then up into Zelda's bedroom. You'll then experience a longer cut-scene, and at the end, you're presented with the Spirit Flute! Exit the bedroom, and head south back into the royal room, though. Go through the left door this time, and continue up to be in a long, skinny area. Talk to the guard, and he requests that you own a sword before you continue. Before you go out looking for your sword, however, head right, and bust open the tresure chest for a [Red Rupee], as well as some pots. Go all the way back down to the first floor, and then head through the right hallway, then north. This is the training room - talk to the man in the upper left corner, who'll give you a [RECRUIT'S SWORD]. Hooray! However, you'll have to complete a quick training exercise with him before you can keep it. Just do a targeted attack [tap the enemies], a sidestep slash [draw a line in front of the enemies], and a spin attack [draw a circle around yourself while in front of the enemies] and he'll give you the sword permanently. Go back the way you came - through the center stairs on the first floor, and through the left door. But before we depart, head left, then go outside on the roof to find a tresure chest containing a [Collection Item]. Now, go back up to the stairs on the right side, back to the long, skinny area with the lone guard. Talk to him, and he'll let you go. Simply follow the path, slicing the enemies on your way and destroying any pots you find, up to the northern wall. There used to be a tunnel, but if you talked to the guard in the field, he told you that there have been rocks covering it. If you're looking for the entrance, go to the right most tree, and take four steps (with Link) to your left. The covered entrance is right in front of there - place one of the bomb flowers there, and it'll explode, revealing the entrance to the Tunnel of Spirits. Well, that's not it's official name, but I'm calling it that because it's pretty cool sounding - wouldn't you agree? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ /\ /\ /__\ Tunnel of Spirits /__\ /_\/_\ IIIc. /_\/_\ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Go in, and watch out for that flying bat, which I'll call a Keese. Slay it, and continue to your right for four Red Chus to drop by. Slash them all, I found luring them all near me and then conquering them all at once using a spin slash was my method of choice, and continue to your right. You'll find damn near one of the oldest tricks in the book - the old switch-that-doesn't- stay-down-when-you-step-on-it-and-requires-you-to-drag-a-block-on-to-it trick. If it wasn't self explanatory enough, tap the block just south of the brown switch, and drag it on to the switch. This will open a wall to your right which contains a tresure chest, which in turn, contains a small key. Use the key to open up the locked wall by the front stairs (tap the wall to use it) and continue up the stairs. Watch out for the Red Chu, and continue north, and simply follow the path, hopping over the little island-ettes. Watch out for the final Red Chu, and look in the tresure chest for a [Red Rupee]. Sheesh, Spirit Tracks sure is fond of these freebie rupees, aren't they? Nevertheless, take the bomb flower and throw it forward into the little fragile block pile. Wait for it to explode, and then repeat the process for the second layer. You'll now have access to a second room. Kill off the enemies, and you're left with a little mini-puzzle. You can do it yourself by reading the stones back at the island-ettes, but I'll have to give the obligatory, 'but this is what you're reading the guide for, correct? statement and simply give you a diagram. + - - (2) - - + | | | | | | (4) - - + - - (1) | | | | | | + - - (3) - - + There are four purple switches layed out in the diagram above, simply hit them in the order given above (1, then 2, then 3, then 4) to finish the puzzle. Also be aware that you have to do it somewhat quick - after you hit the first orb, a timer starts, and if it runs out, you have to do the puzzle again. Head up to the third floor, be wary of the Keese, and smash the pots if you so desire. Nope, no puzzles on this floor - but there's a cute little cutscene involving Zelda and some mice - simply slay them to continue on. You can now exit the tunnel! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ /\ /\ /__\ Tower of Spirits /__\ /_\/_\ IIId. /_\/_\ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ As you leave the tunnel, you'll encounter a nice little cutscene that thickens the plot a fair bit. When you're done, head north up the stairs. Continue up the lengthy set of curving stairs (I was honestly expecting a trap or something, but I guess not) and head through the door to floor one. - Head through the first floor, and you'll encounter some heavy doors. But before you can investigate it further, a huge monster with a huge sword appears, and chases you. Retreat to the ground floor, and you'll recieve instructions on how to conquer it - gather three Tears of Light to power the sword, and slash the monster in the back. Got it? Then head up. When you're back on the first floor, go into the square path and head left, through the sparkly floor (you'll learn that it's a safe zone - enemy phantoms can't touch it) and then continue left for [Tear of Light #1]. When you finish, head back to the original safe zone and watch your mini-map to make sure the phantom is far away, then head north through the doorway for the [Tear of Light #2]. While in the section, follow the pathway just to your right to discover a purple orb. If you tried to obtain the third tear of light, you may have noticed that there was a gaping hole blocking it. If you hit the purple orb, a bridge will cover the hole - but it's only temporary. Quickly run all the way back to the safe zone spot, down, and follow the curve down to the right doorway - then dash across the bridge to claim your [Tear of Light #3]. Now you're done and can conquer the Phantom! Stay in a safe zone until it comes near, and just when it passes you, leap out and stab it in the back. But, not so fast - it doesn't quite work! You'll encounter a quick cut-scene ending with Zelda taking over the phantom's body. When you get control of Link, you can control the phantom just like how your controlled Zelda during the escort mission back at the castle. Now to open the door! Place Link on one side of the door, and place Zelda on the other. Drag Zelda to the other half of the door and through it - this will make her push it. At the same time, as Link, run into the door, or, push it. You now have access to the next floor! - On floor 2, go to the curve of the wall, and you'll notice some spikes. Though Link can't cross it, Zelda can! Drag her cursor across, and drag the phantom body to the purple switch, until a little symbol appears over it. Release, and she'll slash the switch, which in turn, lowers the spikes so you can cross. If you were to head north, all that there would be there would be a large hole that's too large to jump across. Head south, and you'll find two switches. Place Link on one, then Zelda on the other. This will open the door in front of you. If you continue on, you'll discover some rats. If you remember in the tunnel, Zelda was petrified by the rats. Same here - even in her huge, bulky, phantom form. Have Link slash the two rats - but, that's not all. A rat hole is constantly spewing out rats. Push the block to prevent any more rats from coming out, then slash whatever rats are left. Zelda is free to pass, now! Another set of spikes. Have Zelda cross it. Head past the enemy Phantom, Zelda is immune to them. Have her hit the switch to lower the spikes. But since the enemy phantom is guarding it, you have to kill it. Have Zelda talk to the Phantom, make sure it's back is turned, and have Link go behind the phantom and kill it. You're done with this floor, head up! - The third floor is safe! After some quick cut-scenes, head north and grab the [FOREST RAIL MAP]. Hooray! After some more dialogue, a blue light will appear. Step in it to warp back to the Tower of Spirit's lobby. Talk to Anjean, and you'll encounter another cut-scene. Afterwards, you'll be given a new train! Awesome. Head towards the town in the middle of the tracks labeled as '????'. You won't have to deal with incoming trains, but you still need to watch out for animals on the tracks. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ /\ /\ /__\ Whittleton /__\ /_\/_\ IIIe. /_\/_\ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ +-----------------------------+ Whittleton is a neat little town tucked away | Whittleton General Store | that you skipped by on your trip to Castle |-----------------------------| Town. The first point of interest here would | Shield ................ 080 | be obtaining a shield. Go to the general | Red Potion ............ 100 | store, the hut on the far left, and purchase | Prize Postcards ....... 100 | a shield if you have 80 rupees, which you | Treasure Items [2] .... 100 | should if you've been listening and have been +-----------------------------+ smash pots often. If not, it's okay for right now, but try to remember to get it next time you visit. The second point of interest would be advancing the story. If you tried to enter the Lost Woods, you would have a lot of trouble - so you need to get some background information here first. Check the house at the northern most part of the village. Talk to the village chief, who will direct you to the villagers of the town. If you talked to all of them, they claim to be on the lookout for a tree with a treebranch pointing either right of left. However, they also jokingly tell you that the fourth tree with no leaves has no sense of direction, which means to go the opposite of the way it points. Head to the little path that seemingly stops abruptly on your map - to the Lost Woods. I believe that the direction the branches are pointing at vary from game to game, so just follow the directions - look out for the tree with no leaves, and for the fourth one, go in the opposite of the direction it points you out in. When you're done, you should end up in the Forest Sanctuary. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ /\ /\ /__\ Forest Sanctuary /__\ /_\/_\ IIIf. /_\/_\ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Here we are! As you dock, before you begin advancing, you may want to clear the area of enemies - it will make everything a lot easier. Once done, head north from the station, then up the stairs to your right, then south. You'll notice two bomb flowers, and if you go west just a bit, you'll notice a switch, that when hit, opens a bridge, but for only a few seconds. Your goal is to destroy some wooden blocks on the otherside across the bridge - but the problem is, the bridge only lasts a few seconds, so we gotta get creative. Take one bomb, and place it near the purple switch. Rush back to the other side and grab the other bomb flower. The bomb flower near the purple switch should have detonated by now, and the delay between you placing it and it detonating should buy you plenty enough time to lug the second bomb flower across the bridge. Place it down near the explodable blocks, the brown, cracked ones, and it'll make a path. There are two spots where you need to do so - one is continuing west after crossing the bridge, the second is north after crossing the bridge, to make a shortcut so next time you need to go past here, you can just take the stairs. Nevertheless, when you're done, continue west. You'll encounter eight statues, lined up in an octagon. If you go to the center, you'll notice a sign that says that we need to connect the two that face each other. If you look around, you'll notice that these two statues: [o] o o o o [o] o o are facing each other, so you when 'talking' to the sign in the center, you need to use your stylus to drag a line between them. Once this is done, the entrance up north will open where you will meet Gage! You'll get a quick little cut-scene, followed up by him requiring you play a duet with him on the Spirit Flute. It can be a pain to use, but I found it simple once you got the hang of it - hold the DS microphone about a foot from your face, and blow lightly. Follow his instructions, and eventually, it'll end, and your Forest Map Piece will get an upgrade. Now, head out to the Forest Temple! Just have your train go to the northern-most part. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ /\ /\ /__\ Forest Temple /__\ /_\/_\ IIIg. /_\/_\ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Once you're in the Forest Temple, you'll get a brief talking from Zelda, and you'll gain control. Nothing of interest in this main room, so head north to the first floor. Follow the path past the locked door, where you'll come upon a gap. The gap's too large to be crossed, though if you look at the other side, you'll spot a purple switch. Grab one of the acorns and toss it across at the switch. This will open up a bridge so you can now cross the gap. Looking north, there's some eerie purple gaseous area, and every gamer knows that it's not a great idea to just walk into it. Instead, head southward, into the room, then a-ha. The door closes - another old, Zelda trick! Enemies will suddenly appear, they're easy to beat, so just give them a few slashes. When they're all dead, the door opens that was blocking you from advancing, as well as the one that closes you in. On top of that, a bonus tresure chest appears to make up for your troubles - pop it open for a [Big Green Rupee]. This baby is worth 100 normal green rupees. Pretty awesome if you ask me. Nevertheless, head up the stairs in the western area of the room. - You are now in floor two. Watch out for the purple clouds in the way, and head north. Go through the door and - dammit, again! The doors close on you, and three or four bugs appear. They are quicker, yet they still are wimpy in the fact that they only require one slash to conquer. However, upon death they release that pesky purple liquid in the spot they died in, so be wary of that as well. But hey - after they're dead, a whitish-gold tresure chest appears, and it's pretty large too. Most of us Zelda fans know that that means a great thing is going to come out of it. Open it to find ... the [WHIRLWIND]. +--------------------------+ Aha. With this new device, you can do plenty of | WHIRLWIND | things here that you couldn't do before. First |--------------------------| off though, you can get rid of the annoying | Select the WHIRLWIND, | purple clouds by blowing a whirlwind at them. | and a gold line will | You can also unlock the door to your left by | appear in front of you. | blowing at the windmill in the center-northern | Use the stylus to drag | section of your current room. We'll enter that | the gold line in the | area in just a second, but first, head south | direction you want it. | into the scattered poison cloud area below | Blow in the DS | and blow away the dense area of clouds in the | microphone to release a | upper-left corner to reveal a tresure chest | tornado! This can be | containing a [Collection Item]. The rest of the | used to destroy enemies, | clouds on this floor have nothing of interest, | blow away poison clouds, | but remember the large, cloudy area in the floor | and activate wind using | below? Head back to the first floor up to the | machines like a windmill.| purple cloudy area, and blow them all away. In +--------------------------+ the western corner, you'll spot a strange machine that's currently of no use, as well as a switch. Upon activating it, you'll make a tresure chest appear in the room to the east. Watch out for the newly formed poison bugs, and open it for a [Big Green Rupee]. Head back upstairs to the windmill room, and then head left to the room you opened a minute or two ago. Blow away the purple clouds blocking the entrance to the stairwell, then enter bring back down to the first floor. - Now back at the first floor, head west to find a key stranded on an island. Stand on either side, then blow your Whirlwind to have the key travel to the opposite side. Run over, and grab it. Remember that one locked door waaay at the beginning of the temple? Yeah, we can head to it. But instead of having to backtrack, you can just hit the neat little brown switch in the upper-east corner of the room you're in, to bring down the wall below, for a shortcut back to the very first area you were in. Head south, then west to get to the locked door, and open it with your key. Head down the path, and down the path. If you need hearts, you can crack open the jars to the east, otherwise, head down into the chamber - and the door will close on you - now I'm starting to get used to it. Two flying skulls will now appear - use your Whirlwind to first knock the purple gas off them, and stun them. Run up to the collapsed skull to deliver the final blow. Repeat the process to the second skull, and the doors will open. Unfortunately, you don't get any tresure this time around. Head up the stairs back to floor two. - On the next floor, you can head east for a mini-sanctuary of some sorts, filled with jars and grass to rejuvenate your health. Head north when you're done, and then continue, watch out for the poison bug, up the stairs to floor three. - Take a left, kill the bug, and you'll notice a switch, along with an acorn. The gap in between them is too large for you to throw, so this time, break out your Whirlwind and blow it straight north, it'll land on the purple switch and cause a tresure chest to appear. Grab it for a [Small Key]. The door is on the western side of the area you were just in, so head down the stairs. - Head south, then west to the locked door. Make sure your hearts are full, because you're about to encounter a ... +-*-*-*-*-*-*-+ | Mini-Boss | +-------------+ Your enemy is a bird ... thing. He/she flies around the stage, and is smarter than your average enemy - if you try to just use a Whirlwind on it, it'll use it's wings to reflect the whirlwind back at you - and if you get hit by your own whirlwind, it'll take the oppertunity to do a little dash attack at you. So what you have to do is play the same reflect game back at it. The miniboss will release a purple skull projectile attack on you if you wait a bit - when it releases the skull, use your whirlwind to reflect the skull back at the mini-boss. It will be stunned, and take this time to rush at it and do a spin attack. Repeat the process once more, and the mini-boss will die. If you ever get low on health, there are some grass patches in all four corners of the chamber. When it dies, it will release a red rupee, but sadly, no tresure chest. Head the only direction you can, north from the mini-boss chamber. --- Once you're up on floor four, take a look around. If you've played Phantom Hourglass, you may remember the boss key - a large key that had to be lugged around and tossed in the boss door. On this floor, you can see the boss key not too far away from the boss door - but the problem is, the room where the boss key is located is closed in by a door. Let's solve that, shall we? Head south-west into the little area. There's a room to your left, but it's closed in by a door. Head east to come upon a new enemy - a blue, caterpillar like creature. If you slash it, it rolls up into a spiky ball. You may also notice a wall of explodable rocks blocking your way. Put two and two together, and use your whirlwind to blow the blue catipillar ball remains into the brown blocks, and it'll destroy them. In the next room, quickly blow away the purple gas (watch out for the blue caterpillar, it respawns) to create a more usable passageway. Head on the path, then take a little detour east and hit the switch. This will reveal a tresure chest if you go back on the main path, which contains a [Collection Item]. Head east, and hit the purple switch to open the door. No timer, either - I was expecting one, too. So just head all the way west to the newly opened passage. In the next room, there are two caterpillars, as well as a gap, and on the other side of the gap, a row of explodable blocks, and a purple switch on the end. Take turns slashing and blowing the caterpillars to clear the rocks, and once you're done, blow one at the purple switch to open the boss key door. Also, be aware as not to accidently blow one caterpillar into the other - with them constantly moving around and respawning, it may be hard not too, and it's also a pretty nasty explosion. Go back to the boss key - but bringing back isn't as easy as you think. Look at the floor pattern in the boss key room - little squares with spirals. Try to avoid stepping on those spots on your path to the boss door. If you happen to do so, you'll end up in a pretty scary situation involving two powerful, purple hand enemies (if you get caught by them, just drop the key - it's easier) so you have to take a small detour around the back end of the door. Throw the boss key into the door, and prepare for your first boss fight. Make sure your health is full - there are jars all over if you need them. If for some strange reason, you need to go back to the front entrance, you can talk to the stone, but otherwise, enter ... O==============O | BOSS | +------O==============O------+ | STAGNOX, ARMORED COLOSSUS | +----------------------------+ For a boss, Stagnox is surprisingly easy, but then again, he's your first one. For the first part, he's simply going to stand in the center and rotate around, following you. When he's about to stop, he'll stop rotating. Use this oppertunity to rush behind him, and use your Whirlwind to blow the purple clouds on his back end off. He'll then be vulnerable, so go up to him, and unleash some spin slashes on him. Repeat the process just once to finish part one of the battle. For part two, Stagnox takes to the sky, and releases some blue caterpillar minions on you. The silly boss doesn't know that you'll just use these against him - slash the caterpillars to turn them into blue, spiky balls, then wait for him to attempt a dash attack. When he does, use the Whirlwind to launch the blue spiked balls at him. His dash is fairly fast, though, so you have to be prepared to launch. Getting into position before hand helps. Repeat the process once more, and Stagnox falls to the ground, dead. --- You'll initiate a few cut-scenes: one involving part of the Spirit Tracks being repaired, another involving another section of the Tower of Spirits opening up, and another creating a statue in the boss area. Grab the Heart Container in front of you, upgrading your health to four hearts! You can now take the blue portal out, as well. Normally I'd request you to go to the Tower of Spirits, first, but there's a quick little thing you may want to do first. You may have remembered a Cuckoo back at the Forest Sanctuary. Go back to the Forest Sanctuary via railroad, and go on the ledge by the island with the Cuckoo on it. Blow it off with your Whirlwind, then grab it. Go back to the stairs leading to the ledge, and jump off in the direction of the island, Cuckoo in hand, flapping to give you a boost. You'll land on the island with at tresure chest - pop it open to reveal a [Big Red Rupee]. That's worth a whopping 200 normal rupees! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ /\ /\ /__\ Tower of Spirits /__\ /_\/_\ IIIh. /_\/_\ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Begin your trip back to the Tower of Spirits. Now there are two trains roaming around that you have to be careful about, but otherwise, nothing different about the trip to the tower. Talk to Anjean again, and then head north back to the spiral stair room. I hate to bring up another Phantom Hourglass comparison, but if you remember, the Temple of the Ocean King was highly criticized for being repetitive. Spirit Tracks fixes this problem - now, you have a shortcut - the stairs have been extended, and skip past the first couple of floors. So now head up the slightly longer stairwell to the second door. Make a dash for the first safe zone you see on the floor. You may notice that there is lava - you can't walk into it, so you have to use your new Whirlwind to blow the Tear of Light on to the other side. Make sure the phantom patrolling around the area wasn't looking, and blow. But you have to be extra careful - the phantom can see across as well as WALK across the lava. Nevertheless, when the coast is clear, grab the [Tear of Light #1]. Go around in a U-shaped manner, and when you cross the right side of the 'U', there should be a visible tresure chest. Be careful, though, it's not in a safe zone, but inside is a [Collection Item]. Head back up north, and then take a quick right for the [Tear of Light #2]. Head southwest just a fair bit, be wary of the patrolling phantom, for your [Tear of Light #3]. Also be careful of the fire breathing statues - they are real royal pains in the buttocks. With that, slash either of the phantoms - preferably the southern one, as it's closest to the area you need to cross, then head to the southern pool of lava. Have Zelda walk towards the end of the platform, then she'll mention that Link could ride on Zelda's back. Go up to the phantom, and tap it to jump on it's back, then continue the way to the other side of the lava. Head through and go up the stairs. - Go all the way down to the platform near the lava, and hop on Zelda's back. Continue, and you'll notice a little section where there's a windmill. Use the Whirlwind to get it blowing, then continue to trek westwards. You'll notice a second windmill - blow on it too. You can also head to the south- western most part of the pool of lava for a tresure chest containing a neat, [Big Green Rupee]! Keep heading down the path, ignoring the first turn north, into a little section where the skull is on the mini-map. Turn out that 'skull' was just one of the little, unclassifiable brown guys you've seen. However, it may not be strong, but it sure is fast - and runs away every time you see it. The goal is to follow it's pattern, and send Zelda packing in one direction, and have Link go the other to try and sandwich it. Zelda will have it scramble in one direction, and Link takes the oppertunity to slash it. The enemy will then yield a [Small Key]. Go north, unlock the door, cross the lava by riding Zelda, and prepare for a pretty hard mini-boss battle. +-*-*-*-*-*-*-+ | Mini-Boss | +-------------+ This guy makes a comeback from Phantom Hourglass. I don't believe he had an official name (if he did, feel free to correct me) so I just called him Fishman. Turns out his name in this game is Geozard, so I'll refer to him as that. Well, he's back, and a lot harder too. He's fast, and delivers hard, swift strikes with his sword. Use Zelda to distract him - target Geozard you'll get a yellow, target icon - and then have Link go from behind in the swordfight, and strike. Spin strikes work best. This is about all there is to the battle, but it's a lot easier said than done, and the whole battle requires around six to nine strikes. --- Continue on, there's some blue jars to rejuvenate your health if you need it, then head south through the passageway, then west. There's some sort of strange, tall goblin on top of a tall creature of some sort, just ignore it. Go up to the never-ending line of fire, and use Zelda to stand in front of it and block the flames, allowing Link to past. There's then a little ledge - put Zelda in front of it, and have Link jump on. You can now go up to the creature and slash it if you desire. Go back, and head through the flames. Be careful of the one statue that's high up, though, wait for it to pass. Continue on, passing by the first passageway, and going to the room with the key on the island. Use the Whirlwind to knock it off, then grab the [Small Key]. Continue, careful of the flames, back to the square room. There are two statue-goblins, so slay them if you want to, or just open the locked door, and continue up to the seventh and final floor. - Head north and pick up the [Snow Rail Map]. Use the blue light to return back to the lobby. Talk to Anjean real quick, then let's get going. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ /\ /\ /__\ Errands /__\ /_\/_\ IIIi. /_\/_\ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Head down to Castle Town - but on the way, you'll get rammed by some animals. You have no way of defending at the moment, so Zelda suggests that we go to Castle Town, which is why I asked you to go there. Head up to the Hyrule Castle area. Also note that if you didn't get your shield at Whittleton, Castle Town's general store also supplies it, so grab it if you haven't already. Once in the castle, head to the clinic area, it was the hallway on the left if you forgot. Oh yeah, we forgot all about Alfonso, didn't we? Talk to him, and he states that once he gets back home to Aboda Village, he can do something about our train problem. Do what the man says and head to Aboda. - Not really much has changed on the tracks, but still you have to be careful about the evil spirited trains - it's not that hard to get into a nasty crash with any of them. But anyways, when you arrive, Alfonso's going to fix you up with something special for your train. He suggests that you go visit Niko while he's fixing it up. Niko's in the western most house, if you forgot. Talk to him, and he'll go on about how he always wanted a stamp collection. He requests that if you see any stamp machines, that you should fill up his stamp book with it. He then gives you his [Stamp Book]. You can start with the one right outside, near the northern-central part of the village. Anyways, Alfonso's done now, so if you go near the ship, you'll find out that it's now equipped with a cannon. +---------------------+ Alright, though we're supposed to be going to the | Note! | Snow Temple, I'm going to go ahead and grab some of +---------------------+ the missed stamps. The first is in Whittleton - so | After you get your | head there. It's a safe trip except for the one | cannon, the rest of | group of cattle on the road that you always hit | this section of the | when you head to Aboda. Go to the northeastern most | guide is optional. | part of the village, to the second screen. Head north, +---------------------+ and right next to the beehive is your stamp machine! Now, exit Whittleton and head to the Forest Sanctuary. Like the trip to Whittleton, it's a relatively safe trip. The stamp machine in the Forest Sanctuary is located near the northern-most steps. Head back to the train, and head to the Forest Temple. Watch out for a skulltula, or two. You may remember the Stamp Machine in the Forest Temple. Go north into the main floor, and head through the path. Go down the bridge to your west, then head north into the poisonous gas area. Blow away all the gas, and then at the western most part of the chamber, where the switch with the 100 rupees was, is the stamp machine. Go back out the way we came, and now we're all caught up with stamps! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ /\ /\ /__\ Rabbitland Rescue /__\ /_\/_\ IIIj. /_\/_\ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ If you're in the Forest Temple, make a U-shape and go in the direction leading off the map. On the way to the snowy area, however, if you have a keen eye, you'll notice a small, little docking station tucked away without a map icon. Enter it, and strangely, the place is called Rabbitland Rescue. Talk to the lone man dressed in a rabbit costume (or I can't tell, perhaps he's simply a giant bunny) and he'll give you an item called the [Rabbit Net]. Apparently, if you're noticed any bunnies on the side of the road, nail it with the cannon to initiate a catching mini-game. You can then catch the rabbit, and bring it here so it has a good home. Like the stamp collecting, collecting rabbits can net you some nice rewards as well. Strange little visit, but nevertheless, continue on your journey. On the way, you'll land in the Snow Realm. Take a right, and you'll notice a strange arc. Hit it with your cannon, and it'll turn yellow. You'll initiate a cut-scene. If you want to test it out, pull your whistle while running through it to create a warp between here, and the Forest Realm. Pretty neat. Either way, continue chugging along to the snowy icon, which is a town called Anouki Village. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ /\ /\ /__\ Anouki Village /__\ /_\/_\ IIIk. /_\/_\ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Landing in Anouki Village, you'll notice that it's a snowy village with Eskimo-like inhabitants. Before you get too into this, however, you may want to grab the stamp from the [STAMP MACHINE]. If you immediately branch off from the main, stone path when you depart off the train to your right, then head north, in the middle of some trees is your stamp machine. A word of advice, however: this town does have enemies, and one in particular, the frozen Chu, is undefeatable, and does a lot of damage. If you get caught by one, rub the stylus on your screen, but try to avoid them. Once you get on the main path, the one last point of interest would be a new song. Go up to the whistling stone right below the village chief's house, or the northern most center house, and play Orange, Yellow, Orange, Blue. +-----------------------------+ A tresure chest will appear in place of the | SONG OF DISCOVERY | stone. Open it, and inside, you will find a |-----------------------------| [Red Potion]. It may come of use later. | A -- B -- A -- G | |-----------------------------| The last thing you have to do in this village | Orange, Yellow, Orange, | is find some way to access the Snow Sanctuary. | Blue. | Head up to the village chief's house, it's |-----------------------------| the one at the very top of all the stairs | Used to uncover hidden | and hills. Once inside, he's willing to do so, | spots. | but he had a dilemma himself - he needs to +-----------------------------+ pair up all the Anoukis, but they are very picky about who they want to be paired up with. You can try and find out yourself, but of course, again, this guide will just give you the answers. If you would like to find out yourself, just talk to all the Anouki's, and they'll give you their preference, and you have to put them all together to find out who doesn't want to pair up with who. When you're done, talk to the village chief, who'll give you a diagram. For you cheaters out there, the matches are below. Just match up one with one, two with two, and three with three. [1] [2] [3] [1] [2] [3] Once completed, you'll be rewarded with a [Red Rupee]. Hooray. But also, he'll tell you how to get to the Snow Sanctuary. Draw a path leading out to the path leading to the Snow Sanctuary, and jump aboard. o---------------------------------o | SNOW RABBIT | |---------------------------------| | If you depart westwards from | | Anouki Village, just a few | | seconds after departing, you | | can spot a black rabbit behind | | a boulder to your right. | o---------------------------------o Once you capture your Snow Rabbit, the ride is relatively calm sans a boar raid, which are simple enough to fend off. However, the trouble begins when you enter the tunnel. If you look up at the camera, you may spot something strange. That's because it's a ... O-*-*-*-*-*-*-O | Mini-Boss | O-------------O A huge, rock, bug-like creature with a single eye that appears to be in it's mouth drops from the ceiling. The mini-boss is simple, but I wouldn't quite say easy. All you have to do is tap it's eye to fire a cannon at it. After about four or five successful launches at it, it falls down, but starts to chase you a few seconds later. Simply keep firing at it, and once it had fallen down about four or five times, the boss is over. There's no real strategy to this mini-boss if you're having trouble - just practice aiming, because accuracy is the main key to this mini-boss. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ /\ /\ /__\ Snow Sanctuary /__\ /_\/_\ IIIl. /_\/_\ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ +------------------------------+ Immediately after you finish the mini-boss, | STAMP VI | you'll exit the tunnel and end up in the |------------------------------| Snow Sanctuary area. To the east is a | As soon as you leave the | general store, where you can purchase any | station, head northwest | necessities you may need. What's important | until you come across a set | there, however, is a Heart Container. It's | of stairs. The stairs should | unfortunately worth a whopping 2,000 | loop around, at the top is a | rupees - and even with me pointing out most | Stamp Machine. | major sources of cash so far, it's highly +------------------------------+ unlikely you've even got half the cash. Remember this general store for later. Just continue the path - head west, and follow +----------------------------+ the stairs. Watch out for the white wolves, | ANOUKI GENERAL STORE | who are craftier than most enemies. To kill |----------------------------| them, you'll probably have to corner them. Trek | Shield ...............0150 | upwards through the path, until you come | Red Potion ...........0100 | across a narrow path with some iced Chus. | Purple Potion ........0100 | To defeat them, you have to hit them with your | Prize Postcards ......0100 | Whirlwind, and while they're stunned, slash | HEART CONTAINER ......2000 | them. Continue through the path until you come +----------------------------+ upon the rocky cave. +--------|X|--------+ | \ / XXXXX | | 1---/--2 X 3--- | / XXX \ XX | | / X X \ X | \ 4 X 5 X \ 6X / |\ X \ X X /| | \ X \ XXX / | | 7 X 8------9 | | X[X] | +-------------------+ Above is a diagram of the room you are in when you enter the cave. Your goal is to cross the other side. But it's not that easy - you can't be seen by any of the statues laying around while crossing. To avoid their line of sight, simply follow the 'X's I made on the diagram above. Press the switch, follow the X's, and you should be good to go! The next room in contains Steem. Perform the song that he requests, and then, your Snow Map Piece gets an upgrade! That's about all that the Snow Sanctuary can offer for now, so when you've finished, depart at the station. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ /\ /\ /__\ Wellspring Station /__\ /_\/_\ IIIm. /_\/_\ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ +-------------------------+ If you want, you can technically head straight to | SNOW RABBIT | the Snow Temple. But the problem is, there's a |-------------------------| huge blizzard there, and like the Lost Woods, | If you're departing | you'll probably have trouble going in and finding | EAST from the Snow | the correct path to the temple without | Sanctuary, you can spot | some preparation first. So, let's find the | a snow rabbit right at | correct path. When you get to the blizzard area | the three-way inter- | on the tracks, just skip past it and go ahead. | section. It should be | Eventually, you'll come across a lone station. | on your right side. | Stop there. +-------------------------+ You can then enter Wellspring Station. There is nothing of interest (the stamp machine requires additional equipment before you can reach it) except for a lone house on the east side of the area. Might as well head there. Once you enter the building, Zelda'll appear and point out a map on the desk. Take a look at it, and mark the spots on your map. Leave the station and visit them. Or rather, it. The guy who made the map, Ferrus, is down at the southern most marked spot on the map. Head there, and you'll see a blue-haired man taking photographs. When you get near him, come to a halt to initiate a little cut- scene. Then, after some dialogue, he'll offer you an old map of the proper path to the Ice Temple. Blow in the microphone to clear the dust clouds, then trace the map on to your own map. Now, head to the Snow Temple using the newly marked path. You may want to stop at Wellspring again, however, so you don't have to go backwards the entire trip there. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ /\ /\ /__\ Snow Temple /__\ /_\/_\ IIIn. /_\/_\ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ As you land, you'll get a quick little talking with Zelda. Otherwise, just continue up, and head through the north door. Smash the pots in this room if you so desire. In the next room, watch out for the Keese. Also note that the frozen grass in this temple needs to be sliced to pass through, and you cannot just step over it. That said, slash the grass and continue to the room to your north since there's nothing more we can do here. In the next room, Zelda points out the bell. First, though, you may want to clear the room of frozen Chus. Nail them with your Whirlwind, and when they're stunned, you slash them. Once done, go south of the block carrying the bell - and push it forwards. This will slide it into the switch, which opens up a door to your east. Enter the newly opened room and you now have a puzzle of some sort. You have to cross a large gap that's too big too jump across. You have to push the block to make a stepping stone formation to cross the gap - but the problem is, the block below is on ice, and slips around easily. +---------------------------+ |-------- X _ ---------- | |X --> _|_| | | |_|X | | | | |^ V | |X X| south) [ ]X sword slash) and continue east. Go up to the sign, and it displays something like this: [Blue] [Red] [Blue] [Red] [Red] [Blue] This means that back in the room you skipped, that you should light up the torches with the corresponding color. You have to do it in one swipe, though, which may be a bit tricky. After doing so, the locked door to your right opens up. Continue down, and the doors close on you, leaving you to combat with five white wolves. They're tricky, and dodge attacks well. The best method is to corner them, and spin attacks work well. Once you defeat them all, the door opens and you can continue. Head down to the icy path, and you'll see the Boss Key on the island. The Boomerang is too small to pick up the key, so you'll need to get on one side of it, and use the Whirlwind to blow it to the other side. Use the switch to create the bridge, first! Once it's done, pick up the [Boss Key], head west a bit, and throw it in the boss door. No tricks this time, hooray! Trek up to the third and final floor ... - There are some pots accessible via Boomerang if you need them. When you're ready for your second boss, head up the stairs ... O==============O | BOSS | +------O==============O------+ | FRAAZ, MASTER OF ICY FIRE | +----------------------------+ I have to say, this is easily the hardest boss or mini-boss you've faced so far, as well as the most complicated. I'd also like to take this 'author commentary' paragraph to point out the boss's name. If you remember, Blaaz was the boss of the Fire Temple back in Phantom Hourglass - see the name as well as physical similarities, Phantom Hourglass fans? But I apologize for digressing, the first part is very easy, however. There are two torches - one with ice, the other with fire. He will take the form of one element or the other (you can tell - if he's red he's obviously fire, if he's blue, he's obviously ice) You then take your Boomerang, and light it with the element of the OPPOSITE element that Fraaz is, and release it. He's then stunned - rush up to him and deal some sword slashes. Repeat the process one more to finish part one of this fight. For part two, he splits up into two forms - one is fire, one is ice. You can't tell just by looking, however, if you look at the mini-map at the top of the screen, the color signifies it's element. Use the ice torch to knock out the fire one, and the fire torch to knock down the ice one - but it has to be in one toss. After just one time that you do this, you enter part three, and he destroys the torches. He will then float around, again, with either an ice element, or a fire element. He will spew out either an ice ball, or a fire ball, and it will remain on the floor. Be sure to dodge it, but then wait for him to switch elements. When he does, use your Boomerang to use the ice or fire remains on the ground as a makeshift torch, then use it on Fraaz. He'll be stunned - rush up and slash him. Do this once or twice more, and he'll enter part four. Part four is nearly the same as part three - the Fraazs will spew out either fire balls, or ice balls, and you need to use your Boomerang to hit the opposite of each Fraaz. After just one hit, he enters the fourth, as well as final stage. This time around, it's the same as part three - he spews fireballs and ice balls and you need to hit him with the opposite, but it's harder around. He may stay the same element two rounds in a row, and now, you have to hit him TWICE with the element to stun him. If you can even get him stunned, he snaps back to normal awfully quick, so make sure to rush him with your sword quick. You just need to do it two or three times though. Don't be ashamed to use any of the pots around the stage or use an emergency red potion - the fight is rather tough. Once he's down, however, the boss fight is over, no more stages. --- After he dies, you'll experience some cut-scenes - Spirit Tower slowly getting a little more repaired, the Spirit Tracks being repaired a bit, the temple returns to normal, same old, same old. Once the cutscenes finish, grab your Heart Container, and you can exit the temple! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ /\ /\ /__\ Errands II /__\ /_\/_\ IIIo. /_\/_\ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ah, here we have another large amount of Errands we can perform before we head out. One of the first things I'd like to do would be to get a new weapon. But first off, make sure you have 500 rupees. If so, then when you exit the temple, you may notice the icon of a man roaming around the map. Get near him, and pull your whistle. He's in a hot air balloon, so he'll slowly lower down. Just wait for him, and stop near him to enter his shop. o--------------------------o Get the Bomb Bag if you have the money, no | BEEDLE'S | questions asked. There are so many new things we |--------------------------| can do once we get the Bomb Bag. If you have one | BOMB BAG ...........0500 | hundred spare rupees, also purchase a Beedle's | Bombs [10] .........0100 | Membership Card - it's a card that offers | Red Potion .........0100 | nice rewards for frequently buying from his | Collection Item ....0300 | shop. Great deal, and not only that, but there | Collection Item ....1000 | are exclusive items you can't get anywhere else o--------------------------o by using this system. Now, let's start going to places that we couldn't really use before without our friendly bombs or Boomerang. You can go to Anouki Village first or Wellspring Station first, it doesn't matter - whichever is closer. - o------------------------------o When you dock at Wellspring, go to the | STAMP STATION VIII | hut first. But, you'll notice the mailbox |------------------------------| shaking. Check up on it, and it's just a | Go behind the hut in | letter from Beedle. Enter and exit the hut, | Wellspring, and you'll notice| then check the mailbox again - a letter from | a ice torch in a little | the guard captain requesting that one day | alcove on the lake. Use it | you come back for training. Interesting. | with your Boomerang to form | You can pick up the stamp here if you want, | an ice bridge to the nearby | but other than that, there's nothing more of | stamp station. | interest in Wellspring Station, so take off o------------------------------o to Anouki Village. - You may remember a crack that required a bomb to destroy back in Anouki. Well, head there, it's just to the right of the village chief's house. Place a bomb near the crack, and let it explode, then enter. Inside is a quick little ice puzzle. You have to cross to the other side to reach the treasure chest. The order to push the block is: west, north, east, north, east, north, east, south, east, south, west, north. You can then hop across the gap like stepping stones, and open the treasure chest for a [Big Red Rupee]. Two-hundred rupees, not bad. But before you leave, we're not done. Head to the lake, and look out for the ice torch. Use the Boomerang to make an ice bridge down to the land mass containing a treasure chest. Open it for a [Big Green Rupee]. Nice, nice. - But now we're done for real. Start heading back down to the Forest Realm. Head to the Forest Temple. No joke, we're going to catch a few rabbits. Feel to stop by Rabbitland Rescue to drop off some rabbits, but right after you pass Rabbitland, speak of the devil - a rabbit to your right. Also when you head to the Forest Temple, look to your right. +-------------------------------+ +-------------------------------+ | GRASS BUNNY | | GRASS BUNNY | |-------------------------------| |-------------------------------| | Right after passing Rabbitland| | Look on your right about half-| | look on your right. There is | | way through the path between | | a Grass Rabbit behind a | | the Forest Temple and the | | boulder. | | exit. | +-------------------------------+ +-------------------------------+ Now, you're going to head all the way up to Castle Town. Watch out for the enemy trains on the way there. - +------------------------------+ If you go to the northeastern most corner, | STAMP MACHINE IX | you can find a set of stairs with some |------------------------------| explodable bomb boxes. Plant a bomb there, | Plant some bombs in the | then go up the stairs, then south for a | stairs by the explodable | Red Rupee. Go the opposite direction, and | boxes in the NE corner of | follow the path for a stamp machine, and | Castle Town. Go upwards, and | eventually, an additional Red Rupee. | loop around until you come | | upon the stamp machine. | +------------------------------+ +----------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | HEART CONTAINER | |----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | If you go to the building in the southeast corner of Castle Town, you'll | | stumble upon a mini-game building. In there, if you pay 50 rupees, you can | | play the mini-game, 'Take 'Em All Out'. If you fully complete the first | | level, you'll obtain a HEART CONTAINER as a reward. For a complete guide | | of the mini-game, check the mini-games section. | +----------------------------------------------------------------------------+ +----------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | HEART CONTAINER | |----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | If you head toward the training room in Hyrule Castle (in the first room | | on the first floor, head through the right hallway, and at the end of the | | passage is the door to the room) and talk to the guard master, you can | | play a training mini-game. If you can hit the soldiers 60 times without | | letting them hurt you more than twice, you'll obtain a HEART CONTAINER as | | a reward. Note that this is not an easy task and will take some dedication.| +----------------------------------------------------------------------------+ Once you're done, hopefully with two extra Heart Containers in hand, and you're ready to venture to the Tower of Spirits once more. Head out to the nearby Tower of Spirits. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ /\ /\ /__\ Tower of Spirits (Vist III) /__\ /_\/_\ IIIp. /_\/_\ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Talk to Anjean, and she'll congratulate you on restoring the second set of Spirit Tracks. She'll also point out that your next destination is the Ocean Realm. So head up the stairs of the Tower of Spirits. The spiraling stairs have been extended even further this time around. Starting on floor eight, Zelda will point out that the floor is dark and you can't see. Head north, then use the fire on the torch to light the empty torch with your Boomerang. Continue trekking west, lighting up the torches on your way - until you reach a sideways T-split. Head north, until you come upon a bomb flower tucked away in an alcove to your right. Take the bomb, then head out of the alcove, then north, and drop the bomb between the two pre-lit torches. This will reveal an opening - head inside to discover a valuable [Collection Item]. Once you've done that, head south now, past the west end of the T-split. Continue making your way down, and eventually east using the torches - making sure to watch out for the ghosts that lurk in the darkness. You can check for hidden things among the walls by slashing it with your sword - the spark will create a split second light-source. If you check the northern wall in between the unreadable stone tablet, and the first torch to it's right, you'll find a crack in the wall. Place a bomb from your Bomb Bag near it to blow open a hidden entrance! Inside, is a similar secret room, open the golden treasure chest to find another valuable [Collection Item]. That is all the hidden treasure to my knowledge on this floor, so head east after doing so, then up the stairs to floor nine. - The ninth floor has the same concept, a dark room, but it's more dangerous this time around. Start by lighting the put-out torch to your west, and cross over. There's a second torch even more to your west, but there's a large gap between them, so you'll need to wait for the ghosts to cross, then stand in the middle, and light the next torch. Watch out, however. After the second torch is a gaping hole. So instead, head north, into the safe zone. Light up the nearby torches, as well. Head north, then into the safe zone to your left. We're going to head over to obtain the first Tear of Light, so wait for the phantoms to be fairly out of the way, then head east. Keep going until you hit a wall, then continue going clockwise until you hit the [Tear of Light #1]. However, that's not all. Head a little to the east, the north to find a lone torch. Blow it out with your Whirlwind to reveal a crack (that was what the inscription on the stone was telling you). Then, plant a bomb there (you can grow grab a bomb from the Bomb Flower in the previous safe zone if you don't have your bomb bag yet) and the crack will reveal a secret room. Enter for the [Tear of Light #2]. That was the one that was missing on the mini-map! The final tear is fairly easy - head west from the bomb flower safe zone. There are no phantoms - your main worry are the ghosts. Just follow the simple path down, then west - then go into the mini safe-zone for your [Tear of Light #3]. Now go back, and just slash one of the phantoms in it's back to take it over. You can now cross the gap a lot easier with a Torch Phantom - the reason being that it cannot fall off, meaning you can use it as a safety dummy to cross the darkened bridge. Do just that, but if you have trouble doing that, just head eight square blocks west, eight blocks north, eight more blocks west, then finally, three more blocks south to find your way through. When you're on solid land, just head west, and then have your phantom light the two unlit torches to open the door out. Continue to the eleventh floor. - Head to your right, and you'll notice a switch. Pressing it doesn't do anything, however, you need to find it's partner switch. Have Zelda just hug the north wall to your right and you'll eventually find the second switch. Step on it with Zelda to activate the door by Link. There's nothing else of interest in this area, so head on through. Head north, carefully, using your phantom for light, and then when you hit the wall, head west. Follow the U-shaped path, until you come upon a treasure chest. Open it for a [Collection Item]. Now, head back down the way you came, still using your phantom, and head west, ignoring the boss door for now. Head south when you hit the west wall, and you'll come upon a red door guarding the boss key. Draw a capital, English, Times New Roman, 'Z' on the red door once prompted to, and it will open the door for you. The boss key has some sort of trap on it that prevents Link from picking it up, however, Zelda can pick it up. Unfortunately, when you pick it up, some dark hands appear from the ground, and are ready to guard you. You cannot defeat them, since they just respawn - so you're going to have to trudge through. Have Zelda slowly bring the key up to the boss key while Link fends off the incoming hands. If it helps you, the lights have been restored. Not much to say in particular, it's more of an action sequence that this guide can't help much with. It is, however, a lot easier than the rather tense music and drawn-out introduction cut-scene lead to be. When you've inserted the key into the door, the hands dissapear, and head up to the boss room. Also be aware that unlike normal dungeons - there is no 'refreshing' room to prepare you before hand. +-*-*-*-*-*-*-+ | Mini-Boss | +-------------+ Your enemy will be sort of an upgraded Geozard - now he's wearing red armor, and has recieved some new upgrades as well. He can now leap across the screen whenever you're taking to long to strike, and he can also breath spread out, long-distance fireballs from time to time. You can avoid these fairly easily by staying behind either your phantom (it acts as a shield) or Geozard himself (he spews from his mouth). Also be aware of the new field lay-out - there are four, large square gaps in the middle of the floor, so large, that the layout's pretty much a gigantic plus sign. This makes it harder to navigate to Geozard's back. But the general idea is the same - have Zelda engage in some sword combat with Geozard, then rush up and slash him. You can also try to get in multiple slashes if you're a quick enough tapper. After around ten or so successful back slashes, Geozard dies. Fairly easy battle, since he didn't get much of an upgrade since the first version. There are a few pots scattered around the arena if you need to refresh yourself. --- The mini-boss is luckily the final floor. Grab the treasure chest containing a [Collection Item], then head up the stairs to the twelfth, and final, floor of the Tower of Spirits. - A quick talking to from Zelda, and you can go up and grab the [Ocean Rail Map], which adds a new quadrant to your map, and adds some new tracks as well. You can take the blue portal out, and you'll end up back in the lobby of the Tower of Spirits. Talk to Anjean, and then depart! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ /\ /\ /__\ Trading Post /__\ /_\/_\ IIIr. /_\/_\ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Like always when you're in the Hyrule Castle area, watch out for the dark trains, and also watch out for any typical obstructions, like boars. Head south to the end of the map, and out to the Ocean Realm. But right around the last turn of the Forest Realm, is a station. Slow down and stop at an area called Trading Post. Ah-ha, and if you start to head east from the station, Zelda will point out the mess that is a bridge. Looks like this stop is mandantory, dear readers. Anyways, continue south, and you'll end up at a house. Enter the house, and you'll notice a rather rude guy. But it turns out his name is Linebeck III! Is the name familiar to you? He requests that you fetch a bridge worker from all the way at the Snow Realm to come and fix the bridge. Well, the cave to your left is blocked out, and there's no way to cross the bridge, so unfortuneatly, we have to do what he says. Exit the Trading Post, and head north to the Tower of Spirits, be careful of the usual obstructions. Talk to Anjean, then head on to the Snow Realm. You'll soon come upon the Bridge Builder's House. - The Bridge Builder's House area is fairly empty. Just ignore, or defeat if you want to, the enemies, and head up to this house. Except, before you head in, head east from his house until you see four oddly shaped boulders. Destroy them, and then head to the center if where they were located - and play the Song of Discovery. This will reveal a chest containing a [Big Green Rupee]. That's about all that's located here - so go up to the house and talk to the Bridge Builder. He's a pretty nice guy, and willing to help, but he's pretty picky when it comes to the train ride. You have to make sure that you: whistle on the yellow signs, slow down on the one arrow signs, and speed up on the dual arrow signs. You also cannot get hit on the way, and obviously, you can't get into a crash with any dark trains. The main battle here are the trains without using the emergency brake - which is rather difficult, and requires a bit of luck. The signs are fairly easy assuming you pay attention to the road, and you won't encounter more than an enemy or two anyways. Once you land at Trading Post, enter Linebeck's hut and talk to him real quick. Then head out and talk to the bridge builder in the northeast corner of the area, and you'll experience a quick cut-scene involving fees. Head back to Linebeck's, where he'll enter some kind of compromise - if you can find the Regal Ring that his grandfather buried somewhere, he'll pay off the debt using the money. He gives you [Linebeck's Letter] afterwards. _____________________________ / / \ 1. To enter the hiding \ \ spot, sound the light and \ / follow its beam. \ \ \ \ 2. Inside, go 4 steps north / / and 6 steps west from where \ / the lights cross. / \_____________________________/ Along with that, the door to Linebeck's grave opens. Enter it, and you'll enter a small cave. However, you have to be careful. There are enemies known as Like-Likes in this cave, and they can eat your shield! You can quickly, and most safely, kill them by throwing two bombs at them, but if you want to conserve money, you can use your Boomerang to stun them, then slash them with your sword. +---------------------------------+ Jump down from the ledge, defeating the | STAMP MACHINE X | two Like-Likes in either of the two ways |---------------------------------| I described above. Continue up, but avoid | At the northern end of the cave | the pot on the far right - it contains a | there is a pool of water. Jump | surprise Like-Like that will gobble you | on the mini-island, then place | up instantly. Get the Stamp if you | a bomb on the next island. When | want to, and when you're done crossing, | it explodes, hop over to the | head up the stairs, back to the outside | Stamp Machine. | world. +---------------------------------+ Head back outside, be careful of the +---------------------------------------+ ravens. Head over to the whistling | SONG OF LIGHT | stone, and you'll learn the Song of |---------------------------------------| Light. This will activate a beacon | C - B - A - G - F | of light that points towards the |---------------------------------------| ocean. Go towards the light, as | Purple, Yellow, Red, Blue, White | close as you can without falling |---------------------------------------| into the water, and use the | Using this song can activate a | Boomerang to hit the purple switch. | beacon of light. | This will activate a bridge to a +---------------------------------------+ small island. Head over to the small island and enter the new cave. Inside, start out by clearing out the cave of Octotroks. Once done, look for the two beacons of light - and then play the Song of Light near both of them to activate them. Look for where they cross, and then follow step 2: go 4 steps north, and 6 steps west. The letter is somewhat misleading, however - steps refers to the dirt block. So pretty much that means go to the north- west most block, then head one step right. Once on that block, play the Song of Discovery. If you don't own it, you'll have to go back to Anouki Village to learn it. Once done, a treasure chest containing the Regal Ring appears. A word of warning: do NOT get the treasure chest up north. It's a Like-Like in disguise. But when you're done, leave the hide-out, leave the mini-island, leave the north side of the island, leave the cave, then talk to Linebeck outside his hut to initiate a cut-scene. The bridge builder will accept the Regal Ring as payment, and leave. The bridge is fixed, but as a bonus, you can now use the Trading Post! You know ALL those treasure pieces (ie, Stalfos' Skull, Goron's Amber) that you previously owned? Now they come to use here. You can either sell them here for rupees, or convert them into train parts! Do whatever you want to here, and it's time to leave. - However, if you've been following my guide, you'd know that this was the tenth stamp you've obtained. Head to Aboda Village if you have been following and do have ten stamps as of now. Go ahead to Niko's House, and talk to him to recieve a [SHIELD OF ANTIQUILTY]. Now, head to the Ocean Realm and stop at your first station! +-------------------------------+ +--------------------------------------+ | GRASS BUNNY | | SHIELD OF ANTIQUILTY | |-------------------------------| |--------------------------------------| | Coming out of Aboda Village, | | This shield is similar to the normal | | look on your right after the | | shield, but it cannot be eaten by | | first curve. | | Like-Likes, plus, it is a unique | +-------------------------------+ | collectible. | +--------------------------------------+ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ /\ /\ /__\ Papuchia Village /__\ /_\/_\ IIIr. /_\/_\ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ +----------------------------------+ You can make a quick pitstop to Papuchia | PAPUCHIA VILLAGE GENERAL STORE | Village if you want (it's nice to get it |----------------------------------| recorded on your map, anyways). There's | Bombs [10] .................0150 | nothing to do here in terms of story | Yellow Potion ..............0200 | advancement, however, there is a general | Purple Potion ..............0150 | store which I believe is the first to | Arrows [10] ................0050 | sell Yellow Potions. There is also a | Prize Postcards ............0100 | treasure chest if you follow the path +----------------------------------+ counter-clockwise, and hop across the island, which contains a [Collection Item]. When you're done exploring Papuchia Village, go back to the train station and depart. Head east, across the bridge, and soon you'll come upon another station. That's the Ocean Sanctuary - stop at it. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ /\ /\ /__\ Ocean Sanctuary /__\ /_\/_\ IIIs. /_\/_\ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ There's nothing you can do at the moment to your right, so instead, head left from the train station. You'll discover a new, crab monster - stun it from behind with a Boomerang, and then go up behind it and slash it. It's giant claw protects the front. There's nothing more on land, so continue on into the cave. - Inside, kill the next crab enemy, and follow the path until you come across the gap. The camera will point out a purple switch on the other side of the gap, but it's covered by explodable blocks. The problem is, the only bomb flowers are on this side. So we have to carry them across using a weapon of some sort. Your first thought would be the Boomerang, but it's too late to carry it across. This leaves you with your Whirlwind. Place a bomb flower bomb on to the ground, then blow it across to reveal an opening to the switch. Send out your Boomerang to hit the switch, and presto, a bridge opens up, allowing you to cross. Unfortunately, the Whirlwind is NOT as precise as your Boomerang, so it may take a couple of tries to get right. Continue following the linear path, and all you'll come upon is an additional crab. Defeat it, then head back up to land. On the new piece of land, if you look on the mini-map, you'll see a lot of head statues. Like you do when you see them most of the time, we want to mark the direction they're facing on the map. The reason is that you have to copy the symbol created by the created lines on to the red door in the center of the area. Well, you don't HAVE to do so, really. Instead, if you want to, I can just give you the symbol if you want. /\ /\ / \ / \ / \/ \ \ /\ / \ / \ / \/ \/ In other words, two adjacent diamonds. An infine symbol, or an '8' lying down on it's side should also work. Once you've opened the door - there are but two places of interest, both collectible items. One is the elevated island, that can be reached by going to the Cuckoo island in the northeast corner of the area, and heading south. The other is the island on the northwest corner of the area, and you have to use the cuckoo to jump to the other side. Both contain [Collection Items]. When completed, enter the cave where Carben is, or rather, supposed to be. Upon entering you'll notice no Carben, but rather a note. Read it to find out that he's in Papuchia Village. Leave the cave, then head to the center-east island and press the switch. This will extend a bridge across the island, which you can cross to get a shortcut to get back to the station. Depart to Papuchia. - Once back in Papuchia, head to the central-southern island, and you'll initiate a quick scene involving you spying Carben in the sky. Zelda suggests you visit the Wise One in the larger hut in the small island just above. Do so, and talk to the Wise One. +-----------------------------------+ Talk to her, and she'll prompt you to | SONG OF BIRDS | answer some questions which you have to +-----------------------------------+ answer with the microphone (you can say | C - A - C | whatever, really, I was able to get by +-----------------------------------+ with just blowing into the microphone). | Purple, Yellow, Purple | Once done, she'll suggest a song by a +-----------------------------------+ lone tree. Head south of the house to | This song has the power to call | the palm tree in the sandy ground. | birds to you. | Play the Song of Discovery there to +-----------------------------------+ make a stone appear. There, you can learn the SONG OF BIRDS. You'll get a cut-scene with Carben. After talking to him, he requires you to bring him to the Ocean Sanctuary, as a passenger. Seems simple enough - just like you did with the bridge worker, except it's a shorter route. Or at least it's SUPPOSED to be easier - turns out that on the way, you get ambushed by a pirate ship! Nothing you can do, just let it land on your train. - You'll end up in the cabin of your train - and goblins will be pouring through the windows. Just attack them as they come in. The numbers will multiply, however, and once you're near the end with them coming in ten at a time, it's best to just stay in the middle with Carben and spin attack after spin attack. Your goal is to protect Carben - if they come too close to Carben for too long, game over. After a fair amount of rounds with the goblins, however, all of a sudden, a gigantic, muscular version of one appears. Mini-boss time! +-*-*-*-*-*-*-+ | Mini-Boss | +-------------+ This mini-boss has two objectives: protect Carben, and conquer the enemy. The monster simply moves forward very slowly, so you have to defeat it before he can reach Carben. However, his attacks, likewise, are very slow as well, and he ends up being a fairly easy enemy. Your goal is to simply slash him (no trick, shield, anything) a few times to reduce his energy. He'll eventually bring back his club to prepare for a strike, it's then that you retreat backwards to avoid it. Also be careful - he occasionally throws in a surprise attack after he finishes the first one, as well. You repeat the process until you get a good thirty or so slashes in, then, the smaller goblin appears. Kill it, then repeat the process until two more goblins appear. Repeat the process until finally, four more appear. Don't let the boss distract you from the main goal - protecting Carben. The goblins can net you a game over if you don't have a good eye on Carben. But luckily, when you get to four, it means the mini-boss is just about dead, so keep on slashing until he falls over. --- After that, Carben thanks you, and requests you head back to the Ocean Sanctuary. When you land, he'll give you a [Force Gem]! This opens up additional spirit tracks, very useful. He'll head back up to his cave, you're going to want to follow him there. Once inside, you have the usual scene. Talk to him, and he'll request you play a duet with him. This has posed a problem for MANY players, and has ticked off a lot of players beyond belief. This is a very difficult song to play - the reason being that the flute skips a note on the scale. Don't get frustrated - it personally took me around fifty tries to get it right, and I play a woodwind instrument in real life. A few tips that have helped people: - The skipping note problem can be fixed by sliding real fast through the yellow note between the two notes. You have to be fast, however, but if the yellow note plays for only a split second, it shouldn't count against you. - What poses a problem is the strange timing - you play earlier and earlier than him each time you play. You can rely either on the metronome in the background, or the visual at the top: when the musical notes at the top light up, it signify's when you're to play. - Blow properly in the microphone. Unfortunately, for us old DS users, or DS phat users, if you will, have a poor microphone location - so if you do have an avaliable DS Lite or DSi, it's probably preferable. Also, breathe at least five inches away from the microphone - any closer, and you'll have a hard time. Make sure that you have a steady, yet gentle blow into the Nintendo DS. These are about all I can do to help you. Good luck with the Ocean Temple song, however. But, when you DO finally get the song done and over with, he'll upgrade your Ocean Realm Rail Map. Like the Lost Woods and blizzard, though, you can't just wander into the Ocean Temple. You need to follow a specific path. However, unlike the previous temples which required you to go on a mini-quest to find the path, he simply hands you a letter. Enclosed in the letter are the instructions giving three locations on the map - two islands, then what looks like a dead-end path. - +-------------------------------+ Head directly east, all the way to the | OCEAN RABBIT | marked island on your map. You'll see |-------------------------------| Ferrus on the way east, though, taking | As you head out from the | pictures. If you talk to him, he'll give | Ocean Sanctuary, there will | you a quick word of advice: there are | be a couple barrels on your | sculptures that react to big noises. | right. About halfway across | This piece of information will be useful | the bridge is a rabbit on | a little while later. | your right side. | +-------------------------------+ +----------------------------------+ Keep going east, however, until you | OCEAN RABBIT | hit the marked number one on your map. |----------------------------------| At the south-end of the island, on a | Right before you hit the south- | mountain, is a statue. Pull your | eastern corner island, on your | whistle while near it to make it change | left is a rabbit. | colors. Now, keep heading out until you +----------------------------------+ hit the area on your map that's marked with a two. There's nothing else in between the two islands, by the way. On your right side - you'll notice number two's statue. Pull your whistle near it to make it change colours. Continue following the path to the number three marked on your map. Shoot the statue, and then, at the end of the same path, a fish statue with it's mouth open will appear. Enter it to head underwater, however illogical it may seem. Once inside, draw a path to the entrance to the Ocean Temple - pretty much the only place on the map. The ride will be fairly simple, minus a few Octoroks, which will squirm around the sea - but they only hinder your vision if you get attacked, they don't damage you. You may also notice that the mechanics for your cannon has been changed - instead of a direct shot, now, the cannon seems to float upwards. However, the simplicity ends when you near the Ocean Temple - an enemy train will appear! Switch directions so you loop all the way around the Ocean Temple rather than directly to it. You've avoided the first train, but soon after the first turn, a second train will appear. Take whichever path the second train isn't taking, then you're home-free. Head into the Ocean Temple. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ /\ /\ /__\ Ocean Temple /__\ /_\/_\ IIIt. /_\/_\ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ If you haven't already, you can learn the Song of Healing in the north- west corner of the entrance. Other than that, leave the station area and enter the actual temple after a quick talking-to from Zelda. In the next room, destroy the pots for rupees/hearts if you need them. If you head up, you'll notice the path splits. Ignore the right side, however, since there are constantly flowing boulders preventing you from passing. In the next room are electric Chus - hit them with your Boomerang to stun them, then slash them to destroy them. You can ignore the puzzle hints for now, I'll help you out with those later, then head through the path into the arrow room. You can either run through, or block the arrows. If you stay near the bottom, you can avoid all the spewing arrows. However, if you have the shield, and keep your front turned towards the arrows, you can just block the spewing arrows. Either way, it doesn't matter - cross the arrow room, then head up the stairs in the next room. If you look to your left, you'll see a crack in the wall. You can blow it up with your bomb, but looking further into it, you'll notice all it leads is to a gap that you can't quite cross at this moment. So instead, head south towards the brown, moving block. Step on it, and it'll transport you to the other side, but be aware that there are shooting arrow traps. Just stand with your shield facing north, and it should deflect them for you. Heading south some more, you'll come across another moving block. Step on it, and you'll come across a set of four purple switches. You have to hit them in the correct order: 3 1 2 4 Once done, the wall to your east will open. Note that the arrows won't shoot when you come near them, but rather if you hit the switches in the incorrect order. Once you land, head through the switch, and you'll see some boulders. You'll see a lone switch as well. Hitting in will make the gap in front come down, but at the same time, will make the gap in the south open. Why would you do that, you may ask? Remember the boulders on the first floor? This area is where they were coming from. If you switch the gaps around, the boulders will now simply land into the gap. However, if you just hit it with your sword, you won't be able to go back, so instead, go back around to where the door was, and use your Boomerang to hit the switch. Then, you can head back through the moving blocks back to floor one. - Back on floor one, head through to the split where the boulders once were, and the floor is now clear, despite the strange looking boulder falling animation. To your south is another gap with the strange looking things you can't use yet, and on the other side are some thorns you can't cross yet as well. Instead, head north to floor two once more. To the south are ANOTHER set of branches you can't quite cross. Head towards the stairs to go to floor three. Once there, you'll notice a large group of around six or seven pots which you may want to consider breaking. You're only other direction is into what looks like a huge arena, or mini-boss room, so might as well enter it. +-*-*-*-*-*-*-+ | Mini-Boss | +-------------+ This mini-boss is surprisngly easy. You start out in grasp of his whip weapon - wait for him to pull you in, then once he does, release the spin slashes on him, and you'll be set free. Now free, just rush towards him and do some more spin slashes, ignoring his whip, and he'll die. Awfully simple battle. --- +----------------------------------+ After the battle, doors from all four | WHIP | cardinal directions open, and a golden +----------------------------------+ treasure chest appears. Open it for a | The WHIP can be used as a semi- | [WHIP]. You can now go to so many new | ranged weapon, but it's best | places that you previous couldn't. Let's | features is that you can now | start by heading back downstairs to floor | latch on to branches, and cross | two, shall we? On the second floor, head | gaps with them now. You can also | south to the branches. Extend your whip | latch on to a heavy object and | to the branches to latch on, then you'll | propel yourself towards it. | automatically jump off. When you're near +----------------------------------+ the end of the swing, grab on to the next branch. You'll now move much faster. Grab on to the third whip, and land on to the area where you can find a treasure chest containing a [Collection Item]. Head back the way you came and go down to the first floor. - Go up to the thorns, and use your whip to pick off the thorns. Once you've done so, head through to the treasure chest and pick up a [Collection Item]. Go south and cross the branch with your whip, leading back to the entrance. Grab on to the branch to your left now, bringing you to a statue with a golden tounge. Step back, and aim your whip at the tounge to drag it back, revealing a treasure chest all the way near the second floor entrance. Cross the branch, head through the stone tablet room, through the arrow trap room, careful not to get hit, and open it for a [Collection Item]. Back-track all the way back to the second floor, then up to the third floor. - +----------------------------------------------+ Once back on the third | STAMP STATION XI | floor, head into the room |----------------------------------------------| where you faced against the | Remember the crack on the second floor? | mini-boss. You can head | Yeah, don't enter it quite yet. Instead, go | either north or west, but | to the second floor, back to where the | we'll start with west. Use | stairs are, and in the middle of the section | your whip to cross the | of wall between the stairs to the first | branch, then head up to the | floor and the east wall, plant a bomb there | fourth floor. | to open a secret entrance. Once inside, head | | to the gap and use your Boomerang to hit a | - | purple switch, which in turn opens up a | | branch in the first bomb-crack room. Go back | On the fourth floor, head | and enter said room, and swing across all | across the gap to find an | three branches to the northern section of | electric Chu, which you may | land. Step back, then pull the tounge of the | now kill with two whip | statue, which opens up a door to your east. | strikes. Head east towards | Wait for the moving brown block to be in | the statue with a golden | range, then use your whip to cross only the | tounge, and pull the tounge | first branch to land on the moving block. | with your whip, opening the | Let it cross to the other side, then head | door to a strangely shaped | north to the stamp machine. When you're done | formation. Ignore the first | you need to backtrack all the way out of the | two long, narrow sections, | crack room, down to the first floor, through | and head down the third one. | the arrow trap and stone room, to the second | At the end of that strip, | floor, then back up to the third floor. | use your whip to pull the | Awful lot of work for one measely stamp if | tounge, which reveals a | you ask me. | bridge in the southern +----------------------------------------------+ direction. Go down to the bridge, and head down the stairs, back to the third floor. Once down, head west to see two fish statues - one with a tounge, the other without. However, pulling the tounge rips out a sword, still attatched to your whip. Aim your whip in the direction of the right fish, to have it land in it's mouth. Doing so will do two things: make a treasure chest appear, and two, make a branch appear, giving you a shortcut back to the central room of the third floor. Open the treasure chest for a [Small Key]. Head north and cross the gap with your whip. If you look to your right, you'll see a moving block, and a branch. Wait for the moving block to be in position, using your mini-map to do so, then cross the branch. Use the moving block to carry you over to a treasure chest containing a [Collection Item]. Head back to the other side, over to the locked door. With your new small key, open the door and head up the stairs. - On floor four, you can look to your left to find a statue with a golden tounge. Use your whip to pull it, which opens a shortcut back to the other section of the fourth floor. Go back and cross the three branches, into a trap room. Two Red Chus with helmets appear. Use your whip to take off the helmet, then fling it back at them for an easy kill. Repeat it for the second one, which causes the door blocking entrance to the fifth floor to open back up, so enter it. - You're now on to what judging by the mini-map looks like an awfully complicated room. However, we're going to ignore all the junk in here for the time being, and instead, head towards the center room to encounter two of the mini-bosses with whips you faced earlier, which is pretty surprising considered that these enemies were considered mini-bosses not too long ago. Use your whip to stun it, then go up and hit them a few times. Repeat the process once to kill one of them, then do the same with the other enemy. Ignore everything else on the floor, and instead, head down the path to your right. At the end, pull the gold tounge to make a flying object appear. You can latch on to it by targeting it with your whip. However, you can STAY latched on to it by keeping your stylus on the screen while targeting it. Let it carry you over to a new section of land, leading you to the sixth floor. - On the sixth floor, you'll only be able to head to a trap room with gray Chus. These chus are electrical as well, but apparently too tough to be affected by your measely Boomerang, Whirlwind, or Whip. So use your whip to grab the conviently placed sword inside the fish statue and toss it at the gray chus to destroy them. Once done, this will create a branch which will come in handy for later. Head back to floor five. - Once on there, latch on to the golden tounge to create a flying machine, then latch on to the machine down to the west wing. Use your whip to grab and pull out the swords, then just toss them off the edge, or get rid of them, or anything. Once all the swords are out of the mouths, a bunch of branches will appear back near the entrance at the northern end of the room. Head over to them, and swing across all five or six branches to a section of land with a set of stairs - head up them. - Back on the sixth floor, head through the five or six branches using your whip. However, the second to last one is missing, but to make up for it, the last branch is below, allowing you to grab it if you wait for you to fall down just a bit. In other words, just pause a bit after the second to last branch. To fix this problem, on the other side is a purple switch, which creates a branch between the two, making all future swings to here easier, and allowing you to head back in that direction if you need to. Heading south, head towards the lower center area of the floor. You can head either left or right, but let's start by heading right. Go across the narrow floor, destroying the gray chu with a sword nearby if you need to. Head to the end, then cross the gap with a branch and whip, and open the treasure chest for a [Small Key]. Head back the way you came, go left where you'll encounter a thorny arch. Pick off the thorns, then head through where you'll come across a gold tounge. Pull it to reveal a treasure chest, which in the room nearby, contains a [Collection Item]. Head back to the area where there are five branches, and cross them all back, and head down the stairs. - On this floor, you may remember a tablet that said on the sixth floor that all the statues with swords in them must be rearranged in the same manner that the sixth floor had it. Let's go ahead and do that. There are four corners: NE, NW, SE, and SW. Northwest Northeast --------- --------- O O X O X O O X O X Southwest Southeast --------- --------- O O O X O X Once doing so, a door in southeast corner opens! Head south, and open the previously locked door with your Small Key you got a few paragraphs ago. Swing across the branch with your whip, then head up the stairs. Once on the sixth floor, open up the flying machine and latch on it. As it flies around, wait for when the moving block moves below you, then drop off. Let the block take you to the island with a boss key. Press the switch which creates a bridge to the other side first, then pick up the [Boss Key]. However, like the other times, it's not that simple - four purple hands appear to guard. Try to bring it across to the other side, and note that once you go up the stairs, the purple hands can't follow you past the stairs. I actually found it easier to let them take the key the first time, then bring it up the second time. There's a delay the first time you try to bring it across because of the cut-scene. Once done, drop the key into the [Boss Door]. Head up to the final floor! On floor seven, swing across the branches, and destroy the pots if you need to. There's a tablet that allows you to warp back if for some reason you'd need to, but when you're ready to face the boss, rip off the thorns with your whip and head into the boss area. O==============O | BOSS | +------O==============O------+ | PHYTOPS, BARBED MENACE | +----------------------------+ Perhaps it is just me, but I found this fight to be considerably easier than the Snow Temple's boss. But anyways, you have to actually get to Phytops before you can begin - you come out at the bottom of a pillar, and have to climb up through the spiraling path up to Phytops. Follow the path, and use your whip to go across the branch. Be careful, as the boss will release a poisonous liquid from above, so dodge it, then head to the end of the path. You can't quite just swing across this part though, Phytops has sent a thorny tentacle to block you. Use your whip to extract a thorn from the vine, then throw it into the eye. It'll cry, then retreat up, so you can continue your journey forwards. You'll come across a second viny-tentacle, so repeat what you did earlier, until you come across a golden tongue. Pull it to activate a flying machine, and latch and grab on to it (keep the stylus held on the screen when you aim your whip at it) to experience a pretty cool cut-scene, where you'll drop on to the arena so the fight can actually begin. The battle begins with him spewing out more poison liquids (avoid the remains on the ground - they damage you) and then slam down two vine-covered tentacles to block you from moving too much. Use your whip to take off a thorn, then aim it at one of the purple clouds on his head, or at least the central part of it's body - honestly I can't tell what exactly it is. Do the same with the second tentacle, throw a thorn at it's head, destroying one of the clouds. If you take out the center two purple clouds, it will reveal his eye. Take one last thorn and aim it at it's eye, and it will fall over to one side of the arena, stunned. Go over to it and slash it repeatedly until it snaps back. After that, Phytops will stick it's head underwater, and take out four vines. The first two will go on either side of you, while the back two are slamming down on you trying to hit you. Just avoid them, go to the right to avoid the left vine, and to the left to avoid the right vine - Phytops alternates it's vine strikes. Once done, the battle will return to the phase which you were just in earlier - he'll put two vines on either side of you, and you need to destroy the purple clouds at his head, then aim at his eye, then slash him while he's down. For the final phase, he'll repeat what he did earlier - four tentacles, then he'll pop back up with his head. This time around, however, he'll have his back vine-tentacles up while his head is up as well, so you'll need to avoid those, but it's basically the same as before - get rid of the purple clouds blocking his eye, toss a vine at his eye, then slash him. Once this is done, he finally dies. --- After the typical cut-scene, grab the typical Heart Container, and head out the typical blue light, bringing you to the typical station of the temple. Head out of the station, and fortunately, instead of making you drive through the underwater section, it brings you right out of the mouth of the fish statue above land. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ /\ /\ /__\ Errands III /__\ /_\/_\ IIIu. /_\/_\ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ +----------------------+ With the Ocean Temple now completed, let's head to | NOTE | the Ocean Sanctuary first, to grab the Stamp +----------------------+ Station and some treasure we couldn't get without | This section is | the Song of Birds or without the snake whip. But | optional. Feel free | you may want to consider doing a clockwise loop | to skip straight | to the Ocean Sanctuary, however, so we can grab a | ahead to the Tower | few bunnies that recently appeared with the finishing | of Spirits in the | of the Ocean Temple. It's completely up to you, | next section if you | though. | want. | +----------------------+ +------------------------------------+ +------------------------------------+ | OCEAN RABBIT | | OCEAN RABBIT | +------------------------------------+ +------------------------------------+ | After crossing the north-western | | Continue east until you reach a | | island, the first barrel to your | | curve north. Look at the gray part | | right should have an Ocean Rabbit | | of the Ocean Temple that's above | | behind it. | | land - an Ocean Bunny's there. | +------------------------------------+ +------------------------------------+ +------------------------------------+ +------------------------------------+ | OCEAN RABBIT | | OCEAN RABBIT | +------------------------------------+ +------------------------------------+ | Look right, right after you pass | | From the lower-center island, the | | the island after the second | | rabbit is located on your right | | rabbit. There's your bunny. | | side. | +------------------------------------+ +------------------------------------+ Once the rabbits are obtained, or if you decided not to, not obtained, head to the Ocean Sanctuary. - If you look on your mini-map, you may spot a north island. Stand at the end of the main island, facing said island, and play your Song of Birds. This will attract a bird with a pole that can be latched on to with your whip - grab on to it and let it carry you to the island. Open the treasure for a [Collection Item], then play the Song of Birds once more to get the bird to come to you again. Grab on to it, and let it take you back to the main island. +-----------------------------------+ Head to the second part of the island, | STAMP STATION XII | (take the eastern chain of islands to +-----------------------------------+ get there). Then, make your way to | Head to Carben's entrance to his | the northwestern part, and play the | Cave, but don't quite enter it. | Song of Birds. Use your whip to | Instead, play the Song of Birds. | latch your way on to the bird and let | Latch on to the bird with your | it take you to the next island. Open | whip up to an elevated section | the treasure chest for a [Collection | of land. In the midst of all the | Item], then play the song again to | trees is a stamp machine. | get back to mainland. Head back out to +-----------------------------------+ the station, and head just a little ways west to Papuchia Village. - Once in Papuchia, take a look at the southeastern most island. Head to the accessible section of land just north of it, and play the Song of Birds to summon a bird. Grab on to it with your snake whip, and let it transport you down to the island. Head south to the next screen. Once in, head to the southern part of the long, skinny island, and call a bird with the Song of Birds to transport you to the center island. Head north through the center island, defeating the crab enemies by using the whip to take off their weapon and tossing it back at them, to the treasure chest containing a [Big Green Rupee]. Continue by going to the southwestern end of the center island and calling another bird. Ignore the first one that comes from the east, and instead latch on to the one that comes from the north. Let it take you to the sandy island, loop back around to the center island, then eventually to the central western island. Open the treasure chest on that island for a [Collection Item]. +------------------------------------+ Get the stamp using the box to your | STAMP STATION XIII | left, if you wish, and you're done |------------------------------------| with this map. You can backtrack, or | On the center-eastern island of | you can just save, then reset to | the second map of Papuchia, go to | find yourself at the north end of the | the south-western end of the isle. | island. Head out of the village | Play the Song of Birds to summon a | through the station. Hey, do you | bird to come and take you to the | remember Whittleton's second map? | south-western most island of the | It was covered in branches now | map. On the island is a stamp | accessible with your whip. Why don't | machine. | you head there? +------------------------------------+ - Once in Whittleton, head to the second map. Follow the path until you come across the first gap, then use your whip to cross it. Head west, killing the mole enemy, then pop open the chest for a [Collection Item]. Back-track across the gap, to the southern gap. Continue through the path north, until you come across not a treasure, but rather a man! Talk to him, and he'll introduce himself to you, and offer you a fun mini-game called the Whip Race. You can find more information in the mini-game section, but you can grab some valuable rewards with this game. Perhaps it was just me, but I found the mini-game fairly easy, and after just a few tries I was able to get all the possible prizes. +--------------------------------+ Get 1:15 or better to get a Heart | MEDIUM BOMB BAG | Container. Get 1:30 or better to get +--------------------------------+ the Medium Bomb Bag. Get any score | Get a time of 1:30 or better | between to obtain a Collection Item. | on the Whip Race. This bag can | | hold up to 20 bombs. | +--------------------------------+ +----------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | HEART CONTAINER | |----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | To get this Heart Container, you need to get a score of 1:15 or better. | | You can check out the mini-game section to learn how to get this seemingly | | hard time.  | +----------------------------------------------------------------------------+ Once done, you can exit the village, and we're going to go do some chores in the Snow Realm. Remember when you got the Force Shard from Carben, a small section of track opened? Take that to the Snow Realm. You'll end up by Wellspring Station, stop there. - In Wellspring, head up the west hills to the northern most part, defeating the snow wolves in your path. Take out your whip, and swing across the three branches to the elevated land behind the lone hut. Inside the treasure chest is a [Big Green Rupee]. You can also grab a whole lot of bunnies by looking at the box below. +--------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | SNOW BUNNIES | +--------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | There are several rabbits in the maze-like area between the Snow Temple | | and the rest of the Snow Realm. Instead of giving confusing directions | | that'll just tangle you up, instead I've made a map. An 'O' represents a | | stopping point, while an 'X' represents a rabbit. There are five in | | total. | | SNOW TEMPLE---------+ | | | | | | | +---+ | | | | X O | | | | +-----+--O--+--+ | | +---+ | X | | | | | | | | | | +--O--+--+-----+ | | | | X | OX | | X O---+--------+--+--+ | | | | | | | +--------------------------------------------------------------------------+ Once that is done, head to the Snow Sanctuary. If you have 2,000 rupees, purchase a Heart Container. To get these easily, you can sell spare treasures you have at Linebeck's Trading Post, but if you've been fully following this guide, you shouldn't be too low on rupees, anyways. +----------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | HEART CONTAINER | |----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Buy the heart container at the Anouki General Store located in the Snow | | Sanctuary. | +----------------------------------------------------------------------------+ After doing so, just head a little south to the Forest Realm, and enter Rabbitland Rescue. Talk to the rabbit there, and if you have five or more rabbits, he'll reward you with a [HEART CONTAINER]. +----------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | HEART CONTAINER | |----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Talk to the manager of Rabbitland Rescue with five or more rabbits on your | | hand. | +----------------------------------------------------------------------------+ Also at Rabbitland Rescue, head towards the top of the bridge over the water. Though you can't quite jump over the bridge, you can jump over the little corner section of land to it's right. Jump south on to the island with a treasure chest containing a [Collection Item]. You may now leave - head to Castle Town. +------------------------------+ First off, you'll notice a strange man with | GRASS RABBIT | a hood on. Talk to him, and he'll want you |------------------------------| to take him to Anouki Village. Let him | On the northwest corner, | board your train, but first, head to Take | near Castle Town, is a grass | 'Em All Out, and level two is ready. Upon | rabbit. | completing it, you will be rewarded with +------------------------------+ a [BIG BOMB BAG]. +----------------------------------------+ Now, with all the help in this | BIG BOMB BAG | section, you now have a +----------------------------------------+ whopping three extra hearts, | Complete Level 2 of Take 'Em All Out. | several new rabbits, upgraded all | With the BIG BOMB BAG, you can now | the way from the Small Bomb Bag | hold up to 30 bombs at once. | to the Big Bomb Bag, and have +----------------------------------------+ explored all the places we missed with the whip. So that's about all we can do for right now. Head to the Tower of Spirits for your fourth visit ... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ /\ /\ /__\ Tower of Spirits (Visit IV) /__\ /_\/_\ IIIv. /_\/_\ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Talk to Anjean, and - you know the drill - head up the now longer spiral stairs. You'll end up on floor thirteen. Looking on the mini-map, you may also spot strange, eye-ball like creatures known as Phantom Eyes. They do not harm you, but rather alert the cooperating blue-green armor coated phantoms to teleport to where they catch you. You can kill them by stunning them, first. Looking on the mini-map, you can see a tear of light not too far from you. Wait for the phantom to pass through, then head to the safe zone and get the [Tear of Light #1]. While you're in that south-east area of the map, you may a notice a lit torch on the left side of the U-shaped wall that you are inside of. Go to the middle of the bottom of the U-shaped wall, and toss your Boomerang from one torch, to the other unlit one. This will create a treasure chest up ahead. Make sure, of course, that the phantom is far away. Now head to the northeast corner, and you'll notice an elevated, capital 'I' shaped platform. On the right alcove of the 'I' platform is a safe zone and switch - slashing it will construct a bridge in the southwest corner. On the right alcove of the platform is a treasure chest (or at least there should be one, if you followed the last paragraph's instructions). Open it for a [Small Key]. Head on top of the 'I' formation by heading up the stairs implanted into the lower base of the structure. You'll notice three fish heads - the middle one wielding a golden tipped-sword in it's mouth. Place the sword out of the center one and into the right with your whip. Do NOT place it in the left one, like me, and end up having a new phantom as a gift. Upon doing so, a treasure chest appears somewhere else in the area. You'll notice two branches to the west - swing across them, careful to avoid the phantom eyes, as they can sense you vertically as well as horizontally. Keep following the path of the platform until you end up at another branch - swing across, head south, and across the next two branches. Be careful - as this area is very sensitive to phantom eye scouting. Finally, head west, then across the north branch, into a secret room encovered by the walls - for your [Tear of Light #2]. Swing back out the way you came. Backtrack all the way to the southeast corner, aware of the phantom, and open the door. You can't do anything with the switch quite yet, but might as well not confuse you with the abundance of small keys. You can then head up the nearby stairs to cross the bridge, with a treasure chest containing your second small key. Head back all the way to the northeast corner, open the door, and head up the stairs to floor fourteen - can't do anything else here for now. - In here, the only place you can cross is the safe zone, so head that direction. Up ahead is a phantom eye - hit it with your Boomerang to stun it, then kill it. Continue north into the little square-shaped area, and kill the phantom eye. You'll notice a stationary phantom guarding the last Tear of Light. You gotta distract it. Take out your Boomerang, and have it hit a wall on the opposite side that you're standing on. The phantom'll warp there, then you take the oppertunity to rush into the safe zone and grab the [Tear of Light #3]. When he warps back, slash him, tap him, and gain access to a Warp Phantom. Zelda tells you that you can now warp to any phantom eye on the floor - all you have to do is to draw your motion line to the eye, and you'll do it automatically. Do it to the eye trapped inside the door with a treasure chest. Zelda may not be able to grab the treasure, but she CAN open the switch to open the door to let Link grab the treasure. Do so, and with Link, grab the [Collection Item] inside the room. Head back to floor thirteen, now more properly armed. - Although you may think about the phantom eye in the locked up room, we're not going to teleport to it quite yet. Instead, head back to the 'I' shaped formation, and then send Zelda right in front of anywhere where there is not a ledge (the top right corner or bottom base of the formation). Have Link jump on, then head back to the fat, 'U' formation. Go to the bottom of it when the coast is clear, then hop on top and grab the treasure chest for a [Collection Item]. Likewise, head to the gap on the eastern-most wall of the room, and take out your whip. Latch on and swing across the branch to the treasure chest. Open it for a second [Collection Item]. You can swing back across, but note that you won't end up on the phantom's back. Now, have Link head to the purple switch area, and have Zelda teleport to the narrow, north-western room where the phantom eye is. Kill it, then head to the purple switch in that room. Have them simutaneously hit the switches, then head into the newly opened room, up to floor fourteen. - Send Zelda in front of you - as there are gray Chus up ahead. Let her kill the two, then go up to the sandy area. Zelda's too heavy to cross it, however, Link can. Have Link go to the other side and step on the nearby switch, then have Zelda step on the switch on her side. This creates a bridge. Have Zelda go across it. Once done, you'll see some spikes. Have Zelda cross it and go on the red warp portal in the northeast corner in the room. Have Link follows the horse-show curve to the right side, and stand on the warp portal as well. The two will switch places. Have Link head to the other side of the small room, and use the whip to take out the sword from one fish, and insert it into the other fish's mouth. This will open the door. Call Zelda and both head to floor fifteen. - Floor fifteen is a little complicated. Start off by directing Zelda across the east side's spikes, to the southern-most hallway, on to the warp portal. Have Link head down to the southeast corner of the room and stand on the blue warp tile. Have Link then run up all the way to the top, past the sand bed, and watching out for any gray chus along the way. Head into the next room, and move the block on to any of the nearby switches - preferably the east one, but again, doesn't matter. Then have Zelda go to the north side of the room, and stand on the warp tile. Have Link do the same. Once done, have Zelda stand on the switch you didn't place the block in, opening up the spikes, allowing Link to re-unite with Zelda. A-ha, makes sense now, doesn't it? Have both Link and Zelda meet up at the large door in the northeast corner, and have both of them push it. Open it for a room with some spare pots, and a treasure chest containing a [Small Key]. Once this is done, have both characters head back to the center of the room. Link can just jump off the edge in the southwestern end of the switch room, and Zelda can just teleport out via phantom eye. Now have Zelda warp to the far west phantom eye, and keep following the path until you come across sand. You can fix this sand problem by having Link head to the western-central hallway to the gap, then using his Boomerang to hit the purple switch, thus erecting a bridge. Have Zelda go south, past the boulders and spike traps, into the south- western most hallway. Head to the eastern end of the hallway on to the warp, and have Link stand on the mirror warp in the central room. They will switch places - but Link can't go much further due to the spike trap. Have Zelda warp back to Link's area via phantom eye, and head across the sand bridge, and down into the spike trap in front of Link. Head east into the alcove containing a lone switch, and step on it, lowering the traps and allowing Link to venture further. However, this doesn't last long - as now the only way out is through an ever-streaming pile of boulders. Again, never fear. Have Zelda continuously push the boulders forward, and have Link cross through behind Zelda. Once done, you're encounter a pretty brain-racking conundrum. Well, first off, you can start by simutaneously pressing the switches to the right of the spike traps to create a quick exit. Up ahead, you'll see a sand with two switch pushes required - but there's no way to make a bridge! Well, to get Zelda across, stun the phantom eye with your Boomerang, then use your Whirlwind to blow it across to the other side where the two switches are. Nifty, eh? Nevertheless - press down the two switches, and the in the central room opens. Zelda can teleport to the phantom eye guarding the door, and Link can run across the bridge you made a minute or two ago. Unlock the door with the small key you got in the first three paragraphs, and you're good to go! Head up to floor sixteen ... - Once on the seventeenth floor, warp to the western room. In the center is a large amount of blocks arranged in the square - with a green block in the top left corner, and a red in the bottom right. Your goal is to mimic the path of the phantom on the west side. To do so, you just (starting from the red block) head right, staying on the top layer, then diagonol-left to the bottom tile, then up (but not all the way to the top layer) then finally, diagonol-right to the original red tile. Note that it does not have to be perfect, but if you got the basic movement correct, the door will open in the center room where Link is. Have Link and Zelda join up, then head up to floor eighteen. - Turns out that was the final floor! After doing so, you go ahead and pick up the Fire Realm Rail Map piece, but instead of the typical procedure, you are treated with a pretty intensive cut-scene. I'm afraid I won't spoil you, but eventually you'll wind back up in the tower lobby anyways. You can either head to the next section of this guide, or you can continue on, where I can give you some neat treasure that could've been obtained when you got the Bomb Bag. I recommend doing so, as it gives you around 2,650 rupees in treasure, but if you don't feel up to it, there's nothing story-halting that can be gained here. - If you want to go ahead and gain some extra treasure, head to the first floor, or the first door on the spiral. Inside, go ahead and simply grab the Tear of Light from the western alcove, then head north and grab the phantom, being careful of the phantom. But then, before you leave past the first safe zone up north, head between the first and second safezones in the northern area, and go up to the gap to the west. Use your Boomerang to hit the purple switch on the gap to the west, and a treasure chest will appear in the northern alcove. Inside is a [Collection Item]. I believe that each time you open it is a 500 rupee-worth item, correct me via E-Mail if I am wrong, please. Nothing more on the first floor, so get the third tear of light, and capture the phantom. Have both of our good old protaganists head up to floor two. Here, head east, then north, then west. A quick dialogue from Zelda, and then have her stand in front of the gap. Then, use Link to use the Whirlwind to blow her past the hole, on to the other side. (I'm surprised she's that light). After that, have her press the switch, allowing Link to cross and grab the [Collection Item]. After that, have Zelda drop off the ledge, and have Link jump on to Zelda's shield. Lead Zelda just a little south to another ledge with a treasure, and have Link jump off, and grab the next treasure chest, also containing a [Collection Item]. I believe both contain 500 rupees as well, although I'm not entirely sure. Once done with this section, you can just finish up what little remaining of this area and leave, and then, head up the spiraling staircase to floor four! - On floor four, just grab the three Tears of Light (the first one requires you to Whirlwind it across and grab it; the other two are self-explantory), grab a phantom, hop on the phantom and ride it across the lava, then head up to the fifth floor. Go across the first big area of lava, as usual, but remember the second? Head on to the second pool of lava on the fifth floor, and head on to the mini-island. Use your Boomerang to hit the purple switch, thus opening the door - revealing a large amount of area previously judged unreachable. A-ha, see what we can do now? Now, you'll see two narrow pathways, with three, infinitely blowing-fire statues. You'll have the phantom go on the north path, and Link on the south path. Have Zelda block the first fire, and have Link dash through. You can both cleanly go through the second fire - it's above you, it's just hard to see with the angle you're playing in. Have Zelda block the third statue as well, and cross. Then, follow the path to the fourth floor. There, you have another puzzle - there are two unlit torches, however, no lit ones. Have Zelda stand on one side of the gap, and have Link use his Whirlwind to blow her across to the other side. Have her stand on the switch to light up a torch, then use your Boomerang to light the other - opening a bridge to the other side. However, it turns out that Link can't cross the next area - firey floor. Along with that, there are crackable brown blocks blocking the fire-stop switch. So what you have to do is to take a bomb out of your Bomb Bag, tap the phantom to give it to her, then have Zelda run over to the blocks, and drop them. Once done, Zelda can cross over and step on the switch, to where Link can cross and open the chest. Inside is a treasure item worth 500 rupees. Head back to floor five. On the fifth floor, head ALL the way north to the north wall. By the right side of the fire statues is a crack - blow open an entrance to a secret room with your bomb. Inside is a 500 rupee-worth [Collection Item]. Make your way past the narrow passageway, and hop on Zelda, then travel to the sixth floor. On there, there are two Geozards! If you waited until after the Ocean Temple like I advised you to, you can just use the whip to take off their shields, then unleash a fury of slashes on them to kill them both in around four to six seconds. If not, you're going to have to go old-school - and it's even harder with two. Distract them with Zelda, then slash their backs. Once done, a WHOLE treasure room opens up. Three 50-rupee worth treasure pieces, and one 500-rupee worth treasure piece. Awesome. You're now done with the temple for now, you've explored every avaliable possible nook and cranny, so you can leave now, if you want. You can go back down the way you came, finish up the rest of the level, or even save and quit to get back down to the bottom of the tower. Nevertheless, board the train, and head up to Goron Village. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ /\ /\ /__\ Goron Village /__\ /_\/_\ IIIw. /_\/_\ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Take the train up to the Snow Realm, we're going to be heading to the north- eastern quadrant of the world map. Note that there are two station icons on the map - one a black rock, the other a mountainous icon just east of it. You'll want to head to the eastern icon. Be careful of falling rocks on the trip, as well. - +-----------------------------------+ When you arrive, you may notice that | GORON VILLAGE GENERAL STORE | the area's pretty beaten up by that +-----------------------------------+ volcanic eruption you saw on the trip | QUIVER ......................2000 | here. In the first map, the main town | Shield ......................0200 | area is blocked up except for a lone | Bombs (10) ..................0200 | general store. Nothing of interest in | Yellow Potion ...............0200 | the store except for a Quiver, which | Purple Potion ...............0150 | one, may be too expensive if you bought +-----------------------------------+ the Heart Container, and two, you don't have a bow to shoot with. So instead, just head west, up the stairs, to the next map, passing the two or three Gorons on the way there. On the next map, go up the first set of steps, past the Goron, and past the decieving boxes to find a [Collection Item] within a treasure chest. Once done, head back and follow the lower ground's path west. You'll come across some rolling boulders. You'll have to run towards the right end of the snaking path, where the boulders don't quite reach. Once the boulders cleared, do so, and then do the same once more, except this time the safe spot is one the left. Continue trekking westwards and you'll find the same thing, except the snaking path is in the opposite direction. +-----------------------------------+ Get the stamp if you wish, but | STAMP STATION XIV | otherwise, you'll notice a purple +-----------------------------------+ switch on the grassy area. Take out | In the grassy area, head north | your whip, and hit the switch to | via snake whip, avoiding the | reveal a series of branches. Quickly | switch. Once crossed, ignore the | swing across on to an island, and | gap, and then head north upon the | cross the bridge on the island before | branch with your whip where you | time runs out. You can then head north | will encounter two Fire Babas. | to encounter a large, black Goron. | You have no weapon to take them | Talk to him to encounter a quick | out from afar, so just quickly | scene, then you can exit the area. | run past, then get them with a | Back in the old map, head east and | bomb on your way back. Anyways, | swing across the branches with your | continue forward and kill the | whip (there's nothing of interest | next Baba, where you'll come | on the various ledges before the | upon your fourteenth stamp. | branches) to encounter a [Collection +-----------------------------------+ Item]. If you want another piece of treasure before we leave, stay on the top ledge, then follow the same northwest path until you reach the middle of the screen. South of you, you'll find a ledge shaped like a ... erm, never mind. Just hop on the T-shaped ledge and at the tip, you'll find a [Collection Item]. Once done, just jump off the ledges and head east back to the first area of town. Once in the main area, you'll get a quick screen, and a Goron will equip a [Freight Car] to your train! Very cool. And hey, speaking of cool, the Goron requests you bring back to this village something cold. Hmm, what do we know that's cold ... the Snow Realm, of course. Head to Anouki Village. There's really nothing of interest on the path there except for a lone boar fight in the Snow Sanctuary. Of course, watch out for the evil trains as well. - Talking to the locals in Anouki, they'll point out a guy near the only lake in the town that sells Mega Ice. Hey, we need that! And speak of the devil, he calls you over. Turns out he requests that you bring him to a spring, so let him board your train, and head down a littlewards east to Wellspring Station. The train ride is a little rough, as you'll encounter a whole lot of snowmen near the end. But nevertheless, the ride is fairly short, so carrying him there shouldn't be much of a hassle. - Once in Wellspring, you'll be awarded with a [FORCE SHARD]. This opens up a couple of tracks near the south, as well as opening up a path down to the Forest Realm. But anyways, talk to the Anouki, and he'll make it, but first you gotta leave the area to give him time to make it. Just enter the only house in the area, then leave, and the Mega Ice will be ready. You can haggle with him all the way down to it being free, but the asking price is pretty cheap to start with. He'll load it in to your freight car, but he'll warn you that if you get hit by monster attacks, the ice will shatter a bit. He'll also tell you that you need to be speedy in hot areas, otherwise the ice will melt. Fair enough. - The trip out of the Snow Realm is fairly simple - just avoid the three or four Snowmen on the trip out, and the set of boars. The Fire Realm is where it begins to get crazy - there is a train blocking the first path (it sits in front of the entrance to the Fire Sanctuary and pounces whenever you attempt to come near) so you're going to have to take the longer, dark- train filled path around. Since the train's paths vary, I'm afraid this guide can't supply you with an exact path, so just do your best to avoid them. Note that any emergency braking or turning maneuvers that you feel are necessary to avoid the trains do NOT affect the ice, so do what you need to, and as long as the ice doesn't hit one, you're good. - Once back in Goron Village, head west to talk to the black Goron (his name is Kagoron, for future reference). You'll get a quick scene where they unload the ice and take care of the lava, and you then gain access to most of the other half of the village. There's nothing of interest in most of the area, however, if you head up the stairs to the right of the triangle of houses, then head southwest across the bridge, you'll come upon a [Collection Item]. When done, jump off and head to the Elder's House (it's the widest house on the mini-map on the top of the DS screen). Once inside, you can talk to him, and he'll let you inside a little, mini- dungeon. Follow the path, and take out the two Fire Keese with your whip (two strikes). Ignore the lava pool, and head northwest across the river of lava using your whip. You'll find a bunch of pots and a switch. Step on it to create a bridge across the pool of lava. Head back over there, and cross the bridge, careful of the Fire Keese. Head north, ignore the exit for now, and instead continue heading west and open the chest for a semi-common [Collection Item]. Head back, and leave the area. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ /\ /\ /__\ Fire Sanctuary /__\ /_\/_\ IIIx. /_\/_\ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ You'll arrive in the Fire Sanctuary! Be careful though, the fire rocks have not left, and if you ask me, I believe they're even more prevalent than before. Just head north, kill the Fire Keese, and continue. Kill the babas that appear, then go south around the curving path. Before you try and solve any torches, just follow the path south and kill the four or five babas on the way. Once done, head back to the lit torch, and light the one to the south. Do the same with the torch south of that one, and then once more to create a bridge. Head south some more and you'll notice a torch in the grass - light it, then light the final one to the west to light a final torch, unlocking two additional bridges. +-------------------------------+ Go back north up the slope, then go to | STAMP STATION XV | the first bridge to your left. Head north +-------------------------------+ for a [Collection Item], and optionally | Head east from the treasure | head east for a stamp. Head back the way | on the northwest high point | you came, to the slope, then head north | on the map. Instructions on | across that bridge (or you can just | how to reach said area | hop down from the stamp station, doesn't | are located on the first | matter). Head east to encounter a | paragraph. | bunch of statues. Puzzle time! +-------------------------------+ The stone tablet gives you a long story, but honestly, all it really means is to stand in the middle of the center, and the center right (statues 5 and 6) and play the Song of Light (Purple, Yellow, Orange, Turquoise, White) to make a light beacon appear. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] X [6] [7] [8] Just stand on the 'X' and play the Song of Light. Dun dun dun dun! The door opens - enter it to gain access to a new area. Inside, you'll find Embrose, the next guardian. Aw, aw, crap, not another song! You have to play a duet with Embrose - this time, it's Purple, Yellow, Purple, Yellow, Turquoise. You have to skip a note, yet again, and he's playing in funky 4/4 time while you play in 3/4 time. Very crazy indeed. I'll propose the same tips as last time. - The skipping note problem can be fixed by sliding real fast through the red note between the two notes. You have to be fast, however, but if the yellow note plays for only a split second, it shouldn't count against you. - What poses a problem is the strange timing - you play earlier and earlier than him each time you play. You can rely either on the metronome in the background, or the visual at the top: when the musical notes at the top light up, it signify's when you're to play. - Blow properly in the microphone. Unfortunately, for us old DS users, or DS phat users, if you will, have a poor microphone location - so if you do have an avaliable DS Lite or DSi, it's probably preferable. Also, breathe at least five inches away from the microphone - any closer, and you'll have a hard time. Make sure that you have a steady, yet gentle blow into the Nintendo DS. Good luck with it once again! However, when you finish, you'll gain an upgrade to your map! More tracks open up. Leave all the way back to the Elder's House in Goron Village. He'll give you a warning that the Fire Temple is locked, and the three keys are held by monsters. If you talk to the villagers, they'll tell you that the monsters are susceptible to noise - a short one, followed by a long one to be exact. If you didn't catch the hint, it means your train whistle - a short toot, then a long toot. Head out, through the cave (just shoot down the dwellers) and you'll get a quick panning of the camera to reveal the three monsters - giant, owl, elephant hybrids that fly. Quite weird indeed. You can find them on the top screen, flying around. The first one is in your path, and the second and third ones are near the north. To bring them down, just use your train whistle to do one short toot, then a long one, then shoot them with a cannon. When you got all three, head into the Fire Temple. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ /\ /\ /__\ Fire Temple /__\ /_\/_\ IIIy. /_\/_\ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This temple starts the same as the others, really. Enter the main entrance, then follow the path north, then west, then north once more until you find a bed of spikes and a rotating fire wall. Just time it until it passes, then run across into the safe area. It's pretty self-explantory, just repeat the process, curving counter-clockwise until you're in the clear. Head south into a room that closes. You'll then encounter three sets of Stalfos - skeleton creatures. Though you can engage in a swordfight with them, hitting them until they die, it's much easier to just toss a bomb to kill them all in one hit per skeleton. The door on the southern end opens - follow it. Head south, and the stone tablet tells you to mark the pitfalls (the brown, trap doors) on the map for later. Due so, and follow the path until you're between the second and third column of blocks, careful of the black/red sparks. Head north to the ledge, but don't jump off. Instead, use your Boomerang to hit the switch, which drops a stone plate. Head back down, and then head to the set of stairs leading to the second floor that are to the right of the third column of blocks. - Ride the vehicle after a quick talking-to from Zelda, and on the island, open the chest for a [Small Key]. Hey, we have some locked doors downstairs! Get back on the vehicle to bring you back to the main area, then head back down to floor one. - Make your way back to the center hallway, where there are three doors. Open either of the side doors, but any of the two purple switches are futile without one or the other's counterpart. Instead, get the stone plate that dropped earlier, and toss it on to the mini-volcano. You can now cross it, like a stepping stone. Follow the straightforward path until you're in another spike room. Remember the stone tablet? If you didn't mark it, here's the path. +-------------------------------+ N = pitfall | | T = treasure | E X I T ENTRANCE | - / | = path | | [ ] [ ] | | | | [ ] - - - + N | | | | N | [ ] | [ ] | | | | [ ] | N - - - - + | | | | [ ] N [ ] | | + - - + - - T | +-------------------------------+ You can optionally grab a Red potion on the way, but just follow the path above to find a set of stairs leading up to the second floor. - Hop on the mine-cart, and you'll notice a purple switch. Hit it real quick with your sword to swap directions. Do not hit the second one, however. This will take you to a island with a [Collection Item]. Hop back on the mine cart and let it take you to the first island. Now, hop back on the cart once more, and hit both the first, and second switch that you see on your way. This takes you to a section with a Stalfos (take it out with either your bomb or some crafty swordplay) then open the chest for a [Small Key]. Head back on the cart to the original island, then head back down to floor one. - +-------------------------------+ N = pitfall | E X I T | - / | = path | ENTRANCE | | | | | [ ] [ ] | | | [ ] | N | | | N | [ ] [ ] | | | [ ] | N | | | | [ ] N [ ] | | + - - + | +-------------------------------+ Just follow the path to the exit once more, hop across the volcano, and open either door that you didn't open before with the first small key. Stand in the middle, and use the Boomerang to hit both switches at once. This will open the door in the center - hop on the stairs, up to floor two. - Just head north an- +-*-*-*-*-*-*-+ | Mini-Boss | +-------------+ OH MY GOD, A MINI-BOSS! Your foe happens to be a sluggish turtle, and the battle really isn't that hard. If you hit the turtle on its head, it retreats into it's shell, and whirls itself straight at you. Your goal is to lead it into one of the electric ball conga-lines on the wall. Once it hits the electric ball, it's stunned, so hit it's head with your sword. Repeat the process a handful of times, and it dies. Simple enough. --- +-----------------------------------------+ A treasure chest appears, and a | BOW & ARROW | door opens. Open the treasure +-----------------------------------------+ for a [BOW AND ARROW]! Head out | This useful classic weapon can hit | the door to the east, and hit | certain switches, and it also acts as | the purple statue with your | one of your most powerful projectile | bow. This causes it to react, | weapons. To use it, just activate it, | and create a bridge leading to | then tap the direction you want the | the other side. Go ahead and | arrow to fly in. | cross it. Head down the steps. +-----------------------------------------+ - On the next floor, you'll notice a blue statue. I call it an auto-arrow statue, what it pretty much does is when you shoot an arrow at it, it makes the arrow fly in the direction that it's pointed at. So, shoot your arrow at that auto-arrow statue to have it carry your arrow to a previously unreachable-to-you eye. However, not only that, but also what's cool about these statues is that you can pick them up and move them around. You can finally rotate them by hitting them with your sword! Cool, huh! But first, grab a treasure on the eastern end of the room, then head to the southern ledge. Grab the auto-arrow statue, and make sure it's facing north. Then, throw it at the island to the west of the western-most edge of the island you're on. Hit it with an arrow to make it hit an eye, which creates a bridge over to that island. Make sure the auto-arrow is facing west, then pick it up once more, and throw it across to the northern island (make sure you're on the island where the auto-arrow just was). Hit it with your bow to make it hit an eye, allowing you to cross. - Read the comical plaque if you so desire, but anyways, head down to floor B2, or the left set of stairs. - Head south, and SURPRISE! The door closes in on you, leaving you in a room with three strips - you on the center, and a total of four Stalfos on the strips to either side of you. You can either toss a bomb across, or use your arrow to hit them - it doesn't matter, they both kill the skeleton-like monsters in one hit. Once done, the door opens to the south, so head down. To the east are some branches accessible by whip, although the thing is, a wall of lava is blocking. Instead, use your bow and arrow to hit the auto-arrow to the west, which temporarily ceases the wall of lava from spewing. Quickly head east and cross the branches, and after, the lava starts flowing again, leaving you temporarily trapped from heading back the way you came. The southern end is locked, so head north, and defeat the two Stalfos with whatever weapon you so please. You'll notice some stone plates, hop on them until you reach the second one. Make sure that the third one is not spewing before you hop on, and once on, wait for it to spew, to propel you upwards, then hop along to the treasure chest for a [Collection Item]. On the high ledge, you can now access the high up branches, so swing across to the other side, past the locked southern door. Hit the switch to unlock aforementioned door. Just cross the path when the spinning spikes aren't passing. It's a classic trick. When you reach the end, take a pit stop in the jutting edge, then head back down, then east. You can then find a treasure chest with a [Collection Item] with it, as well as two unlit torches and some Fire Keese. Use the Boomerang on the Keese to gain fire, then on the torch to light it (don't worry if you accidently kill the Keese; they respawn). Light the two torches, then a stone appears from the ceiling, and lands on the volcano. Cross it like a stepping stone up to B1. - Inside the room, two of the mini-boss turtles appear. However, they are much easier - all you need to do is shoot two arrows at their heads, and they die. Simple, eh? Anyways, the door opens when you kill them, so head back through to the newly opened stairs to basement dos. - Kill the Stalfos, and follow the path until you come upon a switch. Step on it, and the locked door opens. The problem is, as soon as you step off it, the door goes back down. Go and grab the blue auto-arrow statue from the northern end of the room you're in, and put it in front of the door, facing west. Step on the switch, and while stepping on it, hit the statue with your arrow. This makes a stone disc drop. Go over, and drag the stone disc over to the northern area between two sections of lava. Place it on the volcano to the west, and jump on it, waiting for it to propel you upwards. However, make sure to bring the auto-arrow statue on your way up, then toss it up on the floor. Once on the floor, also take the stone disc off the volcano when it propels up at you. You should now have a stone disc, a diagonol facing auto-arrow (it's on the northeast end of the floor), and a straight facing auto-arrow. Hit the purple switch on the southeastern end to make a branch appear, first. You'll notice two eyes, and three volcanoes. Position your loot like this: [S] EYE | EYE [ = straight a-arrow The purple switch on the northern end turns the volcanoes on, and off. Stand on Point S with the volcanoes on, then turn it on with your Boomerang, Whip, or Bow (doesn't matter). Then shoot two arrows - one into the diagonol auto-arrow, the other directly into the eye. This will press both eyes, which opens a door with a chest containing a [Small Key]. Grab it, jump off, and head west, across the branch, then north, back to basement un. - Unlock the door, but before you step on the cart up ahead, take out your bow and arrow. You'll find yourself going in a circle (if for some reason, you want to head back to the room where you started, hit the purple switch at the northeast corner). Near the southern end, looking north, you'll see four red eyes. Recall the grave stones in one room a while back? You need to hit them in the following order: 2 1 4 3 +---------------------------+ Just hit 1 first, 2 second, and so on, so | STAMP STATION XVI | forth. When done, the tracks shift to +---------------------------+ the center. Optionally grab the Stamp | Head back on the cart | Station (just head back on the cart when | from the center. On the | finished stamping away), then head down the | looping circle, hit the | stairs to basement two. | purple switch in the | | southwest corner of the | - | room to shift the tracks | | over to the stamp station.| On basement two, head south to basement +---------------------------+ three. - On basement three, you'll see a huge rock to your right. You can either blow it up with your own bomb, or grab a bomb flower on the series of islands to the west, but either way, when it blows up, it reveals a stone disc. Place it on the volcano, but before you go, make sure to head to the map to your left and mark all the spots on it on your in-game map. Then, hop on the cart, and hit all the switches that had stars on them on the sign. You should land in a new area with a plaque. Read it if you wish, but instead, go to the nearby cart. Hit the first two switches, and you'll land in front of the boss door. Jump off to the east, then open the treasure for a [Collection Item]. Swing back across like Tarzan to the otherside, back to where you were. Stand in front of the boss key, and blow it into the cart using a Whirlwind. Take out your Bow and Arrow as well. Note that when you move, the cart with the boss key starts to move as well. Board on, and hit the first two switches with your sword. Skip the third one, and instead, hit the switch when you're southwest of it with your bow and arrow that you encounter fourth. This is harder than it looks, and I am here to report that it shamefully took your guide writer thirty minutes to do it his first time. But hey, when you get it right, the boss key lands on the area where you are. Pick up the [Boss Key], and throw it into the [BOSS DOOR]. Go down the stairs. - On basement four, you can find some spare arrows in the northwest corner, and hearts in the northeast. When you're ready for the boss, head north up the stairs. O==============O | BOSS | +------O==============O------+ | CRAGMA, LAVA LORD | +----------------------------+ This boss turns out to be the biggest you've seen by far, but he's also probably fairly easy thanks to the massive heart boost you've earned, and also in comparison to the pretty tough Fraaz and Phytops you had faced earlier. But anyways, he's a huge, rocky golem - doesn't seem to have any weak spots. But take a look - when he's getting ready to punch, look at his lower body just above the lava. You should see a glowing spot - hit it with an arrow to have him recoil. When you do this, rocks will tumble: some with arrows, some with nothing, and one huge one that remains on the ground. Hit the huge one with a bomb to reveal a stone disc (if you don't have any bombs or any bombs left, lure Cragma over to the stone, and have him smash it). Drag the stone disc to the northeast end of the arena, and place it on the mini-volcano. Hop over on to it, then into the cart. Make sure you have arrows while riding the cart - then hit all the glowing spots you see on his body as you ride the cart on the spiraling path (if you miss any glowing spots, he'll grab you and throw you back on the ground. If you end up back on the ground, you don't have to do the hitting his abdomen portion, only the boulder portion. If you hit any of the spots, you don't have to hit those spots again). When you get to the top, hit Cragma's eye. This causes him to fall over to the ground, and the cart derails, and you end up on the ground. Him falling over reveals his major weakpoint - his scalp. Slash his scalp a few times, and he'll get back up. You just have to repeat process but once, and Cragma dies. Pretty quick battle in my opinion. --- Cut-scene, collect the heart, head out. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ /\ /\ /__\ Tower of Spirits (Visit VI) /__\ /_\/_\ IIIz. /_\/_\ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Follow the rails south to the newly-made tracks that extend out to the Tower of Spirits. Stop by Beedle if you need to. (I recommend purchasing random goods simply to get more points for his shop. You can get special items this way.) Anyways, just stop by the Tower of Spirits, and enter the tower. Also, on the way down (right by the first curve that heads south near the Tower of Spirits) is a [MOUNTAIN RABBIT]. - As you arrive the completed tower - you'll find the station, but no Anjean. Follow the long-winding stairs in the northern room, and enter the top-most room - floor eighteen. - On here, you'll get a quick talking to from Zelda where you can choose one dialogue option or another (it doesn't matter what you say, like ninety percent of dialogue options in the game). This floor showcases new phantoms - Ball Phantoms, which curl up into a ball when they see you. If you head to the east, following the path, you may even lure one out, and it'll head into the blocks, allowing you to get through. You can use bombs to break the blocks if you don't want to risk your life by luring them, but it takes two bombs per set of blocks, and you only have a limited supply, so I recommend the latter. Blow up or lure a phantom to break the blocks in the newly opened area, then enter the niche to discover a [Force Gem], your first at the moment. Spend a bit of time getting rid of all the outside boxes with either your bombs, or the phantoms. When done, find the northwest set of blocks (or former set of blocks) and head through the path up to the safe zone full of movable (not breakable) blocks, watching out for the phantom. Head in, and pull the first movable block you see out. Head through the path, then go up to the next block and pull it west, then head to the south side of it and pull south. Head through the opening to find a switch, and upon stepping upon it, reveals a treasure chest. Head out, again, careful of the phantom, and head to the northeast side this time. Go into the safe zone, whip out your whip (no pun intended) and swing across. Inside the treasure chest is a [Small Key]. Leave the area, carerful of the phantoms, and unlock the door at the north end of the room. Head through, then follow the stairs up to floor nineteen. - You'll end up in a long, slender room. Head east, knocking out any pots or acorns you find on the way - then head up the short steps and pick up the auto-arrow machine. Head back west, into the long room, then continue on into the other side of the floor. Head south, auto-arrow still in hand, and ignoring the statue goblins also. You'll eventually reach a small puzzle room. +----------------------+ 8 = door openable via switch | EYE | SWITCH | [</p>