.----------------------------------. | THE UNOFFICIAL JUMPING FLASH FAQ | `----------------------------------' v1.1 - released October 19th by Jonas Minnberg (md94-jmi@nada.kth.se) These are the main-topics of this FAQ: 1.Introduction Introducing the FAQ 2.General General Info about Jumping Flash 3.Scoring Lists of how many points you get for doing things 4.Hints Miscellaneous Hints and Funny things 5.The Bad Guys Description of all Bad Guys 6.World Descriptions Description of all Worlds 7.The Boss Levels Description of the Bosses and how to beat them 8.Finnishing the Game What happens after you've killed the Baron? 1.INTRODUCTION About this FAQ -------------- I started this FAQ after playing Jumping Flash for just a day. It's a great game and really worth digging deeper into. The manual is redicolously thin so there's a lot to say. I'm sorry if this FAQ is a bit messy but it was written in the span of a few hours. This is not what I usually do, I just felt like writing about this great game :) Please Note that this FAQ is completely based on the european version of Jumping Flash! Todo ---- Add the missing scores (for some bosses) and other things. I will add any hints/tricks I found out. E-Mail if you got some. About me & my PS ---------------- I got my Playstation when it was released here in Sweden (September 29th). So far I've bought "Kileak The Blood", "Ridge Racer" and now this game, which I loved from the beginning. History ------- 0.6 - This first FAQ was quite short and covered only World 1-4 1.0 - Written after I had completed the game. 1.1 - Added more info about Extrabonus Added info about the Super-mode! A new section (General) with a background-story Fixed a few other things Thanks To --------- Emil Brink Jon Cato Lorentzen 2.GENERAL Jumping Flash was released in Europe (or parts of it) at September 29th. It is Copyright Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. 1995 Background Story (from the manual) ---------------------------------- Once upon a time there was a planet in a far away universe. One day, the evil scientist and intergalactic property developer Baron Aloha, stole great divots from the planet's surface to create a series of luxury holiday villas deep in space. Down at Universal City Hall, the Galactic Municipal Council were understandably none too pleased about this, especially as Aloha's creepy mutant pals quickly over-ran the villas. So after only a handful of planning meetings and a dozen or so hearings before the finance committee, a young pest control operative was dispatched to reclaim the council's property... Who are you - you are that young pest control operative and it's up to you to exterminate the Baron like the diseased vermin he is! You'll be controlling a Robbit, a robotic rabbit used by vermin extermination professionals throughout the known universe. It comes equipped with a sparkly beam gun, and enormous power legs for leaping tall buildings and squishing bugs and stuff. 3.SCORING: General ------- These things always gives the same score on all stages. Picking up Jetpod 0 Picking up Extras 0 Silver Coin 100 Gold Coin 500 Bonus-stage Baloon 300 "End of Stage"-Bonus -------------------- After you finnish one stage, you are awarded bonuspoints depending on how much time & health you have, plus an extra bonus. Time Bonus 50 for every second left, max 30000 Health Bonus Propotional to health left, max 20000 Extra Bonus Figuring out all things that gives you this bonus will take a long time but here are some: - Taking the jetpods in correct order (E,X,I,T) (will give you 30000) - Popping all baloons on the bonusstage - Killing a boss without loosing HP - Killing a boss without shooting - Killing Badguys using the Powerpill If anyone knows more, and more specific scoring, mail me. Killing Baddies --------------- All the bad guys and the score you get for killing them. Sorted by the world on which they appear for the first time. WORLD 1 Frog 600 Dog 1500 Dragon-fly 1200 Green Kiwi 500 Beetle 800 Butterfly 1000 Porcupine 700 Spider 1200 Red Dragon (Boss) 20000 WORLD 2 Flower 1000 Walker 1300 Duck 1200 Bombcrawler 1200 Robocrayfish (Boss) 35000 WORLD 3 Police Frog 1000 Propeller-fly 800 King Frog 1200 Giraffe 1500 Bee 1800 Black Beetle 1000 Coffeecups (Boss) WORLD 4 Penguin 1500 Crayfishman 1000 Sea Lion 1200 Flying TV 1400 Piranha 1200 Manta Ray 1800 Turtle (Boss) 60000 WORLD 5 Construction Worker 1600 Red Dragonfly 1300 Owl 1800 Transformer (Boss) WORLD 6 ZoolCreature (Boss) Baron Aloha (Boss) 4.HINTS/FUN STUFF You can jump on baddies to kill them. The longer you fall, the more damage. Don't waste your time trying to kill everything you see. They usually don't stay dead for very long. To avoid being hit in small spaces, jump and press left/right at the same time. This results in sideways movement without turning. Its actually possible to ride on top of a badguy. I managed to place myself on the beak of a duck and rode with it way outside the levelarea! If you hold down R1 while jumping, you will look in the same direction during the whole jump. This is good for looking at things from directly ahead (like signs and such). 5.THE BAD GUYS Frog A green frog with a tophat. Attacks by trying to jump on top of you. Always found on groundlevel. Dog A red dog, mostly found on platforms. Shoots heetseeking missiles at you, usually two at a time. Does not move and turns very slow. Dragonfly A blue Dragon fly. Harmless, just flies around in circles not too far above the ground. Kiwi A green, ballshaped bird that can be really annoying when it tries to push you around, but otherwize it's harmless. Beetle Small and Blue with long antennas. Completely harmless. Butterfly These colored butterflies attacks with small swarms of bomblike things. Porcupine A red, round porcupine with spikes on it's back. Don't jump on these! Found on ground and platforms. Can not attack, only pushes you (from platforms). Spider Hangs from a roof or platform, moving up and down it's thread. Shoots or attacks with a second thread. Flower Red, poisonous looking flowers. They can not move and it takes them a while to get a lock on you, but when they do they shoot like hell. Can be annoying in small spaces. Walker Purple, longlegged animals with striped horns. Recognized by their "thump-thump!"-noise when they shoot at you. Duck White birds with big yellow beaks. Flies much higher than the dragonflies. They usually come many together and drop bombs at you. (Some people thing that this is supposed to be seagulls, but if you've read a comic called "The Swamp", you'll know they're ducks!) Bombcrawler Blue creatures that looks like the beetle, but smaller, without antennas and with a cross on their back. Watch out for these if they're pushing a bomb around (which they usually do). They will try to drop it near you and let it go off. Also be careful not to shoot the bomb if you're too close. Police Frog Looks like his more freindly cousin but blue and with a small uniform-looking hat (Since there's a railway on this stage, they might be ticket-collectors!). Not only tries to jump on you but has quite a long tounge that he attacks you with. Propellorfly Small flies with propellors. Found very high up. Hurt if they fly into you. King Frog The toughest of the frogs. Green, big and with a small crown on it's head. Instead of using its tounge it spits, thus reaching further. Giraffe A weirdlooking, tall animal that shoots green things looking very much like slime. Bee Small white-purple things wich don't attack very often but when they do, it hurts. A lot. Stay away from these or shoot them on sight. Black Beetle Looks very much like the earlier beetle. Faster, but not more dangerous. Penguin Cute little things that walks around and attacks by throwing them self on the ground and gliding on their bellies. Crayfishman Red, boxlike men with crayfish-arms. They don't cut you with these but shoots at you. Sealion The arctic counterpart of the red dog. Sits tight and fires missiles at you. Flying TV These strange, blue TV:s fly around and shoot yellow circles at you with their antennas! Hard to hit but don't need too many hits to die. Piranha Swims around on the underwater-level and bites you. Manta Ray A more dangerous fish than the piranha, as it shoots small bullets at you. Construction Small, toylike people with a wooden stick for legs. Worker Tries to jump on top of you. Hard to kill. Red Dragonfly Like the normal Dragonfly, but bombs you with heavier artillery. Red and blue striped. Owl Red owls that flies slowly around. Only hurts if they fly into you. Quite easy to kill, and worth it. 6.WORLD DESCRIPTIONS Here follows descriptions and some hints for all non-boss worlds (being 11 all together). WORLD 1:1 --------- Not much to say, a green level with trees, logs, small houses, windcathers and such, sort of like the perfect enviromental- freindly world. * Things Worth Noticing * The airships marked "Aloha 2" The sign welcoming you to "Aloha.V" (?) The clock on the bell tower WORLD 1:2 --------- This stage is much more hostile than the first, containing volcanos and lava rivers and a deadlooking environment * Things Worth Noticing * The frying pans The smokepuffing geisers. The elevator driven by a waterbursting geiser. * Special Things * The frying pans - If you land on these you get hurt, but you can jump much higher from them. Lava - Hurts! Stay away. * Stage Hints * You can stand on the fryingpan-handles without getting hurt. WORLD 2:1 --------- Enter the egyptic era! A desert island with lots of pillars, pyramids and palms. * Things Worth Noticing * The arial stonhenge The sfinx The Barons face on the sfinx The Easterisland statues WORLD 2:2 --------- Robbit goes Doom. An inside level (propably in a pyramid) with narrow tunnels and deep shafts to lower levels. * Things Worth Noticing * The wallpainting of a skull looking like the baron * Special things * Oneway floors - Floors that moves so that you can't go back over them (and bacause of the low ceiling it's difficult to jump over them). Secret Doors - All walls with the above mentioned wallpainting are secret doors. Just shoot at it until it slides open. * Stage Hints * Make sure you get the first jetpod before jumping down the shaft. Try the left/right jump to avoid shots from baddies. WORLD 3:1 --------- The first of the two themepark-stages. These are my absolute favourites so far. With books hanging in midair, chessmen, balloons and a railway. * Things Worth Noticing * The railway with the cute train The pointy-roofed castle The airbaloons The books * Special Things * Fans - These keep you suspended (or bobbing up & down a bit) in midair and allows you to reach high places quick. Watch out for frogs that jump onto these! Baloons - These acts like elevators but does not move very much and if you stop on them you'll glide off. WORLD 3:2 --------- Just when you thought it couldn't get better, it does. This is like the first stage, but with rollercoasters and a real Big Wheel! * Things Worth Noticing * The floating blue whales The goldwatches hanging in chains The propeller-signs The bigwheel * Special Things * The Rollercoasters - Just hop on to one and you'll get a hell of a ride. Sometimes you even end up where you wanted. The Jumppad - From this you can jump extremely high. What a view! WORLD 4:1 --------- The arctic world. A cold place with penguins, sealions and icy winds, especially high up. * Things worth noticing * The little snowman with a sign saying "Baron Aloha" The two snowflake-shaped signs showing a "Car-skidding"-warning sign and an ugly picture of Baron Aloha The cute little igloos * Special things * Ice - Most surfaces are very slippery and it's hard to control Robbit on these. Try jumping a lot. Fires - Like the lava, hurts if you walk into it. WORLD 4:2 --------- A four-part underwater Stage. Begins in winding passages, then an elevator into an underwater dome, followed by more passages and a deep shaft to jump into at the end. * Things worth noticing * The shipwreck in the underwater dome The glass-tunnel in the dome. Cool from the inside * Special Things * The Elevators - Just enter the small elevator building and the doors will close and the elevator will take you to the next level. * Stage Hints * At level 1 to find the elevator: Go forward, turn right at the intersection, follow this tunnel (skipping the tunnel immideatly to the right) until it splits in two. Choose the right tunnel and you'll see the elevator. At level 3 to find the elevator: Take the only tunnel to the next room, and again from this to the next. In this room, Take the left tunnel and left again at the intersection. This leads you to a room with the 3rd Jetpod. From here, take the tunnel to the right (of the three you can choose from) and follow this tunnel, passing an entrance to the left. WORLD 5:1 --------- Welcome to the city! Extremely high buildings and unfinnished bridges with construction-workers makes this a stage of high and dangerous falls. * Things Worth Noticing * The extremely high crane The small park on a platform outside the island * Special Things * Gratings - Small platforms that you can't stand still on but makes you jump upwards a short distance. WORLD 5:2 --------- Now it's time for Japtown by night. With neon-signs and traffic- lights to light your way. When not close to these it's very dark so watch your steps. * Things Worth Noticing * The neon-sign saying "Aloha Super" with the Baron holding up something like a lemonade or candy The moving crabsign (Take a close look, it wont hurt you) The signs in the street with a rotating Baron on The airship saying "Funky Mission" and the sign under with a robot holding the letters "B" & "A" * Special Things * Burning Platforms - You have to time your jumps to land between the bursts, or get hurt. WORLD 6:1 --------- The final Jetpod-level takes place in some kind of airborne building-structure where you have to aim you jumps correctly if you don't want to fall of. Also watch out for the flowers and the (?) fish! * Special Things * Jumppipes - A starsymbol under a large pipe. Works like the jumppad, when you walk onto the star you're flung into the air. 7.THE BOSS LEVELS WORLD 1:3 - The Red Dragon -------------------------- Should be pretty easy to kill. Either jump on his back and shoot continuously (making sure you do not fall off) or shoot at him from one of the hills, and as soon as he fires back, drop down behind the hill to seek cover. WORLD 2:3 - The Robo-Crayfish ----------------------------- This is one of the bosses I found hardest to beat, because you're not really safe anywhere. Jump on his head and fire, but watch out for his claws. Or run around between the pillars and shoot at him from a distance. WORLD 3:3 - The Coffeecup-Roundabout ----------------------------------- No sweat, just keep jumping and try to predict from which coffee- cup you will be attacked from next time (the circulate so try to jump onto cups that was not used during the last attack. When you've shot a couple of cups it gets easier. Just don't fall off! WORLD 4:3 - The Turtle ---------------------- Alternate between jumping on him and shooting from a distance. Wait for missiles to come close before jumping over them and onto the turtle. Don't let him run into you. WORLD 5:3 - The Transformer --------------------------- In most cases, this boss will only transform into things that are not especially dangerous, and then this is very easy. Jump on top, shoot until it retransforms, jump onto the nearest building and repeat the process. Sometimes it transforms to a thing that shoots green missiles all over. When this happens, take cover! You can actually stand behind the buildings if you keep moving towards them (don't, and you'll fall off). It can also take the shape of an octopus, releasing small bombs about him. Shoot at him for a while but jump clear before these begin to go off. WORLD 6:2 - The Mega Robbit --------------------------- Get ready to meet Baron Alohas own version of the Robbit. It's Big, it's black, it's fast. And it's stupid. This should also be quite easy. Keep jumping on him and shooting, avoiding his shots. Keep your distance when on the ground. When he releases his black monsters at you, you can not hurt him so concentrate on them. One method which takes time but seems to keep you entirely safe is to jump up on the Mega Robbit as he sits over the entrance and wait for the monsters to jump up, and then shoot them. When I played at least, they could never jump on top of you. This is not recommended if you are short on time though, as it might take a while. WORLD 6:3 - Baron Aloha ----------------------- Time for the final challenge. In the left corner: "Robbit". In the right; "Baron Aloha". Allthough he looks mean he's not much tougher than the previous bosses. Fire at him from a distance, and as soon as he gets ready to fire missiles or fireballs at you, jump right up into the air and on top of him, and continue to fire until you fall off (which you'll propably do pretty quick). If he takes to the skies, wait a short while and jump up too. You don't want to be on the ground when he lands! When he's almost dead he will transform into a ball-like shining thing. Stay as far away from him as possible and shoot while you can and he should die pretty soon. 8. FINNISHING THE GAME (SPOILER?) Once you've killed the Baron, he flees (I thought he was dead?) and then a robot pops up saying "You aint done yet!". Now you'll get to play something called "Extra-stages" which is basicly the same stages as before, but the jetpods, exit & bonus has been moved around and some things has been added/removed from the stages. And you only have five minutes per stage. Despite this, you'll propably finnish the extra-levels quite easily. On some tracks, you'll notice other changes, like World 2:2 (Egypt) when you have to use the secret doors to get to the jetpods/exit or 4:2 (Arctic) which you must play backwards with a few things changed. 3:2 has also gotten som new and changed rollercoasters, which was a positive thing. Some of the animations has different words to them now, at least the one before World 6, where he used to say that he has created a machine to deal with me and now says that he's fixed the machine again. Also, if you complete the game (not including the extras) in one go (without continues), you can start on "Super". At first, this seemed just like the normal levels but this was not the case: SUPER CONTROLS - 6 instead of 3 jumps (And that means _HEIGHT_) - Pressing Triangle will make you fall down very fast (giving enemies much more damage) - Pressing L1 or L2 will make you run (fast). In combination with jumping this almost makes you fly, and you can easily jump from one side of a stage to the other! This gives the game a whole new dimension and it's really fun! I wonder if there's an ULTRA-mode also (The name of the developers seems to be "SUPER ULTRA". Maybe you get it if you finnish the game without loosing a single life (I always seem to fall off on World 6:1) or if you finnish the Extra-stages without continues (You will not get it by finnishing the SUPER-stages). *************************END of DOCUMENT****************************************************</p>