FF7 Materia List v 1.0 This is a list of all the Materia in FF7 and their respective functions. The next version of the FAQ will have a list of all the Teki no Waza in addition to some other minor updates. If you find any mistakes here please let me know at ikelley@mail.sas.upenn.edu. COMBINATION MATERIA NOTE: Combination Materia needs to be paired with another type of Materia to work. It alters, adds status, or otherwise reacts with the materia it is paired with and affects its powers. To pair Combination materia, you need to put them in the two connected slots in the weapon/armor you have it in. Fuiuchi (Surprise Attack) Whenever a battle starts, before anybody makes a move, this Materia makes it so whatever Materia it's paired with will automatically activate. For example, if you pair it with the Fire materia, you will automatically cast a fire spell on the enemies as soon as the battle starts. The higher you build this materia, the better the chance that you will excecute the surprise attack. Zentaika (Affect Everybody) This materia will allow any magic Materia it is paired with to be cast on more than one person. For example, If you pair it with Healing materia, you can heal all your characters rather than just one when you cast healing spells. The higher you build this materia, the more times you can cast spells on multiple targets in a single fight. Mahou Counter (Magic Counter) When paired with a magic or summoning Materia, this Materia will have the character equipping it cast the spell whenever he/she is attacked. If you pair this with Master Mahou or Master Shoukan, it will pick a spell/summon at random to counter with. The higher you build this materia, the more often the character using it will counter when attacked. I MP Kyuushuu (MP absorb) Whenever you do damage with the Materia paired with MP Kyuushuu, you will absorb 1/100 of the damage done in MP to the character equipping it. HP Kyuushuu (HP absorb) Whenever you do damage with the Materia paired with HP Kyuushuu, you will absorb 1/10 of the damage done in HP to the character equipping it. Zokusei (Attribute) When paired with a magic or Shoukan Materia, it will add that Materia's magic type to the weapon or armor it is equipped in. For example: If this Materia is paired with the Fire spell Materia in a weapon, the weapon will make fire attacks. If this Materia is paired with the Alexander summoning spell in a piece of armor, then the character wearing it will be stronger against Holy-type attacks. As this Materia advances, the defense it provides in an armor changes: Level 1, it cuts damage in half, Level 2, it makes the damage type totally ineffective, and Level 3, it absorbs the damage type. Note: pairing this with a summoning spell that does multiple types of damage will not work! Tsuikagiri (Additional limit, literally...tough to translate) Whenever a character uses the Materia combined with this, he/she will do a physical attack, too. Don't pair this with a healing materia, as you will end up attacking the person you are trying to heal. Command Counter This works similar to the Mahou Counter Materia, except that it counters with the command it is paired with. It won't work with command materia that changes the Attack command though. If you pair this with Master Command, it will pick a command at random to counter with. The higher you build this materia, the better a chance that you will do the counter when attacked. Mahou Midariuchi (Random Magic Strike, lit.) When this is paired with a magic spell, it will cast the spell four times at random enemies, although the power will be weaker for each attack. It works with summon spells too, but you need the MP to cast it 4 times. Tsuika Kouka (Additional Effect) When paired with certain magics in weapons and armor, it adds the properties of that magic to the piece of equipment. For example, if you pair "Fuujiru" with this materia in a weapon, it will put the monsters to sleep and silence them. Pair the same magic in an armor, and you become immune to sleep and silence spells. Tsuide ni Nusumu (Steal in addition) When paired with a command, this Materia will make you steal from the enemy targeted at the same time. Therefore, pairing it with "Steal" doesn't have much purpose. MP Turbo This Materia allows you to put more MP into a single spell, making it much more powerful. It works for summoning spells too. The more powerful you make this materia, the more powerful the magic it is paired with will become (and the more MP it will take to use it.) Final Attack This Materia will automatically use the Materia it is paired with when the character equipping it dies. In addition to making a final attack on the enemies, there are also other useful ways to use this materia: pair it with the ressurect-spell materia, and the character will automatically revive him/herself when they die. The higher you build this materia, the more times you can use it in a single battle. COMMAND MATERIA Nusumu (Steal) LV 1: Nusumu (Steal) Steals an item from an enemy. LV 2: Bundoru (Plunder) Steals an item from an enemy and attacks it at the same time. Miyaburu (See into) Lets you see the level, statistics, and weaknesses of any monster you select. After scanning the monster, you will be able to see how many HP it has remaining for the rest of the fight. Henka (Transform) This performs an attack with minimal power, but if you kill the monster you target with it will turn it into an item. Not all monsters can be transformed though. Hissatsu (Special Attack) This command performs an attack. If it hits, it will always be a critical strike, but it often misses. Ayatsuru (Control) This command allows you to control the attacks of monster you target. It won't always work, and not every monster can be controlled. Nageru (Throw) LV 1: Nageru (Throw) Allows you to throw one of your weapons at a monster. You lose the weapon you throw though. LV 2: Zeninage (Money Throw) Allows you to throw your money at all the enemies. You choose how much you throw, and the more you throw, the more damage you do. Monomane (Imitate) Imitates the last thing someone in your party did. You can't imitate other character's limit breaks though. (although you can imitate your own!) Teki no Waza (Techniques of the Enemy) Allows you to use special techniques that the enemies cast on you. There are a total of 24 techniques you can learn from the enemy. In order to learn the techniques, you must have it used on the character equipping the Materia. In addition, you have to win the battle you learn it in; if you learn a technique and then run away from the battle it won't count. Renzokugiri (Continuous slice) LV 1: Renzokugiri (Continuous slice) Lets you do a double attack to one enemy. LV 2: Midareuchi (Random Hit, lit.) When you use Midareuchi, you attack 4 times (with slightly lower power) randomly among all the enemies. Zentaigiri (Slice everybody) LV1: Zentaigiri (Slice everybody) Attacks all the enemies in 1 attack. LV2: Iainuki (Swordplay) Kills all enemies facing you immediately. Those monsters immune to instant death attacks will not be affected. W Mahou (Double Magic) Lets you cast 2 spells every time you select the magic option. W Shoukan (Double Summon) Lets you summon two Shoukaijuu (Summoned Beasts) every time you select the Summon option. W Item (Double Item) Lets you use 2 items every time you select the item option. Master Command This materia lets the character equipping it use the following commands: Miyaburu, Henka, Ayatsuru, Nageru, Zeninage, Nusumu, Hissatsu, and Mononmane. MAGIC MATERIA: Honou (Flame) LV 1: Fire LV 2: Faira LV 3: Faiga These are all Fire-based attacks. Reiki (Ice) LV 1: Blizado LV 2: Blizara LV 3: Blizaga These are all Ice-based attacks. Ikazuchi (Lightning) LV 1: Thunder LV 2: Thundara LV 3: Thundaga These are all Lightning-based attacks. Doku (Poison) LV 1: Bio LV 2: Biora LV 3: Bioga These are all Poison-based attacks. Daichi (Earth) LV 1: Quake LV 2: Quera LV 3: Quega These are all Earth-based attacks. Juuryoku (Gravity) LV 1: Gravite Target's HP cut by 1/8 LV 2: Gravia Target's HP cut by 1/4 LV 3: Graviga Target's HP cut by 1/2 These are all Gravity-based attacks. Kaifuku (Regeneration) LV 1: Keal Weakest Healing spell LV 2: Kealra Keal x 1.5 LV 3: Regene Regenerates your HP as time passes. LV 4: Kealga Keal x 3 Chiryou (Remedy) LV 1: Poizona Cures Poison LV 2: Esuna Cures any Status ailment LV 3: Resist Acts as a vaccine for any Status ailment. Fuujiru (Seal) LV 1: Slipul Puts the target to sleep LV 2: Sairesu Silences the target Madowasu (Confuse/Perplex) LV 1: Confyu Confuses the targets LV 2: Berserk Makes the target go berserk, attacking without being able to doing anything else. Henshin (Transform) LV 1: Minimum This transforms the target to a smaller/larger size. Shrunken targets can do anything they could before, but at a much weaker level. LV 2: Toad This transforms the target to/from a frog. Frogs can only attack, use items, or cast "Toad." Jikan (Time) LV 1: Haste Makes the target take less time between attacks. LV 2: Slow Makes the target take more time between attacks LV 3: Stop Stops the target outright, essentially paralyzing it. Barrier LV 1: Barrier Decreases physical damage LV 2: Mabarrier Decreases magical damage LV 3: Riflek Reflects magic cast on whoever is affected. LV 4: Wall Casts "Barrier" and "Mabarrier" at the same time. Shoumetsu (Dissapearance) LV 1: Debarrier Dispels any spells from the "Barrier" Materia cast on the target LV 2: Despel Dispels any magic cast on the target LV 3: Death Kills the target instantly. Ridatsu (Separation) LV 1: Escape Teleports you out of any non-boss battle. LV 2: Dejon Cast it on your party, and it teleports you out of the battle. Cast it on the enemy and it sucks them into another dimension. Inseki (Meteorite) LV 1: Comet LV 2: Cometeo This spell does 4 attacks to random enemies. Fuuin (Sealed off) LV 1: Freeze Ice-based damage. Also occasionally has the effect of "Stop" on the target. LV 2: Break Earth-based damage. Also occasionally petrifies the target. LV 3: Tornado Wind-based damage. Also occasionally confuses the target. LV 4: Flare Fire-based damage All of these attacks are especially powerful. Altema LV 1: Nothing! LV 2: Altema The most powerful attack magic. Fulkea LV 1: Nothing! LV 2: Fulkea The most powerful curing spell, heals you to max. Shield LV 1: Shield Absorbs all types of magical attacks, and makes you immune to physical attack. Basically you are invincible. Master Mahou (Master Magic) Lets you cast all the magic spells. SUMMONING MATERIA Note: for All summoning materia, the more powerful you make the materia, the more times you can summon the monster in 1 battle. Chocobo & Mogli Tech: Hissatsuwaza! (Ultimate special attack!) Summons a Mogli riding a charging Chocobo. Tech: Debu Chocobo (Lardass Chocobo) 1/16 chance of occuring. Drops the Lardass Chocobo on the enemy. Shiva Tech: Diamond Dust Summons the ice queen Shiva, who shoots ice shards from her fingers. Ice-based attack. Efreet Tech: Jigoku no Kaen (Fire of Hell) Summons Efreet, who does a flaming charge. Fire-based attack. Ramuu Tech: Sabaki no Ikazuchi (Lightning of Justice) Summons Ramuu, who casts a powerful lightning spell. Lightning-based attack Odin Tech: Zantetsuken (Name of his sword) Summon Odin, who instantly slices all of his enemies in half Tech: Gungnir no Yari (Gungnir Spear) Summons Odin, who throws his Gungnir Spear at the enemy. Appears when the enemy is not sliceable. Leviathan Tech: Taikaishou (Ocean wave) Summons Leviathan, who screams and causes a massive tidal wave to engulf the enemy. Water-type damage Bahamut Tech: Megaflare Summons the great dragon Bahamut, who attacks with a gigantic blast of breath Kujata Tech: Tri-Disaster Summons Kujata, who does a triple Ice-Fire-Lightning attack. Ice, Fire, and Lightning-type damage. Alexander Tech: Seinaru Shinpan (Holy Judgement) Summons Alexander, who shoots a powerful beam of light Holy-type damage Bahamut Kai (Bahamut Reborn) Tech: Gigaflare Summons Bahamut's second form, who telekenetically brings the monsters into the air, where he blasts them with a massive blast. Phoenix Tech: Tensei no Honou (Flame of Rebirth) Summons Phoenix, who attacks all the monsters with flame and revives any dead party members. Hardeath Tech: Ankoku no Kama (Sickle of Darkness) Summons Hardeath, who summons a strange green mist which does damage, and affects the enemy with various status ailments. Tupon Tech: Tenchi Houkai (Collapse of Heaven and Earth) Summons Tupon, Ultros' big pink friend from FF6. He blasts the enemy with his trademark nosebreath, then collapses the ground around them with a powerful scream. Fire, Ice, Lightning, and Earth-type damage Bahamut Reishiki (Bahamut Zero-type) Tech: Teraflare Summons Bahamut's ultimate form, who blasts all the enemies from orbit. Knights of the Round Tech: Ultimate End Summons King Arthur and the 12 Knights of the Round table. Each does a powerful attack to all the enemies. Does 90000+ points of damage to all the enemies. Master Shoukan (Master Summon) Lets whoever is equipping it summon all of the Shoukan Monsters. INDEPENDANT MATERIA NOTE: Independant Materia works by itself to have effects on your character or your party, and do not affect your commands at all (with one exception) HP UP This Materia increases the character who is equipping it's maximum HP by a set percentage. The higher you power the materia, the higher your HP is boosted. MP UP Like HP up, except it increases your maximum MP by a set percentage instead. The higher you power the materia, the higher your MP is boosted. Magical This Materia will increase the magic power of the character who is equipping it by a set percentage. The higher you power the Materia, the larger a percentage your magic power is boosted. Lucky This Materia increases the luck of the character equipping it. The higher you build the materia, the greater a percentage your luck is boosted. Speed This Materia boosts the speed of the character equipping it by a set percentage. The higher you build the materia, the higher that percentage will be. Gil Up When you equip this materia, the Gil that your party finds after battle will be increased by a set amount. On Level 1 this materia increases the money you find by 1.5. On Level 2, this materia will double the amount of money you will find. Keikenchi Up (Experience points up) This materia increases the amount of experience that the character equipping it receives. On level 1, your experience will be multiplied by 1.5, and on level 2, the experience the character equipping receives is doubled. HPMP Irikae (HP/MP Swap) This materia swaps amount of HP and MP for the character equipping it. You can use this to boost your maximum MP to levels over 1000, but in return you will have a maximum HP of 999 at most. Teki Yoke (Enemy Dodge) This Materia will reduce the amount of enemy attacks on the party. At Level 1, enemies will attack only half as much as usual. At Level 2, this materia makes it so the number of enemy encounters is 1/4 as much as normal Teki Yose (Enemy Collect) This materia increases the amount of enemy attacks on the party. At level 1, enemy attacks will be 1.5 times normal, and when this materia is at Level 2, enemies will attack you twice as often as normal. Chocobo Yose (Chocobo Collect) This Materia makes it so that Chocobos can attack you. Chocobos can be gathered on places on the overworld with Chocobo prints. The higher you power this materia, the more likely you are to meet Chocobos: 2x, 4x, and 8x, for levels 1, 2, and 3, respectively. Sensei Kougeki (Advance Attack) This Materia increases the chance that you will surprise your enemies when you meet them. The higher you power this materia, the greater the chance you will get a chance to strike first when you fight monsters. At its highest level, 48% of the time you will get an advance attack. Enkyori Kougeki (Long Range Attack) Any character equipping this Materia will be able to fight in the back ranks of the party without suffering any penalty to the amount of physical damage they can do. Kabau (Cover) Any character equipping this Materia will be able to cover any allies that are being attacked. The higher you power this Materia, the greater the chance that you will cover your allies when they are attacked. At max, there will be a 100% chance that you will cover your allies. Counter The character equipping this Materia will automatically counterattack their enemies if they are attacked. The higher you build this Materia, the better a chance that you will counterattack when attacked. At maximum, you will always counterattack when attacked. Subete Zentaika (Everything Affect all) This Materia has the same effect as the Combination Materia "Zentaika" except that it affects every other piece of Materia the character is using. It even effects normal attacking, and command Materia. If you have any questions or have found any errors in my FAQ, please email me at ikelley@mail.sas.upenn.edu and let me know. *************************END of DOCUMENT****************************************************</p>