Langrisser I & II (PlayStation) Walkthrough ver 1.0 By Peter Depamaylo Introduction To all of you Langrisser fans, I've made a walkthrough so you don't need to go through all that mish- mash like "What's going to happen?" or "Just really how many are the enemies?" Well look no further because I'm going to supply you with hints that will help you through out the game. To tell you the truth this is my first time to make a walkthrough of a game. So if you have any comments, suggestions, questions or corrections about my walkthrough, please E-mail me at together with your E- mail address so I can answer you back. This game really inspired me to make a walkthrough because of its story and gameplay. I don't know about you guys who hate this game, but for me this is one of the best strategy games I've ever played. It's cool to see the way all those tiny troops fighting and getting whacked out. Not only that, the anime intro is way to cool. In fact the one who signed up for this intro was none other than Plastic Little's character designer Satoshi Urushihara. But maybe the best feature of this game is the story. It even branches out if you want to be evil or not. I'll be giving out the details of the story later. Cheats and Tricks Some of you may wonder "Are there any tricks in this game?" Well it does and here it is! *Secret Items = At the "Buy" word press up, left, right, down, right, right, circle *Complete Secret Items (including Langrisser and Alhazzard) = At the "Buy" word press left, up, down, right, left, select, right, up, left, down, right, select, circle *Scenario select = At the "Load" screen, highlight any of the scenarios (not the first one) and then press right, down, up, left, R1, square, start, select, triangle, circle *Test mode = At the "Load" screen, highlight any of the scenarios (not the first one) and then press up, down, up, down, left, right, select, circle The Story of Langrisser Long ago there was a kingdom named Baltia, ruled by King Isaac, who kept a powerful, magical sword by the name of Langrisser sealed in his castle. Many discovered the power of the sword and cling to get it. One day the castle was attacked by troops under the command of the evil Emperor Deigoz. King Isaac was killed defending his castle, but his son Ledin escaped with Namu swearing to avenge his father and to reclaim Langrisser. The breaking of the seals of Langrisser caused an evil being called Chaos to enter the world, also allowing him the power to create horrible monsters to his service. After defeating the dark emperor and recovering Langrisser, Ledin and his fellow adventurers have to destroy Chaos and reseal Langrisser. Ledin eventually married a priestess named Kris and ruled in peace for many years. Generations have passed and the war with Chaos has been mostly forgotten. Everything turned quiet and peaceful. Till one day an ambitious emperor by the name of Bernhart has recovered a powerful, but evil blade known as Alhazzard. Having heard of the legend of his sword's twin, Langrisser, Bernhart sets all his resources to recovering the missing sword, in the belief that when the two swords are combined it would make him ruler of every kingdom he wants. One-day knights attacked a peaceful town. Commanded by Bernhart, Leon, Reiad and Brado had been ordered to capture one of the remaining priestess whom he thinks she knows the whereabouts of Langrisser. Her name is Riana. Hearing the help of the priestess, a mage named Hein seeks out aid to the only person whom he knows might help him. His nameÂ…Erwin, son of Ledin and Kris. They defeated the knights, but as an enthusiastic person Ledin wanted to learn more about his father's sacred sword and why would anyone want to get it. And so Ledin and the others embark on a journey to find the truth about Langrisser. Walkthrough for Langrisser1 *Scenario 1 Win - Escape of Ledin Lost - Defeat of Ledin Help Ledin escape by putting him on the left side and Volkov on the right. Try to destroy as much enemies as possible so it's easy for them to level up on the next scenarios. Also, leave before any of the NPC leaders are defeated because if they do you might not get a chance to use them. *Scenario 2 Win - Destroy all enemies and protect Kris Lost - Defeat of Ledin and Kris In this scene put Ledin on the left and Volkov on the right. Use Ledin to go in front of Kris and protect her. Don't let Kris and her troops try to get in battle, because Kris' troops are weak (they're only good at blobs and zombies). On the 11th to 13th turn enemy reinforcements will arrive. *Scenario 3 Win - Destroy all enemies and protect Kris Lost - Defeat of Ledin and Kris As usual, let Ledin protect Kris. Use Volkov to weaken some of the enemies and let Soun finish them off so he can build up his levels. *Scenario 4 Win - Defeat all enemies or Escape to the lower left of the map Lost - Defeat of Ledin In this scene it's either you escape or build up your levels. It's your choice but I still suggest you build your levels. This isn't so hard just let Ledin and Namu kill the blobs because on the later scenario Volkov will die. On the 3rd to 5th turn Soun and Kris will help. *Scenario 5 Win - Defeat of Lance Lost - Defeat of Ledin Use Volkov to weaken some of the enemies and use Ledin, Kris, or Soun to finish them. In this scene it's okay if Volkov die because he will die after the scenario ends. *Scenario 6 Win - Defeat of Zerd Lost - Defeat of Ledin and Kris In this scene put Ledin and Namu at the right. Command them with horsemen and fairies. On the left put Soun and Kris. Command them with pikemen and crusaders (if you still don't have crusaders at this, time use monks). *Scenario 7 Win - Protect Albert and Defeat all enemies Lost - Defeat of Ledin an Albert Put Teira on the left and use him to defeat the lizard- men. Put Namu on the right and defeat the lizard-men there. Let Ledin rush to the top and help Albert followed by Jessica and Kris. Be careful. Once at the top Lance will appear. *Scenario 8 Win - Defeat of Zartaf Lost - Defeat of Ledin or Escape of Zartaf This scene I call it the "Bonus Stage!" Just put the weakest near the enemy and support them with the strongest or weaken the enemies with your strongest and finish them with your weakest. On the 3rd to 5th turn Lance will show up. If you like you can add him to your defeats. *Scenario 9 Win - Defeat of enemies Lost - Defeat of Ledin This scene requires a little patience. Wait for the enemies to come at you. After 2 to 3 turns monsters will show up near at you. It's your choice to defeat them or let them defeat the ones chasing you. Oh yeah I almost forgot don't get to close to the monsters because if you do they'll try to defeat you. That's why if the enemy gets to close to you by that turn they're the ones that are gonna be destroyed. By the 5th to 6th turn Lance will appear. *Scenario 10 Win - Defeat of Kilhinar Lost - Defeat of Ledin Use Teira to defeat the lizard-men at the left and Namu at the right. Use Soun to defeat the ones on the gate followed by Jessica to attack Kilhinar's troops using archers. Use Ledin and Kris to defeat the ones that are going to appear at the lower right of the map. Enemy reinforcements will arrive by 9th to 10th turn. *Scenario 11 Win - Defeat of Sir Garius or Defeat of all enemies Lost - Defeat of Ledin Place your leaders that have pike-men on the right. Place your leaders with horsemen on the left. Follow both of them with leaders that have archers. Put some reserved horsemen below because after the 5th turn Lance will appear. Get Namu ready at the center of the map but don't get her to close to Sir Garius because he might use magic on her. On turn 7 Wyverns will appear. Check the thing on the very top left of the map. *Scenario 12 Win - Defeat of Deigoz Lost - Defeat of Ledin One of the hardest scenarios command Ledin and Albert with horsemen, Soun with soldiers, Lester and Kris with archers, Jessica with balusters and Namu with fairies or angels. Hawkin can bring any the fact that he'll already be late for war once he gets there. Let Albert destroy the ones below him and let all the leaders on the right side of the map go below the open space till Ledin and the others arrive. On the 3rd to 5th turn enemy reinforcements will arrive on the above area of Ledin's side. *Scenario 13 Win - Don't let the monsters destroy the civilians or destroy all enemies Lost - Defeat of Ledin or death of civilians This scene isn't actually hard; this is actually the second "Bonus Stage!" Just put your leaders with horsemen on the left, right and below the bridge. The rest is up to you. You can even Get Cheats & Help from one of the cursed civilian, notice Lance as one of them. Just let the one below the bridge to go up and destroy the blobs above him and place him on the chest. The curse will now be removed and Lance will help you. *Scenario 14 Win - Destroy all enemies Lost - Defeat of Ledin or the death of civilians Another easy scenario, just put Kris on the very right commanded with crusaders, followed by Jessica with archers on the left, followed by Ledin with horsemen on the left and Namu with Angels on the last. Let Kris' troops defeat the skeletons. Support her with Jessica's archers. When all is clear let Ledin through and destroy all the wolf-men as soon as possible. Let Namu and her troops help Ledin. When some of the enemies are destroyed rush Ledin below the town, enemy reinforcements will arrive. *Scenario 15 Win - Defeat of the Great Dragon Lost - Defeat of Ledin or death of civilians Put Ledin inside the town commanded with phalanx, Kris with crusaders on top, Jessica with archers below her, and Namu and Lance with angels and griffins below her. Rush Kris and Jessica above to destroy the werewolf and Nagia. After they destroy the two put Kris on the large stone and summon Ifrit to help you in defeating the Great Dragon. *Scenario 16 Win - Defeat of the Great Dragon Lost - Defeat of Ledin Put anyone on the top (except for Lance because he'll be leaving you soon), Namu below, Kris below, Ledin on the left and Jessica below Kris. Use Ledin to destroy the blobs and put all of your leaders just outside the entrance towards the dragon, be careful not to be in it's range. Let the enemy come towards you and when they're all together use Jessica's strongest magic, Meteor. When they're weakened finish them all off with anyone. Attack the Great Dragon after that. Check the box and the rotting corps. *Scenario 17 Win - Defeat of enemies or Borzel Lost - Defeat of Ledin Put Kris on the top left with crusaders, Ledin on the right with balusters, Jessica with balusters below Kris, Teira with phalanx on the right, Soun on the right with archers, Hawkin and Albert with archers below Teira, and Namu with angels below Hawkin and Albert. In this scene Nicholas will control Kris or Namu. I suggest that you let Kris be controlled the fact that her troops are weak against your other leader's troops. But try not to kill her troops, instead kill Nicholas as soon as possible. Use Jessica's balusters to defeat Nicholas and his troops. *Scenario 18 Win - Defeat of Nagia Lost - Defeat of Ledin Put Albert on the very left with archers, Jessica with balusters on the right, next Hawkin with archers, next Teira and Ledin with phalanx, next Kris and Soun with archers and last Namu with angels. Let the enemy on Albert's side to come near you. Use Jessica's Meteor magic. On Namu's side let Namu attack the gargoyles. Have Soun attack the monsters at sea. Use Ledin and Teira to attack the bone-dinos, followed by Kris and Hawkin. Be careful, the vampire-lords will attack you with Meteor magic. *Scenario 19 Win - Defeat of Nicholas Lost - Defeat of Ledin Use your leaders with horsemen to defeat the balusters on the top left and right. Use your leaders with balusters to defeat the vampire-lords on the left and right walls. Use Jessica's Meteor magic to destroy the ones below. Remember not to put Jessica near Nicholas because he'll use Meteor magic on her. Jessica might not be damaged but your other leaders will. *Scenario 20 Win - Destroy all enemies Lost - Defeat of Ledin Use your leaders with horsemen to destroy the skeletons on the top left and on the top right. Use Jessica's Meteor magic to destroy the balusters at the center. Use your other leaders with horsemen to destroy the balusters on the lower left and lower right. Rush Ledin to the top so he can kill Borzel. Always use Kris' Heal2 magic on all leaders. Oh yeah you should've equipped her with the orb so her mp is doubbled. When Borzel is gone Chaos will appear. Defeat him and it's all over. CLOSING I haven't finished the second part of Langrisser yet, but I'm halfway through. Hopefully I'll search the Net for the complete hidden treasures for Langrisser 1&2. I know some but most of it is for Langrisser 2, and Ihave'nt even finished it yet. So maybe I'll include it on ver 2.0 of my walkthrough. I'll even be making walkthroughs for Langrisser 3 and 4. Well that's it for now, Ciao! ^_^ *************************END of DOCUMENT****************************************************</p>