ORIGINAL FAQ DATE: Thursday, September 21st, 2006 _____ _ _____ _ _ | __ \ | | | __ \(_) (_) | | | | ___ __ _ __| | | |__) |_ ___ _ _ __ __ _ | | | |/ _ \/ _` |/ _` | | _ /| / __| | '_ \ / _` | | |__| | __/ (_| | (_| | | | \ \| \__ \ | | | | (_| | |_____/ \___|\__,_|\__,_| |_| \_\_|___/_|_| |_|\__, | __/ | |___/ [--------------------] [ Strategy Guide/FAQ ] [--------------------] Author : JPaterson Platform : Microsoft Xbox 360 Last Updated : Sunday, October 8th, 2006 Version : 0.6 E-Mail : == See "[A] Contact Information" == GameFAQs CRP : http://www.gamefaqs.com/features/recognition/8939.html Website : http://www.freewebs.com/jpaterson For more of my FAQs, as well as full HTML strategy guides with screenshots, check out CHEAT HAPPENS at: http://www.cheathappens.com/ I'd sell your heart to the junkman baby, For a buck, for a buck, If you're looking for someone to pull you out of that ditch, You're out of luck, You're out of luck - "God's Away on Business", Tom Waits, 'Blood Money' album =============================================================================== UPDATE & REVISION HISTORY Oct. 8th, 2006 (v0.6, 156KB) Completed Overtime Mode. Completed Infinite Mode (main walkthrough is now fully finished) *** Due to an unforseen power failure which just happened to have occured as I was saving my game, my Dead Rising save file has become corrupted, which means I need to restart the game as if it was brand new. The bad news is this will affect the walkthrough somewhat. The good news is I can mark down important events and stuff from the beginning. Please bear with me as I work my way through this marvelous game again. Oct. 5th, 2006 (v0.5, 140KB) Completed all Case Files. Completed The Facts. Completed The Final. Added "[5.14] Endings". Made some grammatical and layout changes. Sep. 29th, 2006 (v0.4, 124KB) Finished Case File 2 and Case File 3 walkthrough. Added some info to Weapons. Sep. 27th, 2006 (v0.3, 107KB) Finished off the "Survivors" section. Started work on the "Psychopath" section; added strategies for Brock, Carlito, Adam, and the Cultists/Convicts. Added a couple Tips & Tricks. Added PP stickers for Paradise Plaza. Sep. 25th, 2006 (v0.2, 76KB) Completed the following sections: - Otis' Transmissions Began the following sections (still incomplete): - Survivors Sep. 21, 2006 (v0.1, 60.9KB) Just began guide. The following sections are complete: - 1 to 5 - 5 to 5.2 - 10 - 17 to 20 =============================================================================== Table of Contents (an asterisk * indicates an incomplete or not started section) (an exclaimation point ! indicates a being worked on section) [1] Introduction [1A] [2] Controlling Frank West [2A] [3] Skills [3A] [4] Statistics [4A] [5] Walkthrough [5A1] [5.1] En Route to Mall [5A2] [5.2] Case File 1 [5A3] [5.3] Case File 2 [5A4] [5.4] Case File 3 [5A5] [5.5] Case File 4 [5A6] [5.6] Case File 5 [5A7] [5.7] Case File 6 [5A8] [5.8] Case File 7 [5A9] [5.9] Case File 8 [5A10] [5.10] The Facts [5A11] [5.11] The Final [5A12] [5.12] Overtime [5A13] [5.13] Infinite [5A14] [5.14] Endings [5A15] [6] Scoops [6A]* [6.1] September 19th Scoops [6A1]* [6.2] September 20th Scoops [6A2]* [6.3] September 21st Scoops [6A3]* [6.4] Uncalled Scoops [6A4]* [7] Survivors [7A] [8] Psychopaths [8A]! [8.1] Adam [8A1] [8.2] Brock [8A1] [8.3] Carlito [8A1] [8.4] Cletus [8A1]* [8.5] Cliff [8A1]* [8.6] Isabella [8A1]* [8.7] Jo [8A1]* [8.8] Kent [8A1]* [8.9] Larry [8A1]* [8.10] Paul [8A1]* [8.11] Roger, Jack, Thomas Hall [8A1]* [8.12] Sean [8A1]* [8.13] Steven [8A1]* [8.14] Cultits & Convicts [8A1] [9] Otis' Transmissions [9A] [10] Juice Combinations [10A] [11] Tips & Tricks [11A] [12] PP Stickers [12A]! [13] Weapons [13A]! [13.1] Alphabetical Listing [13A1] [13.2] Weapon Breakdown [13A2]! [14] Clothing [14A]* [15] Books [15A]* [16] Stores [16A]* [17] Achievements [17A] [18] Unlockables [18A] [19] Downloadable Content [19A] [20] Questions & Answers [20A] [A] Contact Information [B] Webmaster Information [C] Where This FAQ May be Found [D] Other FAQs Written [E] Dead Rising Copyright Information To jump to a specific section, activate your browser's search function (usually CTRL + F) and type in one of bracketed numbers to the right of the appropriate section you want. =============================================================================== |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | [1] Introduction [1A] | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| Zombies. Tens of thousands of zombies. All in one mall, all gunning for you. Dead Rising places you in the shoes of Frank West (I've covered wars, you know!), a hard-edged journalist en route to Wilamette, Colorado, to cover an amazing story taking place in the city. A population of 53,594, with no one actually living. Just the living dead. Your journey will take you through the town's mall, split up into several sections. Paradise Plaza, North Plaza, Al Fresca Plaza, Wonderland Park, Leisure Park. And let us not forget the zombie breeding ground, the Maintenance Tunnels. You will meet several people throughout your journey. Some will help you, some will need your help, some want to kill you. And, of course, you have the tens of thousands of zombies to contend with at every corner. This strategy guide/FAQ will hopefully serve to help you accomplish many of the feats in the game. Not only will you find a walkthrough, you'll find a complete list of survivors, psychos, books, weapons, clothes, PP stickers, achievements, unlockables, and more! =============================================================================== |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | [2] Controlling Frank West [2A] | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| Controlling Frank is a breeze. So much so that you can't change the control configuration in game. LEFT Stick Move Frank RIGHT Stick Move camera D-Pad UP Put away object/select fists D-Pad DOWN Drop object on ground D-Pad LEFT Bring up watch/scoop list D-Pad RIGHT Answer a call A Jump/context sensitive B Action button X Attack/press and hold for secondary attack Spit when no weapon equipped Y Tell survivors to follow/shout for survivors Set waypoint in conjunction with RIGHT TRIGGER RIGHT Trigger Aim gun/throw object/set waypoint in conjunction with Y LEFT Trigger Switch to camera RIGHT Bumper Switch to next object in inventory LEFT Bumper Switch to previous object in inventory When you have your camera out, the controls are also easy. LEFT Stick Move Frank RIGHT Stick Adjust camera view B Zoom camera in A Zoom camera out X Take picture =============================================================================== |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | [3] Skills [3A] | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| Throughout the course of the game, you will acquire several skills at different levels. Frank begins at level one, and will max out at level fifty. The following are what you will earn in between. Skills are listed in the same order as in the game. LS = Left Analog Stick @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @ SKILL HOW TO PERFORM WHAT LEVEL @ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @ Jump Kick X in mid-air ? @ @ Zombie Ride A and LS toward enemy @ @ Kick Back Push LS repeatedly in direction Frank is facing @ @ Flying Dodge LS twice rapidly in same direction @ @ Power Push LS left or right repeatedly when grabbed @ @ Football Tackle Hold down LS and press A @ @ Judo Throw LS down repeatedly when grabbed @ @ Double Lariat Hold down LS and press X @ @ Roundhouse Kick Jump and press X as you hit the ground @ @ Lift Up Press X + A while facing enemy; X to throw @ @ Knee Drop Jump and press LS down + X @ @ Suplex Press X + A while behind a zombie @ @ Wall Kick Jump toward wall and press X + LS in opposite @ @ Hammer Throw Press X + A at a zombie's side @ @ Neck Twist Press X + A at head of a fallen zombie @ @ Giant Swing Press X + A at feet of a fallen zombie @ @ Face Crusher Press X + A + LS toward enemy from behind @ @ Disembowel Press X + A + LS toward enemy from front @ @ Somersault Kick Jump and press X immediately @ @ Karate Chop Press X to hit enemies behind you @ @ Zombie Walk Hold X after performing Zombie Ride* @ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ *Must be a group of zombies to actually be able to walk upon them. Unfortunately, I didn't record at what levels you unlock what skills. If you know this info, please send it to me at jpguides [at] rogers [dot] com. You will be credited. =============================================================================== |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | [4] Statistics [4A] | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| You begin the game as a slow, unpowerful person with a camera. Throughout the game at various levels, you will unlock additions to your various statistics. Your life will eventually increase to twelve, your throwing distance will become much higher, and more. @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @ STAT MAXES OUT AT @ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @ Attack 7 @ @ Speed 3 @ @ Life 12 @ @ Item Stock 12 @ @ Throw Distance 5 @ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ I forget at which level you max out these skills, but if you know, feel free to e-mail me at jpguides [at] rogers [dot] com. All submissions are credited. =============================================================================== |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | [5] Walkthrough [5A1] | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| ** ATTENTION!! Walkthrough _does_ contain spoilers. The walkthrough is split up into the beginning of the game, the various case files, the facts, the finale, and overtime and infinite modes. Solutions to the various scoops are found in their own section after this. Be sure to read the following; to cut down on the file size, some things will not be included in the guide, specifically what cutscenes contain, and how to get to certain portions of the mall. Use your map and guide arrows. When it comes to cutscenes, I will tell you when a cutscene will occur, but I won't describe what happens in that cutscene. Better to see for yourself instead of reading plain black text. I will not tell you how to get to a certain portion of the mall unless it is out of the way or a requirement. For example, if I say "Make your way to the North Plaza", use your map to find where North Plaza is. A specific store in North Plaza I will pinpoint, but not how to get there, since everything is pretty straightforward and laced with markers guiding you. When it comes to survivors, it is up to you whether or not you want to save them. It can be difficult completing case files and saving survivors, as you are almost always under strict time limits. Scoops are found in a separate section, so if you are in the middle of a case and see a survivor, check the scoop or survivor section for info if you want to save them. I will not tell you to take pictures unless it is vital. It is up to you to take pictures when you feel like it, when you think you have a good shot, etc. I will not tell you to grab weapons or items, as everything is up to you. What I do recommend, however, is the following: - Always grab the katana and submachine gun from Paradise Plaza, as both weapons will come in handy throughout a good chunk of the game. - Always carry at least one or two health items on you, unless you desperatly need the inventory space. - Books are entirely your choice; choose the combination you want, whether all health books, all weapon extending books, or a combination thereof. =============================================================================== |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | [5.1] En Route to Mall [5A2] | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| You begin the game in the backseat of a helicopter at 11:27am. The pilot, Ed, is giving you a tour of the city. After a brief cutscene, you will be in control of Frank's camera. This is basically a way of familizaring you with the camera. This section of the game is a rail section, meaning you have no control over where the chopper goes. This section is also optional, and you can bypass it by pressing Start. However, it is recommended you play it. If you manage to take the right pictures, you can be at level three or four before you even arrive at the mall. Your first stop is that of a man standing on top of a car with a bat, fighting off a group of zombies. The best pictures for this scene are: - Whenever the man hits a zombie; get blood splatter in the picture for an added PP bonus - When the man waves at you to come down to help him - When the man is being dragged off the roof of the car - When the man is bitten by the zombies on the ground The next stop is a group of zombies pushing up against the side of a school bus. The best picture for this scene is when the helicopter gets far enough that you can see the rear of the bus. Snap the picture with all the zombies and get a clear view of the bus, and you can get close to 1,000 PP. The third stop is a gas station. This gas station will explode. The best pictures for this scene are: - Right as the gas staton explodes, which will give you 1,000PP with a "Perfect!" rating - The burning zombies, both walking and crawling Your final stop before the mall is the rooftop of a building. A lone person will be shooting at zombies surrounding her near the edge of the building. The best pictures for this scene are: - As the person shoots a zombie; get the blood splatter for an added bonus - A zombie will approach the person and fall off the building; get him as he falls for a great shot - Just after the above, a zombie will grab the woman and they will both fall off; get them falling for a great shot - If you're fast enough, get a picture just as the two of them hit the pavement for a 1,000PP perfect rating - Waste the rest of your shots on the blood and bodies; your camera will soon be recharged After that, you will continue to the mall. You will arrive at 12:00pm on the helipad. After another cutscene, you will be facing a door and a man. You will get a message explaining the use of the watch. The man is Carlito, who you will learn about soon enough. Take a picture of him as progress toward your achievement. Enter the door to his right. You are on the upper floor of the security office. Run down the stairs, and you will get another message. There is a bulletin board directly in front of you above the green bench. Zoom in on it with your camera; this is a PP sticker. Get the PP percentage up to 100%, and you will score a 1,000PP shot. The remainder of the PP sticker locations can be found in the appropriate section. The green bench here will also be your main save point. Simply activate it to save your game. Walk down the short hallway toward the door that says "Janitor's Room". Approach the console in front of you and activate it to start a cutscene. After the cutscene, walk out the yellow door to your right, and then enter the next door to your right labeled "Staff Only". Follow this hallway as it curves to the right and open the door at the end. You will be treated to a cutscene. There are several people in this area, some trying to barricade the doors, some crying, one complaining that her dog is trapped outside. You can take pictures of these people if you want, but they are not required for the achievement, as they will all die and there is nothing you can do about it. Several of the people will give you a "Drama" bonus, such as: - the old lady complaining about her dog - the father and son talking about a lost person - the two women by the pillar, one sitting - the husband bitching at the wife at the end of the hall Run to the end of the hall, away from the front doors, and approach the debris on the right side (benches, bats, etc.) Another cutscene will take over, introducing you to a man who will turn out to be Dr. Barnaby, as well as a man named Brad. When the cutscene is over, you'll be faced with zombies. Pick up one or more of the weapons in the debris pile, and you'll get a message about items and how to use them. Make your way toward the stairs. On your way back, jump up onto the sign in the middle with benches on either side, and aim your camera at the front doors. This is a great way to get fifty zombies in one shot, earning an achievement. When you're done killing or photogrpahing (is that a word?), make your way to the stairs to the left of the doors. Once you reach the middle landing, another cutscene will take over. You will be back in the janitor's room. Otis, who will be your guide of sorts, welds shut the door you entered. You will talk to Brad, as well as a woman named Jessie. Return to the janitor's room. Go through the yellow door again, and you will see Otis standing next to an open vent. Talk to him and he will give you a map of the mall and the transreceiver, which will be both a handy and evil device. Enter the vent next to him. You will come out on a different part of the roof. Turn around and aim your camera at the vent. This is a PP sticker location, but it is also required later in the game if you choose to save people. Make sure you mark this picture as a "Keep" so it does't get deleted. Jump down onto the flat area of the roof and run right toward the elevator. You will see a man named Jeff Meyer. Speak to him to get him to join you. You will know he has joined when large blue text appears saying "Jeff Meyer Joined!" This will occur for all survivors. Tell Jeff to follow you by pressing Y, and run to the opposite side of the roof by hanging a right and then another right. At the end, by a door, you will see a woman; Natalie Meyer. Get close enough to her, and she will shout Jeff's name (shout it in text, I mean). Jeff will run to her. Ready your camera and snap their picture just as they hug for a 1,000PP dramatic bonus, as well as progress toward your achievement (taking pictures of all survivors). Speak to them to interrupt their reunion, and Natalie will join you. Press Y to have them both follow you and return to the vent. Once both Natalie and Jeff are on the upper level close to the vent, enter it. After the load, Jeff or Natalie (usually Natalie in my experience) will say something, and you will get an escort bonus. Chances are you've just increased in level. Once you have control of Frank, return to the green bench in the lobby and save your game. When you're ready, head back to the roof through the vent. There are two ways you can enter the warehouse; through the elevator on the right (where Jeff was) or through the door on the left (where Natalie was). At this moment, there will be no zombies in the elevator, but most future visits there will be fifteen to twenty in there. If you choose the elevator, ride it down to the warehouse. If you choose the door, open it to the top level of the warehouse. I recommend the top level most of the time, especially this time, as you can earn an achievement. Whenever you return to the warehouse, you can get back to the security room the same way, but if you have survivors, you will _have_ to use the elevator, as they are too dumb to climb the boxes or jump from shelf to shelf. Either way, you'll get a call from Otis describing the mall and how it is set up, and informs you of the washrooms, where you'll want to save your progress at various points. Since you should have entered from the door, you will be in a hallway. Run down it and smash open the cardboard box for an item. Turn right through the open doorway, hang a left, and climb onto the top of the shelf. From this position, jump to the floor. You may or may not lose a bar of health (I have and haven't), but you will earn an achievement for falling from a certain height. Run down the open, white hallway and follow it as it bends to trigger another cutscene with Jessie. You are now on Case File 1. =============================================================================== |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | [5.2] Case File 1 [5A3] | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @ 1.1 - Backup For Brad @ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ Once the cutscene with Jessie ends, continue to the end and through the door. You are now in Paradise Plaza, and Otis will call you to tell you about it. If you like, you can bring up your watch and press A with "Backup For Brad" highlighted to give yourself a target arrow. Whether you do this or not doesn't really matter. If you want a weapon, a good one to use in the upcoming fight would be the submachine gun. From where you entered Paradise Plaza, turn right and you will see a staircase. Run to it and climb to the middle landing. From there, jump onto the blue awning to your right. Follow this awning all the way to the end, past a stuffed bear and cardboard box, and you'll find a submachine gun. Grab it and jump down. Turn right once again, run to the stairs and climb to the top. The first store on your left is a coffee shop, Colombian Roastmasters. Grab one of the uncooked pizzas if you want (for health) and jump over the railing dead ahead. You'll land on an awning where you can grab a katana. Jump down to the floor. From this spot, you'll be staring at a glass wall showing you the park. Run to the doors on the left side of the room, close to the sandwich shop, and go outside into Leisure Park. The park is a large area, and is fairly safe at this point in the game. Don't bother killing, just run by all the zombies. Follow your arrow, or just head left toward the food court. As you get closer, you'll see zombies gathered by the door. You can kill them if you like, but you may as well just run through them and keep hitting B to open the door. Chances are you won't get bitten. When the food court loads, you'll be treated to a cutscene. You will now face off against your first psychopath, and he's fairly easy. After the cutscene, you will have a handgun in your inventory. Run forward, toward the actual food court, and hang a right into the sitting area. You'll see four cardboard boxes stacked against a wooden post. Use these boxes to climb to the upper level. Stand where you are and the psychopath, who turns out to be Carlito, the guy from the helipad, will try to shoot you from the corner. Don't worry, he can't hit you. Look to your right and you will see a window. Carlito will eventually move back to this window and you'll have a clear shot at hime, while he won't have one at you. Shoot him. After he loses about three quarters of his health, he will run left down the length of the wood, turn left, and climb up onto the catwalk. If you're lucky, you can gun him down before he gets onto the catwalk. Otherwise, you'll have to follow him and shoot him when you get the chance. Try not to get hit too much from him, as his attacks will hurt you badly. Once you've taken all his health, another cutscene will take over. When it's over, meet up with Brad near the entrance to Al Fresca Plaza and begin the next case file. @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @ 1.2 - An Odd Old Man @ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ Follow Brad and enter Al Fresca plaza. To your immediate right is a gym. You can break the glass and enter it, then approach the door labeled "Restroom" to save your game. Otherwise, continue forward. Al Fresca plaza, at all times, is always loaded with zombies. Next to the maintenance tunnels, it has the biggest congregation of zombies. Follow Brad, and he will lead you to the end of Al Fresca plaza, past several stores, toward the shutter leading to the Entrance Plaza. At the shutter, approach the control panel to the left to get a cutscene. When it is over, run forward. Things seem quiet; no zombies in sight. Run forward toward the sports store, which is just to the right of the escalators. As you get closer, another cutscene will occur. When it is over, you've finished that part of the case file. @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @ 1.3 - A Temporary Agreement @ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ You now have to make your way back to the Security Room, and you'll be on your own. Turn around, and go back to Al Fresca plaza. When the area loads, you'll get a call from Otis describing Al Fresca. Run through the plaza, avoiding zombies, and make a stop at the hardware store, opposite the gym, if you want a couple of good weapons, like the chainsaw or sledgehammer. When you're loaded with what you want, head back into the food court. Once in the food court, answer Otis' call for a description of the food court. Return to the park, and make your way all the way back to Paradise Plaza. Inside, if you like, get the katana and submachine gun (they respawn every time the area is loaded), and run all the way back to the warehouse door. If you've taken a lot of pictures, stop off at Cam's Cameras and change your camera battery to get a full thirty picture capacity back. Otherwise, continue into the door to enter the warehouse. Now that you've completed part of this case file, the warehouse will be loaded with zombies. You'll probably need to kill a couple to get by, and there is always a zombie in the hallway, wearing a yellow shirt, that carries a hunting knife. It is a great weapon for now, so kill that zombie and take the knife every chance you get. Now, to return to the security room, you can run through the warehouse, toward the elevator, and take it to the roof. The problem with this is the elevator from this point forward will always be loaded with zombies, so I suggest upon entering the warehouse, you turn right and climb the boxes next to the shelf and televisions. Climb onto the shelf, jump across to the other shelf, and follow them as they round to an elevated area. Climb up onto the concrete, and follow the hall as it leads to a door which leads to the rooftop. Once on the rooftop, return to the vent and go to the security room. As you go through the yellow door into the security room, a short cutscene will take over, and you'll have completed the first case file. The next case file, beginning with "Image in the Monitor", begins at 6:00am. You have the time between now and then to do any scoops Otis may throw your way, explore the mall, collect items, try for achievements, or just go nuts killing zombies. !!! ATTENTION !!! From this point forward, I will no longer tell you how to get to the security room, as you'll be doing it a lot and it should be pretty straightforward at this point. When needbe, I will tell you when to go to the security room, but not how to get there. Unless other stated, it is also up to you to decide whether you want to go through the ground floor of the warehouse, or use the upper entrance on top of the shelves. =============================================================================== |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | [5.3] Case File 2 [5A4] | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @ 2.1 - Image in the Monitor @ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ Image in the Monitor begins in the security room at 6:00am on Day 2, September 20th. You've probably been killing zombies, collecting survivors, or doing whatever to kill time. Once 6:00am comes around, head to the security room to view a cutscene involving Carlito and Dr. Barnaby. The next file begins after the cutscene. @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @ 2.2 - Rescue the Professor @ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ When you begin this file, you'll need to make your way to the Entrance Plaza. The quickest way is through the now open shutter in Paradise Plaza; as soon as you enter it from the warehouse, hang a right and run through the hall to the Entrance Plaza. Upon entering, you'll be treated to another cutscene. You will have to fight Carlito. This time he is packing a sniper rifle. The best method to dispatch him, I find, is to run up to him and slash him with the katana. Chances are he will run back to distance himself so he can shoot you, in which case you can just follow him and slash him again. He may attempt to hit you with the rifle, but if you're quick, you can dodge it. If you picked up the sniper rifle from the Huntin' Shack, you can also use that against him. The trick is to use the various stores to duck in and out of his shots while approaching him. Just remember, you can usually shoot at him while you're hiding when he cannot touch you. Use the game against itself. However you choose to get rid of him, once his life depletes, a cutscene will take over and Carlito will take off again. Chickenshit. Turns out Brad has been shot, and you're going to have to help him. @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @ 2.3 - Medicine Run @ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ You need to get medicine for Brad from the supermarket in North Plaza. Make your way to the North Plaza. When you arrive, you'll want to go to the supermarket, Seon's Food & Stuff, on the north side. Enter it. You'll be in a large, empty supermarket. In a store that is completely empty compared to a mall infested with zombies, you can tell something is wrong. Make your way to the back left of the store, and you'll find a door in-between the deli and seafood counter. Attempt to open the door and you'll get a cutscene introducing you to Stephen. Stephen is a psycho, but a fairly easy one. He will attempt to ram you with a homemade shopping cart, and if you get too far away or too high (such as on a freezer), he'll pull out a shotgun. At the onset of the battle, if you have a gun, jump onto the freezer, and jump down again. Doing this will trigger the animation of Stephen grabbing his shotgun, giving you ample time to shoot him or attack him with a melee weapon. As always, the submachine gun or shotgun and katana work wonders. Eventually, you will defeat Stephen (Clean up on aisle six!) You will get the Pharmacy Key from him. The supermarket is now filled with zombies. Return to the pharmacy door, and follow the hall to the actual pharmacy. You'll see the first aid kit floating. Grab it. With the first aid kit in hand, return to Paradise Plaza. Chances are you will encounter two survivors while in Paradise Plaza, a Heather and Pamela Tompkins. You do not get a call from Otis about them, and if you want to save them, do so now, or they will be killed. One is surrounded by zombies in the moat outside Kids Choice Clothing; a queen will be good for saving her. The other is trapped in the store. Reunite the two of them and escort them to the security room where the very quick and easy Case 3 will begin. =============================================================================== |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | [5.4] Case File 3 [5A5] | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| One of the easiest case files, this one is just a cutscene giving you more info on the story and some of the cast. It is also an opportunity for you to complete any scoops or go for any achievements, assuming you completed Medicine Run in enough time, because the next case won't start until 4:00pm. Chances are you'll have two or so in-game hours to have fun or do scoops. =============================================================================== |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | [5.5] Case File 4 [5A6] | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @ 4.1 - Another Source @ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ Like the whole of Case File 3, this one is just another cutscene that takes place in the security room regarding Isabella, a motorcycle, and a hint to an upcoming fight. You will have a few hours before the next part of case four, so feel free to complete more side missions, go for achievements, rack up kills, find weapons or items, whatever you want. @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @ 4.3 - Girl Hunting @ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ This part of the case takes place in the North Plaza, just outside of Seon's. Make your way there, and use your target arrow if necessary. When you arrive, a cutscene will take over, showing a violent Isabella who blames you for this trouble. You will have to fight her as she attempts to run you over, repeatedly, on her motorcycle. If you don't have the right weapons, run to the Huntin' Shack, since it's just a hallway away, and grab two shotguns or one shotgun and one rifle. Return to the fountain, and find a spot where she cannot possibly wrong you over, such as on one of the scaffolds. I managed to stay on the wooden plank going across the platform and she couldn't figure out how to get to me. Whatever you decide to do, her two attacks are pretty easily avoided and do little damage. If you don't happen to reach high ground, dodge out of the way of the bike as it comes at you, then turn around and fire at her as she turns the bike around. She also has a handgun she'll use, but if you're on the scaffold, just back away so the bullets ricohet off the metal. However you choose to fight, you'll eventually knock her off the motorcycle, and in a cutscene, she will agree to talk to you, and will set up a meeting between you and her brother, Carlito. This is the end of the fourth case. Go around, do whatever, you know what to do. If you have nothing to do (unlikely), head to the security room and wait out the time until case five starts. =============================================================================== |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | [5.6] Case File 5 [5A7] | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @ 5.1 - A Promise to Isabella @ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ You'll want to be at the security room for this case file, as you'll watch a cutscene which sheds some light on Dr. Barnaby's involvement. Afterwards, run all the way back to the North Plaza, to the empty store near the camera shop. Enter the doors, and you will wait. After Frank gets a little impatient, Isabella finally shows up, saying Carlito refuses to speak to you, and is then attacked by a zombie. The cutscene ends, and you should know what to do. Kill the zombie. @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @ 5.2 - Transporting Isabella @ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ When you have, another cutscene begins, and you'll find out she was shot by Carlito. You will also hear Carlito over the mall's speaker system now, apologizing for the shooting, it wasn't intended, blah blah. You'll need to grab Isabella and carry her on your back all the way to the security room. At least the zombies don't seem to connect with you as much when you have to physically escort a survivor. Grab her and leave the room. Depending on timing, you may have run into a survivor named Kindell just before this case, or just after. Either way, he has a shotgun and is a required survivor for Otis' achievement. Drop Isabella, speak to him to get him to join you, then pick her up again and head to the security room. As you enter the security room, the case is over. =============================================================================== |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | [5.7] Case File 6 [5A8] | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @ 6.1 - Santa Cabeza @ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ Make sure you're OUT of the security room before this case, as you'll need Otis to call you. When he does, he will inform you that Isabella is awake and you should return to the security room. Follow the man's advice and head back. You'll watch another cutscene, and when it ends, so does the case file. You now have a fair amount of time to kill, but before you do achievements or kill or whatever, find some weapons. Personally, I recommend at least one shotgun and two katans. To get two katans without having to go to the North Plaza, enter Paradise Plaza, grab one sword from the awning of Colombian Roastmasters, then enter either the warehouse or Leisure Park, and go right back to Paradise Plaza so that the katana respawns, and grab it again. Hopefully you'll already have a shotgun: if not, run to Huntin' Shack and get one. =============================================================================== |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | [5.8] Case File 7 [5A9] |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @ 7.1 - The Last Resort @ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ As case seven approaches, you will again hear Carlito over the speakers. Once you hear him, you'll receive a call from Otis, summoning you back to the security room. Be a good photojournalist and head back to begin the second part of the case file. @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @ 7.2 - Bomb Collector @ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ You are now being tasked with finding and disabling five bombs scattered throughout the maintenance tunnels before they go off, destroying the mall and releasing this disease upon the country. Head out of the security room, and hopefully you'll be loaded with the above recommendation. Run out to Leisure Park, and head toward the Maintenance Tunnels. You'll definitely want to hop into the red car or motorcycle and use it for the very short first half of this file. When you're in the tunnel, going down the ramp, hang a left and follow it to the left until the end. There are two white trucks. The one furthest away has the bomb, so approach the rear doors, open them, and take the bomb. You've collected the first of five. Get in the other white truck here, as it has more strength and a wider body, therefore it'll last longer and kill more zombies. Now, the choice is up to you how you want to disable the rest of the bombs, and I found that in three games, three different paths worked good, so I'll leave it to you to decide which way you want to go. Follow the arrow to each bomb, use your map to find each bomb, whatever you like. Either en route to the second bomb or at the second bomb, Carlito will show up in another white van and will attempt to run you down. If you're too close, he will use grenades to attack. Your best bet is to get close enough to trigger his throwing, then run away. As the last grenade explodes, run up to the van and slash at the driver door with your katana. You will hurt Carlito. Between one and two slashes will cause him to drive off. When he does, head to another bomb. As you work your way from bomb to bomb, you will be attacked by Carlito after he has supposedly gone to refresh himself. The same tactic applies each and every time; force him to launch grenades, then slash at the door after the last explosion. Eventually, and usually around the fourth bomb, you'll hit him once or twice and cause a cutscene, which shows Carlito flipping the truck. Don't ask me how, but somehow, the tunnels now seem devoid of zombies, and Brad has appeared out of nowhere. DHS agents must be superheroes, huh? Whatever your theory may be to this, after the cutscene, you will most likely be far from any bomb, and without transportation. Oh, and the zombies have managed to repopulate in the matter of seconds. You now have two choices. This is the only time you will be able to get one of the achievements, which is the "Snuff Shot B" achievement. To get it, return to the beginning of the maintenance tunnels, and use your map to find a fairly short straight path heading north to south, with a path jutting to the right (east). This dead ends into a door. You'll see a cutscene, and Brad has been turned into a zombie. Take a picture of him for the achievement. Otherwise, if you have the achievement, or after getting the achievement, leave the tunnels. Whatever you decide to do, as soon as Carlito flipped the truck, you completed the case. Yeah, sorry about that. =============================================================================== |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | [5.9] Case File 8 [5A10] | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @ 8.1 - Jamming Device @ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ Another wonderful case file consisting of nothing but a cutscene. So head to the security room, sit back, and enjoy. @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @ 8.2 - Hideout @ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ Leave the security room and when you emerge from the duct, you will see Isabella, ready and waiting to go. As you get closer to her, she should take off toward the elevator; one game I had to speak to her to get her to move. Either way, she will go to the elevator; follow her and take it to the warehouse. She'll lead you all the way to North Plaza through Leisure Park. She's fairly good at staying alive, but don't let her get too far ahead, and don't use any crowd clearing weapons; she can't take much damage. Eventually, you'll wind up in an empty, still-under-construction store. Climb the boxes in the center of the room and you will see a panel in the roof, labeled "Hideout". Enter it. You're now in the rafters above the mall. Run all the way down to the end, toward the bank of computers, and approach Isabella for another cutscene. @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @ 8.3 - Jessie's Discovery @ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ Remember how you just followed Isabella all the way from the security room? Yeah, well now you're running all the way back to the security room on your own, so do that. As you enter the door, watch a *gasp* cutscene! @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @ 8.4 - The Butcher @ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ You're now on your final mission for the normal game. Leave the security room and go through the door, not the elevator, into the warehouse. From the top of one of the shelves, grab the sledgehammer. Jump down and enter Paradise Plaza. You'll definitely want the katana, and even though it isn't that powerful, the submachine gun will help too. Grab some food items, whatever you feel like, and make your way to Lesiure Park. Run through the park, toward the long path leading to the maintenance tunnels. Get in the car or motorcycle, doesn't matter which, and drive down. In the tunnels, hang a left, and go to where you found the first truck. Opposite the truck that held the bomb is a double door. Enter it, and you're in the meat processing plant, your final psychopath ahead. Meet Larry. Larry, Frank. Larry is a butcher who loves the taste of meat. Human meat, actually. Larry has captured Carlito and won't give him up, so you will need to kill Larry to talk to Carlito to progress the story. Standard stuff, right? Larry has a few attacks, all of which are pretty powerful. Your best bet in this fight is to use the sledgehammer. For some reason, most likely a bug, if you get close to Larry and use the sledgehammer, he won't be able to harm you as you are in the swing animation. In other words, even though he hits you, you don't take damage, your weapon connects, you deal damage, he stumbles, and you back away. Chances are when you back away, he will grab a hunk of meat and throw it at you. To avoid it, just stand behind another hunk of meat, so your body is covered. If you need health, there are several milk cartons scattered throughout the area on the steel trays. When you kill Larry, however you choose to, you will be treated to another cutscene. Suffice it to say, you'll be happy and sad. Leave the plant, get in the truck, and leave the maintenance tunnels, putting the final case behind you. =============================================================================== |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | [5.10] The Facts [5A11] | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| @@@@@@@@@@@@ @ Memories @ @@@@@@@@@@@@ Not long into Leisure Park, you should get a call from Isabella. Drive to the entrance to the North Plaza, get out, enter the plaza, and return to the hideout. Up top, run down to meet Isabella, and watch another cutscene. It's a damn good thing Capcom has great CG artists, or all these cutscenes may have gotten annoying. Once you talk to Isabella, the main story is complete. For the time being, at least. =============================================================================== |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | [5.11] The Final [5A12] | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| You are now free to roam, and do as you please. For a while, at least. Do achievements, kill zombies, explore, have fun. What I recommend, however, is building up a sizable cache of weapons and a few health items, since you'll be greeted by new enemies shortly. Make your way back to the Paradise Plaza, collecting what you want. As you work your way back, you'll be treated to a few cutscenes. Eventually, you'll want to be back at the security room. As you enter the security room, Jessie is nowhere to be found. Open the door leading to the hall that houses the saving bench, and Jessie will be here. In zombified form. Kill her and snap her picture if you need the Snuff Shot J achievement. Once 12:00am hits, the mall will be infested. This time with humans. Dirty, ugly humans who serve no real purpose. They are called Special Forces. For each one you kill, you get 500 bonus PP. But they are a pain to kill. Almost forty shots from one of their own machine guns. Your best way of killing them is using the katana, or another melee weapon that is just as good. Usually one to two slashes will knock them down dead. Now that you've seen Jessie and know how to kill these bastards, make your way back to the North Plaza and be there for just after 10:00am, when the cutscene ends. When cutting through the park, be careful of the helicopter; it will spray you with gunfire, as well as occasionally launch missiles. After the 10:00am cutscene, speak to Isabella. Assuming you have completed all case files, by speaking to Isabella after 10:00 in the morning you have secured the best ending possible, the A ending. Now, make your way to the heliport, where you originally began, where Carlito was standing, leaning up against the wall. Get on the heliport, and wait until 12:00pm. Mr. Deluca will come by to pick you up, as he promised. As he promised on terms of big money, of course. But since this is a game, something happens to good 'ol Ed. You'll have to play to see. If you did everything in this walkthrough, you'll have earned that A ending. To recap, you must have: - Completed all case files. - Ensured both Brad and Jessie died (accomplished by playing through the game, completing all files) - Spoke to Isabella just after 10:00am - Got to the heliport by 12:00pm After Ed's incident, the credits will roll, and you will be shown a status screen showing you did, with what ending you unlocked. If you got A, and hopefully you did, you've gotten the best ending, completed the main game, and now unlocked Overtime mode. So if you're thinking the story's over and the public is going to find out what went on and what happened at Santa Cabeza, you're wrong. Keep reading to find out the true story... ... In Overtime. =============================================================================== |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | [5.12] Overtime [5A13] | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| After the devastating death of Ed Deluca, Frank is on the heliport, when Isabella happens by and saves him. After battling all those zombies, all those psychopaths, and wading your way through death, it turns out you were bitten at one point or another. Not all that surprising, right? Isabella will be able to create an antidote if you collect a group of items for her. All in all, she'll need: Blender Camp Stove Coffee Filters Cold Spray Developer Solution First Aid Kit Magnifying Glass Perfume Bottle You are under a 24 hour time limit, although you should have plenty of time. And you'll need plenty of time since you'll have to contend with both zombies and special forces soldiers. The order in which the game presents these items is questionable. It has you moving all around the mall, jumping back and forth, and it doesn't seem to be in any order whatsoever. If you so choose, you can collect the items in the order the game recommends, but why would you waste time doing that when you can get them in a smarter order, which sees you going from one area to the next with minimal backtracking? Follow the walkthrough here, or if you choose to do it a different way, head to the next section when you're ready. You'll also notice the mall is crowded with more special forces than before, and most of the places that house the items are overloaded with special forces. I recommend, before going after the first item, that you run to the Huntin' Shack and pick up one shotgun and one sniper rifle, then go to Ripper's Blades and pick up as many katanas as you can hold. If you're using books, good, if not, stock up on food items of whatever you like. You will also have a new enemy to deal with, a sentry patrol. These are little flying robots, which scour the mall. If they spot you, you will hear a very sharp alarm, and the sentry will fire at you. Not only that, but any soldiers in the area will be immediately drawn to you. Luckily, the robots can be destroyed by any weapon very easily, and that is why you should have the sniper rifle. You can take them out from a distance, before they see you, with one shot. And one thing to keep in mind; whenever you run low on weapons, ALWAYS pick up the machine guns the soldiers drop. They are very useful. VERY. @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @ In Need of Supplies @ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ You begin in the North Plaza, so your first stop will be Seon's Food & Stuff for the first aid kit, same place you got it for Brad way back when. As you enter the supermarket, there will be at least ten soldiers. You can fight them if you wish, but your best bet in this case would be to run. Run toward the pharmacy, swerving and jumping, and you should avoid a lot of the fire. You WILL get hit a few times, but it's better than wasting all your weapons on five of the soldiers just to be killed by the remaining five. Grab the spinning first aid kit, leave the pharmacy, grab some food items as you run by the soldiers and leave the supermarket, hopefully in one piece. |-----------------------------| |Item Collected: First Aid Kit| |-----------------------------| Your next stop will be Wonderland, and it's actually the easiest stop in this scavenger hunt, as there aren't too many soldiers in the area. When you get into the Wonderland Plaza, you'll want to stay on the first floor and head to the store called The Wonder Jewels. In this store, on the table with the cash register, you will find your second item, the magnifying glass. Grab it, and make your way to the other end of the plaza, and enter the Food Court. |--------------------------------| |Item Collected: Magnifying Glass| |--------------------------------| From the food court, you'll be looking for the blender. I saw just three soldiers in this area, and unfortunately, they all hung around the middle of the court, by the restaurants, exactly where you need to be. Head to the ice cream place, jump behind the counter, and steal the blender. Turn around, run your photographing ass as fast as you can to the doors leading to Leisure Park. |-----------------------| |Item Collected: Blender| |-----------------------| Leisure Park has a couple of soldiers, but your main concern should be the helicopter. Don't bother with any of them; run all the way down to Paradise Plaza. Paradise has a fair amount of soldiers, but at least Colombian Roastmasters can give you a few healing items. You'll want to make your way to the SporTrance store (the split-level store), the one close to the stairwell. Make your way to the second level of the store, and get the cold spray. While on the second level, go to the coffee shop, and jump over the railing to the awning and get the katana. Jump down into the water, and run all the way to Cam's Cameras, by the warehouse door. In the back of the store you will find the developing solution. Grab it. |-----------------------------------| |Item Collected: Cold Spray | |Item Collected: Developing Solution| |-----------------------------------| Run by the warehouse door and go to the Entrance Plaza. You'll remember this area from those bastard snipers. You're on the first floor, so head to the Sports High store. From that store, you'll want to get the camp stove. With the stove in hand, run back to where you came from, and go up the escalator to the store right at the top, Estelle's Fine Lady Cosmetics, where the guy was hiding from the snipers. I'm sure you can guess you'll be collecting the perfume bottle from here. |------------------------------| |Item Collected: Camp Stove | |Item Collected: Perfume Bottle| |------------------------------| You're now down to the coffee filters. From the entrance plaza, head to the door labeled "Staff Only", the door you came from the very first time you entered the Entrance Plaza, where that lady was screaming for her dog Madonna. It's actually unlocked now, thanks to the soldiers. Take the door all the way back to the security room, and inside there, you'll find the coffee filters. |------------------------------| |Item Collected: Coffee Filters| |------------------------------| You now have everything Isabella needs, so pick a path and run back to the hideout in North Plaza. Once in the hideout, approach Isabella. She'll need one more item. Well, ten of one item; Queen Bees. You should remember how to get these from the in-game description; look for zombies who stand around, hands above their head. They are the ones who ignore you and won't attack. You will need ten, and chances are if you want to get the ten and survive, you'll need to make multiple trips. Theoretically, you can carry all ten queens at once, but chances are your inventory hasn't grown that large yet, or you won't survive returning them as you will have no room for weapons or health items. Depending on how long it took for you to collect the items, you have a few choices. If you have a good amount of time left, go to the maintenance tunnels. Grab the red car just outside, drive in, and run over zombies. Whenever you hear the buzzing indicating a queen bee, get out of the car, collect it, and get back in the car. Run over more zombies, and listen for the buzzing sound. You can probably get all ten, spread over two or three trips, in about twenty real- time minutes. If you don't have much time left, run back and forth between North Plaza and Wonderland Plaza, looking for the right zombies, killing them, collecting the bees, and doing it again. If you have very little time left, collect any queen bees in North Plaza, leave the area, and re-enter to respawn the zombies. However you decide, you'll have to return to Isabella and hand off each queen bee one by one, because apparently, Isabella is sloppy and can't hold more than one jar at once. But if we could explain that, we could probably explain why Frank carries around bee specimen jars with him. He's not an entymologist, is he? Or does he moonlight as one? Theories aside, once you have ten bees, return to Isabella. @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @ Into the Tunnel @ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ When she has her ten bees, she will create the antidote and inject you with it. You are now protected from turning into a zombie. Whether that is for an hour, a few minutes, a few weeks, or your lifetime, you won't know. But for the purpose of the game, it'll last until you've finished it. You and Isabella propose a plan, and when you have control of Frankie, you'll need to take Isabella by the hand and lead her through the mass of zombies. By using the perfume, the zombies right next to you will be repelled, giving you a chance to just kind of knock them all down and run for it. You'll eventually come to a large gate. Let go of Isabella, and open the gate for her. She'll crawl through, and you'll need to fight off a few zombies until she opens it for you. When she does, quickly grab her hand again and run through the crowd. You'll eventually come to another gate. You'll have to let Isabella do the same thing, which means you'll need to defend yourself. When she opens it for you, grab her and you'll quickly see your exit. After the cutscene, you will be carrying Isabella on your back instead of guiding her, so do that and work your way through the zombies. Hang a left and run up the stairs. You'll need to flick a switch so drop Isabella (not that you can literally drop her), flip the switch, and pick her up again. Run down the stairs and out through the now opened gate. You'll see a jeep just in the distance. Run to it, and get into the jeep. A cutscene will take over, and you'll be battling your first of two final bosses. You will be facing off against a tank. This whole battle is a rail-shooter sequence, meaning the jeep will drive, following a set path, while you put full attention onto the tank. There are two methods to dispatching the tank. At the front of the tank, on top of the treads, you will see two lit squared areas. You will need to shoot these areas to destroy the tank. Of course, the tank isn't going to just let you do this, so you'll need to do other things as well. Every so often a green targeting marker will appear on top of the tank. This marker is looking for the jeep so it can lock onto it to fire missiles. You will want to destroy the target marker when you see it so that the missiles can't fire. In addition, the tank will also launch sentry bots that will shoot when they get close to you, but they are also easily destroyed. The tank's final attack consists of launching rockets at you. It's usually in a spread of four or five, but they are destroyed just as easily with the jeep's turret. Basically, concentrate fire on those two lit panels and only stop to attack the target marker, the sentries, and the rockets. When the health bar of the tank falls, the tank stops. And you've won. But that's only part one. A man named Brock emerges from the tank, and this is arguably the hardest part of the game. You will go one on one against Brock, using nothing but your feet and hands. You also have no items of any kind, including health. Luckily, if you lost health from the zombies in the tunnel or the tank battle, it'll be recharged before this fight. There are several methods to defeating Brock, all of which aren't that easy. If you try to fight him by punching, he will block your attacks. You'll need to rely on special moves, like the Double Lariat or the Jump Kick. You'll also want to try to avoid his attacks as they will greatly damage you. I will give you the strategy that worked wonders for me. From the top of the tank, where the turret is, jump down to one of the lower platforms. As Brock jumps down to follow you, jump kick him as he's midway between the two platforms. Jump back up to the top platform, and as Brock jumps up to follow you, jump kick him again. If you time it right, you'll hit him as he is in his "climbing" animation, and he won't be able to defend himself. (If you have other strategies, feel free to submit them to me, and I'll add them. Submissions are credited. jpguides [at] rogers [dot] com) I would suggest you keep doing this, kicking him over and over, and he should go down without too much of a hassle. Then, of course, he falls off the tank and into the hands of the waiting zombies. With Brock defeated, the game ends, and you earn the true ending. Or, as Capcom would say, you've earned the "ture" ending. That's where localization and proofreading come in handy, folks. Congratulate yourself on a job well done. You've completed the main story mode of the best Xbox 360 game to date. Now if you're up for it, try out Infinite mode. Just be sure to put your social life on hold for a weekend. =============================================================================== |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | [5.13] Infinite [5A14] | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| Infinite Mode is a very difficult game mode. It is similar to story mode except EVERYBODY are your enemies. All those survivors you saved? Yep, they want your blood now. All the psychopaths are still insane, and you have no friends in the world. And to make matters worse, your health is constantly depleting. Your PP bar has been replaced by a countdown bar. Whenever the bar empties, you will lose a block of health. It will then refill and do the same thing, keeping you on your toes. This means you'll need to constantly scour for health items. As if things couldn't get worse, they do. Health items do not recharge. If you take those three pies from Colombian Roastmasters, they won't be there when you re-enter the area. It is very possible, and very likely, that you will go through the entire game's health item supply quickly. One more bad note; in order to get the best items and more food items, you'll need to defeat the psychopaths and the survivors. Each one you kill will drop a box with much needed goodies, forcing you to fight. And the most horrible note of all; you cannot save at all in this mode. If you die, you die, and you'll need to restart. And to finish this mode completely it'll take about sixteen hours. Sixteen real-time hours, not game hours. Yes, you read that right. Do you see why I said you'll need to put your social life on hold? You'll either be staying up late to do this, or you'll be putting the game on pause and leaving it overnight. I recommend staying up late, because I personally wouldn't trust a 360, especially a launch one, to stay on overnight. It overheats enough as it is, so your best bet is to put aside a chunk of time, get some coffee, and go at it. Unfortunately, you will need to complete Infinite Mode if you want to earn every achievement, as a few of them can only be earned through this mode. If you attempt it, good luck. =============================================================================== |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | [5.14] Endings [5A15] | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| There are six endings to the game. Each one is accomplished by doing something different somewhere along the lines. And those differences are outlined here. ENDING HOW TO ACHIEVE A Solve all cases; talk to Isabella after 10; be on heliport by 12 B Don't solve all cases; be on heliport by 12 C Solve all cases; do NOT talk to Isabella after 10 D Be held by the special forces at 12:00pm, instead of at the heliport E Don't solve all cases; don't be at heliport F Do not collect all bombs =============================================================================== |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | [6] Scoops [6A] | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| Scoops are the optional missings you get, mostly from Otis calling you. They are not required to complete the game, but they do help toward unlocking some achievements, and a lot of them provide more depth on the story, what happened, and they are the only things that'll let you meet the twisted personalites of the Hall family, Adam the clown, and Cliff, to name a few. |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | [6.1] September 19th Scoops [6A1] | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| These scoops occur on September 19th: Cut From the Same Cloth Photo Challenge Barricade Pair A & B A Mother's Lament Out of Control Japanese Tourists A & B Shadow of the North Plaza ** Coming soon. |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | [6.1] September 20th Scoops [6A2] | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| These scoops occur on September 20th: Lovers The Hatchet Man The Coward Restaurant Man Above the Law Mark of the Sniper The Woman Who Didn't Make It Antique Lover ** Coming soon. |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | [6.1] September 21st Scoops [6A3] | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| These scoops occur on September 21st: A Strange Group Long-Haired Punk A Sick Man A Photographer's Pride A Woman in Despair ** Coming soon. |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | [6.1] Uncalled/Misc Scoops [6A4] | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| These scoops you will run across, but will not be informed about by Otis, or pertain to the survivors once they are in the security room: Cletus Ronald's Appetite Floyd the Sommelier Kindell's Betrayal Hostile Survivors Paul's Presents Simone the Gunslinger Cheryl's Request ** Coming soon. =============================================================================== |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | [7] Survivors [7A] | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| There are over fifty survivors in the game, and it is impossible to save all of them on a single playthrough. In fact, if you play the game properly, trying to get the A ending, two of those survivors are automatically killed as a result of the plot. Needless to say, a few of the achievements, such as the Saint achievement, require you to save people. Some other achievements, like Transmissionary, require you to save a select group of the following, in order to have Otis call you regarding them. They will be marked. Survivors are listed in the same format as they are in the notebook in game. The first line is the number and name of the survivor. The second line is the in-game description of the survivor. The third line is the survivor's location. The fourth line is what scoop they belong to. The fifth line is any special notes relating to that survivor. 001 Name : Ed Deluca Desc : Charter helicopter pilot. Loca : N/A Scoop: N/A Notes: Never seen in-game; just cutscenes 002 Name : Carlito Keyes Desc : Mastermind behind the Willamette incident. Loca : Various Scoop: Various Notes: You will fight him three times; isn't a survivor or psychopath in the normal sense of the word 003 Name : Alan Peterson Desc : Was arguing with Kathy in the Entrance Plaza. Loca : Entrance Plaza Scoop: N/A Notes: Can't be saved; doesn't count against you 004 Name : Brian Reynolds Desc : Was standing around talking in the Entrance Plaza. Loca : Entrance Plaza Scoop: N/A Notes: Can't be saved; doesn't count against you 005 Name : Chris Hines Desc : Found erecting a barricade in the Entrance Plaza. Loca : Entrance Plaza Scoop: N/A Notes: Can't be saved; doesn't count against you 006 Name : Dana Sims Desc : Was crying in a depressed state in the Entrance Plaza Loca : Entrance Plaza Scoop: N/A Notes: Can't be saved; doesn't count against you 007 Name : Freddie May Desc : Found erecting a barricade in the Entrance Plaza. Loca : Entrance Plaza Scoop: N/A Notes: Can't be saved; doesn't count against you 008 Name : Kathy Peterson Desc : Was arguing with Alan in the Entrance Plaza. Loca : Entrance Plaza Scoop: N/A Notes: Can't be saved; doesn't count against you 009 Name : Lindsay Harris Desc : Adores her dog, Madonna. Loca : Entrance Plaza Scoop: N/A Notes: Can't be saved; doesn't count against you 010 Name : Todd Mendel Desc : Was standing around talking in the Entrance Plaza. Loca : Entrance Plaza Scoop: N/A Notes: Can't be saved; doesn't count against you 011 Name : Mark Quemada Desc : Was wandering around the Entrance Plaza. Loca : Entrance Plaza Scoop: N/A Notes: Can't be saved; doesn't count against you 012 Name : Brian LaRose Desc : Found erecting a barricade in the Entrance Plaza. Loca : Entrance Plaza Scoop: N/A Notes: Can't be saved; doesn't count against you 013 Name : Verlene Willis Desc : Was trying to comfort Dana in the Entrance Plaza. Loca : Entrance Plaza Scoop: N/A Notes: Can't be saved; doesn't count against you 014 Name : Otis Washington Desc : Aged mall employee. Loca : Security Room Scoop: N/A Notes: Will be automatically saved; gives you map and transreceiver; key to unlocking Transreceiver achievement 015 Name : Jessica McCarney Desc : DHS agent. Loca : Security Room Scoop: Various Notes: Plays an important role; survival depends on player actions and ending 016 Name : Brad Garrison Desc : DHS agent. Loca : Security Room Scoop: Various Notes: Plays an important role; survival depends on player actions and ending 017 Name : Russell Barnaby Desc : Key figure in the Willamette incident. Loca : Security Room Scoop: Various Notes: Can be saved, but will eventually die; required to keep game progressing through case files 018 Name : Isabella Keyes Desc : Carlito's younger sister. Loca : Various Scoop: Various Notes: Required to keep game progressing through case files 019 Name : Jeff Meyer Desc : Natalie's husband. Loca : Security Room Rooftop Scoop: N/A Notes: First survior you'll meet; take him to his wife and snap a picture as they hug for a bonus 020 Name : Natalie Meyer Desc : Jeff's wife. Loca : Security Room Rooftop Scoop: N/A Notes: Second survior you'll meet; once she meets Jeff they'll hug, resulting in a bonus PP score 021 Name : Bill Brenton Desc : Trapped in warehouse since before the incident began. Loca : In the Closet (Entrance Plaza) Scoop: N/A Notes: Is found behing a wall of cardboard boxes; Otis does not call you about this man 022 Name : Kent Swanson Desc : Cocky young photographer. Loca : Colombian Roastmasters (Paradise Plaza) Scoop: Cut From the Same Cloth (1) Photo Challenge (2) Photographer's Challenge (3) Notes: Starts off as a survivor, turns into a psychopath; third meeting, "Photographer's Challenge", is required to find another survivor 023 Name : Cletus Samson Desc : Owner of the Huntin' Shack gun shop. Loca : Huntin' Shack (North Plaza) Scoop: N/A Notes: Psychopath with a shotgun; Otis will not call you regarding him 024 Name : James Ramsey Desc : Shot by Cletus. Loca : Huntin' Shack (North Plaza) Scoop: N/A Notes: Mysteriously appears as you enter gun shop; shot by Cletus, cannot be saved, isn't counted against you 025 Name : Sophie Richards Desc : Discovered while under attack by convicts. Loca : Leisure Park Scoop: N/A Notes: The first time the convicts in the jeep appear, she'll be there; Otis knows nothing about her and won't call you 026 Name : Burt Thompson Desc : Found hiding behind barricade with Aaron. Loca : Weber's Garments (Al Fresca Plaza) Scoop: Barricade Pair A Notes: Burt will attack you on sight, assuming you for a zombie. Roughly six punches will turn him to your side. If you continue hitting me after he has given up, you'll get a "Burt Thompson Defected!" message, and he will refuse to join you. 027 Name : Aaron Swoop Desc : Found hiding behind barricade with Burt. Loca : Weber's Garments (Al Fresca Plaza) Scoop: Barricade Pair B Notes: Aaron will only join you if Burt does. If you cause Burt to defect, Aaron will be lost. 028 Name : Leah Stein Desc : Lost her baby to the zombies. Loca : Riverfield Jewelery (Al Fresca Plaza) Scoop: A Mother's Lament Notes: You will need to carry her, otherwise she shuffles very slowly. When needing to climb an obstacle, like the jump to the vent, position her right in front of it, set a waypoint, and she will climb as though she is perfectly healthy. Then you can pick her up again. 029 Name : Adam McIntyre Desc : Clown presumably hired to entertain children. Loca : Space Rider Rollercoaster (Wonderland Plaza) Scoop: Out of Control Notes: He is a psychopath with dual chainsaws. See the walkthrough or psychopath section for details on how to defeat him. Cannot be saved; only killed or ignored. 030 Name : Greg Simpson Desc : Was held captive by Adam. Loca : Space Rider Rollercoaster (Wonderland Plaza) Scoop: Out of Control Notes: Turns out he was riding the coaster repeatedly. Once Adam is defeated, Greg will lead you to a shortcut to the Security Room. It's really a shortcut to Paradise Plaza, but whose to argue? 031 Name : Yuu Tanaka Desc : Japanese tourist. Loca : Sir Books-A-Lot (Wonderland Plaza) Scoop: Japanese Tourist A Notes: He will first think you are a zombie. Grab the "Rudimentary Japanese" book and talk to him. He will realize you are crazy, but not a zombie, and will join you. You must get him to join to get Shinji. 032 Name : Shinji Kitano Desc : Japanese tourist. Loca : Sir Books-A-Lot (Wonderland Plaza) Scoop: Japanese Tourist B Notes: Yuu's friend. Won't join you unless Yuu does. 033 Name : David Bailey Desc : Dealing with an injured leg. Loca : One of the stores under construction (North Plaza) Scoop: Shadow of the North Plaza Notes: He has an injured leg and will require you to grab his shoulder to help him walk. 034 Name : Tonya Waters Desc : Ross' girlfriend. Loca : Run Like the Wind (Wonderland Plaza) Scoop: The Lovers B Notes: Tonya is Ross' girlfriend, and will refuse to leave without him. You'll need to carry Ross. You cannot set a waypoint for Tanya, as she will only go where Ross is, and since you are carrying him, she'll never leave your side. 035 Name : Ross Folk Desc : Tonya's boyfriend. Loca : Run Like the Wind (Wonderland Plaza) Scoop: The Lovers A Notes: Tonya's boyfriend, he can't feel anything below the legs. He'll ask you for a gun; do so, and Tonya will be lost as a survivor. You'll need to carry him, and by doing so, Tonya will join. 036 Name : Cliff Hudson Desc : Found wandering around Crislip's Home Saloon with a machette. Loca : Crislip's Home Saloon (North Plaza) Scoop: The Hatchet Man Notes: He is a psychopath who holds the key (literally) to three survivors. See the psychopath section for details on killing him. 037 Name : Josh Manning Desc : Was captured and held by Cliff. Loca : Empty store to the right of Crislip's. Scoop: The Hatchet Man Notes: You can only save this person by killing Cliff, and using the key he drops to unlock the door to the empty store. 038 Name : Barbara Patterson Desc : Was captured and held by Cliff. Loca : Empty store to the right of Crislip's. Scoop: The Hatchet Man Notes: You can only save this person by killing Cliff, and using the key he drops to unlock the door to the empty store. 039 Name : Rich Atkins Desc : Was captured and held by Cliff. Loca : Empty store to the right of Crislip's. Scoop: The Hatchet Man Notes: You can only save this person by killing Cliff, and using the key he drops to unlock the door to the empty store. 040 Name : Heather Tompkins Desc : Pamela's twin sister. Loca : Child's Play (Paradise Plaza) Scoop: N/A Notes: She is hiding inside Child's Play, at the corner by the cash register. Otis does not call you about her. 041 Name : Pamela Tompkins Desc : Heather's twin sister. Loca : Child's Play moat (Paradise Plaza) Scoop: N/A Notes: She is in the moat just outside Child's Play, surrounded by zombies, and will want to see her sister when rescued. Otis does not call you about her. 042 Name : Gordon Stalworth Desc : Complete coward. Loca : McHandy's Hardware (Al Fresca Plaza) Scoop: The Coward Notes: He will be cowering behind the register. Kick him or knee-drop him (if you have it), and he will come around. Talk to him and he will then follow you. He can use a gun. 043 Name : Ronald Shiner Desc : Thinks only of eating. Loca : Jill's Sandwiches (Paradise Plaza) Scoop: Restaurant Man Notes: Will only come with you if you offer him a food item. Pizza, steak, even an apple or snack. He's required if you are going for the Transmissionary achievement. 044 Name : Jennifer Gorman Desc : Was held prisoner by the raincoat cult. Loca : Just outside Jill's Sandwiches and Colby's Movieland (Paradise Plaza) Scoop: N/A Notes: No phone call about her, but it will be preceeded with a cutscene. You must kill all the yellow raincoated psychos (with a 500PP bonus each), and then open the box and rescue her. She'll do fine running on her own, but you can hold her hand for extra guidance. 045 Name : Jo Slade Desc : Police officer with a penchant for harassing and assaulting young women. Loca : Lovely Fashion House (Wonderland Plaza) Scoop: Above the Law Notes: She is a psychopath, and is holding four survivors captive. Kill her and free them. See the psychopath section for details. 046 Name : Kay Nelson Desc : Was captured and held by Jo. Loca : Lovely Fashion House (Wonderland Plaza) Scoop: Above the Law Notes: One of the four survivors being held by Jo. Once Jo is dead, uncuff her and she will join you. 047 Name : Lilly Deacon Desc : Was captured and held by Jo. Loca : Lovely Fashion House (Wonderland Plaza) Scoop: Above the Law Notes: One of the four survivors being held by Jo. Once Jo is dead, uncuff her and she will join you. 048 Name : Kelly Carpenter Desc : Was captured and held by Jo. Loca : Lovely Fashion House (Wonderland Plaza) Scoop: Above the Law Notes: One of the four survivors being held by Jo. Once Jo is dead, uncuff her and she will join you. 049 Name : Janet Star Desc : Was captured and held by Jo. Loca : Lovely Fashion House (Wonderland Plaza) Scoop: Above the Law Notes: One of the four survivors being held by Jo. Once Jo is dead, uncuff her and she will join you. 050 Name : Sally Mills Desc : Found hanging from the giant rabbit. Loca : To the right of Wonderland Plaza when coming from the Food Court (Wonderland Plaza) Scoop: N/A Notes: She is hanging up top, afraid to fall down for the countless zombies. Kill all of the zombies until there are no more behind the ropes, then pick up a hunk of meat and throw it at her to get her to fall down. Talk to her and she'll join you. Otis does not call you about her. 051 Name : Nick Evans Desc : Found hanging from the giant rabbit. Loca : To the right of Wonderland Plaza when coming from the Food Court (Wonderland Plaza) Scoop: N/A Notes: He is hanging up top, afraid to fall down for the countless zombies. Kill all of the zombies until there are no more behind the ropes, then pick up a hunk of meat and throw it at him to get him to fall down. Talk to him and he'll join you. Otis does not call you about him. 052 Name : Roger Hall Desc : Patriarch of the Hall family. Found hunting in the Entrance Plaza. Loca : Entrance Plaza upper level (Entrance Plaza) Scoop: Mark of the Sniper Notes: Otis won't call you about these psychos directly, but they are tied into the Mark of the Sniper scoop. Roger is the father, and the best shot. If you approach him, he'll run to distance himself enough to get another shot off. He is a psychopath; see the psychopath section for details. 053 Name : Jack Hall Desc : Oldest son of the Hall family. Found hunting in the Entrance Plaza. Loca : Entrance Plaza upper level (Entrance Plaza) Scoop: Mark of the Sniper Notes: Like Roger, Jack is also a sniper, but not as good. He will also distance himself if approached. He is a psychopath; see the psychopath section for details. 054 Name : Thomas Hall Desc : Youngest son of the Hall family. Found hunting in the Entrance Plaza. Loca : Entrance Plaza upper level (Entrance Plaza) Scoop: Mark of the Sniper Notes: He is also a sniper, and also a psycho. See the psychopath section for details. 055 Name : Wayne Blackwell Desc : Was the target of snipers. Loca : Estelle's Fine Lady Cosmetics (Entrance Plaza) Scoop: Mark of the Sniper Notes: He is the one Otis refers to in the call, and he was being targeted by the Hall's. Talk to him after they're dead, and he'll run out of the store and see. He will then join you. 056 Name : Jolie Wu Desc : Rachel's friend. Loca : Gramma's Kids (Entrance Plaza) Scoop: The Woman Who Didn't Make It Notes: Talk to her, and she will refuse to follow you. Attempt to leave the store, and she will change her mind; she then tells you about her friend Rachel, hiding upstairs, whom she left behind. 057 Name : Rachel Decker Desc : Jolie's friend. Loca : Ladies Space (Entrance Plaza) Scoop: The Woman Who Didn't Make It Notes: She will not talk to you unless you have Jolie. Take Jolie upstairs, they will reunite and hug, and then she will join you. 058 Name : Floyd Sanders Desc : Antique enthusaist. Loca : Ned's Knicknackery (Entrance Plaza) Scoop: Antique Lover Notes: He is an old man who wants to spend his last moments with antiques. Antiques in a mall. Yep, okay. It will take a lot of talking to get him to join you, but he will eventually relent. He will run on his own, but will get tired fast, forcing you to carry him. You must rescue him if you are going for the Transmissionary achievement. 059 Name : Kindell Johnson Desc : Reliable and trustworthy. Loca : Just outside of Crislip's (North Plaza) Scoop: N/A Notes: You will most likely run into him on your way to meet Isabella. If so, talk to him first so he joins you, then see Isabella. He is great with his shotgun; just don't get in his path (or put Isabella in his way). You must save him if you are going for the Transmissionary achievement. 060 Name : Sean Keenen Desc : Leader of the raincoat cult. Loca : Cinema 4 at Colby's Movieland (Paradise Plaza) Scoop: A Strange Group Notes: He is a psychopath, and a sword weilding one at that. Once you kill Sean, you will be able to rescue the five survivors in the cinema (four tied to the chairs, one in the storage room). See the psychopath section for details. 061 Name : Ray Mathison Desc : Was held prisoner by the raincoat cult. Loca : Cinema 4 at Colby's Movieland (Paradise Plaza) Scoop: A Strange Group Notes: Once Sean is defeated, you will be able to untie him. After a quick chat, he will join you. 062 Name : Nathan Crabbe Desc : Was held prisoner by the raincoat cult. Loca : Cinema 4 at Colby's Movieland (Paradise Plaza) Scoop: A Strange Group Notes: Once Sean is defeated, you will be able to untie him. After a quick chat, he will join you. 063 Name : Michelle Feltz Desc : Was held prisoner by the raincoat cult. Loca : Cinema 4 at Colby's Movieland (Paradise Plaza) Scoop: A Strange Group Notes: Once Sean is defeated, you will be able to untie her. After a quick chat, she will join you. 064 Name : Beth Shrake Desc : Was held prisoner by the raincoat cult. Loca : Cinema 4 at Colby's Movieland (Paradise Plaza) Scoop: A Strange Group Notes: Once Sean is defeated, you will be able to untie hers. After a quick chat, he will join you. 065 Name : Cheryl Jones Desc : Was held in warehouse of movie theater. Loca : Cinema 4 at Colby's Movieland (Paradise Plaza) Scoop: A Strange Group Notes: She will be trapped in the storage room of the cinema, unable to get out until you defeat Sean. Open the door and talk to her and she'll join you. You must rescue her if you are going for the Transmissionary achievement. 066 Name : Gil Jimanez Desc : Drinking to down crushing depression. Loca : Chris' Fine Foods (Food Court) Scoop: N/A Notes: He will appear once you defeat Sean, but you won't get a call about him. He will be sitting down behind the bar, and you won't see him from the outside. Talk to him several times and he'll refuse to come. As you leave, he'll yell; go back to him, talk to him, and then he will join you. Considering the nature of his drunkeness, you'll need to help him walk. 067 Name : Brett Styles Desc : Found holed up in gun shop. Loca : Huntin' Shack (North Plaza) Scoop: N/A Notes: Otis will not call you about him or the next two. As you enter the gun shop, the three of them will open fire. Get out as soon as you can, and Jonathan will come up to you, realizing you aren't a zombie. Talk to him, and they'll want proof of the vent. Return to the security room vent, take a picture, return to the gun shop, and they will then follow you. 068 Name : Jonathan Picardsen Desc : Found holed up in gun shop. Loca : Huntin' Shack (North Plaza) Scoop: N/A Notes: Otis will not call you about him or the next two. As you enter the gun shop, the three of them will open fire. Get out as soon as you can, and Jonathan will come up to you, realizing you aren't a zombie. Talk to him, and they'll want proof of the vent. Return to the security room vent, take a picture, return to the gun shop, and they will then follow you. 069 Name : Alyssa Laurent Desc : Found holed up in gun shop. Loca : Huntin' Shack (North Plaza) Scoop: N/A Notes: Otis will not call you about him or the next two. As you enter the gun shop, the three of them will open fire. Get out as soon as you can, and Jonathan will come up to you, realizing you aren't a zombie. Talk to him, and they'll want proof of the vent. Return to the security room vent, take a picture, return to the gun shop, and they will then follow you. 070 Name : Paul Carson Desc : Was out of control, but seems to have had a change of heart. Loca : Casual Gals (Wonderland Plaza) Scoop: Long Haired Punk Notes: Starts off as a psychopath, but can become a survivor. He throws molotov cocktails, and at the end, will fall and light himself on fire. Not only must you defeat him, but you must extinguish him and escort him as a survivor if you want the Transmissionary achievement. See the psychopath section for details. 071 Name : Mindy Baker Desc : Discovered under attack by Paul. Loca : Casual Gals (Wonderland Plaza) Scoop: Long Haired Punk Notes: Mindy will be hiding in the storage room of Casual Gals, and is one of the few survivors you can rescue without having to defeat or spare Paul. 072 Name : Debbie Willet Desc : Discovered under attack by Paul. Loca : Casual Gals (Wonderland Plaza) Scoop: Long Haired Punk Notes: Debbie will be hiding in the storage room of Casual Gals, and is one of the few survivors you can rescue without having to defeat or spare Paul. 073 Name : Leroy McKenna Desc : Currently dealing with a neck injury. Loca : Estelle's Fine Lady Cosmetics (Entrance Plaza) Scoop: A Sick Man Notes: He will be hiding in the cosmetics shop, unable to move to fast due to his injury. He will need help walking. 074 Name : Susan Walsh Desc : Laid back old lady. Loca : Big soccer ball by the food court entrance (Wonderland Plaza) Scoop: N/A Notes: She is an older lady who will need help walking. If you don't escort her by the hand, she will stop to take a breath every few seconds and get surrounded. Otis does not know about her. 075 Name : Simone Ravendark Desc : Worried about her bite wound. Loca : Players (Paradise Plaza) Scoop: A Woman in Despair Notes: She is by the glass in the CD shop, and is scared about her wound. She will only join you if Isabella is in the security room. If you failed the case files up to that point, she won't come. You must rescue her if you are going for the Transmissionary achievement. 076 Name : Tad Hawthorne Desc : Was held captive by Kent. Loca : Colombian Roastmasters (Paradise Plaza) Scoop: Photographer's Pride Notes: You must arrive right on time for this scoop in order to save him. Kent turns out to be a psychopath, and you will need to kill him to save Tad. If you do not make it in time, Tad will be dead, and you will have a different fight with Kent. Try to be on time, 'kay? 077 Name : Steven Chapman Desc : Manager of Seon's Food & Stuff. Loca : Seon's Food & Stuff (North Plaza) Scoop: Medicine Run Notes: Steven is a psychopath, and my favorite. He accuses you of wanting to rob the store, and will attack with not only a shotgun, but a homemade shopping cart of death. You will need to kill him before you can get the medicine for Brad. See the psychopath section for details. 078 Name : Larry Chiang Desc : Butcher obsessed with his work. Loca : Meat Processing Area Scoop: N/A Notes: Probably the last psychopath you will meet, Otis doesn't tell you about him. He will be in the Meat Processing Area at the end of the game, killing Carlito. He is quite easy to deal with if you know where to stand. See the psychopath section for details. =============================================================================== |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | [8] Psychopaths [8A] | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| Throughout the game, you will run into many psychopaths. These people, who were once sane and healthy (presumably), have been changed by the zombie outbreak. While some of them may not believe you to be a zombie, they do perceive you as a threat, and will try to kill you. This section will list the psychopaths you encounter, as well as the best ways of dealing with them. For all of these psychopaths, I recommend, at the minimum, the submachine gun and katana as your weapons of choice. Take something else with you if you like, but those two are good, all-purpose psycho killers. Since the order you'll face the psychos can depend on how you play, I will list them alphabetically. If you have alternate strategies for any of the psychos, feel free to e-mail them to me at: jpguides [at] rogers [dot] com All submissions are credited. |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | [8.1] Adam [8A1] | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| Adam is quite a crazy character. And a clown for children, no less! Your best weapon against him is the katana, plain and simple. Any guns you use will mostly be useless, as the dual chainsaws he weilds will deflect the bullets. Adam has four attacks. His first attack is a basic slash with his two chainsaw if you get too close. His second attack has him spinning around, both saws extended, in your direction. This is actually the best time to kill him, as he has a three second delay at the end of the attack, allowing you to hit him, or even shoot him at that point (although bullets don't do much to him at any point). His third attack is to throw knives at you from a distance, so don't get too far away and give him the chance. His fourth attack is to blow up a balloon and send it to you. If it touches you it explodes, and you stand there coughing for a few seconds, giving him a chance. It also works the other way, though; if you notice him blowing up the balloon, shoot it, and he'll cough, giving you a window of opportunity. He isn't the hardest psychopath once you've nailed down his routine. Basically, don't get so close that he can hit you, but don't get too far away that he'll throw knives. The knives are easy to avoid, but chances are you'll run into a zombie, so either way, you're probably going to lose health. |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | [8.2] Brock [8A2] | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| Brock is your final psychopath. The end-game boss, if you will, and you will only find him in Overtime mode. The first part of this fight requires you to defeat his prototype tank by firing a heavy machine gun from the back of a jeep. This section is rail based, and all you need to do is focus on firing. Once enough damage has been dealt, the fight will be taken to the top of the tank. You will have full health, but you will have no weapons or items; your inventory is empty, leaving the fight up to your fists. Brock is tough and will block a lot of your attacks, but the best way to defeat him is to use the game's weakness. When both of you are on top of the tank, jump to the bottom level and roundhouse kick or punch him as he jumps down. Jump back up to the top, and do the same thing as he jumps up. If you continue to do this, you use the game's weakness against the boss, that weakness being the boss being vulnerable in mid-jump. Keep doing this, and you will defeat him. And unless you accidentally fall into the group of zombies, chances are you won't lose any health. |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | [8.3] Carlito [8A3] | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| First encounter (Backup for Brad) Your first battle with Carlito will be an easy one. You should have two handguns (one from Jessie and one from Brad). You can also get the submachine gun from the coffee shop, too (see the Tips & Tricks section). Carlito will be on the upper level; you begin on the lower. Run into the middle of the food court, and climb the boxes to the upper level. Stand where you are. Carlito will come from around the corner and shoot you, but can't hit you. Once he stops, look to your right, and you will see him in an opening. Shoot him through this until he runs across the length of the upper floor. Chase him and shoot him. If you're lucky, you'll deplete his health before he makes it to the metal catwalk. If not, he'll run across and start traveling about the restaurant signs. Just duck in and out and shoot him as he runs, when he is vulnerable. Once you take enough of his life, he'll run off, leaving you with Brad. Second encounter (Rescue the Professor) This time Carlito will be equipped with a sniper rifle, and will begin shooting as soon as the cutscene is over. Run up the stairs, turn around and follow to the left, so you are on the left hand side facing down the length of the upper walkway. Pop in and out from behind cover, shooting Carlito, and duck back in after every shot so he misses with his rifle. Rinse and repeat until he finally dies. Third encounter (Bomb Collector) At the end of the game, when you are collecting the bombs, Carlito will come at you in a white truck. You don't have to fight him, but he makes it a pain in the ass for you to do your job. The katana is really the best choice for him at this point. When he gets close to you in the truck, run up to the driver door and bash it with the katana. One or two hits and he'll drive off. Go to the next bomb, and he will show up again. Keep hitting him, bomb after bomb, until a cutscene takes over and he crashes the truck. |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | [8.4] Cletus [8A4] | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | [8.5] Cliff [8A5] | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | [8.6] Jo [8A6] | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | [8.7] Kent [8A7] | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | [8.8] Larry [8A8] | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | [8.9] Paul [8A9] | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | [8.10] Roger, Jack, Thomas Hall [8A10] | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | [8.11] Sean [8A11] | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | [8.12] Steven [8A12] | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | [8.13] Cultits & Convicts [8A13] | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| The cultists and convicts are special because, although you get a "Psychopath Defeated Bonus 500PP" for each one you kill, they aren't considered a psychopath by the game's standards, meaning they aren't required for any of the achievements associated with the psychopaths (like Psycho Collector or Punisher). Cultists @@@@@@@@ The cultists are the people you see in the yellow raincoats. They appear after the cutscene of them in the Paradise Plaza, and they will be spread throughout the different wings of the mall until you kill Sean ("A Strange Group"), at which point they disappear. The cultists have three main attacks. Their first attack is to slash you with their knife, which they never drop. Their second attack is to lunge at you with your knife, which seems to track you, even if you move out of the way. They seem to run at you about twenty feet before they give up. Their final attack is suicidal. They will throw their hands in the air, then run at you. At this point, shooting them DOES NOT hurt them! When they get close, they will jump toward you, and as soon as they land, they go up in a big explosion, taking you, and any nearby zombies and cultists with them. The only way to avoid this attack is to keep running away until you hear the explosion. Convicts @@@@@@@@ The convicts appear in Leisure Park after a certain point. Three of them will be in a jeep; a driver, a passenger, and one manning the heavy machine gun. For some unexplained reason, even if you kill them, they will reappear later. I didn't know Willamette was the kind of town that had a prison populated by inmates who look identical to previous inmates. It must be a family prison, or something. Or maybe Capcom just got bored. Who knows. They can be difficult to kill, but they are also quite stupid (naturally). The driver will crash into a tree more often than not, and then not figure out how to reverse for quite a bit. You can take this opportunity to shoot them. Your best bet is to run to the gun shop in North Plaza, and take a sniper rifle, and then kill them from a safe distance. The heavy machine gun doesn't hurt too much, but getting away from it is a pain, considering you stand stunned for a second once you get shot. =============================================================================== |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | [9] Otis' Transmissions [9A] | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| Otis, the man who gives you the transreceiver and map at the beginning of the game, will contact you several times throughout your 72 hours. Scoops, psychos, introductions, he'll let you know about everything. While using the transreceiver, you can't do anything else. You can't talk to people, you can't attack, you can't take pictures, you can't even run. When you get the icon saying Otis has a message for you, be sure you're in a safe place where you can stand for thirty seconds, or in an area with enough free space for you to constantly move around the zombies. If you are escorting a survivor, you can't answer calls. But if you're driving the car or motorcycle, you can answer them just fine. You must listen to all of Otis' transmissions to unlock one of the achievements. There are certain rules that must occur before you will get a call. They are: - You must not be in the area of a scoop to get the call. If you want to get the scoop call for Adam the clown ("Out of Control"), you can't be in Wonderland Plaza around the time you get the call. You can be anywhere for scoop calls except the security room or the area the scoop is supposed to take place in. - You must not have too many survivors. Escorting too many survivors when expecting a call will result in that call not happening. - Do not interrupt a call more than once! You can ignore or interrupt a call the first time, but from the looks of things, if you interrupt or ignore it a second time, it causes the call to not come through again, and you will not get the achievement. - There are six survivors you MUST rescue, as they cause Otis to send you a transmission specific to them. They are detailed at the end. The following are all the transmissions, laid out in a checklist format. Once all transmissions have been listened to, you will receive the Transmissionary achievement. The first line is when you will receive the call and what scoop you get, or where you must be for introduction calls. The second line is where the call will refer to, and where you MUST NOT be at that time. The third line is a quick blurb to help determine what call you're getting. The fourth line is the number of message box dialogs you'll get before the transmission ends. Transmissions with an asterisk indicate you MUST save this person in order to receive the additional calls. 1) First time you enter the warehouse [ ] Warehouse "Frank, you're in the warehouse." 3 messages 2) First time you enter Paradise Plaze [ ] Paradise Plaza "Frank, you're in Paradise plaza" 2 messages 3) Day 1/3:00pm, "Cut From the Same Cloth" [ ] Paradise Plaza "Frank, you said you're a photographer, right?" 2 messages 4) Day 1/4:00pm, "Barricade Pair A & B" [ ] Al Fresca Plaza "Two people holed up in a woman's shop in Al Fresca Plaza" 2 messages 5) Day 1/4:30pm, "A Mother's Lament" [ ] Al Fresca Plaza "Woman in the jewelery shop." 2 messages 6) First time you enter Food Court, after Carlito encounter [ ] Food Court "Frank, you're in the food court." 2 messages 7) First time you enter North Plaza [ ] North Plaza "Frank, you're in the North Plaza." 2 messages 8) Day 1/9:00pm, "Out of Control" [ ] Wonderland Plaza "Frank, the Space Coaster is out of control." 2 messages 9) Day 1/10:00pm, "Japanese Tourist A & B" [ ] Wonderland Plaza "They look Japanese. Probably tourists." 2 messages 10) First time you enter Wonderland Plaza [ ] Wonderland Plaza "Frank, you're in Wonderland Plaza." 2 messages 11) Day 1/11:00pm, "Shadow of the North Plaza" [ ] North Plaza "Frank, a man came running from the supermarket." 2 messages 12) Day 2/6:00am [ ] Security Room "Jessie wants to see you." 2 messages 13) During Case 2-2 [ ] Entrance Plaza "Frank, the sutter is now open." 2 messages 14) Day 2/7:00am, "The Lovers" [ ] Wonderland Plaza "Two people are trapped." 2 messages 15) During Case 2-3 [ ] Seon's Supermarket "Frank, you're in the supermarket." 3 messages 16) Day 2/8:00am, "The Hatchet Man" [ ] North Plaza "There's a man with a hatchet. He knows where the camers are." 2 messages 17) Day 2/9:00am, "The Coward" [ ] Al Fresca Plaza "There's a man cowering in the hardware store." 2 messages 18) Day 2/11:00am [ ] Security Room "Frank, Jessie says the medicine is working fine." 2 messages 19) *Day 2/11:00am, "Restaurant Man" [ ] Paradise Plaza "Frank, there's a man holed up in the restaurant." 2 messages 20) Day 2/12:00pm, "Above the Law" [ ] Wonderland Plaza "I just saw a cop going into a woman's clothing store." 2 messages 21) Day 2/3:00pm [ ] Security Room "I think I saw that girl you were talking about on the monitors." 2 messages 22) *Day 2/5:00pm, "Antique Lover" [ ] Wonderland Plaza "I saw a man in the antique shop in Wonderland Plaza." 2 messages 23) Day 2/5:00pm, "Mark of the Sniper" [ ] Wonderland Plaza "I just saw a man run into the cosmetics shop." 2 messages 24) Day 2/5:00pm, "The Woman Who Didn't Make It" [ ] Wonderland Plaza "There's a woman in the kids clothing store." 2 messages 25) Day 2/7:00pm, "Ronald's Appetite" [ ] Security Room "Ronald here wants to take a group to find food." 2 messages 26) First time you enter the Maintenance Tunnel [ ] Maintenance Tunnel "Frank, you're in the maintenance tunnel." 2 messages 27) Day 3/12:00am, call regarding Isabella [ ] North Plaza "Frank, weren't you supposed to meet that girl?" 2 messages 28) *Day 3/12:00am, "A Strange Group" [ ] Colby's Movieland "A group of weirdos are in the movie theater." 2 messages 29) Day 3/2:00am, "Frank the Sommelier" [ ] Security Room "Frank has a favor to ask of you." 2 messages 30) Day 3/3:00am, call regarding Isabella waking up [ ] Security Room "Frank, that woman is awake now." 2 messages 31) *Day 3/5:00am, "Long Haired Punk" [ ] Wonderland Plaza "Frank, just saw a long haired guy." 2 messages 32) Day 3/8:00am, "A Sick Man" [ ] Wonderland Plaza "Frank, a man looks sick." 2 messages 33) Day 3/11:00am, call regarding Isabella [ ] Security Room "Frank, Isabella wants to see you." 2 messages 34) Day 3/12:00pm, "A Woman in Despair" [ ] Paradise Plaza "Frank, there's a woman stuck in the CD store." 2 messages 35) Day 3/12:00pm, "Kindell's Betrayal" [ ] Security Room "Frank, Kindell wants to take a group and leave." 2 messages 36) Day 3/5:00pm, "Paul's Present" [ ] Security Room "That guy Paul wants to see you." 2 messages 37) Day 3/7:00pm, "Simone the Gunslinger" [ ] Security Room "Simone wants you to bring her a gun." 2 messages 38) Day 3/8:00pm, "Cheryl's Request" [ ] Security Room "Cheryl wants to ask a favor of you." 2 messages Following the above numbered list, you will NEED to complete and rescue the following to get Otis to call with additional info: 19 - Restaurant Man - Ronald 22 - Antique Lover - Frank 28 - A Strange Group - Cheryl ## - During Case 5-1 - Kindell (you'll run into him in North Plaza on your way to meeting Isabella) 31 - Long Haired Punk - Paul 34 - A Woman in Despair - Simone =============================================================================== |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | [10] Juice Combinations [10A] | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| By mixing food items in blenders, you can create different concoctions of food items, which will give you increased stats or special abilities. Zombait, for example, causes zombies to be more attracted to you, while Nectar will give you a greater chance of getting queen bees from killed zombies. There are different combinations which can make the same juice. This list is sorted alphabetically by type of drink. Nectar Effect: Greater chance of getting queen bees Combinations: Apple + Snack Orange Juice + Orange Juice Apple + Apple Orange Juice + Milk Quickstep Effect: Triple running speed Combinations: Dairy + Dairy Ice Pops + Yogurt Condiment + Wine Wine + Baking Ingredients Pizza (Raw) + Wine Pizza (Cooked) + Wine Wine + Zucchini Wine + Corn Baguette + Wine Spitfire Effect: Causes Frank's spit to actually hurt zombies Combinations: Snack + Snack Snack + Baking Ingredients Ice Pops + Ice Pops Baking Ingredients + Milk Baking Ingredients + Corn Baking Ingredients + Condiment Zucchini + Zucchini Untouchable Effect: Zombies do not cause loss of health Combinations: Pie + Pie Pie + Orange Juice Zombait Effect: Causes zombies to be attracted to you Combinations: Corn + Corn Condiment + Condiment Condiment + Corn Ice Pops + Milk Corn + Baguette Pizza (Raw) + Pizza (Cooked) If you know of any other combinations, feel free to e-mail them to me. You will be credited for your submission. Send e-mail to: jpguides [at] rogers [dot] com =============================================================================== |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | [11] Tips & Tricks [11A] | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| Have some tips or tricks you want to share? E-mail them to: jpguides [at] rogers [dot] com All submissions are credited. Easy Katana You can find a katana in Paradise Plaza on the awning of Colombian Roastmasters. Run upstairs, into the coffee shop, and run to the end of the restaurant by the counter. Jump over the railing, and you'll land on an awning, where you can pick up a katana. This sword will appear every time you load the area. Easy Submachine Gun You can find a submachine gun in Paradise Plaza on the awning above the door to the warehouse. Run up the stairs by the childrens store, and from the middle landing, jump over the railing and grab onto the blue awning. Climb up and make your way to the right, past the cardboard box and teddy bear, to the final awning, close to the Entrance Plaza walkway. You will find the submachine gun. This gun will appear every time you load the area. =============================================================================== |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | [12] PP Stickers [12A] | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| PP Stickers are special photographic areas that will award you bonus PP points if you take their picture. The stickers are rated on a percentage from one to 100, giving you an appropriate amount of points. If your rating is only 30%, you will get 300 points, but a 100% rating nets 1,000 points. Taking a picture of all the photo stickers will unlock one of the achievements. PARADISE PLAZA Bird statue clock between by Contemporary Reading Servbot in Child's Play Kids' Choice Clothing store sign Tyke N' Tots store sign Tunemakers store sign Jill's Sandwiches store sign Girl cutout in front of Players Clock behind counter in Universe of Optics Between the two basketball hoops in middle of staircase in SporTrance Green sign over the first floor, by stairs, near Colombian Roastmasters Advertisement in stairwell on middle level between floors Green vase in Marriage Makers MegaMan shirt in Tucci's of Rome (in center of store) Bears behind the cash register in Ye Olde Toybox Ratman cutout in front of Colby's Movieland Megaman cutout in front of Colby's Movieland Colby's Movieland sign =============================================================================== |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | [13] Weapons [13A] | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| There are an almost limitless number of weapons in the game. Some are useful, some are fun, some are just plain insane. Useful weapons include guns and objects that hurt, fun weapons include things that don't hurt much but are fun to use, like CDs or gems, and insane weapons are just plain nutty, like the teddy bear, boomerang or novelty masks. First, I will give an overview, alphabetically, of all weapons in the game, then break down each and every one. |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | [13.1] Alphabetical Listing [13A1] | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| 2x4 Garbage Can Queen Gems Acoustic Guitar Golf Club Rat Saucer Gumball Machine Rat Stick Baking Ingredients Rock Barbell Handgun Baseball Bat Handbag Sausage Rack Bass Guitar Hanger Saw Blade Battle Axe HDTV Shampoo Bench Heavy Machine Gun Shelf Boomerang Hedge Trimer Shopping Cart Bowling Ball Hockey Stick Shotgun Bucket Hunk of Meat Shower Head Hunting Knife Shovel Cactus Sickle Canned Food Katana Sign Canned Sauce King Salmon Skateboard Cardboard Box Skylight Cash Register Laser Sword Sledgehammer CDs Lawn Mower Small Chainsaw Ceremonial Sword Lead Pipe Smokestack Chainsaw Lipstick Prop Sniper Rifle Chair Soccer Ball Chinese Cleaver Machete Steel Rack Cleaver Machine Gun Step Ladder Cooking Oil Mailbox Store Display Condiment Mailbox Post Stool Mannequin Arm Stuffed Bear Dishes Mannequin Leg Stun Gun Drink Cans Mannequin Torso Submachine Gun Dumbbell Mega Buster Sword Molotov Cocktail Electric Guitar Toolbox Excavator Nailgun Toy Cube Nightstick Toy Laser Sword Female Mannequin Novelty Masks* TV Fence Fire Axe Oil Bucket Vase Fire Extinguisher Frying Pan Parasol Water Gun Paint Can Weaponized Cart Painting Wine Cask Perfume Prop Pet Food Pickaxe Plywood Panel Potted Plant Propane Tank Small Propane Tank Wheeled Push Broom Push Broom Handle Pylon * Masks include bear heads, horse heads, servbots (the yellow masks), and imps |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | [13.2] Weapon Breakdown 13A2] | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| The layout is as follows: Name of Weapon -------------- Type : Melee, firearm, etc. Health : How long weapon will last (see ratings for info) Strength : How powerful the weapon is (see ratings for info) Found In : Where you can find it, besides in random locations (box, trash) Primary : The weapon's primary attack Secondary: The weapon's secondary attack (if any) Notes : Any notes regarding the weapon * Primary attack is what happens when you press X * Secondary attack is what happens when you press and hold X Ratings are as follows: Very Poor Horrible; won't last long, won't deal much damage Poor Not a choice weapon Average Your standard health/power Good Decent weapon to carry around Very Good Very good weapon to carry around Excellent Top of the line Extreme Carry multiple ones of this Note these ratings are extremely subjective and are in no way an official or exact representation of the weapons in the game. @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ 2x4 --- Type : Melee Health : Excellent Strength : Excellent Found In : Various locations; mostly North Plaza Primary : Side attack Secondary: N/A Notes : A good overall weapon to carry around. Will kill most zombies with one hit, but can't hit more than one zombie at a time. Not a crowd clearing weapon. Acoustic Guitar --------------- Type : Melee Health : Excellent Strength : Great Found In : Tune Makers (Paradise Plaza) Primary : Overhead attack Secondary: Swing attack Notes : A fun weapon to use, it'll last quite a while and deals a great amount of damage. And who can resist strumming the guitar against a zombie's head? This same description applies to the Bass Guitar and the Electric Guitar. Baking Ingredients ------------------ Type : Melee Health : Single Use Strength : Poor Found In : Various locations Primary : Hit zombie over head Secondary: Cover zombie in flour Notes : Useless as a weapon, but fun to use. Aim for the face of a zombie and throw the bag to coat the zombie in flour. He will stumble around, unable to see, which can give you an Outtake shot for a bonus PP rating. Barbell ------- Type : Melee Health : Excellent Strength : Excellent Found In : Gym in Al Fresca plaza Primary : Swing attack Secondary: N/A Notes : A good crowd clearer, the barbell is very slow to use, but deals a lot of damage, and can kill multiple zombies with one swing. However, due to the slow recovery time, it leaves you wide open after attacking. Baseball Bat ------------ Type : Melee Health : Excellent Strength : Excellent Found In : Various locations Primary : Standard attack Secondary: Charged attack Notes : The standard attack swings at the zombies. You may kill them with one swing, you may not. The charged up mode takes you to a closer view, where you can swing it as if you were playing the game of baseball. This secondary attack will kill in one shot and will give you bonus PP just for connecting. Bass Guitar ----------- Type : Melee Health : Excellent Strength : Great Found In : Tune Makers (Paradise Plaza) Primary : Overhead attack Secondary: Swing attack Notes : A fun weapon to use, it'll last quite a while and deals a great amount of damage. And who can resist strumming the guitar against a zombie's head? This same description applies to the Acoustic Guitar and the Electric Guitar. Battle Ax --------- Type : Melee Health : Average Strength : Extreme Found In : Ned's Knicknackery (Wonderland Plaza) Primary : Standard attack Secondary: Twirling spin Notes : An excellent weapon, will kill all zombies with one shot, and is really fast for something you'd assume would be heavy. However, it doesn't last too long, especially if you use the secondary attack. Bench ----- Type : Melee Health : Good Strength : Very Good Found In : Various locations Primary : Normal attack Secondary: N/A Notes : Used as a normal weapon, Frank will lunge at zombies, usually killing them in one shot. It is much better thrown, however, as it can and will clear an easy path for you. Boomerang --------- Type : Thrown Health : Excellent Strength : Very Poor Found In : Various locations; mostly the toy stores Primary : Thrown attack Secondary: N/A Notes : Another useless weapon, it's good for a laugh. Assuming you can catch it, it'll last a long time. However, it will take several throws to kill zombies, as it hardly seems to faze them. You may knock them down, but they get back up immediately. Bowling Ball ------------ Type : Melee Health : Excellent Strength : Excellent Found In : Various locations; mostly the sporting stores Primary : Overhead attack Secondary: Thrown Notes : The overhead attack can deal a fair amount of damage, and will kill some zombies outright, but it's real power lies when you use it as a bowling ball and throw it at zombies, where you can kill up to twenty with one throw. However, if you throw it, you'll probably lose it, losing all longetivity. Bucket ------ Type : Melee Health : Poor Strength : Poor Found In : Various locations Primary : Used as a zombie hat Secondary: Swing Notes : You'll mainly want to use the bucket to put on their heads and take their pictures. By holding X you can swing it as a normal weapon, but the power is pathetic and it won't last long. Use it for fun. ss --- Type : ss Health : ss Strength : ss Found In : ss Primary : ss Secondary: ss Notes : ss =============================================================================== |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | [14] Clothing [14A] | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| Coming soon. =============================================================================== |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | [15] Books [15A] | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| Coming soon. =============================================================================== |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | [16] Stores [16A] | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| Coming soon. =============================================================================== |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | [17] Achievements [17A] | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| There are fifty achievements available in Dead Rising. Each achievement will give you twenty Gamer Points, for a total of 1,000 points. Achievements are presented in the order they appear on the dashboard, not the order in which they are unlocked, as that varies player by player. They are presented in a checklist format if you would like to keep track. @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @ ACHIEVEMENT HOW TO EARN @ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @ Zombie Hunter Defeat at least 1,000 zombies [ ]@ @ Zombie Killer Defeat at least 10,000 zombies [ ]@ @ Zombie Genocider Defeat at least 53,594 zombies [ ]@ @ Self Defense Defeat at least 1 Psychopath [ ]@ @ Peacekeeper Defeat at least 5 Psychopaths [ ]@ @ Punisher Defeat at least 10 Psychopaths [ ]@ @ Legendary Soldier Defeat at least 10 Special Forces soldiers [ ]@ @ Hella Copter Sucessfully repel a helicopter [ ]@ @ Tour Guide Escort 8 survivors at once [ ]@ @ Frank the Pimp Simultaneously escort 8 female survivors [ ]@ @ Full Set Collect all portraits in the notebook [ ]@ @ Humanist Get at least 10 survivors out of the mall [ ]@ @ Life Saver Get at least 20 survivors out of the mall [ ]@ @ Saint Get at least 50 survivors out of the mall [ ]@ @ Strike! Send at least 10 zombies flying with bowling balls*[ ]@ @ Costume Party Place novelty masks on at least 10 zombies [ ]@ @ Raining Zombies Knock at least 30 zombies aside with a parasol [ ]@ @ Gourmet Eat all types of food available in the mall [ ]@ @ Item Smasher Break at least 100 items [ ]@ @ Bullet Point Fire at least 1,000 bullets [ ]@ @ Perfect Gunner Don't miss with a machine gun [ ]@ @ Photojournalist Score at least 1,500PP from a single photo [ ]@ @ The Artiste Score at least 3,000PP from a single photo [ ]@ @ Group Photo Get 50 target markers with the camera [ ]@ @ Portraiture Photograph at least 10 survivors [ ]@ @ Census Taker Photograph at least 50 survivors [ ]@ @ Psycho Photo Photograph at least 4 psychopaths [ ]@ @ Psycho Collector Photograph at least 10 psychopaths [ ]@ @ PP Collector Photograph all PP stickers [ ]@ @ Snuff Shot B Successfully photograph zombie Brad [ ]@ @ Snuff Shot J Successfully photograph zombie Jessie [ ]@ @ Transmissionary Answer all calls from Otis [ ]@ @ Indoorsman Spend at least 24 hours indoors [ ]@ @ Outdoorsman Spend at least 24 hours outdoors [ ]@ @ Freefall Drop froma a height of at least 16 feet (5 meters) [ ]@ @ Marathon Runner Cover a distance of 26.2 miles (42.195 km) [ ]@ @ Carjacker Steal the convicts' vehicle [ ]@ @ Stunt Driver Jump a car at least 33 feet (10 meters) [ ]@ @ Stunt Rider Jump a motorcycle at least 33 feet (10 meters) [ ]@ @ Zombie Road Walk over 33 feet (10 meters on the backs of [ ]@ @ zombies using the zombie ride @ @ Karate Champ Defeat at least 1,000 zombies barehanded [ ]@ @ Sharp Dresser Change into at least 20 different costumes [ ]@ @ Clothes Horse Change into all costumes available in the mall [ ]@ @ Level Max Reach level 50 [ ]@ @ Unbreakable Get the ture ending without being knocked out** [ ]@ @ Overtime Mode Unveil all CASES and be at the heliport at noon [ ]@ @ Infinite Mode Get the true ending [ ]@ @ 3 Day Survivor Survive for at least 72 hours [ ]@ @ 5 Day Survivor Survive for at least 5 days*** [ ]@ @ 7 Day Survivor Survive for at least 7 days*** [ ]@ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ * Just like in real bowling, you must knock down ten zombies with one bowling ball; it is not accumulative ** Not a mistake; "true" is misspelled in the achievement in-game *** Must be, and can only be, accomplished through Infinite mode =============================================================================== |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | [18] Unlockables [18A] | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| Fifteen of the achievements will unlock special items in your game. All unlockables, including those unlocked by beating the game, will be found in shopping bags behind the vent on the next play through. Meaning, you must complete your current game to unlock them; saving and quitting and starting a new game will _not_ unlock the item. This is organized alphabetically by achievement. All unlockables, except for the Real Mega Buster, are cosmetic only. Wearing the Special Forces Boots and Uniform will not cause the soldiers to ignore you. @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @ ACHIEVEMENT ITEM UNLOCKED @ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @ 5 Day Survivor Laser Sword [ ] @ @ 7 Day Survivor Arthur's Boxers [ ] @ @ Carjacker Prisoner Garb [ ] @ @ Census Taker White Hat [ ] @ @ Hella Copter Special Forces Uniform [ ] @ @ Item Smasher Pro Wrestler Boots [ ] @ @ Karate Champ Pro Wrestler Briefs [ ] @ @ Legendary Soldier Special Forces Boots [ ] @ @ Perfect Gunner Ammo Belt [ ] @ @ PP Collector Hockey Mask [ ] @ @ Punisher Mega Man Tights [ ] @ @ Saint Cop Hat [ ] @ @ Transmissionary Mall Employee Uniform [ ] @ @ Unbreakable Mega Man Boots [ ] @ @ Zombie Genocider Real Mega Buster [ ] @ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ =============================================================================== |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | [19] Downloadable Content [19A] | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| The Xbox Live Marketplace lets you download content for your games. Some are free, some aren't. As of September 21st, 2006, Dead Rising has for download: 1 demo of the game 2 videos 6 themes 9 items of in-game content 16 gamerpics Demo Price: Free Size: 1.01GB Description: The demo gives you a taste of the game by allowing you to play until you die, or fifteen minutes, whatever comes first. Videos Price: Free (both) Size: 26.19MB and 159.27MB Description: Two different trailers for the game Themes Price: 150pts, $1.88 USD (all) Size: Various Description: Six different themes. They are: Theme 1: Zombie Theme 1 (4.23MB) Theme 2: Zombie Theme 2 (5.33MB) Theme 3: Psychopaths (3.05MB) Theme 4: Survivors (7.25MB) Theme 5: Objects (1.50MB) Theme 6: Jessie (1.56MB) In-Game Content Price: Free (all) Size: 108KB (all) Description: All content are costumes. They are: Burgundy Wine Key Casual Key Coldhearted Snake Key Grandpa Key Man in Black Key Miami Nights Key Paparazzi Nights Key Round Shades Key Weekender Key Gamer Pics Price: Various Size: Various Description: 16 different gamerpic packs. They are: Pack 1: Frank and two zombies (112KB, 50pts, $.62 USD) Pack 2: Isabella and two zombies (112KB, 50pts, $.62 USD) Pack 3: Jessie, zombie, Adam (112KB, 50pts, $.62 USD) Pack 4: Brad, zombie, Jo (112KB, 50pts, $.62 USD) Pack 5: Carlito, zombie, Larry (112KB, 50pts, $.62 USD) Pack 6: Special zombie (80KB, 20pts, $.25 USD) =============================================================================== |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | [20] Questions & Answers [20A] | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| Have a question you need answered? Feel free to e-mail them to me. If it isn't answered in this section, or somewhere in the FAQ, it will be added. Q: I've killed more than ten zombies with the bowling ball, but never got the achievement. Why? A: You need to kill ten zombies with just _one_ bowling ball, just like in real bowling. A strike means ten with one. Q: I never missed with the machine gun, but I didn't get the achievement. Why? A: Make sure you're not confusing the two "machine" guns. The submachine gun, which you can find on the blue awning in Paradise Plaza, is not what the achievement refers to you. Neither is the heavy machine gun, which you get from the back of the convicts jeep. The only machine gun you can use is what the special forces soldiers drop. Q: What's the best way to achieve Zombie Genocider? A: Go to the maintenance tunnels from Leisure Park. Get in the red car. Kill the zombies just outside, and drive into the tunnels. Hang a right, take the first left, take the next right, which leads to a dead end. Turn around and go right again, then right again. Follow it straight, ignoring all turns, and you'll come to a white car. Get in the white car. Turn left from the parking spot and follow the path straight, all the way to the end, ignoring all turns, and you'll come to a truck. Stay in the white car, turn around, and go back, this time taking the first right. Take a right at the end of this short hall, and follow it to the end, ignoring all turns. You will come to two trucks. Kill zombies in your car until it breaks down, and get into the first truck, furthest from the door (the one whose windshield is facing you). Turn right from the spot, and go back the way you came, ignoring all turns. When you reach a split, turn left. Drive forward a bit and go past the curved pillar, turn to the left, and follow the pillar around until you're back where you just came from. Turn right, and follow it, then take the second left. Drive up the ramp and go back outside. Kill the zombies here, get in the red car, go back into the tunnels, rinse and repeat. It will probably take about two to three hours of real time, not game time. Don't plan on rescuing many survivors or completing many cases in the same game as you do this. For a good video showing off this example, check out this guy's video on YouTube: http://youtube.com/watch?v=wzH1cndSwqc E-mail questions to jpguides [at] rogers [dot] com. =============================================================================== =============================================================================== |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | [A] Contact Information | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| Before contacting me, please, make sure you have: - Gone over the entire document looking for what you needed Note that I cannot and will not help with any problem related to technical support. 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I do try to check every few hours, though. =============================================================================== |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | [B] Webmaster Information | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| Attention webmasters: You are allowed to host this document and display it without asking for prior permission. All you have to do is the following: - Do not charge people to see it or otherwise make a profit from it. - Do not alter it. - Give proper credit to the author. - You may not sell, rent or lease the document. If you want to use one of my guides _IN_ a guide of yours, like an item guide of mine in a general guide you're writing, feel free to do so, as long as you still follow the above. 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