########################################################################### -_____ ,, , ,, ,, ' | -, _ || || _ || || /| | |` < \, ,._-_ ||/\ _-_, =||= < \, || ||/\ _-_ ,._-_ _-_, || |==|| /-|| || ||_< ||_. || /-|| || ||_< || \\ || ||_. %|| | |, (( || || || | % || || (( || || || | ||/ || % || %-____, \/\\ \\, \\,\ ,-_- \\, \/\\ \\ \\,\ \\,/ \\, ,-_- ( _____ ___ ___ | ___/ _ \ / _ \ Version: 1.3 | |_ | |_| | | | | Jamie Klein 11/20/94 | _|| _ | |_| | yanknir@tiac.net |_| |_| |_|\__\_\ ########################################################################### ==Introduction== Capcom, the company that started the one-on-one fighting game craze a few years ago with the smash hit, Street Fighter II, has done it again. Their latest creation, DarkStalkers: The Night Warriors, features some of the best graphics, most creative moves, and hottest babes ever seen on an arcade screen. If you find any additional information, please mail it to the above address. ==The "Special" Meter== Each character has a bar at the bottom of the screen (labeled SPECIAL) which grows each time the character attacks (or throws) his/her opponent. Even if an attack misses the special bar will increase slightly. During the course of the fight the level in the "special" bar will slowly decrease -- you must continually attack in order to get a full meter. Once this has happened, the meter will begin to drain very quickly and the word "special" will start to flash. At this point, the character will gain some important powers: most special moves are enhanced and special "power" moves become available. After one of these moves is executed the "special" meter will empty and must be re-filled. ==Air Combat== In DarkStalkers it is possible to block attacks in mid-air. Jump at your opponent, hold the joystick away from them, and you will block any anti-air attacks they try to unleash. Please note that you cannot block a non-projectile attack from a character whose feet are still touching the ground. Also, characters in DS have the ability to attack multiple times in the air. When you use certain (generally weaker) jump attacks, you may be able to interrupt the first move and throw another jump attack (or two!) within the course of one jump. This ability opens up some new possibilities: certainly you can throw the second attack to avoid a sac- throw, extra combo hits are possible, and multiple jump attacks (when combined with some air blocking) can make for great fakes. Here are some examples of jump attacks that can be cancelled into other jump attacks: Demitri's jumping jab+short, Victor's jumping jab, and Felicia's jumping jab+short. Furthermore, characters in DarkStalkers can launch any air attack they want so long as they aren't already in another animation. With the exception in the previous paragraph, as long as your character isn't attacking, blocking, or reeling from a hit, they can launch any desired attacks. This effect is especially noticeable when an airborne Anakaris player uses many weak or medium attacks during one jump. ==Missile vs. Missile Effects== Unlike other fighting games, in which two colliding fireball-type attacks cancel each other out or pass right by each other, DarkStalkers features a new missile attack priority system. Each projectile has a certain momentum which is equal to the maximum possible distance minus the distance travelled. When two projectiles collide, the respective momentums cancel out and if they aren't equal, the projectile with left-over momentum will continue flying across the screen. Of course, if a projectiles momentum is zero (i.e.: it has traveled its maximum distance) it will disappear. If you are using Sasquatch and you throw a weak big snow at an oncoming fierce chaos flare from Demitri be careful -- you may have to block the chaos flare anyway. Note that enhanced Special projectiles have extra momentum and Sasquatch's big freezer cancels out everything. ^_^ ==Block Canceling & Reversal Attacks== After blocking an enemy's attack your character will briefly suffer from a condition known as "block stun." (Ming's wording here) Generally, it is not possible to use any attacks until the block stun has worn off. It is possible, however to cancel the block stun directly into certain special moves. This is known as block cancelling. Block canceling can be easily achieved while blocking a multi hitting move or a combo. Note that only the following listed special moves can interrupt block. Demitri - Demon Cradle, Bat Spin, Air Chaos Flare Jon Talbain - Rising Beast Rush, Air Beast Rush Victor - Giga-Burn Lord Raptor - Death Hurricane, Air Death Hurricane, Air Death Voltage Morrigan - Shadow Blade, Shell Kick, Air Soul Fist Anakaris - Royal Judgement (curse) Bishamon - none Felicia - Sand Splash Rikuo - Sonic Wave Sasquatch - Big Typhoon Timing for block cancelling is critical. After inputting the command for the special move the attack button should be pressed just as your opponent's attack comes into contact. Interrupting single blocks is possible too, one way to do it is to input the command for the special move before the comes into contact, then hit the attack button as soon as you block. When using Demitri or Morrigan, try: --O | \ [Wait and block attack] Punch O O The second way to interrupt single blocks is to input the command for the special move as soon as you block. This seems only applicable to special moves with simpler motions such as Giga Burn, or Sand Splash. Another related technique is the reversal attack. A reversal attack is a special move executed immediately after block stun ends. Doing a special move as you are getting up off the ground is another type of reversal attack. (thus fitting into the definition set by the Super SFII computer) Unlike block cancelling, any special move can be used in a reversal attack. In fact, Bishamon's rising slash attack can _only_ be used as reversal attack. ==Normal Move Canceling== It is possible to chain two normal ground attacks together for new combos in DS, this is the foundation of DarkStalkers' new type of gameplay. Generally when any attacks come into contact with your opponent a hit mark, or a mark similar to a spark will appear. At the presence of the hit mark normal moves may be interrupted into another normal move by hitting the appropriate attack button. Small attacks should be able to be interrupted with medium or large attacks, and medium attack should be able to be interrupted with large ones. Note that in some cases medium attacks can be canceled by another medium attack (i.e., Felicia's Crouching Forward X 2) and both the first or second hits are eligible to be interrupted if the move hits twice. In practice normal move cancelling is usually timed out by the player. At speed 1 small attacks are usually interrupted 1/3 of a second after the button is pressed, and medium attacks are usually interrupted 1/2 a second after the buttonpress. Note that if the attack button is pressed too early your move cannot be cancelled, so tapping buttons rapidly won't work. Here are some examples of block cancelling: -Rikuo: duck short, duck forward, duck roundhouse is a 4 hit combo. -Morrigan: duck short, duck forward, duck roundhouse is a 3 hit combo. If we combine ground move cancelling with air move cancelling, some nasty combos are possible. For example: -L.Raptor: jump jab, jump strong, duck jab, standing fierce is a 6 hit combo. ==Miscellaneous Tidbits== o Darkstalkers allows players to select the speed of the gameplay. Speed may be set by the winning player (if applicable) every time someone joins in. The speed selection also appears to affect the computer opponents' AI. Note that it is possible for the arcade manager to turn off this feature and fix the speed at one level. o If your character gets thrown, quickly press strong or fierce to ensure a "soft landing." By softening throws, you will take much less damage and you'll be in a better position to counter attack. Throw softening works on all throws and grabs which do not require more than one joystick motion to execute. o Characters can dash by double-tapping the joystick towards or away from opponent. Each character has a different dash; effects include: sliding, running, flying, and teleporting. If a characterÕs feet leave the ground during a dash, any attacks they throw must be blocked high. o Characters can miss a throw if the opponent walks out of slam range or jumps away as the character tries to slam. This applies to both normal and special throws. Like many other animations in the game, these poses can be quite humorous. o Hold down the weak punch button at the opening screen to make three numbers appear in the lower left corner of the screen. The top number is the total number of player credits. Of course, it is generally quite large. The middle number is the number of service credits. It could be big or small depending on whether or not the arcade employees play the game after hours . It is unknown what the bottom number represents. If you find out, please tell us. o Check out the intro of Aliens VS Predator. Before the Predator bomb blows the Aliens away look at the background buildings and the public TV, on it you'll see "Coming soon," and a bat symbol... o If you win with one quarter, you will be treated to a boring credits screen after your character's usual cinematic ending. Hold down a button to speed up the scrolling names. o The Japanese version of DarkStalkers is called Vampire - The Night Warriors. Major difference is that it features more sounds effects which were taken out in the English version because they are in Japanese. ==The Bosses== After defeating the nine standard opponents, the character selection screen adjusts to accommodate two new boxes. The portraits of the two boss characters appear inside the boxes right before you fight them. Here are some moves to expect: HUITZIL (In Japan: PHOBOS) Robot From: Mexico Miniaturized: Tiny Robot "Target destroyed. Mission completed." -huge variety of normal attacks, like Anakaris -high and low freeze-rays which take off heavy damage even when blocked -rocket launcher missile attack -air and ground flight with jet-pack -magnet throw PYRON Alien From: Hellstorm Miniaturized: Fire Mote "You were not worth fighting. I need a more challenging foe." -teleportation -large meteor missile attacks which create a pillar of flame when they hit the ground (Pyron throws these from both air and ground) -fire wheel attacks which the alien often uses as an anti-air defense -nasty special grab where Pyron brings you inside a large sphere and crushes you -air-based spinning fire top -multi-hit flame tongue ==Individual Player Character Information== NOTES -Each character has two different color choices; the possible colors are listed below. Color set "A" is the standard color set and can be chosen by selecting your character with one of the six attack buttons. Color set "B" can be chosen by pressing the appropriate start button. -The button layout is as follows (attack names are from SFII) PUNCHES: Jab Strong Fierce O O O O O O KICKS: Short Forward Roundhouse -"AllPunches" means press all three punch buttons together. -"Charge" means hold the joystick in the proceeding direction for a couple of seconds. -The motions for special moves are for characters facing right. The eight possible joystick directions are represented as follows: O O O \ | / --O means "joystick towards" O-- --O \ O means "joystick down-towards" / | \ O O O O-- means "joystick away" (etc.) -Throwing requires you to be very close to your opponent. -SPECIAL describes the changes to a move when it is executed with a flashing "SPECIAL" meter. Moves which aren't effected do not drain the meter. Also, some moves can only be executed when the meter is full. -Although "punch" and "kick" generally refers to any punch or kick, some moves (such as the throws) do not work with jab or short. -"Miniaturized" refers to the state a character will be in if they fail to block Anakaris' Royal Judgement Day move. DEMITRI MAXIMOFF "The young noble of darkness" Vampire Born: Romania, 1483 Colors: (Aura+Cape) A-Red B-Blue Miniaturized: Bat "Is your blood as thin and weak as you? Let's find out, shall we?" __Special Moves__________________________________________________________ | | \ --O Punch Chaos Flare | | O O (can be done in the air) | | SPECIAL: Fireball is larger and hits twice. | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | --O | \ Punch Demon Cradle | | O O | | SPECIAL: Demitri will hit many times on the way up. | | NOTE: Doing an uppercut while dashing towards opponent (--O--O) will | | result in a diagonal attack instead of a vertical one. | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | | / O-- Kick Bat Spin | | O O (can be done in the air) | | SPECIAL: Drill delivers more hits. | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | | --O \ AllPunches Midnight Pleasure | | O O | | This move may only be used with SPECIAL. | | NOTE: Interrupt a dash (--O--O) with this move to make your opponents | | very upset. | |_________________________________________________________________________| __Throws_________________________________________________________________ | O-- or --O Punch Pile Driver | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | --O \ | / O-- O O Punch Demon Stolen (SPD) | | O O O \ | | |_________________________________________________________________________| JOHN TALBAIN "The werewolf hurricane" (In Japan: GALLON) Werewolf Born: England, 1940 Colors: (Fur) A-Blue B-Grey Miniaturized: Angry Dachshund "My power is the fury of the beast. None can overcome it!" __Special Moves__________________________________________________________ | | \ --O Punch Horizontal Beast Rush | | O O | | SPECIAL: Comet can inflict multiple hits. | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Jump --O \ | Punch Air-to-Ground Beast Rush | | O O | | SPECIAL: Multiple hits. | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | --O | \ Punch Rising Beast Rush | | O O | | SPECIAL: Multiple hits. | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | | O Kick Climb Laser | | O | | | SPECIAL: Extra hits. | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | O-- / | \ --O Punch Horizontal Beast Cannon | | O O O | | This move may only be used with SPECIAL. | | NOTE: Hold the joystick diagonally up and press punch in mid rush to | | veer off in a different direction! | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Jump O O-- / | \ Punch Air-to-Ground Beast Cannon | | | O O O | | This move may only be used with SPECIAL. | | NOTE: Hold the joystick left, right, or diagonally up and press punch | | to veer off in a different direction. | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | | / O Punch Rising Beast Cannon | | O O / | | This move may only be used with SPECIAL. | | NOTE: Hold the joystick left, right, or diagonally down and press | | punch to veer off in a different direction. | |_________________________________________________________________________| __Throws_________________________________________________________________ | O-- or --O Punch Bite and Toss | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | O-- or --O Kick Roll and Toss | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | --O \ | / O-- Kick Wild Circular | | O O O | | SPECIAL: Tolbain lands on his opponent twice. | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Jump + any direction except Up Air Throw | |_________________________________________________________________________| Note: The werewolf can duck under many missile attacks! VICTOR VON GERDENHEIM "The living cadaver" Frankenstein monster Born(?): Germany, 1830 Colors: (Shirt/Pants) A-Green/Brown B-Blue/DarkBeige Miniaturized: Small Monster w/Doll "You are no match against my great strength." __Special Moves__________________________________________________________ | Charge O-- --O Punch Giga-Hammer | | SPECIAL: Victor reaches his arm out in an upward angle. | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Charge O-- --O AllPunches Giga Brood | | This move may only be used with SPECIAL. | | NOTE: The triple dashing punch is very effective for juggling airborne | | opponents. | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Charge O-- --O Kick Giga-Buster | | SPECIAL: Victor adds a punch on at the end for 2+ hits. | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | / O Kick Hop Kick | | O / | | SPECIAL: Many extra kicks are added to the attack. | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | | / O-- --O Punch Gyro Crush | | O O | | SPECIAL: Extra punches are added on at the end. | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Charge | O Punch Thunder Break | | O | | | This move may only be used with SPECIAL. | | NOTE: Use AllPunches instead of just Punch to cover the ground behind | | you as well as in front of you. | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | | / O-- Kick Giga-Burn | | O O | | SPECIAL: No effect. | |_________________________________________________________________________| __Throws_________________________________________________________________ | O-- or --O Punch Chin Basher | | Note: Do down, up Punch before Victor begins inflicting damage to | | interrupt this grab with a more powerful electric slam move. | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | O-- or --O Kick Two-Handed Squeeze | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | | \ --O Kick Mega Shock | | O O | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | --O \ | / O-- O O AllPunches Power Bolt Throw | | O O O \ | | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | | / O-- Punch Electric Slam | | O O | |_________________________________________________________________________| Notes: Gyro Crush is invulnerable to projectiles during the first few frames of animation. -Giga Hammer and Giga Buster are invulnerable for a short period while dashing forward. -Hold the button down to deliver electric versions of the standing fierce, standing roundhouse, and ducking fierce attacks. -Victor cannot dash forwards like other characters. (--O--O) LORD RAPTOR "The undead rocker" (In Japan: ZABEI ZAROCK) Ghoul Born: Australia, 1889 Colors: (Skin/Pants) A-Blue/Purple B-Grey/Grey Miniaturized: Guitar "You should thank me. That broken face is very becoming on you." __Special Moves__________________________________________________________ | | / O-- Kick Death Hurricane | | O O (can be done in the air) | | SPECIAL: Hurricane hits three times. | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | --O \ | / O-- Kick Death Voltage | | O O O (can be done in the air) | | This move may only be used with SPECIAL. | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | O-- / | \ --O Kick Hell's Gate | | O O O | | SPECIAL: No effect. | | NOTE: The strength of the kick button determines where Raptor will pop | | up. Short=Left, Forward=In Place, and Roundhouse=Right. | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Jump O--O-- or --O--O Air Walk | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | | O Kick Soul Javelin | | O | | | SPECIAL: Effect unknown. | | NOTE: This move may only be used to attack opponents who are lying on | | the ground after being hit by a special move. | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | --O O-- AllPunches Evil Scream | | This move may only be used with SPECIAL. | |_________________________________________________________________________| __Throws_________________________________________________________________ | O-- or --O Punch Knife Thrust | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | O-- or --O Kick Toss -> Flip | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | | \ --O O Punch Skull Punish | | O O / | | SPECIAL: Extra slashes are added for more damage. | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Jump + any direction except Up Air Throw | |_________________________________________________________________________| Notes: Raptor has two possible jump attacks for each button. Hold the joystick down for downward attacks. -He also has two standing ground attacks for each button. Hold the joystick towards your opponent for the long range version. MORRIGAN ARNSLAND "Queen of the demonists" Succubus Born: Scotland, 1678 Colors: (Hair) A-White B-Yellow Miniaturized: Bat "My beauty can overcome brains and brawn." __Special Moves__________________________________________________________ | | \ --O Punch Soul Fist | | O O | | SPECIAL: Projectile is dramatically enlarged. | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Jump O O --O Punch Air Soul Fist | | | / | | SPECIAL: Projectile is dramatically enlarged. | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Jump | / O-- Kick Shell Kick | | O O | | SPECIAL: Effect unknown. | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | --O \ | / O-- Kick Valkyrie Turn | | O O O (can be done in the air) | | This move may only be used with SPECIAL. | | NOTE: The height of the shell kick depends on which kick button is | | used. Short=Low, Forward=Middle, Roundhouse=High. Press a button | | after she flies away with the jetpack or the move won't hit. | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | --O | \ Punch Shadow Blade | | O O | | SPECIAL: Wing hits multiple times. | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Jab Jab --O Short Fierce Darkness Illusion | | This move may only be used with SPECIAL. | |_________________________________________________________________________| __Throws_________________________________________________________________ | O-- or --O Punch Ground Slam | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | --O \ | / O-- Punch Hell Ride | | O O O | | SPECIAL: Extra damage. | |_________________________________________________________________________| Notes: Normal moves can be added after she lands from the Valkyrie Turn to inflict number of damage up to 26 hits. -Standing close roundhouse hits four times! ANAKARIS "The revived pharaoh" Mummy Born: Egypt, 2664 BC Colors: (Stripes) A-Gold/Blue B-White/Pink Miniaturized: Heiroglyph "You misbegotten spawn of a jakal. Go back to your hole!" __Special Moves__________________________________________________________ | | \ --O Punch Mirror Door Pull | | O O (range depends on punch button) | | SPECIAL: Anakaris brings you into his Sarcophagus for extra damage. | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | AllPunches Coffin Dance (near) | | AllKicks Coffin Dance (far) | | SPECIAL: Extra damage. | | NOTE: Hold O-- or --O to make the coffins land slightly farther away | | from the mummy. | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | --O \ | / O-- Punch Echo Back Step 1 | | O O O (swallow projectile) | | SPECIAL: No effect. | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | | \ --O Kick Echo Back Step 2 | | O O (spit projectile) | | SPECIAL: Effect unknown. | | NOTE: Swallowing two projectiles enables Anakaris to spit out the | | corresponding SPECIAL projectile. | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Jump --O / | \ Punch Royal Judgement | | O O O | | SPECIAL: Effect lasts longer. | | NOTE: It is not possible to use the Pharaoh Magic super move while | | your opponent is miniaturized. | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | --O O-- --O Punch Cobra Blow | | SPECIAL: Extra damage. | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Forward Jab | Short Strong Pharaoh Magic | | O | | This move may only be used with SPECIAL. | |_________________________________________________________________________| Notes: Tap the joystick up to float. Tap up two more times to float higher in the air. Anakaris can move left and right in this state of floating. -After jumping towards or away from opponent, tap diagonally up again to rise back up a little. The mummy has to land after every third rise. -While in the air hold the joystick down (or diagonally down) and press roundhouse to do a pyramid crush move. FELICIA "Teen feline dreamer" Catwoman Born: America, 1967 Colors: (Hair) A-Blue B-Red Miniaturized: Kitten (what else?!) "I Hope I've shown you how to treat a lady. Next time I'll have to get rough." __Special Moves__________________________________________________________ | O-- / | \ Punch Rolling Buckler | | O O O | | SPECIAL: Felicia's hair turns pink and she delivers more hits. | | NOTE: Press punch in mid roll to immediately go into a rising claw | | slash. | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | --O \ | / Punch Rolling Scratch | | O O O | | SPECIAL: Felicia's hair turns pink and she delivers more hits. | | NOTE: Press punch rapidly in mid roll to deliver repeated claw slashes.| |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | O-- | / Kick Delta Kick | | O O | | SPECIAL: Felicia's hair turns pink, movement and damage increases. | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | | \ --O Kick Sand Splash | | O O | | SPECIAL: Felicia's hair turns pink and she delivers up to 3 hits. | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | | \ --O O-- / | AllPunches Rolling Flash | | O O O O | | This move may only be used with SPECIAL. | |_________________________________________________________________________| __Throws_________________________________________________________________ | O-- or --O Punch Face Scratcher | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | O-- or --O Kick Tumble Toss | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | --O \ | / O-- Kick Hell Cat | | O O O | | SPECIAL: Felicia revolves around her opponent longer for extra damage. | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Jump + any direction except Up Air Throw | |_________________________________________________________________________| BISHAMON "The cursed warrior" Samurai Born: Japan, 1673 Colors: (Armor) A-Red B-Dark Blue Miniaturized: Cherry Tomato Samurai! "How could you hope to defeat me, the immortal spirit of Bushido!" __Special Moves__________________________________________________________ | O-- / | \ --O Punch Snap Sword | | O O O | | SPECIAL: No effect. | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | | \ --O Punch Storm Wind | | O O (use to follow up successful sword throw)| | SPECIAL: Extra damage. | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | | / O-- Punch Flip Sword | | O O (use to follow up successful sword throw)| | SPECIAL: No effect. | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | --O | \ Punch Rising Slash | | O O (follow up a Flip Sword with this) | | SPECIAL: More hits. | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Charge O-- --O Punch High Quick Slash | | Charge O-- --O Kick Low Quick Slash | | SPECIAL: Both slashes have increased range. | | NOTE: These slashes cancel out fireballs. | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Charge O-- --O O-- --O Punch High Triple Slash | | Charge O-- --O O-- --O Kick Low Triple Slash | | These moves may only be used with SPECIAL. | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | --O | \ Punch Rising Slash | | O O | | SPECIAL: More hits. | | NOTE: This move may only be used in a recovery attack. Use it after | | blocking or while getting up. | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Jump Up O O --O Punch Seal of Death | | | / | | SPECIAL: Effect unknown. | | NOTE: Flames stun opponents. Follow this attack up with a sword toss! | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | --O \ | / Punch The Bushido Crush | | O O O | | This move may only be used with SPECIAL. | |_________________________________________________________________________| __Throws_________________________________________________________________ | O-- or --O Punch Simple Toss | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | | / | \ --O Punch The Skinner | | O O O O | | SPECIAL: More hits. | |_________________________________________________________________________| Note: Bishamon's Storm Wind, Blue Hand, and Quick Slashes can cut opponents in half! RIKUO "Hero of the deep" (In Japan: AULBATH) Merman Born: Brazil, 1953 Colors: (Skin) A-Green B-Blue Miniaturized: Frog "You land beings are so weak! I'm disappointed." __Special Moves__________________________________________________________ | | \ --O Punch Sonic Wave | | O O | | SPECIAL: No effect. | | NOTE: This move will negate normal projectiles. | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | O-- / | \ --O Kick Poison Breath | | O O O | | SPECIAL: Poison cloud remains on the screen longer. | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | O-- --O Punch Screw Jet | | SPECIAL: Extra hits. | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | --O--O Fierce Multi-Hit Mollusk | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | O--O-- Kick Trick Fish | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | --O \ | AllPunches (AllKicks) Aqua Splash | | O O | | This move may only be used with SPECIAL. | | NOTE: Hold the punch buttons down to control the location of the | | blast. Use AllKicks instead of AllPunches for a delayed blast! | |_________________________________________________________________________| __Throws_________________________________________________________________ | O-- or --O Punch Tongue Grab -> Bash | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | O-- or --O Punch O-- --O O-- (etc.) Tongue Grab -> Multi Bash | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | --O \ | / O-- Punch Tongue Grab -> AirHits -> Toss| | O O O | | SPECIAL: Rikuo hits his opponent more times for extra damage. | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | --O \ | / O-- Kick Frenzy | | O O O | | SPECIAL: After the stomp, Rikuo rolls into a ball and bounces on the | | downed opponent for extra damage. | |_________________________________________________________________________| SASQUATCH "The great snowman" Bigfoot Born: Canada, 1903 Colors: (Fur) A-White B-Pink Miniaturized: Snowman "If I have to fight weaklings like you, you could at least make an effort!" __Special Moves__________________________________________________________ | O-- / | \ --O Punch Big Snow | | O O O | | SPECIAL: No effect. | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | --O | \ Kick Big Typhoon | | O O | | SPECIAL: Sasquatch's foot is frozen. | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | | | AllPunches Big Towers | | O O | | SPECIAL: Extra damage. | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | O-- / | \ --O AllPunches Big Freezer | | O O O | | This move may only be used with SPECIAL. | |_________________________________________________________________________| __Throws_________________________________________________________________ | O-- or --O Punch Ground Slam | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | --O \ | Punch Big Shake | | O O | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | | / O-- Kick Big Brunch | | O O | | NOTE: After spitting out your opponent, they will be frozen and open | | for further assault! | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | O-- / | \ --O O O Kick Big Toss | | O O O \ | | |_________________________________________________________________________| Note: Like felicia's forward hop, Sasquatch's bounding attacks (--O--O + fierce/roundhouse) must be blocked high. ==Endings== After finishing off Pyron, you will be treated to a cinematic ending unique to the character you were using. [note - anybody out there want to send in better desc's for Rikuo and SasquatchÕs endings? :-] DEMITRI: [Van Hoang Nguyen writes] Defeat Pyron, screen narrows to letterbox. Demitri: "You are a worthy opponent Pyron, but you are not strong enough to rule. I am the true master of the night!" Fade to a ballroom, with people Dancing. Person: Where is lord Maximoff? I haven't seen him in a while. Person2: He was here a moment ago. He must have stepped out. Fade to a martini glass held up to a red moon. DeMitri: A toast to my new rule! Picture of DeMitri alone in a dark room, moon in the window behind him. DeMitri: With the forces of the night at my command, no one will be able to stop me! Even the day dwellers will soon bear their throats to me! Room brightens, revealing two women clinging to DeMitri. Game over. J. TOLBAIN: [Van Hoang Nguyen writes] Picture of JT howling, werewolf form. Talbain: I've done it! The others have been destroyed Picture of Talbain, looking serious. Talbain: She said I'd be cured after I pushed my limits. The day I exceeded my limits I would be granted my greatest wish Talbain starts turning back human Talbain: Yes! I can feel myself returning to normal! I will finally be rid of this curse! Picture of him, human, standing on a rock: Talbain: I'm normal again! I'll remember this day for the rest of my life! VICTOR: [Julien Beasley writes] Victor is caressing a skeleton's skull. The skeleton is lying in a red coffin, and Victor is leaning over it. Victor: Doctor, Doctor wake up. You made me the stongest and I won. Why are you so quiet? The screen pans over to a girl behind Victor: Girl: Victor... Girl: Father cannot share your joy. The villagers were not so kind. Come, there is much to do. New picture of girl swinging from Victor's arm. Girl: Tomorrow we plan but today let us celebrate! L. RAPTOR: [thanks to Ben Noel] Lord Raptor's evil master shows up and congratulates the ghoul on a job well done. Raptor demands that his master fulfill his end of the bargain The big guy agrees and bestows the power upon Raptor. Raptor: Yes, this is it! I now have the power to rule the world! Master: Yes, Raptor... and I rule you. Master leaves. Raptor: That fool!, I have the ultimate power, soon every one will bow before my might..even the master! Raptor transforms into an improved, nastier, ghoul. MORRIGAN: [Van Hoang Nguyen writes] Picture of Pyron unconscious on the ground, Morrigan leaning over him. Morrigan says something like: "Sleep now forever. Sleep and dream of me." She then kisses him, then he shrivels up into a corpse. Picture of the castle in Morrigan's background, then a servant. Servant says something like: "Mistress, you were gone so long! I was so worried. If the 'master' found out about your jumps to Earth, he'd do things to me that would frighten even you!" Morrigan: Don't worry, I can handle 'the master.' Picture of a large room, Morrigan lying on a stone slab. Servant: So what were you doing on earth? Morrigan: Just having some fun, nothing to be worried about. Morrigan turns to the screen and smiles. Game over. ANAKARIS: [poster's name withheld by request] A battle between Egyptians is being waged in front of a pyramid. The scene switches to the inside of the pyramid were three figures are discussing the battle. One mentions that several divisions have been destroyed and that the battle is lost. A glowing light appears in the center of the screen, followed by a flash of light. When the light subsides, Anakaris is standing before them in the flesh. One of the Egyptians says "My Lord, you have returned." Anakaris mentions a promise to protect them for all of time, and shows them the power he has gained on his journey -- he hold his hands above him and a white light is emitted from his hands into the air in a beam. The scene switches outside were the battle is being still being fought, and the white beam erupts from the pyramid, and a white flash engulfs the whole screen. When the light fades, the enemy have disappeared. The Egyptians rejoice, and the scene changes to a view of Anakaris standing before all his followers in a courtyard. The followers are chanting "All Hail Anakaris the Defender!" FELICIA: Reporters: Who are you? Where did you come from? Stranger: I don't care who you are or what you are, sign up with me and I'll make you rich and famous beyond your dreams! Felicia: Sure, where do I sign? But I warn you now though, I have big dreams! Narrator: Felicia, known as one of the DarkStalkers made a series of flims detailing her adventures within them. Felicia: Hope I can have Blanka as my leading man! BISHAMON: [Van Hoang Nguyen writes] As soon as you defeat Pyron, Bishamon floats into the air. His armor pops off showing a human Bishamon in a plain black robe(samurai robe, I assume). He falls to his knees, with his face in his hands. Screen fades to black, then shows a closer picture of him. Bishamon says something like: How long must I endure it? How long must I live with the cursed sword and armor? A women appears behind Bishamon and says: Bishamon, my beloved. Bishamon turns his head and says: Orin! My love. I understand now that my oath to protect my master and property was not enough. I must seek out and destroy evil wherever it is. It starts to snow. Orin says: Yes, but you will never again be alone. Fade to a picture of a trail leading up to the mountains. Its still snowing. Bishamon (sans armor) appears, wearing one of those circular travelling hats. He walks up the trail. The woman appears, and follows him up the trail. Fade to black. Game over. RIKUO: [Ethan K. Butterfield writes] After beating Pyron, this girl runs up to Rikyo and says something like, "I thought I was the only one of our race left." They have a grand reunion, get married, and have tadpoles for the rest of eternity. The End. SASQUATCH: Sasquatch sends a letter home to the leader of his tribe. The time is right for the grand scheme. The leader prepares his warriors and the furry snow monsters proceed to take over the world. ==By The Way== "This FAQ is also available by FTP, courtesy of GamePro magazine's Andy Eddy. Just FTP to ftp.netcom.com and cd /pub/vi/vidgames/faqs." ==The Credits== DarkStalkers: The Night Warriors FAQ compiled/edited by Jamie Klein. Additional editing by Derek Liu. [if you think anything needs to be added/changed in the following list (and you have a legit reason) please feel free to e-mail... my notes are kind of a jumble and I apologize if I have missed anyone] Special Thanks To: Random Dudes From Sunnyvale Golfland......................... 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