Deception III: Dark Delusion FAQ V0.3 Written by Z-Force ( Table of Contents I. Introduction, thanks, and disclaimer II. Version History III. Places to Get this FAQ IV. Modes of Gameplay V. Trap Making VI. Walkthrough VII. Trap License Mode VIII. Expert Mode IX. Special Traps, Combos and other cool stuff Introduction This is a FAQ for the latest in Tecmo's Deception series. For those who don't know, Deception is a game where you must kill people by utilizing traps. It's an awesome series, and this latest one is the best yet! I'd like to thank Tecmo for making this awesome and original series. I'd also like to thank those who have sent me questions and submissions for my other FAQ's. Also, this document is copyrighted by me Z-Force. I don't mind if you want to use it, but please let me know, so I can add your site to my list. Also, any submissions such as trap combinations, etc. will be greatly appreciated. One of the nice things about Deception is that the game is very different for each person who plays it, as many different playing styles can be used. Please refrain from sending story/walkthrough bits unless they are for chapters I've already covered. I'll be writing this FAQ as I play through the game, so I don't want the story spoiled. Version History V0.1 (3-1-00) The very first version. V0.2 (3-1-00) Added walkthrough for levels 6 and 7. Added Trap Licenses up through C. Added a really shocking combo to the combos section. V0.3 (3-2-00) Added 2 places with this FAQ. Added walkthroughs for Chapters 8, 9, and 10, as well as Grade B in Trap License. Started the trap guide section, which lists traps you can make from each of the emblems. Places to get this FAQ (My home page) Modes of Gameplay Story Mode: The main mode of the game. You follow the storyline, which I assume leads to several different endings (if for no other reason than the fact that the back of the box says there are multiple endings) Trap License Mode: A training mode. More on this later. I'm guessing you may be able to unlock hidden traps or something by completing it, but I don't know yet. Free Training Mode: Lets you practice free style with a training dummy, using any traps you have acquired. Also lets you practice and invent new combos. Expert Mode: You can try puzzle missions with the traps you have so far. I have yet to dabble in this mode. Trap Making For those who have played Deception 2, you know that to get the really good traps, you had to work your way through the junky ones first and then proceed through the evolution tree. Unless you were REALLY good at racking up combo points (or you used Gameshark, you little cheater you) by the time you had access to the most powerful stuff, the game was almost over, so you didn't have the chance to enjoy them. In Deception 3, the trap building system is totally revamped. You can take a base trap, add stuff to it and build almost any trap you want, provided you have the Dreak to do so. You gain Dreak by doing good combos and such. Actually you gain Ark, which I believe translates to Dreak somehow, or at least that's what the instruction book says. Know this, the more combos and powerful hits you can do, the more resources you'll get to build better traps. Now you may think that you can just build super big traps and breeze through the game now. Well wait up. The game counteracts nicely by awarding trap components at the end of certain levels. There are 4 basic trap components. Base Circle: This is the base trap. There are 3 different categories: Ceiling, Wall and Floor. These categories are broken into further categories as follows. Ceiling Traps Rock: Rocks in general, drop down and crush people. When dropped onto a staircase, they roll downward, crushing any unfortunate dolt standing in its path... including you, so watch out. Pendulum: A new type of trap, pendulums come out and slice anything in their path. Useful in combos when there aren't any staircases to roll a rock down. Also, they charge faster than rocks. Vase: Vases drop from the ceiling onto an enemy's head. I haven't gotten them yet in Deception 3, but in 2, they could be very dangerous on the high end of the building tree, but almost useless on the low ends. Wall Traps Push Wall: A wall which comes out and pushes the enemy a distance. Useful for throwing enemies into other traps or hazards. Magnet Wall: These suck in anyone who has metal and will hold them while you think of other ways to torment them. Very useful against knights or other guys with armor or metal weapons. Arrows: Arrows come out of a wall and shoot chumps. Generally are very fast to charge and are useful in combos and such. Also, they're fast and can be upgraded with a wide ability of things. Floor Traps Spring Floor: These spring out and throw the enemy a certain distance. They are useful for starting combos or throwing your enemies into other stuff. Vacuum Floor: These are the same as magnet walls but are placed on the floor. Sometimes you'll wanna use a magnet, sometimes you'll wanna use a magnet floor, depending on your situation. Blast Bombs: These explode and throw your victim away. They can also be used to set off other traps such as pillars. Not too useful as a combo starter, since they are too unpredictable. Bear Traps: These are very useful. They hold the foe in place while you deliver more punishment. Great to place at the bottom of staircases, so you can roll a rock on them. The next element is the power orb. When developing a trap, putting more of these on make the trap more powerful. Generally, this will increase the damage done. Also for some traps such as bear claws, they will raise other stats such as length of time for restraining the victim. You can put up to 4 orbs on a trap, but it will cost you Dreak for each one. I believe it costs 1500 Dreak for each orb you put on a trap. Emblem: Emblems are special crests that can be put on traps to give them special properties. You can put one emblem on each trap. Also, once you have gained an emblem, you have unlimited uses of it (in other words, you can put that particular emblem on as many traps as you want) but it will cost you Dreak to do so. List of Emblems Fire Emblem: Gives the property of Fire to your trap Adds 750 to the cost of the trap. Thunder Emblem: Gives the property of Lightning to your trap. Adds 750 to the cost of the trap. Impact Emblem: Give Impact attribute to a trap. Adds 1500 to the cost of the trap. Cold Emblem: Gives Cold attribute to a trap. Very useful for containment traps such as Bear Claws. Adds 1750 to the cost of the trap. Chaos Emblem: Heteromorphic trap is born. Adds 1250 to the cost of the trap. For example, if you put a Thunder Emblem on a Rock, you will get a Volt Rock. Experiment to find plenty of various traps. Rings: Putting a ring on a trap gives it special properties. There are 6 types of rings listed below Charge Ring: Reduces charge time by 20%. Adds 300 to the cost of the trap. Good for putting on rocks and such. Timer Ring: When trap is activated, it becomes an auto trap which goes off when the enemy is in range. It will also go off by itself after a certain period. Summon Ring: After a trap is activated, the ring summons all foes within 4 blocks. This effect expires after a time.. Auto Ring: A trap will automatically be activated when an enemy is in range, but cannot be activated otherwise. Damage Ring: Increases damage done by 1.2 ??? Ring: Who knows. The book rambles on about the mysterious effects of this ring. You can combine the 4 elements as you like to create an almost limitless variety of traps. If you come up with any cool ones, send em' in! Walkthrough Chapter 1 Oh no! Our lovely heroine is trapped in a dungeon and is about to be slaughtered by an evil bad guy! Whatever shall we do? Fortunately, a kid comes to help her by giving her the power of traps. You can easily kill the guy who comes in by comboing the 3 traps that are set. Once you kill him, another jobber will come after you. I recommend leaving the room by ditching him, then ditching him again and going back into the cell. This gives you the time to set up a combo. I recommend using a Spring floor to throw him into the iron maiden, then hit him with an arrow or pendulum when he bumbles out. This should kill him, and you get a lot of points for using the iron maiden in a combo. Chapter 2 2 peasants have come to try to capture you and get the reward money. (fat chance) You will be introduced to switches here, which set off various built in traps in each room. The two peasants here are really easy, and you'll have no trouble disposing of them. (If you do have trouble here, I suggest taking up a different hobby) Chapter 3 The two enemies here are a little tougher, so be on your guard. The lady thief in particular is dangerous due to her speed. Get used to this castle's layout. Several of the rooms have fun built in traps to dink around with. Once you get past this level, you get the Fire and Thunder Emblems and can now make your own traps. I suggest taking a couple of your favorite types of traps (I'm personally fond of Bear Claws and Rocks) and making a better one. Chapter 4 Here you meet your first major villain, Christina (watch out for her ranged attack!) Once you hit her once, she'll run away (so she can annoy you another day) and leave you to deal with her beefy sidekick. This guy's slow as molasses, but don't let him hit you. He also causes the ground to shake when he attacks, stunning you briefly. Deal with him as fast as possible, but beware of his high HP count. Upon clearing this level, you get the Blast Bomb. Chapter 5 Enemies: Silvia (amazoness), Resphena (whitemagic user), Raditz (Hunter), Ares (Fighter) Silvia and Resphena will face you first. Run from them and set up a combo in the next room. Try to kill Silvia first so her boneheaded friend Resphena can't heal her. (Priests in Deception have an annoying tendency to heal their allies.) Deal with Resphena as you see fit, but watch out for her ranged attack. She is cold resistant, but you don't have any cold traps at this point anyway. Next, you'll face Ares and Raditz. Ares is very fast and dangerous. He can leap a long distance to kick you. Raditz isn't much to speak of, though he does have a long range attack. At the end of this level, you get the Impact Emblem. Chapter 6 Enemies: Garcia (Knight), Osborne (Sorcerer), Garnet (Thief), Sirado (Soldier) You start off in a room alone, though Garcia and Osborne will be headed your way. Set up a nice welcoming committee for them. Garcia will get to your area first. Zap him and then run past him into the next room, so that you aren't surrounded. If you run past Garcia, you can set it up to whip fools into the Blade Pillars of Fun that are in the next room. (Use a spring floor for this) Garnet enters the fray after Garcia goes down. Osborne has a dangerous lightning attack, but little stamina. Watch out for Garnet, she's fast and can do some damage if you don't watch out. Finally, you must face Sirado. Give the dope a quick hit and he leaves. You get the Timer Ring for clearing this mission. Chapter 7 Enemies: Raven (Soldier), Liza (Ranger), Judeka (Darkwitch), Lorenz (Bruiser), Igor (Flame User) Raven and Liza surround you at the start, so get the hell out of there. Liza can get the drop on you if you're on a lower level, but a couple of solid hits takes her out of the picture. Judeka will be her replacement. Judeka has a fireball attack that you should be aware of. She can also put you in a state of darkness, which is a pain. Raven is mean up close, but is nothing special otherwise. Once he has been sent to the land of Nevermore, Lorenz will come out. Judeka has high HP, but pretty weak stamina. Igor is the last guy you'll face. He has a lot of HP, and is immune to fire. He is however quite susceptible to lightning, so if you have developed any lightning based traps, this would be a good time to use them. (See FUN COMBO #1 in the combos section below for a real shocker) Upon clearing this level, you get the vase. Chapter 8 Enemies: Sid (Assassin), Valletta (Bomber) Start by going forward to the large room with the two waterfalls. Then set up a nice trap for the two idiots coming after you. Sid is an assassin so he has some tricky stealth moves, but little or no stamina. Kill him quickly before he can be a threat. Valletta can blow herself up, but she's pretty slow and can probably be taken out with the same trap you set up for Sid. This is a quick and easy level. You get the Cold Emblem after this board. I'd recommend making a Bear Trap with it. Chapter 9 Enemies: Miguel (Brute), Balboa (Torturer), Ortega (Swordsman), Cupido (Elites) Run from Miguel as he has a powerful gun. Set up a trap in the next room. After one hit, he leaves. Ortega takes his place. He and Balboa are nothing to worry about as long as you keep your distance. Finally, Cupido appears. He leaves after one hit. You get the Magnet Wall after this board. Rejoice! You also get the Summon Ring. Chapter 10 Enemies: Gemini (Ninja), Dustin (Miner), Rutger (Soldier), Heisling (Alchemist) Gemini and Dustin are your first opponents. They are pretty dangerous. Gemini uses cheap ninja tricks. She's fast and has two attacks. The throwing stars are really weak, but her claw does lots of damage if you're up close. Dustin stays back and throws bombs at you. Rutger is the 3rd guy to come out. Other than his decent speed, he's pretty much a run of the mill soldier. Heisling throws junk at you, but can be dealt with fairly easily. You'll get the Chaos Emblem upon beating this board. Trap License Walkthrough Grade F These lessons are really easy. They just teach you the basics of setting off traps. Lesson 1: Just press the button that they tell you to do. Lesson 2: Wait for the schmuck to be slightly before the trap area, then set it off. This allows time for it to explode. Lesson 3: Just wait for the arrow to charge up, then let him have it when he walks in front of it. Lesson 4: Be sure to allow some time for the rock to drop, as it takes a couple of seconds. Exam: Just combine the hints from the previous 3 lessons. You have plenty of time, so this should be easy to clear Grade E These are lessons in luring intruders Lesson 1: Just lure the guy over to the blast bomb site and blast him with it. Lesson 2: The same as lesson 1, only this time the guy can attack you. Lesson 3: Same as lesson 2, except this time you must lure him into an arrow slit. Lesson 4: Same as 2 and 3, but you use a Mega Rock. Give him the runaround to give the rock time to charge. Then wait for him to get by the rock and drop it. Remember to allow time for the rock to drop. Don't be afraid to take a hit if you can't get the timing down. Exam: This is a little tricky. You must nail the enemy with all 3 traps within the time limit. Again, don't be afraid to take a few hits in order to nail the guy. He has to hit you plenty of times for you to lose, time is a more pressing concern. Grade D This is another section on trap setup. Now however, you also learn how to set up traps. Lesson 1: All you have to do is set a bomb where the guy is standing and detonate it. Lesson 2: Same as lesson 1, but this time the guy comes after you. Lesson 3: Same as lesson 2, but you set up an arrow slit Lesson 4: Same as 2 and 3, but you must set up a pendulum Exam: You must hit the enemy with all 3 traps within the time limit. Similar to E's exam, but you set the traps. Actually, you need to reduce his power to 0, you don't have to use all 3 traps. Grade C This section teaches you how to do combinations Lesson 1: You must do a basic 2 hit combo with a bear claw and arrow Lesson 2: You must do a 2 hit combo with a spring floor and a mega rock. Lead the guy around a bit to let the rock charge up. Lesson 3: Here, you have to do a 3 hit combo with the bear claw, arrow, and pendulum Lesson 4: You must do a 3 hit combo with the push wall, spring floor and mega rock Exam: You have to do a 3 hit combo using any of the traps you are given within the time limit. Best bet is a simple bear claw - arrow slit - mega rock or pendulum combo Grade B These lessons concentrate on using the terrain of the room, and also traps within a room. This is the first lesson that's useful to Deception 2 vets, because it shows how the new in room traps and switches function. Lesson 1: Drop a rock so that it roll onto the guy walking. Wait till he's about at the middle of the stairs going either way. Then you'll have to light up a Spark Rod so that the guy gets zapped when he walks in the water. Lesson 2: First use a push wall to flip a switch that will make the guy slide down the stairs. Second, run into the switch so that the chandelier falls on the guy. The bear trap is not necessary. Lesson 3: Here we shall demonstrate one of my favorite moves. Use the spring floor to throw the poor sap into the fire place. Second, drop a vase on the guy's head, causing him to bumble forward into the pit. Wait till he's walking toward the water and allow a couple seconds for the vase to drop. Lesson 4: Use the push wall to drop the pillar onto the guy who is attacking you. Catch him in the bear trap first. Exam: Take the guy out of commission using any traps you want, though you must use at least one room device. I recommend using the bear claw to hold him, then drop a pillar on him with the push wall. Expert Mode Coming Soon! Special Traps, and Combos FUN COMBO #1: (created by me) In castle agony, in the room with 2 staircases, a stream and the statue that electrifies the water when you hit the switch, you can do a cool combo by setting up a thunder claw in the stream. Lure the enemy into it, then catch em with the claw. They'll get quite a charge out of this. Then, hit the nearby switch, so that the stream is electrified some more. If you have time, shoot em with an arrow or something. Trap Guide: This is a listing of the 106 traps in the game. Or at least it will be once it's done. MEGA ROCKS Mega Rock + Fire = Flare Rock + Thunder = Volt Rock + Impact = Iron Ball: These are attracted to magnets, so once you get them, you can create some fun combos by catching a guy on a magnet, then rolling the ball at them. + Chaos = PENDULUMS Pendulum + Fire = + Thunder = + Impact = + Chaos = VASES Vase + Fire = + Thunder = + Impact = + Chaos = PUSH WALLS Push Wall + Fire = + Thunder = + Impact = + Chaos = MAGNET WALLS Magnet Wall + Fire = + Thunder = Spark Magnet: One of my favorites. It attracts the guy AND damages them. Then, you can roll an iron ball at them. + Impact = + Chaos = ARROW SLITS Arrow Slit + Fire = + Thunder = Volt Javelin + Impact = Buzz Saw: These carry the foe with them. Useful to drop them in a corner then drop something on their heads once they get there. + Chaos = SPRING FLOORS Spring Floor + Fire = + Thunder = + Impact = Smash Floor: Useful since it does some damage and also flings people farther. + Chaos = VACUUM FLOORS BLAST BOMBS Blast Bomb + Fire = + Thunder = + Impact = + Chaos = BEAR TRAPS Bear Trap + Fire = + Thunder = Thunder Claw: GREAT to use in the water. The enemy gets trapped, and shocked for big damage by the voltage running through the water. + Impact = + Chaos = SPECIAL TRAPS ???</p>