================= DIGIMON WORLD FAQ ================= by Bandai DavidF (ICQ= -==CaLaVeRa==-) david_foo88@hotmail.com Version 3.5 30 December, 1999 3:40 p.m. (Malaysian time) This FAQ can be printed or seen on the internet for private and personal use ONLY. This FAQ may not be placed in a magazine, CD, disket, sold for a price , copied or anything else than above. Any questions or corrections, please e-mail me at david_foo88@hotmail.com or contact me by ICQ, 59727727. Copyright 1999 DavidF. ================= Table Of Contents ================= 1. Updates 2. Introduction 3. Controls 4. In-Game Menu 5. Main Menu 6. How To Play 7. Areas 8. GameShark Codes/ Cheat Codes 9. How To Get..... 10. Battle Mode 11. Frequently Asked Questions 12. Spoilers 13. Wanna Help? 14. Training Center 15. My Walktrough 16. Tips 17. Bosses 18. Thoughts 19. Credits ========== 1. Updates ========== Version 1.0 (30 December 1999)- Finally, with a lot of thought and trouble, I made my decision: Make a Digimon World FAQ! This FAQ may not have the complete walkthrough, but it can teach you how to play. With the help of JonL's help (visit his Army Men: Air Attack FAQ) who wrote all these crap, I've done it! So enjoy the FAQ! Version 1.5 (4 January 2000)- Tips and sections added! Version 2.0 (5 January 2000)- Tips, questions, sections and more have been added! Come and enjoy it! Version 2.5 (6 January 2000)- Many request for codes? Here it is okay?! Tips added and Bosses section added! Version 3.0 (15 January 2000)- Sorry for delay, I was away so here is a MAJOR update. Walktrough and bosses added! =============== 2. Introduction =============== Finally, the world's greatest digital pets, or should I say monsters, have come to the PS! I don't know Japanese, so don't give me e-mails saying that this or that is wrong. So sit back and enjoy the FAQ. This game does not support Dual Shocktm and Analog controllers. Hey....hold on, I HATE Digimon, so I don't know the names, I will use descriptions so don't say bla, this FAQ sux or whatever. =========== 3. Controls =========== D-Pad= Allows you to move around. X= Hold the X button to walk. Circle= Examine/Talk/Accept/Encourage your mon (in battle mode.)/Bring up Inventory in battle mode. Square= To do the finishing move. Triangle= Opens Menu. Start= Pauses the game. Select= (No Use). L1= (No Use). L2= (No Use). R1= Hold R1 to walk. R2= (No Use). =============== 4. In-Game Menu =============== ____ Month Days | 11 | / / | 11 |___/_____/ | | | 22 33 44 | | 22 33 44 | | | | 55 66 77 | | 55 66 77 | |______________| 1. Fishing Rod.(Get it in the opened ruin area where the Sukamon Kingdom is.) 2. Inventory. 3. Digimon's Status. 4. Boy's Status. 5. Pat Your Digimon. 6. Scold Your Digimon. 7. Let Digimon Sleep. (Only at night.) ============ 5. Main Menu ============ OPTION 1= Start game without save mode. (Cannot save game) OPTION 2= Start game with save game mode. (You can save your game when your digimon sleep, select the 2nd option, or go to the can-house and press X on the big digimon.) OPTION 3= Load/continue saved game. OPTION 4= Delete saved game. ============== 6. How To Play ============== This game is very similar to a every day life. You can explore this town, battle and train your digimon. Check for the locations at the Areas section. Since I don't understand japanese, I would not know if there is a mission or not. ======== 7. Areas SAVE POINTS:A. Area 1/In can-house/Big digimon ======== B. Anywhere/Asleep _______ _______ |AREA 2 |AREA 1 | |_______|_______| _______|AREA 4 |AREA 3 | _______|AREA 4 |_______|_______| |AREA 7 |_______| |_______|AREA 5 | |AREA 6 |_______| |_______| AREA 1= MONS= PALMON (It will be here after you fought with it.), TANEMON. ITEMS= (NONE). Special= You start the game here. Shops= Item Bank(It will be under construction for a while.), Toilet, Info Center, Food Stand. AREA 2= MONS= KOROMON. ITEMS= (NONE). Special= (NONE). Shops= Training Center. AREA 3= MONS= TSUNOMON. ITEMS= (NONE). Special= (NONE). Shops= (NONE). AREA 4 1/2= MONS= BETAMON (X2). ITEMS= MUSHROOM. Special= (NONE). Shops= (NONE). AREA 4 2/2= MONS= BETAMON (X2). ITEMS= MUSHROOM. Special= (NONE, Not comfirmed.). Shops= Ruin. (Blocked). IN AREA 4 2/2 (Ruin)= MONS= Agumon, Zebra Mon, Gabumon and Drill Guy. ITEMS= Not sure yet. Special= (NONE) Shops= Toilet. AREA 5= MONS= (NONE). ITEMS= (NONE). Special= (NONE). Shops= Mine (Not exactly a shop.) AREA 6= MONS= (NONE). ITEMS= (NONE. Special= Vending Machine, DP Slot (Don't know what is this for.). Shops= (NONE). AREA 7= MONS= ORGS (X4) (Forgot name.) ITEMS= Fight org(s) to get item. Special= You can pick a good fight with the big mon (forgot name) on the west side entrance over the bridge. Let the drill guy's friend drill a hole for you. Shops= (NONE). IN AREA 7= MONS= MERAMON, that piece of fire head, forgot the name. ITEMS= CD-Slot items such as, DP, HP and MP discs. Special= Boss! Shops= (NONE). I will continue my map when I am free. ================== 8. GameShark Codes ================== This codes have been tested by me on GameShark version 9.9. 1. Infinite HP 8016B0D0 270F 8016B0CC 270F 2. Infinite MP 8016B0D2 270F 8016B0CE 270F 3. Max Speed 8016B0C0 0063 ( DON'T KNOW USE. ) 8016B0C2 0063 ( DON'T KNOW USE. ) 4. Infinite Money 8013E294 967F 8013E296 0098 CHEAT CODES WOW! This codes really work, I'm impressed. Start a new game and type in your name and the other stuff, okay now after doing all that stuff, there will be a FMV/CG. After that, you will come to a blank screen (the loading screen), hold down the down button on the D-Pad and triangle until the game starts. Now when the game starts, instead of the normal screen, a menu will popup, select an item to feed your Agumon and your Agumon will digivolve into another mon. If your Digimon refues to eat the item you give it, hold down TRIANGLE and DOWN again to choose another item. -Godfrey Chu Sim Tsin. ================== 9. How To Get..... ================== This is the list of mons I know how to get. Meramon: Feed your Agumon until it shakes it's head, HP and AP must be higher than 6000. Tyranomon: Feed your Agumon when it's hungry, don't overfeed your Agumon. HP and AP must be higher than 4000 Numemon: You don't really have to care about your Agumon if you want it to be a Numemon. METAL MAMEMON: I got it by some kind of ninja mon after 1 MONTH and 9 DAYS. Teddymon: I'm very very sorry 'bout the wrong news, so anyway, this is how to get a Teddymon, 1st enter the blocked ruin, look for the X-Tyranomon building or something like that, enter it, talk to the Teddymon and there it is....if its wrong, just tell it to me. Shellmon: Get a Betamon, treat it in training, let it litter, 30g. -Chiu- Pengiun type mon: pick second egg, punimon, evovle to tsuno -Chiu- if you evovle from tsuno, you get penguin. NOTE: To turn into an Ultimate, you must get a champion and wait for 1 MONTH, 9 DAYS to past. =============== 10. Battle Mode =============== 1. During Battle Mode, when you've constantly given (and taken) damage to (or from) your enemy, the word FINISH!! will soon be completed (one letter at a time, the H signals you to use a finishing move). When this occurs, press Square to initiate the finishing move; you may need to press the button a bit before an aura starts up. From Ahmad Rizudin Izzudin (Creator of 1st MGS:INTEGRAL FAQ) . 2. Press circle rapidly to encourage your mon. 3. There are a two selections of tactics for your mon to use: A. Yellow head: Attack. B. Person running: Escape. 4. You can change your Digimon's fighting tactics by selecting the few small boxes on the top left of the screen. Refer to number 3 or the SPOILERS section for the fighting tactics. 5. When you do the finishing move, your mon will charge up, hold R2 and L2 for more power. NOTE: The higher your digimon's HP and AP is, the more selections you will get. ============================== 11. Frequently Asked Questions ============================== 1. Q: Help! There is a monster chasing me everywhere, how do I stop it? A: It ain't an enemy, its you Digital Monster. 2. Q: Can I control the Digimon itself? A: Nope, no can do. 3. Q: Can I start with another mon? A: It is quite posible to start with a Gabumon, I got it once. GABUMON= Version two Agumon. 4. Q: Is there any type in codes? A: Nope! Ask Bandai if you are really a big cheater. 5. Q: Hey! I saw a few type in codes at VGSTRATEGIES! Is it a fake? A: Try it yourself, I don't believe in type in code for DW. 6. Q: Are there any bosses in this game? A: Yes, there are. 7. Q: I thought you sayed there are no codes! A: Okay, okay, I admite I'm wrong , there ARE codes. 8. Q: How do I enter the tree house??? A: Hmmm...I have never entered there before so I don't know. ============ 12. Spoilers ============ WARNING!!!! READING THIS SECTION MIGHT SPOIL THE GAME! LEAVE NOW IF YOU WAN'T TO WIN THE GAME AND SEE THE SECRETS YOURSELF! 1. After training your digimon until its AP, HP and the others are above 8000, you will recieve new fighting tactics. Read them below. FIGHTING TACTICS Red Face= Observe enemy's tricks. Fireball= Suicide attack. (I don't mean your digimon will you dashing at your enemy and exploding itself.) Green Face= Run around and attack. (Good tactic!) Green Plant (Something like that.)= Use poison attack. Green Plant 2= Makes enemy FLAT! (Sweet tactic.) Black Body= Either punching or kicking. (Useless!!!) Black Body 2= Same as above. Fireball= X-treme Attack. (Only Champions) Metal Face= Defend. Eye Ball= Change Target To Attack. Train your mon more to get more tactics! =============== 13. Wanna Help? =============== Wanna help? Ask questions? Or help out! Just mail me at David_Foo88@hotmail.com or message me on the ICQ at 59727727. Record- 1. Ahmad Rizudin (Thank you, thank you!) 2. Loh Jon Liang (Thank you!!!!!) 3. Chu Sim Tsin (Hehehe....thanks!!!!) 4. Chiu Wei Sheng (Hmpf....damn his good...) =================== 14. Training Center =================== TIPS 1. To train first stand in front of the board that shows some kind of picture and press X. 2. Select the first option to train, select the second option to quit. 3. Press X to skip the training animation. (Still get full points.) 4. When your digimon wants to litter or is hungry, NEVER EVER start training it or it will become a Numemon for sure! 5. Training and skipping makes time past much faster. 6. The training center is where digivolving mainly depends on. Okay, here is the map! ________________ | 5 | | 6 | | |___| |___| | | ___ | | | 4 | | | |___| | |___ | | 3 | | |___| | |___ ___| | 1 | | 2 | |___|________|___| | E | |____| ENTRANCE 1. Trains: Fire power Adds: DP Logo: Mouth 2. Trains: Strengh Adds: HP Logo: Heart 3. Trains: Defence Adds: OP Logo: Sun. (Or something like that.) 4. Trains: Speed Adds: SP Logo: Three arrows. 5. Trains: Learning Adds: IQP Logo: Light Bulb. 6. Trains: (Not Sure) Adds: MP Logo: Circle with a black dot in the middle. To train: Go in front of the logo and press X to train. ================= 15. My Walktrough ================= NOTE: This is MY walktrought so don't say i'm going the wrong way and bla. NOTE: I don't know ALL the Digimons name so I will use discriptions. First when you start the game, the Digimons will introduce you to your mon, you can either get a Gabumon or a Agumon. Okay so when you get your mon, head into that can-house and speak to that red mon, after chatting, you will have two options, choose the first option then quit talking to him. Now exit the can-house and head north to the Tanemon and speak with it, after speaking to it, check your your inventory and check whether you have 3 pices of meat or not, if you don't have 3 pices of meat, talk to the mon again. Now go back down to the can-house but do not enter it. Head west to the other area. There will be a Koromon and the Gym. Select a task you want to train on, refer to the Training Center section for the selections. After training head south to another area. There will be a Betamon there for you to test out your skills. Kill it and recieve and item and a few hundred bits (cash). Go straight downwards and enter the other area. If you are fully confident that you can beat a few digimons at once, battle them all. Now head west to reach the big boss, the drill guy. Kill it and it will do you a BIG favor, he will ask its friend to drill a hole into the ruin. Now, after killing the Drill Guy it is just a matter of waiting. Mess around the town like go killing mons and training your mon. Enter the ruin and head to the East entrance and walk to the other Drill Mon, htere will be a big hole in front of it after a LONG time so come back and check oftenly. After a really long time, a hole will be there, a big rock will be blocking it so, talk to the Drill Mon and you will open the hole. Enter it and head to the top right side of your screen, you will encounter a MERAMON so fight it. After winning it, you can explore this place, open all CD-Slots to recieve items. Now head out of the Mine and head North to the blocked ruin and find it opened!Now enter the ruin and find out that it is NOT a ruin but a town. Explore and fight mons around the area. WATCH OUT because the mons here are SUPER powerfull. Now go anywhere where you wan't but BEWARE cause there aren't many Toilets here. When you have enough of exploring, look for the Garurumon and fight it. I don't really know what reward it gives you. Now head East to get to another area. Now, head back to the entrance and go back out if you have to get more suplies, re-enter the place but now, head to the oposite side where you first entered, go straight until you see a Patamon being bullied by another mon, after watching it, a Leomon will attack the 'big bully' and the Patamon will thank it, now, don't follow the Leomon cause there is nothing to do with it, head straight and find another Leomon, i'm not really sure wheter it is the same mon or not, left of the Leomon is a Patamon, a BOSS, fight it. Beat it, it will ask you questions, keep selecting the first one,it will now help you. Beside the Patamon is a Eleki or something like that, talk to it and it will help you too. Keep repeating this and he will continuing helping you. THAT'S ALL FOR NOW. MORE TO COME!!! ======== 16. Tips ======== These are in the lower right corner of your Mon's status screen. In the lower left corner, there are three things to watch for: 1st: Emotions. 2nd: Control. 3rd: Curse. (be careful about this one....) The 3rd condition is very important; if your Mon does not get to a toilet in time & you don't have a "Portable Toilet Duck" to give to him...it will build up. If that yellow bar is full...you will get the MOST USELESS Mon....the Sukamon. - Ahmad Rizudin If you use the UNLIMITED MONEY code, you can go to the vending machine and buy all the food you can! You can equipt or unequipt your fighting tactics by going to your digimon's status screen, go to the 3rd option and press X, now the one that is in red is the ones equipted. ========== 17. Bosses ========== This are the bosses i fought before. PALMON. Location: Near the other toilet.(only after the catterpillar boss.) Reward: Medium. Condition: Speak to it at NIGHT. Caterpillar (Forgot name). Location: Area before broken bridge. Reward: Medium. Condition: Give it an item. Drill Guy (Forgot name). Location: Mine. Reward: Extreme High. Contidtion: Talk to it. MERAMON. Location: Inside Mine. Reward: High. Condition: Beat the drill guy then he will ask his pals to drill the mine for you. GARURUMON. Location: Blocked ruin after opened. Reward: ?????. Condition: Open the blocked ruin. Whale Mon (Don't know name.) Location: Gekomon territory. Reward: ?????. Condition: Open the blocked ruin. PATAMON. Location: Enterance of blocked ruin, head WEST, beside Leomon. Reward: He will help you do something. Condition: Open the blocked ruin. (More Comimg Soon!!!!) ============ 18. Thoughts ============ There will be a Picture Bubble on top of you digimon's head, here are his thoughts. Meat/Drumstick: Hungry, feed it. Poo: Needs to poo: bring it to the toilet duck. (Make sure you be there ON TIME or else....) Water Drop/Tear: Not sure bout this one. Black Body: Digivolving. (Not sure wheter theres any more, mail me if you know more! =========== 19. Credits =========== -1st I would thank the bandai team who brought this execllent game to us. WWW.BANDAI.COM -I thank the GameShark website fo supplying the codes for me. WWW.GAMESHARK.COM -I would like to thank my friend JonL (LOH JON LIANG) for helping me with this FAQ. Take a great look at our first FAQ, Army Men:Air Attack in case you need some help for that game. Hey! And check our NEW FAQ! Fighting Force 2 in case you want or need the walktrough for this game. -Thanks to my mom for the com and internet....hehehe. -Rizudin for the most help and tips! (Take a look at his MGS: Integral FAQ!). -Chu Sim Tsin for the codes. -Chiu for some tips. -And the person I want to thank most, CJayC, the creator of GameFAQS. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- This FAQ may be small, but it is just the start. -Ahmad Rizudin. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Time finished= Ver. 3.5 was finished by 6:40 P.M. (Malaysian Time) If you found any mistakes or need help understanding just mail me at this address, david_foo88@hotmail.com or message me at ICQ 59727727. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------</p>