The Godfather II walkthrough ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TABLE OF CONTENTS LEGAL THINGS VERSION HISTORY GAME WALKTHROUGH Prologue: NATIONALIST CUBA Part 1 - TAKING BACK NEW YORK Part 2 - A QUICK TRIP Part 3 - FUN IN THE SUN Part 4 - POLITICS MAKES FOR STRANGE BEDFELLOWS Part 5 - CUBA LIBRE Part 6 - O BROTHER WHERE ART THOU? Part 7 - CHAOS IN CUBA Part 8 - THE ENDGAME EXECUTION ADVICE FAQ WHO WROTE THIS? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- LEGAL THINGS This guide Copyright © 2009 Sébastien Couture. This document was submitted to the following websites: It may not be posted on any other site. If you spot it somewhere else, please contact me at ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- VERSION HISTORY May 1 2009 - Version 1.00 posted on Gamefaqs site May 10 2009 - Version 1.01 posted. Same walkthrough, just added a few websites to the "Legal Things" section and corrected some typos. May 13 2009 - Version 1.02 posted. Again, same walkthrough, just added a few more websites to the "Legal Things" section and corrected a lot more typos. May 15 2009 - Added to the Legal Things section. This walkthrough sure is getting popular! May 31 2009 - Added to the Legal Things section and corrected a few more typos. I really should have proofread this more carefully. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- GAME WALKTHROUGH Prologue: NATIONALIST CUBA A quick recap of the first Godfather game's events is narrated by your character, Dominic. After it's done, the first thing you do is create your mobster using the mobface system you might already be familiar with if you've played the first Godfather game. You can change your character's hair, skin tone, eye color, give him an overbite, etc… There's not much to say about this portion of the game except that you shouldn't hit the start button until you're satisfied with your mobster's look. It's an easy mistake to make to simply change his hair, press Start and start the game without making any other changes to Dominic. In case you're curious, none of these changes affect the game in the least. And you can change your appearance after you've started the game anyway. Our story proper begins in Cuba on the eve of Castro's takeover. Hyman Roth has called a meeting of the heads of four crime families. In attendance are Rico Granado, Samuele Mangano and two other mobsters wearing yellow sweaters who are part of Roth's mob. Representing the Corleone family are yourself, Fredo Corleone, Michael Corleone and the protagonist from the first game, Aldo Trapani. Roth speaks of how the families can profit from Cuba and parcels out his operations for when he retires. After his speech, you get control of your character and get your first objective: Talking to Michael. This is rather easily attained, as he's standing right there. He tells you to go talk to Aldo. Before you leave the balcony, you can also talk to Fredo and Roth, if you wish. After you leave the balcony, feel free to introduce yourself to Rico Granados and Samuele Mangano too. Make your way to the ground floor where you'll find Aldo near the dance floor. He'll share his apprehension about the communist rebels. As he speaks, Fredo and Michael will saunter up. No sooner is the conversation over than Cuban president Batista announces he is fleeing the country. Bedlam ensues. You have to escort Michael, Fredo and Aldo to the airport where a plane will fly you all out of the country. The crowd flees to the front of the palace, but you go out the back way. As you enter the kitchen, you encounter a communist guerrilla who is easily dispatched with a few punches, then another who you can grapple and then beat to death. Outside, a crowd of enraged Cubans runs up and begins attacking a car chassis with no wheels. Since you now have a pistol, you can shoot them if you want, but you're better off ignoring them and making your way out the gate and onto the street. Ahead of you, two more communists are running up and will shoot at you. Once you dispatch them, make your way to the intersection where you'll find some cover to dispatch the three or four soldiers there. When they're history, head over to the bridge and lower it by shooting the bridge operator. You'll find him to your right in a control room with a big window you can shoot him through. Move forward to the next intersection. The game will inform you that you can sprint, but that's not a good idea at this point because the firefight you're approaching will cause vehicles parked nearby to explode in a sec. If you get there too soon, you'll be hurt by these explosions, so wait until the cars go up before rushing in. The soldiers here drop shotguns and maybe even a tommy-gun that you can pick up. Make your way to the airport gate, which is closed. Aldo will cut it open with an acetylene torch. As he moves towards the airplane, a sniper shoots him dead, and then you, Michael and Fredo shoot the sniper. On the plane, Michael talks about how Roth's plans for Cuba are finished and how the families will now be at each others throats. Fredo says he's ready to step up in the business, but Michael ignores his ambition and makes you Don of New York instead. Part 1 - TAKING BACK NEW YORK We jump ahead six weeks as another CS informs you that you have a new problem in New York, Tony and Carmine Rosatos. Once capos under Pete Clemenza, these two have left the Corleones and started their own families. Frank Pentangeli thinks Roth is behind them, but Michael disagrees. He tells you to recruit a made man to help you take care of business. Talk to Frank and he'll tell you more about made men. In the office are two candidates for your mob, medic Joe Primanti and arsonist Roy Giordano. You might be tempted to recruit the medic, who is more valuable in the long run, but recruit Giordano. Then wander around the house for a sec. The dining room should have extra ammo for your pistols and magnums. Michael is by the front door, and if you talk to him he'll discuss Frank's suspicions about Roth. Head out the door and you'll find a black Cadillac waiting for you, but don't get in just yet. There's a reason you recruited that arsonist and here's where it pays off. Turn to your left and face the compound gate. As you approach it, you'll see a row of bushes to the right of the gate. When you approach this foliage, a fire icon will appear. Order your made man to burn it down. Oddly enough, this blatant and dangerous vandalism won't draw any ire from the Corleone soldiers around the compound (I guess being boss of your own family lets you get away with a lot). Once the bushes are gone, you'll find an upgraded shotgun on a bench. Go back to the car and get inside. That Caddy, by the way, respawns after a while so if you ever need a car you can come back here and get one. There's also an armoured version in another part of the compound, but you can't actually get in it until much further on in the game, so forget about it for now. If you want a car and don't feel like hoofing it all the way back to the compound, you can always just grab a parked one or stand on the street and wait until one comes along to carjack it. Once you do so, however, you'll want to drive off without delay as cops will arrive after a while and chase you around if you're still in the area. Take off and drive the two blocks to the Sweet Life bakery. Go into the back room where you'll find a bouncer. Grab him and beat him around a bit to intimidate him into letting you into the brothel. After he's done so, he'll cower away from you so you can just ignore him. Go inside and you'll find scantily-clad women, horny patrons and Rosatos guards. How you dispatch the guards is up to you. If you pull a gun, they'll do likewise, so I found it easier to simply run up and beat them to death. As you go through the game you'll find that some rackets have guards who'll start shooting no matter what, but for now you have the choice of gunplay or no gunplay. Once you've dispatched the four or five guards, go into the office where you'll find the owner and a safe. You can't do anything with the safe right now, so focus on the owner. You have to intimidate him into letting you take over the racket. Do so by grabbing him and holding on until he cracks. If you want to speed up the process a little, feel free to throw a punch or two at him. But don't overdo it or you'll either kill him or rile him up to the point where he won't knuckle under. If either happens, you'll have to take off and come back later to take over the racket, and in the meantime the family that controls it will have sent along more guards. Also, they'll sometimes send reinforcement guards to a racket you're in the process of attacking, and these guards tend to come in guns-a-blazin'. Anyway, now that you've taken over the racket, you should assign some guards to it in case Carmine Rosatos decides he wants it back. Then leave. If you like, you can talk to some of the ladies there. Many will be cowering away from you but any that aren't you can flirt with and see if they respond. It makes no difference in the game if they like you or not, but you might find it amusing. Upstairs, Frank's waiting for you to tell you about Fronts. There are three businesses that act as fronts for the Carmine Rosatos mob and your job is to take over two of them. Your choices are the Appliance King shop, the Empire Room bar and Richie's Tavern. For now, leave the Empire Room and take over the other two instead. The owner of the Appliance King is vulnerable to property damage, so smash up some TVs when he's in the room, then grab him until he cracks. The Rosatos guards at Richie's Tavern aren't in the tavern itself but rather on the roof. So is the owner, and he's vulnerable to grabs and leans, so grab him, drag him over to the ledge and lean him over. He'll crack in no time, but make sure you don't throw him off. Now that you've got three businesses under your control, you might notice that they probably don't produce enough income to justify hiring the maximum amount of guards they can accommodate. My rule of thumb is to hire as many guards as you can up to the limit of your daily income. So if you're income is, say, $2343, your guard expenses should be $2300. Make sure all your rackets and fronts have guards, and if you have to trim a few from a front to keep a racket at maximum strength, than that's the way to go. Don't worry about money for now, as there are plenty of other ways to make money in this game. So far, you've only made money by extorting shopkeepers and picking up loose cash dropped by people you've killed, but other revenue streams will open up soon. One of them is the bank you might have noticed is in town. Don't go there yet. You can't get at the money there and all you'll do is bring down police heat on you. Now that you've taken over the two businesses, pay phones all over town, including the one on the ground floor of Richie's Tavern, will be ringing. Pick up the call and you'll find it's Michael telling you to come back to the compound. Meet with Michael and he'll advise you to hire guards for your rackets and fronts (which you've already done). He'll also tell you it's time to recruit another made man. On the way out, you can talk to Fredo if you want, and he'll tell you that you can sometimes bribe cops to look the other way while you're up to your wacky shenanigans. Head out and drive over to the Tribeca Park basketball court where you'll find your next recruit, Bill Bardi, a demolitions expert. Recruit him. Now your next objective will be to take over La Maison Rouge and complete your Prostitution crime ring, but let's hold on a sec. There's no rush for you to do that just yet. Instead, head back to Richie's Tavern. The bar is on a street corner and the street heads off to the east before it turns southwards. Go to that corner and look to the northeast. Between the two big buildings you'll find a trio of tables, like a restaurant. Wandering around that area is Alvin Uzzano, another mobster you can recruit as a made man. Trouble is, you've only got room for two thus far. Open up the Don's View, take a look at your family and set your arsonist as Marked for Death. Trust me, you're not gonna need an arsonist any more. Uzzano is an upgrade across the board as he has two specialities (safecracker/medic) and has an advanced gun licence, which means he can use better weapons like the upgraded shotgun you picked up. So grab your arsonist, beat him to death and recruit Uzzano. Don't feel too bad about the arsonist you just killed, as he's not as dead as the game says he is. Now that you've got a safecracker at your disposal, you should go back to the businesses you've already taken over and open the safes inside them. The one at Richie's is on the ground floor next to the staircase, the one at Appliance King is in the back room and the one at Sweet Life is in the office with the owner. Each safe has $1000 in it, so now you've picked up $3000 and you didn't have to kill anybody for it. Sweet! From here on in, make sure you crack the safe whenever you take over a racket or front, as they all have safes. You might be wondering if having a safecracker means you can hit the bank yet. You can if you want to, but it's still a bad idea, so keep away from it for now. Since you've got some money burning in your pocket, upgrading yourself and your made men is a good idea if you haven't done so yet. A good upgrade is Ready Weapon, which will make you and/or your made men reload their guns faster. Another good one for you to acquire is the Extortion Expert upgrade as this will make it easier for you to rack up more cash when you take over a business without pushing the owner too far. And another thing I like to do is change my made men's clothes so that I don't get them confused with the guards I'm attacking. You might have noticed that the guards in other mobs all wear the same colors (like Carmine Rosatos` guys wear mostly orange and brown) so make sure your made men don't have those colors on or you might find yourself pumping bullets into one by mistake. That done, it's time to get back to your business. Head over to La Maison Rouge. You won't be able to get in through the front door, so head on over to the back. You'll probably encounter a guard as you do so, so just run up and beat him up. The only way to get in is by blowing up an entrance in the back, which is why you needed to recruit Bardi the demolitions expert. Once he's done his job, enter the building and go into the kitchen. Remember how I said some rackets you can take over without drawing a weapon? Well, this isn't one of them, so draw your shotgun and get ready to shoot. If your made man can't use the advanced shotgun, the magnum isn't a bad choice either, but its range isn't great. Anyway, they'll be about ten guards or so in the joint, half of them on the top floor popping out of two doors at the east end of the hall. Here's where the shotgun really shines. Once they're dispatched, you'll find the owner in the eastern room. Punch her around until she's low on health and then grab her if you like. She'll hand over the business and you'll get your first crime ring reward: Brass knuckles. You'll do more damage when punching, so be careful when roughing up shopkeepers from now on. The game then instructs you to take over the rest of the rackets. But on the way out of your new brothel, you'll probably get a message that the Sweet Life bakery is under attack. So drive on over and get rid of the attackers. It's just a couple of them on the outside of the building, and you can usually get at least one of them simply by running him over with a car. Attacks like these are why you need guards to protect your businesses. Disposing of the attackers in front of witnesses will bring police heat down on you. So go inside the bakery and answer the ringing phone. It's Michael and he wants to see you, but not at the compound. Drive over to the marker and you'll find Frank meeting you outside an apartment house which becomes your safehouse. It's got spare ammo lying around, which is always nice. Also, if you ever need to lose cop heat, just duck in and they'll leave you alone. Most important, when you do a bank job, you have to return to your safehouse before the money you boosted can be spent. So now you can do bank jobs if you wish, though I'd still hold off for a while. Once you're inside the safehouse, Michael will tell you it's time to hit Carmine's men. To get rid of an opponent's made man, you have to know what their kill condition is and dispatch them in that specific way. Talk to Frank and he'll explain how you can find out these kill conditions from people on the street. Look for people on the street with a key icon over their heads and talk to them. They'll tell you what they need from you and once you do it, you'll find out the location and kill condition of a mobster. You can look up the mobster in the Don's View and mark him for death, at which point his location will appear on the mini-map. Marking your target for death is also a good idea as these mobsters are usually accompanied by other goons you have to fight through, so it's good to know who's the guy you need to kill a certain way and who are the other mooks you can just blast away at. Getting rid of an enemy mob's made men early is a good idea as if you wait, these made men will often be involved in attacks on your businesses. Your guards will fall like bowling pins before a made man when one attacks your rackets. The only thing that you can do to counter a made man attacking your business is to dispatch made men of your own to help defend it or go there yourself, which can be inconvenient if you're in the middle of a job. However, there is one advantage to having enemy made men attack your business. Normally, you have to go to a made man's hangout to kill him. This isn't such a big deal when you're targeting soldiers, but capos and underbosses are usually surrounded by a dozen guards or so. On the other hand, when they're attacking your business, they only have two or three extra bodies to protect them. So if you get a message that your business is being attacked, check your enemy's family tree in the Don's View and see where everybody is. If you see that one of the made men is attacking your business, mark him for death and take note of what his kill condition is. Then go over to your business and take the guy out that way if you can. Sometimes, the kill condition will be something impossible at that business, like throwing somebody off a building or running them over with a car. In that case, you probably should't bother going over there. Just send some made men and go about your business. Once you're done talking to Frank, you'll find a guy across the street from your safehouse who needs a favour. Agree to do it and then take the Caddy provided to do the job. Like the car at the Corleone compound, this black Cadillac will respawn. There's also often an armoured version of the car parked next to the safehouse, but it's just as unusable as the one at the compound. There are five types of favours you can do for people on the street: Assassinations, where you kill somebody, Intimidations, where you have to beat somebody up without killing them, Sabotages, where you have to do property damage to a store, Burglaries, where you have to open a safe to get something inside and Demolitions, where you have to blow up a building. There's not much to say about the first two, aside from the fact that you might get police attention. Also, if you ever have to kill somebody near a hospital, you'll have to prevent nurses and doctors from running up and reviving your target before the job is considered finished. As to the last three, Demolition jobs are pretty rare. To complete them , you need to have a demolitions expert plant a bomb next to the gas pipes on the outside of the target building. Sabotages and Burglaries always take place inside a racket/front, so it's not a good idea to accept jobs from people in an area where you don't control most of the businesses. On the plus side, if the burglary is at a store who's safe you've already cracked, you'll find the safe closed and cracking it will not only complete the job, but net you some extra money too! For now though, you need to do the favour for this dude, so let's get back to that. Once you've done the favour, whatever it is, open up the Don's view, find the made man of the Carmine Rosatos family with the key on his picture and mark him for death. It's Franklin Credi, and you'll find him next to the Federal Building. Unlike most of the targets you'll have to liquidate as the game goes on, he's all alone. So just run up to him and strangle him. Once you've done so, the pay phones will start ringing again. Ignore them for now. Go into the federal building and crack the safe in the room on the right. Then wander around looking for other people with keys over their heads. Do three more favours for them and you'll have the locations and kill conditions of the rest of the Carmine Rosatos mob. You can also do favours for the people with money icons above their heads, which, as you might have guessed, will net you some money. The three mobsters you've got info on are Clyde Lando, Jimmy Guidalatto and Norman Rossi. The first two are fairly easy to get rid of. Clyde is hanging around a freight yard right next to the Corleone compound. Easiest way to get him is to start at the Sweet Life bakery and drive south through the construction. A guard will be loitering outside the yard so run him over, then drive in and run over Clyde who's in the back. Another Rosatos guard will shoot at you, so you can either have your crew shoot him from the car or simply leave. Jimmy is in a park next to the East river with only one guard. You can just run up to Jimmy, throw him in the river and then beat his bodyguard to death. Now Norman Rossi, on the other hand, might be a tough nut to crack. For one thing, he's got more than a dozen guards watching out for him and they'll start shooting at you as soon as they see you. For another, he's on the top level of a building under construction, so you have to fight your way through the guards from the ground floor up to the top. And finally, his kill condition is that you have to do a pistol execution, which requires you to be standing right next to him at the time (Check out EXECUTION ADVICE later on in this guide for more on executions). This can be hard to pull off when his guards are shooting at you. Best way to do this is to shoot Rossi a few times with the pistol from a distance to stun him, and then run up and finish the job. Mark Rossi for death in the Don's View but otherwise leave him alone for now. If you're lucky, the Rosatos will attack one of your fronts while you're doing something else. Since you've killed all their other made men, they'll send Rossi and it'll be easier to kill him when he's attacking your business. You'll still have to use a pistol execution, but he'll have less guards by his side. But if he's not sent to attack you, just leave him for later. Answer the phone after you've killed Clyde and Jimmy. It's Carmine Rosatos and he wants a truce. Meet him and Frank at Richie's Tavern. The meeting turns out to be a set-up and Frank ends up on the wrong end of a garrotte. The chance arrival of a cop saves your life but he calls in his trigger-happy buddies. Run up the stairs to the roof where your crew is waiting, then make your way across the rooftops. You'll have to whack some cops as you go, and you'll pick up the sniper rifle too. You'll eventually make it to a staircase near the overpass. Cops on the overpass will take potshots at you, but you can ignore them. Make your way down the fire escape and then jump into your safehouse to make the cop heat disappear. Your phone will be ringing, so pick it up and then go see Michael at the compound. He denies being behind the attack on you and Frank. He tells you to recruit another made man. You'll find three in the kitchen, including the arsonist you beat up to make room for Alvin Uzzano. Told you he wasn't dead. Don't recruit him though. Get the engineer instead. Just as every racket has a safe, it also has an electrical board. Having an engineer sabotage the electrical board prevents that racket from calling reinforcements when you take it over. Also, engineers can cut through fences with acetylene torches like Aldo did in the Cuba prologue (though unlike Aldo, they don't become sniper meat immediately thereafter). Going through fences will often let you enter rackets from the back and make it easier to fight the guards inside. And finally, having an engineer cut the power to a bank will cut the alarm and avoid the massive cop heat I keep warning you about. So now you're finally ready to hit that bank. Park a car outside the north side of the bank to cut the power. There's also a crack in the wall you can order your demolitions guy to bomb. Once it goes up, you can run in and order your safecracker to open the safe. While he's hard at work, grab the $10000 lying around. The safe contains another $2500. Before you can spend it, you need to go to your safehouse, so hop in your getaway vehicle and drive to your place. If you do this quickly enough, the cops will ignore you when you leave (as opposed to doing all this with the electricity still on, which would bring in more cops and they'd be shooting you up something fierce). Spend the money on upgrades. The bank will be out of commission for a while, but will eventually regenerate it's wall. And while the safe won't give you anything more, the $10000 in the vault will likewise respawn. So check out the bank's status on the Don's View from time to time and when it's up and running, rob it again. If you haven't taken out Norman Rossi yet, now's a good time to do so. Exit your safehouse and find the construction site. Before you go in, you might notice there's an apartment building beside it. Around the back of that building is a fire escape you can climb to the top of. It's a good vantage point to shoot some guards with the sniper rifle. Make sure you have Rossi marked for death so that you don't accidentally snipe him. Once you're out of targets or rifle bullets, run back down the fire escape, around the building into the construction site to work your way up the levels. Like I said before, plenty of guards here. Execute Rossi and that should leave only Carmine Rosatos himself in the family tree. At this point, you might notice that the Don's View has three new icons on the map. These represent individuals you can do favours for in exchange for a special service. The first, Ken Jameson, is located in the alley behind the police station towards the Appliance King. Go speak to him and he'll ask you to vandalize the Appliance King. Once you do so, you'll be able to get him to call off the cops when they're chasing you and you're not near your safehouse. The next one is located at the Tribeca Park basketball court where you picked up Bill Bardi. His name is Victor Grosser and he wants you to bomb the bank. You'll find the gas pipes on the south side of the bank's exterior. Make sure you've robbed it before you do the job, as it will be out of commission for a while after you bomb it. Once you've done as he asks, you can call him to have him rebuild bombed buildings instantly. It's not such a hassle right now, but later on mobsters will bomb your buildings and this might cost you a bullet-proof vest or an ammo belt at the wrong time. Before you go talk to the final guy, go over the bridge and park your car near SaniCo Incineration. Go around back and climb up to the roof. There's another ladder that leads down to an office and you can use it to launch an assault on the Rosatos guards. Most of them you can kill from here, and the final two are in the adjoining room. Also in the room is the owner, who's weakness is being shot. You don't wanna kill him though, so aim for his leg, shoot him with the pistol and take the racket. Now go and see Leon Brinker, a Washington lobbyist, whom you'll find to the east of SaniCo Dump and Disposal. He wants you to steal some documents out of a safe at SaniCo Incineration, the place you just took over. Do it and the next time one of your made men is shot up so bad he's sent to the hospital, you can get him up and back in your crew immediately. Incidentally, you can go back to any of the three corrupt officials at any time and do other missions for them if you want to stock up on whatever favour they offer. Their missions won't be the same as the first time you dealt with them, but they're about the same as any mission you get from people on the street. If you're in a hurry, you can simply bribe them to get the Favour without doing any dirty work. At this point you have only one front and one racket left to take, the Empire Room and SaniCo Dump and Disposal. Take them in whatever order you feel like. The weakness of the Empire Room owner is physical threats, so grab her and pull back your joystick, but try not to actually hit her. As for the owner of SaniCo Dump and Disposal, his weakness is that he doesn't like people pointing a gun at him. Be careful of him though because the guards you're fighting often retreat to his office, so he has a tendency to be caught in a crossfire. If he's not shot, you still might end up pointing a gun at him as you try and shoot a guard taking cover behind him, so tread carefully. When you're done, pick up a pay phone and talk to Michael. He tells you to meet him at your safehouse. Do so and he informs you that Carmine Rosatos has gone to ground and is hiding out at his compound. There's nothing left to do but get rid of him by blowing him up. Make sure you have all your weapons loaded up with ammo. As you leave, Michael will give you 3 more rapid recoveries for your made men. Drive over to Carmine's compound and get ready for a fight. The place is lousy with soldiers. While you're outside, snipe at them with the rifle and then the tommy-gun. The building has a front door you can go through, but you might have better luck going around the left side and blowing open the side door. Before you do that though, make sure you pump a few bullets in the huge gas containers in the yard. If you don't, a guard might hit them when you're standing too close to them and that'll hurt. When you're inside the building, make your way through the ground floor. I found the shotgun to be a better weapon choice at this point, but use whatever you feel like. Take the main staircase and fight your way across the second floor. There's really only one way to go, so don't worry about getting lost in here. In a corridor after the first room, you'll find an upgraded magnum on a bench. Grab it and then open the door to Carmine Rosatos' office. Carmine is inside with his hands up. Talk to him and he'll warn you that his brother Tony will seek revenge if you touch Carmine. When he's done, kill him however you want. The office has a safe for you to crack and the gas pipes you need to bomb. Order your demolition expert to do his thing and once the bomb is set, you'll have 30 seconds to get out of the building. The text on the screen will say you have to escape the compound, but just exiting the building will be fine. Once you're outside, make sure your crew is by your side or they'll be sent to the hospital for a while (unless you wanna use one of your rapid recoveries). Once the timer reaches zero, the building goes up and you get $10000. For now the compound is a wreck but after a while it will be repaired and you can use it as safehouse if you wish. Drive off and circle Edgemont Park until you see the phone located therein and pick it up. Hyman Roth is on the other end, inviting you to come to Florida. Hit the bank one last time (if it's available), go back to your safehouse to stock up on ammo (and drop off any bank loot) and then go to the airport. Talk to the ticket agent and you're off to sunny Florida. Part 2 - A QUICK TRIP A CS begins with Fredo meeting you at the airport and filling you in on some of what's going on. The Tony Rosatos mob is operating out here, but it's the Granados mob that has Roth worried. Fredo throws you the keys to a green muscle car and you regain control of your character. You can either leave or talk to Fredo again. If you choose the latter, you'll get a little more info on the mob out here. Don't worry about the car only being a two-seater. Take it and drive over to Roth's house. When you arrive, all three of your made men will be there, so feel free to drive two-seaters to your heart's content. At the house, Roth informs you that Rico Granados and his goons have kidnapped one of Roth's men. Roth asks you to get him back. After he's done his speech, you can speak to him again and get more background on what's going on and why Roth asked you to come down. Get in the car and drive off. Unlike New York, where you could get around fairly quickly, you'll find Florida to be somewhat larger. The officials you can do jobs for are already on the map, but ignore them for now, and likewise ignore any passers-by with keys or money floating over their heads. Since you don't own any rackets or fronts out here, most of these jobs will involve you going to businesses you don't own yet and getting shot at. Also, you might find that a job you just agreed to do requires you to drive across town which will take some time. So you don't want to start messing around in Florida too much yet. For now, just go rescue Roth's man. He's being held on the roof of a building by five guards. A chair next to the outside stairwell has the final type of weapon you can use, a garrotte. Pick it up and then follow the onscreen instructions to sneak up and strangle the first guard from behind. The second guard will go down just as easily but the next two will run up and you'll have to shoot them. Next to the stairs to the second level rooftop will be an upgraded pistol with a silencer attached. Go up the stairs and you'll find the last guard hiding behind his hostage. You have 10 seconds to shoot him before he starts pumping rounds into Roth's man. If you try to move to the side to get a better shot, he'll open fire regardless of the countdown. So just aim for his head with your new pistol and that should do the trick. Afterwards, Roth's man will thank you for your trouble and your crew will suggest you call Roth to let him know what happened. Go back the way you came and you'll find a phone in front of the building. Answer it and Roth will invite you to a house near his. Go there and Roth will give you the place as your Florida safehouse. Just like your last one, it's full of ammo and you can use it to flee cop heat. Roth will also tell you it's time to promote one of your soldiers to capo. Promote Alvin Uzzano and make him a bruiser. He'll have three specialities now, making him a pretty handy gent to have around. His promotion leaves an opening for a new soldier, and we'll be taking care of that in a second. Go outside and talk to Fredo outside the house, and he'll tell about some of the new favours you can get from corrupt officials out here. Your new objective will be to take over a crime ring from the Rosatos or the Granados. The easiest thing to do would be to take over the two drug rackets in town controlled by the Rosatos. This would complete the drug crime ring, but we've got some other business to take care of first. Hop in the caddy that you'll find on the side of the house and drive over to the entrance of Corman's Drive-In in Flamingo. When you get there, face away from the entrance and look to the east. You'll see four buildings, two on either side of the road. The closest one on the left has the letters A and L on the side, and there's a corrupt official, Joey Katz, loitering near it. Ignore him for now. The further one on the left has the letters G and O on its side. Go to the far side of that one and climb the fire escape. On the top, you'll find your new soldier, Ray Fogliano, an arsonist/demolitions expert. Recruit him. Since there's only room for three men in your crew, remove Bill Bardi (but don't kill him) and replace him with Ray. Between him, Alvin and your engineer, you now have every specialty in the game at your disposal. Sweet! You can still find some use for Bardi. Whenever an enemy attacks a business under your control, you'll be notified and you should send any made men not in your crew to defend it. Now your family tree is as big as it can get at this point, so it's time to make some money. Drive over to the bank in Deco Beach and park on the south side near the crack in the bank's wall. On its north side is a fence you need to cut through to gain access to the fire escape. Alternatively, you can just ram the fence on the south side with a car and get access to the fire escape that way. Use it to get to the roof and cut the electricity from there. Climb back down and you'll find the crack in the south wall you can bomb. Same drill as the bank in New York. Once you've grabbed the $9000 lying around and opened the safe to get the $2500 inside, make your escape and once you're free and clear, drive over to the bank in Biscayne and repeat the process. The electric board is on the bank's west side and the wall crack on the east. The vault contains $10000 and the safe another $2500. So once you hit both banks and get back to your safehouse, you'll be $24000 richer. Not bad for a day's work. Next on the agenda is some jobs for favours. Drive over to Biscayne and talk to Wayne Reisdorf. Like his counterpart in New York, he can call off the cops when things get too hot for you. But before he does, you gotta help him out. He wants you to murder a rapist who got off on a legal technicality. Drive over to Palmetto and you'll find him on top of a building right off the expressway. He's not armed, so do away with him as you please. A couple of his nearby friends might try and get in your face as you leave, but they're lightweights. Since you're in the neighbourhood, drive back to where you picked up Ray Fogliano and this time go talk to Joey Katz. He's an ATF agent whose investigation has run into a snag. He wants you to bomb a gas station to frame a mobster, which will allow Katz to get a federal search warrant. Drive over to the place and you'll find the gas main on the left wall outside the building. No guards patrol the outside grounds, so you can just stroll up, order Ray to do his thing and watch the fireworks. In gratitude, Joey will carry out a sting operation on any mobster of your choice from the Tony Rosatos family. So if you wanna get one of them out of the way for a while, you need only open up the Don's View and call in the favour. Drive over to Deco Beach and you'll find your next corrupt official, Lt. Gov. Robert Rizzo, on the edge of the boardwalk. Talk to him and, after a cute joke about election-day shenanigans in Florida, he'll ask you to rough up his campaign opponent. Your target is just up the road a ways, not too far from the bank, with two cops standing guard next to him. You might have to rough them up too, but sometimes they have dollar sign icons over their heads, so feel free to bribe them in that case. Then rough up your target. There's two other officials you can go see, but it's better not to do so yet. The first, Pedro Illvarra, gives you a burglary job at the airport, so it's better to wait until you got that safe opened yourself before the job “resets” it. The other guy, Matthew Tilden, wants to bust up a store you don't own yet, so you should leave that one for later. Instead, just go at the airport, 'cause now's as good a time as any to make a big detour and return to New York. Before you go see the ticket agent, go into the central area and take the stairs up to the second floor. There's an enclosed lounge and on its north end are stairs leading down to a safe you can crack. When you've got the money, go back to the ticket agent and hop a flight to your home town. The reason you're going back is two-fold. First of all, you don't wanna lose the rackets you took over in New York, and that could very well happen while you're running around Florida. Since the only businesses you own are in New York, that's where you'll be attacked for now and that's where you should be to be able to step in and defend your turf (and maybe smoke a few made men while you're at it). The other reason is that you now have two new family trees in the Don's View, the Tony Rosatos and the Granados. That's 16 new mobsters you need to get info on. It's a lot easier to do the jobs in New York, so that's where you're gonna do 'em. I dunno why random passers-by in the Big Apple know so much about Florida mobsters, but they do. So find somebody in New York with a key over their head and do a job for them. Repeat 14 more times. If it seems a little tedious, just thank the Lord you're not doing this in Florida, where it would take even longer because of all the driving involved. Incidentally, you may have noticed my math's a little off. I said do one favour, and then repeat the process 14 times. That means you'd get 15 locations/kill conditions, but I also said there were 16 mobsters you had to kill. Well, there are, but for some odd reason the info for the Granados soldier Bruce Rivera won't come up no matter how many times you do a job for a “keyed“ person. It's probably because his hangout is somewhere in Cuba, which you won't be getting to for quite a while. His kill condition is that you have to beat him to death with your fists without using a triggered execution. So if he shows up while the Granados are attacking a business of yours, you know who it is and what you have to do to get rid of him. If you don't get him that way, don't sweat it for now. Once you've done all these jobs, you'll know the kill conditions for everyone in the Tony Rosatos mob and most of the Granados mob. Anthony Espanoza, one of the Granados capos, is in New York, so go get rid of him first. Before you do though, there's a little inconvenience you have take care of. See, the Granados own all the diamond smuggling rackets in Florida, and that gives them access to bullet-proof vests. This makes them tougher to kill, so go into the Don's View and check out those rackets. You can bomb one of them, so send Bill Bardi to do the job. As soon as you exit the Don's View, the bombing will take place and the Granados will lose their protection for a while. Now, mark Espanoza for death, drive over to Richie's Tavern and face north. You'll see a gate to your left and two apartment buildings to the right and in front of you. Head over to your right and you'll see a fence between the apartment building and the big hotel. Cut the fence and move to the back of the apartment building. You should see some Granados mooks ahead of you, but leave them be for now. You wanna make your way to the fire escape behind the apartment building. There might be a lone guard standing close by it, but you can run up to him and strangle him without raising an alarm. Most of the time he's not there anyway. So climb the fire escape to the rooftops and make your way over to the adjacent building. You'll see a lone Granados guard facing away from you, so sneak up and garrotte him. He'll drop a sniper rifle, in case you forgot to bring one or needed the ammo for yours. Equip your rifle and find Espinoza. He's on the far left corner of the yard. I had to shoot him three times before he dropped, at which point his numerous guards started to return fire. You can continue sniping if you want or maybe throw some dynamite down at them and pick off the survivors. Either way, your job is done. Now move on to Tony Rosatos' mob, which has quite a few members kicking around New York. Go back to your safehouse and face north. There's an apartment building north of your safehouse and on it's far side is a fire escape and some scaffolding. Bill Ciompi is standing on top of the next building so climb up the fire escape, sneak up to him and garrotte him. If you have the neck snap ability, try not to use it as I think it screws up the kill condition, though I could be wrong about that. You next target is another easy one, Gary Lamberteschi. You'll find him in Edgemont Park under the stone bridge. He only has two guards, and they won't draw weapons unless you do. Just run up to Gary and punch him until the “execution” command appears on screen and give him a punching execution. If your made men haven't taken care of Gary's guards, do the same to them. Your next kill in New York is Jimmy Vecchio. Easiest way to get to him is to drive towards the Tony Rosatos compound (which you can't assault yet, of course). Before you get there, you should see a graveyard with crypts to your right. Park in the graveyard and make your way to a gap in the fence and you should find Jimmy there by himself. A headshot is what you need to take him down permanent-like, so use a pistol or magnum. He's lightly armed, so it shouldn't be too hard. Richard Crechi is on top of a building next to SaniCo Incineration. He has two guards wandering around the grounds, and they won't pull out weapons unless you do. Once you've dispatched them, climb up to the roof and execute him with a melee weapon. If you forgot to bring one, there's a baseball bat on the wall near the top of the fire escape. And the final New York target is south of SaniCo Dump and Disposal. Unlike the rest of these Rosatos mobsters, he's got quite a crew backing him up, so get ready to shoot a lot of mooks from cover. Once you've dispatched most or all of his guards, run up to him and execute him with a melee weapon again. Okay, so that takes care of the New York mobs. You might have taken out a few more mobsters as they attacked your businesses, but for the sake of this walkthrough, we'll assume you didn't. So now it's time to leave New York again and head back to Florida to get serious there. Part 3 - FUN IN THE SUN Now your Florida campaign begins in earnest. The first thing to do is eliminate the made men out here. Drive over to the Corman Drive-In but don't go in. You next target, Phillip Giotti, is hiding behind the movie screen on the south-west side. Drive behind it and cut through the fence. He'll have some guards on the platform with him, and a few others sniping at you from other platforms nearby. Battle through them and then toss Phillip off the ledge. Next, you'll find Jimmy Gallo in an open air terrace in Deco Beach. You have to strike the killing blow by throwing a bottle at him. Luckily, the tables there have plenty of them to go around. He only has three goons with him and they won't draw weapons unless you do. That'll reduce the Tony Rosatos mob to Rosatos himself, who you can't go after for now, and Clarence Pucci. So mark him for death and drive over the overpass that connects Deco Beach with Flamingo. There's a trailer park underneath it and Pucci's in it. If you approach from the south side you'll have to fight your way through four or five guards before reaching Pucci. If you approach from the north side, you can cut through a fence and get to Pucci first. Either way, you gotta strangle the guy. Now turn your attention to the Granados mob. If their bullet-proof vests have come back, just send Bardi on another bombing run. Paul Morales is your easiest target. Drive over to the Flamingo side of the overpass and face Deco Beach (to the southeast). There's a freight yard here and you'll find an opening to get inside on your left. Sneak around and your target will have his back to you. Order your bruiser to go shank him and you're done. You can stick around and fight his guards if you like, but it's hardly necessary. Harry Reyes is hanging around a park near the hospital in Biscayne. Unlike other soldiers, he has quite a bit of back-up, so you'll have to eliminate them too. Harry, like oh so many of us, is vulnerable to headshots, so use those to take him out. Since there are a lot of innocent bystanders around, expect the cops to take an interest in what you're doing. Next up are the capos. Thomas Ramos is in a small warehouse in Palmetto, He has a few guards you'll have to shoot, but he's hiding out in a small room by himself. Just throw in some dynamite and let nature take its course. Capo Johnny Salazar is at the top of a Deco Beach parking garage. He's got a fair number of guards you'll have to fight your way through on foot. You have to dispatch him with Molotov cocktails, and there are three scattered around the rooftop. Why do mobsters surround themselves with the very thing that can kill them? Beats me, but two or three cocktails and he's toast. The last Granados capo is Theodore Ruiz, who you'll find in a trailer park in Deco Beach. You have to club him with a melee weapon to dispose of him, though you don't have do it as a triggered execution. However he has quite a few guards around him so before you try it, whittle down their numbers by taking advantage of the abundance of cover here. And the final stop on or murder tour is underboss Stanley Jiminez, who's in a Dodge Island warehouse. He starts off at the top of the warehouse, but he'll start to move around when you attack the place. Getting to him will require cutting a few fences and shooting up quite a few guards. Once you've done that, strangle Jiminez. That's enough killing for now. You might wanna do the bank jobs again (the banks should be up and running again) and visit your safehouse to stock up on ammo. When you're done, let's get back to the main objective and complete our crime ring. Drive over to the SaniCo Hauling Depot in Biscayne next to where you met Wayne Reisdorf. Shoot your way through the guards and find the owner, who's vulnerable to grabs. When you're done, drive over to Dodge Island and take over the SaniCo Truck Depot. This one has more guards so it's more of a fight, but nothing too bad. The owner here is also vulnerable to grabs. Once you've taken both rackets, your drug crime ring is complete. The bonus is that these rackets will now generate more income. If you open up the Don's View, you'll find you now are making enough to max out your guards at all the businesses you own, so feel free to do that. However, should any of your drug rackets be bombed, you'll lose that bonus and you might find yourself with more guards than you can afford. Sadly, your businesses are always vulnerable to bombing no matter how many guards they have. You might have noticed that La Maison Rouge back in New York kept getting bombed while you were running around Florida. Well, now that you have a brand new crime ring, expect your enemies to shift their focus to your drug rackets. Now the pay phones start ringing whenever you get near one. Answer the phone and talk to Roth. He wants to meet you at his place. When you get there, he and Fredo will tell you about made men and guards. You have a new opening in your family tree. Drive over to the nearby cemetery and you'll find Bernard Uzzano, a Bruiser/Medic, near a crypt on the east side. Recruit him but don't put him in your crew. Instead, just send him out with Bill Bardi to defend a business whenever one gets attacked. Your next objective is to defend and expand your criminal empire. Pretty broad instructions there. The easiest businesses to take over at this point are the Granados' fronts, so let's start with those. At some point during your raids on these fronts, your men will mention that it's been a while since you checked in with Don Corleone. After that, the pay phones will start ringing again, but they can wait. Drive over to Flamingo and take over the Corman Drive-In. The owner doesn't like to be threatened with firearms. When you've done that, drive over to Deco Beach where there are four other Granados fronts ripe for the plucking. Start with Active Electronics. There's a large shipping container in the back that contains a weapons cache. Check it out and then enter from the back. The back room contains no guards so crack the safe, park yourself next to the door to the front room, open it and start blasting. The owner is upset by property damage, and quite a few of his TVs will be caught in the crossfire. Make your way over to the Las Palmas club and come in through the left side door next to the electric board. Most of the guards are on the upper level. The owner will run off to the front balcony when the lead starts flying. Find him when the shooting stops and lean him across the railing. Or if he's still inside, slam him against a wall instead, as he's vulnerable to either approach. Head down the road to the Elite Diner and clear the place of guards. Then go inside and grab the owner. Drag him over to his grill and do a sideways slam to put his face in it. That's his weakness. Make sure you don't do it for too long as you might kill him like that and then his family will have to have a closed-casket funeral. (Yuck!) When you're done, drive over to Berry's Electronics and get rid of the guards there. Lots of appliances to smash here, which upsets the owner. Now that you own these five fronts and the three in New York, your other rackets will generate 40% more income. This will help take the sting off your finances if and when one of your drug rackets is bombed. Now you're going to acquire three more crime rings. First off, diamond smuggling. Drive over to the Bertolli Thrift company. The place has 2 safes, so make sure you crack both of them. Smash something inside when you can as the owner is vulnerable to property damage. However, he's on the roof, along with the majority of this racket's guards. The next racket you should hit is Lanski's Deli which has a whopping three safes. Two in one corner close together and the other one under the stairs to the catwalk. Sometimes the owner runs up to the catwalk, in which case you should lean him over until he cracks. If he stays on the ground, slam him into something and he'll fold like a cheap accordion. Finally, finish up the ring with a trip to Emilio's Packing Company. It's a big place. The owner starts off in a control room in the back, but when the shooting starts he runs over to the roof. You'll have to strangle him a little (that's his weakness) but, as always, don't overdo it. Once you've taken the racket, you'll find a fence your engineer can cut through on the roof. Beyond it there's an upgraded sniper rifle. Now that you have bullet-proof vests, it's time to upgrade your ammo capacity by taking over the gun-running crime ring. The nice thing about these places is that there's usually tons of ammo lying around them. First stop is Basso Oil Fill and Go, a gas station. Clear the place of guards and threaten the owner with physical force to get him to crack. A bigger gas station, Basso Oil Express, is our next target. Come in through the side and shoot your way to the owner on the roof, where you can lean him off the roof to get him to crack. Then go back down to the front of the place and come in through the door there to find the safe. Basso Oil Depot is our next stop and it's more of a warehouse. Easiest way to assault it is through the left side where there are stairs that'll let you shoot the guards while still keeping a decent amount of cover. Then go inside though the back loading door and you'll find the owner on the second floor. He doesn't like to have guns pointed at him, which makes you wonder what he's doing in this business. The last stop is the Basso Oil Refinery, an industrial plant crawling with Granados goons. There are three or four at the front gate, so kill them and then head to your left towards the large warehouse. It contains rifle and machine gun ammo, but beware of the sniper in the control room with the big window on the northwest side. Make your way to the main office where a dozen goons are gathered around. Hope you have a quick trigger finger. Once the guards have been dispatched, you'll find the owner inside is allergic to being strangled. And you'll also find that, with this crime ring under your control, you now can carry more ammo for all your weapons. Okay, so that's three crime rings you've taken since arriving in Florida. Time to take a fourth. This time, you're targeting the Tony Rosatos Construction rackets. The first one, S&L Construction, is right next to your safehouse. Simply drive up and start taking down the enemies on the ground. A few will shoot at you from the building itself, but you can ignore them if you wish. The owner isn't in the building under construction but in a mobile office next to it. His weakness is being shot, so again, kneecap him with your pistol and be careful you don't hurt him too much. Once that's done, head down to Biscayne and the Astoria Construction Site. This site has a mobile office too but the owner's not in it. The safe is, so you should still check it out. There are a few guards on the ground floor but most are on the upper levels. The owner is at the very top and you can lean him off a railing to make him crack. The final construction racket is the ABF Ltd. Construction Site in Flamingo, across the way from Emilio's Packing Company. You have to cut through the fence here from either the north or south sides, then go up the back staircase to the very top of the structure. After you dispatch the guards on this level, snipe the guards on the lower levels by standing near the edge of the building's hollow centre. Once you've cleared out most of them, make your way down to ground level and into the basement where you'll find five or six other guards. Dispatch them and then threaten the owner with a firearm. At this point, you may well have taken over all of Tony Rosatos' rackets and forced him back into his compound. If not, it's because he still has a gambling racket in Florida. You may have noticed that the Granados and the Rosatos mob were fighting over those rackets and may have traded them back and forth before you started taking out their made men. Anyway, if either one of the Gambling rackets is owned by Rosatos, go and take it. The owner of Ausiello's Bar and Grill is weak to bullets in the leg while the owner of Jersey's Sports Bar is vulnerable to property damage. As for the Adult Entertainment rackets, the Rosatos won't take them so leave them be for now. If you decide to raid them now, you'll cause a delay in the game later on, so just leave them alone and go about your business. Two last things do before you get back to the main storyline. Go find Matthew Tilden at the Luscious Entertainment racket. You don't own it yet, but since the guards are all on the roof or in a yard on the outside, you can go talk to Tilden without starting a fight. Tilden, a local D.A., needs you to smash up the Elite Diner. Do so and you'll be able to call a sting operation on any Granados made man. Useful if you haven't taken care of Bruce Rivera yet and you want him out of the way for a while. Next, find Pedro Illevarra and agree to help him recover some pictures of a high-ranking politician and a Hollywood actress (the political jokes just keep on coming, don't they?) from a safe at the airport. Before you actually go to the airport, pick up the phone and talk to Michael. He wants you to come back to New York ASAP. But when you get to the airport, you won't find any ticket agent this time. What gives? Go rob the safe to finish of your errand for Illevarra and then talk to Fredo outside the airport. He'll tell you that the airline workers are on strike and advise you to check with Roth, who happens to be nearby. Go see him and he'll introduce you to Henry Mitchell, a CIA agent. Mitchell explains that the workers have been organized by Alejandro Almeida, a Cuban-American communist who's stirring up labour trouble in Miami. Mitchell wants you to make Almeida disappear. Go shake down the strike leader and he'll tell you Almeida can be found in a nearby junkyard. Go there and fight your way through the platforms. Be warned that these guards are somewhat tougher than the mooks you've fought so far. Almeida is in the back of the yard. You can snipe at him form a distance if you like, but if you get close to him the game will suggest to throw him off a ledge instead. Do what the game says as he's actually a soldier for a mob you'll encounter later. If you kill him the way the game suggests, it'll be one less made man you'll have to hunt down later. Once you've finished striking a blow against socialism, you can go back to the airport and find it's back to normal. Take a plane and head back to New York again. Part 4 - POLITICS MAKES FOR STRANGE BEDFELLOWS When you arrive at the airport, you'll be instructed to go see Michael at the Corleone compound. Don't. Instead, go do a bank job as the bank is no doubt ready to be robbed again. When you're back at your safehouse, load up on ammo and then drive to the Tony Rosatos compound. Unlike his brother's compound, which you could walk into through the front door, Tony's compound is a little trickier. Once you've taken care of the guards up front, go to the garage on the left side of the compound. You can either have a demolitions expert bomb the wall or have a bruiser kick open the nearby door. Either way, move up to the back garden of the compound where you'll fight a couple of dozen guards. Once you've taken them down, you can move into the mansion itself through its back door and fight the remaining guards. Don Tony Rosatos is in here too. Don't try to talk to him as you did his brother because he's got nothing to say to you and he'll just shoot you if you get too close. Dispatch him, find and crack the safe, plant a bomb and get out of there before the whole place goes up. And that's one less family to bother you. Go to the Corleone compound where you'll find the place crowded with made men. Michael informs you that he's under investigation by a Senate committee and has to watch himself. Even more shocking is that the star witness is none other than Frank Pentangali, who didn't die in the ambush at Richie's Tavern like you thought he did. Michael assigns Tom Hagen, his adoptive brother, to be your consigliore in order to protect him from the investigation. Having Tom in your family means that if a business of yours comes under attack from a rival family, Tom can advise you whether the made men you're sending to defend it have a good chance to succeed or not. Tom also tells you that he's got a plan to get one of the politicians on the committee to see things the Corleone's way. It seems Senator Geary has a weakness for the ladies that you can exploit. Tom tells you to go see a woman named Rosa at La Maison Rouge. If you played the first Godfather game, you might remember her as the owner of the flower shop/bordello Aldo went to a few times. She tells you that's she's willing to help set up the scheme and will provide the woman who's to be sacrificed in it, for a price. Evidence implicating Rosa and some prominent political figures is being held in the Federal Building in town. She needs you to get at it and destroy it. Drive over to the building and you'll find some cops there along with the usual security guards. Bribe one of the cops and then go crack the safe. The security guards will attack you as soon as you've opened the safe but the cops will gun them down and you can just leave. Go back to Rosa and tell her the good news. She'll tell you Tom is in the house and when you speak to him, he'll tell you to go meet Geary at the Empire Room. He'll also advise you to play up to his interests and tell him you need his help on a business deal. Go to the meeting and you'll find Geary to be somewhat arrogant. Start off the conversation by telling him you wanna talk about business and just go from there. I don't think you can really mess up the conversation too badly as long as you remember Tom's advice. At one point, you'll offer Geary a portion on the profits on this fictitious business deal and he'll want more. Agree to give it to him, as it really doesn't matter in the end as there really is no deal anyway. When he says he wants extra privileges, offer him girls and he'll fall into the trap laid out for him. A CS will follow that shows you arriving at the bordello to meet with Tom. Geary has just awoken in a room with his “companion” covered in blood. He's freaking out, but you and Tom calm him down. Talk to the Senator and he'll tell you that a new mob is moving into Florida, the Manganos. Talk to Tom and he'll tell you a bit more about the Manganos and about how he plans to keep the Senator rattled for the time being. With nothing else important to do here, you might as well return to Florida. Upon arriving in Florida, you don't find yourself outside the airport as you normally would. Instead, a flight attendant tells you somebody wants to meet you in the lounge. Go there and you'll find Michael waiting for you. The two of you talk about the Manganos and you decide to offer Samuele Mangano a truce. Michael warns you not to make an enemy of him. Drive over to the island east of Flamingo and talk to Don Mangano. He tells you he's opening an export business here and wanted to meet with you to ensure goodwill between the two of you. You agree keep the peace and the two of you part on friendly terms. Now it's time to finish up taking over the rackets in this town. As you do this, the pay phones will start ringing and your crew will comment that Fredo's probably trying to reach you. Leave the phone be for now. Instead, take over the gambling rackets first. If you haven't already taken it, go to Jersey's Sports Bar in Deco Beach and clear out the downstairs guards. Then go upstairs, finish off the last few mooks and start shooting up the TV screens to upset the owner into handing the racket over to you. Next up is Ausiello's Bar and Grill in Biscayne. Clear out the guards, then shoot the owner in the leg and take over the racket. There are two other gambling rackets you need to get to complete this ring, but you can't get them yet, so don't worry about 'em. All that's left is the three adult entertainment rackets. The first one, Luscious Entertainment, you've already been to, so go back there and this time go up to the second floor. Open the office door to crack the safe inside, then climb up to the roof to start the gunfight. Snipe away from your elevated position then go down the fire escape and take care of the remaining guards on the ground. You'll find the owner in the yard and he'll crack when you shoot his leg. Hop over to the Aristocrat in Biscayne. It's a club whose layout is similar to Las Palmas, except there are more guards on the ground floor and fewer upstairs. The horribly-dressed owner is on the second floor and he can be leaned against the rail to break his spirit. The safe is in a small room right before the balcony on the second floor. And the last Granados racket in Florida is Foreplay Pictures (subtle, isn't it?), not too far from your safehouse. There's a few guards outside the front door, a few more inside and the rest in the back yard. Kill them all and then slam the owner around until he gives you the racket. Unfortunately, you don't have the complete crime ring 'cause there's another adult entertainment racket somewhere else you can't get to yet. Go back to your safehouse and fill up on ammo 'cause it's time to take out the Granados compound. It's in the northeast corner of Palmetto and like the other two compounds you've taken, it's full of guards. If you haven't disposed of Bruce Rivera yet, he'll be here too. You could simply charge in, but the place has a huge central square where you can be fired on from any direction. A better way to tackle it is to get into the grounds and then hug the outside wall, shooting guards as you circle the compound. Once you've completed the circuit, go inside and investigate the buildings. The larger one has a room where you'll find an upgraded machine gun. A door to the left of that gun leads to the room where Don Rico Granados is holed up with a shotgun. Take him out and then past him is the balcony with the gas main you need to blow up. Make sure you know your way out before you plant the bomb 'cause you'll only have a 20 second countdown this time. Okay, so you've gotten rid of two of the crime families in town, made peace with the third and forged a criminal empire in an area where you once had nothing. Sit back and bask in your accomplishment. Then go back to your safehouse and answer the phone. Fredo wants you to meet him at the house. Since you're already there, a CS immediately begins with you and Fredo chit-chatting until a car pulls up and sprays the place with machine-gun bullets. You don't see who the shooters were, but Fredo convinces you it was men sent by Samuele Mangano. So much for the peace. He'll also tell you that you can get access to the Manganos' place in Flamingo by talking to union boss Charlie Green. The time has come for you to promote one of your men. Promote Ray Fogliano and make him an engineer. Now, he and Alvin Uzanno have all six specialties and the third member of your crew is a spare. I'd suggest you take along somebody's who's a medic as your third crew member. Since you have an opening for a new Soldier, drive over to Jersey's Sports Bar and find Leroy Petriboni, a safecracker/engineer. He can be hard to find as he sometimes is hanging out in a little room you can only access from the front of the building. Find him and recruit him. Note that from here on in, I'm not going to advise you on who you should promote when the opportunity arises and what specialities you should assign them. Since you've got everty speciality availiable to you through Alvin and Ray, everybody else is strictly a back-up. I'll still tell you were to find the last two recruitable mob members with dual specialities though. Okay, now it's time to go meet Green. He tells you he'll help you out if you assassinate a rival for him. Agree to do it and the rival will pop up less than half a block away. He only has two bodyguards, so get rid of the three and then drive over to the little island where the union man waits for you. Talk to him and he'll lower the bridge. Make your way to the small gatehouse and then start your assault. Make sure you take out the sniper who's on top of the loading crane. The game will tell you to bomb the fuel tank to smoke out some guards but before you do, go to the smaller building to the south, the one whose door is locked, and go inside. In one of the rooms you'll find the level 3 shotgun. Then go back outside and bomb the fuel tank. Liquidate the guards and blow up one of the doors to enter the building they came out of. Inside is a stairway going up and a door. Behind the door is the place's safe. Crack it and then go upstairs to the roof and make your way to the adjacent roof of the main warehouse. There's a ladder leading to the catwalk inside where you'll find more guards to kill. Finally, make your way back outside where you'll find the owner of this place at the top of the second loading crane. Climb up and lean him over the railing to take over this racket. Leave the place and find the nearest phone. On the other end of the line is an angry Samuele Mangano. You accuse him of trying to kill you, he denies it and tells you to meet him in an abandoned warehouse. Go there and you'll find that Samuele sent his consigliore, Paulo Riccitello, instead. Paulo tells you that Don Mangano doesn't deal with backstabbers. Then a CS begins showing the Manganos shooting your soldiers, bombing your businesses, kicking your dog, etc... When the CS ends, the Manganos will have seized a number of your businesses and you'll wind up back at your safehouse. Talk to Fredo and he'll suggest you consult Roth. Man, that's his answer to everything, isn't it? Well, it's not a bad idea, but before you go see him, you have some other business to take care of. Since you have a new family to get info on, you'll need to do some favours for people with key icons. You still control the lion's share of businesses in Florida, so you could do the favours there, but like I said before, that would entail a whole lot of time-consuming driving around. Better to fly back to New York and do them there. Besides, it's been a while since you robbed the bank there, isn't it? Do five favours in New York and you'll get the kill conditions for three Mangano soldiers, one capo and one underboss. You could do more favours if you want, but all you'll get is money as the game won't give you any info on the three other mobsters at this point. The underboss, Provenzano Porco, is at the top of a fuel depot near the airport. Go there and fight your way through his guards. You'll have to blow up a wall near three fuel tanks to get access to the fuel silo he's on top of. Climb up and grab him, then throw him off the ledge. Fly back to Florida and mark Luchino Uliasi for death. He's on the bottom floor of the hospital parking lot in Deco Beach. You'll have to drive down an access ramp and run him over. Of the two ramps, one ends in concrete obstacles with a wooden ramp you can use to jump onto Luchino. You don't have to kill him with the jump, but it's pretty cool if you manage to get him that way. A couple of other guards there will take potshots at you as you drive by. Your next target, Giovanni Corbinelli, is also near a hospital, but the one in Biscayne this time. Mark him for death and drive over to his marker. He's on top of a building, and due south of his position is a fire escape to an adjacent building. Climb up and Giovanni will take a few shots at you as you go. When you reach the top, take cover somewhere and target him with your sniper rifle. He's all alone, so just calmly line up your shot and take him out. Another soldier, Jacobo Vanni, is in a junkyard near the one where you assassinated Alejandro Almeida. Drive over to the big junkyard and park at the entrance. Just to the right of the gates there a hole in the fence you can go through. Vanni has four or five guards you need to dispatch, then run over to him and get rid of him with a magnum execution. This leaves only capo Doffo Spini to take care of. Getting to him can be a little tricky as he's on the back terrace of a building right next to the police station in Biscayne. If you approach from the west side, you'll see a police cruiser and some cops there. Bribe 'em if you can and they'll provide support for your assault on Spini. If you can't bribe them, you're better off going up to the terrace from the opposite side. There's a good number of guards here who will fire from cover, as will Doffo with a shotgun. Once the guards are killed, run over to Doffo and slam him against a wall until he dies. This will reduce the Manganos to three active mobsters. There's nothing you can do about them for now because, even if they attack your businesses, you don't know their kill conditions. So make sure your remaining rackets and fronts have as many guards as they can hold. They won't stop the made men should they attack one of your businesses, but they will slow them down long enough for you to dispatch your own made men to defend the business under attack. You should have Bill Bardi and Leroy Periboni to spare as defenders should you need them. Before you go and talk to Roth, go re-take the businesses you've lost to the Manganos. Since you've already taken them once, I'm not going to cover how to take them again as the information is the same. Same strategies, same owners with the same weaknesses. Besides, it's not always the same businesses being taken over. Just be aware that the Manganos will tend to have a few more guards lurking around than the Granados and Rosatos did the first time you took these rackets. Once you've re-claimed your businesses, you'll control all of Florida again. However, the Mangano compound will not become available as the family has other interests elsewhere. Leave them be for now and go see Roth at the pier in Deco Beach. He offers you his aid in dealing with the Manganos while you travel to Cuba. Roth still thinks the families can do business there once Castro is taken care of. Agent Mitchell proposes you travel to Cuba and hunt down dissidents who are still loyal to President Batista. By eliminating them yourself, you'll appear to support the communist revolution. Your actions, combined with Mitchell's efforts to paint you as a sympathetic figure to the government, should get you close enough to Castro to eliminate him. Before you drive over to the airport and book a plane ticket to Cuba, make sure you have three or four “call off police” markers you can call upon if you have to. If you don't, do some favours for Wayne Reisdorf or Pedro Illevarra until you've got enough. Then go to Cuba. Part 5 - CUBA LIBRE When you last saw Cuba, most of the place was getting trashed by rioters and it hasn't really improved much since. Be warned that soldiers and cops are everywhere around here, so don't steal any cars, don't run anybody over, don't request favours from passers-by on the street and dear sweet Jesus don't shoot anybody you're not supposed to. Cop heat comes down fast in this place and gets very bad very quickly. Said cop heat is why I advised you to have a few markers you can cash in to call off the cops. If and when you use one, there's two things you should consider doing. The first is to make a bee-line over to the bank and bomb the eastern wall before your yellow “cop-free“ timer runs out. Even if you have a lot of cash already, you'll need to do this in order to get all the safes in the game (which will earn you a trophy/acheivement). The other thing you might wanna do while you can get away with it is steal a green army jeep. Of all the vehicles in the game, they're the most manoeuvrable and the easiest to drive, in my opinion. Anyway, you start off at the airport. There's an armoured Cadillac you can't use here, along with another vehicle (sometimes a truck, sometimes a car) and a green army jeep at the gate in front of you. Don't steal the jeep (unless you have an active “call off cops“ favour working) as it will anger the soldiers and get you into mucho trouble, as they say in Havana. Take whatever beat-down vehicle the game gives you and drive over to the hospital in Capitolo. Across the street is a phone. Answer it to find Mitchell on the line. He asks you to meet him nearby. Do so and he'll tell you his contacts have been spreading the word about you to the government here. He'll also give you a safehouse, but be aware that this one doesn't always get rid of cop heat like the others in New York and Florida. The authorities won't enter it, so if things get bad you can still duck in here and be safe, but you might have to wait out the alert, which can take a while. Better to avoid trouble here as much as you can. Now the locations of the dissidents you have to take out appear on your mini-map. However, before you get to that, drive over to the Casino Imperial. To its left is a square where you'll find another recruitable soldier with two specialities. His name is Ray Ricci and he's a demolitions/engineer. You should still have an empty spot in your family tree so recruit him. If you filled the spot with another recruit at some point, kill that guy and recruit Ray instead. In addition to his dual specialities, Ray can use level 3 weapons, so I doubt anybody else in your crew is as good as he is at this point. Northwest of the Casino Imperial is a building with some dissidents on the roof. Climb up and shoot them. The dissidents you have to kill have red bulls-eye icons over their heads. There are also other dissidents up here who don't have those icons, but you should kill them too since they're shooting at you and that's just plain impolite. The next couple of dissidents are over by the police station but there are some Mangano soldiers nearby who'll start shooting at you as you get near the place. The dissidents will shoot back and you'll be involved in a three-way shootout. Ignore the Manganos and just take out the dissidents or else the police and the army will show up and then all Hell will break loose. Once the dissidents are dead, get the heck outta there fast. Head over to the bank's area in Ciudad Vieja and you'll see a blue marker near a staircase. Climb up and go though the building. You'll come out on a balcony and two more dissidents will be around the corner. Take them out then take cover and kill the other dissidents in the adjacent building. The next group of dissidents are all grouped together in a plaza near the airport. You'll have to take them out in a big shootout. Be aware that in addition to the dissidents and the mooks at ground level, there are three snipers in the balconies above. There's a recruitable Corleone in the center of the plaza and he'll offer some fire support even if you never talk to him (and there's no reason to do so since he only has one speciality). The final two dissidents are up the control tower of the airport. It might bring back bad memories of Aldo's death the last time you were here, but suck it up and make your way up the stairs. Only two guys, so it shouldn't be too hard to take them out. Head back to your safehouse and answer the phone. A woman named Maria Torres invites you to the presidential palace. When you go meet her, you go in alone. Your crew will return later on in the game. Maria, who manages to be sexy even while wearing army fatigues, appreciates your support of the revolution and sets you up in a room for a later meeting with Fidel Castro. Unfortunately, you lose your weapons at this point. As soon as you regain control of your character, head to the door and you'll find a garrotte. Exit your room and head over to the balcony. There's a sniper rifle in the next balcony, but getting to it will be something of a challenge. Go over to the stairwell to your left. You'll see some guards as you approach the stairs but there's no need to kill them as they're not looking at you, and besides you can't get at them anyway. Go down the stairs and you'll see a guard right in front of you. Garrotte him. Head to your left and when you reach the corner, another guard will be standing there. Wait until he moves away to a chair with some money on it and take him out from behind as you did the last guy. Move forward and a third guard will saunter up. He'll stop walking when he reaches the next corner. He'll have his back to you, so just sneak up and ice him as well. Now if you turn right and move forward from there, you'll pass behind a TV two soldiers are watching. Even if you're crouching, they'll see you, and the jig will be up. Instead, move into the ballroom itself. There will be two soldiers to your right. One of them will see you and run over to attack you, but the other will stay where he is. Quickly dispatch the one attacking you with a beat down or strangulation. You only have 15 seconds from the moment he sees you but you should be able to kill him before the timer reaches 0. Once he's dead, you can simply walk behind his companion and the soldiers watching TV and they won't see you, nor will the guard in the corner you're approaching. So simply leave the room without attacking any of them. In the next room, you'll find a soldier urinating on the floor, so kill him from behind (or else he might turn around and pee on you. Gross!). He'll drop a silenced pistol. There's a grand staircase nearby with two guards in front of it. Kill them with the pistol and head on up to the right side when the stairway branches off. They'll be a doorway on top but before you go through, wait for the last guard to walk by and you can either shoot him or garrotte him, whichever you prefer. Then grab the sniper rifle. Castro will walk by and you can shoot him. When you do, a CS begins with Castro on the ground immobile. Soldiers move him away and a gent in a dark yellow jacket comes in. He introduces himself as Esteban Almeida, a Mafioso like you. However, he is an ally of Castro (who you did not kill, by the way). When you regain control of your character, all your weapons are available to you again. A soldier runs out of the nearby armoury, so shoot him and run inside to stock up on ammo. Then leave the armoury and head to your left. There a staircase along the left wall that's easy to miss. Take it down to the ground level and get out of the palace. Hop into the nearby truck and haul ass outta there. As you drive towards the airport, you might notice your mini-map shows new rackets that weren't there before. These are Almeidas rackets that you'll have to grab at some point. However, now is not a good time to do it since you're being chased by every cop, soldier and yahoo with a pistol in Havana. The bridge that leads to the airport is up, but you can jump across as long as your vehicle is going a decent speed. When you get to the airport, you don't even have to get out of your vehicle before a CS begins showing you escaping in a small airplane. Almeida will grumble about your escape and then Hyman Roth shows up. Turns out he was in cahoots with Almeida. He set you up to get rid of Castro but now that you've failed, he turns on you and tells Almeida he'll make you pay. Part 6 - O BROTHER WHERE ART THOU? You wind up back in New York. After the Cuba debacle, you need something to cheer you up, so get your made men back in your crew and then go rob the bank. When you've stashed the money at your safehouse, pick up the phone and talk to Michael. He orders you back to the Corleone compound. When you get there, a CS begins with Michael admonishing you for starting a war with the Manganos. Turns out the whole thing was set up by Roth to get you to Cuba. Fredo was in on in too, and Michael turns his back on him (figuratively, not literally). However, Michael tells you he wants no harm to come to Fredo as long as Roth lives. Then Michael informs you he has a plan to use Frank Pentangeli's brother Vincenzo at the Senate hearings. Talk to Tom, and he'll tell you that Vincenzo has been staying at your safehouse (which is odd, seeing as how you were just there and you didn't see anyone, but whatever…). Now you can promote one of your capos to underboss. At this point, it really doesn't matter who you promote as you have all the specialities available to you a few times over. So promote Alvin or Ray to underboss and promote one of your soldiers to capo. You'll have a space left for a new soldier. You can recruit someone here if you wish, but a better choice is waiting when you go back to Cuba. For now, head to your safehouse where you'll find a dead body and no Vincenzo. Call Tom and he'll suggest you ask around to see if anybody saw anything. Ask all the witnesses in the neighbourhood what they know. The majority of the evidence suggests three men took Vincenzo to La Maison Rouge, though it's also possible a couple of guys took him to the southside docks. You can go to the docks if you wish, but interrogating the guy there yields no information. Instead, you'll just wind up killing a half dozen of Roth's men. Incidentally, this whole caper is one of only three opportunities you get to fight Roth's family directly. They're pretty tough, but nothing to get worried about. Go to La Maison Rouge instead and head up to the room on the second floor next to the office. Don't pull out any weapons for the time being, as if you start a shootout your guards or your made men might kill the guy you need to talk to. Inside the room is a one of Roth's men with a Godfather icon above his head. Interrogate him and rough him up until he talks. He'll reveal his crew took Vincenzo and are holding him nearby. Once he's finished, kill him and his two cronies. On your way out, a bunch of Roth's goons will charge in, so feel free to kill them. Drive over to the construction site near your safehouse, the one where you took out Mark Rossi. Vincenzo is being held in room in the basement. There's six or seven guards between you and him, but not that much cover for them to hide behind. Once Vincenzo is rescued, a long CS begins showing the committee meeting and Frank getting ready to testify. When he sees you arrive with Vincenzo, Frank instead claims he made up all the accusations against Michael. The committee members are flabbergasted and Michael is off the hook. Talk to Tom and he'll tell you to meet with Michael in the defence chambers. When you do, he informs you that Mitchell has gone rogue and is hiding out somewhere in Cuba. Michael is getting ready to move his operations to Las Vegas, so he tells you to settle things with Mitchell, Roth and all your enemies. Talk to Senator Geary and he'll tell you your involvement with the CIA is being covered up at the highest level. Then talk to Tom again and he'll tell you a little about what's gonna happen to Frank and where Fredo is. Leave the building and hit the streets. Do favours for people until you have all the kill conditiosn for the remaining Mangano made men and the Almeida mobsters too. When you're done, open up the Don's View and check the safes to make sure you've cracked all the ones in New York. This will be your last time in the big apple, so make sure you've gotten all the safes cracked before you leave. When you're sure you've got them all, drive over to the airport and fly to Florida. It's just a quick stopover this time to take care of the last mobster in Florida, an Almeida capo named Jamie Fesser. He's at the graveyard in Palmetto, not too far from your safehouse, surrounded by guards. Dispatch his guards and then run over to Jamie. Grab him and bash his head into the nearby casket until he croaks. Now that Florida is mobster-free, it's time to return to Cuba, so drive over to the airport and hop a flight. You'd think it would be a little harder to get back into that country, what with you being a presidential assassin and all, but apparently it's not. Part 7 - CHAOS IN CUBA When you start at the airport, instead of heading forward out the gate, don't leave just yet. Go past the airplane on your left, down the runway until you see a trio of airplanes on your right. Standing by the airplanes is the last recruitable mobster with two specialities. His name is Ray Mancini and he's an Engineer/Bruiser. Recruit him. On the way to your safehouse, you should see your old contact Maria Torres at the plaza before the bridge. Talk to her and you'll find she doesn't hold a grudge that you tried to plug Castro. Instead, she'll ask you to assassinate a rival of hers. If you do it, you'll be able to sting a Mangano mobster to keep him out of your hair for a while. So drive over to the building behind the palace and shoot the guy with a rifle (or whatever weapon you like better), then flee before the authorities catch up to you. The next official you can do a favour for is Jamie Aggassiz. He's at the police station and it's best to approach him from the west side to avoid the mob of Mangano goons in the area. He'll ask you to blow up the Battaglia Cement Depot. Approach the building from the west side and you'll find the pipes on the outside of the building as usual. There are also three parked cars on this side, which is a bonus as good cars in Cuba are hard to come by and you can take one of these without angering the cops. Your reward for this demolition job is the ability to call a sting on an Almeida mobster. The final official you should help out is Juan Pablo del Monte. You can find him near the bank standing in front of a large building I'm assuming must be the local courthouse. He asks you to beat down a corrupt cop you'll find at the police station. Approach the target from the west again and you can punch him without attracting any heat. Doing so nets you the ability to get a jailed member of your crew back in your line-up immediately. When that's done, it's time to get rid of the last Mangano made men. Mark Guccio Ferrara for death. You'll find him due south of your safehouse. Approach him without drawing a weapon and you can avoid a gun battle with his guards. Grab him and slam him into a wall while your crew beats down his entourage. There's another Corleone mobster in the area who may join in the fun too. The next target is capo Baldo Campi. He's southwest of the Casino Imperial in a small construction site. You have to run him over to get rid of him. Sounds easy, right? Well, it's not. He's surrounded by concrete barricades which you can't drive over. So you have to use one of the two dirt ramps to jump into his concrete circle and run him down. You might have to try it a few times before you get it right. Once you've done it, get rid of the guards and then high-tail it outta there as you'll have no doubt called down some cop heat on you. Another way to handle this is to go to the construction site on foot and eliminate the guards first. Then run over to Campi and grab him. Drag him out to the street and knock him down, then quickly hop into a vehicle and run him over. The hard part will be doing all of this without killing him (or yourself, if the cops are involved by this point) and getting into the vehicle fast enough before he gets up and sprints back to his concrete protection. Personally, I recommend the dirt ramp jump. It took me a few tries, but I eventually got the speed right. The last Manganos mobster is underboss Giorgio Strozzi. He's the one whose guards hang around near the police station because he's on a balcony of a nearby building. Head over to the northwest side of the building, getting rid of any guards you may encounter on the way. At the base of the stairs leading up to the second floor is a bat you can grab if you forgot to bring along a melee weapon. Make your way up the building and you'll find Strozzi on the balcony with more guards. If you target the guards before attacking him, he'll climb a ladder to the roof, but there's nowhere to go from there so let him climb then follow him up. Do a melee weapon execution and that'll take care of him. Now turn your attention to the last family of made men you have to kill, the Almeidas. You've already taken care of one of the soldiers, Alejandro Almeida, when you disrupted the airport labour strike, and taken out capo Jamie Fesser before coming to Cuba again. So start with the soldiers and work your way up the ladder. Your first target is Pablo Benitez de Lugo. Getting to him is very similar to what you just went through with Strozzi, except that there are no goons lurking on the ground floor of his hangout. Drive over to his building, climb up the stairs to get inside and make your way up to the roof. Get rid of his guards and then approach him to dispatch him with an automatic weapon execution. The next target is Balthazar Barretto. He's in the square where you found Ray Ricci on your first trip to this Caribbean cesspool. Since he's in the back of the square, run through it with no weapons drawn and get someplace where you've got a clear line to Barretto. Throw a Molotov cocktail at him and he'll go flying. Wherever he lands, throw another cocktail and that'll end his life. The only complications with this assassination is that you're close to the Casino Imperial, so some Manganos might attack you from there, and the nearby cops and soldiers will surely show up to hassle you again since you're freaking out the civilians. That takes care of the soldiers, so move on to the capos. The first one you should hit is Raul Limonta. The good news is that he's right behind your safehouse. The bad news is that he's got a lot of guards in the plaza there with him. You can try to shoot them first, but the problem is that Limonta tends to charge in and get shot up by your made men before you can get to him and execute him with a melee weapon. The easiest way to handle it is to run over to him unarmed, punch him a few times then equip your melee weapon and execute him. His guards will shoot at you a few times while you do this, but they're mostly armed with pistols so you should be able to handle the damage. Once Limonta is out of the picture, kill the guards however you wish. The other capo, Juan Mazon, is by a bend in the road northwest of Global Imports. There are some cracked walls in his building you can blow up to get in. Once inside, fight your way through the guards and you'll find him in the back hiding out between two pillars. Once you've taken out his guards, execute him at close range with your sniper rifle. Move on to the first underboss, Ramon Valiente. He's in a very thin building due south of Global Towing. The only way to get to him is through a staircase in the front of the building. So head on over, clear out the guards on the ground floor and the move up and clear the second floor. To eliminate Valiente, you have to shoot him the kneecap and then use whatever form of execution strikes your fancy. You probably kneecap your targets anyway to get close to them, but in this case it's required to satisfy the kill condition. The final mobster you need to target is Payo Saaverda. He's on top of a great wall in Ciudad Vieja. Drive over there and climb up the stairs to the second level of the wall, dispatching guards as you follow the curving wall to its southern end. You'll reach a cracked wall you need to blow up. Do so and then continue along until you reach the stairs that lead up to the third level. There are lots of guards on this level, but they come at you in groups of three and four so it's not too bad. Move your way back towards the north and eventually you'll come across Saaverda. To eliminate him, you have to kill him with a shotgun execution. Once you've done so, keep moving towards the north end, eliminating the last guards as you go. When you reach the end, a staircase will get you down to the second level and your bruiser can kick open the door ahead of you. Then head down the nearby stairs and you're done! Since there are no more made men except your own, you no longer need fear attacks on your businesses. That means you don't need to guard them any more. If you like, you can dismiss all the guards from your rackets and fronts as they're not needed any more. Personally, I didn't bother as I'd made so much money by this point (mostly by robbing banks 36 times or so) that I'd already upgraded my men to the best they could be. Since there's nothing else to spend money on in this game, I just plain didn't need any more. The other thing you no longer need to worry about is having an engineer cut the electrical power to a building you're planning to raid. The mobsters inside can call for help all they want, nobody's coming to help them since you killed all their made men. Now that you've taken care of your competition, it's time to take over their businesses. Head back to your safehouse to load up on ammo and then go across the street to Corazon del Oro. You might be tempted to hit the Mangano gambling rackets first, but trust me, this one is more important. Before you go in, make sure you have a safecracker and a bruiser with you, as you'll need both to get to the owner. Get rid of the guards and then physically threaten the owner to make him crack. With the acquisition of this racket, the Adult entertainment crime ring is now yours. As a result, your guards will cost you $65 each instead of $100. I guess sending them to see exotic dancers and porno stars makes them less greedy or something. Since Juan Sizzllio's is nearby, head there next. The place has a simple layout with one big room and a smaller office to the side. All the mobsters are in the main room and nobody will duck into the office when the shooting starts. So just take cover near a window and pick off your targets. Then go inside and crack the safe before punching the owner and making him crack. Okay, now it's time to complete our next crime ring. Head up to Casino Havana. Ignore the ladder in back of it (it leads to a roof with nothing on it) and come in through the front. Fight your way through the guards and have your bruiser kick through a door on the second floor to get to the owner. Slam him against a wall and he'll give you the racket. Blow open the door in the basement to get access to a huge vault door like the ones in banks. When your safecraker opens it up however, there's no money inside, just a safe with $4000 in it. Seems to me like a big door for such a middling amount of money, but whatever… Make your way to the Casino Imperial. You can either head in through the front door or your arsonist can make himself useful and burn down the hedge on the right side of the building. This will allow you to enter the building from the side. Either way, the layout here is pretty similar to Casino Havana. Once again you'll have to kick down the door to get to the last guards and the owner. The only difference is that this one's weakness is jabs and punches. You'll receive a message that the remaining Manganos are holed up in their compound. However, their compound is in Florida. You could fly down there, take care of it and come back here, but since you're here now, you might as well finish up your business here before you leave. You now have to decide which of the two remaining crime rings you wanna go after first. I suggest you go after the chop shops because you've already got one in Florida so you should complete the ring. Besides, the bonus you get for having them all is those armoured Cadillacs you've seen throughout the game. Those can come in handy, while the bonus from the arm smuggling rings, the ability to carry more explosives, is one I can take or leave, personally. So make your way over to Global Imports and go into the business itself through the front. There are 4 guards inside, while the rest are on the roof. You'll find the owner there too, and he's vulnerable to punches. Head over to Global Crushers. Again, the majority of the guards here are on the roof. However, the owner is in the back yard. You just need to grab him to get him to crack. The safe here is in an office you can either enter by going through the building or blowing a hole in the wall from the back yard. Finally, head over to Global Towing. Enter the building from the east side and make your way up to the second floor locker room where you'll find the safe. Then open the door leading out and you'll be on a catwalk with most of the guards on the floor below. Once you've taken care of all of them, walk over the crushed car to the walkway on the other side where the owner is. Punch him and he'll willingly give you the business. Then go downstairs and the big cargo doors will open. An armoured Caddy is waiting for you. So that leaves only the arms smuggling racket left to take. The closest one is the one you bombed on behalf of Jamie Agassiz, the Battaglia Cement depot. There's not much of a layout, but plenty of cover for defenders to hide behind. Of course, that means there's plenty of cover for you to hide behind as well. The owner is inside and he's vulnerable to being punched. To get to the safe you'll have to have a bruiser break open the door on the west wall. Now take a car, armoured or not, and drive on over to Battaglia Masonry near the airport. Enter through the front and kill the guard inside. Then go through the door and you'll find an office with the safe. Also in this room is a ladder leading down to a dark tunnel. Go down into the tunnel and follow it a short way to where it curves left. At the end of the tunnel is the level 3 machine gun. Go back up and exit the office through the back door. Climb the nearby ladder to the roof and kill all the guards there. Then find the owner with all his employees (what were they doing up there, having a picnic?) and punch him. He'll be so afraid of you he'll give you the racket. Drive up the winding road to the Battaglia Quarry. It's a big complex and you'll have to wander around to find most of the guards. The first one is next to the small building to your right. Get rid of him, enter the building and go up the stairs to the second floor where, for the first and only time in this game, you'll need your engineer to open the door. From this roof, you should see four guards on the ship below you. Once they're dead, head over to the big building where the loading doors will open and most of the guards will charge out at you. The rest will come up from the docks on your left. When you go inside, you'll see a door that your bruiser needs to open. Do so and you'll find the owner behind it and the safe nearby. Like his two predecessors, this owner is vulnerable to punches. Before you move on, go back outside through the loading doors and you'll see a lighthouse. Make your way over to it and you'll find the level 3 magnum on a chair. And now we come to the final racket, the Battaglia Cement Factory. Approach it from the southwest side and you'll see a door your safecracker can open. Do so and you'll find yourself in a large warehouse with large cement tubes on one side and aircraft on the other. Fight your way through the tube area but don't go into the aircraft area yet. Explore the area with the tubes and you'll eventually find the safe inside an office. Then go back to the tube area and enter the plane hanger. The remaining guards will be on an elevated walkway so take them out and go up the walkway to find the owner with his two secretaries. This guy is vulnerable to slams and leans. Congratulations! You've now taken over all of the rackets and fronts in the game! Part 8 - THE ENDGAME Your business in Cuba isn't quite done yet. The Almeida compound needs to be destroyed to break the family's power. Drive up to it in an armoured Cadillac (there's one at the airport nearby if you need it). You'll want the Caddy because the Cuban soldiers near the compound will start shooting at you as soon as you come near. Get rid of them and then approach the compound gate where the first of many Almeidas are waiting for you. Once you've gotten rid of them, head to your right past the two trucks. Another wave of Almeidas will attack you. Move forward until you need to turn left to continue. Wave after wave will come at you as you move forward. There's a building with an army jeep parked right at its front doors Go up to it and enter it from the south- east side by getting your safecracker to unlock the door. Go upstairs and you'll find a room that contains both the level 3 sniper rifle and the compound safe. It also should contain Esteban Almeida, but sometimes he's not there. I dunno if it's a glitch in the game or if you snuffed him on the way into the place and I never noticed. Either way it doesn't matter. The gas pipes you need to bomb are on a balcony adjacent to the sniper rifle room. Place the bomb and then get outta there quick 'cause you only have a 20 second countdown again. If Esteban wasn't killed before, he's certainly dead now. Grab that army jeep and drive out. Your final bit of business is to kill Henry Mitchell. He's in a nearby building with Roth's men guarding him. Park near his building and go up the stairs to enter the place and work your way to the top. You've done this before, so you should know how it goes by now. The only wrinkle is that some of Roth's men are also in adjacent buildings and will take potshots at you when you're exposed on a balcony. When you reach the top, Agent Mitchell will be waiting for you. He's armed with a shotgun, so kill him quick and your business in Cuba is done. Before you leave, double check the Don's View to ensure you've cracked all the safes here. Once you know you have, drive to the airport, book a ticket to Florida and say farewell to Havana. When you arrive, hop into the armoured car by the airport entrance and drive over to your safehouse to load up on ammo. Your next stop is the Mangano compound. You could bomb the wall near the gate to slip in that way, but why bother? Just slowly drive up and tell your men to lean outside and they'll start shooting. The armoured car will suck up the hits while your men kill the seven or eight guards that are milling around. Then drive up to the building itself. Some snipers will be waiting for you. Keep using your car as a tank and your crew will keep firing. However, there's a good chance the car will eventually take enough damage to catch on fire, so don't expect it to last forever. Once the snipers are dead, get out of the car (if you haven't already) and make your way round the garage to the back of the house. They'll be quite a few guards running around the grounds. Be especially careful to take out the two snipers on the second floor balcony. The back wall of the building has a spot your demolitions guy can bomb to make an opening. It's not a crack, so it's easy to miss. Let him do his thing and enter the ground floor. There's a staircase in the front room leading to the second floor, but don't go up yet. Instead, make sure the ground floor is clear and you'll find the level 3 pistol while doing so, which is the last of the weapons in this game. There'll be a set of stairs leading downstairs. Go down and you'll find the last safe in the game as well. Now go up to the second floor. There are guards up here and Don Mangano too. Kill them all and then go to the back balcony where the snipers were. The gas pipes you need to bomb are there. Be sure of your escape route 'cause it's another 20 second countdown. Bomb the place and then take off. Stop at the phone by the compound entry gate and talk to Tom. He'll tell you to come to your safehouse when you're ready. Before you go, check to see if you have any “call off police” favours left. If you don't, go do a job for Reisdorf or Illverra. Or you can just buy the favour from them. Lord knows you should have enough spare money for that by now. Go to the safehouse and replenish your ammo. Talk to Michael. He tells you that Roth will be arriving at the local airport soon and that this might be your only chance to kill him. Then talk to Tom who'll suggest you bribe a security guard to let you past the metal detector. Before you leave, take a look at your crew. Make sure that all three men who come with you are medics. Their other specialities don't matter since you won't need 'em on this last job. If you have more than three available medics, take the ones with the best weapons licences and make sure they're armed with the highest level weapon they can handle. Then pile into your car and drive to the airport. Enter through the left (south) entrance and make your way over to the door leading to the airport safe. The security guard you need to bribe is there. Bribe him and you're ready to go. You can also bribe the nearby cops but there's not much point, as they'll still come after you when the trouble starts. Enter the room with the safe and make your way up the stairs into the airport lounge. Then leave the lounge and head towards the arrival area. A bunch of Roth's men are there and they'll draw weapons and start firing as soon as they see you. The nearby security guards will follow suit a moment later, as will all the cops in the area. Within moments the place will be transformed into a war zone as the biggest gunfight of the game erupts. If you draw a gun and start firing you stand a good chance of quickly being cut to pieces. Best way to handle this mess is to toss a Molotov cocktail into the central group of shooters, then lob a few more around for good measure. After that you can draw a gun and start picking people off. When you've cleared the main area, make you way towards the back arrival gates. A few more of Roth's men will bar your way, but their numbers are hardly sufficient to hurt you too badly at this point. When you reach the back gates, you'll find Roth there waiting for you. Ask him why he betrayed you and he'll answer it was because this is the life you both chose. Kill him however you want and head out of the airport. A few security guards might still remain to stand in your way, but by and large the airport should be clear of opponents. However, when you get outside you'll find a mess of cops who want to shoot first and ask questions much much later. So run to the armoured Cadillac waiting nearby and take off. Get your men to fire at the cops chasing you and concentrate on getting to the Manganos compound you took over. If the cops get to be too much to handle, use your “call off cops” marker to get rid of them. Once you reach the building, the game ends with one final cut scene. Michael tells you you've earned his respect and the right to call yourself Don Corleone. As the other mobsters nearby shake your hand, Michael leans in and whispers something in your ear. It seems there one last thing to take care of. The scene shifts to a lake where you and Fredo sit in a boat fishing. Fredo has his back to you and is praying. As he says his Hail Mary to help him catch a fish, flashback sequences show Fredo as he appeared throughout the game. As he finishes, you pull a gun and shoot Fredo in the back of the head. You then voice an apology, and the credits roll. __________________________________________________ EXECUTION ADVICE Many times in the walkthrough I make reference to how you have to “execute” certain made men to fulfill their kill condition. There are 36 different types of executions you can perform, and you can find them listed in the Don's View. If you perform one on a mobster in the course of the game, the corresponding icon in the Don's View will have a checkmark on it. If you perform them all you'll receive a Trophy/Achievement depending on if you're playing the game on a PS3 or an Xbox. I dunno what you get for doing it if you're playing on a PC. Even if you're not interested in performing each and every execution move in the game, the story requires you to perform some of them as you go along. If you don't know how to do them, you won't be able to get rid of a lot of the enemy's made men. This means that your businesses will suffer more attacks and it'll make the game a lot harder to finish. Now, most of them are fairly straightforward and the description in the Don's View tells you all you need to know. If you don't understand what “Throw victim off a high ledge” means, then there's really nothing I can do to explain that to you. The tricky ones are the weapon executions. Sometimes they can be difficult because they require you to right next to the target with the correct weapon equipped and the target's life bar to be half empty. That can be a little tricky to pull off sometimes, especially if your crew is shooting at the same target. Quite often, they'll kill the target before you have a chance to perform the execution. You could try the execution solo with your crew left behind somewhere, but this can be hazardous, especially if your target has guards around. Another idea is to equip your crew with the level 1 pistol, the wimpiest gun in the game. You're still denying yourself some firepower you might need if things get bad though. If you want to perform an execution that requires to target to be kneeling, the best way to do it is to equip your pistol, get fairly close to the target and shoot them in the leg. The pistol doesn't do enough damage to kill the target with one shot (or even two most of the time). When your target's life bar is half empty or less, quickly swap the pistol for the weapon you wanna use, run to the target and perform the execution. You have to be quick or your crew might finish your target off. Another technique you can use if the target has only a few guards is to run up to the target, grab him and start strangling him. The target will eventually drop to their knees and you can then break the hold, equip the weapon and perform the execution. For standing executions, you have two choices. You can run up, grab the target and head-butt him (or throw punches) until his life bar is low enough, then let go, quickly equip your weapon and perform the execution. This works pretty well, but you'll take a lot of damage is the target has a lot of guards around, so don't try it unless you have a bullet-proof vest and have purchased both health upgrades for yourself. The other approach is to shoot the target in the shoulder with your pistol. Like the kneecap technique, it won't kill your target but will reduce him to the required level of life. It also has the added bonus of getting your target to drop his weapon, which can be handy when you're trying to execute somebody shooting at you with a shotgun. If you have a particular target you have to execute and you're afraid your crew might kill him before you can, you can always try a kamikaze approach if the target has guards. Run past the guards and grab your target. You crew will usually start firing at the closer targets, in this case, the guards. This will give you some time to perform the execution you need to pull off. Trouble is, you'll draw a good amount of fire yourself while you do this. So this is another idea that you might be better off not trying until you have the bullet-proof vest and the health upgrades. __________________________________________________ FAQ Q: Are there any other characters with more than one specialization besides the ones you mention in the walkthrough? A: If you pre-ordered the game before it came out, you could download a character called Tommy Cipolla who's an arsonist/medic. And you can also buy a “jack-of-all-trades” character from the Playstation Store or Xbox LIVE Marketplace. His name is Jimmy Lira and he's an arsonist/engineer/medic/safe- cracker. He also starts off with the level 2 machine gun right from the start of the game in New York. I didn't include either of these guys in the walkthrough because you may or may not have access to them. If you do, they'll be in the office with Joe Primanti and Roy Giordano when you first show up in New York. Q: There are four weapons licences for the made men I recruit, but only three levels of weapons. What's the “master” weapons licence good for? A: It allows your made man to use level 4 weapons. Currently the only way to get those weapons is to buy them from the Playstation Store or Xbox LIVE Marketplace. If you get them, they'll be available as soon as you start play in New York. Q: I bought the level 4 weapons. Should I bother to find the level 2 and 3 weapons? A: Yes. You might not have a use for them, but your made men will need them. Besides, most of them are in places you have to go to anyway. Q: What are the best weapons to use in the game? A: Well, since you can get it right off the bat at the beginning of the game, I found myself using the level 2 shotgun early on. When you raid Carmine Rosatos' compound, you find the level 2 magnum and that was my weapon of choice until I found the level 3 magnum late in the game. The magnum isn't supposed to have great range but I never really had a problem hitting targets a long way away with it. I also made sure my made men used the magnums as well. Q: Do I have to use only a shopkeeper's weakness when shaking him/her down or can I use other methods? A: You should use the weakness at least once as it gives a bonus to how much the place will pay out. But beyond that you can use whatever method you prefer. Personally I would use the weakness (whatever it was), then draw a gun and aim it at the owner to increase the pressure. Indeed, some weaknesses will kill the owner long before they reach their capitulation point, so you'll have to switch methods in those cases. Q: What are the most important specialities for my made men to have? A: They all come up often, with the exception of the arsonist. You only need the arsonist twice in the entire game. Once at the very beginning of the New York portion to allow you access to the level 2 shotgun, and then later when you attack the Manganos at Global Storage where the game tells you to burn a fuel tank. There are other places the arsonist can use his skill, but none are required to finish the game. As for the other specialities, you should get a safecracker early and keep him around for the entire game as every racket and front you hit will have a safe you can crack. You'll also need them to open locked doors for you, especially in Cuba. Engineers are useful to get you into places the back way and prevent a racket you're attacking from calling in reinforcements. They're also invaluable when it comes to robbing a bank because they cut the alarm and allow you to complete the heist with minimal police interference. Bruisers you won't need until you start to take out made men in Florida, and you'll also sometimes need them to kick down doors. Demolitions experts get you into places, plain and simple. Finally, there's the medics, who can revive you when you take too much damage. Once you've purchased the revival upgrade a few times, you can stay down for a full minute before you're sent away to the nearest hospital. If a medic gets to you before that, he'll get you back up with full health to boot! Try to ensure you always have at least two medics in your crew. I did, and I managed to go through the entire game without once being sent to the hospital. Q: Do I have to do a favour for all the corrupt officials? A: No. Some of the rewards for doing so are pretty handy though. And if you help them all at last once, you'll get a trophy/achievement. But it's not necessary to help them all in order to complete the game. Q: Do I have to crack all the safes to complete the game? A: No. Again, you'll get a trophy/achievement if you do, but you can complete the game either way. Q: Do I have to kill all the guards in a racket before I can take it over? A: No. All the guards do is keep you away from the owner. Once you shake down the owner, you can take over the racket no matter how many enemy guards are still kicking around. Just load up the place with your own guards and they'll dispose of the enemy stragglers. Q: If I forget to crack a safe in a racket/front I took over, will the game still consider it my racket? A: I read on a discussion board that you have to find and crack the safe before the game will consider the racket/front to be yours. However that's completely incorrect. All you need to do is shake down the owner and the racket or front is yours. Q: Does this game have any glitches? A: A couple I've that I've noticed. When I got back to Florida after setting up Senator Geary, I found no cars anywhere save the armoured Cadillac by the airport (which I couldn't use yet). I ran around for while but the game just wouldn't give me any cars. Since Florida is such a big place, I got fed up, reloaded the game and the cars were back. It's also possible to get stuck between the kitchen table and the closing door of your safehouse in Florida. Again, just save your game and reload it if that happens. A couple of times in Cuba I ordered my safecracker to go to work on a lock and he told me he couldn't do it. I had to carefully move my crew into the room before he would do it. And finally, like I already mentionned in the walkthough, Esteban Almeida doesn't always appear in Almeida compound when you're raiding it. But don't worry about it. He still dies when you blow it up. Q: The bullet-proof vests we get are ugly and hide the outfit I created for my mobster. Is there any way to get rid of them? A: Not that I know of, sorry. You could always bomb one of your own diamond smuggling businesses I suppose… Q: What happens to Frank Pentangeli after he perjures himself in front of the senators? A: Tom Hagen visits him in at a military base where Frank is being held. He suggests to Frank that he kill himself in order to make up for his violating the mob's code of silence. In return, the Corleones will see to it that Frank's family is financially taken care of. Frank agrees and later slashes his wrists while taking a bath and bleeds to death. I guess the game designers couldn't think of a way to incorporate all of that into the game's plot. Q: Why doesn't Michael want Fredo to be harmed until after Roth is dead? A: To be honest, I don't find that makes much sense. In the movie that the game is inspired by, Michael doesn't want Fredo harmed while their mother is still alive out of consideration for her feelings. Later on, when she dies, the family reunites for her funeral and Michael hugs Fredo as an apparent gesture of forgiveness. However, as he does so, Michael silently signals his capo, Al Neri, that Fredo's protection from harm is now over. At the end of the film, Fredo is killed by Neri while fishing in the same manner as is shown in the game's ending. Q: Is there any pattern to find the correct responses when flirting with women in this game? A: Probably, but I couldn't be bothered to find it. Since the flirting changes absolutely nothing about the story, I didn't spend much time flirting. Q: Will there be a Godfather III game? A: I don't know. I don't think the events of that film lend themselves well to a game plot. However, I would have said the same thing about the events of “The Godfather II” and yet here we are. __________________________________________________ WHO WROTE THIS? My name is Sébastien Couture and I live and work in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. I am a big fan of role-playing, wrestling and baseball video games and my favourite game is Final Fantasy VIII for the original Playstation system. I consult walkthroughs for nearly every game I play so I figured it was time for me to give back to the gaming community a little. This is my first walkthrough and I hope it helped you out. If you have any comments and/or feedback, feel free to drop me a line at If you have a suggestion for an alternate strategy or something I missed, drop me a line and I'll update the walkthrough and give you credit for the new info.</p>