Foxy's Guide to Friends And Followers -------------------------------------------------------- INRTO: Hello,all who read this, like 3 people have asked me(....although it might have been the same person 3 times) Have asked me "Man, my followers keep dying, how can I give them a fighting chance to survive?" well I have the answer, included in this FAQ/Guide are bugs to get up to 9 followers, overviews of all followers, a list of temporary followers,and recommended weaponry and armor for them. This is my first guide,so I have no clue how to make those things that are like. "type in W-295 to get to the follower's list." If anyone knows how to do that,please email that to me. _______________________________ COPYRIGHT STUFF _______________________________ FALLOUT 3 BELONGS TO BETHSEDA, IT IS NOT MINE, I DO NOT OWN IT,I PLEASE DO NOT SUE ME,I AM TYPING IN ALL CAPS BECAUSE I DO NOT WANT TO BE SUED. _______________________________________ Wtf Am I talking about? _______________________________________ explanation explanation --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is the guide to the guide,if I figure put how to get the stuff that transports you to different sections of the guide this will be here too,otherwise all that's in here is the explanation of the my karma requirements description, and the explanation of the (SIMULATION) tags,and a couple other things. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Karma requirements explanation _______________________________________________ All followers aside from Charon and Dogmeat require a certain karma requirement to recruit or re-hire, but some ( only 2,actually) will leave you if your karma drops to much. My system is based off what your choice was regarding megaton. Saved their asses( you have good karma) Left their asses alone( you have neutral karma) Nuked their asses.(you have bad karma) ------------------------------------------------------------------- SIMULATION TAGS ------------------------------------------------------------------- The simulation tags mean it is best if you give the follower the Operation:Ancorage simulation version of a weapon,witch you can only use in the Ancorage simulation,and can only be used in the wastes via glitching. The Gauss Rifle,Trench Knife, and the Shocksword you get from the Armory at the end of the simulation cannot be equipped by followers due to a coding error, only The simulation versions of weapons of the Gauss Rifle,Trench Knife, and the Shocksword can be equipped by followers. All simulation weapons have unlimited durability. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Follower Rating System. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- OMFG=Realy Good - Badass= Good - Ehhh= Ok - :( = bad ----------------------------------------------------------------- Organization ----------------------------------------------------------------- _____________________________________ A Heading _____________________________________ ---------------------------------------------------------------- A sub-heading ---------------------------------------------------------------- ===================================== A sub- heading in a sub-heading ===================================== _______________________________________________ OVERVIEW OF FOLLOWERS _______________________________________________ Followers are,people that follow you, you can recruit them, fire them, make them hold equipment, tell them to wait, or change how close they follow you, they fight enemies, and are great as distractions,there are 7 of them,8 counting dogmeat,and 18 counting temporary. The temporary followers are: Red Shorty Sticky Brotherhood knight Bengiman Motgomry Cherry Initiate Perk Paladin (i can't remember his name) Sara Lyons Temporary followers are followers that will leave you after you enter a certain area,leave a certain area,a certain event happens, or a certain amount of time passes,and due to their temporaryness,i will not be overvaluing them in my guide. __________________________________________ THE FOLLOWERS AND YOU __________________________________________ I will overveiw them here. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- some notes on followers ------------------------------------------------------------------------- All followers have default weapons and armor that cannot be removed,have unlimited ammo,and do better damage,as well as have special properties. They have more health than most NPCs and heal after fights,but will not heal if they step on a mine or activate a trap until after the next battle. All followers aside from RL-3 scale up as you raise your lvl, I:E their stronger when your lvl 30 than when your lvl 3. Followers leave you when you are kindaped to raven rock. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jericho -------------------------------------------------------------------------- STATS ============ * Health: 235 → 310 * SPECIAL: 6ST, 5PE, 4EN, 3CH, 3IN, 6AG, 5LK Skills * Barter: 11 * Big Guns: 45 → 100 * Energy Weapons: 15 * Explosives: 15 * Lockpick: 15 * Medicine: 11 * Melee Weapons: 49 → 100 * Repair: 11 * Science: 11 * Small Guns: 49 → 100 * Sneak: 17 * Speech: 11 * Unarmed: 13 ====================================== Karma and backstory ===================================== Saved their asses: Cannot recruit Left Their asses alone: Cannot recruit Nuked Their asses: Recrutiable Like most followers he will stay with you if you change your karma,allthough if you go good, he will have some comments about your new look on life (such as "I didn't know I was working for Santa Clause here.") He was a raider,he retired,you can convince him to come with you for 1000 caps. ===================================== Default and Recommended equipment. ===================================== Default armor: Leather armor Default Weapon : Chinese assault rifle, Nail Board Recommendations:Mini Gun, Super Sledge, Default Chinese Assault Rifle and T-51B or Tesla armor. Reasons for recommendations: He is one of the only two followers(aside from Rl3 and Fawkes,who can't/ won't equip any other weapons) Thus giving him a mini gun or a Gatling Lazer is a great idea. His nail board sucks, and I suppose you could give him a shiskibab,but Jericho doesn't look right carrying anything that can be held in one hand. The Chinese assault rifle is one of the better small guns in the game, plus his does more damage and has unlimited ammo, YAY! He and Charon are the 2 best followers that can equip armor , you WANT to protect his ass. ======================================== Rating ======================================= OMFG ======================================== Notes ======================================== *If you give him a pack or carton of cigarettes, he will smoke them,and complain how there hard to find,although it isn't wise to do this as it will affect him,and he won't be able to keep up with the player, leaving him much more susceptible to attacks. * he swears.... allot, he swears the third most of all characters in the game,so it is not wise to have him if your kids/parents like to watch you play. * if you steal from his house,he will become hostile, even if you recruit him. * he will gladly stand by and watch you nuke megaton, hell,he'll even help you slaughter megaton,but if you kill the bramin in megaton,he will turn hostile. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Clover -------------------------------------------------------------------------- STATS ============ * Health: 240 → 335 * SPECIAL: 6ST, 4PE, 4EN, 6CH, 4IN, 6AG, 5LK Skills * Barter: 32 → 100 * Big Guns: 13 * Energy Weapons: 13 * Explosives: 13 * Lockpick: 13 * Medicine: 13 * Melee Weapons: 32 → 100 * Repair: 13 * Science: 13 * Small Guns: 32 → 100 * Sneak: 17 * Speech: 17 * Unarmed: 1 ====================================== Karma and backstory ===================================== Saved their asses: Can not recruit Left Their asses alone:Can not recruit Nuked Their asses: Recruitable Like most followers,she will stay with you after recruiting her no matter what your karma is,and if you fire her, you can recruit her again no mater your karma. She's a slave,a crazy ass slave that can be bought from Eulogy Jones For 2000-1000 caps. ===================================== Default and Recommended equipment. ===================================== Default weapons: Sawed Off Shotgun, Chinese officer Sword Default Armor: Dirty Pre-War Spring Outfit Recomendations: The Terrible Shotgun,Default Chinese officer's sword, Outcast power armor Reasons for Recomandations: The default Sawed off sucks,and it is possible she may create a a duplicate of the shotgun via a glitch,so you can have one also. The Sword is arguably the best non custom, non DLC close range weapon, and this one does more damage! All of them need power armor,and I just like the outcast power armor. ======================================== Rating ======================================= Badass ======================================== Notes ======================================== * she will help you slaughter paradise falls,but if you steal something from there she will turn hostile * She will allways ask if she can have a better gun,even if you give her a fatman. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sergeant RL-3 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- STATS ============ * Hit Points 350 * SPECIAL: 5ST, 6PE, 5EN, 5CH, 5IN, 5AG, 5LK Skills * Barter: 0 * Big Guns: 50 * Energy Weapons: 50 * Explosives: 50 * Lockpick: 0 * Medicine: 0 * Melee Weapons: 50 * Repair: 0 * Science: 0 * Small Guns: 50 * Sneak: 0 * Speech: 0 * Unarmed: 50 Robot stats1 * Level: 9 (does not scale to player level) * Combat Skill: 50 * Attack Damage: 23 * Attack Reach: 96 * Turning Speed: 150 * Foot Weight: 3 * Speed Mult: 110% Robots are considered creatures rather than NPCs and thus has an additional list of stats present for creatures. RL-3 does not scale to player level like some companions, so he may become outclassed later in the game. ====================================== Karma and backstory ===================================== Saved their asses: Can not recruit Left Their asses alone:Recruitable Nuked Their asses: Can not Recruit ===================================== Default and Recommended equipment. ===================================== ======================================== Notes ========================================</p>