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[itm] The Book of Bodily Injury ................. [plg] Making Enemies Go Out in Style ............ [fnm] How to Play The Most Dangerous Game ....... [gmf] The "How To" of High Scoring .............. [hts] Walkthrough Varrigan City: Central Station .......... [vc1] Varrigan City: Downtown ................. [vc2] Varrigan City: Red Line Highway ......... [vc3] Asian Town: Great Wall Street ........... [at1] Asian Town: Bistro ...................... [at2] Asian Town: Sumo Arena .................. [at3] Mad Castle: Courtyard ................... [mc1] Mad Castle: The Dungeon ................. [mc2] Mad Castle: Sanctuary ................... [mc3] Area 66: Access Hangar .................. [661] Area 66: Facility ....................... [662] Area 66: Robot Factory .................. [663] Casino Land: The Strip .................. [cl1] Casino Land: The Tower .................. [cl2] Casino Land: Ring of Madness ............ [cl3] Now What? ................................. [ngp] MadWorld Game Script ...................... [gms] Submitted Tips and Tricks ................. [rvt] Credits and Other Junk .................... [mis] To make getting around the guide easier, I've implemented a keyword search feature. Just copy and paste the three-letter keyword (complete with the brackets) of the section you want into your browser's Find feature (Ctrl+F) and it should take you where you want to go. ____________________________________________________________ WELCOME TO MADWORLD [int] MadWorld is a game where you slice people up with a chainsaw. That's all you need to know; let's go! . . . Actually, there IS more to it than that. This game is centered on a game called DeathWatch, which is a call back to the gladiatorial games of old, which means it's all about people killing each other to survive while an audience watches and gets high on the violence. DeathWatch is a televised game show with bookies and sponsors making and placing bets on contestants, called Killseekers, with the winners coming up with mucho cash and bragging rights. The most recent DeathWatch Games have taken over Jefferson Island, causing mad panic and the deaths of many city inhabitants falling prey to the game. Enter Jack. Jack somehow breaks through the quarantine on the island and quickly gets a sponsor on the third day of the games. Jack is a born natural when it comes to DeathWatch. Jack has a flipping chainsaw attached to his artificial right arm. MadWorld is a comedic gore fest as well as a stylized work of video game art. It's also a blast to play. Jack describes it best: "Like polo. With chainsaws." What are you waiting for?! ____________________________________________________________ GETTING AROUND AND GETTING BY [con] CONTROL STICK This moves Jack around. Double tap in the same direction to get Jack to dash. Pushing up on the stick when Jack is doing a punch combo will result in a straight punch to the face, a Jack brand Falcon Punch, if you will. When on a motorcycle, this steers the bike. C BUTTON Push C to reset the camera behind Jack. Pushing in and holding C will allow you to lock on to the nearest enemy. If you are surrounded and trying to focus on a specific enemy, locking on will be difficult. It's best to run away and try picking your target as they run after you. Z BUTTON Z lets Jack jump. If you jump and he is close to a ledge, he will automatically grab it and pull himself up. Jumping also allows Jack the pleasure of airborne attacks. Pushing Z before an attack will add some flair and even do a little more damage than normal (because of gravity, you see). When on a bike, Z lets you perform a Dash for a very short speed boost as long as the Dash gauge is full. NUNCHUK (SWING) Swinging the nunchuk makes Jack do a backflip. Backflipping is his only form of dodging except in special cases when avoiding an attack up close, in which case he will do a slow-motion dive to the side (this is still initiated by swinging the nunchuk). Jack is mostly invincible while dodging. While holding an enemy with A, swing the nunchuk to headbutt them if they start to squirm. The nunchuk is also used in power struggles and special moves. It will appear on the screen and show you in which direction to swing when you need to. When on a bike, the nunchuk is used to grab and throw enemies on your left. When in an arena-type setting, it lets you perform a slick 180-degree turn which also causes nearby enemies to fly. A BUTTON The A button controls Jack's four-part punch combos, as well as normal attacks with weapons, which are vital to softening up an enemy. If you hold the A button, Jack will reach out and grab whatever is in front of him, be it an item or an enemy. Items can only be picked up if you see the "Lift" command on the screen, and enemies should really only be picked up if they're stunned since they can wrestle free. The A button is also a finisher: if the "Finish" command flashes on the screen, hold A to perform a brutal finishing move. Here are some specific A moves listed in the game's manual: Run + A = Shoulder Charge Z + A = Jump Attack Dodge + A = Counter Punch A + twirl the Wii-mote = Giant Swing (finishing move on standing enemy) A + shake the Wii-mote = Ragdoll Slam (finishing move on prostrate foe) When on a motorcycle, the A button is the accelerator. B BUTTON B is my best friend, and it will be yours too, for B, good Killseeker, is your CHAINSAW! Hold that button in and listen to that baby purr. Pressing B is only good for bringing the saw out; you have to swing the Wii-mote to actually use it, but as long as B is held, your chainsaw gauge will deplete. When the gauge is empty, the chainsaw can't be used until the gauge slowly refills. B also controls special moves for weapons, mostly in conjunction with the Wii-mote. Pressing B instead of A when you see the command for a finishing move results in a slightly more brutal end for whoever is dumb enough to stand up to Jack. B stands for brake when you're on a bike. Alliteration is fun. CONTROL (D) PAD Up on the d-pad lets Jack pick up a healing item or a special weapon that prompts a "Pick Up" command. Left and right allow Jack to switch between those special weapons and his chainsaw or fists. Down is a taunt, which can be used to draw enemies in close to you. - (MINUS) BUTTON This pauses the game and brings up the map and options. You can also view the level's time limit here since they weren't nice enough to put it on the HUD for you. The time limit is stopped while the game is paused. The two options available on the pause screen are "Play Log" and "Options". The Play Log keeps track of how and how many times you've killed someone or something a certain way. The Options let you tweak your settings. WII-MOTE (SWING) The Wii-mote is how you tear stuff up with your chainsaw. It also has other functions and controls depending on which weapon you are holding. With no weapon, swinging it vertically results in an uppercut, and swinging it horizontally gives you a reverse punch, which is good for pushing away multiple enemies. While holding onto things with A, swinging the Wii-mote makes Jack throw them. Like the nunchuk, the Wii-mote is used a lot in power struggles and special moves, so watch the screen to know when and how to swing it. It is most notably used to initiate the power struggles: one-on-one tests of strength with boss-type enemies. On a bike, the Wii-mote still controls the chainsaw, but it can only attack enemies on your right or the ones that successfully jump on your bike. It also lets you do a 360-degree turn in an arena. ____________________________________________________________ KILLSEEKER VISION [hud] Since MadWorld is 90% black and white line art, 10% visual sound effects, and 100% blood splatters, it can be a little hard to see around you before you get acclimated. And even then it can still be kind of difficult. The HUD (heads up display) can alleviate a lot of the pain. First up is the most important: the mini-map. This is located in the bottom left. Jack is the little yellow triangle in the center, all his potential victims are the red dots, white dots are enemies above/below you, and yellow dots are mini-bosses. There are many times in the game when looking at the map makes more sense than looking at the screen. Here is the legend (available along with a full map by pausing the game with the - button): Armory Box = Armory that is not yet available Sword = Armory weapon Heart = health item Star = Bloodbath Challenge Crown = ranking match If item icons appear white on the map, then they are a floor above or below you. If they are yellow, they're on the same floor. Just like with enemies. When on a bike, the speedometer replaces the mini-map. Sometimes by the map you will see little black squares or some text. These are to keep track of how you are doing in regards to that level's DeathWatch Challenge. In the lower right is Jack's current score, his yellow health bar below that, his chainsaw gauge under that, and his remaining credits (extra lives) by his picture. Your score skyrockets with the body count; your health depletes as you take damage and refills with pills and onions; the chainsaw meter depletes as long as you have B held and refills automatically when you let up; and the continues deplete as you die but replenish with balloons. On a bike, the Dash gauge replaces the chainsaw gauge. All levels have a Bloodbath Challenge or two that become accessible when you reach a certain score. Once one is ready for you to join in, you will see its name in the upper right corner, as well as its icon on the map. On the right, in the middle of the screen, is your kill rating and score for a single enemy. When you start landing blows on someone, this part of the screen keeps track of how much and how badly you hurt them until they finally die. You can go from routine to ultra violent, and the whole idea is to get that rating and score as high as possible before your enemy dies and that kill's score is added to your total. ____________________________________________________________ TOOLS OF THE TRADE [itm] There's tons of crap scattered around Jefferson Island that Jack can use either for himself or on others. As you make your way around an area, be sure to note all the items at your disposal. HEALING ITEMS As badass as Jack is, sometimes he needs a little help in the form of pick- me-ups. These prompt a "Pick Up" message and are grabbed with the up button on the d-pad. Enemies will sometimes drop them upon death or you can smash some of the breakable environment (like crates) to find them. Happy Pill: These are your small healing items. They come in single or triple dosages, with the triple healing more than the single. Happy Onion: Jack is crazy about raw onions, and they will heal him and replenish his chainsaw gauge completely should he eat one. Jack Balloon: Red Jack balloons give Jack an extra credit, allowing him to come back for more if you happen to screw up and die. WEAPONS Special sponsor weapons are given if Jack is a good boy and kills a lot of things. These are waiting in containers called Armories. Some can even be found in breakable objects like crates. All have their own movesets, special counter moves, and some even have finishers. They will break after a certain amount of use. You can also only have one at a time. Like healing items, these are picked up with the d-pad. Spike Bat, Golf Club: These two weapons are of the same flavor in that you can beat things to death with them by hitting A but can perform a swing with B. Swinging the Wii-mote without B simply results in a slower, more powerful swing. If you are curious about your proficiency at hitting things long distances, the game will tell you how far your victims fly (golf club only, sadly). The spike bat is damn near everywhere, but the golf club only appears in the Mad Castle. Daggers: With a weapon in each hand, Jack is more efficient: he can slice off limbs in seconds and leave behind nothing but a shambling torso with legs. If that isn't enough, he can also turn into a bladed tornado if you hold B and shake the Wii-mote. Jack will spin with his knives out, but you can't really control him when he does this. The best part of the daggers' moveset is shaking the Wii-mote to jump, launch an enemy in mid-air, and then do an A combo on them, slamming them to the ground. Luckily, the daggers show up in many different stages of the game. Spear: The spear is fun but, sadly, is also very rare, as you can only get one in the bistro in Asian Town. A is a simple forward jab, and B is a forward thrust, able to skewer anything in Jack's path instantly. He can skewer multiple enemies on a single spear, making a DeathWatch shish-kebob. If you want to get rid of them and get points for the kills, hit A or swing the Wii-mote and Jack will swing the spear to fling them off. Torches: Yay for fire! Beating an enemy with this will set him ablaze. The B move is more fun because Jack apparently always has alcohol on his breath. Swing the Wii-mote sideways while holding B and he'll breathe into the torch to set anything near him on fire. Like the bat and golf club, swinging the remote without B held just gives you a slow wind-up and swing ... but with fire! Enjoy it while you can because you can only play with the torch in the Mad Castle. Magnet Gun: This is only available in Area 66 due to special circumstances. Holding B activates the gun and drags nearby saps into it and holds them as long as they are metallic. Pressing A propels them forward, preferably into a working fan or trash compactor. This weapon has no other moves available, so it's a one-trick pony. Missiles: Missiles are a very special weapon: you only get them for a certain boss stage, and you'll see why when you get there. Hitting A or B fires the missiles. Yeah, they're boring. ENVIRONMENTAL WEAPONS In DeathWatch, the audience is everything, and they get bored by seeing you chainsaw people to death over and over. They want variety. They want you to ring a guy with a tire, shove a signpost through his head, and *then* cut him in half with a chainsaw. You have to get to know the environment to get in good with the crowd. All items listed here prompt a "Lift" command. You have to hold A to keep a grip on them and most are reusable. Breakable Objects: Stuff like crates are pretty useless when it comes to dealing damage, but they are fun to throw at people. Their real use comes from potentially hiding items. Breakable objects vary from level to level depending on the surroundings. They tend to blend with the scenery, mostly because they are the scenery. Restraining Objects: Restraining items are anything that will instantly incapacitate a foe by either blinding him, limiting the use of his arms, or both. These are usually tires, oil drums, helmets, anything that you can jam over someone's head. Stronger enemies will jump away when you try to get them with these items, so you have to soften them up a bit and then try it. Enemies can also use these items on Jack. Piercing Items: These are things you jam *into* someone's head, not over it. Sign posts, lamp posts, umbrellas, toy trumpets, pinwheels, candlesticks, anything long and slender. These pretty much render normal enemies dead on their feet. Use them like the restraining items: A + swing down. These are by far the easiest way to rack up points since you can stick one enemy with up to five at a time and each signpost is worth hella points, as the commentators would say. Spiked Objects: The Rose Bush is a name given to anything that resembles a wall of spikes. There are also meat hooks and other spiky things lying around that you can impale enemies on; anything with a sharp point is made to impale. You have two options: throw an enemy on them or drag their sorry ass up to it and impale them multiple times by shaking the Wii-mote. Which do you think is better? Heavy Objects: These are not as common and are hard to spot. They burden Jack when he holds them and are only good for slow, wide swings: stuff like benches, columns, and trees. These are not as efficient as other weapons, but they sure do a good job of clearing the air in front of you. Grinders, Slicers, and Presses: These brutal weapons are immovable objects (meaning you have to bring the enemies to them, not the other way around) that are in motion for one purpose. These are saws, fans, blades, gears, anything that you can toss someone into to cause them to hurt very badly. Electrical Appliances: Another kind of immovable object, anything emitting sparks can give an unfortunate sap a good taste of 1.21 jigawatt justice if they are brought near it. Electrical signs, fuse boxes, train tracks... just watch for the tell-tale white sparks. Baiting Objects: Baiting items are clever devices used to distract enemies and gather them in one place, like on a spinning saw blade or under a huge press. These are enemy-specific because only thugs would go after a case of money and only zombies would drop everything to chase down some raw meat. Other: There are some things that just don't belong with the others. Take the trash bag for example. Throw it at enemies to make them vomit. Simple, but it's recorded in the play log so it must count for something. ACTIVATION OBJECTS Some objects prompt an "Activation" command, hence the name. These are a bit of a mash-up. A common item under this category is a zip line which Jack can use to reach different areas of a level. Torture devices and restaurant bells also qualify. They're basically anything Jack can interact with that isn't punching it or picking it up. ____________________________________________________________ THE BOOK OF BODILY INJURY [plg] Otherwise known as your play log, accessible through the pause screen's menu when in the middle of a stage. If you need a little more help understanding the lengths to which this game will go to help you murder pixelated people, then this will help. Below are all of the things listed in your play log, arranged by location; however, there will be some cross-over. I do not believe anything special is gotten by filling this thing up or getting a certain amount of each kills. It's just there for curiosity's sake. I'm also listing it before the actual walkthrough to kind of give you a head's up as to what's in store. I really don't think this will spoil anything. GENERAL Object Impalings: This is more for Rose Bush-like impalings rather than the sign variety. Anything that can kill on impalement falls under here. Fan Slice & Dicings: An object in motion that has sharp edges can only be in motion for one real purpose: to slice 'n dice. Torso Bisects: Believe it or not, slicing a guy in half with a chainsaw does not count as a torso bisect. No, this kill is reserved for when you throw guys in dumpsters and other containers that slam closed on the victim. Cutting Saw Chops: See: Fan Slice & Dicings. Drum Explosions: Throwing an explosive barrel at anything will net you a hell of a lot of points and an almost guaranteed multi-kill should you aim it right. Use in conjunction with baiting objects for massive damage. Crates Destroyed: This should be your highest number in the log because breaking things is good for fun and profit. Electrifications: Plenty of electricity to go around. Just watch for the sparks. It is very easy to push multiple enemies into electrified hazards, even by accident. Motorcycle Roadkills: Just what it sounds like. You only get so many chances to run things down on a hog. Chainsaw Beheadings: Do a B finisher on an enemy on the ground and Jack will likely take his head off. B finishing moves are random, so it's a crap shoot whether or not you'll get it. Defenestrations: n. a throwing of a person or thing out of a window To perform a defenestration, you need to throw someone out of an opening: a window (Great Wall Street and the Mad Castle Courtyard) or into outer space through a garbage chute (Area 66 Facility). You will know you performed it correctly when you get a little cinematic of your victim falling to his death. (Thanks to Alistair for help understanding what constitutes this type of kill.) For the record, I had to look this word up in a dictionary, thus proving this game's educational merit. Take that, naysayers. Dagger Finishers: Perform a finisher with the daggers. Not hard seeing as how they completely destroy anything you slice them with, leaving them open for a finisher. Chop Object Homeruns: To net this kill, you need to use the baseball bat's B move to hit a guy right into a dumpster or other such device that will chop him in two. It has to be two pieces; hitting him into a fan or sawblade that produces multiple chunks does not count. Spear Finishers: Do a totally awesome finishing move with a spear. This is a little harder since the lure of simply impaling everything with it is very great and much easier. Jumping Backbreakers: Thanks to Sochithra Chhun for help with this one: "Do an uppercut to launch an enemy into the air, and hold A. Jack will grab the enemy by the arms while they're in midair and slam their back against his shoulders." Jack can use this to stun or kill; for it to count, it's gotta kill. Giantswing Impalings: The Giant Swing is the A finishing move on a standing enemy. Therefore, you need to swing him right into a Rose Bush for this to count. Ragdoll Impalings: Likewise, the Ragdoll Slam is the A finisher for enemies on the ground. The final swing needs to hurl them at a Rose Bush or spike for impalement. 2x Chainsaw Dances: When in a New Game +, you get a double chainsaw, each swing of which kills in style. VARRIGAN CITY Sign Impalings: Pick up a sign and stick it in ... his head. You sicko. Oil Drum Slams: Oil drums, flaming or otherwise, make for good restraints but your target can and will break loose after a time. Bull Head Slams: For this, you need to kill Big Bull Crocker in a power struggle and take his head. You can then slam his helmet down on people. Flat Tire Slams: Ring a guy with a tire. If you haven't caught on yet, anything described as a "slam" involves sticking something on or over a guy's head. Garbage-Stink Vomits: Throw a trash bag at someone and sit back and enjoy the projectile vomit. Actually, it's not very projectile at all. But it's still funny. Swirlies: Jam a guy head-first in the toilet at the railway station and wait a bit for instant reliving of your high school days! Train Reamings: Self-explanatory. This is why trains were invented. Drownings: This is accomplished by throwing enemies into the parasite-infested river from the waterfront. ASIAN TOWN Became Hamburger: Now you know what you eat when you go to your favorite burger place. Throw enemies into the meat grinder in Great Wall Street to feed the masses! Trumpet Ear Slams: A new spin on the classic hearing device. Ear trumpets are sold at a street vendor near you. Bonsai Slams: I'm pretty sure bonsai trees only appear in the bistro. Take those little plant boxes and jam 'em over some ninja's head. Gong Ringings: Who doesn't love the sound of bells or gongs ringing? These come complete with crappy jokes and puns from the announcers. Madam Yang Slams: The freakishly large doll heads will net you a Madam Yang Slam and an entry in the play log... Firecracker Snacks: ...as will the fireworks that appear on nearby vendor stands. You didn't think they'd pass up the classic, did you? MAD CASTLE Painting Slams: In the castle courtyard, paintings found on the walls can be taken off and jammed over someone's head to temporarily put them out of commission. Chandelier Crushes: Just look for the huge "DIE HERE" painted on the floor in blood. You can't miss it. Max Head Drive Dist: When you get the gold club, the game will start tracking how far you hit someone's head clean off his shoulders. Piranha Meals: There's a piranha tank in the library of the castle. Throw a zombie or two in to give 'em a taste of their own meds. Pumpkin Head Slams: Like the doll heads, only scarier. Or maybe not. Spiked Ball Slams: Spiked balls are found (appropriately) in the castle's dungeon. Pull a mini-Little Eddie special with these. Burnings: When you have a torch in hand, there can only be one rule: kill it with fire! Guillotine Chops: You'd think it'd be hard to get a moving target under a guillotine, but these blades are good at what they do. Just toss an enemy near them and they'll do the rest. Statue Slashings: Activate the hidden blade underneath the dungeon's Goddess Statue to take multiple zombies out. Evil Crows Killed: The crows are found in the courtyard and are kind of hard to kill if you try to hit them since they'll fly away. Then tend to get caught in the crossfire when you go on a zombie killing spree though, and they leave little crow corpses for you to kick around. Catapultings: Both areas of the castle sport a fun catapult for some impressive splatter. AREA 66 Tractor Beam Targets: See how many anal probings you can initiate. Bonus points for throwing an alien in its own tractor beam! Globe Slams: Get a model planet from Area 66's control room and hit someone over the head with it. Flash Freezings: The freezer is on the second tier of the facility, in the small room with the bumpers and grinders. Er, I mean, the objects you use to hurl enemies around the room and grind them into patties. That's what I mean. Flash Fryings: The Fusion Engine will evaporate anything you throw at it with a fizzle. ____________________________________________________________ MAKING ENEMIES GO OUT IN STYLE [fnm] Finishing moves are what you get when Jack feels the need to send an enemy to the grave with a little special, more personal touch. He can also only kill bosses in such a way. You can perform them when an enemy is stunned enough to prompt a "Finish" icon on the bottom of the screen. Finishers can be done with either A or B. There are only two finishing moves with A: the Ragdoll Slam and Giant Swing. This leads to the next important point about finishers: you get different finishing moves depending on whether or not the enemy is on the ground or standing. In the case of the A button, the Ragdoll Slam is the finisher for guys on the ground, and the Giant Swing is for when they are standing. So what about the B button? Jack's B button finishing list is varied, since he can do a lot with just his bare hands and gets a couple finishing moves for almost every weapon he can wield. This section of the walkthrough covers all the finishers that I have seen Jack perform (not counting boss fights because you will have to perform those no matter what and can't miss them, therefore you should not need me to describe them to you). To recreate them, here are the basic finishing move rules: 1. Punch an enemy or do whatever repeatedly until you see the finishing move prompt on the screen. 2. Don't get so carried away that you kill him. If you do, go back to the first step. 3. Press A or B (always B in the case of a weapon, while either works for bosses) near the stunned enemy to perform your finishing move. 4. Want to do a "lying down" move but your target is standing? Just swing the Wii-mote up to uppercut the guy and leave him on the floor. Make sure you do this before you see the prompt or you will end up killing him. 5. Go to step 1 until satisfied. The only two factors that determine which finisher you use are 1) your weapon and 2) the enemy's position. Here's the list: BAREHANDED A + Standing: Jack grabs an enemy by the legs and twirls him around. You have to hold A and keep swinging the Wii-mote to keep your grip. A + Lying Down: Jack grabs the enemy by the foot and lifts him up and over his head, slamming him into the ground. Repeatedly. Until he lets go and the guy flies away, that is. B + Standing: From behind, Jack grabs a guy by the neck, puts the chainsaw in his back, takes off his head with the spine still connected, and then throws it back at him. Jack punches his metallic hand into a guy's chest, rips out his heart, and crushes it in his fist. No chainsaw required: Jack gets an enemy by the neck and bends him over backwards, snapping him in two at the waist. Jack cuts a guy in two horizontally. Jack cuts a guy in two vertically. After a swift punch to the gut, Jack grabs a guy by the head and apparently rips his neck out. With a neat little twirl, Jack uses his chainsaw to take off an enemy's legs. This leaves them open for another B finisher of the head-stomping variety. B + Lying Down: Jack will keep the enemy in place with his foot and take his head off with a chainsaw to the neck. Jack grabs a guy by the neck, jams his chainsaw in his gut, and lets it travel up the spine. Jack stomps his foot down and crushes the enemy's head. You can only do this to an enemy on the ground who has been bisected horizontally, as they will still be alive and need to be finished. B + In the Air: Jack gives in to the bullet time fad. When you uppercut an enemy who is ready for a finisher, Jack will position himself underneath the guy and jam the chainsaw straight up into his gut for a bloody shower. SPIKE BAT Sadly, the bat has no finishing moves, but a simple combo with it should be enough to leave an enemy open for one. DAGGERS Standing: Jack takes an enemy's head clean off his shoulders when you pull the remotes away from each other. Jack jams the daggers into an enemy's gut, lifts him up over his head, and rips him in two while striking a savage pose afterwards. Lying Down: Jack sits on top of an enemy and repeatedly stabs the daggers into his back while you shake the Wii-motes. He then sticks one dagger into the guy's head and takes it off, along with part of his spine before holding it up like a trophy and then throwing it to the ground. Did I mention that the daggers have the best finishing moves? SPEAR Standing: Jack flips an enemy in the air and chops them into pieces with the spear by twirling it. You need to swing the remote down to chop the remains in half and end the move. Lying Down: This finisher is the same as if they were standing because Jack flips the enemy into the air either way, making the end result the same. GOLF CLUB No finishers for the golf club... TORCH ...or the torch. Because, you know, fire pretty much does it. KATANA Standing: Jack slices first the arm and then the torso, stylishly twirling his sword afterwards to show off. It does look pretty cool when he does it. Lying Down: No down finisher. The katana just has the one. DOUBLE CHAINSAW This thing is a chainsaw. With two blades. This beast doesn't need a finishing move. One swing of this thing *is* a finishing move. ____________________________________________________________ HOW TO PLAY THE MOST DANGEROUS GAME [gmf] (Literary references are bonus points.) The game follows a pretty strict pattern. You 1) pick a stage, 2) pick an area in the stage, 3) view an intro cutscene, 4) cut loose until the boss fight is unlocked, 5) finish off the boss, 6) goto 1. Simple in theory, but the areas and stages are pretty diverse in enemies, environments, and challenges. Boss fights can also be tough unless you know some tricks. The DeathWatch game is easy to jump into though, and you'll get a good feel for it soon enough. YES, THE OBJECT REALLY IS TO KILL EVERYTHING AS BRUTALLY AS POSSIBLE When you are in an actual level, you need to reach a certain score to unlock the boss fight to finish completely. You can only do this by getting in the audience's good graces to get points. Your audience is made up of sick bastards, so you need to be equally sick in order to please them. Refer to the sections above to get a feel for what kind of tools are at your disposal. DEATH IS AN ILLUSION ... UNTIL CREDITS = 0 You start each level with a time limit and 2 credits to your name, meaning you can die a total of three times before you have to start over. Dying gets you a little lesser bonus at the end of a level, but other than that there are no real drawbacks since you restart exactly where and when you were when you died. You have to start over completely if you use all your credits though. YOUR SPONSOR AND DEATHWATCH CONTROL HAVE GOT YOUR BACK Bonuses are unlocked as you kill and raise your score: mini-bosses, weapons, healing items, etc. The list of bonuses for a level is displayed on the screen before you start, and, once unlocked, bonus items and challenges will appear on your map. Most levels have a DeathWatch challenge that nets you extra points should you finish. Every level has a unique challenge that is covered in the walkthrough. Most challenges after that are generic and may fall under one of these categories: Get X amount of points. Slaughter X amount of enemies. Kill the boss in X minutes. Finish without using a continue. Finish without taking damage. They are totally optional and are only there to help raise your score. Meeting a stage's DW Challenge will place an orange caution sign over its icon on the map, and a new challenge will be initiated. All levels have what are called Bloodbath Challenges. When one is unlocked, you will get a short video showing you a preview. Find the area in that level set aside for the challenge and the Black Baron will tell you how to play. These are fantastic ways to rack up points, are fun mini- games in and of themselves, and are also mostly optional. CUT LOOSE (BUT WATCH THE TIME FROM TIME TO TIME) You are free to kill, kill, kill for as long as your time limit allows. Boss fights are NOT part of this time limit, so feel free to go right up to the final seconds before fighting the big fight. (NOTE: Going right up to the final seconds before fighting the big fight is NOT advised because if you run out of time, it's game over.) ALWAYS KEEP YOUR HAND ON YOUR WII-MOTE And never let gooo! MadWorld is all about QTEs and Wii-mote/nunchuk input, and I will eat my laptop if you tell me this game doesn't help you build strength in your arms because of it. Events like power struggles are only determined through remote motions and are great ways to get the upper hand, so don't miss out. ENJOY THE COMMENTARY AND SMILE FOR THE CAMERA It's hard to remember that you're on a televised game show with all the murder and mayhem. At least, it would be if you didn't see your image on a huge Jumbo-Tron and have Howard "Buckshot" Holmes and Kreese Kreeley (DeathWatch's official announcer and a former competitor, respectively) yakking all the time. Their commentary is icing on the sweet cake that is this game, but they will repeat themselves often. MadWorld is a visual work of art, no matter how you slice it (har har), so don't forget to take in the scenery either. REPLAY VALUE, THIS GAME HAS IT You can replay levels as many times as you like by selecting them on your map. This is mostly for raising your score. Power-ups like extra credits do not carry over, no matter how badly you want them to. As noted previously, DeathWatch Challenges are added on to stages after meeting the first challenge and/or finishing the area, so you can go back and test your skills. ____________________________________________________________ THE "HOW TO" OF HIGH SCORING [hts] Okay, so you know how the game works and have got a basic feel for it, but what's the best way to rack up the big points? It's easy to figure out once you see what you are ranked on at the end of each level. COMPLETE ALL CHALLENGES AVAILABLE TO YOU The DeathWatch and Bloodbath challenges are easy ways to score points. DW Challenges are level-long, with specific requirements that vary. You will see these requirements at the level start and will have little boxes or text by your mini-map to track your progress. BB Challenges are unlocked with the appropriate score and have specific rules and time limits. DON'T JUST CHAINSAW EVERYTHING TO DEATH Sure, a chainsaw move gets you at least 10,000+ points, but you could do so much more! How about punching a guy in the gut a few times before you impale him? What about immobilizing him with a signpost or two (or three) through the head? Or toss a case of money out on the railroad tracks and throw an exploding barrel at him as he gets hit by a train? The possibilities are endless. KILL TWO THUGS WITH ONE PUNCH Multi-kills are big with the fans. If you can, gather enemies together with baiting items, throw explosive barrels, use weapons with a large hit radius like a bat, or lure enemies to environmental hazards that have room for more than one, like presses and grinders. GO FOR THE ULTRA VIOLENCE Getting an ultra violent ranking for a kill means you scored a ton of points off of one string of violence against a single enemy. There are a myriad of ways to achieve this ranking, but the basic rule is to hit him, stick him, or jam as many things as you can over his head without letting him die. Use as many environmental weapons at your disposal as you can, position your foe near an environmental hazard like a fan or Rose Bush, and finish it all off by chucking an explosive barrel at him to cause him to (hopefully) fly into the aforementioned hazard. If you can catch other enemies in the blast, the multiple kills should only add on to the final score. It's up to you to decide which is better: quality or quantity. The game really doesn't care. You score points either way. DON'T DIE You get points for every credit you have at the end of a level. Plus, not dying is just a good habit to get into, you know? DON'T WORRY TOO MUCH ABOUT THE TIME LIMIT The time limit is there to make things interesting for the audience and to keep you on track. All in all, it is nothing to worry about since you can easily reach the required high score with plenty of time to spare, and boss fights are not within the confines of the time limit. Howard and Kreese will tell you when your time is almost up; that would be a good time to step it up. BE EFFICIENT Don't spend a lot of time just walking around. Kill something! Unless you are one punch away from taking a dirt nap and need to find a pill before you get into another fight, you should be murdering everything in your radar. Your efficiency will be noted. FINISH WHAT YOU START Points are added to your score when you get a kill. You will also gets points for maiming and not killing, but these take longer to add onto your main score and are minimal; not worth it when you get much more for a fatality. Sticking a guy with a signpost and then running away isn't going to net you much with the crowd. They want corpses. It's your job to deliver. ____________________________________________________________ WALKTHROUGH This is how this walkthrough is going to work: I will list the level bonuses, time limit, and DeathWatch Challenges at the start of a level. Then I will try to summarize the main redeeming qualities of the area's enemies or death traps. I will not try to list them all; you can pretty much assume that everything in front of you can be used to kill. I'll use the map to give directions for when a specific goal needs to be reached and will give strategy for DeathWatch (DW) and Bloodbath (BB) Challenges and all boss fights, mini or otherwise. Once you start playing, you will understand why this format needs to be so loose. The basic gameplay is very simple; you don't need me to tell you when and where to saw a guy in half. The game itself also does a decent job of informing you on all the important stuff. I'm just here to get you through in one piece. I'm also assuming you have a sense of humor and a taste for tasteless violence because if you don't, then I think you misplaced your copy of Bella Sera. Here are some basic starting tips: 1) Always keep an eye on your map for blinking icons and enemies. 2) Don't get so crazy with the killing that you forget to watch your health gauge. 3) If it can't be killed, then you haven't met it yet. If basic attacks don't work, then there's gotta be something nearby that will. 4) Have fun. :) ____________________________________________________________ VARRIGAN CITY: CENTRAL STATION [vc1] STAGE BONUSES 200,000 Bloodbath Challenge: Turbinator 800,000 Spike Train 1,000,000 Spike Bat 1,200,000 Big Bull Crocker 1,400,000 Bloodbath Challenge: Rocket Reamer 1,600,000 Little Eddie TIME LIMIT 30 minutes DEATHWATCH CHALLENGES Hit Bull with the train! Score 3 million points! Finish without using a continue! Kill the boss in 15 minutes! Rank 256? Pfft, we need to change that. The only section of Jefferson Island open to us is the Central Station in Varrigan City. Head on over. Jack gets himself a sponsor and becomes an official Killseeker, marking the beginning of our stint in these games. However, since we're newbies, XIII deems it necessary to run through the basics. You cannot progress until you do exactly as he says, but this is a great way to get your feet wet. Literally. First find a target and throw some punches with A, then swing up for an uppercut, and then hold and swing the Wii-mote horizontally. Next, hold B to bring out the chainsaw and do the same thing: swing up, then over. Now backflip. Now jump! Good boy. Jump over the pile of cars to the next area to learn all about combos and finishes. Find someone and do an A combo until you see a "Finish" prompt. You need to do a B finish or XIII will scold you, so hit B once in front of the stunned enemy to let loose. Most finishes require further input with the Wii-mote and nunchuk, so watch for the prompts. They are fun. Now do the same with an A finish. Next, stun someone long enough to be able to grab him. Hold A to pick him up and then shake the Wii-mote to throw him. Now go grab a tire next to the car in the middle of this area and throw it in the same way. Next, we're going to ring someone with it. Find a tire, find a sap, and swing the Wii-mote down with the tire in hand while you're next to him. (A prompt will also be on the screen when you're in position.) Now go find a sign post and jam it in his head. Nice. To finish off, grab our unfortunate friend and take him to the Rose Bush against the western wall. Introduce him to it. Multiple times. XIII will then explain the point system. Repeat what you just did, and he'll show you how combo points add up. Then he'll give you a crate with a Jack Balloon for being such a good obedient monkey. With the lowering of that gate comes the unleashing of Jack's fury. XIII wants you to get at least 200,000 points out of the enemies in this area. Note that there are signposts, trash cans, a dumpster, trash bags, and a spiked bus to take advantage of. Go nuts. Practice. Don't rule out your finishers. There should be a Happy Onion in the crate on top of the bus here if you need it. __________________________________ BB CHALLENGE: TURBINATOR TIME LIMIT 1:30.00 - Round 1 1:20.00 - Round 2 1:00.00 - Round 3 Once you reach 200,000, your first Bloodbath Challenge is available. This one is mandatory since the big-ass jet engine is blocking our way. As the Black Baron and his lady friend explain (and demonstrate), all you have to do is throw people into the jet engine. Either use A to pick them up and the Wii-mote to throw, or try a horizontal swipe of the Wii-mote to do a reverse punch to send them stumbling into the pull. Just don't get so close that you get sucked in. You should stand back and throw people from a distance; the turbine will take care of the rest. You even get credit for the poor saps that get sucked in even without you throwing them. If you are caught in the pull, try backflipping or jumping out rather than walking, since Jack's "walking against the wind" animation slows him down. (Thanks to MrDrak for pointing this out.) Just be sure to stay out of the black and white caution zone and you will be okay regardless. The winning strategy here? Pick up a guy and toss him so that he flies into others, sending them collectively flying into the turbine. Seeing as how they like to cluster, this is super easy. After the challenge, run up to the Turbinator and jump in. This is not suicide but the opposite. The turbine will raise you up to rafter level where you can jump out and snag an extra life. (Props to J.Byron and Sochithra Chhun for bringing this to my attention.) There is also another Jack Balloon in these rafters directly below you. To get it, walk to the outside of the rafters and take a leap of faith towards the middle. You should land near the balloon. If not, just keep pressing up on the d-pad and Jack should grab it even if you don't land on the beams, as long as you're near it. Now jump down and look to the west (according to the map) to see yet another Jack Balloon sitting on a crate on the other side of the fence. To get it, look for a space between the turbine and the fence and jump over. Enter the station proper to really start the game. The time limit is now active, by the way. Be sure to grab the Jack Balloon above the ticket booth. Also note that you can pick up the seats and swing them around. Your first Happy Pill lies beyond the entrance to the tracks. Be careful along the train tracks. Throwing enemies on them is fun and great for points, but just don't get too close or fall on the tracks at the wrong time because trains are insta-kills on everything, including Jack. You will have to cross the tracks at some point, so watch for flashing lights to signal death on rails. This is the main area, so I'm going to cut you loose for a bit. There's trash cans and toilets here to use, and if you break the large signs on the platforms (the ones listing track information), you get a couple floor spikes to impale with. Look for cases of money too and throw them on the tracks to watch the pigs go to slaughter. The white current you see where the trains come and go is good old fashioned electricity. Have at it. __________________________________ BIG BULL CROCKER At 1.2 million points, Big Bull Crocker comes out to play, most likely emerging on the western platform with all the boxes. If you haven't used up the spiked bat, grab it and use it to whale on Big Bull Crocker. Lock onto him when you see him and don't worry about the small fry. Crocker will take care of them when he swings that dual-bladed chainsaw. You want to get used to your backflip here since it's best to take swings at the bull and then flip away for breathing room. If you do not have the bat, then rely on the chainsaw. Do a swing when you see an opening and then back away. If you find yourself needing a breather or health, retreat to the rafters or across the tracks to slow down Big Bull. The best way to win here is to wait for Crocker to bring his chainsaw back for a swing like a baseball bat. When you see the prompt, swing the Wii-mote down to enter a power struggle. If you have dealt enough damage, you can kill Crocker in a struggle like this. You will break his chainsaw and take his head off with a swing of the Wii-mote. He will drop a Jack Balloon upon death. __________________________________ BB CHALLENGE: ROCKET REAMER TIME LIMIT 0:10.00 per round When you've hit 1,400,000, this Bloodbath Challenge is available. You need to climb to the rafters to get there; use the tower of boxes on the western platform and follow the blinking icon on the map. The object here is to get as many chumps on the tracks as you can before the trains roll in: one on each track. Punch 'em first to soften them up and then toss 'em. Or you can just toss 'em since you don't have a lot of time. They should be dazed long enough to stay put. Try to angle your throws so you don't overshoot and miss the tracks. __________________________________ LITTLE EDDIE 1,600,000 points in, a bell will appear where the Rocket Reamer was; ring it to fight Little Eddie. Lock on to Eddie as soon as you can by holding in C. Since all you can really reach are his legs, you might as well bring out the chainsaw and start hacking. Wait for Eddie to make a move by either slamming a fist, jumping, or swinging his ball and chain, and then go in swinging yourself. Fun fact: his eyes sparkle before he attacks. He's actually fairly slow, so keep your distance and then move in. You don't want to misjudge and stay too close since his reach is pretty good. There's no way to replenish your health in this fight (which is probably why they gave you so many extra credits), so be careful. Even if you die, Eddie's health remains where it was when you kicked it. As with Big Bull Crocker, power struggles are the way to go. Eddie initiates them himself with no input from you. When he reaches down and grabs you, that's it. Every time you power struggle with him, you will have to re-lock onto him afterwards. Two or three power struggles and a good helping of chainsaw to the legs will make short work of Eddie. When his health bar is at zero, he will not be completely dead. You have to finish him. Press A or B when you see the prompt and input the proper commands. Finishers like this make a boss fight totally worth it. __________________________________ DW CHALLENGE: HIT BULL WITH THE TRAIN After finishing this stage once and coming back later, you get the chance to do this stage's unique DW Challenge. You need to hit Big Bull Crocker with a train. You cannot pick him up or throw him, so you need to bait him, and the only bait he's interested in is Jack. What you need to do is stay on the tracks long enough to get Crocker to follow you. The two middle sets of tracks are good since there's lots of room, but it also means Crocker can escape the trains. Try one of the two tracks on the far sides of the area if you are having issues getting Crocker to sit still. Sometimes Crocker will actually go up and over the tracks by way of the boxes instead of following you on them, so be sure to stay on long enough to get his attention, or you can just chainsaw or punch him over the platform onto the tracks. Once your fight with him has moved to rail level, run up and down one set of tracks and watch for the lights indicating when a train is coming. That is your cue to get out of dodge and leave Crocker for dead. Be quick since you only get a window of a second or two between when the lights come on and a train appears. Remember, trains are one-hit KOs, even on Jack. The important thing here is to run up and down a particular track (especially if baiting Crocker on the middle sets of tracks) since he likes to jump around and can evade the trains without even trying. If he's busy chasing you while you run down a track and not across it, then you have a better chance of hitting him. Crocker only appears once, so you only get one shot at this! ____________________________________________________________ VARRIGAN CITY: DOWNTOWN [vc2] STAGE BONUSES 60,000 Spike Bat 250,000 Bloodbath Challenge: Death Press 750,000 Jack Balloon 950,000 Daggers 1,100,000 Bloodbath Challenge: Man Darts 1,750,000 Jude the Dude TIME LIMIT 30 minutes DEATHWATCH CHALLENGES Get 3 Bull masks! Slaughter 100 enemies! Get 3.5 million points! Don't kill more than 25 enemies! Bowl forward and get to know the area. Enemies are going to start using items on you, mostly tires and barrels. If they ring you, shake the Wii-mote and nunchuk to break free in style. This is actually a boon rather than not since they will gather around you to beat you while incapacitated and Jack's move to free himself is a wide-area attack. MULTI-KILL. Big Bull Crockers will appear on the scene even though they are not technically a bonus. They still get a video intro, so you know when they're coming. The background music will also change when they are near. The same strategy as the last level applies. Make sure Crocker is not around when you activate the BB Challenges, as he will not disappear and will waste your BB time. A lot of the same environmental hazards as the last level appear here. The fans that line the upper tiers are new, and the spinning saws in the little walkway by the Death Press area are a little more noticeable and easier to reach here than they were in the last level. There's not much on the rooftops except some pick-me-ups and enemies. Be sure to grab the Jack Balloons hidden in crates on the northernmost and left middle rooftops. One last thing to note on this level is that armored enemies are making their appearance. These guys usually carry weapons that they will use to block Jack's chainsaw and punches, so you have to break their weapons first. Usually an A combo or two does the job. When they flail and stumble backwards after a combo from you, then they're easy pickins. __________________________________ BB CHALLENGE: DEATH PRESS TIME LIMIT 2:00.00 for one round Death Press is located near where you started, the big crate area before you reached the waterfront. The rules are simple, throw as many guys as you can under the press. Using items around this area is good to soften up enemies before tossing and will rack up combo points, but there aren't that many in this initial area and you don't want to stray too far from the press to get more. Instead, just punch 'em a few times and throw. The press drops intermittently, about every 15 or 20 seconds, so they won't have much time to recover and you have time in between presses to throw as many in as you can. Some enemies may drop a cash case when they die. If they do, grab it and throw it under the press and it will do most of the work for you. However, the case will probably appear underneath the press, so don't be too hasty when trying to grab it. __________________________________ BB CHALLENGE: MAN DARTS TIME LIMIT 2:00.00 for one round This challenge is located next to the waterfront and gives you a bat to use, but it won't break until you're done. All you need to do is use the bat's B move to launch thugs into the dart board. You can still move while prepping to swing with the bat, and you can pivot as well, so you need not try to position yourself or the thugs perfectly before you let loose. The bat also has a pretty good damage radius, so any swing is bound to send multiple enemies flying. The trick is to find your sweet spot and let the enemies come to you. The best place to position yourself is front and center, but you can hit from the sidelines and still have a chance at a Bull's-eye if you angle your hits properly and are the right distance from the dartboard. Just remember that a higher body count is great in the long run, so if you spend too much time aiming to get a Bull's-eye, you miss out on the big picture: bloodshed. Finding the aforementioned sweet spot makes it possible to get multiple Bull's-eyes in a row, and once you find it you can pretty much stay in place since the enemies will come to you. That will jack your score up by a fair amount. (No pun intended.) __________________________________ JUDE THE DUDE Back at the Death Press area, Jude will be waiting to fight. Always stay locked on Jude because he is a literal on-rails shooter and you don't want to lose track of him. As long as you keep running and/or backflipping while he's on the rails, you will avoid his bullets. When he jumps down, go in with the chainsaw out and take one slice and then backflip away. Jude will recover insanely fast from a chainsaw to the face, and he will do a rapid kick with his spurs to retaliate. If you backflip away and then circle around him while he's doing the spur kick, that's one more free slice for you. Never take more than one slice at a time! Along with shooting while on the rails, Jude will also shoot at you when he twirls his guns while on the ground. This is the perfect chance to disrupt his attack with one of your own. He also likes to gloat; if he lands a hit, he will sometimes remove his hat and take a bow. Wipe that smug look off his face. Make sure to stray away from using A combos on Jude. The guy is incredibly light, and a straight punch from Jack's artificial arm sends him flying. You'd think this would be a good move to knock Jude senseless, but he will shoot you as he is hurtling backwards, and his shots are enough to throw Jack off his game and give Jude enough time to recover and skate up to you while you're reeling. Jude's power struggle is initiated when he brings one leg up high for a midair kick. Be prepared to do multiple swipes with the remote to slice through Jude's bullets for the chance to take a shot at him. After this, you should be able to get at least 3 swipes in. After about half of his health is down, Jude gets a little fancy with the melee moves, but your strategy should not change. Wait for him to show off or something, slice once, back away, circle round, slice again. Once he's about dead, finish him in a one-sided shoot-out. __________________________________ DW CHALLENGE: GET 3 BULL MASKS If you hadn't noticed, Crocker sometimes leaves his bull mask behind when you kill him. Therefore, this challenge simply demands that you kill 3 Crockers. In order to get the mask though, you have to kill him in a power struggle since Jack slices his head off. This means you should not just go slicing him willy nilly, rather you should slice him once or twice and wait for him to go for a baseball swing with his saw and catch him in a power struggle to make sure you get the helmet. Don't despair if he doesn't let you power struggle with him right away. Stay locked on and follow him around. Punch him a few times if you want to get him mad. Stay mobile whatever you do since the thugs in the area will attempt to bull rush you while you're busy with Crocker (what is it with me and puns?), but Crocker is good at clearing the air with a few thrusts of his impressive chainsaw. __________________________________ DW CHALLENGE: DON'T KILL MORE THAN 25 ENEMIES This challenge is unique to this stage, and when I unlocked it I was insulted: I thought the object of this game was to rack up the body count! No, the other object is to see how well you can rack up the points. You must maximize your kill points here: stick guys with the max number of signposts (5) or jam tires and barrels over heads before positioning them and others (by way of a cash case) next to an environmental hazard like a Rose Bush, saw, or fan. Do NOT do either Bloodbath Challenge. Try and torture the hell out of each Big Bull Crocker you face as well. Jam stuff in him when he tires and try to blow him up. You can even knock him into a Rose Bush (but he can, shockingly, recover from this if he has enough health left). In trying this challenge, I realized that you do indeed get points for beating up a target but not killing him. The points take longer to add onto your total and they are pitiful in comparison, but it works for this challenge. ____________________________________________________________ VARRIGAN CITY: RED LINE HIGHWAY [vc3] Our first stage boss fight is our first bike level. Review your bike controls before starting. It's basically swinging the nunchuk when someone rams you on the left and the Wii-mote on the right while keeping your thumb on the A button. You can switch things up by ramming into people instead or slamming on the brakes to confuse them or get into position to use your chainsaw. If someone stays on your side long enough to jump on your bike, swing the Wii-mote down to get rid of them. To get points on this stretch of highway, you need to be efficient and kill quickly to boost the combo counter in the upper left hand corner of the HUD. Use your turbo boost (Z button) to close the gap between you and enemies so you can get to them before your combo runs out and you have to start over. Always try to hit a ramp when you can, as this will launch you in the air and you will likely land on someone when you hit the road again, causing massive explosions. When you see whirlwinds in the distance, you're home free. __________________________________ VON TWIRLENKILLER Best. Name. Ever. The first order of business is to get up in the guy's ugly gas-masked face. He's going to send whirlwinds your way and whip debris all over the place. Debris does not hurt Jack at all and getting sucked into a whirlwind does minimal damage, to be honest. This is because Jack is pure badass. Regular attacks generally don't phase Twirlenkiller in the least, and he will likely attack while you are in the middle of yours. He likes to do thrust punches and downward fist pounds. All of his attacks are easily avoided; the hard part is dealing damage yourself while avoiding his. Try attacking immediately after dodging one of his moves and then shaking the nunchuk like mad to dodge again as soon as your attack connects. One of his original attack combos seems to consist of only two punches, so go in after the second. When he raises both arms and starts to generate some wind, he will retreat to the other end of the highway. There are crates on your end; punch them open for some pills if you need them. Now trudge all the way back to Twirlenkiller, avoiding the whirlwinds. Once there, watch for his power struggle move, which is not unlike Crocker's. When you see him bring his arms back and do a forward thrust (or when Twirlenkiller jumps in the air), whip the Wii-mote down and Jack will take off one of Twirlie's arms after a little input from you. Then you can pick up his severed arm and beat him with it. It's a heavy class object though, so be sure to use it while he's stunned or you won't get another good chance. Missing an arm does not lessen Twirlenkiller's ability to kill you. In fact, it adds to his moveset: he can now do a spin kick by putting all his weight on his remaining arm. This usually follows a really long one-armed punch combo. It is also still difficult to attack Twirlenkiller without getting pounded. Dodge, dodge, dodge, and look to the crates at either end of the highway to heal. Watch for the second power struggle to take Twirlenkiller's other arm. This will most likely lead to a finishing move since he should have had it by then. Jack will take care of the finisher. ____________________________________________________________ ASIAN TOWN: GREAT WALL STREET [at1] STAGE BONUSES 200,000 Wang Bang Bus 650,000 Daggers 1,000,000 Meat Buns 1,300,000 Bloodbath Challenge: Money Shot 2,000,000 Rin Rin TIME LIMIT 30 minutes DEATHWATCH CHALLENGES Get 3 Orbs! Score 3 million points! Kill the boss in 15 minutes! Did I mention that this soundtrack is amazing? Well, it is. We're in a new section of the island so a lot of the items and weapons have changed but still serve the same purpose. Piercing objects are lamp posts, buckets and lanterns are restraining objects, etc. On the ground floor here, be sure to check out everything on the vendor stands. Jam a trumpet in someone's head, fireworks in someone's gullet, and start dressing everyone with doll heads and enjoy. Lots of electric signage and spikes, too. The Wang Bang Bus will come and go around downtown to give you more Rose Bush goodness. Try pinning people when the bus is mobile for an added challenge, and think of some snappy one-liners as you throw 'em. "Don't wanna miss your ride" is the best I could come up with. :C The jars here are the breakable items and some will even hold Jack Balloons, so don't just bust skulls, bust up the environment too. The enemies here can breathe fire and are packing claws. They can do multi- swipe combos so attack them and backflip away right after. Don't be too quick to chainsaw them because they can and will jump away from you, leaving you slicing air and open for a counter. Some fire breathing enemies are actually walking explosives; they're easily recognizable by the dynamite strapped to their midsection and their funky-looking headgear. Throw them for maximum effect. Asian Town's baiting item is meat buns: good for throwing near a rotating fan and then punching people into said fan. You can also find a new special weapon in Asian Town: Peking Pop, which looks like huge bottles. Grab one, shake the Wii-mote to shake the bottle, and then jam it down someone's throat with the same motion. Now wait a few seconds for the fireworks. __________________________________ DW CHALLENGE: GET 3 ORBS Sushi Orb: Use the awnings on the second tier to jump over to and ride the Sushi Ferris Wheel in the middle of downtown to gain access to the middle room on the third tier. There's a chopping machine here that is just begging to be used. Throw the enemies here on the conveyor belt or use meat buns to lure them over to it to make it easier. You want to slice and dice as many foes here as you can because if you feed the machine enough, the Sushi Orb will eventually emerge on the conveyor belt. Afterwards, check to the right of the conveyor belt in the corner and a jar should drop from the ceiling. Break it open to collect a Jack Balloon. You can also chuck enemies out the windows here for a laugh. Dragon Orb: Climb up to the second tier to get to the room with the two fans. There should be some boxes near the center of downtown you can climb. Make your way along the little awnings until you see a gong, which is an awesome weapon because using it on someone not only kills them but stuns all nearby enemies. Climb the dragon's back next to the building all the way to the head to get the Dragon Orb from its mouth. Watch out because some jerk will jump you in an attempt to knock you off. Turtle Orb: Get access to the room with the meat grinder. Look to the westernmost part of the ground floor (the V-shaped area). There should be some boxes you can use to climb up on the upper leg of the V to a triangle-shaped room on the second tier. A little alcove here will lead you to the hamburger room. (The floor-level gate will also open when you get the Sushi Orb.) In there is an elevator which will take you up. __________________________________ YEE FUNG Up on the southeastern-most rooftop is a fight with Yee Fung, an armored heavyweight. He's going to literally try to bowl you over by tucking into his shell and rolling up and down the ramps on the roof. Stay locked on him so you know when to dodge if he leaves your sight. When he does a punch combo, try to enter a power struggle with him. This will soften him up reeeally nicely. "Reeeally" as in, after that, a few more swipes of the saw should finish him. Keep your distance with the fatty since he can roll quickly. Like with all big enemies, wait for your opening and swipe. You should be able to get in one or two swings of the saw before Yee Fung retaliates. His corpse turns up the Turtle Orb. __________________________________ BB CHALLENGE: MONEY SHOT TIME LIMIT 2:00.00 for one round This challenge is located on the top tier in the lower right corner of your map, where the gong and Dragon Orb were. Grab a bottle of soda and shake it before jamming it down someone's throat. This will cause them to fly. The idea is to impale enemies on all three targets for each lady. The lower the target, the less you need to shake the bottle, and the higher and farther the target, the more you need to shake. For example, to hit the lowest target on the closest lady billboard, you don't need to shake the bottle at all, but you need to shake it for a good while to hit anything on the woman in the middle. Try to focus on one lady at a time since "satisfying her" by hitting all three of her targets makes for a good score. Pick a target and shake the bottle accordingly. Then, when you have an enemy prepped to fly, pick him up and position him just right so that he will fly where you want him to. He won't explode while Jack holds him. This challenge can be difficult in that the same motion to shake the bottle is used to jam it down people's throats. Try to stay away from enemies while shaking or you may stuff it in their gullet prematurely. (Howard and Kreese must be rubbing off on me; it was insanely hard not to make a sexual reference there. Use your imagination.) This is also where your skill at judging distances is tested. The middle woman looks to be the farthest, so it might be easier to focus on the ladies to your left and right first. __________________________________ RIN RIN This fight is pretty basic. She's going to spend a lot of time on the same level as you, swinging her fan blades and using them to block. Lock on and circle around her. After she slashes, get her with a swipe of the chainsaw. She's going to let you repeat this trend for the entire first half or until you win a power struggle against her. Sometimes she will jump up onto the rooftops and throw random junk at you. You can in turn throw that junk at her while she's up there. Try to get her with it when she's on your level and she'll probably slice you as you pick it up. Just stay mobile and don't get discouraged when she blocks a lot of your moves. Her power struggle is activated when she starts to twirl and swing both fans. Take her up on the offer of a struggle and send her flying. After this, she will retreat and throw her fans at you. Get close but backflip when you see the fans coming your way; they should miss Jack since he's invincible while dodging. Rin Rin is capable of stunning Jack by scoring a hit with her fans. You need to snap him out of it by shaking both remotes before she takes advantage of you. Once you are close enough, she'll go back to basic swipes and the process will repeat. She shouldn't take long to finish up as long you aren't hasty. ____________________________________________________________ ASIAN TOWN: BISTRO [at2] STAGE BONUSES 150,000 Spear Tempura x3 Jack Balloon 800,000 Bloodbath Challenge: Hanabi 2,250,000 Shogun TIME LIMIT 30 minutes DEATHWATCH CHALLENGES Save 3 Geishas! Kill the boss in 15 minutes! Fry 500K points of food! Don't take damage! This level is different from the rest. The enemies are ninja and come in limited quantities until much later, so it's best to try and maximize your kill points. It's also a one-way level, meaning there is no returning to previous areas, so I will write and describe as we go. The DW Challenge is saving all the geishas by committing ninja genocide. According to an interview with MadWorld's director, it is possible to fail this challenge by dying or running out of time. You will hear the geishas scream if you are close to losing them, and once you fail, there's no going back to save them: they're gone, even if you return to the level later. You want to do your best to save these working girls because they will actually crop up down the road to help out. Follow the first ninja (there's nothing in this first room) and keep going until you get jumped. The white walls in this large area can be destroyed if you like. It'll help minimize surprise ninja attacks. The bell to the east is awesome. It will deafen all enemies in the area when you use it (just like the previous area's gong), leaving them open for finishers. There's also a hidden box inside the bell; if you punch it enough you can get the box to drop out and claim the spike bat inside. This area also gives us the spear which is insanely fun, if I do say so myself. Run around and bring all the ninja out of hiding (try impaling the ones that appear around the tree *on* the tree to see it blossom); then go check on the geishas when the game tells you to. Don't forget to pick up the Jack Balloon in the jar to the west, south of where you got the spear in a little alcove. (Thanks to Sochithra Chhun for this one.) Now you know why there aren't many pills in this area: the geishas have super effective healing powers via kisses. Funny, you think it'd have the opposite effect. Break the white wall ahead of you to get a pirate hat. This is the baiting object for this area. Why? Because ninja hate nothing more than pirates, that's why! Well, maybe robots. Carry that hat up the stairs and throw it when the ninja jump you. If you still have your spear, use this opportunity to skewer as many as you can while they beat up on the hat. When ready, destroy all the white walls surrounding the next square area because it's mid-boss time. __________________________________ TENGU Stay locked on Tengu at all times! He pulls the usual ninja tricks, jumping around and slashing and the like, but he can also duplicate. And all those duplicates will pull the usual ninja tricks in stereo. This is why you want to stay locked on: Jack is smart enough to know which is the real Tengu as long as he had a bead on the original. If you did not lock on, you will have to slice through the duplicates until you find the real one. You'll know you've found him when the duplicates disappear. Duplication is Tengu's only real dangerous trick, and since we've seen through it, he is rendered nearly powerless in front of Jack. In fact, the spear makes super short work of him, and I imagine a chainsaw is no different. It's easier to take care of him if you've destroyed the white walls because they would just get in the way otherwise; they also reveal a Rose Bush outer wall, which might come in handy. You can also use the lamp posts around the area to soften Tengu up nicely. It seems he'll be stunned for a short amount of time after you slash him to get rid of his duplicates; this would be a good time to impale him or stick something in his head. Do enough damage and Jack can take his blades to take his head in a unique finishing move. Moving on, this next area features a deep fryer with some batter. You want to throw anything and everything in to make tempura. And I mean everything. (Organic matter only, though. If you want to use a barrel or something else, use it on a ninja and then throw them in.) There's fish on the shelves here that, even if you don't use to restrain enemies, can be made into tempura. There's a chest on one of the shelves with a pirate hat in it; try using that to distract the ninja long enough to safely shove them in. Jack will not be hurt at all by the flames or the oil, so when all the ninja are in and you get the go-ahead to check on the geishas, pick up the ninja (or whatever)-shaped tempura and place them under the "Prepared Food Here" sign. Shove as many as you can on the serving platter before ringing the bell because the points will add up for a humongous bonus and net you a Jack Balloon. Go get another kiss and pirate hat and climb more stairs. In this area and the next are ninja on motorcycles. Don't look so surprised. Let go of A to drop your hat (don't waste it here). The showboats are painfully easy to deal with: dodge their initial move to run you over and do a downward swipe with the chainsaw when they pop a wheelie. They'll go out with a bang. Be sure to break the jars that line this multi-tiered area. One is bound to hold a Jack Balloon. The courtyard has the last batch of ninja to kill before all the geishas are safe. There may also be a second Tengu lurking in the courtyard. (I rarely encounter him and am not sure what exactly triggers his appearance, but now you can't say I didn't warn you.) The BB Challenge is also here. Get the geisha kiss now if you want to heal. __________________________________ BB CHALLENGE: HANABI TIME LIMIT 0:50.00 for each round "Hanabi" is Japanese for fireworks, if the demonstration didn't tip you off. There are fireworks tubes scattered around the courtyard; shove as many ninja in as you can before time runs out. Some tubes are placed side-by- side; try to fill those first since they give you multiple kills and thus more points. They will also spell love messages in the air upon explosion. This is the time to call your significant other in to the TV to show him or her how much you care. The trick to this is throwing long distance. You do not need to be right next to a tube to dunk someone in. In fact, that wastes time. Once you pick someone up, get a tube in your sights, pivot accordingly, and throw. Don't even bother punching the ninja either unless they evade your attempts. Just pick up and throw. Like in the Turbinator, you can knock multiple enemies into multiple tubes just by throwing one guy. You may or may not have enough points to challenge the boss. If you don't, alternate between the northernmost room and the courtyard since ninja should continually flood both. Slaughter enough to earn the boss fight. Ring the bell in the northern room and ride the elevator. You might want to take out some of the scenery here if running around with it in the way will bother you, but save some for the fight since they might hold healing items. Once you kill these four ninja, Shogun will appear. __________________________________ SHOGUN Basic chainsaw swipes take away very little of Shogun's health bar because of his armor. He is a monster with that weapon of his, swinging it in 360- degree arcs, slamming it into the floor, and thrusting forward with it. You want to lock on and keep your distance until you see him roar (a little whirlwind will surround him when he does). This means he's going to go apeshit swinging that weapon, but you can interrupt it with a swing of the Wii-mote since this is the opening for a power struggle. Power struggles are the meal ticket. Shogun can take quite a few before he kicks the bucket, but with each series of attacks and power struggles, Jack takes off some of Shogun's armor. This means your regular chainsaw swipes are back to being a solid way to deal damage. Still, Shogun does not let up with the wild swings, so it's probably best to hang back and wait for a power struggle. The backflip is a life saver in this fight because as long as you swing that nunchuk, Jack will dodge all of Shogun's wide swings in style. For all our struggles, we get a scenic rooftop finish to this fight. We've earned it. __________________________________ DW CHALLENGE: FRY 500K POINTS OF FOOD For this one, you need to dump damn near every ninja that jumps you near the fryer (and the fish too if you don't use them on the ninja) into the batter. Then, you need to make sure that you get as many pieces of tempura on the serving platter as you can fit before ringing the bell. Try to fit them all on since the combo points will be more than enough to get you your 500K. If you do it in two separate servings, you likely will not meet the requirement so pile on the food. ____________________________________________________________ ASIAN TOWN: SUMO ARENA [at3] We're skipping the foreplay this time. Right to the action! __________________________________ YOKOZUNA Yokozuna's favorite move is doing multiple thrust punches and then slamming a foot down, sumo style. You must backflip through this because the big guy will actually catch up to you if you simply run away from him. After dodging, go in for a slice. Repeat this until you see him wobble on one leg. Initiate the power struggle and win to end Round 1 with a splash. Be sure not to lose or else Jack will be the one to get knocked in the hazards. The next two rounds are pretty much the same. Yokozuna's moveset will change a little; he'll add a single punch or a combo here and there but the "lock on, circle, dodge, cut him up" strategy still stands. Horizontal chainsaw swipes are perfect for getting Yokozuna to wobble, especially if you hit him when he raises one leg for the traditional sumo pose. You cannot heal during this fight so you can't afford to throw punches right in his face and end up kissing the floor too many times. Be patient and wait for your opening. The one move Yokozuna gains later in the fight that is worth noting is that one where he jumps into the air, grabs a passing helicopter, and hurls it at you. Yeah, that one. You can't miss it. Follow the prompt on the screen (usually a swing of the nunchuk) to avoid getting flattened and or exploded, not necessarily in that order. The lengths of the rounds in this fight are dependant on the size of Yokozuna's life bar. This means that if Round 1 lasts longer than usual and Round 2 starts when Yokozuna has about a third of his health left, you can get Yokozuna to wobble enough to end Rounds 2 and 3 as soon as they start. Of course, you'd only experience this if you screwed up the power struggle for Round 1 and *ahem* who would be dumb enough to do that? Am I right? Heh heh... Ha, yeah... ____________________________________________________________ MAD CASTLE: COURTYARD [mc1] STAGE BONUSES 350,000 Golf Club 700,000 Happy Onion 1,000,000 Bloodbath Challenge: Man Golf 1,800,000 Torch 2,500,000 The Shamans TIME LIMIT 30 minutes DEATHWATCH CHALLENGES Spike 6 at the fountain! Finish without using a continue! Score 5 million points! Kill 4 Death Blades! Zombies! Resident Evil fans, it's time for pay back. Now *you* have the chainsaw instead of them! Zombies must be vertically sliced in half or grinded to pulp (in other words, you must destroy their heads) or they will keep coming back and not count towards your score. Not a problem for Jack. Zombies also like to grab you, and you must shake your remotes to get free. This is very important for this stage. There are also enemies dressed in skeleton garb that pack a pair of scissors. You have to break their scissors before you can slice 'em. Just like the ninja and their swords. Both Sochithra Chhun and Robvalue have pointed out that these gardeners are special: they are more aggressive than zombies so you can't just chainsaw them or put them in place for a golf swing, Jack has a special finishing move for them, and they are more likely to drop Happy Pills than the zombies. The castle is two-tiered with a chandelier press upstairs. (Climb onto the chandelier and use it to jump across the others for a Jack Balloon. Thanks to Sochithra Chhun for this 'un.) Try throwing or punching an enemy along the dining table as well. There's also a piranha tank in a little library (check the barrel by the tank for a Jack Balloon) and a catapult on the balcony that launches enemies into the moon. Sweet. If you decide to climb to the edge of the catapult, you will see a barrel drop in front of the entrance to the graveyard; it should have a torch in it. Sweeter. The graves to the southeast on the ground floor act like dumpsters, the statue in the corner of the cemetery is good for impalement + fire, and there's a grinder to the far west with Rose Bushes and saws to the north. Sochithra Chhun has informed me that trees can be cut down as used as bludgeons. The way Mother Nature intended. Restraining items in this part of the castle are picture frames, and raw meat is the baiter. Use the torches to light multiple enemies on fire, especially the zombies with the dynamite strapped to them. This level introduces us to the golf club, and there are floating targets all over the castle. Practice with it a bit before trying the BB Challenge. Hitting B will make Jack toss an enemy down, readying their head as the ball. Watch the screen for a red line protruding from the enemy, moving up and down: this tells you where your head/golf ball will fly and how far. Use the C stick to turn and pivot to aim properly. Hitting a target with your makeshift golf ball makes for great points. Sochithra Chhun also noted that using the gold club makes surrounding enemies disappear, giving you some breathing room should you need it. __________________________________ DW CHALLENGE: SPIKE 6 AT THE FOUNTAIN All you have to do here is throw six zombies onto the six spikes in the fountain in the central courtyard. Easy peasy. __________________________________ DEATH BLADE This is the mini-boss for this area: the Grim Reaper on roller skates. He's going to skate around and take swings at you with that huge scythe. When he appears normally, his swings take huge chunks out of your health, but he can be gotten rid of with a single swing of your chainsaw. He doesn't die though; rather, he disappears in a puff of an airy substance of your choice. Of course, this means he'll reappear later. When he does, he can one-hit KO you with his scythe, and he likes to wait and strike when a zombie has you in its grip. The Wii-mote motion on the screen to avoid this is shown as a horizontal swing, but that never worked for me. Instead, I shake both remotes to get free and it seems to work. It's best to just plain avoid it anyway by not letting a zombie grab you. When a zombie runs towards you, just backflip or run away or cut them in two. If you manage to break free after a zombie puts the squeeze on you, the Death Blade will not disappear again but will revert to normal. "Normal" being without a one-hit KO attack and skating around like a five-year old high on sugar. __________________________________ BB CHALLENGE: MAN GOLF TIME LIMIT 2:50.00 for one round Go up the stairs to where the catapult was and you'll see it's been removed for a friendly game of golf. If you didn't read the golf club instructions or didn't practice, here you go: hitting B will make Jack toss an enemy down, readying their head as the ball. Watch the screen for a red line protruding from the enemy, going up and down: this tells you where your head/golf ball will fly and how far. Use the C stick to turn and pivot to aim properly. Stay in your starting spot on the balcony and focus on the rings over the fountain. Watch your target line and swing when it's through the floating rings. Don't worry about your supply of golf balls because zombies will relentlessly flood onto the balcony for you. The rings are going to get progressively more challenging to hit as you gain points. If you're having problems, try looking around the rest of the area for more targets. They won't net as many points and take time to go and find, but some points are better than none. Sochithra Chhun noticed that for some reason after finishing this challenge, two new barrels will appear in the area: one underneath the chandelier and another at the end of the little alcove where you started this level. Both of these will likely contain Jack Balloons. __________________________________ THE SHAMANS The Shamans are not fair. This boss fight is one big guy and his family beating up on you. Luckily for us, Jack is a badass. But they're still pretty tough. At the start, you want to dodge until they break up from that freakish ring formation. Then you want to try and thin out the crowd since they'll have scattered. The little guys should go down with one chainsaw move, but they are agile and will dodge away. I highly recommend a horizontal swipe since it should take out many at once. When you see the big guy, the white wolf, howl, dodge away or else the noise will incapacitate Jack. Keep weeding out his family until it's just you and him (you can focus on the big guy before the little ones are gone, but you don't need that extra distraction). You've got the entire area to fight in, so he will likely run away and want you to chase him. Trade blows until he howls again and calls more puppies. When they're all together and a cutscene shows the big guy yowling again, that means they're going for the goofy Ring of Death attack. The power struggle move here occurs when Whitey howls and then runs around while wildly clawing whatever's in front of him. The struggle is similar to Jude's because Whitey sends his puppies flying at you, and if Jack can properly slice through them all, he gets a shot at Whitey. Take your time here because it can be mayhem trying to fight all these dogs at once, and your health will dwindle before you know it. It may be tempting to ignore the pups and go for the alpha, but Whitey can take a hit and the pups will take full advantage of your focusing solely on him. Whitey will also pick them up and throw them at you, so getting rid of them means he has one less weapon to use against you. There are a ton of breakable items in the castle, and they are bound to hold healing items of some kind, so if you're hurting, retreat by all means. __________________________________ DW CHALLENGE: KILL 4 DEATH BLADES This area's second unique challenge requires that you kill four of the annoying roller skating reapers. Unfortunately, this means you have to let a zombie grab you so you can bait a Death Blade into getting close enough for you to slice him. When in a zombie's loving grasp, shake both of your remotes like crazy and Jack should break away at the last minute, stunning Death Blade in the process and opening him up to an attack. It's hit or miss, but even if Death Blade does manage to behead Jack, there are plenty of Jack Balloons in this stage, meaning you can just keep trying. Alternately, you can kill Death Blade when he first appears (normally he will just disappear and come back). To do this though, you need to blow his ass up. There are several explosive barrels you can use, so you can get at least a couple this way, but then you won't have them for the Shamans or groups of zombies. ____________________________________________________________ MAD CASTLE: THE DUNGEON [mc2] STAGE BONUSES 100,000 Big Long Driller 175,000 Spiked Bat 265,000 La Guillotine 530,000 Happy Onion 700,000 Death Press II 2,450,000 Daggers 2,650,000 Frank TIME LIMIT 30 minutes DEATHWATCH CHALLENGES Stick Driller with 5 signs! Slaughter 100 enemies! Finish without using a continue! There is a ton of stuff here to get medieval with, as Jack put it. Guillotines in the hall, an electric chair, a wooden catapult, a spiked ceiling/moving floor combo, meat hooks, saws, gears, a rotating blade at the base of the statue, and that's not a full list. There's also three tiers to this area; you need to use a zip line to get to the very top. The enemies here are the same as in the previous area. Besides the occasional scissor guy and Big Long Driller, the enemies don't pose a real threat (Death Blade is not here so grab-happy zombies are no longer a big deal), and they are only there to help test out what this dungeon is capable of. In effect, it is one of the best places to really cut loose. You might have noticed that Jack Balloon on a scale over the abyss by the statue. To get it, you need to make your way to the second tier after Big Long Driller has been introduced. Wait at the northernmost end of the hall after the floor trap (by the Armory) and Driller should burst through. After making him run away or sticking him with the candles here, take the zip line on the walkway here over to the scales, jump to the next scale, and take the zip line there up to the third tier. Up here are two meat hooks on either side of the area. Stick a zombie on both to bring the scales up: one with a torch, the other with the balloon. There is also another balloon hidden in a crate on the second floor. Climb up the boxes in the cells to the rising floor/spiked ceiling. Look behind you to see some meat hooks with a barrel and crate behind them. You can't jump through the meat hooks to get to them, so you have to jump over to Jack's left by the barred gate door to go around and get the Jack Balloon. (Thanks to Sochithra Chhun for pointing this out.) __________________________________ DW CHALLENGE: STICK DRILLER WITH 5 SIGNS I'm gonna kill two birds with one stone and give you strategy for Driller along with the DW challenge. Efficiency is my middle name! __________________________________ BIG LONG DRILLER Think of him as a cowardly Crocker. Their attacks are very much the same, but Driller will actually drill through the ground to get to and away from Jack. The DW Challenge here wants you to stick him with 5 piercing objects: in this case, the candle stands. Problem is, you can't stick Driller unless he's dazed. Solution: two chainsaw attacks will do the trick, but do not go overboard because that will cause him to retreat. The next problem is that he won't stay dazed for long. The trick to sticking him before he snaps out of it is to fight him in a place you know has a lot of candle sticks. This would be the area around the goddess statue, but you can also find a few on the second floor. Stay in your area of choice long enough and Driller will appear. Chainsaw him twice - no more, no less - and then stick him with two candle stands. He will retreat. Wait around long enough and he'll come back. Repeat until you've stuck him with all five and there you have it! Mondo points! If you'd rather power struggle with him, watch for him to bring his drill back like a bat, like Crocker. Because of the nature of the DW Challenge, Driller takes a while to bring down (you know, just to keep him alive long enough for you to stick it to him; this is the game being nice to you). Don't feel you have to kill him completely after you've finished the challenge. If Driller appears and you want him to go away, just swipe him three times with your chainsaw or power struggle with him. That will make him dig a hole and leave you alone. If he's around the goddess statue and you want him to buzz off, just activate the hidden blade and he'll disappear through the floor. __________________________________ BB CHALLENGE: DEATH PRESS II TIME LIMIT 1:30.00 for one round This challenge is located at the base of the goddess statue. All you have to do is pick up a zombie and throw it to the hand. Once the hand has it, it'll reach down and swipe the area, picking up any zombies left, so you might not want to get too close. Keep throwing zombies until the camera shows a close- up of the hand putting the squeeze on them. That is when you really want to steer clear because this means the hand will go berserk and start slamming down on the ground, destroying anything and everything, all for the sake of your score. As you can imagine, this BB Challenge will help your score skyrocket in sheer number of kills alone, and it is insanely easy since the giant helping hand does most of the work. __________________________________ FRANK I hate Frank. Sooo much hate do I have for him. He's the first of your "recharging" bosses, meaning he has a way to regain health. Plus, he's electrified and the floor is flooded. Ow. Stay out of the water! If Frank knocks you in (and he will), look for a box in the upper left hand corner of the room to climb rather than make the run all the way to the ramp. You won't make it easily. You have to target Frank's upper body, which is unfortunately the part he fights with. Based on how he positions his arms, you can tell if he's going to do a downward slam, forward punch, or a backhanded swipe. The backhanded swipe is what will knock you in the soup, and the move where he slams both fists together can stun Jack should he get hit. You have two crates with pills and two explosive barrels from the start. Chose the right time to grab the barrels; you don't want to get hit while holding one. To deal damage, you need to attack Frank's hands when he attempts to hit you. The window for this is very small, so be quick to get in and get out of his attack zone. Frank's power struggle is initiated when he starts a slow-motion backhanded swipe. Do not miss that chance because winning a power struggle takes a humongous chunk off of that yellow bar. You want that. You want it bad. Afterwards, Frank will get supercharged. Just kind of back away from him and let him burn all his juice. This will cause him to stumble and go back to his chair. Feel free to jump down and slice him while he's sitting. As of now, I have not found a way to stop him from using the chair (by short circuiting it or otherwise), so you kind of have to bite the bullet on this one. After two power struggles and the loss of all Frank's bolts, he should be about dead. Actually, the second power struggle may actually deplete his life bar depending on how well you've been fighting, but Frank is a cheater and he will most likely retreat to his chair when he should be prepped for a finisher. This just means you have to finish Frank normally: slicing his arms when he attempts to pimp slap you. When you chainsaw him down to his last, jump in the water for the finishing move. Josh has added to my overly-cautious strategy a little bit: "[Frank] wanders up to the edge of the ledge pretty frequently and you can chainsaw him at will. Since his attacks are all slow you can focus on dodging them instead of trying for counter hits. Chainsaw the hell out of him, initiate a power struggle, cut him up when he goes to his chair, retreat to your ledge, repeat, win. You shouldn't have to deal with him regenerating more than three times this way." Dylan has also given another way to deal with Frank: "if you don't use the spiked bat in the level it helps a lot in the boss battle, try not to break it and use it when in the water. also, if you stay in the water the whole fight you can jump over the electricity and when you hit him it disrupts his attacks." Jumping over the electricity is very possible, but you need to time it right. I believe the best time to jump is right after Frank yells. Also, don't try to substitute the Daggers in for this weapon strategy either. They do little damage against the big guy and their wild swings can send Jack off the platform and into the water with no help from Frank. ____________________________________________________________ MAD CASTLE: SANCTUARY [mc3] While walking down the bridge, stop when you see the columns crumble. Do not try to run under them like I did once. I can tell you that it's not a good idea. __________________________________ ELISE Being a vampire, Elise is our second "rechargeable" boss. She also has a pack of bats she uses to attack you indirectly and for cover. In actuality, that is about her only attack, along with a simple combo where she twirls around and kicks. She has other tricks up her sleeves (?) though. But back to the bats, when Elise raises a hand in the air and a pack of bats separates from the rest, that means she's going to use them as projectiles. Otherwise they will surround her and block most of your damage. Sometimes they will even surround Jack and deplete his health by nibbling on him. They will also bring down the columns around the church nave by slamming into them. Steel- plated bats, no doubt. Elise does not kid around. When the fight starts, run forward and start the usual chainsaw routine. You won't do much damage, and after Elise shows off her pets a little more, she'll vanish completely. If you look at her health bar after a while, you'll see it start to refill. Plus, her bats come out of nowhere to attack you intermittently. Damn! Run along the eastern and western walls and check out the statues. Look kind of familiar? Most of the statues are white, but if you see one that looks different (namely, darker than the rest), try to interact with it and you'll discover Elise was hiding there. She will jump away and initiate a power struggle. Try not to get too distracted, now. This takes her down to almost half. In this fight, power struggles really are the only way to deal sufficient damage. However, Sochithra Chhun pointed out that sometimes after a power struggle, Elise will not surround herself with her bats. Since those absorb damage for her, slicing her when they are absent will do a lot more damage. After she prances around some more, she'll pull the wool over again and you'll have to find her. Same deal as before. Two power struggles should do it unless it takes you a little longer to find her and she regenerates a lot of health. If she hides and you can't find her among the statues, she is most likely in one of the bat-shaped recesses in the northern windows. You should really have to do no more than three power struggles once you've caught on to her game of hide-and-seek. That is, unless you enjoy the view a little too much and keep going back for more. I love this fight because the finishing move on Elise is a throwback to God Hand and homage to Clover, who rocks our collective socks and some of whose disbanded employees worked on this game. If you do not understand this reference, then you should remedy this. ____________________________________________________________ AREA 66: ACCESS HANGAR [661] STAGE BONUSES 450,000 Bloodbath Challenge: Road Rampage 2,800,000 Kojack TIME LIMIT 15 minutes DEATHWATCH CHALLENGES Kill the boss in 10 minutes! Don't take any damage! Score 5.6 million points! Ready for a kickass motorcycle level? You're right; that was a stupid question. This is like a blown-up version of the run before Von Twirlenkiller's fight, so you should know the controls. It is also so awesome that it will sometimes cause the game to lag if there is a lot of action on the screen. Because your actions and weapons are limited on a bike, this level is pretty straightforward. You've got 15 minutes to tear up everything in your path. The only environmental hazard here are the columns. Enemies will explode when they ram them; Jack will pass right through. Total. Badass. Because of the lack of variety, the real point here is to get lots of kills in a row. Watch your combo counter in the upper left of the screen and try to keep it going. If you need some enemies to feed it and see some ahead of you, use your Dash to get up there quick. This track is actually multi-tiered, and you can reach the upper floor by hitting a tall black ramp with blinking arrows on it. There's nothing really super special up there, so don't feel you have to hit that ramp. The BB Challenge is initiated by driving through the yellow arch on the left side of the road. __________________________________ BB CHALLENGE: ROAD RAMPAGE TIME LIMIT 2:00.00 for one round This is the first time you can make use of the motorcycle's spin attacks. Shake the nunchuk to do a 180 and the Wii-mote for a full 360. These are not only useful for navigation but are also for throwing groups of aliens into the environmental hazards that line this arena. There are also exploding barrels for you to use. Launch some aliens into them for good times. Watch your map for the red dots. You can attack by either running them over/ ramming them or by using the aforementioned turn attacks to throw them. Using the turns is highly recommended, as they will likely get you multi- kills. You can also use the 180 turn to great effect if you are about to hit a wall or see an enemy right behind you. Be stylish. Watch for the boss fight arch on the right side of the road. __________________________________ KOJACK I don't know what this guy's deal is. He's Jack's British wanker counterpart or something. He's also the most entertaining boss fight this side of Thunderdome. As you can probably guess, this fight is a big game of Chicken. Don't bother watching the screen; just pay attention to your radar. Chase Kojack down and hit him with a few spin attacks. If you see him chasing you instead, play with him a little by doing a 180 and ramming him. If you ram him, it shouldn't cause you damage, but if Kojack rams you first, you'll take a hit. Don't spin to attack prematurely because Kojack will hang back and wait until you're open after that spin to ram you. The guy knows how to ride. Doing spin attacks relentlessly also heightens your chances of initiating a power struggle with Kojack. You can tell it's coming when he stops, revs up, and charges you while doing a wheelie. It's hard to see this when you're going as fast as you should be, so just swinging the Wii-mote like crazy works too. He does this a lot, which is good because you need that advantage since you can't heal at all during this fight. Kojack will still be mobile after you've won the right to a finishing move. All you have to do is run down the now putt-putting Kojack and hit B as usual. ____________________________________________________________ AREA 66: FACILITY [662] STAGE BONUSES 200,000 Magnet Gun 500,000 UFO Fusion Engine 800,000 Cyber Slicer 1,100,000 Alien Tractor Beam 1,700,000 Bloodbath Challenge: Money Shot II 2,000,000 Daggers 2,600,000 Jack Balloon 2,900,000 The Masters TIME LIMIT 30 minutes DEATHWATCH CHALLENGES Hunt runaway greys! Score 3 million points! Kill the boss in 15 minutes! Finish without using a continue! I'm not gonna lie. Compared to the previous match and the coming boss fight, this level is very difficult. The enemies here are the most heavily armored you've seen and are quite agile to boot. They are packing stun rods and some even use shields. Luckily, this level is chock full of weapons and environmental hazards. In fact, there's so many that I'm hard-pressed to list all of them. Some new ones include a garbage chute to the northwest on the bottom floor, burning jet engines to the south (ground floor), a grinding room in the middle of the second floor which also has a flash freezer, and a UFO tractor beam on the eastern side of the ground floor, which I can only assume involves anal probing. Whatever you do, save all explosive barrels you find for the mini-bosses. This area is huge, and it's multi-tiered to boot. You can use elevators to change floors: they are small but easily distinguished by the blinking arrows. Just stand on one and it'll take you away. There's two: one on the northern and one on the southern sides of the central area on the ground floor. The magnet gun is this area's special treat to you since all of the enemies are metallic. Hold B to drag them in and then press A to launch them. You can only hold three enemies at a time, but launching them into a hazard like a burning jet engine nets you a triple kill every time. The baiting object for this level is a pack of donuts, which you can also use for great grouping effect. If you are having a hard time handling all the enemies here, run away and lead them to one of the environmental weapons like the fusion engine or a bladed wall. Pick them up and throw them in quickly to clear the air a bit. At times when you are facing enemies that can easily dodge your chainsaw, it's time to turn to something with a little more bite, something along the lines of a one- hit KO. In terms of that, this area delivers. There is a teleporter on the south end of the ground floor. It will instantly transport you up to the control room that makes up the third tier. Enemies can follow you through it though. From the control room, you can jump out the windows to the north and east to reach otherwise inaccessible areas on the second tier. Jumping to the east lands you near a Happy Pill and three explosive barrels. To the north is a spike bat. __________________________________ DW CHALLENGE: HUNT RUNAWAY GREYS Every now and then, an alien or two will escape from one of the pods lining the walls. I'm not exactly sure what triggers their escape. If I had to guess, I would say reaching a certain score since the aliens I saw came out after I either won a bonus or completed the BB Challenge. If you wait a while and they still don't show, try throwing lots of enemies in the UFO tractor beam. Maybe the lure of anal probes will get them to come out of hiding. They will attack the other enemies in the area with their ray guns, so if you see the robot guys chasing and fighting something other than yourself, a grey is near. They go out with a single chainsaw attack. The real task is getting them to come out and then finding them. From Sochithra Chhun: "I tossed a grey (and one of the soldiers) into the UFO tractor beam and a freaking cow fell out of the UFO. I have no idea if I got bonus points for it, but it's so silly I don't care." I've tried this and yes, yes a cow does come out of the UFO. And then promptly explodes. XD __________________________________ CYBER SLICERS The mini-bosses come two at a time. They are ultra-quick and don't fall easily to a chainsaw swipe. The magnet gun will cause them to short circuit, giving you some time to do whatever to them, but they recover quickly. They easily evade all of your attacks and jump high to knife you from the air. The safest way to deal with these cyber freaks is an explosive barrel. Don't try to fight them staying in one place because the regular enemies will crowd around for a piece of you as well. Run to thin the crowd and look for any weapons to use. If you can't find anything, run and then intermittently turn your chainsaw on one of them for a swipe at a time. Continue the game of cat and mouse until they short circuit and explode. The longer you stay in one place, the better their chances are of doubling up and beating the crap out of you. Stay mobile and use what the level designers gave you. Case in point: try and lead the Cyber Slicers over to the Fusion Engine and use your horizontal chainsaw swipes to push them into the flames. It's super effective! Just make sure to step away when they start to spark since that's the cue for an explosion. __________________________________ BB CHALLENGE: MONEY SHOT II TIME LIMIT 2:00.00 for one round Ride the southern elevator up to the area set aside for this challenge, which follows the same rules as back in Asian Town, but it's a little harder to judge how much to shake the soda and to aim. At least it is until you realize that some of the targets (namely the ones on the woman reclining) can be hit without even shaking the bottles of soda; you just need to position your aliens properly. On the flip side, some targets need the soda shaken up a lot before your alien friends will fly high enough. Trial and error is the best advice I can give here, along with "the higher the target, the more you gotta shake". It might also help to angle your aliens diagonally in relation to their destination rather than placing them front and center. Getting all three targets on one woman makes bonus UFOs appear in front of her. These are mobile targets that are worth lots of bonus points should you hit one. Since there are only two women this time around, you should aim for the saucers when both have been satisfied. To hit the saucers, decide what arc you want to hit them on (low or high) and shake a bottle/prep an alien accordingly. Hold your alien until the UFO is right where you want it and then let him go. __________________________________ THE MASTERS Go back to where the BB Challenge was to fight the boss of Area 66. Er, bosses. The Masters share a lifebar, so don't worry about focusing on one and then the other; they're connected by magnetism (not the animal kind). Lock on to one and perpetually circle around them. They like to combo their moves together, which thrusts them out towards Jack, so either backflip away continuously or run like a crazy bastard. If you don't, you're up for combo damage. Not the good kind. When they stand back-to-back and hold their arms out, they're going to pull in junk and hurl it at you. Run or backflip to avoid this. You can also run up to them and take a swipe at them to make them lose their grip. Sometimes one will jump out into the center of the area and will attack Jack solely. If you want to switch your lock and focus on the one not fighting, go ahead. I would rather not mess with resetting my lock and struggling with the C button, so if the one you're locked onto is out slashing the air, just dodge his initial attack and counter. Two slices is about all you can get in before they put their guard up in the form of a magnetic shield. They're going to repeat the same attacks a lot, but don't get too comfy with the routine. If you can get up close to them to attack while they are standing together, try a horizontal swing to try to hit them both. I seemed to do more damage when I could land a hit like that, so give it a shot. A little more than halfway through, a cutscene will have them throw a semi at you. Jack will not be phased and neither should you. After this, the power struggle becomes active. When you see the two stand together and then take out their swords and rush at you, it is power struggle time. Winning gives you at least two free swipes at a Master of your choosing. Keep backflipping and sawing like mad and watch for your second power struggle. That should put you in a nice position to finish them. You only need to pick one to press B for one of the most amusing finishing moves of the game. ____________________________________________________________ AREA 66: ROBOT FACTORY [663] And now for a change of pace... __________________________________ MARTIN You'd think fighting a giant robot would be an entertaining challenge - and it is - until you quickly discover that you can't get near the thing comfortably to use your chainsaw. The robot will quickly pummel you should you get too close. You aren't even safe at a distance because the thing shoots missiles. Watch the air around you for white lines: those are the missiles' destinations. Should you get shot with one, you will be blinded and will potentially walk right into Martin. Keeping Jack locked on to Martin will allow you to get a bead on him even when blinded though. You want to keep the flatbed truck in between you and Mr. Roboto at all times and run when you see the missile paths. Martin will also sometimes short-circuit and go crazy trying to run you down. The cue for this is when he says "One destructible target". Yet another reason the truck is a lifesaver. But, hey! What the hell? How are you supposed to beat the thing if you can't even touch it?! The answer is: watch your map. Pretty soon, you should see a blinking something something on the truck. These are missiles. Yummy missiles of your own. If you keep an eye to the ceiling, you can even see the wench move to bring them out and drop them (Martin will eventually start shooting these down). Pick 'em up and fire ze missiles to damage Martin; then jump down and play more Ring Around the Rosie until you get more. Eh, a cheap boss deserves a cheap death. You can power struggle with Martin, and after a few gruesome deaths and help from e-mails, I realized how. Get up on the flatbed truck and Martin should make a move to grab you. This will trigger the power struggle with him, which has Jack run a circle around the truck and blow Martin to hell with his own homing missile. You can also chainsaw him a little while he's stunned, but this is not wise. (Thanks to Sochithra Chhun and Evan for the heads up on this one.) Ariel also sent this in: "you can climb the center area (where the missiles are) and chainsaw him, a good strategy to do this is to chainsaw and backflip until he dies." So you can kill Martin without missiles, or at least you have a way to damage him while waiting for missiles to appear. Emmanuel fittingly describes this as basically treating Martin like you did Frank, if you fought him from up high, that is. ____________________________________________________________ CASINO LAND: THE STRIP [cl1] STAGE BONUSES 100,000 Spike Bat 500,000 Daggers 1,000,000 Afterburner Sign 1,250,000 Trucks Unlocked 1,500,000 Happy Onion 1,750,000 Big Long Driller 2,000,000 Blood Bath Challenge: Man Darts II 2,500,000 Champion TIME LIMIT 30 minutes DEATHWATCH CHALLENGES none Are you ready, ladies? Like the second stage of Area 66, this one pulls out all the stops with the environmental weapons. The bumpers lining this first stretch are a good example: throw an enemy on them and watch 'em fly. The enemies here are the original thugs with slightly more armor and heavier weapons than before. They're nothing too special at this stage. The slots room lies to the east down the strip and the roulette room is across from that to the west. I prefer the roulette room since the bumpers' entertainment value highly outstrips the slots, and it's easier to get multi- kills on the roulette and chopping machine than at the slot-grinder. You can actually play games for bonus points here. On the roulette, hold an enemy up to it (don't throw him) and the spinning blades will take off his head. After a couple seconds, the roulette will stop and you get your points. I don't know what (if anything) determines the winning color, but I put a head on black to win and got lots of bonus points, white not so much. I want to say a similar bonus can be won at the slots, but I never had much luck at the slots. The main area to the north has two cargo trucks that will open for goodies. Motorcycle thugs will also appear in this area. Treat them just like the ninja you faced before. They may even blow themselves up since there are explosive barrels around there and they are none too smart. __________________________________ BB CHALLENGE: MAN DARTS II TIME LIMIT 2:00.00 for one round Same thing as way back at the beginning of the game. The challenge here is trying to bat enemies that are more aggressive than what they were way back at the beginning of the game. As you clear the area of enemies, different ones will take their places. Asians replace thugs, ninja replace the Asians, zombies replace the ninja, robots replace the zombies, and aliens replace the robots (meaning you can put some real color on your dartboard if they don't zap your ass first). You might want to soften enemies up before you swing at them since you can easily waste time swinging at a perfectly healthy foe who can and will evade your blows with a jump backwards. Just hit them a few times with the bat before you hit the B button. When you gain access to the tower, the level and time limit officially end. ____________________________________________________________ CASINO LAND: THE TOWER [cl2] The tower is all old school "let's bring back all the mini-bosses you fought and make you fight them again because once just wasn't enough" kind of deal. The elevator you are riding in is full of crap to play with. Don't use it all up too quickly though. Items should carry over between fights, but the elevator can possibly glitch out and make it so they don't. New items are dropped from the ceiling for each bout, and enemies here usually drop things when dead, so I guess you can feel free to splurge a little. __________________________________ YEE FUNG The only new element to this fight is that Yee Fung has little mini-Fungs to help him out. He also has no ramps, but that won't stop him from rolling around. Let him roll around enough and he will even flatten his little beetle boys. The dice the ceiling spits out for you should hold a weapon or healing items. If the little guys are giving you some problems, try taking them out collectively with some horizontal chainsaw swipes. Just listen for Yee Fung's cries before he attacks or rolls around. Kevin wrote in to note that the explosive barrels that occasionally appear during this fight make short work of the little Fungs and really do a number on Yee Fung. If you can avoid their attacks long enough to grab one and throw, do so. Remember, the power struggle is when he starts a punch combo move. He should cough up a Happy Onion when dead. __________________________________ TENGU Tengu has definitely stepped up his game. Or maybe he's just tougher because we don't have a spear this time. There are a bunch of ninja on this next floor to make your fight a living hell, too. Find Tengu in the mess of ninja and stay locked on at all times. Keep dodging to avoid sneaky ninja attacks and try wide area attacks like horizontal chainsaw swings to see if you can't take out some ninja along with Tengu's health gauge. It's imperative that you stay locked on Tengu, so try as best you can to stay mobile to avoid the horde of ninja and swipe at Tengu like your life depends on it. Because it does. Sochithra Chhun noted that the meat buns that should appear during this fight (or after the skirmish with Yee Fung) should distract the ninja long enough to let you beat up on Tengu. I didn't think ninja would go for meat buns, only pirate booty, but I hath been proven wrong, and those buns may save your bacon if the ninja are proving to be difficult. __________________________________ BIG BULL CROCKER x2, BIG LONG DRILLER Crocker is a pushover. Two of them is nothin'. Oddly enough, when focusing on one, I expected the other to slice and dice me, but all he did was jump around like a child giddy at all the violence I was inflicting on his buddy and waiting for his turn. Don't count on this happening all the time though. Focus all your efforts on one and listen for the roar of the other's chainsaw, just in case. When one is dead (or even before that), Driller enters the scene. Leave the Crockers alone and focus on Driller. Why? Driller will likely drop a Jack Balloon when he dies, and you will barely have enough time to pick it up before the elevator takes you away if he's the last one left. Best play it safe and pick it up while you know you have time. If you don't care, then it's important to focus on whoever is closest to dying or whoever you think you can handle best. Driller will take more to knock down than Crocker, but less than it took to kill him in the Mad Castle. Watch for the baseball swing to get in a power struggle. Driller may not follow the Crockers' rule of "wait your turn" when it comes to attacking, but it's actually not as daunting as you'd think to fight these three beasts at once. Finish up and try to fill up on health if you can. ____________________________________________________________ CASINO LAND: RING OF MADNESS [cl3] When Jack reaches the arena, the champion is unveiled: none other than the Black Baron. Surprising since he's done nothing but get his ass handed to him for the entire game. Jack's cheering section is none other than the geishas he saved (if you did save them, that is), and this is not only heartwarming but important during the fight. __________________________________ THE BLACK BARON The Black Baron's opening moveset features rocket punches and whirlwind kicks, both of which leave him wide open for a chainsaw slice. When he takes a breather and starts what looks like a punch combo, prepare for a power struggle. Even though it looks like Jack is taking damage, he won't unless you lose. If you win, the Black Baron gets power slammed. Unfortunately, this causes him to go Super Saiyan. He even causes the music to skip over to a new track. The Baron now has an incredibly long punch/kick combo and can knock you out of the ring with an uppercut. If this happens, his lady friend will have at you with her bat. The Baron still keeps his old punches and kicks, so try waiting for him to do one of those before moving in close. The most dangerous attack of his is when a black hole opens up underneath him and starts to suck in everything, including Jack. You will get launched into the stands and brought back with a helicopter should you get engulfed. This attack's pull is too strong to get away in the small ring by simply walking away, and the Baron WILL spam it. He is a cheating bastard, and I hate him. But fear not, for people more resourceful than I have shown me that this attack is indeed avoidable. Because Jack's "walking against the wind" animation slows him down considerably, you need to snap him out of it by doing something else, like jumping or backflipping away. Just remember that if you are going to do this, don't backflip and/or jump right into the Baron's attack, as that defeats the purpose and will make the crowd laugh at you as you plummet towards them. Or at least it should. (Big thanks to Sochithra Chhun and MrDrak for this help.) The less dangerous (i.e. - totally avoidable) attack is when a white whirlwind forms at his feet. The Baron will launch a godly fist out of thin air to punch your ever-loving lights out. Avoid this one by first walking out of the pull and then away from in front of the Baron. The Baron is a cheap ass for sure, but Jack has one helping hand in this fight. When he's about dead, one of the geishas will pull a Happy Onion out of her cleavage and throw it to Jack. That onion will help, surely, but if the Baron movespams that black hole attack and you can't avoid the pull, it won't matter too much. The one strategy you should cling to is circling and waiting for an opening. A good number of the Baron's moves leave him open after the fact; the issue is with getting too close because you don't know when he will pull out a sucktastic whirlwind move. You may be waiting a long time before you get your opening. This is the last fight and you should have at least three credits to your name. If you're not getting the opening you need, then there may be no choice but to charge into the fray and take it like a man. Another option is to rely on the power struggles the Baron himself will initiate. The one you used to start the second stage of the fight will actually damage the Baron; because of this, he won't do it often. In fact, we're pretty sure he only does it twice: once to start the second round of the fight and again to finish it. The move where he jumps on the poles and bull rushes you does not hurt him. It does, however, set him up for damage if you can dodge, and I believe he repeats this one as many times as he wants. The finishing move on this one is a treat after all the grief the Baron should have given you. If anything, take heart in the fact that this will shut his stupid ass up for good. Don't put your remote down during the final scene and watch the credits roll! ____________________________________________________________ NOW WHAT? [ngp] So you're top of the tier, the number 1 Killseeker, yadda yadda blah. The game doesn't seem to think you've had enough because your progress is saved and the load screen comes up, inviting you to go back for more. And you should. TWO NEW WEAPONS The Katana and Double Chainsaw are unlocked for beating the game once. At the start of every level in a New Game +, one of these two weapons will be available. They follow the same rules as other sponsor weapons, meaning they can break but can also be found in crates as well. The Katana is very much like the spear in controls, but doesn't seem to have as powerful a B move, which is a samurai-style forward thrust. Shaking the Wii-mote makes Jack do a somersault and swing the sword for a downward slash powerful enough to cut a guy in two. The Double Chainsaw is just as awesome as it sounds. It's the same make and model as Big Bull Crocker's. A is a fancy twirl attack and holding B and shaking the remote lets you run and swing the chainsaw wildly; you can even direct Jack while he runs. Shake the Wii-mote to have Jack do an impressive flip in the air as well. This lovely weapon also has amazing durability. Squee. TRY OUT MORE DEATHWATCH CHALLENGES Technically, you could do this without finishing the game, but in case you got so caught up in the action that you forgot, completing a level's DW Challenge places an orange caution sign over that area's icon on the map, meaning a new DW Challenge has been put in its place. Most stages have a unique challenge; once that's completed, more generic challenges like "get so many points" and "kill so many enemies" take its place. DO IT AGAIN ON HARD MODE, YOU PANSY Don't feel bad; I wrote the walkthrough on Normal mode, so I'm a pansy too. After playing on Hard mode, I can tell you that it certainly adds some challenge to the usual killing routine. Enemies are more agile, better fighters, and Jack starts each level with no credits. START UP MULTIPLAYER MODE (IF YOU HAVE FRIENDS, THAT IS) Multiplayer mode in MadWorld is a little weak, as it is you and one friend playing as Jack and Kojack facing off in a Bloodbath Challenge of your choice. The rules are a little different for each, the time limit is extended, and the announcers' commentary changes. The lure of foregoing the challenge and just trying to hack your buddy to death is strong, and Kreese knows this and will try to get you to fight with each other. Howard just wants everyone to get along. If you actually want to play the challenges for real, then be sure to pay attention to the enemies the game throws at you: some wear doll heads and others wear Bull Crocker masks. Your score on some challenges is dependant on how many of a certain enemy you kill. For example, I lost a Money Shot challenge because I kept scoring points with doll-headed enemies when I was supposed to kill the Crocker wanna-bes. ____________________________________________________________ MADWORLD GAME SCRIPT [gms] A friend of mine gave me the bright idea to start a MadWorld announcer FAQ. I ran with it, and it ballooned into a full-blown game script. I cannot post such a document on GameFAQs or anywhere else simply because it would tear the TOS a new one. So that's why I host it here instead: http://thenumber35.webs.com/walkthroughs/mad_world_script.html This is a major WIP and most of what is left to be done is Howard and Kreese's dialogue. Feel free to contribute if you want. ____________________________________________________________ SUBMITTED TIPS AND TRICKS [rvt] Robvalue (robvalue@yahoo.com) has shared his tips and tricks with me and, with his permission, I pass some of them on to you. Everything in this section is Rob's, so you should e-mail him with any questions or suggestions and credit him if you reproduce any of it. DOUBLE CHAINSAW ATTACK CANCEL After experimenting with [the double chainsaw's] use, I found out that you can cancel out of its attacks (except Z then A) by shaking the nunchuk to do your backflip. This works for the double spin attack (A button) and is very useful here as you don't always want the second spin if you hit your target first time. You can defy gravity by jumping backwards during your somersault attack (shake remote) and backflip out of your chainsaw dance (hold B then shake remote). I find these especially useful when trying to do the 'take no damage' challenge in the Bistro. LIFTING OBJECTS QUICKLY Instead of walking right up to an object you want to lift, stopping in front of it then holding down A, there is a quicker way. Walk towards the object you want, then hold down A just before you get to it, while still moving Jack towards it. If you get it right, he'll grab the object almost instantly when he reaches it, rather than you having to wait around. Saves time in crucial situations. STICKING 10 THINGS IN/ON SOMEONE'S HEAD When playing I'm sure you've all found the limit to the amount of signposts that can be stuck in a guy's head, which is 5. However, there are other smaller objects which can also be stuck in guys' heads. I had assumed they would be included in the limit of 5 things per head, but in fact they have their own independent limit, which is 4. This means you can have up to 9 things stuck in a guy's head, top that off with a barrel or something similar over the head and you have a total of 10! This can get you some hilarious comments from Howard and Kreese. It also leads naturally on to my next hint (double points bonus). This is easier said than done as these smaller items aren't on every level. I'm sure you'll have seen them, but I'll suggest some opportunities: Great Wall Street- There are two trumpets on a stall on the right hand side near where you start, and if you continue forward from there and veer slightly left and head for the tiger gate (following the curving path on the floor) there are two more trumpets in a stand to your right. However you are only allowed to put 2 trumpets in a guy's head, for some reason! But later on in the level, seemingly when you have enough points, there also appears three funny shaped items on a stall just past the first one with the trumpets [possibly hairpins]. You can put up to 3 of these into a guy's head plus a trumpet, or 2 of these and 2 trumpets! Then 5 lamp-posts and doll head. Bistro- When you pass through the gate that closes behind Jack, you will find a pinwheel to your left and to your right. In the top left room of this section (near where you get the spear) you will find two funny looking things on a table which also work. There are 3 lamp-posts around this area so you can score 7 in a head. Also later on in the giant kitchen there are 2 spatulas to be had. Courtyard- Plenty of small candelsticks here. You can find some going straight ahead near where you get the bat, or up the stairs and into the dining room. Plenty of lamp-posts around for you to maximise head injuries. You can also use your backflip while holding one of the smaller items. DOUBLE POINTS BONUS You will have noticed that when you stick stuff through a guy's head, stick something on their head, or smash them into a rosebush, you get little icons above the running total for your score for that enemy. If you can generate 11 or more of these icons by the time you kill them, you get the score for them doubled. The only way I can think of to do this involves the previous hint. Jam at least 7 things in/on a guy's head, then murder him up close on a rosebush for another 4 icons (keep shaking the remote). BLEEDOUT TIMER Getting loads of points out of killing a guy is about sticking as much in his head as possible before finally offing him. Once you've put a lamp- post in his head, you have a timer of around 13 seconds before he will bleed out and die (except zombies). To keep your combo going you need to stick something in/on his head during this 13 seconds, doing this resets the timer to 13 seconds, and so on. You can also reset this timer by grabbing the enemy. They won't die while you are holding them, and the countdown will only restart after you let go. This is useful I find if you are worried an enemy will die before you get the next thing you need. TRIPLE BARRELLING If you do a lot of amusing stuff to a guy such as stick loads of lamp-posts through his head and a barrel over it, you can then grab him and dump him into a 'man heater' barrel, creating a double barrel situation. But then you can pick up that barrel, and the guy's legs and all the other stuff stuck in him will still be sticking out! But then, you stick the barrel onto another guy's head (after sticking him with more stuff first if you want) so you've got that guy and the previous dead guy all jammed in there. Then throw the whole lot into another man heater for a triple barrel... then jam that on someone else's head for an enemy threesome in a triple barrel! ____________________________________________________________ CREDITS AND OTHER JUNK [mis] BIG thanks to the ones who made this game possible - the guys our announcer friends ripped to shreds in the credits - including Sega and Platinum Games and anyone else who made it possible for me and everyone else to fawn over this lovely game before, since, and long after its release. Specific thanks go to Sochithra Chhun, J.Byron, MrDrak, Kevin, Josh, Ariel, Alistair, Evan, adam, Dylan, Emmanuel, and Robvalue for being really cool and e-mailing me with ways to improve this guide. I also need to thank BradyGames and their guide for this game, which (IMO) is one of their best; I consulted their interview with the staff for info and got help on some of the extra DW challenges from them. And *you* get mad credit for reading. You and the sites where you found this guide (which should only be GameFAQs, Neoseeker, HonestGamers, SuperCheats, GamesRadar, pwnGuide, CheatCC, MyWii and this mess of HTML here: http://thenumber35.webs.com/). I couldn't do this without you, and I still can't. If there's anything you want to add or comment on, or if you have a question about the game at all, drop me a line at SophiaLee04@yahoo.com. I dig feedback. VERSION HISTORY 1.44 - 06/22/09: got some extra stuff e-mailed in, enough to warrant a new section 1.34 - 06/05/09: added a link to the game script I said I was gonna do 1.24 - 05/05/09: the DW challenges aren't as random or endless as I thought so I've added a bunch of info on each stage's challenges; I also added a finishing move I forgot; and stuff 1.23 - 04/20/09: added a finishing moves section because someone asked for it and I am totally nice like that; also, do you think there's a market for a game script/quote depository for this game? because I think one is in the works 1.13 - 04/07/09: more updates in an effort to improve; it seems like every time I play this game, I find something cool I want to add - this time around it's details about reaching some heretofore thought inaccessible places in Area 66's Facility and playing roulette in the Strip for bonus points; I've also revamped the explanation of defenestration in the play log, as it stays true to its definition and does actually apply to windows 1.12 - 03/30/09: Ice Water came to visit over the weekend so we got to play MadWorld's multiplayer mode, and then we switched back to single player mode since multiplayer is weak, so I added some info on that; I also made a bunch of little updates (mostly in the Mad Castle on down), and we finished documenting the play log 1.11 - 03/25/09: slow update due to a fever (*insert cowbell joke here*); added a new section concerning the play log (if anyone knows how to perform a Chop Object Homerun or Jumping Backbreaker I'd love to hear about it), and added some minor corrections regarding extra credits in Varrigan City, some boss fight hints in the Tower, and a way to avoid the Baron's black hole attack (plus lots of other little things) 1.00 - 03/21/09: walkthrough finished and submitted; please bear with me as I edit and proofread some more; let me know if you see anything that needs corrected; all the basic info is here, I just need to make small tweaks in places 0.00 - 03/15/09: walkthrough started later than I anticipated because I have a job; unfortunately, it is not on par with "Killseeker" 03/11/09: MadWorld is released; body parts start flying LEGAL INFO This document was written for personal and private use. Don't steal anything from it or repost it on a site without my permission, please. (Sharing links is a-okay and encouraged, though.) Writing stuff like this is fun, but there's a lot of work involved. It's not as easy as swinging a chainsaw through the air, I can tell you, so respect the free time I sacrificed to this project please thanks. Copyright (©) 2009 Georgi Samaras</p>