Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars Ascii: Coming soon! ========================================= Game: Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars =+ Type: Walkthrough/FAQ =+ Plattform: DS =+ Released: 2009 =+ Written by: Acdcfantony (Anthony Audit)=+ E-mail: acdcfantonyfaqs@hotmail.com =+ Version: 0.7 =+ =+ Have any suggestions? E-mail them to =+ acdcfantonyfaqs@hotmail.com =+ ========================================= =============================================================================== Disclaimer =============================================================================== This Walkthrough/FAQ is only allowed on the following websites: www.gamefaqs.com and all of it's affiliates. www.gamesradar.com www.cheatplanet.com THIS FAQ WILL NEVER BE ALLOWED ON CHEATCC.COM. EVER!! I hope I make that clear. If you see this walkthrough hosted on any other website, please let me know as soon as possible, so I may take the nessecary steps to get it off. If you see this walkthrough being sold anywhere, please let me know about it. If you have any suggestions, comments or even critisism, please send me an e-mail, which is on the top of this page. Make sure that when you send me an e-mail it is/has: - A proper title (GTA:CW would be best) - Understandeable writing (not slang like "i r had trubelz on mision 3!") - No spam or hate e-mails please! I get enough crap as it is, I don't feel like changing e-mail addresses AGAIN. If you do not take time to write a proper e-mail, I will not take time to read and answer it. It's a fair deal. =============================================================================== Table Of Contents =============================================================================== *How to use the table of contents: To find the section you want to skip ahead to, press ctrl+f (apple+f on macs) and type in the section number. +------------------------+ || TABLE OF CONTENTS || //======================================================================\\ || Name || Section # || \\======================================================================// || Version History || 0001 || ||--------------------------------||----------------------------------|| || Introduction || 0002 || ||--------------------------------||----------------------------------|| || Controls || 0003 || ||--------------------------------||----------------------------------|| || Walkthrough || 0004 || ||--------------------------------||----------------------------------|| || Side-Missions || 0005 || \\--------------------------------------------------------------------// +------+ || 0001 || =============================================================================== Version History =============================================================================== April 7th, 2009 - Finished my first playthrough of the game. Decided that I would start writing a full walkthrough/FAQ for the game! April 10th, 2009 - Finally finished writing the walkthrough! I am tired, but it is done. Please excuse any typos or mission errors, just send me an email with the error and I will fix it in the next update, which is coming very soon! April 14th, 2009 - Fixed a small error in the controls pointed out by a reader. Credit will be given as soon as I get a reply with the person's username. April 16th, 2009 - MInor update, added two new websites that this is allowed on. Major update coming soon! +------+ || 0002 || =============================================================================== Introduction =============================================================================== Looking for a walkthrough? Can't find that drug dealer or can't figure out how to pass that hard-to-beat level? Well, you have come to the right place. My goal with this guide is to help as many people as possible, and this guide is the best way that I can think of doing that. I will work day and night to provide you with any information that you may need. This guide may contain some spoilers, but they will be mild and I will do my best to keep it spoiler-free. You are a Chinese kid who just arrived to the worst city in the U.S.: Liberty City. You must help gang members and bosses to get revenge on your murdered father and to return a traditional sword to your family. The quest begins... +------+ || 0003 || =============================================================================== Controls =============================================================================== .____________________________________________________________. / \ | ___________________________________ | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | . . . | | . . . | | | | | | . . . | | . . . | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |___________________________________| | | | |_____ | mic. _____| |_____|__________________________________________________|_|_|_| L -> | | <- R | ___________________________________ | | | | | | | | .-. | | .--. | | ( X ) | | __| |__ | | .-. '-' .-. | | | | | |( Y ) ( A )| | |__ __| | | '-' .-. '-' | | | | | | ( B ) | | '--' | | '-' | | | | | | | | | | | | O Start | | | | | | |___________________________________| O Select | | | `.___________________________________________________________,' On foot: Control Pad -> Moving around B -> Sprint A -> Fire weapon/punch/tap 3x roundhouse kick X -> Enter vehicle/hold to hail a taxi Y -> Climb/Roll L -> Center Camera R -> Toggle target lock Mic -> Whistle to hail taxi In vehicle: Control Pad -> Steer B -> Accelerate A -> Drive-by X -> Exit vehicle Y -> Reverse/Brake R -> Handbrake +------+ || 0004 || =============================================================================== Walkthrough =============================================================================== The missions themselves are in relative order. If two or three are available at once, I will write them in the order that I do them, but you do not have to follow that order. If you need help on a specific mission, press ctrl+f and type in the name of the mission. As long as you type it correctly, it will bring you to the mission. ______________________________ / / / Yu Juan / /_____________________________/ For the record, this is not an actual mission, this is just what to do in the beginning, just incase you get lost. Reward: $50 When you take control, you will be sinking in the ocean in the back seat of a car. You have to smash the window to get out before you are fed to the fishies. You must then swim to shore, by heading south (opposite to the white "N" on your GPS). After you are out of the water, walk up the ramp to the car that has an icon over it. You will now have to hotwire the vehicle. To do so, you must insert the screwdriver into the keyhole and turn it in the directions that you are indicated. You must finish it fast, since if you wait too long the alarm will go off, which is bait for the cops. After the vehicle is started, you will have to follow your radar to Kenny's place (marked by a yellow dot in the mission, a big "K" when you are not in a mission). Once you arrive, walk into Kenny's crib. Lastly, Kenny will ask you (more like tell you) to go check out the apartment that he is providing for you. Mission over. ______________________________ / / / Pursuit Farce / /_____________________________/ Reward: $50 When the mission begins, you will be asked to grab a car and head over to Kenny's Crew. It is not very far away, just follow your GPS. Once you are near the marked spot on the map, you will notice a small yellow circle. I suggest that you reverse into it. Once you are in the circle, you will set off a cut scene with a special someone. After the scene, that person will enter your vehicle, and the police pursuit starts. Police chases are somewhat easy but extremely fun to be part in. They will try everything to get you stopped, and you will try anything to get away. This is how police chases work in this game. You will notice that on the top-right corner of your screen there is a little icon showing your heat level(stars) and the amount of cars you need to destroy to lower one heat level. So, in this mission, you will need to get rid of 2 cops to get down to one star, then another cop car to get down to no stars. Once the starts on the top-right have turned silver and are flashing, you should stop the vehicle because it does not take much to provoke the cops at this level. Back to the mission, the police pursuit has begun. You should drive out of that little alley and get onto the road. Just drive around the same block, ramming any police vehicles that you see. This should end the pursuit fairly quickly. After it's over, follow your GPS to your apartment (naughty naughty!) and the mission ends there. ______________________________ / / / Under the Gun / /_____________________________/ Reward: $50 After your little talk with Kenny, you must go behind his building to meet the master at arms. This person will teach you how to do some kung-fu moves first and that is mastered you will have to shoot a handgun at a dummy (no, not me!). The training is shortened because Kenny interrupts you. Apparently one the stores that are under his protection is under attack. The master at arms notices that you do not have a weapon, so you are told to search the garbage for one. Walk up to the trash, and press select. Open the lib with your stylus and search through the trash by removing the bags. Once you see the weapon, take it. Remember about the garbage bags since they are a decent way to get free weapons, health and drugs. You must now follow Ling over to the next area. The restaurant owner there will welcome you gratefully(lol) and the second part of the mission will start. After something unfortunate happens, you must go in the back of the buiding and kill all of the thugs. There is three guys in the back and one on the roof. Kill off the three guys in the back first, then head up the stairs on the side of the building. Kill the last thugs and check on the man up there (he has such a nice haircut!) The mission is now over. ______________________________ / / / Payback / /_____________________________/ Reward: $50 When this mission starts, you must follow your GPS to your rival's hideout. When the sissy starts running, you haveto follow him by jumping over all of the olympic hurdles(not really, they are fences, but they are the same). When he finds him littles buddies, you have to kill all of them. An easy way to do so is to grab the vehicle that some guys are hiding behind and to use it to run them over. The gang leader will jump into his car and try to run away. Follow him and damage his car until he steps you, them shoot him or run him over. Both methods are satifying. Once he is dead, the mission is over. ______________________________ / / / The Wheelman / /_____________________________/ Reward: $50 After talking to Kenny, you must go outside and grab a vehicle (the one given outside is the best). Tihs mission is extremely straightforward. You must find one of the three target vehicles and drive them to the appropriate garage. You have a set amount of time to deliver the cars(about 6 game hours). When you reach a car, you have to hotwire it. These cars are pretty new so you will have to unscrew the pannel, put the two wires on the right side of the box that you opened and warp the ends of the wire together. Some cars may also have an electronic starting device. You must open the panel, plug in your device(name?) and enter the code. Once the code is entered, the car will start. After the vehicle is running, it is a matter of following the GPS until you get to the garage. Rinse and repeat for all three cars. After they are all delivered, you may move on to the next mission. ______________________________ / / / Tricks of the Triad / /_____________________________/ Reward: Some profit from drug dealings. This mission is an introduction to drug dealing. It will make the drug dealing mini-game available to you. Once the mission has started, directly head to your apartment, and enter it. Once in your humble abode, press on the tool box with your stylus. Withdraw all of the drugs from the box (it should be acid). Exit the house and grab a car. Follow you GPS to the drug dealer. To talk to the drug dealer, you must walk up to him and press "select". You must not hurt the dealer orhave any cops following close behind, because the dealer will run away. Now, after entering the dealing menu, press on you bag, then on the acid, then on the green checkmark on the lower part of your screen. And, voila, you have just sold your first stach of drugs! After this dealer, you will receive an email. Answer it and press on the green flashing text that will set a pointon your GPS. This will show you where to find the dealer. After getting to the dealer, trade with him but instead of pressing on your bag, press on the right portion of the screen. It may be his bag or him car, depending on the dealer. Oh dear, it's a bust! This means that your transaction was reported to the cops and they will do thei best to catch you in the act. If they do bust you, get into a car an head to the nearest apartment, orjust get rid of the cops. Remember, if you get busted, you lose all of your drugs and all of your weapons, so beware. Back to the mission, you must stash your coke in your apartment, so head over there now (marked on the GPS). You are now safe from the cops, and the mission is over. ______________________________ / / / Natural Burn Killer / /_____________________________/ Reward: $50 This mission is pretty much a molotov cocktail tutorial. After talking to Kenny, you must go to the gasstation marked on the map. Once you are there, enter the blue circle near the gas pump. Lucky for you, the gas is free the first time around! Once you choose the amount you want to spend on the fuel, you will enter a sort of mini-game. You have to fill the bottle to the top while trying to spill the least amount of fuel. After the bottle is full, you haveto place the hose back, to stpo the flow, and put a rag into the mouth of the bottle. You have now many a molotov cocktail! With the highest amount of gas, I can make 15-16 molotovs. Itis cheaper to make your own then to buy them from ammunation, since they give about 8 everytime you buy them. After the molotovs are finished, you have to head to the spanish lord's car lot, which is your first victim. After the cars are blown up, you have to firebomb the store. i suggest starting off with three molotovs thrown and throw once moreafter every fire truck comes. When a fire truck does come, jump right into itand drive it a bit down the street. With that strategy, I only had to face two trucks, which are easy to get rid of. ______________________________ / / / Recruitment Drive / /_____________________________/ Reward: $50 Apparently Kenny needs some more recruits for him gang, since the recent violence took a couple. To start off, grab a car and head to the blue marker. A four seater is recommended. Anyways, once you reach to blue marker, you will see that one of the recruits is being attack by thugs. Kill them and talk to the guy it the blue marker over his head. He will happily join you. Do so with the next two guys. Just make sure that the health bar on the top screen does deplete, and you will be fine. After recruiting the three guys, you need to head to the tattoo parlor, while avoiding hoodlums who try to take their revenge. Just ignore them. Once you have entered the parlor, you will have to carefully tattoo one of them. After you are finished, the mission is over. ______________________________ / / / Pimp His Ride / /_____________________________/ Reward: $50 Chan is not exactly the smartest guy on the block. Nevertheless, he wants you modify his opponents car because his is too slow to even compete with him. Now, you will need to follow the victim's car, but do not get too close or else you will rise his suspicions and fail. He will eventually stop outside of a pay n spray. You need to quickly steal the car and head over to Chan's place as fast as possible. When the car is brought back to Chan's garage, you will need to make a couple modifications. You will be told what to do with each piece. After that is done, you will need to drive the vehicle back to the pay n spray. The only problem is that it now handles like crap. You should still be able to easily get it back tough. Once at the pay n spray, park the car and watch it get towed away. ______________________________ / / / Whack the Racers / /_____________________________/ Reward: $100 I guess that rigging a car with a bomb, ruining the engine and putting a smelly fish in the air conditioning was not enough. Chan still needs help to win his upcoming race. You will need a fast car, but not one that gets destroyed too easily. I heard that a cop car works best here, although I use a taxi. You do not have to worry about the leader, because he gets blown up at the beginning (thanks to you). You will have to perform the next three laps with Chan, make sure that he stays in first place. Just ram or side swipe anyone that gets in the way. Make sure that you check your GPS often to make sure that nobody is catching up to you (and Chan...). After the mission is over, head to Chan's crib first. ______________________________ / / / Jackin' Chan / /_____________________________/ Reward: $150 The idiot Chan has been "kid"napped. It's not a big shocker; if I was his rival, I would not be happy with him either. Well, our job is to rescue his sorry ass. Follow your radar to the docks, and you will quickly notice that Chan is in one of the flaming cars. Follow you radar to a fire truck and take it. Drive it back to the docks and put the fire out on all of the vehicles. Controlling the hose is the same as if you were throwing molotovs, yet you have to hold it on the fire until it is out. After the fire is out, you will need to drive Chan back to his place. On the way over, you will be attacked by the gang who initially kidnapped him. Kill the attackers and finish the mission. ______________________________ / / / Stealing the Show / /_____________________________/ Reward: $150 Mission Requirements: For this mission you will need 20 bags of weed. If you try to start this mission, someone will set a path on you GPS for a weed dealer. find him, buy the weed, and start this mission. After the mission is started, follow your GPS to the gas station. Find the truck and jump in the back. Once the truck is rolling, Zhou will follow behind you an you will have to throw some boxes into his truck. Wait for a stretch of straight road and throw boxes at Zhou like crazy. After awhile, you will have thrown enough boxes to fill his truck. You will then have to drive all the way back to Zhou's house. ______________________________ / / / Flatliner / /_____________________________/ Reward: $150 Zhou would now like you to head to the airport an to pick up one of his friends. When you get there you will see that the target is in an ambulance and is heavily guarded by cops. How nice of Zhou to give you this mission. Anyways, grab the ambulance and quickly take off to not get busted. You will have three stars, which may be a little hard. Just drive towards Zhou and try not to hit things. Sometimes the guy in the back of the ambulance will flat-line, so you will have to tap his heart quickly with the stylus until his heart is beating again. Zhou will not accept a dead "friend". After you reach Zhou's, you will have to watch him kill the guy that you just saved about 5 time. How nice of him. ______________________________ / / / Bomb Disposal / /_____________________________/ Reward: $200 Apparently the big boss has noting to do, so he decides to blow some cars up. Zhou informs you that there is some drugs in those vehicles, and he wants it. But, of course, Zhou can't do it himself so you are here to do it for him. Just a tip, you may want to stock up on a bit of sub-machine gun ammo for this one, When you start the mission, you have to quickly head to the fist van. When you enter the vehicle, you will have to disarm it by cutting the right rope. You have to check each wire with the Voltmetre and the one with the highest frequency is the one that has to be snipped. Make sure that you are cutting the right one and snip it. After the bomb is correctly disarmed, you will get attacked by thugs. You should fill them with lead and show them who the drugs belong to. Do the same with the remaining vans, making sure that you cut the wires and kill all thugs before moving to the next van. At the end of the mission, another bomb van will be sent to attempt to get rid of the drug cars. Destroy it before it reaches it and you will pass the mission. ______________________________ / / / Carpe "Dime" / /_____________________________/ Reward: Lancaster Safehouse Requirements: For this mission you will need $5000. The best way to get this sum of money is drug dealing. Just buy and sell drugs while making sure that you make profit. Deliver the cash to Kenny to start this mission. For this mission you need to steal a van. Head to the red dot on your GPS. Grab the vehicle and get out of there as fast as you can. Try to keep the van in good shape, because if it blows, you fail the mission. On the way to Kenny's, you will get attacked by pathetic gang members. Just shoot them, ram them or just ignore them. Once you arrive in the secluded area, you will be shown how to search a gang's van. All you have to do is cut open the van's door panel. You will be guided by a red dotted line. This mission unlocks a sort of mini-game, if you can call it that. If you are ever driving around the city and see a colored van with a red marker over it, it is a rival's van, which you can steal. You will get drugs about 80% of the time from these. This method is very useful for free cash. Next head to Kenny's next mission. ______________________________ / / / Store Wars / /_____________________________/ Reward: $50 The Spanish Lords are trying to firebomb one of the Triad's stores. Of course, you have to do the dirty work. Make sure you have enough ammo for you weapons. Once you reach the store, your first objective is to barricade the roads. There is a couple of vehicles handy to block the road, all you have to do is place them correctly. Your enemies will come from both ends, so make sure that you keep an eye on both entrances. Make sure that you stop the gang members before they have time to run over and throw their molotovs. If they do throw one, don't give up. it takes more than one molotov to destroy the store. Finish off the last gang members and you have finished the mission. ______________________________ / / / Raw Deal / /_____________________________/ Reward: $200 For this mission, you will have to protect stupid Chan. He walked right into an ambush without realizing, being the idiot that he is. You will have to run down the street killing thugs. Just follow Chan until he stops moving forward, then grab a car. Drive over to Chan's father's club, and the mission is over. Just remember to stay away from smoking/flamming vehicles and to watch Chan's ass, and this mission will be a piece of cake. For the next mission, go see Zhou. ______________________________ / / / Driven to Destruction / /_____________________________/ Reward: $300 This mission is about driving a pickup truck while Zhou gets to shoot the minigun. Figures. Anyways, this mission is fairly simple. You drive the pickup while Zhou fires the minigun. You just need to make sure that you do not let the pickup blow up. You need to fill the carnage meter to accomplish this mission. It took me 4 groups of dealers until i have finished, and my pickup was just starting to smoke. That is how easy this mission is. After the mission is finished, you will meet Heston, who you will head to next. ______________________________ / / / The Two Job / /_____________________________/ Reward: $0 For this mission, you have to play some drugs in the Korean's car and then attract the cops to that vehicle. Head to the dot on your GPS and grab the tow truck. The driver will try to kill you and take his truck back, so teach him a lesson with our favorite school supply: lead. You will then have to get the Korean's car off the tow truck by stepping into the arrows in an area with plenty of room. Get into the Korean's car and get the attention of the cop by running one over, hitting a cop car or shooting at one (drive-by). Drive the car to the cop station and run away. Since the mission is now over, head to Hsin's crib. ______________________________ / / / Trail Blazer / /_____________________________/ Reward: $300 The point of this mission is to destroy an enemy's gambling den. Head to the gas station and grab the tanker. Someone shoots the tanker, making a fuel leak. Do you know what that means? Drive fast and keep moving until you reach your target. Hurry to the point indicated on your GPS and park the tanker in the right place. Run like hell so you do not blow up with it. Simple, was it not? ______________________________ / / / The Tail Bagging the Dogs / /_____________________________/ Reward: $0 Requirements: For this mission you will need two bags of coke. It is expensive so you might want to wait for a deal or rob a drug dealer's van. Apparently what you did for Heston was not good enough. So, you have to kill as many Koreans as possible! Follow the Korean as he leaves the police station, keeping your distance to not raise suspicion towards yourself. The Korean will stop to talk with different bosses on his way, so when you reach one take care of him. Now that they are dead, you need to take care of him. The man you are following will pick up a passenger, so you will need to get rid of both of them. Drive fast, ram them and shoot at them until they are dead. The mission is now over, so head to Kenny's. ______________________________ / / / Copter Carnage / /_____________________________/ Reward: $400 Kenny's crib is about to get attacked. You have to protect the goods outside. Keep an eye on your GPS to see any enemies that get near (red dot). Take out the best weapon you have and fire away. Once you will all of the men on the ground, the chopper will fly away. You need to grab the fastest car you can get ahold of and follow it. Once you have found their hide-out, head back to Kenny's place to finish the mission. Stay at Kenny's for the next mission. ______________________________ / / / Kenny Strikes Back / /_____________________________/ Reward: $0 You will need plenty of ammo for this mission, so don't forget to stock up. You will need to get back to the Spanish Lord's hide-out, the one that you found during the last mission. Once you get there, you will notice that the gates are locked, but there is always a way in. Walk up to the electronic lock and break it open. You will see four wires, two on them are the same colors. You must pull them together and twist them so they don't come apart. Once your in, get ready for some action. You will want to kill every simple gang member that you see. Blow up their cover and make sure that they don't do the same as you. I really recommend that you kill all of the members before stealing the van. After they are all taken care of, head to the back of the building. There is a van back there with a marker on top of it. enter it, hot-wire it and take it out of there. Now, the tricky part. You need to drive it back to Kenny's without blowing it up. Once the van is safely in Kenny's garage, the mission is over. You can now play a mini-game which consists of raiding that safehouse again. You will randomly find drugs in the door panel, like van hijacked off the streets. ________________________________ / / / Weapons of Mass Distraction / /_______________________________/ Reward: $200 In this mission, you have to distract the gang members until Kenny can plant a bug in some guy's car. Head to the first marker, this is where you make your stand. Head to the enemy's car and blow the sucker up, with a molotov if possible. Kill everything that you see here, and then head to the next marker. You will possibly be attacked on the way there, so kill them aswell. After that, it seems that Heston got the information that he needed, so the mission is over. Head back to Hestons ______________________________ / / / Street of Rage / /_____________________________/ Reward: $0 This mission you will lack good weapons to start with. Apparently Heston is held up at some tool booth, so head over there. Once you arrive, there will be a gunfight between some gang members and cops. It would be nice is the cops would help you, but that's not the case. How do we deal with it? Kill everyone. Not only will you satisfy your hunger for blood but you will get lots of ammo. After everyone is dead, head over to Heston. Only one problem: the man guarding Heston has a minigun. This guy has a pattern that is easily used at your advantage. Move behind a wall, wait until he shoots. After he stops, briefly come out from behind the wall and fill him with lead. Once he starts shooting again, run for cover. Rinse and repeat. After Heston is saved, you get a free minigun from the thug you just killed :). ______________________________ / / / Missed the Boat? / /_____________________________/ Reward: 10 sacks(lol, couldn't resist) of Heroin For this mission you are going for a pleasant boat ride! Not really. Head to the location of your GPS and jump in the boat. Head towards the blue marker. Once you are there, you will have to pick up the contraband. After you have it, the cops will be right on your ass. Head towards the general direction of the place where you first took off. If the boat stalls, quickly get it started again so you don't fail the mission. Eventually you will reach the jetty and pass the mission. ______________________________ / / / Cash and Burn / /_____________________________/ Reward: $0 Apparently Zhou is not happy with the Irish. So, what do you think you have to do? Kill 'em all (metallica reference :p). You get a beautiful flamethrower to play with in this mission, so try not to burn yourself, alright? Drive to the construction site and smash the lock on the gate. You have 18 bundles of wood(?) to destroy. Sounds easy right? Not really, since apparently they set guards to watch the wood. Move close to the bundles and set them on fire. If a rival gang member decides to get close enough to shoot you, don't be afraid to burn his ass. If you ever run low on health, there is some health pickups that can help you. After all 18 bundles are piles of ashes, the mission is over. Head back to Zhou's. ______________________________ / / / Dragon Haul Z / /_____________________________/ Reward: $400 I guess Zhou wants to get his money back since this next mission is based around a bank robbery. Firstly, you will have to go rob a delivery van. For some reason they are armed and ready to shoot, so shoot back at them. When you finally get the van, you will most likely have cops on your ass so shake them off (don't go shacking your booty now!). After you have the delivery van with Zhou, you will need to dress up as a dragon. Apparently Zhou thinks it's a great disguise, and he is right. Who would suspect a dragon in a parade of raiding a bank? You will have to follow the spinning arrows with your stylus or quickly tap the fire breathing button. If you do not do the job right, you will raise your suspicion level and if it gets too high, you fail. After the parade is over, you will pass the mission. ______________________________ / / / Sa-Boat-Age / /_____________________________/ Reward: 12 bags of Ecstasy This mission is probably the hardest that you will have to do. You will have to race Chan. Of course, since he is not exactly the smartest person alive, he will lose the race because his boat stalled. Since you are the guy with the SMG, you will have to protect him from seven waves or fast enemies. The best way to do this mission is to get rid of as many boats as possible before they reach Chan, since they will shoot at him AND the blast form their boats will hit Chan. Remember, you can shoot in front of your sea-doo too. After the seven waves of baddies, Chan will get air lifted out of their, thus ending the mission. Go meet Hsin. ______________________________ / / / The Offshore Offload / /_____________________________/ Reward: $700 In this mission, some of Hsin's men were taken in by the cops. So, at the beginning of this mission you will need a four seater car. When you get one, head to the yellow marker. There is be a NOOSE van there, you need to walk up behind it without being seen and set the explosives on the door. It is a type of foam that sticks to the door, you need to outline it and set the transmitters. As soon as you are far enough from the van, it will blow. Get into your four-seater and get the two men out of there. You will then need to pick up the accountant, which is the blue marker on the screen. He will be randomly running around on the streets. After the accountant is picked up, you will need to bring them over to the helipad. Once they are there, the mission is over. One thing to remember about this mission is that you are going to get rammed and shot at a lot. The absolute best vehicle for this mission is the bulletproof taxi. If you do not have one available, a regular taxi is fine for this mission, that is what I used. For the next mission, head over to Hsin's place. ______________________________ / / / One Shot, One Kill / /_____________________________/ Reward: $0 This is my absolute favorite mission. Why? because you get to assemble and shoot a sniper rifle. To start off, you will need to head to the sniping area, which is on a rooftop. You will receiver the sniper, which is very easy to assemble. The target that you are looking for is wearing a white t-shirt and blue jeans. He should be there as soon as you start aiming, you just need to look around a bit. Make sure that the shot is perfect before shooting at him, the title is "one shot, one kill" after all. When the target is shot, you will have a three star wanted level. Steal the first car that you can get your hands on and evade the police. Just ram them when you are speeding and push then into walls and other obstacles. As long as you do not stop moving, you will be fine. When you have finished evading the cops, you will be finished this fantastic mission. Head over to Zhou's mission first. ______________________________ / / / The Fandom Menace / /_____________________________/ Reward: $200 For this mission you will need an SMG, with plenty of ammo. You will have to drive Zhou to a pick up some guy for a meeting, but he wants to make sure that no paparazzi survives if he does get a good picture of him. When the mission starts, just follow the marker to the meeting place. Shoot any paparazzi that gets a picture of him. Seriously, this mission is way too easy. After you pick up the target, you must drive back to Zhou's house. Guess what? You have to kill the paparazzi on the way back too. What a fun mission! ______________________________ / / / Counterfeit Gangster / /_____________________________/ Reward: $0 Chan is in deep doo-doo, again. the FIB are about to invade his place because he has counterfeit materials scattered around everywhere. First, you need to destroy the materials right outside his building, with a weapon or fists. Next, head over to the docks. The first group of materials have to be destroyed the same way as the previous ones. Move on to the materials that are around the crane. Jump into the crane, place the crane's head over a vehicle, pick up that vehicle, move it over the sea and drop it. Rinse and repeat as fast as you can. Then last bunch of "materials" is a bunch of cars that need to be pushed into the ocean by a bulldozer. Grab one of the two heavy vehicles and start pushing cars into the water. be very careful not to drive it into the water because that is a waste of a bulldozer and a lot of time. Once you are sure everyting is destroyed, the mission is over and you head back to Chan for the next mission. ______________________________ / / / Slaying With Fire / /_____________________________/ Reward: $0 Chan decides to have you throw firebombs from a helicopter in this mission! He thinks everyone is out to get him so he hires you to bomb then while he flies. You will have to throw the molotovs from the helicopter. You need to make sure that you kill everyone that you see, or else they will easily take down your chopper. Wait until the helicopter slows down to shoot molotovs, although it does not make too much of a difference, only that you will miss less often. At the beginning, the thugs will have smaller weapons but as the mission progresses, they will get bigger guns, like RPGs. Just make sure that you kill everyone who is shooting at you, starting by the red marked people on the map (they are the ones with the RPGs). After you finish off everyone, you will get attack by an enemy chopper. Bomb it a couple of times and it will eventually blow and leave you alone. The mission is over when it goes down. Now, go pay a visit to Heston. ______________________________ / / / Operation Northwood / /_____________________________/ Reward: $200 This mission is pretty much a tutorial on how to set bombs in cars. For this mission, you will need a fast car, like the Banshee that is supplied to you. You will then have to head to the bomb store where Heston buys a bomb for you. You will need to rig the vehicle with the bomb, following he instructions that are given to you. After that is finished, head to where the drug dealer is and follow him. Make sure that you keep up, because he is going hella fast. He will eventually stop at his hideout. Oh, look, he's got two huge fuel tanks on the side of his building, let's park out car here! Walk out of the blast radius and blow the building up. Once it is in pieces, the mission will be over. Head back to Heston's. ______________________________ / / / Torpedo Run / /_____________________________/ Reward: $0 For this mission you have to take Zhou's boat. You will have to head over to the police jetty and steal a boat that strangely has an unlimited amount of torpedos. Sail a bit until you find Zhou's boat. That boat is able to lay mines behind it, so you will have to be careful. This mission is just a matter of shooting the hell out of the boat with your torpedos, while avoiding his mines. After the boat is out, you will receive an email with another small mission: destroy some van on land. Head to the island and head to the van. Follow it and ram/shoot it as much as possible. The van will not take too long to explode. If the passengers ever bail the vehicle, shoot them or run them over. Once they are taken care of, you will head over to start a mission with Zhou. ______________________________ / / / So Near, Yet Sonar / /_____________________________/ Reward: 15 Bags of acid Ironically, in this mission you will need to take a salvage boat to retrieve the goods that you just sunk. Head to the docks and grab the boat. Drive a bit to find the area where the boat sunk and start using the radar. Everytime that you tap the lower screen with the stylus, the sonar will send out some radar waves. If there is an item on the ocean floor, you will see it on the sonar. Once you find and time, drive up to it until your boat is over the good. You will then have to work the winch to retrieve the crates. Once you find the two of the four crates, you will have to be more careful. Try not to use the radar too often of else you will attract some unwanted attention by the authorities. Once all of the crates are found, head back to the docks. The mission ends when you park the boat. Head to Hsin's crib now. ______________________________ / / / By Myriads of Swords / /_____________________________/ Reward: $0(?) When this mission begins, you will have to go in the alley to grab a sword (not your father sword, mind you). With tis baby you will have to kill a couple of traitors. So, grab a car and head to the first marker (Firefly Island). When you get close enough it will become a red marker. Chase the guy down (he runs a lot). Make sure that you will him with the sword. Ignore his bodyguards of now. Once he is dead, you will have to kill the bodyguards. You may take a firearm to kill them. Once they are all dead, head back the the traitor and grab his ID (and the cash in his wallet). Head to the second yellow marker. If you are fast enough you might be able to kill this second guy before he grabs a car, but that is not likely. Follow him and he will eventually stop. When he stops, try to run over a couple of bodyguards, but make sure to kill your target with the sword. When he is dead, do the same as the other target, killing the bodyguards and then taking the ID. When this is done, Hsin will send you an email asking you to come over to the amusement park. Maybe he wants to ride a roller coaster with you? I think not. After your "nice" talk, the mission ends. Head back to Hsin's. ______________________________ / / / Friend or Foe? / /_____________________________/ Reward: $300 When the mission starts, you will want to jump into the van and drive to the marker on your map. Once you reach the green marker, get out of the van, pick up the bomb, and get back into the van. Drive to the next marker. Once you arrive, plant the bomb and watch it blow. Back the van up to the hole, and this is where the action begins. Head to the yellow marker, and you will start to be attack. Head back to the van, since the thugs have two entrance areas. The best way to fend off the attack is either with the minigun, flamethrower or assault rifle, although an SMG would work fine. After a bit, you will get a message saying that they got what they needed and are waiting for you in the van. Jump into the van, and you now have to drive back to the garage. You will be attacked on the way there but just ignore them, they are not too much of a threat. Once you get in the garage you will have to crack the safe. You will be told how to do that. ______________________________ / / / Grave Situation / /_____________________________/ Reward: $250 This is one of the few missions that I had a bit of trouble with, meaning that I had to redo it a couple of time. You meet at the graveyard with someone who says he knows who the rat it. After the conversation, you get ambushed by a lot of thugs. Your "friend" will keep safe but you have to fight your way out of the graveyard. I really recommend picking up all of the armor that you may come across. This mission is pretty straightforward, you just have to use cover a lot and not just run-and-gun. Use your best weapons and best tactics and you should get out fairly simply. The mission will end when you reach the exit of the graveyard. What a pathetic attempt at an ambush, right! ;) ______________________________ / / / Double Trouble / /_____________________________/ Reward: $0 Requirement: For this mission you will need to supply Lester with 10 bags of Ecstasy. The best place to get that is Hove Beach. In this mission you will have to prove yourself for Lester's biker gang, because he cannot do it himself. First, grab his bike. When you have it, head over to the yellow marker. Once you reach it, you will have to do a burnout and then hit the jump. You will then have to follow all of the arrows that appear on the screen. At one point, when you reach an alley, you will have to kill a bunch of enemies. They are easy, even with the handgun. After they are dead, finish off the course and you will then have to kill two bikers. They may be a little fast so it may take a minute or two to catch up, but once you get to them they are a piece of cake. After the two bikers are dead, head over to the rendezvous point. After a quick talk with Lester, you will have one last mission. Go pick up the bomb and follow the yellow marker to the jump. Jump into the park and head to the middle if it. Plant the bomb at the base of the dome. When you place the bomb, you will be asked of a arming sequence. Just pay attention to the flashing red buttons and press them in the same order as they appeared. It is not the last time you must do that. Watch the thing blow, and the mission is over. __________________________________ / / / Faster Pusher Man! Sell! Sell!/ /_________________________________/ Reward: 10 Bags of Coke Lester was asked to sell some drugs for the Angels of Death but he is too stupid to do it himself, so he naturally asks you. Good thing this mission is pretty straightforward. For this mission I rather take Lester's bike, so take it. You will see a bunch of dots appear on your screen, these are buyers. Drive up to then, sell them some drugs, and move to the next. You will have to do this ten times. To make it a bit harder, you will have competition. Your rivals will also be selling drugs, so they might steal a customer or two. As long as you sell all of your drugs before they do, you will be fine. A small tip for this mission is to try to keep the cop attention off you. Try to not run over or smash into a cop car, it will make the mission harder since you have to stop to sell the drugs, thus making yourself vulnerable. After all of the drugs are sold, head back to Lester to finish off this mission. ______________________________ / / / Scrambled / /_____________________________/ Reward: $0 This mission may become annoying. You need to find the scramblers and destroy them. First, grab a car and head to the yellow marker. When your GPS get all screwed up, an interference bar will appear on your top-left part of you top screen. You must fill this up to the top and find the scramblers. Find the first and destroy it with a grenade while driving by, or with your firearms if you do not have grenades. When the first is destroyed, look around for the second one. Head down a road that makes to bar fill up and when it starts lowering, take another street. Do so until you find the second scrambler, which is on the roof. Take out all of the guards and them the scrambler itself. The last scrambler is the hardest, because the scrambler van is on the move. All I can say is to head east-ish of the building you were just on and turn down streets that fill up the interference bar more. Once you find the van it is just a matter of blowing it up, which you should be good at now. Head to Rudy's next. ______________________________ / / / Steal the Wheels / /_____________________________/ Reward: $0 When this mission starts, you will have to head for the yellow marker. Once you reach the compound, you may notice that it seems impossible to enter. Wrong. To get in, you must blow the tanker either with a grenade, molotov or anything else that goes boom. If you have no weapons to destroy it, bring a car outside of the wall, parallel to the tanker. Shoot it until it blows. It takes about two well-place vehicles to blow it. When the gate it opened, kill as many people as you can, without dying. Take the blue car. Instead of wiretapping it, just jump in the car, get back you, and then get back in. This sets off the alarm but that doesn't matter at this point. After you get the car, drive it to the yellow marker. As long as you don't blow the car up, when you reach the yellow marker the mission ends. ______________________________ / / / Arms Out of Harm's Way / /_____________________________/ Reward: $200 This mission is full of killing, just how I like at. After talking with Hsin, head over to the docks. Before reaching the jetty, there will be multiple ambushes. Take out your most powerful weapon and take care of anyone trying to slow you down. The enemies here should not be too hard, but they come in large groups. After about 4-5 groups, you will reach the jetty. Once you see the jetty, ignore any enemies left and head straight to the wet ski. Follow the speedboat and fire your SMG like mad. The boat should go down easy, finishing this mission. ______________________________ / / / The Wages of Hsin / /_____________________________/ Reward: $2500 This mission very exciting. You have to destroy a couple of the Korean's buildings. Grab the bombs in the case in the back of the building, then grab the vehicle that is pretty much right beside it. Drive to the compound. For this mission, you will have to set a bomb on each of the yellow markers. There will be a lot of enemies to protect the whole compound, so you will not lack any fighting. Make sure that you do not get overwhelmed, since it is really easy to be in this mission. Once you set a bomb, you will have to give a small initializing sequence, then the bomb will blow. Do that to all of the yellow areas, and you will then have to escape before the whole thing goes up in flames. Head to the docks in the back of the compound and grab a wet ski and drive off. ______________________________ / / / Convoy Conflict / /_____________________________/ Reward: $200 This mission is very easy. At the beginning, grab the spare bike and follow the convoy. Essentially you must follow the convoy from a short distance and when you see red marks on the GPS or you see someone shooting at the convoy, kill them and fall back again. Just make sure that you destroy them before they have time to destroy the convoy. At one point in your journey you will face a roadblock. Destroy it and the convoy will be able to pass. If you ever let one of the convoy's vehicles get destroyed, you will have to restart. When you reach your destination, the mission is over. ______________________________ / / / The World's a Stooge / /_____________________________/ Reward: $1500 In this mission you have to kill all of the rats. The first is in the middle of the park. the idiot just stands around doing nothing, so you can just ram him. If he does start to run, get out of your car, ignore is guards, and take him out. Get back in your car and head to the docks. Once at the docks, jump your car as close as the wet ski's jetty as possible. Get out of the car, grab the SMG and jump on to the wet ski. Once again, ignore the guards and go straight for the rat. Take out his boat by shooting at it like a madman. This rat is no pathetic that he does not even shoot back. Head to the next rat. This rat is in the streets. Just like the others, he will try to run away. If you are lucky you can kill him before he gets his car but you will most likely not get the chance. Follow his car, shooting and ramming it when you get the chance. Once all three rats are dead, your mission is over. ______________________________ / / / Evidence Dash / /_____________________________/ Reward: $200 At the beginning of the mission you are going to want a fast yet durable car, like a cop cruiser or a bulletproof taxi. Follow Heston's car but do not shoot it. The car will always go to the same area. Once the car stops, the driver will get out and there will be a big shootout. This is your chance to grab the car. Once you are in it, quickly drive off before it gets too damaged. Hurry to the pay n spray, while trying to avoid getting your car blown up. Once you are there, enter it and fix the vehicle. Now is the confusing point of the mission. The first time I played this game I had a really hard time doing this part. You need to find a secluded area to search the vehicle. I went everywhere until I realized that your safehouse is the only place that is considered secluded. So, with that said, look at your GPS and find your nearest secluded safehouse. Go to it, search the car and burn the evidence. After it's burned, jump back into the car and head back to Heston. You will have the same people following and shooting you on the way back, so be careful. When Heston gets his car back, the mission is over. Head over to Rudy's. ______________________________ / / / Oversights / /_____________________________/ Reward: $250 In this mission you have to make sure Rudy does not die in his meeting. You guys get off at the compound. You have to get on the roof, assemble he sniper, and watch Rudy back. When Rudy talks to the gang, things go sour. He will get attacked, so you have to watch his back. Quickly shoot everyone who even thinks about shooting Rudy. Sometimes a car or two will come to reinforce the gang, but you can show them who is the boss. Rudy will slowly make his way across the parking lot until he jumps into a car and drives off, which is the end of the mission. ______________________________ / / / A Rude Awakening / /_____________________________/ Reward: $0 You just finished helping Rudy stay alive, and now you have to kill him. There is three spots that you have to search. The last spot you look is most likely the one that he is in. You will then have to chase him down, since he runs off in his car. Shoot and ram him until he is dead. ______________________________ / / / See No Evil / /_____________________________/ Reward: $0 Lester wants to bring Meredith to his apartment to get some "info" out of her (wink wink). You need to escort him without raising any suspicion from Meredith. Grab a bike (works best for this type of mission) and head to the blue marker. Shoot down any bikers that get too close to Lester's car, without letting them or yourself get too close. This part of the mission is easy, it's the part after that is more difficult. Once Lester is in the apartment, you need to make sure no bikers follow him in. You will need to fend off three waves of bikers until you can be sure that Lester is safe, and when all the baddies are dead, the mission is complete. ______________________________ / / / Wi-Find / /_____________________________/ Reward: $200 In this mission, you have to get some info from the FBI. To do so, you need to be perfectly in between the two indicated spots. The first spot is in an alley. After the transmission, you will be caught by the FBI and you will have the cops on your ass. For the next couple of transmissions, just be careful that the cops to not bust you when you are no longer moving due to the transmissions. After all of the information that you need is obtained, you will need to get rid of your three wanted stars. The three star rating is a bit more difficult to get rid of but the rest is a piece of cake. After that is finished, just head back to Heston's. ______________________________ / / / Rat Race / /_____________________________/ Reward: $0 In this mission you have to fight your way to your target. You will jump in the back of Kenny's truck, with a minigun, to literally cut a path for yourself. Keep an eye on your GPS and shoot anything that might shoot back or block your path. Try to not shoot any vehicles that are too close to you because that will harm the truck. Once you reach a certain alley, your truck will blow and you must take a different once. Now you are the driver. You have to head towards the yellow marker but you have enemies in cars AND a helicopter to deal with. The heli will be aiming and shooting at you, so stay out of the red crosshairs at all costs. If your truck is flaming but you see the yellow circle come up, keep driving! I was flaming when I hit the circle, and passed the mission. After a little talk, the mission is over. ______________________________ / / / Clear the Pier / /_____________________________/ Reward: $0 This mission is said to be very hard, but I have what I think is a great strategy. In the first area, clear all of the enemies to get a bit of ammo. Make sure that you pick up the armor and health pickups in this area. Now, for my strategy :P Take one of the many cars parked, preferably one that has not been touched by your projectiles. Now the only thing that you have to do is plow through your enemies until you reach the warehouse. If your car starts flaming, keep going until you think it will blow and jump out, preferably aiming the car at a group of thugs. When you are in the warehouse, walk towards towards the door to the left. When you see the grenade come in the roof, run away from it, because the grenade and barrels will be blowing up. Follow the corridor, being careful to not be beside a barrel when you are fighting someone. Use the barrels to your advantage too. Outside, Chan will grab a car and drive away. kill his two bodyguards, grab a car, and hunt him down. Once you kill him, not only will you be happy that he is finally dead, but the mission is over. ______________________________ / / / Hit from the Tong / /_____________________________/ Reward: $0 Time to kill that scum bag Zhou. I say good riddance. When you start off the mission, you will have to break open the lock. Once that is done, head to the left and kill all the guards there. Once they are dead, forget about the remaining guards and head to Zhou. Being the chicken that he is, he will take off in a helicopter. We will see about that one. Take out his bodyguards, but make sure that you do not lose too much health. Once they are taken care of, take the first lift. Break the lock, and press on the green button. Once on the roof, grab the RPG and lock on to the helicopter. Shoot it the first time. Then hide behind the block until you hear the heli again, then run from your cover (mover to the right). He will then come back on the right hand side of the screen. Shoot the helicopter again. Take the lift back down, and face more guards. These are a bit easier, since you have the advantage of not being artificial intelligence. When they are taken care of, take the next lift and do the same as the first. After that one is finished, imply the same strategy as the previous paragraph. After you shoot Zhou's copter two more times, the helicopter will blow taking him with it. One more down. ______________________________ / / / Salt in the Wound / /_____________________________/ Reward: $0 This is the last mission. A shame isn't it? Anyways, when the mission starts, grab Heston's car (black thing parked out from) and head to the plant. Once you get there, you will get swarmed with authorities. Kill them all. You must then separate from Heston and move forward. Follow the path, taking out everyone that gets in your way. After a bit you will hit a thug with an RPG. Quickly run forward and grab cover when he steps out. Shoot him until he falls, while avoiding his attacks. You must then move forward a bit more until you must check on Heston. As he tries to get the gate open, you have to protect him. Just make sure that nobody gets close enough to shoot at Heston. After the gate is opened, you have to head to the second jetty where a boat and a minigun is waiting for you. Heston will drive, making you the gunman. Shoot at everything that gets close enough to damage you, especially the helicopter. After a bit of distance traveled by boat, you will reach another jetty. Kenny drives all of the way to Hsin's penthouse. Try to not get busted by the cops on the way there. You will talk a bit with Kenny, and he will reveal his plan. You must then dispose of him, finishing the story of the game. Sit back and enjoy the credits, you deserve it. Congratulations!!! =============================================================================== *End of file* More coming soon!*End of file* =============================================================================== Copyright Acdcfantony 2009</p>