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X XAXX XXXX VGXfAfffffAffXXXXXXfffXXXXXXXXXi, XG, XXXf XXXX WXXXXXXXXffXXXXXXXXXXXXXA; ;XV XXX XXX wXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXA XXi GXX ;XXw wAXXXXXXXXXXXXG PXX ,;G, XX; ,GXXXXXXXXXfXXXXX ;XXXXXPAXXXXfXXXGu, .VGXP. WAXXXX iXXXXXXXXXfXffXXXX; WXXXXXXXX .wiGGPPkV. PP A ,AXXXXXXXXXfffffffXXXV XXG .WXP .WXXXXXXXXXXfffffffffXXX kXXXV . ... ,wuw ,WfXXXXXXXXXXffffffffAfffXXP VXXXXi; .VWPXXXXXXXXXXXXXfffXffffAfAfAXXX 1 ;fXXXXXfGiuuVViWGAXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXffAAf QWERTYUIOPASDFGHJKLZXCVBNMQWERTYUIOPASDFGHJKLZXCVBNMQWERTYUIOPASDFGHJKLZXCVBNMl SONIC AND THE BLACK KNIGHT. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ (~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~) VERSION HISTORY Version 1.0 =========== -Started guide skeleton -Added contents, and headings -Completed Writing Version 1.5 =========== -Added more headings -Revised Version 2.0 =========== -Polished, organized guide. /~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\[001] | ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ | | | | | | | INTRODUCTION | | | | | | | ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ | \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~/ Sonic and the Black Knight is a tale of Sonic is the era of King Arthur. His adventures take him on a road that reacquaints him with familiar faces, and some new foes. The journey goes from Excalibur, to King Arthur, and this guide will help you on your journey as well. ------------------------------------------------------------ /~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\ | ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ | | | | | | | JUST TO LET YOU| | | | KNOW | | | ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ | \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~/ Sonic is copyright of Sega, and Sega team Japan. This game and guide respectively is for the Nintendo Wii version of the game. This guide, my guide is copyright of me (username) dontyoulookatme. It is not to be removed from the site, redistributed, copied, or otherwise tampered with in anyway. This guide is only to be displayed on Gamefaqs.com ------------------------------------------------------------ /~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\ | ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ | | | | | | | CONTENTS | | | | | | | ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ | \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~/ INTRODUCTION [001] CONTROLS [002] WALKTHROUGH [003] -Misty Lake [ML] -Camelot Castle [CC] -Deep Woods [DW] -Titanic Plain [TP] -Crystal Cave [CC] -Molten Mine [MM] -Faraway Avalon [FA] -Knight's Passage [KP] -The Cauldron [TC] -Shrouded Forest [SF] -Great Megalith [GM] -Dragon's Lair [DL] -Dark Hollow [DH] EXTRAS [004] THANKS [005] INFO [006] ------------------------------------------------------------ /~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\[002] | ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ | | | | | | | CONTROLS | | | | | | | ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ | \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~/ ------------------------------------------------------------ /~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\[003] | ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ | | | | | | | WALKTHROUGH | | | | | | | ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ | \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~/ ------------------------------------------------------------\ /~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\[ML] | ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ | | | | | | | MISTY LAKE1 | | | | | | | ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ | \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~/ This is essentially a tutorial level. Familiarize yourself with the controls, and you can also play around by hitting the barrels for goodies. The path you take is pretty straightforward, so you've basically got some breathing room when it comes to getting a feel for the game. You'll be taken through jumping, slashing, jump slashing, stringing combos together and the like. It's pretty straightforward, though. You'll be at the goal in no time. You'll get a fairly brief tutorial on inventory identification. ------------------------------------------------------------ /~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\ | ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ | | | | | | | MISTY LAKE2 | | | | | | | ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ | \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~/ Now that the babysitting is over, it's time to get down to it. Head straight, and collect the rings and assorted goodies. You'll pass the lake, and approach a bridge. Dash through the barrels, and hit the targets as you pass. You'll soon grind on a narrow strip of stone. Bear in mind that you can still swing your sword at enemies in this state. Slash the targets, and enjoy the ride. After the short lived rush is over, you'll be approached by wild boars, or something to that effect. Press the [Z] button as instructed to defend yourself. When the last wave goes down, speed off, and attack the bull's-eye targets, and the adjacent ones. Some more boars will follow, so look out. Zip through the bride side, and after you dash through some more targets, you'll have to defend yourself from boars again. Keep moving, and collect the apples. Keep zipping past, and eventually, you'll be faced with a dragon. Jump slash at the dragon's face, and when it recoils, defend. It will attack you by slamming its head in the ground soon after. When he's done with his little hissy fit, continue slashing, and the battle will be over. Continue on to the goal. ------------------------------------------------------------- /~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\ | ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ | | | | | | | BOSS | | | | | | | ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ | \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~/ You'll now square off with King Arthur. First, chase after him. He'll stop shortly, and you'll have to follow on screen attack prompts in time. Pay attention to the motion of the Wii remote when it pops up, and push the buttons at the right time. He'll flee once you're successful. Chase after him, only this time, watch out for enemies that try to hinder your progress. Jump slashing is the best cause of action in this case. When you get past them, you'll have to follow the quick time button presses again. This shouldn't be too hard. Chase after the tin offender again until you reach green land. Push the buttons at the right time again, and this time, he'll be out for the count. ------------------------------------------------------------- /~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\ | ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ | | | | | | | WIELD THE SACRED SWORD | | | | | ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ | \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~/ You've got a lot of slashing to do here. Head out, and take out the targets that stand in your way. Be prepared, though, for boars are near. You should be able to string together a pretty high combo. You'll be at the goal faster than the world takes to spin on its axis......cause...like.....that's 24 hours. -------------------------------------------------------------- /~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\[CC] | ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ | | | | | | | CAMELOT CASTLE| | | | | | | ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ | \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~/ Head on down the hill. Don't stop as you pass the lazy crows. That's what they should be doing in the first place: getting out of your way. Head all the way through the draw bridge, and jump attack the enemies. Three to be precise. However, there's more behind them, so this is kinda irrelevant. They go down quick, though. Be sure to hit only the enemies, as you dash through and collect rings. Some have shields. But they can't block the arse whopping that they're about to receive. Keep running, and woohoo! You'll be soaring in the air like a rabbit on steroids. It's brief, though. Keep jump slashing as you approach the enemies, and try to keep the momentum moving. The goal is in short reach. -------------------------------------------------------------- /~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\ | ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ | | | | | | | BLACKSMITH | | | | | | | ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ | \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~/ You'll get a tutorial on how to forge weapons and whatnot. Then proceed in the next challenge. You'll use your sword to slide down walls, and practicing soul surging. Slash through the enemies with your new found power. The goal will come soon. The level is sorta like a tutorial level, so take the time to get used to the new battle mechanic. -------------------------------------------------------------- /~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\ | ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ | | | | | | | CAMELOT CASTLE | | | | | | | ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ | \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~/ You'll now have to finish soul surging in the air. Speed through the path, and when you see the command, press the buttons to soul surge in the air. Take out the other baddies, and when you are airborne, practice soul surging. Speed through,and watch out for the spikes on the floor. Then speed through or slash through the enemies. Soon you'll be done with the level. -------------------------------------------------------------- /~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\[DW] | ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ | | | | | | | DEEP WOODS | | | | | | | ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ | \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~/ Speed past, and ride the wagon. Enemies will jump out at you, so slash them. Eventually, the horse will feel that you;re a liability, and will ditch you. No worries, you're Sonic, you run faster than any horse can. Keep moving through the woods on foot, but watch out for spike traps. There are enemies waiting for you in the grass, so beware. There are civilians, and a couple more traps to look out for, but the goal is just a short distance away. --------------------------------------------------------------- /~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\ | ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ | | | | | | | BOSS | | | | | | | ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ | \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~/ What good is a new sword if you can't use it on bosses? Well, now you have one to face. Sir Lancelot. The best way to go about taking this dude out is to jump slash, and back away when he charges. Dash slashing helps here as well. He'll be over before you know it. ---------------------------------------------------------------- /~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\ | ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ | | | | | | | DEEP WOODS | | | | | | | ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ | \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~/ You've been assigned to take out 50 enemies. So get to slashing. You can take your time here if you please. I t doesn't really matter how you go about the level, as long as you down 50 clowns. You can go beyond that, or just breeze through. Watch out for spiked traps though. This level will be over and done with in no time. ----------------------------------------------------------- /~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\ | ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ | | | | | | | DEEP WOODS | | | | | | | ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ | \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~/ You're gonna have to give the townspeople 60 rings. They think you're loaded, so you have no choice. Run around, slashing through barrels and enemies for some quick cash, or pick the ones up that lie on the ground as you pass. Aw, doesn't their cheering put a smile on your face? ... ... ... ... I didn't think so. YOU could have used those rings. Friggin free loaders. You can also head back over to Camelot to do the same thing to the folks over there. In fact you should. --------------------------------------------------------------- /~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\ | ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ | | | | | | | CAMELOT CASTLE| | | | | | | ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ | \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~/ You've got some freeloaders to rescue. I think the game calls them townspeople, though. Anyway, speed through, and hit the catapult, thingy to open up a new path. Grind on the rope, and slash open the gate you come by. There will be some bad guys behind you though, to take notice. Speed through the water way, and take out any enemies you come across. You'll have another gate to break open. You'll see the freelo-townspeople, and will have another, final gate to open up. The goal will be waiting for you on the other side. ---------------------------------------------------------------- /~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\[TP] | ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ | | | | | | | TITANIC PLAIN | | | | | | | ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ | \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~/ If you'd take the time out from your freeloader saving, you'll have to face another boss. Take out the axe wielder, and the lancers, and keep running. Jump from pole to pole to avoid the spikes. Run without stopping to avoid the falling pillars. Two axe wielders will try to surprise you, but of course, it doesn't work. Take them out fast enough for them not to grab you. Slide down, and stick to the left path. Use your trusty sword to scale the wall. You can still attack while doing this. Jump through the hoops,and go between the pillars. Pass through the waves of enemies; you don't have to take them out. The goal will be waiting for you. Now it's time to take the boss out. This obviously non-inconspicuous enemy is in full armor. Be sure to block a lot, and for your attacks to be blocked. Just wait for an opening, and jump slash when you can. After a few hits, Knuckle- erm, the boss will go down. You'll then be eased into a tutorial. It isn't difficult, so take the time to learn at your own pace. ----------------------------------------------------------------- /~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\[CR] | ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ | | | | | | | CRYSTAL CAVE | | | | | | | ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ | \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~/ This level is a nice change of scenery. Smash the crystals for rings. Some shielded enemies will appear right after the single freeloader. Take those nuisances out all-quick like, and move on through. Do exactly as you are told: Beware of falling stalagmites. Spring fro the rad mushroom, and continue rapidly past the enemies. There are bats, spiked enemies,a and more stalagmites to watch out for. There a big axe wielder that will block your path. Teach him the meaning of pain and continue. Dart from mushroom to mushroom, and jump from the icicles up top. You'll be out of that claustrophobic cave in a sec, but that doesn't mean the enemies will let up. They're just as fun to beat up in daylight as they are in the cave. The big axe wielder make a return, but isn't too difficult. He can grab you though, so don't let him breathe. Speaking of breathing, just when you got a whiff of the fresh air, you get to head back into the cave again. Great. Jump from the icicles, and slash the bothersome bats. You've got a lot of turning and twisting to do. Take out the enemies, and collect whatever rings you can get. Don't be afraid to soul surge. After the last axe wielder goes down, you'll be done with the level. ------------------------------------------------------------- /~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\ | ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ | | | | | | | CRYSTAL CAVE | | | | | | | ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ | \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~/ You've got some more of those pesky freeloaders to save. You'd thing they'd know to get home security by now...Run on and attack the enemies. Break the rocks and crystals if you need the loot. Step into the sunlight,and aim your sword at the crystalline structure to melt it. There's a freeloader in it. There's another ray of sunlight to aim your sword at. This is also a good time for enemies to gang up on you, so if they come close, take them out before you attempt to save the freeloader. There are also enemies that use projectiles on you. Watch for them. Keep slashing your way through the enemies, and the level will end when you save the aforementioned number of enemies. ---------------------------------------------------------------- /~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\ | ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ | | | | | | | CRYSTAL CAVE | | | | | | | ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ | \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~/ You have 50 enemies to take out this time. It's standard fare here. There are a lot of things that hinder you, but other than that, you can handle this. You'd do best to keep the momentum up, and make sure not to take damage from the sorry attempt of an ambush. Most of the enemies are your typical sword and shield guys, but there are a couple of bats here and there. Jump from icicle to icicle. You'll take the battle to the outside. ---------------------------------------------------------------- /~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\ | ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ | | | | | | | TITANIC PLAIN | | | | | | | ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ | \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~/ Wahddaya know? You have to give the freeloaders 100 rings! Cheapskates. Eh, no one else is gonna do it, so I guess it's not too much of a bother. Give whatever rings to the person in need, and then hop up on the wall. You've got a nice 2D section here, but don't spend too much time lallygagging; you've got freeloaders to satiate. Slide through through the chains, and move through, collecting whatever rings you can get. The goal isn't too far off. ---------------------------------------------------------------- /~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\ | ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ | | | | | | | TITANIC PLAINS | | | | | | | ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ | \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~/ Hop on the horse-pulled wagon. The enemies will hop towards you, and when they get close to you, slash them. The wagon's only big enough for one. The horse realizes that you're on his back soon, and ditches you. Again. No worries, we didn't need him anyway. Speed through, and watch out for the oncoming lancer. Move through the forest, and into the village. It's funny how the freeloaders are all happy-go-lucky even though there's enemies all over the place. Dash through them,and take out the lancers, and assorted enemies. When you get deeper into the woods, avoid the spiked traps. There are also bear traps on the ground, just sitting there waiting for you-all quiet and lonely. You'll have to give them a pass, though. There are numerous enemies that approach you in waves. Show them what they obviously failed to learn all the other times that you faced them: You can't be stopped. Using your power techniques is advised. As you move along, be careful, there are a lot of spikes on the floor. Don't spend too much time in the swamp. Dash jump, and jump from the poles, but be prepared from the enemy strike. There are tons of charging lancers waiting for you after you get past the swamp part. Hop off the logs, and avoid the spiked traps. Bear traps make a return here as well. Slash the pillar next to the bridge quickly,and take out the enemies behind you if they get too close. Move on, and hit the next pillar. You'll be done in this part before you know it. ---------------------------------------------------------------- /~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\[MM] | ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ | | | | | | | MOLTEN MINE | | | | | | | ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ | \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~/ It's time for some mine diving. A nice change of pace, huh? All you gotta d here is reach for the goal. Run, and slash through the abrupt pack of enemies that stand in your way. Head on, and jump slash the enemies when you've got your momentum up. There are a lot of projectile shooters, but they can be avoided entirely. Watch out for the spikes near the wall. Jump slash the enemies, and you'll soon have to do a little wall-to back-sliding-without falling----ing. Take your time, and hit the rocks that are in your way. Make waste of the enemies, and grind on the rails. You can leap right over enemies with proper timing. This should make things easier, and avoid any unnecessary confrontation. Move through the doors and they will lead you automatically in the right direction. There's a freeloader around. Just saying. After you breeze through a series of more doors, you'll have to do some more rail grinding. Be careful, though, because there is a gap that you'll have to jump. Head over the spikes, and run to the gray area. You can smash through the molten rocks by slashing them. If you can avoid some, though, do so. Attempting to take them all out will result in pain. Speed on through, and attack or dodge the enemies, but dodge everything else. After rail grinding, watch out for the fire sprouts. You'll have to sidle along the wall again. There will be lava gushing out from the thin holes. You'll get a warning of their nearness by the air passing through them. You'll have a short pause after completing this, but, then you'll have to do the same thing again, only they'll add spikes into the mix. Take your time, and don't try to rush things when it looks possible. Take out the remaining enemies, and speed your way to victory. ---------------------------------------------------------------- /~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\ | ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ | | | | | | | SIR PERCIVAL | | | | | | | ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ | \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~/ You've got another boss to take out this time around. I wish we knew who was under the helmet, though. o.o That was a funny. Anyway, start off by using a couple of jump slashing, and then immediately blocking. This should be used repeatedly, but Blaze-erm, Sir Percival can jump in the air, and use a horizontal slash. Be weary of that. Block whenever Percival is encased in fire, and then strike back as soon as you get the chance. It shouldn't take long to take this dude out. ---------------------------------------------------------------- /~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\ | ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ | | | | | | | REMINDER | | | | | | | ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ | \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~/ This is as good time as any go finish up any missions you may have missed. Yup, you know what's coming. It starts with a last,and ends in a boss. Nope, not Madonna. Although, you were pretty close. Anyway.....yeah, get to it. ---------------------------------------------------------------- /~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\[FA] | ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ | | | | | | | FARAWAY AVALON | | | | | | | ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ | \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~/ This is it; the final showdown. First, start off by chasing the bugger, and watch out for his purple ray attack. Dart from side to side to avoid it if you can. He'll also throw orbs at you that can be jump slashed. When you get close enough to him, you can start attacking, and shortly, you'll hop over his back to do a context sensitive moment. Follow button prompts at the right time, and try not to over anticipate him and do the gestures ahead of time. You'll then start chasing after him again. A giant magical hand will start to slash steadily into your direction. Block when it gets near,and slash the orbs that spew at you. Again, your main priority is getting close enough to him and then slashing. Hit him enough, and you'll have to follow the gestures again. He'll get of his horse, to signify the clearance of the mission. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~0 CONGRATULATIONS: FOR YOU HAVE SLAIN THE BLACK KNIGHT,AND BEAT THE GAME! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~0 Now that wasn't too difficult, was it? What's that? You want to talk to more freeloaders? But why would you want to......ARGH! Well, yeah, it's true; there is more to do after you beat the game, but... What's that? The freeloaders need you? Grrr. Fine. We can work that in too. ---------------------------------------------------------------- /~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\[KP] | ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ | | | | | | | KNIGHTS PASSAGE| | | | | | | ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ | \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~/ Shocking, huh? Anyway, you have to beat the clock before the time runs out. Jump slash the enemies at full speed to avoid them getting contact on you, and slowing you down. Speed through and scale the wall downwards. Hit the enemies as they approach. Jump to the next platforms, but beware, enemies will pop out. Take them out quickly. Move on, and slash through the water waves. Watch the gray stone object that hider your progress, and keep moving. After a brief picturesque view of speeding, jump slash the enemies and keep your momentum up. Remember: if the enemy CAN be avoided, then they SHOULD be avoided. As you dash through the narrow corridor, dodge from left to right, as the blobs fall from the ground. Scale the wall downwards, and cut through the waves again. Jump on the top of the gray structures to get by, and keep moving. Wow, a freeloader that's actually helpful. You'll be on a boat shortly, and the freeloader will man it. All you have to do is slash at the oncoming enemies. You'll have to depart shortly, but not for long. You've just got a couple of baddies to slash through first. This time around, you'll have to jump from ship to ship, while taking out the flying enemies. You'll know when to jump when you are at an adjacent length from the next one. Speed your way to the next jump. Use the wall as a foothold to get tot the next area. Scale down and jump from wall to wall. Careful dodging the gray spiky structures, and you'll be outside again. That will signify the end of this level. ---------------------------------------------------------------- /~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\[TC] | ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ | | | | | | |THE CAULDRON | | | | | | | ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ | \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~/ You'll have another time beater to do here, so let's get started, shall we? Dash up the stairs, and slash the first batch of enemies. As you proceed, watch out for lava sprouts. A wall will hinder your progress. No biggie. Just use the alternate route. Be sure to wait for the ring of lava to pass first before you jump past the bridge. Scale the wall while taking out the oncoming enemies. There are still lava sprouts all around the place, so though you have to keep up a fast pace to beat the level, be weary. It helps to survey the horizon when you are sprinting unhindered. Scurry past the foes and lava, and dart through the boxes. There are goodies inside, so if you have an inventory scarcity, this is your best bet. Ignore the enemies that you can, but make sure not to ignore the lava rings. You'll soon take a ride, snowboard style on a piece of rock. Instead of ice, though, you'll be riding over molten lava. Avoid the sprouts, and when the cinematic is over, slash at the annoying flying guys. When done you'll be on foot yet again. Keep to your path, mowing down enemies, and soon, you'll have to do some wall scaling. Be careful not to get too close to the spikes, and take note of the falling rocks. Enemies make a cameo as well. Slash the structures that impede your sight, and keep moving while you're on foot again. Keep heading straight, and you'll be done with this molten hot mess. ---------------------------------------------------------------- /~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\ | ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ | | | | | | | MASTERY STAGE | | | | | | | ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ | \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~/ You can only swing your sword ten times in this challenge. Yeah, it sucks I know, but dammit we can get through this! The blocks that stop the path are compulsory sword swings. You won't really have much of a chance to rush past the enemies, but if you jump past them a little, you can move back to attack them all. Don't use any unnecessary sword swings, and the level will be over faster than it started. ---------------------------------------------------------------- /~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\[SF] | ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ | | | | | | | SHROUDED FOREST| | | | | | | ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ | \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~/ Keep moving, and avoid the pendulum-like spiked traps, and take out the enemies. You'll be running enemy free for the most part, but jump slash when they do arrive. There are also new enemies to watch for. There will be pendulum traps to watch for. They are usually followed by bear traps, so watch your footing. Avoid the sprout roots, and attack the shielded enemies. The traps don't stop there, so are you move, pay attention to your surroundings. There are more roots to watch for, but for the most part, the enemies will leave you alone. I would recommend using knuckles in this level, just because of the sheer amount of spiked roots. He can easily glide over them. Take out the final enemy pack, and the goal will be in reach, unhindered. ---------------------------------------------------------------- /~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\ | ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ | | | | | | | SHROUDED FOREST| | | | | | | ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ | \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~/ You have to take out twenty enemies in a row here. There will be numerous red boxes scattered around the forest. Slash through them and take out the enemies. Hop over the stone block afterwards, and repeat the process. Remember that some of the boxes are hostile. Anyway, once you hit the limit of 20, all you have to worry about is following through the path, and watching out for the spider like, and box imitating enemies. You'll be able to get to the goal in no time flat. Give yourself a pat on the back, mate. ---------------------------------------------------------------- /~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\[GM] | ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ | | | | | | | GREAT MEGALITH | | | | | | | ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ | \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~/ You've got another clock-beater this time around. Slash through the waves of enemies, and rush on through (while hacking away) towards the great stone arc. Speed down the hill and all the way towards the town, or whatever it is. There will be enemies waiting for you, that consist of shield guys. They aren't too much as a threat, though. Breaking the boxes you'll soon come across can net you a nice chain, and some loot. You will face off against an axe-wielder. As long as he doesn't overwhelm you with his grabs, he's easy to get by. Speed through, and watch out for the projectile arrows that may come dangerously close to you, or land a bulls-eye. The latter is not recommended. You'll have packs of enemies to get by. You don;t have to defeat them all, but eliminating the ones that hinder your progress is the way to go. As you head up the spiral, and take out the enemies, watch out for the speeding lancers that will soon appear. Blocking them is the best cause of action. Take out your enemies, and your battles will lead you down a column shaped opening. Move on, and jump slash at the glowing wall. Gray structures will slam into the ground, so watch for them. Take out the enemies quickly, and move on. Break through a couple more walls, and you'll be faced with another axe- wielder. Try not to let him grab you, but this guy's no more special than the beating you're about to dish out. Break through a couple more wall, and victory will be yours for the taking. ---------------------------------------------------------------- /~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\ | ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ | | | | | | | GREAT MEGALITH | | | | | | | ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ | \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~/ There's a die hard challenge you can take up on. And contrary to its name, you'll actually have to avoid taking any damage at all. The best way to tackle this mission is to dash through the obstacles, and attack the enemies with controlled slashes. Taking your time and backing up before you take them on helps. Keep that method up while avoiding the spikes, and you'll be home free. Rushing won't help much here. ---------------------------------------------------------------- /~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\[DL] | ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ | | | | | | | DRAGON'S LAIR | | | | | | | ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ | \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~/ You've got another clock beater. No worries, keep running. The floor will eventually start to break and fall, so jump when the opportunity arises, and follow this into a jump slash at the first enemies. Should you fall off the edge, you can climb back up, but you'll be long gone is you fall in between platforms. You'll have a bunch of enemies to take out. Follow the blue markings, and take out the axe-wielder. Jump from the stalagmites, and slide your way to the next path. When sliding on the light path, slash the enemies, and jump off to scale down at the wall. The ground will start to give way again, so take note. The enemies can push you off the platform, so push them back, or rather, slash them back. There is a distinct color for the platforms that are walk-on-able, and the ones that will fall. Take out the next wave of enemies, and do a little more platform jumping. Dart on through, and obliterate the shielded enemies that stand between you and victory. Take them out, and you'll be done with this mission. ---------------------------------------------------------------- /~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\ | ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ | | | | | | | DRAGON'S LAIR | | | | | | | ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ | \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~/ Zoom from right to left to avoid the fire the dragon breathes at you. When you get close enough, jump towards its horn and teach him a thing or two about manners. zip right past the enemies-don't bother fighting them- and avoid the dragon's spitfire. Get close enough, and follow up your earlier lesson with a pop quiz on manners. (slash the horn) You'll now be tasked with avoiding the enemies, AND the fire. This isn't too difficult, but some of the waves of enemies can hinder your progress. Get close enough and finish up with a mid term on manners. Let's hope this dragon passes, shall we? Or rather, passes out. The dragon constantly pushes you back, so you'll have to rush up to him again, and re-pass out his final exam. After a few more slashes, he should be done. Oh, and for those of you wondering: he failed. ---------------------------------------------------------------- /~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\ | ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ | | | | | | | DRAGON'S LAIR | | | | | | | ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ | \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~/ You've got a rampage to do. Careful with your footing early on. Take your time, and take out the few enemies that pass by. You'll have to do this a couple more times, and then you'll be done. The thing you have to worry about most is not falling. Keep that up, and you'll achieve victory in no time. ---------------------------------------------------------------- /~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\[DH] | ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ | | | | | | | DARK HOLLOW | | | | | | | ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ | \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~/ Yup, you guessed it: final FINAL boss. Watch the scene. Yup, like that. Pretty cool huh? Anyway, it's time to try out your new skills on the battlefield. Follow the on screen tutorial, and use that technique to get past the bubbles. Watch out for the Queen's slashes. Pay attention to her limb. She will charge right before attacking you, and you'll have to follow the on screen prompt. When that's over, and you see an opening, get close and slash away. Repeat this process a second time. Next, after avoiding the bubbles, you'll have to wait for the button prompt again. This time, don't just dart in for the kill immediately; she will throw out some more bubbles at you. When you get another opening, attack away, and she'll turn black and glow with a red shimmer. The only thing new here is the patter on bubbles, and after deflecting her attacks, she'll try to slash you more often. Take your time, and when you find your next, and final opening, you'll slay this evil Queen once and for all. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~0 CONGRATULATIONS: FOR YOU HAVE SLAIN THE DARK QUEEN,AND BEAT THE GAME!(for real this time) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~0 Watch the cut scene, and observe the credits roll. You deserved it. ---------------------------------------------------------------- /~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\[004] | ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ | | | | | | | EXTRAS | | | | | | | ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ | \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~/ There are more missions to complete, if you still have an itching for some speeding. It was fun while it lasted, but you can still check out the extras, and try to do better on the stages. Thanks for reading this guide, and remember: a freeloader a day is NOT good for business. ---------------------------------------------------------------- /~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\[005] | ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ | | | | | | | THANKS | | | | | | | ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ | \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~/ I'd like to thank Gamefaqs.com, and the many users who helped make this guide possible. I love the site, and appreciate the input. YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!!!!! ---------------------------------------------------------------- /~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\[006] | ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ | | | | | | | INFO | | | | | | | ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ | \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~/ This FAQ/Walkthrough is copyright of 2009 dontyoulookatme and is only to be displayed on gamefaqs.com. I'm a regular on the site, so if you see me there, stop by and say 'hey!'. Also ,you can contact me at kwashiai@gmail.com. Toodles!</p>