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Added Flying Squirrel and Green Snake to list. Also added Milk Snake and Parrot. Woo! A new Tips section for you hunting noobs! November 23, 2004- New animals. November 24, 2004- Sorted through all 300mb of emails!!! Added some new animals, and new hunting tips. Sorry if your name wasn't added, but someone might have beaten you to it. Added some new hunting tips as well. November 25, 2004- Added Wes' hnting tip and Hornet nest. November 26, 2004- Added Maytree's amazing section! Fixed spelling errors. November 28, 2004- Decided to drop Maytree's section so that he can make his own guide. It will be up as a reference for him, since I don't want him to go through the trouble of seaching through 3 pages of message boards. December 1, 2004- Removed Maytree's section. Added new questions in FAQs and new foods. December 4, 2004- Added ASCII art! Yay! Updates slowing down right now. But it will be done soon. December 13, 2004- Sorry it's been so long folks, but real life called. Added new section, updated some animals. FINALLY added those 3 snakes after 539 emails from people who don't read the intro. January 4th, 2005- Sorry for the long delay. Couldn't access my copmuter. Or my email for that matter. Fixed the difference between Coral and Milk Snakes, and added Maroon Shark. January 9th, 2005- Fixed my double Coral Snake thing. Can't believe I didn't see that. And I've hopefull finished info of all the food. Added Food List. January 19th, 2005- I added the... Survival Knife? It's true. Hit Ctrl+F and search for it April 20th, 2005- I can't believe I didn't update some sections of the guide. December 28th, 2005-I'm still alive and kicking :O Updated my guide thanks to J Ferrari and his keen eye. +_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+ Introduction +_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+ Hello, and welcome to my Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater (hereby referred to as MGS3) Food Guide. I will cover all edible items, and if I forget any, or screw up on anything, please email me at my address above. I will try to respond quickly, but Gmail is known to take a bit longer to receive mail than Hotmail, because of it's far superior spam filter. Instead, try adding me to MSN if you want a really fast and personalized response. Be assured, you will be credited if you add, correct or suggest something worthwhile. If you want to put this guide on your site, feel free too, but please send me an email beforehand, so that I may give you legal permission. ***SPECIAL REQUEST FOR FISH INFO*** To use this guide: Name Initial Taste: Bad, Fairly tasty, Tasty, Outstanding Danger Level: None, Low, Medium, High Stamina Recovery: Minimal, Moderate, High, Special Capture: Yes, No Description +_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+ Animals +_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+ Animals can attack Snake and can be captured live. If you have only the meat of an animal, it will rot after some time. If you have an animal captured live, it will never rot and you can pull a few neat tricks with it. Tree Frog --------- Initial Taste: Bad Danger Level: None Stamina Recovery: Minimal Capture: Yes A small creature, usually found in grass, caves and swimming at the surface of lakes and ponds. Only good for recovering a tiny bit of stamina. Reticulated Python ------------------ Initial Taste: Tasty Danger Level: Low Stamina Recovery: Moderate Capture: Yes The most common animal in the game. Restores good portion of stamina, and is rather easy to catch. Is known to bite in grass. Often found in grass and caves. Giant Anaconda -------------- Initial Taste: Tasty Danger Level: Low Stamina Recovery: High Capture: Yes The Reticulated Python's bigger brother. It is harder to find and gives some more stamina than it's counterpart. Other than that, it is almost the same. Indian Gavial ------------- Initial Taste: Tasty Danger Level: High Stamina Recovery: High Capture: No The best food you can pick up during Virtuous Mission. it is hard to get because the Gavial does quite a bit of damage to Snake. It's attack knocks Snake down. When Snake gets up, you'll have a few second to get away before it repeats it's attack cycle. if you manage to kill one, you will be treated to not one piece of meat, but three! Each piece of meat recovers a large amount of stamina, capable of keeping you satisfied for ages. You cannot capture the Gavial, so don't bother. Your only way is to kill it. You'll find tons near swamps and a few lakes. WARNING: Do not come close to a Gavial in the water. If it gets a hold of you, you are dead. It is kinda fun to see Snake getting shaken around by a Gavial though. Just for fun, throw a grenade at its head when its mouth is open ;) Magpie ------ Initial Taste: Bad Danger Level: None Stamina Recovery: Low Capture: Yes Really annoying to acquire, it is hardly worth the effort. It tastes bad at first, and the stamina recovery is low. If you really want one, you will have to know exactly where it is, so that you can shoot it. If you get too close, it will fly away. They usually appear in twos, in the grass or in trees. Rat --- Initial Taste: Bad Danger Level: None Stamina Recovery: Low Capture: Yes The only difference between the Rat and the Magpie is that the Rat is much easier to capture and is found in crawlspaces. Good if you want to eat something small quickly. Japanese Flying Squirrel (Thanks to Terror and Semetaire and Scott Holmes) -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Initial Taste: Bad Danger Level: None Stamina Recovery: Low Capture: Yes Okay, I've finally eaten the bugger. It's hard to find at night because it blends so well. It tastes bad and gives low stamina. Definitely not worth the effort. Scott Holmes has given me some excellent info regarding it's location. "1) The squirrel was in the Dremuchij South area during the Snake Eater Mission (the area where you begin the Virtuous Mission). 2) After the cutscene with The Boss and her horse, travel South past the Dremuchij Swampland and into the Dremuchij South area. 3) When you first come out of the scene transition, there is a huge tree in front of you that is climbable (where you got your backpack during the Virtuous Mission). 4) I found the squirrel after about one minute in the area when it was walking over to the next closest tree located Southeast of that climbable tree. So, towards the bottom right hand side of the tv screen in 3rd person view." Apparently, it's also available when you fight the Fear. Thanks Alsark. Green Tree Python (Thanks to Terror and Blue Hige) -------------------------------------------------- Initial Taste: Fairly Tasty Danger Level: Low Stamina Recovery: Moderate Capture: Yes Another snake, just like the others. Except it's found on trees. They're pretty common throughout the game. Just look on trees. Thermal vision recommended. King Cobra ---------- Initial Taste: Outstanding Danger Level: Medium Stamina Recovery: High Capture: Yes Just like it's cousins, it's easy to catch, tastes good and gives good stamina recovery. This one is a bit different though because it gives more of everything, but that includes danger. When crawling in the grass, caves or vents you will often come across one. If it bites you, it will poison Snake. If you don't Cure Snake immediately, he will lose health constantly. It isn't really a big problem though, so feel free to knife the bugger. Milk Snake (Thanks to SYNTAXerror) ---------------------------------- Initial Taste: Bad Danger Level: Low Stamina Recovery: Minimal Capture: Yes Found in the swamp before Ocelot. These are the bastard children of the snake family (No, not the clones). These aren't even worth the effort, like the Treefrogs. SuperCop says: "The Milk Snake has a more subdued, faded look to the colors on its body. Coral snakes are bright, while Milk snakes are more of a 'creamy' tone." Parrot (Thanks to SYNTAXerror) ------------------------------ Initial Taste: Bad Danger Level: None Stamina Recovery: Minimal Capture: Yes Only found during The End battle. You can get it for your collection if you want, but once again, not worth the effort. Have fun. On a side note, you'll need it to get the EZ Gun (on any difficulty but V. Easy), so there are three locations: -On top of the building in the first area -People keep telling me it's at the waterfall later in the game. -On the trunk in Sokrovenno South -In the trunk in Sokroveno West -This is one click. Add them together. Thanks to s w. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v353/ invisibleassassin/sokrovennosouth-foundparrotextrem.jpg European Rabbit --------------- Initial Taste: Tasty Danger Level: None Stamina Recovery: Moderate Capture: Yes Found commonly later in the game, especially the area where The End is. This cute little thing is easy to find, hunt and digest. It tastes good and gives fairly good stamina. And when you kill it, it drops serum. Kenyan Mangrove Crab (Thanks to Terror and Semetaire) --------------------------------------- Initial Taste: Fairly Tasty Danger Level: Low Stamina Recovery: Moderate Capture: Yes Your average crab, it can be found in caves and water. It tastes pretty good, like all crabs, but gives fairly low stamina recovery. It also can hurt you if you get too close by pinching you with it's claws. it doesn't do much damage, and I've never even be pinched by one. You must really have to suck to get hurt by one of these. Vampire Bat (Thanks to IAmBeeflog) ---------------------------------- Initial Taste: Bad Danger Level: Medium Stamina Recovery: Minimal Capture: Yes Generally found in caves, or any other small, dank, dark, dirty places crawling with insects (read:caves). They taste bad and give craptastic stamina. Don't even bother. However, they will attack you and since they travel in large groups, it's best to be careful. (Thanks J Ferrari) Bigeye Trevally (Thanks to IAmBeeflog) -------------------------------------- Initial Taste: Bad Danger Level: None Stamina Recovery: Minimal Capture: No Hey, a fish! Usually found in water, especially shallow water, kinfe it, kick it, shoot it, you'll get it. It's not one of the better fish, but it helps for your collection of eaten meats. Now, like all fish, it rots quickly. Eat fast. Markhor ------- Initial Taste: Tasty Danger Level: Low Stamina Recovery: High Capture: No A goat! More interestingly enough Para-medic says "markhor" means "snake eater" Only natural it would be here. It only appears when it's raining or at night. It's too big to be captured, so kill it. It drops not one, but 2 packs of meat. Woo! It's on par with the Gavial, only because the Markhor doesn't fight back. Actually, it kicks you if you get too close (Thanks to Kidney05) The White-Rumped Vulture (Thanks to Wingfield) ---------------------------------------------- Initial Taste: Tasty Danger Level: Low Stamina Recovery: High Capture: No It's a large bird of prey that feasts on dead carcasses. It's like a flying cockroach! It's first found at the mountain, and it isn't hard to miss. If you really want one, kill a few guards. Eventually, they'll come swooping down to have a feast. You can't capture them, but when you kill one, it drops two pieces, not one. If you interrogate the guards, one tells you that a vulture that just feasted on flesh has something special... Poison Dart Frog (Thanks to dementia1029) ----------------------------------------- Initial Taste: Bad Danger Level: Medium Stamina Recovery: Special (Posion) Capture: Yes It's just like the Treefrog. Except it's more colourful and poisons you! Joy! Just throw it at enemies, unless you like being posioned. I you do, then I also recommend the Lysol in your bathroom. Sunda Whistling-Thrush ---------------------- Initial Taste: Tasty Danger Level: None Stamina Recovery: Moderate Capture: Yes Found early in the game in Rassvet, this will be the best bird you'll hunt in a LONG time. I suggest stocking them up in cages. They taste good and recover a decent level of stamina. Cobalt Blue Tarantula (Thanks to Lecacy Dude) --------------------------------------------- Initial Taste: Bad Danger Level: Medium Stamina Recovery: Minimum Capture: Yes It's so small, that it almost goes unnoticed. That is, until it stings you. It stings you quickly and it will poison you so that your health constantly degenerates. Don't even bother, unless you like throwing animals at guards. Found on the mountain and indoors. Emporer Scorpion ---------------- Initial Taste: Bad Danger Level: Medium Stamina Recovery: Minimum Capture: Yes Exactly like the Blue Spider. Thai Cobra (Thanks to xboxrocks1027) ------------------------------------ Initial Taste: Fairly Tasty Danger Level: Medium Stamina Recovery: Moderate Capture: Yes Just like the other snakes, but this one will bite you out in the open, and is rather easy to see unlike the King Cobra. Worth the effort of capture, feel free to obtain one. In the area you find them, you might need them sine the air is rather thin thousands of feet up... Arowana ------- Initial Taste: Tasty Danger Level: None Stamina Recovery: Moderate Capture: No The biggest fish in the game. According to Para-medic, it also hasn't change physical appearance for millions of years. It tastes good and replenishes good stamina. Worth picking up in the caves. Coral Snake (Thanks to James Dunlop) ------------------------------------ Initial Taste: Tasty Danger Level: Medium Stamina Recovery: Moderate Capture: Yes This snake looks exactly like the milk sanke. There are only two ways to tell them apart. Eat it, or guage their reactions. The Coral Snake tends to bite without hesitation, while the Milk Snake will leave you waiting. Beware this snake's bite, since it will poison you. Usually found in deserts and swamps. Tom Mazzafaro says: "Obviously, this regards to snakes' coloration. And look closely, because it does indeed apply to these two snakes. With the coral snake the black stripe is surrounded by yellow stripes, which touch the red stripes, and vice versa with the milk snake. I also found it interesting that Para-Medic did not tell Snake about this difference. But anyway, just thought you should know." Maroon Shark (Thanks to Yuri Prime) ----------------------------------- Initial Taste: Fairly Tasty Danger Level: None Stamina Recovery: Moderate Capture: Yes Another large fish. Feel free to capture, and eat. I'm pretty sure you can capture it. Beware, though; it's a fish, so it will rot easily. Taiwanese Snake (Thanks to James Dunlop) ---------------------------------------- Initial Taste: Tasty Danger Level: Medium Stamina Recovery: Moderate Capture: Yes Another of the snakes. It's like all the others and almost exactly like the Thai Snake. It will posion you if it bites you, though, so be careful. Red Avadavat ------------ Initial Taste: Bad Danger Level: None Stamina Recovery: Low Capture: Yes Another bird. Nothing special. It's the same as the others. It gives less stamina, so you might want to skip it, unless you're going for the Markhor rank. Otton Frog (Thanks to Jen Lainheart) ----------------------------------- Intitial Taste: Good Danger level: None Stamina Recovery: Moderate Capture: Yes The biggest and best frog in the game. You can find it in the first area you start in during Operation Snake Eater. It's worth the effort, and lasts a long time. +_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+ Plants +_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+ Unlike animals, plants do not fight back, and the cannot be captured, so only the two basics will be included in the summary. Russian Oyster Mushroom ----------------------- Initial Taste: Bad Stamina Recovery: Low Can be found at logs, or tree trunks. It maintains a black appearance. It does not taste too good, but does quite a bit of stamina recovery for its size. Siberian Ink Cap ---------------- Initial Taste: Bad Stamina Recovery: Low The cousin of the Russian Oyster Mushroom, it can be found on logs and tree trunks as well, but it tastes slightly better. Golova ------ Initial Taste: Outstanding Stamina Recovery: Excellent A fruit, obviously found in trees. It tastes good, like most fruit and give a decent stamina increase. You can probably head out to your nearest grocery store and buy a mango, all you cosplayers out there. Russian Glowcap --------------- Initial Taste: Fairly Tasty Stamina Recovery: Special (Recharges battery!) This is an odd one. A mushroom that glows in the dark and recharges your battery. Contact Para-medic after eating one for the first time, for a very humourous conversation. Yobloko Moloko -------------- Initial Taste: Bad Stamina Recovery: Minimal The other common fruit in the game, this one is nothing like the Golova. The only similarity it has to the Golova is that they're round. And are fruits. Not worth the ammo to knock down. Spatsa ------ Initial Taste: Fairly Tasty Stamina Recovery: Special (Puts eater to sleep) Need a nap? Take one of these. Snake will heal some stamina, since he is really not moving and is regenerating stamina. Although, you should be warned; do not eat one around a guard. Snake will snore, guard gets alerted, Snake dies in sleep. Get it? Use on Eva for fun. Good fun ;) Vine Melon ---------- Initial Taste: Tasty Stamina Recovery: Moderate A large plant that snake can eat. It's a melon, so naturally, it will taste good. It gives some good stamina too, so it's worth hunting for. Fly Allargic ------------ Initial Taste: Bad Stamina Recovery: Low Bad! Bad! This mushroom tastes bad,gives low stamina AND posions you! Only good for the EZ Gun collecting and poisoning guards. Other than that, avoid at all costs. Ural Luminescent ---------------- Initial Taste: Bad Stamina Recovery: Low Unlike the name suggests, it won't recharge your batteries. It actually poisons you contrary to what Para-medic says. Have fun. Baikal Mushroom --------------- Initial Taste: Fairly Tasty Stamina Recovery: Special (Scaly Cap Antidote) Tastes pretty good for a mushroom and has a bonus healing feature. Joy! Russian False Mango ------------------- Initial Taste: Tasty Stamina Recovery: Moderate It's like a mango, but it isn't, as its name suggests. It's a good fruit to carry around, especially since it doesn't rot easily. It gives a fair bit of stamina too. +_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+ Misc. Food +_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+ This is the stuff that isn’t from the jungle organically, or doesn't really fit in. Calorie Mate ------------ Initial Taste: Outstanding Stamina Recovery: Large You start off Virtuous Mission and Snake Eater with it, and can find a few more during the missions. This is the ultimate food. It gives tons of stamina, tastes excellent and will keep you satisfied for a long, long time. Instant Noodles --------------- Initial Taste: Outstanding Stamina Recovery: Large Considered a technological marvel in the 1960's. It's cheap, easy to cook, healthy and delicious. It is among the ranks of the Calorie Mate for the ultimate food. Russian Ration -------------- Initial Taste: Bad Stamina Recovery: Moderate Russian-issue rations, given to its soldiers. It is reputed to tastes extremely bad, but is very healthy, recovers a lot of stamina and will never spoil. Baltic Hornet's Nest (Thanks to MetalGearManiac) ------------------------------------------------ Initial Taste: Outstanding Danger Level: Medium Stamina Recovery: Moderate This isn't a plant, nor is it an animal. So it goes here. Para-medic describes it as the "perfect food" for survival, since it has many nutrients, tastes good because of the honey and is commonly found. This is also one of the more dangerous things to hunt though, since when you knock it down, a horde of wasps will come at you and keep attacking, and will take out a chunk of your help. Hmm... that Hornet's Nest above that guard's head looks tempting. Maybe you should knock it down? +_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+ Hidden Food +_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+ Snake Liquid/Solid/Solidus -------------------------- Initial Taste: Outstanding Danger Level: None Stamina Recovery: Special (FULL BAR!) Capture: Yes Thanks to a ton of people who don't read the intro, I've added the Big Three. They're all silvery-white snakes that give amazing amounts of stamina and taste most excellent. And if you didn't notice, they're aptly named. Tsuchinoko (Thanks to Edward Kong, who proved existence of it 2 weeks ago) -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Initial Taste: Outstanding Danger level: None Stamina Recovery: High Capture: YES! Edward Kong, the first person to find this snake, over two weeks ago. At the time I'm writing this, the MGS gaming world just started noticing 3 days ago. Read his experience: "I can now confirmed that Tsuchinoko does exist in the game and I have managed to capture one alive. Although Para-medic did mention a few time(you have to keep on calling her on the radio, while in the jungle and she will tells you this mysterious suppose to be lengendary snake) even before you battle with "The End" Here is how i caught one alive. It happened after "The End" battle. I use my Sonar to ping all the animals location and kills all the animals in that area map. But soon you will realize that there is a blip in your sonar, but when you try to move on the location, you wouldn't see any life form(I suspected it was kinda invicible), but your sonar tells you that there is something hidden there. I then walked to the sonar contact location(stand on the same spot as that dot) and put some mouse traps on the same spot(the time i did, I put 6 mouse traps around it). Then, I backtracked to Sokrevenno South then re-enter Sokrevenno North, then I heard my mouse traps had make a sounds. Moving to the location and found out that one of my mouse traps had successfully captured one Alive ! Upon opening "Survival View", I can see that "Tsuchinoko" seems to be eatable and gave you great healing on stamina." So, it is a small snake, that is undetectable by radar, thermal goggles and anything of the sort. Your only way to capture it so far is to set mousetraps. If you keep it until the end of the game ALIVE, you will unlock the Infinity Face Paint *cue angelic singing*. And don't worry if Eva lets it go at the waterfall. Just go back and pick it up. It is found in the Fear's area and there are reports of it in the End's area. Some people report it in Dremuchij South. Survival Knife -------------- Initial Taste: ??? (I'm sure it tastes like blood) Danger Level: ??? (I'm also sure knife eating isn't dangerous) Stamina Recovery: ??? (Wouldn't this tear apart your insides?) Capture: ??? (Is it possible to tranq a knife?) That's right. Survival Knife. Picture here: http://www.dxdec.net/bug.jpg +_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+ Food List +_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+ Code | Food -------------------------------------- R.Bat | Vampire Bat -------------------------------------- R.Bird A |Parrot -------------------------------------- R.Bird B |White-Rumped Vulture -------------------------------------- R.Bird C |Red Avadavat -------------------------------------- R.Bird D |Magpie -------------------------------------- R.Bird E |Sunda Whistling Thrush -------------------------------------- B Nest |Baltic Hornet's Nest -------------------------------------- R.Crab |Kenyan Mangrove Crab -------------------------------------- C Mate |Calorie Mate -------------------------------------- R.Fish A |Bigeye Trevally -------------------------------------- R.Fish B |Maroon Shark -------------------------------------- R.Fish C |Arowana -------------------------------------- R.Frog A |Otton Frog -------------------------------------- R.Frog B |Tree Frog -------------------------------------- R.Frog C |Dart Frog -------------------------------------- R.Fruit A |Yabloko Moloko -------------------------------------- R.Fruit B |Russian False Mango -------------------------------------- R.Fruit C |Golova -------------------------------------- R.Gavial |Indian Gavial -------------------------------------- R.Markhor |Markhor -------------------------------------- R.Mushroom A |Russian Oyster -------------------------------------- R.Mushroom B |Ural Luminescent -------------------------------------- R.Mushroom C |Siberian Ink Cap -------------------------------------- R.Mushroom D |Fly Agaric -------------------------------------- R.Mushroom E |Russian Glow Cap -------------------------------------- R.Mushroom F | Spatsa -------------------------------------- R.Mushroom G | Baikal -------------------------------------- Noodles |Instant Noodles -------------------------------------- R.Rabbit |European Rabbit -------------------------------------- R.Rat |Rat -------------------------------------- Ration |Russian Ration -------------------------------------- R.Scorpion |Emperor Scorpion -------------------------------------- R.Snake A |King Cobra -------------------------------------- R.Snake B |Taiwanese Cobra -------------------------------------- R.Snake C |Thai Cobra -------------------------------------- R.Snake D |Coral Snake -------------------------------------- R.Snake E |Milk Snake -------------------------------------- R.Snake F |Green Tree Python -------------------------------------- R.Snake G |Giant Anaconda -------------------------------------- R.Snake H |Reticulated Python -------------------------------------- R.Snake I |Snake Liquid -------------------------------------- R.Snake J |Snake Solid -------------------------------------- R.Snake K |Snake Solidus -------------------------------------- R.Spider |Cobalt Blue Tarantula -------------------------------------- R.Squirrel |Japanese Flying Squirrel -------------------------------------- R.Tsuchinoko |Tsuchinoko -------------------------------------- R.Vegetable |Vine Melon -------------------------------------- +_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+ FAQ +_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+ Q: Why "Initial Taste", not "Taste"? A: Like you, or me, Snake's palette changes over time. He will grow accustomed to some food, or start o hate a food he once loved. Initial Taste is what it tastes like at first. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Q: Where can I get more info about the food? A: Para-medic is extremely helpful when it comes to background information and origins of food. And it's always worth it just to see how she and Snake interact. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Q: You forgot something! OR That's not right! A: And that's not a question, but contact me about it, and I will be happy to address it. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Q: Every time I try to capture the Gavial, it wakes up. WTF? A: Like it says above, you cannot capture it. It is too large to carry, so it wakes up on you. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Q: Why can't we eat the dogs? We can eat other strange creatures. A: Well, I don't really know. But there are many explanations for that, so pick one. My favourite is that because they were trained harshly to become guard dogs, their meat really isn't very good, and Snake knows this. Michael Duong says: "If you call Para-Medic when you get to the outside of Gorki Labs with the dog there, she and Snake has a convo where she forbids him to eat dogs or something, and Snake says "I'm fond of huskies myself" (Reference to Solid Snake's fondness for dogsledding?) That's prob why he doesn't eat the dogs." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Q: How come some animals are giving me more stamina than before? A: Along with taste, stamina improves as well. So feast on frogs early in the game. Then capture tons of frogs later and they'll give tons of stamina. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Q: You didn't include Snake Solid/Solidus/Liquid! A: They're being put on last, because they rock. *UPDATE* They're on now. Shut up. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Q: What do you get for eating all the food? A: You get the EZ Gun, unless you're playing on V. Easy mode. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Q: What does the "R." mean when collecting food? A: It means "raw". That's why only plants and animals have it, not the Calorie Mates or instant noodles. +_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+ Hunting Tips +_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+ First off, how to find animals. It isn't until later on in the game, you will get items to help you hunt, so you will have to rely on your eyes and ears for a while. Look at that patch of grass. No, the one farther to the left. You other left. Yeah. See that rustling? You're not causing that russling are you? Exactly, you're not. So that means there's an animal. Dive in there and find it. Okay, you've found it. Now what? Well, you can shoot it with a bullet to kill it and get its meat. Or you could tranq it and collect it whole, so it will never rot. Ever. Or you could always use the knife, which is much faster. Just crouch and hit Square. Simple, no? If you're feeling too lazy to pull out your knife, just punch-punch-kick the animal. It's faster than pulling out your knife, but also less effective. If it's a very dangerous animal, such as the Indian Gavial, I recommend shooting it. If you know what you're doing, go for the knife. Now, for plants, it's easier since they don't move. It's harder to see though. Luckily, there are mushrooms on some trees. It won't take long. The problem is finding mushrooms that won't give any negative effects and give a large stamina boost, while maintaining a smooth flavour. Now, once you get the Thermal Vision Goggles, hunting will be 10x easier. Now, just equip it, and you can see everything that can be collected in white contrast. See that white circle? That's a mushroom. You would have NEVER seen that without the NVG if you were just strolling by. There will also be some well hidden plants that restore medical supplies. Happy hunting! Eiji Koden says: "the motion detector does wonders for finding creatures in your vicinity. A better bet might be the Thermals or NVG, but if you're in the prone position crawling around and you can't see any in front of you with the goggles on, the motion detector can lead you to a rat, frog or snake. Same thing can be said about the sonar." Wes Hilton says: "Here's a tip for hunting the indian gavial, tranq it then knife it, it won't wake up unless you step on it." wake up unless you step on it." AlanS says: "The flying squirrel can be found in the trap-laden area after the wherehouse, where you later fight The Fear; obviously flying from tree to tree." Michael Duong says: "Grenades are amazing for hunting fish. You can usually catch the Magpies and the such with your survival knife. Just slash like crazy once you scare them up." James Dunlop says: "Also a tip for taking out Indian Gavials, if you approach from the side, where it's body is, it won't lash you with it's tail or bite you, then if you crouch and stab with the knife toward the back of it's head it should die in one hit, easy food" jordy says: "red to yellow will kill a fellow..... red to black has a venom lack.... therefore if red touches yellow then it is a coral snake and if red touches black it is a king snake :)" +_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+ Closing +_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+ Thanks to: Konami for making this game Hideo Kojima for not giving a damn what others think The True Hero for previewing this guide Zeroc for all his corrections. Woo! GameFAQs for hosting this guide All the people for contributing. I might have had to edit some parts, but they are generally unchanged. People who can use this guide thus far: GameFAQs.com Gamespot.com IGN.com supercheats.com wogaming.com gamerhelp.com MetalGearSource.com http://metalgearsolid3uk.entertainment-iuk.com This guide is Copyright (2004) to Invisible Assassin You have permission to print this guide as long as credit is given to me. Do not plagiarize please. 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