From: Mark Maestas Newsgroups: Subject: Armored Core: Project Phantasma Mission Description Translations Date: Wed, 04 Feb 1998 02:02:15 -0800 Here it is, slapped-together and not really spell-checked, but it should suffice to help the Japanese-impaired (not that I'm anywhere near fluent). *************************END of DOCUMENT**************************************************** It should also make decent reading for those of you who have already completed AC:PP, but had to slog through the game going, "What the hell do I have to do if I'm not supposed to kill everything?" ___________________________________________________________________________________ 1234567890123456789012345678901234567890123456789012345678901234567890123456789 A R M O R E D C O R E : P R O J E C T P H A N T A S M A Mission Translation V1.0 by Mark "Terminator" Maestas Contents: I. Overview II. General III. Missions _______________________________________________________________________________ I. OVERVIEW This FAQ contains translations of the 17 Missions in ACPP. The translations were done from a strategy guide that I got. I noticed that the mission request text is slightly different in the book than what is actually said, but it’s harder for me to figure out some of the on-screen kanji, so you’re getting the book translation. I’ve also done a few minor notes on some of the in-mission dialogue. If there’s enough interest, I could try to translate that next. If anyone knows Japanese and are really picky, then you can correct me. It took me a couple of weeks of working off-and-on and a little help from a Japanese friend to complete this. My knowledge of Japanese is poor, but I can get around and make translations with a lot of time and patience. Standard (and sadly necessary) Line: Armored Core: Project Phantasma was produced by "From Software". The translations from Japanese were done by me. You may freely copy and disburse this FAQ in its original, uncut form. Do not remove my name from this FAQ and attempt to get credit yourself. If you do, I will hunt you down and squash your head under the heel of a custom-made, multi-ton, AC of Doom OR I will pursue other, more legal means of action, whichever comes to mind first... _______________________________________________________________________________ II. GENERAL If you slect New Game, you will be brought to the "Enter Pilot Name" screen. Stay calm. You will see a bunch of Japanese characters which you can use to enter your name, but if you hit L1 or R1 buttons, you will be given the more familiar Roman (and Greek) alphabet. Rough CPU: (Katakana) Shisutemu Kidou: System Started Mokuhyou Tassei: Target Achieved Sakusen Shippai: Mission Failure Rokku Kaijyo Funou: Lock - Unable to Open Eeria Oobaa Sakusen Chuudan: Leaving Area - Mission Aborted Tesuto Shisutemu Kidou: Test System Started Testo Moodo Shuuryou: Test Mode Finished Standard CPU: Sentou Shisutemu Kidou: Combat System Started Sakusen Shuuryou Sentou Shisutemu Kaijyo: Mission Complete Combat System Halted Sakusen Shippai Sentou Shisutemu Kaijyo: Mission Failed Combat System Halted GeetoRokku kaijo funou: Gate Lock - Unable to Open EeriaOobaa Sakusen Chuudan: Leaving Area - Mission Aborted Sentou Shisutemu Tesuto Moodo Kidou: Combat System Test Mode Started Taageto Shoumetsu Tesuto Moodo Kaijyo: Target Eliminated - Test Mode Halted Complex CPU: (Kanji) Mein shisutemu Sentou Moodo wo kidou shimasu: Starting Main System Combat Mode Sakusen mokuhyou kuriaa. Shisutemu tsuujyou moodo ni ikou shimasu. Mission objective cleared. System switching to normal mode. Sakusen wa shippai shimashita. Mission is failed Geeto Chekku Rokku kaijo dekimasen: Gate Check. Can not open the lock. ??? wo ??? shimashita. Sakusen Koudou chuudan shimasu. You left the Battle Area. Mission is aborted. Mein shisutemu Testo Moodo wo kidou shimasu: Main System Test Mode Started Taageto no shoumetsu wo ??? shimashita. Testo Moodo wo shuuryou shimasu.: Target Elimination ???ed. Test Mode Completed. _______________________________________________________________________________ III. MISSIONS MISSION 1: Requester: Unknown Reward: 33000C + Bonus (up to 51000C) Mission Code Name: Bricks Start Time: 0735 Mission Place: Resources Accumulation Base --- Before we make a request for your real job, we we would like to know your true power. To do this, we request that you destroy all of your opposition. The target is any troops defending a materials dump. Destroy them all. You have 3 minutes. If possible, we would like you to destroy the dump as well. --- In-Mission Dialogue: (Mayday! Mayday!) ----------------------------------------- MISSION 2: Requester: Unknown Reward: 32000C Mission Code Name: City Sneaker Start Time: 1200 Mission Place: "Amber Crown" Entrance Gate --- We want you to raid the underground city, Amber Crown. To pass the shielded entrance, you must destroy 4 generators. Once inside the barrier, you need to destroy the underground condensers. Concerning your actions after that: Once we confirm your raid, we will instruct you again. --- In-Mission Dialogue: ----------------------------------------- MISSION 3: Requester: Unknown Reward: 35000C Mission Code Name: Snatch Mission Start Time: 1120 Mission Place: Loop Line "45 Angle" Junction --- We request that you conduct a rescue mission for a person being brought through the Amber Crown "45 Angle" Junction. The person will be passing through with an enemy guard unit. You must attack the guards in order to capture the prisoner transport. The detachment is a convoy of 3 vehicles. The front and back 2 vehicles must be destroyed in order to capture the middle one. --- In-Mission Dialogue: (After you destroy the 2 vehicles, Stinger comes and gives you a ‘warning’) ----------------------------------------- MISSION 4: Requester: Unknown Reward: 34000C Mission Code Name: Rendezvous Start Time: 0820 Mission Place: Laboratory --- I’d like to request a rescue mission for a person who was cunducting an investigation. The person to be rescued is being held in an enemy laboratory. I want you to destroy the power supply system and then, taking advantage of security’s confusion, rescue the prisoner. After the rescue, use the transport plane in the lab’s upper section to make your escape. --- In-Mission Dialogue: (Once you meet the vehicle with a woman inside it, follow her and protect the vehicle, or lead the way if you’re confident) (Introducing Sumika! And a long dialogue...) NOTE: Here you are given a choice to do Mission 5 or 6 ----------------------------------------- MISSION 5: Requester: Sumika Yuutirainen Reward: 32000C Mission Code Name: Kir Royal Start Time: 0930 Mission Place: Northern Dungeon --- I am requesting the destruction of the Wednesday Organization’s research materials. It was discovered that the Organization’s research materials are concealed in an extended underground maze in the northern area of Amber Crown. Infiltrate into the deepest section of the maze and destroy all materials. --- In-Mission Dialogue: ----------------------------------------- MISSION 6: Requester: Sumika Reward: 33000C Mission Code Name: Rusty Nail Start Time: 1806 Mission Place: Military Drill Area --- I want you to disrupt the Wednesday Organization’s military exercise. I believe that the Wednesday Organization is using the exercise to collect data for their "Phantasma Project". In any case, please destroy all of your opponents. --- In-Mission Dialogue: ----------------------------------------- MISSION 7: Requester: Sumika Reward: 36000C Mission Code Name: Blockade Runner Start Time: 0355 Mission Place: "180 Angle Gate" --- I request that you disrupt "Project Phantasma"-related materials shipping. The targets are enemy transport vehicles. 3 bridges are in front of the military zone "180 degree Gate". Please destroy the transports before they can cross the bridge. We have established a surveilance connection immediately before the bridges at points A, B and C. --- In-Mission Dialogue: ----------------------------------------- MISSION 8: Requester: Sumika Reward: 40000C Mission Code Name: Jungle Cruise Start Time: 0537 Mission Place: Evaluation Establishment --- I want you to capture a high ranking official who is visiting a weapons test plant. The testing area has anti-aerial radar and land mines, so please be very careful. We will make our final approach on the area together. From the start of the operation, we will go north from the riverside, cross 2 bridges and then keep a lookout to the West. --- Notes: Do not boost too high, step on a land mine, or attack the compound before the official arrives, otherwise, you will fail. Also, after you cross the second bridge, head West until Sumika talks to you. Then wait until he arrives before moving out again. In-Mission Dialogue: ----------------------------------------- MISSION 9: Requester: Sumika Reward: 41000C Mission Code Name: Slaughterhouse Start Time: 0902 Mission Place: Abolished Plant --- I have determined the "future transfer" that the person we captured had planned. An abandoned factory in the slums of Amber Crown is the place. The Wednesday Organization is also seriously investigating this matter. Prepare for an attack, and I want you to guard our "VIP". Note: Even if you fail this mission, you will go to the next one. --- In-Mission Dialogue: Stinger: I hate a nuisance... NOTE: Here you are given a choice to do Mission 10 or 11 ----------------------------------------- MISSION 10: Requester: Sumika Reward: 31000C (-600C per condenser destroyed) Mission Code Name: Chessboard Start Time: 1445 Mission Place: Receiving Antenna System --- In order to occupy the Amber Crown "rectenna" facility, the Wednesday Organization has deployed a detachment. Please defeat them. However, if any underground condensers are destroyed, the repair costs will be deducted from your fee. (Microwaves are strong above the antenna, so don’t step on it!) --- In-Mission Dialogue: ----------------------------------------- MISSION 11: Requester: Sumika Reward: 32000C Mission Code Name: Gimlet Start Time: 2145 Mission Place: "Amber Crown" Town Area --- I am requesting the complete destruction of a Wednesday Organization detachment. We have received information that the Organization’s detachment is gethering in the downtown area of Amber Crown. Their intent is unknown but this is a perfect opportunity. If you completely destroy the detachment, then they will probably have to make a move. --- In-Mission Dialogue: ----------------------------------------- MISSION 12: Requester: Sumika Reward: 35000C Mission Code Name: Deadly Blow Start Time: 0158 Mission Place: "Wednesday Organization" H.Q. --- I am requesting an assault operation on the Wednseday Organization’s main office. We will extract detailed data on Project Phantasma from the computer in their main office, then we will make a proclamation. I anticipate that this will become an extended operation, so prepare your AC’s ammunition stores accordingly. --- In-Mission Dialogue: When you get to the computer room, Sumika will ask you to wait for her while she extracts the data. When she is finished, you must make your way back out. ----------------------------------------- MISSION 13: Requester: Sumika Reward: 50000C Mission Code Name: Chivalry Start Time: 1500 Mission Place: "Nord" Highland --- Stinger is the one behind the new weapons system, Phantasma. I’ve heard he is hiding together with some remaining Wednesday Organization members in the Nord Highland. His purpose is unknown, but I want you to completely destroy Phantasma. --- In-Mission Dialogue: Computer: Enemy MT approaching. Number of MTs: 1 Stinger: ~ When will you stop being a nuisance? (I’m not exactly sure about that one) Near End of Mission: ...I’ll kill you...I’m gonna kill you!! NOTE: Here you are given a choice to do Mission 10 or 11 ----------------------------------------- MISSION 14: Requester: Sumika Reward: 33000C Mission Code Name: Hot Buttered Rum Start Time: 0448 Mission Place: Northern Old Castle --- This is an urgent message. I have just learned the whereabouts of the remenants of the Wednesday Organization. You must destroy the remenants in the Northern part of Amber Crown. Your aim is to completely destroy the Organization. Please come to our assistance immediately. --- In-Mission Dialogue: ----------------------------------------- MISSION 15: Requester: Sumika Reward: 34000C Mission Code Name: Screwdriver Start Time: Mission Place: --- I discovered a secret base in the East side of Amber Crown that was left behind by the Wednesday Organization. I am requesting the destruction of this base. Find the self-destruct device in the deepest area of the base and set the countdown timer. You will have 2 minutes to escape. --- In-Mission Dialogue: Sumika: This is where you need to set the the timer. Once you start it, it can’t be stopped. Please be careful. ----------------------------------------- MISSION 16: Requester: Sumika Reward: 45000C Mission Code Name: Dead End Tube Start Time: 1640 Mission Place: Old Town Area --- Information has arrived concerning the hiding place of "Phantasma". It is in the area of Amber Crown, where a subway extends. Before you capture Stinger, please destroy "Phantasma". --- In-Mission Dialogue: Stinger: You’ve come? Didn’t I tell you I don’t like nuisances! (I think he then says: ) Phantasma isn’t here! ----------------------------------------- MISSION 17: Requester: Phantasma Reward: ------- Mission Code Name: Nightmare Start Time: 0500 Mission Place: Sealed Establishment "Abyss" --- This isn’t a request. From now, I will become "Phantasma" and I will destroy everything. You’re a nuisance, but I will invite you to the ceremony. Come to the building, "Abyss". --- Welcome to the Abyss. This is Phantasma...(some stuff I’m not sure about)... DIE!</p>