.: Suikoden Tierkreis Guide :. Copyright 2009 UAEslayer This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright. Version 0.20 The following websites have my permission to post this guide: gamefaqs.com gamespot.com gamesradar.com cheatplanet.com neoseeker.com cheatcc.com INTRODUCTION This guide is not complete but I have decided to publish it online because of the lack of guides for Suikoden Tierkreis. This guide is my first and it has been done completely by me (unless I credit someone.) While this guide is incomplete, I have previously finished the game, if you need to know what to do or if you spot an error, feel free to ask me by sending an e-mail to uaeslayer@gmail.com and please include a subject. (You can always e-mail me for anything =] Don't feel restricted.) TABLE OF CONTENTS [00] Tips [01] Main Story Walkthrough [01.01] The Beginning [01.02] Mission 01: Get Rid of Eastern Laggarts [01.03] Mission 02: Track Down Marica's Double [01.03] Mission 03: The World's Largest Library [01.04] Mission 04: Expose Macoute's Evil [01.05] Mission 05: To the Library at Last! [01.06] Mission 06: Escape from the Order [01.07] Mission 07: Warn Citro Village [01.08] Mission 08: Defend Citro Village [01.09] Mission 09: To the Magedom of Janam [01.10] Quest 1: 2nd Empress Consort Rizwan [01.11] Quest 2: 3rd Empress Consort Kureyah [01.12] Mission 10: Defend the Castle [01.13] Quest 3: 1st Empress Consort Shairah [01.14] Quest 4: Ladzaa Fortress Siege [01.15] Mission 11: Make Allies of the Porpos [02] Recruitable Characters [00] Tips * Do as much as possible or you'll miss some excellent conversations. * Try to explore all areas - the best equipment cannot be bought. * Keep most of your characters around the same level. * Remember to set formation or you will come to regret it like I have. * Always save. * Read! [01] Main Story Walkthrough [01.01] The Beginning Main character apparently has a habit of sleeping in. A conversation about sleep, nothing much here. You meet two other main characters: Liu and Marica. You can move now so save and walk out. Another conversation mentioning three other characters. Go to the town square next and talk to the guy in blue - he's your mentor, Dirk. After the conversation, leave the place and go to the elder's house to meet Sisuca, who raised you, and Elder Rajim, who is Marica's father. Next, go to the general store to meet Jale and recieve free medicine. Next head to the town square to add Dirk to your party and to recieve your first mission. [01.02] Mission 01: Get Rid of Eastern Laggarts Items: Mega Medicine x1, Cheery Incense x1, Shining Legacy x1 Leave the village and listen to Dirk as he explains formations. I recommend changing the current formation from the menu but that's up to you. OPTIONAL: Enter the farm that is towards the bottom of the map and talk to Yadima the farmer. This is important if you later wish to recruit him. Continue moving to the East of the farmhouse then head North into the hill. You will be thrown into a battle as soon as you enter the mountain. Move up the road and head top left to find Mega Medicine and a fork. Go left to find Cheery Incense and right to find a save point. Follow the path until you get a cutscene. Move back to the short path for another cutscene after which you will be taken to a completely different area. Follow the path for a cutscene and a save point. Enter the ruins and walk a little for another cutscene and a battle . Follow the stairs 2 maps left to trigger yet another cutscene. Another battle but you have the Marks of the Stars this time so use them. After the cutscene, leave the ruins and head back the way you came for another cutscene and the end of your mission. Head back to the village for a cutscene and a new mission. [01.03] Mission 02: Track Down Marica's Double Items: Mint x1, Mega Medicine x1 Go to Flesaria Forest South and follow the road until a cutscene triggers with Hotupa and Moana. Go to the next map for another cutscene. You're now at a fork with 2 dead-ends so take the bottom path until you get a cutscene and a battle. Fight for a few rounds until the battle is interrupted. Follow the path up and left. 2 maps later, you arrive at a fork. The top path gets you Mint and the bottom path leads to another fork. At the second fork, the bottom path gets you Meda Medicine and the top path takes you towards a save point and a cutscene. Next move to the Fortress Ruins for another cutscene. Go into the building until you get to the entrance then go down. Go down again on this map to find the gateway. Retrace your steps to the entrance for a cutscene then towards the right to fight the renegade. Go back to the gateway and bid Marica's double farewell to accomplish the mission. Still in cutscene mode, Hotupa recieves the mark of the stars and you recieve your next mission. [01.03] Mission 03: The World's Largest Library Items: None. Leave through the West entrance to trigger a cutscene where Liu leaves and Moana Joins. If you head back inside you can find a save point and Moana with a quest stall but you can't do any quests yet. Leave and go to Flesaria Forest North. At the first fork here just keep going forward and then head down. On the next map, take the road to the right. There is a sign at the next fork; Left takes you to Gineh Valley and right to Grayridge, where you are headed. After the cutscene in Grayridge go to the inn for another and then to the vendor for another. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING, the prices drop later. Head to Chapter Hall for your first meeting with Logan and Gilliam. Talk to Gilliam for another cutscene and a meeting with Macoute and Erin. Your mission is accomplished. Head to the inn and talk to Logan after the cutscene for an even longer one during which Logan and Erin join you. [01.04] Mission 04: Expose Macoute's Evil Items: Iron Ore x1, Gold Ore x1, Bone Club x1, Noble Steel x1, Revival Statue x2, Broadsword x 1, Iron Mail x1, Pass x1. Exit the inn and go to the mine. 2 cutscenes will trigger. Head to the East of the elevator and follow the path. At the next area, head left, up and left to find a ladder going down and a cutscene waiting for you. The next area head right and right. Now head down for Iron Ore or left, left for another ladder down. This area has a save point and your first boss battle. By this point all my characters were at level 14. It's a fairly easy battle; simply attack and get Marica to heal whenever necessary - you recieve Gold Ore and a Bone Club. Keep going straight past the lift to find the evidence you need and the Noble Steel book. Leave the room to ride the elevator up. A cutscene triggers as you leave the mine and another battle must be fought. You will recieve 2 Revival Statues, a Broadsword and an Iron Mail after you defeat Gilliam and co. Erin and Logan leave your party then you're transported back to the inn. Head to Chapter Hall to recieve your Pass and finish your mission. A cutscene triggers as you leave Chapter Hall and you meet the gambler Semias. Head to the inn to accept your next mission. [01.05] Mission 05: To the Library at Last! Items: None. Leave Grayridge and enter Fort Arc. During the cutscene you will meet a mysterious man. Walk straight until you leave the fort from the Northern gate. Enter Cynas, marvel at the Tower of Way and meet Icas. The tower is closed but you will be taken to an alley where you meet Darrow and Savina and then to the store. Go to the inn and talk to the innkeeper. After a series of cutscenes, you are asked to fetch a doctor. Leave the room, go up to the innkeeper, listen then go back to the room. Among the next few cutscenes, you will meet the archivist Diadora and you will find out that the other two are called Connon and Fergus. [01.06] Mission 06: Escape from the Order Items: None. This will be your first encounter with Valfred - Connon and Fergus catch up with you and a battle follows. You cannot defeat them so just fight until the battle is interrupted. Vaslof misinterprets the situation and you escape. Go to Fort Arc and leave through the Southern gate. At Grayridge, go to Chapter Hall, watch the scene then go to the inn to have Logan join you again and accomplish the mission. [01.07] Mission 07: Warn Citro Village Items: None. Go to the mine and you will meet Semias again (Main character is an idiot!) Head down using the elevator and go up one floor. Move North at the fork and North again then left all the way to arrive at the gateway. Marica and Jale leave the party and the mission is accomplished. Leave the gateway. After the cutscenes head to the room on the right then go up to the left room on the second floor. Talk to Liu when you're ready. You will be taken to the team setup screen, however, you can't alter anything this time. [01.08] Mission 08: Defend Citro Village Items: Revival Statue x1. Your first fight will be main character and Marica against two soldiers. They should be no challenge and you get a Revival Statue for winning. Next up is the same team versus Connon and Fergus. Once again, you cannot win but this time it's Liu who bails you out. A few cutscenes later, Liu joins and Jale re-joins the party. Head downstairs and exit South then left for another cutscene where you meet Asad, Hafin and Chrodechild. Talk to Asad and Chrodechild then leave the fortress through the Eastern entrance for a cutscene with Dirk then go back inside and talk to Asad to accept the alliance and have them join your party. [01.09] Mission 09: To the Magedom of Janam Items: Fierce Regalia x1. Name your company then leave the fortress. A cutscene introduces you to Meruvis then you're free to go to Mislato River. Another cutscene awaits to introduce you to Luvais. There's only one path you can follow so... follow! After passing the river move on to El-Qaral and head to the Imperial Palace to meet Danash VIII, Shairah and Shams. Then head to the Arcane Academy to meet "her bagship", Rizwan and Mubal, who joins you. You also recieve the Fierce Regalia. Go back to the fortress ruins now then to the hall on the second floor to finish your mission. (A/N: I believe the three quests and their follow-ups that you recieve from the magedom are compulsory which is why they're part of the main walkthrough.) [01.10] Quest 1: 2nd Empress Consort Rizwan Items: Gold Ore x1, Revival Statue x1, Academy Key x1. Go to El-Qaral and click on the Arcane Academy to trigger a cutscene with Taj. Go with him to the Prince's Palace, listen to Shams and recieve the Academy Key. Now go to the Academy. You are asked to fight a rock dragon; He's a little tough but you should be fine. You will recieve Gold Ore and a Revival Statue. Go through the locked door, past the hall and all the way downstairs then enter the room for a cutscene with Rizwan, Mubal and Manaril. Leave the Academy and visit Shams to finish the quest. After completing the quest, a cutscene with Dirk will occur. Climb up to the second floor and you will hear Mubal scream. Go into the Chronicle Room for a cutscene. Follow the road then take the one leading South. Then take right and right again. Battle Nova and then you'll be taken back inside. [01.11] Quest 2: 3rd Empress Consort Kureyah Items: Mislato Salmon x1, Silver Spear x1, Bronze Axe x1, Iron Greatsword x1, Mega Medicine x2, Revival Statue x1, 5000 Potch. Go to the Prince's Palace in El-Qaral and meet Kureyah. Go to Mislato River and start heading South to find Mislato Salmon. Go back, stay on the Southern part and walk West until you find another chest giving you a Silver Spear then head South. When you cross the wooden plank and arrive at the rocks, go back up on the other side for a chest with a Bronze Axe then go back South and follow the path. If you head North after the first plank, you will find a chest with an Iron Greatsword and the path to the next map. As you move down the area, a group intercepts you. Defeat them for 2 Mega Medicine and a Revival Statue. To the left, a chest with 5000 Potch can be found and South is Salsabil. Go to the Viceroy's Mansion to meet Kureya's parents, Masrur and Furat. Head to the inn for a good night's sleep then back to the mansion and move to the back. After the cutscene, go back to the palace in El-Qaral to complete the quest. You will meet Nakil in El-Qaral. He will tell you about troops in Grayridge. [01.12] Mission 10: Defend the Castle Items: Mega Medicine x9, Argent Greatsword x1, Sapphire Rod x1. Go to the entrance in your castle and then to the hall on the second floor. Tell Liu you're ready when you are and you'll be taken to the team setup screen. At this point, my characters were all level 19 except for Logan, who was 15. I kept Jale alone in his own team, main character with Liu and Logan with Marica plus Erin as support. Arrange the teams as you see fit then head out. You first battle will be Jale's team and you will recieve 3 Mega Medicine upon winning. Next up is Logan's team, win for 3 Mega Medicine. Main character's team fights next and you recieve another 3 Mega Medicine for winning. The mission is accomplished after a cutscene and you recieve Argent Greatsword and a Sapphire Rod once you report it to Moana. [01.13] Quest 3: 1st Empress Consort Shairah Items: Sapphire Rod x1, Magedom Sword x1, Mega Medicine x5, Trident x1. Accept the quest from Moana and go to the Imperial Plaza in El-Qaral. Leave town and move to Mislato River. Once there, go past the save point and head North across the wooden plank. If you go left, you will find a Sapphire Rod and a Magedom Sword. To the right, you will find the path to Ladzaa Fortress. Go up to the fortress for a cutscene with Roberto and a battle. You win 3 Mega Medicine and a cutscene where you meet Cougar. Go back to El-Qaral and head to the inn to meet Zahra and Eunice. Go back to your castle and you will get a cutscene with Wahie, where he will become your ally. Leave the gateway area to have Zahra and Eunice join you. Go to the entrance, arrange your teams and leave the castle via the Southern entrance for a battle. You recieve 2 Mega Medicine, a Trident and the mission is finished. Go to the entrance and then to the hall. Choose your team members and head out to be taken to Ladzaa Fortress. [01.14] Quest 4: Ladzaa Fortress Siege Items: None. Approach the fortress; A little cutscene interrupts you midway twice and then again at the fortress. You have to fight a hopeless battle against Vaslof and Resno and then you pull back. Go to the castle plaza and a wanderer will tell you to go to the gateway. Talk to Atrie then leave for the hall. [01.15] Mission 11: Make Allies of the Porpos Items: Peach Juice x1, Mixed Herbs x1, Truffle Stew x1, Healing incense x1, Fur Cape x1, Ch'olui Cabbage x1, Janam Potato x1, Wool Hat x1, Wool Robe x1, Fur Shoes x1, Beads of the Priestess x1, Cerulean Flux x1, Ninja Garb x1, Revival Statue x1. Once you leave the castle, Meruvis will introduce you to Gadburg who will join you. Go to Gineh Valley when you're ready. If you head top right, you will find Peach Juice. The bottom left path to the next area gets you Mixed Herbs. Go back to the previous area then go up and left to go to the next area. Take the bottom left path to the next fork. Go left, up then right for Truffle Stew. Left, down then right gets you Healing Incense. Left, up, left takes you out of Gineh Valley. Go to the plaza in Tehah village, watch the cutscene then leave for the Ch'olui Mountains. Head for the 3rd turn left for a Fur Cape. Otherwise follow the road up into the next map for a cutscene with Nhazu. Go right to Dogha's cabin but before you arrive, there is a chest with Ch'olui Cabbage to the Southwest of the map. When you arrive at the cabin, a cutscene triggers. The top road left gets you a Janam Potato. Go back to the previous map and head left to the next map. Going up, you will come across a Wool Hat and find the path to the next area. Follow the path for a cutscene then listen to Dogha and take the top path for another cutscene. Follow the path into the next map and if you go down and right you will find a Wool Robe. Left gets you Fur Shoes and bottom left takes you out of the mountains. Go to Naineneis and then to the Entry for a cutscene with two wanderers. Walk up to the seashell for another cutscene. You will meet Nimni and then you will be let in. Go to the Temple to meet Neira then leave fo the Coastal Cave. Walk up a little for a cutscene where you get the Beads of the Priestess. Go straight up and enter the middle steam circle. Go straight to the next map then head left and follow the path to the next area and then to the next. Here you will find a massive monster. He shouldn't give you a lot of trouble ... my only advice is to not neglect healing. You recieve Giant Crab Meat, Rainbow Thread and - after you move forward - the Cerulean Flux. Go back the way you came for a battle with Connon; He's quite easy to defeat compared to the renegade. You recieve Ninja Garb and a Revival Statue. After the cutscene, go down all the way until you leave the cave. Go back to the Temple in Naineneis to finish the mission. OPTIONAL: I recommend recruiting Westum now. This is the earliest you can recruit him but he is permenantly missable so better safe than sorry. Go up to the hall in your castle, setup your teams then head out. Go to the Imperial Palace in El-Qaral.</p>